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Alright, dilemma time

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How is this even a dilemma
also op s a faggot

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Its a difficult choice for anyone, nigger

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>Watch "Da Freebootaz of Penzanc" done by grots and smashing stupod fish 'eads

>Dance the night away with a beautiful elf who dresses like a clown while going fast by day

Torn but leaning to elf

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This IS quite the dilemma you got for me, OP.
On the one hand, I get a qt eldar gf with access to all the best clown pussi in the galaxy.
On the other, pic related is my fetish/belief for how weapons of war can be improved

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>Saying no to a qt pure craftworld gf.

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I mean, just IMAGINE the bitches I could pull with my own Stompa

Why get one Eldar when you can get dozens of dozens of perfectly good human girls with gigantic chainsaws, overwhelming amounts of high-powered weaponry, clanking metal, and a flagrant disregard for OSHA regulations. There ain't a girl in the galaxy who could resist this whip.

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I assume choosing to be a Rogue Trader with a qt Eldar waifu is out of the question?

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Good man

Being a taxi driver in the dark city with a nagging but loving /d/eldar wife is respectable too

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The only trouble with this decision is whether I should get a Lifta-Droppa or a Krusha Ball on my Stompa

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You're an Ork, being able to pick up chicks doesn't matter when you no longer have the desire to do so.

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>Deldar waifu
>totally loyal
>into all my fetishes
Oh boy. That's a hard combo to beat. The jetbike is just icing.

>In the dark city with my bae
>Hit up a local Haemonculus for some very, very specific body modifications for my girl
>Increased skin elasticity and stomach capacity
>Detachable jaw like a snake
>Faster metabolism and stronger digestion
>The ability for her swallow our enemies whole and alive confers several advantages as we rise through the ranks of the cabals
>Assassinate rivals cleanly and efficiently, leaving no trace
>No shortage of agony-derived soul juice for either of us because being dissolved by acid over the course of days or weeks is actually really painful
>through the process of utter consumption my waifu grows stronger

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Purple can for me, gotta be extra sneaky before getting stompy

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Is that Stompa wearing a fucking bowler hat?

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Isn't it a converted Mr. Potato Head?

That's what I always assumed.

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OP don't make me choose I can't deal with this.

why can't I have both an amazing elfy body and be a diggaboss

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I'd rather be a Rogue Trader with my own Stompa. Then I can rent it out for a million spacebucks a day and buy myself thousands of qt pure catgirl gfs. And then still have my Stompa in case I find myself needing to fuck up a couple of Knight Titans or Wraithknights.

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What kind of retard would not go with the Stompa?

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Sorry man, I just don't have a fetish for giant mechs. More power to you, though.

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Stompa, of course.
ROW ROW WAAAGH DA POWER is my power fantasy.
I always wanted to get rid of sexual shit and fetishes.
I always wanted to be big and strong.
Cuddling with a sharp-ear won't make the galaxy remember your name, and my WAAAAGH will be remembered for milleniums.


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>wanting to fuck something
>not wanting to break something instead
fucking casual

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This guy gets it

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>Eldar: caressing your dingdong and fetishes damages your body and sanity, you move from one to other until all of them feel stale
>Ork: deriving pleasure from war makes you stronger and able to feel even better by leading bigger armies and stomping bigger foes

Ya'z stupid git.

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Hm. Ork boy or Wraithknight would be a harder dilemma...

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You should have offered Tau waifu to actually make it dilemma.

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The Eldar of course. Assuming this is still modern world, I hand myself and my girl friend over to scientist for the good of mankind.

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...It's shit.
Your dilemma is shit.
Not because it is hard to make a choice, but because it forces yout to make a choice.
A shitty choice.
Now that I think about, it is a proper dilemma.
But, I refuse.

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Hmm, let me see
>solve all the existential and moral problems, never suffer again, essentially ascend to your new version of paradise
>Elfpussi lol

Gosh, this is such a hard decision.
Spooked motherfucker.

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>ywn be an eldar corsair

>> No.47587979

Here's your waifu.

Not really seeing the benefit of DEldar over Craftworld or Harlequin. OP pic says she's into my fetishes anyway, so all DEldar gets you is extra bitching.

>> No.47588105

In the DEldar world, one guy who is absolutely loyal to you and would never stab you in the back is a fucking massive advantage. You could stand a chance at making yourself super powerful, with something like that.

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This git gets it.

>> No.47588705


That's a male Tau though.
Here's a female Tau on the left.

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