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Tactical Genius Edition

previous thread:

>Where can I find the rules?

>What the FUCK? What rules books do I actually need?
(Short version: 2007 edition of the rulebook, 2010 Update, and Armada)
Revised is a set of fan-rules, written almost entirely by a Dark Eldar player. It shows.

>Where can I find physical miniatures to use/proxy with?
http://pastebin.com/jC96JeMV (But we always need more - Feel free to chip in with others you've found in-thread)
Also looking for more non-GW minis suitable for running boarding party games.

>Paper ship Proxies:

>Boarding action rules
See the physical models link for some appropriate options for Navy troops

>Tactics and strategy resources for tabletop
Marine Tactica underway.
AdMech tactica: http://pastebin.com/YSrAf9f7

>BFG:Armada beta is now live
>Battleflee/tg/othic Steam Group

>Anon is hosting a campaign, you can find the forums and info here:

Application deadline is the 25th
Last few days to join.

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There is no way to win with this shit faction.
I should probably go back to the ez modo imperium.

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They seem to have nerfed Eldar really hard in Armada at launch. They are even less durable than they were before.

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aw, someone used my pic

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The game is out?

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That's because their holoshields basically do nothing against macro cannons anymore.
Yeah, a max hit chance reduction of 50% is real nice when just 2 or 3 connecting shots from a fucking ork escort are enough to blow up your fucking ship.
The hit chance reduction should be AT LEAST 80% at it's maximum.

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Yep the game is fully released

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Can't we take we just get along at 66%?

>> No.46854478

Thanks anon!

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>Playing campaign
>The Eldar propose an alliance
>"Yeah, why not"
>Battle against greenskins
>Spire: "I think we should engage at long range and keep our distance from the..."
>Proseeds to rush his fleet to the ork force
>His personal battleship flies through a mine field and loses 1/4 of its health
>Proceeds to ram couple of ork ships
>Boards a half dead ramming corvette with Khaine
>Laughing orks.Gretchin_tale
>Facepalming imperials.DataSlate

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They either need to make the ships tougher, faster, or make the holofields the way they were in beta to compensate for the other nerfs.

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>posting a 3mb .png

Kill yourself

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>having shit internet.

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I've had some success using them in hit and run strikes. Basically I split the fleet into 3 groups that I operate like squadrons and then I basically get them to swoop around a target on attack runs before burning away so the next squadron can attack.

You're still fucked if they have novas but its something.

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I keked at it too hard not to use it.

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So, how different is the campaign accordingly to how victories/defeats you accumulate? Is there a Game Over scenario? Can you make choices other than win/lose every battle?

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>hard bracket of missions, jammy fucking assassination, bombardment with all the zones on the backline, smashing out the third mission
>game crashes

>> No.46854563

Assassination and Data missions are so mindless now. Previously, I used trickery and decoys to hide my ships. Now it's just mindless brawling.

>> No.46854572

Would anyone be interested in playing 2v2 with me?

If so shall we post some steam IDs?

Admiral Awesome

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Eldar are literally unbeatable if you are a good player. There's no reason they should have the tankiest ships and the ability to explode any ship on a 30s cooldown.

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Can you not destroy/prevent warpout of the first blackstone fortress? I've tried several times and it always looks like it leaves with 1 hp

>> No.46854828

I played against it, set it on fire and torpedoed it to -19 health.

It still warped out.

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>Don't even have the battle cruiser yet

Just wait until you can pulsar melt cruisers in 5 seconds, eldar are way way better late game. My only complaint is they're so easy to bump and ram, and you can tool your fleet to all macro escorts way too fucking easily.

>> No.46854846

So, is it currently impossible to play with a friend in a 1v1, or a coop 2v2 against AI, or am I retarded ?

>> No.46854858

Although I feel silly for trying 3 times now...

>> No.46854888

I just did that mission. Eldar all killed themselves like retards. Going in for a second try and hope that I don't get raped by Ork battlecruisers

>> No.46854904

Im gonna do the same.

Wondering if i should bring lots of ships instead of just my battleship and one battlecruiser.
Maybe couple light cruisers and a shitload of escorts?

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>> No.46854932

It seems like you can invite people.

This is why I posted: >>46854572

As none of my steam friends own the game yet.

>> No.46854935

I hate how few points they give you. It should be at least 400. I just went in with one battlecruiser, a cruiser and a light cruiser. Here's to hoping the dumbass prince doesn't go ramming again

>> No.46854954

Yeah but apparently inite is limited to 2v2 against random humans.
Which is gonna suck for people wanting to make fluffly campaigns.

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That mission took me 5 attempts. I eventually did it with four dauntless, who essentially ramemd in and stasis bombed, shot, boarded, and rammed the ork fleet to bits while the Eldar battleship impotently rammed a building.

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No, seriously, what the actual hell?

>> No.46855018

I just love how they act so snooty and talk about our "primitive grasp of void warfare" and then just proceed to ram shit with their ships.

>> No.46855033

This is nonsense, why do you lose when all the Eldar die? Damn useless knife-ears

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Typical Eldar.

It's like if everything /pol/ believed was actually true.

Perfidious, pretentious, pointy earred scum.

Unrelated, there is nothing more satisfying than lore appropriate trash talk in MP.

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I won't be getting a fucking battlecruiser anytime soon, seeing how I can win a single fucking match without my ships being destroyed.
Playing Eldar is fucking masochism. They require far more effort to use than any other race, and for zero fucking rewards, seeing how other races get better ships that can be basically put on autopilot.
The frenchfags fucked up with their Eldar nerfs.
At least in the beta, the Eldar were fun to play. Now they are just a pain in the ass.

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It would be less of a problem if the counter strats are just HURR SPAM SWORDS DURR RAM ALL THE THINGS

2+ holofield saves to ramming bombers and torps when?

>> No.46855323

Custom games guys

>> No.46855356


Ah, it's been a good day, I've gotten a load done in the yard. I think I'll relax a little, maybe open a nice cold bottle of
>pic related.

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Seriously, how am I supposed to be finding this fun?
I can't even repair my ships.

Fuck you nigger.

Won't do shit without upgrades, and the only ships that I got, which even have pulsars are the shittiest lineships in the fucking game, and escorts that blow up if someone looks in their general direction.

>> No.46855409

Except they still can't be beaten if you're any good. Pulsars need a nerf and starcannons need a buff.

>> No.46855443

I do see your problem, I've looked closesly at your fleet and conducted some strategic analysis.

I've found the issue.

You aren't playing the Imperial Navy.

>> No.46855520

>you aren't playing easy-mode: the faction

>> No.46855539

Yeah the holofield nerfs have made starcannons worse cause it's suboptimal to stay in enemy weapon range for long.

>> No.46855542

You spent your cred/slots on cruisers (the shadow sucks, slow and only has star cannons) and Solaris. Don't bother with either, just spam bright lances with aurora and escorts. Have one aurora with fighter defence ability to help shoot ord, then spam the stasis on the rest. Run in, fire pulsars, watch them melt, run away, repeat.

>> No.46855583

does anyone in MP actually talk?

>> No.46855631

Except that's the point. Eldar aren't supposed to be close range brawlers. Not awful for them to have a downside, especially when their best weapon gives the enemy a whopping 5% uptime.

>> No.46855665

The Eldar as they are, are basically nothing but downsides.
Their only upside are the pulsars, but even they need shitton of micro to be used effectively.

>> No.46855708

You need the bombers to be actually able to engage with fuckers you retard. They have the longest range of weapons, and getting close to enemy ships spells certain doom to Eldar vessels.

>> No.46855735

Steam is being a cunt and won't let me take any screenshots, but if you want a sneak peek of the space marine fleet, make sure to do their favour missions. Saw an Imperial Fists Strike Cruiser wreck shit. Looks neat.

>> No.46855748

Stupid question but does the Reload order reduce the cooldown on fighters?

>> No.46855755

>left click pulsar button
>Click ship towards enemy ship
>Shift+click away from enemy ship
>When entering the buggering out part push full speed ahead button

>> No.46855762

Look at this:

>> No.46855765

They're really good at data recovery when on defence.

>> No.46855850

>fastest ships
>80% lance mitigation on top of armor
>50% macro mitigation on top of armor
>able to win by doing one thing every 30 seconds even in an escort only fleet

>only requirement is you don't fall asleep while playing

Yea, so many hard.

>> No.46855851

You forgot the part about hoping and praying that the rng gods are merciful to you, so that your holofield actually does it's job and shields you from the macro cannon barrage your ship is about to face. Because just few hits, means that your ship is on fire, has it's engines blown up, or worse.

That's from the beta numb nuts, not the launch version.

>the Eldar are good in a mode where their sole goal is to run away from the enemy.

Gee wiz, who would have thought.

The Eldar as they are, are shit tier fleet. They require out proportionate amount of micro and skill to be used just so that they are equally effective with the ships of other races.

>> No.46855865

And you still wonder why the holofields were nerfed?

>> No.46855871

>That's from the beta numb nuts, not the launch version.
Still works, I use it all the time. The trick is setting engagement range to 3k, while firing guns manually at 9k. Means you don't stop moving, so Holo stays up. Then you spin before you get within 6k and get boarded.

>> No.46855878


>> No.46855937

So far I've met one actually good Eldar player.

The others seem quite happy to dive straight into my lightning strikes and macros.

This one tried to split my fleet, focus fire, and generally be a nuisance.

I'm not saying you're bad, but I also think if you played in the beta you may have some stuff to unlearn.

>> No.46855986

>ships are all so frail that you need to just sneeze at them for them to blow up.
>speed doesn't do shit when enemy can just fill the space with so much macro fire that your ships will melt away at any engagement range.
>Holfields are laughable because you only need to be hit once or twice for your ship to be crippled.

Have you actually played Eldar?

The holfield nerf should have been accompanied with a buff for the Eldar ship durability, seeing how as it is, you rely solely on the rng gods for your holofields to protect you, as your ships CAN'T take any direct hits without being severely harmed.
A fucking ork escort ship can shoot down an Eldar line ship in just 2 or 3 direct hits.

>> No.46856030

If it only takes one hit to kill you and you make 80% of shots miss, you have 80% damage mitigation. That's better than imperials.

And that's if you are bad and let them shoot you, because there is no way for you to be hit if you're good.

>> No.46856045

No, that doesn't work. Not even if I unbind and rebind the key. Everything is checked and should work, it worked last week, but now it won't.

Can't save in the middle of a battle either, so the opportunity is over.

At least I won.

>> No.46856088

Anyone else had a problem with their ships going nonresponsive?
In campaign my Dominator keeps just flying off in one direction and not responding. AAF and HET burn combustion, but have no effect.
I mean, it's sort of useful if you can use it to fulfil a victory condition, but usually not.

>> No.46856120

Any advice on eldar upgrades? I'm not saltanon but with the good dodge critical and 90% holofields gone I'm not sure what I should be taking.

>> No.46856150

Good god you are grumpy.

You'd be better off taking this guy's advice:


Or just, git gud.

>> No.46856154

Anyone got any pictures of how Terminus Est looks like in the game? Can't afford the game so haven't seen it.

>> No.46856220

First off, only 50% of shots can miss, secondly Imperial vessels not only have the void shields, which protect them from damage 100% as long as they are up, and atop of that, they also have more health, and beefier armor, than the Eldar ships do.

>> No.46856223

Speed and pulsar range.

>> No.46856240

Nope, so far i have seen the torment and that one Tzeentchian ship where Rogal Dorn got btfo.

Too bad i only took picture of the former.

>> No.46856248

Yeah, it's not like my favorite faction was nerfed into unplayability, no reason to be grumpy at all.

>> No.46856308

The shield is not mitigation, it's HP. The Eldar run on not getting hit, and have tons of tools to do that. Work on your positioning and micro, or play a less micro intensive fleet. If you can manage the micro you are unbeatable.

>> No.46856310


>> No.46856327

>Just blew up my opponents last line ship as my heavily damaged mutinying Slaughter escapes to the warp
>Opponent has two escorts that are about to die to my carriers
>Suddenly the game "crashes" to the main menu, I have no extra renown and my ships didn't gain any experience but my cruiser's still out for a match.
What in the hell happened.

>> No.46856331

a long long time ago. like 5 years or so. I used to think that 4chan was this place where all the cool kids hang out the best players and the brightest minds. Of course when i started browsing it i realized that people are here just like everywhere else.


>> No.46856355

I still like belt armour to stop holofields being dropped too quickly. Sensor range can be useful on a couple of ships so that your first pulsar attack run you can start shooting at 6K rather than 5K.

>> No.46856372

Wait a minute. Did I just play you about ten minutes ago?

You tried to kite an IN fleet into a dust cloud?

You killed my Tyrant but then my dauntlesses trashed you?

>> No.46856417

>tons of tools for not getting hit.
>a shield that relies on you constantly microing your ships for you to get just a 50%block chance.
Oh neat, now I only have 1/2 change for my ship to get crippled if enemy hits it.

Couldn't be me, seeing how I haven't been able to destroy a single fucking ship.

>> No.46856427

Thy machine spirit is furious!
Thou must recite the holy incantations and apply sacred oils to the machine while performing the rites of maintenance.

You also need one old tech priest and one young tech acolyte.

>> No.46856499

I'm damn furious. I just lost a cruiser clash without losing a single line ship because the Eldar ran away the entire time.

>> No.46856526

Can someone explain how the Retribution class BB loads its torpedoes? Those are horribly placed tubes that make my autism tingle

>> No.46856727

sideways "breech" loading.

>> No.46856730

Saved for future use.

>> No.46856830

kinda makes sense, you dont want a hole that goes straight through your armour plating

>> No.46856924

So i was on the Campaing mission where Prince LetsRamourCapitalintotheOrksKrooza advised me to kill an heretic captain on the Imperial side.

When we deploy i see this. And it keeped spinning until my Retribution class destroyed the other ship with its broadsides.

>> No.46856954

Was this made by the same people as Nexus jupiter incident? The interface looks so familiar.

Would you recommend it anons?

>> No.46856960


Thank you!

That's been bugging me for ages.

>> No.46857003

If you didn't lose a ship, how did you lose?

>> No.46857084

In cruiser clash the defender wins if the fight isn't over after 20 minutes.

>> No.46857143

This game is making me so mad. These missions are not fun. I really hope there will be more variety in the future.

>> No.46857389

>shadow shadow aurora

Come on anon you can't be this bad, just farm req on defender data/assassinate until you get the good ships.

>> No.46857406

Oh, I see. That's shit. Eldar are so completely broken right now; they're either awful in some scenarios, or OP in others.

>> No.46857436

Get good m8

>> No.46857439

>2 or three connecting shots

Not even fucking heavy kannons will kill anything but the most fragile Eldar escort in 3 hits. And those are the innaccurate 3k range guns that an Eldar player has to epically fuck up to ever give a shot at him, let alone enough shots for the effectively ~20-25% chance of the inaccurate things connecting and going through armor against a fully-active holofield.

You Eldar whiners being pissy about not being totally invincible anymore just need to git gud.

>> No.46857483

I've done this 2 or 3 times, keep 1 escort back then just be a shitter running silent for 15 minutes, it's not even worth but I need to farm req.

>> No.46857510

Those are the only ships I had functioning at that point, because all my other ships were fucking burning wrecks.

Yes they fucking do. I had my escorts oneshotted by lucky hits from those guns, and Line ships go down in 2-3 hits easily, especially when the grot cannons are also wearing you down.

>> No.46857527

finally pinning down and ramming Eldar is the most satisfying feeling I've ever experienced


>> No.46857555

2+ holofield saves on rams when

>> No.46857566


The only infuriating missions I've seen are the ones where you have to "Get Thing from / Assasinate Eldar", "Get Thing from / Assasinate Orks," and "Planetary Bombardment Defense from Eldar / Chaos." The rest are pretty fun.

>> No.46857578

if you get rammed as Eldar you deserve it

I kid, if Holo Fields are at full capacity you should get either damage reduction or a semi warp away

>> No.46857582

I got it working.

>> No.46857587

I've never messed with Steam before. Is it required to buy and download?

And if so, is it a big hassle setting up a Steam account? I've got a thing I have to go to tonight and I was thinking about downloading it before I left so it would be ready when I got home.

>SM Fleet on the pre-order screen on the website

My body is ready

>> No.46857604

blecch, I can never keep the inquisitor alive long enough for him to finish warping out.

>> No.46857607

>> No.46857633


In-game it shows up as a Tyrant class cruiser, just spawned two of them in this mission.

>> No.46857656

So if the Adeptus Astartes favour just makes your ship an Imperial Fists ship.

How will the Space Marine fleet work? Do they really have much of a navy?

>> No.46857721

What is the biggest marines ship?

>> No.46857747

They have some unique ship classes geared towards short range dustups, planetary assaults, and boarding. Kinda. They also can acquire Imperial ships/escorts, though in limited quantities.

>> No.46857750

At least have a ship upgrade "I'm a retard" that applies holofield DR to rams or something, I'd pay for that.

>> No.46857771


In game, the biggest I've seen is the Strike cruiser. They'll probably get the Vanguard cruiser and Battle Barge once the full faction is in.

>> No.46857774

Battle barge. There are some fortress monasteries that are basically fortress sized battleships though.

>> No.46857802

It doesn't make your ship into a strike cruiser, it bestows a better troop value and adds terminators for your teleportation assault.

Strike cruisers spawn when you play missions around astartes worlds.

In the tabletop, the marine fleet has Battle Barges, Strike Cruisers, Hunter class destroyers, Gladius class frigates, Nova class frigates and rapid strike vessels (cobras, firestorms, swords).

This is the biggest, and only, I've seen so far. It has macro batteries, heavy macro turret and launch bays - have only seen them launch thunderhawks so far.

>> No.46857821

>Won't do shit without upgrades,

Pick one and only one.

Confirmed for needing to git gud.

>> No.46857840

Well, canonically smurfs still own Macragge's Honour which is fucking gloriana class legion's flaship.

>> No.46857846

Without the range upgrade, your ships are guaranteed to be molested by macro fire if you try to use the pulsars.

>> No.46857963

I feel like I'm doing badly at the campaign. I hate seeing so many worlds overrun

>> No.46857969

>a 50%block chance



>> No.46858008

Wrong you mong.
The holofields only impose the accuracy penalty to macro weapons. The block chance on the other hand, only applies to lances.
So in effect, the holofieds barely do shit against macro weapons, but retain the effectiveness they had against lances in the beta.
Top fucking kek.
A single broadside from an imperial lineship is enough to cripple an eldar vessel, if the rng gods don't bless you with the whole 50% accuracy penalty thing.

>> No.46858035

>another 350 post thread on the steamforums about how there should or shouldn't be female captain portraits and voiceclips
>it's less than twelve hours old
I don't know why I keep coming back here. I think I enjoy making myself suffer. Or enjoy the feeling of contempt. It's the only conceivable reason.

>> No.46858055

>I had my escorts oneshotted by lucky hits from those gun

You can repeat that outright lie as many times as you want, it still remains factually impossible, dipshit. A Savage Gunship has two heavy kannon that fire single shots doing 48 damage each. Fucking Hemlocks and Nightshades have 100 hp, Aconites and Hellebores have double that. DO. THE. FUCKING. MATH. DIPSHIT!

>> No.46858110

I recommend this game.

Not sure if the guys behind jupiter incident are making this though.

>> No.46858185

I took some pictures as well, including its stats screen.

>> No.46858197

>The holofields only impose the accuracy penalty to macro weapons. The block chance on the other hand, only applies to lances.


>So in effect, the holofieds barely do shit against macro weapons


>ignoring 25% armor



>> No.46858230


>> No.46858239

You create an account there and download the client.
Then you buy the game and download it through the client.

>> No.46858245

And the stats.

>> No.46858247

Stasis bombs and use your ships as human shields

>> No.46858295

>Not "the litany of litany's litany"

0/10 don't even want them in the game.

>> No.46858327

Just got the game. I'm at the campaign mission where failbadon took a planet and I have to retake it through orbital bombardment. Problem is only line ships can do orbital strikes and they're usually too slow to reach the strike point across the fucking map with chaos ships blowing up my engines. How do I gitgud? Or should I be casual and play normal instead?

Also how many campaigns are there? Is it only IN or do other factions get a campaign as well?

>> No.46858334

I also managed to get through the mission with Prince Ramsalot without him dying.

The secret to it was to grab the cheapest dauntless i had and throw in as many swords as i could carry.
Those things never fail me.

>> No.46858364

Experience tells me otherwise. Eldar ships can't withstand any shooting from other factions.

>> No.46858388

I can't get through the first tutorial mission

The game crashes everytime


>> No.46858419


Protip: use high energy turn to not crash into the minefield

>> No.46858626

Where's my (You)?

>> No.46858667


>> No.46858676

Here you go anon!

>> No.46858721

Just played vs orks and got literaqlly every one of my 5 cruisers tractor'd to just explode into each other and make every single one of my pulsars miss. Isn't that a favor? He never even fired a shot, collision damage literally killed my fleet, that's bullshit.

>> No.46858731

Did it on normal with only a Tyrant and a Gothic but I had some allies with me who had Battleships and basically baited the enemy.

>> No.46858818

What's the difference in normal? Are there less chaos ships/defense platforms? Or are the strike points closer to your location?

Because on hard those damn strike points trolled the shit outa me, I couldn't reach them even if there's no enemy and can go full speed nonstop.

>> No.46858897

I have also seen the Last Star Fighter-esque spin ram technique from this AI. An ork ship literally pit maneuvered my dictator into a spinning top that reminded me of the end of Inception, and this happened for a good 30 seconds.

Still pissed as fuck no space mon-keighs on release. This is what happens when the French get a hold of british intellectual property. it is like they are intentionally doing this to piss people off. But i digress, ggvosspatternshields

>> No.46858967


Yeah, your experience of being shit at Eldar and failing at math.

>> No.46858977

>Still pissed as fuck no space mon-keighs on release. This is what happens when the French get a hold of british intellectual property. it is like they are intentionally doing this to piss people off. But i digress, ggvosspatternshields


>> No.46859051

No u.
The Eldar ships are made out of paper, and the holoshields don't do shit to protect them.
The changes the frenchfags made to them were fucking retarded, seeing how the holoshields were already easily penetrated by lightning strikes.

>> No.46859054

So I just reached the point where the inquisition will exterminatus planets and I was wondering how open does the campaign get?

The part during the warp storm seems really cool and I'm enjoying the risk management aspect but does the game continue to play this way till the end?

I'm only curious because the first 10 turns felt kind of like a tutorial while this seems like the real deal.

>> No.46859063

>no space mon-keighs
He means those dudes which banshees are lust for.

>> No.46859086

Fucking hell, how are you supposed to win a data recovery mission? I'm always ounumbered, so every time I snatch the data they have another ship primed to immediately take it back

>> No.46859159

>select nova cannon
>Can't fire, it just immediately goes to cooldown

>> No.46859212

So after playing for about 5 hours I came to the conclusion that the game doesn't give a fuck about balancing

Orks are best
Eldar are close second
Chaos are third
Imperial navy is by far the weakest

In all direct confrontations the fleets will win this order, in special missions however it's possible to have eldar as the clear winner due to their speed and maneuverability.

Thoughts on this? Would like to know if anyone is actually doing well with imperials

>> No.46859213

>2 Shadows
Okay, there's your problem right there. not sure how many times you can be told this, so I'm going to spell it out:

1) Star Cannons are bad. They do no damage, and require you to be in a straight shooting match for a long length of time, exactly where Eldar don't want to be.
2) The Shadow only has Star Cannons (and torps). Therefore, the Shadow is BAD.
3) DO NOT TAKE THE SHADOW EVER. Yes, I know it's your only cruiser, doesn't stop it being slow and awful.
4) Instead, take Auroras. All the Auroras. Maybe a lone Solaris for fighters at high points if you have to much trouble with carriers (but never more than one, and never spawn anything but fighters).
6) Spend all remaining points on Escorts with Pulsars. If you have the spare points to upgrade one to the escort with Pulsar+Torps, go ahead.

This means that sometimes, if you're damaged alot, your fleet will consist of one Aurora and a pile of Escorts. That's ok, it means you have succeeded at step 3.

Give the Auroras Saim Hain favour for more burst damage, the vaul-180-spin, and all the Pulsar upgrades. Put crew into gunnery.

Focus enemy escorts first, then carriers, then other ships fastest first. Two Auroras or 1 and 2 Pulsar escorts should be enough to kill an enemy escort in one salvo with damage to spare.

If the enemy focus one of your Auroras, have it split from your main force. They can either pursue it while you shoot them in the back, or it will have time to turn and come back guns blazing while they change target.

Congratulations, you have now graduated level 1 Eldar combat school. Next time we'll cover the weakness of the enemy fleets, and how to exploit them.

>> No.46859251

I haven't had any problems playing as the Imperials. Just sit back and spam torpedos until they get close, and them you spam some more torpedos and then ram their shit.

>> No.46859369

Game good? Worth the money?

Or the real question, buy now or later?

>> No.46859400

That's happened to me too.

>> No.46859408

They have enough exclusive ship types that they're worth adding as a faction with a few IN units in the roster for support.

In terms of fluff? Almost all stations on their ships are worked by either high-quality slaves or professionally-trained serfs who are happy to serve the Angels of the Emperor. So yeah, they have the numbers to sustain relatively small (but quite effective) navies.

>> No.46859447

Yes, yes, you're being shit at playing Eldar. It's been understood already.

>whining about lightning strikes

Yes, shitter, it's not like you had crew upgrades and a fucking dedicated anti-lightning strike option, but hey, don' let that keep you from whining that you're just plain bad at playing them.

>> No.46859464

Save your maneuver fuel for All Ahead Full, and have your Cruisers/BCs do the fighting while your faster LCs do the bombardments.

At least, that's how I handle it in the skirmishes. Haven't actually played campaign yet.

>> No.46859474

Take cheaper ships and concentrate fire to take down enemy line ships? Light cruisers are really good on data recovery.

Also, try concentrating fire on enemy decks. No deck, no boarding/lightning strikes anymore.

>> No.46859481

You can't even make control groups in the launch version for some fucking reason, so controlling that sort of mess is next to impossible.

>> No.46859501


Make sure your keyboard settings are on QWERTY rather than whatever the fuck the Frogs use.

>> No.46859508

>Imperial navy is by far the weakest

Noob detected. Imeprials are pretty dman good, you jsut need to realise that you cannot playy them the same way every math. They actually have to adjust their lineup and tactics depending on the enemy and mission. IN can tackle anything thrown at it as long as you know how to use their flexibility as a strenght instead of letting it become a weakness.

>> No.46859532

Boarding is on the hull, friend. Lightning strikes are generator.
But really, hitting generators as elfdar should be top priority-it makes sure that you're getting all of your damage on their hull and makes it far more difficult to board your ships.

>> No.46859559

Also don't let the maneuver fuel for AHF actually run out. Recharging it from empty takes too much time since you can't use it again until it fills up. Wait until it's just about to empty, then go back to cruising speed. It'll recharge and you can use it again at any point while its recharging in case you need to for maneuvers/more boost/what have you.

>> No.46859570

How do you focus fire on particular parts of a ship?

>> No.46859580

Where the fuck are you supposed to change that?

>> No.46859607

Have you been bitching about your faction while not knowing how to play the game?
That explains so much..

>> No.46859624

>matchmaking sets me up against a guy with Battleships when I only have 1 Battlecruiser
Great. Thanks a lot.

>> No.46859638

I didn't whine about lightning strikes you daft cunt.
I just said that holofields already had a major weakness in that they can't block them. They didn't need to be made useless against macro batteries as well.

50% decreased accuracy at max doesn't do shit when all macro batteries fire at decent, to very fast rate, so despite the reduced accuracy, the Eldar ships are still gonna take shitton of damage fast. The accuracy penalty should be at least 80% when it is maxed for it to actually make a difference, seeing how even just a single hit can be devastating to eldar vessel due to their bs fragile rule.

>> No.46859644

I'm not the Eldar guy. Completely unrelated person.

>> No.46859647


In the Settings menu, just go to Controls and hit default.

>> No.46859701

>Click enemy ship. Must not be an escort. Escorts can't be critted.
>Click area to focus (engines, weapons, deck, generator)'
>Click target priority while you're at it so you don't have to micro your shit-ass escorts

>> No.46859711

Dunno, I just sent my ship ahead right in the beginning waiting for them to tell me where to strike and all the strike points were rather close to where my ship were.

>> No.46859739

Considering I have a Tyrant and a Gothic, should I pick a Mars or a Overlord as my Battlecruiser? Or are they both good?

>> No.46859833

Neat. Thanks.

>> No.46859887

Personally I like having a fleet that is entirely designed to throw torps down range. I don't actually have launch bays at all.

Therefore, overlord.

>inb4 carrier rape

I've found that I can fling so many torps, accuratelyenough, if the carriers aren't panic launching fighters, they're usually in flames shortly thereafter.

>> No.46860006


>> No.46860131

>50% decreased accuracy at max doesn't do shit when all macro batteries fire at decent, to very fast rate,

Except it does, you fucking daft cunt. Unless you're a fucking useless retard who sits around in macro range for minutes at a time, that is.

Also, [email protected] Chaos and Ledar batteries and basic Prk guns perhaps, but Ork kannons and IN macrocannons outside of the ones on escorts and the Duantless' turrets are slow as shit.

>even just a single hit can be devastating to eldar vessel

Unless it's a fucking Ork heavy kannon, no it cannot, you fucking drama queen. Fuck off.

Your utterly idiotic 80% accurracy penalty would jsut result in the same fucking thing we've seen in the beta, with Eldar becoming fucking unkillable unless they are controlled by a literal braindead monkey. As it is right fucking now, they're still really, really fucking hard to kill now. Unless they're controlled by a literal brandead monkey.

Holofields are not the problem. You being just plain garbage at playing Eldar is. The problem lies between keyboard and chair. Deal with it, you whiny little git.

>> No.46860184

So what fuel source do these ships use?

>> No.46860277

Plasma reactors for impeal/chaos
Plasma reaktors/ork willpower for orks
Solar/eldar fuckery for eldar (honestly not sure)

>> No.46860285


>> No.46860311


>> No.46860315

Promethium, Salt, Eldar tears, the souls of the innocent and/or FuckIfIknow

>> No.46860355

aw shit

>> No.46860356

But it doesn't.
Oh gee, 1/2 two chance that my ship won't be gibbed by some random macro cannon shell.

I have readjusted my tactics according to the new playing field, and found success again, but that doesn't mean that I like the changes one fucking bit.
The Eldar require far, far more effort and skill to use than the other races do, just so that they can fight on equal ground, and a big reason for that is the idiotic nerf to the holofields. As I said before, it should have been accompanied to a buff to the Eldar ship's resilience, seeing how now they are wide open to macro cannon fire, so that a single salvo won't fucking gib them to shreds.
All the opponent needs to do is focus fire on engines, or generators, let his ships get within 6k of the Eldar vessel for 5 seconds, and watch that thing get crippled.

>> No.46860402

I'm not this guy.

Are you the same guy who has been whining about Eldar all day?

>> No.46860434

Went with the Mars but since I didn't had enough renown to buy anything else I can still change it for an Overlord if I'm not satisfied.

>> No.46860459

The mars is a great ship anon. I just (since they buffed it) enormously enjoy the gun line that the Overlord complements.

They're both good ships though.

I wish you well fellow INvincible.

>> No.46860466

>My ship dies if it gets hit once!
That's untrue and you fucking know it. Even specced out for critting and with "Lock On" active, you probably aren't going to break 10% chance to crit on a shot.
Plus, eldar have a modification that lets them ignore (IGNORE) the first crit to their generators. And they can instantly turn 180 degrees and boost away before even chaos ships can turn and give chase.
Stop bitching and stop with the fucking victim complex. It's pathetic and I have little patience for you fucks who want holofields to be impossible to deal with.

>> No.46860472

Is there any pre-requisite for getting the ramming upgrade in the campaign?

I can't seem to select it for any of my ships.

>> No.46860487

cruiser or larger, maybe? I got it on my Lunar

>> No.46860513

Yeah, you can't get it on a dauntless.

>infinite sadness.

Nor can you get it on anything with a nova cannon for obvious reasons.

Additionally, DO stick it on a retribution along with movement upgrades.

>> No.46860546

>Space Station Assault mission in campaign
>Pull it off nearly flawlessly, even keep my escorts alive
>Crashes during ending cinematic

God damnit.

>> No.46860576

Just torp the fuck out of that shit while engaging the rest of the fleet. Once you do that, engage it on all sides

>> No.46860616

I have assembled a fleet that works in the current meta of the game, but I gotta say, I hate how this shit plays. I can't deny the effectiveness of this fleet, but playing it isn't fun at all.

>> No.46860629

>inb4 we get chased off to /vg/

>> No.46860641

Then play something else. And I don't mean "quit the game," I mean play a fleet that's fun for you.

If it doesn't work then find a way to make it work. What's the point of playing if it makes you miserable?

>> No.46860667

how well do blackstone fortresses burn? because that seems like prime melta torp spam

>> No.46860675

Eh, just wait until rank 7 and get the Overlord in the second slot. Both IN BCs are now good.

>> No.46860698



Crusier or larger and it cannot have a novacannon.

>> No.46860703

DPS-centric weapons (like shruiken cannons) and hit-and-run tactics don't mesh well. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure that out. Pulsars are the best thing for Eldar.

>> No.46860746

>tfw no idea how to name my admiral for multiplayer
Should it be a fleet name or the name of the boss?

>> No.46860750

Hmm, Ret upgrades.

>Extra Shield
>Voss-Pattern shield
>faster turning
>targetting matrix
>AP ammo
>mezoa drives
>belt armor

Now to choose which one to leave out. :(

I guess mezoa drives (she's already as fast as your cruisers anyway), extra shield and either belt armor or AP ammo. Thinking belt armor, given that she'll get astartes and full rating upgrades.

>> No.46860777

Extra shields have low return on larger ships.

>> No.46860805

Because the Eldar are my favorite race, and I can't stand the slow as shit speed of the other races.
The campaign is fucking torment for me because imperial vessels are SO FUCKING SLOW.

>> No.46860868

Yeah, they jsut work together with Voss shields very well. I guess the Ret already having stock shields that are on par with a cruiser plus upgrade should be enough. So, skills I guess will be instant maneuver gauge replenishment, taunt, shield recharge and... micro-warp jump I guess? Don't really know what else would be useful except perhaps stasis bombs.

>> No.46860934

I upgraded mine with the mechanicus favour.

I think by the time I was done she had all of that except the drives.

Here she is near the end of the SP campaign, I'm currently grinding towards that (and baiting that whining Eldar) which has actually made for a great Saturday.

I have to admit I found MWJ really not very useful, you spend so long in cogitators finding somewhere you can fit your ship, you might as well do something else.

>> No.46860954

Just stay back and bombard it with torpedoes.
It has zero turrets.

>> No.46860986


>> No.46861093

Fuck you too you fucking nigger.

>> No.46861105

>First multiplayer match as Orks
>Go up against a semi-competant Eldar player
That wasn't even fair. What can I do against those pansies without tractor beams?

>> No.46861144

You just keep refilling my glass for me.

If you weren't such a dick about being terrible you might be getting more help.

Apparently the Eldar are dreadful.

Bravo to you brave Ork, I haven't actually seen any of you in MP today. You are the MVP. Seriously, where are the Orks? You're the most fun to play against.

>> No.46861221

He is just being a genuine Eldar by being a dick.

>> No.46861276

How do I defend against Eldar in assassination missions? All they do is rush in and annihilate my slow admiral ship with their weapons in less than a minute.

>> No.46861322

Have admiral ship be a Light cruiser.
Then put it in a corner and shield it with other ships that have better shields.

Or alternatively, do the same but with a large lot of swords, use them as human shields.

>> No.46861357

This game makes me so fucking angry.
I want to go out and stab a nigger.

>> No.46861401

OH, you mean he's roleplaying?

but why so mad anon?

>> No.46861408

The MWJ nerf really hit them hard. It takes a fucking long time to figure out where your ship can even go sometimes.
Even then, you are often forced between a shitty repostition or no reposition at all.

>> No.46861428

>has to afk for a few minutes
>puts everything on autocast
>come back to a win
imperium stronk

>> No.46861466

learn to play. Eldar require heavy micro to work.

>> No.46861479

What the fuck is wrong with the micro warp?

I still see the highlighted circle where I can jump but my ship's jump position avatar thing is red in the vast majority of it. How does it work now?

>> No.46861513

It got nerfed, the pie plate is bigger than before launch, now you need a 3K unit circle of free space around your ship to jump.

MWJ is still occasionally useful for a quick leap in to close with something but only every so often rather than in every game.

>> No.46861561

>There are people on this thread that allied with the eldar after destroying the webway gate.

>There are people on this thread that allied with the eldar!

>> No.46861564

Because fuck this game.
The crashes, the imbalance, the laggy as fuck gameplay. It pisses me off, and I know no other way to relieve my anger and frustration than to transfer the shit feels I got to other people.

>> No.46861591

are you still that Eldar guy?

>> No.46861611

Why are you attacking the Mon'Keigh in front of their weapon batteries? Learn to Eldar.

>> No.46861618

I find that it's a lot easier to just ally with them so you don't have to deal with their bullshit missions. If Imperials get buffed then that's a different story. I'd slaughter the knife ears in an eye blink.

>> No.46861631

actually a crit could kill them.

>> No.46861660

the only thing I hate right now is that 2v2 doesnt seem to even work half the time. it says finding a server but it just gets stuck there and I have to restart.
and im not even touching campaign until they fix the crashes.

>> No.46861680

>Wanting the easy way out?

You are not worthy the Imperial Navy!

>> No.46861686

I'm going to venture a guess that you are one of those people who just sit there stationary with Eldar ships.

>> No.46861717

higher difficulties give extra upgrades to the enemy mostly.

>> No.46861736

Why was your fleet packed that close?

>> No.46861751

We all agree that the eldar prince ask for a alliance with you to screw the Imperium in the future right?

>> No.46861766

Did they fix the issue where the last skill on an AdMech BB would not display in-battle?

>> No.46861775

>TFW When even the other space-elves think he's rubbish.

>> No.46861795

I never noticed that issue, but yes, as far as I can tell they did, it now appears in the top right corner of the little panel.

Additionally, admech dauntless are very handy for big engagements - I went with taunt + stasis bomb.

>> No.46861872

Heh, I got two adMech Duantlesses with shield ransfer, recon beacons and improved auger range. They're good supports, scouts and great at hunting down escorts and damaged cruisers.

>> No.46861901

Keisarin nimeen hyvä mies, rauhoitu!

>> No.46861909

>Protect the Inquisitor fleeing with the Eye of the Night mission
>300 pts mission
>take a Tyrant and a Gothic
>manage to reach the second objective before my Tyrant is destroyed
>Gothic dies midway through the last objective
>mission doesn't end
>Inquisitor reach the fleeing point while the Chaos fleet is far behind, trying to catch up

>> No.46861929

Admech and Astartes are definitely the best favors for Dauntless variants- You can easily get a three-action strike from a 109 point ship when you roll Astartes, which is great, or just have skills and modifications out the ass for supporting the rest of your fleet when you roll Admech.
I like getting Admech, Inquisition, and IN on my larger ships- I've yet to try Astartes but I doubt I'll get as good returns as I do with, say, Inquisition on a Lunar.

>> No.46861933

How did you lose ships on that mission?

>> No.46861958

don't forget IN though, I'm a great believer that the more cobras you can summon, the funnier it is.

>> No.46861985

Outnumbered by far by 2 Chaos fleet.

>> No.46861993

>Got kited as Orks by Imps
>They also had a battlecruiser while I had only just unlocked my first cruiser
>The point advantage hardly helped as I only had one cruiser and one light thanks to constantly going up against Eldar and getting stomped, and all my escorts got blown up by constant Stasis Novas
I can't keep it up boyz, dis game's rigged against da Orks. At least I called him da grot he is.

>> No.46862078

Why didn't you have stasis bombs?
Or Augur Disruptor, to force him to close in or let you break off?

>> No.46862124

Also Imperial Battlecrusiers are just Cruisers with dorsal lance turrets.

>> No.46862205

and an extra skill slot.

You'll get there anon.

Da Orkz are still a very strong faction.

If you can use terrain to your advantage.

>> No.46862215

Buy now, since you get the early adopters bonus.

And yes, it's fun as fuck.

>> No.46862462

Where is that Ork horn sound from?

I know I've heard it somewhere.

>> No.46862499

How much do you all use lances? I've found myself leaning heavily towards macro-cannons and close range tactics because any combat fought at over 6000 range doesn't seem to do anything.

>> No.46862542

they rape eldar, trust me this is coming from an eldar player

>> No.46862553

You use lances as fire support, macro cannon and ramming are your main damage dealer as IN.

>> No.46862555

Not at all if I can help it.
They're useless against the Eldar and if you're Imp/Ork you want to be close so you can ram stuff.

>> No.46862615


Didn't think tractor beams could push me any direction, and I like keeping my ships on one screen when all I have to do is right click the enemy ship in assassination.

>> No.46862625

I find upgraded Firestorm escort swarms are decent in chasing and harassing assassinations/convoys.

For some bollocks reason Firestorm start with broadside state activated, they have no reason to not be prow facing.

>> No.46862649

>You use lances as fire support

I get that that's their role, but having to attack from the prow makes you miss out on far too much broadside firepower to make them worthwhile

>> No.46862769

>but having to attack from the prow
Only the Dauntless and the escort have prow-mounted lances.
Everything else are either on broadside or are lance turret with a 270 ° angle of fire.

>> No.46862972

Man, after getting multiple eclipses eldar finally becomes rewarding to play, so glad my grinding paid off.

>> No.46863026

>mfw destroying all these level 1 mon-keigh with my level 8 fleet

>> No.46863055

I agree with this gif.
You must be either a newtype or Korean to be able to play with them effectively.

>> No.46863105

Not really, it's just right click to autocast pulsars, GTFO then do it again.

Pic related are my recent opponents.

>> No.46863136


>> No.46863198

>Try same mission
>Take Lunar and Dauntless
>Enemy spawns a Styx and Devestation

Inquisitor's ship caught a shitload of crits in the first few minutes. Might have pulled it off, but then I crashed, so lol.

>> No.46863235

>Reminder that when the Damocles gulf dlc came you will be only able to play Tau in the campaign!

>> No.46863278

I have a mechanicus Lunar as a support/utility unit and it's doing quite a bit of work. Especially useful for finishing off ships that ran away after touching my throbbing energy spur. Don't bother with weapon upgrades, just get cogitator link and support abilities and you're good.

>> No.46863457


>> No.46863528


>> No.46863550

That was my plan too, anon.
God Emperor, I love Lunars. Gothics are probably my favorite, but mmm-mm, dat Lunar.

>> No.46863570

For some reason the AI decided to focus me once the Inquisitor's ship shield were down. Twice. This allowed the Inquisitor a comfortable advance.

>> No.46863594

I can't decide what favour to throw on my dictator.
Are the crew points from the inquisition one worth it? The emperor's tarrot doesn't seem very useful but I'm unsure if six additional crew points would be really good or just mediocre.

>> No.46863608

I mean, I would expect to be able to paly with different factions in future campaigns dlc's but to each their own.

>> No.46863623

I throw Inquisition on my carriers. It's not like IN has a lot of them anyway.

Is it me, or does a mars have the same launch capacity as a dictator?

>> No.46863629

Dead eldars make the starchild smile.

>> No.46863633

Yes they both have two ordnance bays.

>> No.46863731

>rape eldar

>> No.46863750

battelcruiser with the same launch bays as chaos CL, gg.
At least the Emperor has 4, right? Right?

>> No.46863816


>> No.46863820

IN isn't good for carrier capacity. They're more defensive. The Mars is nice becuase it provides some long-range lances, a novacannon and a decent close-in bradside on top of being able to supply a decent number of fighters vs Chaos and Eldar or bombers vs Orks.

And yes, the Emperor has four bays. Plus a bunch of 12k-range macrocannons (broadside and dorsal) and 10k sensor range.

>> No.46863831

Emp has 4. Is retribution still shit or is it usable in other roles than fire magnet now?

>> No.46863867

Id say you get most out of the =][= with a carrier, because it also gives a point for your flight crews, this way you cna save a point on the two you must get maxed and max some other one.

Also, emperors tarot is actually pretty good, you can identify a ship from other end of the map and it recharges, so you can identify new ones later on.

>> No.46863891


I've gone with it in the campaign and it's actually pretty decent now. Put on the turning upgrade and it moves and turns as fast as your cruisers, you can get 10k sensor range from a 39-point Widowmaker and the Broadsides now deal some respectable damage.

It's really down to playstlye. The Empeor works well to support in a more stand-off fight while the Ret is great to lead a bigass charge straight through the enemy.

>> No.46863922

I think it still underperforms in the role it's supposed to fill.

>> No.46863941

>upgrading a Widomaker with +2,500 sensor range

>> No.46863964

I've been experimenting with full-on Inquisitorial fleet and it's surprisingly nice. All your ships are just a bit better at everything, you can identify the entire enemy fleet immediately and repeat as needed, and it looks magnificent.

>> No.46864007

So what will be the characteristics of the probable DLC factions? From my fleeting knowledge of the board game I guess it goes something like this:

Tau - High shields, long range and powerful guns, weak troop value, weak armour

Necrons - Good at everything but high point cost and some sort of 'phase-out' mechanic if they lose their tomb ship.

Space Marines - High Armour, low shields, powerful close range guns but weak long range, very high troop value

>> No.46864038

So lets see what different theme fleets would do.

>IN fleet can summon infinite amount of scorpions and never runs away
>=][= fleet can spot enemy fleet without launching a single probe and is a bit better at everything
>Mechanicus fleet has extra skill and extra upgrade slots so you can use cruisers as battlecruisers, lightcruisers as cruisers and so on and so forth
>Space marine fleet will board them with forces as strong as ork boyz and gets extra action for lightning strikes by itself

>> No.46864115

What favour do you guys use on the eldar battleship?

>> No.46864355

So how, exactly, does boarding work? Does troop value matter on the attack or is your attack roll a static number vs the defender's troop value?

>> No.46864427

The latter. To improve chances of successful boarding you want more rolls so a favour like khorne or adeptus astartes or the upgrade that gives you an additional lighting strike assault.

>> No.46864433

SH for lyfe, yo.

>> No.46864621

Yes. Reload reduces the cooldown on everything (except orders).

>> No.46864635

>Taunting the Planet Killer

>> No.46864774

How do you play? I feel like ulthwe or bieltan would be better suited, but I dont want to blow my 1.6k on a shitty option

>> No.46864800

How do you get the

>Old but Gold



>> No.46865082

I imagine Abaddon hasn't much patience with insults.

>> No.46865161

The litany of litany's litany's a battle barge isn't it?

>> No.46865190

>Still pissed as fuck no space mon-keighs on release.
They fucking said marines would be coming out weeks after launch.

>> No.46865223

It was an NPC ship, no way for me to name it.

Also a warning for all ye faithful of the emperor.
If you have allies (as in NPC allies) on the field with you, do NOT set anything on autocast.
I learnt this the hard way by witnessing one of my own nova cannons charge up and fire upon that same astartes ship.
Luckily for me it only removed half of its shields.

>> No.46865272

I wonder... Will the marine favors be stuff like the choice of what chapter they hail from?

>> No.46865275

I'm confused as to how space marines can be their own playable race in game. Don't they only have 2 unique ship types?

>> No.46865289

Simple anon, they just borrow the rest of the ship roster from the IN.

>> No.46865314

I too would like to know

>> No.46865322

but then i might as well just be playing imperial navy.

>> No.46865333

No anon, you must use the battle barges and assault cruisers.

>> No.46865362

What does the Alliance button do when queuing for a multiplayer game?

>> No.46865408

>not knowing about bomb cannons

>> No.46865496

they can make their own ship types with gw's permission.

>> No.46865531

If yes then it will look for teams with 2 of one race if no it doesnt care and will find the quickest match

Does anyone even read the admittedly often inaccurate tooltips

>> No.46865604

anyone else having trouble getting people to the lobby?

>> No.46865610

Why is the Emperor so much slower than the Trtibution?

>> No.46865688


> Turn 15 of the campaign
> Flying around the sector with my Overlord BC with Power Ram and AP shells
> Everything dies

Fukkkin call Abaddon for all I care, Chaos-shitters, it's about damn time I cockslap him with the 2km long Power Dong that has thrust entire invasions apart.

>> No.46865689

Yes, took me and a friend 4 game restarts each to get it to work.

Also make sure you both have 2v2 selected as that helped me

>> No.46865745

Its a long range carrier while retribution is a frontline battleship.

>> No.46865960

>"a new bombardment mission has appeared"
>no it fucking hasn't

>> No.46866087

is there any way for you to have only some of your ordnance bays put out a single type of ship? or have them not all fire at once?

>> No.46866148

What if you took the Emperor battleship, and then threw improved augur arrays on it.

>> No.46866224

You could see through the eyes of the navigator into the realm of gummy bears.

>> No.46866271

It's Abbie. I mean, I'm not even 100% behind the whole Failbaddon meme, but the guy does have a temper like crazy. FFS, he rules to use him as a fleet commander in BFG outright include that any ship in his force failing a special order re-roll provided by him causes him to tilt out and open fire at it.

>> No.46866368

Same as if you put them on Widowmakers. And it's not like there's any eason not to, what with the only weapon upgrade for them being fast-burn torps.

>> No.46866379

No and no.

>> No.46866547

That's hilarious. As much shit as GW gets, they know how to have some humor

>> No.46866551

Probably. What are the four main chapters these days? Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Ultramarines, who else? Imperial Fists? Dark Angels?

>> No.46866555

I guess you've got to do that if you want people like the emperor's children and the night lords to actually listen to what you say

>> No.46866577

Does that end up as 12.5k scan range or 15k?

>> No.46866592

The original four are ultras, blood angels, dark angels and space wolves. That said, The fists seem to be in the game already, and I honestly don't remember who was relevant during the gothic war.

>> No.46866792

Did they make that imp battleship with all the dakka better? Or should I stick with the carrier battleship?

>> No.46866862

So should I buy the game or not? When does the free faction end?

>> No.46866868

>bombardment position is in an asteroid field

>> No.46866905

2 Months after release and yes

>> No.46867009

Thread is at bump limit
new thread>>46866996

>> No.46867033


Taunt is your friend.

>> No.46867100

if I quit to menu after completing a mission in a turn, like when the game crashes? The forced "lol hardcore no saves good old days" mentality fucking shits me, pretty sure I didn't select Iron man

>> No.46867233

12.5 if it's anything like the widowmaker.

>> No.46867350

Is it just me or it's really stressful to play eldar? Literally have to slow down most of the game. They're also harder to level since half the time you die from enemy death explosions.

>> No.46867555

>being close enough to die from enemy death explosions
>being stressed at all
something tells me youre doing it wrong anon

>> No.46867717

you can't really tail the enemies without stopping since you're so much faster then them, you can't stop because then holofield would go off and you get raped in seconds.

You can't really kite them if you want to damage them since the weapons have similar range without upgrades, and you'd have to do 180 turn everytime since your weapons are all at the front.

Is the instant 180 turn ability a must have for all ships?

>> No.46867976

Im on turn 28 and apart from some good different xenos events its the exact same

I feel like the campaign is dragging on.

>> No.46868417

are you supposed to lose in lukitar, where you first fight blackstone fortress?

i brought it to -6hp and it still earped out. and then i loset the system even though i won. the fuck?

>> No.46868625

More specifially: In BFG, you could use special orders by having ships (or squadrons) pass leadership tests on their own, randomly rolled, leadership. You could give orders to ships each turn right until the point you failed a test.

You could also buy admirals/captains/champions etc (and had to buy a fleet commander) that you could then put on a ship to give it a fixed leadership score. Admirals also could buy re-rolls that allowed any ship on the table to re-roll a botched test using the admirals LD score as long as the admirals own flagship was still on the table - these were one-time use re-rolls with respectable points costs, so you had to really think about how to use them.

Now Abbaddon couldn't buy re-rolls. He automatically came with a rule that gave you re-roll EACH TURN. On his LD score of 10. But if you botched that re-roll, he got angry and started shooting at the ship who fucked up. If the ship survived, it would get +1 LD for the rest of the game. Well, unless it was his own ship. His own ship would just automatically lose a structure point because he'd send his Terminator bodyguards rampaging through the ship to get him the incompetent fucker.

>> No.46869454

If I don't know much about 40k but always thought it was cool will I enjoy this?

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