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Welcome to the /tg/ OC thread.
Previous Thread: >>47814821
Tell us about your original characters, new and old. Let's hear some stories of valor and glory and build some legends in here.

It's like the Storythread, but centered on characters that we all know and help make. Your Original Character can be any character you've played, are playing, or want to play!

Give us a little blurb about your character, this is a brag thread after all. Some basic questions to get you started:
• Name:
• Role(s):
• Goals:
• Traits:
• Flaws:
• Allies:
• Enemies:
• Other Relations:
• Physical Description:


Write and share stories about each others' characters (use a pastebin for works that would take up multiple posts). Draw and share pictures of each others' characters(please link offsite for NSFW work).

Ask questions about other anons characters and get to know their stories, and tell us all about your own.

Need help developing a new character concept? Ask away! Answering the periodically posted Development Questions can often help, so look for those.

This thread is intended to be all in good spirit, so please remember to be excellent to each other, and try to contribute in some way.

There are more artists consistently there that are actively looking for requests to fill, that's not the case here. Artists are still free to contribute, however.

Use new art from these threads as OP image when possible.

GoogleDoc of the characters so far (still in progress, so don't be alarmed if you don't see yours) https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_dUy0Yo4cigbTB1Q1g5bTRvcTQ&usp=sharing

Development Question: If you're character wrote a self help book, what would it be about?

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Joshua Troy, Shadow Name is Ajax. He's a socialite, and a witch. A fatespinner. He's searching for answers as to what has drawn his compatriots and he together; why the threads of fate have had this pattern. He's overly protective, and that ties in with his pride. He's charismatic, and the closest his group has to a party face. He gets egocentric at times, and manipulates his friends, too. He blames it on the symbols he sees since Awakening, but he was always a bit manipulative. He also does not know when to shut up, which has gotten in trouble more than a few times. His allies are his best friend Q, a sin-eater, Burke a werewolf FBI agent, the other residents of his condominium, and his bar's owner, Lucifer. His enemies are his father William, and a demon named Sin that has been playing chess with Josh and his friends as the pieces. He also has his younger sister, who he's raised, his mother who's gone missing, and his girlfriend Samantha.
>If your character wrote a self help book, what would it be about?
It would likely be about how to improve your social life, and how to talk to strangers in any situation.

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Name: Paar'tol, the Elderplague

Role: Ward against spirits, black magic, and all forms of supernatural predators.

Goals: Use his education of the inner workings of the sides of Light and Dark as a benefit to mankind, casting out those who would victimize innocent lives.

Traits: Has a mentor-like mindset, loves a listening ear and to teach others ways to protect themselves through clever application of charms, trinkets, and rituals.

Flaws: When encountering an adversary he's unfamiliar with, Paar'tol is on edge to a fault, often becoming blocked mentally as he tries to formulate a plan of action. This can slow down his reflexes and clog his mind.

Enemies: Hidden witch covens pepper the lands Paar'tol resides in, and it's his duty to flush them out into the light.

He got his name of "Elderplague" after aiding a local mercenary band ONCE, that had been hired to clear out a coven preying on a small farmtown and Paar'tol helped see them to victory.

He didn't do anything to 'earn' the nickname, it was just something this contractor group did for fun apparently, and it stuck. I mean, they gave the other guy the name Wardbreaker, which Paar'tol is pretty jealous of.

Recently, he got married to the party barbarian, the way they interact together is really cute. Party barbarian is played by my irl wife.

Pictured is the progress of a commission that is being done to celebrate our actual upcoming 5th anniversary.

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• Name: Ashtoreth Fairheart
• Role(s): Party face, bard, and general support
• Goals:To explore the cruel and unforgiving world she has been born into, and prove to not only herself but her family that the world they inhabit can be kind and beautiful.
• Traits: Rather stubborn and brave, she tends to act more tomboyish then anything else. She has a sincere love for those around her. While rather generous, she tends to be more naive and trusting then the rest of the party
• Flaws: Her lack of understanding of the outside world from her rather controlled upbringing has left her naive and easily pressured into things, as her trust in the good in people is easy to manipulate
• Allies: The Royal Fairheart Family, The Military of Cyre, The Military of Breland, general Party members
• Enemies:House Cannith, Remants rebels of Dargoon
• Physical Description: More on the shorter side, she stands around 5'4 with a slim slightly feminine figure. If her hair was cut back completely and she was to wear masculine cloths, she could easily be mistaken for a man due to her under developed body type.

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Not lewd lesbians, fuck off

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Go away, draw thread.

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You must have come here from the drawthread. Don't worry, hang out long enough and Charlotte might show up for you to bitch and moan about in person.

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• Name:
Irya Sheen
• Role(s):
Witch, Planar Cartographer, Magical Shopkeep, Party Mom
• Goals:
Regain her prior power, as it was fractured within the many lives of other 'hers' within other planes - but, mostly? Irya wants knowledge as direly as a dragon wants a horde.
• Traits:
Wisened, snide, silver-tongued, maternal, and sharp as a tack.
• Flaws:
Paranoid, crude, drastic, obsessive, and too straight-forward.
• Allies:
A few of her Acolytes (other spellcasters she taught of 'leaping' about the planes), a few others who stride the spaces between worlds, such as an eccentric blue-haired alcoholic and a worshipper of a strange, birdlike god. Also commonly followed by a tiny, feathered dinosaur she bound to her.
• Enemies:
She's made many in her travels and fervent pursuit of knowledge, and her stigmata makes her easy to find for such.
• Other Relations:
Before she began walking, she was happily entangled into a strange relationship with a changeling by the name of Ravasaadi. Unknown to her, he's still trying to find her.
• Physical Description:
See picture.

Current events:
>Hired a weird possibly doppelganger "paladin" solely to stalk him and possibly dissect him if he falls in battle
>Compulsively drinks coffee due to a recent alchemical breakthrough
>Now the party mom for a group of chucklefucks to be entering a tomb. Said "paladin" from above is the party dad, meanwhile.

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Loved this

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That elder thing looks and sounds familiar!

Name: "Red" Callahan

Role(s): Arcane dabbler, combat focused Warlock who had beseeched an Elder Thing to bestow him power on the eve of an ill-fated siege. He doesn't yet know what he paid for the gifts...

Goals: Break the bond forged between him and this cosmic horror, and find a way to stop the hallucinations.

Traits: Analytical, intelligent, and he has a good sword-arm. Doesn't mind hanging around pretty much anybody, assuming they aren't trying to "get" him.

Flaws: suffers major stress disorders from the raid that lost him so many men and through a chain of events caused the eventual capture of his capital.

Enemies: The Otherwordly One that he leeches power from, he hopes not to understand it, but to remove himself from it.

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Name: Dante Morapaidi
Role: Allurin Gunslinger (50% lust demon, 50% human)
Goals: Kill his incubus father, who kidnapped his mother
Traits: Fairly charming (he once seduced half the prison guard), enjoys experimenting with science and really hates demons
Flaws: Absurdly naïve and innocent mixed with self-loathing and self-destructive behavior because of hating demons (of which he is one), and really not a fan of children
Enemies: His father, pretty much all demons, in particular a succubus psion named Inlecebra (Read: Lacy Bra)
Physical Description: Semi-tall guy with copper hair that probably has some kind of rust, dirt or gunpowder in it with a pepperbox named Beatrice, wears a swashbucklers hat and a scarlet cape to match.
Other Hijinks: When he was a child, he got kidnapped by a pimp and was eventually set free by the aforementioned half-elf paladin. On his way back home, he stopped to stay for a time at various villages, where the girls all seemed to be very interested in his scientific exploits, at least until he was sent packing by various fathers, brothers, and in one instance, a particularly voracious goat.

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Name: Dante Morapaidi
Role: Allurin Gunslinger (50% lust demon, 50% human)
Goals: Kill his incubus father, who kidnapped his mother
Traits: Fairly charming (he once seduced half the prison guard), enjoys experimenting with science and really hates demons
Flaws: Absurdly naïve and innocent mixed with self-loathing and self-destructive behavior because of hating demons (of which he is one), and really not a fan of children
Enemies: His father, pretty much all demons, in particular a succubus psion named Inlecebra (Read: Lacy Bra)
Physical Description: Semi-tall guy with copper hair that probably has some kind of rust, dirt or gunpowder in it with a pepperbox named Beatrice, wears a swashbucklers hat and a scarlet cape to match.
Other Hijinks: When he was a child, he got kidnapped by a pimp and was eventually set free by a half-elf paladin he now travels with. On his way back home, he stopped to stay for a time at various villages, where the girls all seemed to be very interested in his scientific exploits, at least until he was sent packing by various fathers, brothers, and in one instance, a particularly voracious goat.

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Reminds me that I forgot to add
>Allies: Luvos

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It feels like you took half of DmC, and half of something else, and threw them both in a blender.

What's the other half?

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Half demon gunslinger is not enough to be dmc.

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I don't know, I haven't played DmC, but this character is what happened when my characters had a reputation for being flirted with (but really not reciprocating) in other games and I finally decided to embrace it. He's inspired partially by Percy from Critical Role, if you're familiar with that

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>literally named Dante

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Story time.
The first thing that hit me was the smell. Burke had called again, wanting some more, well, "insight" on a crime. It was always difficult to do, though. An investigation let's you piece together the crime. But watching what happened? It can take a toll on the psyche. It's as if you're there, but powerless, and I have, as Burke calls it, delicate sensibilities. But still I agreed.

I showed up to the apartment, and nearly retched. There was blood everywhere; strange symbols drawn on the walls. From what I could tell, some kind of warding, but the symbols were beyond me. I strode through the blood, too find a link, something to tie me to what I was looking for.

I wistfully grabbed a family photo, and looked at Burke, his expression grim.

"All of them have been accounted for, Josh. And Q tells me there souls were taken."

I realize Q must have found one of the ghosts, and decided it was time to get a move on. A few mutterings in high speech, a few gestures, and I'm there. Rather, then.

The door is shut, and I see some men approach, and I feel the malice. The symbols around them signify that they're quite old, one more so. The leader. He begins to speak, his voice gravelly.

"Make a mess in there. This isn't about the blood. It's about sending a message. Letting them know we're back."

They walk in, and the first thing that hit me is the smell. Copper.

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Story time
The first thing that hit me was the smell. Burke had called again, wanting some more, well, "insight" on a crime. It was always difficult to do, though. An investigation let's you piece together the crime. But watching what happened? It can take a toll on the psyche. It's as if you're there; powerless, and I have, as Burke calls it, delicate sensibilities. But still I agreed.

I showed up to the apartment, and nearly retched. There was blood everywhere; strange symbols drawn on the walls. From what I could tell, some kind of warding, but the symbols were beyond me. I strode through the blood, to find a link, something to tie me to what I was looking for.

I wistfully grabbed a family photo, and looked at Burke, his expression grim.

"All of them have been accounted for, Josh. And Q tells me there souls were taken."

I realize Q must have found one of the ghosts, and decided it was time to get a move on. A few mutterings in high speech, a few gestures, and I'm there. Rather, then.

The door is shut, and I see some men approach, and I feel the malice. The symbols around them signify that they're quite old, one more so. The leader. He begins to speak, his voice gravelly.

"Make a mess in there. This isn't about the blood. It's about sending a message. Letting them know we're back."

They walk in, and the first thing that hit me is the smell. Copper.

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Oh hey It's back
I was looking for you guys

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It's been dead for 6 hours, fuck face.

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Didn't we have a talk about namefagging?

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Fuck face wears his as a mark of shame. It must stay.

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Shut up fuck face.

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Yes, yes we did

The name stays as long as the shame in my soul does

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Regardless of names and what not, i do have a new character i wanted to share

• Name: Alison
• Role(s): N/A
• Goals: N/A*
• Traits: She is defensive of the things she cares about, she has very strong emotions. she doesn't get attached easy but when she does, she gets VERY attached
• Flaws: her emotions are to the extreme, she doesn't remember much and is prone to lash out quite violently
• Allies: N/A
• Enemies: priests
• Other Relations: N/A
• Physical Description: while it is hard for her to keep a physical form, when she does hold a form, she can be seen as a young girl with yellow eyes and flowing black hair.

Alison died when she was very young, she does not know how. In order for Alison to leave the world she needs to figure out why her soul is not resting...and take care of the problem. The issue is, they way she died has caused her memories to become jumbled and miss matched, making it almost impossible for her to figure anything about herself out. The party is currently helping Alison discover who she is.

Alison, while scared art first, has developed a strong bond with one of the party members, making her very protective of them. Alison is in fact terrified of her situation and because of this she reacts violently and has very powerful mood swings, most of the time ended in a break down. She is a very emotionally troubled character.

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I am returned.
Links/reference before vague requests, otherwise it's first-come, first serve.

> mfw people are posting stuff I drew

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Man I love the pic you made for me >>48048305 why would I not use it??

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do you do lewds?

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Can you draw >>48047252 running away from a tentacle monster? He's blonde, with a brown jacket btw.

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Get out

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It should be the same one from >>48047905 >>48048305 lol

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>what happens when the OC general's spellcasters throw a party

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I love you anon.

To be fair, I might love everyone right now, but it's you in particular.

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Whats wrong with lewds?

>> No.48049517

I'm glad you like it.

I'll give it a go.

S-sempai, please; you're embarrassing me.

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I'm not against the idea, but the short of the long is no.
This is a family friendly image board anon.

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• Name: Noire Eschenwald
• Role(s):Swashbuckler, Nobel of the group
• Goals:Figure out more about bloodline curse (GM thing), get a proper adventure in with her sister so that they can tell stories to their kids like their father and mentor did, help restore name of house after incident that nearly destroyed it.
• Traits:Confident,smart,friendly and willing to forgive
• Flaws:hardheaded, impulsive, very easy to manipulate in the right circumstances,not very wise
• Allies:Younger sister who is also her closest friend, Jensen (a bard met in town on the journey)
• Enemies:the 4 big bads, a Lich, rival household
• Other Relations: Other self in head (GM thing)
• Physical Description: pretty similar to the picture outside of a scar on her neck from where she was stabbed by a knife
MARY SUE SCORE:15 or 19 if including things that happened cause of rolls and feat/trait investment

If your character wrote a self help book, what would it be about?
probably how to properly handle the responsibility and management of money

Yes, she is based off of Noire from Neptunia

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I don't know if it's too late, but could you draw >>48048386? Much thanks!!

>> No.48049881

AW yeah!

>> No.48049978

Oh yeah, Josh has a Sue score of 21. He is a brazen coward when things get actually dangerous, and that lowered his score a nice amount.

>> No.48050147

Got any stories of her?

>> No.48050198

uh sure I'll go with how she got the scar and most recent weekly cause it was interesting and nearly killed her as well

>> No.48050256

Sounds good.

>> No.48050572

How Noire got the scar on her neck
okay so the party arrived in the five cities of Viningel and we rest in the tavern in the more shady district (he split up the area into 5 places and the more rich/noble area's tavern was full at the time) so during a weekly me and another player are woken up by a child knocking on our door, turns out her brother had been kidnapped by a gang and was held up by it trying to force him to join into it. So the girl noticed us when we walked into town as adventures and was asking us for assistance to find her brother and rescue him we agree and head out, so after we head out we run into an ambush, try to diplo it out at first buy only get a single guy who was hitting on my character. Fight breaks out guy I diploed stays out Tiefling eldritch brawler charmed person another so we do pretty well only the Tiefling's hell hound get's knocked out.

Continuing onwards we find the ever changing scorpion gang's hideout (it was constantly just something scorpion) Tiefling seduces one of the big gang members to have sex with her out behind the place, I go in turns out the child was selling us out but she wanted the party Cleric who was not with us at the time, I start running out but only get outside the place on my first round, one of the people manages to get next to me due to have 40 ft move speed and double moved, next round I withdraw so I only took 1 AOO, failed the acro, GM rolls 20 and confirms the crit so I had a nasty wound on my neck doing constant bleed damage and would start drowning me in a few rounds. Guy I diplod out earlier turned out to be the medic of the group (good heal check) heal checks me and stops the bleeding but giving her a nasty scar on her neck due to it not being magical.

>> No.48051013

• Name: Marius Vogt
• Role(s): Party Face
• Goals: Mostly prove that his blindness is not the damning thing it was treated as.
• Traits:
-Charismatic: The Tiefling is naturally charismatic, and that mask just adds a level of mystery to the man.
-Awareness: Lack of sight means that Marius is dependant on his other senses, giving a better general awareness of his surroundings.
-Careful: Thought before action, action after thought. Even as a flashy swashbuckler, Marius refuses to charge in blindly, considering his course before moving.
• Flaws:
-Blind: Senses are no substitute for sight, and he can't see and thus has difficulty reading moods on occasional.
-Noble upbringing: Even after his travels, his upbringing tends to leave not exactly versed in how most people live.
-Flashy: Marius likes to put on a performance, often abandoning stealth for a show.
• Allies: To be determined.
• Enemies: To be determined.
• Other Relations: He's the firstborn son of a noble family, but was pushed to the side when his folks had a second son who was healthy.
• Physical Description: See the OP image.

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>wears mask
>party face


I also like that he doesn't have an understanding of how "normal" people live, that's fun to work with. Nice artwork too!

>> No.48051087

and now the most recent weekly that happened with Noire

Okay so the group is currently in the picchato jungle and the GM rolls for what the difficulty of the weekly will be and it got high risk high reward so we went exploring in the jungle and found ancient ruins of a civilization lost so I grow out the cat tail and whiskers (story that I will probably talk about later) for bonus on Perception vs stealth, Acro, and Reflex. Barley avoid falling into first fight, fight the group of enemies later in less favorable terrain that was a cr 8 fight take them out relatively easily and use amulet and all it's casts of channel energy for full heal, open up tomb cause GM has us (me and my sister)have Draconic bloodline basically and dragons blood was needed to open it and find 1d20 potions (got 20 yay) and 10 treasure rolls, find 2 bags of holding one of which turned out to be bag of devouring but it failed to cmd my sister so we killed the shit out of it. Didn't decide to equip any of the stuff we found cause of that thinking of more curses and none of us are magical so we read some plot stuff about prophecies involving my character and our shared bloodline then leave. After we exit the tomb there is a giant hole above us, why? because a young adult white dragon is the guardian of the tomb we roll initiative we all roll shit but less shit than the dragon so we go first after we charge we both get an AOO because it get's flying 10 feet in the air to avoid full rounds and it get's aoo's every time we try to acro to hit ( I could not fail but sister had around 20% chance too) so after about 5 rounds of combat I hold my action for my sister to eat the AOO she makes the jump crit's the dragon and knocks it out, crit effect is bleeding, I choose to heal check and successfully stabilize cause good character and not gonna kill a dragon for just doing it's job protecting the tomb and we get out alive, I am at 8 hp 1 panache and my sister is at 20 hp

>> No.48051362

here's one i had for a WoD game I kinda lost interest in. But i might want to pick up the concept again someday! It was fun to play.

• Name: Clinton Holly, FBI
• Role(s): VASCU Special Agent in training, Government Investigator
• Goals: figure out where a sizeable chunk of his life's gone from memory, try to keep self distracted with work
• Traits: Unyieldingly snide and always thinking forward; irresponsible in a lot of ways, but ultimately dedicated to others.
• Flaws: not very self-aware, often loses track of surroundings when focused.
• Allies: Not many. Coworkers are the closest things he has to friends. Has a Mage friend and he may never know she's a mage despite his unfortunate status as a Sleepwalker.
• Enemies: Whoever stole his memories must be an enemy. Or someone looking to make him an ally? He's run into suspect figures here and again but has never truly learned any identities or figures.
• Other Relations: Poor-to-middling relationship with chief director (bad attitude but good results), always bothers apartment neighbors with company when he's lonely and it sounds like someone's over.
• Physical Description: Decently fit (hits the gym), a little wirey, perpetually tired from waking nightmares. Wears a bolo tie lately because of office policy.

<spoiler>would you let this man anywhere near your cat?

>> No.48051495

HOO boy. Swashbucklers are not the best at big monsters, so props not dying. Also, come on. White dragons evil, yo. How many adventurers has it eaten? Who knows.

>> No.48051517

Office policy bolo ties? That's a new one. And, hey. Being a sleepwalker IS better than a sleeper. Them breaking points, yo.

>> No.48051549


hey man, taking the blue pill makes for an easier life where you don't have your dreams stolen nightly by some pissy spirit you have no control of, or whatever, you still do, but at least you're not aware of it

>> No.48051613

True enough. But the forgetting ain't pleasant.

>> No.48051645

yes, but luckily I had answering so it mostly canceled out the negative I got for trying to parry it's bite
also for perspective of the fight
I was lvl 7 Swash
Sister was lvl 5 Samurai
Sooooo we are technically CR 5 and we won the CR 9 fight
also GM can easily just say bam this dragon is now idk LN and in character did not know enough about dragons to know if it is evil and it just seemed to be the guardian of the tomb.
So no reason to murder it in character.

>> No.48051706

Honestly? This guy looks amazing. Just great. He seems cool, but that art. Got any good stories to tell?

>> No.48051734

Fair enough. But a Cr5 party composed of melee characters taking a cr 9 dragon? Impressive as hell. Did you instalevel from that?

>> No.48051771

That's probs going to be it for tonight.

Since I'm having no luck resetting my own settings I'll see if I can't steal someone else's for next time; try to start a little earlier.

>> No.48051825


>> No.48051835

Hahahahahaha it's perfect.

>> No.48051843

Now I'm going to make this happen, thanks man.

>> No.48051857

it was a weekly as I said got 1d20 worth of potions (got a 20)before the fight and 10 treasure rolls, would have to give up all of that if one of us got knocked out and accepted the surrender deal the GM said it would offer.
also weekly XP just get's thrown into our pool after we divide it among the participating people (NPC's get full xp) and then that xp is divided by the PC number and that is added to the pool in total

>> No.48051955

Yargle Flarg has been spending to much time with Yog Sothoth.

>> No.48052110


>> No.48052115

Sad about the lack of tentacles.

>> No.48052954

Reimagine your OC on the other side of the good guy/bad guy fence.

How much of their personality remains the same?

What's different?

Would they be more successful, or less?

Would they be happier?

>> No.48054223

Josh becomes more manipulative, a puppet master style villain. Entirely emotionless, any emotion would be a facade. He would be more likely to abuse his mastery over time and fate, so success would follow. But he likely would have no real friends, no allies. Just tools. Can't imagine he'd be happy.

>> No.48054816

• Name: Mary
• Role(s): Support mage
• Goals: explore the world and find an ancient text written by the champion of her god
• Traits: she is very shy and sheltered. she loves to read and learn but is scared of most things in the outside world
• Flaws: she is innocent to a fault and her fear causes her to freeze up, she also lacks any amount of social competence
• Allies: she recently made friends with a young blacksmith girl.
• Enemies: no one at this time
• Other Relations: her mother and father
• Physical Description: pic

>Development Question: If you're character wrote a self help book, what would it be about?

"How to overcome your lewd desires and keep your purity"

>> No.48054829

They said what self help book that they'd WRITE, not what they need. #MakeMaryLewd

>> No.48054854

>• Name: Rashad Shi' Thead (Real name: Tomas Morristan)
>• Role(s): Front line Fighter, Duelist, Harasser, Self proclaimed lady's man.
>• Goals: To build himself into a legend, live out his fantasies, topple the mightiest of foes, meet the perfect girl(s) and have a wonderful life with her(them).
>• Traits: Born in the Wrong Century/Country, Imaginative, Boisterous, Fantastic swordsman, fantastic lexicon of taunts.
>• Flaws: A little bit of Don Quixote and has issues separating reality and imagination, Thinks there are "rules" on how things are done "The villan must monolouge" or "The hero must save the damsel" and so on.
>• Allies: Currently Holding Auditions
>• Enemies: Currently Holding Auditions
>• Other Relations: His poor beleaguered mother who is glad that he's out of the house but worries for hims constantly.
>• Physical Description: A very fit "Twenty Something" Adorned in the garb of a desert raider, modified to look heroic/cool. he has short brown hair, with green eyes and a neatly trimmed goatee, his face is strong but boyish, and he often covers it up with his headdress to look more menacing.

>If your character wrote a self help book, what would it be about?
"How to go from Zero to Hero in ten easy steps!"

>What if Rashad was a badguy?
He'd be just as hammy, probably play up theatrics far too much to be effective in any respect. Letting all the "Classic blunders" through because damn it a villian need to do that!

And he'd probably have a better time as a hero. At least that way he'd have a better chance of success.

>> No.48054900

I really hope Yargle Flarg-anon comes back tomorrow.

>> No.48054992

Kaiger Stancaster
>• Role(s):
Barbarian, Lord of the Orcish Clans and keep the party on track
>• Goals:
Kill/seal the Demogorgon the Prince of Demon and civilize the Orcs
>• Traits:
Gung-ho warrior that's a mama's boy
>• Flaws:
He has a very short temper
>• Allies:
the Dragon's Bard,Marijuano Blaze the Dank Elf of Prophecy,the Crow's Nest, and a Dwarven city state
>• Enemies:
Demogorgon,Cultist of Talona, Pelor and his angels
>• Other Relations:
His sister Agatha frustrates him
>• Physical Description:
He's about 5'11 and has a slim atheletic build. He has short black hair and green eyes with a manly stuble. He wears red dragon scale armor,dragon horn bracers and a black wolf pelt(all of these things he's killed or had a hand in kiling). The wolf pelt looks worn and torn. His weapon of choice is a bastard sword of his own creation Moon's Terror, he smelted down a Death Knight's long sword and a deceased party member's bastard sword El Chakal. The blade's hilt is black with the pommel of a crescent moon and the in the center of the cross guard a side profile of a wolf howling with a red gem for an eye. Kaiger is arrogant and has a very short temper

> If you're character wrote a self help book, what would it be about?
How to believe in yourself when no one else will.

>> No.48055039

>How much of their personality remains the same?
I think his personality would main mostly consistent. He would be out trying to prove himself that he's not worthless but probably given into more orc traditions like conquest,pillaging and murder instead of just trying to become a famous hero.
>What's different?
He'd be less forgiving. The thing that keeps Kaiger good is that he doesn't people to view him and orcs as monsters. So he tries his best to have some social awareness and he has a sense of loyalty to his party. An evil Kaiger would probably be more willing to kill anyone who got in his way regardless of his relationship with them so that'd also probably make him less of a mama's boy as well.
>Would they be more successful, or less?
He's not a complete idiot so he'd probably manage to get a decent warband and cause a decent amount of havoc. I'd imagine a band of adventurers would evnetually cause his demise because a lot of Kaiger's strength came from things he learned and obtained from others and I don't think evil Kaiger would have a lot of the things he had if he was evil.
>Would they be happier?
At the end of he more or less enjoys fighting and killing. So being evil allows him to indulge in that more so he might find some joy but I think he wouldn't be happy as he is now. He enjoyed hearing stories of grand heroes as a child and the way his life is turning out he's becoming one of those heroes his mother would tell him. He's managed to befriend elves,humans and tieflings. His name is known throughout the land and he has friends that have his back.

>> No.48055569

Prince Zaji'im Alispahic, Champion of Armok

Paladin of Armok, god of Blood, Struggle and Civilization. Party face, 1 of the 7 rulers of the Isle of Beslaria.

Build glorious citadel/temple dedicated to Armok, spill the blood of a dragon, fuck that Elf queen with the laser eyes

Generally upbeat disposition, good at getting the party to work together, corruption murder-blender, actual fists of steel

Obsession with a god that's just downright unhelpful, does not make very wise decisions, has awful taste in women due to viewing attractiveness through the filter of his god's domains, actual fists of steel

Godrik, Selen, Merkel, Alexandra, Murphy, and a lich we affectionately call Skeletor, the other 6 leaders of the island and the rest of the party. Range from levels 15-21 (stupid cleric leveling progression) with various holdings.

The previously mentioned laser-eyed Elf Queen, who lives on a small island off the side of ours. Zaji'im wants to get in her pants because she's terrifying. See: Flaws. Party has terrible habit of getting caught drinking with rebel Elf spies, but won't stop getting drunk in her city because Elves throw the best parties.

Natalia Alispahic. His niece, aspiring monster tamer and my new secondary. The party all brought in their heirs as there's a lot of content that we're too high a level to justify visiting.

The Kai Empire. Magical fuckery plus another night drinking early on in the campaign lead to the accidental death of a visiting prince, sparking war between the Empire and our fledgling nation. Their Emperor sent 5x our numbers as an invasion force, lead personally. There were no survivors and the Kai nation is currently in a succession crisis. As we managed the slaughter without sinking a single ship, the loot haul was particularly large and is what bumped the party into name level.

>> No.48055683

Oh, I remember this guy! El Chakal was a Pelor artifact that you refused to give up, right? You mention he's a mama's boy, but how does that play out?
>Today our hordes move out!
>Did you brush your teeth?
>Not yet but I-
>Go brush them.
>Yes mommy.

>> No.48055708

>Fuck that elf queen with the laser eyes
Only the most noble, honorable of goals. Truly. Also,
>Corruption murder-blender
What does that even mean?

>> No.48055768

>Enemies (cont.):
Just about every living thing on this island that doesn't live in our one city or our personal holdings. We're resettling this island that used to be the home of an ancient civilization that was apparently so bad that the gods decided to hit it with five cataclysms that individually would have sufficed to wipe it off the map. Centuries later, the place is covered in nasty beasties that like eating hapless settlers.

Golden brown skin, black hair, extremely muscular (18 STR), absolutely covered in scars, and smiles almost constantly. Fists have iron grafted into them after a night of carousing lead him to a back-alley surgeon.

He wears red and gold plate armor wrapped in enchanted thorns that will lash out at attackers.

Wields an artifact greatsword named Rhwnbyd. Found it at early levels (in fact, my old character died stealing it from the dungeon) when it was weakened and unaligned, has since been fully powered and had the will of Armok forced upon it. Extremely powerful anti-corruption weapon.

Holy shit does leveling up turn you into a Mary Sue. A year and a half ago this guy was nothing but a cut-rate fighter without enough gold for his starting gear and a god that literally told him to go fuck himself.

>If you're character wrote a self help book, what would it be about?
It would be titled "The Armokian Guide to Helping Yourself." and it would just be a piece of leather folded in half with nothing in between because when you ask for help, you get nothing!

>> No.48055820

Yup same guy. When the party makes mama jokes they usually find themselves grappled and bloodied by Kaiger because no one should ever imply anything terrible about his mother.

As for the green text it's either that or
>Today our hordes move o-mom?
>Don't mind me sweetie. I'm apart of the warband just go on you're doing great.

>> No.48055821

Between his extra smite damage and the artifact sword he had shoved on him level 2, he absolutely wrecks anything with Corruption, aka Demons, Undead, some cultists etc.

In a system that uses only d6s for damage, he routinely does damage in the mid-high 30's with every attack against Corrupt enemies.

>> No.48055868

What system? You mentioned class growth rates, so I'm curious.

>> No.48055880

Deity stuff for the best tentacle thing ever.

Yargle Flarg
Titles: The Mighty Tentacle, It That Squirms, Mr Flargtastic
Power Level: Outer God
Home Plane: That which lies beyond planes.
Alignment: Chaotic. Just Chaotic.
Portfolio: Tentacles, madness, constantly being summoned by mages, gibberish
Domains: Knowledge, Chaos

Yargle Flarg is a lesser known outer God of Madness and tentacles. Some say that it is the most truly representative of outer gods, as it embodies little more than madness, tentacles, and forbidden knowledge. Commonly has his tentacles yanked into the material plane by nosy mages who have gotten their hand on the legendary tome, "Spells You'll Regret, Volume 1." It views these expeditions with annoyance, as mages either tend to respond to its presence with snark, awe, or simply running away.

>> No.48055908

AD&D, with a heaping helping of homebrew.

>> No.48056549

I adjusted some stuff about his face; go with whichever you prefer.

>> No.48056562

"Implied tentacles are scarier than visible tentacles,"

-so decrees the rules of horror.

>> No.48056711


>"How to overcome your lewd desires and keep your purity"

So is this just a fapbait character or what? Nothing you posted about this OC lends anything to suggest that to be the kind of book she'd write.

>scared of everything
>freezes up all the time
>socially inept
No thanks.

>> No.48056721

As OR? Yeah, I agree.

>> No.48056757

Inside joke. And you're not inside.

>> No.48056772

The character is a joke?

>> No.48056776

The purity/lewd thing is.

>> No.48056780

So the rest of it is just garbage by mistake then?

>> No.48056784

She's a young wizard basically raised by psycho puritans. The kind that are like, if you go talk to anyone, you'll burn in hell.

>> No.48056786


This is wonderful. I'm going to include Yargle Flarg into my next pantheon.

>> No.48056795

Thank you. I worked kinda but not really hard on it.

>> No.48056800

"Yes" would have been a much simpler response. There's no sense in dragging around dead weight, who wants to adventure with someone who locks down in a fight and can't talk to people outside of one?

>> No.48056822

See >>15396072. Also? Wizard. Guaranteed to be the strongest in the party.

>> No.48056831

My bad anon, I thought we were allowed to critique characters in a development thread. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

>support mage
>strongest in the party
You sure about that?

>> No.48056864

Not even my character. Also, you seem to misunderstand the difference between critique, and insults. Critique points out ways to improve, a middle schooler could tell you that. Also, you were picking apart almost nothing that was written! Combat wasn't even mentioned. There's almost nothing there, but you just felt the need to call someone's character garbage. Which is, I dunno, unexcellent? Bogus even?

>> No.48056878

Dude, chill. Every thread is bound to get a shit poster from time to time.

>> No.48056885

See >>48056711

>scared of everything
>freezes up all the time
>socially inept
>No thanks.
These are reasons I would not put this character anywhere outside of their house.

But hey it's easier to whiteknight me and ignore that and pretend I'm just another anonymous boogeyman.

>> No.48056917

All of those are referring to social interactions. And it's still not critique. It's just shitposting. You're not a boogeyman, you're just a shitposter.

>> No.48056943

Whatever you say, sport. Bottom line is the character appears to be totally worthless for adventuring, which is typically the normal goal for tabletop parties and is even listed as a goal for this "character".

But hey, I'm just a shitposter.

>> No.48056952

Actually, n combat they sound like they'd be perfectly fine.

She probably spends all her time practicing how to cast spells in her house, preparing herself for the task of defending her companions to the exclusion of all else. Social fear=/=fear in combat.

>> No.48056964

Curious... How many times have you made Charisma a dump Stat? Because if you say even once? Your post is meaningless. She seems like a fine low Cha character.

>> No.48056965

>is scared of most things in the outside world

Yeah sounds good.

>> No.48056987

>projecting this hard

Your faults in character building are not mine. Charisma is one of the most important stats you can have for any nonbraindead character.

But nice try at a fruitless "low blow".

>> No.48057685

>holding auditions

No group or recent tpk he was spared from? I'd adventure with.

We all want to see the end of that Chinese cartoon.

>> No.48057908

Someone is a lil buttmad salt-goblin

>> No.48057958

You're right, you're a piece of shit, slinging garbage opinions around on 4chan when you could be doing something productive.

>> No.48058003


Party leader, off-tank, the guy who keeps the entire party together. Because of force of personality(or lack there of) his party rallies behind him even when they're in agreement at his childishness.

Become a dark lord, the envoy of a new beginning! From the darkness he came, and thus he'll usher in a new age.(see flaw). Keep his "family" alive and together at any costs.

Strong as an ox, brave as a boulder, this man will willingly throw himself into danger and more often than not comes out on top against all odds. There's a running gag that his "dark lord who brought him into the world" looks after him by giving him bursts of luck to survive situations. He's also partially inventive even with his lower than average intelligence, last session used a decanter of endless water to jetpack out of the middle of a mob of enemies to save an NPC blacksmith lady who was dying.

Not exactly a smart man, has a slight martyr complex, thinking he's a tool to save his friends and will do so at any cost(even himself). Biggest flaw is his delusions, which are more or less self-induced. All the PCs were summoned into a fantasy world without any memory, but their habits and feelings remain intact. Vindr feels as though he was brought to a new world for a purpose, and then it spirals out of control from there. Comic relief to the party, but after some horrifying events that have happened he'll end up embracing it to cope with the trauma and it'll get even worse from here.

• Allies:
Trap elf cleric, the common sense of the party(sometimes, doesn't know he's a trap).

Trap elf archer, tries to show off a lot but his bad luck ruins almost every moment.(doesn't know he's a trap as well)

Fisherwoman spear user, the ditzy character of the group.

Wingman disco-king sorcerer who has an afro. Looks like he came from the 80s. Total bro.

Female Bard, motherly and caring. Vindr has a small crush on her.

• Physical Description: Pic related.

>> No.48058027

Whoops, messed up the formatting. Was too focused on keeping it under the character limit.

>> No.48058188

Sounds cool. Are these entirely original characters or is your group playing amnesiac, fantasy versions of themselves?

>> No.48058319

Entirely original characters. We based our game's setting and premise off of an anime called Grimgar , but we're in a different location. Basically X amount of people taken from the real world for an unknown reason and transported to a fantasy world with no memories at all, but sometimes a flash of a memory or a habit comes to surface. Example, Vindr fell into a river and remembered a time when he was in school when he accidentally fell into a pool after getting slightly drunk.

A lot of the players haven't played D&D before aside from me and the GM. He picked all the players up from /a/ when the show was airing, so everyone at first was playing anime cliches however all of the characters have gotten a bit more depth and what it seems everyone is enjoying themselves. There's a total of 12 players split off into two groups(Party B is Vindr's party, we're the underdogs).

It was SoL for awhile but after recent events(can elaborate if you'd like) it has gotten much, much darker.

Also pic related, it's the trap Elf cleric.

>> No.48058386

That actually sounds really fun and a pretty great way to bring new players into the fold. Also Grimgar! I need to finish watching it, I really liked what I saw and it has a very beautiful style.

I wouldn't mind hearing more about it, especially how the GM is juggling two parties around.

>> No.48058530

Grimgar is pretty good, but a bit too slow for some people.

So basically there are two parties, Party A and Party B. Thursdays and Saturdays respectively.

Party A were the players who originally joined first, and Party B were the extra players. GM decided to make room for a second group after getting so much interest. At first there were 7 people in Party A but people have come and gone so it is now even with Party B.

There was a huge party disparity at first, with Party A having 7 players and Party B having only 5(some players had to double dip). It is now even, but IC the reasoning was we were essentially those kids picked last in sports. So this has caused a bit of rivalry with both parties. However as of the moment, Party B in my eyes has had to fighter way more dangerous things with less people over the entire campaign.

The event where things have gotten darker is currently ongoing and gonna be wrapped up by our next session(so far been 3 or 4 sessions long for both parties). Basically we had a hub town that we've been in ever since the start of the campaign, players from both parties have written paragraphs upon paragraphs worth of small stories to try and liven up the town. However a few sessions ago a huge raid from kobolds and goblins backed by a mysterious third party have raided the town while we were in it. All those characters we have rapport with or we've come to know and love, all dead, dying, or gonna be dead soon.

It's a struggle, but so far there's a pretty high chance of almost every single character developing a form of PTSD. And the worst part? In setting there's a country wide curse where if corpses aren't blessed by priests, they raise as zombies with the same level of skill as they had when they were alive. With the benefits of being undead.

Party A escaped after fighting a water elemental(we had to fight a fire one already) but Party B encountered a dark figure who is raising ghosts/undead around himself.

>> No.48058726

• Name: Jennica Korr
• Role(s): Captain, CQC specialist
• Goals: Reunite the Empire, find father, ignore Force plot hooks until Inquisitors/GM force the issue
• Traits: Uptight, Stubborn, Aggressive, Loyal
• Flaws: Her aggressive and stubborn nature leads to unnecessary risks and have pissed off the wrong people. Combine that with an almost myopic view towards her objectives, both personal and mission-based, and she's led the party out on a limb more than once.
• Allies: A junkie Imperial Tie pilot, a Nosaurian mercenary, a hapless hired gun, an Imperial Warlord with more firepower than common sense
• Enemies: A rogue Inquisitor, a band of Mandolorians, at least one Imperial Remnant Faction, New Republic scum
• Other Relations: Her adopted father, the Imperial officer who got her into ImpInt, which according to different reports is either KIA, captured by the Republic, or working with the Republic
• Physical Description: A tall Cathar who takes pride in her appearance and uniform.
-Mary Sue Score: 10

Got a lot of help and a couple of unexpected surprises from last thread. Thanks again!

>If your character wrote a self help book, what would it be about?
Political Insurgencies, Consolidating Power, and You: The One Thing Daala Did Right

>Imagine your character on the other side of the good guy/bad guy fence:
Korr would be similar but have less to prove in the New Republic because of her race. Between having more resources and being more grounded, I think she would be more successful and happier, though I can also see her having Bel Iblis levels of frustration at the political maneuvering during the early New Republic.

>> No.48058757

Yo Bog Roll was looking for you in the drawthread.

>> No.48058820

Once again, this sounds really fun and the gm sounds really awesome. Can also see the Grimgar inspirations even in the party buildup.

Does anyone believe Vindr's delusions except for himself?

Is the fact that all elves traps also a country wide curse?

>> No.48058867

Thanks mate.

Responded there as well.

>> No.48058879

No problem. I know I'd hate to be that lucky and then miss out because of thread death.

>> No.48058904

Nah, his delusions is basically taking the chuuni-archetype and cranking it up to 11. Essentially he's faking it to seem cool and mature, when in actuality it is childish and pretentious.

Though the GM had made a passing mention to me when I said I was thinking of multi-classing into warlock with "the great dark lord Nazgrul" as my patron for a joke that Nazgrul actually exists.

So we'll see sometime during the campaign?

The trap thing is just an elf thing, some could call it a curse to have knife ears.

Pic semi-related. It is the fisherwoman spear user.

>> No.48059108

>• Name:
Ardeha Col Mun. All my characters for the past few years have just been anagrams of Character Name or some form of it. Can't remember what version this name came from.

>• Role(s):
Grappling the everliving out of her enemies. The character concept after rolling the stats was a forest giant luchador.

>• Goals:
To topple the demon kingdom. Help her newfound friends and the new country they served.

>• Traits:
Giant, never took off her mask, liked to throw undead off cliffs.

>• Flaws:
Too cocksure about survival. Eternal optimist.

>• Allies:
The king of the new country. Dead but not really. As his last act killed an evil resurrected god. Probably survived but immobile and no longer doing paladin adventures.

The Court Wizard's Messengers, a ragtag group of a librarian/historian/wizard, eastern mystic and a paladin-wannabe

>• Enemies:
Whatever the weeks obstacles was. Mostly undead.

>• Other Relations:
Forest giants that sheltered her and taught her their heritage. Master of the pit, who taught her wrestling.

>• Physical Description:
Tall, muscular, masked, scarred.

The game ended up dying, but the last adventure she and her companions ended up in was going into the mirror universe where they found evil versions of themselves. The paladin-wannabe and luchador kicked open the gates of the evil kingdom where

>> No.48059162

I think I remember seeing this be done in the drawthread a long time ago.

>> No.48059181

Yeah, I was the one who originally asked for it. The drawfriend who did it was amazing.

>> No.48059206

Sounds like her and my Luchador grappler would get along nicely

>> No.48059342

Yeah for real, it looks awesome.

>> No.48059390

>• Name:
Lagakh Vuma-Thukena
>• Role(s):
Orc Berserker, ex-bandit
>• Goals:
To bring honor to her family name, which was lost in the last war against the Elves
>• Traits:
Durable, motivated, steadfast in her beliefs, and very physically powerful
>• Flaws:
Easily angered, violent, suspicious of most humans
>• Allies:
Other members of her clan, and basically anyone who can prove their strength to her
>• Enemies:
Elves, people that piss her off for whatever reason

I feel like she's, well... boring. Maybe a bit too cliche? What do you guys think?

>> No.48059429

She is almost as cliche as possible anon. All you need to do is find ways to make her own them, or make them her own in some way.

I knew her whole character by looking at the pic before reading.

>> No.48059449

She is literally Miss Orc.

Maybe not a bad thing, depending on the game you want to play, but there are a lot of sites that would help you figure out her in more detail if you are so inclined.

>> No.48059492

Yeah, you're right. I'll check out that Springhole website and see if I can make her more unique somehow.

>> No.48059516

Best thing to do is answer a lot of "Why" and "How" questions from her perspective.

>> No.48059572

There are two ways I use.

Put her in some situation with drama, and then ask yourself the basic reporters litany.
What happened?
Who did that?
When did it take place?
Where did it take place?
Why did that happen?

Other way is to map her life up to that dramatic moment, fleshing out the drama and as a side dish, her character.

>> No.48060213

Like that name idea.

Cute! Did you get everyone drawn up proper?

Is this the cat sacrifice guy?

>> No.48060348

Fisherwoman's player is my girlfriend who gets commissioned a lot for art, she hasn't had enough time to do the other three players. Maybe I should push her to get to them soon.

>> No.48060397


Okay, trying this again.

>• Name:
Lagakh Vuma-Thukena
>• Role(s):
Orc Berserker, ex-bandit, treasure-hunter
>• Goals:
To find an ancient Orcish artifact said to be created by the god of strength Lugruk-Gol, a warhammer rumored to grant the wielder incredible strength, and sovereignty over all Orcish clans.
>• Traits:
Durable, motivated, steadfast in her beliefs, and very physically powerful. Despite her people craving peace, she desires a return to the "old ways" spoken of in stories and legends. She wishes the Orcish Clans to be feared and respected once again, like they were long ago, not abused and oppressed by the Elves like they are now.
>• Flaws:
Easily angered, power-hungry, physically abusive, recklessly impulsive, and suspicious of most humans and elves. Chews on the bones she keeps strung on her armor when nervous or annoyed. Due to consuming a mind-altering drug as a young girl, as is customary with her clan's berserkers, her grip on reality has slightly waned, leaving her quite unaware of her surroundings when raging, and even outside of battle she can easily drift off into daydreams or delusions.
>• Allies:
Other members of her clan, and basically anyone who can prove their strength to her, those who remember her people's strength.
>• Enemies:
Elves, owners of orc slaves, and her brother Lorgush, who believes Lagakh must be stopped and convinced to adopt the new Orcish way of peace.

I feel this might be a bit better. Any thoughts?

>> No.48060461

Definitely heading in the right direction.

Some notes:
I like her goal of getting this artifact to rule over all Clans and a desire to return to the old ways.

Her little quirks like chewing on the decorative bones and such are perfect things to pepper in.

Keep at it!

>> No.48060796

That is absolutely adorable and makes me want to jealously wish you well.

I like the direction you've taken this. Any possibility she'll have to play alongside an elf character?

>> No.48060830

Well, I'll humbly accept your jealous good wishes. I'll come back to the OC thread next week to report if anything has changed. A good chance that either Vindr or another character will die, so let's see what the great lord Nazgrul has planned.

>> No.48060889

Luvos Nichto
Planar Explorer, Diabolic Conjurer, Guest Villain
To remain on the forefront of knowledge, exploration, and change. Luvos is in the process of writing a series of encyclopedias of planar knowledge. He is experimenting with means of achieving immortality and slowly perfecting his revenge against his wizard peers.
Luvos has little respect for conventions. He enjoys the fleeting nature of comprehension and more enjoys the hunt for knowledge itself. He has demonstrated a frightening degree of patience and a somewhat obsessive personality. He is easily flustered. Luvos is attracted to forbidden knowledge and other things an authority figure says are dangerous this is derived from a desire to overcompensate and impress others by taming such dangerous things. Growing up as a half-drow raised by humans has given him an affinity for the taboo and makes him feel like a kindred spirit to most things labelled as evil and secretive.
In addition to having little respect for tradition, Luvos' time spent exploring the multiverse and planescape has left him reluctant to put any faith in the moral boundaries of any one plane. He has picked up the habit of introducing himself in fancier and fancier nonsensical titles. He believes he is the smartest person in any room but that everyone seems to know something he doesn't. Any attempts at appearing friendly are usually hindered by his creepy and overblown mannerisms, lack of social awareness, and the stench of brimstone clinging to his robes.
A animated foot stool with the personality of a terrier and a clumsy broomstick.
>Physical Description
Luvos is an early middle aged half-elf swathed in several layers of dark robes, he is hooded at most times and has dusky grey skin which shows on his face and finger tips. His drow heritage has gives him his yellow eyes and aversion to sunlight. He has sharp features and poor posture. His teeth and nails are pointed but harmless.

>> No.48060913

And here are the stories I've written about him so far, working on a new picture too.

>> No.48060919

Thanks! I'll definitely keep working on it.

And yes, one of her party members is going to be an Elf, although he's part of a little society that's been cut off from the main Elf population for generations. So he might be a little more open-minded towards her... Maybe.

>> No.48060997

Please do. It sounds that your campaign is about to shift tones, and I have a feeling regardless of whatever happens it's going to be exciting.

How's Lagakh going to handle dealing with an elf longterm? Asides from violence, I mean.

>> No.48061060

I'm now taking more requests; I'll get started in an hour or so.
Specifics > vague requests; first-come first-serve beyond that.

>> No.48061087

Pic related plling the chain on the end of his mace, causing the macehead to spin very quickly.

Bonus points for a shadow of an owlbear looming over him as he looks determined at it.

>> No.48061091

More Irya and Luvos

>> No.48061100

Yargle-Flargh and cute summoner holding hands.

>> No.48061102

Yargle-Flarg anon I don't care what you draw just know that you are my hero.

>> No.48061103

Well, she's gonna see the party as a means to help her get her hands on that warhammer. She's not so stupid that she'll refuse the help of an elf if she can get it, however she'll be very, very suspicious of them for a good while. Elves have broken pacts with the Orcs before, and she wouldn't be surprised to see him betray the group, even if her suspicions prove false.

She's probably going to be rough with him for a little while, at the very least. Shoving him out of the way, threatening him, etc. But that'll all stop after a short time. She's smart enough to know that driving a party member away is a poor decision. She might even apologize, if the situation calls for it.

>> No.48061160

like a chainsaw or weed wacker?

>> No.48061180

Weed Whacker. It spins on a vertical axis when the chain is pulled.

He got a crazy kill on an owlbear this way about 2 years ago.

>> No.48061199

I was more questioning the intent with the rip cord, but I get you.

>> No.48061321

What did your OC want to be when they grew up?

>> No.48061398

Leader of a gang of bandits that ruled over a huge ass merchant city. Now he wants to kill them

>> No.48061424

How did that change come about?

>> No.48061497

He was part of a smaller, less numerous gang where he played the role of the generic big guy, roughing up people, collecting debts and stuff.

Their gang started picking up in reputation and the bigger gang he wanted to be a part in wiped them excepting him and two other guys because they were out of town at the time, trying to expand their territory.

When he came back, his brother was found dead hanging in front of the HQ and since then my character wants revenge. Pretty generic mafia-like stuff set in a medieval fantasy world.

He's a stubborn and vengeful piece of shit dwarf and he'll make sure to take them down. Sadly I don't have any art of him so I'm just lurking in the thread.

>> No.48061584

Organized dwarf crime is neat.

>> No.48061586

If my power goes out I'll get w/ you tomorrow.

>> No.48061598

I shall be here.

>> No.48061646


Yeah it's pretty fun. He's a rogue that likes grappling a bit too much, bustin' kneecaps and then throwing them on the ground

>> No.48061686

Beefy rogues are so fun, played a hobgoblin rogue once that was basically just a walking war crime most of the time.

>> No.48061711

Ahaaha yes. I lost how everytime I say '' I play a rogue'' people expect a sneaky half elf and the face they make when I say I'm a rogue with expertise in athletics and just shove people on the ground and wrestle them down

>> No.48061750

Irya had delusions of being a court wizard or some other high-ranking figure in society involving magic.

Her having fiendish blood and criminal scum parents made that impossible, plus the planar travel taking over most of her (now multiple) lives.

>> No.48061761

God yes, I loved introducing my rogue as like a seven foot tall drooling brute with a horse chopper.

>> No.48061835

Lagakh used to want to follow in her father's footsteps, training to be a blacksmith.

>> No.48061842

Luvos wanted to wanted to be a mapmaker when he was growing up, the smell of ink and rolled old paper, plus being able to read one and imagine you were anywhere.

Planar travel has a way of really overtaking any preexisting aspirations.

>> No.48061967

...A paladin of the god of light.
It's an old wound for him, because it's one of the only things from his past life he clings onto- the other is his wife.
The fact that his daughter will likely become one is just another twist of the knife.

>> No.48061974


These three characters with a blond female bard, a afro wearing sorcerer who looks like he belongs on that 70s show(with sunglasses as well), and a trap dark elf with short white hair all around a campfire as the fighter makes a fool of himself.

Thanks in advance friend. Pic related, what the bard/sorcerer/archer look like.

>> No.48062012

Kaiger wanted to a knight/paladin when he grew up.

>> No.48062442


>> No.48062463

Her desire to learn and find this ancient text is far greater than her fear of the world. Though that won't stop her from being afraid

>> No.48062520

Always good to see Luvos.

>> No.48062541

Thanks, man

>> No.48062979

Boots or robot feet?

Sry breh, that's way too much content. I ain't there yet, plus that would take like 6-8 hours minimum.

>> No.48063007

Hey that looks awesome.

>> No.48063034

Requesting Kaiger(>>48055039 >>48054992) punching a druid that looks like Bojack Horseman.

>> No.48063285

Boots are fine, and probably easier to draw. Looks so good.

>> No.48063310

• Name: Ilana Serqet
• Role(s): Party Face, Sorceress/Fighter,
• Goals: Negotiate contracts for her family's naval shipping company, refine her wild magic sorcery to be more focused and under control, and prove her worth to the para-military order that she has recently joined.
• Traits: Has a penchant for wagers and enjoys learning about what motivates people. Loves spellcasting but only knows a few spells, finding novel, utilitarian ways to use them. Relaxes by making maps and sketching the landscape. Optimistic, flexible, and driven.
• Flaws: Overestimates her own abilities. Shamefully gets off on destructive sorcery. Fares poorly with animals. Often misreads deception and bluffs.
• Allies: Kid death monk with no sense of monetary value, devout, dyslexic dwarf paladin of a jaguar god, disgraced but brilliant elf moon druid alchemist, and an amoral, lecherous elf warlock of the Great Old Ones.
• Enemies: rival cleric in her order, agents of cutthroat shipping competitors, and cultists who want her to give birth to evil demon babies.
• Other Relations: Father and younger brother in Watersdeep who she writes to about her adventures, corresponds with mother on her commercial ventures, ex-bf dwarf sailor whom she calls for favors oftentimes.
• Physical Description: See picture, with sharp teeth, forked tongue, and warmth to the skin.

>Mary Sue score: 10 (-3 after applying de-sueifiers)

>> No.48063437


>If your character wrote a self help book, what would it be about?
"Prestidigitation for Better Living: And Other Mundane Uses for Fantastical Magics"

>Imagine your character on the other side of the good guy/bad guy fence:
She still enjoys working magic in new ways and understanding the motivations of others. But now she does it with cruel intent, cultivating a sadistic streak and seeking to manipulate and break people with charisma and magical suggestion. She would definitely be more successful and perhaps she would be able to quietly dispose of her mother and become head of the company.

She wouldn't be happier I think. It's lonely at the top and once she got the prestige and the power she's only going to want more and more until she goes to great-great-great-great-great grandaddy for abyssal power

Ilana wanted to be a book-learny wizard with a billion spells. Then she got her hands on a spellbook and realized she just wasn't good enough at studying arcana the long way and she gave up, focusing on a few spells done in unorthodox ways.

>> No.48063714

I had a friend that played a sort of boxer wrestling ranger. He was actually a thinly-disguised Crocodile Hunter, and would tie up just about every animal we fought and try to tame it.

>> No.48063748


Awesome. Did he get killed by a manta ray?

>> No.48064041

(I already drew feet)

>> No.48064076

Badass thanks so much! His player is going to freak when I show him this. You're the best.

>> No.48064130

That looks metal as fuck.

>> No.48064135

Well... he's a warforged so

>> No.48064246

No, he had to leave the campaign partway through. Last we saw him he was chasing after a dragon, determined to wrestle it.

>> No.48064291

May his legend live eternal

>> No.48064908

>• Name:
Karl Vinsera
>• Role(s):
Storm Sorcerer, rogue mage
>• Goals:
Long-Term: To overthrow the current leader of Empyrean, who keeps mages under constant surveillance and suspicion, and who's law-enforcers ignore crime against them.
Short-Term: To find allies willing to assist him in his goals, and to find the man who mutilated his face.
>• Traits:
Somewhat taciturn, curious, patient, altruistic and sympathetic (to those who he sees as innocent). His motivations are mostly fueled by a desire for revenge, not for himself, but in the name of all innocent mages kidnapped from their homes, beaten and even killed out of fear and suspicion.
>• Flaws:
Sadistic towards enemies, judgmental, self-important, and terrified of dogs. Is prone to holding grudges, often lets his emotions and personal feelings get in the way of logic. Speaks with a stutter, and is prone to hand-fidgeting when stressed.
>• Allies:
A treasure-hunting rogue, a wizard who's obsessed with explosions, and the Basilisks Mercenary Guild.
>• Enemies:
The Empyrean nobility, mage-hunters, and a particularly cruel and sadistic prison warden who mutilated Karl's face, scarring it beyond recognition.
>• Physical Description:
A man of average height and build. Covers his entire body with long white robes, gloves and a specially-crafted mask. His mask is very ornate, carved with intricate designs and decorated with transparent blue crystals that cover the eye-holes.

>> No.48064959

Damn that's fucking cool.

>> No.48065216

Does his mace actually do that in-game?

>> No.48065248

> a wizard who's obsessed with explosions
Are you going to walk the path of explosions with her?

>> No.48065345

This is a character I used to play in a Savage Worlds game. The setting was an airship campaign: we were all on a transport airship, travelling elsewhere when pirates attacked, so we did the obvious thing, killed the pirates, and took their ship... So that we could go be pirates instead!

Name: Hae'zelias Soulsavage
Born as a daughter to a demon lord from 'hell', a burned out pit of wreckage far across the ocean, Hazel went out to explore the greater world. Mostly in order to gain power and minions so that she can conquer the rest of Hell.

Role(s): Supposed 'captain', complete physical monster, Ship idiot.
Hazel was incredibly stupid and gullible, but she's ballsy and confident, with enough raw power to take her out of everything her stupidity gets her into. She declared she was 'captain' of the ship after we conquered it, so the smarter members of the crew said 'yeah sure' and then decided on the second of command. The one who was really in control.

Goals: Becoming the Demon Queen. Well, she always declared that she *was* the Demon Queen, even if she hadn't gotten around to conquering hell yet.

Traits: Other than huge-ass claws, a whippy deadly tail (Xenomorph-style), wings that allowed her to conquer a WW1-era fighter plane from *outside of it*, and a few demon magics, she had... uh, good luck?
Essentially, she was a combat monster.

Flaws: A lot of them. Stupid, overconfident, incredibly gullible, and responds to defiance by immediate maiming. I ended up with some big character dissonance when the real ship captain ended up defying her, and I didn't slaughter him for metagaming reasons.

Enemies: Essentially everyone she met other than her crew.. She tried extorting the leader of a village- one who was essentially a humanoid dragon- and one of the final fights in the campaign was against the dragon. I ended up with dragon horns on a plaque. The GM later said that I wasn't meant to win.

All in all, it was a lot of fun.

>> No.48065386

Yes, he dropped a sizeable amount of gold to have it made that way.

>> No.48065724

• Name: Mary-Annette (always together like that)

• Role(s): Primary Caster, Battlefield Control, semi-Face, token psychopath

• Goals: To recreate her childhood village, learn as much about magic as she can, and prove her worldview correct

• Traits: Slightly curious and naive, generally upbeat and prone to humming or tinkering, can get bored easily when magic isn't involved

• Flaws: Highly suspicious and distrusting of those whose motivations she can't pinpoint immediately, doesn't view people who aren't Charmed as people, and is obviously unhinged after a few minutes of conversation

• Allies:
-The Fey
-Expert of all things Ranger
-Gentle giant (Human) Barbarian
-The littlest Witch
-Sweaty Inquisitor

• Enemies:
-The Fey
-An evil Noble
-Mysterious voice that commands undead

• Physical Description: A young woman of small stature with an angular face and unusual teal colored hair, see pic

As an infant, Mary-Annette was kidnapped by Fey creatures. Rather than raise her themselves, however, the Fey put her in one of their experimental games: a village where every individual was Charmed to like one another. Mary-Annette was raised by a randomly determined couple, both Charmed to love her as their own. For a time she was happy.

Soon enough, however, the Church caught wind of the village and sent several Paladins to break the spell. When they did so, Mary-Annette's perfect illusion was shattered; all she knew was that magic made others love her, and without that magic she would never be loved again. She determined that magically induced love was the only genuine love to exist, and everything else was self-serving in some way.

After the village was destroyed, Mary-Annette set out to find a source of magic, powerful artifacts, or dark knowledge. She searched for anything capable of bringing back the "true happiness" she felt in the Charmed village.

I enjoy playing complete nutbars. I don't know why.

>> No.48066866

>anime-esque character art
why am I not surprised

>> No.48066961

Why is that?

>> No.48067125

Why am I not surprised or why do anime pics hint to psychotic PCs?

>> No.48067215

Preferably the latter, but I don't mind elaboration on the former.

No one in my group had a problem with the character so I'm curious what the apparent red flag is.

>> No.48067272

Why is the inquisitor there/how does Mary handle dealing with him? It seems like they might be opposed.

>> No.48067593

He was of the Inquisitor class, but had little to no actual pull in the church, and his player implied they sent him to check up on a mercenary company to get rid of him. He sent reports, but wasn't the one making the decisions. All the PCs were part of said mercenary company as the hook to get them together. Pic related, he submitted this shot of Grima as his character portrait.

As for his interactions with Mary-Annette, she just mostly didn't do anything outlandish in his presence. He did stalk her a few times, but could never get enough evidence to do much, and wasn't going to risk trying to go directly against her while he was alone and outside of the church's jurisdiction. He suspected that the other party members would side against him, too, but that was more on his own abrasive personality. He and my character got along like a house on fire, though, and things probably would have escalated had the campaign not gone into scheduling hell and died. A shame.

>> No.48067844

Scheduling hell is a very real danger. You get any closure?

>> No.48067905

Need some help /oct/.

What are some good conspiracy theories I can build into a character who I'm playing as an anti-system activist?

Not Dale Gribble status, but similar. Sees real problems in the way things are run, and doesn't trust governments for shit.

The hard part is that this is for a medieval fantasy setting.

>> No.48067950

How magical is the world?

>> No.48067992

No, none of us did. The campaign just sort of stalled and died while we were trapped in a crazy noble's funhouse dungeon.

>> No.48068008

Not very. Magic exists in small pockets, and there is the occasional wizard in a tower somewhere, but nothing crazy.

My character in question is a druid, but I'm going to play him very shamanistic, less hippie stoner treehugget.

>> No.48068301


Zaji'im >>48055569 wanted to be a Paladin. It's kind of a family thing, his father, and his father's father.. etc.

His Niece however, went against the grain and wanted to be a dragon. Since she has grown up and learned that's obviously impossible (Barring Polymorph Other, and while it made for a particularly great birthday gift from her Uncle, it isn't the real thing) she's decided that making one into her pet is the next best thing.

>> No.48068540

Just look at conspiracies today and replace all cases of the word "Gun" with "Magic" and "The rich/Jews" with "Nobles."

>The Govt. is limiting magic access to the people
>Nobles hold all the power, but do none of the work
>The Govt. is corrupt and will soon collapse. causing widespread anarchy
>Foreigners are moving in and ruining my country

As a druid the last one is more civilization is moving in and ruining your country.

>> No.48068572

I had things more in line with chemtrails and secret police in mind, but I guess those are easy to convert.

>> No.48068603

>The King is really a puppet of the Elves!
>The Thieves Guild bought off the city guard!
>Dwarves secretly control the printing presses!
>Society will implode when we run out of Residiuum!

Yeah, same deal.

>> No.48068755

>• Name:
>• Role(s):
Necromancer, sentient undead, gloomy asshole
>• Goals:
To find out who he was before death and subsequently undeath, and to find out why he was raised from the dead.
>• Traits:
Honest, loyal, sympathetic, calm, and talented with necromancy. Despite his condition and situation, his undeath managed to spark an intense interest in death magic, leading him to study and learn the ways of it. Due to this, he is a powerful spellcaster as well.
>• Flaws:
Pessimistic, bleak, can seem cold in personality, physically weak, and somewhat selfish. He can only gain sustenance from living flesh, usually feeding on live animals such as rabbits and lizards. He is also hideous under his mask, his face perpetually in the early stages of decomposition along with the rest of his body.
>• Allies:
A kind hunter named Yorick who took him in after he crawled out of his grave, despite his appearance, and a mercenary who's name is Rodge.
>• Enemies:
Likely anyone who discovers his true nature.
>• Other Relations:
In his mind are extremely hazy, barely-formed memories, scattered about in no discernible way to him. He sees glimpses of unfamiliar faces, each of which he craves to learn more about.
>• Physical Description:
Wears brass-trimmed armor underneath a red cloak. Under the armor, however, is an extremely gaunt man with nearly white skin. He has no hair, and his eyes are constantly bloodshot and bulging.

I couldn't find a picture I liked enough to use for him, so I just used a video game character instead...

>> No.48068774

>The Dutchess is a cleverly disguised Abolith!
>Humans can crossbreed with everything because during ancient times the planet was visited by a species who's magic is vastly superior to our's, and they experimented on us!
>Stone Elementals can talk to and communicate with all rocks, and can even recognize their kin even when they've been cut and repurposed by mortal races. Abhorred by the treatment of their element, they wait patiently for the day when they will all band together and rise up against the stone-cutting races.
>Beauty, is not in fact, in the eye of the Beholder. It's actually located in their spleen.
>Mindflayers run the Church of ______! They fill the minds of their patrons with false hope from a false god, to turning their brains to mush, and all the better for consumption.

Okay, I'm done now.

>> No.48068850

Name: Finease Regenald Cragkeep

Role: Court Mage to elder vampire

Goal: open up far realm rift attempt to into god hood there

Excellent writer he is a horror writer who uses his experiences to write new books in this modern paranormal campaign

He is a Mage became one after a Cheshire Cat(Pluto) befriended him and educated him on the ways of the far realm at the ripe age of 14, the cat is now his "pet"

Intelligent saves him in a pinch

Wealthy he is a good horror writer a young Steven King almost.

Has a good collection of eldritch artifacts

This guy is addicted to opium

And he is quite the loner despite his current position he has little friends just associates.

His editor
One Tristian Avior

His employer
Elder vampire name not released

Another member of a prestigious club he is in
One Harrell Grap

His Cheshire Cat

His animated Refrigerator
(Currently kidnapped by his enemies and tortured)

His biggest fan a journalist with a possessed camera


The Hoffman foundation:
A large American based orginization devoted to regulating and keeping the paranormal elements of nature under control or they crush whats in their way

A highly secretive religious orginization constantly attempting to kill my employer and me with her

Micheal Datun
My rival writer whom is in the same prestigious club as I am. He is a well known romance writer.

Other relations:
Loner status

Physical description:
Picture is spot on made by request from me.

>> No.48068925

Hey, goblinvomit drew my character too. I really like his work. I've got a commission in progress with him right now for more.

>> No.48068966

Gotta love them Draw friends. If I was a tad richer I'd commission them as well.

>> No.48068991

Gvom is fairly reasonably priced, you could always check out his tumblr.

>> No.48069050

Thank you based anon, I'll check them out.

>> No.48069801

A Cheshire Cat?

>> No.48069871

My first character was kinda cliche, but I was fond enough to port him into the current game I'm in.

• Name: Arkus Ward
• Role(s): Paladin, Rogue, Healer, Moral Support, Face
• Goals: To continue his half-brother's legacy, and to never lose another friend in battle.
• Traits: Good-natured, loyal. Irratingly innocent and idealistic - sees the good in people where others may not (Though often incorrect)
• Flaws: Naíve, reckless. Fails to understand the weight and consequences of what he commits to. As the youngest party member, is often the first to suffer emotional trauma, despite his usual encouraging nature.
• Allies: Ion, the Ironborn Warder and Arkus' best friend. Dwyne, his fiercely loyal Pseudodragon familiar and only source of common sense. Lady Folu, the Samsaran Witch. Yukiko, the Tengu Sorceror. Claura the Grippli Druid, moments ago slain by a Black Dragon as Ion dragged a screaming Arkus to safety. Kass the Tiefling Investigator, who recently retired.
• Enemies: His most personal enemy so far had been a cultist torturer who had a twisted curiosity for Elves and Half-Elves. After Arkus was captured, Dwyne performed a daring infiltration and rescue, helping the weakened Paladin in his showdown with the torturer.
• Other Relations: His deceased human half-brother and former adventuring partner, Dwayne. Arkus places him on a high pedestal, but in reality Dwayne was a mediocre paladin and Arkus has long since surpassed him. The rest of his former party - Dyre the human sorceror and "Garry" the elf ranger. Additionally, his unknown Elf biological father is likely still alive.
• Physical Description: A young, somewhat lanky Half-Elf with messy white hair.

>What did your OC want to be when they grew up?
A swashbuckling thief-hero. His half-brother often had to knock him into line, but when he died, Arkus took up his blade and oath instead.

>> No.48070006

It's been six threads and I still don't see Lugh in the Doc. Maybe I just have to post more. Is anyone updating it?

>> No.48070138

I don't think anyone is updating it

>> No.48070257

somebody should get on that

>> No.48070267

How does he cope with stopping in-town for more than a day or two? Does he rely on his friends while he lays low, or does he alter his guise?
Does he purchase livestock or venture outside town walls each day to hunt?

>> No.48071250

Development Question:

Who did your character idolize as a child? Why did they look up to that person? Do they still idolize that person? Why or why not ?

>> No.48071318

Lugh's only real guardian ever since he was young has been the Loremaster of his people, and as such he idolizes him. However, he no longer idolizes him, as there is an extremely high probability he is dead.

>> No.48071774

Luvos idolized his biological father he never met, he was the member of some drow raiding party. Luvos likes to imagine he was some evil mage. He thinks that he is like destined to be a master of evil magic and stuff because of his heritage from this guy.
He actually really just thinks that controlling dangerous magic will impress his step father and he's basically a total ween seeking approval from dadddy.

>> No.48072541

For Lleyna, my warlock halfling, it was probably a human wizard who passed through her town when young. He did some feats of magic for show and work, and she liked how he managed to do well on his own (she wasn't very social for a halfling), and being a magic user seemed exciting. He was the first magic-user she barraged with questions, and he did his best to set her on a good path. Unfortunately, she took the quick path to magic, that of a demonic pact.

If they really consider that person now, it's probably with regret that they didn't listen to him. There's a slight idolization there, since she wishes she had both his power and his freedom, instead of only the former.

>> No.48072592

Mordin Kainen La Rouge is a happy go lucky illithid and self proclaimed hero. His other titles include Knight Tentacular of the Holy Order of the Tentacle, the Liberator of Elelphants, Psion Extraordiare, and in a small italian town, Spaghetti Man. This fresh faced young hero's goals are no more than to be a hero, and spread the good word of the tentacle. His traits include heroism, bravery, unsurpassed intellect, childlike innocence, and giving himself titles, and secretly being a dire polar bear. His flaws include obliviousness, foolhardiness, is literally 12 years old, gives the party unforgettable titles, and lacks opposable thumbs and can't fit through doors because hes a fucking bear. He is allied with Raptor Jesus, also known as Ketharuil, and a pasty little mage named Zaniel. His enemies include elder evils, bad guys and color yellow. His other relations are his adopted sister Charlotte, an aranaea weaver, and Kirahe, the paladin whose body he used to inhabit. He wears a magic item to look like his old form, as seen in the picture, but switched minds with a polar bear.
>If your character wrote a self help book, what would it be about?
How To Be a Hero in 5 Easy Steps

>> No.48072632 [DELETED] 

I will be drawing characters from this thread as teh mood hits me. I also drew raptor jesus.

>> No.48072654

I will be drawing characters from this thread as the mood hits me. I also drew raptor jesus.

>> No.48072674

Where does he put his bird dick?

>> No.48072710

Can't wait to see who you draw

>> No.48072746

Kaiger as a child probably looked up to his mom and the clan Chieftan. He admired his mother's intelligence and kindness but he wanted to be big and strong like the Chieftan of his clan. His mom did her best by teaching Kaiger the basics of fighting. As a man he still looks up to her more so now. She left her life of nobility to adventure and eventually found a happy life with an Orc fisherman. While the Chieftan Kaiger doesn't look up to him anymore because he only really looked up to him for his strength. He had no other qualities that Kaiger admired and Kaiger's at the point where he thinks he could have kicked the dude's ass if he wasn't already dead.

>> No.48072757

Oh, and her self-help book:

>How to Help Yourself, Without Helping Others to Yourself's Self by Ruining Yourself

>> No.48072775

Sounds like a mouthful

>> No.48072781

He's reeeeeally good at tucking.

>> No.48072837

Always nice to have another artist with us.

>> No.48072855

Always nice to have another artist here.

>> No.48073131

Lagakh idolized and looked up to great Orc heroes she heard about in legends in general. However, there was one she looked up to the most: Kurz Black-Fang. He was said to be the last champion of the god of war Lugruk-Gol, wielder of the warhammer Fatebreaker, and to have killed a hundred Elves by himself in the last great war. Most Orcs try to ignore their past violent nature, but Lagakh desires to become as strong as Kurz Black-fang.

>> No.48075473


Ego hurtin a bit there?

>> No.48077276

If you can't properly say that five times fast, you probably won't be able to summon a demon. That's good.

>> No.48077655

His friends occasionally help him out, but his stubborn pride stops him from relying on them completely. Oftentimes he uses his funds he earns from bounty hunting and adventuring to purchase a chicken or two (or whatever other small creatures are for sale), one for him to eat and another for his companion. When on the road, they, of course, hunt. Luckily, he doesn't need to eat nearly as much as mortals, only needing to indulge on life-force around 3-4 times a week.

>> No.48077839

An ace fighter pilot, of course.

Her father was huge in her life, steering her towards intelligence work and imparting his own ideology on her that a strong, central authority needs both hammers and scalpels. If he has gone traitor it'll be a huge blow to her.

Thrawn also gets special mention as a non-human who made a career in the Imperial Navy, but he's not around right now so is out of sight, out of mind.

>> No.48078054

• Name: Tasekn the Experienced
• Role: Wrestler and group map maker
• Goals: Become the best hitter in all of the Goblin kingdom
• Traits: Punchy and small-dog syndrome
• Flaws: Small-dog syndrome. Goblin.
• Allies: Goblins, Hoblins and sometimes Bugbears.
• Enemies: Humans, bears, dwarves, elves, dogs, horses, anything really.
• Physical Description: Short, ugly by Goblin standards, white hair and beard, disturbingly fit for a Goblin.

>> No.48079526

... What is small dog syndrome?

>> No.48079863

Napoleon syndrome I'm assuming?

>> No.48079864

Constantly takes on things bigger than he is, yappy, like a yorky.

>> No.48081410

What setting (aside from the current one) would your character fit the best in?

>> No.48081443


As in fantasy setting? Probably Witcher

As for tabletop, Eberron.

>> No.48081946

Honestly, Hazel wouldn't fit very well in a lot of settings. In the most cliche 'light vs dark' D&D settings, she'd totally be a Neutral Evil antagonist who never really gets off the ground. Maybe a kind of Dresden Files setting as a particularly stupid hell changeling?

Anyway, I just realized that I don't have any kind of picture for my character, >>48065345 so I'll just post a description of her from my mythweavers sheet.

Hae'zelias is a rather humanlike devil, considering her lineage. She has a humanlike appearance from her face, all the way down her front to her upper thighs, though she bears an unnatural golden/bronze complexion.

In various places- her upper arms, lower back, and on the underside of her tail, she has golden scales instead of skin. It's nowhere near as rough as the warped, layered bronze demonbone that serves as the biological armor on her arms, legs, and upper back. Most disturbing is her molten golden eyes, brilliant in their intensity.

Small, slightly curved horns stick up and backward from her forehead. Grand, two-part wings span from her shoulders, and from her elbows down, she has truly deadly talons and hooks on her hands. Her tail, recently grown, is a long, powerful tail, with a keen demonbone blade on the end, various rings and piercings near the tip.

Don't ask how she bored the piercings through the demonbone blade on the tip of her tail, though. That stuff's basically indestructible.

>> No.48082194

Any setting with magic, wildlife, and elves really. Being honorary barbarian, Arallios doesn't really have a cross-setting handicap as long as there's land with relatively-easily-killable animals, obtainable edible plants, and water sources. Almost anything outside that is mostly negligible. An easier question would be which settings would he'd fit worse in, to which I would answer "anything with sprawling megalopolises and/or 'HFY: Angry About Elves' genocides", since he's terrible with directions/resource management in large cities and not even he can hide from those crusades forever.

>> No.48082721

I could see Josh as a reluctant investigator in Eberron. Likely from Sharn.

>> No.48084286

Kaiger fits probably most fantasy settings since he's in a D&D campaign. Though I'd probably have fun using him in a Warcraft campaign since a hanful of orc stuff from there. Though I'm not sure if he'd lean more towards Alliance or Horde. His sister I can definitely imagine her getting on Garrosh's New Horde.

>> No.48086624

>page 10

>> No.48087142

• Name: Catrìona of the Pale Ravens
• Role(s): Barbarian, Striker
• Goals: Wants to explore the lands and see new sights
• Traits: Adventurous, Determined, Loyal, Honest
• Flaws: Low education,
• Allies: Nephcis (Tiefling sorcerer), Sarvalur (Wood Elf ranger), Ingwyn (Dwarf paladin), Jilda (Halfling rogue - deceased)
• Enemies: Sligrog (Frost Giant clan leader), Zar-deh (Human Warlock occult leader)
• Physical Description: Tall and athletic with raven hair, doesn't care about her physical appearance.

Catrìona began traveling in order to see more than just the highlands of her ancestors, thus she set out to see more of the world. What began as a simple journey became a lifetime of adventuring as she was befriended by other adventurers who recognized her strength in battle.

>> No.48087745

I watched robot jones draw this for you and I am so fucking jelly.

>> No.48089757

Anything that has something like an Inquisition or the like.

>> No.48090750

• Name: Velka Abadon
• Role(s): Face, Storm Sorcerer
• Goals: To live in a small mansion without doing much work at all.
• Traits: Somewhere between persuasive and manipulative, Furious lust for knowledge and power
• Flaws: Greedy and and manipulative. Little self preservation due to constant bodyguard protection. Also yeah Slave owner.
• Allies: Herod the huge, A fighting pit slave indentured to me.
• Enemies/Rest of party: Taros the paladin, suspicious of my kleptomaniac tendencies. Frank Sinatra the tiefling, pure liquid evil but a good businessmen. Elalin the fey elf, kind of a bitch to everyone, a couple of off colour statements off being killed.
• Other Relations: The local dragon who I am obsessed with. A water genasi who wants my hot prince body. The magic colledge leader who I respect for being hilarious.
• Physical Description: Yeah she hawt. But pirate queens have to be you know? Based very heavily off Oglaf's Vanka don'tchaknow.

Mary Sue score of a quite high 31. Mostly I think because I made her hot. I swear I was mean with myself and she's really not that bad.

>> No.48090914

yes she turned out amazing.

>> No.48091171

Name: Pad

Role(s): Tank, slaughterer of magic users

Appearance: seven foot Bear, magically engineered by crazy furry Mage to stand on hind legs and use weaponry.

Traits: Extremely strong (20 str) incredibly endurable (18 end) and quite wise, however, he can't spread his wisdom cus the furry fuck who created him forgot to give him speech capabilities.

Flaw(s): not very clever, as seen before can't speak, is also terrified of magic. And as such operates on a smash first talk later kinda deal.

Allies: His party members, a coven if Druids, who view him as a second coming. The only people who can talk to him

Enemies: Any member of organised religion, who view him as a disgusting monstrosity. A different coven of Druids, whom he attempted to kill after they cast a rather large spell in front of him.

Goals: Hard to identify, it would seem he desires to kill the guy who created him.

Fears magic. Only surviving member of his original group. I love playing him cus normally I play the face; so I love seeing how my party handles things. In love with his maul.

>> No.48091192

Both being attractive and being a musician boost character's scores a lot. Hell, rpg characters in general are probably going to have higher scores by definition.

But yeah, it's good to be honest with yourself, you might have been too harsh.

How has the party not self-destructed yet?

>> No.48091316

God knows. Clever DMing mostly. We regret so much not creating characters together. It helps that the teifling is quietly evil, so we don't have to notice, the paladin is working on being more forgiving and well, hopefully the elf will shut up or die soon.

Clever dm strategy no 1 was putting us on a ship and through an island temple first, forced cooperation.

>> No.48091477

Sometimes not creating characters together make for the best games!

But I definitely know that feel.

>> No.48091594

>hopefully the elf will shut up or die soon
I'm sure that's about a fourth of my current party's stance on my character. It never fails to amuse me how much they show their dislike of the guy but still can't outright say it due to lack of obvious majority support, as well as his uncanny ability to be useful in the oddest situations.

>> No.48092261

How's playing a character who can't talk except through presumably NPC druids working out?

>> No.48093139

well, the drawthread turned to cancer.
if anyone wants a drawing of their character in this sort of style im testing just let me know.

>> No.48093155


>> No.48093765

I have to ask, is this literally Microsoft paint?

>> No.48094040

Think anyone would appreciate it. You could start with some of the ones that don't have art.

>> No.48094884


>> No.48095555

I would appreciate a drawing of >>48081946 >48065345 . I don't really have one of her.

>> No.48095630

A bored drawfag reporting, got any requests?

>> No.48095827

i will see what i can do for you.
what kind of clothing would she wear and what is her hair like?

>> No.48096133

She actually wears a breastplate over her torso half and a skirt of armor. That's essentially it- her arms and legs are already covered in demonic growths.

As for her hair, it's bright red and wild. Possibly even tangled, since she doesn't take care of it.

>> No.48097072

you dont happen to have some sort of reference for these bronze demonbone growths do you? i dont wanna butcher it

>> No.48097118

Honestly? This works pretty well, only it's more bronze/gold than it is black/red

>> No.48097153


>> No.48097856

i hope this is okay

>> No.48097874


>> No.48099301

I like it. It's cute!

>> No.48100156

Shut up, fuck face

>> No.48100184

The draw thread said something nice about us! >>48091280
I think I'm gonna cry a little.

>> No.48101783

Im trying to change my ways Damnit give me a chance

>> No.48101817

How nice of them.

A shame that our threads have been slow lately.

>> No.48103316

Well, always bound to happen. I think a cure would be less OP bloat.

>> No.48105233

Development Question time.
>What was you OC's call to adventure? Why does s/he do what s/he does?
>What could cause your OC to stop? What's their limit?

>> No.48105576

>Development Question time.
>>What was you OC's call to adventure? Why does s/he do what s/he does?
Kaiger adventures because he was tired of living in his sister's shadow and being a disappointment to his clan. So he decided to wander the land and see if he could fit in with humans better. He bumped in a half-elf bard who promised him fame and fortune and the rest rest is history.
>>What could cause your OC to stop? What's their limit?
At this point in the campaign,Kaiger's thinking about fucking off from the party. Everyone he meets doesn't like him because he's a dick, he has become the butt end to the party's shennanigans, he's pissed off at least one God and he's found at that the only way to defeat Demogorgon is divine intervention. The last one just is making Kaiger have some introspection about his actions and how at the end they didn't seem to matter. He has to rely on a god lost his sacred sword and left it for a harpy to hoard and an ayy lmao who seems to beyond human comprehension and wants to spread weed throughout the land. So once the main threat is dealt with I think might retire from adventuring all together.

>> No.48106439 [DELETED] 

Name: Marc
Role(s): Shaman, Defender
Goal(s): N/A
Traits: Very powerful earth moves (roots, stones), good with a hatchet,
Flaws: Shy, Anxious, runs out of Mana quickly
Allies: Old childhood friend Lucy (Warlock), Gary (Monk), PM-0 (Defender), Tom (Warrior)
Enemies: Everyone who wants to stop him from achieving his goal
Other Relations: N/A
Physical Description: He is about 1.79m tall with an average to slightly athletic build. He has extremely short, black hair.
He wears a cursed bark mask at all times along with a wolf skull hat and civilian attire which consists of a green jacket, some jeans and soccer shoes

(Had to make pixel art because have to wait for comission)

>> No.48106565 [DELETED] 

Name: Marc
Role(s): Shaman,
Goal(s): to kill the demons which killed two of his childhood friends, Helping out his crew
Traits: Very powerful earth moves (roots, stones), good with a hatchet, can summon spirit animal
Flaws: Shy, Anxious, runs out of Mana quickly
Allies: Old childhood friend Lucy (Warlock), Gary (Monk), PM-0 (Defender), Tom (Warrior)
Enemies: Everyone who wants to stop him from achieving his goal
Other Relations: N/A
Physical Description: He is about 1.79m tall with an average to slightly athletic build. He has extremely short, black hair.
He wears a cursed bark mask at all times along with a wolf skull hat and civilian attire which consists of a green jacket, some jeans and sports shoes

(Had to make pixel art because have to wait for comission)

>> No.48106587

Name: Marc
Role(s): Shaman,
Goal(s): to kill the ones which killed two of his childhood friends
Traits: Very powerful earth moves (roots, stones), good with a hatchet, can summon spirit animal
Flaws: Shy, Anxious, runs out of Mana quickly
Allies: Old childhood friend Lucy (Warlock), Gary (Monk), PM-0 (Defender), Tom (Warrior)
Enemies: Everyone who wants to stop him from achieving his goal
Other Relations: N/A
Physical Description: He is about 1.79m tall with an average to slightly athletic build. He has extremely short, black hair.
He wears a cursed bark mask at all times along with a wolf skull hat and civilian attire which consists of a green jacket, some jeans and sports shoes

(Had to make pixel art because I have to wait until my request gets taken)

>> No.48107025

Are you the anon who did a lot of pixel art for a while? Really liked your stuff.

>> No.48107239

>What was you OC's call to adventure? Why does s/he do what s/he does?
Arallios felt the need to break off from his parents so he could learn to be truly independent. Got roped into helping out the party and now he's gotten too involved with them to say "fuck this" and bail, even when the party hits one of their fissures.
>What could cause your OC to stop? What's their limit?
Umm... death? Either that or really forcing himself to settle down in one place. He doesn't like being in the same place for too long, he runs out of things to explore and starts feeling like a some kind of semi-useless housepet. When your primary skill set is "hunt things", getting the party enough cash to be set for life quickly becomes unfulfilling and a sad laziness sets in.

>> No.48107281

no, I am just some dude who does pixel art too

>> No.48108618

Came out good though. What's the setting? And why does he wear a cursed mask?

>> No.48109460

I know the pic is weebshit, but I felt it was a good fit

>• Name:
Anabelle Saunmour
>• Role(s):
Blood Mage, Runaway Noble
>• Goals:
To gain fame as an adventurer and to show the world how strong she really is
>• Traits:
Cheerful, energetic, optimistic and ambitious. Lusts for power and isn't afraid to show off what she already has. Is very accustomed to the luxuries of being a noble, but is ready to give all of that up to follow her dreams.
>• Flaws:
Emotionally fragile, sadistic, selfish, controlling, and spiteful. She is a dominative young woman, seeking to control her enemies to do her bidding. She also speaks with a slight lisp due to her braces.
>• Allies:
None as of yet
>• Enemies:
Her family
>• Other Relations:
The Church. While her childhood was living hell at the least due to her mother's zealous beliefs, she still finds it in her heart to respect the Church's power, even if she deplores the institution itself.
>• Physical Description:
An average-sized girl, standing at 5'6" and weighing 120 lbs. Her hair is red, and she wears expensive clothes, but nothing a regular noble would be seen wearing. Her teeth are corrected by braces, something she kind of likes to show off, as only the wealthy can afford such a luxury.

>> No.48110183

• Name: HRH Matthias Valon

• Role(s): Fighter Pilot, Playboy

• Goals: Spend large amounts of money risk-free, kill a lot of his nation's enemies to protect the innocent.

• Traits: His nation's equivalent to the Red Baron, a keen engineer and someone determined to see his nation retain technological and economic dominance.

• Flaws: Zero grand scale political and strategic skill, short termist policies, arrogant and blinkered and only saved by his technological advantage and genuine skill. Also a pretty dickish, patronising chauvinist.

• Allies: The 1st Special Air Squadron, his wingmen - Alice Schwarzer and Julius Hartmann. Irina Holzen, an aircraft engineer.

• Enemies: Marya ul-Hamid, an enemy aviator. Ali Ceyric, the Mad Prince, a warlike noble who invaded his country.

• Other Relations: The Archduke and Empress Valon, his parents. Also Elizabeth, his sister and Maximilian, his brother.

• Physical Description: Tall, Germanic and rakish. A kind of stylish Howard Hughes meets Harry Flashman figure.

His Sue score came out as 14, his handsomeness and absurd piloting skill offset by his being a pretty nasty and shallow type coasting by on privilege and wealth. He wants to do good with his power but is too short termist to really make good decisions.

>If your character wrote a self help book, what would it be about?

A blindingly arrogant war memoir interspersed with notes about his sexual conquests.

Writing about him: https://ideaswithoutend.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/short-story-the-after-dinner-speech-given-at-the-fourteenth-annual-superiors-club-banquet/

>> No.48110831

>What was you OC's call to adventure? Why does s/he do what s/he does?

Sigmund's village was burned down by a marauding Red Dragon, and from survivors he discovered his Changeling daughter, Adelina, went missing. He has now dedicated his life to finding her, finding his estranged wood-wife, and destroying those who tore his old life away from him.

>What could cause your OC to stop? What's their limit?

Finding Adelina, helping Aomeda and killing Nagaroth the Red Wyrm and Arasandra the Black. Sigmund has made it explicitly clear throughout the campaign that he's perfectly happy with dropping his life as a successful monster hunter if it means settling down with his family; Sigmund is good at killing, but it's not something he *wants* to do.

>> No.48110904

>What was you OC's call to adventure? Why does s/he do what s/he does?
Fucking feud. Fucking Dad. FUCKING ELVES. Approximately in that order.

>What could cause your OC to stop? What's their limit?
I'd say 'death or crippling injury', but neither seemed to stick. He even survived game death to make an NPC appearance in my wife's campaign as basically Vampire Corvo.

>> No.48112356

Cute! I can see issues in a predominantly good party-like the hook but I can also see her coming off like the sorceress from nwn2

>> No.48113976

Sigmund's wife gives me wood if you know what I mean

>> No.48114080


Anon please, that art isn't out yet.

>> No.48114256

I'm sorry you were forced to use weebshit for your character anon, my condolences.

>> No.48114380

Name: Danielle Hayn

Role: Thrall master and illusionist

Goals: Danielle was raised from death by an as-of-yet unknown force that left her with instructions describing how to locate her young great-great-grand-daughter who had been taken by a slave trade ring.

Danielle has set out to find and rescue her family, as well as shut down the slavers.

Traits: Her body is in a state of half-decay, but as long as she continually uses some of the power she was imbued with by her benefactor, she can hide this grotesque appearance.

She's quick to sass-mouth, and loves to form complicated plans unnecessarily that show off her necromantic prowess.

Flaws: Mostly the last half of the prior answer. Additionally, she is a bit "out of time", having died a few generations ago and having to get used to new things she was largely unfamiliar with in life.

About to play her for the first time soon, hopefully.

>> No.48116683

one last bump, before it dies an honorable death

>> No.48116987

Total zombae. Also, always nice to see undead characters that aren't, you know, evil.

>> No.48116999

Hey, don't give up hope. This thread is going to live, I tell you.

>> No.48117804

>What was your OC's call to adventure? Why does he do what he does?
Josh's call to adventure was when he went to investigate a missing cop down at the marina. While he and Q were there, they were attacked by a spirit. Instead of doing the rational thing and running away, they started to beat the crap out of it.
>What could cause your character to stop stop? What's their limit?
Josh actually knows his limit, and he's trying to avoid it. He's received visions of a future where all his friends died, and they failed. His main motivation is to protect the people that actually got him to care, and if he can't save them, or protect them? What's the point then?

>> No.48117900

>What was you OC's call to adventure? Why does s/he do what s/he does?
Irya has been long been adventuring since her early youth due to a rather bad history involving her parents being wanted criminals + her herself having used alchemy/magic to burn down part of a town at a later point out of revenge.

Then it became easy, fun, and the best way to get new knowledge.
>What could cause your OC to stop? What's their limit?
If her current body reaches its limit, be it by age, injury, or other means, she'll stop and simply live her years as a scholar and writing her notes down. The other alternative would be a more powerful being hunting her down - she'd hunker down ASAP. Irya's limit is usually an unfixable injury to a major limb or otherwise major damage/aging.

Just means it's time to wait for her passing (or 'artificially' accelerate it) so she can continue on her travels.

>> No.48118081

• Name: Agatha the Chronicler (birth name Rulfim)

• Role(s): Fighter/basic magic

• Goals: Catalog any historical happenings/bring back any historical documents to her patron Library

• Traits: Inquisitive, and intelligent. Frequently will only speak her opinion if asked, otherwise she likes to observe and record.

• Flaws: Poor social skills. Desperately wants to prove herself to the Library she works for. Will do most anything if it means her peers in the Library will accept her as a competant librarian, and will lie, cheat and steal her way to their acceptance.

• Allies: The Grand Library (Fantasy Library of Alexandria mixed with Wikipedia)

• Enemies: Other Half-Orcs. She has a bit of self loathing for her kind, and sees them as barbaric, and a bit of an embarrassment. She sees her genealogy as a hindrance, and the sole reason why few scholars take her seriously.

• Other Relations: Has a mutual respect to the party leader. Finds him brave and willing to do most anything to get the job done.

• Physical Description: A tall half-orc with braided hair. Wears light armor, and wields a silver sword.

While she has a very solid understanding of the theory side of magic, she is not as well practiced in using magic. She functions as a good all around party member. Because of her time in the Library, she knows a bit of everything, and has an enchanted book that lets her write directly to a scribe inside the library (once a day) for help answering a question.

>> No.48118192

You know, having an anime pic isn't that bad. But you know, Cheerful, energetic, and sadistic? Quite the combo.
Gotta love playboy characters, huh? Always hard to make them not assholes, though. Is he successful in his conquests?
What's Siggy been up to lately?
Love a good fish out of water story. How much has society progressed since her demise?
Any tome in particular she's looking for? What styles of magic does she prefer?

>> No.48119294


About 40ish years worth of progression. The most major change from her time being alive is societal attitude towards necromancy. The stigma from before is not as prevalent, and it is used more frequently by licensed mages for medical procedures and the benefit of the wealthy.

>> No.48119623

While any historical or magical texts are part of her "to pick-up" list, she especially favors first editions of books, regardless of their subject material. They incredibly valuable within the Library and bringing first editions back reflect well on her.
As for a specific book, she is searching for the untranslated version of a book of songs to give to her mentor as a gift.

As for magic style, she focused on the Abjuration school of magic to protect herself.

>> No.48121019

Necromancy used for medical procedures? What? Explain.

>> No.48121030

Wait, his goal is to spend a lot of money? Is there more to that?

>> No.48121069

It's all super experimental, nothing concrete or widespread yet.

>> No.48121096

I was being tongue in cheek there; he is young, rich and irresponsible and wants to live the high life for as long as possible before responsibilities catch up with him.

The fame of being the handsome, "cool" face of royalty and being a war hero has gone to his head.

>> No.48121258

Goodnight OC thread :3

>> No.48121279

I still don't understand why that stargate is on fire.

>> No.48121289

Rule of cool

>> No.48121307

Good night catface!

>> No.48121990

New Thread: >>48121983

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