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oh god i lost all the system documents please don't trap me in a turtle Edition

WE ARE BACK and hopefully this thread doesn't crash and burn like the 2 to 3-post threads before it.

As always, feel free to use the Stand Generator for ideas:

Or you could always go the organic route and use the lyrics and the feel of the music, it's up to you!

What is the Stand (that you've made) that you're most proud of?

How do YOU generally come up with Stands?

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I'm not the usual guy who makes the /sss/ threads, so I have no idea where all the Jojo systems went.

If you have any, feel free to post them in this thread.

On another note, would any fa/tg/uys be interested in an online session of JoJo's BizRPG? Idk where I'd host it (maybe Roll20, though I heard it can get bad) but I feel like it would be a fun experience for anons to get rolling and submitting new Stands.

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If my mic wasn't completely fucked I would be down.

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Stand name : Tomorrow's King


Ability: [Existential Declaration]
Has the ability to make objects Exist or not by touching them, Tomorrow's King can also make exist again at will

I used stand generator for this but it was so fucking broken I changed it up a little, it used to be able to make anyone not exist at will by just thinking of it.

also not my art of the stand, some anon drew it for me a couple of threads ago

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I'm gonna have to post my own shitty Stands to get this going:

[Blue Collar Man]
Stand Ability: Balance
Power: E
Speed: E
Range: E
Durability: E
Precision: E
Learning: A (can only be used for temporary stat boosts)

[Blue Collar Man] appears as a humanoid punchghost, its notable features are a keyhole as its left eye and a bright, glowing back. BCM is an extremely weak Stand that becomes viable once combat starts. BCM's ability will activate, draining the stats of its enemy and putting them both on equal ground. For example, if BCM is fighting an enemy Stand with A rank stats across the board (disregarding Learning, ofc), then both of them will be set to C rank stats across the board. This makes the fight more interesting and less one sided. Technically, BCM can fight ANYONE equally. BCM does not get to choose which enemy to balance. The first enemy to engage combat will be the one it balances. Furthermore, after the fight ends (whether through death or end of hostility), the stats will be rolled back for the Stands involved.

BCM's only other ability is called [Long Nights] and it uses the keyhole eye to gain information from the enemy. The longer the fights go, the more information can be gleaned about the Stand and the higher the chance of victory for BCM.

The whole concept of BCM comes from determination. Although they are put on equal ground in stats, BCM will usually still be disadvantaged because it only has Long Nights as an ability as opposed to other, more elaborate abilities. In order to win, BCM will need to survive for as long as possible, gaining more and more information and using the Learning stat wisely to gain boosts that will tip the scales of battle.

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With the "King" in its name, I could totally imagine this as a Stand of the Higashikata household in Part 8.

Its kinda OP though, would you give it to like an Okuyasu character to nerf it?

All in all, I could really see this as a villain stand.

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more of a villain stand to be honest, I was thinking of limiting the objects it can keep "non-existential" to 3, anything else that is made non-existent would cancel out 1 of them making it exist again.

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That limitation would actually perfectly balance it without making it too strong or weak.

With the three entity clause, the user could make an entity reappear without actually touching it, giving it an extra level of depth.

I'm imagining some guy "killing" three grenades, leaving the room, and "killing" three leaves. Then, the entire previous room would explode.

Good shit my man, definitely stealing

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If the playing card from the picture is part of the Stand, you could make the limit be four, with the symbols for the suits of cards appearing on it as it nonexists things.

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Let's play a game:
Stand Name is [Come Sail Away]

Now, make an ability for it. If you can write down a user and an appearance, even better.

[Come Sail Away] is a Stand similar to Illuso's Man in the Mirror. It appears as a long-haired humanoid punchghost with a sailor theme. It can appear in any surface of water (puddles, lakes, sink water, etc.) and replays a memory of the person looking at it. If they touch the water, they will be pulled in and absorbed immediately. In general, fighting against this Stand is a battle of the minds.

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[Death Math]
Stand Ability: Temporal Acceleration
Power: C
Speed: A
Range: E
Durability: B
Precision: C
Learning: C

Similar to [Kiss] or [Boku No Rhythm Wo Kiitikure], [Death Math] can stick something to objects - including people. In this case, a small pair of clock hand, which turn faster and faster as time goes on. The faster these clock hands move, the faster the object will progress through time; people will begin acting more quickly, slowly speeding up until they can no longer interact normally, as well as aging faster and faster. Objects will crumble and decay as they would in real time - metal will rust, stone will erode, plastic is relatively unaffected though.

[Death Math] can also fine-tune and even reverse this effect as its user learns - for instance, adding an upper limit to the speed up, allowing the user to become incredibly fast (though aging and fatiguing quickly) or to slow them down, allowing them to feel pain later and age slowly.

The user eventually begins keeping a slowing timer on while sleeping, or while doing something enjoyable such as eating, or bathing.

This could either be a heroic or villainous Stand, depending on the user. I feel like it would fit a Jojo quite well. Not overly punchy, but quick and smart.

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Fuck it. The /a/ thread is slow anyway.

The stand I was most proud of making is one that can switch the P.O.V. of targets via ribbons.

I used it for a fanfic.

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Wait. Switch the POV? Like, a person sees what another person is looking at, but their body is still their own? That sounds hilariously wonky.

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Anything attached to one end of the ribbon will have their POV and senses switched with whatever organism was attached to the other end.

The user can use it on herself. So it could be used for spying, or to fuck with opponents.

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Damn, that's sexy. Imagining this shit animated is killing me that these'll never be real

>enemies decaying and turning to dust without even knowing what's happening

I'm also digging the risk that comes with this. Each action having it's own pros and cons makes it so much fun. Also stealing this.

What was its name?

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Ribbon in the Sky.

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Stand ability: Self-splitting
Power: A
Speed: C
Range: E
Durability: B
Precision: A
This stand can split itself into two smaller versions of itself, each half the size and strength, which can also split themselves, and so on. Range also increases slightly with each generation, but more slowly than strength decreases.

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Bear in mind, the speeding up is exponential. Once affected, the target typically doesn't notice for a while, but once it's noticeable they don't have long to fight.

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Reminds me of my old Stand [Future Boys]. Could split from 1 to 2, 4, or 6, losing precision and power the more splits. At 6 copies, it activated a hidden effect that essentially turned the distance between each one into an electric fence as well as letting them throw lightning bolts.

the ability was called [Electric Six]

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But, they're still burdened by their increased speed, right?

Like theoretically, they could reach the point where they're speaking so fast that people can't hear them and so they can't get help?

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You have it exactly right. The first part, where it ramps up slowly, can be compared with lots of caffeine. As it speeds up, it's like the Fry's 100 Cups of Coffee, except less cool.

except the user can speed up to 100-coffee fry levels and act normally

Also, guys: http://fanstands.weebly.com/

This is a thing, apparently. Get submitting.

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i wouldnt mind running a short 2 or 3 session game

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Great. Now I'm going to waste my entire Sunday.

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I had a Stand almost exactly like this called [With Friends Like These]. I tried it out on a session, but it ended up amazingly underwhelming, probably because it had not super special power like other Swarm Stands like Bad Company or Harvest

That's gotta be one of my favorite upgrades and names. Stealing this.

Fucking great. If we can get a few more people in agreeance, we could actually use this thread to plot out the setting of the sessions and other factors.

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Stand: Skeleton$

Ability: Able to replicate objects made of bone and can control density of bones. Its second ability "Bone Zone", Allows the stand to control a targets bones like a puppet.

Power: C Speed: A Range: C Precision: A Durability: D Learning; A

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Keep posting stands senpai i'm using them in my campaign if i like them. If someone can make a time or space related stand for a BBEG for my game i will buy a game for them on steam.

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What 'super special powers' does Bad Company have?

Besides vehicles.

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A Stand that can cut time and see different outcomes, choosing the one he wants.

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The amount of uses this has really appeals to me. [Bone Zone] ability seems like a Requiem upgrade in terms of power, but I can see how it could be nerfed if you could only control one person at a time

Oh boy here comes the Stands

Really just the ranged attacks and heat-seeking missiles.

My [With Friends Like These] was all melee, so it was harder for me.

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>replicate objects made of bone
Is that 'replicating objects, but only ones that are made of bone,' or 'replicating objects, but the replica is made of bone?' because those are two different things.

What else can we do with time stands?

Giorno should be stop.

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Submitted this in one of the JoJo threads on /a/ yesterday, but:

[Comfortably Numb] makes people in its range perceive reality 10 seconds behind from real time. While affected, a person would see an enemy turning the corner, but in reality they are getting killed by said enemy. Pain is not in real-time, making their death "comfortably numb".

Thank you Dr. Feelgood

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Nah bone zone isn't that broken in action since it focuses on one target mostly. Its requiem is calcium manipulation. Now that is some OP shit.

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well i mean it can generate bone objects from its body like like a hammer for example.

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Hm. this is actually pretty good fampaitachi ill keep it in mind if no one else impresses me ill use this one.

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Stealing this now.

>Bone Zone
control an enemy
>bone replication
make said enemy grow bone weapons and armor
>bone density
make said weapons and armor dense as fuck

Bone warrior at your disposal

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already did this with zombies at one point. Pretty cool man.

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Stand: Sleepyhead

Ability: Exudes an aura inside its range that makes targets extremely lazy. Goes to a point where targets are too lazy to fight back or breathe. Automatic stand.

Power: C Speed; B Range: A Durability: C Learning:A Precision: C

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While people are making Stands to share in this thread (I hope), I have a question for you posters.

If you were going to play a JoJo session, what would your ideal setting be?

I asked /a/ and they picked
>Speed Racer/Formula One JoJo
>JoJo on a Space Station

but what does /sss/ want?

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Wild wild west

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Idk i would dig a San Andreas style/ Part 4 style game in the ghetto.

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Either 1960s-70's hippie bullshit or victorian gentlepeople solving crimes and getting into bullshit occultism.

I love fringe movements, mostly.

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>What is the Stand (that you've made) that you're most proud of?
Gusto Godforbid is an ex-con on the lam from the authorities after a prison-break. He's a melodramatic con artist who gets dragged into the events involving the protagonist against his will. With the help of his stand, [Rob the Prez-o-Dent], he can reach into his pockets and out of other people's pockets. He uses this ability to attack from odd angles (reach into his coat pocket and out of a cop's shirt pocket to cold-cock him, or grab his gun), skitter around on his hands like a horrifying crab, and rapidly pickpocket and transfer items from one person to another.
>How do YOU generally come up with Stands?
I listen to a song a bunch of times, try to think of a power that doesn't seem to have a lot of apparent utility, and then think of imagine a scene I'd want to read involving that power. I usually build the stand, then the user when I write for roleplaying purposes.

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Automatic Stand like Sheer Heart Attack or the user just throws out their Stand and it stays there?

It might be too close to SBR, but it would definitely be cool to do "A Fistful of Dollars" Spaghetti Western setting. I assume that's what you mean, right?

>Joquan Johnson
If anyone's seen "Dope", a setting based on gang crime or trying to escape gang crime would be interesting.

Hippie JoJo sounds great. It could be a one-shot session staged entirely at Burning Man with Burning Man as the antagonist.

Another anon suggested Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper detective setting, that what you're thinking of?

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its automatic in the place down and let it do its thing sense of the word.

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No problem mate.

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I'm digging the cleverness of the Stand. It really is underwhelming when you first hear about it, but thinking on, it has the potential to be one of the best. Seems like someone like Joseph would have this Stand.

Do you have any more Stands? I'm digging the effort you're putting into these.

Sup bae

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[Prince of the Universe]

Power: A
Speed: A
Range: D
Durability: C
Learning: A
Precision: B

Ability (bear with me here):

The power to "overwrite" or replace up to 10 seconds of the current timeline the user is in with an event of equivalent length in another. Any damage or effects sustained during the overwritten time will carry forth into the rest of the timeline after the ability ends.

Let's say there is a man named Bob 1, and his alternate timeline counterpart Bob 2.

Bob works as a security guard at a bank. Bob 1 decides to skip work that day to get ice cream. Bob 2 still goes to work. Bob 2 gets killed by gunfire as bank robbers rob the place.

During the time that Bob 2 gets shot, Bob 1 walks home safe because he chose not to go to work.

On his way home, he accidentally drips ice cream on the user's shoes. User gets mad, and overwrites time. Bob 1 suddenly finds himself at a bank, with screaming people and the sound of gunfire all around him. He feels an odd pain in his chest.

The ability ends, and Bob 1 finds himself back on the street. He calls the user a creep. He continues walking, when he looks down and sees his torso riddled with bullets. He collapses dead then and there on the street.

Basically, if we are using the DVR metaphor, this ability can be likened to recording a movie over another movie. I envision this as a main villain kind of stand.

I posted this stand idea before, but this is the first time I drew it.

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the BBEG's stand is Clap Hands.
"Clap Hands


Clap Hands is a simple looking stand, just a head and two large floating hands without a body. Clap Hands can fold any object as many times as it desires, into any shape that it desires. These object retain mass, and stay folded this was as long as the stand or it's user holds onto them.
For example, Clap Hands could fold a car into an extremely heavy shiv and stab someone with it. Releasing the shiv, the car would proceed to unfold inside of the victim. Objects/people are unharmed by the folding process."

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For reference, my fampires:

Super fast and super strong, with godawful range. Probably has an especially powerful ability to overcome this weakness (Star Platinum, Crazy Diamond, Gold Experience, etc.)
Punchghost that primarily uses long-ranged attacks to attack and/or create harmful environments for enemies. Less durable than a Punchghost to compensate for its increased range (Magician's Red, Hierophant Green, etc.)
>Automatic stand
Continuously attacks and acts of its own accord, even without your command. Often times won't kill you if destroyed. (Sheer Heart Attack, Notorious BIG, etc.
>Bound Stand
Attatched to an object and controlled by your will. No detriment to it being destroyed. (Love Deluxe, Surface, etc.)
Several small stands all belonging to one user. One or two being destroyed isn't fatal.
(Harvest, Bad Company, Sex Pistols)
>Mundane Stands
An ability that isn't geared towards actual combat, but is helpful nonetheless (Tohth, Moody Blues, Pearl Jam, Burning down the house, etc)
>Multi-Act stand
Starts off with a basic, usually weak ability that, through maturity and understanding evolves becoming more powerful, with the benefit of being able to use the individual abilities of every "act" as you wish.
>Status Effect
While they don't directly "attack" the user, they create a situation or environment that harms or disorients the user to slowly kills them (Sugar Mountain's Spring, The Lock, Jailhouse Lock, Green Day, etc.)
>Ranged stands
Have very good range and usually decent killing potential despite their often minuscule size. (Aerosmith, Aqua Necklace, Highway Star)
>Wearable Stands
Both protect the user and empower them with an ability (Oasis, White Album)
>Weapon based
A stand that is or uses a weapon or item as its main method of attack (Emporor, Silver Chariot, Beach Boy)
Takes away something for losing some sort of challenge or game, usually a soul or something vital.(Osiris, Atum, Boy II man, Marilyn Manson)

>> No.47635241

I have a few more, yes. And I'm incredibly proud of Gusto and Rob the Prez-O-Dent. I can't wait to run these ideas in a game. I'm writing a JJBA game right now in Fate Accelerated, so hit me up if you'd be interested in playing.

[THUNDERCHILD] is the stand of "Whaler" Wayne Cross, an old fisherman that gets dragged into adventure alongside the protagonist and JoJo, a private investigator investigating a string of BIZARRE murders.
His stand looks like a transformer made of crab chitin and blood vessels. It's an incredibly short-ranged close-combat stand that allows Wayne to sense electrical and electromagnetic impulses on a precise level, as well as "armor" any part of the body or clothing that has been wetted with incredibly resilient plating. Wayne is the up-close and personal character in the principle cast, and an accomplished mariner and boxer. I don't have art for him yet.

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This is great, definitely suitable for a villain.

>> No.47635402 [DELETED] 

That's really neat, definitely stealing this idea for something.

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That's really neat, definitely stealing this idea for something.

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Thanks guys.

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Space opera.

>> No.47635587

I mean more the order of the golden dawn and the rosicrucians and so forth fucking about with stands and secret conspiracies and stuff. I guess it could also work as a renaissance game, now that I think about it.

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Let's play a little game.

Turn your biggest fetish into a stand; what is it's name and power? Be sure to give it the jojo twist so it's cool and compelling.

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>What is the Stand (that you've made) that you're most proud of?

[Radio GaGa]

Can alter, delete, record, and playback any sound its User can hear. Playing back sounds allows it to recreate the circumstances of the recording against an appropriate target. For example, it can open a door by playing back the sound of door opening, but can't open a window.

>> No.47635766

One bit in the writings of Paracelsus talking about powers of the spirit and its ability to harm and act as the cause of illness sounds damn near like he's talking about Stands. A Renaissance/early modern JoJo could work pretty easily.

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Don't you have other magical realm threads to touch yourself to? Fuck off,

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[Red Right Hand] is an ability stand that manifests as a red aura around the user's right hand when its principle power is active. The ability can only be activated by physical contact with another living thing, and can only effect the living thing as long as the user stays within the Stand's range of 10 meters. When the user touches a living thing, he can cause people and animals (barring most stand users) to be increasingly hostile to the target depending on the number of times he touches it.
For example, one touch might lead to people in a crowd being rude to you.
Two touches might make someone want to pick a fight with you.
Three touches is usually murderous intent.
This ability effects humans and animals. Stand users may also be effected if they don't figure out what's going on, fast.
pic unrelated.

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Not using it for BBEG but definitely stealing thanx man.

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It's like a better version of Valentine's "Wekapipo AND Diego shot Johnny" moment. Stealing this for later use.

This uses for this are actually so much. I'm imagining some guy getting weighed down by hundreds of little paper balls that are actually compacted buses.

Sign me up, my man. I need the experience for future JoJo sessions irl.

My god, your names and abilities are great. Have you ever made any Stands that reference the lyrics as well as the name of a song?

JoJos on a Spaceship is an idea that I've always wanted to do. Exploring new planets with aliens that have Stands, rogue trading, etc. JoJo Star Trek is also perfect for Stand of The Week situations.

Wow, I've actually never thought about a setting like that. The more I think about it, the more occult stuff is interesting to me. An SBR-power level setting with plague doctors and the advent of brand new technology sounds great.

Initially, I thought of Echoes, but it's very very different. So, the sound of someone getting stabbed would be really beneficial for this person, unless it had to be a specific person getting stabbed to work?

Either way, I can imagine a villain just sitting in a room listening to various audio clips as he prepares for his next crime.
Good shit

>> No.47635963

I absolutely have. My characters' backstories are all references to lyrics in the songs their stands are named for.
My skype is Lawuldead if you want to talk about that game.

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Would you guys mind if i did a storytime of the first two sessions of a game i'm running?

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File: 105 KB, 500x363, DEE-FO-SHI ED BOYS!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm always up for a storytiem.

>> No.47636019

Please do

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Friend of mine challenged me to make a stand based off a pink guy song. I did.
[RAMEN KING] appears as a masculine humanoid covered head to toe in pink cloth. While it has mediocre, though not awful, physical abilities on its own, it has a large range of 100m. In addition, any noodles within the user's range can be controlled by the user, similarly to Love Deluxe. This limits the user to luring his enemies into supermarkets and restaurants, but once inside it is deadly.

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Have you tried searching the previously archived threads for the OP?

The suggested RPGs are typically the homebrew d100 game, FATE, Cortex/Marvel Heroic, and Monsters and Other Childish Things. On that note, I have a VERY rough draft of how to make a Stand in Chronicles of Darkness that I'll share if there's any interest.

>What is the Stand (that you've made) that you're most proud of?
Probably Hysteria. Hysteria's original idea was that it could manipulate memories, but that's not very viable all the time. Instead, it can freely control and remotely manipulate anything it can sink its tentacles into, such as electronics or a human body. The only limit is that it can only have full control over a single object at any single time.

That, or Nirvana, which is Schrodinger's Box as a powerful time manipulating antagonist Stand. It can steal objects from the past as long as their disappearance was unobserved, or protect its Stand User from death as long as there were no witnesses to his demise. It continues the tradition of Stands being based off of weird science facts/theories.

>How do YOU generally come up with Stands?
I either work from the top (cool Stand name/design first) or the bottom (unique/creative power first). If the Stand comes first, then I have to consider a power that fits the theme of the Stand and/or takes inspiration from the Stand's namesake song/album. If the power comes first, I just need to find a good (if not fitting) song/album to stick on top of it.

I remember that Stand. Good stuff.

You're welcome to use Nirvana.

Cyberpunk. Something like Arika meets Scanners and Diamond is Unbreakable.

Let's hear it.

>> No.47636055

>do you mind if I did a storytime



>> No.47636060

there should be an /sss/booru or something so we can put all the cool art there.

>> No.47636067

Personally I like the idea of using Double Cross for it, but it'd take some refluffing.

>> No.47636107

Will do, my man.

I love using lyrics when making Stands. Things like secondary names for songs are awesome too. "Moving Out (Anthony's Song)" by Billy Joel prompted me to make a Stand called [Moving Out] whose owner was a second generation Chinese immigrant named Anthony Song

>> No.47636113

Not a specific person, it just has to be conceptually appropriate. A car crash, for example, could be used against any kind of moving vehicle; it could also be used against a building but not a person, as a car hitting a person sounds different. To further elaborate on the door example, the sound of a sliding door could open a sliding window, but not a hinged door.

The User, an 80s-themed club kid named Moxie Minerva, was to be a sneaky antihero type using Radio GaGa to gather information and stir up shit while the Onomatopoeia ability was more of an ace in the hole type deal due to a limited ability to store sounds.

My other favorite Stand I created was a User with multiple personality disorder with a five-part Stand called [Turn! Turn! Turn!] that was based on the movie Inside Out.

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Aight then.

Game takes place in 2016 at a Speedwagon Foundation Facility in Mexico.

> So Player one is playing crossbow stand user, Andre, and second is Sergey who is literally a Stalker from the Stalker games decked out in full Cheeki Breeki gear and gas mask. Whos stand materializes as a pair of hand guns. One called Crime and the other Punishment.
Ill post the indepth description of their stands in a seperate post. But basically they arriving to the facility to do some tests and get paid.

>> No.47636240

Wait, so their Stands are weapons? What do they do?

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Still tweaking this one, I didn't realize until someone pointed it out that its main ability is super similar to Gold Experience's.

A tall, lanky humanoid Stand with 3 pipes jutting from either side of its head. G+J can exhale a thick green vapor from its mouth, that upon inhalation slows the victim's reaction time up to a complete halt, depending on how much is inhaled. Typically stays close to the user, but can leave to remotely gas trap a room.

When the victim's reaction time is completely halted, they will appear frozen in place. Thoughts and perceptions flow as normal, but any physical movements won't be sent from the brain.

When only partially affected, physical movements will be sent from the brain on a delay. If someone throws a punch, for example, their body won't throw it until a few seconds after they think about it.

G+J's effect can stack (once you inhale a little bit, inhaling more will worsen the effect until you're halted) but it won't dissipate until you're breathing 100% clean air. Even a wisp of vapor in the air will sustain the effect

G+J has a secondary power, Rollin' Down The Street. Using the pipes on the sides of its head, it can purify the air in any given area to release anyone in the vicinity from its effect. When the victim's reaction time becomes unstuck, all of the commands sent from the brain while they were 'frozen' will execute at once, effectively giving them a seizure.

POWER: E (very little physical power, can only do real harm to a completely frozen opponent. emphatically unsuited for single combat, a defensive/supportive stand)
SPEED: B (moves at a leisurely pace itself, but can fill/purify a room quickly)
RANGE: A (the vapor will work from any range as long as it doesn't dissipate too much)
DURABILITY: B (its main attack is vapor, durable in closed spaces but easily avoided in open air, dissipates slowly)
PRECISION: D (self-explanatory, it's vapor)

>> No.47636277
File: 23 KB, 480x313, eb.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


「Cry of the Banshee」

>Power: A-C (15)
Speed: E-C (6)
Range: A (2 km) (15)
Durability: E (1)
Precision: A (15)
Learning: E (1)


Amunition: 「Cry of the Banshee」 can be loaded with real crossbow bolts, which dramatically increase the power. If amunition isn’t available, Stand can still shot with bolt-like bullets, but their power is vastly decreased, though they can be shot much faster. (3)

Can you hear the Banshee scream?: Whenever 「Cry of the Banshee」 fires with real bolts, it lets out a loud scream which can terrify the target or whoever the user chooses to. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOpGrxo9o6k ) (6)

Andre Kreeley

Bulk: C
Skill (Tracking): B
Wit: B
Composure: B
Poise: C
Menacing: C

Experienced (4): Years of experience using 「Cry of the Banshee」 make Andre reliable marksman.

Crafty (4): Good at using various devices and even creating new one’s on the fly.

Greedy (2): Years in business and desire to obtain wealth happened to deaden his regards for the good of others, while on the other hand making him good at haggling.

>> No.47636306

Nirvana is probably one of the most creative Stand ideas I've seen so far.

I used to participate pretty heavily before /sss/ shut down, but I only decided to revive it today. Unfortunately by today, all previous /sss/es had disappeared from the archive

Does the Stand only affect one target at a time?

Either way, the idea of an easily controlled [Survivor] is really interesting.

Then damn, [Radio GaGa] is a powerhouse. The sound of a car hitting a person would always come in handy.

Is [Turn!Turn!Turn!] based on emotion like Inside Out?

>> No.47636324
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heres how Crime and Punishment works:

- it's a pair of regular pistols
- the bullets don't pierce, they just have brute force (like firing fists/rocket fists, getting hit with a bullet is just like being punched with huge force)
- when Crime hits a Stand it creates a bullet in Sergey's satchel
- when Punishment hits a human/vampire/humanoid it creates a bullet in Sergey's satchel
- the created bullets can be loaded into any gun
- When Crime's special bullet hits a Stand, that Stand gets the ability of the Stand that was hit with a regular bullet (for 1 hour)
- When Punishment's special bullet hits a human/vampire/humanoid that person has one of their stats turned into the same stat of the guy that was originally hit with a normal bullet (for 1 hour)

I don't have Sergeys backstory on me but it's pretty uninteresting so your not missing much dear reader.

>> No.47636383

no, the user can "tag" multiple people, but it will cause the effect to be slightly dimished with each additional person. this gives the stand additional utility beyond getting an angry mob to murder a dude.
my favorite idea for a fight scene involving this stand was the user using it in a zoo. bonus points if some of the animals are also stand users.

>> No.47636414

This is the second time you've stolen from me. -Dr. Feelgood.

>> No.47636449

>What else can we do with time stands?
A stand that alters people's memories instead of affecting time directly

>> No.47636478

You're using the d10 system, right?
Does it work right? I'm going to be running an irl session in the d10 home brew so I want to know if it feels like a real BIZRPG

Honestly, I think it's fine if it's similar to GE because the "Life Punch" was basically retconned anyway as the mango progressed. Either way, the synergy of the two abilities is great. Stealing this for maybe a minor antagonist.

What in your opinion makes a great villain, Dr. Feelgood? I need to know to flesh out your character.

>> No.47636544

As long as he is active in the story and has a memorable personality, hence why Kira, Pucci and Valentine are my fav villains.

Maybe have him eccentric, like he shakes hands with the main party (before they know he is the villain) and introduces himself properly before beating the shit out of them.

>> No.47636553

Gonna give this a shot, was originally going to run a JJBA game with some friends who are also fans of the series, with this stand as one of the two BBEG's (unfortunately the game fell through, c'est la vie)

[Get Lucky]
Stand Ability: Probability Reversal
Power: A
Speed: C
Range: D
Durability: E
Precision: C
Learning: C

A stand of great potential, [Get Lucky] allows the user to swap the probability of an event with its directly parallel chance before that event takes place, then using the swapped percentile chance to follow through with instead.
To give an example of how this works in action, if the stand user of [Get Lucky] were to be thrown a ball, then they would have a 20% chance to [catch] the ball, and an 80% chance to [drop] the ball. Get Lucky takes these two chances and swaps them, so that the stand user has a 80% chance to [catch] in that particular event.

Naturally, [Get Lucky]'s main weak point is that although it can twist chance in it's users favor, it never eliminates a bad outcome, only lessens the chance of it occurring. As well as this, if the user cannot calculate probability accurately in time, or the chance is so small it cannot be focused on (under 2% is usually too far gone) [Get Lucky] cannot be used before the window of opportunity passes by.

>> No.47636554

A Stand that makes a person's memories a dinosaur

>> No.47636568

So basically, half of Scary Monsters?

>> No.47636571
File: 724 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_1622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So it starts off with Andre arriving at the same time as Sergey. They aren't affiliated with each other they just happen to be getting tested on the same day. So scientist lady, June Harley, is escorting them to the testing area and has them sign several non disclosure contracts which serve no purpose other than to fuck with them.

They do several strange and pointless tests that amount to nothing except for one instance where they brought in a death row inmate for Sergey to use his stand on. He didn't seem to have any qualms about blasting the guy. The bullet didn't leave any blood but it definitely crippled him for life when he kneecapped him.

>> No.47636583

man i am fucking up this greentexting.

>> No.47636607

Let's not and say we didn't.

>> No.47636664

A memorable eccentric, that works out perfectly.

I'll be sure to honor you, Dr. Feelgood

Loving all the creative Stands in this thread. Real glad I revived it.

Anyway, I can definitely see this as the BBEG's Stand: overwhelming luck always following him wherever he/she goes.

The only question I have is: if he straps a guy up to an oxygen tank and the probability of suffocating of really low, then could he basically guarantee their death by suffocation?

Their memories become dinosaurs. It doesn't harm them, all they can remember is dinosaurs tho so it kinda sucks. Kinda.

>> No.47636681

All my excitement for writing this has died after fucking up this simple task so hard. Sorry folks.

>> No.47636754

We still love you. Come back when you're feeling more up to it.

>> No.47636755

Thanks! A major part of it is also the stand user- he was a character that was a computer coder as a hobby, essentially a NEET- by being the weakest, most pathetic person he brought out the most in his stand, making it even more dangerous than it already is.

Also, that example is possible, but unlikely. The chance of suffocation would be incredibly low, so reversing the chance of the two events would likely be too much for the stand user to compute in time.

>> No.47636759
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[Phenomenal Cat] is a stand whose ability is to grant the user the ideal of "achieving enlightenment", making them at peace with the world and granting them deep wisdom and insight. Other than that, Phenomenal Cat is just a decent up-close punchghost. [Phenomenal Cat]'s user is Kink, an alley-cat whose stand awakening caused him to run into the aforementioned protagonists,
to fight and eventually befriend them. He is now the group's mute moral compass and spiritual mentor/guru, as well as a sort of mascot for the unnamed JoJo's detective agency. Pic related.

>> No.47636781
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We still posting stando?

Stand Name: Dance Hall Days

Stand Ability: [Consumptive Biological Regeneration](http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Consumptive_Biological_Regeneration)

Power - D

Speed - C

Range - D

Durability - E

Precision - A

Potential - B

Description: The power to regenerate any part of the body by devouring a similar part from a victim. Variation of Consumption Healing and Organic Regeneration. The user can regenerate any part of their body by devouring a similar part from a victim. In this manner, theyr can survive virtually any injury or even old age by replenishing there deteriorated body by feeding on humans and animals for replacement parts.

This shit right here is main villain material.

>> No.47636790
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>Nirvana is probably one of the most creative Stand ideas I've seen so far.
Thanks. I've got more, but Nirvana is one of my better ones.

>Unfortunately by today, all previous /sss/es had disappeared from the archive
You know 4plebs exists, right? All of the previous Super Stand Sundays are still on there.

More Stands, old and new:

>BLONDIE can cover an object in 'pixie dust', freeing it from the restraints of gravity and allowing it to float weightlessly.

>KING HARVEST has the power of 'division'. It can take anything (including itself) and 'divide' it into smaller copies of itself. These copies have some traits of their base counterpart, but these traits are divided among each copy.

>DRAG-U-LA can possess an inanimate object and turn it into a vehicle, reverting it back to its natural state when it leaves the object. It can also take a preexisting vehicle and supercharge it.

>QUIET RIOT can shape sound waves. It can push away sound waves to make a bubble of silence around itself (the 'quiet'), or take all of the noise in a room and concentrate it into a single sonic boom (the 'riot').

>> No.47636838

Hi, I'm here too. I haven't been thinking of Stands, but as always, I will lurk this thread as long as it's up. If anyone wants to see any of mine reposted, I'll oblige.

>> No.47636844

[Radio GaGa] was more along the lines of very useful, but only powerful if you can make it work. I just noticed I didn't write down that the Onomatopoeia recordings are consumed when used, so she couldn't run around causing an epidemic of car accident victims in places where cars shouldn't be.

I've forgotten most of what [Turn! Turn! Turn!] does. I remember that Time to Laugh (Joy) was an automatic Stand that harmlessly "disappeared" anything that made the User upset until forgotten about or something equally or more upsetting is experienced. Time of War (Anger) made people unable to repress or regulate their anger. I'm sure I could find it again if I trawled an archive for SSS threads, but that'd take forever.

>> No.47636918


>> No.47636933

[The Best of Times] is a Stand that can stop time. Although similar to Za Warudo, it has a few key differences. In order to enter [The Best of Times], the user must select a target. Only the user and this target are allowed to move in this world. Any other entity is immovable and indestructible. Other humans become frozen in place and can be used as platforms, as well as being unkillable. Not even DIO's usual knife throw trick refuses to work; even objects like knives are stuck in place and cannot be moved. Essentially, this creates a unique 1v1 duel between the user and the target in a world that is platform heaven. [The Best of Times] is also not a super strong punchghost, many might even call it average. But, the ability for no one to interfere is a boon nonetheless. The time stop ends when the user wills it or if the user dies.

The user is a hopeless romantic stalker who wants to be alone with people he watches. His creepy demeanor can be very dangerous to society, but he can go for the right cause if given enough incentive.

>> No.47636985

>Stealing this for maybe a minor antagonist
Oh shit, really? Yeah man, feel free, would be sick to see my idea used. Minor antagonist was along the lines of what I was thinking, since it's mostly self-defensive unless it's paired with a stronger Stand. So, what're these threads about, anyway? Just saw it linked in a Jojo thread, seems pretty cool.

>> No.47637001
File: 1.66 MB, 678x1034, img000001 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No other takers so i guess you win friend. Send me your steam if you want the prize famalam.

>> No.47637014

Super Stand Sunday is basically meant to create and share Stands, and other JoJo stuff on /tg/. There's also work in statting Stands into existing systems, creating new systems, planning campaigns, sharing stories of JoJo-themed campaigns... Basically, if there's a Stand somewhere, we want to talk about it

>> No.47637022

One I made a while ago and keep in a text file in case of emergency or arrow to the knee.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

[Sound of Madness]

Stand Ability: [Mind Hive]

Power - A
Speed - E
Range - C
Durability - E
Precision - A
Potential - A

[Sound of Madness] takes the form of a 2m diameter sphere centered on the user. The sphere made of an uncountable number of inward facing eyes. The eyes are only visible from inside the sphere and block vision to the outside.

Ability: Anyone who enters the sphere is continuously followed by one of the stand's eyes. So long as the eye can see that person, the stand and user can access to that person's senses, memories, and experiences. The eyes travels at a maximum speed of 20 km/hr when following a person and attempt to stay at a distance of half a meter. The eyes use relative velocity so if they can enter a vehicle they will continue to follow that person but they can easily be out run by smaller vehicles like motorcycles as the eyes can't fit in the vehicle.

[Sound of Madness] can also force the senses of any number of people it is following on someone who's head is fully within the sphere. This denies access of the redirected senses to the stand and user while they are being forced upon someone else.

>> No.47637050
File: 642 KB, 1280x720, 1464979276856.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit yes, that sounds awesome. Count me the fuck in. Expanding on mechanics like Stands is always one of my favorite parts of being a fan of sprawling series like JJBA. Reminds me of all the in-depth SBURB discussion back when I was a Homestuck fan (yeah, i know)

>> No.47637067

D10 is pretty cool. Still learning tho but combat is basically much smoother.

>> No.47637072
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Since people seem to like my [Prince of the Universe] idea, I guess I'll post another.

[Deep Purple]
Power - C
Speed - B
Range - B
Durability - B
Precision - A
Potential - B

Deep Purple has the power to make any body liquid nearly infinitely deep. For example, it can make a roadside puddle deep enough to sink an entire bus (given that the circumference of the puddle is wide enough to fit the bus's width). The user can continue to "stack" space between the surface of the water and its lowest spatial depth, so if a person is caught inside a body of water affected by this ability, he/she will struggle to swim to the surface since they will feel as if they are being dragged down (when in reality it is more accurate to say the distance between the victim and the surface is increasing).

A secondary ability of Deep Purple is what happens when it draws blood. It can spatially distort any wound with blood in it via similar principle with how it increases the depth of water. The result is that wounds inflicted by this stand will grow and deepen over time instead o heal.

It's design is based off of this cutie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8xXnVkOGsA

I might keep this ability for a character in a novel later, so if you steal it, try to make it different enough.

>> No.47637106

interesting. it's similar to King Crimson too in that it's got an incredibly powerful ability, but using it against simultaneous opponents makes for a bit of a gauntlet for the user to go through

>> No.47637137

A pathetic person with an amazingly powerful Stand is a great idea. Kinda reminds me of the one Stand that requires the user to be inexperienced at combat to be powerful.

So, did the Stand essentially give him sentience and morality?

We always posting Stando, bud.

That is an exact BBEG Stand right there. I can imagine an old man remembering his [Dance Hall Days] and using the Stand to continuously keep himself alive through the decades. A man with that much knowledge only needs a defensive Stand anyway. Good roll.

Completely forgot about 4pleb. Will check it out next time /sss/ needs to be made.

Quiet Riot is an awesome name for a Stand with a great ability too.

Feel free to repost

Oh... that makes more sense. Now Radio GaGa definitely seems more utility and could easily make asspulls for its user. Like, they're almost about to get caught, but a nearby T.V. in an alleyway is playing an old cartoon that goes "BOING" so they just jump straight over the fence into the other half of the alley. Good shit yet again.

I'm good fampatchi. Just enjoy sharing Stands. Alternatively, first person to respond to this with their Steam profile is who he can give it to.

>> No.47637180

thought of some potential user backstory. [Gin and Juice]'s user isn't necessarily evil, but is incredibly skittish and paranoid. He's quick to unleash his ability on anyone who poses the slightest (even imagined) threat. It would be easier to convince him to use his powers for evil rather than good, but either would take heavy manipulation of his already perpetually probationary trust.

>> No.47637194

>No Love (death grips song
No Love is a close range, high power punchghost with the ability to "push" objects into larger objetcs. Objects that hace had thibs pushed into them will swell and eventually burst into identical copies of the smaller object, much like a virus infecting a cell.

>> No.47637202
File: 773 KB, 674x1026, img000001 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Annnnnnnd stolen. This is gonna catch my players off guard for sure. Really creative idea senpai.

>> No.47637213

Here's a repost of Turn! Turn! Turn!:

Stand Name: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Power: Variable
Speed: Variable
Range: Variable
Durability: Variable
Precision: Variable
Potential: Variable

Stand Appearance: Turn! Turn! Turn! (T3!!!) appearance varies based on which "Time" is currently active based on the identity in control of its User. Time To Laugh has a humanoid appearance with yellow skin, large eyes that take up most of its face, and a pointed head. Time To Weep is squat and pear shaped with stubby arms and legs, and blue and white skin; instead of a face it has two large circles in place of eyes. Time To Hate takes the shape of a large, deep, lit brazier with long, thick arms. The front of the brazier is a stylized image of a screaming face glowing red hot. Time To Break Down is a spindly, purple, stick-like figure whose head is crowned with bulbous, never closing eyes looking in all directions. Time To Refrain is a green humanoid, featureless except for six antennae on its head and two small, fluttering wings on its back.

Stand Ability: T3!!!'s abilities are unique to which Time is operating at the moment. Time To Laugh will, largely automatic, embrace people, objects, and even Stands that make is User unhappy and disappear with them until is User forgets about it or a new Time takes control. Time To Weep eats a person's memories, urges, and concepts and transfers them to its User. Victims know something is wrong, but its User can't distinguish the new memories and feelings from its own. Time To Hate is largely a punchghost but, should its User get angry enough, can "blow its top" causing everyone within range to become violently and irrationally angry at slights and annoyances. Time To Break Down can, with a touch, force people to perceive every possible sensory input within its range. Time To Refrain will redirect any User-perceived negative stimuli randomly.

>> No.47637231


>> No.47637234

Kink gained much more than just sentience and morality when [Phenomenal Cat] awakened. This is basically cat jesus, except he can't talk to preach the wisdom he now has in spades, and his only friends are meatheads who are concerned with investigating impossible murders. This leads to a considerable amount of frustration on his part, but he wants to help people attain what he has, and he's starting with THESE people, damn it.


>> No.47637304

Here's some reposts- hopefully they'll get the Stand creation juices flowing.

「Money For Nothing」 is a large, squat humanoid, looking kind of like a large barrel crossed with a slot machine's front and two levers for arms.
The stand's ability causes those affected to lose their sense of worth of objects. They can no longer appraise the importance or monetary worth of objects while under this effect. The user may cause targets to think items close to them, say, their weapons or clothes, to be of zero worth. Conversely, that rock on the ground is the now most important object in existence.
It's owned by a gambler, along the D'Arby line of things. However, he's no gentleman. Dirty Gambler, maybe named… Something to do with Kenny Rogers? He makes bets for outrageous amounts and incredibly important items, because if he loses he can convince you that whatever junk he gave you was worth his debt, and then just try again. If he wins, he can convince you that your most prized possession is worth way less then your debt, and you'd be lucky to have it be all he takes.

「Revolving Door」 takes the form of a large claw hammer.
This Stand has the ability 「Foggy Day」 : the user may hammer anything, even mid-air, and affix an invisible 'nail' there. By placing multiple nails, the user creates a 2D geometric shape in 3D space. This space is invisible, and affects any object which passes through it. Any object or being which passes through a shape becomes 'lost'. A person will forget what they are doing, a bullet will miss, a Stand may end up targeting the wrong person. The nails can be removed by a Stand, destroying the shape, but this requires very intense observational skills to even spot a nail. The Stand's main weakness is the time required to create one of these shapes- it requires at least three nails to make the simplest shape. Still, if the user manages to prepare a trap, any victim can fall completely into any trap the user wants.

>> No.47637350

「Kiss the Sky」 is a Stand which is formed of two torsos attached at the navel. They have one torso situated as normal, and the other points downward taking the place of legs. Both of the heads are upside for their orientation. There are a number of arrow shapes patterned on the torso. The upper half of the Stand is black with white arrows and head, and the bottom half is inverted.
This Stand is able to manipulate density. If one half of it touches an object, that object (or being) is cursed with [Up]. When this object touches something else on the same spot, they lose part of their density, which moves onto the touched object. Conversely, the other half of the Stand inflicts [Down] upon contact. Whenever something touches this point on the object, they lose some density to the touching object. The user has both these marks already on them, and can utilise objects both solo and with Stand assistance to manipulate their own density rapidly, both allowing them rapid semi-flight transit and making them very hard to damage.

「Codes and Keys」takes the form of a paintbrush, the long, thick kind. It appears to be two-dimensional, no matter which way you look at it, and this strange wrongness causes dizziness if you stare at it for too long.
「Codes and Keys」has the ability to remove a dimension from objects. Any three-dimensional object which is touched by the end of the brush rapidly, in only a few seconds, loses its depth, becoming a two-dimensional picture on whatever surface the object was standing on. Living creatures which are touched remain alive, and are forced to experience the world without the third dimension. If you know of Flatland, you get the basic idea of what this is like. Objects which are originally two-dimensional can also be touched, reducing them to a single dimension. This renders them basically non-existent.
Perhaps if the user was pricked by a Stand Arrow, they could remove the fourth dimension from an object?

>> No.47637362


BTW, I'm the guy who did Future Boys and Death Math.

and an attempt for you:


Dreamtime allows the user to pull themselves out of normal space and time and enter a timeless world. The user can spend as long as they like in this world, unless they fall asleep in which case they snap back to normal time. The timeless world, which the user calls "Dreamtime" after the Stand, mirrors the "real" world but for one detail: it is as if no humans had ever left their mark. Over time, the user becomes adept at traversing the dreamtime, which allows them to move undetected - they pop out at the corresponding location in realtime. Any changes made to the world in dreamtime will be transferred to realtime - a pit trap dug in dreamtime will appear in realtime, and disappear from the dreamtime.

Time spent in Dreamtime is not equivalent to time outside - the user can spend subjective hours and exit moments later in realtime.

My envisioned user was Diana Brandobella - long-lost Australian branch of the Brando family tree. A Carmen Sandiego ripoff, all fancy clothes and roguish behaviour. Cat burglar, serial murderer, escape artist, femme fatale. Hell in a wide-brimmed hat.

Some of you may recognise the idea - it's a repost of an older one of mine.

>> No.47637401

「Welcome To The Jungle」 is a Stand which has no physical form. The effects of the Stand are transmitted via sound.
The user whistles a specific tune, ten seconds long, and any who hear it are captured by the effects of the Stand. Victims have their body transformed into that of an animal- their spirit animal, a representation of their soul in animal form. Stand users, because their Stand is a manifestation of their soul already, are particularly vulnerable to 「Welcome To The Jungle」. Their Stand is temporarily disrupted while in this animal form, and they are unable to use any abilities related to it for a number of minutes. Once they regain control, their Stand has now changed to reflect this new form, changing from humanoid (if it was) to the general body type of the animal the user became. Otherwise, their mind remains the same.

「Bad Seeds」 appears humanoid, with a botanical theme- the body shape is similar to a leaf, and the pattern and torso decoration bring vines to mind. The head in particular appears to have a large flowering headdress.
「Bad Seeds」 has the power of "partial growth". At the Stand's touch, it can cause part of an object to grow and expand. It can't effect living things, but if non-living items are within a living item it touches that can be effected and grown. If it touched your gun, the bullets could grow until the gun can't be fired. If it touched your car, the tires could grow larger and thicker until the road spikes can't pierce them any more. If it touched you, the food inside you could grow until your stomach bursts. These capabilities and a high durability make it a formidable punchghost opponent.

And there we go. Some previous Stands of mine. Feel free to use them, by the way.

>> No.47637404

Stand with a lot of utility both offensively and defensively, so this gets an A+ from me.

All I'm wondering is how many eyes there are in total and if the user can choose which person to follow or not.

If there's a finite amount of eyes and they just immediately follow whoever walks in, then I can imagine a great exploit (because I'm stealing this Stand) in which an enormous crowd runs in at the same time and the opponent happens to be one of them.

Stolen as well. Crawling in the puddles, those wounds they WILL NOT HEAL.

Knew we'd get a Death Grips fan eventually.

So the larger objects become smaller, and essentially it's just a destructive force. Pretty good. Real useful for someone who can make use of their terrain.

Neutral characters are real fun to make. I've had a character who was neutral end up on two different sides in two different sessions and the character development ended up with such drastically opposite outcomes.

There we go.

The fact that Jesus never got a real Stand in SBR is ok because Cat Jesus is here with a punchghost.

Good ACT Stand. I'd imagine it would be fun to play as this guy, considering getting pissed off could mean a completely different ability. Stolen.

>> No.47637423

Stand Name: Blackjack

Stand Ability: [Absolute Existence](http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Absolute_Existence)

Power - A

Speed - C

Range - A

Durability - B

Precision - A

Potential - A

Description: The ability to control your own existence without any limit. Sub-power of Omnipotence. The user has complete control of their own existence. The user is beyond all there is, even reason, physics and logic. No rule or law can apply to them other than their own.

Holy shit, thanks Stand Generator!

>> No.47637427

Sorry someone beat you to it but i cant afford anything on his wishlist so im just gonna buy him Deus Ex and if he doesnt like it he can suck a dick.

>> No.47637455
File: 618 KB, 1522x1400, img000002 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Accept my friend invite to get your prize of Deus Ex friendo.

>> No.47637486

I'm not the guy you picked; he said he'd pass it on but you seemed like you'd give it to him anyway. Mine was [Dreamtime]. If you're giving it to me, and haven't bought it already, could I get Deadbolt instead? If not then ignore obv.

>> No.47637501
File: 358 KB, 661x850, 1463357817776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stand Name: Last Chance

Stand Ability: [Blur Creation](http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Blur_Creation)

Power - E

Speed - C

Range - D

Durability - E

Precision - A

Potential - C

Description: The power to create blurs. Sub-power of Illusion Manipulation and Enhanced Speed. The user make blurs of themselves in various ways, including moving at incredible speeds or through illusion, rendering their appearance almost untraceable by the naked eye.

>> No.47637513

oops sorry im a little distracted. Yeah ill give it you if you want send me your steam

>> No.47637572



>> No.47637575


I made it so it's basically infinite eyes that follow everyone that enters the stand and you still have zero vision outside while the stand is active.

Main limitation aside from having no defenses since it is incorporeal and can't tank hits for you, and it blinds you from anything outside of 2 meters is the amount of information you have to work with and trying to manage it and find what you need.

I see it like having a TV and the number of channels changes with time, but you can't really know what is on each channel until you go through them and watch them.

So you eventually end up with a fuck ton of channels, some may be out cause the eyes can't see the people or they die or other reasons. In combat you can basically flood someone with a thousand sensory inputs but if you want specific information you better know how many eyes you sent out and which one your on so you can find them.

>> No.47637590

Wait so your Scoota Lewis? Man im tripping today.

>> No.47637608

sorry senpai cant afford deadbolt.

>> No.47637610

User's name (and/or my character name if I can get in on one of these game sessions) is Tago Mago, Tago for short. Guess I'll throw on a name, definitely seems like a thread I wanna frequent. Bored and stoned, so I'm gonna try and think of some more Stands to pop in the thread.

>> No.47637634
File: 34 KB, 465x464, CeQg8D2VIAAZN14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gold Style

Power: C
Speed: D
Range: C
Durability: A
Precision: B
Potential: B

Gold Style looks like pic related and fights using kicks and sucker punches, almost like a street fighter would. Gold Style can shield himself and its user by holding its elbow out and its hand back in a 180 degree radius in front of the user, capable of withstanding anything except a MOAB or an enormous onslaught of punches.

Gold Style's true ability is that its protective field turns things into more "feral" beings, which reduces their capacity to think rationally and to act on thought, rather than impulse. One would have to be in complete nirvana to not fall victim to this. Anyone affected will slowly become animal-like, and is only snapped out at the Stand-user's will.

>> No.47637660

>Gold Style
>Not calling it King Kunta

>> No.47637675

hahaha yeah

"superfag" won. he said "Alternatively, first person to respond to this with their Steam profile is who he can give it to." I responded with it before, because why not? I also posted [Dreamtime] so I wouldnt just be scumming free stuff and instesd trying to help a little.

"superfag" won and gave the option to pass on his prize; I posted hoping to claim the passed on prize and added [Dreamtime] into the mix.

Just saw this post; throw whatever you like my way. Figured deadbolt was fairly cheap, but I understand we all got money problems.

>> No.47637688

>Rob the Prez-O-Dent
Probably my favorite reference so far in this thread, good shit.

>> No.47637689

>King Kunta
>not Kang Kunta

>> No.47637720

ok so Deus Ex it is then. From what ive heard its pretty good. Human Revolution certainly was.

>> No.47637727

>It's Stand Cry is "WE WUZ"

>> No.47637764


>> No.47637770

fun fact: i also got HR as a prize from a raffle, and got to the first firefight before quitting in frustration.

>> No.47637790

What frustrated you?

>> No.47637842

The fact that I had no idea what I was doing, coupled with the fact that whenever i popped out to try and find something to shoot I got rekt. I'm not super good at shooters.

>> No.47637891

Well your prolly gonna get your shit pushed in with this game. Enjoy!

>> No.47637946

MFN seems like the perfect dickass thief Stand. I know I hate it when I get robbed out of money (Shigechi's Harvest chapter) so this will definitely fuck over my players.

Revolving Door is so creative the only thing I want to say is "stolen"

>conjoined twin Stand flying around and funding around with physics
Sign me up

Codes and Keys is properly good for a endgame antagonist - maybe the right hand man of the BBEG. Either way, Flatland Stand is absolutely crazy and stolen.

Dreamtime seems like a mix of Man in the Mirro and Zach Warudo (to an extent) but as a Brando, could easily fit in as a mastermind BBEG

Welcome to the Jungle's permanent changes are something I've never had the chance to explore, but it definitely is an interesting concept

Bad Seeds is great, and the name is absolutely spot on

Applause for Deepo

Whew. Imagine if your setting was just interrupted by some random guy who immediately ends it.

I'd go the Pucci route and say that the closer it moves to you, the blurrier it's image gets. So that by the time you only see a faint blur, it's your [Last Chance] to survive and fight back.

I completely misread it, but the 2m limitation is great and is an awesome way to prevent it from being overpowered. Depth perception as a Stand is great.

Thought I'd never see the day for a Dab Stand that makes people "savage". Props to you. I might actually include this with a stand cry of "We wuz kangz"

>> No.47637992

I like your spin on Last Chance.

>> No.47638004
File: 940 KB, 2000x1123, Death-Grips-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, I'd just use Blackjack to be the greatest firefighter ever. Just y'know, bust through burning buildings, save people constantly, and be immune to everything.

>> No.47638064

Oh, I never thought of Welcome to the Jungle as permanent. I was picturing something similar to Alessi, where it would be a big problem but only for a couple chapters.
When I posted it last time, there was a scenario floating around where the main character was a cat called Jolly Jonesy, and he'd be turned into a big buff guy while under the effect.
Still, imagine if a Stand had permanent effects. Imagine which one you'd least want to stick.

>> No.47638133

Fuck, I keep forgetting my "trip"

Anyway, here's a Stand:

[Mr.Roboto] is similar to Hot Pants' [Cream Starter]in that it can generate any components of the human body. The time it takes to form every individual piece depends on size and complexity, but they are all fully functioning. If the user creates an eye, he can use it to give someone without an eye a new one or use it to give himself a third field of vision. He can control any of the limbs he makes, but he can also forcefully graft it onto anybody else. For example, he can stick 20 eyes that he prepared an hour ago onto an enemy and cause sensory overload because there's too many inputs. In this sense, it can both heal and hurt. The other main use is disguise. [Mr.Roboto] can create an exact replica of another person and use it to disguise the user. Unfortunately, it cannot create new human beings with sentience.

The only reason I made this Stand was for a college Slasher JoJo session I made in which there was a Professor named Kilroy Roboto. The group would stumble upon a robotic looking Stand in his office while snooping and they would assume that was his ability. On the contrary. Kilroy is actually a robot that has been disguising as a human through [Mr. Roboto]. Considering that he's advanced technology with a Stand, he proved to be an excellent BBEG.

>> No.47638160

I liked the idea of a BBEG who avoids confrontation and ducks out when they can. Kind of a "catch me if you can" thing going on, with Diana Brandobella being a master trapper and apparent escape artist. I'd actually write my fan part (phantom blood...IN AUSTRALIA) with this female brando being a love interest for the jojo as well as an antagonist. like catwoman! Joey Joestar's Stand would be [Flying Doctor] (Speedy punchghost, ability: Cabinet Key, allows it to open things with high precision similar to opening a human chest cavity with a scalpel).

>> No.47638199

Anytime I need to see your face,
I just close my eyes
And I am taken to a place where
your crystal mind and
Magenta feelings take up shelter
in the base of my spine
Sweet like a chic-a-cherry cola
I don't need to try and explain;
I just hold on tight
And if it happens again, I might move
so slightly
To the arms and the lips and the face
of the human cannonball
That I need to, I want to

Come stand a little bit closer
Breath in and get a bit higher
You'll never know what hit you
When I get to you
Ooh, I want you
I don't know if I need you
But, ooh, I'd die to find out
Ooh, I want you
I don't know if I need you
But, ooh, I'd die to find out

>> No.47638233
File: 156 KB, 1433x1517, Unforgettable_Fire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad you guys like my stand ideas.

Since I got bored, I made two more:

[Unforgettable Fire]
Power - D
Speed - C
Range - A
Durability - A
Precision - C
Potential - C

Ability (got this from an /a/ challenge):
An automatic stand that seeks out objects with "great emotional value". For example, a family photo or a social security card has great emotional attachment to the owner, and the stand can pick up on the scent of those objects. Once it gets its hand on said object, it will produce a lighter from its thumb which will burn the object. Any object burned by this stand will cause the memory that the object represents to be purged from the owner's mind completely.

For example, if the stand burns a family photo, the victim will forget every family member that was in that photo. Even if there were objects with duplicate information (i.e two family photos), burning one will be enough for the ability to take effect, and the other one is disregarded. However, if the victim manages to see the other object, the memories will come rushing back.

The design is based off of a Kappa.

>> No.47638266

Wow that stand can be heartbreaking. Still stealing tho

>> No.47638346
File: 181 KB, 966x2016, KingofKings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[King of Kings]
This one is a little bit broken. Another final boss-tier stand, but one with space-related powers:

Power - A
Speed - B
Range - D
Durability - B
Precision - A
Potential - B

Its main ability is "perception-based space manipulation", based on its user's line of sight. If it puts its fingers up and it looks like a person from across the street is walking in between them, the stand can pinch its fingers, and said person will be crushed to death.

Another example of its ability: If it sees an airplane flying in the sky and brings his hand across his vision, pretending to touch the plane, the plane will be smacked out of the sky.

I can't think of a better way to describe this ability other than through examples.

Glad you like it anon.

>> No.47638359

Thanks babe let's hang sometimes ;)

The idea of an omnipotent being using their power to be a perfect firefighter gets me everytime. That idea is definitely going to be in my next session thank you.

Oops, I guess I must have misread that. The idea of animal Stands is still amazing and the name is spot on. Environment Stands usually end up with the most craziest scenarios - Alessi is a perfect example.

In terms of permanent Stands, oh god Vitamin C

I ended up with a Mad Max JoJo session after asking /a/ so best of luck to you Australia bro.

And yes, villains that just escape can be really frustrating. Kira's aspect of always getting away scot-free is something I'd want to emulate just so I can put more anger into my players.

Those JoJos gotta have those punchghosts

New OP (and maybe new ED) in a few weeks, get ready, prepare your bodies

Whew. This is even more devastating than California King Bed.

On another note, where did you learn to draw like that? I want to make cool ass designs like that, but I can't draw to save my life.

>> No.47638361

Here's a couple of ones I've used during my currently going campaign. I think I've already posted one here before but whatever.

「Living Colour」 is a humanoid stand with syringes replacing his fingers, with six fingers on each hand, not counting thumbs. It's ability is to take the color out of things, leaving them as a colorless form of their former self. Using this absorbed color, 「Living Colour」 uses its primary ability to inject other things with color of the user's choosing. This doesn't do much on inanimate objects, but used on living things will change their emotions and personality, depending on the color. Too much blue and you'll become a sad sack. Too much yellow and you'll become a coward and etc. If a living creature has all of their color drained from them, and they'll achieve a colorless personality and become too uninspired and unfeeling to do anything but survive.

「Magic Man」 is a humanoid stand that has a gas mask for a face. This gas mask releases a grey smoke that can be seen by non-stand users. If something is enveloped by the smoke, upon exiting, they will be at a spot chosen by the user that they were previously, up to 15 minutes prior to being enveloped.

「Motley Crue」 takes the form of many bubbles that seem to follow the user. The bubbles have the ability to capture and shrink anything he touches, including the user himself. The user can freely remove anything from the bubbles, but if one were to pop, anything inside of it would be shot out at full size at an alarming speed.

「Ballroom Blitz」has the ability to pull things towards its core. This ability can be turned on and off and can change the strength of the pull. The stand is a red humanoid with a large hole in its gut and what looks like a black hole in the gap. It's body is adorned with black arrows all pointing towards the black hole. Objects caught in the hole experience infinite pressure that can crush something into the densest version of itself possible.

>> No.47638377

what if it crushed a star, or even a galaxy?

>> No.47638402

I started drawing since I was three. I would sketch dinosaurs from this picture book I had.

I kept at it all the way through college, though I don't draw nearly as much as I did years ago. I stopped improving because things got too busy. These stands were a spur of the moment sort of thing.

If you want to refine your drawing skills, just practice, practice, practice. Online tutorials and trying to sketch hentai poses also help.

>> No.47638407

>Massive, simple guy with a small hooded figure on his shoulder, red robes, and a single eye in the center of his hood
>Wears full firefighter gear, just solos entire buildings
>"Well yeah, when I found Blackjack, I just sorta figured this would be the best use of my time."
I think he'd be completely immune to evil shit, he just exists to help.

>> No.47638450

It would have to be something it could see.

It could theoretically crush a star or galaxy, but the ones you see in the night sky isn't actually there. I read somewhere since light takes so long to travel to our planet, the stars we see are actually a billion years in the past or something like that (I forgot).

It could crush the moon or sun, but that would mean the user's life would be put in jeopardy. Same reason why Weather Report never removed the ozone layer.

Yeah, I think I made the stand too broken.

>> No.47638520

I-i dont like you that Anon.

>> No.47638832
File: 17 KB, 467x640, BkZvgZTCUAAaQTy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Jojo session set at Burning Man, or any generic Burn-like setting
Fucking sold.

Got another Stand. It's a stand with two separate forms.

Manifests as a stamp and ink. The stamp, variable in size, carries the mark of an unsettling face, eyes blank and mouth wide open in a toothy grin. Stamping the face on any surface crates a portal with which[Cobra Juicy] can teleport its user, by turning them into ink that drools out of the mouth of the exit stamp. The stamps can, with a limited range, bite anyone that comes near them. the smallest stamps can still bite hard enough to draw blood, but there is a limit to how small a stamp can be to function as a portal. [Cobra Juicy] is bound to a finite amount of ink, so smaller stamps are economical.

By recalling all of the ink into the stamper, [Cobra Juicy] can manifest into a physical form. A disproportionately large head wearing the same expression on the stamp, on top of a pudgy, baby-like body. All pitch black, and drippy. Targets a single person (maybe 2 if they're really close together) by splashing all over them and covering them in thousands of tiny stamps that eat them alive.


>> No.47638856

We're heading into dead hours, boys

Living Colour doesn't seem too impressive at first, but the idea you could inject someone and give them crippling depression could make even the strongest users incapacitated.

Also, I'm creaming myself thinking about a team up between [Living Colour] and [Turn!Turn!Turn!] in which the 5 different ACTs can be orchestrated by syringes.

Magic Man's ability and name fit perfectly. I can't think of a more "fitting" Stand in general.

Motley Crue's ability is impressive, to say the least. The ability to control size is so useful it's scary.

Ballroom Blitz is like a better version Of I Am a Rock, and it helps that the name is fan fucking tastic.

Thank you Anon that's another 4 Stands in the bank.

Damn. Fingers crossed I'll be able to draw human figures before my session.

Stolen without a doubt. I think it's the right amount of overpowered desu.

>"What does your Stand do?"
>"Then why do you only fight fires?"
>"Why not?"


>> No.47639013

I guess it's just you and me, compadre, hope you can handle some man on man action

That being said, Cobra Juicy is an amazing name for the Stand and you have such good mechanics and described visuals for it that I really have nothing to critique. Stolen like Erina's first kiss.

Good shit anon, got any more?

>> No.47639062

>1:02 AM
>dead hours
pfft, not for me. ain't got shit to do tomorrow, so i can stick around and think of some more. thanks man! was struggling with it at first, didn't feel complete until i thought of the Sun Lips part. you said it well in the OP, probably the best way to think up Stands is to start with a musical reference you like and get the power from the feel of the song/album/what have you.

>> No.47639092

i'm an art school fag, so i might try drawing some of my stands or some others in the thread. i'm going into animation though and only have pencil+paper atm, so "clean" is not likely going to be the name of the game

>> No.47639150

I used to use the Stand Generator but it just felt so empty to me, so I ended up just looking at the lyrics and the feel and then Stand making became so fun for me.

I'd love to see any drawings: my art skills are shit, so I'm pretty much amazed by what little OC Stand pics there are

>> No.47639545
File: 247 KB, 500x500, easydog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[Mothership Connection]

Ability: [Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy]
Any object or creature touched by the stand user can be rendered invisible. However, they can still be detected via smell, touch, taste, or sound. The target becomes visible again when contact ceases. The power can also be channeled through other objects or creatures to make things they are touching invisible.

(yeah, tell me if this is shitty or just like another stand or how I can improve it or whatever. Not sure how to stat it.)

>> No.47639620

Wait, I think I can think of stats now.

>> No.47639810


[Crush] Anyone within a mile radius of [Dasta] will feel a very intense self-hatred. [Dasta] can choose to grant immunity to this to others, but can only grant it to one person at a time.

Power: B
Speed: A
Range: B
Durability: C
Precision: C
Potential: C

Appearance: Ripped, orange mummy with a constant green aura radiating off of him.

>> No.47639825

It's kinda like Achtung Baby.

>> No.47639915

>Achtung Baby
Shit. I forgot it could affect the surrounding area.

Well, the really functional idea would be for it to be used for theft or sneaking in things like weapons or people. A "fuck you, I got a gun!" moment in particular..

But whatever, back to the drawing board I guess.

>> No.47639953
File: 13 KB, 200x200, 1464855536465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Happy Okuyasu unrelated.
[Relationship Of Command]
A stocky, humanoid Stand of about 4 feet. Only has one arm, with an 8 inch blade sticking out of the knuckles. Allows the user to instantly swap their physical state for that of anyone in eyesight. Any recently sustained injury, fatigue, affliction, or Stand effect will be swapped. If the swapped party applied a Stand effect to themselves, ROC's user will have a limited window of control over that Stand. ROC can also heal injuries without swapping, by transferring damage to itself and its user.
POWER: C-A. can deal some damage on its own if it gets close enough, but the knife is mostly used to attack the user and swap the damage.
[Gin and Juice] and [Cobra Juicy] both seem like neutral or antagonist Stands, tried my hand at a more protag-like one.

I agree with >>47639825, seems like what Achtung Baby would work like if we saw grown-up Shizuka.

>> No.47640149
File: 385 KB, 1200x1600, stando.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We dead hours now bois

Anyways, here's a Stand that I'm currently using in a game that I'm playing with a couple others.

『King of Pain』 is a Stand that can detach objects from their parent structure and re-attach them. It does this by wrapping its hand(s) around the thing it wants to remove, and 'popping' it out, as if the male-female slots that form were there the entire time. It also can create male pegs in the environment by appearing to 'pull' them out of the surface they're on, or create female holes by punching them into the surface. All things detached by 『King of Pain』 can be connected to anything with the opposite connector. When two objects are connected like this, only 『King of Pain』 can separate the two. Due to the Stand's extremely slow speed, it is best-suited to setting up ambushes.

Power: C
Resistance: B
Speed: D
Precision: B
Range: C
Learning: D

Definitely an 'all-around' Stand that sacrifices effectiveness for versatility.

>> No.47640236

I like the idea of a guy walking around and causing mass suicides around him. It could also potentially be a problem if there are two people he wants to protect in the radius or if he can't cintrol when it's on or off. Volatile Stands like this can be real fun.

I'm digging the voodoo swap ability. Seems like an OP ability, but I totally see it becoming balanced once both sides have taken on the same amount of damage. Totally works for a protagonist whose main attribute is survival. Keep up the good stuff

I love it. I always am on the lookout for Stands that are more about strategy than straight up power (which is the essence of JoJo), so seeing this is great.

How slow is it? Slow enough that he'd have to set up traps beofrehand, but would it be too slow to make new boy-girl connectors on the fly?

>> No.47640284

Yeah, I definitely get the "potentially OP" vibes. I made it a little more powerful since it's more of a protag ability, but there are definite drawbacks in a room full of equally injured people. Even if ROC absorbs everyone's damage, the user will likely be too damaged to transfer it all right away, especially if they're too injured to look at their target.

Do the objects KOP takes retain their function? For example, could it take out my eye and re-attatch it onto my back without blinding me? It's a really interesting ability, esp. visually.

>> No.47640363

I don't mean to put words in anon's mouth, but I assume so. I think that's where most of the usefulness would come from. Probably along the lines of: pull out a heart and stick it inside another person for free heart transplant

>> No.47640396

It can(and has) detached body parts from enemies while in a hurry, but setting up a connector right in front of the enemy generally means that it has little strategic value.

Pretty much. >>47640363 had it right on the money. If your arm is fucked up and there's someone else just lying next to you, boom, instant arm transplant.

The heart transplant situation is a bit trickier, since while it technically could reach in and grab the heart(a-la Jotaro), it'd have to detach both the heart and the general area around it to get it out.

>> No.47640465

I'm trying to go through Styx's discography and I can not for the life of me think of abilities for the following songs:
[Come Sail Away]

Any anons got any ideas?

>> No.47640563
File: 48 KB, 600x592, 1530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably my last one for tonight.
A long-range Stand. After the user attaches it to someone's ass, any time that person is sitting or laying down their emotional and mental strength (and with it, their Stand ability) will steadily drain away until they're a in a hysterical heap, barely able to control their body's automatic functions. If someone sits on the same surface as [Dopethrone]'s host within a few minutes while [Dopethrone] and host are present, the effect will spread. [Dopethrone]'s drain speed is halved for each new sub-infection.
SPEED: C-E, depending on how many people are under its effect

[Come Sail Away] could force people to go to/away from a certain point, maybe?

>> No.47640578

that might have been a little unclear. i mean for example, if the host gets up and someone else in their party sits down right after, it would spread to them. if enough time passes or the host gets far enough away, the surface is 'clean' again.

>> No.47640610
File: 23 KB, 320x480, 12969443_1674385862827097_621379078_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This stand manipulates all non-human and non-man-made life/objects within a 100 meter radius. While the stand is active (and its user still alive), neither the user nor other stand users within it can leave its range.

It gives the user the ability to control the minds of any animals in its range, as well as to move the local flora around (for the purposes of, say, creating a shelter or shifting landmarks to confuse those within range).

The user can also take on the physical abilities/properties of any one non-human living organism within the stand's range (for example, the strength of a bear, or the hardness of a tree).

While the user is asleep, the stand enters a more docile state that does not directly control the area, but can warn and wake up the user if danger is detected within the area.

I feel so fucking autistic

>> No.47640668

I could see it being a minor antagonist type thing. A Stand that you have no idea is a Stand until it's too late and you're balled up in the fetal position

And yeah, I was thinking it'd be like the Sirens from Greek Mythology - it has to be somewhat tempting

Everyone on 4chan is autistic buddy

That being said, I like your Stand a lot. For something that's so simple, it has a lot of uses and could be a pretty long fight for a party. Once they get past the constantly shifting landscape, then they'd have to fight bears, and then they'd have to find a way to kill a user that is literally as hard as stone and attacking them at the same time. Thumbs up

>> No.47640725
File: 1.80 MB, 328x392, 1464042629176.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help me /tg/ my DM gave me a stand recently and he said that there's more to my stand but I don't know what to do with a stand that only teleports me to other places and make a blinding light 3 times a day. Here's the stand

Stand: 「South of Heaven 」
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Precision A
Range D
Durability E
Developmental Potential A

Short Ranged-Stand can only move up to 10 feet away from you.
Quick Feet-Can move a bonus 20ft
Emergency Escape-Roll 1D20+Con to remove yourself from this plane for the rest of the turn.Uses up a Swift Teleport
Flash-Can make a bright blinding light 3/Day
Swift Teleport-Can Teleport up too 10ft as a free action 10 times a day after 10 uses take 1 damage and it doubles for consecutive uses.
Warper-Can teleport to a place you can clearly see inside your head 1/Day.No matter the distance or plane.
Steady Mind-If anything affects your mind you loose your ability to teleport.Thus loosing all abilities that require a teleport use.

>> No.47640963

What system is this?

>> No.47640994


>> No.47641117

I thought so based on what you supplied, but I wanted to make sure.

Honestly, I have no idea what to make of your Stand. I mean, has your DM even seen JoJo? It's like he picked two spells out of Pathfinder randomly and assigned them to you. That a Stand does not make.

Also, do the Stand's stats even mean anything in the context of the game?

>> No.47641163

>I mean, has your DM even seen JoJo?
From what I know, he's only watched the OVA of part 3 and read a little of part 5.

>do the Stand's stats even mean anything in the context of the game?
They don't apply to anything, they're just there to look pretty.

>> No.47641415

>From what I know, he's only watched the OVA of part 3 and read a little of part 5.
Wow, he somehow got the worst JoJo experience possible. I mean, the Stardust Crusaders OVA was okay (anime is much better), but the translation for Part 5 was fucking horrible.

If you want to do a JoJo game, use one of the many systems suggested in this thread, because Pathfinder isn't how you're going to do it.

Also, tell your friend to watch the anime or read the manga. If he's reading the manga, skip Vento Aureo and come back to it when the translation gets fixed.

>> No.47641452

Will do

>> No.47641983

Early morning bump

>> No.47642254

「Lose Yourself」 takes the form of a faceless alabaster angel draped in gold jewelry. It has the power to divide people into two identical copies that are mortal enemies. Both of them are totally identical in every way and fully real, possessing all their original memories and abilities. There is no limit to the number of copies that can be made.

>> No.47642981

Your DM is honestly going to be incompetent in DMing jojo if he continues down this path.

>> No.47643008

consider this: hospital drama jojo part

>> No.47643087

This Stand is a really interesting one. My only complaint is that you can make infinite copies of one guy, instead of limiting to a 1v1.

As long as nobody has a Stand that can instantly heal people or cure diseases, I can see it working. The protagonist (Dr. Joestar) needs a Stand with A-Rank Precision that can perform perfect surgeries.

>> No.47643162

>This Stand is a really interesting one. My only complaint is that you can make infinite copies of one guy, instead of limiting to a 1v1.
Poor wording on my part, I meant there's no copy of a copy penalty, so whoever wins can just get copied again.

>> No.47644009

I think /a/ actually talked about this onxe.
The Jojo's stand, My Fairy King, was a giant an robs that could turn anything it touched jelly like and bouncy, like another version of Spice Girl and Vitamin C.
One of the party members us an FF - LIKE independent stand bound to a disease unique to utsekf;abd coukd transform from a humanoid form and an infection form at will.

>> No.47644050

what the fuck happened to my post
>a giant ameobic stand
>a disease unique to itself

>> No.47644801

>the villain's stand has the power to sterilize anything it touches of filth, micrpbes, and other things

>> No.47645919
File: 450 KB, 1024x1024, [Tomorrow's King].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like the idea, where would the card be? Would the stand user hold it as a reminder that he has 4 objects non-existential already?

Also here's a better picture of [Tomorrow's King]

>> No.47646078
File: 156 KB, 500x600, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just had drawings commissioned for my players' stands, so I might as well post them:
For the record, the campaign has a very silly tone, so there are a few stupid stands.

>Player: "JoJo"
Member of the Joestar family with an extremely long and confusing first name. He's a bookish type that also has a knack for boxing of all things.

>Stand: 「Glory Days」
Power: C
Speed: A
Precision: A
Range: E
Durability: C
Potential: A
Standard punchghost dressed in boxing gear, bears a strong resemblance to JoJo's dead brother

>> No.47646394

In that picture the card looks like a cape coming from the big pauldron/spike things on the shoulders so I figured it would be like a non-moving "cape" attached to the Stand.

>> No.47646396
File: 10 KB, 290x190, 41cO3hy8MTL._SL290_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stand Name: Planisphere

Stand Ability: [Velocity Manipulation](http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Velocity_Manipulation)

Power - C

Speed - E

Range - A

Durability - A

Precision - A

Potential - D

Description: The ability to manipulate the velocity of moving objects. Sub-power of Physics Manipulation and Vector Manipulation. User can create, shape and manipulate the velocity of any moving object: the speed and direction an object is moving. They could simply move things around: by controlling their velocity, user could fly; cancel somethings velocity, making it freeze where it is, even use velocity as a sort of force blast, blasting things away at high speeds.

>> No.47646416

I'm thinking this stand could work by attaching some kind of object to it like KISS to send things flying.

>> No.47646434

non moving cape sounds a little weird, how about if the card "follows" the stand?

>> No.47646550
File: 354 KB, 500x600, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Player: [I forgot the name]
Small orphaned child who joins up with the party and treats them as his family
>Stand: 「Little Big Town」(don't have stats on hand)
Stand is bound to a variety of plush toys. (in the same manner as Strength or Wheel of Fortune)
Has three plushies on hand:
Poisons things
>teddy bear
Heals things
Flies fast

>> No.47646775
File: 379 KB, 500x600, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Player: Ted Tony
Spent most of his life on the streets. Ran away from home after a particularly violent domestic dispute between his parents
>Stand: 「Escape From the City」
Power: C
Speed: A
Precision: A
Range: D
Durability: D
Potential: C

Wearable stand that looks very similar to sonic the hedgehog. It goes fast and can manipulate the momentum of objects a small distance from its palms.

>> No.47647001
File: 184 KB, 500x600, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Player: Trevor McCormick
A skittish man who doesn't like to get into the thick of action. His six-pack is drawn on with a sharpie.
Power: A
Speed: C
Precision: D
Range: A
Durability: A
Potential: B

A crazed looking remote stand with multiple chainsaws on its person. When summoned, Trevor gives a single order to Malcolm, causing it to solve the problem with its chainsaw. (And he never has the same problem twice)

>> No.47647235

That works a lot better.

>> No.47647688

Just figured out JoJo's full name. It's Johepidabepidadepidagepidadepidabepidabepidabay Joestar.
No, I'm not sure why I allowed it either, but it does cause very silly interactions with other characters.

>> No.47647867
File: 4 KB, 185x82, Oh My.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw people are still posting the gif you made all that time ago

>> No.47647896

pretty neat gif man good job.

>> No.47647968
File: 77 KB, 245x299, LOVE CATS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All that JSCervini art that's been lost to the ages
Feels like a great loss desu

>> No.47648278

>someone else actually made a THD stand
I'm in legitimate shock right now.

That said, what do you think has more potential? [A City Dressed in Dynamite] or [Pills for Everything]

>> No.47648672 [DELETED] 

Stand name:「The Nomad」
A punchghost with the ability to partially control space, allowing him to enlarge or reduce the size a circular area up to 20 times at will. The diameter can't be longer than ten meters. The area will return to its natural size as soon as the user isn't looking at it.

Only the Stand user is be able to see the if an area has been enlarged or but everyone is affected by it, for example someone walking through an enlarged area would simply perceive that he's walking very slowly.

>> No.47648714

Stand name:「The Nomad」
A punchghost with the ability to partially control space, allowing him to enlarge or reduce the size a circular area up to 20 times at will. The diameter can't be longer than ten meters. The area will return to its natural size as soon as the user isn't looking at it.

Only the Stand user is able to see the if an area has been enlarged or reduced in size but everyone is affected by it, for example someone walking through an enlarged area would simply perceive that he's walking very slowly.

>> No.47649071

I love this player.

>> No.47649160
File: 191 KB, 612x612, 1335057515365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I should just list my major musical inspirations for my stands by artist, because a lot of people love my THD ones:
Father John Misty (Fear Fun, I Love You Honeybear, Strange Encounter, Chateau Lobby #4)
Modest Mouse (Float On, Tiny Cities Made of Ashes, many many more)
Death Grips (The Fever, I've Seen Footage, Ring A Bell, BB Poison)
Gogol Bordello (Underground World Strike, many more)
That Handsome Devil (Pills For Everything, Rob the Prez-O-Dent, Goldfish Brain, A Drink to Death, Kiss the Cook)
Run The Jewels (Run the Jewels, Run the Jewels ACT 2, Angel Duster, 36" Chain, Sea Legs, Job Well Done, Twin Hype, No Come Down)
Big K.R.I.T. (Talkin Bout Nothing)
Action Bronson (Action Silverado, Man The Mirror, Amadu Diablo, City Boy Blues, Easy Rider, Galactic Love, The Symbol, Rare Chandeliers)
Dr. Dog (Army of Ancients, The Breeze)
Sleigh Bells (made an entire family based on Reign of Terror. Stands include True Shred Guitar, Born to Lose, Comeback Kid, Bitter Rivals, Sing Like a Wire, Young Legends, Tiger Kit)
Tobacco (Maniac Meat, Fresh Hex, Lipstick Destroyer, Omen Classic, The Touch From Within, Face Breakout, Motorlicker, Nuclear Waste Aerobics)
Joey Badass (Paper Trail$, Big Dusty, Belly of the Beast, Christ Conscious)
Apathy (Grand Leveler, Grass Ain't Greener, Connecticut Casual)
Lots more, they're all in a notebook right now but i can transcribe them by request.
pic unrelated

>> No.47649228

The Stand so nice they posted it twice
Good Stand. Would they never actually reach their destination if continuously enlarged?

Good music taste, Father John Misty usually makes the best Stand names

>> No.47649284

I like Supercommuter for Stand names - Itty Bitty Pigeons and Death Math are my favourites.

>> No.47649304
File: 844 KB, 1920x1080, 1441589757847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think [A City Dressed in Dynamite] has more potential as a stand name but [Pills for Everything] is my favorite THD song. It's just got that strong feel, sort of like Sympathy For The Devil. Really kickass song.

>> No.47649382

i've never heard of them, but i'll give them a listen! those song titles are strong.
thank you for the complement. i feel like father john misty is really good fodder for jojo in almost every respect. father john misty is going to be a priest in the game i'm gonna run.

>> No.47649467

He raps about robots to the accompaniment of chiptune style music. He's got an alias, Optimus Rhyme, as well, and his song Super Shiny Metal is great.

>> No.47649501

I posted it twice actually, because I fucked up the copy pasting.
> Would they never actually reach their destination if continuously enlarged?

You can't enlarge an area indefinitely. I forgot to add that the diameter of the circle is ten meters at most and if the user uses the stand's power again the previous area turns back to normal.

>> No.47649719
File: 87 KB, 480x696, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anybody still interested in that short 1 or 2 jojo session i would run.

>> No.47649974

Is it just me or is that a Blue Eyes White Dragon with tits?
Then again, I don't actually know anything about YuGiOh.

>> No.47650246
File: 3.97 MB, 600x596, 124252223414.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello /sss/, since no one posted the d10 system, i'm gonna do this now:


And now with the question regarding said system, i need help in fleshing out Ripple Users. As for now (i know it's unfinished) it provides great info on Vampires, but there's only single paragraph about Sun Monks. Which is why i need help on how to balance them out in regards of Vampires, as they get Stand Tier urgency + grapple attacks. Should i give Life Electricity Outcasts the same (Stand Tier urgency)? Customisation in powers is of course given, since Vampires have that too + 2 abilities from the get go.

If thread is still alive i may post my two Stands i'm currently using in campaigns.

>> No.47650331

I dont think ripple users should get stand tier urgency but maybe an automatic +2 to success when making an action that involves ripple.

>> No.47651428


>> No.47652149

I was starting to think nobody else actually knew they existed. But staying relevant, so much of their shit has good stand potential. Great song/album names with lots of personality in them.

I was mulling over a way of making [A City Dressed in Dynamite] but i couldn't think of an ability that wouldn't be way too on the nose. Namely:

>takes control of a large zone around it that spreads from hand contact, and expands up to a certain radius. [ACDiD] can then manipulate points of non-organic matter within it. For example: attacking people with chunks of earth of various shapes and sizes (earthbender style), and detonating cars, traffic lights, and anything else potentially explosive. If all else fails, while [ACDiD] can only control a small point within it's zone of influence and nothing too large, it can weaken structures and cause chain reactions that can be potentially devastating.

Wasn't very satisfied with it, though.

>> No.47652230

How well does this system work out in gameplay? I've been trying to get a game going for a while but haven't found a solid system yet.

>> No.47652273
File: 167 KB, 1391x1961, Glass_Houses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since I see this thread up, guess I will post another stand. This one came from an /a/ comment about how a stand based on [Glass Houses] would work.

[Glass Houses]
Power - C
Speed - B
Precision - B
Range - B
Durability - A
Potential - B

Glass Houses can make any target it touches extremely brittle and frail. If it touches a person for example, that person runs the risk of getting injured quite easily. If that person walks too hard, the force rebounding from the floor may break his heels, or if the person drops a book on his lap, his thigh and leg bones may shatter.

This ability also works on objects. The stand can make diamond brittle enough to be crushed by a softball.

>> No.47652365

I thought /a/ hated fan made Stands.

>> No.47652417

They do if it overtakes the thread. But if it's like two or three comments they usually don't really mind.

>> No.47652610

I think its ability should have something to do with clothing, because Dressed in Dynamite.

>> No.47652631

Interesting. May steal for campaign later.

>> No.47652756

Still needs a few tweaks, but really solid overall.

The only thing I had to add on was to further codify the HP pools. 1 rank became around 10 HP, so that way 5 toothpicks thrown at you wouldn't mean 5 ranks lost, it would mean 5 HP lost aka half a rank.

>> No.47652770

what do you guys think of 7SU, and the fan made sequel that's apparently being made?

>> No.47652789
File: 229 KB, 1398x2790, InvisibleMan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And another one.

[Invisible Man]
Power - B
Speed - A
Precision - A
Range - E
Durability - C
Potential - D

Invisible Man can make any object incorporeal and insubstantial, almost like a ghost.

For example, it can touch a car and make it incorporeal, causing it to slowly phase through the ground and sink towards the center of the Earth. It can also make an opponent's skin incorporeal, so it can reach for his/her vital organs and bones easily without having to create an entry wound.

Glad you like it.

>> No.47652794

I should phrase this better.

As a system right now, any real damage will cause you to immediately lose a rank. You can increase the amount of ranks lost depending on the severity of the blow, but it's hard to calculate if an attack is something small (like a toothpick) that wouldn't necessarily needto take an entire rank with it. With actual set health points aassigned to each rank, it's easier to calculate.

>> No.47652846

Love your artwork man. Really impressive that your pumping out these stands at a good pace with pretty quality art to accompany them.

>> No.47652910
File: 813 KB, 1727x2502, Walkthedinosaur22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks. I actually drew the last two earlier during the week. I figured I might as well post them now with abilities attached to them.

I used to draw a lot of Jojo-things before I started work on other endeavors. All of this has been a spur of the moment thing.

Pic related is the first stand I drew as a result of an /a/ thread.

>> No.47652926

Wow this is really interesting as well.

>> No.47652999

Thanks. It's probably the last one I'm going to post in a while. In a few days I got to go back to a study grind.

>> No.47653517

What music would you play during a jojo campaign?
hard mode: not what as being referenced

>> No.47653581

I'm going to be running a Jojo campaign for my group in the near future. I'm thinking of downloading some of the anime OSTs and playing stuff like Overdrive at appropriately dramatic moments.

I'm going to try and estimate when sessions are winding down, too, and play Roundabout as things draw to a stop.

>> No.47653639

Idk i play stuff that fits the situation.

>> No.47654597
File: 96 KB, 490x750, Totally How It Works.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not a booru, but we can dump all our JoJo arts in the below Google Drive folder the meantime.


And holy shit your arts are fabulous!

>> No.47654616
File: 649 KB, 860x718, Even Spoodwoogon is Afrood!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, used the wrong trip...

>> No.47654821
File: 21 KB, 152x254, 1464546623621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This vast stockpile of JSCervini art and other /sss/ stuff
Niceu niceu

>> No.47654855
File: 127 KB, 500x351, Nyoohoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad I could be of service!

>> No.47655033
File: 416 KB, 2148x2832, BlueOysterCult_vs_IronMaiden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And holy shit your arts are fabulous!

Thanks senpai.

I just realized I need to put more sound effects on these.

>> No.47655117

>Genki Rockets
Power: A
Staying: A
Speed: A
Precision: A
Range: A
Learning: E

Genki Rockets is a humanoid, automatic stand that activates whenever anyone gives anything to the user as a gift or steals something from her against her wishes.
Whenever it is activated, it will walk towards the perpetrator, and will either pull out an object of equivalent value of the gioft and give it to them as payment or will take something from them, also of eqiuvilenmt value. This can take many forms, from taking money and possessions to attacking someone's emotional weakpoints to actually dealing physical harm.

>> No.47655356
File: 1.09 MB, 1234x2137, quest for joestar ass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/a/ made their own part once.

>> No.47655489

we should have another jojo quest soon, those were always fun.

>> No.47655587

Did that one on /qst/ about Averjo Agejo or whatever the fuck he was called ever get a second episode?

>> No.47655634

>a quest where you join a post-Giorno mafia and end up collaborating with Sale and Zucherro to complete missions for the boss

>> No.47655815

>quest where you get arrested and have to fight the Gay Priest with Jolyne
>quest where you're a student at Morioh and have to juggle classes and being an enemy stand user
>quest where you're a racer in the SBR

>> No.47655835

I've wanted to run a Quest/Campaign for a while based around present-day American gangsters and/or friends searching for Giorno, who came to the U.S. for photoshoots relating to his Gangstar status, but whom is now missing. Passione's been taken over by rivals back in Italy, who are now sending Stand-User assassins after Giorno and anyone looking for him. Pannacotta Fugo might be involved, as one of the main characters was attacked by a Stand that looked similar to Purple Haze.

The assassins all have Stand related to Muse songs. For example, Panic Station, a Close-Combat Stand that forces people near the user to enter a Fight or Flight reflex until they get reasonably far away, knock him out, or die from their hearts bursting from the constant stress.

>> No.47655846

>you're defeated by Koichi during the middle quest
>you immediately lose 2 feet of height

>> No.47655892

all I ask is that Sale and Zucherro are party members; they have great stands and they were the only enemy stand users to survive part 5

>> No.47655972
File: 1.18 MB, 1000x1000, Eldest Brando and 「Monte Cristo」.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been daydreaming a JoJo Quest myself in an alternate reality where DIO defeated Jotaro and the rest of his merry band, and promptly kicked the world's shit in. Naturally, he sired more children who grew up to be his lieutenants. Of course, you can play the part of a plucky Joestar-worshipping fanatic trying to take down this regime, or play out the infighting between the children and the threat it poses to DIO's reign.

This is the eldest of the siblings. No name, and the Stand name is tentative, but I'm feeling that literature would be a good theme for these characters.

>> No.47656014

>quest where you play as an animal Akira stabbed with the arrow, and you have to fend off stand users from your den

>> No.47656018

I'd probably consider a guest appearance, like Polnareff in 5 or at most Jotaro in 4. The focus would be on new characters with new Stands. I've always wanted to run it as a campaign more than a Quest, but only one other person in my 7-man group has watched JoJo, and one of them despises the idea for no particular reason.

>> No.47656088

This is actually brilliant.

>> No.47656182

O hello friends. I've been a busy bee since last we spoke - got my first monetized product out and have done quite a bit of experimenting. Have barely touched JJBAHRP, much to my chagrin! I'm hoping to get a new boost of enthusiasm for it when Cortex Plus Heroic launches its Kickstarter finally. Here's Draft 0.0.9b, now with An Extremely Rough Layout and The Last Time You'll Ever See That Cover!

>> No.47656350 [SPOILER] 
File: 67 KB, 576x1152, 1465271717184.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Busy man indeed. Still love the power set for 「DABARU DACHU BASU」 Seriously going to use that whenever I get out of my over-GM'd funk.

I need to play in a damn campaign for once. Hard to do that here since I have a standard Monday through Friday job.

>> No.47656391

Thanks! That one took a long time to do and I had to get clever.

If you're real nice to me you might get put on the list for playtesting.

>> No.47656507

Alright, I'll admit, the Japan section made me laugh.

>> No.47656537

Oh thank God. I was worried it was too lame or ridiculous.

Which I know is a tall order for Pt. 3 and JJBA in general, but I'm not the most confident writer.

>> No.47656886

I've just read through this- apart from a typo on page 9 ('my' instead of 'may'), things are looking good! I still like the tone you have, and the amount of in-jokes crammed in there.
This is still one of the best things to come from these threads.

>> No.47657839

Fixed it!

I realize I'm in a weird kind of flux right now - the license I was using literally no longer exists, but the one that's currently available is /excessively/ ambiguous.

>> No.47658535

I have had an idea bouncing around for a Stand, but I'm stuck in two ways. Firstly, I'm unclear on what power/ability it would have. Secondly, I don't have a name for it. THIS IS A PROBLEM.

I'm picturing a hulking figure, bent over. It's almost gorilla-like in stature, which is actually somewhat thematic. On its back, it has a pair of extra arms, and these have a big pair of cymbals held in them. I'm seeing this thing sort of lope along, gorilla-like - maybe it even has only one front leg. When it's time for a fight, the back arms slowly separate the cymbals, then suddenly clap them together. It's bulky, but it doesn't really physically fight, relying on whatever effect the cymbals produce.

So, yeah. Suggest abilities if you want, but names are more important- once you have the name, the ability often follows.

>> No.47660191

Do you mean 7th Stand User? It's been out for a while now. It's really good.

Oh neat, another update! I love this project. Count me in if you need a playtester.

Shit, I need to drop everything and work on those things I said I was going to write for this project before I forget again.

You have to name it after something from the Gorillaz. That, or you can call it Monkey Man.

As for its power, the Stand's cymbals produce ultra high-frequency sound. Like a more sinister version of Echoes, people influenced by this Stand's ultrasonic messages will be compelled to act them out subconsciously. Should that somehow fail, the Stand can also disable people by screwing with their inner ears and throwing them off balance.

>> No.47660418

There's a sequel being made for 7th, I think. The stands shown so far seem pretty cool.

>> No.47660563

I've done Gorillaz Stands before, but I have no problem revisiting that territory.

「El Mañana」 is a Stand reminiscent of a gorilla crossed with a tricycle, having one spindly front leg instead of arms. Huge and hulking except for that leg, it also has a pair of arms on its back which end in large cymbals instead of hands.
This Stand has the ability 「Summer Don't Know Me」. In battle, it clashes the cymbals on its back, each clash being a use of this ability. The sound produced is incredibly high-frequency, so people do not consciously perceive that they have heard it. Anyone who hears one of these cymbal clashes stops what they are doing long enough for the sound to fade away. This ability cannot be spammed as the arms take some time to wind back for another clash. However, stopping your opponent from fighting back for a few seconds is all a pragmatic user needs. As this Stand relies on sound to transmit the effect, deaf opponents trump it totally as this is the only way it fights, relying on the user to actually finish any enemies.

>> No.47660755

Well shit, there really is a sequel in the works. Thanks for the heads up, anon!

In other news, I'm currently working on the following /tg/ JoJo stuff:

Chronicles of Darkness: JJBA [working title]
>Inspired by the Parasite Eve and Silent Hill NWOD supplements, this is a guide for introducing Stands to your CofD games. The mechanics for Stands borrow heavily from the rules for Ghosts and Spirits, along with monster creation rules and the Dread Powers system.

JoJo Heroic
>I'm helping out Lonesome Blues on this book! Along with coming up with the occasional wild idea, I'm also writing sections on how to make a Stand (in terms of fluff, mainly) and how to adapt Marvel Heroic's superheroes to JoJo Heroic's Stand users.

Also, when my group eventually finishes reading da mango, I'll try running a game using the new Bizarre Adventures homebrew, coming back with helpful feedback if I can. It'll probably be something slice of life, like Part 4. I'll be borrowing any cool Stands I find in these threads for my game if I see any I like.

>> No.47661175

As the thread nears the end, have the google doc for the lastest JoJo Homebrew. Any feedback is appreciated.

>> No.47661655

I made a stand like this called [Bad Animals]. It was basically a weird cyborg-zombie badger that would split into two smaller copies when hit with enough force. Its DP was only a C at best, but the copies retained the strength of the original. It was automatic too, and was activated when the user stole something from the target. The only way to stop its relentless attack was to destroy or take back the stolen item.

>> No.47661770

[Velvet Underground] is an "ownerless" stand like Anubis or Les Feuilles that takes the form of a subway station that can only be found by stand users. The train will go to a location when all of the passengers unanimously agree on where to go. Once the place has been set [Velvet Underground] will reach it's destination by contorting and bending it's body to ridiculous levels and traveling through even the smallest cracks and openings in solid matter. The passengers do not perceive any change in the shape of the car while inside.

>> No.47661814

I would play that. Also like the idea of doing a literature theme, I think in one of the side novels stands were named after movies.

>> No.47662427

Really great, I love the simplicity of the system and I'm really looking forward to when the character sheet is made.

The only gripe I have is: how are DMs supposed to calculate attacks that wouldn't take up an entire rank in a health pool?

>> No.47662471

Simply inflicting a condition without taking any health away can do it.

>> No.47662645
File: 507 KB, 1565x1400, img000001 (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the reply. Stealing this for the Speedwagon Foundation to use in my game.

>> No.47662692

So if i got this correct in my head, How many ranks of conditions you have is determined by Bulk and each rank has 10 HP. Losing ranks do not stack. This is correct right?

>> No.47662750

There is no set HP for each rank. Each rank is just a condition you can take. But you can certainly have conditions outside the limit if you feel they aren't major enough.

>> No.47662778

Mind giving me an example im slightly retarded.

>> No.47662825

Alright, lets say you A is fighting B. Both A and B have stands. B acts first and before Stands are used throws sand in A's eyes. Now this is a condition in probably giving A -dice to hit, but wouldn't make sense to the limit.

Later on though, lets say A hits B in the head and B has a swollen shut eye, This would both give a penalty and count to the limit.

Also the sheet for the anon that asked for it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZudOTdG_yYKh6-pE0-batXs6UP22kZRTvEE4rLAulc4/edit#gid=194706370

>> No.47662904

Ok so how do ranks outside the limit work again?

>> No.47662969

To be honest I just told my players to note it down that it was temp. The group that has been working on the system is focused on other things at the moment, but I might add something about nonlethal conditions.

>> No.47663004

Yeah my group will prolly just improvise for now.

>> No.47664638

Quick bump while there are a few slots left.

>> No.47666239

Have you ever made a Stand that was an explicit reference to something else?

>> No.47666286

Best Stand. Respect.

>> No.47667213
File: 311 KB, 1000x1000, N5CBOxV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So i'm back and i have another contest for you folks. I need a stand that grants others stand abilities in some way like Whitesnake. First person to send me an idea i really like gets a 25 dollar steam gift card.

>> No.47667310

Soul Man, a Stand with the ability to grab ahold of the essence of a Stand when a user dies and give it to another. Soul Man has 6 arms all of which can hold onto Stands, but while its holding a Stand it has to let go to use it.

>> No.47667373

So... it has to catch the stand then let go to use it?

>> No.47667383

Well when the spirit leaves the body, it just has to grab hold. Not like a ghost is gonna be able to dodge much.

>> No.47667401

A stand that has the power to 'see" into the soul of another and identify what their stand will be and what it will do. Once it has viewd a stand, it can then reach into the person and forcefully remove that stand as a small paiting of it.

Anybody with a similar tmeperment to the original user is compatibale with that stand, and compatibale people who touch it will absorb the painting and gain the stand.

It may only be able to see latent stands that have yet to manifest so it can't Jotaro any other stand users.

>> No.47667418

Oh i see. Can it only hold one at a time. Needs some more details mang

>> No.47667442

Sorry, each arm can hold one. But if it is holding 6 Stands it can't defend itself. To grant someone a Stand it just needs to shove it into the potential user. Stats are up to you, but I see it as high speed and precision with surprisingly low power. When an arm is holding onto a Stand it probably floats behind the main body.

>> No.47667443

So it can only steal stands from people who havent manifested.

>> No.47667509


Also, may as well specify on this, it doesn't need to be someone who's able to weild a stand properly; it takes the stand they would have had if they had enough will. It could have easily taken Holly's stand even though she can't actually become a stand user.

>> No.47667539

And what happens to someone after it is stolen?

>> No.47667552

I got a really silly one.


The stand can stab someone and grant them a stand based on two conditions:
1) The stand will manifest only if a person has heard a song in the last 20 minutes. The stand itself will be named after that song (the last song he/she has heard).
2) The power will be based on the person's greatest fear. A person afraid of spiders will have a spider-based stand, and a person afraid of water will have a water-based stand. If a person does not overcome or accept his/her fear, the stand will pull a Cheap Trick and kill the user. If the person accepts his/her fear, they become a punchghost they can control.

>> No.47667585

Wow that's dickmove: The Stand.

>> No.47668133

[Rubberband Man] - humanoid punchghost in various yellows and browns, with low power but high speed and range, and quite high precision. Its head is a rubber band ball, and it can shoot rubber bands the way you probably did as a kid - stretching them against its fingers.

Once [Rubberband Man] hits someone with a rubber band, it wraps itself around the victim somewhere and creates a bond. Once this bond is created, the target receives any latent Stand ability they may have. Should the target be completely devoid of Stand potential, they gain a generic stand that looks like themselves, and has middling stats with no special powers beyond being able to fight other Stands.

People granted Stands by [Rubberband Man], generic or not, will gravitate towards the user of [Rubberband Man], following them without realizing it. The more people given Stands, the lower [Rubberband Man]'s range becomes and the closer all created users will trend towards [Rubberband Man]'s user. Should a person with a granted Stand move outside of RBM's range, they will be free of that compulsion, but lose the Stand permanently until the user gives them it back.

There is no other way to dispel the granted Stand. [Rubberband Man] and its User may be coerced into making the Stand permanent, but at great cost to both parties - the target's Stand will be weaker, and [Rubberband Man] itself will lose a significant chunk of its rubber bands, which slowly grow back, and can be replaced by using ordinary rubber bands.

[Rubberband Man] and its user can slowly gather a crowd of Stand users, but by using the ability too much it can become difficult to get away from people, and by granting the wrong person a Stand it can engineer its own downfall.

Power: D
Speed: B
Range: B
Staying: C
Precision: A
Learning: C

>> No.47668172

I might have just what you're looking for, but I'll need a few minutes before I can post it. Its on my hard drive, and Im ony phone right now.

>> No.47668968

Welll, I guess they could either have some affliction placed upon them like Whitesnake or they're just left completely unable to manifest a stand.

>> No.47669607

Idk whatever you think sounds good.

>> No.47669893

Sorry for the hold up. How about this?

「POKER FACE」 is an esoteric deck of cards that has the power to 'deal' Stands to people. If you draw a card from 「POKER FACE」, you will receive a random Stand that reflects the card you drew. All Stands received from 「POKER FACE」 have their original card sticking out of them somewhere.

While it seems like a free ticket to power, there is an ultimate catch - when the Stand User is defeated/dies, their soul will go to 「POKER FACE」's deck as a new Stand Card to be drawn by somebody else. The only way to break free of 「POKER FACE」's curse is to earn your Stand rightly by a Stand Arrow or other means. Plucking out their card before this time will result in instant death.

>> No.47670338

[Cheap an' Nasty] is a humanoid Stand that has to power to "corrupt" others and steal their Stands

[Cheap an' Nasty] appears as the decaying skeleton of a robot (general structure of pic related), looking old, rusty and unsafe. Its head is a stark contrast to the rest of the Stand: the head is angelic, with a doll-like face made out of leather and lace. Its other key features are a broken halo welded on its head, small, uneven wings on its back, and functional wheels on its feet.

[Cheap an' Nasty] has the ability to spread its "rust". By simply touching another living being, the "rust" will begin to spread, making them weaker and slower, their bodies slowly losing function. If a being has a Stand, awakened or not, the Stand will also be infected, but at a rate 4x that of its owner. This means that once a User's "rust" has spread to their entire arm, their Stand has been fully compromised. A Stand that has been fully engulfed in the "rust" will then belong to the user of [Cheap an' Nasty] and the infection will stop for its owner. This serves as an excellent plot device, as [Cheap an' Nasty] will leave a trail of Standless people in its wake, each with their own rusted limb to show.

The second ability of [Cheap an' Nasty] is to give those rusted Stands to others. Any being, as long as they are sentient, can be given a rusted Stand through infection by C&N. These rusted Stands are weaker than before, thanks to being stolen and corroded, but grow in power dependent on how much their new User has devoted themselves to C&N. So, at first, these stolen Stands are weaker than before, but the more rust the new user accepts from C&N, the stronger their Stand will become. This leads to power-mad fanatics or very devoted individuals (Vanilla Ice) giving up their humanity for extreme power.

C&N has roller blades on its feet, which coupled with its great speed, allows it to quickly touch an opponent in battle.

Real Pucci-tier Stand

>> No.47670356
File: 202 KB, 600x900, 130830_MetPoliceBotB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoops, forgot pic

>> No.47670414

Awesome idea, great name.
Can a person who received their Stand from [Poker Face] kill the user of [Poker Face] to avoid their fate?

I am definitely considering having a session where a group who got Stands from [Poker Face] realize his evil and now have to fight him and the vast amount of Stand Users he created. Stolen for sure.

>> No.47670622

>Can a person who received their Stand from [Poker Face] kill the user of [Poker Face] to avoid their fate?
Since the death of the Stand User usually leads to the end of the Stand, I want to say no. That's even worse for the players, because it means that they CAN'T kill him until they find a way out of the devil's wicked deal first.

What would the Stand User's name be? I'm assuming he's some sort of crime boss, so it has to be something vaguely Italian, Alfredo Ferrari?

>> No.47670786

Here's a WIP draft of that 'how to make stands' document I said I was going to make for JoJo Heroic a while back. Feedback is appreciated.

>> No.47670942

Man, that makes it even better. The only way to ensure your death is to lose your Stand (which I assume the player had built a bond with after multiple sessions). Kinda like the end of KLK

Did some thinking and I think a good name would be:
>Stefano Cinquantadue
Stefano is the masculine version of Lady Gaga's real first name, while Cinquantadue is bizarre and means "52" in Italian

>> No.47670970

Both really good ideas guys. Im considering having pokerface show up in my game desu.

>> No.47671058

>Stefano Cinquantadue
Love the name. Maybe like how Pucci was just known by his Stand's name before being revealed, people only know him by the name Poker Face?

Glad to see I made a good Stand that people want to use in their games.

>> No.47671156


>> No.47671326

Copy that

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