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New Book Out Sort Of Edition.

For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and Only War.
Not the wargame. Not Chapter Master. Or Space Hulk.

Book Repositories (If you're planning to download any Rogue Trader materials, read the .txt file in the RT directory)

There is a new Homebrew Megafolder option in above MEGA directory containing several things formerly listed individually on this post.

40K RPG tools, a site that contains stats or references for almost all weapons, armor and NPCs/adversaries. Not updated past DH2 core.

40k RPG Combined Armory (v6.45.160417), containing every piece of gear in all five lines. Now containing some of the DH2 content up to the first supplement.

Fear and Loathing (Ver 1.5.2) and The Fringe is Yours (Ver 1.6.0), /tg/ made Rogue Trader homebrew supplements for playable xenos, Knights, Horus Heresy gear, and other things. Now found in the Homebrew Megafolder.

Mars Needs Women! Rampage of the Nerds! (V1.0.0), a new /tg/ made Only War supplement for playing as Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus, and joyriding an Ordinatus

Old: 48568294

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Repostan for feedback since I didn't get much last thread.

new stuff from deathwatch codex converted to RPG, using existing equivalents and some anydice calculations.

murderous strike quality is [on a righteous fury, target must take a challenging (+0) toughness test or straight die]

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What is an ordinatus and why is joyriding one a major point? I'm new to 40k and don't know all the specifics yet.

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a war engine capable of destroying titans and heavy fortifications.

the sonic destroyer variant is capable of flattening entire armies in one firing

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I picked up the Core book and the Inquisitors Handbook, just before 2e came out.
Does 2e offer a better system or more concise rules? Is there an advantage in choosing one over the other? What edition do people prefer?

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The edition that stops you from asking the same question in every thread.

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First time posting in this thread and the first time posting that question, but thanks for the advice friendo.

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2e. Much better after 5 games worth of refinement.

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Oh. So it's powerful. But then if it's possible to run one in a game now, what would you be expected to do with it? Just break things down? I know you can already get superheavies like baneblades and shadowswords in other books, and there's the focus on being a tanker there.

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>tfw want to be running Rogue Trader
>but too busy running star wars instead

Please send emergency dakka to change this


The rule changes for how you do things are better in 2e, yeah. Slightly better balance for combat abilities. Psykers turn into daemonhosts slightly less often unless you're really pushing it.

As far as character generation, it depends. Do you prefer semi-rigid classes, or for character sheets to look a little more freeform? If the former, stick with 1e. If the latter, then 2e's better designed for that.

Also, pretty sure 2e should be in the repository up in the OP, why not check it out yourself?

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Slowly add skulls, aquilas, and more skulls.

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>New Book

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its not explicitly statted as far as I'm aware for the RPGs, and even if it was it should have "plot device" in neon signs all over it.

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>So it's powerful.

You're underselling them. Ordinatus weapons are usually only one step lower planetkilling/doomsday weapons. Even one thing is a strategic asset.
Not to mention that since they are made with secrets of Dark Age of Technology, each one is an irreplaceable priceless relic.
What would normal PCs be expecting to do with one? Guard it, blow dust from it, and wait for men in red to appear and take it away for proper storage.

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There's two of them in the new book in the OP, the Mars Needs Women one. You can make a regiment that gets one. I'm gonna show the book to my GM tomorrow, he's been looking for more Admech stuff.

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>What would normal PCs be expecting to do with one?


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Looking for any 40k RPG on Roll20 or skype. Please someone help me scratch my itch.

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Don't worry, anon. People are just going on about shas's new book. There's no new official stuff. The line is still dead.

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You're a real memester, Shas'o

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Repeating from last thread:
Anti-Air Weapons tend to have a way higher range than ground weapons in the RPG while in the TT they are the same. Example: Hydra Autocannon range in Shield of Humanity.
Compared to that the Icarus Array seems somewhat lacking, even when taking into consideration that some of it's weapons have a shorter range on the tabletop.

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yes, but I have a forever DM friend that I would like to have as a fellow player for once.

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I'll note it down for consideration and review.

I checked the Hydra to see if it had anything that reduced its effectiveness vs Ground targets. I didn't see anything of the sort, but I assume this is because when the book was released, Skyfire/Interceptor wasn't neutered like it is now..

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>Bass Cannon
>no bass
Huh, I really expected that to have more bass.

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If there's a genestealer cult on a planet, shouldn't it be trivially easy for a psyker looking for the cult to find it via its psychic network?

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Not really.

Ability to trace telepatic links between several individuals none of which is you requires a sizeable telepathic skill or talent, not to mention that you need to detect the link in question in the first place. Which, again, unless you're in the upper tiers of psychic powers requires you to be in the vicinity of the communicating persons. And since genestealer hybrids don't really walk around in the open, it's still crawling into dark and seedy places for you.

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Not at all, especially given that Genestealer cults are extremely good at hiding themselves until they want to be found. They are capable of hiding their psychic powers until they need to unleash them, unless they're in the presence of an extremely talented psyker who knows what they're looking for.

A Psyker would probably be able to detect them if they were in close physical proximity, but to get to that point you pretty much already need to know where the cult is to begin with.

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Looking through the minor Ordos of the Inquisition, would Ordo Machinum have the opportunity to act as Robot Hunters?

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You mean actually hunting down Abominable Intelligences and robots made by Hereteks and xenos? Yeah, I guess they'd be the Ordo to do it. You could probably have them team up with Ordo Xenos, Malleus, or Hereticus if the culprits are alienbots, daemon-possessed bots, or Dark Mechanicus bots, respectively etc.

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Arc Maul seems to be missing.

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When calculating your strength bonus with Unnatural Strength (x2), do you factor in bonuses like power armor or a bionic arm BEFORE or AFTER the multiplier from Unnatural Strength?

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after multipliers, unless specifically stated

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so i'm working on the idea of just straight using npc profiles instead of build-a-minon as an option in BC's minion subsystem. Organizing npc's into lesser/minion/greater seemed simple enough, but some of the actual canon minions (like rubric marines or the Kresh warp hounds) have thrown my estimates completely out of whack.

Any advice?

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Makes sense.

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Consider also that the AdMech have their own inquisition, so some autistic jolly cooperation shenanigans are a distinct possibility.

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Fuck off yah damn techpriests. We'll shove the souls of innocents into robot bodies if we damn well please. Fuckin nazis.

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That is probably because they have the power of fluff and the minions you make are much more customization to whatever you want.

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>hating progress and AI
>not wanting robot waifu :^)
Ayy lmao

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How many awards, medals, and other such things would you need to get +1 AP to the chest location?

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What sort of reasons can be made are to have a skitarii in a regular group? I really like that vanguard but our current regiment is a run of the mill Not!Cadian regiment so fitting one in when one of us dies may be a stretch.

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Assuming for Only War, it is a super stretch, especially given the lore overhauls the codexs gave them.

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Here's your robot waifus.

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It's hard to be almost impossible. Even the book says mixing core troops with admech troops is a bad idea. It's better to make a dedicated maniple than to mix in a snowflake skitarius.

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I'd treat that uniform as providing 2 AP to the chest (same as an armoured bodyglove, one above imperial robes). That doesn't mean that pinning that many medals to your terminator armour raises it's AP by 1; there is definitely as diminishing-returns thing going on.

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was meant to be a reply to:>>48704888

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Can Kriegers be psykers?

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Psykers get sent off to the Black Ships as children or infants and are rigorously trained in ways that make a Krieger upbringing seem like kindergarten. Unless they're nascent psykers, in which case they're as likely as any other human. You could argue that the regimented lifestyle of Krieg makes it easier to find nascent psykers.

In game terms, a sanctioned psyker from Krieg would probably not show almost any sign of his origin in behavior. A psyker placed in a Krieger regiment might or might not adopt a style of behaviour or dress similar to them, but is fundamentally an outsider.

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In theory, yes, any human can be a psyker, except blanks and a few weird psuedo-psychic edge cases.
In practice, no, any citizen of Krieg that shows psychic gifts will be deemed a mutant, failed out of training, and used for training exercises.

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All right. I'll admit, that's kind of disappointing, but I forgot just how strict Krieg is on any mutation whatsoever. I was looking at an unsanctioned psyker, telepathy mostly. Getting hooked into the psychic disaster that's a Krieger mind is likely bad enough; I can't imagine what having an "open connection" of sorts to hundreds or thousands around you would do to someone's head.

Could be neat.

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Just drop whatever Nu-GW uses for canon and use the "it's a big universe" clause to make it work.

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Posted this in the last thread just before it auto-saged.

My latest campaign with 5 of my irl friends, currently 5 sessions in and I think they've done pretty well for themselves.

Your thoughts /40krpg/?

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Wouldn't' that be tax evasion?

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There's a rare few "late bloomers", so to speak. Some wyrds only discover their "gift" later in life. It's even more rare than the normal mutation, that tends to show rather quickly, but there's plenty of examples.

A nascent gift could also manifest very, very subtly. A diviner might just seem a bit lucky. A telepath might be good at reading people or is just a bit more likeable. A pyromancer might just be less susceptible to cold. That kind of thing.

But dormant psychic power is one of those things you want to talk about with the GM and the players. The PCs might not know, but the players should.

Late-awakened psykers are not unheard of. There's even an alternate career for it in The Navis Primer for RT.

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But not for Kriegers after their fluff got gutted by black library.

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Not this poster but my party is Ordo Machinum. Beside the usually stuff what kind of heresy should I have them searching out. Right now it feels more Ordo Hereticus than Machinumin my game

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My krieg player is a blank aka pariah. Most of the people in his regiments hated him and he was the lone survivor of his regiment being destoryed. Our Inq took him in out of pity. Is this too much of a strech?

*OOC* the Inq was his genetic father (see batman beyond) and mixed his DNA with krieger DNA to try out a new type of krieger that was loyal to the cult of Terranis. The Tech priest they were working with added in some pariah genes to see what would happen because he was a heretical biologis (OOC)

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Depending on your opinion of battle automata and bioplastic cortexes, you can work alongside them or purge them for heresy.

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Really? Mind informing me what prevents the psyker gene from manifesting?

>> No.48708994


Also your daddy drama is dumb but acceptably dumb for certain tones of 40k games.

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The last shot to the head if they are genetically deviant in even the most minute way.

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Nothing prevents it from manifesting, it's the matter of their survival afterward.

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/40krpg/ I have a question!
I want to get into the the 40RPGs, where can one find groups to play with online?

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In this thread.
In Gamefinder thread.
On roll20.

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Groups on roll20 are not too obnoxious?

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Most groups anywhere are flaming shit. Luckily, most of those last for about two sessions. Persevere, and you shall find. Eventually. Maybe.

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Impractically many. Even if the imperium uses ballistic materials in their awards, which I highly doubt, it'd still take a lot. That material has more important uses elsewhere, after all.

I would let you have +1 ap to the first attack that hits your chest, if you accepted a -10 to certain fellowship tests because your awards are scuffed/dented/have holes/out of regulations, though.

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Here's mine:

My group is: A southern hick sounding hive world ganger with a yandre inquistor after him, a assassin Krieg guardsmen, a feudal world guardsmen who lost his world to daemons , A sister of battle based off of Kora from Avatar , a tech priest titan pilot who wonders if he lost his humanity, and a horny priestess from the church wanting Sister of battle Kora's VJ who really doesnt care about the emperor but just wants to get laid.

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I'd play it. No joke.

>> No.48716390


I'll share my group too.

>Rouge Trader: Dashing, charismatic former Guard Colonel of the 6th Tekate Rifles. Has a deep-seated hatred of his cousin and rival, who shunted him off-world by getting him a Warrant of Trade so said cousin could become Rey-Generalissimo of the Tekate Battlegroup (like 14 regiments taking part in the Crusade). Is the epitome of machismo and style bordering on the gaudy, but knows when to be practical and low-profile (he did start as a Corporal, after all). Has literally no idea how his cruiser, the Orgello de Tekate, functions, and trusts it all to his Voidmaster. Has had a slew of affairs in the past with his crew (and anything else with a vagina) but is completely enamored with a special Inquisitor.

>Voidmaster: Hive-worlder, flight marshall, and former Cobra escort commander named Krasny Volg. While most of her time is spent piloting the cruiser, she is a beyond-exceptional starfighter pilot who can pilot pretty much anything that flies. In addition to bionic legs that she had removed upon joining her original Picket Fleet, she also has one hell of a mean streak. Has previously slept with the RT on more than one drunken one-night-stand, and for this reason does not get along with the Astropath.

>Astropath: A shocking normal-looking Death Worlder who has an unhealthy obsession with turning enemies inside-out with her mind (as well as listening in on random conversations via telepathy). Is completely yandere for the RT, who has also slept with her in the past, and will lash out at anybody she feels is a rival for his affection (that he doesn't reciprocate), sometimes violently. Had a pair of bionic, rainbow-hued eyes installed (that don't actually allow her to see) to make herself more attractive to the RT.

>Seneschal: Noble-born fourth daughter nicknamed, "El Contadora," of a relatively obscure house, she is quartermaster, negotiator, and lore-keeper all rolled into one. Has also slept with the RT in the past.

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Anybody have any luck with episodic games before?

A bunch of friends and I are rotating in and out of a Rogue Trader campaign. We change up the players/GM each session based on individual availability; it's gone well so far.

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You may actually want to look at the Cult Mechanicus codex from the tabletop (There should be a pdf of it in the 40k general), there is a forge-world that the Mechanicus uses to study alien technology, and there is an ongoing shadow-war where Inquisitors are trying to figure out what xenos technology the Mechanicus is messing around with there (Its hinted that its either Necron or Tau stuff, maybe Abominable intelligences), and its gotten to the point where if you don't roll in with a team of Space Marines you're likely to be turned into servitors.

It could serve as inspiration.

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What do you think of the reinforcement character mechanic in DH 2e?

>> No.48720350

Any incidents the RT's womanising ways caused?

>> No.48720980

Rogue Trader question:

Is there a complete table or something that has all the character options from all the books in a single place?

I'm about to play in an RT campaign and there's an overwhelming amount of content (I've never played it before) so some sort of concise summary of everything available would be great.

>> No.48721094


Even just a list of playable races and classes? The spreadsheet thing on 40ktools only has two books out of the 20 or whatever RT has

>> No.48722142

Haven't played 2e yet, but I found this bit interesting:
>(p. 295) This makes RCs useful for players to call on when their regular Acolyte character is unavailable, such as when undergoing Extended Rest, away being fitted for bionic replacement parts, or even imprisoned.
In 1e, it's always difficult when one PC needs to recuperate for a period of time, for any reason. If there are pressing matters to attend to, and other Acolytes are fine, one player will miss out on the action.

>> No.48723178

>(p. 295) This makes RCs useful for players to call on when their regular Acolyte character is unavailable, such as when undergoing Extended Rest, away being fitted for bionic replacement parts, or even imprisoned.

In our group we had to resort to RCs once and for that exact reason. I think the player liked it more than his usual char, as RC proved to be much more effective in combat than his usual one.

>> No.48723613

I'm pretty sure that as far as roles go, only two books actually added any. Hostile Acquisitions and Into the Storm, or whichever one added xeno mercenaries.

>> No.48723699

There's also alternate career ranks in Navis Primer and Faith and Coin, fyi.

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>There will never be a Great Crusade RPG
>You will never fight alongside the Emperor

>> No.48724936

I'm going to run house of dust and ash from disciples of the dark gods

any suggestions or ideas on how to make it better?

>> No.48724989


Shas is making a great crusade guidebook. He already posted a full armory and some classes.

>> No.48725175


I have a question guys, so bear with me while i give you some context for the question.

He is known as "Seppy", very few people know his name is Sebastian, let alone that he even has a last name.

He's a recaff addict, who is always sipping from his bandoleer of thermoses filled with various kinds of drinks (and once a Molotov cocktail that was requested and he had to conceal it). He's been a NPC that the group decided they were adopting a while ago when he was slightly useful once in a gunfight due to a lucky shot.

Despite the best efforts of the group i've done my best to keep him out of the limelight, but they ask after him and check on what he's doing so often he has a rich a thorough backstory, hobbies and a job.

He grew up in a flower shop with his sister, and was probably going to take over the shop when a break in by gangers ended with both his parents dead, his sister wanting the flower shop and him wanting to be an arbiter to stop that happening again.
He loved his sister right up until she died in the hive war when he got tangled up with the group. His hobbies are making drinks and tattooing people.

The group want me to have him assist as a gmnpc, as in they have explicitly asked me repeatedly, burned fate points to keep him from harm and bought him equipment to make him more useful.

I am, or at least I have been up to this point stalwartly against gmnpc's, but I am tempted.

How can I be sure i'm not stealing players limelight, or just doing wish fulfilment?

>> No.48725193


I'll fix the post.

>There will never be an OFFICIAL Great Crusade RPG
>You will never fight alongside the Emperor

>> No.48725714


>needing official material
>when FFG is already a bunch of huge fuck ups who can't do decent book layouts nor balance worth a damn

>> No.48725773

>I am, or at least I have been up to this point stalwartly against gmnpc's, but I am tempted.

>How can I be sure i'm not stealing players limelight, or just doing wish fulfilment?

Put it under their control, not yours.
Basically, make him a Minion/Follower to one of the characters. RP him when necessary, but otherwise he's as subjectable to player control as any standart minion.

>> No.48726259


Their books are still officially sanctioned and acceptable for all games. Everyone who plays the game and receives a new book by FFG can understand that the material is approved for use in any game without question. Homebrew does not have that benefit - everyone argues and feels differently over homebrew.

>> No.48726455


>everyone argues and feels differently over homebrew

Everyone argues and feels differently over official material, too, don't act like its any different.

>> No.48726486

This. Weaboo fightan magic is official material, and look how universally accepted it is.

>> No.48727043

>Everyone argues and feels differently over official material, too, don't act like its any different.

Right, but with official material you'll find far fewer arguments and far more people who just shrug, grumble, and accept shit mechanics as quirks of the game.

>> No.48727190

Doesn't make shit materials any less shit.

>> No.48727289

Other than catty remarks from the Astropath, not much, as it's all background info. He's slept with pretty much every female member of his crew in the Command, Gun, and Living Quarters personnel at some point in the last five years since his Warrant was issued, and it's an open secret among female crewmates that a new crewwoman isn't a part of the crew until she's done the Walk of Shame from the Captains quarters. The RT is completely unaware of this tradition, which makes it all the more hilarious when the female PC's joke about it subtly in his presence and he has no idea what they're referring to (as he thinks he's kept his relations secret, the absolute madman). This all happened before the campaign started, so there are tons of jokes made at his expense without him even knowing it.

It's not confirmed whether he is or isn't actually boning said Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, but it's EXTREMELY heavily implied. We work together with her all the time, and they spend nights "planning" in the Captains quarters. This causes the Astropath no end to grief, and she has on more than one occasion had to be restrained from killing the Inquisitor by the other PC's.

It's a giant Mexican soap opera, and it's fucking awesome.

>> No.48727701

I just joined a roll20 rogue trader group praying to the emprah for decent human beings

>> No.48727744

>Screwing ratings and ship officers
Absolutely repulsive. Why can't he be screwing his sister or keeping a harem, like a normal RT?

>> No.48728247


This. >>48727190

The assumption with a homebrew book is "Why?" For example, "Why should I allow this book," or "Why should I allow that class" because homebrew is by definition, shit. The burden of proof lies upon the person to convince others to use the books, a rightfully uphill and often impossible battle.

In comparison, official material ask the question "Why NOT?". Essentially, "Why should I NOT allow this book?" Since an official book is sanctioned by a company, and thus approved for a wide array of playstyles and audiences, it becomes a case of the player now defending their position against something accepted by all, and the evidence is stacked AGAINST the player who does not wish to use official material.

>> No.48728254

>Why can't he be screwing his sister or keeping a harem, like a normal RT?

Because he has no sisters, and he is a hopeless romantic who believes in true love (though he's also a man of passion, and the bottle makes his clothes fall off). He also hand picks his main crew (not the dregs, though) as he'd never trust somebody he doesn't know, and he has a habit of picking very attractive women.

So, he's got a harem of sorts, they're just also the crew.

>> No.48730621


It's like I'm really watching Gundam IBO again

>> No.48731207

Aren't most RCs made for combat?

>> No.48731220
File: 29 KB, 273x320, Psyker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>New Deathwatch campaign, over Roll20
>Be a Black Shield Librarian (It’s an All-Blackshield party, because Blackshields are bad luck so they figured they’d keep them all in one kill-team)
>Game prologue; we all just arrived at Erioch
>Our armor and weapons are off for repainting, given tracksuits to wear.
>We go to the Watch Commander’s richly decorated office
>GM-made Watch Commander Smokefeather is a charming and polite Raven Guard (the canon one, Mordigael is a hardassed Astral Claw)
>He’s also not in his armor. Just a robe.
>He offers us recaf, fancy food, amasec, and we do a ritual where we each snuff out a black candle, vowing to atone for our sins and be and find redemption.
>Before we’re dismissed, Shadowfeather asks me, the Librarian, to answer the following question via tarot: “how bright will the candles I ignited tonight shine?"
>At the urging of the party, I Push the Augury power
>Roll failed. ah well, no psychic reading for the boss. Time to roll psychic phenomena
>Roll 87.
>oh christ time for Perils of the Warp
>Roll 93. “Something is Coming”: A Demon Prince spawns and tries to kill everyone but the Psyker who summoned it in particular
>Just summoned a Demon Prince in the office of the commander of Watch Fortress Erioch, while the entire party and the Commander are unarmed and not in armor.
>I try to kill myself with my bolt pistol to banish the demon. remember I have no weapons
>I try to Smite myself. Push.
>Trigger perils AGAIN, get 1d5 damage and stunned for 1d5 turns
>The entire party’s sides have entered orbit
>At this point people had to go to bed, and we haven’t decided if we’re SOMEHOW working through this situation, rewinding to right before the tarot reading, or just starting a Black Crusade campaign based out of the smoking, demon-infested ruin of Watch Fortress Erioch.

>> No.48731359

Embrace the darkness, anon.

Become slaves to the Dark Gods. You have been chosen.

>> No.48731373

>Aren't most RCs made for combat?

Yes, and his Highborn Assassin was (very) poorly build. #aristocrats

>> No.48731374

I never watched Gundam, so I have no idea what that means lol

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>> No.48731448


Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans has a character whose spaceship crew is entirely women and his children. They literally call themselves a harem.

>> No.48731764


Well, it's not really like THAT. He's just banged all the women once or twice at some point, mostly because he gets drunk and woos them with his machismo and charm. After that, though, little comes of it, save jokes outside his earshot.

>> No.48732136
File: 43 KB, 254x270, Kornheiser Psychic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48733608

Stick with it. It's the only way.

>> No.48734141

What npc's are good to just straight up use as lesser minion of chaos?

>> No.48734396

Can you wear armor with a holo-field? I .. don't see anything suggesting it doesn't work while wearing armor, just that Harlequins prefer not to (granted they also have flip-belts and insanely high agility.)

>> No.48734401


>> No.48734427

>wanting to kill an inquisitor
That's sounds heretical as fuck.

>> No.48734582


Okay, with that in mind then, my starting Rogue Trader has; artificer armor, a storm shield and a holo field, plus the starting power sword and plasma pistol. Is there anything else I should get or substitute in?

>> No.48734832

When making a melee character is it a good idea to get the best-quality synthetic muscles, or is the penalty on Agility too costly? I assume you still Dodge more often than you ever Parry.

>> No.48734858

Hey, /tg/, doing some background work on an Only War regiment.

My first instinct is to label military companies by greek alphabet, and while that wouldn't be totally out of place, I thought it might be more interesting to see if there's an in universe system that could also work well.

If it's mechanius related, all the better.

>> No.48734890

Go for subskin armor.

>> No.48735887

For AdMech, it's fine. There's no universal code for naming. It's just a mishmash of artefacts from the past

>> No.48735939

They're not specifically admech, their planet just have some age old deals and treaties with the Admech.

>> No.48737781

It's fine. Thereis no rule and the mechanicus has a lot of greek elements.
Be aware that a lot of things use the greek alphabet in 40k, so there's a very small risk of overload, with things like techpriest omicron-57 checking the omicron-level blanks on omicron secundus.
If you want something just slightly different, you can use any alphabet derivated from the aramaic (aleph, beth, gimel/gaf, daleth,...)

>> No.48738262

Do this. Make Space Jews.

>> No.48738778

Oy vey goyim my techels

>> No.48739019


The synthetic muscles is for Unnatural Strength x2 but has a -10 agility penalty for making you into a roid raging freak. Subskin armor is a given, but it doesn't affect the area in question...

>> No.48739211

Anybody ever used character creation divinations for something other than character sheet modifications?

>> No.48739219

>Anybody ever used character creation divinations for something other than character sheet modifications?


>> No.48739265

Get a graft of xenos muscles instead (DH 1st ed, Radical's Handbook, IIRC); you may even be able to get a x3.
Just don't use an ork, or you'll shed spores everywhere.

You can never go wrong with a couple grenades, but those are usually ridicously easy to acquire.

>> No.48739302

Well... When you creating new character there is part with 'Twist of Fate' with very little text about what the hell is this and a d100 table. So basically you roll, get divintation and modify your character sheet. My players dont even remember their divinations, let alone use them in play. So I want to know if anybody ever make something interesting of this divinations, like who made them, or what impact does it have on their future or place in Inquisition.

>> No.48739388


I didn't specifically invoke my divinations in play, but I tend to modify my character's concept or personality depending on what I get.

>I want to know if anybody ever make something interesting of this divinations, like who made them, or what impact does it have on their future or place in Inquisition.

I think I will start doing this now.

>> No.48739421


I'll give it a look. Its a Rogue Trader game so I don't know how open or not my GM will be to the xenos graft. What kind of xenos gives Unnatural Strength x3?

>> No.48739481

In one off games, this serves as personnality template.

>> No.48739671

Are there any published penalties for using psychic powers on board a ship during warp travel?

if not, should there be a penalty and are there any reasonably canonical fluff sources suggesting how bad it should be?

>> No.48740497


Some psykers use minor divination when in the warp. As long as the Gellar field is up, small powers are okay.

>> No.48740771

The power of the Gellar Field and the Daemons frantically trying to hitch a ride on the warp-energy you're calling should be cancelling each other out.

Honestly I'd just remind any sane Psyker that they should be Fettering when inside a Gellar Field. If they don't the Navigator or Astropath Primaris should notice and inform the captain that a Psyker may be putting the ship in danger by drawing on too much power (and we all know how the Imperium would deal with that.)

>> No.48741070

Really, all the career options are in the core book. The additional options in the supplements are either race-specific (and generally the only career that race can take) or are Alternate Ranks, which usually can't be taken at rank 1.

Your GM might not even allow Xenos characters, so I'd follow their lead.

>> No.48741199

There are a few options in Into the Storm as well. That's about it, though.

>> No.48741767

Starting up a new rogue trader campaign and just wondering what the best gun for a Voidmaster would be , am i meant to be close , mid or long range?

>> No.48742059

A quick search inside the RT pdfs gives me the Avatar of Khaine and the Rak'Gol Render (for the humanoid ones, at least). I wouldn't go with the first one, but capturing a specimen of a species that makes orks look like pussies, lives in unshielded radioactive starships, and are equipped with exploding collars, not to mention the potential excommunication due to the graft, seems like a sufficient endeavour for a x3 bonus.

You should be behind a vehicle's guns, but failing that your early talent choices are mostly devoted to pistols. Of course, as soon as you get bulging biceps and heavy weapon training, the answer is always Autocannon.

>> No.48742359


There's also the homebrew stuff in the OP, which isn't bad by far. One of the players in one of my groups is greatly enjoying her water caste Tau, and the Ork in another game happily went full Cybork.

>> No.48743507

How dedicated to the Chaos Gods do you have to be to play Black Crusade? Are you guaranteed to be dyed-in-the-wool Chaos worshipers, or can you just be powerful anti-Imperial renegades?

>> No.48743599

Your advancement relies on dedication to Chaos. Your goal is to max out your dedication to Chaos.
Abilities are divided between Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, and Slaanesh.

If you want to play human secessionists, play DH or OW.

>> No.48743616

And unaligned for indecisive pussies.

>> No.48743641

Well, not just a secessionist. I wanted to play a heretek who engages with all manner of forbidden techniques, up to and including AI, but who still considers herself to be acting for the good of humanity and who does not worship the Chaos Gods.

>> No.48743862

Seems the Arc Maul is missing, haven't noticed any other missing weapons so far.

>> No.48743936

You can do that using DH and OW rules just as well. Better, in fact, since you won't be burdened by Chaos-specific advancements and abilities, and free of the core assumption that you serve Chaos.

>> No.48743973

I will admit, working with the Inquisition sounds like an interesting beginning for her. Though I feel a bit bereft of inspiration; IIRC, the only novels featuring a techpriest working as part of the Inquisition are Ian Watson's no-longer-canon Inquisition War books.

>> No.48744023
File: 47 KB, 404x408, 1449027011542.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Planet Metalica
>metal militia
>ride the lightning

>> No.48744259


Techpriest is literally a class in Dark Heresy.

>> No.48744284

I know. That was probably a dumb statement on my part anyway.

The trick, then, is in finding a game...

>> No.48744313


Nu-GW canon states you're either loyal or chaos, a binary choice with nothing in between. It depends on how much headcanon you're willing to embrace and real canon you want to throw out.

>> No.48744319

Hey, fukka you man. I decisively stay unaligned, screw those 4 chaos twats and their nutty whims, I'm doing what I want.

>> No.48744335


roll20, your local store, and Gamefinder threads on /tg/

Note about your character: Be sure to mention that they dgaf about the Mechanicus and their "rules" (aside from no daemons you cool with no daemons) and if they get huffy be sure to mention that Inquisitors themselves ain't exactly always the models of purity, so even if the Inquisitor you are working with is more straight-edge your Acolyte could easily be on leyaway from another Inquisitor.

>> No.48744393


Enjoy your spawndom, which is all Unaligned can achieve RAW.

>> No.48744418

I can stay away from daemons; they seem like a bad idea for entirely practical reasons. I think that she... won't have been all that heretical at the beginning of the game, but would have been potentially troublesome enough that her superiors would be happy to boot her into the Inquisition.

>> No.48744586

DH, especially first edition, can be used to run almost any kind of game about humans in and around the Imperium. You don't have to push Inquisition.

>> No.48744628 [DELETED] 

>He doesn't know about Tome of Pestilence.

>> No.48744673

>He doesn't know about Tome of Decay.

>> No.48744822
File: 253 KB, 1024x524, You Fucking Bitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>He can't read

Upon reaching 100 Corruption...

Becoming a Daemon Prince is not simply a matter of absorbing the corrupting power of the Warp; it requires the intervention of the gods. Unless one of the Chaos Gods has selected the Heretic for his great honour, meeting the CP and Infamy requirements is not enough. Only the will of a Chaos God can elevate a mortal to the status of a Daemon. Without it, a mortal so imbued with the power of the Warp is destined for an end as a mewling Chaos Spawn. And, while the gods can sometimes set aside their never ending power struggle in pursuit of common goals, they are far too jealous to share their champions. Consequently, Apotheosis requires a patron deity. Only a Heretic who is Aligned to one of the Gods of Chaos and has the corresponding Mark of Chaos can become a Daemon Prince.

Unaligned character who reaches 100 CP after reaching the required Infamy remains a normal character for the time being.

If the Heretic becomes Aligned to a Chaos God and gains that god’s Mark of Chaos, he becomes a Daemon Prince. However, if the Heretic slips below the Infamy threshold at any time before meeting these criteria, he immediately becomes a Chaos Spawn. Even the smallest slip in the eyes of the ruinous ones is fatal.

Tome of Decay, p63

>> No.48744906

>He can't read

Medician, heal thyself.

>if the Heretic slips below the Infamy threshold

Never lose Infamy - problem solved. While you can enjoy being Chaos God's Daemonbitch.


>> No.48744944


Sounds like you got a character concept, sport. Now go out there and make the Emperor proud!

>> No.48744978


So you are literally defending how only one archetype of character (Aligned) gets an endgame to work for, while the other must constantly play Mother May I with the GM or SUFFER PUNISHMENT FOR NOT PLAYING THE GAME "CORRECTLY."

It doesn't change the fact that Unaligned can only achieve Spawndom, and NEVER Daemon Princehood in a game where the explicit objective is about achieving Daemon Princehood.

Until you prove that by the rules of the game, an Unaligned character can turn into something other than Spawn, you're still wrong. When one character chooses freely between normal and reward, and the other must struggle for normal and failure, you still have no real choice.

>> No.48745037

i want to do a campaign based on this:


>> No.48745049

I admit, I kind of want to make two characters, since I like romantic relationships, but trying to form one with another PC could wind up being creepy as balls.

>> No.48745066

>So you are literally defending how only one archetype of character (Aligned) gets an endgame to work for, while the other must constantly play Mother May I with the GM or SUFFER PUNISHMENT FOR NOT PLAYING THE GAME "CORRECTLY."
>It doesn't change the fact that Unaligned can only achieve Spawndom, and NEVER Daemon Princehood in a game where the explicit objective is about achieving Daemon Princehood.
>Until you prove that by the rules of the game, an Unaligned character can turn into something other than Spawn, you're still wrong. When one character chooses freely between normal and reward, and the other must struggle for normal and failure, you still have no real choice.

Wow, nigga, did I make you mad or what?

>> No.48745099


Yes it would.

Maybe it would be a fun little detail if there are different games going or something but yeah.

>> No.48745126

I think I was grammatically ambiguous there. What I meant by "trying to form one with another PC could wind up being creepy" was "trying to form one with a PC I wasn't playing." This is why I wanted to make two characters, so it wouldn't be creepy.

>> No.48745167

>trying to form one with a PC I wasn't playing
>I kind of want to make two characters

...so you would want someone else to play your other character for romance? Cuz that sounds invariably creepy unless you are literally already in a relationship with that person

>> No.48745205

No, that's what I'm trying to avoid. What I meant is that I would make and play two characters simultaneously.

>> No.48745216


I'm fucking sick and tired of people pushing a game system that pushes PvP as a selling feature, and makes it impossible to "win" with certain character concepts. That's not a roleplay game, that's fucking overwatch. And I'll go play that over playing Black Crusade again any time.

>> No.48745242


Oh ew yeah no don't do that nonono.

>> No.48745278

Meh. Maybe I'd be better writing this as a novel, though I do want to try the game.

>> No.48745387


You do you, man. Don't expect other people to make up your mind for you.

>> No.48745536

>Don't expect other people to make up your mind for you.
If they do make up your mind for you, report them to the Inquisition, because they're clearly mind-slaving mutant telepaths, and that's heresy.

>> No.48745578

Whatever you can mount on a Sentinel

>> No.48745791

Wait, do daemon princes automatically lose their free will? I thought I remembered some Tzeentchian ones, at least, being able to keep it.

>> No.48745836


What do you mean by "free will"?

>> No.48745855

Can they maintain their individual goals and plans, or is their will subverted by the god so that service to the god becomes their main end?

>> No.48745903


most demon princes still have their own goals and agendas. Colored by their patrons outlook, for sure, but still existant.

>> No.48745956

I was wondering this because, on the one hand, my character's outlook is highly Tzeentchian and she doesn't have much use for the other gods. On the other hand, she doesn't actually worship Tzeentch, and has an agenda that would likely conflict with his.

>> No.48746081

No agenda can conflict with Tzeentch's, because all are pawns in the Great Scheme. This is like Tzeentch 101.

>> No.48746295

So it's a matter of doing whatever you want to and hoping it coincides with Tzeentch's whims?

>> No.48746310

And Tzeentch changes his mind all the god damn time.

>> No.48746418

It's less about what you want or do and more about how you go about it. You get favour by plotting, scheming, acting indirectly, and inciting change. The act of plotting is more important than the plot. A revolution is its own goal.

>> No.48746469

Well, that is indeed what I'm most interested in; the Khornate and Nurglish approaches don't interest me, and while Slaanesh has some interesting means, she's a poor end.

>> No.48746486


There is an Only War book where the entire plot point is that the Orks have dug one up, and are looting it. It's treated as terrain, and an objective to capture it and basically wipe out the enemy army riding towards you.

Ordinatus are best treated as an objective as opposed to something the players are equipped with.

>> No.48746533


Being a prince is basically like having an asshole boss who can always see you but is almost never actually paying attention. Only, if the do catch you slacking they set your soul on fire instead of writing you up.

>> No.48746614
File: 52 KB, 474x960, Dg1cent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be a ministorum padre
>know something fishy-hereticy is going on in town
>take a small crowd of angry villagers with me
>arm them with a flamer, a handflamer and the rest with torches/clubs/plows
>arrive to the house I know bad shit is going on in
>faggots be summoning a demon
>they succeed
>most fail their fear checks, start rolling on the ground paralyzed or trying to tear their skin off or gouging their eyes etc.
>including myself, I just run away in terror
>one peasant after just lying on the ground for 1 round gets up, picks up the flamer and starts burning the whole place down
>crashing this invocation, with no survivors
>finally snap out of fear
>claim all the fame for myself, since there were no witnesses left
Feels good.

>> No.48746629

Obsession does that to people.

She's largely held in check by the other PC's, mostly because she understands how very, very bad that would end up for her.

>> No.48746656




>> No.48746684

>poor end
There is only one end your pursue in BC: deamonhood. It's explicitly a game about walking the Path of the Gods and being a champion of Chaos. For champion, there are only three fates: death in battle, damnation of spawndom, and immortal deamonhood. Personal agenda tends to get subsumed into this paradigm over time. That is not to say you can't have or pursue one, but that it usually ends up as the means of pursuing immortality, rather than the other way around.

On the other hand, if you want to play someone who isn't a champion of Chaos, you can use OW or DH rules that don't have that assumption built in, and supplement them with BC material without using the core BC mechanics.

>> No.48746691

No it doesn't.

It says that while most people may secede or go renegade for non-Chaos reasons, almost all secessionists or renegades end up either dead or suckered into serving Chaos when their backs are against the wall. Quite a few people don't make that choice willingly, but instead end up selling their souls when they run out of other options.

>> No.48746790

Well, the rub is this:

My heretek concept, ultimately, believes that the Omnissiah is the future, not the past, and that it's a new god that will be created once humanity, and possibly other species, gain enough understanding to construct it. Given how gods work, it would seem that this project would require significant knowledge of warpcraft, and that's where the Black Crusade stuff would come in. So if Black Crusade is a bad idea, what sources/powers would be better for it?

>> No.48746848

BC doesn't deal with that kind of thing, virtually all of its sorcery is either specific to a Chaos god or generic Undivided DOOOOOOOMBOOOOOOLT kind of stuff. And as discussed previously, Undivided characters get shafted. Also most psyker advances are explicitly Tzeentch, as is most sorcery.

What you want is old fluff, Forbidden Lore, a techpriest variant with wiggle room, and a cooperative GM. DH2 allows you to build psyker-techpriests, for example.

>> No.48746867

Which "old fluff" do you mean?

>> No.48746889

Anything to do with the War in Heaven and 1/2e elf supplements that deal with how Eldar gods were conceived as psychic weapons.

>> No.48746949


If this is likely to end in tears of futility, I do have this other concept I keep wanting to use: a SoB who distrusts the organization of the Ecclesiarchy and is inclined to carry out the Emperor's will in her own, generally altruistic, way, which would be far easier in an Acolyte party than with the rest of the Order.

>> No.48747043

>If this is likely to end in tears of futility
The concept, no, crazier things were used for 40k plots. The project, well, consider that an entire race of psykers spent ten thousand years on a similar idea and is only now half-succeeding by sacrificing their immortal souls as fuel for their doomed champion.
Might be interesting to play, though, especially when they find out about the Void Dragon.

>> No.48747660


You're thinking of the big Ordinatuses, like Ordinatus Mars, Golgatha, Priam, etc.

The playable Ordinatus is one of the minoris ones, so basically a titan weapon on two sets of tracks, so it's not that powerful comparatively.

>> No.48748489

Lightning Claws for the Ursarax aren't statted in Only War.

>> No.48751138

I guess the character is roleplayed that way too? If so it sounds like a funny and disturbing char.

>> No.48751160

Dunno if it fits what you had in mind, but repentias sometimes take the hood in order to atone for the sins of others. Your char could have decided to expiate the ministorum's sins.
There was some early concepts of repentias by blanche more akin to wandering knights or desperados than bdsm fetish. You could use such archetypes.
Other official reasons for leaving the order may include pilgrimage, lone escort of a relic, healing laymen,... Once yo've left it's only a matter of getting in contact with the ordos.

>> No.48751999

How does availability scale across games? I know some values change in newer games, but is there any rhyme or reason to it so I can make appropriate adjustments if I bring things up to DH2E?

My Krieger is incomplete without an entrenching tool. I already can't get the proper rules for the Krieg homeworld.

>> No.48753920

An entrenching tool is just a shovel. Just go to PDF armory and get one.

>> No.48754277


That's fucking stupid. There's no such thing as ordinatus minoris in official lore.

>> No.48754420

What timezone?

>> No.48754582

>I already can't get the proper rules for the Krieg homeworld.

Import from OW?
Also, what is it with people wanting to play kriegers?

>> No.48755215


>> No.48755578
File: 60 KB, 673x696, 1462375171269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, there was that one time this group wanted to use the Hereteks war-rig "the Refrigeratus"(custom up-armoured like fuck freezer-truck) as a battering ram to make an ingress into a brothel to collect "taxes" for a local gang lord.

So they strapped JATO-rockets to it for that extra boost to get through the plascrete walls of the hab-block it was located in, except they strapped way to many rockets on it and got a little bit more power than they bargained for. So, when they hit the switch on the rocket boost the truck turned into a rocket powered ram that nearly killed the entire hab-block and them on impact.

And they filmed the entire thing.

It was glorious.

>> No.48755708

I'm the same person who mentioned it before in the thread.

I actually didn't like Krieg all that much, originally. I thought it was bland. Then I read the post about playing a Krieg medicae- you know the one- and it made me really think about them. They're hard to get right, and honestly, I probably won't do them justice. But there's just something about the way they're presented, humanity broken down and reformed for the sole purpose of war, that's interesting.

Also, the entrenching tool isn't the only thing I'm looking for. I know one of the other players wants to find a shotlas, for example.

>> No.48755754

You sure about that?
Unless you want to call all the other vehicles, infantry, etc. that FW (a Games Workshop subsidiary, remember: this is as first party as it gets) makes unofficial/non-canon. All or nothing, don't pick and choose.

>> No.48755833

Why not just get a combat shotgun?

>> No.48756271

Because you can get a LASER shotgun.

Hostile Aquisitions for RT had something like that if I recall.

>> No.48756305

That's the origin of the shotlas, yeah. >>48755833
Because the shotlas uses the same power cell as lasguns. Cheap ammo that doesn't really run out.

>> No.48756836


>implying Forge world is canon

Not codex? Not canon.
Try again, sport.

>> No.48756891

Oh look, it's eternally-triggered bitch anon.

>> No.48756932


Oh look, it's homebrew-loving cheating faggot anon.

>> No.48757042


You dumb nigger, shouldn't you be smoking crack rignt now?

>> No.48757181

>Not codex? Not canon

FW is literally owned and approved by GW. Everything they put out is canon.

>> No.48757367


Not while people like you try to ruin good games.


Then why is it not in the BRB? Checkmate, cheater scum. I bet you think Black Library or even the fluff in the RPG books are canon too.

>the next thing you'll say is, "then why use the RPG rules?

Rules are completely separate from bad FFG fluff, but only official units that appear on official publications are considered by people who care about the game.

>> No.48757423

>a fan made shitty suplement

>> No.48757467

Ignore the shitposting.

Is it just me, or does Rogue Trader kinda fuck over psykers? Astropaths and Navigators are... a little limited in what they can do, and the unsanctioned psykers get fucked by warp phenomena, even more so than in later games. Has anyone figured out a way to improve them a little, or am I misinterpreting?

>> No.48757657


Navigators are great if they spam lidless eye, and astropaths need Navis primer to be more than telephones.

>> No.48757687

What about for more than just divination/telepathy? Biomancy, for example?

>> No.48757798


Does rogue trader even have biomancy? You're screwed in that regard since most astropaths are limited to the bizarre schools like void frost and soul whatever.

>> No.48759533

Get real, the fluff in the army books is bullshit too. IF you look at these publication for ANYTHING other than the crunch, Youre a fucking faggot who should be put down.

>> No.48759705

Say, mechanicus want to quickly recover something in a city, but don't know where it is. Assume they have sufficient excuse to level the hive in question.
Local authorities are irrelevant for the quest. Would they send some Titans to purge the city as quickly and efficiently as possible ?

>> No.48759805


They want to level the city? They'd call in the Ordo Reductor and blow it to bits with artillery, then send in the Thallax to search what's left.

>> No.48760058

The RT book mention that you can port the psychic disciplines from DH with a few changes if you want biomancy and pyromancy.

>> No.48760293
File: 52 KB, 663x960, 1430346091686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have any Idea what Xenos use for food and would be edible for humans? Trying to find such foodstuffs that would be smuggled aboard for special events.

>> No.48760295

Is the object difficult to move? If it can be moved easily, they'll ask for the local cult/magos to cooperate and deliver it to them. With their knowledge of hidden ways, and the ability to direct/control traffic and various transporation means, it's more efficient than mobilizing the means to level a hive.

If the Hive has fallen, or is an active warzone, a hunter killer clade can be deployed. Either air dropped, deployed via rapid ground force, or even teleported. If they have to destroy the hive, best way is to cascade fail the plasma generators inside the hive. Titans would destroy a lot of it, but not all. If you want everything gone, detonating the generators are your best bet, short of turning off the void shields, and orbital bombardment.

>> No.48760321

Squigs and fungus.

>> No.48760563

Can someone other than the Ork answer my question?

>> No.48760765
File: 157 KB, 388x550, Stryxis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh wise and honored Imperial, we are but humble merchants who only eat simple vat-flesh and mycoprotein, yes-yes, we have such simple digestive systems, very low sense of taste, but we have an idea of what you like, yes-yes, we shall sell you a feast like you have never before seen, honored Imperial!

>> No.48760951
File: 404 KB, 700x900, 1437254293520.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know the adeptus astartes chef told me not to trust xeno cuisine.

>> No.48762341
File: 333 KB, 1050x928, WE_Berserker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was considering makeing a khornate bezerker in black crusade. And after doing a good bit of research on the world eaters the butcher's nails etc. The best way to rp him I've seen is to rp him as little more than a animal to let loose on people.

Is this a good way to rp this character type? Or am I missing the point?

>> No.48762499
File: 73 KB, 751x862, Babaroth_-_WE_Chaos_Marine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it fits the character, of course. Last time I played a Khornate berserker he was very quiet outside of combat, very honourbound, but never very proactive. He was just never interested, he didn't care about much until it got to combat in which case he became a howling melee blender full of life

>> No.48762660

Khornate Berserkers will naturally run a spectrum that goes between "Dour and grim, tactically wise, but will always try to get stuck in if possible and will be pissed if the situation doesn't allow it" on one extreme, and "Raving animal that gets chained to a wall between battles, and in fact has a magnetic system in his armor for that exact purpose". Playable Berserkers will tend to be closer to the former, but it's up to you to decide where exactly he falls.

>> No.48762748
File: 1.78 MB, 751x1021, Khorne_Berserker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd go for the later form. The "Lost to the nails" thing is what really pops out at me. But an honorbound warrior type would indeed be more suited to a socially functioning party.

>> No.48762852

I wouldn't say honorbound. If anything, honor would only be there as a defense mechanism against the Nails. I would play a more functional Berserker as constantly at war with himself. The nails are pounding at his head and the only release is mad fury, but it's not always a viable tactic to go full on RIP AND TEAR. It just feels really, really good to let go and murder, like taking that hit of heroin or scratching that itch right at the middle of your back. So closer to a more self-controlled Sith, I guess.

>> No.48762910

Don't the nails make it so you get numb towards everything that isn't combat and slaughter?

>> No.48763142
File: 123 KB, 550x382, Volkite Weapons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I left out the Arc Maul because I thought it was functionally identical to the Corposant stave. I was wrong. It will be added eventually.

The Volkite Blaster, however, will not be, since the Volkite Caliver basically covers its role.


More or less. You can still hold a self with the nails, it's just that killing feels GOOD. It's possible to be an intelligent tactician and still wear the nails.

>> No.48763593

don't you guys feel silly rollplaying 40k when most of the first hand perspective stuff is from blacklibary novels that are disjointed and not as cohesive as say the lore on a wiki or corerule book? personally id only really have a interest RP the characters from 40k after they get better represented in videog ames or you watch like a tresure trove of old content or maybe not even rollplay them but play them like traditional DnD with the inquisitor system. I just don't understand why these RP books exist for 40k the way they are so focused on one part of the universe to me seems like they only exist because of demand and not because they are anny good . I just can see so many more fun ways of playing a RPG game in the universe like using actual 40k or 30k or zone mortalus rules and figures and like playing with the 40k rules but having a GM run the games etc small forces etc. like that just seems a better RP experience than this. like look thru the Age of sigmar realmgate wars for inspiration if you read all thous books and the style of campains within you will get what I mean like.. its totally possible to rollplay on a battlefield why do you guys try and avoid it and force this traditional dnd experience out of auniverse like 40k that isn't designed for it clearly and that's why you need like a ONlywar book a deathwatch book and inquisitor book etc.

I really think you guys are putting a lot of effort into a setting that's already ready to RP in. but you using these books as a excuse to make it "ligit" or less embaressing to say "my dude says this" before attacking. I never played inquisitor but its what first made me consider 40k because I knew id be smarter spending that money on a PC or PS2 at the time but had a history in 3rd ed dnd n neverwinter etc. I never played it and know the figures for it are the wrong scale and mostly used as statues on 40k terrain boards now but why not just use the rules as is to RP in 40k.

>> No.48763692

just seems like you guys are sorta mainstream and buy into the idea of owning new tabletop game books just for the sake of it. like do the 40k rp books really do THAT much prep work for your campaign for you? or is most of it filler with a core system that is just respected because RP players think you need a unique system to make it work. why not use MYFAROG or Dnd (the good versions) or Pathfinder. (Pathfinder is getting Starfinder soon so its basically 3.5 in space. Traveler exists too but I think its too old and is actually just as much a inspiration for 40k as judge dread and tolkin so its prob best left in the history books thou I'm sure some of its source books are good. I just think lots of your RP guys buy into the system too hardcore and don't understand being a good RP'er isn't about the rules its about having lots of sources for inspiration and fiction and then a core understanding of a system that ever one is familiar with .. why on earth start learning a new one that only applies to imperial guard. seems insain and the quality of these books just going by the front cover art seems terra bad. they are fantasy flight produced right? so prob the end of a era on this stuff. like there was never a gamesworkshop approved 40k RP game beside Inquisitor they never had input or control on the RPG books for 40k and it really shows I feel the only valuable thing these books have is nice artwork of less conventional characters like female guardsmen and varients that are cool skaven in 40k etc. if you want to look up the style of tabletop RP that gamesworkshops studio guys thought was suitable look into first and section edition WHFB rollplay that was made in house and shows GW opinion on the direction of dnd and I think it will surprise a lot of your because it was basically darksouls before its time. this onlywar and darkheresy stuff just seems like a rushed system set in 2000s 40k that was grim and dark and honestly not being looked after well beside apoc sale

>> No.48763710

What in the world are you talking about

>> No.48763716



I seriously hope you're baiting

>> No.48763789


So much effort wasted.

Because I'm not going to bother with reading this. Anyone got tl;dr?

>> No.48763810

TL;DR Anon goes full Autismo-tron

>> No.48763834

Anon doesn't know about WFRP or Rogue Trader but decides to rant anyway.

>> No.48763948

>tfw people never let me play a Khorne berserker because they think I'd be a murderhobo who just kills the party every time

I just want to be the attack dog with a deep sense of loyalty who's confused outside of combat

>> No.48763977

So Krieg fanboys are full of shit?

>> No.48764146
File: 4.01 MB, 3880x3508, 1470332833884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We knew that already, though.

>> No.48764577

But don't techpriests put vat grown human brains into servitors anyway? Using the warp to bind souls into metal is superfluous and dangerous. Now if only psychic servitors were used for more then just transmat links.

So, why hasn't Abaddon fallen below the required Infamy yet and been turned into a Chaos Spawn?

U mad.

Can't you upload yourself to a robot body necron style or something though?

Dark Eldar would eat powdered Eldar soul stones.

>> No.48765546

Any recommendations on what a medic in Only War whose taken pretty much all the Medicae talents should do?

>> No.48765815

Heal people, I would surmise

>> No.48765893

I would have never thought about that! thanks bud!

I meant buying certain talents and skills that might be useful. Maybe even an advance that synergies with what I got.

>> No.48765912


Medics actually make good use of Commerce and Barter. You could take a page from the chosen people and get good logistics power.

>> No.48765948


Take a second profession in techpriest at the next opportunity and start doing surgeries on your squad mates to give them cybernetics?

>> No.48766127
File: 134 KB, 900x1286, necromundan__lucky_7th__trooper_by_diegogisbertllorens-d7qlzz3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I would have never thought about that! thanks bud!

You know you love us.

>> No.48769496

>recover something in a city
>destroy the city without actually searching it

These two aren't compatible.

>> No.48770419

>I need to win or I can't have fun
You sound like a bucket of sunshine.

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