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This may be a bit too /r/ or oldfag for current /tg/, but I was wondering if anyone had an archive or some screenshots of Paladin falling stories for my laughter.

After all, summertime is when bad DMs start making them Paladins fall.

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Fuck you. Let's post awesome Paladin stories instead.

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Sure, why not?

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>playing Paladin of Tyr in 2nd edition 20 years ago
>before internet min/maxing so it was whatever books you had
>Dm was classic old school "rocks fall everyone dies" if you derail campaign but otherwise a great DM
>make Paladin because Paladins are OP in handful of books 2nd edition
>ruin dms undead modules repeatedly
Anyone care for more old school paladin falling tales? Otherwise Im done

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Alright, I'll continue.
>DM gets pissy
>Instead of undead campaigns he throws elementals at me
>Then true neutral or neutral lawful or neutral good angels whose motives were misguided but who wouldn't respond to diplomacy
>then we join a huge war wherein I (after years in game time) am faced with a decision where I can murder the neutral lawful leader of my order to end the war or fall
>he can't say it's not my choice
>I murder to head of my order
>My god still gives me spells and I haven't fallen
>But the order banished me and hunts me down and poisoned my name in the entire country saying I'm a fallen Paladin and a servant of evil
>Eventually I am forced to defend myself after failing persuasion checks on a group of peasants
>I let them hit me while I"m running away as long as I can hoping to outrun them
>Run into workers in the field
>I finally begin non-lethal combat
>accidentally kill a peasant
>have to atone with my god or fall
>can't find a priest of my god to atone with
>try to pray
>DM is giggling at fucking me up gud
>Decide that I will save the order from within as my penance
>multi-class (in basic 2nd edition this was horrifically bad) as a Rogue (which I could only do as a Paladin because I found some special book that justified it which I paid way too much for)
>I began hiding in the shadows and executed all the leaders of my order that were corrupt
Basically I became the batman. Not bad. Probably should have just fallen and had more fun.

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Not exactly a story, but that's good.

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