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Let's start a Necron thread, anything Necron is welcome

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>tfw no qt tomb queen to look after you and love you forever

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So how's them eldars now-a-days giving yousins much trouble?
But no seriously how do I deal with wraith knights and warp dice than I have models.

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Do you like Oldcrons or Newcrons more?

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I like Oldcrons more but I love Trazyn.

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I like newcrons more but I also wish that the c'tan shards were more intelligent than they are now.

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That is a good question.The oldrons were nearly like a horror villain faceless and seemly without motivation, they had a great atmosphere and feel but little in the way of character. It was said lack of character that dragged them down.
Newcrons have more character while having the ability to be that scary entity but it much harder to obtain in writing (as if a book will ever be written about them).They now on the other hand have characters some that deserve to be in a comedy skit and other in a political wartime drama, now for most settings this would indicate a lack of direction but they made it "work" for the necrons with my favorite character being nemosor zandrekh (I don't feel bad for laughing at senile people should I get help?). Through both these characters and exposition we learn of the old the necron way of life which is something I was always curious about.I like the newcrons more but what the canopteks used to be I prefer those

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Oldcrons. I left Warhammer 40K after new Necron codex.

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Newcrons are cancer. Not Tau tier cancer but close.

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The dude's hilarious, you shouldn't feel bad.

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I mean yeah they're partially Tomb Kings in Spaaace, but at least theres a bit more variety to be found here than in their fantasy equivalent. Plus you've got gems like Trazyn alongside the niche to keep Oldcron-style armies like Destroyer/Flayed One Cults or mind-wiped Master Computer style newcrons.

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I feel like the Space Terminators aesthetic was really boring and that they were improved greatly by actually giving Tomb worlds and Necron Lords their own character which made them distinct from one another. The "Oldcrons were scarier" argument never held water to me considering that 40k already has plenty of terrifying shit in it. Plus it's a big fucking Galaxy, you're guaranteed to find a tombworld that's exactly like in Oldcron fluff.

Plus I haven't heard a real argument against the Newcron fluff other than that it contradicts the old fluff.

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>Anything I don't like is cancer

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What is you opinion on crypteks in the current codex and what do you think of them by comparison to the previous codex?
Do you think you could improve them from their current or previous versions?

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Oldcrons were just metal nids,newcrons brought some fucking hilarious characters.

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>soy soy motherfucker

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The newcrons have some fun characters but I loved the scary atmosphere of the oldcrons more. Grim metallic hordes, silently murdering everything in their way. They were great. Loved that Termniator / horror film / robo-Lovecraft feel.

I never understood the lack of character. I didn't want my Necrons to have wacky adventures. I wanted grimdark machine killers. They did have the whole "tragic downfall" / lost civilisation angle covered though. Never understood why GW never bothered showing off more unque Necron Lords in the fluff. Even Dark Crusade didn't bother. They could have shown off Lords with special likes / dislikes based on the creatures they used to be; they could have had Lords spontaneously flashing back to their past lives or malfunctioning due to a trace fragment of their shattered souls. /tg/ used to do some good stories of this, and that's all the Oldcrons needed.

But hey... Trazyn is cool I guess, even if the pokeballs, TARDIS buildings, and 200+ star system sized empire existing next to the Imperium feel totally at odds with the setting.

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*never understood the lack of character argument

Not every army needs to a related human bro-force. It's always sad to see people making that argument about Tyranids, and say the Tyranids would be better if all the Hive Tyrants shit talked their enemies and had wacky adventures with genestealer sidekicks.

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Oldcrons. I mean REALLY Oldcrons, they were my first army when they looked like pic related.

I liked the look more, and I also liked the mystery. Just an ancient machine race that had awoken with destroyalllife.exe running.

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I think Necron victory would be the best result for the 40k setting.

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They don't call him space jesus for nothing.

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I shall never touch a vagina: The Post.

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You aren't wrong.

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is that or is that not xeno?

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No, it is pure Necron.

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Definately newcrons, I love the different dynasties and the lore behind them. I can understand why people prefer the old lore but considering its been 5 years people should have gotten over it by now.

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Oldcrons. Liked the soulless mechanical killers.
I think the newcrons angle had potential, but just making it tomb kings in space instead of alien beings? Missed opportunity in my book. It's not like 40k wasn't already full of court intrigues, and even the eldars feel more foreign than them now.
ALso not a fan of the new asthetics with bits everywhere, but I think it's partially due to the old sculptors and painters leaving, which led to a different feel in official pics.

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To fleshy, Post real Necron women.

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Ok guys , post scenarii about a Necron married with a farseer ,it can be LCB-esque or total tsundere behavior

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>a farseer
Human female magos would be much simpler.

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Yet do we want it to be simple ? An Eldar is much more appropriated because there are old races

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But Eldar are Eldar.

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And Magos are human , do you think Necrons have other thing to do than date some prepubescent races ? No Eldar are the most suited for this role because they are the second most ancient race in this galaxy

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Oldcrons, seriously, turning soulless skeleton murderrobots into a bunch of metal dudes was not cool, they were a scary threat even by 40k standarts and newcrons are just XenoAdMech that want their fleshy bits back. Nothing interesting or scary.

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>they were a scary threat even by 40k standarts

Actually they were just lame off-brand Chaos, off-brand Tyranids.

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Chaos was never good.

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I liked how the old crypteks really felt like space techno-wizards, with a lot of options to flavor them out, though I can't say anything about their effectiveness.

The new crypteks just feel bland in comparison. They have a use, but I tend not to bring them out because I just don't feel like they have much in the way of interesting options going for them.

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Newcrons. Oldcrons were just boring. They had an interesting atmosphere and decent idea, but nothing to grab onto to make into Your Dudes. Newcrons feel like a fully realized faction with good character.

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A terrible idea for an army:

>Nemesor Hegkh and his trusty sidekick Valgard Jahk'h
>Was NecroNet reviewer of bad video games and movies during the War in Heaven
>Woke up to find a massive backlog of terrible Tau and Imperium video games/assorted mass media
>Now, accompanied by a retinue of his most rabid fans, he raids planets, turning to ash the makers of bad video games.

I am sorry.

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So long as he makes it his "life"'s quest to destroy Electronica Artistes, its all good.

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So how the fuck did the necrons beat the C'Tan?

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I've read the page, but has it ever been expanded upon what the weapons they used against the C'Tan might have been? The suggestion is that they are warp based, but they're not psychic so what? Did they stick eldar psychers into bombs or something?

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probably. Just strap some psykers to dynamite and launch via space-slingshot

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Actually you know what, I bet it was the Krorks, the necrons bred the intelligence out of them and unleashed their madness on the star lords until they tore themselves to pieces from frustration.

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I wouldn't interpret "energies of the living universe" as meaning the warp, myself; the first codex described the C'tan as wielding the "primal energies of creation", but their powers obviously weren't warp-based.

Imperial Armour 12 added that the means used by the Necrons damaged "causality itself", and that Szarekh deliberately wiped his subjects' memories of those weapons as he, understandably, couldn't trust them with the knowledge. That still isn't much more detail, but it does at least make it seem more like an intentional attempt at mystery. Also from IA12, the Maynarkh Dynasty's foremost nemesor was, according to legend, personally responsible for the destruction of the Flayer, but the Maynarkh themselves deny it - and even if it is true, he presumably wouldn't have done it with his normal signature weapon, unless the C'tan's great weakness all along was S5 AP2 Instant Death.

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Okay well just hate all of Warhammer then that's cool.

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Are you me? Newcrons completely turned me off 40k. For me it's Oldcrons or nothing. I want faceless Cthulhu hordes, not Skele-Eldar.

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>Oldcrons were just metal nids

And Newcrons are just metal humans.

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>tfw want to face Necrons but don't want to make them
No one plays Necrons at my store, but fighting them with my guardsmen sounds amazing.

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Newcrons are metal Eldar. If you wanted to play Eldar than just play Eldar.

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Not him, but can you expand on that? I suppose on a surface level they've lost something due to an eldritch power and are trying to get it back.

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Take any piece of newcron fluff and exchanged it with eldar and there would be little difference.

The dark eldar have been doing the wacky space overlords bit with super science longer than the newcrons have. Apart from silly aesthetics even by 40k standards, newcrons bring nothing new to 40K.

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I think they're about equal.

There needed to be a change to Oldcrons.
But whilst Newcrons have added some character and customisability that was missing, they also completely removed the things that made the Oldcrons cool.

So instead of fixing the race it's as if they just replaced it with a completely different one with a new set of flaws.

My ideal change for Newcrons would have been to expand the number of weaker C'tan and give them super alien, edgy personalities. Make them into sort of 40k von Carsteins and Lahmia instead of making Necrons into 40k Tomb Kings mixed with Eldar.

>metal tit bones

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>>metal tit bones

Anrakyr and his retinue instantly recognized the sex/gender of the female cryptek and kychguard in "Devourer" novel.

This means one thing.

Necrodermis boobs are canon

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But were oldcrons even bringing that much new? Barely sentient hordes of killing sounds a lot like Tyranids with robots chucked on like the other posters suggested. That said, I've really not paid much attention to Necrons full stop since I've started

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The point I am trying to make is that people saying the oldcrons are metal tyranids are ignoring the fact that newcrons are metal eldar. They are obnoxious hypocrites.

Le meme Trazyn has the personality of a dark eldar collectors who are described as collecting relics, artefacts, and people for their enjoyment before the newcron codex came out. There is nothing setting apart these newcron characters from their human and eldar counterparts so you might as well play a chaos lord or a dark eldar archon.

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>"Devourer" novel
Oh hey, someone else who read it!

The few stories I've read centring on the Newcrons are pretty interesting. I loved the way that the Necrons expressed emotion and intent through subtle poses, hand gestures and digital signals, since their faces were mostly immobile.

I always liked the idea that they used a form of Augmented Reality. It's why the tombs look so dark and bleak, and their faces are stationary masks: all the features, artwork, etc are only visible if you're plugged into the Tomb world's network.

This guy has it right.
The Oldcrons needed a little more personality in the Lords and so forth, but what GW did was pretty dumb.

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I still don't get this

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Ok, that makes sense now. Thanks for answering me.

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Post Necron minis

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One question: are necrons all mindless drones save the Necron Lord?/

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You see, either by some miscalculation or deliberate order, only high-ranking necrons retained their memories after the conversion to metal. However, during their 65 million-year nap, quite a few tomb worlds malfunctioned in some way. Some were left open to be occupied by younger races. Some made their occupants hate everything, and try to kill all living beings. And some, either by miscalculation or luck, managed to save the memories and conscience of all necrons contained, from the Overlord to the lowliest civilian.
tl;dr Most are, but there are some worlds where everyone is sentient.

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Quit spouting bullshit.

Ignore his reply.

All Necron royarchs (Phaerons, Overlords, and Lords) are sentient. The Crypteks (the scientist caste) are sentient. The Warrior Elite (Lychguard and Triarch Praetorian) are sentient. The professional solidarity (Immortals) have been stripped of everything except their martial memories and emotions.

The Necron Warriors (Plebs) are mindless. Their bodies are incapable of holding full memory of the persons they were and worse they are all designed as lobotmized prisons for the consciousnesses of converted plebs.This was an intentional design feature by the Necrontyr Royarchs.

This is the case of all the Necrons. The only exception is rumoured to be in the Thokt Dynasty where it' said that their warriors are sentient. However, there is proof that's actually true.

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There is no proof*

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The old ones had a lot of options but there only like 2 that were used, because they were better than the rest. Forgot which ones, google 6th edition necron reviews if interested.

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Is not that wrong.

Necrons lost huge numbers of tomb worlds while asleep. Others malfunctioned either crumbling their charges to dust oder mindwiping them.

That powernap did not go as planned. At all.

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With the position they were in at the time I am surprised they didn't test their equipment more to ensure a safe nap.

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Clearly their desperation to avoid being annihilated by the unstoppable Eldar master race forced them to just go ahead and take their great sleep into the unknown.

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-Move 5"
-Wounds 7
-Save 4+
-Bravery 10

-Ranged Weapons-
-Staff of Light - 12", Attacks 3, To Hit 3+, To Wound 3+, Rend -1, D3
-Gauntlet of Fire - 8", Attacks D6 , To Hit 4+, To Wound 4+, Rend - , 1 Wound

-Melee Weapons-
-Staff of Light - 2", Attacks 1, To Hit 4+, To Wound 3+, Rend -1 , D3 Damage
-Warscythe - 2", Attacks 3, To Hit 3+, To Wound 3+, Rend -2, D3 Wounds
-Gauntlet of Fire - 1", Attacks 1, To Hit 4+, To Wound 3+, Rend -, D3 Wounds

Resurrection Orb - +1 to reanimation rolls

Reanimation Protocols: If a model in this unit suffers a wound, ignore it on a dice roll of 5+. If it suffers a mortal wound, ignore it on a 6+.

-Comman Ability-
- Phylactery- A Necron Overlord and units within 6" may reroll failed reanimation protocol rolls.

Necron Warriors - A unit of Necron Warriors has 10 or more models.
-Move 4"
-Wounds 1
-Save 5+
-Bravery 10

-Ranged Weapons-
-Gauss Flayer - 16", Attacks 1, To Hit 4+, To Wound 4+, Rend - , 1 Wound

-Melee Weapons-
-Gauss Flayer Blade - 1", Attacks 1, To Hit 5+, To Woound 4+, Rend - , 1 Wound

-Gauss flayer: When rolling to-wound, 6's become mortal wounds

-Unrelenting Legion: If a unit of Necron Warriors has 20 or more models you have a 1+ to hit, if 30+ you have a +1 to wound also.

Immortal: upgrade save to 4+, and increase attacks on Gauss Flayer to 2.

Reanimation Protocols: If a model in this unit suffers a wound, ignore it on a dice roll of 5+. If it suffers a mortal wound, ignore it on a 6+.

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Are there any novels that focus on necrons?

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>race being able to extinguish stars at the other end of the galaxy
>not being able to see if a planet is tectonically unstable or if the sun will go nova

>Race that caused the Men of Iron rebellion via datavirii infection and was unknown before M.41 due to every archeological expeditions getting reduced to atomic particles.
>getting dismantled during their sleep everywhere around the galaxy

Truly, top tier writing.

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It's almost like 40k is a sloppy inconsistent mess written by at best average writers and more often by sub-par fanboys.

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I dont usually say this about filthy xenos, but he is really rocking that skull

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Yes, and?
You say that like it's a valid excuse.

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>Is not that wrong.

It is.

What he is implying is that Necron warriors are mindless because of the faults of the Great Sleep. Which is plain wrong.

FYI, the rare sentient Necrons that had their minds erased due to the faults, get programmed by the tomb computers who bestow upon them some form of personality to mimic the proper dynasts.

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He is an idiot.
He is just throwing that statement to handwave that newcron lore is exceptionally poorly written.

>anon 1 : newcron fluff is bad
>anon 2 : well, yeah??? all of 40K is bad!

It's really pitiful if you ask me.

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Why do you guys like Necron?

>> No.47664842

I admire their purity.

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A survivor … unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.

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Most things about them, their asthetics, their lore, even their mild insanity (Especially Zandrekh) and their Your Dudes potential.

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What would you do to necrons to compromise between boring oldcrons and randumb newcrons?

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Been discussed to death. Sad reality we are struck with the shitty newcrons and nothing said here will change it.

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