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Adeptus Astartes ships edition

previous thread:

>Where can I find the rules?

>What the FUCK? What rules books do I actually need?
http://pastebin.com/6AGsum1s (embed)
(Short version: 2007 edition of the rulebook, 2010 Update, and Armada)
Revised is a set of fan-rules, written almost entirely by a Dark Eldar player. It shows.

>Where can I find physical miniatures to use/proxy with?
http://pastebin.com/jC96JeMV (embed) (But we always need more - Feel free to chip in with others you've found in-thread)
Also looking for more non-GW minis suitable for running boarding party games.

>Paper ship Proxies:

>Boarding action rules
See the physical models link for some appropriate options for Navy troops

>Tactics and strategy resources for tabletop
Marine Tactica underway.
AdMech tactica: http://pastebin.com/YSrAf9f7 (embed)

>BFG:Armada beta is now live
>Battleflee/tg/othic Steam Group

>Anon is hosting a campaign, you can find the forums and info here:

Application deadline is the 25th
Last few days to join.

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Lads, reposting from old thread
if I quit to menu after completing a mission in a turn, like when the game crashes? The forced "lol hardcore no saves good old days" mentality fucking shits me, pretty sure I didn't select Iron man

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nice thread title OP

>> No.46867158

>seven hundred point battles against chaos
>every one of his line ships has nurgle favour and macros
>mfw he just sweeps in amongst my ships and all I can do is die

I certainly know how I'm building my next chaos fleet.

>> No.46867177

never mind, found the box top left

>> No.46867223

Thinking about whether or not to buy. What issues would you say the game has right now?

Are the factions well balanced?

>> No.46867245

At least the Nurgle cloud doesn't stack anymore.

>> No.46867268

well it not on sale anymore so there's no point in buying it right now

>> No.46867425

early adopter bonus lasts for two months

>> No.46867595

What favor do you guys use on the eldar battleship?

>> No.46867661

Chances are it's going to get even a small discount before the two months expire, aren't they?

>> No.46867724

Saim Hann is quite good.

>> No.46867869

I doubt it. Games only have really early discounts when they sell like shit.

>> No.46867939

I don't really care about paying full price. So, that aside...

>> No.46868194

When to use bombers and when to use assault boats?

>> No.46868317

What are some upgrades/skills/tricks you generally want to use when fighting against Chaos? Seeing blips opening fire on my ships really pisses me off.

>> No.46868382

Assault Boats are useful when you need to cripple them, for example so they'll have a hard time reaching the bombardment zone or getting away with data.

When you absolutely need to fuck them over? Bombers

>> No.46868390

running silent

>> No.46868593

I hear this game is "micro hell" - too much going on, having to put too much on auto-activate or auto-engage. Your thoughts?

>> No.46868661

Auger probes, inquisition favour, bringing a Widowmaker.

>> No.46868681

Hide in gas cloud and make them come to you.

>> No.46868691

Eh, not really. For one, you can automate stuff and the AI is actually pretty smart about it. For two, you can slow down the game on a button press.

>> No.46868745

I don´t think there is "that" much micro outside of eldar. That being said most people are shit at rts so no wonder this would be a complaint. I mean heck you can pause the game in multiplayer. You can´t really tell me a game with 2 light cruisers and 1 escort is "micro hell".

Don´t get me wrong it gets hectic in bigger games but if you have some rts experience this shouldn´t be a dealbreaker.

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How do I make a Chaos ship that's good at boarding?

>> No.46869991

OPs first thread clearly

Also 3v3 and points limits not for ants when

>> No.46869995

Data recovery is so stupid. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs fired.

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Is it ever worth taking an Emperor BB against orks? I want to use it but I can't imagine a scenario in which it won't instantly be rammed to death because of its slow movement speed.

>> No.46870107

Unless you plan on using the assault boats to take out their engines, I don't see it as a very rewarding tactic

>> No.46870385

It's a sneaky game mode with assholish rules, but I haven't had one yet that was boring.

>> No.46870432

>eldar vs eldar
>we both have 2 shit cruisers and a fuckton of aconites
>I spam que move orders and half his ships stop
>end up winning after his 2 line ships stay still

Pretty sure the eldar mirror is a retard fest.

>> No.46870542

Eldar mirror is Ramming and Ordnance mostly.

>> No.46870620

Fuck me I love the dialogue

>> No.46870633

>Chaos vs chaos
>pretend to kite for the first minute or so
>deploy stasis bombs
>proceed to ram the enemy to death with my carriers

>> No.46870853

>Attacker bombardment vs Eldar
>Manage to dodge most of the stasis
>cruiser gets caught
>is raped by pulsars
holy shit those things are nasty, really short cooldown it seems too

>> No.46871124

how many battle cruisers will one be able to field at max admiral level?

>> No.46871198

Can anyone explain how the micro jump warp is supposed to work?

I click it and my cursor changes, but I'm not able to do anything just shows red everywhere.

>> No.46871235

You need a lot of open space. The larger the ship, the larger the area that needs to be clear around wherever you want to jump to.
In the beta it was invredibly useful and almost every took it on most of their ships so I imagine it was made more difficult to use to discourage that.

>> No.46871263


MWJ has been nerfed,you can't use it to jump directly beside enemy ships anymore. THis was a popular tactic especially against the Eldar. Now you have to jump to a spot wihout ships nearby

>> No.46871264

>have squig on my captain
>see 'execution' meter go up
>ship jumps anyway


>> No.46871355

Did you not read the tooltip? If you don't get the squig upgrade you can't do anything about insubordination. Once you have it you can click the execute prompt to end it like everyone else but you still have to invest crew points into the squig if you want to decrease the chances of insubordination triggering in the first place.

>> No.46871366

Two or three, I think. Max admiral level is eight, I think.

>> No.46871404

If you are talking about the video game a second battlecruiser slot is opened up at rank 7.

>> No.46871417

I clicked the execute prompt and it didn't do anything

Literally my first line was 'have squig'

>> No.46871446

It's a bit finicky. Enable the cogitator to give yourself time to get it.
In my personal experience sometimes you need to select the ship first before then hitting the execute prompt.

>> No.46871470

next time it happens select the ship and press the r key.

>> No.46871589

>Eldar vs Eldar
>low level cruiser clash
>just started playing Eldar
>why are these guys taking so long to kill?
>clipped the other guy's ship and both exploded
>well, that didn't go as expected

I think I'll stick with Imperial until Marines come out.

>> No.46871597

Right thanks

>> No.46871824

Ork fleet of just rammship escorts y/n

>> No.46871861

People pausing in this game is balls

>> No.46871888

Chain taunting 5 times is pure bullshit.

>> No.46871988

>muh kite fleet

>> No.46872061

In planetary assault do you have to get cruisers to the objective or can I use escorts to do it?

>> No.46872112

I can't wait until cutscenes are processed, there was a great shot of Spire in his admiral gear.

>> No.46872143


Only ships of the line, no escorts.

>> No.46872250

Damn, there goes that idea. Other than using all light cruisers, what else is good for planetary bombardment as the attacker?

>> No.46872335

Microwarp, but whatever. I handled the first campaign one with just a Lunar and a Dominator.

>> No.46872357

oh dis gun b gud

>> No.46872460

>cruiseen spidset

>> No.46872471

>field Emperor
>get a solid five minutes to tab out and fap at the start of each battle because it takes forever to get anyehere

>> No.46872607

I dislike Brutes because I have such a hard time hitting other escorts with them. And it's not like I want to hit things much larger...

>> No.46872670

I fielded 11 against 2 chaos ships and the guy just retreated like a fag

>> No.46872736

why is the cogitator enabled in multiplayer? fuck that shit, I wanna go fast

>> No.46872787

because it's a key feature of the game.

>> No.46872883

>key feature


>> No.46872938

Stop whining and get over it.

>> No.46872945

How fun are orks? Thinking of pick this up but that price point is a bit higher than I want to spend on a whim.

>> No.46873093


Orks are fun depending on the matchup.



>ork mirror





>> No.46873106

>it's a key feature that slow-minded people be given a crutch

>> No.46873129

Or just slow reflexes.
I'm sorry you're korean, I know it must be a terrible burden to be born with such power.

>> No.46873148

Let's put slow-mo into every game so mr poor reflexes can catch up

>> No.46873166

How much variety is there for them? From what I could tell it seemed like the focus was mostly on beefing up broadsides, boarding as much as possible, and using traktors to line up rams.

Do they have a little flexibility in how they do close range combat?

>> No.46873224

Yeah, maybe you'd whine less if it was more common.

At any rate, it's a significant enough investment of development resources and effort that they aren't going to remove it just because some tard can't handle "if you don't like it don't use it".

>> No.46873229

Bombers: Damage
Assault Boats: Critical hits, based on opponent's troop value. Don't use against Nurgle ships.

>> No.46873266

Bombers do more damage the less turrets the enemy ship has, I think.
Good for finishing off 15%hp wrecks.

>> No.46873288


Strangely enough, Ork ships are somewhat highly adaptable to different styles of play. While getting up close and personal is the easiest way for Orks to smash face, the Kustom Point system lets you adjust armaments with greater flexibility than others.

Though not designed for it, the Ork Battleship can become the largest carrier in the game with an unprecedented 6 launch bays. Not even the Chaos Despoiler can boast of such fighter capacity

>> No.46873318

>always use lots of escorts
>realise I'm crippling my levelling


>> No.46873329

Oh geeze I need this

>> No.46873352

Anyone else bugging out with eldar? sometimes it just wont let me move my ships, which is a fucking problem since I need to GTFO after my initial pulsar burst.

Also how am I supposed to level a ship if I lose it every single game? I have a max level of 5 on any ship and I havent been able to level my void stalker at all because shit keeps dieing.

>> No.46873385

You'll have forever to level, don't sweat kemosabe.

>> No.46873420

>play for hours
>encounter only 2 eldar players
>they weren't even gud

Did Tindalos meme on Eldar too hard? Is Chaos next?

>> No.46873470

Alright faggots. what's your favorite ship so far?

>> No.46873545

>enemy ship explodes in close proximity to 2 of my cruisers
>my cruisers spontaneously combust and I auto lose breakthrough

Man the devs really fucking hate eldar

>> No.46873578

>play as orks
>chaos outrun/maneuver me
>eldar outrun/maneuver me


>> No.46873595

What happens if I screw over the knife ears in the campaign?

>> No.46873611

>+300% chance for zzap guns to crit when lock-on is activated


>> No.46873639

It's a Starcannon fest now.

>> No.46873704

Be kunnin ya grot

>> No.46873757

The Dauntless. With refined lenses to make the prow lance useful, additional shield generator, auxiliary shield capacitors and voss pattern void shields.
I love to flank with them, getting behind the enemy and shoving that heavy lance right up their ass. So many people underestimate the little light cruisers.

>> No.46873929

>orks have the heaviest prow armour
>orks have multiple upgrades to boost zzap guns


>> No.46873972

So what do you think the second fleet is gonna be? I know the first is space marines.

>> No.46874027

I've tried it, its good. Gets raped by carrier based chaos fleets though.

>> No.46874048


>> No.46874071

I once faced a Battleship, battle cruiser and cruiser all taking as many zzaps as possible with the favour that gives you the map wide lightning strike.
It was fucking brutal. They focused fire for 15k out and melted my BC in about thirty seconds.

>> No.46874201


>> No.46874204

zzap guns are basically lances, aren't they? Which eldar are 80% immune to?

>> No.46874289

They're lances with an extra crit chance.

>> No.46874311

I really hope Tindalos fixes the cutscenes issue soon.

I want to get my campaign on but I want the damn cinematics to play already.

Apparently it may be an issue concerning Windows 7 codecs or something.

>> No.46874314

Neat, I guess. I suppose that might just be enough to crit some eldar engines or genatoria.

>> No.46874345

>cruiser clash against orks
>as his last escort and ship on the field explodes he tells me it was his first 600 point game and asked if I had any tips for him
>want to give him a tip
>the victory screen has come up and I don't have enough time to think of and then type one that would suit him
>I can't ignore him because I want to say gg and not come across as a dick
>quickly hammer out "I don't think so" so i can get the gg in before the game ends
>mfw I came across as a dick anyway

>> No.46874433

do rams do more damage if both ships are going faster?

>eldar cruiser heading towards my little ram escort
>button waiting on recharge
>we're about a centimetre away when we simultaneously boost
>he takes like 600 damage and I disintegrate

>> No.46874497

Shoulda asked for his steam.

>> No.46874594

try it with lock on and the extra crit upgrade. Once their shields drop use lock on and you should get a crit within one or two volleys.

>> No.46874811


Dauntless is the shit.

Often I'll run 4 split between Mk1/2 with the rest of my points in escorts.

Shields and Lance boosts on the 1's set to prow engagement to chase behind cruisers with AdMech favor for some extra tools while the Mk2's are loaded for lightning strikes with SM favor and torpedo boost.

Rank up servitors and navigators and I have a zippy fleet of swiss army knives with a lot of teeth and utility that can bale quick if it becomes too much (often with the data)

Also melt torpedoes are the greatest weapon of all time against eldar.

>> No.46874845

>play against chaos
>take out a cruiser and two escorts
>spend the entire fucking game chasing his last two cruisers with a light cruiser, cruiser and battlecruiser

Explain to me how I'm meant to be able to catch long-range ships that are faster and more maneuverable than me

Go on

Not even taunt does anything

>> No.46874857

zappin em wit lightnin ya git

>> No.46874867

I can maybe get one ship to do one lightning attack each time I corner them

Good odds

>> No.46874912

Get them to come to you with clouds or funnel them with torpedoes. They'll get fed up and warp out or try to get you to chase again. Don't play their games.

>> No.46874971

i wsa thinking of switching my campaign dauntless' over to mk 2's instead of all mk1's because i felt like the lance wasn't doing enough. but i could be wrong here.

Fuck i wish there was a way to make behaviors persist or to set them in the fleet screen or something.

>> No.46874991

Get them the upgrade to improve the lance range and it will start doing wonders. It's not a primary weapon but it's great when closing or chasing the enemy or just for firing off potshots at other ships nearby as you rotate around your target.
I don't think a spread of four torpedoes can really compete.

>> No.46875041

The lance has better dps than the Gothic. It is silly good.

>> No.46875076

Just Chaos and Eldar fucking me every game

>lol just b smart

>> No.46875114


>> No.46875161

2 months

>> No.46875194


I cant fucking wait that long though...

>> No.46875235

Play the other factions. Think of it as "know your enemy" training for when your marines finally arrive.

>> No.46875270

According to what?

>> No.46875309

That explains a lot.

>> No.46875335

>eldar pulsar beam fleet
>blow up an enemy ship because you do 100000 damage
>run away successfully because you are the fastest

>> No.46875392

>elf vs elf
>everything's dead or on fire within one minute

>> No.46875408

With flyers, clouds, and torpedoes. A sneaky git is a git who wins.

>> No.46875409

Servers lagging for anyone else? Me and everyone else in a 2v2 game were lagging out the ass

>> No.46875419

>planetary assault
>bombardment zones literally across the entire map

how about you fuck off

>> No.46875425

Just kill everything

>> No.46875428 [SPOILER] 

My Tzeentch Acheron. But I have a fetish for massive batteries of space lazors since LotGH, so ymmv.

>> No.46875438

Lose against eldar

Wow the map has no clouds guess I lose


Let's see what else you might say

>dude just split up
easily picked off

>dude just group up
never catch them

>> No.46875442

Yeah I keep losing connection after each game.

>> No.46875445

If you're that determined to lose, there's nothing we can do about it.

>> No.46875450

Right you've got nothing to say, got it

>> No.46875480

The AI cheats doesn't it?

>> No.46875495

>never catch them
You don't catch eldar anon. You find a position and you sit in the vicinity. Throw out probes or have scout ships with augur upgrades to pick up the pointy eared fucks as they get close then throw down stasis bombs to draw them in even close. Then you taunt and lightning strike like there is no tomorrow and deal some damage with macros.
Take more ships rather than your few most expensive ones. You could even put that favour on your ships that gives you a nova cannon as a couple of those will melt eldar.

>> No.46875506

>Lose against Eldar
Especially against the pulsar build that has no fighter cover. Not to mention your original question was about Chaos, but hey, let's move the goalposts so you can keep playing the victim.

>Wow the map has no clouds guess I lose
What is running silent? Not to mention 99% of the maps have several clouds.

So I guess you can figure it out after all? Who da thunk.

>> No.46875549

Guys, just let natural selection work itself on the weedy grot players who can't take advice. Orkz iz da best and only the best okay them.

>> No.46875557

zapp gunz, stick as many as you can on yer battlekroozers and battleshipz

>> No.46875564

At the very least is seems to be aware of the location of your ships even if you hide in a gass cloud or seomthing.

>> No.46875605

That or shock attack teleporta it can go through shields so it's good against chaos as well. The biggest thing is to bring a scout ship so you can see the sneaky gitz.

>> No.46875682

Are spess mahreen ships in yet?

>> No.46875696


>> No.46875700

To be fair thought with the RNG and the frequency in which there are eldar and chaos
you are more likely going to have to deal with them without cloud cover. Also orks can't really afford to take the run silently perk due to the need for the squig, and at that point you are already wasting points on things that aren't weapon upgrades or favors. Your already pretty gimped with the accuracy debuff you need to edge as much on every hit you can get with the eldar. Though there is something so satisfying when you are able to perfectly corner one with a trakta beam and slam into their group with a battlecruiser.

Don't get me wrong though the orks are a strong faction and the guy probably just needs a bit more practice.

Play a little bit of the IN and pay attention to what each ship does it's really the best faction to learn the game on. It stresses the importance of bruisers and ranged, as well as mixing your fleet. There is a reason they give you so many ships.

>> No.46875710


>> No.46875714

in the campaign, you fight with a few as your ally.

>> No.46875790

Is matchmaking down?

>> No.46875801

Only if it 'sees' them going into it. I was able to make it switch targets using silent running, though, and it seems to only go after the places it 'saw' your ships or active blips. It's still not as good as an actual human at figuring out your location.

I play elves, I had lots of opportunities to test it, and I haven't seen any outright bullshit. It's a fairly decent AI, is all, though it does make stupid mistakes a lot of the time.

>> No.46875844

What do you guys think the best combo is in 2v2?

>> No.46875890

Elves and orkz. Orkz provide a safe zone for elves to retreat to as well as powerful control abilities, elves lance shit in the aft and go back to their husbandos when the primitives start getting rowdy.

>> No.46875965

(thats what i was thinking of when i posted this question)

>> No.46876007


Pshh you're too easy to read

>> No.46876075

There's a good case to be made for IN and elves as well, specifically an inquisition fleet that can keep the enemy identified, making sure you don't waste 9+ pulsar strikes on an escort and allowing phantom disruption to be used to full effect.
Orkz are just stronger as ambushers and in close quarters, though.

>> No.46876162

What are those thing on the sides of imperial cruisers and battleships that looks like forward facing guns but not actually used?

>> No.46876209


Void shield generators?

>> No.46876217

>place beacon to find ork mission
>my fuckin capital ship has the bug where it just spins outta control instead of movin
>ork admiral won't come close enough for a lightning strike
>assault boats don't work
>he starts warping out

Savescumming doesn't count for bugs that ruin easy missions.

>> No.46876243

Nobody knows. They could be sensor spines, augur arrays or anything really

>> No.46876275

2v2 is the way to play this game. Actually makes it feel like a good sized fleet engagement.

But yes 3v3 when and more points when
Also better games modes when

>> No.46876304

a few weeks a cording to steam page. the other fleet will be 2/3 months

>> No.46876341

Retro thrusters?

>> No.46876383

A after playing in the beta chaos seems a little on the slack side, at least in earlier points brackets, any servants of the dark gods have some tips on defeating those damn elves

>> No.46876407

Does putting points into servitors reduce the cooldown of lightning strikes? My Dauntless already has a troop value of 79 and can do 3 lightning strikes at a time so I'm looking to tool it up even more.

>> No.46876417

>yfw you realise the most overpowered build is zzap cruisers

>> No.46876424


>> No.46876494

necrons, Tau and tyranids were the most popular choices by a large margin in a poll they did on their forums.

Of the 3 Tau are the most "standard" in how their ships work so I'd wager on seeing them first.

>> No.46876507

no the moment arm would be too big and stress the super structure

sensors and field emitters are most likely

>> No.46876621

It's a fair question, it affects ordnance after all.

No, If you have the teleportarium upgrade and muhreens you've reached the limit. Consider ratings instead, so you don't get raped back.

>> No.46876631

It's so unorky that elves do it better. 'Eavy Kannonz is where it's at.

>> No.46876634

>this is taking more time than it should

>> No.46876674

>Want to buy this
>But Banner saga 2 is out

So long, lads. I hope you'll all be still playing the game for when i manage to scrape around some money

>> No.46876740

Why is it so fucking impossible to ram eldar?

>> No.46876750

they quick you slow

>> No.46876753

>It's a fair question, it affects ordnance after all.
and orders.

>> No.46876798

>that good feeling when all tzeentch ships

>that good feelio when asteroid immunity

>> No.46876836

My melanin-enriched comrade. Try Slaanesh next, especially vs Orkz. You kill one escort and they just fuck off, one after another. Plus you can turn off their brace for impact.

>> No.46876853

Playing with team mates helps to diminish the problems of mircomanagement of a bunch of shit with different abilities that require you to select each ship individually to trigger being total cancer, which makes them actually fun.

But why the fuck is it the case that you can't have more than 600 point games when 1v1 goes up to what, 700+?

>> No.46876856



>> No.46876861

>orks getting escorts other than (expendable) ram ships

>> No.46876870


yeah but insubordination chain reaction, brah.

>> No.46876874

Imperium fucking sucks don't they, they're basically shitter versions of orks

>> No.46876884

Nah the imperials are pretty great.

>> No.46876893

How will the space marine fleets be different from imperial ships now?

>> No.46876898

They have advantages over orks. They can actually turn, have better accuracy, an excellent picket ship in the widowmaker, and nova cannons. Their torpedoes are also better than orky ones.
They're somewere between orks and chaos on the scale from brick to elf.

>> No.46876927

Savages are pretty stronk, too. They necessitate unorky tactics to get the most out of them, but holy shit that cannon.

>> No.46876936

>unorky tactics for a gun that has 3K range

>> No.46876940

Bomb cannons, heavy armour all round, every strike cruiser having launch bays and same health as a dauntless and being as manoeuvrable as one

Also battle barges being kick ass

>> No.46876949


seems OP

>> No.46876972

also they are expensive for what they are especially the BBs and their own set of escorts

>> No.46877004

That's exactly why. You need to draw the gits into an ambush or sneak up on them because otherwise pretty much everything is faster and has better range.

>> No.46877013

AdMech ace customs when.

>> No.46877025

>Novas for everyone

>> No.46877054

You can do that with the IN. Think bigger. Think black hole launcher.

>> No.46877075

Also all the specialist torps

>> No.46877092

I never realized how much I need vortex torpedoes in my life.

>> No.46877107

Imagine a full spread hitting a BB

>> No.46877109

Does void-shield transfer autocast work? It doesnt seem to.

>> No.46877111

But the AI still manages to attack from outside the Gas Cloud.

>> No.46877132


it cheats like a motherfucker

i swear on the emprah it detects things at max range, teleport assaults and warps out instantly

>> No.46877137

Forward-facing guns. They're supposed to be considered part of prow/dorsal armament.

>> No.46877171

>Apparently it may be an issue concerning Windows 7 codecs or something.
Been playing on Win7 with no issues.
Only crashed once in 10 hours during a cruiser clash I was losing anyway.

>> No.46877327

About to start playing Multiplayer after getting to chapter 4 or 5 in the SP. Should I not be using broadsides with dauntlesses or should I use the prow-lance instead?

I've been getting good results with SM speedy dauntlesses for boarding operations on data recovery.

>> No.46877366

they have different ships. Generally space marine craft are designed for armour, speed and boarding. At the expense of range, raw firepower, shielding and mass compared too IN ships.

>> No.46877390

not really. SM ships are min maxed for palanetary assaults and don't do as well in straight up fleet engagements.

>> No.46877414

Works for ships. Defensive structures seem a little bugged though

>> No.46877490

How to teamchat? Every third player sells our tactics to the enemy by talking in allchat

>> No.46877495

False dichotomy. You should position ships manually in a way that maximizes your use of weapons. And you might want mk2s anyway, torpedo stronk.

>> No.46877504

This is how I've kitted out my Dauntlesses and I use them often. I try to field two each game and often for 600 or 700 point ones I'll take my Emperor battleship and then fill the rest of the points with these.

The prow lance once upgraded to hit at 9k is great for softening targets as you approach and as they flee but once within decent range I use the macro batteries as primary weapons while the lance still pops off the odd shot at passing enemies. Light cruisers take a fair amount of damage when rammed by anything heavier than them so they become quite vulnerable if they are just sitting stationary using only the prow lance.

You can of course build them differently for specialised roles but outside of those very specific game types they probably won't last long in a larger point match with battle cruisers and battle ships roaming about.

>> No.46877565

When the tooltip say that ramming damage depends on the ship's 'weight', does that mean that ships have hidden weight values, or is it just that larger classes of ship are considered heavier? Or is it dependent on armour?

>> No.46877566

I use two of each Dauntless. A bit of variety is nice and they both have their uses. Mk1 lance is excellent while closing and for chasing. Mk2 torpedo salvo is pretty nasty against weakened ships with not many turrets left. Also you can HET, torpedo and then resume broadsides for max DPS.

>> No.46877574

armour reduces the amount of damage you take while ramming and weight of both influences the damage taken by other ship

>> No.46877587

Larger classes have more mass. Ork ships have more mass than Imperial ones, which have more mass than Chaos vessels, which in turn have more mass than Eldar.

>> No.46877602

Is there a way to increase nova cannon accuracy? The scatter on it seems crazy

>> No.46877613

I run full-on navy mark 2s with speedo torpedo. They just obliterate larger ships, and when your CLs fire a spread of twenty four torpedoes, counting the cobras, a few of them are going to hit regardless of how many turrets there are. Add to that a cruiser with six more, and you can wreck everything save for elves, but you'll have plentiful macros for elves with this setup.

>> No.46877680

I think the further the distance of the shot the more scatter you get.

>> No.46877698

Ah I see. So would it be worth making a dedicated ramming ship? And if so, which class? Using a heavy cruiser seems like a waste of its capabilities but using a dauntless might not be heavy enough to cause significant damage

>> No.46877701

I prefer torpedoes myself, but the Mk1's prow lance has come in handy quite a few times.

>> No.46877761

Get a tyrant and give it the ramming spur and AP ammo. You'll be amazed at how throughly fucked a ship can become in the space of two seconds after you ram it and then broadside it with AP macros, and board it while it slides off your fully erect prow. Even works on BCs.

>> No.46877778

so best chaos cruiser now that the game has been released?

or rather give me a reason not to pick the carrier
as otherwhise i will again anons/

>> No.46877786

>losing escorts straight away because a mine spawns right in front of where you deployed them and you're too busy microing your line ships to notice before it's too late.
Mines should not spawn right in front of the deployment zone

>> No.46877890

this if you follow a torp salvo in you will mess anything up

Get a nurgled slaughter and a carrier(dont know which favour to put on it) for starters and them fill in what you feel is missing for your play style.

Also I find chaos favours a bit too situational(mainly S and T) and those situations are a bit unclear to me. I mean orks have specific favours but they are self explanatory and IN favours are great. Please help

>> No.46877923

They're all good. Elves are one good reason to take a Carnage, since it can fire a metric fuckton of macros up to 9k. Give it Tzeentch for fire support and repositioning. Slaughters are competent brawlers and support vessels, as the mixed armament does decently well against everything and makes upgrades other than weapon ones more viable. Take two, give them Slaanesh and support skills and watch mutiny cascades from the safety of your flesh pit.

>> No.46877947

mfw the distance you can micro warp jump is the same as the ship's detection range
mfw jumping 12.5k with my emperor battleship

>> No.46877975

Also will nids have MWJ

>> No.46877980

Slaanesh is fairly versatile. It cancels an order (including movement ones and elf lance activation) and prevents other orders from being issued for a duration. It's the quintessential 'nuh-uh' button. Prevent ramming, stop them from escaping, plug elf pulsars with your slimy tentacle. The secondary effect is random, but fucking hilarious if when it triggers a mutiny cascade.

Tzeentch is the 'oh shit they spotted me carrier' favour, but has plenty of other uses. Full burn right off the bat and re-hide your entire fleet. Plan a few seconds ahead and reposition your ship instead of eating torpedoes or a ram. Easily move between clouds and stay out of detection range with your vulnerable carrier/12k lance boat.

There is a lot you can do with either favour. They're so handy, in fact, that I didn't take any Nurgle or Khorne in my post-beta MP fleet. Excellent results as well.

>> No.46877983

How does escort upgrades work? If I upgrade my Firestorm frigates, do all future Firestorms get those upgrades, or are they lost when the escort vessel is destroyed?

>> No.46878001

>Iconoclasts no longer have 9 macro turrets
Will upgrading macro turrets affect their missiles? I feel like they nerfed my favourite escort but I'm probably not very good at this game.

>> No.46878010

You keep all upgrades whether or not they get destroyed. That's why their upgrades are so expensive

>> No.46878020

Cool. I find myself taking a wing of escort vessels over another 50 point ship most of the time, just wasn't sure the upgrades would be worth it with those casualty figures.

>> No.46878043

Yes, missiles (and starcannons) count as macro-weapons.

>> No.46878069

Near certainly no, Tyranids don't even have warp travel at all.

Also given that they'll be the kings of boarding and knife fighting it would be a bit bullshit to have a full hiveship teleporting itself around.

>> No.46878097

Yeah, escorts are expendable more or less. Doesn't mean you should throw them away, but it's a worthy trade to lose a couple of escorts to lure larger enemy ships away.

>> No.46878124

Why Tyrant over a Dominator? To me 4 x macro batteries seems better than 2 x macro batteries and 2 x plasma-macro batteries

>> No.46878136

Yes but balance anon, how else will they close the distance:^)

I think they will vomit ordnance(fighters and assault boats only) and 1/2 the ships with massive claws. It will be sweet

>> No.46878144

I wonder what favours 'nids would have. There doesn't seem to be sub-factions that you can convert into favours like other factions.

>> No.46878174

Because the Tyrant has a ramming spur, and thus is the only one of the two capable of taking the upgraded ram. Also 12k macros keep elves away.

>> No.46878179

I think it will be based around some of the fancier evolution of the hive mind upgrades. Beyond that they could just makes shit up

>> No.46878185

The difference is a lot less with the post-release patch.

Dominator Broadside: 144 raw damage
Tyrant Broadside: 132 raw damage (91.7% of Dominator).

Also if you prefer Torps (and ramming prow) over Nova.

>> No.46878195

I don't think nids can. The Narvhal boi-ship distort gravity to allow the rest of the hive-fleet to travel FTL, but they can't do it near a solar system.
It would be fun to a ship warping other vessels everwhere on the map, though.

>> No.46878206

>how else will they close the distance
Tyranids aren't slow (for their size), plus they usually come in big numbers.
Ordnance spam being an option is a safe bet, they're probably the best at it in TT (though they have worse than average ordnance)

Different hivefleets have different styles and tactics, so they could have Leviathan, Behemoth, Kraken and one of the others.

>> No.46878218

There are hive fleets, but that doesn't make sense. They could easily make up specialized evolutions based on situation/environment, though. Like a vanguard splinter with camouflage or a planetary assault splinter with boarding pods and speed.

>> No.46878254

Yeah I thought the hivefleets as favours might be odd given how far apart they normally are.

I just asked cause while Tindalos have done a good job they have mostly used existing lore, no Blood Raven stuff yet.

>> No.46878303

The optimal combo is torpedoes (melta if you want to be a dick about it), PROW, macros, marines. The Dominator only has half of that setup, lacking torpedoes and the ram upgrade.
You could do it with a Lunar as well, exchanging some broadside damage for reliable mid-range lances to finish shit off as it limps away.

>> No.46878418

Specialised sub-fleets or even single ships are perfectly within existing lore. It's the entire shtick of the Tyranids.

>> No.46878680

The despoiler is so good looking.

>> No.46878720

Needs more Slaanesh.

>> No.46878810

That must be so confusing being in the same fleet as a ship whos name changes every year.

>> No.46878985


>> No.46879027

You do not need to know the enemy.
Just remember brother the most dangerous part of
an Astartes vessel's most dangerous function
is not the bombardment cannon, nor the speed.
The most dangerous part is your fellow Battlebrothers, deploy them onto the enemy ship, cripple them and rejoice in the emperors name.

>> No.46879298

Is this game going to have much staying power? It's been out 3 days and already ya'll niggers have level 10 admirals

>> No.46879403

It might just be me but i feel like eldar are not that good.

>> No.46879429

And yet we keep playing.
I feel the multiplayer will keep it going for a good, long time, even discounting new fleets being added over time, and possibly multiple expansions. The game is good, it's selling very well, and the makers seem rather invested into it. I think it's a good long-term purchase if you like this kind of game. Even if you don't, it might be worth a shot.

>> No.46879481

They're good, just slightly harder to play. You'll get the hang of it.

>> No.46879540

I assumed that the extra defense turrets would give you great firepower but it seems that they just fend off torpedoes and bombers. Is that right?

>> No.46879592


>> No.46879622

>Reminder that there people on this thread that allied with the Eldar because they think it's too hard (just use taunt is not that difficult, people!).

>> No.46879711

What prefix should an Imperial Navy ship have?

His Majesty's Ship, HMS?
His Imperial Majesty's Ship, HIMS?

>> No.46879827

You could try something close to Latin also.

>> No.46879935

It's a British IP. Of course it's HMS.

>> No.46879960

well HMS is fine too

>> No.46879974

So what about orks?

His Morkesty's Ship?
His Gorkesty's Ship?

>> No.46879979

Just got it last night. Made it through the first two campaign missions up to the Ork convoy mission.

I'm getting my shit wrecked. The controls aren't *bad* but I'm still getting used to them, and I keep forgetting about slow-mo.

Played a few skirmish missions to play around with as IN and Eldar. I like this game, but sometimes it seems like the camera controls are unresponsive.

>> No.46880011

I had to reset the keyboard controls to default, otherwise they are on French settings or something.

>> No.46880027

Emperors Ship?

>> No.46880070


Orks iz da smashyest!

>> No.46880085


Ded Killy Ship

>> No.46880240

>we will never get to ram with Kollosus

>> No.46880298

It's way worse when you take 300 damage on a cruiser.

>> No.46880311


The things on the "wings"? I've always wondered that myself.

I assumed that they were part of the forward battery, but like others have said maybe they're void shield or auger anntenas.

>> No.46880322

The slanesh favor explains why I wasn't able to move my entire fleet yesterday, that's a really dumb ability since it basically auto kills any eldar ship.

>> No.46880341

>Rammed my power spurred retribution class battleship against the planet killer
>My battleship almost dies as the planet killer starts dragging it around stuck to its forward guns

>> No.46880404

It doesn't stop regular movement, just prevents the boost and Vaul. Elf it up senpai, if you're close enough to get 'autokilled' without your abilities, you're way too fucking close.

>> No.46880466

Ork Zap Cannons and watch Chaos cry as you outrange them

>> No.46880488

Wait a few levels and prepare to be fired upon by empty space.

>> No.46880493

>Imperial Navy ship


>> No.46880524

Probably varies from sector to sector.

Imperial Navy Ship, Imperial Star Ship, Imperial Starship, Holy Emperor's Ship, Imperial Line Ship, etc.

>> No.46880583

>Playing Solo Skirmish
>Orbital Bombardment - Defender
>I'm Imperial up against Orks
>Lose two bombardments, stall the third with stasis bombs
>Orks down to one ship, clear line of sight to the objective
>I have two Dauntless, a Mk.I & Mk.II, and two firestorms
>Can't catch the greenskin, too fast for torpedoes
>He's town to one hull bar, I'm plinking away at range with light macro cannons
>Ork gets to within 1km of the objective
>Orks warp out and leave me the victor

>> No.46880840


Our Ram Kills You

>> No.46880856

So been playing the campaign, every time the Eldar turn up it's just they just ram things...and die.

Anyone else think the devs used the Ork AI routines for Eldar by mistake/laziness?

>> No.46880875

The Eldar turned out to be pretty ok guys after all.
With the alliance I got going on with them, and the destruction of the Ork spesh hulk, all I got to worry about are traitors and chaos.

>> No.46880881

>solo skirmish
>not multiplayer


>> No.46880886

Or they just hate the Eldar like reasonable people and thought it'd be funny

>> No.46880913

>since it basically auto kills any eldar ship.
As it should?

>> No.46880952

No, i just think that the dagger ears are that retarded.

>> No.46881120

>tfw you get 3+ hits on a salvo of melta torpedoes and see the fires popping up
feels good

>> No.46881171

>700 pts Data recovery mission
>The Torment appears, it's a legendary Slaaneshi ship
>Oh shit, it's going to be though
>Turns out it's the only non-escort ship
>Gank his ass as its escorts watch
>Game crash as soon as it dies

>> No.46881292

>Game crash as soon as it dies

>> No.46881352

1 emergency rep and they're all gone lol

>> No.46881441

>not having the majority of your fleet be torp ships
good job fagtron you just sprung my trap, and now you can't put fires out for over 100 seconds

>> No.46881444


Emergency repair has a 3 minute cooldown, and torpedoes have only a 45 second cooldown. Plus, he probably has more than one ship slinging melta torpedoes.

>> No.46881525

I met it on a breakthrough mission.

I annihilated it and its entire fleet in that game.

>> No.46881548

Eldar nerf when? If the player is even semi competent, they can easily win

>> No.46881715

>Elves op, nerf pls, I can't win against them
>Elves are shit, I can't win with them
It's like I'm on the official forums.

>> No.46881793

Wish me luck. Operation Gay Pride is now in effect. I'm going nothing but Slaanesh and lance boats all the way through to a marked Despoiler.
Hopefully it'll allow me to take a screenshot without crashing one of these days.

>> No.46881795

That's what happens when anything goes from overpowered as fuck to just a little overpowered.

>> No.46881988

So, what are they?

>> No.46882056

Click the "View global achievement stats" button on the top.
So far there's 2 achievements that no one has: "Old but Gold" and "Burn the Heretic"

>> No.46882089

I got the "Burn the Heretic" achievement

>> No.46882126

Ok I think I FINALLY god gud with eldar but jesus christ it is hard. You have to completely micro, use certain units as bait to draw enemy attention so you can attack from behind, chip some damage, then run. It takes so fucking long to kill anything though!

>> No.46882151

one elf player thought they were shit. Everyone else called him retarded.

>> No.46882169

You're an elf. You have the time.

>> No.46882179

How did you do?

>> No.46882182


>because he's fucking dead, fuck you Eldar, take a ram to the face

>> No.46882185


Eldar require more effort than the other races (Honestly not much more, just requires some thinking and a little micro)

They are however very unforgiving to mistakes.

>> No.46882223

How's Eldar vs Eldar games?

>> No.46882280


>> No.46882291

Either you don't alter your composition and everything is dead or on fire from lances, point blank torpedoes, and accidental ramming within five seconds, or you do and everything is dead or on fire from bombers, accidental ramming, and starcannons within five seconds.

>> No.46882320

I think I got it when I killed the traitor captain AFTER saving him from the Eldar

>> No.46882376

>game crash as soon as it dies
>you boot it back up
>your flagship is now The Torment

>> No.46882379

Not there yet, I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

>> No.46882394


>> No.46882417

Sure thing, good luck

>> No.46882485

No, take the ones with big guns and listen to the lamentation of the wome... Eldar.

>> No.46882558

> Eldar
> outOrking the Orks

>> No.46882661

Fuck Lucius, what a fucking asshole.

>> No.46882708

Can you get the achievement by subduing him? It fits with the description. That was a listed option when you join with the eldar and it seems to interact with destroying his fleet if the dialog actually indicates anything, which is not always true given the immortal fortress encounter.

>> No.46882791

Fucking primitives aren't even good at being primitives is what you mean.

>> No.46882818

I don't know honestly, give it a go and see what happens

>> No.46882863

How the fuck do some people do an eldar battleship that is permanently invicible. I just played a round where the blib from it never appeared, but instead it suddenly came from behind, lanced and then vanished again. i am getting fucking tired of eldars right now. And where the fuck is the team speak?

>> No.46882944


One is kill all the Orks (side with the Eldar)
One is kill all the Eldar (tell them to fuck off when alliance is proposed)
One is kill all the Nemesises before the final battle (three show up in Chapter 4, one in Chapter 5)
The last is "Heirless Throne"

Old But Gold and Burn the Heretic may tie into siding with that Traitor Dude the Eldar says to purge.

Not sure how to get Stare into the Abyss.

>> No.46882986

To get "Stare into the Abyss" you have to taunt the Planet Killer

>> No.46883126

>three show up in Chapter 4
Wait, what?
I'm >>46881171 and I'm only in chapter 3.

>> No.46883130

Alaitoc, spirit stones and run silent upgrade. You drop your dependency on gas clouds entirely that way, and a free guaranteed crit is nothing to scoff at either.

>> No.46883143


Is the Gothic Class cruiser worth taking?

>> No.46883187

>Sector's name is "Gothic
>Name of the game has "Gothic" in it
>Ask if tthe Gothic is worth using
Don't use it as your first cruiser, it's used as a fire support with support skills.

>> No.46883212


Really? Maybe it's random. because Khorne, Nurgle, and Slaanesh champions popped in during Chapter 4 for me, and then I got all the achievements for killing the nemesises (even though one was missing). Then the first turn of Chapter 5, the Tzeentch guy showed up. Killed him, and then the third or so turn of Chapter 5 was when Abby attacked Schindelgeist.

>> No.46883224

Every cruiser is worth taking, but consider your composition options rather than the individual ships. Gothic has dependable medium-to-maybe-long-ish range broadside, which helps immensely with finishing ships off and thinning down escorts. It also has torpedoes and a ramming spur, so it can really fuck a ship up in a knife fight. It could go either direction depending on the upgrades.

That said, lances are handy and lance boats are at a premium in the Imperial Navy. It's certainly a worthy addition IF you don't have that niche filled.

>> No.46883275

I'm in the chapter where the warpstorm appears.
After 2 turns I was allowed to take favors.
2 turns after that, Nemesises started to appears.
Maybe it's something tied to the level of Spire because I reached level 7 the turn before the nemesises appeared.

>> No.46883297

Pretty much like my engagement against the Terminus Est. Thank the Emperor it was a breakthrough mission and a good chunk of its fleet decided to fuck around a single defense station instead of protecting their Flagship.

Never felt so good to land 6 melta torps from both sides and then finishing it off with a full salvo of plasma macrobatteries from our Retribution class.

>> No.46883420

Anything straight orky. I'm surprised my mega zzap cannons can actually hit something.

>> No.46883539

I haven't seen a single ork fleet today. Is very sad.

>> No.46883762

I'll be back from work soon. Hopefully we can make your day proppa orky.

>> No.46883853

Are orks that bad then?

>> No.46883958

I really don't know, I'm an IN Admiral and IN only, but they tend to be the chattiest players and the most fun to fight.

Good. Get in here!

>> No.46884193

I am totally going to get this game for this achievement

>> No.46884427

NEW THREAD: >>46884414

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