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post your mythology/ancient art inspo
settings, costume design, stories, whatever

this stuff is great inspiration for games (pretty much was the inspiration for 90% of the fictional worlds we use, before the internet existed)

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I like ancient stuff.

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Alaca Höyük, neolithic and hittite city.

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I can see Thule.

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History is stranger than fiction sometimes

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Between Greenland and extended northern europe.

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How ancient we talkin, >>48578127 OP?

I got Otzi the Iceman's tattoos

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Interesting, I was just joking with you after a google search yielded unrelated results.

Care to explain what Thule is?

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Googling Thule gave you nothing? I mean I was joking as well, but just toyed with the idea that Thule might have been that larger iceland we can see there.
Just from wiki:
>Thule (Greek: Θούλη, Thoúlē; Latin: Thule, Tile)[1] was a far-northern location in classical European literature and cartography. Though often considered to be an island in antiquity, modern interpretations of what was meant by Thule often identify it as Norway,[2][3] an identification supported by modern calculations.[4] Other interpretations include Orkney, Shetland, and Scandinavia. In the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance, Thule was often identified as Iceland or Greenland. Another suggested location is Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea.[5][6][7] The term ultima Thule in medieval geographies denotes any distant place located beyond the "borders of the known world".[citation needed] Sometimes it is used as a proper noun (Ultima Thule) as the Latin name for Greenland when Thule is used for Iceland.[8]
Though it doesn't say anything about Blavatsky locating this isle as the origin of the ancient aryan people, which was partly picked up by the later national socialists.

But I didn't want to make this thread about nazi stuff.

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hellenic warrior on the right?
what on earth is that armour?

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The armor is called dendra panoply.

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You mean Jan Mayen island?

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interesting, thanks anon. exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to discover when I made this thread.

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You learn something every day, thanks anon

The Japs had an interesting Bronze Age too

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>talks about Japan
>posts Europe

here is the right image

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They even looked different. Without a massive influx of Korean and Han immigrants the Bronze Age Japs kept a lot of the Ainu traits

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The true visuals of the Trojan War, including the greek bronze age and sea peoples:


Trojan War comics:

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Which culture's mythology/folklore is your personal favorite and why?

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I know it has become a new-age meme recently, but Hindu mythology is amazing inspiration, especially if you're going for a pseudo-sci-fi type setting a la Dune.

hawaiian as well, and some of the more war-mongering pacific islanders have some crazy fuck battle stories

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>Which culture's mythology/folklore is your personal favorite?
Aztec folklore


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wrong image, sorry

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and here, we have an Imperial Hive City...

jk its a hindu temple in indonesia built in 800AD

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here it is from the outside

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