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Why is the emporer so powerful if he is made up of only a few hundred shaman souls?

Thousands of Psychers are sacrificed everyday to the Golden throne alone.

Also why is he so retarded? Read the last church and he actualy thinks like a child.

Bad writing or intentional?

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>Bad writing

In 40k? Surely, that can't be the case.

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Shaman were super powerful and also super stable psykers. The only thing they worried about was their souls getting nommed by daemons.

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>Bad writing or intentional?


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So they were alot more powerfull? Was this just a unique time period that led to them. Say a peculiar hapinstance or do they have some underlying reason?

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Dude, quit while you are ahead. ANY amount of time and effort spent on 40k that doesn't involve painting or gaming with your little dudes is time wasted.
Don't end up like one of those sweaty troglodytes who just wants to have console-wars retarded nerd slap fights about who has the strongest space marine daddy.

No shit 40k books are poorly written, they're churned out by mercenary hacks who need to whore out their sli''s to something that comes with a free fan base on acount of being sold in the same stores that have tactical squqds on the shelves.

Nothing in 40k is particularly thought out and consistent, it just depends on how much of a lazy retard the latest writer was.

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Yea I read Gram Mchniel comments on it. Seems like a slight cop out. But it make sense.

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>Thousands of Psychers are sacrificed everyday to the Golden throne alone.

Said Psykers are only damage control, and not bound within a single, corporeal entity that operates as a cohesive whole, creating an entity that is far, far more than the sum of its parts.

>Read the last church and he actualy thinks like a child.

No, he thinks like a "man" who has been an immortal, all-powerful entity for so long that he can no longer relate to the very people he's trying to save. He is so focused on the long-term that he ignores glaring short-term issues like human need to put faith in something.

Don't get me wrong, 40K has some glaring errors, but this is pretty easily explainable.

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So really head cannon and fan commentary are the only things fun outside of the actual game. Just take everything else with a grain of salt?

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Looks like somebodies submission to the Black Library open-submission contest didn't get picked.

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>So really head cannon and fan commentary are the only things fun outside of the actual game.

Fun is subjective. What you may enjoy some aspects, other people may think it's a colossal waste of time (like the salty anon up top). Don't not do something or not investigate an area of the hobby just because one guy says it's dumb - find out if it's actually dumb or not for yourselves.

>Just take everything else with a grain of salt?

You should be doing this in real life anyway, no matter the situation.

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Nah, that guy is just bitter and angry at the world. Get a general view of the setting through codexes, then look around if there's something about bits that interest you. BL books are always good to kill some time if you don't approach them expecting war&peace.

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Gotcha. I feel like the 40k universe could benefit from some philosophers writing things.

Don't get me wrong I'm not say a 300 paige book similar to the dialogues or the Confessions

But some "found" material like old ecclesiarch writings. A few pages or incomplete works. That would help add more depth. Keeping in line with the every other canon writing thats filled with half truths and sensationalism. So it be up to the reader to sift through. Just a little more depth and fun added to the lore is all.

It get it 40k is Grimdark and all but why not sure some other side of universe?

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>don't approach them expecting war&peace.

That's half true.

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Noted. Any recommendations?

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Ciaphas Cain

Death Watch Xeno Hunters

Ghaunts Ghost (military inaccuracies and mary sues but its still a good read)

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What Graham McNeil comments do tell

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>I came late to this anthology, as I was finishing a novel while the bulk of writers were thrashing away at their keyboards. So when it came time to start developing a story, I asked the editors to send me a one-line pitch for each of the other stories so I didn’t waste time replicating a story that had already been written. When I got them, they were mostly bolters blazing, chainswords hacking stories, which is great, but I felt needed balancing by one that had a more thoughtful pace, with less fighting. One of the aspects of the Heresy I’ve liked the most has been the dichotomy between a growing secular empire butting heads with humanity’s urge to worship things in the sky. I saw this story as a challenge to myself, the readers and to BL. Would I be able to write a story like this that was exciting and engaging? Would the readers buy into it or would they be bored without the action? Would BL publish a story like this? Turns out that it seems all three were answered with a resounding yes. There’s a lot of me in this story, though I’m certainly not preaching to anyone with it.

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>It’s more like I wanted people to talk about the story, to ask themselves questions and look at things in a different light. Some folk have said that Uriah is a straw man, and that the arguments made on both sides of his and Revelation’s debate are simplistic. Part of me agrees with that, as I’m not a theologian (and, crucially, neither was Uriah. He was a drunken rake, called to be a priest by a personal experience. No years of training in a seminary for him…) and I wasn’t trying to write a treatise on religion or belief, but rather a story that got people talking and entertained them. It’s also the first time the Big E turns up in a Heresy story in any real form. He’s appeared a few times to deliver the odd line of dialogue, but this was the first time we’d seen him talk, interact and appear for any length of time (even though most of it is in another guise) so I needed to be careful. In the end, to really stir the pot, I wanted to end the story in a way that, while Uriah might have been wrong, he was the one you liked better and who came out with the apparent moral high ground. The Emperor was right, yet he came across as the arrogant, short-sighted tyrant – the very kind he rails against in the story. Now go back and read it again and see if you agree

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The Emperor is practically 100% irrelevant in the setting, so there's really no need to give a fuck. Same with the Primarchs, they're long dead or daemon fucktards shitting up the Warp.

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Shaman were one with the harmonius warp.
Modern day psykers run off CHAOS

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Do any still exist?

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>The Emperor is practically 100% irrelevant in the setting

The Emperor is the only one from keeping the galaxy from collapsing into the warp. he is the most relevant of all.

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