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Paladin appreciation thread

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Great Paladin Story.

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Trying to find "Powder Keg of Justice". Can't seem to find it right now.

Gonna post some pictures now.

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Played three Paladins in my time and loved them all. I tend to avoid playing heavily religious types, but they were all fun as hell.

First guy was in a Palladium Campaign, party was composed of warriors in service to a Church. Sadly Sir Clavius perished in wrathful combat in the name of his god. Taking a swan dive off the side of an airship to ensure he took down a high ranking member of the Church who had turned Heretic. Took him down with the attack, but the damage was so much it also killed me.

Second guy was a 3.5 character. Former Barbarian Raider who found religion while awaiting execution in Luskan. Fortunately a passing Paladin of Ilmater took mercy upon his wretched soul and brought him into the Church. Regrettably the game ended after only about two dozen sessions. I like to think he's still out there marching through the Sword Coast.

Final Paladin was a 5th Ed guy, Oath of the Ancients. Was a fun as hell guy to play. Died down in a abandoned Dwarven mine collapsing the portion of the tunnel he was in to stop the drow forces from advancing further.

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It's on 1d4chan somewhere, I think

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It is. Could of sworn I saved it though

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What is this system? Some Exalted or Anima?

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how do I paladin IRL

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Cant find my screen shot of it.
There was a story of a guy and some of his friends dressed as musketeers driving off a mugger.
The one that was rescued was called in to act as a character witness when the lead musketeer was facing deportation due to altercations and it came out he'd helped a dozen other people.

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>Using your own body to seal a dangerous demon, and concealing yourself in a tomb to ensure it never escapes
This is the proper way to paladin.

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Here you go anon

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he said it was the GM's homebrew

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Join the Knights Hospitaller.

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It gets better.

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thank you anon

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Gods bless the people who do these things, in the United States and across the world.

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Is that you Tal Rasha?

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Could convert to sikhism. Those guys are basically paladins in turbans.

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That one is always a favorite! And maybe it is because of it that I always wobble between rogue and paladin when making a good character.

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Does anyone have the one of the bard pretending to be a paladin through the entire campaign?

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Be Sir Weyland.

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pretty much

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I am Baal! Lord of Destruction and your end.

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There are two stories along these lines I've read on /tg/.

In one of them the guy pretending to be the paladin and his party ends up leading a resistance against an orc or hobgoblin invasion. Or maybe it was an invasion by another country? At any rate they have some success and eventually the fake paladin is called on to fight a duel against the enemy champion.
He gets cut down and the rest of the party has to get in there and rescue him.
I don't recall the rest of that one very well.

In a different story a bard trying to con the party quickly gets in over his head and he has to keep playing the part when the other party members don't die in their first adventure.
Eventually picks up Cure Light Wounds to act as lay on hands and a bunch of other bard tricks to make it look like he as all of the Paladin abilities.
Becomes the inspiring party leader the others all rely on and look up to. Has gone too deep to simply swipe the party's cash and make a run for it.

BBEG shows up, beats down the party and reveals that their leader isn't a Paladin and laughs them all off.
Bard admits that its all true, it's been an act the whole time.
The rest of the party tells him that it doesn't matter. They were being led by him not just some act. As far as they're concerned he's been a Paladin since they met, never gave up and always lead them on noble causes.
After more encouragement that he IS a paladin they get him back into the fight and he Smite's Evil on the BBEG.

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Or the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre.

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I must find this man and drink with him. And if adventure should ensue, I will know my life was worth it.

Holy fuck what a hero, is what I meant to say.

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I'd just like to hear him taunt criminals with a Swedish accent.

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Is this meant to be Roland?

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