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It is like horror
FPS edition

This art is weird, I like it but...

>old thread

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first for kroakcare

damn lizards are takin our jerbs

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>Fantasy fans hear about the addition of points.jpg

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I'd like to see you walk up to a Kroxigor and tell him that you are much better at his job and that you deserve it more than it.

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This week pre-order, £35/€45, like 50% off.

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Hope they do more of these.

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I think they will. The Retaliation Cadre and Start Collecting! boxes were just the beginning

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50% off for preorder or?

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That's why I'm here, baby.

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Your chilling in the Azyr slums when this guy rides in on a carpet of rats and whips your GF's ass.

What do you do?

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Go and get a Stormcast m8.

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All I want from that is the Slaughterpriest but it's tempting to get this set and sell off the other 3.

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Serabros tell me about your lizards

What units have been underperforming or doing better than you first thought?
Have you ever played without a Slann?
Do you use Salamanders or Razordons? Ripperdactyls or Terradons?

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The kit costs €45, the contents purchased individually run up a tab of €90.50.
Also, that Chaos Sorcerer is out of print, which is another big draw for people.

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Well, the key part of the game is positioning and maneuvering units so that each unit gets a buff and able to do what they need to do. Keywords are very important, and usually, each unit gives your hero a spell or something. For example, undead units let you summon more undead and Necromancers help give your units stronger attacks.

Stormcast are sorta vanilla, as in they rely on hard to move but pillow fisted liberators to tie up the enemy, backed up by heavy units to smash the enemies vital units and secure objectives. Usually, your going to be vastly out numbered, and if your line breaks, your going to have a hard time recovering.

Outside of the game, Stormcasts are actually quite varied. By necessity, they all share a strong faith in Sigmar and a deep hatred of Chaos. But aside from that, practically anything is possible. Their ranks include, all if which are canon: Undead, Women, Former-chaos lords and barbarians. They are Sigmars elite conquerors, designed to beat any sort of enemy and wield fractions of Sigmars raw power. Thus, they are usually training or studying or fighting when ever they possibly can: Remember, they are pushing against 9 realms filled with chaos, leaving not much time to relax. And although They do remember their past lives and have their old personalities, being forged into a stormcast might damage their memories, and subsequent "reforgings" can hurt them mentally

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Sorry, in response to this:

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I don't think so. The Stormcast are made from living humans.

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Another Knight-Venator is always welcome, though I really need to convert this one to have wholly different pose. Nothing is worse than monopose heroes.
The Chaos Sorcerer will go nicely with my miniscule Tzeentchian collection, alongside the stuff from Silver Tower.
I still got the Bloodbound from the base game knocking about, so the Slaughterpriest will go into that box until I decide to actually work on those. Not a fan of the head, but I should be able to find some helmet for the guy.
The Auric Runemaster will make for a nice gift to a friend that's currently considering the fyreslayers to expand his old dorfs.
I still cannot believe that price. Even if it was 45 pound it'd be a deal, but in euro that's just amazing.

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Lizardmen/Seraphon are a surprisingly well balanced army. You can play however you want, and if something is under preforming, there are things that can help. Knights getting wrecked? Maybe lead the charge with a Scar Veteran on a Cold one? Warriors getting wiped out? You have a 20+ and 30+ model bonus, along with old blood, sunblood, scar veteran etc. Want your Bastilidon to have some protection? Kroxigors. Want something to dissapear? Kroxigors. I could go on but you get the idea. There is something for most situations you may find yourself in, without giving you too much power, and leaving you to still have to think and earn a victory.

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>I should be able to find some helmet for the guy.

Bloodletter face as mask is always good.

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Suprisingly well considering. Usually I find one or two units suck in any army I build, but even taking warriors at a tenman unit if I send them into the right target they tend to do more than I expect them to. Temple guard are my favorites though, pure standout unit. Tough, fighty and only get better when supported.

I dont use any of the skink units besides the casters. So no rippers or salamanders, though I hear theyre pretty sick ingame but I focus on saurus in my army, I dont even have slann yet. I'm the serabro who goes for the saurus with old one tech.
Basically the army has no summoning, very few spells but is full of meaty saurus units and saurus characters and it plays the way I always wanted to play lizards. I only lose out to people who do take advantage of things like summoning and the stuff I ignore because I think its imbalanced.

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Salamanders are not skink units, they are a standalone beast

They are also really fucking good

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I am like you, I would only summon if its been pre approved, and even then I usually only have reserves, such as skinks to reaffirm a position that something else may not have been able to hold for as long as i wanted it.
Im thinking of getting a salamander or kroxigor next, thoguh i need to play test some stuff i just got done assembling and need to see what direction to take my army.

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I still associate them with skinks, hence I havent looked at using them, they dont really fit my theme. I know theyre really good.

I honestly dont think summoning should be a thing in any game. I think the exception should be for zombies and skeletons. I think deep strike should be more of a thing.

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How much sigmarite is out there? Is it always low, barely enough to get by, or is more constantly being found, meaning the more the conquer, the more the storm cast forces grow?

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I think their recruitment rate is limited by suitable warriors rather than sigmarite.

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It's whatever's left of Mallus, the remains of the old world. It's a moon/asteroid-sized lump orbiting Azyr. It shrinks. Basically the big flaming ball. High Sigmaron is the structure built around it, containing Siggy's palace.

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Summoning demons makes sense

Seraphon are demons now. Order demons, to be precise

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Is there sigmarite at other places or just there?

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So have Skaven basically become the Imperium of AoS?
>Live short lives under brutal rulers
>Live in hive cities
>Basic footsoldier is just some low-life cajoled into fighting for their God emperor
>fuckloads of War Machines

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well, when sigmar was born, didnt a comet made of soon to be named sigmarite shoot across the sky? makes me think there is materials like it floating around.

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Just started with age of sigmar.
Why is death not so verry fun to play against?

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We have a new era upon us
The Age Of Skavens
Who are fighting all sides against jealous chaos gods followrs, and the Tyrant sigmar

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Just there. Sigmarite is mined from Mallus which was the core of the WHFB world.

This is why you see folks in the fluff speaking about the Stormcast as being "armoured in the flesh of a dead world" or something to that effect.

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>well, when sigmar was born, didnt a comet made of soon to be named sigmarite shoot across the sky?


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I was under the impression that the sole source of Sigmarite was the ruins of the Old World.

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Only there. It waxes and wanes with stormcast victories/defeats.

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You mean it changes to reflect the mood of Sigmar.

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Man. Why are people so salty about the new setting?

That whole thing about a relatively nice place worth protecting from the entire back catalogue of Norse mythology is way more interesting than Early Modern Europe with magic.

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Does that mean that it is continually made, or that the sun itself burns brighter when they win?

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Free high strength models does not make sense in game terms to me, raising crappy zombies is fine, but summoning a bastillodon is not.

Plus, it doesnt fit my theme. Prefer the deep strike houserules. Same thing for demons.

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Also their immortal semi-ruler, skreech verminking is a magic user that was made from fusing together multiple powerful skaven from millenia ago.

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Bastiladon is cast value 8 that's not exactly "free"

Seraphon stats are lackluster across the board and they are balanced around being able to summon more units

>> No.47285930

And Thanqoul is his old trusted servant/Advisor.

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Death more often than not means summons, and summons mean attrition slugfests unless you manage to obliterate the summoner(s) speedily.

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What I got out of it was that when the SE was defeated in Elixia, the bell rang and Mallus got a lot smaller. When they won in Aqshy, it grew bigger again, as in my last pic. There was a part with Sigmar being sad when it diminished, but I can't find it atm. Either in Ghal Mazaz or War Storm.

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It's from one of the early WD that featured AoS.

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High Lords of Terra - Masterclan
Guard - Clan Verminus
Adeptus Mechanicus - Clan Skryre
Adeptus Astates - Clan Pestilens
Officio Assasinarum - Clan Eshin

No idea what Moulder would be though.

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Was more fun to play against some other guy who didnt summon 10^69 skeletons, and had guys that saved all hits on a 2+ for some reason coz spells.

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Theyre really not lackluster at all. Not sure how you can say somethings balanced around something when balancing requires them to have a value such as points or pool. Is that just an arbitrary thing you say or is the logic that 'this can be done therefore theyre balanced around it happening'.

8 on 2d6 isnt exactly clutch rolling, its slightly higher than average.

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Found it.

>> No.47286071

Their creations are the astartes
Pestilens is the ecclesiarchy

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>Seraphon stats are lackluster across the board and they are balanced around being able to summon more units

How would you ever come to that conclusion? Even Saurus Guard are decent compared to 'trash' infantry other factions have that are not able to summon.

I swear Sera-faggots are just the fucking worst.

>> No.47286149

Summoning a Bastiladon is also competing with a Mystic Shield, Arcane Bolt, and the unique Slann spells.

Think about how many wounds would a summoned unit soak up? How much damage would they do? How many rounds would it take them to deal that damage?
How many wounds would a Mystic Shield prevent? How important is it to prevent those wounds in the next round? How much damage could you do with Arcane Bolt, Celestial Deliverence, or Comet's Call? How important is it to deal that damage immediately?

It is a tactical decision to try summoning and it comes with an opportunity cost of not being able to cast other spells, as well as a chance of failure and unbinding. Summoning is a great spell (as it should be, Slann are insanely powerful wizards) but not something you cast every single turn. It is definitely not "free" by any means.

This is what I mean that it is "balanced". It may seem incredible that you can just put another Carnosaur on the table but the method of doing so is kept in check.

>> No.47286160

>Still no tzaangor warscrolls
It's Monday, dammit, where are my leaks.

>> No.47286161

Moulder would be Magos Biologis.

>> No.47286184

Most seraphon hit on 4+, have low rend, and deal low damage. Even the big monsters are this way.
Other factions have way better stat blocks and more ways to deal mortal wounds.

Saurus Guard are really an exception. I expect them to have a crazy high point value when Matched Play comes out because they are insanely good.

Overall Seraphon are fine. They have obvious strengths that look really great at first glance but when you actually play with them they are really well balanced by their weaknesses.

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There was another short blurb in one of the books. I'll see if I find it later.

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Should I do pink horrors on 32mm considering the get started boxes has Bloodletters and Plaguebearers on 32mm? Does anyone have any idea what size they are on in Silver Tower?

>> No.47286224


They shall be my strongest underlings...
these ratmen who pledge-offer to me
Like Skalm-wax I shall craft-mould them,
and in the warpfires of war build-forge them.
They will be wrought-made of best-best iron, finest grown muscle.
In great-mighty armour shall I clad them
and with mightiest guns will they be armed.
They will be untouched by even foulest plague or pox, no sickness will harm-hurt them.
They will have tactics, supported by finest Skryre warptech and weapon-teams
so that no prey-foe can best them in battle.
They are my clan-shield against the Light-things
They are the Defenders of Skavendom.
They are my Stormfiends...

And they shall know no musk of fear.

>> No.47286265

And then they see pic related and piss themselves.

>> No.47286273

90% sure the new ones are on 32s, essentially anything on old 25mm squares is on 32mm rounds now.

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Please, show me other 'low tier' infantry that has better stats than the Saurus Warriors. Then show me better elite infantry than Guard, better ranged options than Chameleon Skins, better Wizards than Slann and better fast shock fliers than Ripper Dactyles. Oh and your examples should also be summonable.

And that wouldn't even account for the stupidly good Battalions they get.

>> No.47286312

>In a universe of magic-augmented super warriors and giant chaos daemons
>Just normal ratfolk who go into battle with a bit of chain mail and a spear they found in the trash

It's like poetry.

>> No.47286318

So Stormcasts are made of both the remains of a dead world and the hope of a Thunder God? That's the most power metal thing I've ever heard.

>> No.47286354

This see This>>47286311

After playing against a Serabro (not THE Illustrious Serabro mind you) and considering it was my first time playing AoS ever, I can definitely say that Seraphon are OP. Even with just a old blood on a Carnosaur as the hero the buffs the Guard and the Warriors get for being near it make Skellingtons wither in madness.

>> No.47286361

Does Skaven's fear of the Seraphon translate to gameplay?

>> No.47286367

>being this booty blasted by summoning

Git gud, Seraphon are good but they are balanced

>> No.47286376

AoS general, do you use battalions regularly in your games? If you do, which ones, and how do you balance the power of them in your games?

Also, I personally need some new scenarios to try out, anyone have suggestions of ones they really like?

>> No.47286402

>After playing against a Serabro... I can definitely say that Seraphon are OP
>and considering it was my first time playing AoS ever

git gud scrub

>> No.47286403

That Fyreslayer one where they do a dungeon crawl.

>> No.47286441

Pfft...Doesn't exist, Man-thing...

>> No.47286482

We play with a pool system so running Battalions just costs more points or whatever

I use the Shadowstrike Starhost and really like it. It's great for assassinating generals and key targets.

Eternal Starhost is great when you are playing a "hold or die" type of scenario.

I am painting up Kroxigor to finish a Thunderquake Starhost to match with the Eternal Starhost and make an incredibly good defensive army.

>> No.47286504

That's actually really cool. I should try to read some more lore.

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Age of Sigmar is Power Metal: The setting

WHFB is Black Metal: The setting

40k is British Metal: The setting

>> No.47286544

The Skaven Inquisition covers up the existence of so called "daemonic scaly-things".

>> No.47286586

Possibly new player here, what are you guys using to balance you games ? Genuinely curious.

>> No.47286644

Skaven have low bravery, and Seraphon has a shit load of things to lower enemy bravery/add 1 to their dice roll, if you just inflict one casualty, you have a good chance of making a few run away.

Incidentally, this is something about the Seraphon people tend to forget when they complain about their unit strength compared to other armies.

>> No.47286687

I generally use either Clash/Pool comp or SCGT, or sometimes if I know the other player we do it by eye. SCGT people are the ones making points so if you are going to use any comp system use that as it will be pretty similiar to that on launch.

>> No.47286720

Reason, and a sense of logic, and talking to the other player before putting the first figure.

>> No.47286727

There's a few different systems available at www.scrollbuilder.com

Personally I'm not a fan of SCGT because of how it limits certain mechanics like infinite attack rolls and summoning

>> No.47286740


We need to go deeper. What does the Daemon Inquisition cover up?

>> No.47286777

That genetic memory is a bitch.

>> No.47286843

They cover up the existence of Seraphon because Seraphon are literally order daemons

>> No.47286875

Okay, thanks for the information !
That's what I thought, but reason and logic are scarce among my friends.

>> No.47286904

To those that have been reading the novels or listening to the audio dramas, have there been any definitive appearances by "non-standard" Stormcasts, like undead, females, orcs, etc.?

>> No.47286944


Stormcasts have been described as a whole as "the men and women of etc etc" but no individual female Stormcasts have appeared.

>> No.47286958

And all this time, I thought that space station thingy was all of azyrheim. Just realized that was a rhyme. So was that. Aaagh

>> No.47286964

There are female stormcast but they look like the rest because they are all formed in the image of sigmar

Stormcast are exclusively human

>> No.47286975

The Stormcast are ONLY drawn from humans. So no Undead or non-humans.

So far, there hasn't been any appearances of female Stormcast.

>> No.47287003

The Royal Victrians are formed from the entire royal line of Victria, both male and female, uplifted by Sigmar simultaneously.

>> No.47287055

Undead is kinda up in the air with the Lord-Relictors, but there are no non-human stormcast.
Females are very much implied with the Roayal Vicarians stormhost, which is entirely drawn from one vast family of nobles. But there haven't been any females explicitly shown.

>> No.47287115

>Undead is kinda up in the air with the Lord-Relictors

Dear lord. Why do people want to force Undead?

The Relictors are made from HUMAN priests, mages, and shamans. Says so in the battletome.

>> No.47287209

Not that anon, but I got a pretty strong undead or at least death-esque vibe from Godbeasts.

>> No.47287243

They are trained to guide the souls of the Stormcast back to Azyr which puts them in conflict with Shyish and Nagash. That's it.

>> No.47287289

They want to add edge to a faction that is designed to be anti-edge

>> No.47287296

So, one thing I've been wondering about with the Nine Realms. They're all basically entire universes unto themselves, right? Like, the Realm of Life has countless worlds in it that are all pretty and full of nature? Are they all just one massive plane that go on for leagues? When I read some of the early fluff it seemed to be kept vague; I haven't had a chance to read the lore much since launch outside of the Order Battletome.

>> No.47287351


>> No.47287413

>British metal

Sounds very polite.

>> No.47287477

I guess the issue is that there are a lot of spells and abilities that give a unit of battleshock immunity for a turn which can mean you're fucked if you blow your load a turn too early.

Incidentally, I'm planning on putting some Slaves to Darkness in my Skaven's army. Fluffwise, are there any incidents of non-Skaven chaos followers turning their backs on other gods to worship the Great Horned Rat?

>> No.47287510

Because every time they die they are resurrected.

They are basically the Hollowed from Dark Souls.

>> No.47287580

Yep, their souls are returned to Azyr where they get reforged. However, each time they die, Shyish/Nagash plucks fragments from their souls. This translates into reforged Stormcast losing bits of their memory and personality. They become less emotional, less human.

>> No.47287629

Each realm is a universe but where the centre of our universe is an infinite mass of stars and black holes and shit, there's is a core of magic that gives the realm a theme. My belief is that most the action takes place on these huge core worlds as there doesn't seem to be a conventional means to travel between worlds.

>> No.47287632

Nagash is such a bitter old man.

I hope he gets osteoporosis.

>> No.47287647

Realmgates m8.

>> No.47287658

Hey guys, what do you reckon the new aelves will be like when they are all released?

Will they be doing the wood/ high/ dark thing again? Or will it be something else entirely?

Would love to hear opinions. I can't wait for the aelves release.

>> No.47287687

He is just reinforcing the natural order of the realms. All souls must go to Shyish to their final resting place within the many afterlives/underworlds that exist there.

Sigmar perverted the natural order to create his immortal legions.

>> No.47287690

Seeing as Archaeon literally spat in the Horned Rat's face, I doubt there's any existing lore. However I'm sure you can get away with it with some vaguely convincing fluff reason.

>> No.47287755

You know what perverts the natural order even more?


This isn't him trying to keep the peace or anything. It's a power grab. He just doesn't like somebody else encroaching on his monopoly.

The correct reaction to the Stormcast should have been:

"Oh cool! And they are going to kill Chaos? Hey go for it man! Sure I'll make an exception in your case."

Instead we got:

"Hey it's only ok when I do it! REEEEEEE!!"

>> No.47287758

Have you seen the two hero elves from the silver tower box? Also, there's been some artwork of half-dryad forest elves (>>47280149).

>> No.47287768

>Fluffwise, are there any incidents of non-Skaven chaos followers turning their backs on other gods to worship the Great Horned Rat?

The "Warbeast" novel has Skaven enslaving Chaos worshippers and using as cannon fodder against the Stormcast.

>> No.47287779

And the other one. Not saying the entire line(s) will look like these, but it's all we've got so far.

>> No.47287781


In the case of the silver tower blokes, do you reckon that will be a faction wide design or will it be a once off?

>> No.47287827

Thanks for the info.

>> No.47287838

Are there rules for that skaven model in the silver tower yet? The one that looks like a clan eshin rat ogre, or something similar.

>> No.47287864

Coming in next week's White Dwarf. We surprisingly haven't had it leak yet.

>> No.47287886

The duadrin and humans in the novels when they talk about death, they say they would go to Nagash's realm.

However, when the adventurers in the Silver Tower were talking about death and the prospect of ending up in Nagash's clutches, the Aelfen Saih said that Nagash has no claim over her soul. Assuming she is saying the truth, then where did her soul go when she died?

>> No.47287927

Maybe it's some sort of soul stone thing?

>> No.47287963

No rules leaked yet, the next WD has them. Supposedly it can summon a clone that is the same as him in all way, but vanishes the moment a blade touches it.

>> No.47287964

Slaanesh land.

>> No.47287988

Not enough information to determine that. But I do like the aesthetic, and I hope the Mistwwaver and other Silver Tower models get independent releases like the Assassins.

>> No.47287992

Seeing as Alarielle helped recreate the Elves from what was in Slaneeshes stomach, I am guessing she claims their souls.

Maybe thats what the new elf-dryad thing is. Souls of dead Elves reincarnated as a forest spirit.

>> No.47287999


Nagash has indulged the traitorous barbarian enough. Suffering betrayal after betrayal. This last betrayal will be his last. Sigmar thinks that he has won the Great Necromancer to his new cause. Let him think that. When his back is tuned, Nagash will be there to exact justice.

>> No.47288005

Elves don't have souls, silly. They're not real people, after all.

>> No.47288018

|>Seeing as Alarielle helped recreate the Elves from what was in Slaneeshes stomach, I am guessing she claims their souls.

I don't think there is any lore that says this.

>> No.47288021


Is it considered a bad thing to be raised / work for Nagash when you die?

>> No.47288026

Nice try, Tzeentch.

>> No.47288034


Nagash sure is complaining like a little bitch

>> No.47288067

Nagash is kind of a huge dick, so probably.

>> No.47288094

They seem to accept the possibility. It's inescapable so they wouldn't bother wasting energy worrying about it.

>> No.47288158

Slaanesh lives!

>> No.47288200

Well, as far as I remember, Malekith, Tyrion and Alarielle were first, and they all went to free the souls of the Elves before Alarielle decided plants made better company then left them.

I may be getting mixed up though,

>> No.47288256

Malerion and Tyrion went after Slaanesh but what came of it is unknown.

As for Alarielle? She isn't very close to the Aelves. (Picture related).

>> No.47288313

I will be so happy if this is the new elves design. Blank-masked mistweavers just sounds so cool. Its a good evolution of what we have, a slight move away from WE DA GUD GUYS and more into the chaotic good spectrum.

>> No.47288489

I would like harlequin style elves.

I like glass cannons.

>> No.47288538



>> No.47288541

I'll be amused if the actually get war machines made of glass. Some miniature company's got to do it eventually, might as well be GW.

>> No.47288568

>literal glass cannon
>fires and wipes out an entire unit of Saurus guard
>shatters and gives the crew glass splinters

"We're using safety glass from now on."

>> No.47288614

Hey folks, what are chaos daemons like in AOS?

How do they play and stuff?

And yeah I mean every daemon of the four.

>> No.47288637

Greater daemons are kind of underwhelming in general but ymmv depending on which god you pick.

>> No.47288646

It doesn't shatter if you have wardancers nearby though.
You know where I'm going with this.

>> No.47288709

Afraid not sorry! :,(

>> No.47288765


>> No.47288889

I'm very careful about calling aelves good, even chaotic good.
I mean, the aelves include cheery things like:
>Daughters of Khaine, drugged-up crazies who worship a long-forgotten god that is worshipped mainly by horrifically killing everything in front of you
>Darkling Covens, Sorceresses who enthrall entire armies to kill and die for them without batting an eye
>Order Serpentis, "noble" knights who ride the mutated bastard offspring of Dracoths and whose leaders will flay you mid-battle for showing dissent

Not to mention the Dark Aelf fluff literally says they're "tied to Azyrheim by proximity rather than design"

>> No.47288909

There were Harlequin style elves. They were called War Dancers and nobody bought them because they were shit sculpts with shit rules.

>> No.47288996

Nurgle is crazy slow but crazy tough. You will need help killing stuff though because the killiest Nurgle Daemon is the Daemon Prince, who can be dedicated to any god you want.

Slaanesh is crazy fast and hits hard and isn't quite as tough as you'd think. Daemonettes in particular are way overpowered.

Khorne hits hard and has a war machine, but except for the (fucking expensive) Bloodthirsters all their Heroes are shit ('cept for Skulltaker, guy's brutal)

Tzeentch has shenanigans and burst damage. Big unit of Screamers can kill any monster, Flamers are one of the few legit Death Stars in AoS, Horrors have magic and okay shooting and their chariots are extremely damaging and extremely fragile. And their greater demon is pretty meh.

>> No.47289048

5+ saves

>> No.47289413

> Daemonettes in particular are way overpowered

Really? I suppose I ought to order those Juan Diaz recasts...

>> No.47289543

Maybe best to hold out for rumored Slaanesh release.

>> No.47289596

Lore question; when the world ended, who was it that cared enough about the Ogre Kingdoms to protect them in some way?

I can imagine Gork and Mork intervening to protect their darling Orcs, but the Ogres...?

There hasn't been any mention of The Maw as far as I'm aware (although it's still referenced as a power in the Ogre Warscroll? How could it still be around?), so what's the deal with that?

>> No.47289736

Basically, Gork'n'Mork are now Destruction Gods, not Orc Gods. The Destruction faction is organized into subfactions depending on which aspect of Gorkamorka they worship

>Orruks: Gorkamorka as God of War
>Moonclan: Gorkamorka + Da Bad Moon
>Firebellies: Gorkamorka as the Suneater
>Gutbuster Ogors: Gorkamorka as the insatiable maw

That said, all references to The Maw have been culled, like a Butcher's unique spell isn't called The Maw anymore. Probably because The Maw isn't all that copyrightable a name

>> No.47289747

I'm no Age of Sigmar expert, but I feel like The Great Maw is probably IP safe enough to stick around, and maybe even garner heavier focus in ogre fluff.

I'm willing to bet that The Maw saved the regular ogres, The Firemouth saved his firebellies (they were specifically mentioned as their own new faction in the destruction book, though they only have firebelly priests as a unit at the moment), and the maneaters piggybacked off of whatever culture they had been working for at the time of the old world's unfortunate squatting by poor business.

I want to see where Games Workshop takes Ogres. They were my favorite WHFB faction, and I feel like a lot can be done with their fluff. They need to change that stupid fucking ogor name though, jesus fuck why are all the names in this setting ao horrible?

>> No.47289770

What's the deal with what, exactly? The question isn't exactly clear.
As is, Ogors revere Gorkamorka in its aspects as the hunter and the devourer, mostly. The Maw as an ill-defined entity is not part of the (currently very sparse) ogre fluff anymore, though several books mention that divine beings are possessed of a tenacious spirit and may very well accumulate power to return from death.

>> No.47289779

Most likely, If I had to make a guess it would be that the great maw swallowed em up, and than spat em back out into the new world.

>> No.47289790

Still hoping for a banner with a caption of


underneath a new Keeper of Secrets sporting a huge bulging erection, not that it'll happen, but..

>hold out for Slaanesh release
H-how lewd!

>> No.47289871

Nobody saved anyone. Gorkamorka didn't save the orks, Sigmar didn't save the humans and Grungi didn't save the dwarves. All those races just happened over the course of the ages.

>> No.47289875

Now it's voracious maw, a manifestantion of the butcher's own hunger...
Where have all the Lavos gone?

>> No.47289943


Is there any mention as to how they happened, or is it mostly a "they returned out of the spirit realm" sort of thing?

>> No.47290016

no, he meant that like, the mortal realms are already eons old and whatever evolutionary process led to humans, orc, ogres and goblins has happened again. They emerged naturally, just as they did in the Old World and these races "just so happen" to look exactly like the races of the Old World. And they "just so happen" to be named like dyslexic versions of their original names.

>> No.47290037

That's a really fucking stupid cop out.

>> No.47290056

A very few things survived the end of the world by hiding out in pocket dimensions and the like, while even fewer just fought their way out of the chaos realms, but I doubt either would have been enough to restart a civilisation.
There's also mention how human, elven and dwarven souls from the World-that-was were drawn to the remains of Mallus, but it's not clear if they reincarnated there.
In general, the assumption seems to be: Here be realms, and here be their inhabitants.

>> No.47290066

Whats on the 60x35mm oval bases? most cav is on 75x46mm

>> No.47290080


I'm praying to every god I know that you're kidding.

>> No.47290159

Far as I know that's the actual explanation. I'll have a looksee at the starter booklet again, but I'm pretty sure here. I mean, they don't spell it out quite like that, but..

>> No.47290163

Saurus knights, salamanders, razordons

>> No.47290213


God damn. Let us know what you find out, I'd really like to know exactly what the extent of the lore is on that.

>> No.47290272

Ah, those. They originally came out for 40k Skitarii, where one model had this ridiculously long sniper rifle with its own stand. I'm assuming when the Feral Orcs get their reboxing, the two guys carrying the Big Stikka will be on one of those. They also make for great cinematic bases for footslogging Ghoul Kings and prevent toppling when you decide to pluck a Burning Chariot apart and base the Screamers separately.

>> No.47290273

Easy way to release heros for factions that only got rebased

>> No.47290289

Magic mortal wounds that creates spawn, yes please

>> No.47290397


What I took from this is that Mallus influences Sigmar, not the other way around.


I kind of have the feeling the Mistweaver may be part of some Harlequin like faction because it seems very similar to the Shadowseer.


The Maw was also very much seemingly tied to the World That Was.


Considering that GW has shown no qualms with using Orcs, Elves, and Dwarfs in Bloodbowl, I imagine it's GW's attempt to have people associate their name with a race like The Elder Scrolls calls High Elves Altmer.

They already did this to an extent in 40k. Dwarfs are Squats, Halflings are Ratlings, Ogres are Ogryn, Elves are Eldar, Orcs are Orks, and Goblins are Gretchin/Grots.

>> No.47290423

Alright. Not gonna lie here, looking for this is a chore, given that every piece of lore tries to avoid the age of myth like the plague.

What I did find was that the realms were indeed thousands of years old before the Age of Chaos began and at some point all the races were "just there". No mention of the races being imported; it only mentions all the Incarnates staying relatively intact.
On the other hand it does explicitly say that all that was left from the Old World is the glowing core that was dubbed Mallus, which kinda rules out all the races actually surviving.
So yeah, either the Incarnates were an integral part of Creation or all the races just appeared.

In the end though it is all speculation because the lore avoids talking about the Old World like the plague, probably because GW is scared people might find it (shock horrors) interesting.

>> No.47290498

I still hate the fact that the Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord is, by a wide margin, THE worst Hero in the game in melee. 1 attack at 4+/4+/-/1. That is literally worse than a Skaven Packmaster. Worse than an Orc Bully. Worse than a Goblin Shaman. Cool model tho.

>> No.47290551

How's his spell casting? Assuming we aren't talking the generic Sorcerer Lord?

>> No.47290598

Well, that's the good bit. If he rolls doubles he gets to cast another spell, he can shoot a bolt of magic with his staff that counts as a missile weapon with 18" range and his unique spell does damage and turns the enemy into Chaos Spawns.

Still like the normal Sorcerer Lord better since he dishes out buffs like candy and you can still mark him as Tzeentch if so desired.

>> No.47290672

restrict summons to resummoning slain/fleeing units and it's much better

>> No.47291438

Because there's no real sweet spot with summoning. You either don't summon enough and lose or summon too much and win. 7th ed fantasy had a very similar problem with insane power dice pools.

>> No.47291449

>hey you know all the races from that world that imploded?
>well they're back and better than ever, except their names are awful now
>What? What do you mean where'd they come from?
>It says right here that Sigmar made the stormcasts! Isn't that the only fluff you need for the setting? The other races are unimportant.

>> No.47291543

>I imagine it's GW's attempt to have people associate their name with a race like The Elder Scrolls calls High Elves Altmer.

Ok. So then why not call elves "Asrai" and dwarfs "Dwai"? They already had copyrightable names that didn't soud like the noises a blackout drunk guy makes when trying to sum up LotR, so why bother coming up with new ones, especially when the new ones are complete tosh?

Like, there are a lot of things in AoS that are ok, but the names are so painfully stupid that I actually find myself questioning that they even exist.

>> No.47291890

I've been slowly reading the big campaign books, does it ever explain how archaon got the eye and slayer of kings back? What was the point of advancing the fluff if nothing sticks-oh wait I get it

>> No.47291996

I honestly think you would be happier if you stopped thinking about this.

>> No.47292110

Maybe, but I've always thought that it's little things like this that make a setting great.

I may not sound like it, but I -do- want Age of Sigmar to succeed. I don't want this game or setting to be bad. A bad setting helps nobody, but a great setting is something to love for years to come. Small things are important, they show that care and love have been put into a creation. Things like bad names, leaving origins intentionally muddy this early on in the game's start but still keeping things connected to old fluff to be able to recycle old characters feel lazy.

I just want this to hit its full potential.

>> No.47293024

I thought that was azyrheim?

>> No.47293094

Yeah as much as I love AOS, I still fucking cringe whenever I type out or say the new names. I will never get used to them, they are retarded.

>> No.47293141

This is Azyrheim, metropolitan sit upon mountain top.

>> No.47293159

I still can't say the new names unironically without at least a (TM) after them.

>> No.47293175


>> No.47293256

I just use the old names. People know what I'm talkin bout

>> No.47293278

I have no idea what that has to do with my post but ok.

>> No.47293319

I bet they have nice cafes.

One of my all time favourite things to do is sit in a cafe and read.

I bet Sigmar even made a point of having great cafes when he made the place.

He would have told his dragon friend "look I'm going to put cafes here and they will be amazing. They will sell the best coffee you have ever tasted."

And his dragon friend will look at him and say:


I'm don't know what I'm talking about. I'm tired now.

>> No.47293699

I generally like the new faction names, but most of the race names are pretty lame.

I kinda like orruk, though.

>> No.47293893

As much as I make fun of them, some are all right. Duradin > Orruk > Aelf > Ogor. Ranking based on how retarded you have to make your voice to say them.

>> No.47293931

>Thinks "Oh-Gore" more retarded than "Ayy-Ulf"

Come on now

>> No.47294217

literally kill yourself. That thing is an abortion. Go play 40k if you want minis that look like that.

>> No.47294224


Duardin at least sounds like it required a bit of creative thought to come up with. It still makes no sense to me why they didn't just cement them as Dawi, I guess they thought it wouldn't sound as cool to newcomers of the setting.

Orruk, Aelf, and Ogor are seriously just the same thing with an extra clunky vowel thrown in. But it's easy enough to ignore.

Chaos lucked out that so many of their names were already locked down in copyright laws.

I personally think Death came out the worst of it. They easily had the least creativity involved, just smashing two spooky sounding words together that vaguely describe the type of undead it is.

>everytime I see the word Deathrattles

>> No.47294273


Are daemon and aelf similar in the pronunciation of 'ae'? I used to read daemon as "day-mon" but later read that the proper pronunciation is just like the conventional "demon". Because of this I constantly flip flop in my head whether it's pronounced "aylf" or "eelf".

>> No.47294336

Deathrattle is fucking awesome, it's the sound of a person dying, how much more death could you get?

>not liking Mr.Rattlebones


>> No.47294526



>> No.47294575

Considering that Slaanesh got gang banged by Malkock Tydick and Analarielle, came out all the elf souls, i doubt shes eating elf caviar anymore

>> No.47294612

I'm telling Nagash on you

>> No.47294642


You can't command what ain't dead. fucker.

>> No.47294672


oh god that's even worse

>> No.47294695


Now you know my pain.

>> No.47294726


I wouldn't mind "Sylvaneth" had they put just a little more effort into that; keeping the "Sylvan-" part at least.

>> No.47294931


One of the nice things about the Fantasy setting was that it was constrained, there seemed to be some kind of rules governing how certain things worked, and there was stuff going on beyond war. Granted quite a lot of this seemingly came from the RPG books.

The Mortal Realms don't seem to obey any rules, they have no end, no constrictions, no real idea of how things work, etc. For people like myself who like a somewhat fleshed out and orderly world, this is a downside. However it is one that GW could easily rectify. Even the possibility of life outside of war exists if Order is able to establish enough of a foothold where civilizations can be rebuilt.

I will say that I think AoS having a setting that is going to progress behooves it more than it hurts.


Elves to my knowledge never had a name for their entire race as a whole in Fantasy. The High Elves were the Asur, the Dark Elves were the Druchii, and the Wood Elves were the Asrai. Dwarfs are a bit harder to figure out since they called themselves the Dawi and even the Chaos Dwarfs called themselves (And possibly still do) the Dawi Zharr.

At the moment the only thing that really comes to mind is that for the most part GW want to break any hint of there being a cultural connection between most of the denizens of the Mortal Realms and the denizens of the World-That-Was. For example, Dwarfs in Azyr may call themselves Dawi, but those outside won't.


Would be pretty simple for the Chaos Gods to just scoop them up and give them back to him or in all his trekking about recover them.


Death for the most part really did get fucked in the name department. I think only Ghouls and Wraiths came out on par or better.

>> No.47295029

>Would be pretty simple for the Chaos Gods to just scoop them up
They were both destroyed in the end times, the eye shattered, and the slayer of kings exploded and let the daemon out.

>> No.47295040

Do you think if the rumored summer campaign happens and orders wins, they will start to rebuild cities and citizens will make an appearance?

>> No.47295057


Ah, that had slipped my mind. Suppose the gods may simply have recreated them then or Archaon found similar artifacts and gave them those names.

If they do show up in the lore and not just as rules, it would be nice to have an answer for.


Would be nice

>> No.47295201

Literally the first page of the Archaon battltome say it was remade.

The Slayer of Kings wa destroyed numerous times but it always gets reforged and its daemon resealed in it.

>> No.47295281

>If they do show up in the lore and not just as rules, it would be nice to have an answer for.


This is literally in the first page of the Everchosen Battletome. The one of the reforging of the Slayer of Kings is mentioned in the timeline.

How can you guys be this dumb?

>> No.47295357

Thanks I just re-read the bit about the eye, the sword made more sense to begin with since it got it's properties from the deamon. Would be nice if we knew more about U'zhul though, and why he's so special.

>Be U'zhul
>finally free after thousands of years in some edgelords sword
>chaos gods bother me during my midday rampage
>tell me I have to go back into the sword because the edgelord was their special snowflake OC character
>I-I guess occasionally drinking the blood of kings wasn't that bad

I actually completely forgot about the comic book page's text and didn't catch the quip in the timeline, sorry for being retarded

>> No.47295622


Honestly, I just really haven't read much AoS stuff.

>> No.47295966

>Would be nice if we knew more about U'zhul though

Book two has what want..

>> No.47296084

The Maw is mentioned is the Call of Archaon series. A Gaunt Summoner subverts one of its Mawgates.

>> No.47296159


>A very few things survived the end of the world by hiding out in pocket dimensions and the like, while even fewer just fought their way out of the chaos realms, but I doubt either would have been enough to restart a civilisation.


The fluff outright tells you that races of the Mortal Realms are the decedents of the World-that-was survivors. Don't pull things out of your butt andread the fluff.

>> No.47296281

I've been staunchly against AoS (though I just ignored it instead of shitpost about it) since it was released and I'm still butthurt they fucked Fantasy for it, but...

That Silver Tower set looks pretty cool. It might be a way to get my dumbass friends to do something Warhammer related with me without them having to spend any money on it. Also,
>Male Dark Elf character
I'll get it just for him. 95% of the time the Elf character is female because they're the easiest to include, and you've gotta have the manly dwarf and standard humans.

Looks pretty cool. Maybe I'll give AoS a chance.

>> No.47296383

I'm in the same boat. Since Kirby left it's actually been getting better. Discounts? Community interaction? Is this even GW any more?

>> No.47296391


The first AoS book implies that there were already inhabitants living in the Mortal Realms when Sigmar first traveled them though.

There is also the fact that Tyrion and Teclis discover when coming up Sigmar once again that no elves exist outside of Azyrheim.

Honestly it's really murky and something I wish GW would have devoted time properly to in a book, not just written 2-4 pages about in WD.

>> No.47296422


I'm quite literally in the same boat as you. Silver Tower piques my interest, lurked some AoS threads to find out more, found out there was a lot less shitposting and more people who seemed to be having genuine fun instead of mindlessly shilling.

I'm just about ready to pick up some fyreslayers. I don't think I'll enjoy AoS in the same way I do other games, but I do think I'll have at least rediscover the fun in forging a narrative and story for my models in a way that I really can't achieve in other popular game systems.

>> No.47296441

Considering getting into AoS with a night goblin list...should I wait? I feel like they may remake goblins at any time.

>> No.47296490

I mean civilian life does exist in AoS.

In Silver Tower, Masudro reflects on his time spent policing the bustling markets of some place or other.

It's kind of spoke about less because of the perspective being in dimension hopping warfare but it's definitely there.

It needs fleshing out though.

>> No.47296503

>The first AoS book implies that there were already inhabitants living in the Mortal Realms when Sigmar first traveled them though.

See >>47286050

While Sigmar and Dragonbro were traveling the cosmos, the Mortal was being populated by survivors from the World-That-Was. steadily the realms started to fill up with populations who fought their way out of the Realm of Chaos or have hid themselves in pocket dimensions.

Sigmar did not magic the whole populations of the realms into existence,It's just when Mallus arrived it acted as beacon that hastened the arrival of the other lost souls and survivors.

>There is also the fact that Tyrion and Teclis discover when coming up Sigmar once again that no elves exist outside of Azyrheim.

Which supports my first point. Human survivors and their descendants started popping up all over realms alongside the other races even before Sigmar arrived. Only a handful of Aelves appeared in Azyr after Mallus settled there. Which means that something happened to the Aelves that weren't protected by Mallus.

>> No.47296534

Reminder that these are the concept sketches for the new BB elfs. Same style as the Mistweaver in AoS:Quest.

>> No.47296544

So, whoever likes Eldar Elfs, congrats. Personally I think the new elfs are complete bullshit and look fucking terrible.

>> No.47296570

I don't see it?It is just the mask?

>> No.47296593

>Same style as the Mistweaver in AoS:Quest.
they're basically just updated 2nd ed/pro/generic BB "elves" dude

those hockey masks and studded leather pants are a BB elf staple

>> No.47296655


You're probably overreacting considering that the human and orc blood bowl teams really don't look inspired by Stormcasts or Ironjawz at all.

Scratch that your'e definitely overreacting.

>> No.47296676

Different setting.

>> No.47296683


I actually looked over that quite a bit before making my post and to me the only part that comes close to suggesting that there could be some descendants of those from the World-That-Was in the Mortal Realms is the bit about the other methods some people survived.

The problem as I see it is again one of murkiness where it's not clear when those from Mallus transferred over nor what they were doing when Sigmar survived. As it stands with the first book saying that the Realms were already ancient, I don't entirely buy that they were devoid of life.


As the Anon above said and someone posted in the last Bloodbowl thread, they're based off of older models.

>> No.47296704


Okay, so why bring it up in an AoS thread? I assumed the implication from Captain Autism was that because the new BB models are "Eldar Elfs" that means something for AoS.

>> No.47296724

>I don't entirely buy that they were devoid of life.

The Realms weren't devoid of life. The were filled with new races, monsters, and elementals that the old races of the World-that-was had to interact with or struggle against when they started appearing on them.

>> No.47296735

>new BB models are "Eldar Elfs" that means something for AoS.
Not BB models, but new Silver Tower elves model looks more like Eldars (except male Witch).

>> No.47296816


> new Silver Tower elves model looks more like Eldars

Not really. The only thing that really makes it seem similar is the mask, which resembles the Shadowseer maybe.

>> No.47296934

Given the recent release of Grand Alliance: Destruction, I think gobbos are not due for a change in the near future.

>> No.47297011

>which resembles the Shadowseer maybe.
And with Dark Eldars pilots.
Clothes also looks more close to farseers.

>> No.47297060


>Clothes also looks more close to farseers.

Not really

>> No.47297176

Wait, not farseer, spiritseer. Clothes + helmet.

>> No.47297180

That isn't really an argument. There are already some new Chaos models that aren't in GA:Chaos and the Flesh-Eaters differ quite drastically from their entries in GA:Death.

>> No.47297269

Who else can't pick an army here?

>Wanted Beastmen and bought a box of Gors and I really like their a e s t h e t i c and story but weak shooting and Gors being described only as a tarpit turned me off
>Wanted Wood Elves but them being described as mostly good as a defensive army and Gladeguard being mediocre even though Wood Elves are supposed to be the bow army
>Thinking I want a Night Goblin army now but their model range seems limited
>fuck the flesheater courts looks cool

now I have a box of Gors, a box of Marauders, and a decent amount of Lizardmen from when I was a kid (Kroxigor, Skink chief, and a saurus + skink regiment from what I recall) and no idea what I want to play

>> No.47297278

Pestilens would be the Ecclesiarchy/Inquisition

>> No.47297510

The fighting orruk hai

>> No.47297531

You mean the robes? The only thing that is really close to Eldar styling is the pants of the Tenebreal Shard. Those are Wych pants.

>> No.47297558

There's nothing stopping you mixing all of them. I'm sure you could easily fluff wood elves and beastmen to work together cause they live in the same forests. Also covers your lack of shooting.

>> No.47297665

Any tips for wanderer Sylvaneth plaing style,best troops?

>> No.47297761

Get shit tons of woods

>> No.47297763


I think Wood Elves (at least in the old world) really hate Beastmen, as Beastmen tend to really love destroying and burning their stuff (as well as their forests).

>> No.47297796

Yeah, they do hate each other but they are in the same place so it could very easily be that they are both from the realm of life and uneasily teamed up to protect their forest from invaders.

>> No.47297799

Any good bowman models?It should be a bow/shot army I think

>> No.47298170


>> No.47298221


>Scattered bands of hard-bitten warriors fight an ongoing war of attrition in the name of Order, smashing their mighty armies against the unyielding followers of Chaos, fueled by word of glimmering warriors who may, at any time, ride in on bolts of lightning to aid them in their plight.

A ragged army, most of their number fallen, pressed to a final stand by unending hordes of daemons, lifting their eyes to the heavens in one final plea for salvation. And the heavens answer. Lightning bolts rain down across the battlefield delivering golden warriors into the heart of the foe.

I can almost hear the guitars screaming as the Stormcast show up. Bloody hell anon you were right, that is metal as fuck.

>> No.47298239

>Eldar Elfs

Eldar are basically defined by their pointy hats though, just like Elves were.

>> No.47298270

Their faith in the great horned rat is absolute, not even thanquol would risk stab-stabbing a verminlord in the back, let alone the horned rats favourite.

>> No.47298277

Silver tower warscrolls for the bad guys have leaked:
I like the look the ogroid's rules for starters, he's pretty tasty in a fight. And with the pink horror => 2 blues => 4 yellows thing, that Fireblast spell looks hilarious.

>> No.47298319

He's pretty good. That save will be a problem, but he hits hard.

>> No.47298332

Man the pictures are so low quality it's impossible to make anything out. At least for me.

Anyone else have better luck?

>> No.47298355

Actually, Thanqoul was plotting to stab the Verminking in the back during the End Times. He actually trained his mind to hide his true thoughts from the Verminking and the way he did it was very impressive, imo.

>> No.47298396

>Deathrunner literally has a *it was a hologram* special rule

Love it.

>> No.47298453

Way I see it, this guy is basically a Tzeentchian Doombull with a more favorable keyword list (MORTALs are easier to buff than WARHERD). About as killy in melee and exchanges Bloodgreed for magic and regeneration. The lower save is not an issue since, again, 8 Wounds and regen and if need be he can always just cast Mystic Shield on himself.
And considering the Blue/Brimstone horror split, this unique spell is just superb.

Will definitely play this guy and I'm considering converting a second one with Ogre body, Fenrisian Wolf fur tufts, an Ironjaws Shaman staff and some Burning Chariot bits.

>> No.47298457

That's a pretty impressive melee statline, and between the regen and 8 wounds it'll last a while, too.
But that spell is...wow.
Are you blind?

>> No.47298476

That ogre dude is pretty good, Tzaangors are very underwhelming. I'm kinda sad but I'll get them to paint because <3 those models

>> No.47298501


To be honest, I'd been solidly against AoS since its introduction (though this is the first AoS thread I've posted in, so just like you it was really more just ignoring its existence). But it was one small piece of fluff from the Silver Tower that piqued my interest.

I think there's a novel or something that goes with the Silver Tower. It tells the story of the heroes inside the tower. But anyway, they meet a Chaos worshipper. The Stormcast wants to kill him instantly, but the worshipper wants to talk, explaining that of course his tribe worship the dark gods, since they're a tangible force in their lands. The Stormcast tells him that he should worship Sigmar instead, and the worshipper says:

>We prayed to Sigmar for generations. All we got was blood and silence

Or words to that effect. That shut the Stormcast up.

For some reason that little snippet really got my interest. The more I'm reading of the stuff in this thread, the more I'm getting intrigued.

>> No.47298529

Tzaangors suck

The models are so good though that I would recommend them for use as a Tzaangor Beastlord, thats what I'm planning on using them for if I choose to go Beastmen.

I really wish that the Start Collecting! for each army would come out to help me make my army choice

>> No.47298573

I guess their saving grace are the two wounds? Otherwise they are just awful.
It's probably better to just run them as Bestigors.

>> No.47298583

Best models and worst rules. Even if they had been like Bestigors I would have fielded them. Might have them as Tzeentch Bestigors counts as

>> No.47298600

Slightly shooty ablative wounds for a wizard? I dunno, they're also not very impressive.

>> No.47298625

Might make for some nice mindgames, maybe? Their damage potential is okay-ish for taking out support heroes, but that clone thing is just luck-based...

>> No.47298629

I jumped back on a few months ago, I would definitely give it a chance. Hopefully the points coming in will make it even better.

>> No.47298655

I think these are blood reaver/marauder equivalents (1W 6+ save), that's how I see them anyway. They seem solid enough in that role.

Awful is probably overstating it, but they're definitely closer to gors than bestigors in damage output. They really need that anarchy and mayhem buff to make their pecks worthwhile.

>> No.47298668

A unit of 30 or so of these might actually be nice. Dual stabbas front, spears in the second rank and a whole pile of bows behind those.
They'll still die like flies, but they might actually get to do something.

>> No.47298674

One thing with the clone thing is you don't have to pick which it is at the start of the battle. If the one you'd originally planned to be real is down to 1 wound you can throw a star with the other one.

Generally, I see it as a fluffy, fun rule rather than a power rule.

>> No.47298686

Are you kidding? These guys are hilarious. Look at them as you would look at Marauders and they're incredible. Especially since I think with some Pink Horror parts (sacrificial daggers etc) and a box of Flagellants you could convert more very quickly.

Disappointed with these too. Bestigors are probably the best choice because with their keyword list they're almost impossible to buff as they're neither mortal nor daemon nor brayherd. Although they are plenty tough. I think they're meant more like a shield the Gaunt Summoner can toss in front of himself to hem in chargers.

>> No.47298697

Obviously not terribly powerful, but you actually get more models the more of a beating your army is taking, so it's really nasty. Also, average shooting attacks are hardly worth scoffing at.

>> No.47298724

See Blue Horrors, except these are rocking two shots and two attacks per base. Yeah, underwhelming profile, sure, but qunatity has a quality of its own.
Getting rid of a unit of horrors is going to take forever, but at least three phases. Nurgle ain't got shit on Tzeentch, apparently.

>> No.47298747

I know people hate these Age of Sigmar "fun rules" but this guy is cool as fuck

>> No.47298749

Let's be real here. The best part of these rules are the Thaumaturge, the Gaunt Summoner and the Blue Horrors (and the Brimstone Horrors to a lesser extent).

The Thaumaturge is a massively powerful Hero with strong attacks, good longevity and magic.
The foot-slogging Gaunt Summoner has THE best unique spell ever as it halves any one-wound unit it hits and he has 4 slightly better ablative wound slogging around him. Plus imo he looks infinitely better than the one on Disc.
The Blue Horrors are just bullshit as you get three with every Burning Chariot you buy and you can toss them onto the table whenever some of the already decent Pink Horrors die.
Brimstone Horrors have one great use to them as well: In Balance of Power there's a Battalion requiring a Gaunt Summoner and 9 Tzeentch Daemon units. This is a very steep requirement. But if you fill 4 of those slots with one Brimstone Horror base each, it becomes way easier to handle.

>> No.47298760

>8 Wounds
>mortal wounds on the charge
>incredible unique spell
>multiple high damage melee weapons
This guy definitly is the standout here. Jesus Christ, that spell alone...

>> No.47298786

Look at this spell. LOOK AT THIS SPELL!

>> No.47298796

Christ you're negative. 4+/4+ ain't bad (that's the profile of an asrai longbow, just with a shorter range), there aren't that many ranged weapons with 3+ stats in AOS. And remember, pink horrors are a basic footsoldier unit for tzeentch daemons, and can turn up in blocks of 20+ to get the To Hit bonus.

The thing that'll be worth seeing is what general-equivalents the arcanites might get. So far none of them have a unique command ability, and command abilities and other hero buffs can add a lot to an army (beastmen for example really operate on the basic of their hero buffs).

>> No.47298806

>I really wish that the Start Collecting! for each army would come out

Only if they're less like the skeleton horde one. I wish they'd have put more regular units in that box instead of arkhan.

>> No.47298818

Not really a "fun" rule.
That would be more along the lines of "If the player is dressed all in black and shouts 'kage bushin no jutsu' he is allowed to place an illusionary copy of the deathrunner."

>> No.47298837

Totally agree, its definitely the worst box.

They could have put 20 Skeletons in and then one of the Wight Kings or Vampire Lords instead of Arkhan and the box would end up cheaper for GW based on MSRP but they could still sell at $85 and the contents would be better for people actually trying to start an army.

>> No.47298894

>So far none of them have a unique command ability
Well sort of. The Chaos Lord on Disc of Tzeentch may not have the Arcanite keyword (yet) but he does have a Command that affects all Mortal Tzeentch around him, so it would at least work for the Thaumaturge and the Acolytes. It isn't a particularly amazing Command, but it's something.

as mentioned last thread, that's a pretty smart business move since it's a great value box but one you can't build an entire army out of. Easy to buy into the army, but then the prices go up.

>> No.47298912

My favourite boxes are always the one you can buy more than one of to boost up your army.

We can all agree that the Seraphon box is absolutely godlike can't we? The kits individually are nearly double the price.

True, and it makes sense in the literal "getting started" meaning too. Why would you buy more than one box designed to start things up?

>> No.47298923

The Stormcast attempts to stir him away from his dark path and redeem him in the story's finally. Urging him to refuse the Gaunt Summoner's boon because it will only end with his damnation and the damnation of his people.

It ends as you would expect.

>> No.47298951

I agree that it is a smart business move but I doubt thats the reasoning. If you look at the Daemon boxes those are legitimate starting armies as is the Chaos set. Lizardmen is great as well, so is Orcs

Every 40K box from what I can see is also a good start to an army.

I think Games Workshop just doodooed on some of the contents for some army.

Also for a starter box Arkhan is terrible as so is the Mortis Engine, assembling an Orc was intimidating when I started and they're giving people these fucking models as their first attempts?

>> No.47299068

>aos general thread is capping out in 24 hours

It used to take us 3 days, and those threads were always full of shitposting

What happened

>> No.47299100

News. Threads go faster when new shit's coming out, and slower inbetween.

Also, the more new stuff that comes out for AOS, the more there is to talk about. Like, there's only so much discussion you could have about stormcasts and bloodbound getting it on, but now there's many more races and a lot more lore.

>> No.47299101

It's happening lad, AoS is becoming /comfy/

>> No.47299106

I just bought the entire line of Lizardmen a few months ago and I'm about halfway done painting it... but now the Tomb Kings and Ogres have caught my eye.

I also want to start a Tau army because mechs

>> No.47299115

Capped in 20 it looks like

Points are coming, GW released these nice new sets for cheap, and WHFB haters have finally tired out or accepted that Age of Sigmar is here to stay and might be even be enjoyable.

Also I bet they tried to play Kings of War and went "HOW GREAT AND BETTER THAN AGE OF SIGMAR HAHA RIGHT OTHER 3 KINGS OF WAR PLAYERS I CANT BELIEVE I EVER LIKED WARHAMMER" through their tears as they browsed a cached version of the GW page where it still says Warhammer Fantasy.

>> No.47299124

A lot of the 40k boxes are good starts, but you'd never want several of them, just as with Malignants and Skeleton Horde.
Like Space Marines with their plastic Commander because NOBODY plays a Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armour and even if they did they'd only ever field one.
Tyranids have a Hive Tyrant. Yes, every self-respecting Tyranid player has two of those, but never ever more than that.
Necrons have an Overlord, again a Hero you'd never use more than one of.
Orks have a Painboy which is silly because thanks to 40k's army building, most people literally cannot field a Painboy because their 2 HQ slots are already filled with the stuff they need not to get auto-tabled.

Though I can understand your point of view; it is a somewhat daunting prospect for people to start off with the big stuff. But then again, they are mostly aimed at kids or at people who already play GW games and want to start another army and both of these groups enjoy BIG FLASHY CENTERPIECE models.

>> No.47299141

2 wounds and a 6 to ignore wounds/mortal wounds is pretty good

>> No.47299160

I really hated how the skaven looked in WHFB but the verminlords and now this guy both look great

>> No.47299194

This. They're a curiously tanky unit for tzeentch.

In fact "for tzeentch" probably sums them up, it would be weird if they hit harder than khorne blood warriors or were harder to kill than nurgle stuff. They kind of have to occupy this funny power level inbetween those other gods' units.

>> No.47299264 [DELETED] 

The Tzaangors can tank okay, the Horrors will be an utter bitch to entirely get rid off and the Thaumaturge is disturbingly tough for a wizard.

>> No.47299285

Yeah, but their damage output is horrible. That beak attack wounding on 6+ is just the epitome of awful. If the weapons had 2 attacks, all would be perfect, but no...
Also that awesome shield only applies for the two models who actually carry them.

>> No.47299348

It seems like every model in the unit can do Savage Blade + Arcanite Shield? It would be really stupid to force weapon variety in a squad like this

>> No.47299350

The Tzaangors can tank okay, the Horrors will be an utter bitch to entirely get rid off and the Thaumaturge is disturbingly tough for a wizard.
Tzeentch got pretty tanky overall.

>> No.47299365

They're snap-fit models. 6 to be exact, coming as two of each of the three different sculpts. One sculpt has the double-axe, one sculpt has the double blades and one sculpt has sword'n'board. That's the reason for the weird wording of the shield: "Before allocating a wound or mortal wound to a model carrying this shield"

>> No.47299374

Yes, the entire unit has individual free pick of their weapons (which is nicely versatile and fairly unusual), but the box only contains two shield guys as is, so conversions will be needed. Nicking the shields on the cultists and putting them on the dual weapon guys seems the most obvious choice.

>> No.47299388

>> No.47299402

It seems like it is possible to run shields in the entire unit (the wording does not prevent it) but getting a bunch of shield dudes will be a pain because there are only 2 per box of WHQ

Time to scour ebay and kijiji I guess...

>> No.47299420

Did khorne need a dragon...?

>> No.47299431

Orr we wait a little and hope they bring out boxes for each of the unit types. Since the Tzaangors explicitly get a bonus for being in units of 9 or more but the box only comes with 6, that doesn't seem too far-fetched.

>> No.47299435


>> No.47299442

Eh, can't hurt, I guess.
But I'll bet the anon that built a khorne dragon from the stardrake is biting his ass right now...

>> No.47299444

actually, with the removal of the Chaos Lord on Dragon and the removal of Galrauch I do believe Chaos is pretty hard up for a dragon, but it shouldn't have been exclusively Khorne.

>> No.47299453

Why? Having a way better-looking model that feels like a huge accomplishment and then based FW comes along and offers you official rules for it on a silver platter? I'd like me a slice of that.

>> No.47299457


Well, at least they didn't go too far AoSing it. I don't see any misplaced Khorne symbols on its wing membrane or skulls floating in its skin... not yet anyway.

>> No.47299480

Just went to my local GW and bought myself a greenskin start collecting box. What is the next unit i should look at purchasing?

>> No.47299498

>skulls floating in the skin
Oh god, please don't jinx it. That looks so godawful...
I mean, it kinda works on the Khorgorath, since it's obviously designed around it, but it looks like ass on the lord and on Dorghar.

>> No.47299499

What unit do you like the most?

>> No.47299513

Another unit of footslogging orks is probably a decent idea.

>> No.47299538

Hey guys,

so I heard/read a lot of Nagash (kind of) rejoined the pantheon and supporting Stormcasts with his legions ect.

Where can I find the sources?
What campaign book or novel or audio book?

>> No.47299545

Anybody have a mobi or pdf version of the Flesh Eater Courts book?

My Amazon cuck-tablet can't do epub.

>> No.47299575

read the op

>> No.47299685

I'm that anon, see>>47299453

I'm happy there's a dragon since I can always have 2 if I like the new model, but apart from the toad dragon a lot of forge world dragons don't really have the same aesthetic as the GW ones.

>> No.47299794

Found it. Thanks, frater.

Also, anyone know if I can just use a Bloodreaver helmet on the first Slaughterpriest? I prefer the second one, but the first one is getting rules for Silver Tower.

>> No.47299841

Why not just use the model you like and use the others rules?

>> No.47299887

Probably. I doubt it would take much work in any case.

>> No.47299929

The rules for silver tower just have a weapon profile, it's not super specific and I'm positive no one will care.

>> No.47300065

Really like the ironjaw brutes and megaboss, but i feel i should build up my basic units first

>> No.47300075

Cant go wrong with ard boys and brutes. You will definitely want to pick up a maw-krusha

>> No.47300102

That Gobbo is swol as fuck

>> No.47300114

>Really like the ironjaw brutes and megaboss

Then go for them man.
Getting the models you like is more important.

>> No.47300239

Do you guys have any experience with stripping resin?

I have stripped metal using 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, would that work on resin models?

>> No.47300329

I've settled on a Lion Rangers-dominant army after getting the Grand Alliance: Order book and loving their fluff. I'd prefer an army wholly of White Lions, but having only two units so far makes that difficult. So I'm mixing them with some Wanderers I already had and will probably have them led by an Archmage and either a Nomad Prince or Loremaster.

>> No.47300432

I don't know myself, but WIP should know.


>> No.47300588

I just noticed that this fuck has the Daemon keyword. Not only can he summon new daemons like no tomorrow, he also triggers their Locus abilities.

And yeah, DAT SPELL. I mean, it is slightly balanced by the fact that it only rolls dice for models that are actually in range, so if you only have three enemy models within 18", you only roll 3D6, but this will make anything smaller than an Ogre hesitant to get close to him.

>> No.47300853

I think that spells like that are a healthy thing for the game. There should be disadvantages of going into one huge blob of dudes. You can mystic shield them all with one spell? well I can nuke them all with one spell. 8th ed had the same deal with warmachines and huge spells countering horde troops.

>> No.47300867

Are there any duplicate minis in the new Warhammer Quest Silver Tower box?

Or are all minis unique sculpts?

>> No.47300913

>Are there any duplicate minis in the new Warhammer Quest Silver Tower box?

Most everything has a duplicate.
Only Thaumaturge, Summoner and the heroes are unique.

>> No.47300917

Literally every "grunt" mini is a duplicate. it comes with hero blisters then 2 identical sprues, so 4 familiars, 2 blue 1 pink 2 brimstone horrors, 4 acolites, 3 tzangors, 1 deathrunner, 4 spider goblins x2

>> No.47300981

damn, kinda let down desu. Still picking it up on saturday.

>> No.47301025

I'd be sure to preorder it, since most shops aren't getting much stock.

Also anyone know why captcha loves store fronts so much lately?

>> No.47301038

Called an hour ago and they promised to hold one for me, only 25 going to the store in my town apparently.

>> No.47301050

Man I really wanna use these profiles for my everchosen but have no desire to get the box, plus the gaunt summoner model is.. pretty "eh". Do you think anyone would mind if I used old pic related limited ed chaos sorc as a gaunt summoner? Really do like the Ogroid thing's model.

My local GW is only getting 4 in stock.

>> No.47301336

This thread is amazing, real discussion, lore, armies - and no shitposts.

>> No.47301474

New thread

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