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A shadow is cast over the orbital structures and construction yards as they drift through space, bathing them in darkness as the wall of ship hull blocks out the dim light of the nearest few stars. The ship moves over the assembly of deep space construction yards, drifting out of the orbit of the slag-covered sunless world beneath the waystation ruins, its wings spanning across the entire field of assembly yards.

The massive drive wings, spanning nearly as far as the ship is long, begin to slowly sweep forward, arcing with energy as the ship's drive spools up. The craft seethes with fighters and clouds of swarm drones, flowing around its six kilometer spine like a flowing whirlpool, diving into its outstretched hangars as it flexes its missile racks with an aching groan, the launch tubes emerging like a forest across the hull before retracting again as the drive wings sweep forward, energy discharges arcing between them and the spine of the ship, and in a sudden burst of light that bakes the skin of the construction platforms and casts harsh shadows along the frozen crags of slag along the planet bellow, it is gone. Departed to regroup with the rest of the fleet.

On the surface of Leeland, thunder rolls across the horizon as the clouds above become momentarily illuminated, the shadows of low flying corvettes cast harshly in the mists above, and the sun becomes dimmer.

Welcome back to Hive Queen Quest!

>Archives http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Hive%20Queen%20Quest
>Twitter https://twitter.com/HiveQueenQuest
>Various pasta http://pastebin.com/u/QuestDrone
>FAQ ask.fm/QuestDrone
>Discussion page http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest_talk:Hive_Queen_Quest

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God dammit, I needed to sleep tonight

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>A shadow is cast over the orbital structures and construction yards as they drift through space

>bathing them in darkness as the wall of ship hull blocks out the dim light of the nearest few stars

>The ship moves over the assembly of deep space construction yards, drifting out of the orbit of the slag-covered sunless world beneath the waystation ruins, its wings spanning across the entire field of assembly yards.

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hell yeah!

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>The massive drive wings, spanning nearly as far as the ship is long, begin to slowly sweep forward, arcing with energy as the ship's drive spools up. The craft seethes with fighters and clouds of swarm drones, flowing around its six kilometer spine like a flowing whirlpool, diving into its outstretched hangars as it flexes its missile racks with an aching groan, the launch tubes emerging like a forest across the hull before retracting again as the drive wings sweep forward, energy discharges arcing between them and the spine of the ship, and in a sudden burst of light that bakes the skin of the construction platforms and casts harsh shadows along the frozen crags of slag along the planet bellow, it is gone. Departed to regroup with the rest of the fleet.
>On the surface of Leeland, thunder rolls across the horizon as the clouds above become momentarily illuminated, the shadows of low flying corvettes cast harshly in the mists above, and the sun becomes dimmer.

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So, now the question begging to be asked... can we make more than one?
Have several with different designs to fulfill different roles, perhaps?

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So do we load it up for a diplomatic mission or is it going to be defensive for now?

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Of course we can make more, they are just expensive and take a long time to construct.

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Sure, the Citadel is kind of stupidly overpriced with all the shit we added to it.

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So you're saying we need to make one stupidly bigger with even more stupid shit added to it?

Time to build one the size of a small protoplanet! We need larger shipyards.

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This is the ship. This is the ship to bring the fear of Mother to her enemies and trust to her friends. It will bring Vengeance to those who wronged out family. Vengeance.

I would like to vote, we name it Vengeance. Mothers Vengeance.

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>make one stupidly bigger with even more stupid shit added to it

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For Mother!

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>Time to build one the size of a small protoplanet! We need larger shipyards.
Sounds like a great Idea!

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Nah I like Sofa King for the name. It is designed to bring retribution to all who deny the Hive comfortable seating.

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We need to construct something like this.

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The Citadel is mostly an economic ship design, of the 121 modules allowed, we're using 23 for Solar Collectors
>Module: (23x) Solar Collector (+9,200N/Day) (23,000M)

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We still haven't made a planet sized couch.

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I played that game, and if somebody legit built that they don't have a fleet.

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>121 modules
wew lad

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It's not really an economic ship... The collectors were just to help pay for some cost while it was idle.

It's strength comes from it's hangar, swarms and missiles.

It also has a shit ton of bulkheads

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Eh... 23 for Solar Collection, and 98 for battle. And this ship is so stupidly expensive (worth it!) that it'll take so long to pay itself back from an economic standpoint we would have been much better off building the collectors straight up.

I see it as much more of a fleet support, and diplomatic ship.

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Sounds like we need another designed only for ravaging entire planets.

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Wait, if it's meant for fleet support shouldn't it have micro rip drive?

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Sorry, it's 124

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People thought putting Collectors on a battleship was a good idea for... what reason?

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Started construction on it before we had that tech.

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see this guys post

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The current design lacks a micro-factory, could we add that in? Seems rather vital for a mobile carrier/base

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I think a rip drive is probably a good idea to include on a hive ship - if not this one than on a hive ship built in the future. It will definitely help our slower allies keep up with hive fleets in the midst of campaigns and combat.

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Beats me. I don't really care much for ship design. From the notes back in... September 2015, here's what there is:

>A massive mobile fortress designed to act as an anchor for capillary towers. Its array of weapons and missile launchers allow it to a planet's orbit from any range while its internal hanger space provide an instant defense force once it has arrived at a claimed planet.

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Your clones quickly list their names as the two groups walk along the dark service tunnels. Your brawlers halt, sending the image of the faint thermal signatures to the rest of the clones. Hiromi and Feng both take notice.

"What-" They start to say, but your children cut them off with a sudden hand gesture. Your clones say nothing, but they quickly take positions as Peter walks past the two humans, whispering to them quickly.

"Looks like five up ahead. seventy meters distance around the next corner."

"These patrols are getting ridiculous." Feng says. "We can sneak past them, but it's going to be a detour." He says as he moves to one of the small alleyways. Hiromi tugs at his arm.

"Or, we could just deal with them. Be a good chance to make sure the prophets over here are for real." She says with a grin. Feng looks back at your drones.

"Alright, fine, you up for a quick fight? They're blocking the fastest route, but we'll need to do it quietly and quickly."

>Ambush the patrol
>Sneak around them
>Other (write in)

Historically most queens didn't have any, or they had one, but this limitation was simply due to their cost. Their primary role is force projection and logistics, as they are essentially a mobile hive. Smaller time queens had no need for them, and more notable queens typically only felt the need for one, two at the most, but there is no hard limit on the actual number you can build, and the Obsidian Queen seems to have many more than what was historically normal, as she has already lost two, one being killed by you and the other by Theseus, although she has far more territory than past queens, so they are likely spread out in a similar distribution.

However, while they are technically intended for logistics and force projection, they are also incredibly powerful in combat, especially yours.

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I guess I could go to the page and add one in, but fuck I don't want to re-calculate the fucking price again.

Did it like three times.

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alt f Citadel
Look at that price, it was a bit much at the time. The collectors are there to help cut the cost, and have a base to run to even if everything else goes belly up.

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sneak around them

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Good idea. Personally I'd also swap out some of the solar collector modules for a micro-factory. Maybe we can make some changes to ship design after the main thread?

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Why would't/don't we rip the collectors out and replace them with something else then? It seems like a waste otherwise. After all if its IN a battle, then something has posed a SERIOUS threat to us.

>Sneakie Breekie son

>> No.48333935

>>Ambush the patrol

>> No.48333937

>>Ambush the patrol

Make sure the survivalist loots them.

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>>Sneak around them

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>>Sneak around them
We are not your evening fucking entertainment lady.

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>Ambush the patrol
Show the riff-raff what we're capable of.

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One microfactory is fine.

But listen to what QD has said, even with those few collectors this thing is absurd in combat.

and I'd rather not muck with the design AGAIN.

Like I've said I've changed it like three times already.

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I take it that spinal mounted railgun is much, MUCH more powerful than any other ships railgun, right?

>> No.48333973

And as I said, if we NEED to deploy it, something has gone fucking tits up and all it can handle must be brought to bare.

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Also, I'm not sure if anyone missed it, but one of the reasons for the prophet names was to carry the illusion, at least for now, that the clones are followers and higher ups of that doomsday religion.

>Sneak around them
It's what we do

Very much so. Very very much so.

>> No.48333988

>Ambush the patrol

With special add on: Have our flies (they're accompanying our clones right?) put the patrol to sleep. Would be quite a feat to see the entire squad defeated before either they or our "allies" saw each other.

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Hey QuestDrone, how do you factor in things like bulkheads, various types of armors and shielding into rolls? Do they give us a bonus to DC's when taking hits or what?

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It already can handle everything. It has 5 cruise missile launchers and fucking 1860 fighters, not even counting the 1000 swarm drones.

There is literally nothing comparable to this behemoth. And with 50 bulkheads and multi-layer shields it's already nigh unkillable.

>> No.48334001

>sneak past them

>> No.48334009

>Sneak around them
No reason to stir up trouble and get the local PDF on alert.

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I would really like to know how he calculates speed and maneuverability too, that's a factor we've been sorely overlooking in our ship designs so far.

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You... seem to not understand that space is scary and DQ lost OD 2, and she may have a shit ton more.

>> No.48334030

Our ships are worth ten to one on hers, easily.

This monster can shred her comparable ships without any threat to itself.

I will add the microfactory though, which is luckily utility and not a module at all.

>> No.48334037

well when it sinks because it wasn't kitted out for the worse fights, I'll be the one laughing that it was unsinkable.

I just don't like large scale mobile ships like this as anything other then armored warships. Its fine, sorry to cause any problems.

>> No.48334042

>>Ambush the patrol

>> No.48334045

>There is literally nothing comparable to this behemoth. And with 50 bulkheads and multi-layer shields it's already nigh unkillable.

Don't underestimate her. No matter how much stagnation has happened over the past tens of thousands of years, she has had nothing to do in all this time apart from build whatever she wants and bully aliens.

>> No.48334058

No no, it's fine anon. I'll play the violin with you if it happens.

Having dissenting opinions is the spice of life afterall.



added the factory, QD can you retroactively deduct the costs? It's really a drop in the bucket honestly

>> No.48334068

>"nigh unkillable."

Welp, now we know we're going to lose the ship sooner or later. Thanks Anon.

>> No.48334076

I'll take that challenge.

Does anyone remember what weapon we replaced the wasp's sting casters with?

iirc it was a blaster but I don't remember.

>> No.48334078

if it sinks, we're gonna have an issue because we won't have another one ready unless we start on it now.

>> No.48334079

Here lies The Citadeltanic: Too Large To Sink

>> No.48334083

Then we'll just have to build a bigger, better one.

In fact, we should design another variant focused on strike craft support. A giant, star eclipsing fighter carrier.

>> No.48334099

I'd prefer one that focuses on planetary destruction actually, or blowing up really really big things. Like Star-bases.

>> No.48334106

that's a vast waste of resources mate, because we could use those stars, or planets. Something more along the lines of a battleship is much better if we're this large up.

>> No.48334107

>Sneak around them

Please give me 1d100, best of 3.

Yes. It's comparable to a cylinder server ship's own spinal mount and is, in terms of raw single strike damage potential, the most powerful ship mounted railgun in the quest. That said, it does only have two (one in this case) of them, while more combat dedicated ships like the battleship have more, with the battleship clocking in at five, which does help to make up for the loss in raw damage. You also can get a tremendous bonus to damage when firing at a target moving towards you at a high relative speed, granting the slug a greater total impact. With enough velocity, even fighter mounted guns can hit with quite a punch, and sub capitals can hit with similar force as capitals.

Of course, that works for the Hive ship just the same. If you were to have it accelerate to relativistic speed and shoot at... anything really, and score a hit, that "anything" would essentially just become nothing. Not that much in any faction's arsenal that could survive a direct relativistic impactor round from a hive ship.

Shields could be considered to, in mechanical terms at least, force a miss. The shields just absorb all damage until they fail, so all attacks essentially miss, unless they cause internal damage from shaking the ship around or have special abilities that bypass them. Armor could be considered to offer a kind of damage reduction, making hits that get through less severe, and bulkheads more or less just stack hit points on the ship.

Maneuvering is all relative. Literally. The closer the target is the easier it is to hit, and the faster the two targets are moving towards each other the more damage any weapons using physical components will do. The faster they are departing the less damage they will do, until they reach a point where they are outrunning each other's weapons. Ships with greater acceleration potential are harder to hit.

>> No.48334113

>only a fighter carrier
>not a mobile fighter factory
>hell, not a mobile frigate factory and carrier
>with tons of gunship hangars and factories as well
>and a shit ton of long-range weapons
>and ten metric shittons of point-defense and shields

At this point we'll need to figure out how to turn a planetoid into a capital capital capital ship, and weaponize it

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Why would you waste resources destroying a planet? Just make the ship solely focused on bombarding the planet with hive creep, spores and building capillary towers.

>> No.48334119

Then let's start building another one now! We can have an entire shipyard on Waystation devoted entirely to producing a steady stream of hive ships, one after another.

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Rolled 42 (1d100)

Sneaky beaky is sneaky.

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>> No.48334128

Rolled 18 (1d100)

Probably gonna be late but might as well

>> No.48334133

Rolled 54 (1d100)


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For Mother!

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Hivestar Remina!

>> No.48334156

for mother!

>> No.48334160

When I said planetary destruction I didn't mean cracking it, just removing all constructions on it. I forgot about hive creep however.

>> No.48334162

Sure. You were retrofitting it back and forth before it was done, so I was actually about to ask for a final confirmation on the design currently in the wiki. If you guys want to change out those solar collectors you can if you want.

>> No.48334170

Do the solar collectors really even do anything?

>> No.48334177

Rolled 84 (1d100)

You guys forgot to say it quietly. Here, for Mother.

>> No.48334179

Rolled 11 (1d100)

For Mother?

>> No.48334182

I'm fine with the current design.

There's nothing really more to add to it.

>> No.48334190

god damn it you're too late!

>> No.48334191

Could we possibly add gravity plating as well? If any of our ships are going to host high ranking negotiations with non hive life, it's going to be this one.

>> No.48334200

I'd rather not, the humans can deal.

>> No.48334204

Can we some-what gut the solar-collectors and get to work on an actual 'battleship' styled one of it? Just so we have a back-up because well... one is good, but two is fun.

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>> No.48334210

Hey QD, what did we change the wasp's weapons to?

remember you mentioning it the other thread but I can't recall what it was.

>> No.48334211

They apparently subsidize the upkeep, but that was before we renovated the resource system.

>> No.48334215

On the plus side, we can now show off our JOHJ-muscles.
Because subconsciously I've been using Johjs for our humanaclones.

>> No.48334217

We can add gravity plating to a small section. It's pointless for our drones and it's very expensive, but it's worth having a little bit in a single area to help scare visitors.

>> No.48334224

You know we have, actual fucking battleships right?

Look at was has been said, this thing is already absurd in combat.

Jesus people.

>> No.48334228

Wanting it to be even more absurd isn't a bad thing.

>> No.48334231


Well, when not in use, they will essentially just reduce the running upkeep of the ship itself, so I'll just give it two upkeep costs, one for when the collectors are deployed, and one when they're not, and when it's [awaiting orders] I'll just count the upkeep cost with the deployed collectors. A hive ship is a big enough asset that I'm still keeping track of them individually.

Sure, like I said, I was planning on confirming the wiki design since you had been working on it up until it was finished, so if you want to change it around a bit to add in new things you've unlocked since it started, that's fine.

Blasters, I believe. Got it written down somewhere but off the top of my head I think it was blasters.

>> No.48334235


We might want to consider adding some singularity projectors.

Also, we've got a free spinal mount to use.

>> No.48334247

>This thing is absurd in combat
>Nobody could ever sink it

You never studied naval battles have you in the real world? We're Small as shit compared to OQ and she has more time and resources then us. Also there is a saying, If you need it today you should've built it yesterday.

>> No.48334252

>Unity sends us to a nightclub called The Hive
You cheeky bastard, Theseus.

I am suddenly curious for the source of that image.
Please tell me you've got it?

>> No.48334258

>Also, we've got a free spinal mount to use.

Spinal hangar, it's where the 1860 fighters come from.

>> No.48334262

>Also, we've got a free spinal mount to use.
We don't. They only have two, and one is occupied by a hangar and the other with a rail gun, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Are you referring to the swarmers on our ships? I remember switching their default weapons to blasters a couple threads ago, but not anything about wasps.

>> No.48334272

Along with the huge ships, we should try to build a class of ship that can be produced by the billions and is cheap. Make it so that our enemies are worn down in a cloud of locust the size of a solar system.

>> No.48334275

No, someone brought up that Wasps have great synergy with weapons that have little to no recoil, the blaster and the cyclotron both don't have recoil.

I couldn't remember which weapon we had swapped it's sting casters for.

>> No.48334288

I would be OK with that. A "diplomatic apartment" of some sort.

It's actually fine, I think, if the citadel is partly economical. It's not meant to go into combat alone, and it should never go into combat alone. If we're attacking a planet, we don't need to destroy the planet, we just consume it with hive spores, and that's what the Citadel does. It parks its fat ass in orbit and poops on the planet until it's Hive-owned. Or it shows up in the center of a hive fleet and everybody shits their pants. A slugfest with auntie is going to involve more than the Citadel at any rate, the humans we can convince not to fight us, the Valen would think outright war is disastrous... the Void Gods don't give two shits about what's on the Citadel. The Ceph... well, we've never fought them, but I don't think there's anything we can do with the Citadel that will help us, more smaller ships are better here. I hope we don't have to fight Theseus, but this is just a case of "build more" rather than "improve the Citadel."

>> No.48334289

A cloud of ships large enough to block out the local star has about the same appeal of a single large ship doing the same, I'm for it.

>> No.48334300

Good idea. If this is our diplomacy ship (it sure seems like it) at least partial grav plating is an EXCELLENT idea. Bonus points for this thinker.

>> No.48334302

Thanks for the clarification. Still wanna see us throw around some black holes.

>> No.48334307

Theseus is one of the few people I would never want to fight.

His entire naval doctrine is designed around fuck huge mega ships that are fucking hard to kill.

>> No.48334310

What's the use of gravity plating again? Fuck it's been a long time.

>> No.48334317

If you guys really want the gravity plating, could you maybe make the calculations for me?

I'll add them to the page if enough people vote for it.

>> No.48334331

We should make one more stylized for warfare for each of our large fleets or one to deal with each faction in the off chance we need to..

>> No.48334340

What we should do is combine both the mega huge ships along with the mega huge swarm of ships to create something truly terrifying!

>> No.48334361

Plates under the floor that when charged simulate gravity. It's the same tech that we are using for some of our flying drones. True Artificial Gravity.

>> No.48334365

>Artificial gravity plating - A network of conduits and specialized semi-metallic plates laced with infinitesimal amounts of exotic matter gathered through passively through space travel are spread across the internal structure of a ship. When power is sent through the specialized plates they bend gravity locally to attract matter along its plane. The effect is a very light artificial gravity at low cost. The plates are incapable of creating a gravity field strong enough to directly cause harm, but can be altered or turned off at will.
>(1M per meter length of the ship)

If it's 1M per M length of ship and this is just a small diplomacy section, say, 1,000 square meters (the size of a medium-sized retail store), it can't be that much, can it?

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File: 6 KB, 110x160, KOhhN56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Theseus didn't decide the meeting place, the Lee Fanclub did.>>42212966

As for the sauce, can't post that on a Christian imageboard.

>> No.48334403

It takes a module spot...


I just really don't see huge need for it.

>> No.48334412

Wellll it's still a very cheeky coincidence.

Also just give a name of it?

>> No.48334418

oh boy oh boy oh boy

>> No.48334436


"You know a way around them?" Your clones ask. Feng nods.

"This way." He says as he pulls at a door nearby. "Damn, it's locked, give me just a bit here..." He says as he begins to pick at the lock. Your brawlers detect the thermal signatures of the approaching patrol.

"We don't have the time." Andrew says, and pushes Feng out of the way, priming his arm's pistol sledge, just slightly, and fires it with his palm over the door handle. The lock shatters with a ping, and the door clicks open.

"Alright, let's go, I think they heard you!" Hiromi says quickly as your clones file through the door. You hear a shout behind you and Feng hoists his air umbrella up like a rifle, twisting the handle and cocking it like a shotgun. It makes a soft woosh noise like some kind of air cannon and a small bolt flies from the end, hitting the first guard to turn the corner with a wet thud. He ducks back into the door as Hiromi places two devices along the wall next to the door as they follow you down the corridor. The two devices let out a loud beep, and a magnetic field pulls the door shut, slamming it tight as you hear banging from the other side.


Yea, that might be it. Like I said I have it written down somewhere but that's just off the top of my head. I may have been both, they do both work quite well with them due to their low recoil and high numbers they are typically deployed in.

I may sometimes forget what a certain unit's loadout is, but when they're sent into a fight I always have their stat sheets up on my second monitor, so I do assure you they always matter.

It just provides artificial gravity to a ship, space opera style. Other factions have either been using centripetal force or just dealing with zero-G up until now, and walking onto a ship with a proper up and down would be as mind-bogglingly revolutionary as witnessing the first motion picture film ever made.

>> No.48334451

1000 square meters might be small. I think. There is no upkeep. How about 4000?

It's a cool bit of tech, and intimidating as well. It would go very well with out "We are ancient and better than you" presentation.

The calculations are simple, it's just 1M per meter with no upkeep.

>> No.48334483

I wonder when we'll finally dissect the obsidian queen's wasps with their more flexible bodies and all the other things from that ship on Refuge.

We expect at least one of them in the wreckage.

>> No.48334486

>I may sometimes forget what a certain unit's loadout is, but when they're sent into a fight I always have their stat sheets up on my second monitor, so I do assure you they always matter.

I'd just as soon say that wasps have blasters now. The synergy is just really great.

I guess we'll hold a vote and I'll change the design after it's all finalized.

>> No.48334489

>but when they're sent into a fight I always have their stat sheets up on my second monitor, so I do assure you they always matter.
Oh, neat. I always wondered just how much mattered and how much was simply fluff.

>> No.48334491

Whoever said artificial gravity is expensive is dead wrong.

>> No.48334495

I honestly think QD forgot about that after all this stuff that's been going down.

>> No.48334500

Does the fire rise?

>> No.48334507

well fuck clearly we need to layer that in the 'diplomatic' part of rooms.

>> No.48334523

We can just make a diplomacy cruiser with the plating. Citadel is intimidating enough when it shows up, fucks up whatever was bothering us and leaves silently.

>> No.48334550

>intimidating enough
Implying mother can ever inspire enough awe/terror

>> No.48334553

Wonder how costly it would be to cloak that big bastard.

>> No.48334555

A single apartment with grav plating is cool, but I'd also be fine with equipping the entire ship with it. Considering how much it's already cost, 6200M is less than a drop in the bucket with this. Plus, it would make boarding it incredibly disorienting, as we could reverse the gravity fields in certain sections or even point it entirely different directions. What was once a wall becomes a floor and what was the floor from the other end of the passage is now the roof. Fun times.

>> No.48334560


The replaced module would be a Solar Collector, bringing the number of Collectors from 23 to 22.

The price is 1 M to each square meter, very very cheap. No upkeep.

>> No.48334561

We have over a hundred module spots. It might be worth it just to feed mother's superiority sense.

>> No.48334565


The two humans catch up to your clones as they both run down a small, slender hall of pipes and conduits. The loud banging continues on the door behind you, until it eventually flies open, and the two devices each erupt in an explosion, igniting a shaped charge that incinerates the wall they were on.

"There's another team up ahead." Your clones say as your brawlers detect their heat and hear their footsteps. The door ahead is a solid metal door, just the same as the last, a team of four stands ready on the other side, likely preparing to breach.

>Have your clones charge in and attack headfirst
>Have your drones stop and wait for them to breach
>Other(write in)

We did get a bit swept up in happenings to pay attention to the thinkers. I'll be going over the research this week though, and the drones are still combing the wreck for intact bodies and will send them back for dissection and genetic study when they find them.

>> No.48334577
File: 18 KB, 480x360, 1445932060418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if we mount an extra-large version of the psionic cannon for the spinal mount? Or two?

>> No.48334578

>>Have your clones charge in and attack headfirst

Surprise attack

>> No.48334579

Indeed. We have more than enough resources to spend a few thousand (or even tens of thousands) to appear properly superior and intimidating. Into the Hive ship it goes.

>> No.48334580

>Have your drones stop and wait for them to breach
>Ambush them after they breach

>> No.48334581

>>Have your clones charge in and attack headfirst
Hopefully before they set up the breaching charges. We can't get bogged down.

>> No.48334582

>>Have your clones charge in and attack headfirst

>> No.48334586

>>Have your clones charge in and attack headfirst
Attack before they can get into position.

>> No.48334591

I agree with this anon, the entire ship should have grav plating.

>> No.48334592

AW shit I have to get to bed or else I won't be able to work tomorrow

>> No.48334595

>>Have your drones stop and wait for them to breach

>> No.48334597

Pretty sure hive ship spinal mount is the /default/ psicannon size.

>> No.48334599

>Kool aid man time. Headfirst sneak attack.

>> No.48334602


Please no, for fuck's sake

>> No.48334604

The cannons can /only/ be a primary mount anon.

>> No.48334613

>>Have your clones charge in and attack headfirst

No time for sneaking this time. Time to lay a spectacular beatd-own on this patrol for our new friends.

>> No.48334615

Actually, the hives ship is the only ship template a psionic cannon can be mounted on. Anything else has to be a stationary structure to support it.

>> No.48334617

That sounds like fun shenanigans.
>boarders fighting through swarms of warriors through the hallways
>suddenly all our drones scuttle up the wall and cling to the ceiling
>before the boarders can even utter a confused 'what' the gravity shifts and they all slam into what is now the floor

>> No.48334636

Why are you against it? It costs us next to nothing compared to the default cost of the citadel, and could even help resist hostile boarding actions by disorienting the hell out of them.

>> No.48334654

Alright, this is actually reasonable. I made a new poll, sorry for the repeat. Please vote again.


>The replaced module would be a Solar Collector, bringing the number of Collectors from 23 to 22.

>The price is 1 M to each square meter, very very cheap. No upkeep.

>> No.48334667

>Have your clones charge in and attack headfirst

Please roll 1d100, best of 3.

Honestly it probably should have some upkeep, but when I was stating it out I thought it was just too damn neat to tax you for it, so I just made it less tactically useful and unable to cause damage.

Although it can still mess with people. It can't slam a boarding party into a wall, but it can make the hallway they're in start spinning like the hotel in Inception.

>> No.48334668

I want you to take a good hard look at how big that ship is.

A good, hard look.

That is a lot of metal, and just putting it everywhere willy nilly does literally nothing.

It will never be boarded, even if it was we could repel boarders with the greatest of ease.

It is superfluous is what I'm trying to say.

>> No.48334677

Rolled 11 (1d100)

for mother
since yelling it last time had negative effect

>> No.48334678

The entire hive ship can basically be considered a huge ego trip. Not that we don't deserve it, of course, but adding something useful that costs us almost nothing seems like a given considering how pimped out the Citadel/Titanic already is.

>> No.48334680

Rolled 16 (1d100)


>> No.48334681

Rolled 69 (1d100)

I now understand how the fucking salty terraforming anon feels.

fucking hell.

For Mother

>> No.48334692

Rolled 33 (1d100)


>> No.48334696

The main reason is the number of men need to bored a hive ship successfully would be astronomical and only another hive could bring that much man power to bear so it would be pointless

>> No.48334697

Rolled 69 (1d100)

For Mother!

>> No.48334698
File: 19 KB, 160x160, vu94QCH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, Onee-chan! Will You Play With Me?

>> No.48334703


>> No.48334704


For fuck's sake people, humans would never risk boarding the goddamn thing and it would only provide a momentary distraction for the OQ.

Jesus, you're turning into children who want the shiny thing because it's just fucking there.

>> No.48334706

But it's not. It's not expensive at all. And yeah it's superfluous, but it's also fun. Unless you think it's out of character to get it.

>> No.48334709

I'm not saying that these clones should be recycled, but they should really be disappointed in themselves.

>> No.48334715

But the sewer hive under New Tokyo is still being established!

It really is late at night.

>> No.48334726

It's about 6,000M. For a single ship. That already costs very nearly half a million metal units. Christ you're miserly.

>> No.48334730

The queen who has so far played an enormous paranoia filled intrigue game with various factions?

Fuck man, it's just a waste of metal and just dumb.

Leave it at 1000 meters or whatever the fuck you think it needs to be, but it's a waste at the full ship size because it literally does nothing mechanically.

>> No.48334736

The cost is negligible, so I'm really not understanding why you hate it unless you think it's out of character for us to get it. Which I don't think is true.

>> No.48334741

So... what? Who cares? If anyone's being a child about it here it's you.

>> No.48334748
File: 47 KB, 162x218, disappointed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, it's slightly better.

>> No.48334750

You sound pretty salty about this anon. Which is a pretty big reaction for merely 6200M.

>> No.48334756

Well it is VERY shiny...

>> No.48334759


The queen doesn't have a fucking character. She's always been an amalgamation of whatever cheeky bullshit anon and QD wants to say or do.

I'd prefer a real excuse for doing something stupid.

This is turning into one of those

"Hurr durr you don't like it so I do!" Momments.

well what fucking ever

>> No.48334777

Think of it this way a cruiser is 2000m base so we would be wasting two to three cruiser chases for a gimmick

>> No.48334780

It's 2 in the morning and I don't like lol so random bullshit in muh quests.

I was even on board for the terraforming thing just because it was neat. But this is just superfluous.

>> No.48334782

Let's build three cruisers too.

>> No.48334783


I don't really think we can do it partially anyway. It's there or it isn't.

>> No.48334788

This is a really silly thing to argue about, the price is small, it has several uses, including leaving a huge impression on anyone who sees it.

Several reasons have already been written out, one of them by QD. I think you're just pissy anon.

>> No.48334790

this too honestly, metal we could be using on useful stuff wouldn't be wasted.

>> No.48334795

>I think you're just pissy anon

>implying implications

don't imply tone on the internet

>> No.48334812

My idea of another hive class battleship is stupid. Fucking grav-plate cunt has backers. Come on guys. ;-;

>> No.48334813
File: 957 KB, 540x304, 1453142390915.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Metals: 26,758,179M

>> No.48334821

Of course it's superfluous, it's function is mostly limited to hosting diplomatic events, but that is far from useless by any standard. Also, I've been saying we should add gravity plating for at least 10 threads now and on the wiki, so I can at least assure you that I've given this some thought.

>> No.48334826

It's ok anon, I don't think it's stupid.

I also like having gravity plating to impress visitors, so maybe I'm easy to please.

>> No.48334830

Just because you want something doesn't mean it needs to be everywhere.

1000m? sure whatever

the whole ship? just a waste at that point.

Please see where I'm coming from.

>> No.48334841

Yay, And I have no issue with Graivity plating if its where any visitors would be but that's not the whole ship.

>Hey guys we should stuff ourselves with all this food
>Oh fuck niggah, Where did our food go?

>> No.48334842

At least you're honest it's solely for the neat factor.

The notion that terraforming was practical, necessary, or in any way optimal was just bullshit. It was just fun.

>> No.48334848

Pretty much, also I'm pretty sure the plants that need more terraforming like gray stalk produce greater dividends EVENTUALLY

>> No.48334849

I thought that too, but I decided the full experience of gravity from entrance to rest to exit was better than a section of it.

I'm not the guy your talking with,

>> No.48334857

I do see where you're coming from, I just respectfully disagree with the conclusions you arrived at.

5000M in a single use is nothing to us at this point, and if we're going to use it one section of the ship there is literally no harm in applying it to the rest of the ship. It's quite unlikely but if hostile agents get loose on the ship we can have a ball flipping the gravity on and off and in different directions just to mess with them.

>> No.48334864

yeah, 26 million metal is really going to disappear from plating a ship

>> No.48334872


>> No.48334877

>It's quite unlikely but if hostile agents get loose on the ship we can have a ball flipping the gravity on and off and in different directions just to mess with them.
With a speaker clinging to the ceiling chattering nonsense at them all the while.

>> No.48334884

>>Metals: 26,758,179M
>Stuffing ourselves
Anon, plz. I understand your argument but I would like you to understand you're going ballistic of nothing.

Why does this keep happening to anons? Around 2 am EST everyone gets salty af over the most random things, and all the crazy ideas get posted. We just aren't sleeping enough people.

>> No.48334894

Don't get caught up in the small stuff. Some anons like their fluff one way, if it makes them happy let it happen. Other times you might want the fluff a certain way and anons will let it happen. It's not important and it's not out of character. If you think it's out of character speak up and I'd understand.

We need less arguing and more crazy ideas.

>> No.48334902

Oh this is Hive-battleship anon. I just don't see the need for a FULL ship to be gravit plated. I have no issue with a small bit.

I'm fucking FULL of soda and have dual ear-infections.

>> No.48334903
File: 342 KB, 1000x573, sewer_by_camilkuo-d64n30c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The brawlers sprint forward ahead of the rest, their arm blades extending as they charge the door. At the same moment, the metal warps in, fracturing and peeling apart as an explosive charge rips open the door and hits the first two brawlers in the chest with a wave of force, ripping into them as the shockwave blasts them back. The next two dive under and leap over the first two, bringing their blades down on the troopers as small arms fire rips into the brawler's torsos.

One closes the distance, sinking a blade into the first trooper's neck and another blade in his side between a pair of ribs, while the other swings a punch that arcs a quick bolt of electricity into the trooper's head as his face implodes from the impact and bits of bone rattle against the inside of his helmet and ripping into the water at their feet.

A third trooper brings a shotgun up at the ready, and a wave of concussive force rips into a clone's chest, tearing open the skin and cracking the reinforced sternum as the clone Bartholomew flies back against the wall.

Peter leaps through the door, his arm lashing out and ripping the skin as it stretches the distance, a sting whip lashing out and reeling in the trooper into his grip with a quick crack of whiplash, and a knife thrown from the clones in the back lands firmly between the eyes of the last of the human forces. Peter jerks his elbow, and the human in his grip twitches with a brief crack, and he drops the body absently.

"Oh shit!" Hiromi says as she looks to your injured clones. Bartholomew sits with his chest exposed, the flesh peeled back of the greenish black plate of metallic chitin beneath which has been cracked and bent inward. "Are they-" She starts to ask, and he looks up at her in the eye. She jumps back in momentary disbelief as your drones stand up, several of them cracking limbs back into their joints or quickly taping strips of flesh back on with tape, wrapping their arms where skin hangs like torn cloth.


>> No.48334912

better yet having the lights being flickering on and off at random while the G direction gets swapped around to force the intruder to stumble while Arm Ball Man slowly cartwheels down the hall after them.

>> No.48334920

Dyson spheres!
Ring worlds!
A ship or fleet type dedicated to planetary

>> No.48334931

That's actually what i wanted to make so they could split and join the raiding fleets and the main fleet in a blitzkrieg maneuver.

>> No.48334933

Militarized balls of blaster arms.
Not arms with plasters, just all blasters.

>> No.48334937

Oops. That hurt.

>> No.48334947

ooo plaster arms, like a medic drone he just cartwheels over the wounded

>> No.48334948

fucking kek

>> No.48334949

I still say we try to replace the acid sacks in our warrior drones with one that can cause rapid regeneration or being them back to life

>> No.48334951

>quickly taping strips of flesh back on with tape, wrapping their arms where skin hangs like torn cloth.
Haha, these guys were a worthy investment.

>> No.48334954

>zombie bugs from outer space

>> No.48334956

They're worried about the damage.

>> No.48334964

So long as we're talking about ship fleets, anon who designed the Fast Assault Fleet here, is it too late to suggest modifying the Fast Battlecarriers? If possible I'd like to replace one of their spinal guns for a micro-rip drive. Obviously this will allow the ship to unload it's swarmers and strike craft from light years away, but with this the fleet as a whole will be able to redeploy all of its sub capitol craft the same way, complementing their intended role. Also consider that with the rip drive added to the battlecarrier this will allow the Fast Assault Fleet to open up to 5 worm holes in space time at once. Here's the updated design.

====Fast Battlecarrier====
Hull: Battlecruiser 2000N 2500M
Size: 300 Meters
Module Limit: 6
Spinal Mounts: Railgun (x2) 600M
Turrets: Blaster (x8) 200M
Fixed: LPB (x16) 320M
Auxiliary: Autocannon (explosive) (x10) 160M
Armor: Standard
Power: Fusion Core: 360N 1800M
Utility: Multi-layer shields 300N 900M
Utility: Rapid damage control 45N 60M
Utility: Spinal Hanger 10800N 5400M (30 shuttles 90 fighters)
Utility: Microfactory 100N 300M
Utility: Micro-rip dive 3000N 6000M
Module: Swarm hangar (x2) 1200N 600M
Module: Drop Pod Launcher (x2) 100N 200M
Module: Boarding Pod Launcher (x2) 100N 200M
Total Cost: 18005N 19240M
Upkeep: 9002N

>> No.48334965

That's the opposite of the purpose of the acid sacks. we need them to be self-destructible to protect trade secrets.

>> No.48334975

Now I really just want to see what the Kaiju adaptation and the tribble adaptation are.

I want to make Megalon guys, or Mothra or Megaguirus

>> No.48334977

Yeah, no matter how good we are, or how badly we can fuck up, when it comes to sneaky stuff - when push comes to shove the hive kicks absolute ass.

>> No.48334978

>e jumps back in momentary disbelief as your drones stand up,
Shh children go back to founding that sewer hive.

>> No.48334989 [DELETED] 

Lets leave that for the end of the thread

>> No.48335000

Exactly it for the front lines when trade secrets don't matter and winning does

>> No.48335043

The only other idea I had was to switch from an insectoid design to an arachnid one side additional limbs that can be used either as arms for more weapons or legs for more speed and stability.

>> No.48335070

except trade secrets always matter.

If the OQ can capture our units she in effect gets a baseline for all of our soldier based research, same for anyone else but OQ is the worst case.

That's why its in our warriors also even though we don't send them on sneak missions. if we need to win we just send in more drones. they are infinitely replaceable.

>> No.48335094

We can control gravity
We can create strong bonding agents
Our creep can grow extremely quickly over things


I call it, EoE 3.33

>> No.48335201

Well while I question the soundness of sending a bunch of suicide bombers to hit in a war opposed to soldiers that come back to life after they die it's a pointless discussion since it would never be considered anyway

>> No.48335209

"Alright, good to go." Bartholomew says. Feng looks blankly at him.

"How?" He asks simply.

"I'm not a candy-ass." He snaps back. "Now lead the way." Feng looks at him for a moment, glancing down at the torn patches of gore hanging from his chest. Bartholomew rips a long lose strip absentmindedly as he returns eye contact.

"Right, this way." Feng says. He quickly begins to move down the service tunnels, leading your clones through a twisting maze of run down sewers and drain canals, climbing ladders and stairways leading deeper into the depths of the city's underbelly until they reach a large floodgate left cracked open. Feng and Hiromi stand side by side and wave your clones through, moving in behind them as they enter the poorly lit chamber.

"I can still see you. You better hope you're a good shot because I won't go down in one with your pee-shooter." Bartholomew says loudly, detecting the heat of well over a dozen humans aiming weapons from several balconies above. A moment later a spotlight turns on with a loud crack, casting the silhouette of a man standing in front of it.


>> No.48335231

>"I can still see you. You better hope you're a good shot because I won't go down in one with your pee-shooter."

D'awwwww he's trying to be like uncle Lyle

>> No.48335258

>"I'm not a candy-ass."
I like our clones.

>> No.48335333

Hang on, are any of our clones armed with ranged weaponry right now?

>> No.48335344

Does the sting whip count?

>> No.48335346

"You don't disappoint." He says. "I apologize for the guards. You see we had no real way to be sure if you really are who you say you are, which... you didn't, or more Union agents, which we do need to deal with periodically." The man begins to walk towards a flight of stairs leading down to the large empty flood basin where your clones stand. A loud thud marks each step he makes, as he holds a cane tightly in one hand. You get a better view of him as he walks into the better light. He is a light skinned male, likely in his late forties, although that's assuming he's had little access to modern medicine this deep in the sewers. A shoddy looking mechanical foot thumps against the ground as he limps on it, the mechanical leg slightly shorter than the natural one, and the sleeve of his coat hangs lose and empty. Burns cover half of his face that seem half treated, the scars chipped at with fresh surgical marks, and the eye amid the scar tissue is white, and obviously sightless, the skin around it malformed into a tight wad of flesh stretched around the eye.

"You'll have to forgive my appearance. It can be hard to get properly fitted cybernetics on short notice down here. I have a few being produced now, but, well, delays and excuses are all I've heard. Medical professionals tend to be a bit squirly regarding smuggling their wares to terrorists." He props his cane on his hip, and holds out his hand. The closest clone shakes it.

"A firm grip. I don't think I've ever seen augs quite like those before." He says. "Maybe you could share your source sometime, but for now, I am sure you have questions." He firmly taps his cane on the ground several times, and the guards above lower their weapons. Another human, someone in a shoddy looking tactical vest and a ski mask runs up with a folding chair, setting it up before quickly leaving, and the man takes a seat.


>> No.48335354

"My name is David Kent. Although I doubt you'd believe that's not just an alias, as I do yours, but for the sake of its function, what really is the difference?" He says as he props his cane into the legs of his chair. "Now please, ask what you will and I'll try to answer as truthfully as I am able."

>Write in

It was a Brawler that made the threat. They have short ranged weapons and melee for the most part.

>> No.48335362

How did you get baited so easily into helping the Union fake Lee's death?

>> No.48335376

Ask what their interest is with Lee.
Ask what "Kent" hopes to accomplish in this meeting.

BTW, do any of our clones have the psionic upgrades to read intentions (like lying?)

Also, if possible offer to provide access to a "skilled medical agent" that will be able to fix him up.

>> No.48335381

helping *the government* fake Lee's death.

You want proof that Lee is alive, no doubt. What would satisfy? Imposters are obviously possible to create. Something only Ryan would know?

>> No.48335392

Like he said, we can share a bit of our source in due time.

Like after our New Tokyo hive is up and running and has plenty of bio-tanks for implanting the guy with a parasite.

>> No.48335400

What do you know of Ryan Lee, and what is your interest in him now? What's your angle in all this?

>> No.48335404

kek qd
i thought you werent going to run all morning

>> No.48335429

Alright, with this, I think I need to call it. Already ran much longer than I had planned, and do have work in the morning, so we'll need to just start off the next thread here.

I'll try to stick around for a moment, but I'm about to conk out.

I really do need to stop getting carried away like this.

>> No.48335438

im not complaining

>> No.48335443

Be safe mate. See you later.

>> No.48335446

Are you going to stop running so frantically now? Gonna burn yourself out running three days a week, so back to Sundays?

>> No.48335457

Night boss.

Want me to add anything to the ship design or nah?

>> No.48335460

Oh you bastard. You made him call it halfway and making a cliffhanger.

>> No.48335465
File: 70 KB, 750x499, pointwhereweneededtostop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

QD is this you.

So we should get all our questions out now so they're in the update next week?

>> No.48335479

ayy lmao

>> No.48335482

Yea, I'll probably not be able to run any extra bonus thread this week.

Go nuts.

That's up to you guys. You're the ones paying for it, afterall.

>> No.48335500

The fuck is an air umbrella?

We seem to be working with the Penguin.

>> No.48335516

..He just sent four of his men to his death as a test to us?

What kind of a cult he runs that he can get away with treating his followers this way?

>> No.48335518

So Kent, do all your associates have such amazingly colorful fashion taste?

>> No.48335522

Well since we're at the end of the thread let's discuss our plans.
>When will we attack OQ and how.
>Should we invade the union with the commonwealth and Theseus when killinger tries to fuck with us? Or hold back so the pastor gets elected and hope he doesn't go VOID VULT when he sees the footage?
>How invested should we be with the scav invasion?
>What should we discuss with our allies?
>What should we build?

>> No.48335525

Goodnight QD. Thanks for the run. Make sure you schedule some time off for yourself!

>> No.48335539

He said guards you retard. The guards that had their weapons pointed at us when he said that.

But it's past 4am I can forgive misreadings.

>> No.48335553

To all points but the last one:

Wait till scouting pods are written

>> No.48335556

In response to one of your questions:
I say we go all in on the scav invasion. They have many "good" planets we can take, for one. We really need to consume a planet and turn it into one that can just pump out ships constantly. It'll free up the Commonwealth a bit and we really don't want to seem like flaky allies. At this point they have put a tremendous amount of trust in us, having the grand Marshall meet in person and showing us their inner command center, as well as involving us in plans against the Union. Right now we need to show such trust is warranted if we want our word to mean anything to most factions going forward.

Once we have those parasites off our back, we'll be free to pursue the Union or OQ free from annoying distractions and with possible Commonwealth backing.

>> No.48335566

>They have many "good" planets
Name one.

>> No.48335572

This. We can really let loose on them and test all our shiny new diabolical weaponry on them. We can utterly and completely annihilate them without fear.

>> No.48335576

>We really need to consume a planet

Just setting it to 50% is fine, look at leeland it gives us an enormous amount of resources.

Of course I'm staunchly anti-ending native biospheres so hey

>> No.48335578

Seriously is this umbrella another random bit of human tech mentioned in passing like the privy coat that we're gonna have to reverse engineer the crunch of because we saw it in the fluff?

>> No.48335586

Kent, did you guys happen to see all the xeno-rights pamphlets about the recently martyred Lee? >>47982375

>> No.48335595

I agree with much of what you said except the "Consume a planet" which I'll assume is core mining, which i disagree on.
Unless you're talking about the barren worlds in which case i agree if we can't reverse the toxin and radiation.
This is an important question, got to know if he's an asshole.

>> No.48335599

Kent, there is something Lee had, that he'd probably want to share.

His Pathian cartoons.

Well also some Darwinian photos he downloaded off SpaceChan that are heavily censored. But mostly the cartoons.

>> No.48335603

I'm pretty sure 'consume a planet' means the rapid and aggressive spread of hive creep and airborne spores.

>> No.48335608

Okay, There's the puffy gas giant that's exceptionally easy to mine. We can probably do something with that to create a ton of nutrients.

There's also an unnamed star near the border of Commonwealth space we could colonize. It has a world that is literally made of diamond and other structures, as well as a few barren and toxic worlds.

We also might get more valuable information from when we get scouting reports back (I think? I hope we sent some to undiscovered/explored scav worlds)

>> No.48335610

Essentially going full Flood or Tyranid.

>> No.48335611

>It'll free up the Commonwealth a bit

Why cure a disease when you can treat it forever? It's more beneficial for us to remain needed. An ally who's desperate is way more valuable than one who is safe and secure.

>> No.48335616

>Being a jew to the commonwealth.
That's a good way to lose an ally.

>> No.48335618

Who cares about diamond world? The scavs don't even own that, they aren't even in that system.

Because it's barren and worthless. Pretty but worthless.

>> No.48335625


Yeah, by consume I just meant quickly and maximally develop. We don't have the tech (yet) to destroy a planet altogether. How much we want to develop is up for debate, although dead worlds benefit from us not having to worry about pesky wildlife.

>> No.48335630

>got to know if he's an asshole
Who cares about that.

We want to know if they're the ones who wrote that dreck.

>> No.48335641

I don't think you get how this 'desperate' thing works. They literally need us, and have zero reason to suspect we're Jewing them so long as we keep their border worlds safe.

>> No.48335646

Except core mining, which turns the world barren and ruining any future possibilities for farming.

>> No.48335650

I thought we were good space bugs, anon. Good space bugs with an end goal of galactic peace and an age of prosperity for all the lesser races.

>> No.48335665

That's not mutually exclusive with ensuring our supply of Canderon lasts as long as possible. If the Scavs go extinct and we stop being needed that payment goes away.

We agree to keep them safe, not to solve all their problems as fast as inhumanly possible. Exterminating our rival takes priority over the Scavs.

>> No.48335670

So first target to remove is scavs, what should we do after that, especially after having gained the commonwealths trust and favor?
And what about the union and killinger?

>> No.48335683

>first target to remove is scavs
No, OQ is always priority.

As soon as psionic cloaking is unlocked, and worlds are scouted, we will have good opportunities for targeting her.

>> No.48335684

There's that one primordial terran-esque planet that just missed getting life. A few more in the expanse we could claim too, like that one that was mentioned earlier, darwin I think.

>> No.48335702

Just take the whole Expanse, it'd be about as easy as taking Darwin. They really want that shit and the Canderon at Telarum.

We need to conquer Telarum so we can reverse engineer their star drills and make our own anyway.

>> No.48335714

We don't know the details of the Canderon trade deal, it could end after the scavs are defeated, or it could be a set time or quantity that we will get regardless if the scavs are removed or not.
OQ is priority, but her size and strength means it will be a lengthy fight, we have a short amount of time to remove someone else and get more territory.

>> No.48335718

Peace was never an option.

>> No.48335724

Thanks for running QD

>> No.48335726

Remove the scavs quickly, claim their territory, move on to OQ after perhaps enlisting the help of the Commonwealth. Maybe even the Union too?

>> No.48335746 [DELETED] 

What we really need is to take Refuge back.

Throne is ripe for core mining since it's already been immolated, and there may be 3 dead void shards floating around leftover from Mother's last stand if Auntie hasn't found them yet.

>> No.48335752

>Enlisting the help of humans.
Don't get their navy involved or OQ will get a lot more research, just have them trade us resources to support our war.
And what should we do with the union? Killinger is cunt supreme and the pastor might turn it into a void cult, should we tell the commonwealth we're joining the war because the union preformed the greatest heresy?

>> No.48335758

Definitely take throne and any systems in the way when we begin to invade.

>> No.48335761

That's why we can build fusion farms orbiting gas giants. Technically we don't need solid planets except if we have valuable infrastructure already established there, or we want it for aesthetic reasons.

>> No.48335774

She is large but she already ceded one system, Patherfound, to Theseus.

She can be driven back and consider certain systems not worth fighting over after a short battle. Reprieve is a top candidate.

>> No.48335781

What we really need is to take Reprieve back.

Throne is ripe for core mining since it's already been immolated, and there may be 3 dead void shards floating around leftover from Mother's last stand if Auntie hasn't found them yet.

>> No.48335792

What territory?

They're fucking nomadic raiders.

The benefits from exterminating them are... paltry, by all appearances. One gas giant that they use to refuel.

Bickering over star systems with our relative provides better prizes.

>> No.48335820

If we keep the scavs, we'll be tying down both our and Commonwealth's forces repelling their attacks.
The alliance will be useless.

By killing scavs, we can pull their forces into our fights.

Contain the union, dissuade them from fucking with any more crystals.

Then OQ with all our buddies.

>> No.48335836

>a lengthy fight, we have a short amount of time to remove someone else and get more territory.

We don't have to remove people all at once. That's silly.

We already took Refuge from the bitch. That was extremely beneficial.

You underestimate the considerable size of the Scav fleet, and they don't really even have planets they need to defend. Just themselves.

>> No.48335838

Can someone give thread number or short remind of why our clones went to meeting in first place?

That diamond and toxin worlds would be perfect for core mining.

>> No.48335840

>OQ with all our buddies

No, you fool. Don't give an enemy hive free samples.

She's a fight we must do on our own, with suicide nuke equipped ships, as much as possible.

>> No.48335852

We are getting Canderon where before we barely had any.

Our fleets grow constantly. Budgeting some ships to intercept anticipated Scav raids costs us very little, especially as our Blink Drive allows instantaneous travel between Leeland and the Commonwealth.

We're not like warp drive humans where being 'spread thin' is actually relevant due to traveling longer distances taking more time.

>> No.48335853

>Contain the union, dissuade them from fucking with any more crystals.
But killinger's to much of a supreme cunt to pass up a superweapon even when threatened, the pastor might be better if he doesn't surrender to the void god like emmerich.

>> No.48335863

He won't be better. It's fairly safe to say that as Killinger's probable successor he will only be worse.

>> No.48335876

If there are no scavs, there IS no alliance. They are the entire reason the Commonwealth is so thirsty for first contact in the first place.

>> No.48335893

>You underestimate the considerable size of the Scav fleet
I'm assuming their fleet is smaller that OQs fleet and that they are generally weaker in every other field when compared to a hive.
So join the Commonwealth against the union before the pastor converts everyone to a void god cult, take the expanse and shift focus to OQ while Theseus and Commonwealth finish the remnants?

>> No.48335894

So next week we'll have to have crunch vote on building Psionic Sensor Towers on Raligha, Leeland, and the moon in Refuge.

Those are probable Obsidian Queen targets after all.

Actually would psionic sensors successfully bypass the fuckery field that surrounds Refuge.

>> No.48335903

Are you kidding. The OQ doesn't even have basic defensive shields, and the Scavs have multi layered shielding.

Their ships are generally better equipped than any of hers, having stolen tech from various civilizations no doubt.

>> No.48335919

No, 'make friends and wage war with them' is not the solution to a rising demagogue.

Only subterfuge can stop the disaster. We prop Killinger up as the lesser of two evils, ideally as a hive puppet, or start Covert Infiltration hives that can use mass psionic manipulation to shift poll numbers in a direction we want that's less insane than humans currently are.

>> No.48335932

I think you are overestimating how desperate the commonwealth is and how much they can tolerate being jewed, if they weren't desperate enough to crawl to the valen for help what makes you so sure they will tolerate us prolonging the raids for a Canderon trade deal that might not even depend on the constant threat? >>48335714

>> No.48335947

Or we could let the commonwealth take the union territory while Theseus and us take the expanse.

>> No.48336039

We should make another citadel hive ship

>> No.48336150

Better yet
Make ten
Make them be able to voltron together into a megahiveship

>> No.48337262

So both Swarm drones and Wasps carry blasters finally?

Wasps should also carry lightning guns mixed in

>> No.48338500

Just got up, ended up just using a sick day. Figured since the thread is still up I could stick around for questions and discussions and the like.

>> No.48338560

Can we make a psionic panic room like what >>48328076 suggested?

>We need to build a panic room with this directly adjacent to the Queen in case the Void God focuses too closely.
>Build it directly below the throne room, fit the floor between with explosive bolts so she can drop down in an instant, then a spring-loaded roof of the shield material rolls overhead.
>The room should contain non-hive comms equipment to connect us safely to Theseus and Elizabeth, who can them act as our surrogate psi controller if necessary, allowing us to isolate ourselves from the rest of the Hive without completely losing control of it

>> No.48338614

How weird is the communication blackout going on in the union, was it expected when the commonwealth negotiation crashed?

>> No.48338625

Can we make more ships?
>10 Heavy Battlefleets
>5 Missile Ambush fleets
>5 OQ Raiding fleets

>> No.48338849

When will we introduce heretic/theseus to the commonwealth?

Are we going to plan a long term alliance with the commonwealth or is this just temporary measure against unity/scav/void god?

>> No.48338899

It would certainly be quite debilitating for you. You would lose control of the entire hive for the duration of the emergency.

>> No.48338922

Sorry, this is me. Dropped the trip when posting in a worldbuilding thread.

>> No.48339001

But would it be an equal trade compared to the Queen being permanently incapacitated in some way by a psionic attack.?

>> No.48339012

Not to a biological based life form. Diamond is carbon, which is one of the most used elements in life, its why we are "carbon-based lifeforms".

Matter is always useful, we can mine the carbon and mass react it with the gas from a gas giant to make serious amounts of nutrients.

>> No.48339377

I couldn't say for sure, but such a room would in effect turn over the entire hive to thinker command for the duration of your stay within it.

>> No.48339458

We really should make some very simple sub routines for our hive workers to follow when cut off. E.g. Attempt to fullfil last orders, attempt to stay alive, attempt to maintain hive structure. Just falling over/stops moving seems rather silly.

>> No.48339529

Thems the limitations.

>> No.48340119

The idea for a battalion/platoon of augmented hybrids for black ops, that ever get a vote for a standing force we can deploy when needed or would they need to be grown per mission thereby losing valuable time?

>> No.48340216
File: 67 KB, 900x506, 1440994722800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could vote to have a standing force of hybrid troops. I'd need you to give a general description for how you organize them, for instance, how large you want their squads to be, what distribution of training specializations per squad, and their augmentations as well as weapons if you wish, although otherwise they will choose weapons as available per mission.

As it is, concealed hives will automatically create clones for infiltration purposes when ordered to, but will avoid augmentations as much as possible to maintain maximum stealth. I won't hold the vote now, since the thread is technically over, but for sure you could vote on a standing hybrid force and it would be maintained on your hive worlds for quick deployment as needed.

>> No.48340255

On the topic of squads, would us making squads for drones be a good idea?

Mainly just for composition when you're writing fighting scenes.

Like so many have thorn launchers, so many have blasters, etc

>> No.48340959

Sure, I supose. As it is at the moment I consider the armament of the drone to be a part of its design, since many of them are largely tied to or otherwise gain benefit from a specific weapon over others, although I do always consider there to be some fire sprays mixed in among your forces already.

>> No.48341088

It just bugs me you know?

Like we have the seekers and heavy thumper weapons we never get to see.

>> No.48341115

>bugs me

>> No.48341209

har har

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