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Hey /tg/ i need some inspiration for my paladin before his inevitable fall.

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I think I have a couple Paladin screencaps lying around.

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Remember, there is no such thing as a no-win/paladin falls scenario. Just levels of increasing creativity against the forces of evil.

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>living long enough to become the villain
>not dying a hero

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>that flavor text

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Best Fall.

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> Playing shit editions

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Well, unless your GM tricks you into putting on a Helm of Reverse Alignment

Then you're kinda fucked

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Become an edgy fucked who does justice just because it matches his goals. Like, do good to get a really good reputation and use it to get gold, holy artifacts from the church, and use these power and wealth to secretly breed kender or something else saturday morning evil. If holy artifact can unfuck alignment back into place...

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Now I have a honor-boner

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Do something like that one guy who ended up becoming Cecil from Dissidia FF with his Pally.

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Damn... Shit gave me goosebumps

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Falling, you say?

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Even AD&D, where the Paladin oath restrictions are more stringent than in any other edition, gives you a chance to rise again if you fall as a result of actions taken under magical duress.

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Save all the children OP. They are the future after all.

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That's odd; I need inspiration for my blackguard before his inevitable rise.

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You trained in the ways of the Dark Sword at the behest of your king. Your king then sent you to pillage a powerful magical artifact from a peaceful village of mages. After being stripped of your rank and the command of your regiment for questioning these orders, you are sent on a quest to deliver a lesser magical artifact to another peaceful village of mages. When the magic in this artifact lashes out and destroys the village, you reluctantly defy your king and warn other nations of his newfound lust for conquest.

Events beyond your control take you back to the village you plundered, and at the word of the village's sage, you scale a nearby mountain, the slopes of which are infested with demons and the undead, as a quest of atonement. At its summit, you are confronted with your doppelganger and a ghostly voice that commands you to bid farewell to your bloodstained past and trade you dark sword for one of light. When you do, the doppelganger is consumed by its own dark power and destroys itself, and you become a Paladin as the ghostly voice instills you with sacred power before departing.

The darkness gone from your armor and from your soul, you return to your homeland to find its castle overrun with demons, led by a usurper who has been manipulating the king. Your quest to defeat him is only just beginning...

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>rising blackguard

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Now that was a good story

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That blackguard doesn't sound particularly evil. His atonement sounds inevitable based on that first paragraph.

I suppose I could see it as him being willing to do his lord's dirty work if he felt it served a greater purpose but slaughtering a peaceful village to obtain an artifact with no real indication as to why, would be a step too far.

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Well, it's literally just the plot of FFIV.

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