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What would you do in this situation?

>> No.48980703

Keep firing, it's not dead yet.

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Sexual Horrors are Horrors none the less.

>> No.48980748

Take it prisoner and force feed it milk and cookies until it spill all the beans.

>> No.48980753

Kill it before it warps out; these are Oldcrons, they dont fuck around. Shit, its not even dead yet, theres still a good chance that it'll just regrow its arm.

If thats not possible, Exterminatus. If the Necron infestation has reached Pariah levels, theres no saving this planet.

>> No.48980767

Befriend her!

>> No.48980783

Make sure she eats the whole bowl of eggs

>> No.48980840

>durr it has boooobbbss it changes something!
Have you tried moving your brain further from your genitals?
It's a necron, so "breasts" are a)armor, b)batteries, c)bait, so yeah, >>48980703

>> No.48980860

> If the Necron infestation has reached Pariah levels

Yeah this is some bad shit. Kill it.

>> No.48980871

Tangential related. How physically strong are necrons? I always assumed since they were robots they could just fuck you up like a terminator or some such. If thats the case then how is the answer to OP's question anything but keep firing? Second you get near it the damn thing will pop you like a blood balloon.

>> No.48980881

I say, around the piece of toast in my mouth, before continuing my frantic run to school.

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