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Even if it's just a small lull in between battle, or the time in between victory and the next conflict, let's see a few pictures where there's time for the little things.

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Well, it's cooking something, that's close enough to relaxing.

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Had an artist draw my Only War character in a Draw Thread a while back. It's a shame the game didn't last long.

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I like to think they are trying to make a picture like those pop idols in the holo vids.

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This is about the closest I have ever seen a tyranid 'relax'.

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Do guardsman work rotational duty?
Like 3 years in a warzone, 3 years light duty on an agriworld.
Do guardsman get leave?

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Sometimes. To all.

Kreigers don't care, Catachans would go insane.
Plus it depends on fhe sector's activity, the general in question, projected tithes..

I'd guess at the least they rotate into low-activity arenas now and then.

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World Eaters weren't really capable of relaxing, but if they could I would imagine it would go something like this.

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That's too fucking cute.

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This reminds me of the excerpt from one the Cain novels where they're defending a Schola, and Cain remarks about how completely unnerving it was to see 15-year-old Sisters initiates in Sororitas power armor acting like stone-cold Sisters of Battle one moment and murderfucking heretical forces, and then doing a complete 180 and acting like teenage girls and flirting with the male Cadet-Commissars under his command the next.

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I like this

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>Nigma is the scribe

Too perfect.

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Planetary Defense Forces get rotational duty, a salary and maybe even a retirement plan if the home world is wealthy but being in the Imperial Guard usually means you've been conscripted or assigned to a decades long campaign that no one expects to come back from alive. Of course there are exceptions to everything, for example space flight can take years so plenty of time for R&R if the top brass allows it and of course there's always a chance the campaign will be won in your life time, in which case you may get to retire at home or be given a slice of land on the newly acquired territory.

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Writing aside, the Cain stories make the soldiers of the imperium very human.

You tend to forget that not only men and women fight in their wars, but boys and girls.

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Jeah, Cain novels are in a weird spot for me. I enjoy the fuck out of them because it makes the world of WH40K suddenly feel like a real world, still grim, but this time with human glances in in it, with logical decisions and I love the plays with tropes. On the other hand, some of the writing style things make me insane, like the footnotes repeating for the 18. time that kloms are kilometers, that he's from an unidentified Hive World, and that Jurgen stinks. "Of course, if I only knew how much trouble that would mean, I wouldnt have done it" x 10

I'm slightly rambling, but I hope you get my point.

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>space marine actually sleeping on duty, and not just resting half of his brain while remaining alert

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I believe the standard in the Guard is 20 years, then you're eligible to retire with honors, a stipend, and a small holding. I believe they'll also do the same for units that have been rendered so far below strength that it's easier to start over than to rebuild -- congratulations, you just became settlers and PDF. Keep your entrenching tool and lasrifle, here's your complimentary wife/husband/grox.

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>How Creed teaches Storm Troopers

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Must've been relaxed if they had all the time to draw this.

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Lofn has a pacification aura, apparently.

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Of course she does, that's why she's always Lofn' around.

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Guardsmen do spend some time helping a planet rebuild their PDF after the heretics/xenos are dead. Overall, they do have some downtime.

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>Kyras mantle

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In Cain's Last Stand, there's even a high ranking, gambling & drinking one. Even Cain struggles to win a game with her at table.

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I swear to god if Sandy wasnt such a lazy fuck id say hes the best Black Library writer

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She got an Emperor Ascendant hand, that was pure luck.

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Luck is half of everything.

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>and of course there's always a chance the campaign will be won in your life time
Travel times and the time it takes for the bureaucracy to get moving, isn't there also a small chance of showing up to find out the war you were sent to fight is over? They'd just send you to the nearest one still going, of course.

Though I am amused at the idea of an IG regiment that has been active for years and never saw combat because they always show up after the conflicts are over.

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>Freeze looks like he wants to die

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>post warhammer 40k related pics of calmness and relaxing
Sure, does this count?

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>the inquisitor with a demonette

Its always a Slaaneshi Demonette, I just dont get it, why do Inquisitors love to fuck around with Slaaneshi Demons?

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Its not as efficient. If hes not on active duty sleeping could be more effective. Half sleep is for when the enemy is actually shooting at you I think.

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>I'll be comandeering this then.

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What's the exact source of that pic? I used reverse search, but google keeps dumping me to unspecific places. Exact sauce pls?

As far as /tg/ fandom-fanon goes, Lofn's Pacification powers greatly works on animals and Tyranids. Basically she has the Animal Friend perk.

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Fortune favors the faithful.

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Wrong image.

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We are going to need some golf shoes

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I've always been curious about what's in an IG MRE.

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Whatever you can imagine, I always describe it as having a bit of amasec, recaf, and miscellaneous foodstuffs

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Well, those author's notes are for the primitive fucks that begin a series half way through

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I imagine that it is entirely dependant on where they were made and could contain anything at all.

All part of the fun and adventure of serving in the guard!

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What's going on with Cain anyway? I've not kept up with his shenanigans in a while.

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I remember reading about a whole IG company with tanks and all that got lost in the Warp and arrived 200 hundred years later,after the Imperium lost the war... caught the motherfuckers with their pants down and reconquered the planet.

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It's hard to imagine a company conquering a planet of sheep, much less a planet of heretics

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Sci-fi writers have no sense of scale, doubly so for no-gunz Brits like GW.

That's why you have books like the Taros campaign talking about how the loss of about 30,000 men is a crippling defeat for the Imperium, or the most recent Cain book where a few Brigades worth of guardsmen are written about as salvation from a Tau invasion.

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Did you forget that one Space Marine on a feudal world can conquer it? Mary Sue over-the-top wankery or not, I think you misunderstand how varied the planets of the Imperium are in terms of tech level.

tanks versus cultists in the napoleonic era is going to end quickly.

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You are talking about 300 people or less
300 people wouldn't be able to cover the entire planet

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You don't need to cover the planet though. You just need to control the important part(s) of it, which is really just the space port, or the capital if they don't have one.

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And then the rest of the world continues to worship the ruinous powers and either assaults you until you run out of shells or leaves you alone
Congrats on taking the planet though

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Hey man, if they didn't conquer the planet they were going to get blammed by the =][=
So of course they conquered the planet.

Did you forget that all lore is presented as being in-universe?

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My heart warmed a little

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Armageddon pattern ones.

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Original anon here. I think I don't remember the right word from the text,because when I wrote company I though that was the term for about a few hundred thousand IG guys with command squads,a bunch of tank units and so. I apologize for the misundertanding.

Now I'll eject myself from the closest air chute. May the Emperor have mercy upon my soul.

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>In the grim darkness of the 40th millennium
>John Moses Browning is still indirectly responsible for countless murders and firepower induced erections
>God bless the Mormans

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