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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Would you marry a blinkling? Take a blinkling as your maid? Take a blinkling as your cohort?

PoW brawler and PoW vigilante link:
Broken Blade errata to shut up ogres when?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hdPm41ad

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First for no furfags or animal dicks

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Second for wondering if you know where we are?

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Third for kill yourself.

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what is at the bottom layer of the abyss, assuming it has one?

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your house

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I would pet that blinkling.

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Catboys or dogboys, /pfg/?

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Another abyss. Possibly in reverse this time.

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Your suicide.

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Which leads to Noiralog

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Asked this last thread:

How viable is Cornugon Smash/Shatter Defenses Slayer? Is there anyway to get around fear immunity without Antipaladin or Dread levels?

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Very, path of war.

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asked a bit late previous thread:
Is the Everyman Options: Kineticists pdf floating around somewhere? Does not seem to be in the trove.

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either pfg or pol

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>thread purge

At least for once nazimod is doing it for a good reason, but holy shit that's a lot of dumpstered posts.

Anyway, what's /pfg/'s favorite monster templates? I'm partial to that fey creature template an anon posted last thread personally.

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the bloody template for skeletons. Has saved my necro so much money over the course of our adventures. Though the lich template is a classic.

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>Or, sorry, up to half 1/2 level?
that's right
>Am I correct in assuming that also applies to multi-hit strikes
Only if each hit has an attack/damage roll

>Fix yon grammar
>Blood discipline choice would be better off being between all disciplines. Its weird that Black Seraph and Silver Crane aren't on the list when they match with actual bloodrager bloodlines.
In my original draft, each bloodline had a specific blood discipline for it, however many people Gareth included thought that was a stupid idea and also made the class really hard to future-proof. And instead of Black Seraph and Silver Crane, I felt that Eternal Guardian and Cursed Razor were somewhat more conducive to the overall theme and were able to cover a wider variety of themes.
> Also I feel like this archetype barely trades anything.
The idea was to make the archetype as compatible as possible with already existing ones. Plus the base Bloodrager was already a pretty low T4 to begin with that took a while to come into its own, while the Blood Reaver is mostly a class that starts off good and stays at relatively same level across the levels.
Though I see what you mean. I was considering pulling out the Blood Discipline and have it gained at 4th level instead, but I'm unsure.
Also, your concern on Vitae is a viable one. What would you recommend it changed to?

Hooray, I FINALLY got some critique! Thank you!

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Reposted for the guy in last thread
>They may only perform maneuvers from this chosen discipline while in a either in a bloodrage (see below)
Fix yon grammar
Recovery sounds familiar. Please come up with something that isn't the barbarian's recovery.

Blood discipline choice would be better off being between all disciplines. Its weird that Black Seraph and Silver Crane aren't on the list when they match with actual bloodrager bloodlines.

Also I feel like this archetype barely trades anything. They lose a 4th level feature for initiating at 1st. Vitae give them an additional damage and accuracy boost that they do not need. I recommend finding a new buff for vitae to grant and make the archetype make actual trades.

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Oh hey man. I was saying just let them pick their blood discipline from all disciplines. No list.

And for vitae, perhaps have it grant T. HP that refreshes by round? Like 1 or 2 per vitae?

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>And for vitae, perhaps have it grant T. HP that refreshes by round? Like 1 or 2 per vitae?
That was kinda in my original draft. Gareth said it was kinda stupid, especially since it would take too long/not really be useful.

As for selecting from all the disciplines, well doesn't that seem a bit much?

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The Myrmidon can pick from almost all of them. Same with the Warpath. Considering how strong the Warpath is, I doubt you have much to worry.

The T. HP would take a while to build up, but at the same time it feels hard to justify even more damage.

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The brawler also picks theirs (even better than the myrmidon actually, though they don't get the amazing grit abilities).

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>The Myrmidon can pick from almost all of them
Lets compromise. Let's just make it all the SU disciplines (except Solar Wind) since its based off of your sorcerers blood and it would make no sense for your bloodline to grant you piercing thunder maneuvers.

Also debated about whether or not to allow Mithril Current. Doesn't seem to be too thematically appropriate

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Good point.

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How come everybody and their mom except the lich gets stuff to control undead? Death knight has command undead for FREE plus a whole bunch of other shit that makes the lich look tame as hell.

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What's a blinkling?

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I don't think vampires get to control undead either, aside from their spawn. Makes the whole "Lord of the Night" bit hard to pull off unless they're also a caster.

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I think it is assumed a lich has class levels that already let them do that.

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Because if someone becomes a lich, they almost certainly either already have the stuff to control undead or don't particularly care for it.

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So, I've have come to the conclusion that I enjoy watching players agonize over decisions. Give them situations designed so that any choice is a wrong one, and the act of choose only allows them to steer the direction of the pain, and the worse decision is merely a matter of perspective.

Last session I gave the party an easy choice. Their belongings, or the life of a beloved NPC. They chose the NPC. They were unfortunately then dumped into the wild with literally nothing, bare naked. They didn't have good enough survival to feed everyone, the already injured NPC worsened, and they were barely able to keep him alive when they got back to civilization.

Next I think I'll make them play Russian roulette, and have to choose who goes first.

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Thats fine and dandy but shouldnt they have something since liches are always portrayed as having mastery over undead?

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Yes, 11 levels as a wizard, sorcerer or cleric

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not really they are portrayed as masters over the undead simply due to the nature of in order to become one they generally need mastery of making undead. If you make them it helps to have mastery over controlling them.

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I like it

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You ever played a game called LISA? Because that exact shit happens in that game.

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Actually that's retarded.
If any choice is the wrong one, that's "lol you fall" levels of writing.

What's strongest is when every choice is right for some, but wrong for others.

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Yes I have. I enjoyed it a great deal.

There was a decision right for some, the party chose the one right for them.

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How do I play a teen-aged character with 20 Wis but only 8 Int?

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Why would you want to?

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Doesn't have book learning, but can read people and is aware of the things around him. Good at taking care of himself, self sufficient.

>> No.47959951

Because Warpriest and I think the prospect of a kid that isn't that smart but is a fucking sage

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Is your race worth a whole level? Like would someone with no racial features whatsoever be balanced if they get to have an additional class level?

>> No.47960048

Warpriests really don't need 20 Wis. Strength is much more important unless you're running your whole build off of the Guided weapon enhancement.

>> No.47960050

depends on the race and the class.

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Under the default PF assumption where we pretend that all races and all classes are equal.

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WP is perfectly servicable with 14 WIS. You are not there to cast spells, you are there to smack shit in the face.

You probably want 16, still, but you can get by with 14 easy.

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My character has just come into possessing approximately 50,000 gp, only issue is I can only spend it on real estate.

What are some swanky buildings I should buy to establish myself as a billionaire philanthropist playboy?

>> No.47960115

well in this alternative reality no a class level is not worth racial bonuses. +2 to two stat -2 to one you don't need and bonus skill points and all kinds of goodies are better than a lot of the bonuses from a single class level.

>> No.47960121

Well they aren't, so the question doesn't really work.

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build a dock and charge fees on all transactions (smaller than the other companies fees). Then use that money to open a bank giving out loans on decent interest. Use the profits to buy hookers and to be a true billionaire playboy.

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All of Pathfinder content pretends this assumption is true, they still go on making it anyway.

>> No.47960196

Well what else would they do? The CRB is the core of pathfinder, obviously the rest of the game should be built around its powerlevels

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I'm personally a fan of Metal-Clad.

Because a Gold-Encrusted Lich is excellent.

I don't actually have any pictures of dosh liches, although I know at least one of you does.

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>metal clad
Man I'm finding new ways to boost my undead every day.

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Look up the Necromantic feats in that

>> No.47960621


A gold-clad sorcerer lich is a fun thought, no?

Still, that -6 dex and -2 wis can sting.

Silver's a bit more practical. Only a +4 Cha, but a +2 wis bonus instead of a penalty, and only a -2 to dex. The AC bonus is also 8 instead of 2.

It can also reflect Gaze attacks due to how FUCKING SHINY AND SPLENDID YOU ARE.

But yeah. Metal Clad. Personal fave.

>> No.47960694

Is there a set way to become metal clad? Such as needing craft wounderous items or something similar? I see some examples but my gm is probably going to want an examples of how to do it/prerequisites before being able to do it. Or is just another "you and the gm work it out situation"?

>> No.47960708

*how to do it as a wizard
To be specific

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Why gardens?

>> No.47960753

Chicks dig 'em and they look great. Besides, think of all the dryads you could get living in your gardens. That explicitly spells playboy.

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>go to look at the evil iconics in the vain hope of squeezing something helpful out of them for an evil character
>mfw the magus iconic's backstory literally starts with "he shouldn't even have been born"

>> No.47960862

What's he look like though?

>> No.47960866

I know how the magus feels, my sister told me I was a mistake too. I was only 26 when I was told

>> No.47960872

is there a price for a forge anywhere in pathfinder? as in a forge used for blacksmiths and what not

>> No.47960885

Like a douchebag.

>> No.47960890

>my sister told me I was a mistake too.
Is she also your mother?

>> No.47960893

>tfw your parents tried to have you aborted
>tfw it's probably why you're a mid-20s schizoid autist posting on 4chan

>> No.47960904

No, just 8 years older.

>> No.47960909

>parents tried to have you aborted
>they couldn't even do that right
>your intellectual growth and potential for intelligence never stood a fucking chance

>> No.47960930

That happens more often than you think... and given some of the rape cases we've seen over the years across the world, 8 years older very well *could* be your biological mother.

Very often such children are raised as younger siblings, because fuck if a 7 year old kid can raise a child in this day and age.

>> No.47960938

The youngest mother in the world was around 5-6.

>> No.47960944

The thing to remember about Evil characters is that they are, primarily, characters first and alignments second. Even Antipaladins and Evil Clerics have stories that aren't necessarily connected to their alignment.
A Chaotic Evil barbarian, for instance, can still have a rich and deep history in the tales of heroism and martial skill, and be very protective of those that he considers his allies or tribal members. A mercenary that has compunctions and standards can still be NE or even CE, so long as she is self-centered and cruel.
In the Land of the Linnorm Kings game one of the PCs is actually a Chaotic Evil fighter simply because what counts as "the proper viking way to do things" includes such delights as pillaging, the murder of non-nordics, robbery of religious treasures, and blood-eagles or wickermen. They also just happen to include protecting your raiding-partners, family honor, truthfulness, fair trading deals, and slaying evil dragons.

>> No.47960951

And yeah, that was my point.

>> No.47960976

Im shocked a 7 year old could survive child birth honestly.

>> No.47960990

the Chaotic Evil fighter probably actually is NOT a good viking. He's quick to go back on his word.

If he were neutral or lawful, he would view these codes - even if against the law of wherever he regularly raids - as important aspects of his life. But as a Chaotic Evil character, "the proper viking way to do things" is nothing more than an excuse at best, or what he says to someone calling him on theft or betrayals of his own people to get them to bring down the axe long enough for him to stab them through the back.

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>> No.47961114

Be fair, she's definitely flirting back.
>>in public

>> No.47961159

In retrospect that makes sense

>> No.47961559

Which AP is the least combat focused?

>> No.47961605

I'm going to need more info than that.

>> No.47961649


It's a crossbreed between a blink dog and halfling. That's it.

>> No.47961661

Why not bring it with you?

>> No.47961691

Stats and source? I'm tickled and amused at the idea but I can already feel the cringe from my group at the implied bestiality.

>> No.47961722

Look in the trove and find Bloodforge under Dreamscarred Press. Yes, this is from the same company /pfg/ worships.

>> No.47961729

Why the fuck would that happen?

>> No.47961754

if a Celestial and a Fiend mate, what happens?
Would the result change depending on what types they were? Would an Angel/Daemon spawn be different from an Agathion/Qlippoth spawn?

>> No.47961777

Probably makes one of these morally-confused fucks

>> No.47961781

Annihilation reactions aside?
Regular, powerless humanoids.
Or damaged mutants. The "my superpower is being purple and having cancer" kind, not the x-men kind.

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So I'm building a 5th level gestalt Mesmerist/Heavens oracle to color spray all the things.

DM is allowing 1pp only.

I'm going with Reptoid for the race and focusing on control.
I'm thinking heavy armor prof and combat casting for my feats (can't color spray from the back)

He's a Reptoid who is convinced that there is a better way to get what his race needs than secret infiltration and running the shadow government.
He wants the coordinates of a world with abundant natural resources and no sapient species to exploit, and will receive this as a post game reward.

25 point buy so I'm thinking
Str 13
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 20
Post racial adjustment.

I'm having a hard time picking a curse. Maybe tongues with aklo would be thematic?

>> No.47961822

Depending on your setting, that's how you got humans.

>> No.47961830

>color spray all the things.
There are much more interesting things to do in gestalt.

>> No.47961837

A Concordant Killer.

>> No.47961863


Wizards, man. No sense of right or wrong.

>> No.47961920

>Adoration (Su): As an immediate action, you can attempt to thwart a melee or ranged attack that targets you. This ability functions as sanctuary, but only against one individual attack. You must use the ability after the attack is declared but before the roll is made. The creature attacking you receives a Will save to negate this effect. If a creature has more than one attack, this ability only affects one of the attacks. You can use the ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier. This is a mind-affecting effect.
>TL;DR You can negate attacks if an attacker fails their Will save

I have 20 Wisdom, I can do this for basically every attack for an entire day

>> No.47961938

Well, once per round only, at the cost of your swift.

>> No.47961943

I am currently playing a really complicated character in gestalt. I want to play a much simpler one because the rules arguments are making me angry.

>> No.47961986

One attack, one/round. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but against more than one attacker, a full attack, a pouncer, a monster with lots of attacks, it will not be sufficient protection on its own.

>> No.47961999

You can do it 1/round for one attack against you, up to 3+Wis times per day.

It's shit.

>> No.47962011

How do I living legend efficiently, /pfg/?

>> No.47962012

Early game, that shit will keep you alive.

>> No.47962019

It's still very good, so long as there's no immediately more important use of said swift

Yes, that alone is good at keeping me from getting facefucked by bosses, but you're right, 2 attacks counter it

>> No.47962025

Right and wrong can be rewritten by wizards, anon. Wizards are always right, retroactively if need be.

>> No.47962071

Howl seems to have changed a bit.

>> No.47962122


Start by punching gator monsters to death with your bare hands.

Or were you talking about the DSP thing?

>> No.47962132

>Or were you talking about the DSP thing?
Indeed I were.

>> No.47962140

Which AP is the least combat focused?

>> No.47962153

depends on the roles you want. pick those first and then you can optimize.

the other role abilities will mostly just be situational and rare utility; you mostly build around two choices.

>> No.47962172

What goes well alongside Archmage? I want to throw int to damage.

>> No.47962203

Archmage and Trickster go well together I found.

Also, since it's useful advice, I pulled up the posts Forrest made about primary stats:


>> No.47962233

You could use Kirin Strike?

The default thing takes a swift, yeah, but if you also have combat stamina, it's a constant int to damage on things you've ID'd.

>> No.47962251


>> No.47962256

How do i make ALL MIGHT

>> No.47962284

I kinda like hierophant myself.

>> No.47962313

Can Druids wear Living Steel armor?

>> No.47962321

it's metal.

>> No.47962349


High level barbarian with permanent CON damage, I'm guessing.

>> No.47962351

Is there a price for a forge anywhere in pathfinder? i want a forge to place in my wagon. but i cant seem to find anything about it anywhere.

>> No.47962361

>Traits are supposed to be half a feat in terms of power. These are arguably better than actual feats that exist, and they're supposed to be traits? You can get both of those as a single feat with Additional Traits.

Please see this:
>I mean, there are a lot of traits that are better than feats because... reasons? Paizo fucked that up from the get-go.
And this:
>Even fucking feats aren't worth a feat 90% of the time.

Feats aren't equivalently built at all, some shouldn't even have been feats in the first place but options (proficiencies) some classes should've started play with.
Pathfinder has quite a problem with feat taxes, either being undesirable feats or too bland

Traits too aren't all equal, some give ridiculous benefits while others aren't even worth taking.
Also, have you looked at Clever Wordplay, Bruising Intellect because those traits are literally a word swap with Strength instead of Intelligence.
They allow wizards and arcanists and other Int casting classes to dump everything but Int to also be good at being a party face

>> No.47962368

I thought you just said you want a forge to place in your weapon and imagination took over. I don't care about your real question anymore.

>> No.47962390

but barbarians can't go beyond.

>> No.47962393

The books were still better.

>> No.47962405


>> No.47962422


Add some Mythic tiers to him, then.

>> No.47962431

What if your character IS the forge?

>> No.47962432

You know what I want to see?
A soulknife/blackblade magus cross.

>> No.47962446

honestly he probably has 10 mythic

Given that he's fucking ALL MIGHT

Is there an unarmed version of the Barbarian

>> No.47962465


High Level Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy Destined Bloodrager.

With permanent CON damage.

>> No.47962559

>Wizard's staff that plants itself in the ground and grows to several stories tall like a daern's instant fortress
>Obnoxious anime greatsword with a portal blade the user can whoosh themselves into and out of to teleport short distances, complete with private demiplane they can trap people in
>Bow with a treant inside made of a changestaff, grows its own arrows, and turns into a treehouse that walks
>Hammer made of an dwarven city in a bottle, but they said fuck bottles, bottles are for fags and made it a two-foot cube of adamantine instead
>Sword made from axiomite shenanigans that can crystallise weapons out of stored ore as you swing it, allowing you to SHOOT SWORDS OUT OF YOUR SWORD FUCK YES
>Whip with an activated rope trick/magnificent mansion dealio

>> No.47962609

Why not using actual Sanctuary effect?

> Diplomatic Immunity (Su): A dragon herald can use bardic performance to generate a sanctuary effect upon herself. Most use this to deliver the word of their patron or to safely complete Diplomacy or Intimidate checks in the presence of hostile foes. The effect persists for as long as the dragon herald performs and for 1 round after.

with 20 CHA and Lingering Performance, you could keep this up for a long time. Enough to actually use Diplomacy in combat.

>> No.47962644

Sharding enchantment bruh, doesn't have the extra result of giving out weapons to your enemies as well.

>> No.47962664



Size 8—16 squares

A Forge includes a hearth, an anvil, a slack tub, metalworking tools, and other appropriate materials for shaping iron and other metals. A Forge counts as artisan's tools for up to three people working on metalworking skills such as Craft (armor) and Craft (weapons).

>> No.47962718

But I want to pin people to walls with the swords, then pull them out and throw them again.
A broquest of epic proportions, to make the perfect sword from long practice, and to become the swordsman worthy of wielding it.

>> No.47962767

Anchoring swords then?

>> No.47962822

The combination of those two, plus DM shenanigans for letting sharding weapons stay, maybe, but that's a pretty hefty investment.

Good to know there's options for looking, though.

>> No.47962852

Look at the Fool's Errand stuff in the feat section

>> No.47962933

>mfw finally just come to terms with the fact that I can't just write a PC out of thin air, in what is effectively a vacuum of both setting and motive
>mfw I already knew I had to actually play a character before I could really "get to know them"
>mfw I will never ever EVER EVER get to play 90% of my characters, let alone this particular character, in order to actually get a handle on their personality and history

At least writing the stat block and random greentext facts was fun, but I give up. It just doesn't work. Stregone iconic a kill. I'll leave the link to it tucked away in the base class's author's notes if people really want to see it.

>> No.47962973

You could always write her as if she was a character within the Golarion Iconics canon, if that helps!

>> No.47963022

Do helpless creatures automatically fail any save?

>> No.47963027


But then Anon would have to seriously fuck up her build in order to make her fit in.

>> No.47963044

No, they just have massive penalties depending on the save.

>> No.47963065

They're considered willing for harmless spells, I think.

>> No.47963075

>Okay everyone, we're about to enter a tough battle. Reach into my sword and take a weapon. Some of them are still hot so be careful, and don't reach too deep because we're still making some down there.

>> No.47963081

Are Defiant Luck and Inexplicable Luck good enough to pick for a Cleric? (3pp good)

So far I have Martial Weapon and Combat Casting

>> No.47963091

Don't they auto-fail reflex saves?

>> No.47963125

Fair enough, thanks for the reply

>> No.47963126

So, if one were to create a xenomorph template, what would the anons of /pfg/ recommend it gain?

Thinking something along the lines of +2 CR, type changes to aberration, claws, bite, some Nat AC and acid blood. Calculate based on racial HD with a minimum of 2 HD. They're tough but not super tough, more about ambushes (drones) or sheer numbers (warriors). Just not sure what stat adjustments to give them. Maybe a slight difference based on caste, and then have Praetorians, Queens and the bigger stuff as their own stat blocks or at least a much upgraded template.

>> No.47963174

>They fly now.

>> No.47963176

No. They still have luck, resistance and other stuff to increase their save.

>> No.47963213

Do most anons agree a lot of the feats aren't worth it and should have been condensed or rewritten? Or is that only a few anons who think like that?

>> No.47963218

Can we make a playable Paizo-content only Fighter yet?

Do Advanced Weapon Training and Advanced Armor Training help?

>> No.47963232

Making a titan mauler because path of war isn't allowed and i feel like hitting things with a really big weapon.anyone got any recommendations on feats?

>> No.47963239


Core-only fighter is playable

>> No.47963247

Yes. Weapon Master's by itself pushed them into T4.

>> No.47963270

That's like saying McDonald Hamburger is eatable.

>> No.47963282

Yes base fighters and many archetypes became t4 as of Weapon Master's Handbook

>> No.47963297

>stregone and 2hu
I had an idea for a knack the other day, but I'm not sure how to implement it.
The basic idea was a floating 'familiar' dealio (maybe route it through getting a familiar in the first place) that you could either channel attacks through (to extend your range, attack from odd angles, ranged flank with yourself, crossfire, etc.) or just counted as an extra 'hand' to multiattack with.
Probably a whole tree there.
I remember Dread Necros got the one shitty touch-range-extender hand for free, thinking similar here.

>> No.47963303


Regardless of /pfg/'s opinion on the matter, a core-only fighter is capable of contributing to the efforts of the average optimization party that most adventures expect

>> No.47963342

core only fighter is probably t5 down with the rogue and shit

But core only is garbage

>> No.47963343

Lore Warden Drill Sergeant or Lore Warden Martial Master can do the job, although Pack Mule with full access to Advanced Weapon Training can still pull their weight if necessary.

>> No.47963371

Well it's solid fact that many feats are trap options.
At a minimum by virtue of having one less feat slot left, you are quite literally a worse character by taking "Monkey Lunge" than you would be if you did not take it. You are even worse if you try using it!

So there are feats that make you worse than you were.

There are feats that are not gonna help much, basically a wash, and definitely not worth it. Most of the time, these are prerequisites to better feats.

There are feats that are decent for some builds, and not for others. The majority probably lie here and in the previous "not worth it for anyone really" listing

There are feats that are good. They may not be of use to some builds, and great to others. Makes sense.

And then there are gamechangers like metamagic feats, natural spell, and other crazy shit.

Vital Strike for example is in the "not worth it" category and should have been rewritten.

Anything that requires specific, specialized 3pp builds to even make work (like how Vital Strike can be okay on a 24d8 weapon, but you'd still be happier with multiple attacks) tends to be "not worth it". It doesn't mean you can't MAKE it work, but you could do better a different way

>> No.47963373

Guys i cast charm monster on a T-rex and it worked

What do i do


>> No.47963385

Rub its belly so it's still your friend when the spell wears off

>> No.47963389

Like certain Force units; either redirecting your attacks through it, changing it (from single blast to cone) on hit, making it a chaining point, or even just copying what you do, giving you twice as many?

Certainly "use it to aim around corners; its LoS is your LoS" would be a start

>> No.47963392

Hey /pfg/. I'm currently converting some planar PC races from 3.x books. I currently have a dilemma stemming from the bizarre way the rules define creature types. Is an extraplanar race, which breathes and eats and sleeps like any mortal race, considered a humanoid (and so forth) with the extraplanar or an outsider with the extraplanar and native subtypes?

>> No.47963396


scratch under its neck or behind its ear bone ridge things

I hear they like that

>> No.47963397

Ride it and pat it and feet it treaties to make it your friend for realsies.

>> No.47963398

Invest in handle animal and buy a book about dog training.

>> No.47963421

Hmm I never build a fighter before.

Might be interesting to try and theorycraft one now.

>> No.47963458


>> No.47963502

Make it into your meat dragon

>> No.47963575

> Pack Mule with full access to Advanced Weapon Training can still pull their weight

>> No.47963576

Thanks for your critique

Goddamn that is so very disappointing though, what the fuck were they thinking?

>> No.47963611

If im a sorc and i pick up a bloodline from eldritch heritage does robe of arcane heritage boost both bloodlines or just one?

>> No.47963628


>> No.47963647

Doesn't Pack Mule get 4+INT skill point too?

>> No.47963703


>> No.47963723

Ivory tower design at its worst.

Many feats, classes, abilities and equipment are *by design* meant to punish someone who wants to build certain concepts (keep in mind the devs view certain things as "wrong", from not having rape in your backstory to wanting to be not-trans to having a male ruler to "all slavery is always evil forever no matter what unless it's an empire of black women enslaving white men because men is rapepenis bads") or certain types of character or weapon users.

You are SUPPOSED to accept that despite a level based system fullcasters are superior to martials, for example.

>> No.47963766

Was figuring a tree, starting with
>Have a floaty ball of light that you can direct some or all of your attacks through, and see from its space, close range, middling fly speed
and going to
>Longer range, maybe get more, ranged flank dudes with yourself, have all around vision as long as one's watching your back, bonus attacks using them
All the way to
>Ranged multiattack, they're each an extra stregone 'hand', they get a free attack whenever they're blowed up by an attack
Thinking something like a more durable Spectral Hand, maybe 10 HP and some of your defenses instead of nonscaling crap.
Would make for obnoxious boss fights with a little cover.

Make a judgement call, you're the one converting it. I'd say yes for some and no for others.

>> No.47963770

Is Drill Seregeant still worth it now? Fighter can get Solo Tactic via Advanced Weapon Training, right?

>> No.47963780

Adding to this, campaign traits are typically more powerful than other traits and are certainly closer to full feats.

>> No.47963796


>> No.47963861

Derp, forgot image.
Like this bitch, or R-Type Options, as it were.

>> No.47963939

R-Type had Forces: ship gets just one, but it can block shots for you and is great in melee. There's also Bits, which are just tiny gun satellites that are notably NOT an embryo.

T-301s and other ships in the Gradius setting have 'Multiples', AKA "Options"

>> No.47963984

It's been a decade since I've touched a side scrolling shooter, I'll be off committing sudoku.

I had to do some deep brain cleaning to remember they were called options in the first place.


>> No.47964020

Why is ball of light good at melee?

>> No.47964055

Well, R-type Forces aren't just balls of light.

>> No.47964078

Actually, if you look through the archetypes I sort of have a version of this in mind, though instead of sharing your bolts, you're totally handing them off to your "soulbound doll companion". I'll have to take a look at your idea though.

>> No.47964100

Which AP is the least combat focused

>> No.47964147

Well, this definitely needs to be remedied, holy shit that's insane, ideally there should be no right or wrong of building a character

>> No.47964167

None. All APs have combat aplenty.

>> No.47964201

Did you accidentally a word?

Fucking Carl, no more orphans!

>> No.47964202

It's actually the embryo of a man-made future-weapon designed to mercilessly consume eldritch horrors (and everything else they touch), corrupting them into more of itself. They're genetically engineered using a combination of psi-tech and black magic, to help ensure any positive emotion to be flatly impossible in them in the future.

We flushed the deathstar we filled with them down a dimensional sinkhole when they woke up early (before IFF was added in to them) and they kinda took over where we made them and started spilling out into the past.

It's actually quite sad.

>> No.47964265

Has anyone used Shining Children in their games?
Those things are fucking terrifying

>> No.47964417

Bro, we're playing Pathfinder. The game is combat focused

>> No.47964426

I never realized those games were 40k levels of "humanity done fucked themselves"

>> No.47964466

It gets worse, one of the games, I forget which, has a little ship fly past you in the background of the first level.
It's you from the future, corrupted and become one of them. You're going back to destroy everything you ever knew.

>> No.47964508

I sort of remember that. You get to the "last" level and the background has silhouettes of two people fucking, then suddenly you're in a bioship fighting your old self, right?

>> No.47964602


Could a 9 Maneuver 9 Spell using base class be Tier 2?

>> No.47964654

Depends, is it prepared or spontaneous casting?

>> No.47964657

And in Stage F-B, you BECOME that ship after taking a wrong turn and touching a bit of pollen from a boss (that's all) and proceed to wipe out multiple squadrons of what used to be friendlies, leading to the colony crash you will go investigate in the past from now.

They're all over the 26th dimension, which is basically the extradimensional highway between things like reality and "the astral plane", and there's even some to be found in the non-reality 2d information-only nothingness beyond our multiverse.

Our alternate future created them after crossing several godzilla thresholds when some of them got lost in time after wiping out a human fleet and many other things in some temporal wormhole.

Given what those thing do just BEING there (or being thought about/at without appropriate shielding), making those was pretty much an appropriate response... but, well... ya know.

>> No.47964686


>> No.47964724


>> No.47964760

Different endings.

F-A is the one with two people fucking. You enter the Bydo home dimension's core, infect it with your force and overload your wave cannon to finish it (and yourself) off. Well, this war anyways, but a very major blow for once.

F-B involves taking a wrong turn in d26; you destroy some waveguides on the "Fine-Motion" Bloom Cruiser and its destruction lands you in close proximity to a Nomemayer (stage 6.1), where you get converted.

F-C is a one-way trip (no spare lives or continues) if you make it through anti-space after blowing up a different set of generators on the Fine-Motion. Go the the 26th century, convince them not to do something very very dumb.

It's implied that doesn't work out too well.

>> No.47964778

Prep, but extraordinarily few spell slots.

>> No.47964818

>Join campaign on Roll20
>Notice most of the character art is anime
>One player's running a stuttering shy girl that comes across more like an emotional wreck
>Another guy's going for the "cool confident badass" but winds up acting like a huge asshole because he clearly doesn't understand what cool, confident or badass even means
>The other guy's just... There
>This keeps happening

Why why why why why why why

>> No.47964834

What perks should I take as a 5th level human cleric? (3pp fine)
Con is 16, Wis is 20, Int is 8 and the rest is 10

>> No.47964843

you could join my group anon

we'll be starting a new campaign in a few months

you can play with non retards

>> No.47964850

Game with actual people

>> No.47964857

Minmax the everliving fuck out of your character and then kill the party in a "totally planned" evil twist

>> No.47964903

>playing evil character
>the bored, uncaring, washington dc corrupt kind of evil
>keep fucking up and hurting the party by accident

>> No.47964904 [DELETED] 

>Gain a handful of Rune giant corpses
>They have exactly enough HD so that I can raise the for optimal bloody skelly abuse
>They even come with spears and swords of their own

Best birthday ever, Now my dreams of a giant skeleton phalanx have been made real.

>> No.47964915

These campaigns are okay to fuck with within reasonable bounds.
In other words, sit down and have some fun.

>> No.47964933

Washington D.C. would be, at best, Lawful Neutral
Many things are done for personal gain, but some are done by the people or for good will

>> No.47964946

>you could join my group anon

Well, could you give me a bit more information about your campaign? I don't want to get my hopes up if the start times are incompatible.

>> No.47964956

>Gain a handful of Rune giant corpses
>They have exactly enough HD so that I can raise the for optimal bloody skelly abuse
>They even come with spears and swords of their own

Best birthday ever, Now my dreams of a giant skeleton phalanx have been made real.

>> No.47964971

start 4pm EST on saturdays play till about 10-11, we're gonna play Hell's Vengeance adapted to our own personal little setting next.

Like i said this is like 2 months off but throwin it out there.

>> No.47965044

>Like i said this is like 2 months off but throwin it out there.

Thanks for throwing it out there, man, I really do appreciate it. The 4 PM start time might be a bitch, but I'm curious to hear more about the current party make-up and character creation.

>> No.47965061

Ehh maybe I didn't explain the evil far enough. The character also runs a no-limits underground brothel for corrupt nobles to get their rocks off on whatever fucked up shit they're into.

Pedo stuff, animals, torture, snuff, etc..

>> No.47965095

we're playing gestalt because our numbers are slim but if we get more normal its back to single classed chars.

The party is mostly only comfortable w/ Paizo material so no DSP stuff

Other than that 25pb

Right now its looking like there's going to be a necromancer Oracle and a Alchemist

>> No.47965096

lmao so edgy XP

>> No.47965111

But I don't play it as an edge lord. Thats the point.

>> No.47965117


How is it edgy to run a brothel where literally nothing's off limits? That's going to attractive quite the market.

>> No.47965121

Why not do tiered gestalt??

>> No.47965128

whats tiered gestalt

>> No.47965132

So all my recent characters have been terrorists. Different kind of terrorists, but all one in some form for the last 5 or so games.

Anyone else ever play a terrorist? Did your plots come to fruition?

>> No.47965137

Agreed, at MOST that's jewy, but not edgy.

>> No.47965153

Where'd that T-rex come from? Do you have the token saved? I think I could get use out of it.

>> No.47965167

>Anyone else ever play a terrorist? Did your plots come to fruition?

I once played a Taldan radical that procured an Extinction Wave Device from Numeria for the express purpose of using it on Katheer.

>> No.47965175

Tiered gestalt- T3 and T6 classes can go together, T4 can go with T5 or T6 if you want to for whatever reason.

>> No.47965197

eh. Honestly i almost don't care

We're pretty good at making sure everyone feels useful.

>> No.47965208

Any use or threat of violence against non-military for the sake of causing an alteration in a government or civilization's ideals, politics or laws is terrorism.

Given that technically, even going on TV and telling people "we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud" is in fact terrorism, the overwhelming majority of PCs are terrorists.

>> No.47965214

Here you go famalam I realize I should have worked the chin as well to make the pop out effect more apparent, but I didnt save the PSD and couldnt be bothered to start over.

>> No.47965221

What the fuck is an Extinction Wave Device and how can I mass produce them?

>> No.47965244

It's a neutron bomb. Doesn't damage objects, but kills creatures in a mile radius. It's also a technological artifact.

>> No.47965247


>An extinction wave device is a devastating and ruinous weapon indeed. When activated by a remote detonator, this bomb explodes in a spherical wash of reality-warping radiation, killing virtually all living creatures with an Intelligence score in a 1-mile radius, while leaving structures and simple life forms intact. Affected creatures must attempt a DC 35 Will saving throw to avoid instant death; success results in 10d8 points of damage instead. Unlike signals, an extinction wave is not hampered by most solid barriers and other materials, but force barriers with 25 or more hit points and metals alloyed with djezet block it. An extinction wave is a mind-affecting death effect.

>These statistics are for an extinction wave device designed to target command and control centers. Smaller and larger extinction wave devices exist. For example, a portable wave extinction device delivers a 1,000-foot-radius effect and weighs 50 pounds.

They're basically neutron bombs.

>> No.47965298


>will save


>> No.47965317


It means using it in Kintargo would be devastatingly effective.

>> No.47965376

Don't bother it's worthless, easy to save against, does very little. If you can deploy that, you can just KILL all the villagers in a few miles with your fucking bare hands not that much more slowly.

>> No.47965384

So, after my most recent session, tell me /pfg/ about times the dice absolutely wanted your party dead.

So, my example. DM wanted us to do Mummy's Mask. Party figured we would indulge and make a bunch of cool themed desert characters. Make it through book 1 with 1 party death and getting to level 4. Book 2 starts, at the end of the first combat (with a ton of zombies, hands, a GIANT zombie hand, and a Spellscribed Mummy).

3 of the 4 of our party was downed and having to make death saves, my Bloodrager was the last left alive (my replacement for my Paladin who was killed in book 1 when she was crit in the mouth) against the caster mummy. I manage to land a max damage crit with an Earthbreaker for 60 damage.

The fucking Mummy had 61 HP total.
Thanks to Mirror Image my Bloodrager is KO'd and due to plot fiat from the book the mummy is killed and we are all revived thanks to a fucking psychopomp bird.

We managed to hit level 5 from the encounter overall for slaying everything else, but still we effectively were wiped. Thinking of either getting us to do Wrath or just a homebrew campaign.

>> No.47965405

>Don't bother it's worthless

Unless you want to kill thousands of people without getting detected.

>> No.47965416

Sweet, thanks.

>> No.47965429

Every other session of the LotLK game.

>> No.47965434

>Technological Artifact
>Mind-Affecting Effect
>Death Effect
>The 1-mile model is massive
>Portable ones have just a 1000ft radius

>> No.47965442

>> No.47965474


The vast majority of people aren't immune to mind-affecting effects.

The Wave Extinction Device is a terror weapon and strategic asset.

>> No.47965479

>DC 35 is easy
For mid-level PCs.
It kills basically all civilians, since most can't even take the 10d8 after a natural 20 save.

>> No.47965480

>Will 35 or instant death

>> No.47965494


Not tomorrow though! Tomorrow we're setting sail for the Inner Sea and Taldor!

Who knows what fun we'll have on our journey? We can raid one more place before our coffers are full, we need to make it count!

>> No.47965513

Even for high-level PCs, DC 35 is a doozy.

>> No.47965516


Anon, do you even understand how this item is supposed to work?

It's not meant to take out a band of optimized adventurers, it's meant to wipe out cities.

>> No.47965562

While you're wrong about it being useless - though it certainly won't work against mid-level adventurers or the things adventurers would fight, it certainly works against the things they'd want to protect...

Despite that, I will admit that as a one-shot *artifact*, even 'technological artifact' that's a really bad deal

>> No.47965578

>+20 Save
>Have to roll 15 or higher to pass

>> No.47965598

What point are you trying to make here?

>> No.47965615

Well you'll have +12 from class levels, another +13 from having 36 wisdom, +8 for having charisma to saves, +5 from resistance, +2 from iron will, another +4 for sucking the gm's dick. Totes easy.

>> No.47965616

That's still a pretty high roll to make.

>> No.47965630

>DC 35


Let me see my Paladin is level 10 annnd

I have a +13 will save

That thing would kill me even if i rolled a 20.

>> No.47965634

You're right, I'm sleep-deprived and mathed it at 25. Even +15 would be a high save at mid level.

>> No.47965645

And how does that look at level 20?

>> No.47965649

could be 7-9 from class (can be on the higher end with the proper multiclassing), probably 4 resist, 2 luck, 2 insight...

Adventurers probably won't pass, but they'll easily whether the 45 damage unless they're heavily damaged at the time.

>> No.47965663


See, this anon's got it!

Anyone can make the Will save, what kind of chucklehead won't have the most optimized, gamey build possible and assume you encounter this thing at level 20 with plenty of prep-time and custom-ordered WBL?

>> No.47965685

Level 20 paladin would have 12 will base, plus Wisdom, plus Charisma, plus Resistance and others.

If we lowball it and say +5 each from wisdom and charisma, that's 22. +5 cloak brings it to 27, easily a luckstone or the like... +30 isn't out of the question at all, and that's a conservative estimate.

>> No.47965710


hol up

hol up

let me do some quick math...

12+8+5... Still tough but not that bad with a Pally

Its utterly lethal to mid level chars th ough

what kind of Pally has 20 wisdom.

>> No.47965712

Thanks heaps brahs

>> No.47965730

They might not have 20 wisdom, but they'd probably have a little bit more charisma too.

>> No.47965744

>what kind of Pally has 20 wisdom.

The kind artificially constructed in the /pfg/ White Rooms to specifically fuck the face of whatever hypothetical challenge is presented to the general.

>> No.47965748

they'll probably have like 22 charisma, maybe 24.

And like 7 wisdom because its their only real dump stat.

>> No.47965750

>what kind of Pally has 20 wisdom.
At level 20 you can afford a +6 wisdom headband.

>> No.47965768

Iunno, do they really need intelligence? Depending on the build you don't really need much dex either.

>> No.47965770

So for a 20th level character with a class that has probably the best saves in the game, that's a 25% chance to instantly die.

>> No.47965773

So said paladin had a 14 to start?

>> No.47965777

Why though? They don't use Wisdom for anything anymore.

>> No.47965778

Great that Paladin would have 13 wisdom

Why they fuck they have a +6 wisdom headband instead of a +6 charisma one, i'll never know, but I assume /pfg/ can tell me?

>> No.47965799

Right, but at level 1 they aren't spending 5 points from point buy on wisdom.

You can combine magic items, can't you? I may be misremembering from 3.5 but that's how I'll always play.

>> No.47965806

Int and Dex are both far better for a Paladin than Wisdom.

Wisdom is full dump stat.

Pallies are like


>> No.47965808

Could have both.

>> No.47965812

Likely it's be +3 from wis and +7-10 from charisma. Paladins need 3 stats, Str, Con, and Cha. Not much else. Honestly at level 20 you can afford high stats simply because the shit is relatively cheap compared to your budget.

>> No.47965828

Yeah, but the latter three are all still dump stats (depending on build)

>> No.47965833

>Why they fuck they have a +6 wisdom headband instead of a +6 charisma one, i'll never know, but I assume /pfg/ can tell me?
You have both, you have a +6 cha/wis headband. You're level 20, you can afford that shit.

>> No.47965863

They actually completely ruined stat items, and there aren't very permissive rules for combining items like the GOAT 3.5 book MIC had.

>> No.47965877

Where do you think we are? No one here understands anything
I'm surprised they can actually string words together to form coherent sentences

>> No.47965878

Yeah but dumping Dex is bad cause AC and Int are still important

Dumping Int is bad because skills are nice to have

So you leave those at 10 and dump Wisdom because its actually worthless as a Paladin.

>> No.47965901


+1 from wis at most. Paladins always dump Wis. Never not dump wis.

>> No.47965907

Since you're wearing full plate your ac isn't going to be hindered that much, and that's not even that great, especially at 20. Int is pretty negligible too, what skills are you really going to use at level 20? diplomacy?

>> No.47965920

If you're optimizing to not die to this one specific thing, sure, but in most games you want to have skills because SKILLS ARE FUN.

>> No.47965927

My paladin with serenity has +20 to will saves from wisdom alone.

>> No.47965953

Oh bollocks, skills are
Roll: did I succeed? If yes, continue game. If no, have someone else more suited to the task actually do it.
Either way you probably shouldn't have to roll at all.

>> No.47965959

>i can't rp or think creativity

I hate /pfg/

>> No.47965976

RP and skills aren't connected, fyi.

>> No.47965989

They actually are.

>> No.47966004


They kind of are, anon.

Unless you're going to claim my botanist Slayer should not use a trait to get Knowledge (Nature?)

>> No.47966010

Yeah, just like attacks aren't fun.

And spells aren't fun.

And the fucking GAME isn't fun you utterly joyless pillock.

>> No.47966024

I mean, that's all mechanical stuff (and probably covered under knowledge nature)


>> No.47966042

Also I can't read, so I'm dumb.

>> No.47966045

>> No.47966058

We all know what you're trying to do, can you at least put a bit more effort into it?

>> No.47966114

I feel like you should've stopped at the point Gareth asked you to.

>> No.47966276

>taking 3.5 feats

>> No.47966302

How do I make pic related?

>> No.47966314

I will never apologize for having access to more materials.

>> No.47966331

First take a lot of art classes, and then through your medium of choice try to recreate it.

>> No.47966337

Hey everyone! So I am currently working on an Unchained Cavalier. One of the main changes is the change to Cavalier Orders, which now work as something more similar to the Oracle Mystery.

There is a main list of Cavalier "Oaths", which do a number of abilities both in combat and out of combat. Then from this main list every Order has Oaths they have access to fitting their flavor. As a cavalier levels up he gains Oaths off his Order's list. This makes the Cavalier class more modular and frees them for more choice. Every order has 8 Oaths they have access to. In addition the Cavalier gains a Dilettante Oath, meaning one that appears on the main list, but not on their Order's list.

Due to this increased number of features I have had to decrease and consolidate Orders. So as to keep Order powers relevants I have consolidated similar Orders. At levels when one would gains a Order power they choose from a number of them (3, which is the number of Orders consolidated for each, there are 8 new total orders).

The goal is to make Cavaliers into a more regal feel if one so desires, have them appear to be Landed Knights and lesser nobles, or to open up such things as a Barbaric Outrider, Lone Sellsword, and other such mounted archetypes. The Oaths are means to help in this specialization.

In addition Banner has been changed to be a more important part of the class, with a list of Banners to choose from for the Cavalier, gaining new Banners as they level up.

A final change is making the cavalier able to use Challenge a number of times per day similar to before, but an additional number of times equal to their Wisdom modifier.

These are the current plans for the "Unchained" cavalier to go with the Unchained Fighter I have already posted. Thoughts on the proposed plan? What would you like to see out of a "Unchained" Cavalier?

The "Unchained" Fighter can be found here:

>> No.47966347

Please anon, I may be announcin' this thing soon.

>> No.47966370

Stop trimming them for like two months* and then file them into edges?

*I don't know how long it will actually take because I bite mine incessantly.

>> No.47966398

>Paladins always dump Int. Never dump Wis beyond 10

>> No.47966439

Haha, I keked

>> No.47966486

>true protean planetouched never
hold me

>> No.47966517

I'm... sorry you can't have a character whose ancestors were diddled by weird chaos snakes?

Wait, no I'm not.

>> No.47966528

Make the submarine at about the size of a model ship and then cast shrink item. It's hard to paint one that's so small otherwise.

>> No.47966530

Wait, Jade or Jaden? I'm confused

>> No.47966570

Well no by then there's stuff to give further bonuses or outright immunities to things like death effects or at the very least mind-affecting.

It's a mind-affecting effect; not a neutron bomb but a souped-up 2e Ultrablast.

Like fuck, my character has a trait that gives +2 vs mind-affecting. I can't remember if mind-blank gives its +8 there, but there's ways, there's ways.

They're not certain for level 10-12 characters, but certainly a level 20 is way past such minor issues.

>> No.47966578

Jade. And yes, that's always been my name; it's on my birth certificate and everything.

>> No.47966595

Birds are important, how dare you?

>> No.47966615

We /owl/ now?

>> No.47966621


>> No.47966622

I don't even know what he's trying to do, it's just some inoccuous image of a book cover.

>> No.47966624

It's not true.

>> No.47966636


>> No.47966638

He's trying to stir up shit here because he's already seen everything his home board has to offer.

>> No.47966641

We /owl/ always

>> No.47966672

Oh nice, new bait image. Here, take a relatively on-topic one in exchange.

>> No.47966720

I will accept the trade and christen it with owls.

>> No.47966733

Whoops wrong bird .gif.

>> No.47966787



>> No.47966916

I have nothing to add, I just want to commend your choice of image. That's adorable.

>> No.47966935


>> No.47966941

You can't combine items in Pathfinder, but there are headbands of two stats and three stats, so that's irrelevant to this discussion.

>> No.47966981

Can a Ghoran Hierophant take the Plantbringer Path Ability to get permanent Fast Healing and disease immunity?

>> No.47967022

I'd allow it. It affects you if you gain the plant type via magic, it makes sense it would work on you if you're naturally a plant too.

>> No.47967070

This is fantastic. The plan is to have a recurring enemy for the party that's more annoying than threatening, and a dumb little talking plant they can't seem to kill is perfect.

>> No.47967124


Literally in Magic Item Creation rule.

> Adding new abilities

> Sometimes, lack of funds or time make it impossible for a magic item crafter to create the desired item from scratch. Fortunately, it is possible to enhance or build upon an existing magic item. Only time, gold, and the various prerequisites required of the new ability to be added to the magic item restrict the type of additional powers one can place.

> The cost to add additional abilities to an item is the same as if the item was not magical, less the value of the original item. Thus, a +1 longsword can be made into a +2 vorpal longsword, with the cost to create it being equal to that of a +2 vorpal sword minus the cost of a +1 longsword.

> If the item is one that occupies a specific place on a character's body, the cost of adding any additional ability to that item increases by 50%. For example, if a character adds the power to confer invisibility to her ring of protection 2, the cost of adding this ability is the same as for creating a ring of invisibility multiplied by 1.5.

>> No.47967159

Rate my sword please

>> No.47967167

How would knowledge checks work against something totally alien to the PC's. Like the PC's are the first to encounter such an organism or anything like it?

>> No.47967178


>> No.47967184

> For common monsters, such as goblins, the DC of this check equals 5 + the monster’s CR. For particularly rare monsters, such as the tarrasque, the DC of this check equals 15 + the monster’s CR or more

>> No.47967194

Looks like someone threw up a cathedral.

>> No.47967203

Um, where's the cutty part in that mess?

>> No.47967217

It's used to bludgeon critters into submission and lock away their powers.

>> No.47967227

That's not really a sword then, is it.

>> No.47967228

The top circular part look sharp.

>> No.47967230

If you're the GM, why'd you even ask? It works if you want it to work. But it should work anyways so you can sleep easy.

>> No.47967236

You can bludgeon with swords.

>> No.47967254

New thread: >>47967245

>> No.47967264

It absorbs the physical forms and souls of other creatures, which it why there's tumorous growths along the edges of the weapon, their minds are still active but they are encased in metal
It's still wickedly sharp

>> No.47967281

That's dumb as fuck

>> No.47967307

So's your face, but not many are complaining

>> No.47967362

>Heh, that'll show him not to point out MY dumb ideas.

>> No.47967408

Sounds more like attempts to excuse it, not reasons for it.

>> No.47967444

>Heh, I'm a null and creative void so why not spew my shit everywhere

>> No.47967475

Has your handler gone to bed without remembering to turn off the wi fi tonight?

>> No.47967514

You've had too many assburgers

>> No.47967821

>become lich

>> No.47967998

So last thread I was considering not stating out Geliche' on the likelihood that I'll never be able to play her. Also I haven't the foggiest idea what class to make her necessarily. But then I started thinking of maybe just homebrewing her class? I 'unno.

>> No.47968219

Unstatted is fine, Dorian. Leave her as-is, there's always gonna be a chance to do it later.

Especially if paizo keeps pushing out More New Classes.

>> No.47968256

Fair enough. Though I'm half-tempted to scribble down the basic framework for a goof and see what people think anyway. If nothing else it could be a fun experiment in class design. But I think I just may leave it well enough alone for now.

>> No.47968265

Something like "possibly this plus that plus another thing" at most, I'd say.
I've made the mistake of statting out characters that didn't need it. Bad things happened to her.

Very, very bad things...

>> No.47969094


>> No.47969925

How do I add wisdom to reflex as a soul knife?

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