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Just won't fucking die edition.

Old thread: >>48818071


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface

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Post 'em.

I run a Nath deck that is pretty fun, but honestly I could be in Mono-Green and the deck would barely change. If you want to be a little more combo heavy, Momir Vig is actually a really good option. Actually, I have seen a lot of elf commanders so I can just do the rundown for you:

Dwynen: Meh. She's not bad. but generic lords are actually not that amazing as commanders.

Eladamri: Also meh. The problem with him is that he shuts down a lot of your own cards. If he gave them hexproof he would be absurd.

Ezuri 1.0: The best Mono-Green elf commander, I personally don't like him as without the surprise factor he actually struggles to be cast and then live until your boardstate is finished, so he is basically a 9 mana overrun you can cast at your pleasure than a commander.

Kaysa: The best elf commander if we are in 1995.

Rhys the Exiled: this is a great commander if you want to splash black but you really want your deck to be 80-90% green.

Yeva: Not that popular as the commander, elves aren't exactly the kind of thing you want to be popping out at the ends of your opponents turns.

Edric: Actually good, but you are better off just running a non-tribal deck with him.

Ezuri 2.0: Pretty good, but remember that your lords can shut him down.

Momir Vig: Good and fun but the elves should be a subtheme, not the priority.

Nath: My commander, if you build him be warned: you will play him, it will table once, then when his ability triggers and the opponent tries to discard a card, you will tell him its at random, he will reread the card, and Nath will never survive to your next upkeep again. Having said that, he is really fun and you can either make him a discard commander or an elf commander that uses discard spells to make tokens. Also, Sadistic Hypnotist.

Rhys the Redeemed: Good, but much, much better as a tokens general than an elf tokens general.

Sevala: Fine for group hug but there are surprisingly few good white elves.

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We need to find a replacement for magiccards.info, considering how outdated it is.

>> No.48829799

It has taken a few months to update before, the guy who runs it always pulls through in the end.

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That fucking asshole. Seriously it's just unkillable if you can't remove it multiple times a game. At first I was like "oh I have removal" and then my opponent just kept flickering it over and over again. It won't happen twice.

>> No.48829852

I don't think it's ever been this far back. It's still showing Khans and Fate Reforged as being Standard legal.

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>yeva: elves aren't the kind of thing

Everything is the kind of thing you want to cast at instant speed

Instant speed is strictly better than sorcery speed

>> No.48829883

True. I think a big part of the problem is there is almost no contact info, and it seems like the guy doesn't take many volunteers. Several people have made clones of it, if they could just have access to that site and pool their efforts magiccards.info would be always up to date.

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What I meant was you don't need to do it. I have run her in the 99 before, but I don't feel like its an ability that is worth taking the commander slot.

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any good cards for dealing with getting your commander stolen in a xenagos deck? at the moment, the best i have is Chaos Warp and Zealous Conscripts, but that's really about it. getting a zealous conscripts seems completely random. i really wouldn't like to put in dumb cards like Brand, i'm already hurting for card advantage as is

>> No.48829986

My understanding is that he's literally maintaining the site by himself.

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I disagree though, yeva elves is the funnest deck I've ever played for sure, and also, elves are prone to blowing their load all over the table and then getting board wiped, they recover well because of green recursion and card draw, but I say why even let them wipe your huge turn when you can make it happen at the end of theirs

Also Seedborn muse + yeva is amazing

>> No.48830000

Brooding Saurian. Homeward Path. Give your shit Hexproof.

>> No.48830024


Best way is to have homeward path and a suite of other utility lands so you can run crop rotation and not feel like crop ro is too situational

>> No.48830044

So amazing that they banned it.

>> No.48830053

Don't make him a creature? Not many things can steal xenagos as an enchantment, and if you run eldrazi scions as ramp, you'll have both chumps and ramp that doesn't count towards devotion. Avoid things like deus of calamity, even though it's very good because that's five devotion. Feldon of the Third Path can pull stuff without giving devotion, and you could always run asceticism to give all your creatures protection from that bullshit. Vexing Shusher and xanthid swarm also go very well in that deck.

>> No.48830064

posting boros voltron and orzhov enchantment faggotry



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i've been thinking of homeward path but i just can't be fucked to spend 5-8 bucks on a card like that

brooding saurian seems good, thanks.

i do avoid making him a creature, people in my group just play dumb shit like aura thief and steal enchantment. it's happened like 2 out of 5 games so far.

i guess i could just ignore the problem and just try to focus on beating face and goodstuffing to victory instead of filling my deck with dumb "but what if" cards

>> No.48830110


Meant that for you, replied wrong

Other utility lands that can go with homeward path are yavimaya hollow, nykthos, strip mine

>> No.48830130

>I need a card to hose a strategy that keeps getting used against me
>Meh, can't be fucked
Get out.

>> No.48830167

i literally just ordered 140 bucks worth of cards and don't feel like going through that shit again

i guess i could proxy it if it makes you feel any better

>> No.48830168

wave of vitrol, simplify, tribute to the wild

>> No.48830171

>proxy it


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Ah Fuck it, have some secret tech:
>have both overwhelming stampede and path breaker ibex
>run 6-8 basic land ramp cards, I recommend explosive vegetation, harrow, far wanderings and creatures that fish basics when they enter, sort of like sakura tribe elder
>garruk primal hunter and wildspeaker are your best friends
>brawn. Just get one.
>berserkers onslaught
>swarmborn giant
>lure and that one mana elf that does the same thing

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This is really irritating. My Autocard anywhere is broken on this thread, and only this thread. It's working literally everywhere else.

>> No.48830266

refresh the page, worked for me

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What do you think about Glissa, the Traitor?

>> No.48830299

Done that about five times. Even closed my browser and reopened it.

>> No.48830325

red elemental blast
avoid fate
autumn's veil

>> No.48830340

yeah i already run most of those cards with the exception of those planeswalkers (probably gonna pick them up at some point

>berserker's onslaught
is this really worth it? costs a lot and doesn't really do anything by itself. i feel like i'd rather have a big creature in my hand instead of this thing 9/10 times considering a xenagos deck is going to eat spot removal like crazy
>swarmborn giant
cheap, but pretty hard to keep on the board i'm guessing, and being at 4 on the mana curve is kind of pointless since he's probably gonna come after xenagos anyway. idk though. i like having big creatures that immediately do something the instant they hit the board. i'm pretty new to edh tho, and i haven't been playing with xenagos that long

>> No.48830358

Pick a list, I'll post a link for you to mock

>> No.48830361

>avoid fate
holy fuck this card is amazing

>> No.48830377

Saftey Dance please

>> No.48830418

For the curious, in order from top left:

Enchantress, Lifegain (being reworked below), Clones, Spells, No Spells, Gitrog

Saproling/Fungus Tribal Comboless, Winter Tribal, Knight Tribal, Unblockable Tribal, Ocean Tribal, rework of Lifegain deck with a bigger token theme.

>> No.48830438

I like my name for my Mizzix deck better.

>> No.48830440


It ain't good. My usual win condition is "nihilistic despair".

>> No.48830451

Double Vision please Mr.

>> No.48830453

greater good
birthing pod
gluttenous slime
gobbling ooze
momentous fall
ooze garden
Thelonite Monk
ashnod's altar
phyrexian altar

>> No.48830460

Mine's only got like... two Fireball spells. It needs a little loving because it's good at getting set up, and not great at clinching the games. But that's lower on my priority list, behind "finishing the Trostani rework", "Unfucking the unholy abomination that is Reaper King's manabase", and building Ghave and maybe one or two of the other in-progress decks.

>> No.48830478


Alternate names include

「 C L O N E H I G H 」

「 I W A N N A L O O K L I K E Y O U 」

「 I T H I N K I ' M A C L O N E N O W 」

>> No.48830484

She is a commander, and she is an elf. She is not an elf commander anymore than she is a zombie commander.

>> No.48830535

>naming decks after bands/songs

A man after my own heart

>> No.48830545

Not just bands/songs.

「 S T A N D S 」

>> No.48830550

Holy balls that's an expensive mana base.

>> No.48830554

Aristocrats or Stax?

>> No.48830557


>> No.48830574

Oh shit I missed that

I love you my man

>> No.48830581

It used to be worse. For about a month the manabase was literally one of each of these lands, all 10 fetches, all 10 shocks, all 10 duals, and then 5 "other" like Command Tower and shit.

>> No.48830589

Prophet was essentially Seedborn+Yeva.

>> No.48830604

Prophet of Kruphix. It was basically an all-colors Yeva stapled to a Seedborn Muse.

>> No.48830607

gA's pretty based like that.

>> No.48830641

I'm also hilariously bad at actually building the decks. Seriously, half of them are tribal.

>> No.48830647

Stax/Control I would say
And pic related for the ones not knowing about it yet. Pretty pumped

>> No.48830676

I'm starting to hit that with decks I want to build, but that's fine. It's EDH, not every deck has to be an all-star.

>> No.48830699

I don't mind losing, I just kinda worry that "loltribal" is the lazy route, I guess.

>> No.48830761

Oh, I thought you were saying Muse was banned, which is why I was confused.

>> No.48830766

Oh god, malestrom was reprinted in eternal and has new art!?

>> No.48830767

Nah, Muse is legal. Super Ultra Double Muse was banned.

>> No.48830799

Ah, fuck it.



http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/s-t-a-y-i-n-a-l-i-v-e-copy/ (this is the rework)













>> No.48830894

I've actually been interested in something like this, but couldn't find anything on Greasyfork. Do you guys have a link?

>> No.48830928


>> No.48830930

Is using Shu Yun that bad? I just want to abuse Prowess and "Whenever you cast a noncreature spell/instant or sorcery" effects and he is the only Jeskai commander that really supports that.

>> No.48830949

See xenagos is going to let you double the attack of whatever you have, and assuming you have a 4 mana beater, after xenagos and double strike you're swinging for 16 damage instead that also has first strike, which is better than 2 half decent beaters in my opinion. The reason it's good is because it gives your whole board double strike, and if something already has trample, you're basically forcing them to use removal. The way I built Xenagos centers around one shotting players quickly, and using ramp on a fast curve, hence why swarmborn is good. If you've already got xenagos he's a 12/12 beater for 4 mana. Overwhelming stampede gives everyone +6/+6 and trample. Sure he's fragile, but there are lots of things on green that can stop combat damage. I'm personally a fan of spore frog in my Meren deck. If you ramp hard enough, you can drop him and rancor together very early, and if your opponent isn't that fast, or has a shitty hand, they're in trouble.

>> No.48830959

Shu Yun's a pretty solid card, I love him. He just got a bad rap of being a meme usable for every kind of deck here for awhile.

>> No.48830964

He's not bad, but he functions a lot like a voltron deck that's a lot burstier and easier to disrupt. With a Voltron deck, a Fog might save me for a turn, but that fucker's still loaded with Swords and Auras for next go around. A Fog could effectively 'blank' an entire attempt at one-shotting with Shu Yun, and he has no native evasion.

You could absolutely build around him, just be aware of those weaknesses. Hell, go full fucking ham and use things like Defense Grid in a blue deck to fuck with people trying to undo your big turn. Or Grand Abolisher!

>> No.48831003

I'm already gonna do an elemental tribal with omnath so I'm not sure what to do with maelstrom wanderer.

>> No.48831015

Just do Maelstrom Wanderer. Cascade into big fat dumb shit. There's really no other way to build him that's not better with a different RUG commander.

>> No.48831029

Play secret commander with Omnath, put him and Animar in Maelstrom Wanderer and drop in a Rite of Replication.

>> No.48831052

>Koth's still fighting the good fight

Fucking nice.

>> No.48831077

So just make my elemental tribal with Maelstrom Wanderer at the head?

>> No.48831091

Build a scry/ordered card draw deck with whatever fatties you have. Hit the ramp button fairly hard, and abuse the shit out of cascade. I run a modified version and it's scary strong. Brutalizer Exarch, Top, cached dreams, and brainstorm are all absurd in that deck. Try to make a 6 turn clock to cast maelstrom and make it so when you do, the advantage is insurmountable, and you're just going to keep casting it every two turns until you win.

>> No.48831097

Yep. Toss in an Animar for more RUG fun.

>> No.48831100


Berserker's onslaught is not a great card and certainly not a good choice for a Xenagod deck

>> No.48831103

Maelstrom Wander plays like this:

4.PROFIT (or maybe not depends on what you get)
6. ??????

Can be very powerful even on a budget

>> No.48831111


>> No.48831117

Mise. Dipping into blue gives you a few neat elementals like the Drawfish, and you can still build a decent Omnath "core" with the extra "FUCK YOU" of a kicked Rite doing 90 fucking damage.

>> No.48831129

I can't imagine ever running that over Rage Reflection.

>> No.48831139


I know right

Shit blew my mind

Could have legacy and vintage implications

>> No.48831143

>Vanilla Ice
>if you kinda squint at the thumbnail, Jasmine kinda does look like Vanilla Ice the vampire

Also you should feel so fucking bad for what you've done with those creatures. God damn it gA.

>> No.48831152


>> No.48831157

So pretty much a kicked ROR makes 5 Omnaths that die immediately because of the legends rule?

Wouldn't that do only 25 damage then?

>> No.48831164

>rage reflection
Eh, one mana more expensive. Still very good, even on a budget. Anything cheaper mana wise to do the same thing?

>> No.48831175

Each Omnath will trigger for itself dying. That's 5.

Each Omnath will trigger for his 4 friends dying. That's another 20, which is 25 total.

Prime Omnath will trigger for each of the tokens dying. That's 30 triggers.

>> No.48831184

Oh shit that's right. I forgot that he triggers when other elementals die.

>> No.48831193

Nah, the only cheaper options are either narrow (Bonescythe Sliver, Kinsbaile Cavalier, etc) or temporary.

>> No.48831204


>> No.48831207


Right and rage reflection doesn't fit in many decks either

6 mana permanents that are mostly win more are hard to fit into decks

Certainly can't play the 5 mana strictly worse version

>> No.48831223

I mean, in decks without green a Rage Reflection can function sorta like an Overrun. You drop it and a board of mid-sized dudes turns a lot scarier.

>> No.48831252


True but they all get chump blocked, that's the beauty of trample

>> No.48831262

Anybody else excited for the all new, paradigm shifting Adriana, the Boros General that Wants you to Attack Other Players Until they Die?

>> No.48831274

Instant tutor for either Thalia, Imposing Sovereign, Ranger of Eos, holy shit wow

>> No.48831279

They all get chump blocked ONCE.

>> No.48831291

I was hoping to all holy fuck that she'd be W/B so I could have a more thematic Commander for my Knight deck. Oh well.

>> No.48831303


Sure and then you get board wiped and your 6 mana enchantment does literal nothing

>> No.48831315

Oh, are we playing a game of "Your card is bad because I'm going to engineer a situation where it's bad"?

>> No.48831319

looks like we'll have to hope for Kaladesh to toss Boros a bone

>> No.48831333

to be honest black lotus is pretty bad if someone counterspells it

>> No.48831351

Sure, but nobody's gonna extrapolate from that scenario to say "Black Lotus is a bad card because it will always be countered".

Every card is 'bad' in a situation where someone has the answer for it. Craterhoof is 'bad' if they have a Fog that turn, sure as fuck doesn't stop people from running Craterhoof.

>> No.48831361

Stand Aside Plebs, Superior Double Strike Enchantment coming through!

>> No.48831387


No im directly comparing it to similar cards

Overruns don't have the chump block problem or the board wipe problem (to the same extent, because you get all the damage you hoped to deal upfront, barring cyc rift or other instant speed wrath)

True conviction gains you like 30 life for 6 mana in the same scenario

>> No.48831408

recently made this kinda gimmicky sliver deck and could use some help with it


>> No.48831419

To be fair, overrun spells offer nothing in the first-strike phase

>> No.48831431


>> No.48831456

>Just made a hypercasual RB deck
>Theme is Deathtouch + First Strike/Ping
>See new Marchesa
Looks like I'm upgrading it to a Commander deck.

>> No.48831471

very good, protects commanders very well, which is huge, and is easy to recur to eat another removal spell

>> No.48831492


Spellskite is great, slightly less good than he is in modern, etc, only because there are fewer lightning bolts and fewer mutagenic growths

He's stil great for eating a removal or shutting down auras

>> No.48831541

specifically wondering if Coat of Arms is better than Stoneforge Masterwork, Aestheticism is better than Call to the Kindred, and is there room some where for Followed Footsteps

should i get rid of targeting effects in general and put Steely Resolve back in maybe replacing Konda's banner with Obelisk of Urd?

if so should i ax Magma Sliver and Crypt Sliver?

>> No.48831556

That deck had fucking better have Rakdos Ickspitter.

>> No.48831558

Only problem is that he's got a blue color identity,
so unlike in Modern and shit you can't just slot Spellskite into every fucking deck willy-nilly.

>> No.48831581

Stoneforge Masterwork only pumps one of your creatures

Coat of Arms pumps ALL of your creatures.

But be careful because Coat of Arms also helps your opponents

>> No.48831588


I tried and made something resembling a deck


>> No.48831589

Coat of Arms is much better than Masterwork unless you expect a lot of tribal. Masterwork is cheaper, but it'll only ever bee boosting one thing; Coat of Arms is an exponential growth in power. Four slivers is adding 12 power to your board. Five is adding 20. Six is adding 30.

Call to the Kindred is cute, Asceticism is also good and does something WHOLLY different. I prefer Progenitor Mimic to Footsteps.

>> No.48831614

Oh shit i forgot cards to take Maelstrom wanderer off the battlefield so I can keep casting him


>> No.48831640

Temur Sabertooth.



Crystal Shard.

>> No.48831678

I wouldn't run Animar, I personally don't feel like it works when Wanderer is the commander. Animar either needs to be the commander or don't play it at all.

Don't run too many tapped lands, you want to cast Wanderer ASAP and a tapped land can set you back a turn. Run basics and the good manafixing lands (shocklands, painlands, etc)

>> No.48831712

I just run the tapped lands because I'm cheap

>> No.48831716


>> No.48831735


Animar is still very powerful even if not the commander though

Play him and a couple creatures and all the sudden your wanderer costs 1 rug or 2 rug

>> No.48831769


Still cheap to just run pain lands check lands and basics and not have any tap lands

>> No.48831791

I got rid of all the tap lands except the bouncelands because I find them to be useful sometimes

>> No.48831831

That it doesn't. It has a Blood Cultist though.

>> No.48831852

But Ickspitter hits their dudes AND THEIR FACES!

>> No.48832116

I have an Ezuri Tiny Leaders deck. How do I turn it into a commander deck that is consistent and fun?

>> No.48832188

If I replaced Grimgrin with Gisa and Geralf as the commander would I need to chang much in my deck? I probably would want more sac outlets right?


>> No.48832236

Defend this.

>> No.48832249

Elfball. You're probably better off running Nath for Elf Tribal tho.

>> No.48832254

Dies to removal.

>> No.48832267

And while you're at it, defend this as well.

>> No.48832277

Honestly I feel like you can make a 1:1 swap and just put Grimgrin in the 99 and the deck immediately functions better. You can make it better by adding more sac outlets or "symmetrical" things, though.

>> No.48832286

>having removal at turn 1
>spending removal on 1 mana creatures

>> No.48832310

Here's mine, I only have a few more sac outlets than you but I was thinking of putting in an altar of dementia as well.

>> No.48832313


How threatening it is is inversely proportionate to what turn it is. It's super scary on turn 1 where it's likely to gain some 18 or 30 life before it dies, and at least 1 or 2 of those hits are to a dome instead of just chewing through chump blockers, but it also immediately paints a target on your head for like the next 6 turns, even after it's already killed.

Later in the game it might just be a 1/1 for 1, and while a 6/6 flier for 1 is very PLAYABLE on turn 8, it's a lot less scary and hard to answer.

Requires you to either be running lifegain or not have taken a single hit across 6+ turns, it has no way of protecting itself and you have to untap with it, etc.

>> No.48832320

They are the easiest card type to deal with. I bet you also complain about Iona.

>> No.48832338

Oh god, the STAND thing is spreading.

>It only costs 1 mana so it's not worth removing
Great logic, chief. Have fun dying to a 6/6 you could answer but refuse to.

To be fair, Iona can be a real kick in the dick if they name the only color you have that can reasonably answer her. I've had "Iona, white" in a WG deck and it's like "Well shit, hope I find that Beast Within or I'm fucked."

>> No.48832362

It wasn't designed with EDH in mind, this makes it powerful, but by no means broken.

>He's never Misstep'd a Serra or a Sol Ring

>> No.48832374

artifacts and the colorless/devoid removal spells cards

she's perfectly fair for her mana cost

reanimator is another archetype that is easily countered in all colors; high risk/high reward

>> No.48832388

No shit, I once saw someone use a turn 1 Commandeer to hit a Serra Ascendant that immediately ate a Mental Misstep from the player WHO CAST IT SERRA ASCENDANT.

>> No.48832406

Sure, but not everyone is running Spine of Ish Sah, especially if they're in colors that already have removal.

I agree she is 100% fair, but I will argue that she can be fair while still being a kick in the cock if she names the color with all your removal.

>> No.48832441

It's just a fucking 6/6. If a 6/6 causes you to lose the game, then I suggest you get fucking good.

>> No.48832447

And it has based Phil Foglio art to boot

>> No.48832521

The Foglios aren't my favorite, but their art is fun. I feel like it clashes a bit too much, even in 'the old days'.

>> No.48832523

Anyone wanna give me some advice on my pauper EDH deck? Ended up throwing together a bunch of GY matters and discard matters cards to take advantage of the looting on Grixis Battlemage and some sac outlets for unearth creatures and to prevent exiling.

>> No.48832544

I'll try it out and see how it works. I just really like grimgrin and kind of made the deck revolve around him

>> No.48832623

posting answers for a resolved Iona to be helpful

Nevinyrral's Disk
Oblivion Stone
Spine of Ish Sah
Unstable Obelisk
Gallows at Willow Hill
Perilous Vault
Argentum Armor
Predator, Flagship
Ulamog 1&2
Lux Cannon (lol)

All Is Dust
Scour From Existence
Grip of Desolation (Black Identity)
Oblivion Strike (Black Identity)


>> No.48832700


>Implying my opponent won't have 2 ways to recur Iona for every colorless answer I can pack.

At least the ones that exile would work.

>> No.48832738

>recurring her after Worldslayer's triggered ability resolves

and if they have that much control over the other two players who aren't completely locked out by Iona, they have already won

>> No.48832766

>3 players allowing the Iona player an opportunity to reanimate her

git gud

>> No.48832811

>missed my favorite one
Brittle Effigy
Seems criminally underplayed if you ask me

>> No.48832841

I don't get the sort of people who don't mind Iona. I run Duplicant and Oblivion Stone, but I still am likely fucked once Iona hits the table.

>> No.48832868

You can git gud, but you can't git gud three people.

>> No.48832877

It's one of my favorite cards and the reason I can justify running Ranger of Eos in Karlov

>> No.48832880

it's a multiplayer format, wipes happen often, the chances that your other opponents will be happy with the 7/7 flyer staying on the table is quite low

>> No.48832898

the group as a whole needs to GG

>> No.48832922

Ah. See, my experience with EDH playgroups: Me (who tries his damnest not to roll over and die to good decks), two people who literally do not give a shit about anything other than casting what may possibly be the worst cards in the game and my actual opponent who runs actual cards.

>> No.48832956

But the other people don't care! They don't mind losing. Do you really not experience this?

I remember playing a 5 man against a Karador deck. Karador isn't even good, I know, but I run a fuckton of graveyard hate. But me running a fuckton of graveyard hate didn't matter if the other three players A. Don't run graveyard hate or B. Don't give a shit about winning, they just play whatever card they feel is "cool", even if it gives the winning player an advantage.

>> No.48832994

What's the practical difference in deck construction between Sharuum and Sydri? They seem to work just fine in each others' 99.

>> No.48833002

Daily reminder that in some metas boardwipes are degenerate and bannable offense, that includes Wraths, MLD and nonland, noncreature removal also.

>> No.48833018

if they're close friends you could, tactfully, suggest to them how their 'lol randumb XD' play style isn't enjoyable to play against

if they're some shitters at your LGS, find a new group?

>> No.48833040

My decks. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Sedris was discontinued to make way for Mimeoplasm by the way.

>> No.48833048

no wonder some people think White is the worst color

>> No.48833083

Not much diffenrence, other than Sharuum ends up with more ways to abuse her and Sydri ends up with more ways to abuse her ability. For example sydri to turn lands into artifacts for U: fuck your opponents, like liquimetal coating or that one myr. Sharuum has as many as possible artifacts to copy her to combo and win with disciple.

>> No.48833096

It was a Facebook group that I met up with. So, not even friends.

In general, mindfulness is my biggest frustration with this format. If everyone is being absurd and joking and basically wasting time while drinking, I can have fun. When everyone is trying to properly consider the correct action and play smart (even in the most casual setting), then I can have fun.

It is when it is a combination that is frustrating. People trying to play for reals and people who aren't.

Even worse are people who aren't mindful but still are willing to play powerful cards. People who run fuckall spot removal or tap out every turn, but still are running decks that can end the game immediately if unchecked.

>> No.48833109

Yeah, for some reason many people hate removal, which white is best at.

>> No.48833122


That's the feeling I was getting. Thanks.

>> No.48833137


>> No.48833142

My meta takes on anything, but generally plays casual stuff.

I regularly beat people with my Trostani Tokens deck that has 1-2/3rds of the cards I ACTUALLY want in the deck. There's one guy that plays Oloro and nothing but removal/planeswalkers and everybody plays against it with no qualms, my meta's great.

>> No.48833165

Who would be the better Abzan commander, Anafenza or Ghave? I assume Ghave because infinites, but I'd like some opinions. My play group is pretty casual and I'm not too big on spending hundreds. Maybe $100-200, but that's the limit for now.

>> No.48833180

>People who run fuckall spot removal or tap out every turn, but still are running decks that can end the game immediately if unchecked.

I like to play these decks.

Does.. does that make me a shitter?

>> No.48833199


Ghave, easily.

Anafenza is only really good if there's graveyard decks you want an easy way to hose.

>> No.48833211

both seem fun, I would prolly run Rico Ghuave myself but I like the idea of hosing my opponents GY with Anafenza

>> No.48833223

I mean, you win games and it is my fault for not fucking being able to stop you. But playing against fucking three of these fucks is enough to make you want to kill yourself.

You end up feeling like you are babysitting three toddlers with rocket launchers instead of hands.

>> No.48833228

>sitter of faces

You post this all the time, get out of here with your fucking giantess femdom fetish shit

>> No.48833229


Should I drop Pili-Pala and Grand Architect, as I have multiple other infinite mana avenues, for Triskelion and Sphinx Summoner/Ethersworn Adjudicator?

>> No.48833253

I only reason I got Wade Into Battle in the first place was because I thought Kalemne was a dude at first glance

>> No.48833386

Following the previous decision and my early attempts at playing something else than UR or WB, I am building Bant Enchantress as a Jenara deck. This is the WIP:


Where I can take it from here? Which cards should I jam in, which to cut? Looking for a more voltron-y build with a strong global enchantment subtheme.

Additionally, how worth it to run Control Magic effects in this deck (old habits die hard)?

>> No.48833418

Dealing with something doesn't make it less OP. It's literally 1 mana 6/6 lifelink flying.

>He's never Misstep'd a Serra or a Sol Ring
>using misstep with 0 manas

>> No.48833430

Depends on how powerful deck do you want. High power is easily Ghave. Anafenza isn't powerful, but can hose creature based decks easily, but against powerful decks she ain't shit, since the most reliable way to win/combo out, are noncreature strategies.

>> No.48833439

Nowhere i said it causes to love the game, but still a 6/6 at turn 1.

>> No.48833454


only if you have 30+ life

have you read mental misstep?

>> No.48833475

forgot about the phyrexia bullshit

still -1 card and -2 life to deal with a 1 mana creature.

>> No.48833503


>> No.48833547

You're a faggot if you think this is worse than Sol ring, just sayin'

>> No.48833595

Are you retarded? I'd rather pay life than mana, because latter is more important. If I have Misstep, Swan Song/Dispel in my hand, of course I'll pay with life. Hell, I'll pay with life anyway, just to bluff if I don't have anything in hand.
I'll rather Misstep a Sol Ring or a Top, but powerful 1 drop is always worth the 2 life and a card.
Besides, what's the fucking matter if you're a card down? Are you a Scrooge Mcduck of cards? What's the point of cards if you refuse to use them?

>> No.48833625

I mean I still run SOME removal, but my decks are mostly just heavy creatures/buffs.

>> No.48833627

The point is, the player loses much less, and can even get the card back in the right deck. If you can't see the issue of losing a counter/removal on cards that aren't even core of that deck, you're too far lost.

>> No.48833654

see >>48833627

>> No.48833675

>losing a counter that is explicitly made to fuck over another player's early game & tempo with no loss of on your part except for 1/20 of your starting life and a card that loses relevance as the game progresses

>> No.48833708

see what i've been recently doing is roleplay an angry honorable barbarian in this game with my gruul deck

>never make promises i dont intend to keep
>never conspire to betray others in politics
>always choose vindication and rage over rational actions


>cast a cool fun spell
>resident blue player counters it
>"oh thats it bro im coming for you"
>smash his shit with my ooga booga beaters over the next few turns
>another player on the board is casting all kinds of creatures and removing some of my guys while the blue counterspell guy has an empty board
>next turn tell the counterspell guy i'm swinging for him again
>"what the hell dude, this other guy is building a sick board state and removing your guys, why don't you swing for him"
>tell him that i haven't forgotten about that counterspell
>swing for him again

see you might think this makes me an asshole, and you'd be right, but i'm also hoping that people will start to avoid incurring my wrath if i establish myself as an angry vengeful caveman. also it's fun to not be completely rational and tryhard all the time

>> No.48833719

no, they lose the same. It's a one for one. That creature wasn't core to the deck and neither was your "counter target spell with CMC 1"

>> No.48833768

Christ, anon, you sound like a colossal fucking faggot.

>> No.48833777

What, see a bad argument? Would you save the "counter target 1cmc spell" for the end game? Sure, you can be the retard and lose the game for not spending answers to a turn 1 fatty just because it's 1 mana, but losing 2 life is way better than having 12 life difference at T2.

>> No.48833780

disregard the haters, go full Garruk

>> No.48833811

They lose a broken 1 drop. Even if they get it back, they still take a wild tempo hit at no cost to you.

>> No.48833816

You sound like a total autist, who tries to hide the excessive grudgefaggotry behind 'muh roleplay'.

>> No.48833820

and then you get fucked by his core cards of his deck, because you tried to put cards to deal with small drops instead of the big ones.

Not only that, more than once i saw people drop that creature without any imediate response. On the other hand, if you have the misstep in hand with nothing to counter, it literally a useless card because it can't hit your opponent by 6 with it. The difference is just ridiculous.

>> No.48833827

>always choose vindication and rage over rational actions
>Don't choose vindication and rage when the offending player has a sick board to back up his trespasses

>> No.48833849

I know everyone hates Boros, but is there any reason why you couldn't make a strong deck based around cards like Rest in Peace, Null Rod, Cursed Totem, Leyline of Punishment etc. to make for a mean RW deck?

>> No.48833850


What should i drop for the New Recruiter?

>> No.48833855

Currently running:
Memnarch and affinity fuckery

Sen Triplets (Doomsday Combo)

Lord of Tresserhorn

GitGud Monster; really missing crucible and strip mine at this point but they're on the way.

Lord of Tresserhorn is so much fun. There are a ton of tutors to bring up Torpor Orb into the mix so he just becomes an innocent 1URB 10/4 with no drawbacks.

The sweet spots are when I grab Phyresis/Rime Transfusion or even literally any cheap casting spells that give it dubs or make it unblockable.

>> No.48833857

and ascendant is worthless late game, what do ya know?

>> No.48833869

The red cards aren't good enough for it to matter.

And a staggering lack of good card draw that provides actual card advantage

>> No.48833875

don't forget stranglehold and war's toll

>> No.48833877

>player counters one of my neat spells that buff my board when I have a 1/1 soldier and Trostani on the board
>proceed to beat him senseless when I get my board full of 5/5 flying spirits
>other player has a board state that will literally get him infinite turn loops
>"wtf man kill him and stop him from winning"
>kill him and scoop before fagnuts mcgee can infinite loop

To be fair I'd just played 3 games of the EXACT same faggot looping infinite turns.

>> No.48833891

the difference is in what you're "wasting space with". A creature can go back very easily, and again, it's a 6/6 flying lifelink. If you have it, it can deals 6 damage. If you have a misstep, and doesn't have anything to counter, it's just useless. It's a much bigger waste of space.

>> No.48833910

Spirit of the Labyrinth, Rule of Law/Eidolon of Rhetoric also

>> No.48833923

if you're playing cards like Misstep, then chances are, you won't have to deal with the big drops because you're playing to win during the time frame where opponents set up with small, 1 cost cards.

OR, you recognize the power in free counterspells, regardless of their limitations, as well as the power of any 1-drop worth it's salt.

>> No.48833925


You missed two of the best options duplicant and brittle effigy

>> No.48833931

Well, boros shines in stax department, nothing else really. Shame that there's not that many commanders in colours that support the strategy. You have to limit others in ramp with MLD and draw with like Spirit of Labyrinth. Winter orb is golden too.

>> No.48833935

>Would you save the "counter target 1cmc spell" for the end game?
no, i would put better cards, like the Ascendant himself, because if i don't actually have anything to counter with it, it does nothing while a 6/6 creature can still fuck shit up

>> No.48833940


>> No.48833956

>at no cost to you
spending space in your deck with shit has a cost. As i said, you could literally just put another ascendant and it would be a much better response than countering it.

>> No.48833962

if you don't immediately recognize the power of a tempo counterspell or a 0 mana piece of protection, then you wildly misunderstand this cardgame and the format you're talking about.

>> No.48833965

well i said i was coming for him, to switch targets would've been to go back on my promise. i did go for him after the first guy was dead

??? what's so bad about picking a target and sticking to it? if i had switched targets suddenly, then the blue player would've had room to establish his board again and then - inevitably - fuck with my shit again and kill me. imo it's better to have only 1 player be really afraid of me than have all 3 be somewhat afraid of me. that's 3 times as many answers coming my way if they all are afraid of me

>> No.48833991

and the ascendant people are placing it in their deck on the hope that they get it early enough for it to not be a 1/1 shitter

>> No.48834001

I would really rather have a 6/6 lifelink flying late game than a misstep in hand in the late.

>> No.48834002

Misstep counters some of the most broken cards in the game. Ascendant is nowhere near as good as mana rocks, and responding to a mana rock by playing a mana rock is not as good as countering the mana rock, since the 1st player uses the mana (or attacks with ascendant) first.

>> No.48834005

Is this a spicy new meme? Mental Misstep is bad because it can be used to counter Serra Ascendant?

>> No.48834038


it's an early game card, that's all

>> No.48834070

The thing is, there is no point in not playing those cards yourself; why waste space with misstep when you can have your own ascendant/Sol ring? even if you're planning to win early, they are better cards. That said, assuming we're not dealing with blue, the guy is just fucked for a couple of turns.

>> No.48834078

to be honest if you have any life-gain in your deck at all, you can probably stay above 30 HP most of the time

imo that card is dumb and somewhat broken. not "overpowered" but a bad fit for the format

>> No.48834085

Because grudgy faggots never realize what's a smart thing to do. You guys never realize when it's smart to cool down instead of being salty for whole game because your Serra Ascendant was Misstepped

>> No.48834104


My friend did this same thing where he would refuse to attack anybody or remove any of their things until somebody targeted him with removal counterspell or damage and then he would devote all his energies to killing that person

Using this tactic he actually won lots of games because people just left him alone all game not wanting to be the person to receive all his hate

>> No.48834115

>what's so bad about picking a target and sticking to it
It's called threat assessment you dumb faggot.

>> No.48834121

Best commander for fungi and oozes?

>> No.48834142

it can literally only counter 1 mana cards and is useless in any other situation. It is a waste of space, considering you could literally put in your deck the cards you were planning to counter and they would be infinitely more useful to you. We're not dealing with Force of Will here. I'm not saying misstep is useless, i'm saying i'd rather have a 6/6 flying lifelink.

>> No.48834147

the smart thing to do is to not fuck with my shit unless u wanna fight so put up em dukes

hell yea

>> No.48834159

You're not probably taking out Sol Ring or Ascendant for sake of Misstep. Is this concept hard to grasp, that you can actually in fact use all of them in a single deck?

>> No.48834166

It's a decent card, can only be a long-term threat in decks dedicated to life-gain.

White is allowed to have decent cards

>> No.48834172

>on the hope that they get it early
you think a 6/6 lifelink/flying is shit on the mid/late game?

>> No.48834189

>mfw someone finally sent me the last $90 worth of cards on pucatrade i wanted so i could cash out before the site dies a firey death

>> No.48834191

that's funny because the player that would take misstep would counter it

>> No.48834218

>it's always a 6/6

>> No.48834237

Thelon of havenwood, golgari fungus tribal

>> No.48834244

yeah white definitely needs all the help it can get, but the game just isn't designed to handle someone dropping a 6/6 flying lifelink on turn 1.

again, i don't think it's op and it doesn't really insta-win you the game, but it's just kinda dumb when someone gets it early on and just runs a train on someone else while he patiently waits for a removal spell or the mana for one

>> No.48834260

It's a good thing one mana cards are excellent, and many are worth casting at many points in the game. Narrow cards aren't bad because they're narrow.

Mental Misstep is better than Serra Ascendant.
There, i'm saying it.

>> No.48834271

the same goes for mana vault + sol ring + X signet
them's the breaks

>> No.48834293

She's a solid body that can dive into the red zone and rarely die. Shove a loxodon warhammer on her and smack people around. In my build, before i swapped her out for gitrog, I only had about 10-15 artifacts in the deck and basically just had it as a g/b goodstuff deck with a few handy artifacts.

>> No.48834314

I think Inheritance and ScrollRank+Landtax is underrated, but is that sort of stax deck one that needs a ton of draw?

Hm. Yeah. That's basically what I was thinking. That and Smoke and whatnot. Kalemne could be at the helm as just a big beater who don't give no fucks.

>> No.48834318

yeah, and i kind of dislike those cards as well. all those cards are "enjoy your randomly gained promotion to archenemy"

the format doesn't break with those cards in play but i think it would be improved if they were banned

>> No.48834322

At that point it's a 1/1 lifelink. Unless you're in a magical christmasland and you have him online at all times he's on the field. Besides, Misstep can still counter him late game. Or late game Top.
But seeing that you play in a battlecruiser magic meta, where only 1 drops are sol ring and ascendant, it might not be worth the trouble.
I play fogs and Somali, I ain't afraid of apeshits, who rather attack me because of salt instead of Tamiyo about to ult next turn.
What this guy said. It counters so much for free, it's unbelievable. It's not as powerful as FoW, but to be honest, it's not really that far behind, after all, the first few turns matter the most when it comes to powerful meta.

>> No.48834333

Anyone? I am also concerned that I see no secondary wincons other than commander damage.

>> No.48834339

ScrollTax is godly. Someone posted a Kalemne deck at the top of the thread

>> No.48834368

I would rather play it safe, with Anya or Tajic, to survive a Jokulhaups or Obliterate. ID shit to whack a mole after a nuke.

>> No.48834372

>Misstep counters some of the most broken cards in the game
Give some examples

>responding to a mana rock by playing a mana rock is not as good as countering the mana rock
this just sounds like you're not putting faith in your deck. With mana, there are different strategies so it is possible that countering your opponent's sources will make more difference for your deck, however that only works well if you're considering 1x1. Having your mana sources is much better than countering the mana from ONE guy so if you're planning to respond to stuff like that, i seriously think you're building your deck wrong. Anyway, responding with ascendant to ascendant will just end on a better situation for both.

it is bad because you could literally just put your own ascendant, the guy can get the ascendant back, and you spend 1 space in your deck to respond to a 1 mana creature in a game with 3-4 players.

>> No.48834394

Will the new marchesa just be mardu gudstuff? Or is there already a niche archtype for her?

>> No.48834405

You could replace the red cards people are talking about with any other color and it would be better.

Stranglehold is the best one listed, and all that does is make the other colors do an impression of RW.

You could make the deck, but you'd run out of cards quick, and then stay out of cards until you hit Wheels.

Scroll+Tax is very good, but not enough, since those colors also lack tutors for those guys. (there's enlightened and gamble, i can't think of many more.

>> No.48834421

Hm. Thanks guys. I am just tired of hearing about how shit Boros is and wanted to try my hand at a meaner deck.

Plus, I've always wanted to run cards like Stony Silence and similar, just never had the balls.

>> No.48834423

Mystical/wordly/enlightened/vampiric tutors
Path to exile
Swords to plowshares
Tragic slip
Land tax
Sensei’s divining top

just to name a few

>> No.48834452

>you spend 1 space in your deck to respond to a single creature
Are you really this thick? You don't run Misstep because it counters one shitty creature, but because it counters plethora of different powerful things, like Sol Ring or Divining Top or Brainstorm or Ponder or Preordain or many of the 1cmc counters FOR FREE.
How do you not realize this, that it's so good because it does it for free?

>> No.48834468

>You're not probably taking out Sol Ring or Ascendant for sake of Misstep
And that's my point; you're still using ascendant like a goddamn mandatory card

and then he would lose to the other players looking at that weird exchange.

It's Potentially a 6/6. That beats 'counters 1 mana cost'.

>> No.48834511

I have played Boros for years in EDH, and you'd be surprised how flexible it can be. You can answer to any permanent in those colours. People underestimate it easily, but I have won so many games with my Stoutarm deck it's unbelievable.

>> No.48834551

it is potentially a 6/6 at mid/late game, and again, can enter more than once on the battlefield on the right deck, while misstep is still just an annoyance to be used against one player.

uses misstep --> loses the game because instead of good cards you put misstep

>> No.48834560


>bringing everyone else down to your level is a bad thing
>especially when your deck is tuned to function at said level

>> No.48834567

Probably a non-creature. I know your stax setup is ok because you have all sorts of ways to go crazy with your mana, but if you're gonna cut something for a new tutor on a stick, that makes the non-stick tutors that slightly less useful.

Alternately, Avacyn's Pilgrim. It's probably your least useful mana dork since it's not an Elf, and you still have plenty of dorks remaining?

>> No.48834585

No, I don't run Ascendant in any of my decks, and I have 4 white decks. I run 2 Missteps in 5 of my blue decks, because I own only 2 copies. Had I more of them, it would be auto include in any blue deck I have, instead I have it only in my powerful decks.

>> No.48834591

I am not sure if I believe that Red doesn't do anything for the deck. I get RW doesn't have a Hokori as a general, but Red is a popular support color for a reason, I feel.

>> No.48834596

>It's Potentially a 6/6. That beats 'counters 1 mana cost'.

>> No.48834610

and you're saying instead of putting any of those cards in your deck, you decide to put a misstep.

you're playing with more than one opponent, countering one 1 drop is hardly as game-breaking as it is in other formats. if you actually have those cards, it will help you much more.

>> No.48834612

Sol ring,
mana vault,
dark ritual,
1 mana tutors (especially crop rotation),
high tide,
Sensei's top,
1 mana mana dorks,
concordant crossroads,
chain of vapor,
other 1 cmc counterspells that are often used to protect combos,
mystic remora,
demonic consultation,

The possibilities are endless. It's beautiful how versatile such a narrow card can be!
This card is better than serra ascendant.
This card will not 'lose you the game'.
This card will win you the game against some combo decks.
This card will win you the game against decks that want to start explosively.

You are terrible at Magic the Gathering.

>> No.48834644

the point is not what it counters, but how many. It's just bad considering more players, that will also play their 1 mana drops. Plus the fact that you could run those other cards in his place. And it's not free if you lose space in your deck.

>> No.48834651

Exhibit 1: an anon not understanding the value of counterspells

>> No.48834652

Sure it can. But in a right deck, Misstep can also be reused multiple times.

>> No.48834674

>cast a spell
>guy with rhystic study asks if want to pay the 1 mana
>say no and demand him not to draw a card or else

i think i gotta try this the next time i'm real big

>> No.48834681

>I don't run Ascendant in any of my decks
let me guess: you don't have ascendants

>The possibilities are endless
then put them in your deck instead of misstep. If you have 3 opponents, the chances is that the 3 of them will try to put those cards, countering 1 will do jackshit for you, but putting one of those on the battlefield will help you on the long run.

>> No.48834705

I like how nicely this ties the two differing shitter narratives together. Bravo.

>> No.48834730

You put in misstep to deal with those cards, and you skip on serra ascendant because it's fucking terrible.

I want all the 1-drop mana dorks to make sure i cast selvala on turn 2 as often as possible.
Which tutor gets worse? i mean, i get what you're saying, but even the 'to the top of the library' tutors are good with selvala, and those are probably the worst ones.

I was considering dropping Elvish Harbinger, since they get the same cards, plus recruiter gets 14 other creatures, but one of the problems with the deck is how tutor hungry it is since it vomits a lot of cards out at once.

>> No.48834743

counterspells are weaker in a free-for-all 4 men game, and a very situational counterspell is even weaker. If you're not going to counter a core card, you should spend space to put better cards on the battlefield.

True, i actually have an Ertai commander deck to counter shit, but i would rather get a less situational counter

>> No.48834746

hey anon come here
what if
anon are you listening?
hey come closer
what if

>> No.48834756

You can still play misstep and Sol ring at the same time.

>> No.48834763

You're losing 99 cards worth of space in your deck anyway.
How about you build a perfect deck of 0 cards, thats 99 card spaced saved, and while you're at it, you could as well quit magic, as you're terrible at it.
Besides, I rather Misstep a Sol Ring that's being cast, but it seems not to matter, as in this christmasland or rather Krampusland your opponents will always have Sol Rings on their starting hand.

>> No.48834776

>You put in misstep to deal with those cards
and then your other opponent put one of those cards and you don't have your misstep again, or any card on the battlefield at all.

>you skip on serra ascendant because it's fucking terrible
you're too far lost, my friend. If 1 mana 6/6 is bad for you, i can't save you.

>> No.48834794

the best part is since Misstep is free you can even play misstep and the card that's good in the same turn 1

>> No.48834795

>StP,PtE,the tutors, sol ring are all not core cards in the decks that can run'em

you counter the ones that are fucking with your boardstate, or threaten to do so

>> No.48834804

If I Rite of Replicate (Kicked) a Purphoros, there will be 5 entering the battlefield, and the original triggering on those 5 entering. do the COPIES also trigger, and does all the damage stack?

>> No.48834844


And Serra Ascendent is bad. because even as a 6/6 it's fucking slow as fuck. you have time to halfway kill a person before you lose the game, at best.

yes. all the triggers go on the stack, and then the copies die, and the damage is still dealt.

>> No.48834851

the copies and original all see each other entering
OG sees 5 entering
each copy sees 3 others entering

5 + 3x5 = 20 triggers total i think

>> No.48834863

Thank you kind sir.
And let me guess: you either don't play Magic, or play in a really low power meta.
Serra ascendant is fucking terrible, as it's only relevant in the beginning of the game. I rather draw Misstep at late game than a fucking worthless 1 mana 1/1. Where I'm from, Ascendant is only good if you get it out on T1 or maybe T2, but that's already a big drop in power.

>> No.48834869

you're the one that too far gone to think SA will be online for full value every time, all game

>> No.48834893

>what if
Responded to that in other comment, it is still losing one space if as you said, "the possibilities are endless". There is just plenty of better cards to spend one space on misstep.

how about putting shit on the battlefield instead of countering 1 non-core card and letting 3 other opponents put their cards in the game?

>I rather Misstep a Sol Ring that's being cast
and then you don't misstep other 2 sol rings that are going in the game because literally every deck has them. That is more important than putting your own sol ring (or any other card) in the game, it seems.

>> No.48834907

my bad, 4 others entering so

5 + 4x5 = 25

>> No.48834915


i mostly agree with you that mental misstep is good and serra ascendant isnt that good


idk why you're being so retarded about the whole 1 mana 1/1 thing

in most metas, people never go below 30 life until the game is over or they are playing something like sylvan library or necropotence

>> No.48834919

ITT: Shitpost the Shitpostening

Whats everyones opinions on proxies? I only run proxies of cards over $200 because i cant afford them, i dont play competitively so its ok i just dont tell anyone

>> No.48834932

Alright, awesome. Some more janky fun for my RUG deck.

>> No.48834946

Actually no, first the copies die (or the original) one stays on the field, due the state-based actions, then the triggers go on stack. 5 triggers from the original, 4 from every copy.

>> No.48834955

SA only has value in early game

MM retains full value for the threats it address for the entirety of the game

>> No.48835016

it's not losing anything, MM can take out a bunch of threats to your board

>> No.48835026

Yes. Literally every deck has sol ring and cards like it.

This is the exact fucking reason why you play cards like mental misstep.

Letting one fewer people have a sol ring is better than everyone have a sol ring.

Especially since, get this, you can play misstep and Sol ring in the same first turn cycle

Holy fuck you're dense

>> No.48835050

>tfw trying to cut stack of 200+ cards (not including lands) into a proper deck
I hate this

>> No.48835061

take out serra ascendant

>> No.48835130

Because everyone has always Sol Ring on their opening hand.
Besides, what are you even on about with the "core cards"? Why should I use my answers to only cards that work with people's commanders? Besides, I can play my Sol Ring AND play Misstep still. Hell, I can play Ascendant and still play Misstep, if I ran any of Ascendants. I can even Misstep a Misstep targeting my Sol Ring.
If a counterspell is free, it's free. Even if it's narrow, it's still a free counterspell which does so much work that everyone with a blue non-shit deck has it included around here.

>> No.48835145

If you insist on keeping the dorks, though you really do have a lot, then Mind's Eye. It feels like you'd rather have the consistency of another tutor. I dunno dude, your deck is fucking hard to justify cuts.

>> No.48835181

You're fantastic. Keep up the good work

>> No.48835268

You just described my Tromokratis deck. I'm somewhere around 140 and it's finding the right balance of Stax dickery and big bad krakens that's making it hard. We'll both get there, anon. I believe in us.

>> No.48835312

what are you hoping for Kaladesh?

I just want a U/R legendary creature with artifact support.

>> No.48835337

>Test my Edric Budget deck against some guy's Xenagos deck
>Manage to outtempo him game 1 even with his sol ring start
>He scoops game 2 due to being bored

Is this commander really that powerful?

>> No.48835344

not-shit Boros cards

>> No.48835359


edric is banned in 1v1, aka "french", commander

>> No.48835374


>> No.48835414

Reprint of Razia's Purification!

>> No.48835440 [DELETED] 

What does tg think about proxy?

>> No.48835470

Going to build my decks around a Biology theme.
U/G is your typical Biology build. I am torn between Kraj and Momir.

U/G/B I am going to use Mimeoplasm, Dr Frankenstein build.

R/U/G maybe Riku? His lore said he studied life, which is Biology, probably build around cloning creatures, probably Biovisionary win con?

U/G/W I am stuck here between Ragnar, and Phelddagrif. Build around helping the table, typical Doctor.

Any suggestions or changes I should do to commanders? Most of this is build around flavour and theme.

>> No.48835492

Tutors can be used to get a core; the card itself is not a core.

your point is?

>it's fucking slow as fuck
>1 mana 6/6

>> No.48835502

G/W is all about nature and life-force

I would go Trostani tokens

>> No.48835519

My playgroup only allow proxies under certain rules.

No putting an ultra powerful card just to fucking do it.

If you are testing a card before you buy it

If you bought it online and just waiting on it to arrive

or if you have it, but it is valuable to you and you do not want to potentially damage it.

Proxies are fine if you are not being a douche canoe about it.

>> No.48835520

>ignoring the other cards everyone has posted in this thread that MM counters

>> No.48835529

blur it more, scro

>> No.48835531

I'm here to plat MtG, if you wanna play proxied cards then that's fine. It's a means to an end, which is a fun game. I would ask though that you use art which is recognizable from across the table, for the sake of clarity.

>> No.48835533

So... did i guess right? just curious, i know you can't be saved anymore.

>T2 6/6 lifelink and flying is a 'big drop in power'

never said that, but at least he potentially can and will in the right deck. Misstep just turns useless since it's not a core card, won't counter a core, and can't hit shit.

>> No.48835536

I did not think about G/W to be honest, I had just saw U/G as the de facto Bio build so I was looking at colors for that. But I can understand Trostani Tokens, all about that breeding.

>> No.48835542

6/6 vs 120 points of life from your opponents is slow. GLACIALLY SLOW.

You will die to other one mana cards before serra ascendant does anything important. And Mental Misstep could've saved you .

>> No.48835580

it address ONE "threat" (if we can even call a 1 mana card that), and then you're fucked. And a 6/6 card has a lot of value on the mid game, and it definitely holds more value than a misstep on the late game.

>MM can take out a bunch of threats to your board
you mean 'one' and only if it has 1 mana.

>> No.48835592

What is your obsession with core cards? What does it even mean? you intentionally don't answer 'non-core' cards despite their power?

What are you on about? why don't you understand that mental misstep is still good, better than serra ascendant, and answers some of the strongest and most explosive cards in the format?

What will make you stop being so fucking stupid? I'm serious. I'm worried about your health.

>> No.48835599

Absolutely disgusting

>> No.48835601


>> No.48835608

no. multiple people have continually been pointing out the value of MM but you just choose to ignore it. stopping someone from exiling a key piece of your combo (or even, countering a piece of protection from their combo) makes MM worth it's weight in a blue deck way past the early game (where is still has huge value in stopping the setup of another player)

>swords to plowshares isn't core
You're an idiot

>> No.48835614

And serra ascendant also only has to get dealt with ONE time

>> No.48835616

>This is the exact fucking reason why you play cards like mental misstep
to counter ONE sol ring and get fucked by the other opponents playing it?

>Letting one fewer people have a sol ring is better than everyone have a sol ring
YOU having a sol ring and minding your own business is better than countering one sol ring.

>you can play misstep and Sol ring in the same first turn cycle
or you could play 2 mana rocks

>> No.48835619

Doesn't French Commander have a different banlist though? I mean Emrakul is legal in that format as far as I know.

And this is a budget Edric deck, sub $20. The best cards in my deck are jank rares that are unplayable almost anywhere else.

>> No.48835652

>on their opening hand
doesn't really matter if it is in the opening hand, but it will eventually get in the game and you won't do shit.

>Why should I use my answers to only cards that work with people's commanders
so you won't waste counters on shit? do you plan on countering every card from everyone?

>I can play my Sol Ring AND play Misstep
this shit again... you could do that, OR have 2 mana artifacts in the game

>> No.48835665

You can play 2 mana rocks AND MM. Are you seriously this much of an autismo?

>> No.48835668

>to counter ONE sol ring and get fucked by the other opponents playing it?
Sol ring and also lots of the other cards that i listed earlier.
You're not fucked in a situation where less opponents have sol rings. why would you be fucked? that doesn't make any sense.

>YOU having a sol ring and minding your own business is better than countering one sol ring.

you having a sol ring and countering a sol ring is 100 percent better than 'minding your own business'

This is a game that you intend on winning right?

>or you could play two mana rocks
You still can. Misstep costs 0 mana

>> No.48835671

>this shit again... you could do that, OR have 2 mana artifacts in the game

jesus christ, it's FREE. you can have your two rocks and cast MM for FREE

>> No.48835684

Pillowfort Armsdealer

>> No.48835698

>tfw Major Teroh exiles all black creatures instead of destroys
Would have been fun in Alesha

>> No.48835699

>ignoring the other cards everyone has posted in this thread that MM counters
not ignoring, but there is really no point in what you're saying; instead of misstep you could literally have any other card and it would have more impact for your game; hell, you could have two mana artifacts for example instead of playing only Sol ring on turn 1.

>> No.48835700

You use counters on things that would fuck up your plan. other people getting ahead fucks up your plan. one mana counterspells fucks up your plan. grafdiggers cage could fuck up your plan.

Lots of shit could fuck up your plan. Unless you plan on killing everyone with serra ascendant, then you can just be ignored, since you're obviously going to lose this game.

>> No.48835703


>> No.48835713

apologies, my post>>48835671
was meant for these tards>>48835652

you were essentially playing french when you went 1v1

>> No.48835719

yes. it has a different banlist. the power of having a draw engine in your commander, especially just combat damage (cue evasive 1 mana 1/1s) is too damn much power

>> No.48835723


New bread

>> No.48835728

what you're missing here is that MM is just as useful as those cards

>> No.48835730

>6/6 vs 120 points of life from your opponents is slow
were you under the impression that i was planning to kill anyone with a 6/6? first, it's a good defense; second, if it attacks twice it just created a 24 life difference with your opponents. It's NOT about winning the game, it's about having good impact, and for 1 mana that's a lot.

>> No.48835751

Free in this case means that you don't have to pay mana for MM.
There's no way that you're this stupid. Either you're a very desperate troll or in serious (you) junkie

>> No.48835754

it's not a guaranteed 6/6
get that through your thick skull

>> No.48835761

You will have lost the game by then.

I didn't say serra ascendant would win you the game. i said that it would not do anything important or relevant in the time it takes to kill anyone. because you will have lost the game to a deck playing cards that aren't as bad as Serra ascendant.

>> No.48835786

>Not an Alesha proxy
You're not even fucking trying are you?

>> No.48835796

>you intentionally don't answer 'non-core' cards despite their power
i'm saying that it is better to put your non-core cards on the table instead of countering shit. That said, i'm NOT saying you shouldn't defend yourself against it, i'm saying that with ascendant you are forced to do so, and that's why it is so powerful. But having a card specifically for countering ascendant/1 drops and that won't be used anywhere else is just shit. The best is to have cards that can remove cores and non-cores.

>> No.48835803

>Having this manabase
>Having a non-foil rupture spire/crumbling catacomb/whatever cheap-ass land
Oh Shit nigger what are you doing.jpeg

>> No.48835821

>all 1drops that aren't serra ascendant are bad

>> No.48835881

You can just eat the damage from Serra ascendant and win easily.
Mental Misstep counters so much fucking stuff.
SO MUCH FUCKING STUFF. so much stuff that's better than serra ascendant. so much stuff that could possibly kill you. so much stuff that could keep you from killing your opponents.

your 'core' and 'non-core' distinction doesn't matter nor does it make any sense. and even if it did, Misstep meets the criteria of 'removing core and non-cores'

What are you on about?

>> No.48835904

>multiple people have continually been pointing out the value of MM but you just choose to ignore it
i'm answering them, not ignoring them.

>stopping someone from exiling a key piece of your combo (or even, countering a piece of protection from their combo) makes MM worth it's weight
unless they decide to remove with any card that is more than 1 mana, then you're fucked. If the purpose of the card is defense, do it properly. I'm not saying it is completely useless, but there are better cards.

Also you must admit that even for misstep, it's value is much more in defending your shit than trying to stop anyone, like people are proposing.

>serra ascendant also only has to get dealt with ONE time
because other players won't have him or any other threat, right? and because creatures don't usually go back to the battlefield.

>> No.48835907

Wanna rate my list?Well I'm posting it anyways

>> No.48835922

OR you can play 3 mana rocks

don't you see my point? i said it's a waste of SPACE.

>> No.48835923

>Also you must admit that even for misstep, it's value is much more in defending your shit than trying to stop anyone, like people are proposing.

no, it's actually quite good at both

>> No.48835958

>waste of space
>free counter for the BEST removal AND artifacts in the format
you're just wrong

>> No.48835967


i would try to run you down every game

i dont know if the deck is good tho

it has sol ring so its probably alright

>> No.48835968

>You're not fucked in a situation where less opponents have sol rings
if you could have your own sol ring/mana card and decides to use a misstep instead, you are indeed fucked.

>you having a sol ring and countering a sol ring is 100 percent better than 'minding your own business'
you having 2 mana artifacts instead of 1 artifact and a misstep is 100% better. It's a waste of space no matter how you look at it.

>> No.48836015

I think he's american, who thinks that even when something is free, you still gotta pay for it.

>> No.48836019


You're meta just must be filled with decks that run an average CMC>5.0, i.e: retards

>> No.48836032

>other people getting ahead fucks up your plan
then use the space of the misstep to get ahead.

>one mana counterspells fucks up your plan. grafdiggers cage could fuck up your plan
there are plenty of less situational cards to take care of this that will still be useful in mid/late game

>Unless you plan on killing everyone with serra ascendant, then you can just be ignored
because causing 6 damage and getting 6 life for 1 mana, possibly more than once, is a bad thing? never said you would win the game with it, just that it can be very powerful.

>> No.48836043

No matter how you look at it, you are waste of space. With wits that sharp, if they were a knife, you could bludgeon someone to death with it.

>> No.48836055

>you can have your two rocks and cast MM for FREE
or have three mana rocks instead of wasting SPACE with him. The issue is space; actually Having the card.

>> No.48836127

No, you're the one insisting on running a narrow counterspell in a 100 card singleton multiplayer format. Run Force of Will if you want a free counterspell since that will always be useful at any point in the game.

>> No.48836137

Serra Ascendant is more of a waste of space though. Creatures are bad, unless they can be used for utility.
Have fun slapping people with that when I T1 Dark Ritual into Tainted Remedy.

>> No.48836140

that 3rd rock can't answer a StP,PtE,sol ring, or any of the other fuckload of format-relevant, top-tier cards

>> No.48836145

it's not a waste of space. i don't see how a card with an effect as powerful as misstep is a waste of space. It counters *SO* MUCH SHIT. So much game ending shit. so much wildly powerful shit. The valuable deck real estate that's taken up by misstep will return it's investment every single time it's in your hand. I'm serious. There are so many 1 mana cards that are format defining.

If you don't realize that, then you're an idiot. you are not worth talking to, and if i ever play against you anon, i will beat you. because you are bad at this game because you are incapable of understanding how strong mental misstep is in EDH.

What counterspells (i want a list, many of them) would you recommend over Misstep
Seriously. Chances are, some of them are worse than misstep.

>> No.48836161

Because 2-for-1 is always better than 1-for-1

>> No.48836198

Not when you have no blue cards in your hand and less than 5 mana.

Especially if the spell you're trying to counter is Demonic Consultation... or Reanimate.
Cards that will very likely end the game

>> No.48836527

>one of the best cards in magic is bad because it's a 2-for-1
What deck are you playing that can afford to slot in mental misstep but doesn't keep a healthy hand?

>> No.48836559

Not mine, but I just saw this pop up:

>> No.48836577

what did you just ask me?
What is a 'healthy hand'?

Tazri. and Jace, Vryn's Prodigy. I play misstep in both of those.

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