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Stop Feeding the Fucking Trolls Edition

Admech, tell us of your army sub-edition

>Rules databases


>40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s)

>Forgeworld Book index

>White Dwarves

>Novels (Working link as of 02/02/2016)

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First for apologize

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>Orks are a melee race

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Well this thread is off to a great start.

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I mean at this point what do you expect?

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>look mommy, I posted it again!
Can we just dox this guy already?

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Personally, I blame carnac. it started with him.

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>mfw all my Militarum Tempestus Scion™ Plasma Gunners™ are pointing their fingers at the enemy instead of their plasma gun because the dumbass sculptors gave them an awkward cradling pose instead of holding the gun with 2 hands

I mad

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To be fair, that's just regular shitposting.

As long as people don't reply to obvious bait, we won't have to deal with the shit that happened last thread.

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OK ill bite. Im making a dark mechanicum, they kill loyalists. Thats about as far as my fluff goes.
Some mutations here and there, nothing fancy.
Here's my Atrapos: http://imgur.com/gallery/qVT5m

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My store is restricting access to gaming tables, We're no long allowed to turn up to see if the tables are free but book them at least a day in advance (for free). The idea for pick-up games is that you can book a slot and the manager will find an opponent for you.

Does this sound like a good idea to you guys?

Out of curiosity, what time is it in Australia?

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So how are we all doing today, I was looking through my bag of white dwarves and realised I hadn't finished the ultramarines omnibus so now reading the tyranid story. It's spooky stuff

Also continue on from last thread how often do imperial space marine chaplains visit holy terra and how long would it take to get from somewhere near baal to terra

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They die from starvation, not (You).

Let the b8 fly by.

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>My store is restricting access to gaming tables, We're no long allowed to turn up to see if the tables are free but book them at least a day in advance (for free). The idea for pick-up games is that you can book a slot and the manager will find an opponent for you.
>Does this sound like a good idea to you guys?

Sounds like your manager wants to keep the best timeslots and tables for his close personal friends. What's his reason for this change?

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Worse than shoulder pads on marines?

Berzerkers can't get them on right and their arms look like they're driving an invisible car.

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Who is this bloody Carnac

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This guy >>48689605

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Considering the odds the thing will blow up, can you blame him for trying everything to prevent that?

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6:37 in the morning
your fluff is as shit as your painting is fucking amazing

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Sexy. Got anything else?

I'm considering a DarkMech Army, curious how people do them, specifically mutations.

Teach me o wise one

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Bro, it's 1:30 on the East Coast.

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The actual reason is that the system will also apply to the in store painting/building tables so that he can stop people from sitting down at them only to not build/paint models, which he REALLY hates.
Like, I can stress enough how this triggers him something mighty.

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That is most certainly not carnac.
Lurk moar

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Firstly, no it didn't and secondly, the leading cause if shit threads is people brining him up and constantly giving him attention by replying to his bait.

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AYY LADS, what's a Space Wolf's favourite food?

Lemon Rice

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It's warp travel. Could take a few months to a day.

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We must identify the problem before solving it.

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Got loads of csm bits n bobs.
I just smack em in there, some greenstuff. I'm lazy and can't complete my models so these are wip.

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Got anymore?

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Not right now, but if I come up with any I'll post them.

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That's easy.

The problem is that people come to this thread wanting to talk about 40k but don't actually have anything relevant to say about the game.
So they just shitpost to keep the thread moving.

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More like ±10,000 years. Warp travel is also known as traveling at the speed of plot.

Semi-related note:
I've heard of Warp Travel taking TOO long, and folks getting kicked out thousands of years later, but is their any fluff of folks arriving BEFORE they left?
>Only blurb that I can think of is the Warboss who fought (and killed himself) to get a second set of weapons.

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I got a relevant subject.

The 40K end times

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that'd be too convenient, can't be having that in the grim darkness. i could see tzeentch doing it to make the rescue party become the reason why they were there and causing the whole fubar situation

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I am very new to 40k and I was wondering if it is possible to convert the dark vengeance starter kit into a nurgle chaos space marine army?

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Don't encourage him. All his jokes are really Ruff.

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But I wanna hear the howlers.

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If you cut off all the dark angle stuff, yeah.

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Then visit the local Aspect Shrine.

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I'm not going to throw you a bone and give you your (you)s

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What did Kharn call the wulfen he cut in half? A spaced wolf.

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I aqcuired one [ERROR: term not understood. Reuploading all relevant data] humor-statement.

Displaying humor-statement #586564 to future Servitors......

{running file;}

Why did the guardsmen drop his designated mandatory food ration?

01001000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100101 01101110 01110100 01101001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110000 01101100 01100001 01110100 01101111 01101111 01101110 00100000 01100100 01101001 01100101 01100100 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101000 01100101 00100111 01110011 00100000 01100111 01101111 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100010 01100101 00100000 01101100 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100 01101111 01101101 01101001 01111010 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100010 01100101 01110100 01110100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110011 01100101 01110010 01110110 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01001111 01101101 01101110 01101001 01110011 01110011 01101001 01100001 01101000

[ /Ellicit sub-response LAUGH OR EXTERMINATUS]

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This is what a real Banshee sounds like.

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01001011 01100101 01101011

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But green stuff and spike
Files or cut off anything Dark angely and then do pustules and spikes until it feels edgier than a shitposter on /pol

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With all that faffing about with blood, I always knew Khorne had a sense for humours.

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Just paint the Marines black like pre-heresy dark angels, then nurgle them up a little. Fluff it out that your warband was started from some Fallen.

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You can take two thirsters with skarbrand and kit them out to be 885 points, unfortunately shy of that sweet, sweet 888.

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How/where do I sell this stuff?

Blood Angels ~2500 points 50% painted, tabletop

DKoK ~2500 points painted to tabletop, FW and GW

CSM ~1500 points painted to tabletop, FW and GW

Night Lords Horus Heresy ~4000 points unpainted, 90% assembled, beautiful collection including Sevatar, and Kurze nib

2 GW Knights and a FW Castigator painted/based to tabletop+

Piecemeal on ebay? Local only? Idk how to get rid of this junk.

>example of painting

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Local (depends on area if it sells)
eBay (takes 10%)
/r/Miniswap, bartertown etc...(fewer fees wider audience than local but you may not trust people enough to do this)

Pics of your CSM?

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i do love me some dkok

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My army

5 Knights Barronial Court Formation

4 knight wardens, 1 as warlord with metal and sanctuary
1 knight gallant with melta

>pic related: those are my boys

Am I that guy?

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Put them on eBay for 25% higher than the original price and remember to clearly label them as "professionally painted"

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There was an Imperial Guard novel about a regiment of Tallarns that arrived responding to a distress call, then got thoroughly murdered, only realising it was their own distress call when they were already beyond fucked.

Also the Ork Warboss that killed himself to get two copies of his favourite gun, though "the resulting confusion" stopped the WAAAGH! right there and then.

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Also have 20 Cultists.
A Typhus, a Land Raider, a basecoated Dreadclaw drop pod.

Unpainted/unassembled: 20 cultists, a Raptor Kit, 4 Helbrutes (1 DV, 3 kit), Cypher, a DA vets box, Chosen, prob some other stuff Ive forgotten.

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Felinids when?

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Also Double Auto-cannon contemptor

Are you me?

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I will give you my DKoK for 45% retail.
3 Leman Russ
2 Chimera
2 Wyvern
20 Grenadiers/Veterans
55 Guardsmen
Techpriest + based FW servo skulls
4 lascannon teams
6 autocannon teams
2 DKoK Commissars
3 Thudd Guns + 15 crew
Valkyrie (primed)
FW open day Quartermaster
Callidus (old one)
Astropath, Naval Officer, Master of Ordinance

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Rule of Cool all day every day.

>> No.48691645

let me do some math, i might be in for that

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Shit anon, if you're selling here I'm interested in your Chaos robots

>> No.48691682


andy.thoreson (at) yahoo (dot) com

>> No.48691732

Shot you an email about the Chaos

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>> No.48691794

Reply sent

>> No.48691823

So far only recieved the one about Chaos robots. I'll reply to any inquiries I recieve.

>> No.48692109

Ebay probably the best choice.
May I ask why you're selling it?
I would usually assume being fed up with shit rules and horrible balance, but seeing as you're also selling your horus heresy stuff I doubt that's the case

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If you're going to do my OC at least do it right, son.

>Orks are a melee race!

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you know that OC stands for "Original content" note the "content" part of that, not original shitposting.

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Managed to slowly build up a Cohort Mechanicus ever since the original release of Codex: Skitarii through grabbing one of each unit for the kicks until the formation came about.

Let me tell you, having 2.5k points of an army that all count as having Canticles and Imperiatives feels absolutely great. Not quite as competitive as Convocation, forces me to take the bad units and no Lords of War, but the look on the opponent's face when your entire army has 4++/Shrouded&Stelathed, and +3 BS for the first two game turns is priceless.

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does anyone here want 50% off eldars?

>> No.48692277

can you guys please help me making a 1000 points list of renegades & heretics?

I'd like to use some khornate militia and spawns, I also have 3 leman russ, 3 chimera and a wyvern

>> No.48692300

Sure, lets take 50% of their abilities away, 50% of their stats away, 50% of their army choices away, and 50% of that dick away that they have firmly between their arse cheeks.

>> No.48692316

Which demagouge devotion do you plan on using?

>> No.48692324

Quick question about the Atrapos.

Is it true it can use a D weapon in CC, and if so why?

The normal knight gives up a weaponslot for that honor.

>> No.48692331

....I mean an army of eldars with a 50% discount

shame on me if you were actually kidding

>> No.48692353

I don't really know man, I think master of the horde or bloody handed reaver

>> No.48692406

So its D weapon is better than other knights (ap1), but its ranged D is only 8".

>> No.48692464

Are Gorkanauts limited to firing two weapons each turn? Does that mean that they cannot fire 4 of their 6 weapons or two thirds of their weapons?

>> No.48692478

Master of the horde probably won't run well at this low of points, since you'll want your infantry to do something besides tank bullets. Bloody handed reaver imposes the 10 pt tax on your artillery but it isn't too bad of a tax. Usually you should go 1 platoon 1 vet squad/mutie squad for your two troops choices, give the command squad a heavy weapon (I go with mortars because its 5 pts and lets you hide and not give up warlord kill); kit out the infantry how you wish, maybe add in enforcers with combat drugs, and fill out the rest of the points with wyverns and leman russes.

>> No.48692483

They're vehicles you spastic, they fire all weapons possible.

>> No.48692505

What makes you think gorkanaughts are limited to firing 2 weapons?

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Create a 40k movie title worthy of being a SyFy original.
>Mega Ferrobeast vs Super Squig

>> No.48692540

I suppose I was thinking of MCs. Most small walkers also have 0-2 ranged weapons which is why I assumed walkers were the same as MCs.

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File: 184 KB, 880x681, sculpt f01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im selling the 40k stuff because I just dont like this game enough to keep this big of a collection. Im keeping a fully painted Nurgle Daemon army for the shelf, and a few Kill Teams.

The HH stuff I'm selling because no one around here plays it, and I dont need 4000 points on the shelf. Im keeping all the books, and a few select HH models for display pieces.

There is also the fact that my wife was finally like wtf dude. I have been spending way too much time painting and modeling lately, and neglecting a lot of other things. So Im going to use the money to buy an arc welder, a TIFG welder, and shift my focus back to metal sculpting.

>> No.48692746

how about this:

++ Renegades & Heretics: Renegades of Vraks (Combined Arms Detachment) (1000pts) ++

+ HQ (305pts) +

Renegade Command Squad (215pts) [Disciple w/ Grenade Launcher, 6x Disciple w/ Lasgun, Flak Armour]
Arch Demagogue [Bloody-handed Reaver, Covenant of Khorne, Flak Armour, Laspistol]
Disciple w/ Command Net Vox [Lasgun]
Mortar Team [Lasgun]
Renegade Chimera [Heavy Bolter, Militia Training, Multilaser]

Renegade Enforcers Cadre (90pts)
Enforcer [Combat Drug Injectors, Flak Armour, Laspistol, Power Axe]
Enforcer [Combat Drug Injectors, Flak Armour, Laspistol, Power Axe]

+ Troops (490pts) +

Renegade Infantry Platoon (390pts)
Platoon Command Squad [Militia Training, 7x Renegade w/ Lasgun]
Demagogue [Covenant of Khorne, Laspistol]
Renegade Chimera [Heavy Bolter, Militia Training, Multilaser]
Renegade w/ Command Net Vox [Laspistol]
Renegade w/ Plasma Gun [Laspistol]
Renegade Infantry Squad [Militia Training, 11x Renegade w/ Autopistol]
Renegade Champion [Covenant of Khorne, Laspistol, Power Axe]
Renegade w/ Chaos Sigil [Laspistol]
2x Renegade w/ Meltagun [2x Laspistol]
Renegade Infantry Squad [Militia Training, 11x Renegade w/ Autopistol]
Renegade Champion [Covenant of Khorne, Laspistol, Power Axe]
Renegade w/ Chaos Sigil [Laspistol]
2x Renegade w/ Meltagun [2x Laspistol]

Renegade Infantry Veterans (100pts) [Flak Armour, 5x Veteran w/ Lasgun]
Renegade Chimera [Heavy Bolter, Militia Training, Multilaser]

+ Heavy Support (205pts) +

Renegade Strike Battery (65pts) [Militia Training]
Renegade Wyvern [Heavy Bolter]

Renegade Tank Squadron (140pts)
Punisher [Heavy Bolter, Militia Training]

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>Codex writers for Deathwatch actually doing a video about writing the codex
what is this alternate timeline GW and how did they invade the main timeline

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File: 159 KB, 749x667, PlagueOgryns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You probably don't need the extra bodies in the command squad, but that's really meta dependent so I think that should work.

Make the platoon command squad a melee squad and as big as possible because the demagouge for that has extra attacks compared to regular champions, which makes it a good choice for a melee squad.

Give the veterans a special weapon and either deep strike or scout (if you pick deep strike get rid of their chimera).

>> No.48692871


>> No.48692887

They did the same for DE.

>> No.48692897

The new Warhammer TV facebook page.

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>Cruddace is still alive
>Kelly is still making codexs but Orks suck.

>> No.48692993

What'd they say in that video? "Lets just fuck your shit up?"

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File: 4.68 MB, 5312x2988, I cant paint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I finally gave painting a try and I think they turned out.... well enough. Not good but a decent start I guess. These are just the Dark Angels from the Dark Vengeance kit painted Blood Angels colors.

>> No.48693056
File: 4.98 MB, 5312x2988, I try so hard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Although I need to figure out what to do to make wings white and not look like absolute horseshit like they do on my terminators

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Is there still hope for Genestaler Cult codex? They moved to this eldar-deathwatch bullshit and i am losing hope...

Do you think it would be stand-alone army or bullshit money grab like Militarum Tempestus codex?

For some reasons i want GCult but without Tyranids.

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File: 3.97 MB, 5312x2988, please kill me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would it better to ask here or in the WIP thread about how to remove krazy glue? I glued my models together almost immediately and after getting started I now understand it's going to be unpossible to paint some of these models.

>> No.48693176


Honestly just get some washes and they are TT worthly. no one hits the nail on the first few tries.

Worst case, respray them.

>> No.48693199


Yes, the latter and me too.

>> No.48693230

Like in every other thread you've asked in, yes. You're that guy.

>> No.48693283

At least they're not Tau suits.

>> No.48693311

Cheese doesnt begate cheese, its all stew in the same pot.
I would not face those knights just as much as I wouldn't face two Stormsurges and three Riptides.

>> No.48693333

>Do you think it would be stand-alone army or bullshit money grab like Militarum Tempestus codex?
They need more formations, non unique characters and transports/more access to infiltrate. If GW is sensible enough to give them that, I would say it would be a pretty decent codex. Definetly better than the Tyranid one.
>For some reasons i want GCult but without Tyranids
Can't blame you, the two factions have absolutely zero synergy

>> No.48693345

At least against Tau suits you could just take a load of Grav and be done with it. 5 Knights, especially with 4 of those Gatling Cannons are going to be nothing short of a bitch to kill, and they're bringing the pain at a relatively good range.

>> No.48693380

>They need more formations, non unique characters and transports/more access to infiltrate
And actual options/upgrades to units. At the moment you don't have any influence over the unit size/gear

>> No.48693382

Why do people feel the need to cheat at 40K? This wolfshirt is already bringing 3 riptides and 2 stormsurges to a 2000 point game, what has he got to prove except that he's better at buying models than I am? He refuses to bring a blast template and insists on using some piece of crater terrain that's half an inch bigger than a large blast, when I call him out he uses his tape measure instead which of course means he's measuring from edge of base instead of center, and he's counting hits when the tape reaches my other bases instead of covering them in any way. Meanwhile his buddy is counting misses and failed rolls as hits and passes, just arbitrarily picking up missed dice and rolling to wound with them, etc.
We're talking about grown fucking adults here. How do you get any satisfaction out of playing a game when you flat-out ignore the rules? Are there secret bets going on that I don't know about? Are they trying to earn bragging rights over something that nobody in the world gives a shit about? How is this even fun?

>> No.48693396

Is one Knight alongside Imperial Guard at 2k a problem? I'd like one, and either I'll just have it as a showcase model or use it.

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File: 159 KB, 960x960, 1470661724723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What wargame will you be moving onto now that 40k getting end timed and shitcaned has been confirmed? Can we stop it bros? Maybe if we get enough Death Mask™ sets and win enough games as Deathwatch™ Eldar™ plan will be stoped and end times averted?

>> No.48693403


Or bring haywire and be done with it? Melta?
I would say its way harder to kill stormsurges with 4++ and fnp than some weak ass Knights

>> No.48693411

And that is why the 40k playerbase is being distilled down to hyper-competitive social retards. Normal people arent interested in running demonstrations on how bad these rules are, and calling it a 'game'.

>> No.48693420

can you go bait some other general

>> No.48693432

>le ebins End Times 40k meme
Stop this. It didn't work for Milhouse, and it won't work for you.

>> No.48693434

No one respond this time ffs...

>> No.48693447


>> No.48693460

Haywire is typically difficult to get en-masse. Virtually anything that has "Melta," in the name is either an Ion-Shield magnet or is going to be obliterated by the Gatlings first.

I'd argue that Knights are generally harder to kill in most circumstances in low-points games. That being said, both are still horrible cheese and anyone should feel bad for fielding more than one of the Knight-equivalents in anything less than 2k points game.

>> No.48693470

People seem to keep forgetting that grav will kill knights too. Sure it's a one in six chance of knocking off a hull point, but you fire 5 shots and reroll to damage. And if you're marines or admech then you're probably rerolling to hit too.

>> No.48693479

Nah bro. These are the people that are attracted to what 40k has become. Im not sure how long youve been playing, but 40k used to have a lot more hobbyist/lore-centric/theme players.

It has been overrun with autists fielding gray plastic and treating it like a competitive game. GW's poor design is to blame. Formation bonuses are the worst thing to ever happen to WH40k.

>> No.48693575

fuck you nigger im not playing an entire army of spider men marines, 2+ rerollable saves are bullshit.

>> No.48693586

How in the hell does someone so autistic afford so many $100-$150 giant robots? Disability check?

>> No.48693642

I actually know a guy who bought his all knight army from the pay he gets for losing a leg in Iraq

Dudes a total bro though, awesome guy

>> No.48693643

Lives at home maybe? Idk.
Maybe hes just socially retarded, plenty of dipshits live successful enough lives.
Just go have a look around at the flgs, tards have money too. Besides, if you cant come up with $500, there is something drastically wrong.

>> No.48693650

Maybe they're not autistic, they're just so obessessed with winning that they find high paying jobs that can get them all the Riptides they need?

>> No.48693687

If you show up to play 40k with 5 Knights, or a bunch of Tau suits - you might or might not be autistic. But there is def something wrong with you.

>> No.48693694

No one wants to use their plasma gun
Even for a scion, that's a 1/12 chance of death with every shot.

>> No.48693706

Maybe you just hate everyone and find sexual pleasure in crushing everyone with 90 Riptides?

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File: 4.04 MB, 5312x2988, Brother Wai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48693738

Most of the man-children out there have mediocre model and paint skills so they sooth their Ego's by "Winning".

>> No.48693760

Well, what if it was a 1/600 chance of it killing you instead?

>> No.48693787

Maybe. Whatever the case may be, this kind of shit has driven the 'good' part of the playerbase away.

I used to be part of a loose group that played at the flgs here. We played for fun, and always tried to outdo each other at painting and modeling.

Now? We've been replaced by a bunch of retards playing the same handful of pre-written powerlists. 40k attracts a different kind of customer now. The kind normal, well-adjusted adults dont want to associate with.

>> No.48693804

Opinions on playing against people who buy counterfeit Chinaman models?
I feel cheated because I'm paying more to support a company I like and want to profit so they keep putting out new stuff.

>> No.48693823
File: 48 KB, 513x248, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drive the WAACfags out with an accordion. Won't work everywhere, but it will probably work. Other than that non-serious answer, just wait until all the broken stuff gets toned down.

>> No.48693832

Then we'd never not use plasma

>> No.48693844


I think some people probably feel the same way you do, but they still by recast stuff because they feel the only way to get Games Workshop to improve is to force them to have some competition.

If you want to play with them, play with them. If not, don't. Unless the person is a complete shitfuck it's probably not going to be a big deal in terms of the immediate game.

>> No.48693847


You could recover that with some fine detail brushes, steady hand and patience and some oils for the grooves and details.

I left the mouldlines on most my models cause i couldn't be bothered at the time to remove them lel. I slightly regret it now but not enough to repaint my entire army.

>> No.48693881

hey i posted an inquiry about replacing a macharius vulcan's bolters with battle cannons. Did anybody respond to it a few threads ago?

>> No.48693882


I thought it would be better to spend 300 on three big guys to build and paint than an army of tiny dudes i'm not interested in or want to sit painting.

>> No.48693898
File: 505 KB, 1536x2048, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does this look for 1850 games? It's IH Chapter Tactics, play with Steel Confessors so the Mechanicum seemed fun and fluffy.

Would you play against it, and how well do you think it would do?

>> No.48693909

As long as they took the effort to paint them I don't really care.

>> No.48693930

Doesn't bother me unless they look shitty or he is mouthing off about "muh recaster" in the middle of another man's place of business.
Around here it is a don't ask, don't tell policy.
Even if someone never spent a dime towards GW the fact that they field an entire army and are actively trying to play it is pumping some blood through the corpse that is the remaining playerbase.

>> No.48693950

Chickity-Check the Archives, newfriend.

>> No.48693965

Now that I think about it 1/600 is too much. 1/50 is probably better.

>> No.48693977

I do really need me an actual fine detail brush cuz it's insanely difficult to be accurate with the bullshit brush I'm using now. Granted I should also not drink while painting because I get sloppy and apathetic..

>> No.48693990

Maybe we can turn autists into succesfull and productive people that way? Just get them into 40k, they'll start creating sucesfull startups to get more riptides.

>> No.48693997

Well at least you built and painted them. My store's taufag runs half-assembled black-primed models that fall apart when you look at them too hard, so they spend most of the game as bases with no models on top of them so they can be moved around.

>> No.48694024

I feel more sympathetic towards them than people who keep GW on life supprot(including myself).

>> No.48694025

Is dark angel's Ravenwing a known counter to Ultramarine Battle Company?

3/3 games Ravenwing just runs into me with a ton of Plasma and other AP 2 bullshit with at least four or 5 2+ rerollable units.

I was thinking about picking up fliers for my auxiliary since I don't think he would deal with them well.

>> No.48694031

as long as they take the time to green stuff the mistakes, model it well and actually paint it up it's hard to care. if they're being lazy with it and it looks like shit as a result then, yeah, fuck those guys

>> No.48694057

nope. no responses.

>> No.48694074

That is an alternative. The accordion is Plan B.

>> No.48694218

What if gets hot changed to "for each miss, roll a dice. if its a 1, take a wound armor saves allowed" seems to cut it down to around the ~1/20-1/50 range

>> No.48694275

I wish there was more fun for all push at the people running the tables.
I have seen it first hand in Pathfinder Society
>sit down with new group of 4
>DM looks over our sheets
>asks one dude if he is willing to change his Summoner "I don't need a party at all" min-maxed out to the T
>Dude says 'No, just because everyone else Blows at making characters I don't need to play down to there level'
>DM calmly walks over to him hands back his sheet and shakes his hand.
>"Congratulations, you win the game. Here are your points. Now you can leave."
> Dude stood around dumb founded for a bit while the DM set up the game for 3 PC's

>> No.48694352

>I feel cheated because I'm paying more to support a company I like
That's your problem.
>want to profit so they keep putting out new stuff.
Like that new CSM codex? I have absolute no love for GW at the moment and throwing money at them will solve nothing, it actually makes things worse since they keep turning profit so they have absolutely no reason to try and fix the problems their game is having

>> No.48694370

There is. It's called not playing with WAACs. If they don't get games then they don't play, and their lists mean fuckall. They either have to tone it down or find a place that has like minded people.

>> No.48694473

You smug piece of shit, you sit there and say FUCK GW but you still play the game.
Does it suck being poor?

>> No.48694495

Thinking about starting Greenwing. How's this look for 1000 points? I'm trying to make it mostly fluffy. I wanted to go with plasma on the devs, but the BS4 overwatch is wasted on PC. I'm also tempted to replace the bikes with scouts and giving pods to the other tac squads.

+++ Dark angels test (1000pts) +++

++ Dark Angels: Codex (2015) (DA The Lion's Blade Detachment) ++

+ Core +

Battle Demi Company
····Assault Squad [4x Assault Space Marine, 2x Plasma Pistol]
········Assault Space Marine Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Chainsword]
········Drop Pod [Storm Bolter]

····Company Master
········Power Armour [Infantry, Plasma Pistol, Relic Blade]

····Devastator Squad [2x Grav Cannon with Gravamp, 4x Space Marine]
········Sergeant [Boltgun, Chainsword]

····Tactical Squad [Plasmagun, 4x Tactical Marine]
········Sergeant [Boltgun, Chainsword]

····Tactical Squad [Plasmagun, 4x Tactical Marine]
········Sergeant [Boltgun, Chainsword]

····Tactical Squad [Plasmagun, 4x Tactical Marine]
········Drop Pod [Storm Bolter]
········Sergeant [Boltgun, Chainsword]

+ Command +

The Inner Circle
········Psyker [Level 2]
········Terminator Armour [Combi-Plasma, Force Axe]

+ Auxillary +

Ravenwing Attack Squadron
····Ravenwing Bike Squad [2x Grav Gun, 2x Ravenwing Biker]
········Ravenwing Sergeant [Bolt Pistol]

····Ravenwing Land Speeder [Heavy Bolter, Typhoon Missile Launcher]

Created with BattleScribe (http://www.battlescribe.net)

>> No.48694537

People want different things from their games. Why is trying to win against encounters badwrongfun?

Why can you not have fun just because someone else is a bit better at killing stuff, are you not proclaiming yourself to be of a superior kind that does not need to validate themselves through winning? How then is it that you mind other people trying to merely beat encounters?

Is it because you sectretly want to beat encounters and get spotlight but just want to avoid social rejection and scorn for taking the powerful stuff?

Nobody plays nice in classic board games, why do you expect them to do so in roleplaying and roleplaying-esque games?

When did it become accepted that rules allowed for bad games and that you had to selfimpose additional rules to have fun? Why do you blame the player and not the game?

If you really just want to have fun why don´t you just imagine your own objectives and follow them instead? That way you might try to "cripple your opponents experimental mechs" or "take out the enemy commander", but instead you have to impose all sorts of rules on other people and on what they can and can´t bring. If they break those rules there is not even a consequense you just get all prissy and then refuse any further games with your opponent, who might not even have meant for you to have a bad time, but just wanted himself to have a good time. Why should powergamers cater to you if you will not cater to them?

>> No.48694627

Wise choice, plasma cannons are not good weapons right now. I would recommend some rhinos or drop pods though. Don't want the grav guys to die before they can shoot anything.

>> No.48694636

Can you equip assault marines with regular bolters?

Or is he a special dude?

>> No.48694713

>you sit there and say FUCK GW but you still play the game.
Because I love 40k and that's why I want GW to pull their head out of their ass. Like I said, the game has problems and just going along with it will only hurt the hobby I love.
>Does it suck being poor?
Yes, but being poorer would suck more.

>> No.48694726

The problem is that there are like 20 different armies to choose from and only 3-4 of them are capable of playing competitive games. Some of us spend hundreds of dollars on these plastic toys because we actually like the toys. Competitive play forces you to choose models that you don't want and encourages cheating, rule-bending and lawyering. As far as classic board games are concerned, in the good ones everyone has an equal chance to win. Top hat doesn't automatically beat Shoe in Monopoly. If you like Shoe, you can be Shoe and still have a real game. Some games are shit and are still inexplicably popular, but with 40k you see more and more people just collecting the models and refusing to play the game because it sucks. Wouldn't you rather have more people playing the game, anon? Doesn't it ever get boring just fighting the same Tau or Eldar army every single time because all of your friends have quit?

>> No.48694731

Roleplaying hames are about ROLEPLAYING and the rules are just mechanics so it's possible to figure out how much damage an orc bard can do.

>> No.48694757

It is not a perfect analogy because PF is an RPG aka a cooperative game.

Bringing a character to a game that can completely invalidate the other players of even needing to show up to roll dice kills the game.

That DM knew that and acted to the "fun of many out weigh the fun of the one".

And Piazo is not GW so there was an official Rule to ban Summoners from Organized play within a few months.

That is how you keep a healthy game populated with players.

GW has shown and told (through interviews) that they are a Model company first and rules for a game are an afterthought. People that put on games have to make it player friendly because GW official stance is you are on your own.

>> No.48694796

This is it, guys and girls. The greatest distillation of the WAACfag mindset you will ever read.

>> No.48694825


I'm tight on points is the problem. I could move a pod off the tac squad over to the devs, or shift the points into a Rhino. I think I want to go heavy on pods in the long run, but having OS terminators is also very tempting. That's a 400pt bare investment, though, which makes going to 1500 rough.

I kinda want to use a dread, but don't know what the goto config is. I was thinking just AC/TLAC, or maybe even just AC with the heavy flamer.

>> No.48694852

>Went to FLGS the other day
>9 people show up for the 40k group
>4 of them brought armies
>the rest just sit and bullshit about the game and setting while one hangs around painting a handful of models.

>> No.48694889

That's Brother Wai from my Death Company. I've tried asking several times what would be good for equipment and half the time it said give them bolters. Right now I have 4 with bolters, 1 with a power hammer, and another with a power sword and bolt pistol. I can deepstrike them to where I need them to go, I get hammer of wrath if I use the pack to charge, my mobility is increased which is ideal against my friend's csm/cd nurgle army that can't shoot for shit, rapid fire helps thinning down units before close combat, and they do damn good in close combat when it gets to that. We recently tried playing with walls obstructing the battlefield that really helped my friend since the table we play on is like 48-60 inches and seeing as my plasma cannon can go 36, and more or less everything else 24" he can move his daemons and shit closer without me just sitting back and lighting them up.

>> No.48694980

I like this.
I really like this.

>> No.48695121

I'd drop the plasma, it's good for fluff but it'll free up points for the Devs.

Looks really fluffy, keep up the good work. It'll do well in 1k games.

>> No.48695151

Sounds good enough to me.
I popped in hoping for a pick up game and played RW/DW vs Necrons and had an alright game at 1500pts.
Newer player just using Warriors in Ghost Arks, an Orikanstar, 3 toomb blades and some immortals. Not a full decurion and no wraiths, pretty gud guy.

>> No.48695184

I get to try my Nurgle army out against Orks for the first time so that should be cool.
The last few months 40k really picked up in my area. There were 8 games at once just last Saturday, almost brought a tear to my eye.

>> No.48695316

>pissing off GW shills
>not giving a cent to GW
>still get generally good minis

>> No.48695533

PF is a roleplaying game that can take almost any shape or form due to a GM, if someone picks a character that can steamroll standard challenges why not just give them non-standard challenges?

>> No.48695575
File: 117 KB, 889x899, 1468786340132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We have a shop that sells GW stuff where I live, but they are primarily a toy store.
They just had some waterdamages to the building and it rained in over the night.
So they are selling everything at 50% off, including the GW stuff.
Feels good man.

>> No.48695595


Really? I don't know how much a squad of 5 bolters is going to do on its own, especially if there are vehicles to worry about. I know there's at least one eldar player who is mostly on foot. No Knights, but one unit of wraith guard he occasionally uses. With one or two serpents.

Also, what's the best way to go about buying this one? Is there some combinations of starter boxes that will help dent the price?

>> No.48695837


Also, I think the digital book I have is missing a page because I just found out that taking 2 demi companies gives me free transports.

>> No.48695839

Friend and I are getting back into the game so brushing up on rules and having a small fun game, 1-1.5K points and he's bringing his Black Templars. Mostly generic marines, some assault, some veterans and the run-o-the-mill mix of dreads, preds and vindis with rhinos. Probably one of each if that.

I'm thinking of bringing some Khornate CSM. I'd use KDK but it's a bit too strong for this casual purpose. Get Kharn with 20 cultists, 10 zerkers in a rhino and a DP at 1K points. If 1.5K I'll stick in a Cyclopia Cabal on bikes to whizz around and piss off everyone because friend and foe hate psykers.

>> No.48695873

Gets hot should be "weapon can't fire till next turn" instead of "lol take a wound/hull point"

>> No.48695887

I mean the plasma on the assault Squad, it's stupidly overcosted for being what it is.
Don't mess with the tacticals, they're just right, and fluffy to boot.

As for how to buy, I got Weapons of Atonement and love it. That'll give you the devs, assault, most tacticals and a chaplain, but most importantly the DA upgrade pack. As a Dark Angels fan I love the set.

It is a bit more expensive though, so if you don't want the slight price bump just buy individual stuff. Maybe the start collecting SM if you want to make a full army of DA.

>> No.48695947

How would you go about explaining Chaos zombies that aren't Nurgle related?
>makes the dead niggas angry that they're dead, and rises up to kill the living
That's all I can think of.

>> No.48695961

I suppose I should pose the actual question. If I face any tanks, how is a DP with the Axe of Blind Fury at taking them down? He has Wings of course.

>> No.48695982


Ah yea, that makes sense. That's an easy drop.

As for the Weapons of Atonement, is that an actual box, or is that just one of those bundles that doesn't actually cost any less? Regardless, the store where we've been playing generally has things for cheap, like $70 starter boxes, $40 drop pods, ect. Might be able to get it through him.

I'm now thinking pure Greenwing now that I know about the double demi thing, so I will probably use a dread or two. What's a good setup?

>> No.48696000

Nurgle zombies = Resident Evil
Khorne zombies = 28 Days Later
Slaanesh zombies = Crossed
Tzeentch zombies = Marvel zombies

>> No.48696021

Or instead or marvel zombies, go for Deadites since those have the daemonic possession/backup schtick

>> No.48696041

Just fine. Keep in mind that you can't be locked in combat with vehicles, so your DP will be vulnerable to retaliation.

>> No.48696047

not actual zombies, were cultists so twisted by chaos they seek to kill all natural life OR hunger to find not-corrupted life and kill it because envy

Interdimensional fuckery tears souls between here and the warp, causing horrific sub-humans grasping to hold onto their mutated half life.

Fuck they some angry dead people.

>> No.48696246
File: 1.88 MB, 1900x1753, 22980d8191596a0d3ce9f8aae1eb3b2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which army is the most PUNK?

>> No.48696299

Red Corsairs. They're space pirates who who don't give a fuck about anything or anyone, chaos included.

>> No.48696454

Those are good ideas.
>not actual zombies, were cultists so twisted by chaos they seek to kill all natural life OR hunger to find not-corrupted life and kill it because
I like that.
>Interdimensional fuckery tears souls between here and the warp, causing horrific sub-humans grasping to hold onto their mutated half life.
Didn't this happen already?
>Fuck they some angry dead people.
That made me laugh more than it should have.

>> No.48696460

That's litearlly FLGs heaven, idk what you're complaining about. I wish I could return to the halcyon days of my old GW. Staff who you wanted to be friends with and who GM'd Inquisitor and D&D in their spare time. Three to four open tables every day serving all comers, a communal paint box you could use and a communal bitz box that was fair game, forever refreshed by sprues from display armies.

There would be at least two fuckers at the painting tables all the time, talking shit like the grumpy grampas from the Muppets, discussing lore or other general crap. And best of all, whiny kids knew their place, everyone was nice but they'd get stomped until they earned the right to talk shit with the rest of the regulars, and anyone under the age of 16 was barely taken seriously, apart from that one kid who was a savant at painting and almost put the official stuff to shame.

I don't like coming across as an old neckbeard moaning about caveman times but damn that was a good community, I can't imagine modern GW fostering anything that comfy.

>> No.48696567

>he doesn't stick dozens of plasma gunners around Kurov's Aquila in a Void Shield for maximum Fuck You
It's like you don't like a 1/36 chance of exploding while mowing down everything but AV14 on the battlefield.

>> No.48696603

Guys, it's still AP2. Let's not mindlessly continue the propagation of low AP weaponry

>> No.48696639

yooo those models look sick
are those a real army or are they sob/inquisition tier

>> No.48696747

>Kurov's Aquila
Never heard of it. Let me guess, PE?

>> No.48696754

They're a part of the CSM codex technically but fluff-wise they don't really give two shits about anything so you can essentially make a Red Corsairs army using the Vanilla SM codex too. You could have them as a mix between SM and CSM and you can be fairly fluff accurate.

The allies matrix penalties are pretty much a joke. In fact the only one that really matters is that attacks that affect enemies that happen to be within range of the other faction affect them too, and that's very punk-ish, not giving a shit and all.

So yeah, go nuts.

>> No.48696793

how often could i win on the tabletop with CSM + daemons
should i just go daemons if i wanted to play chaos
i like khorne and nurgle

>> No.48696884

Pure daemons are better but the two armies have enough synergy with each other that the marines are actually pretty useful.

>> No.48696889

1 knight is fine at or above 1500pts. It's squishy enough to be dealt with by most lists.

>> No.48696940


I think in the RPGs they have at least one instance of "Warp Zombies", or that is, the dead having come to rise from the power of the warp rather than one specific God, likely through the power of one entity or another.

>> No.48697027
File: 100 KB, 889x430, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just a basic heirloom/relic from the current IG codex. It gives everyone within 6" of the bearer Preferred Enemy (though Twin-Linked from the Tempestus orders works just as well if you're only running them). The chance of rolling a 1 twice in a row is (1/6) * (1/6), which is 1/36.

The main appeal over the Tempestus order is that you can still use orders with it and each squad even gets that leadership test reroll.

>> No.48697137

Never actually played against IG so I've never seen it

>> No.48697162


>> No.48697220

Even if you did play against IG, you likely wouldn't have encountered it. It's the most expensive relic by far, and killing the Company Commander is stupidly easy for what would be a mediocre boon (a big huddle of guardsmen just waiting for pie plates).

Spamming plasma gunners and protecting them with a Void Shield gets you the most out of it, which takes a whole lot of dedication both in points and strategy.

>> No.48697250

Alright cool, thanks.

>> No.48697265
File: 4.04 MB, 5312x2988, 20160808_201824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone bored enough to help me make something presentable out of the fluff for my Alpha Legion?

Info to come, just don't want to type on my phone.

>> No.48697268
File: 14 KB, 708x708, tumblr_obitnqryec1rn8l6bo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Hey /tg/, Tzeentch here. Do you mortals like hurting other people? Buk buk BAAWWWK."

>> No.48697298

I'm down.

>> No.48697343


First off, apologies for the bad picture.

The idea I want my Warband to follow is that after X years of just scraping by after the splintering of the OG Alpha Legion, they have managed to supplant a wounded Ultramarines successor chapter, and are actively posing as loyalists while rebuilding their strength.

Thanks! More to come, but any opinions on what's already out are awesome.

>> No.48697373
File: 90 KB, 1275x619, nope, no daemons around these parts, I swear....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>hiding in plain sight

>> No.48697434


I think I'm liking the name the Lernaean Brotherhood, for the ties back to the OG Legion, but I still have yet to come up with a name for the actual Chapter.

As far as tactics go, I prefer the "Master Tactician" aspect of the Alpha Legion as opposed to the "Power Armored Ninja" aspect, and like to focus my lists around reserve manipulation and mobility.

But beyond that, I'm not sure where to go to add the right amount of depth to my Legion/Warband/Chapter/Thing, without being too long winded but also having enough to be interesting and different.

>> No.48697477


For what it's worth, I do use the Loyalist Codex, usually as Raven Guard or Raptors. The Chaos Dex really just does nothing for Renegades, especially the ones that don't use Heldrakes.

I also play a bit of 30k Alpha Legion, but only rarely against other 30k lists.

>> No.48697568

Does anyone else play using tabletop simulator as well? Recently got back into 40k and had a few physical games and realized i sucked, so I started playing with friends I havent seen or played with in years online. Best part I guess is that you can play any army including heresy.

>> No.48697640

I've played around with it with friends, but never tried to do a real game.

>> No.48697674


Works surprisingly well, assuming you have the time you should try it. Only downside is that you have to search a lot for good maps in the workshop and some of the hitboxes for models/terrain are god awful and for positioning you may end up with flying land raiders and shit.

It probably sounds like I'm shilling for it but I just want more people playing it so I can have more opponents at antisocial hours.

>> No.48697678

So here is my 2000pt Nurgle List I have been having a blast with. Still pretty new but my army has performed pretty alright so far.
Space Wolves will probably be my next opponent and I don't know how my list will work since he will be the one with the scarier melee.
Other lists in my group are DE, IG, SM: Ultra Marines, Necrons.


Chaos Lord (155pts)
>Bike, Combi-melta, Mark of Nurgle, Power Armour, The Black Mace

Sorcerer (105pts)
>Bike, Combi-plasma, Mark of Nurgle, Power Armour


Chaos Cultists (59pts)
>Cultist Champion, 9x Cultists, 9x Replace Autopistol with Autogun

Plague Marines (280pts)
>7x Plague Marine, 2x Plasma Gun + Plague Champion w/Chainaxe, Combi-plasma
Chaos Rhino
>Dozer Blade


Chaos Bikers (175pts)
>4x Chaos Biker, 2x Plasma Gun, Chaos Biker Champion w/ Combi-plasma, Power Fist

Heldrake (170pts)


2 Obliterators (76pts each)
>Mark of Nurgle, Obliterator



Daemon Prince of Nurgle (315pts)
>1x Greater Daemonic Reward, 2x Lesser Daemonic Reward, Daemonic Flight, Mastery 3


Plaguebearers of Nurgle (100pts)
>Icon of Chaos, 10x Plaguebearers


Plague Drones of Nurgle (317pts)
>Death's Heads, 6x Plague Drones, Upgrade one Plague Drone to Plaguebringer, Venom Sting


Soul Grinder of Chaos (170pts)
>Baleful Torrent, Daemon of Nurgle

Any C/C?

>> No.48697716

Sounds neat. Maybe I can use that for a story that's probably going to end up as the Evil Dead in space.

>> No.48697743

Drop MoN on the Bike Sorcerer and give him a Spell Familiar instead. Why does the Lord have a different Combi-weapon than the rest of the bikers?

>> No.48697861

Also, the Chain-axe is Khorne only, and I'd drop the Plague Marines down to the minimum and fit in some more goodies with the added 66 points. If you trim some fat from the Prince, you might be able to replace the Cultists with another MSU Plague Marine unit.

>> No.48697862

Their name should probably be more Ultramarines related, no? Since they're supposed to be hiding as Ultra successors.

Is the rest of the chapter aware of these shenanigans? If not, how are the AL dudes infiltrating?

>> No.48697959

Woops that is a mistake, he should be combi plasma as well.
I think I will keep the MoN on everything since its my thing at this point but with cutting down the plague marines I can add the spell familiar.
I switched the chain axe for a regular CCW and saved 8 additional points.
I have a third Obilterator, 2 Heralds of Nurgle and 6 nurglings as the rest of my collection.

>> No.48698001

>I have a third Obilterator, 2 Heralds of Nurgle and 6 nurglings as the rest of my collection.

Maybe drop the Chaos Lord and move the Daemon Prince to CSM and let the Nurgle Herald lead the Allies. A black mace daemon prince can do a fair bit of damage.

>> No.48698008


Hit me up on Skype @ malfean.urges, I'd like to grab your blood angels stuff if we can work something out.

>> No.48698114

Go and do that with other players who want that. The DM there said "Hey, this isn't what we're here for." and the guy tried to push it on the group anyhow.

Comp 40k is the same: whatever floats your boat, but don't push it on people who don't want it. If I put down an Ork army, I'm unlikely to be honing a powerful list, so playing scatbikes and wraithknights is not going to be a good time. Don't bitch that they won't waste hours so you can stroke your wraithboner over your tactual mastery of taking a tier one list.

>> No.48698225


I dug up an old chapter I made on B&C, rewriting a bit now.

Stormborne Knights sound regal enough?

>> No.48698289

Sure. A bit White-Scars-y, actually. That would probably fit the theme a bit better, if you're all about manipulating reserves, lightning war, etc.

Was the original chapter totally or near-totally eliminated? Did the remaining Marines cut a deal with the Alpha Legion to let them hide out in exchange for keeping the chapter alive?

>> No.48698335

What other Deathwatch releases are in the pipe?

I'm assuming a generic upgrade sprue, but will we get Veteran squads, Dreadnoughts, Termies, etc?

>> No.48698344

Mark of Nurgle locks you into Nurgle, which is ass. Biomancy and Telepathy are so much better, especially in this build. If you keep the MoN, either ditch the Familiar or grab some additional ML.

>> No.48698372


I'm going with the Alpha Legion Warband captured a Scout Squad and pulled the same trick they did on the Raven Guard.

Killed them, ate them for their memories, surgically altered themselves to look like them and headed back to the Chapter, now you've got informants that can locate other isolated squads and repeat.

Once you have a sizeable enough force inside, you're alerted when the Chapter is weakened by a *To be determined, probably Orks, Tau, or a Hive Fleet Splinter* and you then have your agents sabotage comms and throw everything you have at capturing the Chapter's base of operations.

Then you swap armor, blow up your own ship, say you fought off those dastardly Alpha Legionnaires, and begin collection of Ultramarine geneseed to start a farm so the Admech doesn't come knocking for their tief.

>> No.48698414

I see.

So are these AL closet loyalists who decided their own well being was more loyal than allowing another chapter to survive?

Or are they closet heretics?

>> No.48698498

You could just have them be an X-founding Ultra successor that no one has records of. Worked for the Blood Ravens.

>> No.48698515
File: 81 KB, 736x957, 28dffa44a687e1de37709b78d8ad42d2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any possible fluff explanation for Chaos and Orks fighting together?

>> No.48698543

They both want a good fight but can't handle the Imperium alone. Or the Orks are just being manipulated by Chaos. Or they're straight Chaos Orks.

>> No.48698551

Chaos dudes:

>hm, we need to purge these loyalist scum for the glory of Khorne/Nurgle/Slaanesh/Tzeentch, but we're pretty low on manpower.
>oh look, some Ork mercenaries. You guys want some of these loyalist teef?



>> No.48698554

are chaos orks a thing though?

>> No.48698592

Yes, stormboyz in particular are most susceptible to it. They usually get krumped though before it becomes a problem for most waaaghs.

>> No.48698603

Not recently, but there are examples in older fluff.

>> No.48698617

Orks don't like umie teef. Too small.

Freebooters and some Ork bosses can be bribed by dakka and good fights.

>> No.48698622

Or they grow out of it and become proper Orks again.

>> No.48698634


They're renegades, they don't worship chaos (although a tzeentch cult might be an interesting split in the ranks). They just decided their best chance at survival was to find a weak Chapter without distinctive gene flaws, eliminate it and then take its place.

So they actually do have to do loyalist things to maintain the farce, but there is also probably plenty of black ops "I do what I want" shit going on to steer things in a favorable direction.

>> No.48698691

Hell yes they are. If Traitor's Hate is good, I'm going to start some Chaos Orks to use as Cultists. Paint/model them like WoW el orcs.

>> No.48698707
File: 89 KB, 482x641, 717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't Chaplains or Librarians detect heresy at a certain level?

>> No.48698728

cool. i could paint up some red orks (or green with red glowy eyes or s/t) and run those with some daemons in a casual game

what kind of daemons would chaos orks roll with?

>> No.48698762

One chapter did get Alpha Legion'd. At first the tainted recruits got denied, but some were unable to be detected.

>> No.48698764

Khorne, maybe nurgle.

>> No.48698765


I think that's Librarians detecting signs of demonic taint, but most Alpha Legion Warbands exist outside the eye of terror as raiders/pirates. They usually aren't tainted, at least in that sense.

>> No.48698773
File: 84 KB, 800x745, 316859_md-Daemons, Defiler, Female, Slaanesh, Soul Grinder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I too would like to know this.

>> No.48698806

New player building a list for the first time

Is giving tactical Sargents upgrades even worth it if they're just going to die quickly? I'm thinking of salamanders as my first army. Wanted to give out a power sword or fist but it seems pointless to give them anything but melta bombs. Slowly realizing making ANY units slightly special gets expensive really quickly

>> No.48698808

New blood angels player here, how badly do I need Storm Ravens? I'm not sure fan but I don't see any other AA models for us, I thought about getting a fire raptor...

A friend told me to get a contempor with those two cannons. Is that one good?

>> No.48698818


I know the Raven Guard got infiltrated during the Heresy, they were the ones that messed up the geneseed and turned the guys Corax tried to make into monsters.

>> No.48698840
File: 28 KB, 510x546, 1349230825567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My friend plays Eldar and I play CSM/30k Emperor's Children. They want to go half-and-half with me on Death Masque.

What would be the best thing to use the Deathwatch for and/or what should I do to make them chaosy? I don't have too many bits outside of Emperor's Children shoulder pads and a few chaos heads.

>> No.48698842


A Master Crafted Combi-Melta to go along with your Master Crafted Melta is pretty nice.

>> No.48698862

Do you honestly have fun being tabled Turn 2?

People exist who don't care what the other players want out of the game. These are the complete WAAC douches who spam the best grey tides to wipe the floor with the opponent, then congratulate themselves on some job well done when it was only their purchase choices that determined the game.

I look for fun fluff & some real tactical decisions in a game of hilarious grimdark & metal backstory with bitchin' models painted well. If you need to Wraithblower list with Scatbike spam or field Triptide with three Stormsurges to stroke your ego, find a different game and/or git gud at something else in life rather than taking misplaced pride in your ability to shit out netlists from horrifically imbalanced codexes.

>> No.48698902


First re-draft of the Chapter that got taken over, from the point of view of the Imperials.


>> No.48698908

Ive got my sternguard for combi meltas. just wondering why I would ever give units not meant for melee some kind of melee upgrade. My logic being if the enemy unit is engaging in assault they probably have a way better strength in that then my tactical squad would ever have. seems like wasted points.

>> No.48698975


You're right on the money.

Basically every time you swing your Power Sword, you're not shooting your Grav/Plasma/Melta.

Although I stand by Combi-Weapons on Sergeants, especially Salamanders. It's not hard to make 10 pts back on a MC Combi.

>> No.48699045 [DELETED] 

>mfw orks on boars with guns on it kill 2 rhinos by glancing it to death then assault the occupants and win in 1 game
Warbikers are fucking amazing why didn't I convert these guys sooner.

>> No.48699247


So if someone is shooting at my Wulfen, and only 2 have a storm shield out of 5, how does that work when rolling against wounds?

>> No.48699262

Pretty sure a situation like this is an example in the rulebook

>> No.48699267

can you please post pics of your 30k Emperor's Children. I've got a hardon for Heresy and the only guy that posts pictures on the HHG are Night Lords dude and Knight Anon

>> No.48699278

Always closest model takes saves until they die

>> No.48699344

>>48699247 they are taken closest first. You take your best save vs the wounds first. You can only save if they have wounds left so you can only roll the number of wounds they can take at once. Example 4 wounds of storm shield dogs in front. 3 wounds from s10 ap2 you can only make 2 saves at a time until dead since s10 is instant death

>> No.48699369

I can tomorrow after work (if I remember).

>> No.48699392

you're a good man. speaking of which, how often do you guys play against 30k armies with your 40k ones? how many points do you usually play? is it a fun matchup?

>> No.48699536

Tweaked my Deathwing/Ravenwing 1500 list.

My shop usually plays 1500 for pick up games so I wanted this to be a bit more Take All Challengers.

The two HQs run with the Command Squad and they have Twin Linked when they enter and can run/shoot or shoot/run that turn.

The Attack Squadrons allow me to deepstrike with 12" of the Ravenwing Units without scattering.


Interrogator-Chaplain (175pts)
>Terminator Armour, Auspex, Mace of Redemption, Storm Bolter

Librarian (130pts)
>Psyker Level 2, Terminator Armour, Foe Smiter, Force Axe


Deathwing Command Squad (275pts)
>1x Chainfist, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Deathwing Apothecary, Deathwing Company Banner, 5x Deathwing Terminators, 2x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

Deathwing Terminator Squad (300pts)
>1x Chainfist, Cyclone Missile Launcher, 6x Deathwing Terminators, 3x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

Ravenwing Attack Squadron (190pts)

Ravenwing Bike Squad
>2x Grav Gun, Combi-Grav, 3x Ravenwing Biker

Ravenwing Land Speeder
>Heavy Bolter, Typhoon Missile Launcher

Ravenwing Attack Squadron (185pts)

2 Ravenwing Attack Bikes
Ravenwing Land Speeder
>2 Multi-Meltas

Ravenwing Support Squadron (245pts)

Ravenwing Darkshroud
>Heavy Bolter
3 Ravenwing Land Speeders
>2 Heavy Bolters


>> No.48699792


Well, Orks were involved in Abaddon's Black Crusade.

Apparently they struck a deal with agents of his towards menacing the Scarus Sector, a deal that would reach fruition in the "Green Kroosade".

Also, the Orks and Chaos joined forces in Dawn of War and Winter Assault at one point I believe.

>> No.48700112
File: 7.92 MB, 453x255, 1465273125291.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm learning this the harder way, by the time my Blood Angels veteran sergeant gets anywhere near battle he's already caught a bullet to the face. This is troubling since it's a more melee focused army but I'm better off using their ranged weapons. I might end up buying another Battleforce, try to put the Captain on a bike or something, make the other dreadnought a Death Company (8 attacks on the charge, what!? Throw in quickening if there's a Librarian nearby for a potential 11 attacks?), and more tacticals just to give my 2 flamer tac squads so I can use the codex detachment. What I will say, though, is that the points can be worth it for certain units. I go up against my friend playing CSM/CD Nurgle, For 500 points I can field like 3-4 units while for the same amount he has like 6-7 units on the field, feels really intimidating until combat starts and his units start dropping like flies.
The Emperor protects, brother

>> No.48700201

I haven't played Winter Assault but indeed in Dawn of War the deal as more or less "We helped you find new worlds to wage war on and provided you with equipment" so the Orks more or less agreed to not kill Chaos until after they killed all of the Space Marines. I feel like Orks are the easiest to ally with and make lore out of it; namely cunning armies like Chaos and Eldar can trick them, Tau and Imperium can enter a temporary alliance by giving them someone tougher to fight or it being a matter of survival.. Although it'd take some imagination to figure out how Orks would pair with DE or Nids.

>> No.48700248

>to figure out how Orks would pair with DE

trickery, hell Lady Malys tricked an entire waaagh to fight an Imperial fortress world so she could go in and pick what was left of both and steal the mcguffin she wanted.

>> No.48700310

Didn't she stole a panacea STC that could cure every disease and poison?

>> No.48700315

Ah, I'm unfamiliar with DE. Not sure if they are just as tricky as regular Eldars just.. more obsessed with fucking.

>> No.48700351

They rely heavily on technological trickery than psychic mindfuckery.

>> No.48700546



Ork Genestealers have been encountered and in the novel Redemption Corps they lead an Oourg Waaagh! to an Imperial World.

>> No.48700586

Ork Genestealers are possible? I thought Genestealers infected hosts making them give birth to fucked up monstrosities and slowly destabilized a population from within while waiting for the swarm to invade. How would that work with Orks? I thought I also read something about Nids vs Orks where they were fighting a cellular level

>> No.48700602


>Nids vs Orks where they were fighting a cellular level

Tyranid spores attempting to devour Ork spores I believe.

>> No.48700638
File: 178 KB, 701x864, 100_1115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just picked up another 10 kasrkin off ebay
I know I should stop but the models are sooooooo pretty

>> No.48700690

Drop the termies, way too many points for six guys that'll die turn one/two at best.

The stupid cheapness of AP2 on everyone means Terminators are expensive trash.

>> No.48700888

CSM dont have access to cheap or spammable ap 2. Pretty sure there are a few others that dont either.

>> No.48701081


Hmm how much were you thinking of selling the Nightlords for?

>> No.48701301

Stormravens are good for a flyer, but 200 points is rough. I'll take an Aegis line w/quad gun. You can put Scouts on it now too, thanks to the faq.

>> No.48701340

Why don't you bring your own blast template?
And why can't he roll his own dice?

>> No.48701357

Las and Plasma will almost certainly pop up in CSM armies, though it's true as a shite codex it's not as easy to spam. However;

All SM, Tau, Eldar, Guard, Skitarii, Admech, Necrons, and even Daemons will be guaranteed to have AP2 in decent amounts, and most of them with long range to boot. The terminators will die, and they will die quickly.

If you want to bring them go for it, there's no rule you can't, but you've been warned its a bad choice. Also, if you're looking to compare access to weapons and spam skip over CSM and Orks in the future.

>> No.48701387

Necrons aren't bringing much in the way of ap2 outside of heavy destroyers.

>> No.48701410
File: 260 KB, 900x1272, Sanguinius_by_slaine69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice choice, brother

>> No.48701419


Any opportunity to be a cunt, huh?

>> No.48701451

>Reading the new Ulramarine novel
>Calgar goes Sauron mode and sends groups of Orks flying with single punches

Explain this, Orkfags. You are suppose to be the melee race.

>> No.48701461

Not as much true, but Immortals, Destroyers, and CQC is still getting a decent amount in a 1500 game.

>> No.48701491

>marines being wanked in a marine novel

What were you expecting?

>> No.48701492

>dont enjoy the game anymore
>burnt out on painting|
>building just feels annoying at this point
What the fuck do I do /tg/

>> No.48701498

Just saying, it's less than pretty much every other army.

>> No.48701521

>Damnos is an Ultramarine novel featuring Necrons
>Ultramarines gets curbstomped out of the planet by the Necrons

Something is not like the other.

>> No.48701541

What's the average AV you guys face?

>> No.48701559

Just take a break. What have you got done so far?

>> No.48701597
File: 353 KB, 1600x1030, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it worth closing with my Onager to fire the stronger eradication shot against tough enemies, or should I just use it to template infantry and haywire tanks with arc rifles?

>> No.48701635

Go and play some video games for a while. When you realise what a shallow hobby that is, you'll be back to painting and building your army in no time.

>> No.48701642

Again, that's true, but the point still stands-

300 points on six guys that WILL die to any list are better spent elsewhere. Unless your opponent bring no AP2, which nobody does, the termies will get hit and will be killed.

I'd grab some Ravenwing command then use the remaining points on more bikes, they're super fun and pretty good units too.

Ultimately, do what you want, it's your game and your guys. But don't complain if they die, your choice your fault.

>> No.48701684
File: 94 KB, 750x600, 1208987448677-26001001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any books that have Blood Angels as the main characters? I've heard a good way to read up on lore is to get older editions of codices as well.

>> No.48701717
File: 456 KB, 463x719, Calgar's Gate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Calgar held a gate alone against a horde of Orks for a single day, unsupported.


>> No.48701807
File: 440 KB, 487x680, Ultra-weapons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Choose your Ork removal weapon.

>> No.48701816

Couldn't they literally just drown him in dakka and choppas? How would he be able to survive at all?

>> No.48701832

Quickreference Sheets are down, can someone reup them?

>> No.48701839

Requesting the picture of a ultramarine luring a horde of orks into a cunning trap to prove the superiority of his human genes.

>> No.48701861
File: 17 KB, 119x125, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I choose Initiative 4.

>> No.48701864
File: 1.36 MB, 813x768, Brother Adamant.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48701883

Well... damn

>> No.48701963

Forcing poeople to play the intolerable reeking WAAC shits noone would voulentarily face?


>> No.48702114

10-11, being dark eldar is suffering

>> No.48702131
File: 1.40 MB, 1914x2644, Killa Kan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel the pain
before I even get to attack

>> No.48702185

>The trail he was following changed. The grazer had picked up speed. He saw the dull score on an ironwood where the creature’s horns had slashed it, as though it had lunged at something and missed. And there were different marks in the moss. The green sponge of the forest floor had been trampled down. Other beasts had gathered here. He studied the ground, intrigued. And as he did, he saw at the toe of his boot a single bright green fungus with a globular top, a type he had never encountered before.

>He knelt and drew out his old iron knife, levering the fungus out of the ground. It came easily. He touched the knife tip to it, and for just a moment he started back in shock. He could have sworn that the fungus had moved, writhing away from the blade.

>Fascinated– it was rare, if not unprecedented, for him to find anything in the forest that he had not seen before– he picked up the fungus. It was oddly heavy, and when he sniffed at it he caught a powerful reek, as of some animal-type musk. Hardly of the vegetable kingdom at all.

>It squirmed in his fingers.

>‘Throne!’ He dropped it, and instinctively brought the heel of his boot down upon the thing, crushing it. In the broken fragments of the fungus, he thought for one moment he saw a shape, humanoid, curled up like a foetus. Then revulsion overwhelmed him, and he stamped on it again and again until it was a mere green paste on the roots of a tree.

-Calgar's Siege

So you are an Imperial dude on a trek in a forest. You find a strange large mushroom you never seen before. You pick it and discover it's carrying a green humanoid fetus in it. Wat do?

>> No.48702212

Burn the forest to the ground.

>> No.48702213

>I like Khorne and Nurgle

Stay away. (and enjoy getting all the releases)

>> No.48702234

Abortion is wrong, anon, Especially mass abortion.

>> No.48702242

I'd rather be wrong than dead.

>> No.48702248
File: 187 KB, 1200x970, 1462506819513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This >>48702212
You made the Emperor proud anon, carry on.

>> No.48702306

Why don't you raise them as your own children? Nurture over nature, anon.

>> No.48702323

What units, what condition and where?

>> No.48702361

I ain't a gamblin' man.

>> No.48702366


6 dire avengers
3 bikes
3 reapers
11 striking scorpions
2 wave serpents
4 warlocks
10 wraithguards
4 pathfinders
goes at 50% off plus something for 250 euros, if you are intrerested I'll send you pics

>> No.48702378

Ah too bad, that's pretty much what I alredy own.

>> No.48702453


>> No.48702488

At a 1250 game, are killa kans and deffdreads still shit? I have 3 kans, and 3 minis that could serve either as more kans or as some deff dreads, and am thinking of bringing them and grot tanks to a competative game. What do you think, /tg/?

>> No.48702555

Is taking purifiers and a librarian a good idea for an ally for my skitarii? i'm also thinking of taking a knight crusader for that sweet mass ap3

>> No.48702618

Kinda yeah. S6 weapons are all that's required to wound, S5 on the killas, and there's no shortage of that in any army. Add in usual Ork shit and they're overcosted and useless. I'd pass.

>> No.48702636
File: 53 KB, 720x405, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48702639

Would the end of the Octarius War lead to the formation of either 24ft tall Orks or the most massive Tyranid Hivefleet ever?

>> No.48702653
File: 41 KB, 320x581, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48702665
File: 58 KB, 720x405, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48702793

That'd involve moving the plot for non T1 factions.

>> No.48702799

Touche m8

>> No.48702811

Depends how many you field.
I've managed to drown marines in enough kans that they just didn't have enough shots and grenades to win.

>> No.48702857

Only armour I face are seeker chariots.

>> No.48702894

>always wanted to play 40K
>not enough money for an army/paint/etc
>adepta sororita's have nothing army wise
>adepta sororita is incredibly expensive for the nothing they are good for
>terrible at painting

It's like the Emperor of Mankind is punishing me for existing.

>> No.48702943

True that, but he said competitive, and even at 1250 that ain't gonna be pretty. Literally anyone will beat that.

>> No.48702955

Well seeing as i beat yiffs into conceding by turn 2 not littrally everyone.

>> No.48703076

Really? Especially more competitive dogfuckers always BTFO my Orks, might I ask what each of you are running?

>> No.48703110
File: 93 KB, 600x800, cool_farshight_planets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does farshight get all the cool planets?

>> No.48703111

Why does the Black Legion supplement not have a decurion detachment? Why didn't the other gods get formations?

What should the rules for them be?

>> No.48703128

Well first time he tries the classic wolf wolf wolf cavalry, they didn't appreciate a green tide, too little gun to shoot them down and melee was brief and bloody, had to supplement my apocalypse dice box to toll all the attacks.

Second time he tried to play withdrop pods and that psyker covenant.
Taking turn one my massed grotzookas raked his units and pods leaving him without melta or powerfists, and allbeit by luck his psykers either failed to maniffest or tore themselves spart.

>> No.48703151

I bought a Tau start collecting box a few weeks back and I was just wondering if any Tau players ever use the hover drone that Ethereals can use? I think it's a fun little upgrade, but does it have any tactical/usefull use?

>> No.48703192

Tbh he's just a retard, no offense to your skills. Orks are stupidly easy to take down with wolfwolfmen, I hate to say it but Orks are a melee race is more than just a meme, and if he's overdoing Wolves he's losing the competitive side, a tactical squad will beat 2-3 times their points against Orks.

Don't want to sound like a broken record or an asshole, but Orks lose to Competitive lists period. The codex is shit and everyone else has BS formations ruining everything. Outside of competitive, they're my favorite army. They're pretty great for Killteam too.

>> No.48703242

I also trumped tzeentch invulnerability and summon spam but it was the same player with the same rotten luck

>> No.48703252

Because he's an egomaniac.

>> No.48703275
File: 352 KB, 493x586, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take that back!

>> No.48703325
File: 262 KB, 244x244, moveoverthatasstooheretical.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48703347

So guys, here's a question for you;
Basilisk or Wyvern?

>> No.48703357

Basilisk Gun Emplacements for looks. Wyvern for crunch.

>> No.48703634


>> No.48703692


>> No.48703795

Chimera Melta Vets or BS4 Vanquisher with Lascannon?

I'm thinking about dropping IG CAD and go run Armored Company for a change, maybe a pure tank Cadian Battle Group when I get 7+ tanks. The BS4 bubble sounds like it would make my tanks more reliable.

>> No.48703954

Be aware that full armored company is WAAC-tier despite being a mediocre list.

>> No.48704082

The force staff.

>> No.48704102

Be aware that fielding anything else other then one HQ model and 30 gorillion infantry troop models is Waacfaggish. 40k is a strict skirmish game and all transports, tanks, elites, fast attacks, and heavy supports should stay in apoc.

>> No.48704112
File: 514 KB, 1552x1023, grizmund.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean this guy?

>> No.48704256
File: 1.81 MB, 1268x1711, armouredcompany.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was talking about Emperor's Fist, but that Regimental Banner looks good. ABG is the kind of army I'd like to make, but the point costs could use an update.

>> No.48704299

If you want to field nothing but AV14 heavy tanks, do so. But don't be so delusional as to think that the average list will have a fun game against that.

I'll gladly play against ABG or Emperor's Fist, but I'm going to be bringing one of my top-tier Daemon lists and not one of my shits & giggles CSM lists.

>> No.48704441

I'm a AM/SoB and Eldar/Harlequin player. Also melee tyranids. Yeah, I know...

Yesterday I realized I need an tzeetchean CSM army, that is not TS related. God I hate those one dimensional legions. I just want a theme, not a... whatever those things are.
So essentially Tzeentch Daemonkin. But there are no Tzeentch Daemonkin. More important: there never will be Tzeentch Daemonkin.
So I looked up the CSM codex to build an Tzeentch themed army. Maybe with a Tzeentch CD allied detachment idk.

mfw I read the CSM codex
>those point costs
>those debuffing rules like generating psychic power with a mark and chaos boon table und warp storm table and... everything

I just want a cute little warband with a tzeentch Sorc on top. God, I would lose every game...

>> No.48704458


Hi welcome to csm airlines. The whine is served after everyone else gets their cheese, please fasten seat belts while getting raped.

>> No.48704474

So what now? Wait? There is an CSM update at the end of the month (or the next?) on the way i heard. But I think it can't fix -that- much BS...

>> No.48704505

The Dark Gods willed your codex to be bad, and it's unlikely they'd fix it.

>> No.48704507
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So will Deathwatch get their own boxes or just upgrade packs to use in conjunction with space marine veteran boxes ?

>> No.48704525

They will be getting their own box. It has some pretty awesome stuff like the Frag Cannon, a heavy Bolter with an underslung heavy Flamer, and giant frickin thunder hammers.

>> No.48704575

Traitor's Hate is due at the end of the month, but it's extremely unlikely to fix CSM. The Black Legion, Crimson Slaughter, and Waagh Ghazkull reprints were all utter disappointments that showed that, despite Rowntree's leadership, fixing the game isn't actually on the table. If we're lucky, we'll actually get a decurion. It might very well be Khorne-oriented, because Lord knows that Khorne is the god most in need of additional support.

>> No.48704645


>> No.48704659


>> No.48704683

own boxes

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