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Let's be honest, /tg/, since we're all nameless here. Have you ever been kicked out of a game or treated as That Guy? If so, what for?

Try to keep it succinct rather than overwhelming everyone with a long storytime unless there's excessive demand for it.

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No I am not an autist that makes being a "gamer" an integral part of my identity. It's one of many fun hobby activities I enjoy. Not my life.

A quick test you can give yourself to see if you lack social skills is if you use the term "normie" seriously.

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Outright treated as such, no. Had a few cases where I was That Guy, but that was during a Black Crusade game where everyone was a different flavour of That Guy.

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Way to not respond to the thread bro.

You can't possibly be a normie, you're much too angry.

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No. It would take a complete lack of self awareness to be kicked out of a group that I actually wanted to be a part of

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What does this have to do with the thread?

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I once played s shitty character (stock standard old pc died, new was an arrogant wyrmling) and think I somewhat derailed a friend's campaign, but to be honest it was going that way anyway with constant session by session rule changes and adjustments along with a very slow progression.

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No, I only play with my friends, cause the is small and we meet once per month, we cant lose players. And of course, I'm the only one really knows the rules, without me they cant even play freeform.

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I haven't been booted from a game, but I had a flagrant that guy moment in one game, and had a lot of bad blood in another.
In the first, I helped a friend create a dedicated pc killing character, just in case we needed to crash the campaign with no survivors (yes, we did). In the other, I got guff, and eventually left, because I had issue with the other players and their lack of commitment to the game.
I also have wrecked 3 separate groups singlehandedly via explosive call outs and ultimatums, but in my defense, these came as the absolute last straw, with all other methods tried and exhausted.

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I inadvertently let pro-gamergate feelings slip and it triggered the GM's girlfriend so hard I had to leave the game.


You sound creepy.

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>Have you ever been kicked out of a game?
>Treated as That Guy?

I got kicked out of a game where I accidentally stole the DM's boyfriend.

Not a grill, just anoblivious dude.

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Rolled 9, 10, 4, 2, 10, 6, 4, 8, 3 = 56 (9d10)

Go on.

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No I havn't.

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I had a friend try his hand at first time gming. It was a painfully drawn out game on rails, with no substance to anything and no depth to it either. "There is this big floating city!" "Look at this guy in a steam mecha suit!" "You're all trapped in a prison cell whole big bad guys fight just outside! Watch!"

I literally said fuckit, and started an explicit sexual relationship with another pc at the table, because nothing els ei did at the table mattered. After that session I stopped attending his games and became forever gm again.

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>via explosive call outs and ultimatums

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>Have you ever been kicked out of a game
>or treated as That Guy?

>If so, what for?
Treating the AI NPCs as machines rather than Humans. Suggesting that the robotic AI take point in dangerous situations because if he got destroyed, he could just be reloaded from a back up. I saw no reason to risk a life when we had a viable alternative.
Some of the other players acted mighty triggered, and not just IC.

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Er, it's sorta self explanatory?
Calling out bullshit publicly, making demands for that guys to fuck out of the game or else most of the group leaves, etc.

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The whole thing was a weird experience. I started classes at this community college near me, was bored and all the club stuff they were offering looked boring as fuck. So, I made my own club, with zero plans on what to do with it.

People came to check it out, mostly nerds, so we did mostly nerd shit. Then, one day, some girl brings her friend, I say hello, welcome the friend to the club, and we end up talking most days from then on, since we apparently had some classes together. Tabletop eventually comes up, I mention I've never played before, they get excited, say that their friend is doing a game and I should totally join. I say what the hell, I kinda wanna get closer to them, why not?

Now, this was about 4 weeks into our friendship/flirting and I finally found out that they were a guy. I had no clue, totally caught me off guard. Also, I found out that the DM was their boyfriend. So, double fuck. But, I promised him I'd go, since they were pretty adamant about it, and I'll be honest, I was pretty confused by the whole thing going on and kinda just wanted to follow the while thing through.

So, day of the game comes, everyone shows up, I know everyone, besides the DM, but, right when I go to say hello, he's already giving me an evil glare. I didn't know, but apparently, I was the subject of a lot of fights between them, since Trappy couldn't shut his trap about me. So, he had a solid reason to hate me, but I didn't know. I just figured him for an asshole.

Whatever, fuck it, we start the game. Right off the bat, I was getting into it. I was playing a rouge that was all the flash hat Tuxedo Mask was, but somehow more useless. But I kept quips coming, making everyone laugh (besides the DM) and I was having a blast.

Then DM calls a break, asks if we can talk in private. I say sure and what follows next is 6 minutes of the most aggressive chewing out I've had since catholic school. He whisper screams that I'm single handily ruing his campaign

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Sort of.

I got kicked out because the GM wanted me to make a choice between him and another friend after they got in a big fight, and I didn't agree with the GM.

He had been bullying the other friend's girlfriend, and she tried to kill herself.

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I try to explain that everyone is having fun. that no one is really asking me to stop except him, he hits me with "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. Knock that shit off." I'm completely caught off guard. I'd never really faced that much hostility EVER. Then he lays into me, saying to stop flirting with Trappy, since he belongs to him and I'm fucking stuff up. Then, he goes inside, drains a can of mountain dew, and starts the game off again. I sit down to play, since I came with Trappy and I need a ride home, but I just check out. Not even rolling, just munching on chips, watching the clock tick down. Trappy pokes me, asks whats wrong, I tell him I'm good, just worn out.

That's when all hell breaks loose.

The DM says no OOC talking, even though it was never an issue before, Trappy says he'll talk whenever he fucking wants, DM says it's his fucking house, respect him, other players are chiming in, saying what the fuck, I get up, explain as much as I think I can, that the DM thinks I'm stealing his man, but, I won't lie, I'm a bit of a smug cunt about it, then the DM's fist crashes into my face, rocking my shit hard. Other players restrain him, Trappy is crying, pulling on my shirt to leave, they push me into the car and he drives, crying a lot more, telling me how DM is such an asshole, always trying to control him, etc.

He drives me to my apartment, walks me inside, fixes me up, and we fall asleep on each other.

I got the text the next day that I wasn't allowed at the game table anymore and a lot of my members left the club, since Drama.

But, a few stayed, I made Trappy VP, and now we're dating and stuff.

Sorry for the whole two long ass posts. I just felt like writing it all up. Sorry if it comes off like a blog.

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Rolled 8 (1d10)

I asked, didn't I?
>not what I expected

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It's okay, sperglord, you're among friends here. No need to launch into frantic denial.

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>not what I expected
Oh man, what DID you expect?

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No, I'm pretty well behaved at other people's tables, I smoke, but if it's a non-smoking room I just pop out during breaks.

That's mostly irrelevant though as I'm my usual DM (when I can pull together the people for a game), and I'm not going to kick myself out.

I'm a pretty flaky Dm though, even if I'm not "That Dm".

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I was a little bit of "That Guy" in my first campaign. i still feel bad about it. I'm also bad at shutting the fuck up and letting other players get a word in.

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first post best post

so retarded

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>The DM says no OOC talking, even though it was never an issue before, Trappy says he'll talk whenever he fucking wants, DM says it's his fucking house, respect him, other players are chiming in, saying what the fuck, I get up, explain as much as I think I can, that the DM thinks I'm stealing his man, but, I won't lie, I'm a bit of a smug cunt about it, then the DM's fist crashes into my face, rocking my shit hard. Other players restrain him, Trappy is crying, pulling on my shirt to leave, they push me into the car and he drives, crying a lot more, telling me how DM is such an asshole, always trying to control him, etc.
Not this entire paragraph.
This isn't even that guy, it's that gm.
But I'm happy that something worked out for you.
Does he have a cute butt?

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I haven't been kicked out, but I am that guy.

So, my character is a bard that summons pigeons.

Our GM entered the game with the idea of everybody doing something odd or broken because we all just wanted a good time.

We just snuck into a war camp and our goal was to stop the demonic summoning ritual going on in the camp.

We fight off a couple of the demons, and I get an idea. I use my pigeon swarm to attempt to kill the entire group of warlocks in one fell swoop. After a couple rolls the pigeons attack. Each warlock survived, and when talking to the GM after they only survived with 2 hp.

The ritual was a blood ritual and I just introduced the blood of 74 pigeons and some bleeding warlords into the ritual.

Summoned some massive fucking demon the GM called the lord of the pit. He wiped the party within 4 rounds.

Half the party loved me for the antics I created, and the other half hated me because the GM made us roll new characters.

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The cutest.
And he loves cosplay.

So, a punch in the face for a Deredere trap was a pretty okay trade.

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Daaaamn, fampai.

You went from nothing to full defense mode in a hurry.

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I was that guy. If I could go back in time and dopeslap myself I would do it. List of things I did.

- Didn't pay attention to the game
- Made mary sues
- Inserted magical realm with no subtlety
- Made special snowflakes
- Made mary sue special snowflakes
- Played the didgeridoo badly
- Generally lacked social skills
- Actually thought nobody played DnD anymore

Fortunately I grew out of it. People I played with complimented me on not being a hyperactive fucktard anymore.

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Storytime? Also nice dubs

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Why the fuck do you refer to your current partner as Trappy? You don't have to fit in with the cool bigotry on 4chan y'know... it's anonymous.

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>mfw play with chill anons from /tg/
>mfw can play the cringiest shit and not be that guy because we are as far from normalfags as can be

Loli characters for days, yuri everywhere, theme music, unironic spess muhreens, /ss/ bbegs, oh what fun

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>cool bigotry
Fucking what? Dude, that's really gay.
I refer to him as Trappy because I call him Trappy, IRL.

I'm obviously not gonna use his real name. And I couldn't be fucked with to think of something "not bigoted".


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Anon you sound like a faggot, stop being dumb

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Both, though not nearly enough crossplaying.
I tell him he's a faggot already, what's dressing like a girl gonna add on, but he's really shy about it and I only get to see it after I beg and cook for him.

It's pretty worth it, though.

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Buy him some cute burando, see if that entices him.

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>Played the didgeridoo badly

It's this kind of shit I can't stand at my table. Bad didgeridoo players have ruined two of my campaigns so far, but things have really improved since I added in the "No didgeridoos" houserule.

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Yeah, once.
I played a morally questionable (read: fucking evil) assassin and thought my GM was cool with it.
He wasn't.

That's kinda it. There have been plenty of other times where I've been doing stuff that, in retrospect, might've been a tad "That Guy"-esque, but nobody really called me out on it and they were still friendly with me throughout the entire thing, so I'm assuming it was fine.
Might've also had something to do with the fact that there were two other guys that were way worse than me in that game, so I seemed better by comparison.

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It was strange, during the session itself I was always treated like the That Guy's asshole brother, yet outside the sessions or during breaks people were always bitching about shit other party members where doing.

Not too sure about the situation since I am rather new to the group and Pathfinder.

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Once, though not out of any social misgivings on my part. Just a way too invested GM(Who admittedly did an amazing job) kicked and replaced the majority of the group because 2am was a little too late to do an impromptu session and I didn't want to wake up my temperamental roommates. More detail to it if /tg/ is up for Storytime

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One time my GM got mad at me for acting on OOC information, because he wasn't privy to a conversation that me and another player had between sessions in which we agreed that that night in camp we had told eachother some parts of our backstories which we omitted when introducing ourselves originally

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Go right ahead.
It's not like I have an exam assignment I should be writing right now or anything.

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Well thankfully it'll be short. A friend had invited me to a 5e Dee-and-Dee game that needed players, cool GM who allowed a lot of homebrew so I had made a Minotaur slave gladiator turned anti-slavery insurgent. Besides my friend who was playing a dorf cleric, there was a guy we'll call 'N' who for being a special snowflake to the sparkledog extreme, even if it wasn't furry. I still liked them though because they put in roleplaying effort and I love that shit. The rest of the players were DUDE WEED LMAO spazzes who couldn't hold a coherent thought for a minute.

The first issues came when I was honestly pretty flakey due to RL reasons and me getting frustrated with the latter players who wouldn't shut up, grasp simple concepts and kept interrupting everyone. GM said I miss one more session and I'm out, was a little buttflustered but in retrospect I should have been less of a flake. We made up our differences after he had shut down the campaign in a classic forced TPK in league with My Friend and N and he retained us not-shit players. While normally a massive red flag, I didn't blame him and surprised he went with them for so long.

Jump forward to the 2am intro session for our reboot campaign, goes well but N drops out passive aggressively because I yet again started a bar fight(and lost) with an overleveled NPC. I don't pay it mind too much, but as we get to a stopping point I ask if we can continue on the scheduled day as I lived with a gay couple and one of them was unstable about being woken up to the point he slammed doors and made death threats so I didn't wanna wake him doing dorky-shit voice acting over a call. Seems cool with it and crash.

I actually got informed by my friend the next afternoon I got removed from the skype group because I missed it skimming, which prompted them to drop too and wash our hands of it. Dunno the reason that got me removed but I didn't bother to ask and just assumed my original flakiness left a bad impression.

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Also N vored another PC and ovipositored eggs inside corpses.

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took over entire sessions inulging my cleric's LAWFUL GOOD! antics

should have been curbed but I got away with it because it wasn't like the campaign was going anywhere

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No, I've always chose to leave of my own accord because all the nerds around me didn't have the nerve to oust me, no matter how badly I behaved.

Frankly their spinelessness disgusts me, and I have a hard time believing that anyone has ever been kicked out of a group, for I cannot count on two hands the number of oaken tables I have plopped my big, hairy, nutsack upon.

Perhaps they were too intimidated. I would have respected them more had they had even the slightest bit of dignity to tell me to remove my sweaty, smelly, kiwi-sized, balls from their tables.

Instead they all watched speechless as I dragged them to and fro until I grew tired of the act and decided to start playing the game again.

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Was your character a black bard who tried to hire an orchestra comprised of fat socially progressive women to assault a fortress full of undead bandits in the hopes of killing them afterwards and taking their share of the loot?

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It came up, I said "I'm pretty sure Anita Sarkeesian is a con artist scamming vulnerable idiots", and she threw a fit and REEEEEEEE'd at me over "muh online harassment" and "muh misogyny" and started screaming about how it was me or her playing, not both. I don't hold it against the GM for picking his woman over someone in an online game, but I do think people should stop sticking it in SJWs and just let them die out.

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Your fault for bringing it to the table, even if you are right here

Politics really should stay home.

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lol, fucking degenerate

Glad it worked out though.

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I got caught cybering another player.

Said player was the DM's lezcrush.

We'd been ERPing NTRing her stupid Mary Sue DMPC designated protagonist princess magical girl, because the other player's character was "her priestess" and the keeper of her power between "incarnations" and I was just supposed to be one of her lackeys.

We were e-fucking during a session and the other player accidentally posted in the game's IRC tab instead of our private message tab. No regrets homie.

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I once tried to test the limits of what my group would let me get away with by making a pretty blatant magical realm female character that was Chaotic Evil. My character ended up in a lesbian relationship with another PC.

A while after the game died for unrelated reasons (read: scheduling hell) the DM told me my PC was his favorite character. That was how I discovered our group was perfect. So no, I've never actually been kicked out or that guy, though I suspect other groups wouldn't take so kindly to the shenanigans any one of us might pull.

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Take the stick out of your anus. Trappy sounds adorable.

>> No.47766328


Did...did they know you were doing this? I'm not sure whether I should be appalled, disbelieving, or full of admiration.

>> No.47766341


I didn't bring it up, man, they were already discussing it. What IS my fault is not listening to what was being said when I arrived.

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>No regrets homie.
damn straight

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>"I'm pretty sure Anita Sarkeesian is a con artist scamming vulnerable idiots"

While I do agree there's a lot of sexism in vidya, since there's a lot of sexism ingrained in nerd-hobbies in general (Which comes from decades of ridiculing the nerd-hobbies and intellectual pursuits [not to conflate the two] as being for sexless social-retards and children), actually seeing how Sarkeesian funds her videos and the fact that she often pulls her materials uncredited and without permission from other sources, and misrepresents certain things (Like that one video where she made it look like Hitman actively rewards you for killing women and playing with their dead bodies) makes me not only think she's super shady, but definitely not an accurate source, but actively hurts discussion by not being upfront and honest.

>> No.47766431


In some ways this pretty messed up.

In every way that counts, this is pretty hilarious.

>> No.47766494


There's a lot of sexism in everything and everyone, that's inherent to the human condition. Prejudice in general is an evolutionary adaptation hardcoded into the human psyche. You can try to stop it from getting out of hand, but if you try to police every fun thing as "sexist" or "racist", you'll only make yourselves and those around you miserable. You faggot nigger cunt.

No, she's completely a scam artist deliberately provoking hysteria because that hysteria funds her. She's doing a secular version of what every shady megachurch pastor does, create a need for themselves.

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Dude, I want one of those.

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In-character lewds with characters you actually play are just the best for some reason.

I never know how subtle to be, though...

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Where do you play with these magical people?

>> No.47766534


I always make sure to make eye contact with the host as I do this, because I am a man, and loudly tell them that they can't stop me as I do it. For good measure, I always make sure to slide my balls to wherever the DM/GM/ST/Host is sitting and knock over any glassware, gaming implements, or personal effects they may have in front of them and thump my balls against the table to make absolutely certain that everyone is paying attention. You don't know how many games I have been to where people get easily distracted or stop paying attention, which is rude, because I used gas, paid with my hard-earned money, to drive to these plebs' houses to play, only for these sad excuses for human garbage to half ass it.

I've done this twice in my current game and no one has even had the courtesy to make eye contact with me as I did it.

I think the only way I could elicit any sort of outrage at this point would be to sleep with my DM's wife.

Luckily for him though, I have standard. Unlike him. Or her for that matter. I haven't made their repulsive appearances known to them, as I don't believe that any one can be that ugly and poorly put together without actively trying, and I don't want to accidentally encourage such behavior.

As it happens, I am in search of a new game, as my group's weak-willed cowardice is starting to grate. Is anyone in the Los Angeles area looking for a new player? I am, quite literally, the best.

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For being honest, I'm not sure.
>Third year of Uni
>Had just started roleplaying earlier that year
>Enter classmate I knew, had talked to him a couple of times and I know he's into /tg/
>He shows up with a D&D t-shirt
>I acknowledge it
>He is really happy about it, end up talking about /tg/ and some vidya for like an hour and a half
>Tells me he wants to GM a game he found a couple weeks ago, he'll let me know
>Sure, I was eager to try new games and find a group of players
>Date comes
>Him, his group of friends and I meet at the bar he manages on the weekends
>2:00 PM, bar's closed so we can play
>For the life of me I can't remember the name of the game
>It was World War 2 setting with d100 system
>Play for hours, until 9:00 PM I think
>I had a lot of fun, even though I was the only odd one out (new guy, I guess)
>Session was a one shot
>I figured I'd play with them sometime again
>Never invited again
>Months later, finally put together a table that I would GM
>Asked the guy if he was interested
>He says sure, tells me to remind him
>Remind him a week before
>Never replied
>Haven't seen him again in like a year and a half

I really don't know. I would detail more about the session but I guess it would be too long.

>> No.47766574


I'm going to start doing this. It seems like a good idea.

>> No.47766611

>There's a lot of sexism in everything and everyone, that's inherent to the human condition. Prejudice in general is an evolutionary adaptation hardcoded into the human psyche.

This is totally true, but it's a lot more obvious in nerd culture, as it tends to be male dominated, do to the larger culture of belittling it, as I said before.

That said, pointing it out and demanding to be treated with some decency isn't the same as policing it, and I think a lot of people could stand to try and differentiate the two.

>You faggot nigger cunt

It infuriates me that there's not really a good epithet for white people and straight people lLso men. They're either cute or boring. Moon Cricket. Fishbelly. Pale skin. Breeder. Hetero-Normative.

Nothing that really packs the same sort of punch. The only white people who actually get offended by them are overly-sensitive morons, and are fragile little shits anyway, so there's no sense of accomplishment for upsetting them in the first place.

>> No.47766683


moon crickets are niggers

>> No.47766718


Here is your problem. Nobody owes you a damned thing, and it's not "a lot more obvious in nerd culture", it's just become trendy to be a nerd and the new arrivals want you to change and look more progressive for the sake of their image.

The reason why none of those insults work has nothing to do with punch, the simple fact is that straight, white men don't care what you call them because they insult each other freely and know that words are just wind. They also know that any of those three words I just used can reduce someone like you to tears because you've conditioned yourself to be offended by it.

TL:DR I don't get why you want to upset white people given the number of guns they have and the fact that my people will probably support them if you start a race war.

>> No.47766771


>my people

Asian or Elven?

>> No.47766789


jk elves are white (incl Drow)

>> No.47766807


I actively endorse this and encourage you to present your balls to your peers at every opportunity to assert your dominance.

>> No.47766819


Obviously I'm a Bean Elf. Funny thing is, we were considered white on the last census, but Obama changed it because racial division directly benefits his party's strategy.

>> No.47766821

I am that guy, it's why I have no friends and nobody likes me. So Instead of playing games I post on 4chan

>> No.47766824


Moon Crickets are what Native Americans called the white settlers because they were pale and constantly chirping in their absurd language.

>> No.47766829

Tumblr is that way you faggot

>> No.47766840


Should I make any sort of accompanying sound effects to evoke my primal ancestors, or just stare evenly at them and let the meaty whack of my sack against the terrain map fill the room?

>> No.47766850

I was punted from a Monsters and Other Childish things because my character "didn't fit."

She was an implied-schizophrenic little girl with a permanent Clarissa.png expression whose monster was described using only garbage text, making it an unimaginable horror. How does that not fit again?

>> No.47766888


Do... Did you just assume I was Black? It doesn't really matter how you justify being a dick, if you're being a dick to me, it's my right as a Goddamn American to call you out on it. Goddamn right I'm going to demand some goddamn decency you slack jawed moron. Nothing entitles you to act superior, and I bet you masturbate to granny porn, which has nothing to do with this argument, but you I just get that general vibe from you.

>> No.47766893


on the internet maybe

IRL moon cricket means nigger

feel free to run some field tests

>> No.47766908

>or just stare evenly at them and let the meaty whack of my sack against the terrain map fill the room?

This. Should anyone voice any sort of dissent, remind them clearly and firmly that there is nothing they can do to stop you.

This is not technically true, but if it is said with conviction and with fiery determination, they will believe it all the same.

>> No.47766913


>offended that anon assumed he was black

>> No.47766923

Never been kicked out, never tried to be that guy with one exception. There was a DM who was so dickish I went Old Man Henderson on him. Ended about as well as you'd expect.

>> No.47766933

I for one would like to know more about it. Something happened at that table that soured them towards you and I need to know or my autism wont let me rest.

>> No.47766934


I just looked it up to be sure, because I wasn't 100% sure you were wrong.

Sure enough, it's both.

To be fair, most people I have talked about this irl has never heard moon cricket, and now I'm wondering if I may have put some people into some bad situations.

... Oh well.

>> No.47766940
File: 73 KB, 400x266, floorhorse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No, she's completely a scam artist deliberately provoking hysteria because that hysteria funds her.

Yeah I can't stand that "based mom" either

>> No.47766953
File: 194 KB, 1054x758, conquistadores_by_7leipnir-d5snazn[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Did you just stutter?

That shit right there is why my ancestors built the greatest empire that ever existed and yours are either cucks or mudhuts.

>> No.47766969


Better nigger than feminist to be honest family.

>> No.47766989


Basically, never give anyone money for anything over the internet unless you're actually buying something.

>> No.47766994
File: 16 KB, 369x305, AdvicedogOriginal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my ancestors built the greatest empire

So what, you didn't do shit. Don't cling to the achievements of some dead men.

>> No.47767002


Wait, she had a kid? I thought that would go against Sarkeesian's beliefs?

>> No.47767005


assuredly anon

>> No.47767013

>Not being proud of your ancestors
>Not being proud of your masculinity
>Not viewing working hard for the sake of your family and hobbies as doing shit

It must be so depressing being a postmodernist.

>> No.47767017


No I'm just mocking the other side of the gamergate coin, christina hoff summers

>> No.47767027


Definitely black, possibly woman.

>> No.47767033


Pfft, yeah sure ok, whatever you say. Call me when you get a date.

>> No.47767090


You obviously care way more about this issue in general than I do to even know who that is, and while I applaud you for that the simple fact is that there's no "other side to the coin" here. Bottom-tier clickbait journalists did nice things for SJW girls because they're desperate betas (except apparently some got lucky) and got called out on it, some scam artists got brief publicity and money from chubby barristas and neckbearded numales, and /pol/ got flags and IDs to more accurately spot the dreaded Jew. The only thing out of the ordinary in the sleaziness of humanity here was the amount of virtue signalling going on and the fact that a professional wrestler drove Gawker Media into bankruptcy in the end. I get that you're trying to be passive-aggressive here, but don't insult /tg/'s intelligence with these reddit-level arguments. We deal in facts and memes, not virtue signalling.

>> No.47767097


I have kids, man, my wife would kill me if I went on dates with other women, let alone if I called a salty faggot with no pride in his heritage to tell him about it.

>> No.47767101


Not an argument.

>> No.47767126


Why are liberals so obsessed with what other people are doing with their dicks?

>> No.47767148


I'm also Brown-Elf, you moron. Those were my ancestors too!

Hell, I was one of the few Latino students at my High School who didn't have a problem a problem with our mascot being The Conquistador. I mean, I understand why they had a problem with it, but it was better than it being a fucking bobcat, or something.

Which I think might be what it is now.

>> No.47767167


Kinda but it's because I was playing on Reddit because someone here said playing Runnerhub was better than no game.

>Hear about this player talking about how he bagged all of these vampires in-game and is GMing a similar run.
>Make a character that's backstory and motif is a vampire hunter. Sure Mystic Adept but he said were going against several Mystic Adept Noseferatu, Wendigos, a Harvester, and maybe some of those Dzoo-noo-qua along with a few ghouls.
>Realizing this I make a character who of course is combat oriented because these are heavy hitter creatures.
>It wasn't really op because he was doing the usual 12DV Fire from elemental body and it was melee.
>I actually get put on the mission but roll pretty good against the enemies even though they were rolling 25+ dice to soak/dodge on average and none of my AP effects mattered.
>One of their GMPCs I think played by Ympulse had 30+ dice to their attack stuff was killing stuff faster than I was but because he's "special" no one bats an eye.
>The two other players were new and either hid to be out of combat or buffed the GMPC played by Ympulse but didn't attack the enemies.
>As the game gets on I notice the GM is not replying on Roll20 to me and the other characters aren't talking to me either.
>Later find out that it's because our characters were supposed to either die or sit in awe of Ympulse and I am "That Guy" because I rolled well and didn't let the GMPC have all the glory.

I left because it became a chore to play with them and also they are the most passive-agressive cliquey "Those Guys" overall. They never really told me that I was "OP" but acted like I was because I just had good rolls and I didn't die from the challenge to make their GM Marty Stu look awesome. Also they tend to be highly hypocritical and call everyone else min-maxers or "Those Guys" but proceed to make their own min-maxed GMPCs that are the embodiment of what they supposedly hate. /srg was wrong, having no game>Runnerhub.

>> No.47767188


Hey man, conservatives are always trying to pass laws about who you can put your dicks in and what orifice you use. Like, if everyone is in agreement that they're down for a dick in their wherever, and everyone is mentally capable (i.e not a child, too fucking lit, mentally fucked, or in a coma) of agreeing, then what's the problem?

>> No.47767214


Also, animals. You shouldn't try to put your dick in animals. That's real fucked up.

That's how AIDs started.

>> No.47767236
File: 80 KB, 409x439, 1398242958535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It infuriates me that there's not really a good epithet for white people and straight people lLso men.
Feels fucking fantastic, stay mad fag

>> No.47767302
File: 813 KB, 500x380, HAHAHAH no.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not really a good epithet for white people and straight people lLso men

we dont need one

>> No.47767324


I suppose you're against the Wall, though? Personally, it's not like I'm going to be deported, and it's keeping criminals and gangs out.

>> No.47767372


If you're a spic why aren't you just calling white people gringos in a sassy way as is your wont?

>> No.47767383
File: 41 KB, 640x480, 7-1267478808958[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This. God damn I love being a white straight-except-for-traps non-tranny male.

>> No.47767432
File: 40 KB, 250x250, gayass deer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats gay
you're gay
i like futa but jesus christ that is gay

>> No.47767440


Nah, I was born in the U.S. so I don't have to worry about things like that.


'Cause I was born in the states and am Americanized as fuck. It just isn't authentic. I usually go with calling them White Devils and go on triades about how I don't let White people in my home because they're not notorious thieves and rapists who like to pretend they aren't goddamn animals by dressing it up as "Greatness" or "Superiority" despite their inclination to inbreeding.

It's a real mouthful and I would prefer to be able to just condense into one or two words that conveyed the same general idea.

>> No.47767447

>epithet for white boys acting like white boys

Try douchebag.

>> No.47767449


Let's be fair. He's Hetero-flexible or Bicurious.

Which means he's in denial about craving the D.

>> No.47767464


But how do I bring their race into it?

I need to study White people more. They're experts at being racist to each other and I need to learn from that.

>> No.47767471


>> No.47767481

Nobody actually does that

Whatever picture of mexican culture you have based on your experience with mexicans in the US is bound to at least partially come from dumb chicanos who cling to a cultural identity they know about as well as any other american, and who most likely can't even speak spanish to save their lives

>> No.47767502

>I usually go with calling them White Devils and go on triades about how I don't let White people in my home because they're not notorious thieves and rapists who like to pretend they aren't goddamn animals by dressing it up as "Greatness" or "Superiority" despite their inclination to inbreeding.

I'm really embarrassed for you, I want you to know that. Why can't you just not do any of this?

>> No.47767515

Try "Cuck"

>> No.47767527

I think the lady dost protest too much.

>> No.47767528


Bringing their race into it just flat-out doesn't work. They're white. They won't care. The only thing you can get them on is where they're from. White people are very sensitive about that. If you're from an urban area, do the AHURR REDNECK thing, if you're from a rural area make fun of them for being city faggots. The north/south divide is also pretty real in some parts of the country, and Texans are pretty easy to insult.

>> No.47767545
File: 3.46 MB, 370x370, 1454347417500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47767573


I try not to rely on classism, but I suppose I really have no choice.

>> No.47767651

Not saying that you did this but I hate how we're expected to take the blame for slavery but can't take credit for the good stuff

>> No.47767777 [SPOILER] 
File: 26 KB, 500x584, 1465889772173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nope, I've never been kicked out of a game for being That Guy.

That's because I have never been part of a game. Life is pain.

>> No.47767893
File: 78 KB, 240x240, 1418265586340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Autist detected

>> No.47767935

I definitely had been a lame edgelord when I started RPing (freeform pbp, /of course/).
The forum was chill and leaned towards humorous shenanigans, so I probably caused more fun, even if "laughing at me, rather than with me" type, than I spoiled.

In a different time on a different forum I also was somewhat marysueish and this time it did cause conflict with the game...
But the game was a railroading shithole anyway so no regrets on quitting. The plot was always centered around the most whiny and angsty version of Cloud (yes straight up him) possible, and all the GM was doing is piling more angst shit on him.

>> No.47767939

Have you tried roll20 or other sites? I'm trying to find a group, no luck thus far.

>> No.47767951


Thought about it - but Shadowrun seems scant in the time that I'm available and I see even fewer willing to tolerate someone learning the ropes.

>> No.47767955

I'm looking for a group too at least until the end of summer, maybe we could set something up?

>> No.47767961

Tabletop roleplay, like D&D and the like? No. In fact I'm one of those guys where if I leave the group, the party probably collapses quickly soon after because it's a giant signal of how shitty a GM you are.

Forum roleplay? Yes. Oh god yes. But I haven't forum roleplayed since, like, High School/Early College.

>> No.47767970

Oh and in a third game I've been accused of being a powergamer by a quartet of cunts, but they were shouting that at /everybody/ who didn't admit that the quartet's characters were stronger than theirs (see the double standard yet?)
And when I quit that one, they immediately tried to claim dibs to my stuff that they called too overpowered to be allowed in the game and add it on top of their all other OP shit.

>> No.47767984

Possibly, but uhm, well I don't know how to say this but I have a pretty large phobia of embarrassing myself, so I'd pass.

>> No.47768000


Shadowrun 5th edition while possibly overlooking that I might fuck it up? Would be willing to learn Roll20 for that.

>> No.47768116

Yep. When there's potential for power growth I will latch onto it and claw my way to the top. One group it got me kicked out because I was quickly soaring to the batshit insanity of the DM's character, so he cut off leveling up.

For everyone.

>> No.47768118

Yeah, I have that too and I've played it before. Could work.

That's fine, no worries.
You picked a really bad hobby, though.

>> No.47768124

It's all fun and games until somebody loses a testicle. Remember that. Some of us keep our knives sharp.

>> No.47768165


What the hell. Gerdion on Roll20. Set up a free account a while ago to see what was available. If you can find others of like mind at this time of night, pm me.

>> No.47768211

I'm this guy, >>47767984
what the hell, I'm pretty insecure about using a mic, so I'll probably just use text if that's fine. Tell me if I THAT GUY also, don't hold it in and make a thread about it.

>> No.47768265
File: 1.53 MB, 1900x1920, 1440307248080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus christ.

>> No.47768285

No, but once I got preemptively blocked from joining something because my paladin BTFOd their characters on a Neverwinter Nights roleplaying server. I literally threw all of them in jail which is a real pain since you can't actually do shit for an IRL week at best.

Shouldn't have stolen Cordor's treasury tbqh.

>> No.47768596

In France we have "babtou" that the non-whites use to insult the whites.
But the moment we learned that, we just started to insult each other with babtou just because the word sounds fun.
(I guess that's the problem, if you make fun of white people they'll just laugh with you, like those "white people dancing" videos)

>> No.47768621


>> No.47768689

Never. The only time I've ever seen someone kicked from a group was when I was GMing and the players approached me, asking to boot a guy.

>> No.47768745

>ITT: whites dogpiling everyone else for being offended at things and then also being offended at things and crying about it.

>> No.47769239

But enough about 4chan.

>> No.47769334

I have been That GM a couple of times, back when I was inexperienced. Extreme railroading, making the party lose all their gear, giving an enemy infinite health so he could be a recurring character. Disgusting things that I'm ashamed of now that I've learnt the error of my ways.

>> No.47769370

That guy DM.
To be fair, it was my first time GMming and I was a hyperactive 14 year old. It was originally a cool post apocalyptic fantasy setting, but it was the players first time playing too, so they decided to fuck the story and sail off into the realms of improv. I am not good at improv, and the rest of the campaign turned into a kitchen sink of bits of books I read, half developed concepts and stories and some subtle fetishes.
It ended a year later with the group sitting around in an ancient train station in the middle of a desert, trying to hide from sandworms, waiting for the minotaur train to arrive so they could go back and kill a cthulhu cult that was allied with vampires that had taken them because one of them was the chosen one who has time magic.

>> No.47769385

That's because, at least normal people here in Eastern Europe, are a citizen of their street/town/region/country first and white second. Insult anyone based on that and shit can get serious. Plus any sane person is proud of being white, so why would anyone seriously be insulted by it.

>> No.47769634

>street/town/region/country first
You forgot football teams.

>> No.47769717

AIDS most likely started due to eating poorly cooked primates. Monkey fucking was really unlikely to be a real cause.

>> No.47769780

Isn't that shit that gives you bad prions?

>> No.47770271

Wait... this is a weeaboo waifu fan fic thread?

>> No.47770292

I was basically cold-shouldered out of a game for not being neckbeardy enough.

>> No.47770319


Tell me about it.

>> No.47770507

The bill of rights is only between you and the government. You can demand all you want but your rights end where his begin.

>> No.47770532

No my group is totally comprised of magical realming, little girl playing, anime inspired that guys.
And we all have a lot of fun.

>> No.47770563

One time I felt it at least, in a crummy campaign of 3.5. I felt one guy was trying to twist the rules with what he was intending to do, and it led to a 2 hour back and forth of rule examinations that stalled us out and killed our mood to play further.
I should've just let him proceed with it since it barely changed anything, but my autism was hung up on the distortion of mechanics, even though the appreciable effects of that distortion on the situation didn't actually leverage anything in the player's favor.

>> No.47770637

Me and a friend bought some DnD related crap to play back in school. Split the cost.
He got together some peeps to play but the biggest guy in that group insisted I didn't play.
Not really kicked out, but I never ended up playing and neither did they considering the game only lasted like 4 sessions.

>> No.47770646
File: 1.76 MB, 600x338, horse mask clapping.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking good on you anon, it sounds like you just crashed an abusive relationship in the best way possible.

>> No.47770751

I got set up with a rigged duel to the death against another player.
My weapon was non lethal. It wasn't non lethal before the duel.
The other player was of course declared the winner. He was lying knocked down on the ground at the moment the fight was called.
I sang "I can see now that you've stacked the cards" in my best johnny cash voice, which immediately resulted in an outburst of rage and a kick.
Didn't look back, my time is better spent elsewhere.

>> No.47771365

that fucking sucks bro

glad you found another group

>> No.47771391


Gamergate was for losers worried about another loser's ex girlfriend. Fact.

>> No.47771417
File: 417 KB, 1024x768, 60f3837610f9ff308ca620d9ff8723c3d6a4af88.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sure I believe you, only happily married men post here dontcha know?

>> No.47771636
File: 77 KB, 600x732, 1464888206916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These fucking SJW posters are such sensitive pussies.

>> No.47771662


>> No.47771712

Played in a Black Crusade game online with my girlfriend, the GM was someone we'd previous played with (as a player), and the other players with his other online friends. The group ended up dissolving because I was accused of being That Guy and pissing the other players off.

I roll up a TS Sorcerer, she makes a bishie traitor BAngle, one other guy I think was a WB Dark Apostle, and then naturally the last player makes a Slaaneshi Fleshcrafter dickgirl cannibal rapist space princess.

Which honestly wouldn't have bothered me much save for said princess' player making a bunch of full-munchkin'd fleshcrafted minions that he claimed could fire six heavy bolters at once. In between mind raping every vaguely human, vaguely female living thing we came across and fucking it before eating its liver. I wouldn't have minded the latter so much, since Slaanesh, but the former was just layering rules-ignoring brokenness on top of the already broken Fleshcrafter powers. Naturally when I brought up how the rule don't allow that sort of thing the GM stepped in and hastily houseruled everything at the drop of the hat to let him do what he wanted.

Then the breaking point was when we found some decent accomodations that included a sauna, so my TS and the Bishie Angel decided to enjoy the onsen bath together and just shoot the shit. And wouldn't you know it, something about the idea that our two male characters were naked in the same room together and yucking it up triggered the dickgirl cannibal rapeprincess' player so hard that he threw a shitfit and left right then and there.

Of course, since we were obviously the problem elements, we weren't welcome back after that.

>> No.47771728

When I was a teenager I drew hundreds of pictures of penises and hid them in the host's roleplaying books. He kept finding them and knew it was me so he let me know I was not welcome over anymore.

>> No.47771769

>so my TS and the Bishie Angel decided to enjoy the onsen bath together and just shoot the shit. And wouldn't you know it, something about the idea that our two male characters were naked in the same room together and yucking it up triggered the dickgirl cannibal rapeprincess' player so hard that he threw a shitfit and left right then and there.
That's terrible. Bath scenes are a corner stone of my group.

>> No.47771886

>this post

>> No.47771945

the most i've ever done to be considered THAT GUY was when i got invited by a buddy to play in a hombrew campaign inspired by earthbound & undertale

i didn't get invited back because i went full genocide while the DM really pushed us towards pacifist

>> No.47772045



you should be proud for derailing that autismfest

>> No.47772809


Good. Now go and don't stop until everyone knows what a faggot you are.

>> No.47772870

>ITT: butthurt minorities desperate for attention and upset that their skin doesn't protect them from criticism.

>> No.47772894


First Amendment means he can say virtually whatever he wants anyway.

>> No.47772951


Feminists are losers, glad we agree.

>> No.47772975


He was angling to remove you somehow anyway if it was a rigged duel to the death.

>> No.47772981

>Just the vaguely female ones

What a shitty Slaaneshi.

>> No.47773530

IC I could get

"what measure is an AI?" is used often in scifi settings

The players themselves? Anon they were the That Guys

>> No.47773566
File: 40 KB, 267x400, 1461213737160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Consider me jealous, anon.

>> No.47773607


But that's pretty damn funny.

>> No.47773828

>My weapon was non lethal. It wasn't non lethal before the duel.
What happened to it?

>> No.47773877

Turned out great, I started playing Warmachine and met some new people, as well as old friends I haven't seen or heard from in years.

>> No.47773899

It changed from one type of weapon to another mid-scene.

>> No.47773916

Badwrongfun? Undertale's fine anyway, it's the fandom you gotta look out for.
Huh. Magic or DM bullshittery? Any reason given?

>> No.47773992


Undertake is autism and furfaggotry. It's Homestuck, the vidya.

>> No.47774007

If Trappy isn't trans (sounds like he's not) it's not bigoted.

>> No.47774011

It's not hard to form something like that yourself anon.
Depends on how afraid you are of online games These work better if you build a small community over just trying to run pickup..

>> No.47774040

Rome did it first...

>> No.47774092

Not really though, it's your classic 'peaceful hero muscling their way through via pure will' story, or the story of Hitler mark 2, with some aesops about friendship thrown in.

Pretty standard aside from the saving/loading stuff, which is where it gets interesting. 'fur' implies something sexual about the characters (Arthur had anthropomorphic animals, not furfagotry for example) and autism is a meaningless buzz word, so what's the problem?

>> No.47774173
File: 220 KB, 897x728, recettear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If so, what for?

Well there was this one guy who wanted to play a gay in 1920s call of cthulhu.

So i said; if my character finds out hes not gonna treat the guy nicely, because 1920s.

I got kicked out.
In that case its probably more like getting kicked out by That-guy, rather than being one.

>> No.47774210
File: 4 KB, 133x143, thesongplays.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why arnt there any names for people with nothing wrong with them.

Hehe, stay mad faggor.

>> No.47774417

That's... adorable, Anon. Like really adorable. And you saved him from an abusive relationship, too?

Maybe I'm suddenly bi or something, but I'm kinda jealous

>> No.47774435

Sounds more like something dick masterson would do.

>> No.47774464

>Try to keep it succinct
A skeleton with a cock.

>> No.47774558
File: 14 KB, 550x400, 782394572389.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.47774601
File: 33 KB, 600x450, theface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Trappy is crying

Hehe, nice choice of peers.

Basically this story can be summed up as; fag saves other fag from gag.

>> No.47774750

>It infuriates me that there's not really a good epithet for white people and straight people lLso men

And guess why?
Because they don't have a victim complex the size of the moon, and thus don't get so highly offended by everything

>> No.47774802

Because it's one of the few cards they can still play.
"Racist", "sexist" "homophobe" and whatever other crap they love to scream at everything have obviously lost their power due to being misused.
Right now the only thing they can use to belittle others is "heh I but ur a virgin" or "get laid"
Which is ironic, considering what cucks generally say that shit

>> No.47774879
File: 1.32 MB, 1933x1400, img000054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow sounds like you got the good ending.

>> No.47774964

is the boipussy good?

>> No.47774997


>> No.47775012

>People called blacks niggers because they had a victim complex

>> No.47775027

>reading comprehension

People called blacks niggers and they took offense to it and continued to do so till the end of time
People called whites crackers and no one gave a shit ever

>> No.47775082

>>Reading Comprehension
My apologies, should've read you literally saying nigger only came around as an epithet for blacks because of their victim complex as something else?

On a constructive note, probably more because minorities are by definition not a majority, so any attempts at making language are by nature much less likely to catch on. 'cracker' is a good 'un though.

>> No.47775384


That happened in this thread too. I hope they move to Canada soon.

>> No.47775461

I've never been kicked from a from a group or seen anyone kicked.
I left group once after being team killed twice in a row.

>> No.47775480


It's great, though part of the thrill is actually finding out a party member's interested in the same thing you are.

>> No.47775526

No because Im not a retard. If you're being a douche -purposely or otherwise- during a game, idk man. You suck.

>> No.47775735

I was one of about 8 or 9 people removed from a Gamefinder game the other day. It was Pathfinder in the GM's original setting.

I wanted to play an extremely cowardly, cruel, former noblewoman with horrible vices, but who was too scared to do anything illegal. The GM sincerely believed that Detect Evil worked on all creatures regardless of HD and that auras were independent of the detection of evil. The GM also said that having an evil alignment was a crime in and of itself, which warranted arrest and punishment up to and (more often) including summary execution. I protested, claiming this was dumb, but I decided to stick around to see how the game would actually work.

What caused the GM to kick the other players and I was that he gave one player a half ogre template, which significantly reduced the comparative utility of the other martials. Someone suggested simply having the half ogre player use the half orc race and large size instead, the GM reacted by sneeringly commenting that that would make it even more broken, giving him a +8 bonus to STR.

Of course a lot of people were like, "lol what", because large size only slightly modifies STR, but the GM insisted that large creatures had a +8 to STR. Someone posted the link to the page on sizes and then several players and I were removed. Apparently the remaining players never played because the GM abandoned the whole affair before gameday. Now that GM's name is effectively blacklisted in Gamefinder threads.

>> No.47775746


>A skeleton with a cock.

>> No.47775768

>8 to 9 players in one game
Fucking gamefinder cucks.
I laugh every single time.

>> No.47775770


MFW I'm a white, spic, rapist, criminal, Redneck, libtard. You really stop giving a shit when you can be insulted in so many contradicting ways.

Basically I'm a spic with a white dad, registered independent, who grew up in the dirtiest of the south.

Come at me, bros.

>> No.47775781

I feel I may have been marked as That Guy for not showing up to any further sessions aside from my first because I had stuff going on.

>> No.47775796

There wre like 13 signed up because the GM said he expected less than half to actually stick around till gameday, of course that didn't happen and he cracked.

>> No.47775815

Fucking hilarious.

>> No.47776013

I think from their perspective I was certainly that guy.

>dm a 5e campaign
>player fucks around, murderhobos etc.
>straight up tell him to fuck off and play seriously or I'll just leave
>he doesn't
>leave and never come back

>> No.47776061

>a player fucks around
>dump the entire group

I rather think you kind of were. Why would you just not kick the problem player?

>> No.47776070

I got really hyped to play D&D after discovering it over the internet. The idea of becoming a hero like Conan and playing in a world like Lord of the Rings IT WAS AWESOME (or so I think in the moment). So I joined a facebook group that help me find people to play with.

One guy posted that he was running a game of D&D, I inmediatly join in. It was a Roll 20 game and it was a pretty fun night playing in a Dragonlance setting, I rolled a dwarf warrior, kicking doors and taking names, I really, really enjoy it.

Then, at the end of the session, the party started discussing how the DM sucked, and they have a better game going on with Exalted "You can be a god anon, and fight like in Saint Seiya" So, like the fucking weeb that I am, I loved the idea, and we got together irl to start playing.

It was awful. The minute that the GM started making me roll for EVERYTHING was the warning that I decided to ignore, just because I was trying to be a good guy and didn´t want to ruin the campaign that the GM was thought but to make long story short, he was "That GM" a guy who nit picks everything that you say and turn it against you. His friends have fiat, of course, and every time I try to be friend them in character, they bring up a bullshit excuse about why they can´t "trust" me or hang out with me, even if I was actually trying to help them every time they have to do something.

I couldn´t try to make something heroic, because they laugh at me and all of them playing against me I leave.

So that was my first and last RPG game, and maybe I´m "That guy" because I was doing something or maybe I pissed the whole group, but I don´t know what, and I´m not in the mood to ask them.

>> No.47776244

You did good. Stay strong.

>> No.47776270

his house

>> No.47776285


>> No.47776292

Fair enough, though if the rest were decent players, you still could've tried to find another venue to play in.

>> No.47776334

> my first game, want to see what everyone else is making so I can help
> ask player 2 what he made. "uh, I'm a fighter, yeah, that's it, that's the ticket." uh oh
> player 3 wants to make a barbarian, but there are no rules for barbarian.
> dm and player 3 argue for almost an hour over it.
> dm gives in, but says barbarian can't control his rage, and must rage at magic
> i ask, are clerical spells magic? pissed off dm says, YES.

> i offer to make something nonmagical, player 3 says, naw, go ahead- This Will Be Fun
> first battle, he's injured, I try to cast Cure Light Wounds on him
> dm rolls to see if Mongo noticed it, he does and berserks with his zweihander
> player 2 backstabs him with a sap to knock him unconscious.
> I suggest we tie him up
> player 3 tells us that won't work because he's strong and will Track us down
> I suggest that we kill him. dm puts his head in his lap and groans
> we killed him, dm kicked all three of us out of the game.
> player 3 had my phone number.

> get a call from player 3, "no hard feels, come on over and we'll play"
> make a new cleric
> player 3 has made an entire adventure
> its about a ghost barbarian that my character killed that haunts me

>> No.47776622
File: 120 KB, 700x1000, ork_warboss_by_albe75-d5rgzqg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep. Old Friend wanted to run a superhero campaign. I am wary, as Old Friend has a history of flaking the fuck out on games. In two previous campaigns he had a history of fucking off and not showing up with no warning. Like, I wouldn't haven even cared if he had just given myself or the GM a call and said he wasn't coming, but he always just didn't show up. Made me feel like we weren't actually his friends.

At any rate, I head in and what we get pitched at us during Session 0 is not 'superheroes.' It's 'you are a SWAT Team caught in a superhero accident, you all get powers.' I was sold on the concept, and as OF was annoyingly into tacti-cool shit, I was less than enthralled as I was sure he wasn't going to make allowances for his non-military geek players. I was told this was going to be a Mutants and Masterminds superhero game, not 'look how dumb comic villains/heroes are, lets shit on them with TACTICS.' I am especially unhappy when he hands every player a printed test with short essay questions which measures our level of tacti-coolness. I resolve to be the shittiest and most delusional officer ever and answer every question on it as if I was a 40k ork.

He then runs us through a short scenario where our SWAT team breaks into a super villain lair, fights some mooks, and the actual hero bursting through the wall when we confront the actual villain causes his doomsday device to go critical and we'd gain our powers for next time in session 1.

I holstered my pistol and hunted down a fire axe in the warehouse. I then fought through the short scenario like a viking warrior, wielding axe and assault shield, and generally making a mockery of his tacticool scenario, because like most of the other players, my knowledge of tactical shit was restricted to Final Fantasy Tactics. I even WAAAGHED at the villain at the end and swung my axe at his force field.

I was not informed of when session 1 was held, OF quietly kicking me out of his game.

>> No.47776923


Of course, that's the excuse I'd have given as well.

>> No.47776970

Dude, Mike, I always liked your didj skills.

>> No.47777255

First friend (GM) was a sociopath. I am literally the only friend he hasn't attempted to blackmail from our entire social circle.

Other friend was a neurotic jewish kid, and used to be GM's best friend. Then High School happened.

Jewish kid started dating slightly older girl with some self-harm and depression issues. GM makes fun of him for this. GM starts dating younger girl who is autistic. Jewish kid dishes out what he took. GM gets very, very unhappy.

So he starts cyberstalking Jewish friend's girlfriend, sending her threats on all her social media, typical 'kys' type bullshit in places, finds out a deeply personal secret and threatens to reveal it to her family.

She attempts suicide.

Jewish friend learns about this, is fucking furious, and then the story as posted occurred. I just really couldn't agree with the GM.

>> No.47777827

No, it means the US Congress shall make no law abridging that freedom. It says nothing about private organizations.

>> No.47777989


One of these things is not like the other

>> No.47778022


Exalted is either fantastic or "spergy dykes rage about things not conforming to their whims & do evil shit and expect to get away with it because MUH SUN or MUH DEVIL-TIGER".

>> No.47778041

>But you should totally be judged by their faults
t. Feminist.

>> No.47778048
File: 69 KB, 1200x900, f46e100000000000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i headbutted a guy during a game once. he'd been winding me up about vets all being dangerous nut jobs and they should be allowed back into society till they passed some kind of non crazy test. i'd been back in the uk for a few months and was still on crutches thanks to a shitty day during my last tour.

this fucking bellend proceeded to create and entire city mission in dark heresy to "prove his Point" and after two hours of being baited i called him on being a cunt and got up to leave when he tried to kick my crutch out from under me. so i nutted the cunt and went home.

spent the next two days waiting for the cops to show up at my door. never heard from him since. which is great cos he's a wanker

>> No.47778081

I wasn't kicked out, but I had another player who thought I was being that guy. Of course instead of talking to me or the DM about it, he had a very loud conversation about it with his friend right behind me, hoping I would hear it.

>> No.47778100

So how did the adventure about the ghost barbarian go?

>> No.47778123


He's concerned about...not Muslims, not the EU...but veterans? In Britain, of all places? For fuck's sake, when you faggot limeys vote Leave I hope you kick him over to France.

>> No.47778212

hipster prick can fucking swim there im not helping him at all

>> No.47778215

>he tried to kick my crutch out from under me
You did good anon

>> No.47778236

>vet violently lashes out at a stranger

>> No.47778258

Mainstream media plz go.

>> No.47778267

>a stranger

Libtards confirmed for the reading comprehension level of a goblin.

>> No.47778311


he's just an edgey dickhead no worries

>> No.47778359

worst thing about it is that was like 6 years ago and i havnt really played much since wich fucking sucks

>> No.47778651

sort of

>join new game
>not the first game for the group, but we had only done one or two trainwreck sessions before that
>make edgy character because I'm a child
>CE antipaladin who keeps his dark powers secret
>the PCs are not a party yet, because we're fucking degenerates who don't know how to do RPGs
>IC the PCs do not know each other or have the same goals yet
>all the PCs are standing together in the busy town center
>clearly evil mayor is going to "trick" us into doing a quest for him
>dwarf paladin talking to him detects that he is evil and attacks the mayor in full view of everyone
>DM rolls initiative for the town guard
>they go first
>they attack me
>"What? Why? I'm just standing here watching, I don't even know these guys."
>"they guards are scared of you because you're so tall"
>"Take 11 damage. Oh you died"

I just walked out after that. A couple of them invited me back for another session, but being the child I was, all I did was protest the DM by fighting other PCs and trying to kill important NPCs.

The group broke up a few months into this madness and stayed that way for a few years. The old DM invited all of the original group back, besides myself, but only one or two of them actually took him up on it. DM blamed me for making the last game so bad. I mean, I didn't help, but it's hard to ruin a game that was shit from the get-go.

Myself and one of the other guys started a new group last year and made sure to extend an invitation to all of the originals. Old DM wasn't into it though so he stuck with his barebones crew.

>> No.47780032


I see you're not a Trump Supporter.

>> No.47780957

I was kind of That GM at one point which led to the dissolution of the campaign.

The party had just arrived in the big city after a few months in the wilderness, the city was holding a tournament because of political shit that the players were supposed to eventually take a side on, but they were all eager to take part in the tournament and I had made a point of saying that they could. One player is powergaming a special snowflake that I was getting sick of. All he ever did in combat was trip, then disarm and rinse and repeat until he won. He, of course, enters the melee. I set it up so that one of the larger threats in the melee has one of those gauntlets that makes disarming him significantly more difficult, because fuck that PC, come up with a different strategy, dude. The melee comes down to the two of them, and of course he tries his regular shit and for the first time in the game, doesn't hit the DC. He's baffled, tries to call me out on cheating, and I just kind of shrug it off. He gets a 19 and is able to disarm the NPC's shield. At this point both of them were at low health, and now the NPC was using his bastard sword with both hands. One lucky critical and the NPC kills the PC outright.

He was dumbfounded that his powergamey mess of a character was beaten, I was dumbfounded that the NPC managed so much damage in a single round. We decide to call the session there so I can get my bearings a decide how to continue from here on out. He insists that he continue to be allowed to play his character, and I concede because I feel bad for killing him, and come up with this big elaborate scenario where he goes to the other side for a brief moment, is given a holy mission and is pulled back. No-one shows up to the next session, and I'm told later that they all decided to quit the game at Powergamer's request because I was a cheat and a bad GM.

Fuck those guys, though, I put dozens of hours into the planning and writing of that campaign.

>> No.47781027

Unless there are details you're leaving out, it sounds like you were at least more or less in the right.

>> No.47781177

I could have handled my issues with his character better, and actually just talked to him about it. Sure, he was already playing an overpowered character, but he was (for the most part) a reasonable guy and I feel like if I had asked him he would have just reigned it in for the sake of the other players. I reacted childishly, but I'm still butthurt that the group disbanded over it.

>> No.47781386


Not kicked out, but first character I made was a self centered CN mary sue that wanted to always be the center of attention, pretty much ruined the game I was playing because nobody wanted to play with me. Long time ago, but it was a learning experience, and pretty much every character I've made since then has been a team player.

>> No.47781534


>> No.47781868

Kill yourself moralising Tumblrite.

>> No.47782996

Yes, because I am a legit Autist (mild) it was my first game, and people didn't explain shit to me.

Adult GM mocked me to my face for remembering random shit from the rulebook.

tbf I think I was cheating like a motherfucker, but that was mostly because I kept getting my spells mixed up? Like I had two lists and I kept switching them because I didn't remember which I had settled on.

protip: if you have a mild autist actually tell them how they fucked up. We legit don't know unless you tell us. I still have a voice modulation problem but I can tone it down when shit's pointed out to me. Fuck, I grew manners overnight after a I had a class on them.

>> No.47783279


>> No.47783402
File: 3.05 MB, 360x203, 1463360886282.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honkey, here in the South, is thrown around by the basketball-Americans. That literally doesn't offend anyone, though. The Southern negroid is particularly easy to offend. Seems to me the cotton under their fingernails must drive them mad.

>> No.47783477


>> No.47783661

>for not being neckbeardy enough
You must be the absolute worst.

>> No.47783811

Does this GM go by Michael/Mike?

>> No.47783821

Tbh I think the police would've given you a pass if they could.

>> No.47783829

this, do tell.

>> No.47784063

>make fun of them for being city faggots
There are city faggots who don't think they're superior to those country hicks by virtue of being a city faggot?

>> No.47785761

I read all of this in Urlich Bachmann's voice.

>> No.47785805

This shit is fucking gold, holy fuck. I don't even care that it's a troll.

>> No.47786420

I was passive-aggressively bullied out of a game once for playing a child character instead of simply being told outright I couldn't do it. Things like having the other characters "accidentally" try to kill her in the crossfire against enemies.

>> No.47786538

What was this GM's name?

>> No.47786590
File: 48 KB, 368x216, 0DvggwQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not me, but a friend in a group was kicked out by the guy who's house we played at.
>Playing some shitty 5e game, DM was new but we all knew each other so we were still having fun
>Guy who's house we were at was a sperg with low attention span
>Could barely play the game due to his lack of attention
>Still insisted, and we were friends from highschool so we kept him around
>We decide to take a break one day during play, due to the actions of our host
>Just hanging out playing some video games
>One of the players downloads Undernight for Sperg's PS3 because he'd been wanting to play it
>Undernight is a fighting game
>We all start playing it and having fun
>Except for Sperg
>He just doesn't get it. We're explaining to him what to do, and the two of us that have actually played fighting games are playing really bad characters/going easy on him
>He keeps losing to our friend, who's just throwing fireballs as the most average character
>Sperg refuses to get off the PS3 until he beats fireball guy
>10+ games pass
>Still losing
>Eventually Sperg has a massive outburst and screams at fireball guys "One more broken ass fireball and you're out of my house
>Fireball guy throws a fireball
>He is kicked from Sperg's house
>Rest of the group leaves because "Things come up"
>Relocate to another house, stop telling Sperg about our games
>Sperg is now a professional marching band member and lives out west

>> No.47786655

>Nothing that really packs the same sort of punch. The only white people who actually get offended by them are overly-sensitive morons, and are fragile little shits anyway, so there's no sense of accomplishment for upsetting them in the first place.

You know why that is? In their heart of hearts, blacks, Arabs, hispanics, and even some Asians secretly believe that they may be racially inferior.

Whites have no such angst.

>> No.47786712

You are not familiar with tumblr I see

>> No.47786729


>> No.47786759

SJWs aren't real people, so they can't claim a race exclusive to humans.

>> No.47786783

An inferiority complex is a very common issue. It's not exclusive or universal to any particular ethnicity, it's present in humanity in general

>> No.47787738


Ahahahahahaha no but I know who you mean and she's a cunt.

>> No.47788093

Preparing primates, actually. Just butchering them while you have a cut.

>> No.47788152


Why does anyone still play at people's houses?

>> No.47788170


This bitch still exists?

>> No.47788291

Underrated Post

>> No.47788292

No. But I have left shitty groups.

>> No.47788321

I had disagreements with other people in the party about where we wanted the narrative to go. I may have been a bit overbearing about it, but in my defense everyone rolled over and let me spend all our gold on a HQ building.

Game died.

>> No.47788351

I guess we're going to ignore every other historic civilization that held slaves too huh

>> No.47788404


Or that it was legal in parts of the Middle East until the 1980s.

>> No.47788420

1/10, got me to (you)

>> No.47788427

Man I hope this is a true story. It's gay as fuck but it gives me a boner in my heart, rather than my pants.

>> No.47788448

I can confirm this story

>> No.47788467

no treasure and hit with cattle launched via catapult ripped directly from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. he also used an unhittable creature from the monster manual called a Shyft to show up, injure us, then leave.

>> No.47788512

I completely agree. But still, now one deserves to be lynched on the Internet.

>> No.47789260

Spot on, Anon. It's an insult.

I hate this meme so much. Just tell him to fuck off like a normal person.

But anyway, I am not really proud of my heritage or masculinity. It's just what I was born into, I don't take credit or blame for anything my ancestors did. But I understand why some people do, I just don't particularly care.

>> No.47790109


don't censor language. trappy is an excellent nickname to communicate a lot of things with one word.

>> No.47790363


Not an argument either.

>> No.47790464

Where else were we gonna play? There was always food and it was a comfy house

>> No.47790465

I was thrown out for acting like a crazy Zealot.

I WAS the crazy Zealot.

>> No.47790781


Online like an adult. Long posts, no nasally voices, superior roleplay, lewdness, drink and eat whatever you want in the comfort of your own abode. Game like a lord, not a serf.

>> No.47790863

I find that all of those can be done in person as well. The only reason that I would play online would be if someone in my group was not in the immediate area.

>> No.47791397

Some people like meeting in person and having a group experience together rather staring at a screen

>> No.47791439

You're going to give me a stroke, man.

I'm not even arguing with you. I'm sharing my opinion.

>> No.47792419


Which isn't an argument.

>> No.47792474


The opinion of a cuck holds neither weight nor water here.

>> No.47792682

Why? We don't need it or want it.


>> No.47792955
File: 965 KB, 300x297, 1429766497024.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Being a normie

>> No.47793151
File: 63 KB, 480x476, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fools!

>> No.47793563


And remember that, in the game of life, it's always best to roll Rogue for Trap-finding and the ability to set those traps off prematurely.

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