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Welcome back, Kestrels...er, cadets...to the twentieth installment of Mecha Space Pirate Quest. It feels like just yesterday we were in single digits. Anyway, today you are still Heinrich "Caesar" Merrow, an Ensign of the UJCIDF and a SOUL Squad A pilot, inheritor of the King Swordfish MK. II. I'll be reposting your stats since I forgot to make a UJCIDF pastebin.

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Mecha+Space+Pirate+Quest%2C+Collective+Game%2C+mecha
Master Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/sSHs0QmF
Upgrade Menu: http://pastebin.com/QQQzkFZe
List of Moves: http://pastebin.com/HSdyCe2y
Rogues' Gallery: http://pastebin.com/E9ZcDLfG

Last time, you verbally eviscerated Squad B's sniper after he insulted your paint job, got beaten up and recruited into a plot by Lieutenant Alice C. Farragut, received helpful advice from your mechanic, met a loose girl, and then met a nice but assertive one who dragged you on a date. During the course of this date, you and Naomi Heim followed Ensign Young to a church, where he met his girlfriend-apparent and they exchanged words.

Right now, you're trying not to laugh as Naomi imitates Lysa, complete with gratuitous eyelash-batting and mouthing along dramatically with her words. She's doing a fairly good imitation, too.

>> No.47341940

SOUL FLAGSHIP: the Wels-Class Battleship Cincinnatus
Medium Heavy Hull (1600 Kills, 16 Spaces all occupied)
Armored Heavy Armor (90 SP),

A-Grade: 1d10+16 for all skill rolls, representing an experienced crew of elite veterans and up-and-coming aces. The best of the best. Your non-Ace pilots use this value too, modified by the penalties from their machine's weight.

Fore Superheavy Beam Battery: (WA 0, 9000m range, 500K, 5 Spaces, Forward 180-degree Arc only)
Aft Heavy Beam Battery: (WA 0, 5550m range, 200K, 3 Spaces, Rear 180-degree Arc only)
Deluxe CIWS: (WA +0, 650m range, 10K, Space 1, All-Around Arc, automatically attacks any hostile mech that enters range with no penalty and the equivalent of an infinite burst weapon effect)
Light Defensive Screen: (1000 SP lowered on a one-to-one basis by damage, takes 1 Action to put up but can be dropped instantly, while active no mecha can enter or exit the vessel, 2 Spaces)

2 Mecha Bays (can support 130 mecha, 2 Spaces)
1 Cargo Hold (3200 tons)
1 Passenger Space (640 people)

Takes 400 meters forward travel to change heading 60 degrees.
Takes a -8 to hit mecha (except with CIWS)
Mecha get +8 to hit it.
Can fly 800m per turn, not counting the Microgate Projector.

Complement: The Cincinnatus has 130 mecha in readiness for launch, and can launch 13 per turn
1 S-Lionfish
1 S-Swordtail
1 King Swordfish Mk. II
1 S-Puffer(S-Fugu on paper)
1 S-Flowerhorn (S-Stiletto on paper)
1 S-Slinger
120 escort mecha (Bluegills, Pumpkinseeds, Garrons, Palominos, Warmouths, Morgan IIs)

Pilots: (P = Professional, R = Rookie, C = Crew)
Colonel Ziemowit Stern [P] (???)
Sergeant Pierre Blanchett [P] (???)
Ensign Heinrich “Caesar” Merrow [R] (Mecha Pilot 16, Mecha Fighting 14, Mecha Melee 16)
Cadet Naomi Heim [R] (<3)
Lieutenant Alice C. Farragut [P] (???)
Ensign Keith “Jesus” Yamato [R] (???)
120 UJCIDF Elite Pilots [C] (16 all skill rolls)

>> No.47341963

YOUR MECH: KING SWORDFISH MK. II (237.5 points with 0 unspent, 59 metric tons) CP=Construction Points, S=Spaces, K=Kills, T=Tons, SP=Stopping Power, WA=Weapon Accuracy, DA=Defensive Adjustment

Head: Cost/Space/Kills 6, 3 Tons, 7 Stopping Power, 3 Spaces left
Head Systems:
Advanced Sensor Package (10 CP, 2S)
Main Sensor Core (4CP, 1S, 2K, 1T)
Spotlight (0.2CP)

Torso: Cost/Space/Kills 12, 6 Tons, 7 Stopping Power, 3 Spaces left
Torso Systems:
Backup Sensor Core (2CP, 2S, 2K, 1T)
Deluxe Anti-Theft Codelock (0.4CP)
Environment Pod Cockpit (2CP, 2S)
Liftwire (0.3CP),
Stereo System (0.1CP)
Storage Module (1CP, 1S)
[Mounted] Anemone Active Shield Epaulet: DA -1, SP 8 (automatically parries the first attack it receives each turn), 17 CP, 4 Spaces, 4 tons

Left Arm: Cost/Space/Kills 7, 3 Tons, 7 Stopping Power, 0 Spaces left
Left Arm Systems:
Left Hand: (WA 0, 1K, 2 CP, 1 Space, 0.5 tons)
[Two-Handed] Swordfish Lance: (WA +1, 12K, AP, Quick, 47 CP, 14 Spaces, 6 tons)
6 Thrusters

Right Arm: Cost/Space/Kills 7, 3 Tons, 7 Stopping Power, 0 Spaces left
Right Arm Systems:
Right Hand: (WA 0, 1K, 2 CP, 1 Space, 0.5 tons)
[Handheld] Ocean Star Drone: (Range 250m, WA+0, 8K, Returning, 14.5 CP, 7 Spaces, 4 tons)
6 Thrusters

Left Leg: Cost/Space/Kills 7, 3 Tons, 7 Stopping Power, 0 Spaces left
Left Leg Systems:
7 Thrusters

Right Leg: Cost/Space/Kills 7, 3 Tons, 7 Stopping Power, 0 Spaces left
Right Leg Systems:
7 Thrusters

Mecha Reflexes Adjustment: -5
Mecha Speed:
600 meters per turn flying (300m/Action)
200 meters per turn running (100m/Action)
Costs 50m of movement to turn up to 180 degrees

Special Systems:
Officer Armor: Improved armor with superior anti-kinetic and anti-rad properties. Attacks that do less than 4K no longer cause your armor to degrade on hit.

>> No.47341989

YOU ARE: Ensign Heinrich “Caesar” Merrow (Age 16)

Attractiveness: 7
Body Type: 7
Cool: 10 [5 normally] (Fast Talk & Persuasion +1)
Empathy: 6
Intelligence: 10
[Education]: +3
Luck: 8
Movement Allowance: 6
Reflexes: 10 (Dodge & Escape 5, Mecha Fighting +4 Mecha Melee +6, Mecha Pilot +6, Melee 5, Motorcycle +1, Stealth +1, Zero-G +1)
Technical Ability: 7

Rookie Bonus: Anime Hero

Luck Points 8 (refreshes at end of session), Maneuver Pool 1 (refreshes at end of combat, otherwise identical to Luck)

>> No.47342003

Other than the massive disparity in weaponry, The Rhinehawk stacks up pretty well to a Battleship.

>> No.47342045

Isnt it just a smaller battleship or something?

>> No.47342056

15% less kills, 25% less armor, 1/5 the damage, nearly 50% fewer mechs.

No, the rhinehawk would last maybe 4 rounds and barely scratch the paint of that thing.

>> No.47342092

I would agree, but the problem is the sheer ammount of mechs they have along side their defenses as well. Their crew is a damn sight better as well. Remember, due to the games nature, even a +2 can cause trouble and as great as the kaiser is, these are not harpies.

We are no way close to being able to fight cleanly and even then, the costs in personnel would be too damn high.

>> No.47342094


As I said in earlier threads, a Wels-class could gobble up the Yamato and Rhinehawk, and could have gone full boot-on-ant to the Bosun's detachment at Suleiman 1. Its A-Class crew isn't standard, but a function of being the SOUL flagship and a byproduct of Colonel Stern's leadership.

>> No.47342133

On that point, is the only thing that matters for mech on ship combat the number of attacks the mechs do? Is the strength (kills) of their attacks relevant at all?

>> No.47342151

They crit like crazy on ships if I remember right.

>> No.47342164

Don't forget that 500k Front end SuperHeavy that should turn the RhineHawk when it gets a few hits off.

>> No.47342184

You realize, as she talks, that you've heard of Lysa before. Lysa Fleur, you think, although that might be a stage name. After all, she'd hardly be the first idol to have one (Red Siren springs immediately to mind). You've definitely seen her face on posters when you and Naomi drove through town, although considering your habitually stay-at-home lifestyle this is the first time you've noticed her. You have a hard time caring about S-Pop singers when they don't pilot a mech. You recognize the big gold hairpin more than anything else, really.

"Excuse me." A deep voice resounds from behind you, "Are you here to pray? If you are new to the faith, I would be happy to welcome you personally."

You spin around at the same time Naomi does, feeling faintly guilty. After all, you came here on impulse. The priest, though, seems friendly. A tall, smiling, broad-shouldered man with slightly messy long hair, he looks down at the pair of you expectantly.

>[Drop spaghetti]
>[Try to keep it cool]

>> No.47342196

As a comparison of ships, and since I already pointed out the difference in direct armament

>15% less kills, 25% less armor

Is not a gigantic difference.

>> No.47342218

They do, but the true target for the crits, the core doesn't work for plot armored ships such as certain protag and antag ships. Not only that but they have to work through both that shield and the high class CIWS system which would rip harpies to shred.

We should develop some custom machines of our own that are able to withstand the extra punishment.

>> No.47342225

>[Try to keep it cool]

>> No.47342228


Well shit, time to vacate the solar system.


>> No.47342235

>Drop Spaghetti

Insult his religion in some super obscure way

>> No.47342247

Coupled with the guns it means the rhinehawk might die in a single broadside volley when the shields go down. It'll definitely die with two.

>> No.47342248

>>[Try to keep it cool]
If there is a blond haired janitor in the area, book it. Just.. say you're curious and taking in everything.

>> No.47342249

I imagine you want to fight those ships with other ships. Using mechs for support if they are used at all.

>> No.47342250


Mecha do crit like crazy on ships, and yes, normally, those crits are all that matters. However, there are exceptions. Keep in mind that AP weapons halve the armor of starships too, and it IS possible for a high-damage mech to damage a starship even without a crit if its armor has already been weakened or if it's a small vessel. Normally, the number of attacks matters more. On a crit that isn't a megacrit, though, armor generally still provides protection, so I can't say that damage is irrelevant.

>> No.47342274

>[Drop spaghetti]

>> No.47342278


I'm debating whether or not protag/antag mecha can still crit the core on a protag/antag ship.

>> No.47342282

Again, discounting the weapons. As I said. Twice.

Moreover, where are you getting this "in a fight" mentality from? No where did I imply it was a match in a fight.

Why are you arguing this point that no one made?

>> No.47342312

To be fair, why else would you match to ships designed for fighting against each other if not to see how they would do in a fight?

>> No.47342314

>Blond Haired Janitor

I don't think Caesar might be able to handle Anderson

>> No.47342360

Because I never planned on fighting it. I plan on winning this "war" without engaging the military in a very public battle like that.

And I was just shooting the shit between updates.

>> No.47342369


I've thought about this a bit, and one major use for mecha in a ship-to-ship fight seems to be the same thing they're used for in, say, Macross. As a supplement to the CIWS turrets to keep enemy mecha from landing on the hull and breaking things. This is a bit different from gundam, where you have mecha outright destroying ships left and right.

>> No.47342376

No no, thats a blond haired bespeckled priest who is likely working in the space vatican on Popion Persieye 8. The blond janitor is some related to the series that priest is from.. whom he could also not handle at all.

>> No.47342390

So 'Anti-ship' weapons in this system are low caliber high fire rate machine guns. Bizarre.

>> No.47342404


That gives me a great idea for a mech.

>> No.47342405

If you're planning on rescuing people, you're going to have to fight soul.

>> No.47342407

pls god no

>> No.47342412

..Is it mecha pope?

>> No.47342416


>> No.47342430


Anti ship weapons are really things like main beam cannon batteries. You don't get more than one crit for spraying down a ship with an autofire gun, otherwise Yoritomo would have used his cannon instead of his heat swords on the Green Skulls' cruiser.

>> No.47342432

Unless you are playing gihrens greed and you stick gihren in a Gwazine apparently.
Man I wish I could read moon runes, that game seems like a blast.

>> No.47342445


>> No.47342453

>We're gonna have to fight space Hellsing

At least we might met a top tier waifu thats gonna murder us horribly

>> No.47342454


This guy, right here.

This fucking guy.

>> No.47342462

So what you're saying is that we need to equip all the kestrels with fists to punch battleships to death.

>> No.47342466

>Implying the pope needs a mecha

>> No.47342473

Not necessarily. That is the quickest and most sure-fire way, yeah, but it's not the safest. We could make this a war of the media and avoid open and high-profile combat with the military.

Of course that would never happen. Everyone in this quest, both the anons and the actual characters are way too fucking crazy for that.

>> No.47342492

Oh fk. I second the motion to drop spagetti and run off with Naomi in tow.

>> No.47342517

>a war of the media
>when one side are literally pirates
Dude come on. We rob people for a living.

>> No.47342532

>quickest and most sure-fire
Yes, i can see a direct assault on one of those battleships going splendidly.

>> No.47342561

Have to say I'm really liking the remastered Valkyria Chronicles. So may not participate much.
Also just because we a pirate doesn't mean we just go around and blow people up who surrendered or civilians.

>> No.47342582

It's either win and free them or die and don't.

Pretty clear-cut there.

>> No.47342591

We do rob them though. And steal all their shit. And ransom them if they have rich relatives.

>> No.47342597

I don't think sure-fire means what you think it means.

>> No.47342611

>Gil lowering himself to be a janitor

Trash, you obviously know nothing.

>> No.47342615

Well, by most indications, most pirates in the Belt are One Piece type pirates. Mostly harmless and provide security better than most PMCs. In fact, they also provide onsite demonstrations on why they're better

>> No.47342628

If we win, we have the ship. Guaranteed either they are rescued then.

Or they died due to the fighting.

If we lose we are dead and don't have the ship in our possession and it doesn't matter.


>> No.47342648

You try to stay cool. You really do, "Well, you see, I...I haven't been here before, and..."

His eyes bore into you like a lance.

"Er...um..." You stammer.

Naomi grabs your arm with a big, sunny smile, "I'm from Luna. Please don't scare my boyfriend, I'm hoping to convert him since we're in the same squad. You have a very lovely church."

The priest looks delighted, "Really? That's splendid news. May the blessings of the True God be upon your union. What a fine time to be alive." He sighs, the sternness melting out of him, "I rejoice every day at this new age of heroes. Although, boy...you should know this, that great evil must exist for heroes to be necessary. A light is only valuable in the dark. I shall pray for both of you to find the happiness you wish for." He makes a sort of Christian handsign at both of you, as a good Jove-worshipper you're not quite sure what it means, and goes to talk to some of his older parishioners.

You heave a sigh of relief, which lasts until you look up and see Ensign Young glaring at you with his arms crossed over his chest, "Why did you come here?" He demands to know.

Lysa is smiling sweetly, "Keith, are these friends of yours?"

You feel that sense of self-possession again, you doubt your voice will quiver at all.

>[I came to apologize...for the fact that you are such a fucking casual]
>[I came here to laugh at you...because you are such a fucking casual]
>[Be nice to him]

>> No.47342658

Tell that to all those muslim guys who had to pay ransoms. Or the escorts who dont give up or get lucky.

>> No.47342667


Thankfully this is a mech game. If Gilgamesh exists in it, which he might, he doesn't have the absolutely insane abilities he had in his own series.

>> No.47342675

I came here to REJOICE! At the fact that you're a fucking casual.

>> No.47342676

>reee softly at him

>> No.47342682


Andersen is actually on the short list for the visual reference for Roarke's dad.

>> No.47342683

>[Be nice to him]
Lets not have him thinking we heard all that bullshit

>> No.47342684

Even if he does we just need to find a guy with a towel over his faces to fight him for us.

>> No.47342696

I can definitely see him as the last australian.

>> No.47342702

Well it would explain where he got his HOT BLOOD from.

Dude had a will like the finest of steel.

>> No.47342705

We are on a date. The world doesn't revolve around you you know.

Dismissal is the greatest insult.

>> No.47342706


I'm answering the question, not implying the King of Heroes would even contemplate stooping to menial labor.

>> No.47342716

This. Damn son.

>> No.47342729

>I came here to laugh at you...because you are such a fucking casual

I mean seriously, blablabla oh I'm never defeated in sims blablabla I am justice. How old are you?! Real life isn't sims no matter how much you prattle.

>> No.47342735

Fuck that noise. We should be mocking lacus for her scientology recruitment speech mercilessly.

>> No.47342776

I just wanted to bask in the glow of a fine sword edge undulled by all the foes he had to hew down.

>> No.47342795

also with a "fucking casual" joke if possible/subtle enough.

>> No.47342798

...fucking casual

>> No.47342806

I just got a gut feeling that thats gonna be a real bad idea

>> No.47342838

Hey, lacus sicking auntie haman on us just accelerates Caesar's recruitment into the kestrels. Win/win.

>> No.47342855

Ya that makes sense plus the fact that we're most likely stealing a hostage later

>> No.47342877

>becoming filthy pirate scum

>> No.47342890

Took a perfectly good reaction image and fucked it up.

We should go pirate just to spite you, shitty voice in Caesar's head.

>> No.47342900

Calm your tits, jesus, you're welcome to stay with space hitler.

>> No.47342902


You don't need to go that far.

>> No.47342919

>recruiting fakers

>> No.47342933

Yeah nah. I would rather not antagonize someone who is the daughter of our boss and likely has a cult following her whims. Like a evil Red Siren.. only pink. the pink flamingo.

So we have half aussie genetics, and if roarke's mom hair color means anything, half irish.

It explains so much about him.

>> No.47342952


>half irish-aussie badass

we literally can't lose.

>> No.47342963

Fucking pirate sympathizers.
I just wanted an excuse to use that picture, Im not actually mad

>> No.47342974

>Roarke is the last Aussi
Makes a lot of sense honestly

Good on you for sticking in character

>> No.47342977

You might want to take a look at the win/loss ratios those countries have.

>> No.47343064

Funny enough the Irish have a reputation as really good soldiers

>> No.47343104

When they aren't shooting their pants buttons at people because no one thought to check if their bullets fit their guns.

>> No.47343109

Better soldiers while drunk though. Just like Slavs.

>> No.47343116

>Gentlemen, & ladies, I present to you Exhibit A: Capt. John 'Soap' Mactavish

>> No.47343140

pretty much. Same with the canadians oddly enough. Just throw them at germans and they just go to town.

Still, I was thinking more the ex con cool and dirty fighting mixed with the irish fighting prowess.

>> No.47343166

Think he is probably Scottish.

>> No.47343188

"I'm on a date, you know. Jesus. Not everything revolves around you, no matter what your girlfriend says. Besides, a church is a good place to talk quietly with someone cute." You put your arm around Naomi and squeeze. She smiles prettily and gives you a much tighter hug, leaning up and giving you a kiss on the cheek. You feel your face turn red. A-a-a g-g-girl just kissed you!

"Oh, I see." Keith smiles, "Well, that aside, I've been thinking...since you don't have much imagination when it comes to painting your mech, why not just pure white? Then, when the thrusters activate, moving parts expose glowing crystalline panels and that silly horn opens up to become a proper hero's crest?"

You try to imagine this, and stare at him in silence for several seconds. Judging. Naomi stares too.


>> No.47343202

Also ded.

>> No.47343224

Unicorn is a fucking beast of a machine but still doesn't take away from the fact that is its somewhat silly looking.
And Jesus needs to keep his damn mouth shut about our paint scheme. We need beat his ass in a simulation or real life

>> No.47343229

Oh, man. He ded, senpai. I propose we kick his ass in sim so he would shut up about it.

>> No.47343254

..and at that moment in time, as if through a miracle, the spirits of ancient /m/, /tg/, /v/ and /a/ gazed upon this scrub and deemed him unworthy of paradise. Stuck in the eternal lands of Get Gud.

>> No.47343258

You can paint your mech that way just stay away from mine

>> No.47343278

Is 4chan still alive in this future? We should check on that as Caesar. and challenge Jesus to a duel for insulting our mech's honor

>> No.47343279

Forgot to post our mixtapes


>> No.47343300

if i recall correctly is GYchan

>> No.47343316 [SPOILER] 

So instead of black stripes he wants glowing crystal stripes. And he dissed the horn.

>> No.47343336

Does Caeser's mech look like Thrudglemir or King Gainer?

>> No.47343346

We should find out where Jesus goes on the net and shitpost his ass for the lulz. Also nice dub dubs
"You want me to make my mech a giant glowing target?"

>> No.47343357

"I lied. I came here to laugh at you." You finally say, your voice full of disgust.

Naomi coughs and adds, "No, WE came here to laugh at you."

"You fucking casual." You throw in, "You're pretty dull for...for..." You can't help it, you really do start snickering, "F-for a fine sword edge u-undulled by all the foes he-BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHASNERKHAWHAWHAWHAWWWWW!"

Naomi tries to keep a straight face, but then throws her head back and starts laughing uproariously too. Expecting to be thrown out any moment now by the priest, you stand up, ready to go.

Keith's entire body trembles with rage, but Lysa puts a hand on his arm and smiles at you, her face full of kindness and warmth, "Do not be distressed, love. This one has to live up to his father, who once occupied a role similar to yours. He lives under a cold, dark shadow and has a chill heart. To be only an imitation of a hero is a painful role for someone so proud. Forgive him, and move past it."

>[Oh shit, what say?]

>> No.47343375

I thought it looked like the kampfer in the OP.

>> No.47343379


Imagine if Tomino was allowed to redesign a Kampfer and replaced the horn with a more unicorn-like spiral version. It's a little of all three, but Thrudgelmir appropriately expresses its size and majesty. Plus the King Swordfish has a giant drill lance.

>> No.47343380

>Its better then an imitation of an idol

>> No.47343398

Oh wow, negging right off the bat. Is cult recruitment down this quarter?

>> No.47343399

That's ths King Swordfish Mk1. Mk2 is the updated one.

>> No.47343400

I am backing that just due to the sheer BURN of it all.

>> No.47343403

"yeah, listen to what your girlfriend says beta-- i mean, Keith"

>> No.47343408

Oh snap.
Breeze on out after before anyone says anything else.

>> No.47343422

>Better a solid imitation of my father than a third-rate Red Siren imitation.

>> No.47343424


Also, backing

>> No.47343425


Holy Christ Thunderbird, I could feel how cold that was from here.

>> No.47343429

I have my moments

>> No.47343438

Preferably without you know getting Jesus pissed enough to throw first punch, as much fun as that would be, the Priest would get involved and I want to avoid REJOICING.

>> No.47343451

>and I want to avoid REJOICING.
>implying you have a choice

>> No.47343452

>Getting a crit to seduce the Butcher
>Getting a crit to seduce the audience of QTPI News

>> No.47343460

That is the sort of burn that even the priest would go 'Yoooo' for. Hell, I can just picture both Clemmy and Roarke going Yooo due to the sheer contact burn Jesus must have gotten.

>> No.47343467

There was also criting the martian pilots and Sam's brother and the warmouth, but hey whose counting

>> No.47343479

Apparently, you.

>> No.47343492

Pride goeth and all that.

>> No.47343501


>> No.47343559

"Better than an imitation of another idol. Except with less tits." You sort of gesture vaguely at the chest region, and while they're staring at you, you take Naomi and walk out.

"...Did you just compare her to Red Siren?" Naomi looks askance at you as you walk back out to your motorcycle, ignoring the indistinct caterwauling of rage from within the church.

"Yes. Yes I did." You adjust your glasses, the artificial sunlight gleaming off the crystalline lenses.

"...You're such a dork, but a cool dork." She smiles, and reaches up to pat your head, "I'm keeping you. Don't argue, it's pointless, I've already made up my mind."

>[Want to say something cool to Naomi while your Cool is still at 10?]

>> No.47343583

>You never know, my friends tell me im a very cunning linguist

>> No.47343593

Wait did we make Caesar a normie? We were just a NEET soldier ace this morning?

>> No.47343595

>get back from dinner

>see the sickest of burns

>nearly throw up dinner from laughing

>> No.47343605

You know, I agonized a lot over the choice of who to use as the portrait for Naomi...but Raraiya has some straight-up fantastic reaction faces.

>> No.47343608

Not even head wound induced coolness should stop him spilling the spaghetti now.
>y-you too

>> No.47343611

He can unleash his inner Roarke at different times

>> No.47343612

Thunder, where hast thou hid my sides

>> No.47343627

He has been temporarily cool since he got headbutted in the face.

>> No.47343640


Nothing would make Caesar a normie and Naomi probably wouldn't like you so much if you were normal. Even having Cool 10 deep down inside doesn't make him a normie. It just makes him REEEEE better.

>> No.47343645

Normies can't dispense bantz like what Caesar just did.

>> No.47343654

So Clemmy can induce Cool buffs by headbutting? We must use this to our advantage.
Also is Roarke wary of Emus? Australians are always wary of the two legged bird menace.

>> No.47343670

>not mutated hyper emu-koalas
Nigga, that old world shit ain't even worth mentioning.

>> No.47343679

>people keep saying Emus

>they don't realize Cassowaries are what happens when HATRED gets a disemboweling fetish

>> No.47343684

As I understand its more the dude has latent coolness that normally only comes out when he is in his mech, getting a head wound just drew it out for a bit.

>> No.47343697

>when we eventually go to earth to fulfill Oda's dream Roarke stops off in Australia to see his homeland
What could possibly go wrong

>> No.47343703

I'm very high maintenance, you know. Daily headpats are a necessity.

>> No.47343731

Mutated Australian beast. and don't make me post the /k/reepy shit that an australian anon recalled from when he was growing up with his aunt.

>> No.47343740

"Y-y-you too..." You look down, blushing, and then you realize she's smiling at you.

"You mean it?" She clasps her hands together.

"Y-yeah?" You smile awkwardly. Oh Jove what's going on what did you do? You have some idea, but the gears just haven't clicked into position yet and wow her eyes are really blue and why does she look so happy and when are you going to wake up?

"It...I mean...that is..." She stumbles a little over her words, takes a deep breath, then says firmly, "It's a deal."

>[Did she just...?]

>> No.47343747

Do it, small african-american child.

>> No.47343748

So Thoroughbred-X ver. KK vs Swordfish mkII. Who wins assuming current pilot stats?

>> No.47343760

>try to kiss de gurl
>have nerves take over and we freeze looking like a fish
>hope for the best

>> No.47343762

Story tiem?

>> No.47343781

Whoever's dice get lucky first, basically. Swordfish can one shot KK and KK can ATATATATA swordfish.

So KK is more likely by something like 15% or so.

>> No.47343785

I want to say Roarke since he could probably get into Caesars head and get him to screw up

>> No.47343788

Current stats? From what I see Swordfish 2 because he has a ranged attack and auto-parry so he can kill us at range and auto-parry Jesus' shit while closing in on him.

>> No.47343833

alright fine but im going to need to search through the folder. both pics are really long, I mean fucking huge man.
Here's a random one while you wait.

>> No.47343834

I can't wait til Caesar gets into a fight with the Kestrels and Miles calls him out on all his bullshit and Caesar doesn't know what to do because it's a girl and spaghetti.

Meanwhile Naomi is dealing with Oda fawning over her

Roarke is busy asking where Jesus is so he can punch him in the noggin.

>> No.47343837

KK. All due to Grapple chan. Grapple chan pins one arm at range that the shurien drone can't match. He can't use shuriken or lance if his right arm is pinned. We rush and take out right arm with punches.

Both of us have the potential to kill each other in a single turn. However it's better to disable the arm first since that takes 1 hit to do instead of multiple torso hits. If he disables our arm we still are a danger with 4, 6k punches. So he has to roll for a straight torso kill.

The only real difference is that our ranged alternative is incapacitating against two handers.

>> No.47343883

Honestly? If KK can take out one arm, he wins. That huge lance is a two hander and if he can't use it, he's SOL. Both are damn fast and a drop kick could wreck him.

Besides, that auto parry works once a turn. Throw 8 punches and some are going to hit. Likewise, he will have to try to hit us with two attacks. 4 if it's a full round. It'd be close and if that bit is taken care of, it could force him into range.

Really, the smarter fighter will win this sort of exchange.

>> No.47343899


I play that game just fine, and can't read moon either. there are plenty of menu translations out there as well as a wiki to help non japs play it.

>> No.47343905


>> No.47343949

I imagine ceaser would just stab her with his lance. Thats sort of his job.

>> No.47343953

I'm pretty sure his drone is longer ranged that our grapple.

>> No.47343963

I couldnt handle it. I am too much of a baby.

>> No.47343972

>implying Caesar can handle bantz from a girl

He'd ask his waifu for halp.

>> No.47343995

>implying he cant while in mech form

>> No.47344008

Shuriken has 250m, Grapple chan has 400m

>> No.47344009

Vidcom, dawg.

Once he loses anonymity it's over.

>> No.47344026

He would probably try and cut Grapple chan when she wrapped around him

>> No.47344053

Alright found it. got a couple other ones if you guys are interested?

>> No.47344059

I dont think he is bad enough to sperg out while someone is actively trying to kill him. Especially since his cool level goes up when fighting in his robot.

>> No.47344060


Worked on Lysa.


Worked on Jesus and he wasn't in a mech and hadn't even been headbutted yet.

>> No.47344066 [DELETED] 

Fuck off to /qst/.

God damn.

>> No.47344072

and number 2

>> No.47344074

Thank was unsettling as fuck

Here's a thread from /tv/ thats almost completely about terrors of the deep


>> No.47344083

I love spooky innawoods stories and I have to get up for work in 3-4 hours anyway so its a win win.

>> No.47344105

What? Think about this for a second.
He is using a lance. That's not cutty.
His right is grappled. He can't use lance. He can't use shuriken. Years of groping made Grapple-chan develop a body that can handle 8K damage. She is stronger than any of our non-torso servos.

>> No.47344136

All it would take is a dodge and then a slash with his spear or throwing his shuriken

>> No.47344213

Dude, go to bed.
Not only has that NEVER happened when we used grapple-chan mechanic wise. This thing's winch is so strong it can pull mechs that weight several tons in 100 meters per point we beat them. Do you understand how fucking jacked up this winch system is? If you are trying to do this lore wise than that means it's stronger than whatever thruster system that the mech has to counteract the pull.

If Grapple-chan fails to grope it doesn't just spaghetti flop in space. It near instantly goes back into KK's arm. That winch system is fucking ridiculous.

>> No.47344251

You decide that yes, yes she did. You turn to face her, resting your hands on her shoulders. You lean down towards her. You feel your muscles start to freeze up, but you pray to Hercules and bit by bit your lips grow closer and closer to hers.

She doesn't wait. Blushing and flustered, she pushes you up against a wall and kisses you. Hard. Until your head spins and you forget what words are. The path of the Otaku closes forever for you, you've found a 3D girl worth having. You're not sure when her arms wound up around your waist, or yours around her shoulders. You're not sure when your glasses became askew. You're not sure when your heart started pounding like this. You're not sure why you don't care about the people passing by who can see her kissing you senseless. All you're sure about is that Naomi Heim is wonderful and that you don't want to leave her. Finally, though, the unlucky fact that biological creatures need oxygen forces your lips apart, and the two of you pant for breath while hugging each other tight.

"I'm very high maintenance, you know." You joke, "Daily headpats are a necessity."

"My hands work fine, I'll give you them every day..." She murmurs back. You squeeze her tight, and she leans against you, "Let's go get dinner, okay? I'm paying, since I asked you out and...and...well, since I say so. Just like I say that I'm going to buy you dinner a lot from now on."

You make a sort of indistinct but affirmative sound.

She smiles, wraps her arms around one of yours a little possessively, and walks you back to the jetbike. Your thoughts are hazy, soft, and fluffy all the way to the restaurant.

She tells you about her childhood on Luna prior to her parents moving to the Jovian Colonies. You tell her about your childhood on Europa. She tells you about her older brother, an ace pilot named Laurence and how silly the mustache on his mech looks. You tell her about your dad and how you stole the King Swordfish from him.


>> No.47344266

let me know when you guys are done with those two. got plenty more

>> No.47344279

Wait a moment, do Maximum Range rules also apply to Grapple-chan?

>> No.47344303

>The path of the Otaku closes forever for you

>> No.47344305

I also kind of want to know if Grapple-chan has 3.2k max range. It's spool does take up a lot of space after all.

>> No.47344322




Good for him.

>> No.47344341

>an ace pilot named Laurence

I see what you did there you sneaky fuck.

>> No.47344356

>Laurence and how silly the mustache on his mech looks

>> No.47344375

As long as he isn't Arabic.

>> No.47344398

an ace pilot named Laurence

..Careful boy, that man has confused the minds of many a male with his trickery. Probably taught Sammy his tricks.

>> No.47344412

no no no
You don't understand the level of bullshit Turn A can do. It is the literal last gundam, after millenia of war. It solos *civilizations*.

>> No.47344428

But muh Lawrence of Arabia joke.

>> No.47344563

dude, you don't understand. Turn A can basically cause Armageddon by erasing any tech higher than steam power

>> No.47344583

You both think the other's story is more hilarious than it probably really is. You barely taste your pasta, you're having too much fun. She holds your hand, and something inside you melts like wax...and the best part is, you can see it happening to her too, even when she stumbles over her words or makes a joke too bad even for you. All her humor, all her awkwardness, is for you, just as yours is for her.

You realize at the end how expensive dinner was, but she casually shuts down any of your attempts to split the bill. No, she's determined to do it herself, to feed her prize on her own dime...but from the way she smiles at you as she holds your hand away from reaching your PC while swiping hers through the credit machine, you can tell that she's happy you at least offered.

It's only when the two of you get back to the Cincinnatus, with her holding your hand with an expression that dares any of the other cadets to look at you sidelong, that you remember a certain terrifying person wanted to speak with you. Fortunately, you and Naomi had dinner a little early, so despite how long you spent talking you're not THAT late.


>> No.47344595

Lawrence of Arabia!

He rode a fucking horse!

>> No.47344623

Welp. Rest in peace young man. Death by Clemmy is a horrible way to go.

>> No.47344628

Real men ride each other.

>> No.47344653

10-20 minute break while I dinner it up. Talk, argue, shitpost about which gundam or grunt unit is best looking, etc. Debating which Tomino girl is the best is also a worthy pasttime.

>> No.47344660

Help. I think I'm gonna hurl. What the fuck am I looking at? It looks so bad.

>> No.47344667

At least its fast.

>> No.47344681

Unless you touch her PC.

Or her husbando.

>> No.47344702

or post creepy pasta so anons can't sleep tonight.

>> No.47344720

Characters from a game called super robot wars. The mech with the sword is piloted by a guy called zengar who is best friends with elzam, the guy piloting the horse. Like heterosexual life partners best friends. So when their combination attack is elzam's mech transforming into a horse and zengar riding it, there's a lot of gay understones.

>> No.47344736

They did it best on their first try

>> No.47344767

Whats the best gundam series and why is it G?

>> No.47344822

The only two I have ever actually watched fully are 00 and Iron blooded orphans. Still waiting for them to just do the original again with better art.

>> No.47344864

How did Iron blooded go? Got about 6 episodes in before i got distracted and never picked it back up.
That and 00 was pretty good

>> No.47344867


No. Watch the original, all of it, every episode. Like I did when I decided to learn more about gundam. Sit through it all because after the portion that drags on it gets better and better and you have an excellent story of a whiny boy becoming a man amongst men.

Then, Zeta, for the most hilarious protagonist and some of the best MSes.

>> No.47344888

Fucking Kamille man.

>> No.47344900


There's a period with not many fights and a lot of setting stuff that a lot of people complain about. It didn't bother me too much.

McGillis was nearly a very important character before I had an even...better...idea.

>> No.47344904

Sounds like a girls name

>> No.47344921

The main gundam is my favorite actual gundam. Opinions are divided on if the main guy is a psycho and the orphans are terrible people or if they are totally justified.

>> No.47344927

Why do I feel like that does not bode well for us.
Haven't watched the original but i got most of the Origin manga which is pretty good.

>> No.47344942

At this point im just assuming were going to be fighting almost everyone from gundam, god the fight with Domon is going to be interesting

>> No.47344948

One year stuff is still my favorite and what I know the most about even though I only watched the first episode. I keep getting distracted.

>> No.47344959

Child soldier bro, They are messed up but they are looking out for their own nobody else matters to them. Look at Setsuna man, and how his character evolved.

>> No.47344965

No, the fight with master asia will be interesting

>> No.47344977

When we get back to auditorium we need to search for a martial arts master to teach us

>> No.47344993

Wait what?

Sauce pls?

I feel like I'm forgetting something important.

>> No.47344998

Thats pretty much my opinion as well but a lot of /a/nons seemed to have different opinions.

>> No.47345007

Gundam X is probably my favorite Gundam series despite it being cancelled half-way through and it being forced to accelerate the ending.

As for Gundam's themselves, Shining will always reign supreme in my heart.

>> No.47345013

The entirety of this clip


>> No.47345016


Jerid could have been somebody. He could've been a contender, he could've led the Titans. He could have made it with at least two different 10/10 pilot girls. Emma might not even have joined AEUG. Except for that short, fateful line, "Kamille? Isn't that a girl's name?"

>> No.47345022

The same series this beauty came from.

>> No.47345034

Come to think of it, surely humans should get large bonuses to hit mechs (and mechs penalties to hit humans), just like the case of mechs versus ships?

>> No.47345047


>> No.47345064

I don't know what the fuck I am looking at.

But what the fuck dude?

>> No.47345068


>> No.47345082

"Naomi, there's someone I have to talk to, but..."

She cuts you off, "I have to install these new parts in my aquarium, first. I'll see you soon." She leans in and kisses you on the lips, short and quick this time, but with the same heat as before. When you're done, you see her off, feeling as light as a Venusian floating city as she walks away and nearly bumps into a wall turning her head to smile at you.

Still, duty calls, and more terrifying still the edicts of the Butcher. You make your way to the officers' mess, where the Lieutenant is sitting at one of the tables with a beer in her hand.


>> No.47345084

> Setsuna

season 1
>I must become Gundam. Fuck everything else.

season 2
>I must become make everyone understand each other! I can do that because the Double 0 Gundam and GN particles are just that bullshit!

>> No.47345093

The undefeated of the east.

>> No.47345099


They do, I'm pretty sure. It's just that mechs and humans use an entirely different damage scale. Humans have Hits, mecha have Kills. A Hit is, if I recall correctly, 1/25 of a Kill.

>> No.47345111

The winds of the king

So what you are saying is that we can kill a mech with our bare hands

>> No.47345134

Season 2 went a little weird near the end but Season 1 was glorious. At least he didn't whine about killing people both seasons. You got in his way he fucking ended your ass

>> No.47345142

i can feel it coming

>> No.47345144


He was a lot more tolerable about it than some other gundam protagonists, and he was very much willing to kill motherfuckers even at the worst parts of S2.

>> No.47345159


No. You need Kill-scale damage to harm a mech at all.

>> No.47345162

>So what you are saying is that we can kill a mech with our bare hands

All we need is 10 dodge and 10 Hand to Hand and we can WATATATATATATAAA a mech to death.

My dick is beyond hard right now.

>> No.47345174

So what you're saying is we need to catch a mech's bullets and shove it back into the mech's gun to hurt it. That or a scarf.

>> No.47345318

She has her PC in her hand, and she's reading a message, staring at it. There's something strange about her. You've experienced, firsthand, when she has a sweet attitude cloaking a raging ocean of violence beneath...but this is different. She's calm. She's happy. The angry magma in her blood has cooled She whispers softly, just loud enough for you to hear, "'You make me happy...'" With a smile that almost breaks your heart, she hugs her PC tightly to her chest as if holding a real person.

Then she sees you, and her eyes are those of a predatory beast with a taste for blood once again.

"Hi! I waited for you a long time!" Her eyes narrow slightly, "Do you think this is a joke or something, like my time isn't valuable? Maybe I should...heeeeeey, hold on, I know that dopey look on your face. I've seen it before." Her smile becomes a grin, "I'll only forgive you because I know why you're late now. Sit. Sit sit sit! Who is she?"

She raps her fingers on the table across from her, urging you to join her.

>[What are you willing to tell her?]

>> No.47345334

Not a wannabe idol.

>> No.47345339

yes. altough i'm not sure if its preferrable than death.

>> No.47345344

Just a girl I met when I went out for a walk

>> No.47345351

Give her the details, I guess, plus what we said to Jesus, she'll get a kick out of that.

>> No.47345352

So then would the procedure be:
>Roll attack against mech
>On hit, roll damage
>If damage is below 25, try not to cry
>If damage is 25 or above, check for crits
>Resolve crits, ablate armor and/or deal damage

Then the question is, are there any ways for us to gain modifiers to damage in human scale so we don't have to use a Heavy Energy Rifle?

>> No.47345357

huh, mental lag got me there. let's tell her she's cute and likes pets.

>> No.47345368

Damn it Clemmy, you crazy, but you understandably crazy.

As for response? Met a girl who treated our head, we went out shopping, snooping and laughing at Jesus, and had a good supper and time. Ready to do the job now though.

>> No.47345371

>A gentleman never kisses and tells, I'm afraid.

>> No.47345373

Well shit, Roarke can cause Clemmy's insanity to calm down. Is there anything the man can't do?

>> No.47345374

Some sick futuristic knuckle dusters could come in handy

>> No.47345379

Jesus' new girlfriend? Worst than him.

>> No.47345398

Emphasize the point where we both laughed at Jesus and the sick burns we got him with. That should please her.

>> No.47345420

"Jesus is the boy toy of the General's younger sister, and she's playing him like a fiddle. Odds are she's a ruthless Machiavellian manipulator that wanted a new sock puppet. And lets be honest, Keith is the text book example of a pawn. I'd pity him if it wasn't so god dam hilarious. It's diffidently going to be a major problem for the near and mid term future though."

>> No.47345437

>General's younger sister

>> No.47345573

You know, at this rate Jesus really needs some more allies that can stand him.

>> No.47345594

nah. it'll be funnier when he realizes that everything he's fought for is a lie and he has been manipulated to hell and back.

>> No.47345613

The navy is constantly shipping in new recruits in the hopes that one of them actually likes jesus

>> No.47345621

He might legit kill himself over that.

>> No.47345622

You say that now, but it's at that point that he'll really become dangerous.

>> No.47345636

..Is it odd that I want to watch Jesus plummet into despair as he gets a conga line of bright slaps? Hell, even in SRW Alpha 3 Kira gets bright slapped by Shinji from Eva of all people.

>> No.47345653

>Kira gets bright slapped by Shinji from Eva of all people
Please tell me there's a link for that

>> No.47345656

To be fair, Shinji was chosen explicitly for the comedy value. And to make fun of SEED.

>> No.47345664


that will be even funnier.

>> No.47345689

"It's thanks to you, ironically." You reply.

"Ooooooooh?" She cackles.

"Well, Naomi fixed my head after you nearly broke it, and we talked and..." Your face goes bright red, "We talked a lot. And dinner. And stuff."

"I did not nearly break it! I've cracked enough skulls to know when it's just a flesh wound and when it's an actual break! There wasn't even a hint of brain fluid in that little cut!" She looks hurt by your accusation, then smug, "But that's okay~ I did a good deed, yes I did~ I'm going to earn that Best Girl mug I bought off samubuy, yes I am~" She preens, looking more smug by the second.

You also fill her in on what happened with Jesus, and she falls out of her seat laughing like a hyena, "I'm gonna bully him! I'm gonna bully him so much! The general and I are buddies but I won't let that stop me~ Besides, she's been really mean to me lately! Ever since I found true love, she doesn't want to hear a single word about it..." Poor Clemmy sighs sadly.

You resist the urge to pat her, you don't want to get bitten.

"Anyway!" She recovers and gets back into her chair, "The Jaburo came into port while you were out canoodling. It's likely the general is going to ask you to come see her so she can fill you in on your orders. After all, your squad leader's in prison, so it's expected, the UJCIDF doesn't like to leave our best pilots dangling over the pit of uncertainty!" She looks around and lowers her voice, "There's a little girl named Athena being held on the Jaburo's brig, and her daddy is being kept separate. Someone wants to be sure they're both okay. Now, it's normal for you to go visit your Sergeant in the brig and introduce yourself, so you should go do that once you're done with the General. Use that as an excuse." She lowers her voice even more, "If things go right, we're gonna save the princess and her daddy...but that's a risk for me and Cassius. You're gonna be kept safe from it, you hear?"


>> No.47345704

Seconding this. I want to see this

>> No.47345747

Goddamnit /m/, I'd been watching for it this time.


You don't say?

>> No.47345765


Thirding exuberantly.

>> No.47345775

Wait, is that nii-sama? And he's not at the center position?
Now you're straight up trolling.

>> No.47345807

Tatsuya has a legitimate reason for being so damn OP.
Wasn't Tatsuya basically experimented on to become the closest thing to god in his show

>> No.47345815


...Is that who the third guy is, nii-sama? Huh.

>> No.47345833

>"I'm gonna bully him! I'm gonna bully him so much!

How could anyone not think Clemmy is best girl?

>> No.47345835

No, he was born god, they experimented on him to try and let him do things other than being god. Because by the standards of his clan, god is a pleb.

>> No.47345843

Wait this post has implications wat.

>> No.47345872

It's a scene that happens in SRW Alpha 3. Not translated for us, but considering the continuity, it's pretty interesting. In a earlier game if I recall, Bright slaps shinji and mans him up. Kira was being a little bitch and thus Shinji slaps him. The problem is that this scene was not animated and thus was text only with mug shots.

If it WAS animated, then I am pretty sure it would be roaving the internet like a glorious message of things can get better. Hell, I might just see if there is some pictures of it drawn by fans of the series.

>> No.47345889

>I'm going to earn that Best Girl mug I bought off samubuy, yes I am~
>If things go right, we're gonna save the princess and her daddy...but that's a risk for me and Cassius. You're gonna be kept safe from it, you hear?
Goddamn, stop giving me reasons to like Clementine other than her seiyuu.

>> No.47345890

Looks like Clemmy and Cassius might be defecting after the rescue. With Caesar acting as our mole within the SOUL squadrons.

>> No.47345898

>Clemmy is currently earning her Best Girl mug

I really didn't think that would go anywhere. Wow.

>> No.47345907

Dammit Anon. I'm trying to not fap tonight. Need to let the steam build back up.

>> No.47346067

"Now we just wait to...oh, I almost forgot! The general DID ask me to message her when you got back. She wasn't angry, don't look so scared! She always wants to talk to me, but she doesn't want to talk about making Roarkey darling my squadmate..." She sighs heavily, "It's so tough. All I want is to be with the person I love. That's not wrong, right? It's perfectly right, right?"

You manage to control your fear-induced tremors at the idea that General Fairchild wants to talk to you, and nod jerkily, "R-r-right!"

"See! You're smart, you get it! You'll be good for Naomi and Naomi will be good for you. Just treat her nice, it can't be easy with A's senior personnel being...y'know...kidnapped and in jail." She grins, "That smug little princess of a Corporal thought she was so smart, but she didn't just get kidnapped, she got kidnapped with that fancy mech she's so proud of too. The General nearly choked she was so mad when she heard! Poor Colonel Stern has been worried too, and it's weird when a scary person like that is worried." She shudders. "It's just proof that my darling is really great. Grabbing little Blanchett AND the S-Betta is super awesome." She cackles even more, then pats your head where it isn't wounded, "You go have a nice night, okay? I'll message the general, and I'm sure she'll want to see you tomorrow. Ta~"

"Wait, Lieutenant..." You hesitate.

"Yessss?" She grins.

"Um, am I allowed to have a beer or is there an age limit or-"

"Your liver is still growing! Maybe next time." She shoos you off.

You make your way back to your room. You see the light of a PC under the doorway, but it flicks off as you approach. You open the door and wave your hand in front of the panel to turn the lights on...and Naomi, sitting on your bed, smiles at you.

>[Drop spaghetti. Drop it despite the fact that Naomi is good for your Cool.]

>> No.47346100


Things like that do matter. Doing poorly doesn't bode well for a girl, because Roarke is Roarke, but the audience informs Roarke's actions and the audience likes Clemmy despite knowing how dangerous she is and what a potentially bad idea this is. I try to have Roarke's actions reflect that when I can.

>> No.47346102

Shit i have the perfect image for this I must find it.

>> No.47346106

> drop the goddamn pasta factory

>> No.47346115

>Poor Colonel Stern has been worried too, and it's weird when a scary person like that is worried."

She thinks he's scary?

Oh god we should never fight him. For the love of all that is holy.

>> No.47346131


Er, doing poorly doesn't bode awfully for a girl, because Roarke is Roarke.

>> No.47346171

Well if he was Bluegill Joe, it's understandable. Guy revenged so good, they made a game about it. The scary part is he'll just have a bluegill with the giant sword of the cosmos and stab us from across the map.

>> No.47346227

D..d..do you want to play a g.g.game?

>> No.47346253


Roarke probably saved that thug with a knife's life.

>> No.47346278

I'm sure someday he'll thank us.. or we have to punch him again. One or the other.

>> No.47346322

Fuck I can't find it. I swear I'm going to scour this folder and take all the reaction images and put them in one folder.

>> No.47346334

I've been wondering Wong, how much bullshit is allowable in this universe? Like can we do Shinning fingers and Heaven and Hell?

>> No.47346381

Given the implication that he's the guy who singlehandedly hunted down a pirate fleet and killed them all using only his sword, I can see why even the Butcher would think he's on a different level.

>> No.47346391

Rolled 6 + 13 (1d10 + 13)

"D...d...do you want to play a g...game? I h-h-have a whole bunch. D-do you like Bluegill Joe?" You stammer. A girl. A girl is in your room. The girl who kissed you. The girl you went on a date with. H-HOLY SHIT YOU WENT ON A DATE WITH A GIRL TONIGHT HOLY SHIT YOU ACTUALLY REALLY DID! Your head spins as the events of the day actually catch up with you. You kissed a girl. You are dinner with a girl. You rode your bike with a girl and she hugged you and laughed with you and said you were cute. She's cute too. She's cute and she thinks you're cute and you're cute together and she's looking at you with those bright blue eyes and she's smiling and you suddenly really want to tell the whole holonet about it.

"I love Bluegill Joe." She says, and your heart nearly leaps out of your chest. You dig out your helmet, but you don't have a second one, and she has to run to her room for it. She sits very close to you and puts her arm around you, you can feel the warmth even as the glowing dotted lines of the lobby and clouds of billowing smoke form. You choose the Muragi Classic Bluegill, while she selects dual pistols and a missile pack.

You're playing against each other instead of as a team, but in its own way safe, simulated combat is intimate too.

>[Roll 1d10+13]

>> No.47346409

Rolled 10 + 13 (1d10 + 13)

adding a +2 with luck as well.

>> No.47346413

Rolled 1 + 13 (1d10 + 13)

>Sees a girl on his bed
>plays video games with her
There is still hope for an otaku life!

>> No.47346416

Rolled 8 + 13 (1d10 + 13)

Lets see how caeser does

>> No.47346418

Rolled 4 + 13 (1d10 + 13)

Destroy her, Mercy is for the weak

>> No.47346425

Good Job kid. We definitely getting some lucky scenes.

>> No.47346426

Yeah thats about right.

>> No.47346429

Too hardcore of a gamer.


>> No.47346439

Boy Navy girls are real easy, we fucked Sam after one date and Clemmy loves us after one meeting

>> No.47346440

Rolled 5 + 13 (1d10 + 13)

Fly, boy, fly. Fly free and become a man.

>> No.47346453

so first round we stomp, then she gets her gaming attitude on and stomps us and finally we regain another victory?

>> No.47346464

Its just like a wise scholar once said: Chicks dig giant robots.

>> No.47346472

Fucking newtypes and their obsessions.

>> No.47346475


If Roarke swapped from using a melee hand weapon to a beam hand weapon, I was considering having it be a Shining Finger type deal instead of beam claws like that one Innovade MS in 00 had. I want to say it was the Gadessa, but I'm probably wrong. Of course, I'd bullshit up a pseudoscientific explanation involving Karen building an A-Particle mitten around the hands to contain a field of plasma or something, instead of it just being ZA KEENG OF HEARTSU.

...but don't hold me to that, I might always change my mind. Roarke is horrifyingly dangerous as it is. I held my tongue earlier when you guys were discussing the KK versus the G-Slinger versus the King Swordfish Mk. II, but Caesar himself said it in the last thread. Having a good mech isn't enough, you need a good pilot to go with it, and Roarke is Lu Bu status as far as pirate pilots go. For even an elite newbie like Caesar or Jesus he would be an ungodly dangerous foe. People forget, the reason why Char didn't smear Amuro across space early on in MSG 079 was because the Zaku II literally could not harm the Gundam. Unlike Char, Roarke has a machine that can harm the heaviest categories of mech armor.

>> No.47346486

Rolled 5 + 13 (1d10 + 13)


>> No.47346529

Yeah. Honestly his middle weight category makes him pretty scary. Any high speed mech can be disassembled and we are quick enough to handle the bigger ones. Not only that, but while our fists aren't AP(yet), the sheer number of hits denies many enemies. Hell can you imagine the kaiser with that shield thing that parries an attack with our huge shields? Its horrifying.

>> No.47346530

Rolled 1, 3, 2 = 6 (3d10)


Any more takers? This is hours of gaming, here. You are, after all, Heinrich Merrow, the boy called "Caesar".

>Destroy her, Mercy is for the weak

If you went easy on her, she would be upset. After all, she's an elite rookie herself. Nobody gets into SOUL without being good enough, and even General Fairchild couldn't make Colonel Stern budge on that if she tried.

+13 to all rolls

>> No.47346545

>but while our fists aren't AP(yet
Armored Thruster Fist (WA+0, 18 CP, 1S, 6K, 3T, Armor Piercing, Handy, Quick, Cross-Linked to right fist)

They look pretty Armor piercing to me.

>> No.47346551

Rolled 5 + 13 (1d10 + 13)


>> No.47346556

Our fist are AP. What makes us so dangerous is that we are able to AIM a truck load of fists against a servo.

>> No.47346558

Rolled 7 + 13 (1d10 + 13)


>> No.47346559

Were gonna get some many badass nicknames

>> No.47346560

Poor girl. Barely losing.

>> No.47346570


The KK's fists are AP, actually. The Tarrasque would have been a lot worse otherwise. The first upgrade you guys chose was Crushing Grip, wasn't it?

>> No.47346578

I think what is truly terrifying is that Roarke can fucking SHRED your armor to nothing in a round and still keep hitting.

>> No.47346582

Is it the English pronunciation of Caesar or Vegas Legion pronunciation. Cause the old way they use in Vegas is pretty nice.

>> No.47346601

Rolled 3 + 13 (1d10 + 13)

Kaiser is the latin pronunciation.

>> No.47346603

Ah right. I was thinking more 'armor negating' as in armor didn't matter at all. The fact we half armor with each punch in terms of damage certainly speeds it up.

Now there is the possibility of shields auto parrying and bit weaponry fists. Fairchild must hate us so much with how we keep improving.

>> No.47346651

yea that's the one they used for Vegas for the Legion. I like that version of it.

>> No.47346653

Rolled 3 + 13 (1d10 + 13)

Clemmy, lend Naomi strength!

>> No.47346666

Rolled 7, 9, 2, 2 = 20 (4d10)


Four wins, one loss so far.


Kai-sar is correct. Latin has no soft C, and if I recall correctly a's making an eh sound is also a no-go...but I could easily be wrong about that second part. I did take enough Latin to remember how to pronounce Gaius Iulius Caesar properly, though.

>also dat adorable Clemmy

+13 all rolls.

>> No.47346681

Rolled 7 + 13 (1d10 + 13)

I am kinda surprised she hasn't jumped us at this point.

>> No.47346685

Six wins, three losses. Typing now!

>> No.47346701

Rolled 4 + 13 (1d10 + 13)

Number of the beast, Wong. You tryin' to rustle the 200 win streak Demon?

>> No.47346705

Rolled 3 + 13 (1d10 + 13)


...oh what the hell. I'll roll against you too!

She hasn't really had the opportunity. If you had gone to California Station instead of Auditorium, though, who knows what might have happened or what would have went down? I don't know, that's for sure!

>> No.47346719

Rolled 2 + 13 (1d10 + 13)


And you.

>> No.47346730

Wow, the King Gainer spirit is strong in Caesar.

>> No.47346733

Merrow probably would use the latin pronunciation, seeing how much he hates casuals. Using the pop version of Caesar would have irked him a lot.

>> No.47346828

Knuckle Kaiser is lending him his power for dominating women.

>> No.47346892

Quick question, is the S-Swordtail (or whatever Jesus uses) mainly armed with Medium Beam Guns or Beam Cannons. If it is, the idiot is screwed if he try's to go up against us.

Heavy Beam Guns would be more problematic, but those have a serious weight drawback.

>> No.47346900

You defend your status as Caesar.

This is what you are good at, it's what you do. She doesn't give in easily, and she puts up a fight, a lot of your duels are extremely close and she manages to kill you a few times...but you show off your skills to the absolute maximum. You show her that you're not all talk, and that you really are as good as you say you are. You're not some helpless fuccboi who just talks a good game, or some wide-eyed idiot who stumbled into the King Swordfish's cockpit. You belong here, as an elite pilot, and you don't go easy on her one little bit.

In the final round, she puts away her dual pistols and walks her Bluegill over to yours. The map is a lush rainforest replete with corroded ziggurats and a perfectly realistic giant waterfall so accurate it casts rainbows. Your Bluegill puts its arms around hers, and the two of you quit the game together. For once, your main satisfaction isn't the flashing validation of the YOU WIN message flashing across your headset, it's the warmth of her skin against yours outside the simgame and the way she takes off your helmet for you and smooths out your disheveled hair.

"It's late...but I don't want to fall asleep on my way back to my room. It's fine if I stay here, right?" That's the most paper-thin excuse you've ever heard, you know she isn't going to fall asleep while walking, but...

>[What do you do, hero of Jove?]

>> No.47346916

>you need a good pilot to go with it, and Roarke is Lu Bu status as far as pirate pilots go
Could you expand on this? Because mechanically it looks like all roarke has in terms of piloting advantage is a +3 on rolls.

>> No.47346932


The SOUL machines, as you've seen from the S-Betta and King Swordfish, tend to have customized weapons built with the Advanced Technical Manual. Instead of having a beam rifle built by a factory on Europa, they're likely to have one personally assembled by elite technicians for a specific ace to suit their preferences and needs, for example.

>> No.47346936


>> No.47346937

s.s..ure. I'll just sleep on the floor....

>> No.47346948

Do we have any idea how strong the beams that killed the Stone Soldiers were?

>> No.47346950

>Uh s-sure you can stay here but you have to eat all the eggs

>> No.47346958

Our door is always open to her.

>> No.47346963

O-okay but I d-don't think the Hher is big enough for the t-two of us.

>> No.47346967


We romanced the fuck out of Samantha and we talk to Clemmy (who's still pretty isolated on a personal level) really often.

Besides, I think Naomi is making Heinrich hers instead of the other way around.

>> No.47346970

Jesus just disabled their mechs with precision shots

>> No.47346979

I really need to sleep if I fuck up spelling bed. Gnight ya bastards.

>> No.47347000


Firstly, that matters rather a lot. Secondly, he applies it in a way that maximizes the benefits of his brawl-only style, including a ranged grapple attack and ATATATA fists. +3 is peanuts in DnD or other d20 systems, but when you're using a d10 every point of bonus matters more.

>> No.47347009

>"Stay..." Lead her over to bed.

>> No.47347012


Sure. Just calculate how much damage it would take to disable a Bluegill's limb servo in one shot including armor and you have a good base minimum damage for his main gun at least.

>> No.47347017

Ya. That +3 would be a +6 on a d20. The Fisticuffs upgrade would push the difference to +5, which would be equal to +10.

>> No.47347030

So at least 7K. He's actually a threat then.

>> No.47347051

Jesus was always going to be a threat. If he's anything like his anime version, he's a terrifyingly good pilot.

Crazy as a fruitcake and a hypocrite, but really good in a fight.

>> No.47347054

+3 is a lot, anon. It means that we have 4 rolls to beat their 10. And if we roll offensively, they be effectively dead if we get a 6 or above.

>> No.47347061

I doubt Caesar would be that forward, especially right after a first date.

>> No.47347086

He might be the living joke of the UJCIDF, but everything we've heard about him says he earned his spot in SOUL. General Fairchild and Darth Lacus just singled him out as easily manipulated.

>> No.47347109

"Y-yeah, um...o-okay. I mean, always. Y-y-you can stay here as long as you like."

She smiles. You stand up with her and lead her to the bed. She sits down and you notice that she's already in her nightclothes, an oversized Stubby the Shetland tunic and loose pajama pants. You used to watch Stubby when you were a kid...and well into your teens, it's quality programming for a cartoon. You freeze as you remember that you normally sleep in your underwear, and hurriedly dig a pair of workout shorts from your clothes to put on. You change in the bathroom, otherwise she would watch you again. When you come back, she's still watching you, the shorts don't cover all that much and you don't have a shirt. You grab a spare blanket that you wrap yourself in when you get cold gaming on the floor, and start to make a nest on the ground...when abruptly, she grabs you by the arm.

"Hold it." Her voice is stern, "What do you think you're doing?"

>[What DO you think you're doing?]

>> No.47347116


>> No.47347121

Hey man, Sammy wanted the D after the first date and let's not get started on Clemmy. Granted her case is fact the Roarke calms her insanity and bloodlust.

>> No.47347131

ahhh, good times, good times.
"Uhhhh, Sleeping on the ground?"

>> No.47347144

>Just blush and stutter

>> No.47347152


This cracks me up every time, I don't know why. Along with this touching story.

>> No.47347156

>the little animal on the left is making the same expression as naomi
The b-bed's not big enough for t-two.

>> No.47347158

>Being a gentleman?

>> No.47347180

>tfw Caesar was spared the Oda route of waifus

>> No.47347194

>"Uhhhh, Sleeping on the ground; you know, like a gentleman?

>> No.47347195

Not yet anon, there's still hope! He just needs to drop enough spaghetti and realize 2d is far superior to 3d!

>> No.47347208

you mean right?

>> No.47347233

Left, right, it's all the same if you're dyslexic

>> No.47347270

Don't be ashamed anon, I can barely keep my post coherent. 2 in the morning over here probably gonna crash within 30 minutes and Captcha this late is a bitch.

>> No.47347296

If this were a series what would be the op and ed for our first arc

>> No.47347305

>No. Watch the original, all of it, every episode.
I was tempted to, but then found out about the compilation movies. How good are they?

>> No.47347421


>> No.47347431

"S-sleeping on the g-g-ground..." You stammer, hugging the blanket tight.

Her eyes narrow slightly, "Not in your own room, you're not."

"I-I'll go in the bathroom then..." You try to edge away, and she only pulls you closer.

"No. In fact, imagine the strongest possible variation of negative intent you can and apply it here. I utterly refuse to allow you to sleep on the floor anywhere. You're too fine for that." She smiles, but it's a smile with an edge like a knife.

"B-b-b-b-bed isn't b-b-b-b-b-b-ig enough..." You whisper, your face turning more red than the S-Swordtail sitting in the hangar bay.

Naomi lays out flat on her back and stretches her limbs out as far as she can without relinquishing her raptorial grip on your arm, "Yes it is. In fact, it's more than big enough."

"B-b-but I-I'm a gentleman, I c-c-can't..."

"A gentleman keeps his lady warm and secure in his arms." She responds as though she'd been expecting it, with the same satisfaction in her eyes that you feel whenever an opponent in Bluegill Joe walks into a trap you've set.

You blush. You stutter. You stammer. You receive not one scrap of mercy.


There is no choice. She pulls, and you fall onto the bed. It's soft, and warm, and lets out a little ~pomf~ sound as you hit the mattress next to her. You have your blanket wrapped around you like a cape, but her fingers spread it open and peel away that layer of fabric guarding your innocence. She wraps it around herself too, cocooning your bodies together in it.

"Wah! W-w-what...what are we gonna do on the b-b-bed?" You ask, your words and thoughts melting into incoherence, but she puts a finger to your lips to hush you.

"Shhh. I'm pillaging. It's not a prize for winning the game, it's what I want to do. Understand?"

"Y-y-you too." You mutter. Then she kisses you, to shut you up.

[Continued...the next morning]

>> No.47347456

>Shhh. I'm pillaging
Attagirl. We'll make a pirate out of you yet.

>> No.47347458


Watch the original. Every episode. Even the salt episode.

>> No.47347464

Looks Naomi is leading the boarding crew

>> No.47347476

> next morning
>ceasar sneaks to the bathroom before naomi wakes up
>he looks at himself in the mirror
>a lone tear escapes his face
>he doesn't knows why

>> No.47347481

Holy shit this is some good stuff.

>> No.47347483

>HIs dreams of being a sage: gone

>> No.47347484

>he lost his wizard powers

>> No.47347513

What upgrade did we get.

>> No.47347528

plot twist: naomi got the upgrade, not us.

>> No.47347582

Well shit guys. Next update is going to be with the username Naomi, the entire quest from now on will be from Caesar's POV, and we'll never return to Roarke ever again.

>> No.47347596

>implying Roarke's burning hot blood won't expel her after a time

>> No.47347632

>implying Naomi could ever hope to escape Grapple-chan's defense of purest love

>> No.47347652

God save this quest if we even give Grapple chan an A.I

>> No.47347671

She would be the yandere one.

>> No.47347678

It's not like you expected. At first, it's awkward, a messy tangle of limbs and blankets and clothes and skin...but then, after Rome has been thoroughly sacked by the barbarians, a Caesar emerges who can conquer the Gauls. You march your legions on her and seize her fertile hinterlands, spreading your culture throughout Europe where it will last as long as the land itself does. It doesn't so much end as it lasts until the two of you are asleep, tangled together and with hearts beating at the same pace. Much as Rome itself slept in the hearts of the people who replaced it until it was born again across the ocean and then once more across the even wider gulf of space itself. Tu venires vidisti vicistis. And it is utterly glorious.

The next morning, you're terribly shy and awkward, and so is she until she sees how much moreso you are, which only prompts her to be more assertive. She makes you shower with her, brews coffee, gives you several good-morning kisses, and is cleaning your room well before your brain fully wakes up. This...this isn't your usual morning routine at all. Uwaah. Momentarily, you feel a pang of loss, as though you've had your winning streak halted in Bluegill Joe, but just as every loss breeds the hunger for future victories this new thing breeds a hunger in you for the future with Naomi. You have lost your chance to become one of the Home-Dwelling Sages, but you have what you presume is a girlfriend now. Nothing else could explain why you're seeing sections of your floor that have been covered by a drift of your possessions ever since you moved in.

You're still blushing all through breakfast in the mess hall, where she sits next to you and is remarkably cuddly and affectionate. The jealous looks you get from the other cadets are simultaneously terrifying and gratifying. What surprises you more is that more of the female cadets than you expected are giving her jealous looks, including Allison, who is glaring daggers at her.


>> No.47347708

>seize her fertile hinterlands, spreading your culture throughout Europe

>> No.47347713

>What surprises you more is that more of the female cadets than you expected are giving her jealous looks, including Allison, who is glaring daggers at her.

STUPID CUNTS, shouldn't have let him go!


Or her, if they swing that way.

>> No.47347716

but I approve

>> No.47347720

I don't think I've ever seen Rome metaphors used for sex.

>> No.47347723

Wait a minute, does this mean she's already seen all our illegal pirate memorabilia, weeb shit and porn?

>> No.47347724


I have a ridiculously overpowered yet simple idea, that you can make lance charges now using the same distance-for-damage rules that a Ram or Dropkick maneuver uses. I'm really tempted to do it even though the upgrades were initially just Roarke's thing.

>> No.47347735

It's only fair considering he lost his chance to be a wizard.

>> No.47347740

>In getting with Naomi, Caesar has now learned to Ram people with his lance

>> No.47347743

>difficulty, up

Man, Caesar a real threat.

Fuck Jesus.

>> No.47347744

Whoever gets laid gets the power ups. Sounds like one of the RPG's I've torrented.

>> No.47347754

>Jesus upgrades literally never

>> No.47347758


Yes. And she neatly organized it for you.

>> No.47347759

Well at this point Caesar is a backup MC if Roarke ever kicks the bucket.

>> No.47347764

God damn. The sword fish really belongs to a former war hero. You should have named it Dragoon. That way it become's Caeser's own instead of being his father's.

>> No.47347765

No, if what we've heard is right he's on his third upgrade.

>> No.47347766


She's a keeper boys.

>> No.47347767

Caesar is becoming a worthy opponent and successor to Roarke

>> No.47347773


Oh, right, I'd better go figure out what he got from Allison and Lysa then.

By the way, I think it might be appropriate to throw Theme of Ornstein and Smough on Caesar's mixtape, if Thunderbird is still awake.

>> No.47347777

>implying Jesus has had sex

He was too busy preaching Justice.

>> No.47347784

That will be the name for the replacement unit in the future when the swordfish gets destroyed or too damaged for repairs. I could see it being destroyed is Caesar and Naomi defected to our side.

>> No.47347789

for jesus, sex is holding hands. or a really sweet massage.

>> No.47347790

Now I'm wondering what weird shit SHE'S keeping in her room, and whether Caeser would do the same for her.

I wholly support this idea.

>> No.47347791

Er, you realize Jesus cucked 2 of his best friends, right? It's part of why everyone hates him.

>> No.47347794

Im always awake, if we want them we have to delete two other songs

>> No.47347797

People actually touched his dick?

But why?

>everyone is getting upgrades now

Well does Red Siren get one? Where's Sam's?

Oda gets like a thousand from all his harem waifus. Don't gip him!

>> No.47347825

What kind of upgrades would someone get for sleeping with Roarke, I wonder.

>> No.47347831

Better sound systems

>> No.47347848

two really sweet copies of our mixtapes.

>> No.47347855

And with them, the magical dice rolls from 80s music

>> No.47347874


It's one song. Besides, Caesar can have multiple mixtapes. Ornstein and Smough solo is a very, very tough bossfight, especially for certain builds...and that theme, that theme will make your adrenaline start rushing whenever you hear it after the dozenth or so time they wombo combo you to death.

>> No.47347923


Hot, steamy Roarke x Mohammed doujins and goldfish care guides.

>> No.47347936

>tfw you realize roarke fills lockon's place in the story

>> No.47347942

>Roarke x Mohammed doujins

Where the fuck did those come from?

Oda. pls.

>> No.47347943

Sam should get an EMP pulse that short circuits machinery within 200m so she can cloak easier during that split second or so she can start a guaranteed stunlock against an immobile mech.

Red Siren should get a drone system that acts as a point defense system. Blasting 80s music or blasting her own music as sound waves. Explodes missile heads and slows or slightly alters ballistic coming her way. Perfect for her beam rifle sniping.

Karen gets a dancing Roarke bubble head. Maybe a Roarke hat with sunglasses. Free by Oda.

I don't know what type of weaponry Clemmy uses. Would probably be a shades upgrade that lowers down to her visor. Overclocking her machine for a few turns before it over heats. A large bonus to actions that degrades over time. Probably alright for her since I assume she has monster reflexes.

>> No.47347951

>Roarke x Mohammed
Damn, those doujin artists work fast. Does the public even know Mohammed is on the crew yet?

>> No.47347958

Naomi is talking to you about how Roarke Starwind could possibly have stolen the S-Betta, and loudly promising to rip his arms off and shove them somewhere unmentionable if he hurt Samantha to get her to give him the access codes, when a MP enters the mess and makes his way over to you. He salutes, politely, "Sir, the General would like to speak with you as soon as you are done eating. Please board the shuttle waiting in the mechbay and come to the Jaburo when you're ready."

[To be continued Saturday at the usual time.]

>> No.47347963

>yfw Sam is Tieria Erde

>> No.47347967





>> No.47347969


Oda might market them, but who could possibly be writing them?

>> No.47347980

So what bullshit upgrades did everyone get from all the fucking?


>> No.47347985

Thanks for running, boss!

>The Jaburo came into port while you were out canoodling. It's likely the general is going to ask you to come see her so she can fill you in on your orders.
We've been expecting this.

>> No.47348001

Would she really do something like that?

I bet Miles is doing it to fuck with us.

>> No.47348011

>We've been expecting this.
I'm just fuckin' about, m8. Calm down.

>> No.47348020


I'm going with Caesar's upgrade because some part of me gets incredibly hyped at the idea of a dazzle-camouflage-painted Zeonic-looking mech with a drillhorn doing ultrafast charges with a drill lance the size of Thundgrelmir's greatsword and ripping enemies in half and because he earned it for becoming a man. Aside from that, only Roarke gets upgrades from canoodling.

>> No.47348042

Boo, I wanted to know what the girls got from Roarke.

Aside from a good time.

>> No.47348051


Miles isn't remotely as much of a nerd.

She might commission a Roarke/Richard one just to fuck with Richard though.

>> No.47348063


They get Roarke.

>> No.47348080

>mfw this makes a spooky amount of sense.

>> No.47348099


Actually, a better response, would you punish her if she was? Karen is a little bit spoiled in small, subtle ways and can occasionally be a bit of a womanchild. You've already seen her go full beta rage towards Red Siren, although the combination of Samantha being helpful and Roarke Roarkeing her helped.

>> No.47348125

>How can my mortal enemy be this cute?

>> No.47348150

I think proper reaction would be a round of complete stupeification, then an evening of getting drunk (with Oda rambling about fujoshis) then acceptance

>> No.47348159

Her punishment will come from the depths of /d/ of GYchan. Long slow beach walks while holding hands. Also, sex in missionary position with passionate kisses.

>> No.47348177

Was this the final post?

>> No.47348187

Scratch that page just wasn't refreshing.

>> No.47348198


>> No.47348215

> Roarke learns of the devil women known as Fujoshi
> see's how much money Karen made selling copies through GYchan
"good talk"

>> No.47348326


This is how the Rhinehawk was upgraded so quickly.

Her best customer is Samantha, who would be utterly mortified if Roarke found the ridiculously sweet and romantic doujins she commissioned of herself and Roarke.

>> No.47348459

But is it still a fujoshi doujin when its about a trap?

>> No.47348542

There's your answer anon

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