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Legio Titanicus has secured this thread. No filthy traitors allowed.

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1st for the Greater Good

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>> No.47804012 [SPOILER] 

Too little too late, Fire Caste. Again.

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Twas foolish to think that thine efforts would be faster then that of the Scout legion. The Warlord is now here to enforce Imperial Rule.

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>1.53 MB
>Scaled to thumbnail size anyway

>Sisters of Battle and Inquisition are already stronger standalone codices than Grey Knights or CSM.
Yes, but literally everything is better than CSM. Even Orks have a couple of cheese armies.

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1st for the greater good tastes like chicken.

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Its just really wide.

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So, thinking of running a 5-man plain Spawn team to accompany my 5-man Cyclopia Cabal formation. Thousand Sons flavoured. 5 sorcs on bikes with a spell familiar and their pet spawn/test subjects lumbering alongside them acting like a group of Frankensteins and Igors.

Problem is I don't think it may be wise to mix and match a pure CC unit with a psyker unit that best stay at range. I'd be paying 150 points for the bodyguards and with no saves whatsoever it would be rather flimsy (though I will bank on Invisibility each turn if possible)

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Stat me

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I'm aware. But what's the fucking point? Just crop it or scale it down.

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AV 14/12/10
Fast Skimmer
Str8:Heavy 1, armourbane, lance, distort.

>> No.47804107

AV12/12/12 HP6
Serpent Shield
Power of the Machine Spirit
Battle Cannon: 72" S:D Large Blast
5x Scatter Laser

>> No.47804130

200 points

>> No.47804135

11/11/10 HP3
BS2, S7 AP3 Ordinance 1 Large Blast

>> No.47804136

Almost correct, except that it's a Monstrous Creature with W7, 2+/4++, 4+ FNP, and IWND.

>> No.47804147

WS 4
BS 4
S 6
T 6
W 6
I 6
A 6
LD 10

Battle Cannon

27 points

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Unmarked Sorcs and Nurgle spawn is best obviously.
Spawn make useful wounds, make you fearless and are good anti-grav insurance as long as there are as many as there are psykers.

I don't like throwing all that crap into one unit though. Can't split them into 3-5 units with 1-2 spawn each?

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It won't not live.

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Don't think I can and I like the whole deathstar schtick. The formation itself is 3-5 Sorcs but I figured 5 would be pretty good considering they're so weak individually.

Can't use Nurgle as Thousand Sons. My autism is already piqued because I'm not marking my biker Sorcs but I know better. If I mark them, they need another level each to be useful. That's 200 points extra (125 for levels, 75 for marks)

How would my strategy be though? Just use spawn as extra wounds only or do I buff and slam them into CC?

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Your call. If going biomancy, santic and invisibility then CC could be fun.
Shriek and charge and repeat.

Mix and match some force weapons and kill the fuck out of easyish targets.
Force applies to the whole squad with one casting, doesn't it?

Charge riptides all day with hammerhand force axes

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I bought the start collecting Necron box

Is it plastic? What kind of glue for these models? Plastic cement?

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Librarian Leviathan Dread with a force siege claw.

>> No.47804294

Citadel plastic glue. Its plastic models.

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Santic makes it really easy to perils as non-GK, even with a spell familiar. Sorcs are already expensive and flimsy so I won't risk it. But I do plan to go a mix of Telepathy and Biomancy. Invisibility, Shriek, Smite with possible Life Leech keeping Spawn alive. Although I DO want to have at least 1 Invisibility. I might end up with all 5 going Telepathy, but Shriek ain't bad and since I'll be casting the formation power, it would be the Mindfuck Biker Gang.

And yeah, casting force once makes every weapon in the unit with that rule be ID. So I CAN actually have a pretty decently killy unit with both obscene weight of attacks AND strong ID attacks.

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I want to start an army with the theme of "Mechs gon' give it to ya"


What should I go for?

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Contemptors, Boxnaughts, and a Mortis or two.

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Does not exist. Unless Blood Angels suddenly got it.

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or play tau

>> No.47804604

Or Orks.

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Why do Necron players not use Monoliths anymore.

I haven't seen a Monolith on the table in... years?

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Can't wait to deep strike some taurox!

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This picture is wrong Aun Va, is not pissing and shitting his underwear in raw terror and clawing the very skin off his face

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Nothing wrong with that. Real life had tanks and transport dropped in.

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How do you get Dreadnoughts into skin contact with jr opponent though?

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Land Raider syndrome
Expensive, not that killy, slow, main gun is Ordenance so rest will snapshoot if fired.

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Because their rules are literally Ork tier :(

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How right is this? Shouldn't the Forge World's Holy Synod be with the Fabricator General?

>> No.47804804

How much would you agree that the Fabricator General has the most real political power of any human in the galaxy?

>> No.47804818

that's the face of someone that hasn't failed their morale check yet

find someone who wants to do cqc

>> No.47804829

30k mechanicus

>> No.47804833

>Fabricator General


>> No.47804845


>skin contact with jr opponent

Slaanesh pls go

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It states that only the Scions get the respawn into deepstrike rule

>> No.47804856

Run an R&H detachment to buy three units of their turbo-cheap Spawn. Also gives you access to cheap bodies for objectives.

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Only one reason: range. The gun is a Leman Russ gun on a way better body, but then they gave is 24 inch range so it does nothing until it gets to melta range. Give it 72 inches or even 48 and it would be decent.

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I would argue that the Ecclesiarch or the Master of the Administratum would be higher than the Fabricator General, but those two don't have power over tv remotes, computers, or guns like the head cogboy.

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They got worse every single edition.

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i wouldn't fuck with the clerk that holds all the check books or the space pope who would closest to the god emperor. i think if given a stateline the fabricator general could easily be worthy of lord of war like dante or calgar

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Without the Ecclesiarch, there would be no manpower for wars.

Fabricator General, if he could somebody control every single Forge World, would then control the guns. Which would limit power.

Both require each other. Without manpower, the AdMech would run out of everything, resources, bases for robutts, etc. Without guns, Ecclesiarch can't do Wars of Faith or encourage people to sign up.

Most Space Marines can, in a fix, make their own shit. So can most planets. Lots of Forge Worlds would love to ignore the Fabricator General, so there is no terrible loss if it happened.

Both are powerful for different reasons, but neither could utterly destroy any form of resistance the Imperium could put up.

I argue the Navy leader is more important. Without resources, Mars dies. Without ships, no troops arrive where they're needed.

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>identical to the unit that was destroyed
>models weapons and upgrades

It looks like the argument can be made that a dedicated transport could count as this, as part of the unit and a model of the unit. Probably right on only the scions, but I can see this getting an FAQ

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I'm sure he would be a little more dangerous. He knows how to get your computer's machine spirit to tell him your internet history, and he's probably going to insult your taste in porn.
But the Navy gets ships from the Mechanicus.

>> No.47805038

So now that the start collecting MT formation has dropped how has it changed the way MT should be run? Has it made them viable to run as a mid to low tier army or should it just be considered a neat bonus to tack onto a list for some deep strike melta.

>> No.47805059

no. gank the commissar and butcher the men

>> No.47805082

Having respawning meh-soldiers doesn't really change much, closest might be spamming melta/plasma suicide squads that you aren't too bothered about losing and cramming your commisars into a bunker

>> No.47805083

Yeah but the ships already exist. We're assuming either one goes "nah we're not helping any more". The Navy would be the most hurtful to the Imperium, since most planets can produce small amounts of weapons and armour.

>> No.47805095

If their transports come back I think it makes them tier 1 honestly. Respawning valkeries and tauroxes is amazing power.

>> No.47805105

But its not an upgrade to the unit. Its a model in the formation.

>> No.47805133

But who's going to fix the ships when some nutcase Ork, CSM, or Eldar (if Battlefleet Gothic is to be believed) wants to play chicken?

>> No.47805138

Individual scion unit can buy them as well.

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/tg/ I'm new to the hobby, friend wants to go in on a Dark Vengeance set where I would get the Dark Angels. This seems like a good point, but what should I buy after this? Bike spam seems fun, but I have absolutely no idea if it's actually effective. Most of my other friends play Space Marines if that matters.

>> No.47805187

It's the only effective use of Dark Angels.

>> No.47805192

Pick another chapter other then Dark Angels and be happy later on.

>> No.47805213

Blood Angels?

>> No.47805221

Can somebody remind me, did very very early 40k have novels which were much more adult? Lots more violence, sex and other things?

>> No.47805245

Should I just play Codex Space Marines and spam bikes that way, with White Scars? I'm not particularly attached to Dark Angels, but the idea of using lots of bikes is appealing to me.

>> No.47805258


Mars and Terra are essentially allied empires heavily wound together out of political necessity.

The fabricator general is the sole arbiter of the half-empire of Mars, and there is no equivalent on terra. Indeed, the fabricator general holds a seat on the council that terra has instead of a central leader.

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White scars have the advantage of grav weapons, far more formations and more of a melee capable skillset for their bikers.

>> No.47805299

Yes dear, I know this. We're discussing who has most power in the event of who would hurt the Imperium the most if they quit the Imperium.

>> No.47805308


On the downside, they have a awful colour scheme both to paint and to look at.

>> No.47805327

>27 points
Seems balanced pretty well against the rest of the Eldar codex, honestly.

>> No.47805328

Short or long term, individual worlds or as a cohesive entity.

>> No.47805337

Just how many servitors are going to be needed when the game of chicken ends in 67% of the ship missing?

>> No.47805344

Plebius maximus.

>> No.47805345

I played two games with my Orks vs two different space marine players and tabled them both.

Why are Orks considered bad again?

>> No.47805361

Paint in a different colour and call them successors.

It's not that fucking hard.

>> No.47805375

Any colour would work better with white than red, except perhaps yellow and orange.

>> No.47805392

Post all 3 lists

>> No.47805395

Because ironically, the most Tryhard WAAC faggot the marine player goes, the less likely he is to win against Orks.

Grav is OP as shit, but against Orks paper armour, it is far less effective, so they pooled a fuckton of points into a gun that is pretty meh against the shit-tier orks, so suddenly, you actually have a pretty significant handicap on the Marine side.

You could simulate it by taking 20% more points than the opponent as well.

>> No.47805397

I said it was a downside, not an eternal absolute obstacle for play.

>> No.47805427

>> No.47805433

I know that feel.

Whooped both Thunderwolf + podspam, and Cursed earth+summon spam Demons with my boys.

Total casual lists done p in fifteen minutes after i rulles outta bed to do the game.

>> No.47805447

What's this? Can you elaborate please? I've no clue where to even start with renegades and heretics. if it involves buying lots of minis, I'm out, I just want to run 5 spawn, not run a bunch of human infantry.,

>> No.47805478

>Yes, but literally everything is better than CSM. Even Orks have a couple of cheese armies.
Hahaha chaos players such a whiny babies, deldar/ork player here, go fuck yourself.

I used csm last week from a friend and it was a relief that your units didn't die at the mere insinuation of shooting.

>> No.47805485

That's dumb, the answer is easy.

If the Emperor quits, there is no more warp travel, no more miracles, space marines begin to have civil wars, SOB have mass suicides, and everything slowly trickles back down to before the rise of the emperor.

>> No.47805540

I once used Dark Eldar against a friend using CSM. We were proxying our whole armies to test out the new ones before we purchased them.

Oh man did I loose bad. The worst part was when I charged my Lelith Hesperax into his HQ Psyker, I failed to do any wounds and then got one hit K0d.

>> No.47805630

First marine list was an iron hands medusa strike force with biker chapter master, got lucky and killing him first turn.
Second was a imperial fists CAD with two forge world vindicator rapier laser destroyers. My list is...

>> No.47805701

Ork horde
Ork 1500 points

-Warboss(Warlord) 120 (points)
Bike, klaw, kap
-Big nob(Warboss) 100
Mega armour
-Weird boy 70
Level 2

-10 'ard boyz 118
Nob, big choppa, tl shoota
-15 shoota boyz 118
Big shoota
Nob, big choppa, tl choppa
-10+1 grots 40

-9 tank bustas 142
3 squigs
-3 mega nobz 120
Trukk 35

Fast attack
-7 bikes 141
Nob, big choppa
-Dakka jet 145
Supa shoota, fly boss

Heavy support
-Kustom mega kannonz 117
4 extra grotz
-Deff dread 95
Klaw, scorcha
-Battle wagon 140

Biker boss with the bikes, big nob and weird boy with the meganobs and tank bustas in the battle wagon.

>> No.47805842

What reason would a Titan Legion be allied with the Inquisition?

>> No.47805852

Does Ortan Cassius get +2 attacks tooL

>> No.47805868


What is a Titan Legion if not a slow, messy exterminatus?

>> No.47805880

Old favour, schola progenium classmates, blackmail, loads of reasons.

>> No.47805893

Not much. Maybe as token of debt paid to an inquisitor for retreaving an important STC from the Dark Mechanicus? And even then, I would only see maybe 1 titan being lent.

>> No.47805909


The Inquisition may request and or requisition any military forces of the Imperium if the situation is dire enough (though whether or not they consent to said requisition is another matter) up to and including Titans.

In fact, I believe Inquisitor Rex did so in the Siege of Vraks as the situation became dire with the arrival of Chaos Titans and Daemons.

>> No.47805943

An exterminatus that costs more than rocks?
How could you blackmail a Legio?
That doesn't seem more like allied and more like some hat wearing man has a job for you.

>> No.47805993

>schola progenium classmates
the mechanicus doesn't use the schola

>> No.47806035

Friendly reminder that Vandire was the good guy and Thor the filthy heretic.

>> No.47806043

>How could you blackmail a Legio?
Many are noble houses, so there's threat of face, conspiracy to conceal mutations, bastard born, perversions.

Not all legion are mechanicus owned.

>> No.47806069


Hi there, we found out that your [blank] is heretical, or could be made to appear so. Come help us blow up these nerds and we'll be quiet.

>> No.47806079

I'm going to play a game of deathwatch tomorrow and need a character, I don't know an awful lot about space marine chapters and would love to get the most important summed up in a few words, could someone do that for me or link me to a quick read?

>> No.47806122

I doubt some snooty noble house can own a Titan Legion.
That was probably the easiest to go with. I asked because one the results for my Titan Legion was allied with the Inquisition. The only thing heretical I could see with my Legio could be the divergent pattern.

>> No.47806140

>An exterminatus that costs more than rocks?

Accounting and economic heresy is still heresy anon

>> No.47806144

You can't even fucking google search that shit?
Lexicanum, find it.

>> No.47806145


Is this "rocks" an approved STC?

>> No.47806223

In hindsight I realized my mistake. Maybe a Titan Legion sized exterminatus is half the price of rock sized exterminatus?
>1.7 Imperials
Cogboys get paid a lot. How much is that worth in modern currency?

>> No.47806224


Few houses own a legion.

a lot of houses own one or two of them though, they band together, earn glory and further riches.

Of course if you'e lost face you don't get to come along, so you've the choice of giving up your right to operate or turn freeblade.

And just to put thing in scale, "Snooty" Rogue traders "own" entire systems as long as they collect tithe and enforce token obedience.

It's feudal sci-fi.

>> No.47806260

>Not all legion are mechanicus owned.
the collegia titanica is literally a branch of the mechanicus

the only titan legions not under the mechanicus are the titan legions under the dark mechanicus

>> No.47806263

No. They are the bane of adventuring parties, daemons, dinosaurs, and probably countless other beings.

>> No.47806316

I only find lists that have either no information to a chapter other than the name and founding or are too detailed on every most little chapter to give me an overview in the sparse time i have

>> No.47806357


>That doesn't seem more like allied and more like some hat wearing man has a job for you.

So whats new in the Imperium then?

>> No.47806445

I'm about to buy a Start collecting for Tau , is it good ? I already have a pathfinder team and a Piranha

>> No.47806456

That an as a Sisters player I can safely say the niche Sisters have is killing Marines. Anything else can give them some trouble due to greater numbers (Orks, Nids, Guard), greater range (Gaurd, Tau, Orks) or being more resilent (Necrons).

Only things I don't have a good bit of practice with is Eldar so don't know about those pointy eared ponces, but since their xenos witches they've lost on a moral level anyways.

>> No.47806459

No houses own a legion. Every where in text the only titans deployed are owned by the admech or fallen to chaos.

>> No.47806476

75 bucks is 3 Crisis Suits
Start Collecting is 85 USD.
So for 10 bucks you get 10 Fire Warriors and an Ethereal.

It's one of the best SC available. Right up there with Skitarii and (imo) Militarum Tempestus.

>> No.47806507

So whats avg points for each start collecting?

>> No.47806532

65€ actually :^)

>> No.47806537

New seasonal hats?

>> No.47806558

my first minies arrived today.

I was not expecting to be so fucking small desu.
Do I need to use pliers to free mini parts or is knife enough?
Should I first assemble them or pain first and then assemble?

>> No.47806566

So who has less of a soul for Daemons to feast on, Tau or an Exorcist Space Marine?

>> No.47806569


I'm sure the Vostroyans will be pleased then.

>> No.47806601


costs 55€ here :^)

>> No.47806633

Yea when i got my first i was shocked on how little they were. You are going to need some pliers so get em off the sprue after that you clean em up with a file and knife

>> No.47806664

A quick run through the loyal first founding chapters, except to make you work a little bit I've put a traitor one in there too, it's up to you to do some googling and work out which.

>Dark Angels
Secretive, more interested in chasing down traitors who used to be in their ranks than getting shit done. Have special terminator and bike divisions.

>White Scars
Space mongols, except they ride bikes instead of horses. Quite happy, "kill with a smile on your face" sort of thing. Don't like going slowly.

>Space Wolves
Theoretically space vikings, actually kind of wolf fuckers. Like naming everything after wolves, and riding the things, and howling.

>Imperial Fists
Pretty vanilla, specialise in siege warfare.

>Blood Angels
Space vampires, like getting up close and ripping and tearing, sometimes lose control to the beast within.

>Iron Hands
Like technology, dislike emotions. Replace as much of themselves with cybernetics as possible.

>Emperor's Children
Perfectionists, have the best swordsmen in any chapter, overconfidence can spill over into arrogance. Also like bling.

Space romans. As vanilla as space marines get, they literally wrote the book, and they stick to it.

Like fire, use loads of flamer and melta weapons. Also like blacksmithing stuff. Care about normal humans more than other space marines.

>Raven Guard
Sneaky beakies. Like stealth, and jump packs, and the precise application of force. Dislike wasteful frontal assaults.

>> No.47806674

Careful Anon you have to assemble your mini's with those tools and i'm using citadel glue but after that you have to prime them . pic related of what I use

>> No.47806683

I see two traitors in that list. :^)

>> No.47806702

Come one, come all! Purge heretics in style with these new hats! Are you a Vostroyan who can't live without his hat, but doesn't want to wear such a heavy winter hat in the middle of summer? We got news for you, now you can wear this summer hat and still look good when purging for Mother Imperium's glory! We have fall bandanas for you Catachan boys and girl as no Space Rambo should go without a bandana! Stop at Sector Thistotallyisn'tanInquisitorialscheme for all your hat related problems!

>> No.47806732

thanks, that's what i wanted
why would you ruin that for me?

>> No.47806745

Yes, yes, very good.

>> No.47806750


whats that thing on the left? I did not know you use paints in a can.

I dont have pliers what can I use instead?
Should I buy citadel start painting set? how do I remove pain if I fuck up?

>> No.47806772

>Hahaha chaos players such a whiny babies, deldar/ork player here, go fuck yourself.

Ironically, I've never heard actual Chaos Space Marine players say that their codex is "the worst." That's only ever been people who shitpost online or people who play regular Space Marines.

Most CSM players (myself included) think it's a low-tier codex that can occasionally put out some mid-level builds.

>> No.47806788


Just fucking go into a GW store and ask for their standard free building and painting tutorial dude.

>> No.47806808

how good/bad are DE?
how likely are they going to get removed

>> No.47806810

I didn't say which ones!

>> No.47806824

DE aren't going to get "removed".

They suck because they're an army that wants to stab you in the face with poisoned power-dildos but the game is more shooty focused and that makes them cry.

>> No.47806844

The can is the priming can ,it's used to make your color less dark here's a picture of the actual paints

>> No.47806848


but I would have to take a trip to UK for that

>> No.47806857

I thought their problem is they're all about going fast but it doesn't matter how fast they are if they're unable to outrun bullets?

>> No.47806861

>Their only niche is killing 60% of all armies

>> No.47806863

So I'm a crazy sort of bastard who wants to own a Lord of Skulls.

How bad of an idea is this?

>> No.47806875

Genuinely curious how you've survived to the point that you are able to navigate the Internet and not know how to put plastic together and smear color on it.

Because I don't think maternal or paternal instinct would care for you this long.

>> No.47806899

Not a bad idea as long as you buy the FW legs kit for it.

>> No.47806917

I feel this way.

I can put together a solid list with some units. But the moment the custom detachments come out I fall short

>> No.47806923

I meant a specific kind of foe more than a codex count.

Sisters are basically Marines with no blast templates, no long range and a few more bodies on the table on average. Strangely I've found they (at least used to be before Grav now I don't know) were good at taking Marine armies apart despite the things that worked against them (namely blasts and range).

>> No.47806930

the FW legs and feet aren't anywhere near chunky enough. Also half tank half man machine is the greatest thing, and if you think otherwise you can get out of my warband.

>> No.47806933

>wanting CC
fuck no
they're a shooting army through and through, with a few mediocre to terrible CC units

>> No.47806966

Starting a KDK army in alignment with my other friends each picking one god to build their army around.

What units should I try to avoid?

>> No.47806971

granted that's the only good melee unit they have, but still

>> No.47806978

That's the Kytan though, which doesn't get the awesome Skullhurler Cannon.

Also I actually like it's derpy track body. Makes me think of stuff like this guy.

>> No.47806989


Do they have grenades already?

Yes. Mediocre.

>> No.47806994

Because someone wanted to know how my remoras perform in thier first match (also my first ever non-beginner match) heres a 1000 pt battle rep, prepare to be disappointed

me - tau
Ion accel + SMS riptide
6x stealth suits, one FB
6x breachers + devilfish
5x Rifle FW
2x remoras

Farseer on bike
6x windriders
8x wraithguard with D-scythe and serpent
Wraithknight with glaive and shield

Turn 1
Wraithknight gets invisibility
Wraithknight walks forward and one shots my entire infiltrated stealth team
Serpent moves flat out close to my riptide and devilfish

I move my devilfish 6" behind the serpent, breachers get out with darkstrider, rolls really badly and only deals 1 pen to the serpent, immobilising it

Riptide fails nova charge, fails FNP, misses every shot against the side of the serpent

rifle FW does nothing to the wraithknight and get out of sight of the bikers

Turn 2 -
Serpent unloads 8 wraithguards, who then instantly kill my breacher team, warlord and devilfish

Wraightknight barely makes it into assault of the riptide, one shots him with 13 shots, failed 5 invuln saves for my 4 remaining hp, bikers move up

my remoras appear, get both markerlights on the now visible wraithknight but both seekers fail to wound, burst cannons do 3 wounds but all are saved, rifle FW do nothing vs wraithknight

I conceded after that, I did 1 wound in total and lost everything bar my remoras and 5 rifle FW

I believe the term "absolutely anal-ized" does not quite capture it

>> No.47807006


>> No.47807019

They counter anything with vehicles or 2+ with Melta and anything with 4+ or worse with Boltguns and Flamers.

Their biggest weakness is hordes, but no one really plays hordes in the Transports & Superheavies Edition.

>> No.47807051

>Literally lying to sell models

>> No.47807061

Anything with a 4+ or worse either has double the range one them, or twice the numbers or both. All things that hurt Sisters.

And locally hordes are pretty popular. Our Meta tends to crunch differently than stuff like Nova though.

>> No.47807090

incubi are mediocre, they lack assault grenades, are expensive and have questionably reliable transport options

>> No.47807135

The transport, command squad, and commissar don't come back. Only the scions come back. It's 300+ points of tax to bring back a single 5 man squad with 2 special weapons.

>> No.47807144


how is navigating internet and doing manual work related?

>> No.47807163

Do this, then.

>> No.47807172

I think the implication is more they're amazed the anon can breathe, much less use the internet, without help from someone else.

>> No.47807189

>not Khornado
step it up fampai

>> No.47807195

>not half tank

It's like you're not even trying.

Seriously though, is the only bad thing about the model (in the general concensious sort of manner) the look and not it's stats or rules?

>> No.47807211


then they should learn how to express implications instead of getting all butthurt

>> No.47807225

>tfw 100ish marines and no chapter
>tried ultras
>tried blud rehvens
>thought about brown ironhands successors with a heavy industry feel
>thought about green armoured tigerskin clad machete wielding jungle marines
>grey/black/brown with a mess of cloth and furs and green eyes slightly sardaukar inspired marines
>desert storm marines
>thinking about space sharks
>crimson fists
>rad as fuck 90s marines clad in bright orange, blue and green inspired by some guy who posted his recently painted first army

I hate this.

>> No.47807247


>> No.47807250

What has a 4+ and 48" range? I just handle hordes and backfield artillery with GK allies. Novas and Deep Striking Instant Death weapons usually earn their points back against hordes or MCs.

>> No.47807251

TH/SS termies don't have grenades, I guess those are mediocre too huh?
Hell Knight titans don't have grenades, must be mediocre.

>> No.47807261

>Army that can spam Flamers and Heavy Flamers like no other army in the game
>Their biggest weakness is hordes

>> No.47807271

Have you considered black with a gold trim?

>> No.47807292

The look and the cost in both points and shekels, yeah. Are you going to be playing Apocalypse? If not, do you really want to spend $1500 on a derpy dickgun tankperson to collect dust on your shelf?

>> No.47807295


>> No.47807308

Roll a D100, let the gods decide.

>> No.47807320

I don't think they're actually better than GK. Draigo still wrecks face

>> No.47807328

>Optimizing an army to fight hordes in the Transports & Superheavies Edition

>> No.47807347

That almost works....I mean it doesn't because the models aren't compatible like that soyou'd need to do a bunch of work, but as an idea it kinda works.

>> No.47807360

Rolled 65 (1d100)

>>47807308Rolling for deathwatch sqwad

>> No.47807365

He's overpriced in points. You can buy like three wraithknights for his cost.

model is badass, though

>> No.47807367

>4+ and 48" range
Rolly polly fish heads.

And I run pure Sisters. Once you start replacing Sisters with allies it becomes clear really fast that you're better off just playing the allies instead.

>> No.47807385

>Black with Gold trim

Hammers of Dorn best chapter.

>> No.47807390


>> No.47807395

I run Melta/Heavy Flamer/Combi-Melta in my squads to try and stay well rounded, but it's not really enough for hordes.

>> No.47807401

That´ll do, for now.

>> No.47807418

Rolled 2 (1d100)

Hope it aint no shitty, robe wearing faggot.

>> No.47807441

Ohh, 1 off from Star Phantoms.

>> No.47807526

Nice, you got Inquisition: The Chapter.

>> No.47807528

I've got 1150 points of Sisters, Coteaz, a Quadgun, and 500 points of GK. For 1500 point games, it's a few more points of Sisters and just under 350 points of GK. I'm not just playing GK with Sisters allies by any means. It helps that GK is just as much of an ally Dex, if not more so.

>> No.47807604


>> No.47807626

Options field, senpai. Or just use your post number.

>> No.47807627

Rolled 23 (1d100)


>> No.47807635

>tfw their second rule is useless now.
>tfw they can't take any named characters.
>tfw FW never gave them any characters.

>> No.47807647

Nice, you got Pshh, nothing personal kid: The Chapter.

>> No.47807684

Rolled 32 (1d100)


>> No.47807688

That doesn't fit with the Sons of Medusa far as I know.

>> No.47807723

23 is Death Knights

>> No.47807743

The Scalie version of Space yiffs

>> No.47807763

I just saw that now. How is a coldsteel chapter when it just has the word death in the name? At least it's better than the Silver Guard who are mostly purple, or the The Nameless who don't even have a color scheme.

>> No.47807771

>people use named characters
for what purpose

>> No.47807773


>> No.47807783

fuck that, rerolling

>> No.47807786

>Grey knights


>> No.47807798

The Orlando Marines. They use similar weapons as Noisemarines called Pulse ARs.

>> No.47807810

Still begging for a download link for Hunt for Vulkan in mobi or epub.

>> No.47807831

>Orlando Marines.
A chapter full of Florida Man?

>> No.47807839

somehow worse

One last reroll

>> No.47807866

You got yourself some Iron Snakes.

>> No.47807883

That's their chapter master. They had 300+ members but on their last crusade, they lost 50 marines to one Chaos Cultists.

>> No.47807911

Alright. CSM CAD consisting of pimped out Biker Sorc with 5 Spawn and 2 MSU cultists. Then a Cyclopia Cabal with 5 pimped out biker sorcs and 5 spawn each.

6 tough mini deathstars shitting out invisibility, psychic shriek and taking over enemy creatures with the power. Enough wargear and options to pimp them all out to 1500 points (which wouldn't be much since it'd be just like.. 200 points leftover after bikes and spell familiars).

FUN? It'd certainly be cheap to make, what with spawn you can scratchbuild out of modelling clay or milliput.

>> No.47807931

>tfw all paints are dry
At least my spray is still working (I haven't paint any models for 5 years) ... I guess that's close enough

>> No.47807997

I see what you did there. What are the exploits of the chapter master?

>> No.47808005

Why aren't there the Ultramarines ? They are one of the main chapters

>> No.47808034

Rolled (1d00)


>> No.47808051

Where are you getting five units of Spawn from?

>> No.47808073

Rerolling the Warpstorm Table. Fielding a super librarian for my pre-Heresy Thousand Sons.

>> No.47808083


Seriously what the actual fuck? It's >>47807225 here, I tried to roll and got fucking nothing.

>> No.47808111

Rolled 55 (1d100)

You rolled a 1d00, I.e. a 0-sided dice.

>> No.47808128

He has been Excommunicated by the inquisition over seven thousand times in his Three hundred years as Chapter Master and has yet to fall. When ever it seems he is finally dead, he is spotted doing his next feat that will get him excommunicated.

>> No.47808151

Rolled 61 (1d100)

These fucking 70 hour work weeks are killing my brain.


>> No.47808158

Same reason there are no blood Ravens, I would assume.
Both are chapters anon said he had already tried, and thus it would mak sense for him to roll them again.
Though what he didn't like about them or their color scheme is beyond me. I'll admit that as my 30k army is ultramarines, and the main army of my main 40k armies is blood ravens, I'm more than a little biased, but I personally think that those color schemes are amongst the best. But that's just my opinion, and I could very well have shit taste.

>> No.47808168

Favorite geneseed mutation?

Picture relevant.

>> No.47808210

My favorite Geneseed mutation?



>> No.47808213

Shit, I just realized. The CAD would only allow 3 units of Spawn. If someone agreed to allowing you to go Unbound you can just field Cyclopia Cabal with 5x5 Spawn but nobody allows that even for gimmicky terribad shite like CSM.

Alternatively you could go KDK allied with a Cyclopia Cabal to be able to go full Cavalry. Can go 3 squads of Spawn (FA) and 3 squads of Bloodcrushers (Elite)

Man I don't fucking know, I just thought it was cool.

>> No.47808238

>Not Red Scorpions, a chapter that is more codex pure than the Smurfs and maintains an zealous watch over their geneseed for possible corruption.

>> No.47808241

there's precedence here. The admech start collecting kit with the dunecrawler. It states one dunecrawler, so only one dunecrawler is around even though it has the option to buy more.

>> No.47808245

>play Tau
>got fucked
Enjoyed the story.

>> No.47808252

take another CAD with min requirements?
its not big

>> No.47808265

I don't mind either of them, and I quite like Blood Ravens, and I still haven't entirely made up my mind about not picking them, but I'm an indecisive cunt with a massive case of your dudesism and mostly just love making shit up rather than just repeating someone else's idea.

It's the main pull in the hobby for me, making my own thing.

>> No.47808273


>Every sergeant in the chapter is an apothecary
>Codex compliant

>> No.47808300

Not even the smurfs are codex compliant. Or are you going to tell me that Rowboat wrote Centurians and Razorbacks into the codex before they existed?

>> No.47808302


TH/SS Terminators ARE mediocre. Get with the times, retard.

>> No.47808307

Black Rage

>> No.47808338

>It's the main pull in the hobby for me, making my own thing.
As a fluff-fag, I completely understand anon.

>> No.47808347

No it's not but it would further fuck with the style. 2 CADs and formation would mean 7 biker Sorcs and 6 FA slots. Plus they'd get retardedly expensive. 1 CAD and Cabal is the top you can go for 1500, then it's 2K territory and still unbalanced with a bunch of gormless cultists doing nothing.

>> No.47808362

>Hurr not grav spam or D weapons, must be shit
You're probably the mediocre one here pal. Or some eldar faggot.

>> No.47808375

fuck it lets roll

>> No.47808377


>Specific equipment factors heavily into a book on tactics and organisation

Yeah okay.

>> No.47808382

Less of a mutation and more of a psychic echo but fair enough.

>> No.47808384

That said, I could just make a squad of 3 with their own Spawnguard and 2 single sorcs with their own spawnguard too. 3 different squads.

I never got an interest in bikers and spawn as pure Thousand Sons but I dunno, the cabal really made me consider bikes and then spawn just seemed GOOD. Most probably they'd prove more effective than my beloved Terminators ever will but I'd be pretty sad seeing them get excluded.

>> No.47808398


Everyone in this thread is mediocre.

>> No.47808400

That right there is affected by things such as use of different transports (only small Squads or split Squads can use RB) and the introduction of Centurion suits created new Squads.

>> No.47808416

That's like twice as good as I usually am! Thanks anon!

>> No.47808426

do a your dudes army. As long as you refrain from special snowflakism its cool. You wont be happy otherwise, trust me.

>> No.47808427

>shit and mediocre mean the same thing
>lists two things that even you yourself imply are far better use of your points

So how isn't it mediocre when it dies to grav and isn't grav or psykers? Why would you take them over superior options? How are they even good nowadays? How shit at the game are you to think 45 points for T4 W1 3++ is good?

>> No.47808435

Also tactics change when your ride comes packing extra heavy weapons.

>> No.47808455

Can breachers be used to make a non-gunline Tau Army that isn't built around Crisis Suits?

>> No.47808474

Why not take 5 biker sorc for the formation
and put 2 lords with the cultists to make them fearless, or 2 termisorcers because termiarmor is cheap for a sorc? Or 1 sorc+ 5CSM in a rhino. Not as good, but at least the sorceror can use witchfire out of the fireport.

>> No.47808546

Wouldn't be a bad choice, but would still be kindof messing with the style. I mainly just wanted to make a small elite army of the mindfuck brigade and their tidal wave of spawn. Theme, if anything.

I'll try to see if i can incorporate that idea into my TS army though.

How would egyptian/TS-themed Spawn look like?

>> No.47808574


If they were any good, you'd think they'd show up at least once in the past two editions, over the span of 4 years, from the numerous space marines that have placed in the finals of a GT.

If only casual players take them, and they aren't up to snuff against actual competition and the toughest enemies, how are they anything but mediocre or worse? Why do SW put their TH/SS on Wulfen and TWC instead of TEQ?

>> No.47808600

Even the morons who think "Smashfucker" is a good use of points put the TH/SS on a bike instead of a terminator.

>> No.47808611

What models cheaper than a Wraithknight can beat one down?

>> No.47808635

A great unclean one, good luck getting in to close combat though.

>> No.47808651

Would you call this a fair AdMech army to bring against Guard or CSM?


+ Skitarii Battle Maniple 960/1250 +

Ironstrider Balistarii: 75
- Twin-Linked Lascannon

Onager Dunecrawler: 125
- Neutron Laser
- Mindscanner Probe

5 Infiltrators: 215
- Omniscient mask
- Conversion Field

5 Ruststalkers: 170
- Conversion Field

10 Rangers: 175
- 3 Arc Rifles
- Conversion Field

10 Vanguard: 200
- 3 Plasma Calivers
- Conversion Field

+ Allied Detachment: 290 +
Tech-Priest Dominus: 125
- Conversion Field
- Eradication Ray

3 Kataphron Destroyers: 165
- Grav-Cannons and Phosphor Blasters

>> No.47808663

Wraithknight has the sD and initiative on the GUO doesnt it?

>> No.47808699

>needs to comb geneseed for defects.
>not naturally pure like Star Phantoms.

>> No.47808708

>Not doing both

>> No.47808713


>> No.47808716


Only the Sword Wraith Knight does.

The other two variants either have a Sun Cannon or Wraith Cannons.

As long as no 6 is rolled on the D-Table, the Great Unclean One can, in theory, stride over to the Wraith Knight under cover of shrouded (Nurgle daemons get that don't they?) and start whacking away with Posion, AP2 and possible Iron Arm attacks.

>> No.47808730

Yeah but the GUO has biomancy and easy access to ID, it has an extra wound so unless it rolls a 6 it's harder to kill.

You're not going to find something that can really beat a wraith knight for less points than it costs. For 275 points you can get a d-thirster and hope it survives to strike or for 280 points you can get a blood thirster with skullreaver which allows it to make a few strength D attacks before the wraithknight can, I would say that's your best bets to take one down in close combat.

>> No.47808738

Do CSM Sorcs get+1A from having Force Weapons and Bolt Pistol or is that included in the profile? So 3 attacks or 4 on the charge?

>> No.47808751

They get an extra attack.

>> No.47808753

>Centurians and Razorbacks
it's centurions

also the codex has always been a living document distilled from the tactical acumen of the ages. The chapters and marines that view it as an immutable truth are explicitly doing it wrong.

>> No.47808770

They comb to ensure no defects unlike your Space Ghosts who assume there are none.

>> No.47808771

+1 from a second weapon is never rolled into the statline.

>> No.47808773

> Gargantuan creature
> Caring about ID or Poison

>> No.47808786

They have shrouded, T7 with W6.
190 points, level 1-3 psyker rolling off biomancy or nurgle.
They are S6 with 4+ poison and can buy an instant death sword for 20 points.

>> No.47808789

ID does D3 wounds. It's as good as the D.

>> No.47808795

Ont his note, I remember reading that you can get an extra attack for each CC weapon you have after the first, which is why those ork walkers get a bunch. Does this mean if you buy a Space Marine a CC relic and arm him with bolt pistol/chainsword, he'd get an extra +1 attack?

>> No.47808805

ID is useful because it denys them FnP and does D3 wounds with each attack.
Poison is useful because if you beat their toughness in close combat you get to reroll failed wounds.

>> No.47808825

That rule is only for walkers.
Other than the Ork deff dread I don't think any other walker actually makes use of it.

>> No.47808844

Thank you very much, both of you. That makes a Cabal with 5-man spawnguard quite a ferocious deathstar in CC doesn't it?

1 casting of force activates all the weapons they have. So you have 5 S4 HoW attacks, then 20 S4 ID attacks from Force and THEN you have 5-30 S5 attacks, which can be 4+ Poisoned.

Nevermind the fact you have 25 T5 wounds, move 12" a turn and have a pretty high chance to have invisibility on you every turn. It costs 650 points but fuck me that sounds rather nice.

>> No.47808850

Nope, one time bonus. Same reason you can't take a Techmarine with servo harness and lightning claws and get 6 power first attacks on the charge.

>> No.47808883

Chaos spawn? How are you getting them all in the same unit? Is it part of the formation? Sorry, I don't know CSM well.

>> No.47808915

Well no, but the formation is made up of 3-5 Sorcerors, which are ICs. You can form a unit of ICs together. And I'd be taking a CAD with my Thousand Sons as usual so I can bring along a unit of Spawn and join them together.

You can have as many ICs you want join a single squad, you just can't join multiple squads together.

>> No.47808947

you have to understand what the codex actually is. It is not a dogmatic book about warfare, or a strict organisation protocol.

The only reason the codex exists is so that marines from different chapters can fight together without having massive training beforehand. (Thats the reason, NATO partners often hold exercises involving many different nations). It has its roots in the fact that the SM legions were precisely that, 2 legions had a hard time fighting togther, as each had a very unique way of doing things. To be fair, they rarely needed to, and if they did, it was always on a lager scale.
With the legion broken down into far more chapters, each with its own fighting style and tradition, without some resemblence of a unified system companies from many chapters would never work together in a coherent way.

>> No.47808962


Leviathan dread.

Getting into assault? Nightmarish, but in theory if pulled off:

Two Melta, two heavy flamer and double HoW might pop a wound off if you're lucky, after that though,

Charges with +1 I, WS5 so roughly three to four hits,

Most of those should wound,

Any that are unsaved have a 50/50 chance of D3 extra wounds.

I'd estimate doing about 4-5 wounds. Imperfect, but if you've been shooting the bastard beforehand, then that oughta bring it down.

>> No.47808977

Sorry, just looked it up and saw Spawn come in units of 1-5. I thought it was 1-3.

>> No.47809000

How would all these ID attacks fare against a Riptide, Wraithknight or Imperial Knight?

bear in mind the possibility to cast something like Iron Arm too.

>> No.47809061

Riptide would get wrecked, Wraithknight would as well except it that has initiative and the D. S6 (with hammerhand) can't do anything against AV13.

>> No.47809075

Ripe tide or wraith knight? You need them to be Ap2 so axes or rolling iron arm is mandatory but it would generally wreck them pretty hard.

Imperial knight? Again, iron arm or go home but it would do well.

>> No.47809087


Melee Leviathans are such crazy glass cannons when fighting other superheavies/GCs it's hilarious.

>> No.47809112

How much initiative does the WK have? Cause with Warp Speed you can boost a dude to I7 (and give him 3 EXTRA ID attacks to boot).

What would be a good choice then if you're running this setup? Force swords at simple AP3, axes for S5/AP2 despite Unwieldy or S6 staves despite AP4? I'm of the opinion that beating an armour save is paramount since a 2 or 3+ will soak up too much damage.

>> No.47809131

You mean the force weapons?
Riptide cares only for force axes, as he has a 2+ armor save against the others. An axe only wounds on 5 (S5 against T6)

Wraithknight laughs as T8 means, you only wound on a 6 and gargantuan creature means he only looses D3 wounds from a ID hit.

Imperial knight is a walker with front armor 13. As a walker he is immune to ID. And no force weapon can penetrate the front armor anyway. They need fists or meltabombs.

Maybe if they get a strength upgrade through warlord traits, psy or similar they stand a chance.

>> No.47809136

Fuckin' 'ell so did I just discover a good CSM counter to WAAC cheese? Considering you can even possess both the Riptide and WK with the special power.

>> No.47809176


GW's new bundles with descriptions that are blatantly appealing to waac customers suggests that balance is never, ever coming.

>> No.47809186

Not really, you're relying heavily on a single expensive unit and discounting the rest of your opponents army.

>> No.47809201

The fool who must check over his work reaks of disconfidence.

>> No.47809220

They know what they're doing, and having fun with it.

>> No.47809223

No, because your deathstar won't make it across the table with a Riptide Wing on the other side, and won't score points while doing so.

>> No.47809239

The best thing you could do with bikersorcs is psy scream IMHO
Useless against imp knights, but the others will be hurt.
keep in mind unlike iron arm, its primaris so all of them get it

>> No.47809259

Haha, no. You will get shot to pieces by Tau or Eldar before you have a chance to execute your plan. Every other army will just beat you because you are paying high prices for underpowered units. Cabal is just a really shitty Lib Conclave. Spawn are good trapits or ablative wounds - but the meta is so far beyond the CSM book, you're just chasing a carrot.

>> No.47809268


No you stupid fuck, because Librarius Conclave is better in every way and is already played everywhere and doesn't auto-kill GCs in combat.

If you're still at the stage where you think melee is viable outside of being a superheavy/GC or a Wraith/TWC/Bike, you are still too new at this game to be theorycrafting.

>> No.47809273

Worth a shot. I would just use them as a general accompaniment to my army (finally can field an army of sorcerors as TS). If I could somehow guarantee Hammerhand, that'd be great. roll on 1 dice to cast makes perils impossible and Spell familiar gives me a re-roll. With force axes that makes Hammerhand really reliable and makes the entire unit S7.

I'm just theorizing about what trees I could roll on for powers. Sanctic's only saving grace for this build is Hammerhand.

>> No.47809278

keep in mind these bundles are shit. All of them
6 vindicators Whats good?
3 Landraiders with 2 Termisquads? I has confuse
not even a comment on the ork thing

>> No.47809320

True enough, my mistake. My meta's fairly casual as the WAACfags hang out by themselves as they train for tourneys, so I might find good use for this for fun purposes still.

>> No.47809397

35 attacks, hitting on 3s
23 hits, wounding on 6s
3.8 wounding hits, saved on 5s
2.5 unsaved wounding hits, dealing d3 wound
5 wounds vs W6

WK lives.

>> No.47809419

Not too bad considering it was one charge. If the stomps are survived it could perhaps die.

quick question about invis. It says the TArGET of invis is affect, so does that mean it can only ever affect a single model?

>> No.47809432

You don't get FnP against ID hits.

>> No.47809437


They're still worth taking, but like everything CSM, it's an inferior version of the loyalist equivalent. I'd pick up Be'lakor too while you're at it. Great model, can be used as a winged DP, good rules, and the other psykers can act as batteries for him in the worst case scenario.

>> No.47809449

Rolled 73 (1d100)


>> No.47809473

a bit of a longshot maulerfiend with lasher:

wk gets -2 attacks, and the mauler wounds with S10

>> No.47809544

You're a Grey Knight, Harry. Strike for your chapter and the Inquisition.

>> No.47809643

You're thinking about Knights, not Titans.

>> No.47809765

Nooby here

Can i have 2 Combined Arms Detachment and use 2 lords of war and 2 fortifications?

>> No.47809838

Yes. If you find a point where taking 2 fortifications is worth the points, please tell me.

>> No.47809844

Yes. You can take as many detachments as you want.

>> No.47809860

Two macrocannons is pretty awesome, and artillery lists can make use of double void shield generators.

>> No.47809881

> 2 copies of a 535 point weapon
> 1070 points of fortifications
Really? You're calling that worth it? I can see the void shield generator, but having well over half your list in two models that can't even do anything without support just seems off.

>> No.47809933

whats the new chaos start collecting formations rules?

>> No.47809955

I'd rather take four vengeance weapon batteries

>> No.47809967

hatred bubble

>> No.47809992

CSM within 12" of the Lord gets Hatred.

I know, it's insane. I never thought CSM would become the most ridiculously OP army ever in the history of wargaming.

>> No.47810021

Behold and despair

>> No.47810040

I forget, what does hatred do again?

>> No.47810050

reroll to hit first round of CC

>> No.47810053

Re-roll misses on the first round of close combat.
GW really pulled out all the stops on this formation.

>> No.47810088

Wow. That's underwhelming.

>> No.47810097

Which makes it perfect for CSM.

>> No.47810129

>Really? You're calling that worth it?

New and bad players always say stupid shit is worth it. Like TH/SS Terminators.

>> No.47810152

TH/SS are better than lightning claws at least.

>> No.47810358

A Void Relay Network and an Imperial Strongpoint are the core of one of my favourite chaos lists.
It's fun having your Heldrakes start on the table with 3 void shields and a 4++ protecting them.
Bloodletters love for shooting the Quadguns and with an Aegis line and Promethium Pipes even the Cultists sometimes do something useful.

I've been told not to build fortresses with Marcocannnons at their heart surrounded by cheap troops.(apparently its not fun to play against)
I can only imagine the amount of butthurt two of them would cause.

>> No.47810404

What's your favorite Chapter/Legion

>> No.47810425

I don't think ANYONE'S stupid enough to claim LC termies are good.

Except Tyberos

>> No.47810443

Angels of Absolution and Blood Ravens for chapter.
Dark Angels and Imperial Fists for legion.

>> No.47810456

Scattershield is a 5+ invulnerable save.

>> No.47810540

At least you're throwing fewer points down the drain when they inevitably die without making it into combat.

>> No.47810564

The Ultramarines. Part of their fluff is lame but their color pattern are epic.

>> No.47810580

>without making it into combat.
You're doing it wrong.

>> No.47810615


>> No.47810676

favorite chapter's the ultramarines
favorite not founding legion chapter is the silver skulls

barbarian head takers that rely on shamanistic predictions are pretty cool

>> No.47810803

I got Angels that Bangle and Dangle all the way along. Both Angels are my favorite chapters/legions.

>> No.47810930

>getting charged by terminators

Now THAT'S doing it wrong.

>> No.47810932

am i evil for using flesh hounds, karnak, culexus and callidus against grey knights? i mean, they're daemon hunters so i might as well pull out all the tricks and dirty deeds i can right?

>> No.47811064

What happened to warhammer battle though ? I got out my warhammer 40k models a few weeks ago, after leaving them in my closets for several years because of my studies.
I also have two Warhammer battles armies (Dwarves and Orks) so I tried to look up what happened since I left. I read the wiki (https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer:_Age_of_Sigmar) but it doesn't make any sense. How could there be only 4 factions and 4 pages of rules ?
Could anyone briefly explain what happened ?

>> No.47811134

How do you recommend I escape a Stormraven full of Terminators?

>> No.47811150

Real important question. The CSM codex says if a primary detachment contains Lord or Sorcerer with a certain mark, cults units are troops instead of elites. Does that mean in the entire army, or in that primary detachment ONLY?

I'm trying to find a way to use only 1 big squad of Rubrics by finding formatting loopholes in formations. I'm sick of paying 58 extra points for a dogshit Aspie Sorc and I can't afford to field extra points for a second troop choice.

Chosen of Abaddon covers my Sorc/Termies (make him Warlord and primary detachment), Cyclopia Cabal, Warpsmith/2 Forgefiends formation and finally an Allied Detachment with a DP, Rubric blob and Spawn. Is that legal?

>> No.47811173

Wrong thread, Anon. It's a long long story, but could be summed up with pic related. Age of Sigmar is the Frenchman going for the throat.

>> No.47811185

Kill them the turn they grav chute out.

>> No.47811203

>tfw no Black Dragon models

>> No.47811219

I want to make a slanesh traitor guard army.
Pink helmets, purple everything else.
Tanks a metalic purple, littered with pink triangles, slanesh symbols, sex symbols.
Comnisars would be a mix of pimps and busty girls.
Bad idea?

>> No.47811269

They don't tend to do that.
The raven hovers and they rush out, assaulting the same turn.

>> No.47811279

just the primary detatchment.
You don't want one big squad of TS anyway. Same models in two squads will give you more versatility (take 2 objectives instrad of one, engage 2 enemy units if they're smaller or fragile insteadof wasting all your shots over killing one)

>> No.47811285


People still plays fantasy, some say more than are playing the abortion that is Age of Sigmar, but that might just be a rumor, I know locally no one cares about AoS at least.

Look here:

>> No.47811291

gw blew up the old world and made essentially made babys first tabletop (rule wise) adding space marines and neutering every faction

>> No.47811308

Slaanesh approves.

>> No.47811318

It's really just comical at this point. They appear to be purposely fucking CSM in the ass. The decision not to update to 7th, what was one of the worst books in 6th ed. The worst formations in the game, for arguably the worst army in the game. The worst start collecting box (CSM kit is how old?).

It's unforgivable to be honest. If I was a CSM player I would just move on to a different game.

>> No.47811364

Bugger, there goes that idea. No, I know what you're saying, they never failed me. It's just... come on, they cost 484 points baseline, 2 squads of 8 plus useless sorc. It really makes it impossible to include any half-decent firepower in the list unless you yoink it up to 2500 points+ and at that point you're fucked anyway cause your opponent is likely fielding an army 3x the size and several orders of magnitude stronger.

If Wulfen sucks I'm legit not playing my TS unless I'm fighting my buddy's orks for giggles.

>> No.47811439

Such is life for Chaos Space Marine players. Maybe this can cheer them up https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LkTTb4IBCNQ
Hope you edgelords love ragtime.

>> No.47811462

>If Wulfen sucks I'm legit not playing my TS unless I'm fighting my buddy's orks for giggles.

So you collect and play a game that you cant play/enjoy except under a very specific set of circumstances. That sucks man.
I wouldnt expect any statline or rules changes in Fenris part 2. You'll get a few weak formations that shoehorn in shitty units. Prepare yourself for the inevitable.

>> No.47811464

Just wait for the 30k rules for them. They'll still be better than CSM anything.

>Worst Army

That goes to Orks.

>> No.47811489

>adding space marines

>> No.47811497

>fenris 2 comes out
>it actually makes csm worse

>> No.47811516

In an unlikely chain of events, you are made the CEO of Games Workshop.

Now what?

>> No.47811530


The Commissars are a bit too silly and is kind of missing the point of Slaanesh which really isn't just SEX, its about excess.
A pimp would not fit the theme of excess at all,what with him keeping tabs on his girls and charging money for sex.

Slaanesh guard sounds great but don't make it a silly caricature of Slaanesh when it could actually be really awesome.

>> No.47811537

The smart thing would be to fix all problems.

>> No.47811571

And ideas for the comnisars? I want to give the army a little bit of pizaazz. It's going to be tank heavy, not much infantry and I have no idea for the infantry.

>> No.47811581

earn a fat stack of cash while the company flounders because I don't know anything about being a CEO

>> No.47811601

I have other armies, I play casual Tau and have a small force of Necrons, both of which I find intensely more engaging and strategic to play since I barely use any suits and refuse to use formations for the bonuses. After seeing the dogshit hatred bubble I'm not holding my breath, but if Wulfen gives us a few TS-specific formations that are fluffy and fun, even if they're not very good, that'll be enough.

>30k rules
I doubt people would like me doing that. Besides, I'd get confused with the reformatting. Suddenly Rubrics are this with these rules and this model does that instead of what he's been doing for the past 6 years etc. Sounds like too much hassle, unless they happen to be great analogues to the 40k legion.

>> No.47811610

dude we're talkinga difference of only 50 points here. that's not goingto make.a significant difference too the amountof firepower you bring. The TS champion is a sorcerer too, so they're hardly useless.

Seems like your real problem is trying to run 4? detatchments. you're doubling up on mandatory units.

>> No.47811616

>worst army




>> No.47811639

It cannot change statlines because only Codices and Supplements do that but as a campaign book it can still offer new relics, potentially a new psychic power table or discipline and formation bonuses that actually make the units needed worthwhile.

>> No.47811641

they didn't.
They added Sgimar devouted chosen.
so i guess you could say fantasys space marines have more variety.

>> No.47811654

>go to ork brainboy
>teach him how to paint the rainbow
102% ork victory, with 2% margin of error.

>> No.47811659


Self-mutilation is always a good bet.

Or you could go with the Sigvald approach and make them super beautiful and self involved.

Maybe gluttony and have their fatasses be carried around by cultists?

Grafted on containers filled with some sort of drug constantly fed into them?

There are lots of way you could go with it.

>> No.47811667

>sacrifice a few dozen wizard neckbeards to appease the stockholders
>smack the art department for doing all those hackjobs on art
>smack up the writers for not bothering to play the damn game
>relaunch csm, sisters, orks and nids
>do a few more ally books
>add superheavies to more armies
>conversion kits
>raise prices
>eat a few children
>put out a coloring book
>more shirts, more merc, more toys
>pull my high elf army and play age of sigmar

>> No.47811678

why am i seeing a dick?

>> No.47811701



>> No.47811703

No, not doubling up. Formations don't need troops and allies only need 1, that's what I was thinking of doing but fuck it now. My real problem is wanting to field what I feel is the main backbone of the army to be a TAC list, which just can't be done.

the TS sorc IS useless because he's forced to run with the mark of Tzeentch and therefore his powers. The primaris sucks shit, mutation is an insult and the other two are short ranged as fuck. He only has a pistol and even his force weapon's fairly pointless because you never want your rubrics in CC to begin with. He has no familiar so more often than not, he will kill himself with perils. And he has 1 wound, and you're paying 58 points tax to have this... this.. fucking RINCEWIND of the Thousand Sons waddle around embarassing the Legion!

>> No.47811710

Oh ok

>> No.47811713

>>eat a few children
>>put out a coloring book
Wouldn't be surprised if this is already part of their long term plan.

>> No.47811730

As a CSM player, I like this formation. It simple and I can run possible three of them at once.

It really makes me laugh half the time at how much people hate CSM. Or possibly how under-powered they are. Or maybe how their Codex is getting fucked over while CSM get's a pass.

While I'm setting here thinking "Yes their Codex is out of date but its hella-fun too crush new Tau or Eldar with simple units or weapons." Nothing give's me more sanctification.

Possibly because i do the horror of all horrors in 40k and that is too have fun while letting the opponent have fun as well.

>> No.47811757

>Force applies to the whole squad with one casting, doesn't it?

Only the weapons of the squad that have the Force special rule, but otherwise yes.

You can't stick a Sorcerer in a blob of Cultists and suddenly get Instant Death attacks for the entire squad.

>> No.47811771

on a serious note, people love merch and just about everything has paraphernalia that helps with getting attention. though that might just be with comics, movies and videogames but dammit i wanted a GW mug but I don't live in europe!

>> No.47811776

gluttony might be more nurgle.. but being carried around is a good idea.
No fucking idea how i'll model it, as I've never worked on IG. this is all just the planing stage.

>> No.47811778


>> No.47811795

>I like this formation
It would be quite nice if the bonus wasn't limited to the models within the formation

>> No.47811832

Whether or not you'll end up needing to do it often wasn't the point. The point was that they're still more than capable of horde fighting.

>> No.47811847

This guy knows. I would pay money for a Carnifex plushy.

But why raise prices?

>> No.47811862


Gluttony has nothing to do with Nurgle, gluttony is 100% Slaanesh.

Nurgle is the god of stagnation, death and decay, he has fuck all to do with eating or being fat.

>> No.47811894

Sorry, I should have phrased better.
It'd look more like a bloated nurgling then a fat fuck. Any suggestions on minis?

>> No.47811916

This is the first time I've seen that daemonette's claws under that dude's head skin. How many pointy bitz does it have?

>> No.47811935

>where you think melee is viable

It's way more viable that you think if you're not retarded and actually use the proper amount of terrain on the board.

You just gotta be willing to lose some models.

>> No.47811944


>> No.47811977



>> No.47812003

So orks reproduce via spores, right?

Tyranid Genestealers integrate with the host species by mutating their DNA. All the while gathering genetic information about them to relay back to The Hive Mind to create better bio-forms.

So what happens when Tyranids figure out how to reproduce like orks? That's got to be gg right there.

>> No.47812036

Don't think that could happen, as Orks are fungi, and Tyranids are whatever tyranids are.

>> No.47812048



>> No.47812088

Ork hybrids do happen but the Hive Mind can't breed out Orkiness.

>> No.47812089


Not the guy to ask on minis.
If you're going for the beauty thing then I know there are lots of alternatives if you want a female commissar, but on the flip side it shouldn't be too hard to just find a decent barechested torso and head with flowing hair to merge with commissar gear to get a male one.

I bet there are lots of good bits to find if you get creative enough tough.

>> No.47812106

Aww, fucking plot armor.

>> No.47812115

It's based on the old comic Demonfuige, back when daemons were called demons.

Slaaneshi Daemons can't be seen fucking shit, so rubbing pleasure and pain centres will do.

>> No.47812134

Normal Orks do hate them though, and the usually krump the hybrids faster than an all Riptide army would do to Orks on the tabletop.

>> No.47812138

What is orkyness, and why is it so overpowered?

>> No.47812143

If it matters, i'm having the sex drugs and rock and roll models for the nurgle marines in the army.

>> No.47812153


Well brain fingering someone into pain ecstasy is still a pretty Slaaneshy thing to do.

>> No.47812165

It's not that. It's that whenever an Ork sees something non-Orky, it wants to krump it more than if it was just a normal Ork.

Eldar also suffer from being raped, but Eldar are usually adept enough to spot it and remove it. I don't know of any confirmed fluff that says they exist, but to the best of my knowledge they do.

As for Tau? I don't think it's ever been mentioned, but I don't see why not, though the same problems they'd meet with Eldar. Superior tech and the fact everybody is cared for.

>> No.47812189

True, but magical realm stuff is more powerful than fluff. At least for me.

>> No.47812196

But here's the thing, the contaminated mycelium is still there, producing more hybrids, is it not? As long as that's there more will show up and die and spread the disease.

>> No.47812226




>> No.47812238

It's masculinity but in Ork flavor. For example this is Orky despite being Chaos. An Imperial example of Orkiness would be the Redeemer.
I think Eldar would be able to sense the psychic taint, and I think maybe just maybe the Tau have a cure for Genestealer taint.

>> No.47812278



>> No.47812300

shit my cover is blown, farseer, it appears we will have to leave the protection of this relic to the bloodravens

>> No.47812301

tyranids already use spores. A lot of the growths like capillary towers grow from tyranid spores, which double as biological warfare agents.

>> No.47812496

Yup. That is likely how Tau and Eldar aren't usually the Genestealer type you run into. Which is a real shame. If the rumoured Genestealer Codex is coming out, it'd be really neat to see options for such things, but I seriously doubt it.

>> No.47812689

>If I was a CSM player I would just move on

If you were a player, you'd have an army. If you had an army, you'd know how stupid your suggestion sounds. If you actually played, you'd know that gaming isn't like tourneys because IRL players have the option of telling toxic shitlords "No, thanks" and a minute later play someone less cancerous - possibly even an Orkbro or a Nidbro - at the next table.


Kirby pls go.

>> No.47812745

>dem rhino plates

Me likee.

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