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filename thread - because it's Friday, and that's all the excuse I need.

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>drunken master
But that's Piss.

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repostan since I made no new hentai crops recently

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I don't get it.

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>>46836062 Someone asked a question.
The answer they got was a link one of their earlier posts upthread.

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You know it to be true.

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Sorry for not posting a file name

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> letting_powergamers_in.jpg

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I assume it's some insect.

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>>46836247 Looks exactly like a partially dried out lump of mucus.
But the person doing the extracting pokes around for a while,
so maybe they scarped it off the walls of his sinuses and wadded it up?

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>some dumb cunt blaming minimum wage pez employees for the behavior of her own peers

They probably just assumed that parents wouldn't chimp out like total animals.

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I'm pretty sure it's just a giant lump of snot. I mean, you can get big lumps of earwax that just build up like that and have to be removed by a doctor, I assume the same is possible for nasal secretions.

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A classic.

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>assumed that parents wouldn't chimp out like total animals.

well there was their first mistake, get them in groups and parents become terrible people.

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What is PEZ? google gives me candy dispensers.

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What the fuck man

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>hording, not even once

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It's the candy that goes in those dispensers? What's the question here?

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>attacking without proficiency

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>wizard divines where the BBEG lives.gif

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>new players want a share of the loot.jpg

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I'm actually kinda proud of this one.

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daemonette and pet chaos spawn reveal true nature

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Anyone got a good name for this one?

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Speaking of naval warfare.
Have you ever heard of... the second pacific squadron?

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After this one im gonna post the prelude and another more in detail telling of the shenanigans of Russians in the time before world wars. If you anons are interested.

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Man, I remember spending a lot of time playing that.

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name it.

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Another one I rather like but cant find a name for.

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Those guys look kinda like the Monkey Island dudes.

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> Running around at the speed of sound

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> Dark Heresy combat escalates

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I know I am, this stuff is gold.

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Multiclassing into animal companion

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Aight, posting the prelude to the whole thing.

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Do a druid joke, these always work.

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I'm saddened to admit i laughed at the end

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Holy shit Kamen Rider, you were hardcore.

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Tasteful and clever. I like it.

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Took me a second but I got it. Yer a cheeky cunt.

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Suddenly the bone meal from Morrowind makes a bit more sense to me. It also makes me want to install morrowind, but thats stolen enough weeks of my life.

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furry plays L5R

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And here comes the more in detail version.

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>He was forged in the fires of adversity.jpg

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I watched the documentary about those guys long time ago and, if I recall well, they were actually the tribe of the pussies. They adopted the intimidating costumes because they were bad at fighting and couldn't defeat other tribes with more conventional methods.

Pretty clever to be honest.

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Kekosaurus lel

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Wait, what?

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Unintentional ylyl thread

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I actually laughed out loud. I don't know why, but that one got me.


>the hand that wrote it is no more
well that's depressing

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There's an account of some 18th century battle where the troops were lined up and the officers were insisting that the other side to open fire first

I have to go find that book now

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They really hated writing.

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isn't franky there a reference to Tank-Girl?

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before tumblr / after tumblr? I bet the second one has hairly legs too.

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She really is fucking ugly.

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> Mr Johnson has a special task for the Street Samurai

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god damn it's been forever since I played that game. I don't think I've ever even seen the slime in the top-right.

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I just kant understand why everyone iz so afraid of ze aliumz, zey kant stand against ze might of our 88 milimeter kanonen.

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>Wait - I thought you wanted corporate cyberpunk Japan. Fine, we can go with samurai Japan, but I've already written my notes so the BBEG is still Hello Kitty.

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That guy is fucking great. No better way to beat an asshole with a gimmick than by out gimmicking him.

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>The bird makes me very uncomfortable. When I'm over at his place it just sort of stares at me,

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...If one head is drinking, does the other feel less thirsty?

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I think they're completely separate. The biggest problem with conjoined snakes is that one head will often attack the other.

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The Battle of Fontenoy, mostly known in France for the demand of the French commander "Messieurs les anglais, tirez les premiers." ("English Gentlemen, shoot first".)


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On that note, christ getting one out is the most fucking satisfying thing. I could barely hear out of one ear for almost a week before they could see me and removed almost a solid half inch block of wax.
It was horrifying, but felt spectacular.

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what is that third symbol, between tanks and UFOs?

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Bunkers, i think

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Not sure but I think it is bunkers.

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Sadly that means I cant bring my POCKET ROCKET!

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A lot of these aren't even /tg/ related

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Thanks anons, you're good people

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and most of them were posted last month

Welcome to filename general, a /b/ corner inside /tg/

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You call that a fight? HA!

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More like welcome to post-nazimod /tg/ where creativity is something you see once in a blue moon and everything else is trolls or reposts.

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Does the joke go beyond "He has HP in his name"?

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>The Terrible Old Man's house.jpg

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True darkness lies within. You cannot escape it.

>the little black girl is trying to flee the back
>No matter how hard you run little girl you will always be black

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>Seriously considering breaking up because your bf tamed the American spirit animal
Bitches and whores.

Also this isn't really witty or anything, but I started drawing an ork gun and everyone thought it was a dildo launcher or some shit.

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>Chaos fully Manifests

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>are you sure you really need all those ranks in firearms?

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Bad player, bad

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So I made it a dildo launcher.
And yes, it's cancer, I know.

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I should really watch that movie again.

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did anyone ever get the full sized webm?

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Holy shit i remember seeing that game

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He never posted it.

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lvl 1 knight(white)

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that's what i thought :/

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>those eyes
>that facial expression
Be still my beating boner.

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...was not best timey mental care

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Alternative name would be


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Holy sssshit.

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I love how people go wild when he catches it

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I assume this shows some kind of strategy where lining up your little dudes on one side affords you some unforeseen and counterless advantage?

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Bring it over to the wh40k thread they can give you the in depth (and somewhat hilarious) full story.

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If I remember right, one player had the gimmick of having his whole army in reserv, meaning that he would let the other player install himself and start to play before sending his own whole force on the most strategically sound way.
So, the other player placed HIS entire army all around the battleground, forbidding this way any army in reserve to enter the battlefield.
The first guy is currently reviewing the rules with an arbiter.

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Its called a nasal polyp. Basically, it'll get backed up, and if its too big, it'll need surgery. It gets so bad, you can't breath. However, when its out, its the single greatest feeling in the world, like taking a satisfying dump, but with your nose.

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Reverse search told me what happened. I kind of feel for the first guy, but at the same time it's pretty satisfying to hear about how someone who thought they had the perfect plan got straight JoJo levels of outplayed with such a simple trick. The kind that makes you wonder how nobody else thought of it

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>Weapon Strength Requirements

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Amazon PMS

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The gist (as I understand it, being a non-40K player myself)

Unit cohesion rules which are meant to prevent the squads splitting up only require that a model must be within 2" of another model in its squad. This means you can, if you choose, spread a squad out over a wide line, though people don't usually do that because a squad can typically only attack one enemy squad/target at a time and the models that aren't in range don't get to shoot.

The opponent in this battle had an entire army using the reserves rule, meaning squads do not have to deploy in the start of the battle but can arrive from the edges of the table on subsequent turns. On his turn in deployment he kept electing not to deploy any units and keep them all in reserve, with the intention of forcing his enemy to lay out all his forces first so he could do his deployment from reserves in the most tactically useful way.

Our hero took advantage of this and placed his squads in such a way that they formed a line around the entirety of the board edge. Because of this, the opponent realised that come the end of the deployment phase there was nowhere on the table he was actually legally allowed to play any reserves, because reserves are not allowed to join the table too close to any enemy models.

This meant automatic victory for our hero as there was literally no way for the opponent to even get any units on the board to fight him in the first place.

He celebrates his victory while an official pores over the rules trying to work out if this is legal or not. I believe the final verdict was legal victory, but dangerously cheesy.

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>but dangerously cheesy.

It's alright though. It was to fight the cheese in the first place.

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>weapon intelligence requirements.

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Dick found a trick
Wait for the other guy to play his pieces then use units with rapid deployment bullshit to fuck everything in a blitz
Fellow saw this and came up with a clever counter
Dick cannot place his units in area controlled by enemy
Fellow lined his units up in the only area Dick could place anything
Dick cannot do shit
Fellow gains victory by deadlock

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He didn't decapitate him.

You suck.

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It does when the enemy decides to keep all their units in reserves and your kroot are free to start the game 12-18" away (depending if you're in line of sight or not) from the enemy. So line them up on the enemy table edge, thus preventing any of his troops from actually entering the table.

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Like rocket science, only not!

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This is cool and makes me want to play that old dude.

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Some people are just cooler than average.

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When did this place become b?

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So is this some Russian movie? That is what google is saying but I want to make sure.

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Wait a moment! Is that a KS-23k?

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Well seeing as these threads have been here for several years, it would have to have been before you got here at least :^)

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I remember seeing this but I forget the name, what is it?

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Lovecraft was never a healthy guy.

>> No.46840745

Police Squad

>> No.46840776

At least he was a romantic at heart.

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I laughed very hard at this, more than I ever expected too

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More specifically, it's a reference to a Tank Girl costume Lauren Faust wore to a party in college.
Frankie was based on Faust, I think the director for the show was her husband.

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When you let your player loose on a poor unprepared military command.

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>> No.46841213

>the americans do not read their manuals
>nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine

>> No.46841221

>Shadowrun legwork.webm

>> No.46841241

Some things never change.

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>> No.46841478

Truly they never do.

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>> No.46841532

Shame they never did a standalone version.

It's a Queen. I think the only way I've killed one was with grenades. No idea how to manage it with just the sword.

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What is this? Why is >>46837808 so salty?

>> No.46841595

It's Blazing Saddles

>> No.46841701

It's Biowares abortion after they were aquired by EA. The last 15 minutes of Mass Effect 3 utterly, unrevokably broke the story and player agency. Nothing you ever did in the three games ever mattered. The galaxy is fucked no matter what stop light you choose for your ending.

>> No.46841813

To kill a Queen, you need to strike her body, not the claws. And the only way to do that is to step into her lunge attack and strike her down right in the middle of it. Strike too soon and she'll dodge with a backstep. Strike too late and you'll get the claw (or worse, parry one claw and get fucked by the other). She has a couple hitpoints too so you need to pull off this utterly suicidal move multiple times.

And she isn't even the most dangerous thing on this screen. Most likely scenario is the Horror killing everything in the room over the course of the next five seconds.

>> No.46841827

Fuck, people don't recognize Blazing Saddles anymore?
What the fuck is this world coming to?

>> No.46841976

Yeah, I think it's called Defenders (Зaщитники). Basically post-soviet (ex-soviet) superheroes or some shit? Will most likely suck.

>> No.46842065


Most Russian movies suck, but at least they suck in an enjoyable way.

Or maybe it's just my panslavism talking

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>> No.46842093

Honestly it's more like fighter reclass as monk.

>> No.46842099

Thanks! . I'm pretty sure I killed everything else. It's telling when the Amalgam is the least dangerous one. Also, that I remember what they're called.

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Well, from what I know, this one is literally about Soviet superheroes against someone (it's gonna be thinly veiled US, isn't it) invading modern Russia.
And I can't tell who it's even for.
It's not for kids because violence.
It's not for teens because they've no idea how the Union fits into anything.
It's not for anyone over 19 because they don't care about superheroes.

I'm confused. Help me.

I think it may be for snarky internet reviewers.

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>that scribe has been dead for hundreds of years
>that cat has been dead for hundreds of years
I don't want to die and I want them to come back. Especially the cat

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i once had to come up with a reporter's name on the fly. he was ace ray porter, ace reporter

i'm dumb.

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This the fifth time I've seen this filename, what is green stuff?

>> No.46842704

I take it you don't hammer together minis. Kneadite, aka Green Stuff, is a modelling putty, usually sold in strips with one half yellow and the other half blue to be kneaded together to form green stuff to model with. Google Kneadite.

>> No.46843548

Wasn't there some thing about a popular tactic being to charge your enemy as they reloaded?

Can't decide if thats just ballsy officers taking a gamble or politeness gone mad

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Fucking polio, man.

>> No.46846232

God I fucking hate women.

>> No.46846548


That kid is fucking awesome.

>> No.46846568

>listening to a nam pilot tell stories about when they ran out of lazy dog projectiles (basically hundreds of bullets dropped out of an airplane, it's like firing a heavy machine gun at everything below you at once)
>they just took apart random wrecked vehicles and dropped the spare parts out the plane on VC below

>> No.46846715

Welllllp, not gonna open that while Im eating.

>> No.46846956

Imagine if your life's purpose was to make manual copies of books.

Well, of A book.

Just, it was written once, by hand, and now you must write it, word by word.

In a world without a printing press, that is how they transcribed documents.

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I love Rush Hour!

I have the deluxe set and some expansions.

>> No.46847226

Angry player has an army that deploys on turn 2, his entire army comes in from reserves. this gives him an enormous tactical advantage where he can deploy pretty much anywhere along his opponent's side of the table, as long as he's not within (x) inches of an enemy unit.
Smug bastard brought out a bunch of really cheap units, and lined them all up so that they are EXACTLY (x) inches apart.
As such, Angry cannot deploy his army *anywhere*. ergo, he's tabled. without being able to so much as touch his dice, he's lost the game.

>> No.46847536

wait wait wait wait....

why ARE they saying 3rd Kyu there?

>> No.46847672


the longer you let this run, the funnier it gets.

>> No.46847819

Poor translation, hence the joke. In this instance the person was replying with an English "Thank you", which when pronounced with a Japanese tongue will (depending on the English fluency of the speaker) often sound like "sankyuu."

However, san is the number three in Japan, kyu is a ranking system, true - what the translator didn't factor in was context (a thanks for assistance) and the habit some Japanese people, or fictional characters, have of inserting random English into daily use.

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>> No.46847858

He looks like a chunky, friendly me.

>> No.46847892

>dildo launcher or some shit.
Sexual Assault Rifle

>> No.46848437

>asthma is a mental disorder
>gunshot wound is a mental disorder
>being female is a mental disorder

>> No.46848493

One out of three ain't bad.

>> No.46848539

how would you advocate treatment in a way that actually cures femaleness? Regular testosterone injections starting at a young age?

>> No.46848547

what game? That's fucking hilarious.

>> No.46848595

>comes to play zombie game
>ends up playing DnD game anyway

>> No.46848884

>That fucking nose
Good lord, it's probably not even a parody.

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>> No.46849265


>> No.46849543

>women = SJWs
that's pretty sexist, anon

>> No.46851433

The "translator" knew exactly what they were doing because if you pay attention you will note that text is overlaid over the original subtitle, which actually says "Thank you." The image is a joke made deliberately for threads about shitty TLs writing excessive TL notes in things.

>> No.46851437

It's the company both for the candy and dispensers.

>> No.46851524

legends of eisenwald

>> No.46851612

We need to re-translate this back into Japanese, with new translator notes detailing the joke in the original translator notes.

>> No.46851814

I was agreeing with the filename, yes. Nice of you to point it out.

>> No.46852256

Filename thread isn't "post funny images" thread, homie. The filename should reframe and contextualize the contents of the image in a humorous way, usually be being a technically accurate or viable descriptor if the image, but not one that you would think of when setting it automatically.

>> No.46852277

that was a dog, champ.

>> No.46852374

>Knocker-up of workpeople

This actually is mostly a case of the olde-timey "words taken out of context by future generations," syndrome. Basically a knocker-upper was someone who was either paid to, or just did it because they're fucking loony tunes, go around and knock on the doors of working class people to let them know work would be starting soon.

>> No.46852482

Sometimes they had a knocking pole to use to rap on the upper windows where the bedrooms would be. I thought the same thing when I saw it, as we know exactly what a knocker-up is and it's not ridiculous; it really doesn't fit with most of the rest of the items on that list.

>> No.46852679

They are not the disorders but what caused them.

>> No.46852766

Ha, nice.


>> No.46853544

The joke is that she is not a half-orc, she just looks like one.

>> No.46854168

So I know that this isn't cropped and in fact all there is to this webm but does anyone here still have a source?

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