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>What is Android: Netrunner?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAslVfZ9p-Y [Embed] [Embed]

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Floor rules

>Official FAQ (post-MWL), Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:
https://github.com/shyndman/ono-sendai (You’ll need to build it yourself)

>Deckbuilding Resources:
http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/netrunner/android-netrunner-deck-builder (not recommended)

>Articles and Blogs:


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Card art edition: What's your favorite? Are there any alt-arts that you feel are worse than the originals?

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>twf anrg is dead mid-season

Popup window alt art is far worse than the original.

Seeing as we're quiet i'm gonna greentext out a couple of fun kills i got yesterday at Stockport regionals.

>Biotech, take brewery
>vs Andromeda Au Revoir
>Several turns in i have 2 false lead scored, opponant has 0 points.
>9 deep dig on R&D With turning wheel last click
>See 2 Fetal AI, Drops him to 1 card
>Win the psu game with a bid of 0
>Pops Sports Hopper to hop back to 4 cards
>Rez Bio Ethics - 3 cards
>Score Philotic i've had hidden on the board all game - 1 card
> Runner turn begins, Forfiet 2x False Lead
>Bio-Ethics - 0 Cards
>Flip Brewery

>Biotech Brewery
>Vs Leela
>Install Bio-ethics , Psychic Field, Play Hedgefund
> Opponant decides to Sure Gambe, Take a credit, Install HQI, Dirty Laundry HQ.
>Pulls the 2 cards that are not snare
>Bio-ethics / flip

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We're approaching 6 months of MWL, and Gencon is in August - anyone reckon there might be some changes/additions to it?

Nice, pic related

Previous Bread

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No-one ever did a pic for the Greenhouse (or the unflipped side), but I don't have the anime stereotype knowledge or editing skills to make one

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>We're approaching 6 months of MWL, and Gencon is in August - anyone reckon there might be some changes/additions to it?
Oh, yes. 6 months is quite enough public testing for a new feature.

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>Popup window alt art

The worse is that the original is such a cool looking card.

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And yet my favorite card s by the very same artist.

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You think it isn't?

It's about the length of a cycle, and Damon said it's highly unlikely any cards from whatever the most recent cycle would be on it if it were to see some changes - that suggests to me that the MWL might see updates as often as once every cycle or two

Alt Crypsis isn't bad, it's just a huge departure from the original

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>You think it isn't?
I think it is. You are reading sarcasm where there is none.

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I actually really like alt Crypsis.

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Must be frustrating for the runner that it all came down to one Psi game on that first game.

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Ah, my bad

Have the nice pop-up
II actually quite like the other one as well, in a vacuum, it's certainly annoying-looking enough to represent a pop-up ad AI, but it doesn't compare to the original

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They probably should have used that novel coverart for the Reina AA instead. The current one looks meh at best.


Source for that?

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Līga Smilškalne made it for the 2014 Rīga Regionals. There was a poster for the winner, and participants got postcards.

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It's the coat of arms of Riga, by Liiga Smilshkalne, but I'll be damned if I can find a source - it's not on her deviantart

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>for the 2014 Rīga Regionals
Ah, so that's the origin.

Speaking of cool regionals art

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I just scanned my postcard.

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I'll bet, it's the reason we play it though

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The Psi game, you mean?

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I think he means the clutch do-or-die moments

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More than probable, just found it amusing you could read it that other way.

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What would a maxed-out psi deck look like I wonder?

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I don't know about maxed-out. But I'd play it out with Nisei Division, Batty and Caprice. Then ICE with impactful subs to trigger Batty. Like Chum, Neural Katana, and Program Trashing.

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If you've never played a full on Nisei Division deck, do yourself the favor.

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Trips don't lie - some of the ice may be a bit shit, but most other Psi cards range from okay to near-OP

Also I now realise I don't have any other psi cards' art - hopefully Emilo will release the Dedicated Neural Net art, seeing as he's one of the artists who shows a lot of their netrunner work (probably second only to Zellinger and Liiga)

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Well that's my hand gone, but thanks

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Anyone got the Android books?

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Only the first one

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That's a shame. I was thinking about writing fanfiction, or a crossover, and I can't exactly do that with only the card game to draw upon...

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>[Desklist] Regional Top 8
>Deck worked really well my swiss rounds were
>But it got crushed in top 8

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Too lazy to convert to pdf right now.


That being said: of course you can do that with just the card game... I mean, even I can do it, and I'm not exactly a good writer.

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Strange flesh reads like bad fanfiction.
it's only redeeming factor is Caprice's backstory
>tfw somone else already posted caprice

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I just set unreasonably high standards for myself, is all. I want to do it right.
I was interested in exactly that. Caprice and Adam seem the most interesting characters to use in crossovers. Of Worm, because there aren't enough of fanfics for that /s

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Depends how long you want the fiction to be

There's a fan wiki that colates a lot of info from the board games

And Ancur has all but the latest flavour inserts (it has Kala Ghoda and Democracy and Dogma, but no other Mumbad ones)

>Only having one caprice
There's a reason she's a clone you know


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Shows as a virus. Can you put it on a different hosting site?

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If it's worth doing, it's worth doing badly.

Here, if you want some encouragements, I'll post one I did for a thread here. You'll see you do better for sure.

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ID - Intentional Draw

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Mills was studying the prisoner sitting across her intently, trying to evaluate how much of the toughness was genuine, and how much an act.
The scar looked too perfect, too well placed. Probably as engineered as most of the military grade body, to elicit the proper instinctive residual responses.

Still, she was the work. The bombings were no act. Neither were the leaks.
No name. No significant data prior to the attacks. The G-mods all refurbished and upgraded common mass market. The cybernetics custom made. Software was yet to be breached, but held no recognizable signature - neither from public nor from sensitive corp black lists.

All that screamed strong economical support - maybe corporate.

"You know, you may think making use of yout right to remain silent is the best move for now, but I'm no cop.

There was at last some small, at first barely noticeable reaction from the Red Queen. She finally turned her way.

-That you aren't. You're a terrorist.

Husky, deep voice. Yet unmistakeably feminine. As expected no accent.

- Am I now? Ain't that rich coming from one under arrest for blowing corporate property to smitten, employees included.
- I'm not under arrest. I came here willingly.
- Technicality.
- And you would know all about those, wouldn't you? But no. I'm here to clear my name.
- You have none to clear. Your recorded lifespan is five months old. Five months of fucking with me and my company. I know bioroids who have a better claim to being lifeforms...
- How much did you pay the NAPD for the privilege of coming home empty handed tonight, girl?

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Absolutely disgusting.

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She gasped for air, faking the need to get back in control. Bitch was fancying herself tough all right. This was going to be all fun.

- Your plan. It's not going to work. The data you stole from us. The one you think you're going to liberate here, shaming us in the public eye. You can't have have decoded it yet. But *I* can tell you what it's going to be about: a toaster.
- Is that what you killed all your employees over for, Elizabeth? A toaster?
- Look, I'm going to make you a proposition. I have the data you want. And if you give me the data *I* want, we can make a fair trade.
- No strings attached ?
- None. It's double or quits for both of us. You survive long enough, The Board will have my head. I survive long enough, you and everyone that ever worked with you will be dealt with.
- And what is it you want?
- I want to know who you work for. I want to know why you've bee doin all this. And cut the revolutionary green activist crap for fuck's sake. No NGO can afford your gear."


A slow, fluid, movement taking over minutes, of an intangible piece being moved over an invisible board.

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- There was a farmer once. While laboring his fields, he found a ring. Djinn bound to it. The spirit offered him a wish.
- Cut off the bullshit story. Exact. Data.
- Now the Djinn was malicious, and he knew the farmer hated his neighbor. No one could have told you why. The man had never done him no harm. Yet he hated him with a passion. And so the Djinn offered him the following deal:
- Is this going anywhere?
- 'I shall grant you anything you ask for, but anything you're given, your neighbor will receive twice over.'
The farmer asked for the night to think things through, filled with rage, eaten away by the very idea that his neighbor would always get twice better than he ever would. When morning came he was assured in his choice though, went straight at the Djinn, and asked him to tear one of his eyes off.
- Cute story, but what I'm asking is why you farming girl want my eyes off!
- Oh Liz, Liz, the rasp had grown almost tender, more menacing for it, I'm not the farmer. You are.
- Fuck you. Fuck you! All right. We'll play it slow and tedious. Have it your way.

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The Red Queen watched, as Elizabeth Mills stormed out all fake rage. Everything about her felt fake. It was meant to. She was a good player. She layered her masks.

She started counting.

Four hundred seconds. She had reached her car by now.

Seven hundred and thirteen seconds. The building and several of those around it exploded.

Barely a moment after, the surviving NAPD members had to start dealing with remnants of their defense grid gone rogue.

The Red Queen remained impassible. Inside though, she was one savage grin. Nothing was under control. Everything was going according to plan.

Now to the next move.

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Re-reading, typoes and all, I'm kinda glad I kept it. I actually like the music of it.

Oh, well. Now your turn to do better.

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God damn football. Another Netrunner playing day mostly lost.

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National holidays did it for me. Nobody I know cares about football.

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*Beedle-beep* Jackson tore his eyes away from the glittering sea and studied his PAD. The licensing acquisition had gone through, at last. One of the Consortium’s defence commercialisation programs’ latest outputs, a construction sim, would be advertised and sold through NBN Edutainment. Having started life as one of their section security head’s pet projects the core of the software would remain proprietary, but the version repackaged by Fringe Applications was good to go. Which meant the project was coming here, to him, in SanSan. He turned around as the elevator reached his floor. Forcing a cheery smile on his face he stepped through into the office, his sandals making next to no noise on the carpet. The office was depressingly clean and bright, with loud colours everywhere. Like his suit, he thought. Still, better that than the dark and dreary boxes he kept ending up in when he was sent off to liaise with other ‘corps – and he found himself doing that more and more these days.

Something gleaming in the room caught his eye; he stopped by the desk of one of his imagineers.
“Is that doggie new Kat?” he said, gesturing to the polished ornament.
“Yes Mister Howard. An old friend from school gave it to me the other day. Will it be a problem?”
“I don’t see why it would be”, he smiled “and please, call me Jackson”.

Taking a cup of YucaBean from the refreshment hub, he continued over to the conference table and tapped the console by his chair. The fact that it looked like a dinosaur didn’t bother him one bit – there was a reason he specialised in infunmation, after all. The rest of his team looked up from their PADs and their notes, though a few holoscreen visors remained, glowing like halos around their foreheads. He sat down, and steepled his fingers.

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“So people, we have the licence, that’s what’s brought us here today. Now how do we bring it to the world? How are we going to sell it?”

The table erupted in discussion, and Jackson let the conversation flow. He occasionally steered it with a few choice words, here and there. Compared to his previous work in project design and development it was child’s play, but his heart started to sink as his team’s conclusions were drawn.

Past performance results, cost efficiency and reduced rollout times were all highlighted. With SanSan’s excellent trunk transmission stations the project could be launched within a day or so. Still, Jackson sighed. He liked to innovate, to develop new ideas and find uses for old ones – doing the same old thing wasn’t for him, but he couldn’t argue with the results.

“So, it’s settled then”, he said, trying to keep the resignation out of his voice “we run a month of Astroscript projection, with nightly news ticker slots at seven, nine and twelve. In the second week we…”

In far off New Angeles a console bleeped. Its owner smiled. It paid to be generous, it seemed. Toggling the interface connection, the smile faded. SanSan. That didn’t bode well. Not much of a chance to get in and out in time. A long night of work loomed, if any payoff was to be had.

I figured that JHow, when he's actually at NBN, gets bored as fuck with Astro all day every day.

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>gets bored as fuck with Astro all day every day.

Don't we all.

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>moon gravity football
I swear there was a cartoon like that.

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Fuck, I think you're right.
Association Football, that is, not American Football

Though that has also survived into the Android future, as presumably has cricket (given Ibrahim Salem beats people up with a cricket bat)

>> No.47977775

>as presumably has cricket (given Ibrahim Salem beats people up with a cricket bat)

Framing would be pretty interesting with cricket having disappeared and Salem basically beating people up with a custom made collector's item.

For some reason I'm reminded of Babylon Babies and that Russian mobster and his private art gallery collecting missiles. Too bad about the shitty movie adaptation, not a fan of the book, but what little it had to offer was basically excised from it.

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I guess, but I think it's more just to get across the sense of location - a mobster beating up a guy with a baseball bat is a standard thing, but baseball is a US/Japanese thing, whereas cricket is the biggest sport in India - given that India in Android is a nation with at least one megacity it's probable that it's still around and there's a lot of money in it (the current top-level indian cricket league is something like the 21st sports league in the world for revenue, despite being only 8 years old and in India)

Not worth checking out either then?

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'sup /anrg/ Has anyone done an official tournament before? If so, how are they run/what's the format? I'm looking at either the draft tournament or the NA championship tournament and would like to know what I should expect format-wise.

>> No.47978629

Rounds of Swiss, cut to the top 4/8/16 depending on how big the tournament is, elimination matches from there.

>> No.47978847

What is Swiss? I've only ever done tabletop miniature tournaments that were some form of single or double elim or round robin

>> No.47978992


Check this first, should give you a hang on things.

>> No.47979233

Thanks mate, probably should have looked for this first, just figured I'd get a simple answer here first.

>> No.47979334

>Not worth checking out either then?

If you can stomach an overall mediocre movie for the few moments that work, it might be worth an evening if you have nothing better to do. Check the euro cut if you do. When the director of the movie is touring *against* it during pre-realease interviews, you know something bad happened during the making.

Still, one of the most cyberpunk movie released in a long while, might be worth it just for that.

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Eh, it's a Vin Diesel flick, right?
I can usually stomach some stupid shit with him in it, at worst it'll be mediocre with explosions, pic related

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Having just played (and lost) Argus vs Jesminder, are there any other IDs where one runner invalidates the corp (or the other way around) 99% of the time?

>> No.47981452

First test of a Fear the Masses build. Starts with one copy in starting hand. proceed to draw the 5 others over the next 10 draws. No breakers or run tools for 20 draws.

Sometimes I think the gods if statistics are fucking with me or something.

>> No.47981518


Dear lord this matchup is just hell. Argus is my main corp and the only way i've been able to win is just a mad rush or sea/scorch. Feels bad.

>> No.47981535


In a roundabout way, GRNDL makes Valencia's effect irrelevant.

Valencia kinda negates Gagarin in the same way.

Making News and Sunny, I guess. Comparable.

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Anybody here been thinking about Null? I've been testing some future deck ideas for his list, but his ID ability just doesn't seem to come up with the breaker suites I've been using.

>> No.47981766


Not yet. Too much on my testing plate already. Plus, as I said when he was announced, I'm not sold on the ability.

Solid draw + messy anarch build with multiple copies of unique cards looks like something I'd try. So, if only for the fun of it, Cybernetics deck?

>> No.47983319


On that testing plate front, anyone else feeling kinda overwhelmed by all the stuff to try and test?

>> No.47986248

Atleast Data Raven helps negate this a little bit, whenever it manages to get on the board.

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5 credits : 1 MU: "Untouchable"
Program: Icebreaker - AI
1: Break 1 subroutine on a piece of ice rezzed this turn.
1: +1 Strength.
Trash Untouchable when a run in which you did not break all subroutines on a piece of encountered ice ends.
Strength 0
Criminal ••••

R8 this pls.
I know Criminals aren't really supposed to get AIs, but I just wanted some synergy for all their derezzing tools.

>> No.47988330


When/why/how do you expect the self trash yo trigger?

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>> No.47988351

When end the run resolves, for example, but not when Batty does his thing, and not when you jack out.

>> No.47988388


So, Snitch? Grappling Hook? High breaking-cost ICE you didn't have enough money to go through?

Need to give it some thought. But probably should get some coffee first.

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Surely those would both also be "when the run ends" scenarios?

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Snitch triggers on approach, so Untouchable won't trash itself. In your other examples it would.

Untouchable trashes when the run ends, but ONLY if there is at least one subroutine that you DIDN'T break on an encountered piece of ice. "Do 1 net damage", "Trash 1 program", Turing's "End the run unless the Runner pays 3 clicks" even if the runner spent the clicks also count, not just ETR. Little Engine's "The Runner gains 5c." too.

>> No.47988478
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I've found people are fairly willing to let archer's 2 cred sub fire, unless they're using faerie

>> No.47988536

That would trash Untouchable after the run ends, yes.

>> No.47988601

Since you mentioned that it's supposed to be used with derezzing cards, are you supposed to derez the ice after or before the encounter? If before (Emergency Shutdown), it's basically a weaker Criminal Crypsis, since Crypsis costs a click for each ice, while derezzing stuff usually takes 2-3 setup time. If after (Crescentus), there's already Eater.

A Program that lets you make a run and immediately approach an ice that was derezzed during the same turn might be more synergistic.

>> No.47989969

See, it's less about derezzing and more about working against freshly rezzed ice. So it's good for facechecking while you have no rig yet, like a Faerie AI.

And after everything is rezzed, it stops working until you derez something, forcing the corp to rez it again.

So it's also sort of good with the blackguard/snitch combo.

>> No.47991867

So is Crypsis though, which happens to have the exact same numbers as it, without the 'rezzed this turn' condition. A boost in its abilities is probably needed; either a cheaper install cost, stronger paid abilities, or higher base strength.

>> No.47991975

>Crypsis, which happens to have the exact same numbers as it

The added click cost of Crypsis is not to be dismissed so easily.

>> No.47991990
File: 333 KB, 793x1200, 1439906762623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The click requirement on Crypsis is huge for tempo, I made this for early pressure and econ denial, but it needed an equally huge downside.

Though I may be making it too weak to avoid a Faust.

Maybe a install cost of 3 or 4.

>> No.47992175

While true, especially during the first few turns, Crypsis doesn't lose its utility after the ice is rezzed. Which is I suppose is the intent of it anyway.

As an additional afterthought though, I'm probably looking at it negatively as I don't think Criminals need a strong AI to brute force their way through the early phase, especially since it doesn't offer anything new compared to the other AI programs. You did mention more or less the same thing in the original post though, so eh.

>> No.47992305

An AI breaker really is the only type of breaker that could reasonably be tied to recently rezzed ice.

Its stats are less important, I just wanted to make a card that incorporated that mechanic and the trashing one. Any other ideas how to do that?

>> No.47992637

How about something like this:

3 Cost
Event: Run
Make a run. Once during the run, when you encounter a piece of ice that was rezzed during this turn, you may search for a non-AI icebreaker from your stack or heap and install it, ignoring all costs.

When the run ends, if you did not break all subroutines on a piece of encountered ice, trash the icebreaker that was installed using this card's effect. Otherwise, shuffle it back into your stack.

Could probably use some ambiguity checking and weakened a bit I think.

>> No.47993418

The hangar harbored the most meticulous piles of junk ever. Rows after rows of color-coded broken parts, some still bleeping, others buzzing or droning about, discarded zombie-tech of a world barely holding out. West corner held an improvised lab, where Lovegood was... well, doing whatever it is a world-caliber theorist on corporate-warfare needs doing when the world is going to hell as all planned.

Kim didn't like the man. But looked up to him. Had been one of the very first to highlight the necessity of adapting guerrilla tactics to a world which allowed corporations to subdivide and recombine at the drop of a hat, unfettered by the legal and managerial necessities that had kept them static in previous centuries, now able to create laser-focused units dedicated solely to the task at hands, and then soon discarded.

The end result of the upgrade process was derisively nicknamed PrimTech - Primitive Technology. No need for any high-tech runner shenanigans to maim a corp. Just attack the land lines so that it cannot charge up ICE. Just make it so the minimal security costs are so high there is no profit to be made in the projects. Just melt down those sensitive servers that won't have copies for security reasons - used to be that when you wanted to erase years of human ingenuity, you had to wage wars, burn down whole buildings... now all you needed to do was pull out a plug. Smash a few brains. No reason to let the corps be the only ones to make use of that modern feature...

More importantly, the man was a top of the line engineer that hated man-crushing technology with a passion. A clockmaker who specialized in making clocks stop.
Word on the grapevine was that he was behind the 23 seconds incident. Kim knew it wasn't so. Servers would never have gone back up had it planned it.

>> No.47993446


"I need one of those EMP devices you shipped to Mumbad last year, old man.
- Nice to see you too Edward. How is the family? Wife? Dog? Children?
- Riots will be starting soon. I have enough resources on hands to deal with the checkpoint *or* the golem. Not both. You can save lives.
- Didn't the union big shots call this off?
- Forgot their place. They're representatives. Not leaders. The people want that factory leveled. They're the ones who take the real decisions.
- Acting on your information slip about the chips...
- What's the matter, I thought you would be in on this?
- Well, I just want to make sure you too remember you're not a leader. You're a representative, are you?
- Fine, what's your price?
- Quid pro quo. I have a friend in need of help and you're going to hate helping him.

The good doctor handed him a picture - another reason to like the man, who else still used actual photo paper?

>> No.47993481


- You want I should dispatch that one?
- No, I want you to talk with him, and once we've convinced you, help us advocate equal rights for bioroids.
- You were anyone else I'd punch you senseless for even daring to...
- He passes all the lifeforms test. All of them. And then some. If we can find what made this happen and infect the HB maintenance network, we can make it so every bioroid in circulation becomes self-aware, with a will of its own. Then you don't have to destroy them, because either HB will have to, or by forcing legislation to grant bioroids legal protection you'll have made it so the corps cannot replace human workers at will. I already have the Exile looking into HB's code dump. But the later part of this project? It's going to be all about human workforce, and you're the best I have on hand for that... now the question is, what is going to come first, the needs of your people, or you hatred for what we built?

Kim gave the picture another look, the dead eyes on the golem staring back, mocking him. He could easily have beaten Lovegood and taken what he needed. He wanted to. Not like he had a reputation to uphold. Not like anyone would have cared that much. But *he* did.

- Fine. But I'm not making any promises if your friend isn't *very* convincing.

And even then, Kim thought, there's still going to be ways to make sure HB does destroy the lot of them...

>> No.47995096
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My god, the writing was so bad I killed the thread.

>> No.47995121

Nah, just nobody bothered to read it, so they have no response.

>> No.47995414
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Eh, I'm not expecting posts about it, just hoping for the thread to go on.

>> No.47995482

Europe is going to sleep, that's probably the reason.

>> No.47995752
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*UK is going to sleep

>tfw invading nordic and greek nationals and stealing their byes as it's cheaper than going to london

>> No.47995784
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>tfw you have 18 player Regionals every year

>> No.47996058
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Where? I want your same old things

>> No.47996082
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Wouldn't you like to know.

So do I, I don't have that card at all.

>> No.47996134
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I'm only getting 2 copies from Stockport and Huddersfield, missed Birmingham as work wouldn't give me the day off.

>> No.47996195

In the Baltic states we have small metas.

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