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Eldar Tears Edition

>Where can I find the rules?

>What the FUCK? What rules books do I actually need?
http://pastebin.com/6AGsum1s (embed)
(Short version: 2007 edition of the rulebook, 2010 Update, and Armada)
Revised is a set of fan-rules, written almost entirely by a Dark Eldar player. It shows.

>Where can I find physical miniatures to use/proxy with?
http://pastebin.com/jC96JeMV (embed) (But we always need more - Feel free to chip in with others you've found in-thread)
Also looking for more non-GW minis suitable for running boarding party games.

>Paper ship Proxies:

>Boarding action rules
See the physical models link for some appropriate options for Navy troops

>Tactics and strategy resources for tabletop
Marine Tactica underway.
AdMech tactica: http://pastebin.com/YSrAf9f7 (embed)

>BFG:Armada beta is now live
>Battleflee/tg/othic Steam Group

>Anon is hosting a campaign, you can find the forums and info here:

Application deadline is the 25th
Last few days to join.

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Melta torpedoes or normal torpedoes?

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Depends on situation. If they still have many turrets, fire Melta because if even one fire gets through they might be tempted to blow their repair on it.

Whereas if they haven't repaired yet, and you think you can hit them with a full spread, use normals. The melta fires will all be put out at once, and won;t do jack compared to a massive blast.

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Melta for the first hit, Torps for the second hit

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Is matchmaking particularly slow? Or bugged. I hit search match and it didn't seem to do anything at all.

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So Imperials are close-midrange with heavy prow armor and 3-6k range broadsides and Chaos are more long rang kiters?

>> No.46884639

Pretty much.

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Faster ->
Orks - Imperial - Chaos - Eldar
<- Tougher

>> No.46884905

Orks at 3k
Imperials at 6k
Chaos at 9k
Eldar at 12k forever until suddenly they're at 3k in your aft unloading their hot pulsar loads right into your engines and then back to 12k before you turn around

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>Imperials run up hiding behind their massive armor plated jew noses to unleash a broadside while firing torps along the way
>Chaos fly around in pretty little circles sniping your with lances and shedding assault boats like an eczema sufferer sheds skin
>Eldar zoom back and forth making attack runs like something out of A New Hope and require Korean levels of mico to get working
>Orkz move in a straight line towards the enemy singing shanties and shooting torpedoes full of Orks at their enemies. Also dey is best.

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each fire does 90 damage over 45 seconds but can be stopped instantly by emergency repair. If your opponent has already used their repair or is the ai(who only uses repair at 50% health) use meltas, otherwise use normal torps.

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That sounds exactly like normal torps except with the opportunity for the opponent to instantly nullify the damage with repair
why ever use them?

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>When your Adeptus Mechanicus guys are just that good.jpg

Had a wonderful bug where this ship hung around for a good 10 minutes on 1hp, I just pounded it with everything and it kept sitting there trying to warp out

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Is it considered bad form to take two dauntless and 11 firestorms in a 690 pt game?

>> No.46885046

>each fire does 90 damage over 45 seconds
If you get a good spread, you can start multiple fires. I've had four at a time with melta torpedoes, it's insane.

>> No.46885080

>escort spam
If someone would complain, they're a shitter. Don't concern yourselves with them.

Yeah, but regular torpedoes do 90 damage instantly. Are melta torps immune to ALL armor or something?

>> No.46885089

If you've upgraded the escorts with enhanced range and the critical damage boost when you Lock On, then no. It's considered being a complete and total bastard.

>> No.46885118

I have


>> No.46885183

Doesn't the lock-on critical not exist anymore?

>> No.46885205

Yep, all gone

We Swords and Cobras with fast burn now

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I guess Clint Eastwood finally recognized the name change.

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Does the Imperial Navy favor still deploy your line ships with a free escort?

>> No.46885347

Different anon.

I decided to check the damage. Normal torpedoes only do 45 damage, so a melta does double the damage but over the course of almost a minute.

>> No.46885361

The escort ships aren't free. Every three minutes you can spawn one in near the ship with the favor, but it's on cooldown at the start of the match.

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Can someone help me out with Cobras please?

I set them to autocast torps, set them to prow on, and target them at enemy ships with a 6K range.

They never seem to fire their torps though.

It's making me reconsider the IN favour's usefulness.

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Let's see you escape this time, you arrogant asshole!

Like you said, the Emperor IS with me.

>> No.46885588

>Anyone who runs is a Heretic

>> No.46885600

The Emperor protects.

>> No.46885889

Set them to 3k and fire the fucking things manually if need be.

>> No.46885947

I'm going to do a space station assault mission, are novas handy for this? I haven't really used them, I love my Tyrant with torpedoes and ram.

>> No.46885964

Hi /tg/, i got some more pics for you!
First a strikecruiser at a lower forward angle.

>> No.46885990

>doing skirmishes as imperial
>cruiser clash with eldar
>elves are thoroughly fucked
>another cruiser clash, but with orks
>my shit is absolutely wrecked

>> No.46885992

Next, the ork space hulk.
>Armor 25/25/25

Id recommend massing torpedoes, keeping at range and then bombarding the shit out of it.

>> No.46886016

And lastly, some 10/10 chaos A.I.
>During that mission chaos lost one cruiser and light cruiser to ramming their own ships, space station, defense platforms and a imperial city (big asteroid), they also flew through an asteroid field, repeatedly.

>> No.46886105

I won a convoy mission the other day because the ai sent their convoy vessels into a giant asteroid field. The AI really needs work.

>> No.46886128

You need to get pretty close to be accurate with Novas, Torpedoes are the way to go.

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>300 point escort mission in chapter 2 where you help the Inquisitor get through the radiation field
>like 8 chaos ships show up against your 3

are you supposed to just run straight to the end or something?

>> No.46886339

Load up on Macro cannons and get in close. Because the chaos ships are focused on the inquisitor you can roll right up to them.

When the second group appears I just sacrificed an escort to keep them of my tail

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That mission is pure bullshit

>> No.46886490

>losing any mission before the Eldar ally mission

>> No.46886547

Another tyrant it is then, was considering lances, and probaby should have some on a secondary vessel, but dem batteries

>> No.46886561

The Dictator is also good.

>> No.46886577

shield his ship from fire with a swarm of escorts and a dauntless.

>> No.46886639

So a chaos just capitulated the second I cornered him, as orks, what is this bull shit.

>> No.46886667

Admiral Ramsey Von Ram'em saiz.

When in doubt, drown 'em in swords!

>> No.46886677

forgot to reply to you too, cheers

Yeah, have one of those also, this was my third cruiser slot to get the most out of the points limit.

>> No.46886728

oops, wrongquoted
see >>46886677

>> No.46886754

>expecting anything more than cowardice from heretics

>> No.46886765

>against your 3
Did it on my first try with only 2 cruisers.
AI went full retard and focused my ship instead of the Inquisitor.
The mission doesn't end when all of your ship are destroyed btw, it only ends if the Inquisitor is kill.

>> No.46886788

Welp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2J90DhUJU4

>> No.46886874

>that perspective

>> No.46886880

>The Koreans have discovered the game

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>> No.46887034

I need some good insults that I can use as an Imperial against other people on MP.

>> No.46887040

First time seeing the game in action, and holy hell that UI is fucking gigantic.

>> No.46887065

I 420nosmoked ur dad

>> No.46887070

Go full Brit

>> No.46887119

>Imperial on Imperial
"You foul traitor! Your time has come!"
"Face the emperors wrath traitor!"

>Imperial on Chaos
"Vile heretic! Today you die!"
"Your heresies shall end today!"

>Imperial on Ork
"Face the emperors wrath, filthy greenskin!"
"You green simpletons shall perish today!"

>Imperial on Eldar
"Your vile sorcery ends today dagger ear!"
"Flee back to the shadows Eldar!"

Just a few that came to my mind on the spot.

>> No.46887185

"The Navy is known for grog, lashes and sodomy ! Bless the God emperor you're here for we are out of grog... So now, BEND OVER."

>> No.46887199

how can man stand against such a thing?

>> No.46887207

Also there is a big problem that you cant zoom out much at all but you properly got that from the vid

>> No.46887224

Jeez, is that how Eldar plays? I might have to try them.

>> No.46887251

>everyone commenting on Eldar being a nightmare to micro in the beta
>you only need three ships

>> No.46887283

Koreans AND eldar?
Gonna need more escorts

>> No.46887350

Quick, finally reached Admiral, Retribution or Emperor and why.

>> No.46887381

is the first blackstone fortress you face off against invincible or what because its health bar had nothing in it when it warped out

>> No.46887388

On the backs of men that know their Duty.

Men that know sacrifices need to be made for the galaxy to be a safer place.

Men that will lay down their lives to see the glory of the Emperor grow, their homes flourish and people sleeping soundly unharassed by the likes of you.

For this is the essence of Duty and I wont expect a arrogant dying race, who even now continue to pay for their transgressions, to know that.

Ave Imperator

>> No.46887399

Retribution if you want to spam cannons and ram shit to death.

Emperor if you want a carrier with longer range sensors.

>> No.46887416

Yes, just like the planet killer when you face it (if you allied with the Eldar and defend their webway gate entrance).

>> No.46887419

I'm on mobile so couldn't see properly, but was a bunch of chaos lance boats?

>> No.46887439

It was.

They're slag now.

>> No.46887447

They got utterly raped by big, long, throbbing Eldar lances.

>> No.46887468

>Men that will lay down their lives to see the glory of the Emperor crumble year after year, their homes devolve into slums so the ruling castes might grow ever richer, and people worked to death so bureaucrats thousands of light years away can tick a few boxes on a report that will never be read

>> No.46887469

Becuase forcing your enemy to use his 180-second cooldown ability early can be pretty fucking useful.

>> No.46887475


GW called. You are not allowed to change the flow of history.

>> No.46887500

This boxer can punch hard with its broadsides and torpedoes and can hold its ground. But as a Battleship is a tad slow against lighter classes. Perfect for leading your fleet on the front and taunting to keep pressure off other vessels.

A general on the void, great sensors and four attack crafts launchers can support your fleet with constant bombers or screw the Eldar gits with Assault Boats. Slower than the Retribution so it won't be brawling like your other line ships. Although its still a Battleship so it can defend itself against Cruisers and lighter classes.

In short, depends on how you want to aproach the battle.

>> No.46887525

And almost forgot, if something gets close to your Retribution with your AP macros at 3k range its going to get raped hard.

>> No.46887535


thanks for the answers I was just about retry the mission thinking it was a bug

>> No.46887549

>Negative 3
I got it to negative 19 with torpedo bombardment and fire.

>> No.46887550

Okay. So a guy saw Eldar on the other side and though time for lances, and a despoiler!

Not that macro cannon could have done much in that game.

>> No.46887552

So any tips on the knifears webway defence vs. Abaddon?

>> No.46887636

Does anyone else get annoyed by the actions per minute wanking?

>> No.46887640


Worked for me, almost lost the ship while doing it, but thanks to magic of micro warps i managed to save it.

>> No.46887651

Yeah the rape train had no brakes. I don't think anyone could have won that game against the pointy eared bastard

>> No.46887665

Never tried multiplayer, would I gain renowned as well and disabled ships for X amount of turns if I lose them or is it like just an average game?

>> No.46887823

This is making me want to play around with a Retribution after having just sunk well over one thousand renown into my Emperor.

>> No.46887879

I'm using my Retribution "The Shield of Tarantis" as my flagship for almost every mission excluding planetary bombardment.

Sadly i don't have any experience in Multiplayer matches so all my knowledge comes from the Campaing and fighting against the AI.

>> No.46887883

It's good. I've never lost it yet and I haven't lost more than 1 or 2 battles that had that beauty in it. Giving it the turning upgrade gives it much more combat prowess

>> No.46887939

Forgive me if I have misunderstood your post anon but yes multiplayer is just like the campaign and skirmish in that regard. Ships that are destroyed are out of action for two turns while ones that are crippled are in the shop for one and there is a chance for each ship that warps out during the battle to become lost in the warp for one or two turns.
Even if you lose a match you still get some renown plus 30% of the point value of any kills scored and 15% for ships crippled.

>> No.46887940

Anons, are there any plans to introduce skill based MM? I'm on my 14th consecutive win.

While I love the game this is getting a lil dull.

>> No.46887992

I am a huge fan of the retribution.

Ramming spike, turn gauge, turning speed, engine upgrade, belt armour, fuel refill, AP ammo and accuracy at range + whatever else you can fit on it turn the thing into a holy terror.


>> No.46888054

>significant lack of eldar whinging.

Can we keep the OP image as a permanent thing?

>> No.46888065

Don't forget the mandatory short fuse torpedoes.

>> No.46888100

I really wanna see a full/stitched version of this piece of art without the pan.

All the artwork in the cutscenes is so good.

>> No.46888199

So is there an imperial favor that isn't total shit?

>> No.46888200

I want to see more of their artwork in general. They do an amazing job.

>> No.46888221

All of them are really good anon.

>> No.46888305

I find everything but the SPESS MHARINE favor to be to general in it's perks. I get that's the point of the Imperial Navy, jack of all trades that can fit multiple roles, but a little more specialization would be nice

>> No.46888377

AdMech is for even more extreme specialization
=I= and Navy for generalist
SM for assault

I wonder how would Spess Muhreens gameplay would be and their favors. inb4 obviously Ultramarines, Space wolves, Blood Angels and Dark Angels

>> No.46888383

Any of them?
IN and Astartes are the worse ones but even then they're far from terrible.
You want bad favors, look at Chaos.

>> No.46888433

I find IN works best when everything has it.

A mix of Admech and SM also works pretty well. For example my light cruisers are 2 Dauntless Mk2 with SM, and 2 admech Mk1s.

>> No.46888446

Navy allows you to summon extra destroyers and equips your captains with Mars pattern titanium balls that stop them from running away.

>> No.46888588

Hey fellow eldar players, anyone notice this pulsar bug? If you have pulsar on autocast, sometimes when it starts to fire, the button won't show a cooldown, and then if you click it your pulsars start firing again? This needs to be fixed asap because I just one shot a chaos battle cruiser with it

>> No.46888688

They will only auto-fire when their torpedo trajectory will result in a hit (if the target doesn't evade). If they are pointing straight at an enemy (which is what prow engage will do) then they won't fire because 90% of the time the enemy is moving.

Instead issue a move order to lead the enemy ship. As the Cobras swing around they will fire their torpedoes when their prow passes the leading point. Shitty paint picture to show what I mean.

>> No.46888699

I've never played Eldar before but how does Pulsar work? Is it a nuke?

>> No.46888773

>abaddon mission
>eldar ship in front
>drives through abaddon's torps
>turns into mine
>boosts and cleans up both of mine
fucking hell, does the allied AI just shit the bed?

>> No.46888823

Solaris or Aurora? Or combo of both?

>> No.46888843

I play Eldar. Other Elfdar need to git gud. Starcannons are pretty shit now compared to pulsars, but that's more of an internal balance thing.

>> No.46888912

I tried looking up the artists, but their online stuff doesn't have any of the BFG stuff up. Probably not allowed until the game has been out for a good while.

>> No.46888929


I thought they only had Shurican & Pulsar weapons?

>> No.46888964

Inquisition is great on BBs, Carriers and BCs. It gives an extra crew point on carriers and can be used to get LoS to fire weapons for longer-ranged ships.

>> No.46889012

Well they still look like shuriken cannons but they renamed them to starcannons cause people on the forums thought space shuriken cannons were dumb and unfluffy.

>> No.46889094


It's a beam that's dependent on the ship's facing, like torpedoes. It's instantaneous, lasts a while, and really, really hurts.

Watch >>46886788 for reference.

>> No.46889199

Welp, I guess it's time to start another new Imperial admiral.

>> No.46889213

>clousing spayset

>> No.46889374

You will not regret it. The retribution is fantastic. My current fleet is that thing, an overlord, a Mars (still virgin), two tyrants and a Gothic. I sorely wish I had enough points to field then all + my four dauntless.

>> No.46889388

>knife eared faggots try to sneak up and pulsar me into oblvion
>mfw supercharged void shields

>> No.46889437

mfw vauls maneuver out and just hit you again when supercharge is down

>> No.46889458

Additionally, is it just me or are dauntless possibly a tiny bit OP? I have done horrible horrible things to people in MP with them.

>enemy has two Mars and a dominator all high level and looking mean.

>4 dauntless absolutely take his face off, destroy him utterly with my paint even being scratched.

>simultaneously ramming a Mars with four dauntless causes it to ping pong across the map, exploding in an asteroid field.

>> No.46889479

I don't think they are OP, people just tend to underestimate them a lot.

>> No.46889487

Is it impressive to have a Dominator go through 18 battles without being destroyed? I'm quite proud of myself for keeping my best brawler alive.
I can't get a Retribution yet.

>> No.46889533

>Get into convoy, eldar vs eldar
>guy said he hates mirrors and quits

>20 min later play again
>same guy
>chat for a minute then he leaves again

not all eldar players are bad people guys

>> No.46889558

They're tough little ships with the right upgrades.
Though unless you're utilizing the prow weapons as much as you can you really don't get very good DPS. That's what Dominators and Overlords are for.

>> No.46889580

They're just so flexible. I love them.

I use two MK1 and two MK2, the sheer amount of lulz they generate - including ram killing a desolator (dumb bastard).

They also cope really well with bullshit missions like convoy and data recovery, are indispensable on planetary assault, and either as a quartet or a trio supporting a retribution will pwn cruiser clash.

>> No.46889593

Spirit stones reduce the cooldown on pulsars right?

>> No.46889611

What are the stats on these? Looks like two macro cannons and a hangar.

>> No.46889615

Have I made a mistake getting a dicator as my first Cruiser? You guys seem to like the others more.

>> No.46889618

I use shields, hull, and AP ammo as a general rule.

With those they take an impressive kicking.

>> No.46889648

Order, Favour skill, Torpedoes, Nova, Pulsars, Skills.
Doesn't affect strike craft, boarding/LS, emergency repairs.

>> No.46889654


Macrocannons were like 18 damage on the sides. The Bombardment Cannon is listed as a "Heavy Macro Turret" which is 45 damage, Front / Port / Starboard. The Launch bay was launching bombers and fighters so I guess Thunderhawks weren't in yet.

>> No.46889659

Use what you like, you aren't too far away from your second anyway. All the IN cruisers are good. Just make sure to give it a good name and you'll come to love it.

I find if I give my IN ships double entendres for names they punch well above their weight.

>the ribbed avenger

>> No.46889660

I think there's a lance as well.
Anyone know the armor? I'm willing to bet it'll be 50 all around.

>> No.46889666

Maybe as first cruiser it's not so great. Tyrant or Dominator is a pretty solid first choice. Dictator is more support for strike craft defence/finishing off damaged ships.

>> No.46889706

They're flexible ships. Not good at anything, but not bad at anything either. I'd go for a Dominator next, as those rip things to shreds and have a nova cannon, which makes Eldar cry.
Gothic if you're having trouble with Chaos

>> No.46889720

Strike cruiser should have port/starboard macrobatteries, a prow/dorsal bombardment cannon and a launch bay.

Marines should be 75 all around. Also marines have no lances (except on one of their escorts).

>> No.46889723

Don't listen to Satan. You can use it to support your glorious dauntless.

>> No.46889727

75 to all sides, no lances.

>> No.46889757

Your feeble monkeigh mind can only try to comprehend the subtle brilliance of eldar warfare primitive

>> No.46889781

>The Ribbed Avenger
I remember you. Do you change ship names after the eventually get blown the fuck up?
I do. RIP my old ships.

>> No.46889798

That's true. Dauntlesses are awesome. I was stuck in thinking of a cruiser formation.

>> No.46889851

It depends on my mood, if something dies in a particularly epic way I'll "retire" the name but because you get the ship back in a couple turns in an as new state, I mostly just pretend that I have insanely efficient tech priests.

>say his name

Is a fantastic name for a dauntless. I'm stealing it.

My current Gothic is named
>the barbed reacharound

I'm not entirely sure what it means but it sounds threatening as all hell.

>> No.46889866

Koreans ruin every singly fucking game they get their hairless high APM hands on.

Oh well, as long as they suck at actual strategic games such as chess, I am satisfied with them being high dex monkeys.

>> No.46889920

He's not amazing or anything, there is just a shitload of unnecessary clicking that makes it look better. The chaos player chose a shit fleet to play against eldar and any decent player would have torn him apart like that.

>> No.46889955

>shitload of unnecessary clicking
that is literally the worst thing you can ever tell a korean.

>> No.46889983

Yeah. I mean he lets his holofields drop a few times and is playing the easiest Eldar fleet and even then he didn't save the Hemlocks.

>> No.46890004

chaos bully not so tough after getting raped

>> No.46890085

Can someone order the races by skill tier? Like, this race is the hardest to play, this race is the easiest to play etc.

Also, I would enjoy an ordering of most OP race to worst garbage race.

>> No.46890155

This, it's not very hard to beat 4 cruiser fletts using a burst fleet, escort spam is way more problematic for eldar as it overwhelms people who need to micro constantly.

>> No.46890175

>Patrician tier:
Imperial Navy
>best sports-ork
>most likely to warp out the moment an escort is lost then roll around in their own faeces weeping tier:
>Voluminous complaints followed by realisation that 90% of players are just terrible and those who actually put a little effort in are quite good, meanwhile the 90% cry tier:

>> No.46890210



let the fighting begin

>> No.46890247

I should note the first list is LEAST to MOST, while the second is MOST to LEAST

>> No.46890258

90% of Eldar players are embarrassments and should be fed to Slaneesh.

>> No.46890304

Also Marines might be kind of shit depending how much they pay for their 75 armour which affects what? Chaos macros and melta torpedoes. I guess it will help against ramming.

>> No.46890310

I do enjoy when high power and high skill req are correlated. This is very important for balance, but sadly attracts soul hungry koreans.

>> No.46890356

it was inevitable

>> No.46890368

Finally got my level 10 battleship, feels good man

>> No.46890391

They really really are.

My favorite so far was the one who (top tier fleet I might add) stopped in the middle of my gunline. Had to scrape pointy ears off my armoured prows with a squidgey

The best elf I've seen made great use of that err Thing of Vaul to throw 180s when doing attack runs. I was really lucky that he fucked up and I clipped him with a ram, which then started his demise.

>> No.46890393

was it?

I thought skulls were banned in korea or something, for disrespecting the dead, and wh40k have shittons of skulls.

>> No.46890414

Best crew?

Obviously Squadron Sergeant for Carriers but Gunner/Servitors for everyone else?

>> No.46890421


That's China

>> No.46890463

thats china, Korea is basically a conservative asian LA

>> No.46890511

Gunners + troops over here then servitors.

I like getting up close

>> No.46890657

Navigator/Servitors for the Data Snatcher

>> No.46890672

>no chinese communists playing tau

>> No.46890795

We can hope. The wealthy ones probably get to ignore that particular law anyway.

>> No.46890951

Found a pretty helpful boarding guide on the steam community hub.


Going to make some space marine dauntless mark 2's with 3 action lightnings strikes.

>> No.46891074

Neato. Guess I shouldn't be leaving boarding pods on autocast most of the time.

>> No.46891345

Does anyone know how many bombers/assault boats each launch bay deploys per use?

>> No.46891396

depends on the size of your ordinance bay I think.

>> No.46891439

I don't remember but if you mouse over the assault boat/bomber launch icon it should tell you. Bomber/Assault boat squadrons have fighter included so they aren't pure squadrons. You may need to hold alt to get full info.

>> No.46891446

1 squadron each.

>> No.46891511

I think gunners is wasted on brawling ships who are going to be sitting close to the enemy and getting a shitload of shots off and I instead take techpriests to increase survivability.
In my opinion gunners are better suited for ships that sit further out and get less shots off such as carriers so that their fire may count more.

>> No.46891548

I'm still in chapter 10 in the campaign, when do I get access to favors?

>> No.46891697

why not on the ships that will be firing more shots and therefore get the most use out of it?

>> No.46891758

Also looking at the DPS sheet that's floating around it looks like 3 bombers per bomber squadron. Each bomber deals 30 damage.

>> No.46891771

They are already going to be getting crits due to how many shots they are getting off. Keep them healthy longer and they'll keep shooting over more time and as a result hitting more crits.
I haven't crunched any numbers mind you, this is just how I prefer to play.

>> No.46891956

How would you guys change any of the game modes?

I feel like data recovery is really fucking weird and doesn't play that great so...

>Data is only recovered on successful crit roll
>Data must be delivered to the opponents deploy zone
>Deploy zones on the opposite ends of the field now instead of attackers being in the middle

>> No.46891994

My mistake, I'm just in chapter 3, with 10 turns

>> No.46892061

so my save dissapeared to be replaced with a turn 2 save from near the start of the campaign, which was a shame as i was quite far in the campaign. anyone had this problem?

>> No.46892076

You don't have to get it to the opponents deployment zone, just warp out with it.

>> No.46892154

but muh crit chance

>> No.46892199

How should I be allocating my crew points as eldar? I've been going gunner -> CDR since it affects pulsars? (hopefully) Is anything different for stalker/eclipse/aurora?

>> No.46892219

The number of people that don't understand how to counter eldar is astounding.
I just had a guy bring two battlecruisers into a 400 point battle and then cry that knife ears are OP when he got obliterated by half a dozen pulsars.

>> No.46892225

Yeah, I was saying the gam mode might be better if you had to get it to the enemy deploy zone.

>> No.46892246


If you're the one who makes these, keep it up. They're dope.

>> No.46892258

I'd say max spirit stones for that faster pulsar cooldown.

>> No.46892285

>be eldar playing 2v2
>matched with another elf bro
>vs 2 mon-keigh on planetary assault
>Bring my lvl 10 Battleship out for some shenanigans
>to my surprise other Eldar has lvl 8 battleship
>Our faces as we exterminate the mon-keigh

>> No.46892394

Not me, though they are dope.

>> No.46892464

My bad Im retarded.

>> No.46892526

Eldar are OP, him being retarded doesn't change that

>> No.46892532

>125 fleet point cruiser clash
>Opponent is Chaos
>Join match, there's a 3rd player
>Turns out we're playing 250 pt 2v1. I get a single torpedo Dauntless, my partner (who I thought was my opponent) gets a Hellbringer carrier.
>No outward signs of corruption, maybe he's cool
>Opponent is Imperial Navy
>He probably thinks I'm the heretic
>We wreck the opponent with me as brawler and partner as support
>I'll probably get blammed for consorting with Chaos

>> No.46892557

I won't claim that they aren't op but they are still beatable. On my imperial profile I have beaten a lot more eldar than I have lost to.

>> No.46892598

They are beatable, you're right, by beating them relies on them making a mistake. If the Eldar player is good, then you'll probably lose.

>> No.46892622


just pretend it was a loyalist mothball reserve cruiser.

>> No.46892663

That's what I told the Inquisitor.
I made sure not to tell him about the bit where the Hellbringer launched boarding pods while screaming "TREMBLE, FOR CHAOS COMES!".

>> No.46892728

Not at all. With good position, scouting and a decent amount of macros you can win against most eldar players. Perhaps not the really good ones but enough to get by.

As I am now playing eldar time and time again people just fight me in the middle of nowhere on the map with no gas clouds, asteroid fields or anything else around. Constantly they a field few of their most expensive ships making it all the easier for me by decreasing my potential targets and collisions and so often do they waste the one nova shot they get with a massively scattered one at max range.

>> No.46892810

Sorry, but you must be playing shit players. If the Eldar properly builds his fleet he can outmanuever and simply wear down opposing players. I stopped playing them because once I started getting used to pulsars I could see it would be easy mode of simply pulsar at max range, out of boarding range, then pop the 180 and fly away while sending my next ship in to do the same. If they try to drop some stasis I simply boost out, and now their stasis is on cooldown

Eldar is easy mode. They aren't invincible and are punished for mistakes, but if someone knows how to handle them they will win

>> No.46892861

>there were no survivors

>> No.46893007

Any tips for upgrading the Mars and general deployment?

>> No.46893017

This is basically true, most eldar players get super salty they aren't winning using the useless garbage they give you until the eclipse they don't learn how to hit and run with pulsars.

Then you get the voidstalker, see how nicely the point values line up and go to town.

Honestly I like how accurate the meta is to the TT BFG. When I played eldar at 1500 it was 1 voidstalker, 3 eclipse 6 missile escorts and some reroll upgrades. God forbid if an asteroid field was ever on the map.

>> No.46893100

All you need to win with hit and run pulsars are the aurora and hemlock. Perfectly doable right from the start.

>> No.46893199

You can, but it requires a lot of ships compared to the 3 of lategame, and in that way it's rather counter intuitive. Remember how long it took salteldaranon to learn to play it?

Also slightly related, just took a void stalker in a 300 point game and two-shot 4 cruisers while taking literally 0 damage, I almost feel bad.

>> No.46893841

Man, eldar pulsarfag spam is addicting in multiplayer. Eldar players seem to have some magical ability to not play each other or realize the mirror is cancer so it's just primitive extermination simulator with eldar. I'm finally realizing how to deal with sword spam so it's way too free.

>> No.46894299

Mouse over will tell you how many bombers/assault boats and fighters per launch,and how much dmg/everything else they do

This is what I do. Low level right now but I have two admech Dauntless with armor piercing rounds and dmg negating shields, with an adeptus astartes Dictator with ratings jacked up to max and an advanced teleportation etc, with sensor skills. I just it to board and bomb while my dauntless hammer shit.

>> No.46894419

In have the best favours you twat

>> No.46894429

What is the worst imperial favour and why is it Navy.

>> No.46894502

The only BAD favour is Imperial navy, because the cobra is shit and not revolting necessitates me playing badly enough to begin with that this would be an issue. Inq gives a free point in all crew with is invaluable on larger ships, Admech gives a free upgrade and a free skill, and Astarte's makes you competitive even with Orks at boarding actiins

>> No.46894510

>Adeptus Astartes: Literally worthless on large ships
>Imperial Navy: hahahahahaha
>Adeptus mechanicus: pretty cool
>Inquisition: I have a widowmaker for this

>> No.46894611

>Worthless on large ships
son slap it on a carrier type and boost your ratings and enjoy 50%+ multiple action assault boats and lightning raids

>> No.46894612

People think strategy is all about how simply moving units around and besting another player. Yet at its core, it isn't, its about dealing with uncertainty. Thats why the best strategy games have significant random elements, to create uncertainty. Panzer General (with Fantasy general), Steel Panthers, Atomic's V for Victory series, are the best examples. Most of the games people cite as "good strategy games" actually aren't strategy games at all. Chess is not a good "strategy game" neither is X-Com, starcraft or most RTS. They have their own strategy elements, but not games that require good understandings of probabilities and their effects on planning..

>> No.46894678

Where does it state it affects assault boats?
It doubles lightning strikes' actions but for a big ship the boarding action does not get such a big boost (proportionally).

>> No.46894680

>Finally learning how to properly kite and play chaos
>keep steamrolling dumbshits who thing they can go toe to toe with my Battleship
>At least two people I teamed up with in a previous game immediately fuck off when they recognize the ship

That said, I did just get punished for my Hubris and it's 30-mission survival streak was ended because I did something really dumb.

>> No.46894714



>> No.46894720

Any combat is inherently random, napoleon wanted lucky generals, Caesar compared it to gambling.

Because randomness happens, best you can do is set yourself up to take advantage or mitigate it.

Online games and warhammer are filled with.cries of RNG SUCKS! But half the fun was setting your cannons to.just.the.right range and missing, or your troops running.the fuck.away at just the right moment to bait the enemy.

>> No.46894791

>Solaris or Aurora? Or combo of both?
There are three options:
1) Spam Auroras.
This is the MAXDAMAGE option. Your enemies melt, but your defences are non-existent. Success depends on ability to coordinate multiple attack runs at the same time without pausing, colliding, getting flanked, or generally fucking up. If Korean go for this.

2) Spam Solaris.
Eldar pretending to be Chaos. A plausible build, but why aren't you just playing Chaos? Ironically great against Chaos, because you can maintain a fighter screen (spam Darkstar skill) while still launching bombers.

3) One Solaris, rest Auroras.
The middle ground Solaris plays keep-away, launching fighters to defend the Aurora waves. Less damage, but easier to coordinate and less likely to get your entire team wiped out in a bad match.

>> No.46894842

It doesn't affect assault boats. The only factors in assault boats are the quantity of assault boats launched, the troop strength of the defending ship and how many turrets the defending ship has intact.

>> No.46894856

It gives you an additional assault action in lightning strikes AND boosts your troop value by 10, which is more than having lvl 3 ratings

>> No.46894867

>It doesn't affect assault boats.
That's what I thought.

>> No.46894874

What exactly is the difference between the Widowmaker and the Cobra? I know the Cobra has light macros and the WM costs more, but...

>> No.46894913

Widowmaker an detect farther. It's a scout ship

>> No.46894930

Widowmaker has bigger sensors, other that well done for figuring it out all by yourself

>> No.46895026

Yeah it doubles lightning strike actions from 1 to 2 (unless combined with Additional Teleportorium then it's 2 to 3).

There seems to be a few people around who think Astartes (and Khorne) boost assault boats.

>> No.46895035

Cobra has Light Macros and Torps.
Widowmaker has only Torps, and much better sensors.

The Widowmaker is meant to sprint forward to see the enemy, fire torps and run back again. It's a support ship for an Imperial Carrier fleet, who needs to see the enemy more than they need the couple of extra Macros.

>> No.46895051

>5 games losing streak has IN
>new opponent plays orks
>claim orks is da best
>manage to cripple his LC
>ork LC mutiny, warps out
>orks kroozer chain rout

well, that was unexpected, feels bad for the orks though

>> No.46895108

Don't feel bad for orkz, we will never feel bad for you.

>> No.46895109 [SPOILER] 

>the best strategy games have significant random elements, to create uncertainty
>X-Com does not
>Not random
u wot m8

>> No.46895241

clearly he saves scum to ignore the random elements

>> No.46895345

I managed to get through it on Hard Difficulty with 1 Dauntless and 1 Lunar.

Most of the Chaos ships are escorts, and die easily. But you can ignore them.

Load up on Stasis Bombs. And by that, I mean have them both have Stasis Bombs. If you have a second skill available, grab Void Shield Transfer or Enhanced Capacitors.

Don't break up your fleet; focus on enemy capital ships if you must but keep moving.

>> No.46895397

The Imperial Favours are all useful, in different scenarios. But they require some fleet-level planning.

Take a tough ship, and make it tougher. Makes a ship as good at brawling as Orks, with twice the speed. By filling a ship to the brim Deathwatch members, this favour is the bane of Eldar (offensively) and Orks (defensively) alike. Mostly best on Dauntless, who are going to be getting close anyway and are fast enough to catch anyone. Or any heavy ship you want to make the toughest bastard in space, where it's basically ceramite armour for your crew.

Take a versatile ship, and make it more so. Never bad, always useful. Doubles the skills of your Dauntless swarm, and makes your Cruisers cheaper to outfit and repair. A full-mechanicus fleet is never out of tricks. Want micro-warp, stasis and bombs on literally everyone? Praise the Omnissiah!

Take your carrier and make it omniscient. The Inquisition are better than you at everything, know where you live, and are coming to bomb the shit out of you. Probably the least useful all in all. You don't really need more than one in a fleet, on the ship sending out bombers and novas from the back. A Mars is what I'm saying, this favour was built for them. Don't underestimate the usefulness of the free Navigator and Commissar point either: getting lost and mutinying less means you'll never have to fight a battle without it.

WE ARE THE IMPERIAL NAVY. This is All-In or nothing. A single extra Cobra over the course of a game won't achieve anything: a full squadron jumping in every few minutes puts a shortening time limit on your opponent being able to win. Don't be afraid to just hide in a cloud or on silent running for the first minutes of the game, the longer you drag the battle out the higher your win rate gets. Reinforcements are incoming!

>> No.46895402

The Chaos Player was shit, the Eldar guy was just using all the hotkeys.

>> No.46895451

Is there a good way to move ships? Finding the controls really clunky when having to line up torps.

>> No.46895481

Torps actually work rather well on Auto-cast. All you ahve to do is issue a move order to turn the nose of the ship, and it'll fire when it's going to hit the nearest enemy at their current course.

See here: >>46888688

>> No.46895508

Use the joystick.

>> No.46895514

Controls definitely need some work. The ability to set the torpedo path indicators to always appear would be nice. Then I wouldn't need to keep mousing over the thing when lining them up.

I tend to use my Cobras/Nightshades/Hellebores like this >>46888688 and leave my larger ships' torpedoes on manual.

>> No.46895649

That was my mistake in phrasing. It doubles lightning assaults AND improves assault boats by boosting TROOP VALUE, which is the other buff.

>> No.46895716

Assault Boats aren't boosted by Troop Value, that's only used for defense. Assault Boats are literally just
>Roll 1 die, see if you cause a crit

Terminator Lightning Strike:
>Roll 2 die at negative modifier to see if you cause a crit

>Roll 3 die to see if you cause a crit

>> No.46895731

>improves assault boats by boosting TROOP VALUE
That's not how Assault Boats work, or indeed how assaults work in general.

Everytime you get an assault action (from anywhere), the PC rolls a d100, and compares it to the Troop Value of the DEFENDING ship. If it exceeds that number (50 for Eldar, 60 for Humans, 70 for Orks) the assault is a success.

The attackers Troop Value does NOTHING.

Boarding Actions get two actions, so roll 2d100. Lightning Strikes get one action, so only roll 1d100. Space marines add +1 action to both Boardings and Lightning Strike, and add +10 to the Troop Value for defence.

Assault Boats get a number of boarding actions equal to the number that make it through the defensive turrets and/or fighter screen. Again: troop value of the carrier does nothing.

>> No.46895751

Boy it sure would be nice if the game was clear about this shit at all

>> No.46895773

Everyone assumes troop value boosts assault actions cause it makes sense, but if you mouse over troop value it says something like "percentage chance to resist assault actions". It's actually one of the clearer tooltips in the game.

>> No.46895902

>Everyone assumes troop value boosts assault actions cause it makes sense
No it doesn't. Now matter how many armsmen you put on your ship your boarding capabilities are still limited by the method of transportation used to put them on board an enemy vessel.

>> No.46895933

Ok so, lightning strikes are actually inherently weaker than boarding unless you have double teleportation and spess marines

>> No.46895947

Yes. Basically never use Lightning Strike, just ram the enemy and Board them.

>> No.46895958

Good point. Still, a lot of people assume that it affects attack.

>> No.46896003

Weaker, but longer range and 360 degrees. Generally I set Boardings to Auto, and use lightning manually when sensible.

Except on Data Recovery of course, when you want to micro that shit.

>> No.46896025

Big ships should try to board to maximum their assault actions. Smaller ships with Additional Teleportorium and boarding favour can go either way.

>> No.46896133

>Shooting at the prow of an imperial ship
Better be using lances or you're wasting your time.

>> No.46896202

>kinda spoilers


>> No.46896209


>> No.46896217

>all those fighta launchas

>> No.46896224

Easy boss fight honestly

>> No.46896238

And then my game crashed and I didn't get any of the cutscenes for victory

>> No.46896247

>blackstone fortress has zero turrets
Well that was disappointing.

>> No.46896320

Lemme tell you what happens.
He tries to launch a fucking cyclonic torpedo at you, but fails miserably and only manages to nuke himself out. After that it's Spire monologing about the orks getting their asses beat in the Gothic sector and no longer being a threat.

>> No.46896354

Truly a beautiful game, with great scale.

>> No.46896366

No I got to hear it, I just didn't see or get any screenshots. Kept playing while the fatal error screen was up

>> No.46896399

Literally the only reason to put up with Soulstorm. Now if only GW actually made Sisters affordable, I'd be in.

>> No.46896440

FOOK has gotten a new release of late as well, with two fully fleshed out Inquisitorial factions. Ghey Knights aside, it has very nice close-to-codex Sisters.

>> No.46896608

>all my dauntlesses to MK2

Who needs carriers or a novacannon when you can make a wall of torpedoes

>> No.46896700

Someone tried to do this against me today. In cruiser clash he spawned in the far back corner of his deployment zone and fired an ungodly number of torpedoes at me, no doubt making liberal use of the servitor crew points and the recharge ability.
My emperor just plodded along not giving a shit with fighters intercepting most and only two torpedoes of maybe six or seven volleys hitting and doing inconsequential damage.
What felt like an hour later when I was close enough I MWJ'd in and destroyed two of his cruisers before he rage quit.

>> No.46896743

What's up with Mars cruiser getting fucked and just spinning outta control? Only happens to my Mars, no other ship

>> No.46896815

Doing it wrong. You fire your fucking torpedoes at short to medium range when already engaged, it's not a bleeping nova cannon where you can sit in the corner like a chucklefuck and press a button every ten seconds.

>> No.46896843

Do I trust the Eldar during the campaign or do I just remove the xeno scum?
I'm going with the latter because fuck Eldar but I wanted to know if they can actually prove useful.

>> No.46896862

>negotiating with elves
You're really better off without, the missions involving Eldar are fucking infuriating due to how derpy their AI is.

>> No.46896864

Do as you will anon.
Canon option is to ally with them

>> No.46896881

The canon doesn't have them go ELDRADU AKBAR and jam their precious battlecruiser sails-deep into a chaos warship.

>> No.46896937

>first mission with the eldar against orks
>failed before I got a single within macro range because the knife eared faggots spawned so close to the ork battleship and were isntantly rammed into oblivion
Kill them all I say.

>> No.46896963


>> No.46896978

Clicking on an upgrade already purchased gives you the option to remove it. I assume it works the same way with skills.

>> No.46896979

You can just replace the ship

>> No.46897159

So is this /tg/ or /tg/ content here?

>> No.46897183

As far as i see the game is a perfect carbone copy of the tabletop.
Do you think the next races are exactly like their tabletop counterpart?

>> No.46897244

This campaign is quite tedious

>> No.46897320

Playing as orks is no fun at all

>entirely dependent on getting up close and personal
>slowest and least-maneuverable ships in the game

hmm this can only go well

>> No.46897330

You're not hitting that big red button enough, anon.

>> No.46897343

Traktor beams, taunts, gas clouds and flanking.

You gotta be more kunnin git.

>> No.46897379

Mount zzap kannons at every opportunity and take the favour that gives you the map wide lightning assault. Then proceed to laugh as your enemies try to stand off and their ships all melt before a firing a single shot.

>> No.46897401

Gas clouds never do shit, you can see ships go in and then they're just sitting ducks

>> No.46897402

This. Orkz is best. The only way Orkz is not best is when you're not applying yourself.

>> No.46897416

>elves suck!
>no, here's how you elf
>okay, that worked, but I don't like the meta
>orks suck!
>here's how you ork
>orks suck!
>no, here's how you ork
>orks SUCK!

>> No.46897451

to be fair, each race has other races that are fun to play against, and others where they simply arent fun at all. orks are fun against imperials/other orks, but struggle against chaos and eldar due to their long range mobility, the fact that most of their weapons dont give a shit against armor, and the large amount of bombers they can have.

its kinda lame going to a match, seeing eldar/chaos as your enemy, and knowing its just gonna be a huge kitefest with them dragging you along while you try to box them in, but I suppose thats just part of the game.

>> No.46897454

That's what a grot who loses says. Clouds turn your ships back to blips and forces enemies to come confront you.

The cycle will never end. Can't wait for Space Marines being OP/suck

>> No.46897501

Yes, Orks suck

>> No.46897520

I just got my second Cruiser in the campaign, and I can't decide what to choose. My first was a Dominator because I love the Nova Cannon so much, I figure I want a different one to support it and give me adaptability.

I don't like the Dictator because of the rest of the IN fleet. Having only a couple of launch bays in a strikes me a recipe for getting shot down. And I don't care about defending against Chaos bombers, 'cause they can't launch them once they've been smashed to ruins.

Lunar feels too "one of everything". It doesn't look bad in any situations, but neither does it look good. Then again, I could be just wrong.

Which means it's the Gothic, the Tyrant, or maybe the Lunar. But I can't decide.

>> No.46897557

Silent run in, silent run out.

Such is the life of a voidstalker in 2v2

>> No.46897575

I generally roll, Dominator, Lunar and then Gothic. It gives you a lot of flexibility in what type of tactics you use in game.

Its also worth noting that a Dominator and a Lunar come to 300 points which is quite handy for all the 300-point co-op matches you'll be playing.

>> No.46897580

Not necessarily, you can build some pretty mean carriers/zzap boats as orkz, and use those to draw the pansies into ambushes. It does require some heavy point investment in the form of bad moon and blood axe favours, though, especially for the heavier ships.

>> No.46897595

Motherfucking Tyrant. Get it the ramming spur and AP macros, then slap some muhreens on it later for good measure. This ship can out-ork the Orkz and has surprisingly good firepower projection as well with its plasma batteries and torpedoes.

>> No.46897629

How does the Lunar compare to the Gothic and the Tyrant? How does being a half-way house between lances and macros work?

>> No.46897638

>get stuck inside Ork ship, yoyo around and get torn apart

>> No.46897644

>tfw nobody ever brings the stationary scout probe
>someone launches a probe at my boyz hidin in the clouds
>it just flies past
>I was revealed for 1 second then I'm hidden again
>they have to confront my AA eavy kannonz and boardin boyz

>> No.46897652

It's fairly robust in cqc. I use it more for it's torpedo+Ram capability but the lances+macros make it handy against bigger targets if you upgrade it to have armour piercing and extra shield damage.

>> No.46897660

>orks go into cloud
>fire 20 torpedoes into it and wait for reload

>> No.46897666

>The cycle will never end. Can't wait for Space Marines being OP/suck
They will simultaneously suck and be OP.

>> No.46897691

>not havin carriers launchin flyboyz
>not counter firing boarding torpedoes and preventing you from getting a proper alignment
>implying I have to hide in clouds when facing Imperials

>> No.46897693

To the fucking elf that I just lost to. "Warp out with the Data" is not the same as "Immediately let me have it and then lazor my fucking ships to bits as they try to escape with it.", no matter how fucking hilarious you may find the process.

>> No.46897701

Like the elves are now? I see, Satan. Good insight. Though somehow I'm not surprised to see you playing this.

>> No.46897722

I do that all the time with orks, offense or defense. Enemy is so focused on escape they don't realize I'm taunting them to destroy their ships, not to take the data.

>> No.46897759

If I'm the attacker I wait until 20-30 seconds before warp out becomes available to steal the data. It seems effective.

>> No.46897879

>having a poor grasp of void combat strategy
Pick any two. What do you expect me to do? Brawl? Come into sensor range? I'm just three thousand, way too young to die.
Besides, I get more renown if I kill everything so I endeavour to kill everything in every mission. And it's fucking hilarious.

>> No.46897899

>implying pulsing you from beyond your range while running silent isn't exactly what the objective demanded

>> No.46897956

>Oldest race
>most advanced technology
>Cant figure out static shielding
>Only have weapons on the front of their ships.

Stay bad, foul xenos.

>> No.46897958

>Desperation ram the assassination target right as he tries to warp out
>He warps out just as my mighty prow makes contact
>He explodes, spraying debris and corpses like a pinata
>Still lose


>> No.46897985

Is the Tyrant considered the best all around cruiser? Debating on if I should get a second. I love it and the gothic both.

>> No.46897990


>> No.46897995

>not just spider tanking domjnators

>> No.46898051

>Lose a ton of ships due to idiot flying
>One convoy ship down, one escaped
>Charge in with my last cruiser and body block it mere kilometres away from its escape zone

Jesus that was a close game.

>> No.46898088

>Not taking control skills to hold the elves in place while you rev up your Tyrant for some prow-on-sails action.

>> No.46898116

But with dominators you have nova cannons for space elves.

>> No.46898138

But nova cannons can be easily dodged by elves now. If anything, they're better against orks and Imperials.
Whereas no elf can handle being locked into stasis and repeatedly rammed up the aft while getting showered with hot macros from two directions. More satisfying, too, doubly so if you can land torpedoes on them.

>> No.46898179

>Eldar ever dodging nova cannons
Does not actually happen

>> No.46898209

Get a Lunar instead. Lunars are fantastic support cruisers and can handle most targets at medium range. Better yet, you don't need weapons upgrades on them freeing up space for utility ones. Give it the Mechanicus favour for even more options and never leave dock without your Lunar again.

>> No.46898227

There's an indicator, like for bombs, and it fires slowly enough to easily dodge if it isn't right in front of you and you have the boost available. Location doesn't matter at all if you have both the boost and Vaul. Gotta pay attention, though.

>> No.46898259

>don't need weapons upgrades
Is the Lunar really that good? I see "don't need upgrades" and I read "can't take them efficiently". Surely having lower ranged guns that do less damage because of not taking the upgrades would be bad?

Teach me please, I do not understand the ways of mixed-weapons.

>> No.46898267

It's a good all-rounder, and while the mixed armament isn' great for upgrading that jsut means you can skip weapons upgrades and pack more defensive stuff and a power ram without regrets.

>> No.46898315

On one hand, it's not efficient to maximize all weapons. On the other, look at it like this: you want disruption overcharge on lances. Why? to get shields out of the way efficiently. Well, you're in luck, you've got macros on the same facing can do that job better. You also want AP on macros to pierce armour? Sure, or you can use the lance battery you have on the same facing. Conveniently both have the same range as well. This both frees your upgrades up and defines your optimal engagement range beyond reach of AP kannonz or macros. Is good.
To compensate for the loss in damage, you can take cogitator linkages and master gunner and just lock on all day. Use torpedoes when you need that added oomph and ram the fuckers to finish them off rapidly.

>> No.46898429

Why can't I see unidentified enemy ship blips on the minimap? Is there a setting for this?

>> No.46898549

New thread when?

>> No.46898557

>the eldar battleship rams all its escorts into various ork ships, then proceeds to fly its battleship into TWO minefields, before warping out and losing the mission
i'm already starting to regret this alliance.

>> No.46898573


>> No.46898576

You just don't understand primitive. Must be your crude (at best) grasp of void combat strategy.

>> No.46898597

third attempt, and we're already off to a great start

>> No.46898616


>> No.46898622

30 second in and that's 2 allied escorts already dead... but wait

>> No.46898632

they're nobly sacrificing their lives to clear the minefields to allow their bigger ships to pass unscathed

>> No.46898638

what's happening on the other front... oh

>> No.46898662

>being so primitive you can't understand the subtle and intricate tactics of the Eldar
Kill yourself

>> No.46898686

there goes the final eldar escort, 45 seconds into the battle

>> No.46898713


>> No.46898716

>Everything is proceeding as I have forseen.

>> No.46898754

i don't need to be a farseer to see how this is going to end.

not satisfied with missing half its health before my fleet can even get in range, they've decided to boost towards the massive ork swarm.

>> No.46898771


>> No.46898775

I just realised that in the trailers, Tindalos goes through Emperor-class battleships like crazy.
>The Orks ram and destroy one in their trailer.
>In the Launch trailer one rams a Desolator and blows itself up.
>One gets boarded and explodes.
>Another is crippled and warps out.
>Yet another is joining the battle at the end (it probably explodes later).

>> No.46898790

I just did the Hand of Darkness mission. I'm really looking forward to these missions /sarcasm

>> No.46898822

and thus concludes the mission, not a scratch on my ships. time for attempt #4

>> No.46898833

Nemesis Fleet Carrier when?

>> No.46898893

I got the mission as succesfully completed even if he warped away. I just remained there and killed the orks, next "strategic turn" we were all friendly and kissy and kept going with the "alliance"

>> No.46898908

Is there some kind of massive death blast around ships when they die? Because a Dauntless exploding took out 3 Hemlocks and an Aurora just now.

>> No.46898955

it fails if they lose all their ships for me. but the alliance remains.

>> No.46898969

I've been having that with my Dominator. Glad I didn't choose ironman.

>> No.46899039

You right fucked now you pansy flying git

>> No.46899191

What are you going to do when he still kills your shit?

>> No.46899281

Waaaagh harder

>> No.46899346

>Won my last 44 games
>Seriously feeling guilty playing anything but mirror matches against eldar, still crush my dear sisters in battle

I mirrored my tabletop gothic strategy and it's sad how effective it is.

>> No.46899403

>makes your Cruisers cheaper to outfit and repair
That is a thing I was not aware of. But I've only got 2 ships with favours so far so haven't had a chance to try mechanicus.

> =][=
>A Mars is what I'm saying

>> No.46899418

Join the club, it's brutally effective and exactly how they played on the tabletop. It's almost giving me inspiration to paint some of my old metal eldar.

>> No.46899467

>That is a thing I was not aware of. But I've only got 2 ships with favours so far so haven't had a chance to try mechanicus.
It's not a thing anymore. Got changed to an extra upgrade slot instead.

>> No.46899504

I killed him for the loss of only half my fleet

Eldar fear escorts

>> No.46899591

Eh, the new game needs sunward speed shifts, it's too easy to run away.

>> No.46899628

Plz no

I'd prefer a change in the frontloading of damage, and reduce holofields to say 65% vs both batteries and lances so there's less tooling of fleets.

>> No.46899632

I destroyed 13 escorts last game with no losses in less than 2 minutes. If the Eldar player is shit they fear escort spam, or if they're under leveled. Past battle cruisers you shouldn't try that anymore.

>> No.46899802

Mechanicus is probably the most across the board useful, be warned though, if you put it on a retribution you probably won't be able to use the extra skill because of bugged.

>> No.46899936

You probably want muhreens on your retribution anyway.

>> No.46900027

Started playing online, experienced my first alt f4 cornered chaos babby man. Fucked my computer hard.

Please just warp out in stead.

>> No.46900134

I chased a chaos player around the map for 15 minutes with battlecruisers while he couldn't do anything to me at all.

Just fucking warp out you bum-bandits

>> No.46900304

It doesn't matter if you're an elf stuck against the bounds, an Ork that just can't seem to catch the pansy gits, an Imperial who's slowly learning 6+ prows do nothing against the Ruinous Powers, or a Chaos player about to be purged. Fucking warp out. Forcing a crash or alt-f4ing often kills the game for the other guy as well, and I'd like to think we're better than that.

>> No.46900380

If it's cruiser clash and you're fucked on points and can't kill the other dude but he can't catch you it's polite to capitulate or flee. Don't waste everyones time

>> No.46900481

Truly, playing BFG:A with a friend, in 2v2 is a blast.
In particular if you are both decent rts players that know both their faction capabilities as well as the ally's.

The Eldar-Orks combo is brutal, you either get LAZORS o kill you, or you get big angry orkz that smash puny gits an' big red buttons.

>> No.46900817

anyone have that pic of the custom built rogue trader cruiser from the RPG? The super expensive one?

I have a few too many IRL tyrants and was thinking of converting one to that class of cruiser

>> No.46900972


Ambition class cruiser. Who needs structural integrity when you have the most opulent officers quarters known to man?

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