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Somehow this picrelated comment made me think.
Is /tg/ that much of a splittered fuck up board? (So the balkans of 4chin)

Why don't we try something like /a/. I think /tg/ has some songs that are very much /tg/ related. Of course not everybody likes something like the Blind Guardians Bardssong but I think the majority does.


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Because /tg/ is even more spergy than /a/.

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The definition of what counts as "getting shit done" has changed, not what /tg/ actually does.
Nowadays, when shit gets done, there's always some little bitch going "But it was just a core group of people who did most of the work, not /tg/ as a whole", which is how it has always been.

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we're not a fucking singing board?
I'm sorry but building a tabletop game or /tg/ related vidya is a lot mork work than singing a faggy song, not trying to disrespect /a/ cause they did at least make Katawa Shoujo but come on it's incomparable

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>/tg/ as a whole
I think here lies the point. Flames of war general for example has a successful podcast running. Does that count as 'getting shit done'? I think yes. But the board on a whole?

It would be nice. But I doubt it.

>we're not a fucking singing board?
Neither is /a/?

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Yet they have orders of magnitude more music and singing related content by default, so yes, they are a singing board compared to most boards.

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we're always trying to do things, anon.
There are regular running games on this very site constantly, along with new game systems being made, and game stories being told, and game discussion being had.

I feel like we're doing all the getting done that is applicable for our entertainment of choice. It's not like tabletop systems have theme songs for us to sing.

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we're not /a/
they're a bunch of faggots we don't sing songs here, we make actual games and settings that have use to us, we're not "singing songs to our le new favorite animaymay xD".

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It's not like /tg/ actually shares that many interests. Most of us are here for maybe a fourth (And that's being generous and assuming that the average user is interested in every single game of a certain category or theme) of the topics discussed.
If the MtG people were trying to do something neat, I'd never even know about it because I don't play Magic or go into their threads. If the GURPSfags were making their own sourebook for something, I'd never know about it because I don't play GURPS or go into their threads, and so on. And that's pretty much true of everyone here.

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That's our secret, OP.

/tg/ NEVER got shit done.

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I think this is what OP refered to as "balkan of 4chin'.

I look for three threads total. That's it. The rest? I simply don't care.

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And because of the consistency required for a quality /tg/ related product (Even something simple like a small conversion needs to be internally consistent with itself and the ruleset it's built on), tight creative control is really necessary. If you open up a project to everyone equally with no project leads, it either coalesces into a small team with creative control, or breaks down into a messy, bloated, unbalanced (And sometimes schism'd) mess.

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Which either means that it doesn't count as "/tg/ getting shit done", since it's just a small group, or it's not worth slapping the label on because it's shit.
4chan seems to be eating parts of my posts.

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hey, live and let live, that's how we operate.
Though, now that I think about it, that attitude failing has generally reduced the quality of all generalist threads.
You know, anything that doesn't belong to a specific community.

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well, it seems like
is the answer then. Nothing has changed except semantics.

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>since it's just a small group
This is what "/tg/ gets shit done" meant. One anon or group of anons does something /tg/ related and post it here. You are left alone because you are lazy guy who never does anything productive.

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Those are both me, by the way.
For the record, I don't agree with the 'it doesn't count as /tg/ getting shit done" people. I'm just stating the arguments.

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me neither.
Honestly, I think /tg/ is as filled with creativity and doing things as it ever has been.
Though I really don't like how as /tg/ has gone on, more and more people bitch about this or that not matching their vision of the ideal /tg/.
Less board police, more enjoying the thing you are here to enjoy.

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Here's how /tg/ gets shit done:

>Do shit yourself
>Occasionally post about it on /tg/, but ignore the input
>Give /tg/ the credit once its done

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the fuck dies the whole of /tg/ even mean? do you know exactly how many people constitutes the term /tg/?
do you think every single person who browses /a/ had participated in that shitty video song whatever?
no of course not, it's always a group of people to varying size that uses /tg/ as a place to help develop a certain thing, nothing more nothing less, it's not possible for /tg/ to make anything because /tg/ is an unknown number of unknown people, stop being ridiculous.

when /tg/ gets shit, it's when something was created to an extent by the discussion of this board, no more no less.

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well, except for the things /tg/ gets done that involve input, like drawthreads, discussions, deliveries, and the like.

man, remember back in the day when delivering wanted things to other anons was a good thing, and not viewed as coddling normalfags or whatever?

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/tg/ gets shit done on a small scale literally every day by refining ideas. Everything from decklists and armylists to helping GMs sort out their next encounters, npcs, and campaigns.

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This. /a/ is by default a spectator board, doing nothing but watching and discussing anime, which produces nothing but shitty songs on youtube. /tg/ plays and DMs, and discuss playing and GMing. Ideas from /tg/ are put into play every day. Hell, sometimes I ask for ideas here and I put them in my games for the players to deal with.

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A guy some time ago made this

Is much better than the set its self

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Yes, and then you had the mad janitor and his cronies, ruining everything for everyone, and they're still doing it.

>get rid of writefags
>get rid of quests
>get rid of fun I don't like
>why is there no creativity on /tg/?
I wonder.

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Hey, all those things are still here, and the janitors are deleting "baww, go away, I don't like this" posts.
Though I do understand your sentiment. All the people bitching about literally every form of OC on /tg/ is really bad. We had a few years without that, what with the nazimod horror, but new people don't remember that and start complaining.

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True. I'm just bitter.

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I kind of am too, honestly.
Those people have always been to the detriment of the board, and it makes me sick to see them resurfacing after the seemingly unanimous decision that they were cunts after the nazimod days.

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>Hey, all those things are still here


Writefag threads barely get any posts whenever one gets created, quests are under a stay of execution, homebrewing has become a general thread.

The only thing that has remained strong is the drawthread.

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okay, yeah, you have a point.
The continuous bitching has whittled at our OC creation some.

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Basically this.

/tg/ is good for collecting ideas. But it needs a filter.

Want /tg/ to get shit done in a more collective manner? Start teaching small groups of fa/tg/uys how to organize, control and produce. Then sticky that fucker on the front page.

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Some of that OC generating spirit got trolled out of existence. Yes, it was to get rid of bad content (Unified Setting), but in the process it killed homebrew on this board for years.

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Trolls shitposting against content they regard as shit is the cancer of this board.

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Fucking this.
If there's any singular group that has caused more harm to /tg/ than any other, it's the people who bitch about everything. Quests, writefags, setting creation, whatever.
Like, this board staying together -requires- us to be accepting of people who have nothing to do with our interests.

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All in the name of saving /tg/ from /tg/ content.

Mods finally realized something was wrong when they made /qst/ and saw the tolls gloating. Too little, too late.

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hopefully the whole /qst/ thing will blow over. It kind of disgusts me to see our OC being pared off.

>> No.47316307


I'll believed that the day /qst/ is shut down, not before.

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I said hopefully, anon.

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>/tg/ content

thanks anon I needed a laugh

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Ah, it's the cancer killing /tg/.
I was wondering when one of you would finish ban evading long enough to post.

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There might not be very much homebrew/OC than 2 years ago. But in the last half year there was Omarase, Minotaurus world or the pantheon (the laughing god) homebrewed by /tg/
And there were several other small settings that were not /qst/

But /qst/ is /tg/ their board-chan reflects that very good.

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>can /tg/ get shit done?
Even after making a containment board, the questfags are still running around underfoot without reprimand.

And of course it's a splintered board- have you ever been in the 40k threads? You might think that they'd be brought together by playing the same game, but they still manage to segregate and other themselves based on which factions they like. That's a level of sperg you cannot combat.

So no- it doesn't get shit done. Though I'm not sure what you were hoping to accomplish with it were that the case.

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Quests. They took up half the fucking catalog at one point. I'm fucking glad they are gone.

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God, I am sick of you anti-everything shitposters.
you're even against the idea of getting things done.

And don't even pretend this is about quests. You did this for writefags, drawfags, setting creation, and anything else you can get your hands on.

You know what you are doing.

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/tg/ doesn't get shit done

individuals get shit done, then idiots come claiming it was a collective effort

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That's a small trickle where there used to be a decent flow, man.

>> No.47316429

>They took up half the fucking catalog at one point.

I'll take "Things that were never true for $2000" Alex.

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I dunno, it seems like all forms of OC creation are under assault.
Last time I saw a writefag thread, it got shitposted into oblivion by a ban evading spammer.

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/qst/ is good though. It revived draw quests and brought lots of new posters from other boards and the now-dead MSPA forums.
Think of it as an extension of /tg/. We don't have to hog all the good things into one board, it's ok to be a little spread out.

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The fuck are you on about? I took part in several /tg/ projects, but quests were shit, are shit and will ever be shit. This has nothing to do with "getting shit done".

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>lies and misinformation: the post
Never happened. Ever. Nor have there been nothing but quests on the front page, or more than 20 in the entire 15 pages at the height of the enforced /a/ quest push that faded after a few months. Almost 9 whole percent.

Any other stupid lies to post?

>> No.47316455

>citing /a/ sings as some kind of achievement

Not only is that sort of thing not to difficult to organize, but it produces literally nothing of value. One person's that guy story or HFY screencap is worth more than every one of those videos combined, why would you even worry about it?

>> No.47316456

When have Quests ever interfered with the operation of other threads?

>> No.47316459

don't engage his claims, anon. He knows they are false already.
Just tell him you are sick of shitposters like him ruining the board.

>B-but I didn't do those things, you've got to believe me!
Fuck off, shitposter. You say that about literally every topic on /tg/, writefags and /tg/ projects included.

>> No.47316461

This thread has me curious, is anyone else from /tg/heim still around?

>> No.47316471

guys, don't engage with his arguments. He knows they are false. Just tell him to stop shitposting.

>> No.47316485

When a couple of idiots shitposting in /qtg/ decided to expand their shitposting to other horizons, but that's another can of worms entirely.

>> No.47316488

sorry, not into the warhammeroid complex of games that much.

>> No.47316494

40K is shit and will always be shit, but people are perfectly alright with allowing it to infect other threads, bringing the quality of the discussion down. Quests never did that.

You really are the cancer that's ruining this board.

>> No.47316500

As a writefag, quests always seemed questionale to me.

When was that? I try to be in every write-thread I can and I never saw this happen.

>> No.47316526

Rather idiots claim "it wasn't real collective effort of the board!" for one reason or another

>> No.47316538

Compare what we have now with what /tg/ used to churn out. We literally can't have certain types of threads that generate board relevant material because trolls congregate on them drive away or drown out anyone who might contribute.

You assholes are literally the worst people on this board. All I hear from your line is endless bitching about how x is shitting up the board and bumping precious elf slave wat do threads off of it. You could do something halfway proactive and positive if you're concerned about the wellbeing of /tg/ but all I ever see out of you types is barrage of nonsensical groundless arguments as to why your pet peeve is killing /tg/, even though it's been here for years without disrupting anything. Which is more than can be said for yourself.

>> No.47316541

It was that one where there was a snake guy being an adventurer.
Shatpost over and over by a guy that kept getting deleted.
Haven't seen a thread dedicated to these stories since, and they seem to have adopted the general structure to avoid said shitposting.

>> No.47316551

Please get out, cancer. It's getting really annoying seeing you guys before you get deleted.

>> No.47316552

>Like, this board staying together -requires- us to be accepting of people who have nothing to do with our interests.
There is one key thing I would look at there. Yes, we do need to be more accepting in general and likely don't get our panties in a bind about something outside of our interests, come together to rationalize higher, but the issue at the end of the day is that without a form of creative control and locking down or out content, you have insurmountable problems trying to keep simple minded idiots who churn uninspired, Lowest common denominator interestbait.

This acceptance also includes spurning clubhousery or grouping together. /tg/ should not see an IRC and a team as 'un-/tg/' because frankly, I do not see unorganized, disinterested anons ever completing work to /tg/'s specifications.

Unfortunately so. What's worse is that /tg/ expects creative content to just well forth, but there's no material to improve creativity, nothing to teach idiots the creative process, no teachings of how to GM effectively, not even very much exploration beyond Q&A sessions. /fit/ legitimately has beaten /tg/ with 1 sticky.

This scale of stupid where people expect unprepared, disorganized newfags to somehow get shit done without resorting to organizing tools or locations is frankly appalling, and I say that as an early contributor.

Unfortunately for you, I don't think /qst/ really should stay on /tg/ earlier, because I believe that helped suck the creative air out of the room from other projects and content, so to speak. They retain an enormous potential for popularity, and very few questfags seem to even give that criticism the time of day because of the major backlash at the start. That said, I won't press on that issue because it's my opinion, there's no need to shit the bed about it, and the purge quests mentality is autistic as fuck.

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Personally, I blame summer for all this sudden decline in threads' quality

>> No.47316569

Can't really chalk it all up to summer if it lasts all year anon, although the influx of the warmer seasons certainly helps set bad precedents.

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dude 1/2 of the time anyone coming to /tg/ for support on a new project is met with
A. "Just play game X with Y supplements, it's close enough."
B. "That's dumb because it conflicts with my preferences."
C. "Just play TURPS."
D. A series of seemingly random, largely unrelated assertions and ultimatums

/tg/ starts projects all the god damn time, and they'll last 2-4 threads, and then the administrator will get bored with it and nobody else will pick it up and like a dozen people gave up a month's weekends for nothing.

Srsly, name one thing /tg/ got done in the last three years.
> Tower Girls is just making up waifus, and I'd be surprised (and overjoyed) if they ever got around to the gameplay parts (they've been making up waifus for like a year and a half now). Though, to their credit, they've made rules for how to make your waifu, sort of, so maybe that counts?
> 99% of all /QUEST/ is just people so desperate for a game they've taken to forum RP. The guy running it is surely getting shit done by making shit up, but /tg/'s just along for their ride
> Omarase was basically a list of fetishes and how to stat them
> P.A. CYOA was almost a game, but the rules are obtuse and clunky; nobody ever plays or develops it.

>> No.47316578

>bumping precious elf slave wat do threads off of it
And thought that were questfags making those immediately after /qst/ was created, always including with one poster saying something like "this is what you get for banning quest threads"

>> No.47316587

I said you had a point, anon.
The rampant bitching has whittled away OC some.

The "depends on setting", "not muh board", "just play common system" crowd are awful.

>> No.47316588

/tg/ can't get shit done because you have 8000 quest authors refusing to migrate to their containment board, and warhammer 40k taking up 4-5 threads alone for its generals.

Any small project gets pushed off.

>> No.47316597

I feel like you are missing a "those" somewhere in that sentence.
God, I wish shitposters like you would stop ruining the board and driving out any kind of productivity.

>> No.47316606

>or more than 20 in the entire 15 pages at the height of the enforced /a/ quest push that faded after a few months
Sorry sempai, but you got that one wrong. This wasn't even during their hey-day.

It's certainly died down quite a bit since, but when they were bad, they were BAD.

>> No.47316614

There were those repeated threads with that pic of a drow chained to her keyboard, but I'm talking about general discussion of elves in a sexual content, although those orc thread fall into the same category. I'd be willing to wager that virtually any point you could find a thread on this board focused on pointy ears or green muscly women.

Not that I'm saying this is necessarily a bad thing, just pointing them out.

>> No.47316616

Indeed, but I feel that all those autistic posts during the rest of the year come from the same handful of faggots, they even sound the same to my perception

>> No.47316617

>that image
I don't think you understand what bad is.
Come back when 90% of the board is the kind of content you are saying is bad.
Fucking wrestlefags.

>> No.47316623

> getting involved in 4chan meta-politics
bro don't even

>> No.47316630

If you had actually bothered to look at that list, you would realize there are only two, maybe three quests there actually based off of an anime.

>> No.47316631

Anon, is that supposed to be a proof or something?
There aren't even 15 threads there.
And some of them are obviously not quest threads.
Do you have trouble counting?

>> No.47316632

>moving the goalposts

Go fuck yourself, and make a quest about it. Preferrably on /qst/ so you're contained and can quickly draw pictures for the other faggots.

>> No.47316640

>[board] gets shit done
Why should my personal achievements or achievements of a small tight-knit team I am a part of become the common property of the board?

There was never such a thing as "[board] gets shit done".

All of the worthwhile creations and achievements were done by a select bunch of people that have enough talent to create something worthwhile.

Why should I share credit for my work with talentless hacks who have done nothing to contribute?

>> No.47316645

Go back to /a/ pls

>> No.47316649

do you have trouble counting?
Do you have trouble reading?
Is this why anti-quest-fags are anti-quest? They are unable to count past 10, and just assume it's a big number?

Also, no, seriously, you are a fucking baby if you think that is bad. Again, fucking wrestlefags.

>> No.47316654

It says something when the only original content I can think of is organized gaming on the board itself.

>There might not be very much homebrew/OC than 2 years ago. But in the last half year there was Omarase, Minotaurus world or the pantheon (the laughing god) homebrewed by /tg/
Arguably speaking /tg/ has done better now with Riddle of Steel, VeloCity, and the Emperor's Nightmares, but at the end of the day they still receive a trickle of support.

For all of the shit I saw, the mentality of /tg/ used to be "lets create!" That isn't there anymore. That attitude is... spurned, I suppose.

I kinda wish I could just give you my general mood about the whole thing and the evidence rolling around in my head pushing me to come to this opinion. Problem is, I'm so scattered about the feeling that the thing I see wrong is hard to explain.

The whole idea that 'x was always shit' fucks up trying to objectively look at what the board's problems are. Someone tries to assert something about how this isn't good, it gets swept under the rug because "well it was never good." That's not really good logic, and it hurts trying to actually get better content.

>> No.47316659

It hurts to engage in this madness, but if the creation of /qst/ proves anything is that the mods will eventually listen to you if you shitpost loudly and hard enough. You have to show the shitposters up or they get what they want.

>> No.47316664

And I shitpost hard in them, or try to stir them into a not blatant smut direction by providing other content. I have more of a problem with those than with quest threads, which never bothered me much.

>> No.47316671

you are as bad as anti-quest fags who are as bad as anti-anythingelse-fags.

You are by definition at least as bad as whatever fag you are going against.

>> No.47316674

/a/ has so much more singing content, though.

There really isn't much /tg/ music going on. There isn't a album released every year for DnD, for example.

On the other hand, there's much of storytelling, games and other such stuff that gets done. But as everyone knows, /tg/ is an idea chamber, then there's someone who does all the work, and finally releases for the general amusement of people on /tg/. This is what I feel "/tg/ gets shit done" applies. We don't have a choir, but we have our games and stories.

>> No.47316675

This de-evolution into a shitfest is exactly why I spoilered that.

Sorry questbros.

>> No.47316681

Well, the ideas would usually be generated on /tg/. Then someone with enough time and skill churns out something out of it. That's how it has always gone.

>> No.47316687

I, too, am sorry.
It sucks that discussion on this topic has been drug down by shitposters utilizing ban evasion. It can't be talked about reasonably any more.

>> No.47316697

If you're going to claim that quests are nothing but /a/ in exile than your argument rests on quests that are explicitly modeled after their medium. On the list you posted I see only a Mobile Suit Gundam and Kill la Kill quests that fit that bill, which are actually equal in number to the threads that seem to have been incorrectly tagged as quests to protect you delicate sensibilities from getting triggered.

The rest all fits the bill as related to traditional gaming.

>> No.47316698

If you're saying /tg/ is the balkans of 4chan, than would that mean if another board "invaded" would we keep fighting each other, or would we ban together to fight and than go back to infighting?

>> No.47316699

because you are on an anonymous image board, and that is the entire point.

If you didn't want it to be shared public stuff, you would be doing it on a board where your E-wang and intellectual properties are protected.

>> No.47316704

Being an idea-guy is not enough to get credit.
You are "getting shit done", you are in charge of executing the idea.
Therefore, /tg/ has nothing to do with "getting shit done", only you do.

>> No.47316710

I think you missed your post.

>> No.47316713

Oh my, could it be that questfags are the same cancer that is smutfags? This sudden eruption of butthurt makes me think that.

I'm just pro-good-content.

>> No.47316715

That's the only viable way it can be really be done except for the simplest of ideas. It really should be a central team curating and a criticism/commentary section providing input if it involves /tg/ to a large extent. To leave curation to the board's devices is like storing your seed on the soil.

>> No.47316720

"Shared public stuff" != shared credit for creating it.
Don't confuse the two concepts.

>> No.47316721

>all those threads hidden because you can't stand seeing your triggers

When did all these thin skinned SJWs start showing up, anyway?

What happened to people who could navigate /tg/ without being triggered?

>> No.47316736

They got Nazimod'ed off the board.

>> No.47316742

shit m8, it's almost like some people don't like "collaborative '''''''storytelling''''''''' experiences" and filter the fuck out of them

>> No.47316744

>immediately calling asspain in defense
See, this is why you are just as bad as them.
Anti-whatever posters seem to universally default to shitpost, and seem to do nothing but lower the quality of any thread they visit.

There is no way you can be "pro-good-content" while simultaneously advocating shitposting in threads you don't like.

>> No.47316747

We get shit done all the time.


>> No.47316754

I disagree, there are some things that can only be attributed to the nature of image board. The instant connection to others naked opinion.

The original Time Wizards homebrew wouldn't have happened if people wouldn't have gushed about DM Kroms original storytime in some "remember this funny shit?" thread. Neither would have Krom Time Wizards or Advanced Time Wizards if someone hadn't had the inspiration from the original collection of ideas to make a really neat copy of the original homebrew.

>> No.47316758

And you seem to be getting my posts mixed up with another anon. Not even counting the retarded /a/ invasion argument you keep sprouting, what I see in that list is about 10 quests interspersed with generals and random threads. Is that what you consider to be choking out other forms of content? Do you realize there are 150 odd threads on this board at any one time?

>> No.47316759

>I can't navigate the board without getting triggered!
Again, what happened to people that could handle navigating the board and seeing things they don't like?
Did we just ship in a whole new crop of pussies or something?

>> No.47316764

no, I mean you literally missed.
I think you were responding to the other guy, as all of those points you are making don't make sense when applied to me and make sense when applied to the other guy.

>> No.47316772

This, so much this. Shitposting is killing this board, even if it's done for what is considered to be a good cause.

>> No.47316779

>I am offended by someone not liking something
you're a real thick-skinned individual yourself, I see

>> No.47316786

Fucking agreed.
Shitposting isn't beneficial. That's why it is called shitposting.
If you think your shitposting is helping, you are actively part of the problem.

>> No.47316787

The reply chain follows pretty squarely back to >>47316606 by my reckoning. What are you referring to?

>> No.47316788

>filtering threads you don't enjoy
>not enjoying threads
>all these things are equivalent to a sudden uncontrollable and powerful emotional response to unpleasant stimuli associated with previous traumatic stress.

Disregarding your obvious b8, I like that the questfag position inherently means taking the position that their content isn't good enough to attract widespread interest, so it should be allowed to parasitically hang off other actually interesting content.

>> No.47316790

4chins has been on a steady decline for like 5 years
Dumbasses spilled the beans back in like 2005, and it rapidly became the hangout for people who wanted to be lol-so-random and anti-everything. It wasn't so bad at first but eventually, by the population slowly being replaced by those faggots 4chan began turning into the place the outside internet thought it was; a nearly literal hate machine. It's gotten to the point where new 4chan opposes traditional 4chan culture; the use of reaction images, something 4chan reveled in and pioneered, is sometimes enough to get whatever you posted completely discarded, because you're a "fucking memer," like every image of a character doing something or saying something is a meme being posted because you think it's the popular thing to post without any consideration to it's contextual function. Board animosity is at an all time high, too; interestingly the fucking bait-fish has survived all of this. Do you remember the fucking "pony wars," as one board came to call it? The entire fucking site shut down for nearly two weeks because some people wanted to watch a girly cartoon, and then /b/ being /b/ and took the opportunity o brew a shit storm, but instead of recognizing them and just blowing it off as, "lol, fucking /b/," the entire site collectively went ape-shit. So a bunch of guys want to watch a shitty little kids show, who fucking cares? That's like 60% of what goes on on ths website, but that one randomly just pushed all the right buttons I guess and everyone lost their shit. I mean "meme," in and of it's self is a dirty fucking word now, and it's the new go-to for farmers looking to erect a strawman in their fields of postured nonsense. Is 4chan going anywhere? No, I'd give it another decade at least, but it's going to die long before then.
> inb4 change with the times faggot
Nigga if you change the handle and then head of a broken ax it is not the same ax. It still chops wood but it's a new ax.

>> No.47316791

Sure but its not like a dryed riverbed.

Didnt saw assaults.
More that they say "thats fucking wrong" than "that cant work because technically its..."

Like i said its not as 2 years ago, but its not like there isnt nothing.

>> No.47316792

/tg/ is by default a very diverse board because of the subjects it deals with : CCGs, TTRPGs, board games and tabletop wargaming are sharing the same board, which is not that intuitive at first. Out of that, all of them bring very different people : not the same people will enjoy storyteller RPGs and crunch-heavy RPGs.

This variety of people foster a decent level of discussion and result in a better board quality and better contributions to the board culture, as seen in this fine thread.

>> No.47316795

>He called me a pussy, he must be offended!
Oh you wacky SJWs and your triggers.

>> No.47316804

(I'm not that guy, but whatever)

>> No.47316811

>I'm not triggered!
>I'm just so angry I will shitpost about it repeatedly and ban evade if necessary!
Sorry anon, that sounds exactly like what a triggered SJW would be doing if they ran into one of their triggers.

>> No.47316815

/tg/s ability to get shit that other boards care about done more often than once in a blue moon got permaBLAM'd back when the Nazimod and his jackboot Janitors ruled supreme. It was a dark time indeed and as a survivor who kept his head down and toed the line i can honestly say /tg/ still hasn't recovered from the loss of good content creators.

>> No.47316817

As I said, sometimes I try to provide good content, but sometimes it's just shitposting time. The quality of a thread is already down when it starts with "I want to fuck an elf xD" and it lowers the quality of all other elf threads in advance if everyone think that's okay.

Some weeks ago there were two smut threads about muscular orc girls. No traditional games to be found, only /aco/ content on a blue board. Both reached bump limit. Then some days later someone made a regular orc thread. No fetishes or anything, I think it reached 50 posts and died down. I don't want /tg/ to be like this.

>> No.47316821

To push forward, I think the best thing /tg/ can do to get shit done is to take a good look at /fit/'s sticky and at some point develop material teaching people and giving them tools on how to be productive, how to GM, how to support a creative process. Maybe even how to be motivated. That in itself will be the best thing /tg/ could possess.

That's going to need a team with motivation, though, and I doubt I'll be looking into it for a while since I'm in the middle of trying to forge a team and project of my own.

>> No.47316831

If it weren't for those posts, we'd have nothing but warcraft and jojo threads.

>> No.47316847

>I am going to actively work to shitpost, and claim this is improving the board
No. Full stop. Regardless of whatever you think you are improving, you would do more good by ignoring it.

By shitposting, you are actively joining in on being part of the cancer killing the board.

If you believe you can accomplish any good by shitposting, you are part of the problem.

>> No.47316853

There is exactly 1 Warcraft thread, and like 2-4 JoJo threads at any given time. Get over yourself.

>> No.47316863

>Anti-whatever posters seem to universally default to shitpost
Happens only when your favorite topic/game/whatever is underattack.

>> No.47316870

Not really, anon, neither of those things have enough collective interest to garner repeated widespread discussion on this board.

That you think they do, and that you must stop it, sort of sounds like you have some weird psychological shit going on.

>> No.47316871

Here's a tip for you all to ignore:
Less whining, more creating. If you can't create anything meaningful and helpful, then don't post.

What's this layout for the document?

>> No.47316878

insults without argument imply offence without the intelligence to verbalize it

but please, keep ranting about triggers at anyone who dares suggest they filter things

>> No.47316882

Nah, I'm pretty much pissed at them in any point by now, even in threads not related to my interests.

>> No.47316886

>Any disagreement is the result of ban evasion and shitty posting by the same guy

What a wonderful house of cards you've built for yourself anon.

>> No.47316889

A real sticky could be a nice joint project.

>> No.47316894

Thats because many things were already done.

Many are either polite to disturb a small creative group.
Or feel if noone replies or acknowledge their idea stop contributing.

I think the problem is at the moment /tg/ talks and sends ideas, but noone response.
Its more like all are talking, but noone with another.
Which comes from the point, noone wants to be the leading and/or archivar.

Thats a big problem with /qst/ too. Several quests dont live long, because Op isnt around, noone takes up the GM or cant.

>> No.47316902

>I'm offended, so that's not an argument!
The filter was a mistake. It's invited a flood of entitled, thin skinned, rebranded SJWs.
Who behave exactly the same as SJWs whenever their triggers are tripped, up to and including attempting to ruin the livelihood of the thing that tripped their trigger.

>> No.47316915

>But not all SJWs dox people!
the "but I don't do that" argument doesn't really diminish the "they shitpost and ban evade habitually" argument.

Not all SJWs dox people, but it is still a valid reason to dislike them.

>> No.47316920

>Why should my personal achievements or achievements of a small tight-knit team I am a part of become the common property of the board?
Because it's related to [board] and was made by members of its community who either are happy to stay anonymous or attribute some part of inspiration and support to the rest of [board] community. If fa/tg/uy posts something on /tg/ for the rest of /tg/ to use and enjoy, this is the case of /tg/ getting shit done. Nobody expected 90% of the board to participate.

>> No.47316921

Well, a lot of this "shitposting" was just criticising things in general, but you guys called it like that so I adopted the term.

>> No.47316941

I stopped visiting this board a few years ago because it had devolved into quests on one side, thinly veiled porn on the other, with a smattering of generals in the middle.

Imagine my chagrin when I returned after the creation of /qst/ and found /tg/ missing them. What happened when I was gone?

>> No.47316950


I think the problem with shitposting is that there's too much reluctance and not enough motivation for the work involved. But that may have been just because shitposting used to not be so targetted.

I think also, having no place to reason about /tg/ meta also hurt /tg/. Part of the creative process is the need to analyze and develop the environment needed to accomplish shit. But of course, shitposting.

So /tg/ needs some way to develop, implement, and prove a 'direction' is worth upholding.

>It was a dark time indeed and as a survivor who kept his head down and toed the line i can honestly say /tg/ still hasn't recovered from the loss of good content creators.
Somewhat, yeah.

>> No.47316952

I give it 10 threads before forfeit.

>> No.47316954

>decline for 5 years.
I see it more like we as a group get scattered. Many new boards split anons and interest.

As an example, look for infinity chan. Everyone creates his own board. There are doubles and so many boards that you dont meet others or different ideas. They lack a melting pot.
You might have the same culture than 5 years ago, but you dint see it, because you dont visit all boards.

Its a gift and a burden to have many clear seperated sections.

>> No.47316958

Turns out people like quests, and shitposting for literally 8 years tends to make the majority of people dislike a group.
Also, them habitually doing things like lying about their history in order to make their argument seem stronger doesn't help, guy.

>> No.47316972

Anon, I sincerely doubt you are giving polite criticism to elf sex threads, given your candor and attitude about this circumstance.

>> No.47316983

>I'm offended, so that's not an argument!
I honestly can't tell if you're being ironic, or earnestly acting this hypocrisy out.

is it just because /tg/ is flooded with retards?

>> No.47316993

Singing stupid song can qualify as "getting shit done" only by low /a/ standards. You want to see what /tg/ did? 1d4chan covers most of it.

>> No.47316994

Yeah, /tg/ got a flood of thin skinned retards ever since the filter came around and they could easily avoid their triggers.
It's a real shame. So few people can handle seeing badwrongfun any more.

>> No.47317005

so are you talking about the haters or the supporters here?

because both of them are pretty fucking obnoxious

>> No.47317032

I'm talking about the guys who were violating board rules and consistently deleted for a period of 8 years, who are now doing it EVEN HARDER.

I don't care about your stance on quests, but that kind of behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE. The response to mods disagreeing with you should not be "shitpost for literal years until I get my way" if you want to cultivate good will.

If you claim that the side that was following board rules and moderator decisions was as bad as the one not following board rules and moderator decisions, then you are outright not arguing in good faith and can be ignored, full stop.

>> No.47317052

The outline for the left? It's the outline to a style guide, or manual of standards. You use it to enforce consistency and explain to all your staff what the design of the document is going to be, enforce good practices.

"A style guide has 2 columns. One column has the work that we want to see, the other column has the work that the project is not supposed to be. It serves as a refresher to focus what the hell the project looks like."

Because we're not that organized, we're also using it as a design document, a method to guide our creative process, implement due dates or objectives, and a writing ruleset with the stuff you see in the picture. This would be our second revision of the original design document.

It's pretty damn helpful.

>Or feel if noone replies or acknowledge their idea stop contributing.
A motivation problem yes.

>Which comes from the point, noone wants to be the leading and/or archivar.
Yeah, which is something people need to learn. Fuckers just have to pick up that plow and develop some executive authority.

>> No.47317057

I never said I was polite. Is that the problem? Did I infiltrate your hugbox? I won't hunt you down if you do your image dumps on /e/, /aco/ or /h/, or write your cringeworthy greentext stories on whatever board allows it. I think it was /d/. My hurtful words will not reach you there.

>> No.47317058

>the weekend smut thread was amazingly productive and put out a ton of good-quality content by neckbeards, for neckbeards
>gets moved to /d/ because shitposting got out of control
>half the writers and artists don't go there, and everything turns into /d/ shit instead of /tg/ shit
>pretty sure it's dead now

I'm still bummed about that.

>> No.47317060

You talk like one gurofag I've seen recently

>> No.47317083

aaand, again, this is why you are as bad as literally any other anti-whatever fag.
You go out of your way to lower the quality of the board any time you act on your decision to be against-whatever.

Also, please don't have the gall to talk about anything being cringeworthy after posting that, jesus christ.

>> No.47317096

fuck no, anon.
you sort of talk like that guy that's been ban evading recently, but I didn't want to mention

>> No.47317097

It would be best to get an editor-in-chief to push for it. The best/easiest thing an unorganized group can do is to make a good repository for individual opinion pieces and books. Getting it all nice and tight into a /tg/ homebrewed guidance package less than 100 pages would require a team or toady. That's the problem with community organizing.

I personally have a few things for GMing that are wonderful. Maybe one of these days I'll put together a little package.

>> No.47317104

It's on life support but still there, but yeah...Drawfags are all gone save one (and its only a matter of time), and written content has plummeted both in quantity and quality.

>> No.47317125

I can assure you, I'm not. I hasn't been banned for years save for one silly autoban on /s/.

>> No.47317159

You really sound like a typical obnoxious kid from /v/.

> unleashing my diarrhoea on this place is ok because I found a convenient excuse.
>If you don't like the shit I shoot from my anus go to a hugbox, fag!

>> No.47317181

>someone made a regular orc thread. No fetishes or anything, I think it reached 50 posts and died down. I don't want /tg/ to be like this
Try to do something about it then and stop crying.

>> No.47317209

Vis-a-vis Nightlight. We sent two people to GenCon and we're in talks with a publisher, but the written-by-comittee mechanics didn't hold up.

>> No.47317222

It seems /v/ is the boogeyman for everything right now. If you have any of my posts saved to prove what an asshat I was, I will apologize. With not being I meant I said things like "it's shit", not "It may be that's not a very good idea for a thread."

I participated.

>> No.47317227

>Try to do something about it then and stop crying.
One person trying to save a thread doesn't work because of how they changed the sage rules. Nor does it do very well to promote motivation when a person's spazzing out trying to save a thread. People look down at that hard.

>> No.47317244


The problem isn't that you dislike all people who disagree with you, it is that you've set up a nice little thought bubble where all people who disagree with you are dismissed as shitposters and ban evaders.

>> No.47317264

This is the latest orc related thread in archive.
Is this your non-smut orc thread?

>> No.47317266

It isn't that /tg/ likes quests, it's that questposters have conditioned themselves for years to monitor threads and post instantly if there is any response. In this way, they seem like a larger demographic than they are, as the people who dislike quests have lives and live them in between discussing their distaste.

>> No.47317303

Well, you learn something new every day. Thanks for the explanation. I've been trying to google this stuff, but got nothing with style guide(lots of visual style guides from different businesses) or manual of standards on my google.

Do you have some template that you are using, or did you build it from ground up yourself?

>> No.47317316

After reading this thread I could certainly use a sticky joint.

>> No.47317354

No, it isn't. Just have a look at it.

>> No.47317401

We built it from the ground up on input from a professional from the business.

To be honest, Giving you a complete explanation would require some work that I don't feel I can do right at this moment. Brain meat's percolating bad for some reason. If you like, jump onto suptg sometime and I could be of more assistance. I'm usually on the primary channel.

>> No.47317465

I think we can all agree we'd take /lit/ or /mu/ to the cleaners.

>> No.47317468

>It seems /v/ is the boogeyman for everything right now.

No, anon, it would have been a "boogeyman" if my whole point point was "go back to /v/".
Hint: the point of my post isn't /v/ itself, you can ignore the last 2 words of the first sentence and that would change nothing.
Sorry anon, you still need to find a better excuse.

Let's see your silly excuse #2.

>If you have any of my posts saved to prove what an asshat I was, I will apologize.

Yeah, no.

First, I don't need your old posts and I don't need your apologies. I chose the verb "sound" because I'm just talking about how you are behaving in this thread, and you are sounding like a typical obnoxious shitposter who must learn to restrain his diarrhoea. That's a fact that you can't deny with "show me my old posts! If you can't, I'm right!".

Second, the one who talked about his own shitposts is YOU. The one who was defending his shitposting behaviour with the worst shiposters's "arguments" was YOU.
And now you are asking ME to prove that you are a shitposter.

Let's be honest, you are just an unreasonable shitty child who seriously needs a diaper.
I hope the fact that I didn't mention /v/ can make you happy, though.

>> No.47317492

It must be this one

Pig orcs and /hm/ aren't very popular here.

>> No.47317496

/tg/ likes quests as much as it likes anything. Well, except for warhams I guess. Or maybe elf threads. Alright /tg/ likes a lot of things more than quests, apparently, but it likes quests pretty well too.

The difference is that, for some bizarre reason, there's a sizeable minority that absolutely fucking despises them. Nobody quite knows why; when asked, they either shitpost about burning quests alive or give a paper-thin excuse that applies to half the rest of the board also.

But hey, as long as I've got a normal person with a life standing right here, aware that the Quest Majority is a falsehood perpetuated by trained Questmonks, would you mind explaining why you don't prefer quests, and why that's any different from not preferring warhams or GURPS or worldbuilding or character art threads?

>> No.47317501

Of course he does, he's not smart enough to be a combinatorist.

>> No.47317527

Yeah, it's that one. And I don't think that /hm/ was the point of the thread. Contrary to the smut threads before, there were some attempts at having a discussion.

>Pig orcs... aren't very popular here.
But I like them

>> No.47317530

Why shitpost when you can make a honeypot for them.

Just stop now.

>> No.47317629

Quests don't do anything for me. I come onto /tg/ to get ideas and discuss traditional games. I've participated in forum roleplays before, and those can be fun, but not the CYOA fanfiction stuff that 99% of quests are.

Further, most of them deal with subject matter I'd prefer not to discuss. Anime is prominent in them. A lot of them are just original fiction that's either bad or uninteresting.

Further quest authors are too autistic to agree upon a universal tag for their threads so I can safely filter them without losing other content (since "quest" is a popular word to use on /tg/ for legitimate purposes). If the quest authors could agree to tag all their threads with something identifiable, such as #questthread, for easy filtering, /qst/ would not be necessary. But of course, that's impossible for two reasons:

1. quest authors get offended when you suggest that some people might not want to read their content, and will not help others to ignore them, because largely they are doing it for attention, and

2. there would be too many migrants from other boards, unaware of any informal rules who would not use the tag. I don't trust /a/ to read a sticky.

As such, /qst/ is necessary.

>> No.47317635

I and many other posters don't. We don't go to your thread to cry about your tastes or post our personal flavor of orc scub. What's an orc if perception varies so much? No wonder threads about broad topics like that rarely succeed.

>> No.47317739

>I and many other posters don't. We don't go to your thread to cry about your tastes or post our personal flavor of orc scub
Anon, this is why I asked this question. Yes, in this thread I was the one asking about your opinion on porcs. I wanted your opinion, and if you called them shit, so be it.

>No wonder threads about broad topics like that rarely succeed.
But make a thread about "what's your favorite flavor of elf?" and post some brown animu girl, you will get to bump limit in a few hours, complete with /e/ dumps and various greentext stories.

>> No.47317750

This is such a huge crock of bullshit I wonder how you even managed to type it out. Why would you even blatantly lie on something so recent? Are you trying for historical revisionism?

>> No.47317802

We would ban together and fight side by side. And the moment the crisis is over we would have threads like this.

>> No.47317811

They can't help it.

90% of their problem is they have this strange persecution complex, that somehow quests are the end of /tg/. They make up numbers, they imaging the entire board dissolving into quests, and I shit you not, they honestly and actually believe that somehow quests magically stay on the board longer than other threads even when no one is currently posting in them. I have literally, word for word been told that quests stay on the board longer than other threads that fall off the board for lack of posting even when no one has posted in them.

They are truly delusional.

>> No.47317834

>we would have threads like this.
Dead end threads that add nothing to a more important conversation?

>> No.47317847

>You assholes are literally the worst people on this board. All I hear from your line is endless bitching about how x is shitting up the board and bumping precious elf slave wat do threads off of it.
Anon, not everyone voicing their opinion of how they don't think X is /tg/ related is a shitposter who wants everything banned. It's dishonest and sabotoges any discussion about the board to roll everyone you don't like into a singular group that causes all the problems for /tg/.

>> No.47317852

>and if you called them shit, so be it
We are trying to be polite and ignore things we don't like. Instead you are asking us to shitpost and many people will take it like that.
>what's your favorite flavor of elf
I've seen much less variance in elves when people don't try to be edgy and original. Flavors of orcs are all over the place: different colors, different races, cultures, everything. People call any aggressive mooks with bad teeth and muscles "orcs".

>> No.47317878

> It's dishonest and sabotoges any discussion about the board to roll everyone you don't like into a singular group that causes all the problems for /tg/.
Exactly like the sabotage right fucking now.

>> No.47317882

Newfag here. Can you enlight me about nazimods and jackboot jantor? When? What happened? etc.

What should be done to get to the former glory?

>> No.47317907

>What should be done to get to the former glory?

Getting a moderation system that can't be circumvened in a matter of seconds, for starters.

>> No.47317910

I don't understand how "I don't like quests" makes you a thin-skinned pussy, but "I don't like elf slave, wat do" makes you an intelligent, rational actor acting intelligently and rationally.

>> No.47317912

>Newfag here. Can you enlight me about nazimods and jackboot jantor? When? What happened? etc.
The events happened I think... after the Unified Setting and all homebrew got trolled to death? That's when the Nazi Mod motif became a huge deal.

>What should be done to get to the former glory?
That's the real question. There really isn't a way to get the former glory back, only to build anew.

>> No.47317915

>Instead you are asking us to shitpost and many people will take it like that
Saying you don't like something is not shitposting. Here, I just made this thread, because I wanted to talk a long time ago about this.
You can write a really long post about how you find them shit and everybody that doesn't like them has shit taste. As long as you can voice your opinion and explain yourself I will not consider this shitposting. You don't need to be polite, I spend too much time on this site and got a thick skin because of it.

Really, your definition on shitposting is shallow as fuck and can consist of everything you don't like.

>> No.47317917

The content of the post applies equally well to the "Quests cause every problem and take up 100% of the catalog" people and the "People who dislike quests want to bring nazimod back" people.
Both are retarded and extreme viewpoints that make any discussion between more moderate members of those groups all but impossible.

>> No.47317926

I'm still confused why so many quest makers and players seem so violently offended that /qst/ exists.
I didn't find out about 4chan until just after /tg/'s creation, but I find it hard to believe that all the 40K fans were upset that their warhammer wednesday shenanigans on /b/ had gotten them their own board, so why would questers be so upset about being deemed populous enough to have their own slot on the server rack?

>> No.47317945

Two days ago I was posting in a thread that claimed to be DM-General, OP wanted to gather tips and tricks for new DMs and have a decent discussion ...it got 4 posts and died

>> No.47317956

Apparently there were implementation issues that made migration a pain.

>> No.47317959

I agree.

>> No.47317963

>Really, your definition on shitposting is shallow as fuck and can consist of everything you don't like.
It's not my definition. People will take anything as an offense and complain about it later.

>> No.47317982

Nope. have you ever tried to get a good ol' HFY thread running? The amount of simple negative shitposting in those is overwhelming

>> No.47317994

>Two days ago I was posting in a thread that claimed to be DM-General, OP wanted to gather tips and tricks for new DMs and have a decent discussion ...it got 4 posts and died

Yep. I've seen that several times now along with all the creative projects that just get stillborn. That shit just doesn't get much attention, even when it's critical to helping get more games.

There's just no interest, no popularity to grab people's attention.

>> No.47317999

>nazimod removes problematic content such as fun from premises
>literal redditors, tumblrfags, SA goons, fetishfags from the normalfag sphere and other cancerous newfags slowly start settling in to the now sterilized board
>old content creators leave or are chased out by deranged moderators
>baww why is /tg/ so shit
You chose this fate when you didn't oppose nazimod.

If you want to see what kind of people the board is for now, go browse through 1d4chan or take a look at the guy trying to "continue" LCB.

>> No.47318010


Home's where the heart is, you know?

>> No.47318015

Nigga there's been like 6 boards "added," and four of them were just returns of boards lost in the crash.

>> No.47318021


HFY threads are the "classics of /tg/" threads: Nobody's doing new content, and everybody's reposting the same (usually awful) storycaps.

>> No.47318043

Other anon's not wrong, though. For every person posting an old screencap, there's at least one other anon shouting that HFY is shit.

>> No.47318048

What is positive shitposting? Is it another form of ironic shitposting?

>> No.47318050

It started with an interesting premise, but went really overboard and obnoxious.

>> No.47318057

There was a slew of sexual innuedo shitposts combined with "elf slave wat do", "girl in game/Xian in game/gay in game halkp /tg/ wat do", and 'japanese person looks like elf" shitposts - you know the ones, the same kind as the "excuse me commisar", "anime picture as character portrait" and "shota dogboy mother issues" spam we have nbow. The janitor finally had enough, and an insane moderator decided to ban anythign he didn't like personally and carried out a personal vendetta agaisnt several well known posters he didn't like, in addition to pretending to clean out the spam that never really went away. It got to the point where Moot had to fire him because he was banning /tg/ related threads because he personally didn't like them. A number of drawfags, writefags, and actual contributors to the board were permabanned for no reason other than the mod didn't like their opinions and posting.

These same shitposters police /tg/ to this day, workign their hardest to get whatever the deem is unsitable for /tg/ banned. They also gloat about it afterwards, which seems to have pissed off the moderation team, because these people are no longer getting bowed to.

>> No.47318062


Maybe if Anon #1 wasn't just posting years-old screencaps, Anon #2 wouldn't be posting about HFY being hot garbage.

>> No.47318063

>I'm still confused why so many quest makers and players seem so violently offended that /qst/ exists.
They remember the backlash when quests became popular, so they retained it.

>> No.47318084

This sounds like sandwich of horrible

>> No.47318085

Positive shitposting is when the /tg/ fun police post false flag posts about a subject that they hate so that it gets banned, such as /qtg/ and /wst/ and games they don't like.

>> No.47318104

That is a trouble with old content. At some point the board has to drop that shit and find something new, or elaborate on what's already there into something new and novel. Perhaps even jump out of HFY entirely.

>> No.47318117

Just so long as we're clear that Anon#2 is real and is shit posting.

>> No.47318136

They can't. All the writefags have been chased off.

>> No.47318149


HFY was a great concept, but we got zero new ideas from it, and what, one setting from it? I think it was called Sorcerous Space and it wasn't all that sci-fi, more like a Mass Effect space opera sort of deal. Perhaps it's because /pol/ had shown back up and decided that HFY meant Nazis-In-Space, or maybe it's because /tg/ was having a content creator drought, but basically it sucked.


As long as we're also clear that even though Anon #2 is shitposting, he's also not wrong.

>> No.47318153

>I don't like them because I don't like them, but also because sometimes they're anime

>I can't filter them with a single word without blocking out other stuff too
This is a true statement about everything.

>Therefore they need to be kept elsewhere
Wait, what?

I think you skipped a step there. "I don't like them so they need their own board" is both retarded and applies to at least half the board. What's actually going on there?

>Anon, not everyone voicing their opinion of how they don't think X is /tg/ related is a shitposter who wants everything banned.
The first one was greentext, the second was too absurd to pass for hyperbole. The claim that they're bitching about content is ironclad, and suggesting that there's some conversation being sabotaged with said claim is laughably disingenuous.

You want to discuss what is and isn't /tg/, discuss it. You want to look like an asshole shill, defend vague contempt as being above reproach.

>> No.47318155

My opinion on quests is that while yes, in a sense CYOAs (which is what the majority of quests are in my experience, I rarely see writein options used) are /tg/ related, I'm not a huge fan of the way that quests take up far more of the front page then other things relative to their presence in the catalog. I won't say that quests fill the catalog because they certainly don't, but since the majority of the posts in a quest thread are basically people casting a ballot(which takes badically zero time) they get bumped a lot more than other threads.
You could use the catalog, and I do when I'm trying to find a specific thread, but a front page style interface is better for idle browsing since you focus your attention to a single thread at a time and also get a "snapshot" of the current state of that thread instead of only the OP in the catalog. New users also primarily use the front page since it's the default and might be driven away by the amount of quests on the upper pages and thing that's all /tg/ is.
That being said, /qst/ wasn't implemented well at all, a board just for quests isn't going to be able to support itself, I would think a "forum games" board would be a better solution, which would encompass things like quests, CYOAs, risk threads, hunger game threads,etc. So all the "games" are in one easy to find place that has tools to easily facilitate them.

>> No.47318230

You probably weren't around for the implementation. Some mod made a thread to propose rules and get feedback, the rules were pants-on-head retarded, everyone told him not to do it at all, so he tweaked one thing and went ahead with it like 12 hours after the thread was up. The whole thing reeked of contempt and incompetence.

The BURN ALL QUESTS NOW AHAHAHAHAHA I TOLD YOU FAGGOTS AAHHAHAHAHAHA shitposters probably didn't help the mood either.

>As long as we're also clear that even though Anon #2 is shitposting, he's also not wrong.
As somebody who hates HFY, make a thread about it then. Shitting up somebody else's shitty self fellatio thread to point out that their fetish is shit is retarded.

>> No.47318282

I could imagine us doing a rendition of Be Aggressive pretty well.

>> No.47318344

>/pol/ had shown back up
Is /pol/ really that much of an cancer?

>> No.47318351

Something that needs to be done is still my point. What can be done is a different story.

Basically /tg/ needs to develop a method to grow creative direction on its own and support it. Otherwise it's just natural selection, and so few of the newfags are going to post their OC on here for fear of being torn apart. And you know how newfag material can get without criticism.

>but we got zero new ideas from it
Yeah, definitely. I liked the original premise, but it was like watching B-tier Boomerang for years after a while. Endless reruns.

Generally, yes.

>> No.47318385


>> No.47318394

So still shitposting, got it.

>> No.47318420

Not really, everyone just uses it as a bogeyman now because this board has become /tg/ - Tumblr Gays.

>> No.47318445

>mfw being on of the few not braindead /pol/acks
>/sg/ fuck yeah!

>> No.47318459

In 90% of cases, yes, yes it is. They're basically all tumblrinas only on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

>> No.47318548

The cancer that killed this board is quests.


Quests kept hitting the front page over and over and over again even though they were just a small percentage at any given time. This drove threads like the modding existing systems, basic questions for rules, and other stuff into respective generals.

These generals have very little room or desire to have people sidetrack from the main topics so any creativity is generally shut down pretty quick.

Generals killed /tg/ but.... in a guns kill people kind of way. Quests pulled the trigger.

>> No.47318560

>quest authors get offended when you suggest that some people might not want to read their content, and will not help others to ignore them, because largely they are doing it for attention

That is a blatant falsehood.

>> No.47318611

>see, it wasn't people getting together and making generals that killed /tg/
>it was quests making people make generals that killed /tg/
>because no one in their right minds would ever make a generalized thread otherwise
>I mean, come on, that's crazy talk

>> No.47318619

>There's arguably a decent group of people on /pol/ that have something worthwhile to say among all the agendas, petty vindictiveness, and amateur-hour policywonkery
That's definitely good news to hear, if true.

>> No.47318630

..........let me get this straight.

You're blaming quests......

.....for the creation of general threads......

....and therefore it's quests fault.....

....that generals are killing /tg/.

God damn, you may be more delusional than the persecution complex victims.

>> No.47318651

Considering that no one can discuss the new Magic block without a ton of racist memes getting spouted, yeah, it's a bit of a problem.

>> No.47318674

There was generals before yeah.

In fact, they're helpful.

But we've degraded into a board of ever smaller discussion groups that can barely stray from the subject matter because thread space is valuable now.

OH NO somebody hates brown people being shoed in everywhere. I CANNOT TOLERATE THIS WRONG THINK!

>> No.47318701

HFY should have never existed, and good riddance to the losers who tried to keep it alive.

>> No.47318719

/tg/ has declined.

>> No.47318737

>somebody hates brown people being shoah'ed everywhere.

>> No.47318740

>Not really, anon, neither of those things have enough collective interest to garner repeated widespread discussion on this board.

Yes, but there's fags who try to spam something here regardless of how little interest there is, in hopes of carving a little niche for themselves.

In a happy community where everyone respects each other, there's no need for telling people to fuck off, but when there's spammers who don't respect anyone, they need a clear message of "fuck off with your spam."

>> No.47318748

we even made and still make a shitton of OC, have our own memes and everything. Turks like to shitpost a lot but if they are not around it is really something like a unicorn glade in the middle of a toxic wasteland.

>pic related

>> No.47318794

>OH NO somebody hates brown people being shoed in everywhere. I CANNOT TOLERATE THIS WRONG THINK!

If adding them to the setting at all is "shoeing them in" then you're fucking retarded. Shoeing in means forcing them somewhere where they wouldn't fit IE making a White character brown for no good reason. If Magic, a setting that's always had a ridiculous amount of diversity, didn't have brown people, that would be weird.

And the real issue is that the constant spouting of memes prevents people from discussing the actual background, lore or mechanics of the new set. Instead, it was just "HURRDURR INDIANS MEAN POO"

>> No.47318830

>see, it wasn't people getting together and making generals that killed /tg/
On that point, there's enough experience to argue that generals weren't the cause because there was plenty of material being outright ignored after the nuking of homebrews and Nazimod era. That material coalesced in order to take up less room and deliver more eyeballs to individual ideas and posts.

The problem existed before. I've had plenty of ideas and even the simplest of image threads fall apart because it was me and 1 other person halfassing 2 responses for 30 minutes.

I've gotten more bystander interest from 4x2chan about more random shit than here, which is saying something about the shitfest that is GG and "HOW DO WE PREVENT THE SJWS FROM COOPTING 1d4CHAN."


>> No.47318891

The vast majority of our OC is not only badly written, but pretentious, man. Quests are even worse, and all they do is clog up the fucking board so we can't have discussions and possible OC. They're awful.

>> No.47318904

Name all the diversity in Khans.

>> No.47318911

What was bullshit about it? I gave you my reasons for not liking quests: they deal with content I don't want to read, and can't be filtered.

/qst/ is a perfect solution where self regulation by the quest authors has failed.

>> No.47318955

I'm not a fan of general threads but I see their use and banning them isn't feasible because /tg/ isn't like /v/ or /a/.
On /tg/, very rarely are new high profile systems released, and supplementary content for those systems only happens once every few months if at all, which makes it almost impossible to distinguish something like a general thread from a shadowrun thread or a pathfinder thread because there isn't anything "new" to talk about persay, where on /v/ it'd be pretty obvious that a thread constantly talking about Transistor years after it's release is a general thread because there are a fuckton of newer things to talk about and these guys just keep talking about transistor over and over.
TTRPGs are a much "slower" hobby than video games or anime or TV because they are more of a niche hobby.

>> No.47318960

Just posting one or two more writefaggoteries and I'll be done.

Also if interested in the syrian civil war:

this is how we get shit done

>> No.47318988

>a unicorn glade in the middle of a toxic wasteland.

>general devoted to supporting a dictator slaughtering his own people

You fit right in, don't kid yourselves.

>> No.47319002

Magic as a whole dipshit. Innistrad is really fucking different from Zendikar or Mirrodin.

>> No.47319014

I think there's just a group of bitter /tg/ questers who are upset at how /qst/ already has quests that are better than the stuff that was floating on /tg/. The draw quests in particular make it clear that the bizarre quest-culture that they were trying to develop on /tg/ was cancerous and self-destructive, rather than beneficial (except to the mediocre quest runners who valued quantity over quality and just churned out uninspired material).

I never had a problem with quests on /tg/, but the whole "I hope /qst/ dies" business just sounds like people terrified of stepping out of their comfort zones and facing new competition.

>> No.47319026

I'm here to talk about RPGs and shit post occasionally. I could not give less of a shit about what we may or may not get done.

Good for /a/ and being organized to sing together, I guess. I just really don't care, and if /tg/ did shit like that I wouldn't want to anticipate.

>> No.47319040

A bunch of the "I hope /qst/ dies" people are anti-questers who want Quests to die completely.

>> No.47319098

Yeah I think it's a bit too late to prevent that. I remember some guy trolling them by pretending to be a tumblerina editing and articles to add trigger warnings and shit, and they actually took him seriously.

>> No.47319111

It's not diversity it they exist in insular magic orbs.

>> No.47319114

A bunch of the ""I hope /qst/ dies" people that are really anti-questers who want Quests to die completely" are just anti /qst/ pro /tgquest/ people pretending, so they can shitpost from both sides about it.

>> No.47319119

>I'm not a fan of general threads but I see their use and banning them isn't feasible because /tg/ isn't like /v/ or /a/.
Banning them isn't feasible because they're actually useful and handle core /tg/ concerns. They simply have a big incest problem.

>TTRPGs are a much "slower" hobby than video games or anime or TV because they are more of a niche hobby.
Trying to elaborate on creative content that interests bystanders is also a unique concern. That needs publicity and some accommodation to pull a diamond out of the rough. Like it or not, things like Battletech or wargame wouldn't do as well without a general keeping interest.

I'd love to talk about Twilight 2000 or Twilight 2013 but I can guarantee that almost nobody knows about those systems or turn their head at 'simulationism.' At best, I'd get 10 responses.

So it's off to a wargaming general I go.

Hell, I think the board itself is in a very slow cycle right now.

>> No.47319122

stay bluepilled. Watch the massmedia news daily okay? You could start to think on your own, but that could hurt you, so don't do it.

And just for your info not even /sg/ thinks Assad is a white lamb.

>> No.47319150

That doesn't even make any sense.
At all.

>> No.47319172

/tg/ has changed

>> No.47319189

I feel it in the posts

>> No.47319193

such is the questfag's delusion. Everyone is out to get them, but we're all a minority of posters!

>> No.47319213


Alhamdulilah, we will wipe the idea of quest threads from not just this board, but from the internet as a whole!

>> No.47319413

Some people hate Quests to the point where they hope the board will die entirely, leaving Quests as nonexistent.

>> No.47319424

It kinda is.

>> No.47319564

Recently yes. I fear the shitposting, infighting, falseflagging, neo-politics, and a general air of hostility between posters have been taking blows out of the community. Which is a shame, were living in a world full of circle jerks, echo chambers and shutter box effects.

>> No.47319771

sorry man, anti-quest-fags have pretty much killed the creative community around here.

>> No.47320253

sorry man, quest-fags have routinely bumped good creative projects off the board, and continue to do so in violation of containment protocols.

>> No.47320282

I do find it really fucking bizarre how each general is basically a separate universe. I find the whole concept pretty damaging and I only started posting in them at all because they're really the only things left.

>> No.47320303

>complaining about violating board protocols

Sorry anon, but the biggest violator of board protocols in the modern day is anti-quest-fags.
In the past, too.
They just don't seem to get that shitposting is against the rules.

>> No.47320348

I'd disagree to a point, but I will concede every time it's gotten brought up the conversation turns so hostile the the thread has gotten nuked. We need to have a reasonable discussion, and we need to not have it turn into some /REEE/shit.

>> No.47320370

A consequence of the board getting too fast for its own good.

>> No.47320371

It's impossible to have a reasonable discussion on the subject, since such a large portion of anti-questfags are ban evading shitposters.

Like, we won't be able to have reasonable discussions until those people are gone for good. Which I don't think will happen.

>> No.47320448

Because no one wants to hear /tg/ sing the ballad of bilbo baggins

>> No.47320504

The question is not, "Does /tg/ get shit done?"
The question is, "Is the shit that /tg/ gets done worth attempting in the first place?"

This post will make more sense in about a week.

>> No.47320516

I main /tg/ because you're the only board that can have civil discussion about anything, even when you're not being civil. After nearly 10 years on 4chan, that is a rare jewel. I don't even play tabletop games.

>> No.47320544

It's impossible to have a reasonable discussion on the subject, since such a large portion of questfags are brigading shitposters who monitor threads 24/7 for any sign of dissension so that they can rapidly parrot the same tired and disproven arguments at the dissenters.

Like we won't be able to have reasonable discussions until those people are confined to /qst/. Which I do think will happen.

>> No.47320558

>getting this angry that someone pointed out it's impossible to have a reasonable discussion with ban evading rule breakers around
>having the gall to accuse anyone else of monitoring threads 24/7

you sort of proved
correct there.

>> No.47320574

How about Tom Bombadil's song?

>> No.47320583


In fairness I haven't heard a reasonable take on the subject in a while. It's turned into Scub, or American Politics. Neither side has given me a reason to side with them, putting me into the reactionary 'what's the point.'


I have no reason to side with anyone until someone speaks reasonably, and no, just because the other side is full of perceived spergs does not mean you get a free pass to be a sperg. Give me something.

>> No.47320587

If you keep bringing up the same fake bullshit, of course people are going to keep using the same answers to disprove it.

>> No.47320629

Could it be perhaps that "people who enjoy quests OR dislike ban evading shitposters" is just an incredibly wide pool of people?

There's no real discussion to be had. Their argument is based entirely around it not being /tg/, or if it is /tg/, taking up too much of the board.
Both incredibly subjective points at best.
Combine this with the way anti-quest posters continued their crusade despite moderator deletions for years, and the fact that any other board getting a split required many more of said type of thread than we have on this board, and it all sort of falls apart.

>> No.47320690

>near instant response
>called me a ban evader (just like he's called everyone so far)

you sort of proved
correct here

The long and short of it is that /qst/ wouldn't be necessary if quest authors could self regulate behind a specific, filterable quest tag. But they can't and won't, so /qst/ becomes necessary, because quests are only sort of /tg/ related, and invite so much shitposting on both sides. In exchange, the mods have given quest authors on /qst/ the ability to produce content that can't be produced here, so it's a win/win generally. If quest content is strong enough to stand on its own, the board will succeed. If it isn't, then the content isn't really worth having in the first place.

As someone who has been involved in forum RPs before, nearly every forum I've been too keeps the RP to its own section. This is a good policy. It's only on /tg/ that you see people want to slide RP into discussion sections where they don't belong, all out of the fear that the content isn't good enough to attract people on its own merits.

>> No.47320694

We could sing Durin's Song

that's /tg/ related.

>> No.47320712

Far over the misty mountains cold....

>> No.47320720

>The long and short of it is that /qst/ wouldn't be necessary if quest authors could self regulate behind a specific, filterable quest tag.
If you think the 2 or 3 guys who didn't use the word "quest" in their threads deserve an entire board, then you maybe don't understand how boards work on this, or any other site.
Or you think a hell of a lot of non-quests are quests.
One or the other.

>> No.47320742

I suggest that we all get a cold and try singing Cirith Ungol - Chaos Rising.

>> No.47320751

Anon, you gave a near instant response too.
Does that mean you are monitoring 24/7? It seems so.

Also, the percentage of quests that don't use the quest tag is so incredibly small that your argument doesn't really bear weight.

also, the elephant in the room,
there's quite a lot more questfags than anti-questfags. It's why they don't need to rely on proxy spam like anti-questfags have been proven to through repeated bans.

>> No.47320776

Quest itself is a valid /tg/ word. Filtering by quest would filter valid /tg/ topics (such as a DM asking for help designing a quest for his players). Quest authors should gather around something specific that won't be used by nonquest authors, such as #questthread in the subject field. But they won't.

Because at heart, a quest author is an attention whore, and the thought of helping people to ignore their posts is anathema to them.

>> No.47320781

to be fair anon, anti-questfags HAVE proven themselves to be ban evaders in the recent days.
You might not like it, but well, quest people probably don't like it when people say their non-anime quests are anime because SOME quests are anime.
That's just how group association works.

>> No.47320802

Why should one kind of thread use a special tag beyond their own title (Which they are not obligated to use, but generally do) but not others?

>> No.47320813

>anti-questfags HAVE proven themselves to be ban evaders in the recent days
How did you come to this conclusion?

>> No.47320818

>quests, the literal only people so polite and avoiding of attention that they actually help you filter them, are attention whores
>the term suggested BY the people who wanted the filters is bad and should have been something else

That doesn't really make any sense, anon.

>> No.47320821

>Spamming shitty oc donut steel deviant art tier choose your own adventure stories on a board that has nothing to do with that
>Not only get allowed to stay and mod pushing out anyone that disagrees.
>You have your very own board but everyone refuses to use it to spam /tg/ up with it even though anyone interested could hop one board over to /Traditional Quests/ or whatever you want to have your board named.
>Anyone that doesn't like /tg/ being /Quests/ with some traditional gaming can leave
Yeah I wonder too. And to clarify I don't mind people writefagging stuff at times, in fact I used to do it too and people enjoyed it. But it's fucking cancerous to just spam your threads all over a board not related to it.

>What are you talking about /quests/ are totally /tg/
They have absolutely nothing to do with traditional games.
>People here like them
Yes because everyone that didn't like it left or keeps their mouths shut to avoid getting a warning or ban for "Spamming/flooding" if they make a single post voicing their opinion. Everyone I know that used to browse /tg/ left when quests spamming became a thing. There's one guy that didn't and he just filters 90% of the threads because he has nowhere else to go for his thread of choice.
>Boo hoo woe is me where are the quest threads gone.
>Go to catalog
>Ctrl + f Quest
>1 of 36 matches found
You're worse than a furry with your persecution complex.

>> No.47320831

He said quest people and anti-questfags. Does this sound unbiased in any way?

>> No.47320835

they've publically been banned and then deleted several times, and return with identical to almost identical threads.
Even if they are not ban-evading, which they are, they are knowingly violating rules.

>> No.47320839

Well, you have your imaginary elephant in the room, and I have the real one: /qst/ is proving to be a success despite the best efforts of the most autistic quest authors to ignore it.

Same way that quest fags come up with most of their content anon. The power of Imagination.

>> No.47320855

>they've publically been banned and then deleted several times, and return with identical to almost identical threads
First time I hear about that.

>> No.47320872

>They have absolutely nothing to do with traditional games.
This keeps getting said and nobody ever satisfactorily explains how they differ from RPGs (Everyone is John in particular). Usually the response is something along the lines of "quests are just fanfiction", which I'll cut off at the pass by saying that most quests use hard mechanics, use write-ins (which means player agency) and aren't pre-written.
So keeping in mind that quests use RPG like mechanics and RPG like back and forth between the person running the quest and the players, how are quests unrelated to traditional games?

>> No.47320878

>1 of 36 matches found
And now you're lying. There are only 21 threads period that even mention quests, one of which being the sticky.

This is why neutral parties dislike anti-questfags so. They outright lie to get their point across.
Most of which aren't actually quests.

>> No.47320879

They're not ban evading, their bans are only 3 days long genius.

>> No.47320893

> get shit done
You see mountains of WIP threads and thousands of collective hours of work and say /tg/ doesn't get shit done because some /a/utists can karaoke?

>> No.47320902

go check the deletions.
within 3 days, dummy.

>> No.47320919

/tg/ gets plenty of things done.
I mean, look at quests. We get games actively played every day.
also, autosage ho.

>> No.47320920


The problem with quests isn't that they consume too much space on the board, in my opinion. The problem with quests is that they hog the front page 90% of the time, so this has multiple side effects:

A) people who come to /tg/ without using the catalog see the front page which can literally be nothing but quests
B) people who come to /tg/ even using the catalog see how much of the top of the board is taken up by nothing but quests
C) people who don't want to look at quests see one or both of these things and it infuriates them (like me)

Now, you can argue that people like me who don't just filter threads they don't like are part of the problem. Maybe. But I don't believe in filtering on SFW boards. It seems cowardly and insecure to not confront 100% of the reality of what threads are on the board. Filtering is very good for places like /d/ where it's like one monstergirl thread surrounded by farting, vore, etc., but I don't think it has a place on boards where there is actively vile content.

I could write an entire essay on the reasons why I despise quests, dissect the medium and where it is currently, but I get the feeling none of you would ever care to read it.

>> No.47320922 [DELETED] 


>quest not being the cancer

Fuck off you nigger you already got your containment board.

>> No.47320960

Sorry anon, but it's a hard sell to tell me the guys making OC are the cancer, and not the guys actively shitposting, getting banned, and (probably, by all evidence) evading said bans.
Like, even if it was sparkledogs, that has more place on /tg/ than shitposting ban avoiders.

>> No.47320990

>It seems cowardly and insecure to not confront 100% of the reality of what threads are on the board.
Now, I don't know if you ascribe to it, but many anti-questfags use cowardly, insecure arguments, such as the ever popular silent majority. So if you're concerned with cowardice, well, you're being associated with it due to your peers constant, repetitive tactics.

>> No.47321002

to be fair /a/ does a shitton of translations and even made a vn, while /tg/ sits around writing shitty fanfictions

>> No.47321009

No it's because they're more mature and lack interest in cutesy community projects. We're here to discuss things, not bond.

>> No.47321019

>go check the deletions
Where? I've never bothered to do that before.

>> No.47321032


>> No.47321048

If you do admit to filtering threads, the questfags will accuse you of being >>47316795
. It's a lose/lose situation anon.


This is the hypocrisy of the questfag. They may advocate filters for people who don't like their content, but if you use that as a solution, you're an outsider who doesn't belong on /tg/ because you're easily "triggered". The questfag only wants attention. Their ideal /tg/ poster is someone who reads all of their threads and never has a negative thing to say about them. They don't want discussion. They want mutual masturbation.

At least, the ones who stayed on /tg/ after they were shown the way out do. The people that did the sensible thing and moved to /qst/ are total bros.

Really, the ideal situation would probably be to have all quest threads moved to /qst/, but let them keep a quest thread general on this board to advertise and serve as a discussion thread.

>> No.47321059

>to be fair
You're not being very fair when you're only counting one part of what /tg/ does and misrepresenting it to boot.

>> No.47321066

Ok, thanks

>> No.47321079

It doesn't help that you've got this attitude that questfags are alien to the rest of /tg/, which isn't true according to most accounts.

>> No.47321092

>Holy shit all these replies to /cyoa/
Like politics, no one ever said this was an intelligent conversation.

>> No.47321094

it's the truth though, "the tg gets shit done" is a pretty stupid meme considering all /tg/ ever did was make stupid wiki pages when other boards, especially /a/ did a lot more significant stuff

>> No.47321095

Moral of the story, every board does what it enjoys. Well who would have guessed. It's almost as if... as if... it's the reason we post here?

>> No.47321126

I don't think questfags are alien to /tg/. I think there are some here, and they can be stellar posters in other threads.

I think some people that post here that also post on /mlp/, but I wouldn't want them bringing ponies over with them.

Questfags can certainly post on /tg/, and I invite them to. They shouldn't post off topic questshit on /tg/.

>> No.47321143

Except for the entire game systems and literally constant small works being done when GMs ask for help.
If you actually tallied up all the "I did this thing and don't know what to do next or how to make this work mechanically in the game" problems that /tg/ has solved just this month, it would be a fucking large number.
Big projects take a lot of time and how people measure /tg/-integration has gotten unrealistically strict.

>> No.47321146

>not braindead
Things that never happened

>> No.47321180

They were so happy when it looked like the mods were finally caving to their whiny demands. But now that it's clear the mods are just running their own little world and it happened to sort of line up with what they want, but not really, they're upset again.
It's almost poetic thanks to the sheer amounts of smug they were giving off during their victory laps.

>> No.47321256

Yeah, so they'll just start shitposting again until the mods cave in again...

>> No.47321259

Where I'm sitting in the /CYOA/ general occasionally people shitpost the /qst/ board link.
Which is pretty dumb.

>> No.47321276

sure but when it comes to "getting things done" then /a/ has pumped out a lot more valuable things than /tg/
so you guys sit around writing basic fantasy stories, wow good job, now how about you learn japanese, scan, translate and edit hundreds of series that literally hundreds of thousands of people read, and make a visual novel, but I guess you wouldn't give credit for katawa shoujo to /a/ because it's not like they translated the doujin it was based on and started the whole thing
slightly modifying dnd with a couple of meme ideas then calling it a "new system" that noone uses is a lot more important yeah

for the record I always thought that the /a/ karaoke was retarded but regardless in terms of producing things /tg/ is way behind, not that there's much to do but still that's how it is

>> No.47321325

Ah, so you're just willfully ignorant then. Carry on.

>> No.47321346

you haven't said anything though, just "we wrote things n shieeet" well cool, noone actually cares about them though

>> No.47321353

/tg/ actually has industry professionals reading it, so we can safely take credit for probably about 80% of 40k.

Though I can't think of any that have posted or read ever since the quests really took over.

Make /tg/ great again. Move quests to /qst/.

>> No.47321384

>/tg/ actually has industry professionals reading it, so we can safely take credit for probably about 80% of 40k.

>> No.47321389

"We translated things n shieeet" isn't much better, /a/non.
But the fact that you equate making entire systems with
>slightly modifying dnd with a couple of meme ideas then calling it a "new system"
just shows that you literally don't know what you're talking about, since most of the systems made on /tg/ never used d&d as a springboard. Actually, I don't think any of the big ones did.

>> No.47321428

At least one 40k book actually credits /tg/, and there are guys from CGL who post in Battletech and Shadowrun threads.

>> No.47321433

This whole thread is trivial as fuck.

>> No.47321456

Yes, and?

>> No.47321498

And it has given me no reason to side with anyone. It's just fallacy after fallacy. And I'm sitting her working from the catalog trivializing the whole conversation with how I use the catalog. People do use that right?

>> No.47321523

it is a lot better though, since there are actually hundreds of thousands reading them, unlike the "campaigns" that you guys do, not to mention that it requires way more knowledge to do than just ur a paladin ur in a castle u go kill skellibones

> most of the systems made on /tg/
and who cares about it though? the vast majority of tabletop games played is dnd, with star wars, wod, shadowrun trailing behind them, the "shitty homebrew setting /tg/ made" is nowhere on that list, so what's the point

>> No.47321555

>hundreds of thousands reading them
I doubt it.
>the vast majority of tabletop games played is dnd, with star wars, wod, shadowrun trailing behind them
Crunchyroll and all of its bastard children outclass /a/ translation in literally the exact same way, so maybe don't make that comparison.

>> No.47321572

What's the point of doing the exact same translation work as dozens of other sites that do it faster and better?

>> No.47321578

This almost sounds like you don't even like traditional games. Don't tell me you are one of those questfags that doesn't play tabletop or does any other traditional games related stuff. Only here for the quests and shitting up the whole board.

>> No.47321610

You continue to show that you really don't know what /tg/ does. And I don't think you actually know what /a/ does either, since they wouldn't want to spoonfeed casuls with their hard earned translations.

>> No.47321638

He's just some faggot from /a/. If he was a questfag, he wouldn't have used the shitty fanfic line while ignoring everything else /tg/ does.

>> No.47321673


The dark heresy books give thanks to the elegan/tg/entlemen and has several references to love can bloom.

>> No.47321675

You know if you guys tried to consider the positions of others I'd imagine threads like this might be a little less cancerous.

>> No.47321678

the groups that /a/ uses the most
already have readers in the high ten thousands and sites like mangareader, mangafox, mangahere and other shit just straight copy that, and they have way more than that
also yeah /k/ have more editors and translators than /tg/, pretty sad isn't it

nah cr is fucking garbage dude, also that's derailing the point, the point was noone gives two shits about anything /tg/ barfs up while things that /a/ makes actually have value, and you pretty conviniently disregard katawa shoujo too, but fine
noone does them, the shit are you talking about
I like roleplay games I'm just saying that the "hurrhurr /a/ don't do shit /tg/ does a lot more" is just straight bullshit, playing board games is cool and dandy but cmon be real you guys ain't doing shit
are you high or something?

>> No.47321746

You pretty conveniently disregard literally everything /tg/ does, but fine.

>> No.47321757

like what, show anything that anyone other than 2 people on /tg/ care about

>> No.47321784

You've already proven that you'll just dismiss it out of hand.
Also, that'd be spoonfeeding, which I'm led to believe is to be avoided in your etiquette.

>> No.47321810

>He said as he began to suck /a/'s cock.

>> No.47321837

but you didn't even show anything at all, or any proof that people care about them just randomly decided that I should accept whatever you make up at face value
who are you quoting though

>> No.47321848

this thread reminds me of why i stopped coming to tg

>> No.47321892

>whatever you make up at face value
But that's all you've been doing. Anything we bring up is misrepresented by you as just a simple hack of D&D or something that literally nobody cares about. Nobody is going to take you seriously if all you can do is show complete ignorance about the subject matter.

>> No.47321912

The timing of people who leave /tg/ always amazes me. They always manage to come back right around the time people start talking relevant meta. Sometimes after self-reported years of being away.

>> No.47321922

You're asking us to care about something many of us here on this board won't, praising it while giving the local board shit.

Meanwhile /tg/ has produced all manner of things for traditional games, systems, codexs, and such, saying nothing of characters, settings worlds and games that have been set up on the board. If these don't appeal to you then cool, but for the love of fuck don't suck /a/'s rod and expect us to do the same.

It makes it real fucking tempting I'll admit, but I'm everywhere, and everyone seems to be doing shit like this.

>> No.47321980

uhhh no, at least I provided links to claimed facts and you should be able to google katawa shoujo if you don't know about it, whereas you just said that you guys are making super important stuff that everyone cares about without any proper sort of proof for it other than your imagination
>Meanwhile /tg/ has produced all manner of things
and again, who cares? I don't mean in a sense that I have no interest, I mean in the sense of where do you have any sort of proof that thousands of people use these things and it just isn't something you write a page about, 5 people look at it and then it gets forgotten for all eternity
also yeh, low brow fantasy writing is not really something to be that proud of, people literally do that on any fanfiction site

>> No.47321999

There's cyoaTower girls autism , and then you have Chapter Master, which still exists, and is being worked on, by people from tg. Most of the shit tg gets done is related to games, tabletop or not, and a faggy Anime singalong is a fucking disgrace to even compare with tg powerlevels, which are much more refined

>> No.47322031

>whereas you just said that you guys are making super important stuff that everyone cares about without any proper sort of proof for it other than your imagination
noooo, that's the strawman you've been beating up. Being popular isn't a good metric for getting shit done. Actually making quality content is a good metric. Katawa Shoujo is the only thing /a/ has in that regard. /tg/ has VeloCITY, Ad Eva (Three editions and counting), endless amounts of content tweaks, and a bunch of other stuff aside. Some people don't like it, but quests and CYOA are also OC, although they don't have much value after the fact. And now is the part where you say none of that matters because there aren't numbers on it.

>> No.47322037

/a/ is no more the beating heart of this board than /b/ is, where most traffic is

>> No.47322075

so you don't actually have any proofs what so ever, cool
if you made quality content people would care about it, tough shit

>> No.47322090

Proof of what? I'm not buying into the strawman you're selling.

>> No.47322124

>if you made quality content people would care about it, tough shit
It's a niche hobby and most of the content is for niches of that niche.
Thousands of little bits of content per day combined with a few moderate chunks per week outweigh a handful of rote translations and one singular project from years ago.
Deal with it, f/a/ggot.

>> No.47322129

What definition of getting shit done are you even working on?

>> No.47322148

The one where shit gets done. Things get made, worked out, and put into use. Some of those things are game systems, some of those things are modules, some of those things are just ideas.

>> No.47322183

yeah sure is a strawman to measure "things done" in actual results rather than what your feels are
well look I'm not doubting that you guys spend a lot of time, I'm just saying that it's all meaningless that noone cares about, it's like I can spend 10 years making mud figures in my garden and then go about boasting about it, people would just say that cool, who gives a fuck
>It's a niche hobby
sure but even within that niche hobby 99% of people playing tabletop games don't give two shits about anything you guys write, it's like you guys try to pretend to be pathfinder when in reality you're not even close

>> No.47322244

also just saying but the simple fact of speaking japanese and english requires more effort than any of the low brow stuff you guys write over the days

>> No.47322245

>in actual results
You dismiss actual results left and right. It's pretty clear that you don't care about anything /tg/ does, but your personal interest isn't a good metric either.

>> No.47322287

Not really. All it requires is that you're bilingual. That's easy as fuck. There's no creative requirement. Give it ten years and there will be a translation program good enough to render /a/'s work entirely obsolete.
The fact that you keep dismissing everything /tg/ does as low quality no effort garbage is why nobody is really engaging with you here. You've already made your bias clear as day and have brought your own conclusions that you're not going to change.

>> No.47322292

but.... you still haven't shown a single result, I'm just supposed to believe anything you say otherwise I'm ignorant, where are the links or polls that show players or anything, there are polls for dnd and wod and shadowrun, why aren't there polls for your systems if they're so good and everyone who plays tabletop cares about them

I didn't do a lot just posted a couple /a/ based groups on batoto the site that /a/ primarily uses, you should be able to do that much if your content is that good and important

>> No.47322330

/tg/ gets plenty done.
It's just not what YOU want or are interested in.
There's absolute tons of content created but it's spread around many, many different games. Homebrew codex rules for 40k. 9th age for Fantasy. X: The Ying for WoD old and new. Custom Magic cards and variant rules for boardgames.

The only complaint I have about /tg/ are the more vapid questions like "Emperor is a girl elf wat do XD" type shit that pushes legitimate good ideas and content off the board.
/QST/ was needed as well, since most of them are equally vapid fanfiction in my eyes.

>> No.47322340

do you speak japanese though?
> Give it ten years and there will be a translation program
are you actually retarded or something? stop writing a shitty low brow sci fi for once and look at actual current facts

my conclusions will change if you provide me any proof or rating or anything that proves otherwise, not just "stuff i make is good believe it or ur ignorant"

>> No.47322354

Dropbox, 4shared, and mediafire don't save user numbers.
If all you care about are off-site numbers, then sure, /a/ wins.

>> No.47322383

Do you speak Japanese?
>he doesn't believe that Google will improve their translation algorithms
Your conclusions won't change because you came to the table with them glowing in 40ft tall neon letters.

>> No.47322409

> stop writing a shitty low brow sci fi for once and look at actual current facts
The irony here is amazing.
Alright buddy, I'm not going to engage with you anymore. You can "win" this internet argument. Why don't you go suck a translator's dick or something?

>> No.47322494

this sort of "there's no records so you can't prove me wrong :^)" argument is not very convincing you know
the burden of proof is on you though, you said that speaking japanese is the easiest thing in the world, if it's so easy that means you can do it
what kind of argument even is that, "hurrhurr we won't need translators in a couple of decades so having translators now is pointless" jesus you're actually retarded
also for the record I speak enough japanese to read stuff I care about
you never had an argument to begin with so yeah it's not like I won anything, that's like winning in long distance running against an infant

>> No.47323628

Fuck off /pol/. Go back to your own board.

>/pol/tard is literally incapable of understanding how not to be a complete faggot

I don't like to generalise but, colour me fucking surprised.

Also, I'm glad to know there's a thread on /pol/ that actually gives a shit about factual and unbiased news reporting.

>> No.47323976

Sing something in Quenya or Khuzdul.

>> No.47324023

>They have absolutely nothing to do with traditional games.

None of the content here is traditional in any sense. If it didn't exist before the Industrial Revolution, it isn't traditional.

>> No.47324048

>front page

What the fuck are you talking about? Use the catalog.

>> No.47324259

Japanese is literally irrelevant.

Go learn a useful language like Esperanto.

>> No.47324278

Just checking in to say that anti-anything fags are the worst people on this board, and responsible for 95% of board stagnation and creative content drought.
Shitposting is never a good thing, even if you think it's for a good cause.

>> No.47324364

390 responses to bait this obvious and some wonder why nothing ever seems to be done here?

>> No.47324464

OP here. Yeah it didn't turned out liek I thought. I just hoped maybe we could start something...Jeah I am stupid

>> No.47324521

Quests did. They tagged and bagged them, kept to themselves. Vociferous shitposted on /qa/ decided to shitpost vociferously, and then got /qst/ created. Then the mods looked at the shitposters crowing their victory cries and gloating over their victory over quests, and lookign at the lies they profligately paraded and got disproved and realized they'd been duped.

The vocal minority never considers others positions, only their own twisted and misguided belief in what is and is not /tg/.

>> No.47324538


>> No.47324545

As opposed to the antiquestfag delusion that quests are literally out to destroy all life on /tg/.

>> No.47324567

>quest-fags have routinely bumped good creative projects off the board
See this?

This is impossible. If there was actual content being generated in the thread, it wouldn't fall off the board in the first place. Quests do not magically make threads in use fall off the board. You might wish that they did to propagate the lie, but they don't.

>> No.47324605

don't forget the antiquestfag delusion that questers are waiting 24/7 to shout down antiquestfags.
When the reality is, everyone recognizes their stream of bullshit as bullshit, quest or not.

>> No.47324719

>/v/ is into singing

>/k/ is into singing

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