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Torn between Exorcists, black Templars, Raven Guard, and black dragons

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If I were to pick from these 4, Raven Guard.

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I have a particular soft spot for the Blood Angels. I like my edgelord good guy space vampires.

Salamanders are good lads, too.

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Crimson Fists, though I also like the White Scars and Lamenters.

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>In no particular order

Grey Knights
Guardians of the Covenant

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>Implying the grey knights are better than their superior successor chapter the exorcists
Hows that matt ward going for you buddy.

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Black Templars hands down

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My dark skinned brother

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The black templars are the best space marine legion. Calling them a chapter is like not calling the codex astartes toilet paper.

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You cannot beat the snek staff, especially in the hand of that badass motherfucking librarian. I hear it even turned into an actual snake once.

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Crimson Fists
Legion of the Damned
Raven Guard

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Thousand Sons

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Better than having memes for brains for you, I assure you.

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You mean the blood ravens right?

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Everybody bitches about internal affairs until they need it

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>Implying the grey knights arent a meme.

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Carcharodons make you think they tasked an entire chapter of space marines to guard the fucking edge of the universe so no on else joins the party

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>implying exorcist aren't

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Exorcists arent a meme give me one meme other than this one with an exorcist in it. You can't, because they aren't.

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Oh, you're that youngfriend who doesn't even know what a meme actually is. Carry on, then.

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Last I checked exorcists werent a highly transmitted or popular piece of information. Nor do they carry a particular societal theme hence the term meme. So safe to say they aren't.

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If that >>47993690 stereotyped way of reacting to someone liking Grey Kinghts is not a meme, I don't know what is.

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You're right sbout that at least.

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Iron Hands

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I'm torn between the Sons of Antaeus and the Executioners.

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Carcharodons, the best of both SM support and CSM choppyness.

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Best chapter coming through. Blowing the fuck out of 3 different 1st Founding Chapters is not half bad.
Salamanders, RG and BA go home. More humane and better at jumpacks than you.

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>Space marines

You're doing it wrong, buddy.

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Imperial Fist and their successor chapters hands down

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1300 battle brothers sure sounds like chapter strength to me

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Have you tried looking at the filename?

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Of course not, I'm autistic

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you forgot a zero

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My favorites are Blood Angels, Iron Hands, and Red Scorpions, but can't decide which SM army I want to play. I like Blood Angels because their models are dripping in chapter iconography, but their rules are so meh. I like Iron Hand lore and running Memefucker and company could be a lot of fun, but their paint scheme is meh (I already have 3 armies with black as their primary color, I don't really know if I want another). Red Scorpions also have great lore and FW support, but their chapter tactics just seem like a watered down version of Iron Hands.

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Excuse us, best chapter, make way.

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Nice try Marines Malevolent.
Their entire mentality is about being the most self-suffering fatalistic grim bastards possible, but all in the name of ensuring that mortal humans don't suffer like they do.

They all see themselves as being already dead and that suffering and pain is their lot in the universe and nothing will change that, so nothing can hold them back from fighting as hard as they can to protect the innocent and the faithful from feeling their suffering.

They're one of the only chapters that manages to be both very grimdark and very sympathetic about protecting regular humans, without those two sides of their mentality conflicting.

>All of creation suffers, young ones. Only in accepting our own mortality can we make a difference. Only in bearing the burden of our failures can we find the strength to go on. Only in detachment from glory, or honour, or jealousy... from life itself can we hope to spare others from grief.
>We are Doom Eagles. And we are dead already.

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>They're one of the only chapters that manages to be both very grimdark and very sympathetic about protecting regular humans, without those two sides of their mentality conflicting.

They are not grimdark, they are emo. Hell, even Blood Angels are not as emo.

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Blood angels

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t-that is one spooky helm

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Naaah, I disagree. If you reads wome of their novels, their detachment to their own lives is quite noble, selfless, it's not some angsty teenager wanting to die. It's a proper protector of Mankind that knows he has to lay down his life to save others.

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I'm a hipster with obscure, almost fluffless favourites, but Black Templars are like in the top five.

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god I miss art like this

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What the fuck did you say?

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I wish I can find the damned thing in a decent resolution.

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Iron Snakes are my favorite.

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Move bitch, get out of the way. Blood Ravens gifted themselves the position of Best Chapter a long, long time ago.

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Just buy it from Warhammer Art if you don't mind paying a premium price. Quality is great from what I've seen thoug.

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Best Chapter does not star in shit games.

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>Brother on the left
>Our Sergeant is so poor he can only afford one lightening claw

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"gimme dat"

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Actually, having just one lightning claw is fairly standard. Think of how many marines you see with just one power fist. Now add claws on top and tada.

It's more like:
>Our sergeant is so shit he only managed to steal one power claw.

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I should really get started on that story where the Blood Ravens save Isha.

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Woah, what? I didn't know about this. What's this story?

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Iron Snakes coming through.

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I think it's the story that anon is going to write. Someday. When Emprah rises from the Godlen Throne.

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Brother! We shall continue getting shafted at every opportunity, and fight on despite it!

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Iron Hands exemplify everything that is Space Marine, and they're also callous as hell but not to the ridiculous levels of guys like the Carcharodons or the MM.

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Easy choice.

Close second is Space Wolves, before the Wolf Wolf Wolfening.

Conservators are hands the fuck down my favorite /tg/ brewed chapter. Like them better than my own by far.

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>this shit, amateur illustration is the best sharkfags can get

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Then you do better.

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Plebs, all of you.

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Eeeeeh I feel like they're more an honorable mention than an actual chapter now. Especially with their new fluff that allows you to choose your interpretation of them.
But still, good taste. Shame their only novel is actually not really about them. I should read the short stories that came afterwards.

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IA are bitches and anyone who says otherwise are snitches.

Fuck 'em both.

Besides, the Minotaurs are the bitches of the High Lords of Terra. Way to be, faggots.

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It's done them pretty well I'd say

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Depends on how you define "pretty well". All the shiny toys don't mean much when your (metaphorical) balls are used as footrests by the High Lords of Terra.

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There's not much to chose. Their novel confirms them as Fire Hawks, but there's likely more in their ranks, and they're all immortal and unkillable.

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Yeah, I read the novel.

I like the fact that the new fluff can be interepreted as them being imperial demons, having their source in the Fire Hawks, but growing more numerous as humanity's psyker gene awakens and become tangible in the immaterium.

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Except they whole hating their own flesh that the emperor designed thing. That isnt particularly exemplary

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They appear to be getting over that whole business, but I also think a good strong flaw is something a chapter needs.

I just feel they exemplify this quote.

>My armour is Contempt
>My shield is Disgust
>My sword is Hatred
>In the Emperor's Name
>Let none survive

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I think all of the first found chapters do fairly well in that respect

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Imperial Fists
Blood Angels
Soul Drinkers
Chapter who's geneseed may them sleep more often and also wore purple... Who's name i don't remember

...One i made with my friends.

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>Chapter who's geneseed may them sleep more often and also wore purple... Who's name i don't remember
Emperor's Nightmare

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I am literally the worst. I unironically and seriously like the ultramarines.

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>998.M41 Efficiency Exemplified
>When the presence of a shape-shifting xenos entity is confirmed in the command structure of the Vostroyan 9th, the Iron Hands of Clan Vurgaan are sent to destroy the same Imperial Guardsmen that were recent allies during the Cull of Ersatz Prime. Having extensive knowledge of the 9th’s military capacities, the Iron Fathers of Clan Vurgaan can predict the minimum amount of materiel needed for the operation. A pair of Storm Wing Squadrons, each carrying a squad of ten Tactical Marines, are detached to the waterlogged bunker complex in which the Vostroyans are purity-testing their troops. The gunships of the squadron enact pinpoint strafing runs that kill every soldier outside the bunker complex’s walls, and the Tactical Marines disembark to scour the corridors inside. The devastation that follows turns the brackish water of the 9th’s base pink with the blood of Imperial Guardsmen as the Iron Hands pitilessly execute every one of the Vostroyans, despite many of the Imperial Guardsmen calling their former allies by name in the hope of clemency. By the time the Storm Wing Squadrons depart the ruined facility, every bolter round has been fired and every power cell has been spent in accordance with the Iron Fathers’ plans.
>not to the ridiculous levels of guys like the Carcharodons or the MM

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>white helmet
>second company colours

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>Tyranid Hunters
My Battle-Brother.

LITERALLY the only good part of the Ultramarines.

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They aren't called Tyranid Hunters.
He's also not a Tyrannic War Veteran you fucking pleb.

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I bet they would shit in their pants if they ever had to fight the Carcharodons.

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No, you'd just end up with a rematch of the Executionners v Carcharodons fight of the Badab War. Both sides dead but still standing.

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For Hearth and Home, brother.

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And Cacharodons would shit themselves against some Khorne Berzerkers.

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Black Templars are always the answer

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They delt with the xenos via the most practical and efficient mothod. I see no problem here.

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Best Greekmarines.

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I thought it was estimated to be around 6k

no idea where I read that though

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Night Lords
World Eaters
Space Wolves
Blood Angels

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All I can say to you op is get used to it, I've been torn between imperial fists, black templars, and dark angels for a year, starting to lean more imperial fists recently though because I like hive cities and urban warfare, and their organization and combat style.

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Totally agree. Holy war in space, muthafuckas

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