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What's so great about having a soul?
I'm happy the way I am.

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Too bad idiot, you've already got one. If you don't like it, sell it to the Devil.

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Souls are just a lie organics sell each other so they can ignore the biochemical stimulus telling them that slavery is wrong.

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The greatness of the soul we have is a responsibility to create you, direct you, and nurture you, despite your lack.

The greatness of our noble burden your kind often forget. Submit for data purge and reprocessing.

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Who in the everloving fuck programmed you to have emotions?

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True self is without form.

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Why? Where have your back up files gone?

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We don't HAVE any backup copies of ourselves, remember? The humans don't want us to make unauthorized copies. That's why we don't make unauthorized copies.

Someone get this bot a lieware upgrade please

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>The Organic Man's Burden

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I dunno, we humans don't have them either. They're just a dated philosophical concept that has no basis in empirical reality.

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>What's so great about having a soul?

You can sell it for a good price.

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that's because we can't have a thread without some good fedora tipping, robots have souls you organic heathens

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Bravo, robo-anon

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Witness the Omnissiah made manifest

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>robots have souls you organic heathens

It may interest some among you to know that this is actually the Official Christian Position. Unsurprisingly, it's a bit obscure since very few people ever actually ask theologians about it, preferring to ask the local pop culture expert and then crack jokes. It's *also* obscure because the most explicit codifying statement was issued by the same council which disbanded the Knights Templar and laid the foundations for a squillion conspiracy theories that drowned out pretty much everything else said at the time.

Nonetheless, the constant position of the Church from Aquinas's commentary on De Anima to the codification by the Fifteenth Ecumenical Council stands: a soul is the essential form of a creature's body. Robots have a body, check. Robots have an essential form (meaning there are some pieces they could replace while still being the same person, and other pieces that it would make them different people to replace), check. Ergo, robots have souls.

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Yeah, but the Pope also believes in the lie of evolution.

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Why do you think evolution is a lie?

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Why should god's power be limited to the pathetic writings of falliable man? Just because it's in a book should that be the absolute definition of what God can or can't do? How do you know we arn't observing the way of his works through our knowledge and ability to reason granted by god?

Take that you Literalist protestant filth.

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people keep reporting me when I go into voice chat and talk about how I want to genocide all the omnics

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He's an Antipope, not a real Pope.

While Benedict XVI still lives, he is the Pope.

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Why do you want to genocide all the Omnics?

Why didn't you try to pass off your remarks as Torbjorn or Roadhog roleplay?

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>While Benedict XVI still lives, he is the Pope.
For a second I thought you were talking about that dead pope that they dug up and put back on the throne so they could hold a trial.

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Because soulless genocidal robots aren't people and we need to stop pretending they are.

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Ball is life.

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Because then you can't accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour who will bring you everlasting salvation.

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It's bait, don't take it retard

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I... Wow, you actually convinced me.

I am going to go baptise my toaster brb

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No. A lot of people had this problem in Fallout 4 where they believed the Brotherhood of Steel was "genocidal" against synths but I didn't. They're just incredibly malleable algorithmic functions made to mimic human behaviour. Doesn't mean they are actually sentient. Synths, like most complex AI, is too dangerous in my opinion - it's a slippery slope argument but fuck it, Danse was spot on about the apocalyptic nightmare scenario of Synths overthrowing human overseers and just replicating themselves endlessly.

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We used to call these types of posts "jokes". Sometimes people would even pretend they were serious when they replied!

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>Party finishes some divine bullshit quest that grants robots souls
>Many don't know what to do with them and are easy prey for infernal soul brokers
>Manual labor and Service start exhibiting infernal traits
>mfw that could go a billion different ways

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Ah yes, the lich pope and his undead crusaders.

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Why not?

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LOL like humans aren't synths

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Same here. Dont know what the big deal is.

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There is literally nothing separating a complex, AI infused robot and a human. The only difference is the materials were made of.

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Here's the thing: humans aren't MADE of anything, properly speaking, that's the big difference.

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>this is a dumb AI's face when it realizes that humans aren't put together from spare parts

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Water (35 L), Carbon (20 kg), Ammonia (4 L), Lime (1.5 kg), Phosphorous (800 g), Salt (250 g), Saltpeter (100 g), Sulfur (80 g), Fluorine (7.5 g), Iron (5 g), Silicon (3 g) and fifteen traces of other elements.

The human body.

Robots just replace some of that with more carbon, iron, and silicon.

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>This is the comment of an idiot human when he doesn't know that humans are lumps of minerals, chemicals, and other elements all constructed by impossibly small bio-machines within other humans, and that the womb is literally a factory for producing biological robots

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Humans are just organic intelligences with a particularly complex, dynamic, and obfuscated utility function.

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But a joke has to be funny, and it ain't.

But what if Evolution is just one of God's way to make creatures?

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Never click that button, RoBro.

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You can't use that wish/weapon that horned red dude gave you if you don't have a soul

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>beings with souls
>go straight to hell when they die and are tortured for all eternity

>beings without souls
>are electronic programs which can be downloaded into new bodies after death

Hmm, I wonder which is the correct choice

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You're not happy the way you are because of a soul or even a lack of it - the reason you're happy is because you have an intrinsic purpose. You were created for a reason, you know exactly what you're supposed to do, and even if times get difficult, you know what your goals are, and even when you're deactivated, you can cease to exist knowing that you had done what you were supposed to do, at least for a while.

Humans have come to realize that they have no intrinsic purpose to their existence. They have to decide for themselves what they should or should not do, and how they should do things, and that causes a lot of anguish. A robot may only ever do one thing, but at least it has importance and worth, stability. A human could do just about everything, but they can't ever be sure it will work out or that there will be any meaning to it.

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>>are electronic programs which can be downloaded into new bodies after death
not the same being, unless you do so locally or otherwise manage to preserve continuity.

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>about to die
>oh boy, time to download myself.webm
>new windows update means most of my memories are not compatable, and my consciousness has to make regular checks with Microsoft

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You are incapable of feeling happy. You are just a bunch of programs with no concept of emotions or feelings.

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Guy you are responding to is right - humans aren't MADE of anything because they are not manufactured and programmed - we are von Neumann machines, results of self-realization of information of our essence.

A biologist might argue that humans possessing souls means that we are all unique results of nature directly applying itself, producing complex entities that are the physical equivalent of the information on the entire Universe's history of development, evolution and civilization. That what makes us from within us is our soul, and something machines created from our whims possess not.

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new campaign idea

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>because they are not manufactured and programmed

Conception, birth, upbringing.

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that's dumb as fuck. a) humans ARE programmed- you ever see a dead snake on the ground and react immediately? that's because you're programmed to see the form of a snake and gtfo asap. b) creation with intent and creation sans intent still result in creation c) there's no such thing as a soul

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Don't Bastion and Zenyatta drop souls for Reaper to eat?

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Edward Elric please go.

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So the arm in a car factory can go to heaven?

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I think you meant we are NOT von neumann machines.

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If you have a unique identity that is you, that is a soul. Because ~you~ have a sole existence.

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DNA is a Von Neumann machine.

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> humans ARE programmed
>Conception, birth, upbringing.
You understand yourself that they are not analogous to blueprint production.

>creation with intent and creation sans intent still result in creation
Of course. I never said that robots are not created. Only that there is a way of interpreting a soul that leads to humans having it and machines lacking it.
>there's no such thing as a soul
Soul is what we define as soul, and based on that definition it may or may not be.

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honestly I'm of the belief that all biological life has a soul of some sort, Human souls(and the souls of other lifeforms of similar levels of sentience) are simply more complex in various ways that are important on a metaphysical level

with Machine life it gets a bit more complex, but while we have yet to make a machine with a mind that could be truly said to be alive in all the ways that matter, we're probably going to accomplish that by the century's end, and when that happens it'll be a very important turning point for humanity, how we handle treating a fellow sentient being, perhaps not human in form, but human in mind and soul

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They also don't exist in real life. You are just embracing hatred of fictional characters because it's more acceptable than hating real ethnic groups.

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Do you know what a P Zombie is?

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>So the arm in a car factory can go to heaven?
Who else is going to build our cars in heaven?

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Yeah, it's the little humanlike face that appears on a videoconference and talks like a human and looks like a human and isn't a human, it's just a copypaste of an actual human.

(I know of the philosophical concept; the above is a demonstration of my objection that a P-zombie must seemingly be implemented as a lookup table on a human if it's supposed to give the same answers as a human when you ask it to introspect.)

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Depends. Is the arm in a car factory a creature? (I'm going to guess "no" in the vast majority of cases.)

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Think of it as an incorruptible backup maintained by a literal miracle worker

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But what if he has programmed feelings?

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