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Tell me, 40k general, about your favorite game of warhammer you ever played, be it the most interesting, ridiculous, fun, etc. If it was a narrative campaign or a narrative battle, do tell about all the backstory and major characters involved, and of course how it turned out.

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Depends. First things first, how much cash are you willing to spend?

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What projects are you guys working on?

I'm working on some Randy Savage themed BA scouts.

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My daemons of tzeentch army. Painting up some pink horrors.

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Writing up a basic list for my Iron Hands successor chapter + Scion + Inquisitor Allies.

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Just read through the new flyer rules.

>Vendetta squatted
>Baledrake nerfed hard
>FW flyers dont have rules

So in one ill-conceived supplement they managed to make every IA book with a flyer need an faq/update.
The most popular IG flyer has no rules, so theres a fun new argument to have at the table. And poor CSM players, the Heldrake gets nerfed again.

What the fuck are they doing? The last 4 army supplements have kept the shitty armies shitty (Orks, CSM) - and made a strong army stronger (Space Marines). Not to mention the absurd psychic powers SM now have.

Nothing fundamental has changed at Games Workshop. Warhammer 40k will continue to haemorrhage players, and GW will continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

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40k is a joke now. just go paint minis or play 30k/aos

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I'm more pissed at the fact that yet another book of rules is coming out. 40k doesn't need more rule FFS - it needs better/clearer rules.

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I need a 1500 imperial guard list put together, I really want it to be versital in anti armor and anti hord. I can't get to a book or a computer for a bit, so the help is appreciated.

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>FW flyers dont have rules

Why would GW write rules for FW flyers? You'll have to wait for Aeronautica 2 or a similar release from FW to have updated flyer rules. Possibly an FAQ to at least give them roles.

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Chaos and IG.
Why did it have to be Chaos and IG.

>40k doesn't need NEW rules FFS
ftfy. 3rd ed best ed.

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Yeah 40k as a game is a mess. I dont know how anyone can even take winning/losing seriously. Except delusional waac and Tau players. Its pretty much just powerlisting retards at this point.

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>Play Marine Wank
>Play Shitmar

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Do mechanised, supported by 1-2 Manticores.

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Taking a break from painting RW as it is fully painted up to 2000points and I am sick of painting bikes, marines and Landspeeders.

Moved onto my Necrons and they are much different to paint. Unfortunately I got the lot preassembled and it is making vehicles and other deltal so annoying.

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I don't find too much joy in playing it nowadays. had more fun with 30k because it's more balanced or aos because at least it doesn't take itself too seriously and we use a point system that actually works.
we are starting a 40k campaign tomorrow but I think I'll just casually bring admech and nothing more.
ain't even mad at tau, it's more the fact that most codices work only with one or two lists making the game pretty boring after a while
here's your (you)

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Aeronautica doesnt contain all the flyers.

>wait for an update by FW
I wouldnt hold my breath.

>why would GW...

Because they just amended the rules so hard that it made all of Forgeworlds flyers unusable in the game. So Forgeworld might not be too happy about that. You know, affecting sales and all.

Stop being a contrarian faggot/battered housewife. GW just fucked up big time on several levels. Defending a boneheaded move like this just exposes you as a retard.

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I think my absolute favorite was a 3 way game between my Chaos Marines, a friend's necrons, and another friend's Guard/Ad Mech.

The Necron player and I started closer together so we squared off first. There was so much crazy stuff happening. My dreadnought managed to chew up his warlord and retinue in the first couple turns before getting gaussed to death. Most of my cultists died early on, but still managed to hold the line. My Chaos lord was jumping around between his squad and the other cultists to give out out fearless and provide moral support.

In the end there was just one lone cultist hiding on a backfield objective, one remaining noise marine, and the lord with him against about 4 warriors.

And then everyone got hit by an artillery barrage.

I still feel good about that game though, because I was ahead of the Necron player right until the end. That proved to me I could win against them.

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>non-ironically liking AoS

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That's why I mostly play Heralds of Ruin Kill Teams and when I do play 40k at bigger point values it is always narrative. Honestly I can't remember the last time I played a bigger than 1500 point game. It is just so messy unless you and your opponent agree to some form of limits.

I used to play in a ton of tournaments and I had a lot of fun but I played WarConvo. So I had to carry - 40k Rulebook, Cult Mech, Skitarii, Imperial Knights, Shield of Baal, Blood Angels, a White Dwarf, and the fucking Inquisition PDF to play a game. That's about the time I realized I wanted to play smaller, narrative, more focused games.

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>it's more the fact that most codices work only with one or two lists

Yeah, I feel like they brought out detatchments to try and fix that, and then realised that every codex has one or two working detatchments.

IG Infantry company, anyone?

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40k wise i need to do some basing (the glue i'm using isn't strong enough) and i need to paint up some marines. last time i painted up marines was years ago, i did some 1k sons and sorcerers/ahriman recently in legion colors.

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funny enought that IG is my favourite army and yet I haven't fielded it in one year...
keep crying little baby

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Formations have changed the game for the worse.

>but fun, fluffy lists

I dont recall anyone bitching about not being able to create fun or fluffy lists before this 7th edition formation shitshow. Now everyone just tries to build the most powerful, exploitative lists they can. In an unbalanced game with bad rules. Its no wonder the tabletop game industry is booming. All the money Games Workshop used to bring in - is now being spread around.

So I guess, a big thanks to Games Workshop for being a driving force behind the explosion of new choices we all have.

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I need to kick my ass in gear and paint my SW. Once my grey hunters are painted i'll assemble my drop pods

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Why did Forge World dump their Chaos dreadnoughts? Are they bringing them back? They were very cool models and I didn't get any...

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is there a guide for what a codex compliant chapter looks like? shoulder trim color an arrow logos and all that/

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Formations could have been nice for fluffy lists, but the benefits are either too strong for the restrictions and units, or there's just no restrictions at all.

There are formations that consist of nothing but a single strong unit. That alone is amazing. The Riptide Wing could give +1 WS and people would still take it, because it let's you ignore CAD.

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What about troops?

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Are these guys worth it?
They seem neat but they don't seem that great for 25 points per model.
Although I am interested in kitting out an Autarch with their stuff

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They're in IA13 as "Chaos Infernum Dreadhoughts", they're basically Chaos Venerable dreadnoughts except they're better than Loyalist dreads

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I think the worst part is there are some formations I really like like like Skyhammer but they're so good that for the most part I'm just being a jerk taking them.

I wish they'd have found a way to make formations work because I think there is some good behind them but ATM they're either way too good or just awful.

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Does anyone have a size comparison for a Decimator and an Imperial Knight? I want to do a conversion, but I can't find a side-by side to see if I think it's going to work.

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The models, not the rules.

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They seem pretty OK - I don't think they're amazing, not especially in the spread of the Eldar book but in a more relaxed Eldar build they could be fun and useful.

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They can be good. Their basic guns have nice AP, and a small volley can give you a single shot that's deadly to tanks.

Jetpacks and their mobile cover saves also make them super survivable.

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baledrake's not nerfed, it just can't do shit in dogfights.

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Because fuck you

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Getting blown up before it can do anything with no chance of counterattack sounds like a Nerf to me.

Would it really have been hard for them to say the Heldrake can vector strike instead of shooting?

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The are cool, my main issue is that they can't join an Aspect host so a Decurion can only have them in their own formation with their Phoenix lord.

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If the book out?
Can i see the Baladrake's revised stats, or are you just guessing based on a minimal blurb in a (snicker) WD article?

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>tfw want to paint my models but all I have atm is testors enamel brush paint

Should I wait, or should I just go ahead?

>> No.47021470

Testors enamel paint will fuck up your brushes and will not apply to the models properly.
Get proper acrylic paint.

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> Gone from too few melee weapons to too many.
Still fewer than any Marine codex, & I'd prefer too many to too few.

> 'Ard Choppa: might as well be Powa' choppa, much easier

> 'Uge choppa: should be closer to PK in price as it's just that good, might as well call it a Rokkit hamma and consolidate it with the Tankbustas' weapons.
Ought to cost the same. Blatantly stolen & priced from Wulfen, so I may just leave it in as a Fuck You to them. May return it to Rokkit Choppa. Not going to limit it to a Tankbustas, though.

> Powa 'amma: is 3 times the cost of the big choppa and gets... ap4 and concussive but loses the chance of being ap2, noone will pay for that.
Probably; took it again from base Marine weapon list. It also should only be 5 points more.

> Nobs: klaw and 'eavy armour still costs more than a MAN
Shouldn't be--Nobz & Boss Nobz should get an across-the-board 5-point discount on weapons.
16 Nob + 15 Klaw + 3 Armor = 34 points.

> Boyz: Propa choppy might be a upgrade on their Nob, bosspole tweak is interesting.
Proppa Choppy is a callback to Choppa rule without breaking the game by OP-ing Orks.

> Trukk: hail the return of ramshackle

> Flash Gitz: Still no armour or melee option for them or even the Kaptin'
Heavy guns are pretty flavorful, as Snazzguns are the point of this dedicated shooting unit. If they got melee weapons, what would...Nobz...huh. I guess Nobz are a cheaper dedicated melee unit, & the Gitz could be a more versatile if expensive option. For now they're just a cluster of more-survivable Lootas, yeah. Will reconsider.

> Deff Dredds: Why transports?
Why didn't they before? Orks couldn't even squad their dreads. Everyone else can DS their dreads to get them directly where & when they wish. Might let them take Tellyporta Gubbinz for about 20-30 points if the army contains a Big Mek.

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Unless the models in question are porcelain figurines, don't.

>> No.47021513

>Not going to limit it to a Tankbustas, though.
Naw man, just make it so it's what they both have.

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>Vehicle (Flyer, Hover)

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Just 10 votes more pls!


I know I spelled Tyranids wrong
I know i forgot to add the Adeptus Mechanicus

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>Baledrakes not nerfed, it just got marginalized hard by the new flyer rules

Kill yourself you semantical little faggot.

>> No.47021628

The rules are leaked anon. Baledrakes cant dogfight. So unless your opponent isnt taking a fighter, theres no reason to take a Baledrake outside of masochism.

>> No.47021643

I'd like to see them then.

>> No.47021657

>flyer skimmer
>downgrade from lord of war

this is rather odd

>> No.47021682

>Insult to injury

The Hadesdrake is still an attack flyer, so its at a -1 disadvantage in dogfights.

Holy shit, how they manage to make this shitty ruleset even worse? Im not even bothered by it, just in awe of the insanity.
If I didnt know better Id say they are trying to kill the game.

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>3 shot D weapon
>upgraded to heavy support
Seems normal to me

>> No.47021709

Faeit 212, Warseer. Feel free to use google.

>> No.47021716

They have the full book?

>> No.47021718

normal for eldar ya mean

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I play a lot of 40k, both competitively and narrativly and I have yet to see the tidal wave of powergaming and rigid netlisting allegedly sweeping the hobby. Certainly nothing near as bad as 5th edition was.

>> No.47021769

The SM codex should have that shit.

>> No.47021784

>Age of Shitmar

>> No.47021797

I think its because now there's less point to do so. Why bother making a gravapam marine list when a casual eldar list will still blow you out of the water? Why bother making a tryhard Eldar list when everyone will just lose once and never play you again?

>> No.47021848


If you can't beat a casual Eldar list with a hardcore Marine book you're bad. Marines are just a slight step under Eldar right now.

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Idk where you play but here in phoenix, AZ 40k is pretty much dead. The local GW has a tiny playerbase of netlisters. The flgs in Scottsdale has no GW games community, and the insanely popular and huge flgs in Glendale has seen its 40k playerbase go from 50+ regulars to a small handful of young guys. Two of the 4 or 5 play grey plastic Eldar and Tau.

So yeah, 40k is hurting for genuine hobbyists/players.

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I have so many projects I cant be bothered anymore.
I just wished I had more determination to finish what I started. And as of right now I am right in the middle of painting my Skitarii/Mechanicus, I have a few units left and then my whole War convocation is done.... But alas, I am all spent, and the little free time I get, I sit down like a sack of hay, in front of the computer watching meaningless YouTube tutorials, of other people creating masterpieces!

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Go see for yourself you fucking lazy piece of shit. Im not your man-servant.

>> No.47021904

Just wondering if it was a rules leak, or a grainy 3 line infobox of a WD, like when people shat themselves over s3 wulfen, or Nobs and Nauts...

>> No.47021921

Painting my first army, with the help of /wip/. I've gotten a lot better in the span of painting four models.

I still hate painting flesh, however.

>> No.47021940

Daily reminder S3 fags need to kill themselves.

>> No.47021942

Hyperbole, but I think you get my point. The game is so unbalanced that making a power list doesn't change much of anything. It just means you spent a lot of money to make sure nobody plays with you again.

>> No.47021944

IKs are pretty substantially bigger. Decimators would leave a ton of unused space if placed on the Knight base.

Get a Decimator anyway, since they own, & run your Knight as a Renegade or the FW Chaos Knight.

>> No.47021948

Its a rules leak. Lots of rules.

>> No.47021953

Since I'm not going to be playing for a while, I'm painting my pathfinders in partially-assembled chunks for ease of access.

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but I don't wanna pay 60 bucks for that info

>> No.47021958


Not the guy you're responding to but anecdotal evidence is worth very little.

My own gaming area has seen 40k remain relatively stable for the past 4 or 5 years. The community has stayed at a pretty consistent 25-30 players cycling in and out new and old players respectively. On a personal level it doesn't really matter to me because I play 40k the way I have for years at this point.

I'm fortunate enough to be able to own a building large enough to host 5 game tables and me and my buddies all congregate there - drink beer and play whatever floats our boat. Lately Frostgrave has been all the rage.

>> No.47021971

Just got a fresh Hive Tyrant box. Already have a TL BL devourer flyrant. Planning on making a swarmlord for when my group plays no-air-allowed battles. Is Swarmlord a good choice or should I choose something else?

I do have hive guard to hide him behind, they're kitted with shockcannons because my opponent runs a vehicle-heavy list.

>> No.47022002


You said it brother. Had a full fledged war with a nutsack here on /tg/ that refused to believe the new Wulfen would be S5. Like GW´s new puppies would ever sink so low!

>> No.47022003


AKCHUALLY they're factions, not races.

*adjusts his gentlemanly attire*

>> No.47022017


Kick Ass Torrents, silly.

>> No.47022021


Eh it depends where you play. My local club is a very competitive environment. We have about 12-16 regulars and nearly everyone plays like they're practicing for events. That said we all enjoy it and I really like the guys I play with. So here playing or using a highly tuned list isn't going to see you not get games or be run off. We often try to innovate with lists and push competitive levels.

>> No.47022024

I could understand not thinking they would be 5 over 4, but over 3? They're werewolf marines? Why on earth would they get weaker?

>> No.47022026

Decimators are terrible for their points.

245 points for an AV 13/12/11 walker with 3 hull points. BS 3, with eight str 8 ap 4 shots per turn.

If it miraculously gets glanced to death, it stands back up on a d6 roll of a 6!

>> No.47022051

You can download it for free in the OP link.

>> No.47022059

Oh, I meant the model, not the rules.

>> No.47022074

I hear you, I was just countering his anecdotal with my own.

But the fact that a metropolis of 6 million people, that just 3 years ago had 10+ games of 40k going every friday night, and was overrun with 40k players - has been reduced to a small handful of netlisters. Its telling.

>> No.47022094

skip to second 7.

>> No.47022108

Because they aren't wearing power armor :^)

>> No.47022112


>in the year 2016 this still happens...
um... $60? its $22 on eBooks gamers edition.

>> No.47022122

You know you can do that with the embed.

>> No.47022139

Neither are Scouts.

>> No.47022145


>> No.47022148


This >>47022108, This was his argument for like 16 posts, and he jumped anyone mentioning it looked more like a 5 than a 3.

>> No.47022171

It's not competitive because they get shot to death but a Swarmlord with full Tyrant Guard (which you badly need) is a Death Star capable of grinding almost anything to dust. A friend thought it would be a good idea to charge 5 Chaos Terminators at me and they got ground up by the Swarmlord himself.

I killed a Dreadknight and 5 Paladins with it, however the Liberian one shot the Swarmlord because force. That pretty much sums up the death star.

>> No.47022182

"About the ork flyer:

140 points 12/10/10 3HP

(Cannot translate the ork weapons)
Twin-linked 36", S8, AP2, Heavy 1, Blast, Gets hot
1x 36" S1D6+4, AP1, Heavy1
5++ vs one single hit each enemy shooting phase (May be exchanged for an ork energy shield 5++ to be bearer and all models at 6" for +25 points)"

Huh... well the chaff is shit, but overall cheaper than doomsayers tried to make it.

>> No.47022220

Also Hive Guard can't join him and shouldn't. He should be running every chance.

You could just proxy them as Tyrant Guard. If you feel like getting a new box just go ahead and give them crushing claws, you're already spending an ungodly amount of points anyways.

>> No.47022228

its the teleporta blasta orks have elswhere only instead of a blast its a large blast from what I heard.

>> No.47022236

It also has better front armor than rumoured, which is nice.

The Chaff also works on all shots, which makes it similar to a limited Jink in a way.

I think it'll be a solid addition alongside the other Orks flyers, for however much that matters.

>> No.47022246

Im wondering if the KFF will apply to other models than flyers when taken on it, because if it can then I can really KFF damn near my entire force at all points in the game

>> No.47022268


2 v 2 1850ish , 6th edition
Chaos Space Marines and Tau vs Eldar and Guard

Mission was the Emperor's will, Dawn of War deployment

I was running World Eaters, deployed my Land Raider with Kharn and a squad of Bezerkers in the middle of the table flanked on each side by rhinos with 10 man chaos space marines. I had a bloodthrister on the right flank and a Juggerlord with Bikes plus a Skull cannon on the left.

My Tau ally was running double Riptide, with a his mandatory troops on our objective to the right of my armored column with a Hammerhead. Infiltrated some Stealthsuits onto a building to the right of those.

The enemy guard took the flanks, with an Armored squadron of 3 Leman russes on the left, and a full platoon behind an aegis on the right. Eldar were at the Center with a squad of wraithguard with a Far Seer or something on their object, a Wave Serpent with Fire Dragons, The Avatar, a squad of Guardians and a wraith knight. The eldar had a Hemlock and a Wave Serpent of Scorpions in reserve.

Might be missing a few Eldar units and Tau units

>> No.47022278

I just pasted the original leaker.

Also weapon there is the twinlinked Kustom Mega kannon and Smasha guns.

We can hope, also hope that it'll become a option in the AIr armada formation, the 5 fliers would do well with a KFF in the middle, with their floyign out f bounds for repair and rearmament they'll be pretty damn tough.

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>5 flyer formation

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Are mechanicus getting any love? I really like their fluff but i hate the electrolyte priests. Will I have to ally with Skitarii to get any unit variety?

>> No.47022333

Yeah, always arrives together and can leave the table to refill HP and bombs.

>> No.47022336


Currently yes - rumor mill has us getting a 40k campaign book of AdMech vs. Tau and giving us a combined codex.

>> No.47022342

Rumored to be getting a combined codex and being the stars of the next IA. What that will entail nobody knows, but here's to hoping for more options in regards to the different branches.

>> No.47022351

Yeah I'd love to see at least a picture of the actual entry. The warseer thread it was posted in has devolved into "where's my vendetta?" and "oh god now my baledrake is an even shittier shit."

Shut the fuck up, I want details for one of the two new data sheets. No one has posted the pursuit or agility for it yet that I've seen.

>> No.47022362

Any rumors yet, like bringing more 30k mechanicum inspired stuff to 40k? With so many concepts to lend, it'd be a shame for no ordo reductor or anything

>> No.47022367

Also also because I love the Swarmlord too much.

Your best ally is Proxyism in challenges because most good characters are WS5/6 and knocking them or a Walker down to hitting on 5s increases your survivability greatly. Even if the opponent has Eternal Warrior go ahead and challenge because you have six fucking attacks at I6. Even Abbadon is going to be wincing.

Rumored to be a combined book soon but they're an amazingly tough and powerful army.

>> No.47022383

Working on finishing the paint on a shadowseer and death jester. Then I need to finish assembly on 5 wracks and paint 10 wracks before Wednesday's league night

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>shut the fuck up and post what I want

epitome of entitled manchild

>> No.47022396

Alright, I'll proxy as tyrant guard when I play him.

Another question: Its my understanding that tyranid units get an extra attack when they have two pairs of the same weapon, such as scything talons. Does this bonus apply to the Swarmlord? His statline gives him 4 attacks, but he has two pairs of boneswords, so does he get 5?

>> No.47022405

Supposedly the forge world book will allow alot of the 30k mechanicus stuff to be fielded in 40k so there's that.
As for stuff the like the ordo reductor, it's very possible that would be in the combined codex, so as to add more HQ and other unit options.

>> No.47022415

>a Death Star capable of grinding almost anything to dust
Walkers excluded, they'll grind it to shit

>> No.47022420

Stupid gimmick of Scything Talons:

If you have a bare bones MC with two sets of talons, it has +1 attack.

If you have one set of talons and one ranged weapon... Functionally one of your weapon slots is now empty, no different from equipping nothing.

>> No.47022436

>but he has two pairs of boneswords, so does he get 5?

>> No.47022463

As more people votes more representative it will be

Also I'm very surprised for the popularity of the Sisters of Battle

>> No.47022480

Yes, he has TWO PAIRS, this grants him an extra CQC.

Just depends. Dreadnoughts are scary but the Swarmlord has smash at I6 and can one-shot walkers. The Mauler fiend wouldn't be so scary.

>> No.47022486

There's two new units leaked and the thread is filled with vendetta/ helldrake/ void raven bitching. I get where they're coming from, but it's all just a circle jerk of "poor me."

But apparantly wanting to read about a new unit rather than commiserating with nerf victims makes me the "epitome of entitled manchild." Cool.

>> No.47022532

Well there's your problem. Amazing, isn't it, how in a city of six million people there's nothing but cunts?

>> No.47022537

>But apparantly wanting to read about a new unit rather than commiserating with nerf victims makes me the "epitome of entitled manchild." Cool.
Good, don't let it happen again.

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Where do you go to find people to play with?

>> No.47022621

Ur mums house.

>> No.47022634

My friends place.

Got out owen table, terrain and storage for bulky minis, comfy chairs, good music and no random asshats walking in on the game to pick up models and give "tactical advice"

>> No.47022668

Describe one situation where the AdMech's murderboner would rise.
>Volkite STC on a Tau world

>> No.47022696

That's funny.

>> No.47022734


Turn 1

We got first turn and as the blood god demanded I rushed up straight up the center as far as I could with my transport, positioning the rhino's in front of the landraider so I could get some cover. On the left flank my melta were able to get a lucky pen and kill a single tank, while my blood thrister ran up the right straight at the guards men.

The Tau began focusing their efforts on the wraith knight, while my skull cannon laid down some fire onto the Eldar. I actually think it might of been some rangers because I vaguely remember almost killing an entire unit turn 1.

On their turn 1 they popped one of my rhinos and took a few hull points off my land raider. My bloodthrister was also grounded by the flashlights and I was able make a bunch of jink saves on my bikes as the tanks pounded on them. The Avatar moved to try and intercept Kharn and the land raider.

(Cont ?)

>> No.47022758

Don't ask to continue, just do it.

We just shit post here anyways, why not about a good story.

>> No.47022771
File: 42 KB, 493x335, Crushing-the-Cup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Random asshats walking in on the game to pick up models and give "tactical advice".

>> No.47022813


I'm wiping my ass with a STC as we speak.

>> No.47022824


Turn 2

My land raider moved forward the 6 inch to let Kharn and his boys out with my rhinoless CSM positioning themselves between him and the Avatar, also managing to get a couple of wounds off of him. My 2nd rhino moved 12 right next to the Wraith guard, making it so Kharn them could charge without getting raped by Distortion flamers thanks to its Dirge Caster. I made the charge. Kharn slaughtered the HQ and the weight of attacks from my zerkers plus a power ax on the champ managed to kill the wraith guard with minimal damage. Unfortunately for me, Kharn ascended into a daemon prince and effectively became a waste of points for me.

My juggerlord and his escort also made it into combat against the tanks, but were unable to finish them off. The Tau continued to work on the Wraith Knight as well but couldn't quite finish the job while my skull cannon continued to bombard vulnerable Eldar infantry hiding in ruins.

On their turn the avatar charged my closet CSM squad , only to lose a wound to overwatch before cutting through them like butter and eventually sweeping. The Hemlock flew on and started doing its fear crap and the wraith knight btfo DP Kharn. My Bloodthrister was also killed without having gotten to do anything. Things are looking kind of bad.

Things get hilarious (For me at least) now, when the last remaining Leman russ backs up and tries to pie plate my juggerlord and bike, but somehow scatters back onto himself, penning and exploding. I like to think my Juggerlord volleyball spiked that shit back down the barrel.


>> No.47022830



>> No.47022875

Nuh-uh, you get AP6.

>> No.47022917

So, are tyranid gargoyles worth the investment? The only reason I see to take them is to blind a unit to make them easier for bigger guys to kill.

>> No.47022938

that, or to tie up enemies so they can't shoot on your (lol) actually useful units.

>> No.47022985

>So, are tyranid gargoyles worth the investment?
If you consider gants to be worth the investment then yes. They are basically faster hormagaunts with the firepower of termagants and inbuilt blinding poison attacks

>> No.47022993

>TFW all your e-bay bids on half-painted shit have been outbit and the auctions are now the same price as NIB models from discount retailers.

Why do I even have a damn account.

>> No.47023011

Rules question: Can artillery models get feel no pain?

>> No.47023024
File: 84 KB, 712x940, 13081989_10153641630193546_48271953_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you measure the KFF from the base or the plane?

>> No.47023038

They have toughness score so yes.

You can have 15 t7 grots with +3 saves and FNP.

>> No.47023053

I love my life.

>> No.47023059

>>volleyball spike battle cannon shell back into the leman russ
Ha ha awesome.

Bro with that army, you could easily be running KDK with CSM ally for Kharn. Bring kharn and the bikers from the chaos codex and you can add your KDK hq to the bikers to give them blood for the blood god, same with adding kharn to your KDK berzerkers.

>> No.47023091

Just remember, if they are charged by guardsmen they are back to their old t2 nosave selves.

>> No.47023102

To con idiots who outbid you into paying full price for used models.

>> No.47023156

Thanks for the reminder, friend.

>> No.47023160

Your anus is going to be turned into a fax machine for that.

>> No.47023176

I just want enough gitz and Manz to field the bully-blitz-gitz triple formation.

For some reason the static old metals are actually costlier than the plastics.

>> No.47023204


In all fairness, it is an STC for an ass-wiping device.

>> No.47023206

Try Bartertown if you can place trust in your fellow man

>> No.47023211

>Chaos getting shit done
Reminds me of their pre-5th edition book.

>> No.47023219

Vehicles measure from their guns.

>> No.47023220

Not stateside.

>> No.47023236

In that case no harm was done. Not sure who to give this to since any cogboy worth his salt isn't going need a wiping.

>> No.47023241

sorry KFF= Kustom Force Field. Only reason im asking is because the bubble from the KFF is going to be massive if its from the plane

>> No.47023245

It's not a gun.

>> No.47023246

No, no one expects you to commiserate.
But (sic) 'shut the fuck up and post the info I'm interested in' suggests a self-centered attitude, indicative of - a manchild.

>> No.47023258

You're so mad you've gone full retard.

>> No.47023263

Well The Morkanaught does it from the model, though it's without base.

>> No.47023353

Why exactly is that reply considered 'full retard'? Aside from the last few lines of insults, everything is pretty much spot on. Or are you the one being called a faggot or battered housewife, in which case you're just mindlessly shitposting in retaliation.

>> No.47023355


We shall scale it up, add a few heavy bolter sponsons and repurpose it as a main battle tank.

If it can wipe an ass, surely one 1000 times larger can wipe out heretics.

>> No.47023449
File: 118 KB, 720x480, 1349497666605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47023497


The Leman Russ Ass-blaster.

>> No.47023630

>Chaos Rapier batteries with feel no pain
Shame CSM have no apothecaries

>> No.47023634


This was back in 6th edition, pre-KDK and other 7th edition Eldar schinanegans. I do run KDK now and really like them. If only I could take Kharn!

Also sorry for delay in posting, I'm at work right now.


Turn 3

My Rhino drives unto the objective and my CSM pile out and I somehow manage to snap shoot the Hemlock out of the sky with rapid fire Bolters and Plasma Guns. The Tau finally finish off the Wraith Knight and my Zerkers charge and bring down the Avatar at a heavy toll.

On the left flank my juggerlord and his posse begin sweeping through the buildings, I think there were ratling snipers in there that had been shooting at the Riptides. My bloodletter reserves come in, and join the Tau infantry at camping our objective.

The Eldar begin to retaliate, managing to kill all my bikers with their wave serpants and fire dragons, but my lord lives with 1 HP. Their wave serpant with the scorpions out flanks behind my Skull Cannon, unloading the warriors and firing everything into the skull cannon and geting a couple of glances. He also had a Wraithlord that was hiding with the Wraithknight that begins to make its way towards their objective, but doesn't manage to kill anything.

In the previous turn the Tau infiltrators had been blown out of the building by artillery called by the guards Master of Ordanance, which has now turned its attention onto my guys holding their objective. He begins bombarding the objective in our deployment zone, doing moderate damage to the tau there. The rest of his men begin slogging towards their objective hoping to reclaim it before the game ends.

A couple of units of Sentinels that were either on the left flank this entire time or just ran across the board manage to bring one of the rip tides down with lascannon and autocannon fire.


>> No.47023690

Now we must stat it.

>> No.47023736

Is 2 ork flyers in 1500 cheese?
I want to try a dakkajet and the new plane together

>> No.47023757

A stupidly big and rainbowy greater daemon of tzeentch which is composed of around 7 kits. I have a painting comp in two weeks and the amount of work I need to put into this bad boy is killing me. I just want to paint Screamers.

>> No.47023771
File: 243 KB, 349x500, khorne_flakes_by_knyghtos-d4gz4vl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh that actually explains the blood thirster getting grounded by flashlights.

>> No.47023776

Totally fine. It's Orks and above 1000 points.

>> No.47023782

Ive never played vs. a KDK list, but Id absolutely let you take Kharne as a substitute for one of your HQ choices. I still cant figure out the reasoning behind that.

>> No.47023797

I'd have a hard time considering anything cheese when it comes to orks.

>> No.47023817

Thos needs to be a quest thread. Like fucking now.


>> No.47023837

Anon, pointing out that GW is not in charge of making FW rules nor updating them, is not defending GW. FW is in charge of updating FW rules. It was the case when Hull Points became a thing. It was the case when Flyers became a thing. It has always been the case. Stating actual facts does not make one a defender or GW and strawmaning that statement in a huff does not do anything but make you an idiot.

FW will put out an FAQ to slap roles for their flyers just like they did with all the other GW changes and they'll update the official rules in one of their books when they get to it. You can either deal with it or rage some more on the internet.

>> No.47023866

No biggie for that point size. But I always ask ahead of time 'we using flyers or no'.
Not everyone does, and I actually prefer no flyers myself. But I still have a Heldrake, Vendetta, or adl w/quadgun for when I need one. Except for mono Nurgle Daemons. If they arent already in combat, they can easily weather shooting from a flyer or two.

>> No.47023881

making my first tau army right now with the start collecting set, for the crisis suits is there any consideration needed for the weapons?

right now i have flamer, shield and missile pod on one, the one i'm painting right now is plasma gun and burst cannon

I realize now that a flamer on one of my only elites is somewhat retarded, but are there any recommendations for my third suit and the support system for the second suit?

>> No.47023905

He's just shitposting

>> No.47023907

>3 squads of 12 tankbustas in trukks
>3 squad of 5 kmk
>3 squads of 5 warbuggies with rockets
not pure cheddar, but still very aggravating.
and $expensive$

>> No.47023929

The main thing is to not mix weapons in the same unit. You tend to want all the guys in one squad to share similar guns so they can fire at the same things.

Luckily you can run them solo so that's not as big of a worry.

Flamers are actually a decent option on Crisis suits. Both of those are an okay loadout. Personally I'd swap out the burst cannon, but it should be fine.

I'd suggest perhaps a counterfire defense system for the second suit so it can overwatch with a burst cannon at BS 2. Third suit it'd be good to get a Fusion blaster so you have some anti-tank.

>> No.47023974

yeah for the 2nd one i was going to go with ritual knife, multi tracker and then either double fusion blaster or fusion + plasma, i'm new to the rules but logically i'll probably not have double fusion because it has no versatility and will just get focused


literally no idea what this means, brand new to 40k rules

>> No.47024000

But you know, unlike any other army's cheese list, this would still be fun to play against. It's still a bunch of easily killable dudes to blast off the board. Even if I lost I'd still have fun - orks just don't have that "My special rules give me three extra saves and your guys get no saves" type of list where you do nothing but remove your own guys off the field until you're tabled in turn 3.

>> No.47024004

Ballistic Skill is how good something is at hitting what it shoots at. BS1: Hit on 6, BS2: Hit on 5, etc.

>> No.47024008

>Drive 30 minutes to LGS
>As soon as I step foot in the shop get a phone call canceling my match

Well, looks like I just have to write up some fluff for my Necrons which have really been hard to think up.

Already going with a custom color scheme so I guess I will make it its own Dynasty.

Is there a collection of custom faction's fluff?

>> No.47024025

Well, there's benefits to being versatile and to being focused. Double fusion blasters, for example, can fire at any tank without having to worry about 'wasting' the shots from whatever second gun you have.

BS 2 refers to Ballistic Skill 2. Ordinarilly Crisis suits are BS 3 when firing normally, but when charged they make snap-shots, which are at BS 1. Thus they go from hitting half the time to hitting only 1 in 6 shots. Counterfire defense system lets you overwatch at a higher Ballistic skill, which means you go from BS 1 to BS 2, basically doubling the amount you hit during overwatch. With a fast-firing gun like the burst cannon, it can be a nice cheap upgrade to keep your suit safe.

>> No.47024030

No one was raging. Your smug tone suggests you're feeling defensive though. Projecting rage into replies and whatnot.
As far as FW updating their flyers rules - I wouldnt count on a timely update, its more likely there will be a significant period of time where FW flyers are out RAW. There is no precedent for this situation either. Do you recall ever seeing them update and add new statistics for one specific unit type across all armies and a dozen or so IA books?

Let anon voice displeasure, no need to insult anyone for saying 'what the hell?'. The info just came out this morning, people are gonna react.

>> No.47024032


Turn 4

My Juggerlord charges the backfield wave serpant and leaves it a flaming wreck while my CSM try their best to weaken the Wraithlord before charging it alongside my Bezerkers. My skull cannon turns and pie plates the scorpions before charging them for some HoW hits that kill all but 1, but manages to regain some HP.

The Tau jump away from the Sentinel and takes out the Wave Serpent with combined fire from the Hammerhead and Riptide. Our forces are looking pretty exhausted and theres still that huge guard blob.

Luckily for us, the Aegis defense line has been working against the guard, and he struggles to move over the difficult terrain. The Wraith Lord continues to fight the CSM but they manage to stick around. The Sentinels fire at the Riptide, managing to get a wound or two before they charge him. Neither are able to wound each other as they flail around uselessly in melee.

The Eldar attempt to finish off my Juggerlord, but I somehow make all my saves. Desperate for the warlord kill he charges the fire dragons into him thinking he can get the 1 wound left through sheer luck. The blood god rewards my faith and my Juggerlord cuts them all down and consolidates closer to their objective.

>> No.47024073
File: 12 KB, 162x195, 1219969306357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw slapped some kids had away because he tried touching my models and I was taken to the side by GW manager and told never to do that again

>> No.47024089

>Not Buzzgobs Stompa, token gretchins, KFF mek and all the repair rolls you can transport in it.

>> No.47024140

How many Gretchin would it take to take down a Wraithguard/lord/knight?

>> No.47024142


I think reasonably it might be expected for you not to strike a kid in a GW store. You could just tell him to stop without touching him.

>> No.47024171
File: 2.56 MB, 3264x2448, 20160501_205010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


ah thanks, once i finish painting my stuff ill pick up a codex etc to get into it in more detail

i'll put the CDS on my 2nd suit, before I put the bonding knife on my (probably now double fusion) 3rd suit, would it be better served on either of the other suits because i don;'t know what it does right now

>> No.47024193

How's Straylia?

>> No.47024199

why is that the right way up when i look at it on the pc but upside down on the post

>> No.47024206

Wraithguard? Assuming they're shooting, you need roughly 36 shots to reliably get a single wound. In melee, I think toughness 6 is actually immune to strength 2.

Lords and Knights are both toughness 8 and therefore completely immune to Strength 4 and lower.

>> No.47024213


You're right. It was very instinctual on my part though, and less an act of malice

>> No.47024229

People are free to react, and other people are free to point out just how things are without being labeled GW defenders.

GW is not in charge of updating FW rules. Deal with it.

>There is no precedent for this situation either.

Here's their 6e Hull Point and unit type update:

Here's their Escalation/7e Lord of War update:

It will be a miracle if FW doesn't include similar update to their Flyers with designations on which role each of them occupies.

>> No.47024230

Because you are south of the equator.

>> No.47024235

The Bonding Knife upgrade is a really cheap 1 point thing. It doesn't replace anything else, and the main thing it does is fiddle with leadership rules a bit. Basically it makes it easier to regroup in some cases.

How useful it can be is debatable, but it's cheap enough to include. I'd recommend looking up the specific rules more closely.

>> No.47024248


I'd generally assume "slap" means "intercept hand without any real force" here, and yeah: That would cause some morons to overreact, so I can see why the manager is getting himself involved so he doesn't need to take any shit over something otherwise meaningless.

>> No.47024296

guess I'll give the game part of 40k a miss then

>> No.47024314

good call, means you can collect whatever models you like and assemble them as you prefer.

>> No.47024317

did that FAQ get posted yet?

>> No.47024350

Rolled 5, 9, 3, 5 = 22 (4d10)

Don't mind me just trying a creation table:

>> No.47024363

How's the weather down there in Australia?

>> No.47024365
File: 6 KB, 416x65, FAQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Next week

>> No.47024373


There's a D&D dice roller that's one of the first results when you google dice roller

>> No.47024376

They said that the week to come there will be a first draft of them to receive feedback about it

>> No.47024390

Totally out of the loop, what stops the Helldrake from Vector striking?

As far as I know it's rules says it can vectorstrike which happens in movement phase even through it's a flyer.

>> No.47024397

And save on multiples of the same model.

>> No.47024400

alright cool thanks lads
finals are coming up so i've been living under a rock

>> No.47024422

Indeed, that fucking Bullyboyz formation is gonna cost more than the rest of my army combined.

5 boxes of the expensive shits.

>> No.47024427

thanks, I don't have any d10s and its for a Necron Dynasty table, will use google to find digital d100

>> No.47024431

I've seen enough 3 man squads of all the same double-weapon crisis suits that a mix-and-match loadout like that is really refreshing to see. Kudos.

>> No.47024456
File: 131 KB, 600x502, 1331613747194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw my friend tried to sell his models in the GW store.

>> No.47024471

Story time?

>> No.47024496


In theory, there's no actual issue there. It's a hobby store with space to work on and play the hobby, so is there to encourage a community of regulars.

In practice, GW are cunts and he really shoulda known better.

>> No.47024518

apparently if i take a picture when my phone is upside down, my pc and phone show it the right way up but not when i upload it

i was tempted to do some twin linking but decided against it, used the single flamer as a practise run as this is the first every army i've painted, so if i fucked up its only a flamer wasted

I'll most likely twin link fusions though

>> No.47024557

Eh, mainly it's a variety thing. Crisis suits have so many options that it's a shame to see people all do the same thing.

>> No.47024578

Actually the FnP is disabled by Any S4 or above attack as it says under shooting in the basic core: "Any would allocated to a model has the instant death special rule (see below) if the Strength value of that attack is at least double the Toughness value (after modifiers) of that model"

So while the opponent would Wound against the Toughness of the Artillery you would easily lose the benefit of FnP as the models themselves as Toughness 2.

>> No.47024579

Not much of a story, the manager is new and a really good guy but I'm sure GW puts the fear of God into you about their super uptight rules.

Just took him aside and told him never to do that again.

It effects GW sales. You're now competing with them in their store.

>> No.47024601

And the modfier makes the Grots T7 against shooting.

>> No.47024611

if it's for cash the store actually has some non-douche based grounds for preventing the sail.

Allowing others to perform cash sales in your business requires a different or additional license in most areas, beyond that which most stores have. so legally, they can't let you sell stuff on their grounds.

Comes up with magic in FLGS a lot. You can trade cards for cards all you want, but cash can't change hands

>> No.47024613
File: 50 KB, 406x364, 1457927260350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47024702

The best advice you'll ever get is: magnetize your dudes, especially your bigger models.

>> No.47024717

Breaking news from warseer:

>ALSO: Double-checked the rules for heldrakes; They DO have a dogfight-only vector strike!!! It's just near impossible to get it in, especially against anything that can outmanoeuvre a flying croissant. (The heldrake's very agile, almost as a Razorwing. It is quite slow however.)

>> No.47024737

Not quite, if you read about what modifiers stand for in the core book in the beginning you quickly find that the artilleries toughness is not a modifier.

It actually says under Artillery: If shooting at an Artillery unit, the Toughness of the guns is always used whilst at least one gun remains. Any Wounds that are caused are still allocated to the closest model first.

Once you've gone down the order of the wound pool and either succeeded or failed the save you are allowed to attempt a Feel no Pain roll, which now checks if the Model is suffering a unsaved wound with Strength double its toughness. Which it easily would.

Because the Shooting at Artillery section states that the Closest model saves it becomes that models toughness as Feel no Pain takes no regard to Who shot at it. Also as mentioned it does say "Shooting at" not "Being shot as" further clarifying the argument.

>> No.47024772

Do you not have friends?

>> No.47024784

>news from warseer
Please do not shit post

>> No.47024849

Whether this is true or not, i don't see how the Heldrake is in such a bad spot

No one ever took the hades cannon, being -1 BS means nothing when it vector strike's and fires a flamer template.

And it's AV12, regen and 5++ can keep it alive. At least it can still punch shit out the sky, i feared vector would be removed.

>> No.47024899

>Heldrake is a melee flyer
>In a shooty flyer meta

Sounds about right.

>> No.47024908

God damn it, Chaos.

>> No.47024925

It should actually be able to engage in combat, honestly. What, was putting WS and A stats on it too complicated for them?

>> No.47024930

Hay there wanted to get back into 40k with my black Templars. I just had some questions on how do formations work.

#1: what are the requirements for formations other than the restrictions?

#2: if I made an Ally detachment of IF space marines and did the librarian formation, can I do this? Also is that too cheesy?

>> No.47024942

Wtf dude. I dont want some kid touching my shit either, and I hate kids. But slapping a kids hand? Come the fuck on bro.

>> No.47024985

Dont you mean shooty meta period? Is there even a melee unit used outside the hilarious thunderwolves?

>> No.47024997

>#1: what are the requirements for formations other than the restrictions?

The restrictions are the requirements unless it says you may take 0-x of unit Y. Any unit you must take will be listed.

>#2: if I made an Ally detachment of IF space marines and did the librarian formation, can I do this?

formations can be added to anything, you wouldn't need an IF ally detachment for IF Lib Conclave. You can do whatever you want, some people think the conclave is strong but unless you are only rolling for OP powers it is cool.

>> No.47025029

>Heldrake is a Flyer Walker

I'm okay with this

>> No.47025046

Cool good to know. The only reason why I was asking if I should take them as Ally's is because the BT chapter tactics rule is you cannot take librarians

>> No.47025107


Ruststalkers and Infiltrators.

>> No.47025122

so you choose chapter tactics on a formation by formation bonus I believe. So you can have an Black Templar Demi Company, an Iron Hands Armored Task Force and an Ultramarine Librarius Conclave

>> No.47025139

basis* stupid phone.

>> No.47025153

not any that play tabletop games.

>> No.47025172

are we talking only the top of the top tournament meta? in which case why is anything CSM being talked about.

If you go beyond that: wraiths, scorpions, assault marines in the new formation, flesh hounds.

>> No.47025178

No iron hands. But yeah my main army is BT and I was wondering how I could get the librarian conclave in there some how. But I feel it breaks the fluff and may make me look like "that guy'

>> No.47025194


>Is there even a melee unit used outside the hilarious thunderwolves?

Brass Scorpions, Knights, Stompas, Mega-Nobz, Berserkers, Kharn, The Bloodthirster with the D-Axe, Mega-Nobz, several of the Greater Daemons, Blood Hounds of Khorne and several other units.

>> No.47025205

There's very little 'somehow'. You can easily just take a Librarius conclave with whatever chapter tactics and slap it onto anything. You could take it in an Imperial Guard army without trouble. Black Templars are the same way.

It does rather break fluff though.

>> No.47025230
File: 163 KB, 780x818, Feels they shall never take.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>List of 'good' melee units
>First three are 300-700 pts super heavies
>Berzerkers/Meganobz being on the list at all

>> No.47025251

Yeah it does but I was trying to take it to counter some of the stuff eldar can do. But on that note I hear people taking IG with space Marines and their magic casters making them very strong. Do what is the model they use and why is it so strong?

>> No.47025317


Half the good Necron units are melee.

>> No.47025326

as far as rules go, what is the best siege warfare/ urban warfare army?

>> No.47025331

A fan-codex for Orks.
I've got all the data and numbers sorted out, and had a lot of fun with mock battles and theorycraft alongside mathhammer, but putting it all into a .pdf is just dragging on.
Aside from that, about 1000 points worth of Eldar need to be painted, but I'm waiting for the wife to get ready to paint her next wave of Nids.

>> No.47025354

Depends what you mean. Attacking siege is different from defending siege, and urban warfare is very different from both of those.

>> No.47025364

well, whats the best attacking siege and whats the best defending?

>> No.47025412
File: 176 KB, 900x1440, Ironwithin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is only one choice..

>> No.47025417


Wraiths and... lychguards? Or are you afraid of scarabs.

>> No.47025426

painting models.

Getting a test game with vehicle house rule that reduces pen result by the number of remaining models.

finding a way to have my striking scorpian exarch have a name that is both obviously an ode to lobster johnson and still sound eldary.

>> No.47025435


for attacking IG
wyvren will clear out entrenched infantry like nobody's buisness

>> No.47025460

>Black Templars
>Allying with psykers
M8, do you even know who Black Templars are? Read their lore.

>> No.47025522
File: 16 KB, 351x329, FTNFTBVI9UDMK3M.LARGE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon please we're only here to win, fluffy and fun lists are not allowed

>> No.47025527

I haven't played since 4th edition, played maybe half a dozen games of fifth edition.

Stopped playing because everyone in my area is WAAC.

They've added so many features to the game since then, I don't know if I'd ever have time to get back into it. Maybe I will if the sisters get plastic models and a new codex.

>> No.47025602


Either you don't play Necrons, or you monobuild a decurion.

>> No.47025611

>Maybe I will if the sisters get plastic models and a new codex.

Let the meme army get squatted anyways.

>> No.47025618

they ally with Grey Knights in the lore sometimes.

>> No.47025647

taking my emperors children off the shelf and trying to get some progress on them

>> No.47025648

I'd say Marines or Necrons for attacking, they've got good survivability, decent mobility options for getting in close, and both short and long range firepower to take out enemy fortifications.

Defending, I'd say Tau or Imperial Guard. Long range and durable firepower in the form of battlesuits/tanks, and the lack of toughness/armor on troops doesn't matter as much due to the benefits of fortifications for cover. Gunlining doesn't tend to be the most exciting thing though.

>> No.47025699

which chapter/war band of marines

>> No.47025720
File: 77 KB, 800x450, chaos-marine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's some nice fortifications you got there. I'd hate for something to happen to them.

>> No.47025732

Personally, I'd say Imperial Fists. Devastator squads dealing extra damage to buildings gives them an edge in that regard.

>> No.47025749

>monobuild a decurion.
guilty. Still working my way up to a canoptek harvest. Literally just have a Royal Court, 40 war Reclamation Legion and nexus + 2 monoliths.

>> No.47025822
File: 485 KB, 193x135, 452673.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those are the only armies I play... why...

>> No.47025840

Aren't iron warriors and iron hands both siege specialists?

>> No.47025842

>shooty meta
It's only shooty because of grav, tau, WAAC players and tourney faggots. A good player with melee units can wreck a shooty player with ease.

Think about the state of the game as the following:
A plasma gun costs 15 points. Can get 2 shots off, plus two snapfires before melee.
A power sword costs 15 points. Can get 3-4 swings on the charge, but has worse ap and strength compared to the plasma.
And of course, the plasma gunner can still swing in melee.

>> No.47025848


>> No.47025864


Iron Hands are not - Iron Warriors equal measure are the Imperial Fists.

>> No.47025872

Iron Warriors are, but good luck finding rules for them.

>> No.47025874

>The Bloodthirster with the D-Axe
Hey, the normal bloodthirster is great as well if you give him skullreaver.

>> No.47025881


Just do what all non masochists do and play loyalists and paint them up like Iron Warriors.

>> No.47025893

iron warriors are offensive siege specialists

imperial fists are defense siege specialists

iron hands are blitzkrieging on motherfuckers specialists

>> No.47025918

Are you daft? Heldrake got buffed. Didnt lose anything in dogfights and he can now make additional turn on 3+ which is just perfect when shooting the flamer.

>> No.47025934


Iron Hands aren't a speed based chapter. They're a durable, dull chapter. Their counter was - in many ways - the Emperor's Children. They're all about being durable, quiet and relentless.

>> No.47025944


>> No.47025965

What's this thing I've heard about with Flesh Tearers being able to use Drop Pods in an OP way? I can't find it in the BA codex pdf, but it sounds like it'd be cool to have for my Exorcists as fire-and-sword demonkillers.

>> No.47025968
File: 70 KB, 294x96, mechanized infantry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47025986

Plus helldrakes are one of the few flyers that players possibly already own three of. Meaning you can get free upgrades for fielding them as an attack wing the day the book drops without having to buy one more kit.

>> No.47026005

>Flesh Tearers being able to use Drop Pods in an OP way
But they can spam Fast attack choices with on of their things, so you can get a shitload of transport drop-pods for battlebrothers that don't have access to pods themselves.

>> No.47026009

Its in Shield of Baal Exterminatus. And the "OP" is just that they have detachment that has min of 1hq, 1 troop and 1 FA and up to 6 FA. That means you can pay min. allies and take 6 drop pods for other imperial armies.

>> No.47026016

Feels good actually standing a chance against other armies as SM without having to use a deathstar to last past turn 2.

>> No.47026049

The game is about Deathstars now though.

>> No.47026090

Isn't that X-wing?

>> No.47026095

>meme army
What does even mean?

>> No.47026098

your lucky that kids parent wasent there. people are sue happy, or super entitled and think their child could do no wrong. they might have wrecked your models and when you rightfully ask for compensation get told to fuck yourself. its not like the GW shop owner can stop some random parent and child from leaving the store, he doesnt want to lose his job. then if you assault the parent, you have to stand in front of a judge as he rolls his eyes and asks you why you attacked someone over "childrens toys being ruined"

>> No.47026103

Every game of 40k comes down to how hard it is to kill your warlord.

>> No.47026107

Maybe all flamethrowers
But that's just a regular sisters army

>> No.47026128

If that was true my Ghazzstar would win every game.

>> No.47026151


None of that reflects any of the written fluff or the way they play in the game.

Read Wrath of Iron.

>> No.47026159

Smashfucker does win every game though.

>> No.47026163

Playing Tau is like being the colonials. One side has ceremonies, belief in mystic gods that give them strength, weapons are ancient airlooms used by ancestors and they either want to hit you with their big club or fire short range arrows. Warlords have epic combat to decide who is the greatest.

And all of that comes to an end unceremoniously at the end of a pulse rifle churned out of a factory only months ago held and the is ceremony being a briefing before landing.

>> No.47026171

Alright thanks. I'm not too familiar with their fluff beside "removing weak flesh with bionics"

>> No.47026172

>Incandescent: At the end of an Assault phase in which the bearer made one or more To Hit roll with the Burning Blade, roll a D6. On a a roll of a 2+, nothing happens. One the roll of a 1, the bearer takes a Strength 4 AP2 hit.

Does negate any opportunity for an invulnerable save or could I still roll for that?

>> No.47026188

They do fit, but they used slow mechanized infantry to break through the enemy.

>> No.47026192

>FW is wrong
>read BL instead
wew lad

>> No.47026208


Till someone rolls a "6" on the Stomp table.

>> No.47026210

He has better mobility, ranged capability and is far cheaper than the ghazzstar but he loses in a brawl unless he has gotten a method of becoming T6.

>> No.47026215

>Like to run tac marines
>Tac marines are shit
>Can barely kill a squad of veteran guardsmen
>10 man squad doesn't last against shit
>Starting to lose hope

>> No.47026217


When has FW written Iron Hands? They've done Sons of Medusa as far as I am aware but I've never seen them do IH.

>> No.47026222

anon, please, he can't even go toe to toe with smashthirster and he's way cheaper then smashfucker and his friends.

>> No.47026227

Does it say it negates invulnerable saves?

>> No.47026242

>take a small break from hobby
>comes to check Wh40k general
>new rules again
>endless butthurt
>follow diiscussion / play few games
>accept butthurt but whine on threads about how version x was better
>lose interest because not as fun
>come back after a short beak and repeat cycle

isn't it time /tg/ wrote it's own 40k rules like ffor fantasy?

>> No.47026244

He doesn't need toughness 6 when he has a 2++ reolling 1s.

>> No.47026252

It fits but you're just comprehending it wrong.

They did break lines, but instead of like Rommel they did it like Napoleon. Send your elite units to the center and break the line. Iron Hands do the same with mechanized infantry straight up the middle, they're too tough to stop.

>> No.47026255

>When has FW written Iron Hands?
the horus heresy is a thing you know

>> No.47026257

You still get your invulnerable and/or fnp ,it only ignores armor saves because of AP2.

>> No.47026276


No, that was the whole rule.

>> No.47026280

He has gotten a method to be T6, warp Forge armor.

>> No.47026309


Oh - who gives a shit. The Hersey and the death of their Primarch had almost as big an impact on the Iron Hands as did Sanguinus's death did for the Blood Angels. It profoundly impacted the way they think, act, and fight.

Also FWIW the thing that was posted doesn't suggest speed is ever any part of their combat methodolgy.

>> No.47026313

Ah the T4 footman version.
So he doesn't beat ghazzy in running or gunning then, hell ghazkhull actually goes faster as HE can run and charge.

The psyker variant or a buddy buffer?

>> No.47026317

That's assuming you can get everyone to agree on where to even start with them. Personally, I'd want to see 2e used as a baseline for the rules, while others might think 4e or 6e was a better balance point.

That's only the base system as well. Going further you'll also have to deal with costing all the units and giving them fluffy rules, which isn't easy unless you have a handful of players for literally every single faction. You can't just have one Eldar player suggest stuff for their rules and expect it to turn out okay.

It'd be a massive project, and you'd need a dedicated team to get anything remotely playable out of it, and even then plenty of people will still say it sucks or just ignore it because they can't convince their local group or whatever.

>> No.47026363

>just said a bunch of horseshit about the EC, all straight ripped from HH since all they do now is suck dicks and die like retards
>oh who gives a shit
you can admit you are retarded, nobody cares.

>> No.47026376
File: 12 KB, 140x134, 1328331872833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck do i beat Guard in HoR killteam as SM when Guard can take around twenty fucking models?

>> No.47026380

I already know that. But I was thinking of making this only for more competitive armys lists

>> No.47026392

More dakka

>> No.47026406


Can't stay mad at someone who plays Monoliths.


Wraiths: Fast and durable, killy but not super killy.

Lychguard: Slow, can be build as either supremely durable or supremely killy.

Flayed Ones: Amazing for their cheapness.

Praetorians: Fast, killy, most vulnerable for points spent of the hard hitters though.

Spyders: Slow, but a cheap monstrous creature with a decent gun and some utility powers.

Scarabs: Nerfed into not being great for their points, but a valid tarpit and you can get a bunch of free ones with the right build. Scarab Farm is fun.

>> No.47026408

You die. And bring flame throwers.also, rhinos can be brought and can't be killed by a guardsman without special gear.

>> No.47026419

Librarius allows him to reroll all failed saves while it reduces gazzies invuln by 2, he doesn't need to be on foot.

>> No.47026437


You're the one who is suggesting a legion/chapter known for its methodical, churning, and generally steamroller approach to warfare is a blitzkrieg chapter with literally 0 evidence to back it up other than a FW snippet which doesn't mention speed at any point.

>> No.47026451

>That's assuming you can get everyone to agree on where to even start with them.

Once you had an edition picked, it wouldn't be terribly difficult to come up with fixes for balance issues or write rules for models that have been released since then. From there it would mostly be an issue of playtesting and points.

The problem is that nobody would survive picking an edition.

>> No.47026467

>the mechanized infantry chapter isnt mechanized infantry
>nevermind everything FW has written, just read my shitty BL novels
k kiddo

>> No.47026481


Bring a Rhino.

>> No.47026488
File: 422 KB, 512x512, 1460324824058.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Smashthirster you say?

>> No.47026492

White scars bike team is pretty damn rough list.

>> No.47026508

Sooner or later the drones will rebel. I for one welcome Mecha Shas'Obama's drone legion and tyranny.

>> No.47026510


Mechanized infantry and blitzkrieg are not synonymous.

>> No.47026518

read book 6

>> No.47026527

I play Iron Hands.

>> No.47026542

This isn't really true. Lots of people you'd find hanging out in a GW are just looking for a reason to start up a new army at anytime. Getting a handful of models for a good price off a buddy will likely end in you buying more from GW to fill out your new force.

>> No.47026591

Only one way to settle that


>> No.47026671

Well go IH bikers, then. Its not like you really need that hit&run and extra strenght at HoW when you are marine vs guardsmen in melee.

>> No.47026710

You mean Nostalgia goggles: the poll.

Seventh is bad but the others had terrible critical problems. LOS before 5th was retarded, 5th melee was OP, etc.

>> No.47026718

Speaking of Iron Hands!

I'm going to give the new Iron Hands decurion a go. Should I go Stormlance or Demi Company for my first core (from a purely good on the table stand point).

>> No.47026729

Lets see the council does 1,1 wound on him per turn.

Shashfucker returns 0.8 wounds himself.

If he's been boosted to T6 though he only takes 0.3 wounds per turn.

Rather good for a model that costs about half of the Council of Waagh.

With the conclave he does jump up in price

Thirster with the D

>> No.47026807

Both are solid. Stormlance is very moving and Demi Company can greatly use the obsec status of its units.

>> No.47026813

>Every game of warmachine comes down to how hard it is to kill your warcaster.
My 40k warlord is an ethereal sometimes, your point is invalid

>Oh - who gives a shit.
Please be retarded elsewhere, thanks.

I've used a 6th clan company for IH since 5th edition
My bikes pretty much just rock melta guns for me, with a single command squad on bikes that does their thing. It works well.
But since you're talking about killteam, I'm not sure how you're losing to guard. You should be able to bring a full squad of marines easily.

>> No.47026835


That's why Smashfucker is good. He isn't unbeatable or the best unit ever - he is a just a fairly cheap (200ish) tank that can take wounds very effectively. He can also turboboost out of his command squad to contest/score a second objective in the last turn.

As an aside - has anyone realized how good having ObSec + the Daemonic Incursion corruption rule is?

>> No.47026876

The stormlance is fun for get out of the box, shoot, get back in and works well when you take a katapractii termi captain to give your devs slow and purposeful
Demi company gives you some re-rolls and more unit flexibility, so really go with what fits your play style.

>has anyone realized how good having ObSec + the Daemonic Incursion corruption rule is?
I licked it so it's mine now
Yes, people that play daemons as an army have, tourny fags don't pick up that stuff very quickly till it wins one

>> No.47026891

295 points without his libarus conclave.

>> No.47026898

>People voting 7th
>the Rules and Power Bloat edition

Go for 3rd, 4th or 5th, keep the psychic phase.
Rework all psychic powers so that they become more powerful with more dice thrown at them.
Make perils effect the unit as well as the psyker.

7th has been a mess, but I will admit that separating LD from Psyker effectiveness is a change that should not go away.

>> No.47026906


What set up are you running? I tend to go Chapter Master, Bike, Gorgon's Chain.

>> No.47026940


Demons are one of my primary armies. Also I think you're missing the trick here.

You corrupt an objective then sit an ObSec unit on it. You cannot contest the objective - even with your own ObSec - until you kill my ObSec unit.

>> No.47026967

The betrayers bane for the melta shots (not really necessary though, so 25 to be saved there) digiweapons, Thunder in one hand Lightning in the other, bike under him, artificer around him.

>> No.47027005


I did forget artificer armor in mine. I don't run anywhere near the weapon set up though. He isn't going to ever be killy - his job is just to be durable.

>> No.47027022
File: 142 KB, 652x905, DaemonsofChaos2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, imagine this. Here comes smash fucker with his 2++ reolling 1s, invisibility, all that shit scary shit. Who you gunna call? Smashthirster!

Bloodthirster of insensate rage with two greater gifts, the crimson crown, A psyker lvl2 herald of Slaanesh with locus of beguilement and a lvl3 herald of Tzeentch with staff of paradox and the grimoire of true names.

Roll greater gifts and pray for a 3 so you can reroll your invulnerable saves, swap one for the blade of blood to gain rampage, roll Tzeentch herald off divination for forewarning and prescience and slaanesh herald on telepathy for invisibility or at the very least hallucination.

Use the grimoire on smashthirster by rolling a dice, 3-6 he increases his invulnerable save by 2 but on a 1-2 the scheming little bastard stabs him in the back and fucks everything up.

Staff of paradox basically allows you to get your spells off without fail so use forewarning to give smashthirster a rerollable 2++ and prescience to reroll all failed hits finishing with invisibility/hallucination if you have any dice left.

Smashthirster charges first then the herald, locus of beguilment allows you to force msashfucker in to a challenge with smashthirster. Smashfucker attacks first but can bearly hurt smashthirster. smashthirster retaliates with 9+d3 strength D attacks, hitting on 6s, rerolling failed hits and deleting him on another 6. Each attack has a 1/9 chance to instagib smashfucker despite his 2++/2++ save and smashthirster gets 11 attacks on average.

>> No.47027043

You don't need artificer when you're aiming to have a 2++ anyway.

>> No.47027061

You don't gave a 2++ with him going solo.

>> No.47027071


Nice set up but beguilement only works for the model carrying the locus.

>> No.47027074

>not just running the cataphractii captain on a bike
hes like 225 points and a great way to show GWs horrible rules writing

>> No.47027103

If you wanted to be a fagot you could just prance around in a sequin tank-top and sing showtunes, no need to buy a army for that.

>> No.47027108

Or you could, you know, avoid the unit the whole game. Or tie it up with screamers and grimoire-herald. Even with "basic" 3++ the screamers can hold the unit tied in the whole game.

>> No.47027119


Have you read the Angels of Death book? You can't actually do that - the terminator captain that gets access to cataphractii armor is his own choice who doesn't get access to a bike.

>> No.47027120

I'd say look up online to see if there are any places that sell 40k stuff near you. Most places that sell also have places to play. GW has a store locator on their website that also shows the results for everyone that sells their stuff. Check that out and google what shows up, to see if they actually support 40k or just happen to have one or two GW things.

That's how I found the place I go to and it worked out pretty well for me, but from lurking around /tg/ this long I'm nearly convinced I've won the lottery on store and players. Don't let that discourage you, remember no one tells stories where nothing bad happens.

>> No.47027122

well if you are actually running smash on a bike you are a faggot anyway, might as well just be the best faggot.

>> No.47027132

Yes, I'm sure the guys at the design studio in Nottingham will magically know that someone is running the cataphractii captain on a bike and this needs fixing.

>> No.47027141


But you can't actually do that. The rules do not allow you to do it.

>> No.47027160

Oh right, fuck. The abbreviated description of it's rules in the back wasn't clear on that. That creates a huge problem as now it takes multiple turns for smashthirster to destroy the squad while being threatened by all the random rolling he has to do fucking him over.

At least, take away the Slaanesh herald, it "only" comes to about 450 points for the whole set up and you can take multiple 315 point smashthirsters.

>> No.47027162

Pff that's for chumps, why bother when you can just build your army with warseer rumours, poorly scanned copies of WD and half-remembered netlists.

>> No.47027182

actually they do, because GW are retarded and cant write rules for shit.

>> No.47027194


Please explain to me how.

>> No.47027201

>Buy 3 Dakka Jets
>Very next day new flyer rules released
>Back to BS2

I'm legit going to kill someone...probably myself because of mob rule

>> No.47027207

Screamers can't hurt them while all it takes is one wound to go through and it will ID a screamer causing you to take a demonic instability test, at -2, on their leadership of 7.

They wouldn't last more than 2 turns, if they're lucky.

>> No.47027228
File: 55 KB, 600x620, 99120108005_IMPERIALKNIGHTWARDEN01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is the knight warden more expensive than the knight paladin?

>> No.47027233

have you actually read the book?
>may take items from terminator weapons, special issue wargear and chapter relics.
>cataphractii terminator armor counts as terminator armor for the purposes of embarking within transports
never says it count as terminator armor for the purposes of wargear, it can be taken with a bike.

blame GW not me.

>> No.47027237

He can take items from the Special Issue Wargear and Special Issue Wargear contains the bike. Bike cannot be taken by models in Terminator Armour, but the Captain is in Cataphractii Terminator Armour. Cataphractii Terminator Armour counts as Terminator Armour for only certain things (such as transport restriction), not universally.

Now, if you really want to argue with these people, point out that a Captain in Cataphractii Terminator Armour cannot take any weapons, because the Terminator Weapons says "A model wearing Terminator armour". And as we've established, Catapharctii Terminator Armour is not Terminator Armour.

>> No.47027259

It comes with a sprue containing the gatling gun, fist, shoulder melta and carapace weapons.

>> No.47027263


That has to be literally the dumbest thing I have ever read. He is wearing Terminator armor - even with the additive of Cataphracti it is still terminator armor.

Why is it GW's responsibility to literally hold your hand because you are retarded?

Or are you also playing with >>47027237's interpretation and not taking any weapons what-so-ever.

>> No.47027272

>Now, if you really want to argue with these people, point out that a Captain in Cataphractii Terminator Armour cannot take any weapons, because the Terminator Weapons says "A model wearing Terminator armour". And as we've established, Catapharctii Terminator Armour is not Terminator Armour.
yes, but his unit entry over rules that because his unit entry says he can take terminator weapons, and its more recent than the SM codex.

its all horribly written and easy to find loopholes in, blame GW.

>> No.47027282

>Or are you also playing with >>47027237's interpretation and not taking any weapons what-so-ever.
no because his unit entry gives him access to those weapons.

until they FAQ it (kek) its legal, and its stupid. blame GW not me. if you are going to be a faggot a run smash on a bike, might as well run the best version of him.

>> No.47027287

my nigga the op has links to dl for all the codecies

>> No.47027304


A) GW is releasing FAQs (have you been living under a rock) - we're supposed to see the first draft next week.

B) I don't think GW should be responsible for you being a fucking idiot.

>> No.47027324

He can't be a Chapter master, only a captain.

>> No.47027328

His entry says he can take weapons from the Terminator Weapons list. That list is contained in Codex: Space Marines. And the list starts with the words: "A model wearing Terminator armour may replace his storm bolter with one of the following:"

If having access to the list makes them automatically able to take all the upgrades given, then that means all the restrictions in the list (such as terminator armour not being able to take bikes) are already null and void, and terminator captains have always been able to take bikes, because their entry in the codex says they can take special issue wargear, which includes the bike, which has the note that models in terminator armour can't take it.

>> No.47027329

>A) GW is releasing FAQs (have you been living under a rock) - we're supposed to see the first draft next week.
thats the joke you fucking mongoloid.
>B) I don't think GW should be responsible for you being a fucking idiot.
they are responsible for their own shitty rules writing, cry me a river.

>> No.47027352

See >>47027328

>> No.47027358

>best version of him
With one less wound, attack and no orbital bombardment.

>> No.47027362

Well you dont have to KILL them. Its retardly expensive unit, just tie them up and you'll win on maelstorm.

Also it takes average over 6 S8+ attacks to instagib a single screamer. If the unit has Cursed Earth or Forewarning then you need 65 attacks to kill a single one. Overall you'll hold up the unit for a whole game or so many turns that the unit is almost useless the whole game.

>> No.47027379

thats why you buy him the wargear before exchanging his armor for cataphractii, then you buy the bike. duh

>> No.47027395

They really should have a "don't try to be a clever little shit and abuse the rules, if you do you forfeit the game"

Maybe they'll add it for tournament play.

>> No.47027399

>GW is releasing FAQs (have you been living under a rock) - we're supposed to see the first draft next week.
>Seriously thinking GW are going to release any meaningful FAQs

>I don't think GW should be responsible for you being a fucking idiot.
>Ur a retard!!1
No, they should responsible for the rules in the rule books that they write and sell PROFESSIONALLY. Basic oversights like this are not professional in the slightest.

>> No.47027403

yeah, and a 3++ thats rerolling 1's. IE, better.

>> No.47027426

Better road-bump perhaps.

>> No.47027450

yeah wow that -1 attack really makes him worse than a guy he can kill 1v1

>> No.47027464

Then why haven't people always just bought a character a bike before the terminator armour?

>> No.47027494

You should check the one they did for AoS. They were quite "meaningful". I'll expect they do same kinds for 40k where they really do answer the problems in the game.

>> No.47027512

What Chapter Tactics / special weapons / transports you using?

>> No.47027517

because terminators arent allowed on bikes you dummy

also when you take terminator armor you exchange your weapons, not with cataphractii, its a straight switch just like artificer.

>> No.47027535

That's assuming you even get the grimiore off while smashfucker has a whole cadre of librarians supporting him, casting spells on a 2+. They are guaranteed to have banishment to reduce your save 1 as abuse of santic powers is the basis of smashfucker in the first place and have a good chance for a power to reduce it by a further 2 while being able to force their weapons.

If properly prepared there is a very good chance they will wipe out the screamer squad in one turn.

>> No.47027549
File: 77 KB, 280x261, 1459910806521.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>friend gets the new angles of death codex and a knight crusader
>he runs iron warriors and I run skit/mech
>we do a 1500+1500 vs 3000 against our friend who plays tyranids
>my team mate fields the crusader and chapter master smash fucker
>my friend who plays nids fields a living artillery node and a hierodule
>hierodule gets into combat with chapter master smash fucker
>hierodule dies
>all his monsterous creatures die from heavy grav cannons
>3 flyrants shot down by dune crawler and knight
>game lasted three turns

>> No.47027573

>3000 point game

It would have been quicker to just point out you're all shit at the game.

>> No.47027595

>My greentext about two faggots playing against a tyranid player

>> No.47027617

Could you link it to me? I can't find it on black library.

>> No.47027653


I thought you were supposed to take the Barbed Hierodule and have it sit back and shoot rather than risk the trap that is melee combat with it?

>> No.47027703

He didn't say it was a Barbed Hierodule...

>> No.47027714

he bought the scythed one because
>le hellstorm template strong

>> No.47027721

>angles of death
>iron warriors

>> No.47027756

he probably meant iron hands

>> No.47027765

Probably plays IW with loyalist rules because nigga's weak...

>> No.47027823

>CSM rules are so shit people take the fact that they used with loyalist rules for granted

>> No.47027850


>> No.47027855




>> No.47028411

If you have 3 of them you can take one of several "attack wing" formations to get bonuses with no drawbacks. You might not get +1 bs vs ground targets (which doesn't include skimmers or jetbikes) but there are other bonuses like giving your planes a 4++. Also you will modify your opponent's reserve rolls by -1 (there's some way to get it to -2) and you can choose to add or subtract 1 (or 2) to your reserve rolls. Fighters were the only flyer type to keep skyfire and bs2 with TL isn't THAT bad with the amount of shots you get. All in all dakkajets seem to be one of the least nerfed flyers. Unless your opponent spams the new SM flyer, you will be the king of the skies.

>> No.47028703

Check official AoS FB-page

>> No.47028762

I run melee sisters and consistently win matches

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