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> players turn into chaotic evil faggots
> start fireballing random civilians
> I describe how one woman's ribcage is half burned away and they can see her blackened lungs struggling to suck in air before she collapses and dies
> also a child dragging away his half-burned-away legs crying for his mother
> they tell me I am fucked up and they don't want to play with me anymore

What the fuck is wrong with these faggots? if they want to do cruel shit, they are going to have to witness what they are doing. If they were really that edgy they wouldn't give a fuck.

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Did you try speaking to them?


You're a fucking retard, next.

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Nah, you're a fucking retard, faggot. I'm sick of this lame-ass "talk to them" advice, if you've known these spergs you would know that these kind just like to troll and go on on long autistic arguments. They turn fucking everything into an argument because they think they are some Plato-tier debater.

No, they chose to take retarded actions, and I dealt out the consequences of those actions. That is part of the Gamemaster's job. If they can't handle, then they are the fucking queers who can find another group. What a bunch of pussy-ass babies. What I described wasn't even that disturbing and they deserved far worse for being retards and killing random people for no reason. I bet you think I should've held their hand and wanked off their shitty power trip fantasy because that's the GM's job. Fuck off, fag. The GM's job is not to suck the players' cocks. That's your mom's job.

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>For every action, a reaction.

There you have it.

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Don't see what you are complaining about. They acted out, you gave the consequences. They decided your DM style wasn't for them. You have concluded they aren't the best players for yourself.

Nobody lost anything except time. What's wrong OP?

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I would assume the problem is that they didn't see your gruesome descriptions as a way of showing them the consequences of their actions, but rather figured you were a gore-fag.

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Have an adventurer party that isn't balanced to their level hired out to fuck them dead for their actions against the innocent population.

Bonus points for using different classes than the standard. Maybe have an ambush go off, with a Knight proclaiming "AHA! VILLAINS, BEWARE! YOU HAVE CUNNINGLY FALLEN INTO I, SIR EISENGARDE, AND HIS TROUPE'S MASTERFULLY PLANNED TRAP! EN GUARDE, EVILDOERS!" or something for dem knight class proclamation whatsits that give boosts.

Or make them balanced and a recurring threat, possibly them gaining an ally or two as the party of players gets progressively more and more notorious.

Too Long; Total Faggot
Punish the character for their actions, not the player.

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>Be chaotic or edgy evil
>DM describes our actions and consequences in great detail
>Proclaim "That's metal!" and continue doing horrible shit without guilt or remorse

Every time.

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What the fuck am I supposed to be looking at here?

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>my players are being shitty
>they stopped playing with me
Your problem solved itself.

Take this for the blessing that it is, and find some new players. Remember to weed out shitty ones. Eventually you can end up with a group that isn't shitty.

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Joke's on you, I know Shocking Grasp!

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this. OP's players were sissy faggot babies.

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And yet you are the one crying about it on /tg/. I wonder who is the true faggot here.

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this was my group last time i ran an evil campaign. it took like 3 sessions of aimless murdering before anyone had any idea of some kind of grand plan for world domination

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It's you, anon.


Yeah but I put a lot of work into that campaign.


Sheep people.

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I think this could go either way depending on how the players behaved out of character.

Like, I could see someone just wanting to zonk out and play a "Destroy All Humans!!" campaign with light hearted black comedy murder all over the place, but they'd have to make it clear that that's what they wanted, and everyone would have to be okay with that. If so, then making deaths comical rather than depressing or gruesome would be the way to go.

If they wouldn't listen to anything and constantly decided to be edgy, then I think heaping something like that on them would be fair.

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>Yeah but I put a lot of work into that campaign.
You can simply run it for a fresh crop of players who haven't seen it before.

Even if you don't want to reuse it wholesale, you can recycle each part of it. Plot, NPCs, campaign world, monsters, encounters, dungeons, and so on. Keep all of those notes around, since you might want to use them again later.

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>If they wouldn't listen to anything and constantly decided to be edgy, then I think heaping something like that on them would be fair.

I think this kind of thing is less about wanting to be edgy than about simply defying the game, which is a common instinct among immature players.

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Because players are self-entitled twats who think only of their own fun, regardless of that of the others and of the gm.

I am sorry you had to learn it with such a shitty group

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Nah, nah, just looking at two of your paragraphs, I gotta agree - you're the asshole here.
'Talk to them' is the most important fucking thing you should be doing in this hobby. If your players are not the kind of people you feel comfortable talking with, then YOU SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING WITH THEM.
There. I've solved every fucking problem on this fucking board that can't be solved with the stupid 'try not playing dnd' meme.

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Have you considered not being so edgy?

Pic related, your oc.

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>Players play CE characters who fireball villages for fun
>The GM is edgy.

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>Gm describes things in morbid and grotesque detail, instead of havingg the npcs simply be incinerated to ash
Yep, he's the edgy one for sure, anon.

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>Gm describes things in morbid and grotesque detail, instead of having the npcs simply be incinerated to ash
Yep, he's the edgy one for sure, anon.

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>Not the faggots performing the actions that caused the descriptions in the first place.

Newsflash, killing people for no reason is pretty fucking edgy, the GM was just describing the consequences of their actions and the players were too chickenshit to handle it.

Personally, I would've just had them all die of an aneurism, but that's mainly because I hate CE characters for doing shit like this on session 1.

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Well done.

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>GM wants to play a neutral game where PCs are your general adventurers and not!shadowrunners in fantasyland
>Players say "Fuck you GM, fuck your fun, we want to be fucking edgy faggots"
>GM lets them and describes in detail the consequences of the edgy shit they do

I say that the GM did actually pretty well: he transisted into edgy mode, just like the players always wanted.
So you unwittingly actually paid the OP a compliment. Good job faggot!

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>Players treat their first game like a videogame
>Just wanna chillax and kill some enemies
>Feelin goofy and attack npcs
>Gm goes maximum overedge because he spends too much time on 4chan reading alignment threads
>Players decide to find a well adjusted and normal gm instead of this autistic neckbeard
>That GM makes a thread about his success over the evil badwrong players


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Nah, you're pretty much in the right here, though you should have explained your reasoning for presenting the situation so graphically. Too often, PC dismiss surrounding characters as harmless little smatterings of white noise and XP, as opposed to real (fictional) people. It doesn't create a very fulfilling story when PC's act on that inclination. So, it makes sense for a GM to do more to fill the surrounding NPC's out; in this case, it means that they suffer horribly at the hands of reckless and destructive players.

If they're not willing to deal with the consequences of their actions in-game, then they either need to adjust their actions (not go on wanton killing sprees against the peasantry for the kicks), or find a different game to play. It seems that they didn't really want what they thought they wanted, but got it anyway.

Good job, OP, better luck with the next batch.

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They were killing civilians, not enemies.

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>assuming the GM didn't state his expectations before the game started
>assuming he didn't say he wanted a game that is not played like a videogame
>assuming he didn't tell them he wanted them to be heroes, not villains

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>Feelin goofy and attack NPCs

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>local man arrested for killing 7 people and 2 cows
>when asked why he did it responded he was simply "feeling goofy"

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>you made me do it!
You beat your wife don't you?

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>Assuming the GM said anything of the sort to them
>Assuming the GM isn't an autistic overweight mouthbreathing faggot
>Assuming anything ever

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Not that anon, but yes, I do

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What does that have to do with anything?

I don't even have a wife.

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>He doesn't beat his wife daily

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I am glad you realized that you are pic related.

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Great retort, anon! Upvoted

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>Causing suffering just because you can.
>Gets butthurt when the GM describes the consequences.

What's the problem here?

At worse, the GM just misread the signals and thought that that was what they wanted.

I mean, who burns down a village just they could?

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Describing consequence is fine.
Describing gore in great detail is just being an edgy faggot who gets his dick hard from it.

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Ah, the 'nobody amounts to a real person aside from myself and my peers' brand of edgelords have come out to play.

It's a less devastating attitude to approach video games with than it is for tabletop-roleplaying games. Kind of frustrating for a GM to put a hand-crafted story and world together, only for the PC's to go on a murder spree that can only really go one way.

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Go back to your MLP hugbox fantasies where everything is rainbows and townsfolk are candy-filled pinatas

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The saddest thing about this asswarm bait is that there're actually people who're so incapable of not arguing over anything on the internet that they swallow it.

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>Glossing over disturbing or near-universally uncomfortable topics instead of going into thhem in great detail is a bad thing
I bet you ERP in front of everyone too, degenerate.

>> No.48105693

Nobody forced anyone to get into gore detail. That choice was the DM's and the DM's alone.
Blaming it in the players conjures up the image of the clichéd wifebeater, blaming the slap on his wife's actions.

>> No.48105698

There's nothing wrong with it. Anon is just assblasted that he can't go around being randumb at his leisure and he needs kiddy-gloves from the GM.

>> No.48105706

Nobody forced the players to start doing randumb shit.

So you shouldn't get your ass ruffled when the GM gives your actions consequences.

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>This thread
Both gm and players were edgelords, my niggas
You gotta accept it

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You're murdering civilians in cold blood yet you're butthurt when the GM treats this as a really fucked up thing to do?

How about you just not burn down a village and avoid the issue entirely?

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Not OP, but I'm going to use the knight if my players go back to murderhobo origins. And since I have nothing better to do, I'll give their origins.
>5 man team
>barbarian, fighter, rogue, wizard, warlock
>Their team are equivalent of anti heroes/criminals
>They name themselves black hand
>at the first town, they had their rogue (who knew thieves cant) find the local criminal hangout
>they hang at this secret tavern where cutthroats and crooks can find jobs.
>immediately start checking for jobs
>wizard and warlock end up having something come up so they just have their characters find the local inn to rest at
>the other three ask whats available
>list jobs varying from stealing, to bodyguarding cargo, to hit man assignments
>barbarian and rogue discuss amongst themselves whether to bodyguard or steal
>meanwhile fighter immediately signs them up for the hitman job
>target is some rich noble's kid
>they decide to get it over with quickly and plan on making a distraction while the rogue poisons the kid's drink or something
>plan goes awry
>barbarian killed the guards in broad daylight and was on the run
>rogue is trapped in a cafe bathroom with the kid's body and the murder weapon as cops enter the cafe
>cops arrived because of their attempted distraction
>fighter had to fight his way to the cafe bathroom trying to not kill cops to help the rogue
>the rogue freaked and killed a cop and then ditched the fighter
>meanwhile barbarian runs into an alley and plans on ambushing cops to knock them out
>barbarian crit'ed a cop with his club killing the poor sap
>other cop shouts for help
>all three are on the run
>kid is killed, but so are his guards, three cops, and two horses.
>everyone and their mum saw the barbarian running from cops in the streets with a chicken mask on
>good amount of cops saw fighter up close as well
>following day ingame wanted posters come out for the crew
They ended up begging for a soft reset and did the bodyguard mission instead.

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And nobody forced the PC's to act like edgelords, torching villages and killing innocent people either.

Yet here we are.

>> No.48105745

Fucking A OP. Teach edgelords how to FEEL. I'm fucking proud of you. You did good.

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>play as a lawful evil racist character
>other players get visibly uncomfortable as GM talks about me fulfilling my genocidal fantasies

Every time

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I believe, brother.

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>If you didn't want me to describe it in great detail, your character shouldn't have had sex
Same logic, anon.

>> No.48105776

I imagine that's how all of Varg Vikernes' games go.

>> No.48105777

I never disputed it.

I'm just flabbergasted that a retarded anon thinks it's okay for players to just go chaotic edgy at a whim without consequences of any sort.

>> No.48105780

>Describing villagers die because of PC dickish behavior
Your cranial cavity is supposed to house a brain, not your dildo collection

>> No.48105787

That same logic doesn't need to apply.

You are shifting goalposts like a motherfucker man!

>> No.48105794

Stay cuck, anon

>> No.48105803

The players who grow uncomfortable are his poor children, who're the only players he can find and the ones he wrote the game for in the first place, and even though they love their daddy, because he is their daddy, they're torn between their love and their desire to be anywhere but around him when he's channeling his inner murderer through games of make believe.

>> No.48105815

My lawful good characters always end up like that too.

>> No.48105818

Don't use daddy here
I am haunted by the word thanks to that cummies shit

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>> No.48105838

Did he hurt you, anon? Aw, don't cry. Wipe the cum and feces out of your face and come over here for a hug. If you want, I can be your new daddy!

>> No.48105848

>no u

>> No.48105854 [DELETED] 

IM DELETING YOU, DADDY! ██]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 10% complete..... ████]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 35% complete.... ███████]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 60% complete.... ███████████] 99% complete..... ERROR! True Daddies are irreplaceable I could never delete you Daddy! Send this to ten other Daddies who give you cummies Or never get called ️squishy️ again If you get 0 Back: no cummies for you 3 back: you're squishy️ 5 back: you're daddy's kitten
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>> No.48105869

Gygaxian Lawful Good doesn't fuck around, that's for sure.

>> No.48105895

that's good way to handle it desu, make sure they pick up a pair of balls and spines for themselves while they're at it

>torture shit for giggles
>ok hes in great agony

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>people just turn to ash when hit by fireballs

>> No.48106326

Those're a minimum of 50% ash and upwards.

>> No.48106358

If you can't handle the gore, stay out of the slaughterhause. Morons.

>> No.48106370

>Calling civilians "NPCs" in order to distance yourself from their humanity
This is why we can't have nice things.

>> No.48106408

You do understand that *talking to them* in this instance would merely be along the lines of:
"Dude, that's fucked up."
"It is. And YOU did that. You're supposed to be Adventurers, small time heroes of the common man. And YOU chose instead to use your abilities to fuck over the people who should love you. It is absolutely fucked up, and YOU did it. Quit acting like edgy assholes."

>> No.48106480


It's still kinda fucked up considering you can still recognize that they were human.

>> No.48106539

Too much thinking that Grand Theft Auto spree carnage has no real reaction. Or that the game world in general operates on a "whatever I do is cool" process of thought. When the guards, the populace, other more powerful lawful characters or creatures, and maybe the gods will judge you and find you a piece of sapient garbage.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You become a cruel sadistic bunch of murdering assholes, heroes will show up to destroy the evil you set out to do for kicks. Or you learn the hard way. A huge angry mob is not something many parties of players can live through.

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Can all of you shut the fuck up about stupid things like player-DM relations or being reasonable GMs and tell me what in all Seven Hells the OP picture is supposed to be? I heard "sheep people" but those monstrosities aren't sheep people.

Someone hold me.

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File: 211 KB, 762x1000, charles_freger_wilder_mann_2010-2011_0113_shnappviecher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Costumes and uniforms of exotic cultures by the photographer Wilder Mann (Charles Fréger).
Those specifically are the bulgerian Kukeri, who's deliberately unnerving getup is meant to scare away evil spirits through a dancing ritual.

>> No.48108578

>A huge angry mob is not something many parties of players can live through.

>mass sleep versus literal peasants
>enemies with no class levels and improvised weapons versus a remotely well equipped fighter

>> No.48108585


Fuck scaring away evil spirits, those things would engage my primal "run the fuck away from predator" response so hard.

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Probably this, they thought they were just havin' a giggle, and you blind side then with gore

Without an explanation from you, it looks an awful lot like you are magical realming that gore

>> No.48108757

Try that in Rolemaster and you'll get your asses kicked.

>> No.48108833

When will this magical realm meme die?

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But gore is the consequence anon, people don't die in beautiful ways, if you are burning them, they scream and wail and are ugly

If faggot players want non-evil NPCs to die for shits and giggles they die horribly

>> No.48109123

I don't know about evil spirits but if I was some random potential invader poking around yo see who should pillage and saw a bunch of those dancing around from a distance there's no fucking way in hell that I'd go anywhere near that village.

It's got getting raped by sheep monsters written all over it.

>> No.48109174

The shitposting is real

Sex and murdering civilians aren't even in the same ballpark.

Also, if it depends on the type of game. If OP had established this as a "good guys" game, then the players ducking around as evil deserved the over the top consequences

In a non ERP game, sex scenes should not happen, only fade to black

>> No.48109175

I think OP's approach is defensible, but it does highlight how bad guys tend to just fall over clutching their wounds like in an old cowboy movie.

>> No.48109291


>> No.48109367

It seems to me that the correct solution is to always describe death appropriately graphically, that way the players are always aware of the consequences of violence.

If players don't want to hear about NPCs being horribly maimed and suffering in agony they should stop maiming them.

>> No.48109381


I get the idea, but you fireball ANYBODY and it's going to be gory. It being an innocent civilian doesn't - visually - make it any less unpleasant. So if you're describing the mess of fireballing someone why wouldn't you do it for an evil enemy?
I know the intent is to hit home "you guys are dicks and your shitty actions don't stop at just expending a villager's hit points." but you can do that in more nuanced ways.

>> No.48109630
File: 5 KB, 188x240, images-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is a valid point, but then where is the line drawn between overdoing it on enemies?

>> No.48109763

>So if you're describing the mess of fireballing someone why wouldn't you do it for an evil enemy?
Because it's not detracting from your fun.

If your group unanimously decided to have one kind of game and the players start behaving like fuckers half the way through, the GM should show them the consequences of their stupidity.

Because idiocy begets idiocy.

I advocate for talking first though, don't get me wrong. But if the players do something stupid, let them feel the weight of their mistake.

>> No.48109798

Fuck em

If they were good players they could use their own disgust to have their characters realize how far they've fallen and start a deep 2edgy4me trip to repent and cope with the evil they had done

but they were shit players, so fuck em

>> No.48111102

>I put a lot of work into my campaign
>My players messed it up halfway through and instead of trying to fix it I intentionally made the problem worse
>Somehow this didn't work

Maybe if you would just say "stop" instead of being passive-aggressive, these things wouldn't happen, OP.

>> No.48113349
File: 252 KB, 300x367, Spec_Ops_The_Line_cover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I guess that just depends on the characters' actions.

>> No.48113496

chill out, dude. You should play to have fun.

>> No.48113576

>Nah, you're a fucking retard, faggot. I'm sick of this lame-ass "talk to them" advice, if you've known these spergs you would know that these kind just like to troll and go on on long autistic arguments. They turn fucking everything into an argument because they think they are some Plato-tier debater.

Enjoy your lack of game with these players, OP.

Seriously, enjoy. Look at you, being able to pick some new players up who might enjoy your GMing style more.

>> No.48113727

You should have made them bodyguard the rich kid, against a group made of a barbarian, a rogue and fighter that is trying to kill him.

"hey kid.. always wonder if in some other dimension i could have killed you.."

>> No.48113792
File: 44 KB, 512x423, 6807aeeb145647964677925308_700w_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


...then make them get killed like the guards.
That will teach them.

>> No.48114286


Apparently the human mind does still have a good way to discern 'this is fantasy' and then 'this is a little fucked up' and then 'no, no more, stop'.

OP GM pushed it. He's still a stupid idiot, not telling them to stop or 'WELL, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FIREBALL PEOPLE', but even in gory games and series, apparently, people say 'that's fucked up', such as Trevor or more realistic 'gory' movies from Green Room to Cannibal Holocaust.

I mean, we are getting to the point in technology where we can show things that the average guy could only see by war photography or murder pics in nearly every game. But there also seems to be a curve *back*, away from that realism, due to that internal instinct and gut reaction: gore and blood physics are always kept as cartoony or restricted by the engine or some such.

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