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>Question of the day:
What do you do when people tell you that Netrunner is "too complicated" to try?

>What is Android: Netrunner?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAslVfZ9p-Y [Embed]

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Floor rules

>Official FAQ (post-MWL), Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:
https://github.com/shyndman/ono-sendai (You’ll need to build it yourself)

>Deckbuilding Resources:
http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/netrunner/android-netrunner-deck-builder (not recommended)

>Articles and Blogs:


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>What do you do when people tell you that Netrunner is "too complicated" to try?

Make them try. Generally at gunpoint, but I'm not above baking a cake and making some great tea/coffee to bribe it out.

Context is everything.

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>What do you do when people tell you that Netrunner is "too complicated" to try?

Most people I've gotten to play. But one guy I know keeps saying he wants to learn but doesn't want to take the time to do so because of the complexity.

I don't quite get it.

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What I don't get is, you're unlikely to get all the subtleties in one afternoon, but one game is enough to get the gist of it.

Make some core HB vs Shaper deck for a start. You're set on the basics.

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Never happened to me.
What I got instead is people telling me that there's too many cards to learn, or that it's too magic-like in the sense that the game expands and never ends.

For basics, I teach using the official demo deck lists. It strips everything from traces, bad publicity, and brain damage. Leaving only the fun stuff like Snares, Junebugs, Neural Katana, and defense stuff like Net Shield for the runner. It probes to be a High Stakes example of the game where the Runner can flatline if he's not careful, but he can lose if he's too defensive.

Of course, when you explain the game before starting, you show what an Ambush is, so they know how dangerous it is to run with less than 3 cards in your grip, and that not every unrezzed card with tokens is automatically an agenda.

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So is there some sort of guide or advice for building icebreaker suites?
I'm trying to build a criminal deck using
Data and Destiny
Honor and Profit
Trace Amount
Humanity's Shadow

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People are probably going to recommend abusing anarch breaker suite + datasuckers.

Depending on who you play with, I might say don't at the start unless it fits your own natural tempo for the game.

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There's nothing set in stone to build icebreaker suites for your runner. The breaker suites are usually paired by theme, and have certain synergy among them.

- Anarch Fixed breakers. Supported by Datasucker, Wyrm, Ice Carver, and Parasite.
- Shaper core breakers. Benefits from Tinkering, Paintbrush and Escher.
- Criminal Expensive breakers. Aurora, Peacock, Ninja, Femme Fatale. Actually, Ninja and Femme Fatale are probably paired together. Whatever it's too expensive for FF, Ninja can handle it better.
- Stealth breakers in general. Once you have stealth credits, it's natural to pick up more stealth breakers to maximize your options. Dagger, Refractor, Switchblade, BlacKat.
- B'n'E trashable suite. Geist style.
- GS cloud breaker suite. Sunny style.
- Shaper cloud breakers. Just Creeper and Zu.13 keymaster.
- Mumbad's Deva. We are just looking into it, but seems like it will be supported by stuff like Rook and Panchatantra.

Beyond that, you can just about pick up whatever fits your needs. Faeries for early facechecking? Maybe the new Mongoose? Exploiting centrals by running often Andysucker style? Overmind?

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PS: You can check the average costs of breaking ICE here: www.sneakdoor.com

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Sunny's Clouds are pretty baller - even non-cloud, "break all subs" is gold on Killers

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They are! Sunny just needs a faster set up to be pretty strong. I usually start with 3 Career Fair, 3 Modded, but it can go many ways.

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Honestly I think Shrike (which I don't have full art for) could do with a price hike - a fully set up Sunny is nasty as fuck.

Though advancing ice wall once to make it cost the same to Sherman as Eli never gets old

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That's why Datasucker is almost a staple for Sunny. Half her rig in the Clouds, a quarter in the rig, and another quarter multithreading.

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Fukken Multithreader, I swear
Cyberfeeders/Spinal Modems are cooler

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Love this game, it's always a good time.

>What do you do when people tell you that Netrunner is "too complicated" to try?

Make them do it anyway. Also don't try to teach someone Netrunner if they are drunk/stoned/whatever.

How do you guys deal with this fucker? My community hates Stimhack. (they are wrong) Should it be banned?

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Nah, Stimhack is the king of glory run cards, it's fucking gold, and not even cancerous like a well-applied siphon (which can be played around, but still)

And I can play netrunner while drunk (though I have at least once slipped into a drunken slumber mid-game on Jinteki, so maybe I shouldn't)

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MFW another LCG dies to shitty balance management.

I am starting to see why MTG is the only good card game.

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>MTG is the only good

There's a bit of a slump thanks to a bit of a shitty metastate, but it's hardly *dies*

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I'm having trouble with my Indian Assault deck. I posted it the other day and apply some changes.

First of all, I added clone chips. Now I can Clot at will and recur D4v1ds.
Second, I added Same Old Thing. I intent to abuse Run Amok and Cutlery as much as possible, so those are a must.
Third, Xanadu, for a little extra tax. Although it can be easily swapped for DDOS.

Nevertheless, I think something is missing. Maybe Hades Shard is a must for a setup like this. Or just Eater is not enough AI breaker and I need to include Faust. I wanted to add Immolation Script because I'm going to be trashing a lot of ICE, but couldn't find the spot. I also wanted Wanton Destruction to break combos. Shame.

Also, I'm kind of a weird player, I make decks built for 2 IDs at the same time. So I can play with one or the other depending how I feel that day (this goes back to Jinteki Black Tree/White Tree days when I couldn't make up my mind on what to play and just played both with the same deck).
This deck should probably work both for MaxX and for Reina Roja.

Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter (Mala Tempora)
MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock (Order and Chaos)

Event (24)
3x Déjà Vu (Core Set)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)
3x Lucky Find (Double Time) •• •• ••
3x Day Job (Order and Chaos)
3x I've had worse (Order and Chaos)
2x Forked (Order and Chaos)
2x Knifed (Order and Chaos)
2x Spooned (Order and Chaos)
3x Run Amok (Kala Ghoda)

Hardware (7)
2x Clone Chip (Creation and Control) •• ••
3x Prepaid VoicePAD (Second Thoughts)
2x Turntable (Chrome City)

Icebreaker (5)
1x Corroder (Core Set)
1x Mimic (Core Set)
3x Eater (Order and Chaos)

Program (5)
2x Keyhole (True Colors)
2x D4v1d (The Spaces Between)
1x Clot (The Valley)

Resource (6)
1x Xanadu (Humanity's Shadow)
3x Same Old Thing (Creation and Control)
2x Street Magic (Kala Ghoda)

Total Cards: 47
Total Influence: 10 / 10

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Outside of Jinteki.net there are zero players of this game.

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Netrunner meta cycles man. First we get Corp cancer that makes the game unplayable, then some Runner card comes out that is even worse cancer and makes the game even less playable, then we rotate back or even worse corp cancer.
Only thing left at the end is a cancer onion with layer and layer of awful card design.

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Thursday nights are Netrunner nights at one of my local card shops and a place two towns over does theirs on Wednesday nights.

Maybe you need to get out more.

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Sometimes it is nice to stay inside though.

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Any full art for Hadrian's or Fire Wall?

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>Going outside
>Exposing yourself to SJWs and Sanders supporters

Sorry I don't like spending my days having cucks asking me to fuck their girlfriends.

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>asking me to fuck their girlfriends.

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It is the curse of being black. White men are just dying to see me fuck their women for them.

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It is so depressing I have to keep using this.

Why is there so much gender/race politics in Netrunner chat.

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>Indian Union Stock Exchange
Do neutral cards count as "out of faction?"

>> No.46795191

>may enter combat ... as a D action

>> No.46795517

Are they in faction?

>> No.46796151

I was under the impression that neutral cards are not part of any faction, hence why they are listed neutral. The only limit on them would be the general rule that you can't have more than three duplicates per deck.

There is also no upper limit to deck size. HOWEVER!! As your deck gets bigger you will need to make sure you have a good amount of agenda cards. If your ratio of cards and total agenda points per deck is off, you may find it very difficult to win because you simply can't score.

>> No.46797459

Yes, they do. We've been over this.

>> No.46797529


I'm waiting on FFG's response, given some past counterintuitive answers they gave ("adding an advancement counter isn't advancing" for one).


/nrg is about the only place where I play/talk about the game that has this. Probably because I'm not in the US.


We have?

>> No.46797565

>We have?
Yes. There were quotes from the rulebook and everything.

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my man

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Criminal deva, first Criminal AI (hopefully).
We have deva that can be used based on subtypes and rez cost. What will be the catch on this one?
Strength would be rather silly, since it's already an icebreaker.
Number of subroutines maybe?

>> No.46798609


How did it go in play? Did you have the opportunity to test it since last time?

>> No.46798697

Couple games. Nothing solid. A cerebral Imaging I won by pure luck after taking 3 brain damage, and a New Angeles Sol that I lost because I was too slow out of fear of Midseasons.
A problem I found was that Keyhole and the Run events compete among them to make runs. So it's complicated like that.

>> No.46798742


Random crazy ideas:
- Str = Link.
- Str = agenda point in either player's scoring area.
- Str = number of cards in HQ.

Honestly, I have no idea.

>> No.46798838


How did Run Amok go?
Myself it's basically been an Inside Job variation in orange (though it's always fun to see the corp rez a trap ICE I guess).

Not bad by any means, but also not playing its ICE destruction part as much as I'd want. Though it + False Echo on a Diwan-ed server kinda cracks me up.

>> No.46799454

Well, I found that Run Amok + Eater is not a good combination, or at least a hard combination to work with. They played around that by installing cheap gearcheck in front of the good ones. Kind of like an Inside Job, but I'm shooting myself in the foot with it because I'm using it like a Blackmail. Run Amok gets rid of the cheap stuff, but I have to use cutlery on the good stuff.
Never thought of using False Echo, that's brilliant.

>> No.46799663


False echo also works with DDOS mind you - even better in a way: DDOS, corp can't rez the outermost ICE on the server, False Echo it, the second piece of ICE becomes the first, can't be rezzed (then Clone Chip shenanigans as needed).

Tumbling down a whole server back in HQ is just so ridiculously fun.

>> No.46799823

Yeah, I knew that one. Sometimes I wonder is there's some way to make the Corp draw extra cards, then DDoS/False Echo a server, and finally, play Itinerant protesters to reduce their handsize. Or even Populist Rally to reduce his actions.

>> No.46800023


Classic ridiculously awesome and suicidal Fisk play: Woman in the Red Dress, Fisk Investment Seminar, run server, DDOS/FE the whole server, Fisk ability, Eden Shard.

Hyper jank or no, if you don't like this, I don't like you.

>> No.46800117

Which reminds me, still need to try WitRD+Globalsec Security Clearance in Fisk.

Too many things to play, too little time.

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The Apex of bad card design.

>> No.46800202

Spy Camera/Replicator... worth it, do you reckon?

>> No.46800250


How so? Still very fun to play I find. Nothing quite like plays like him. Geist probably the closest in a way.

>> No.46800352

Totally worth it. Ordering the top 6 cards any time you want, plus peeking at the top of I+D.
You probably want something else to Replicate though. HQ/R&D interface? Silencers? Cortez Chip? Public Terminals?
Cortez Chip are pretty awesome with Tech-Trader Geist.

>> No.46800411

>Cortez Chip are pretty awesome with Tech-Trader Geist.
I was wondering about that - it's a neat effect, but rarely worth a slot, but then Geist gets his extra utility - have you tried it?

>> No.46800561

Not with tech trader. During SanSan I played it, but there were better cards to pressure the Corp.

>> No.46800734

Fisk makes for an interesting puzzle.

You can fasten the corp clock, but we lack tools beside anti econ to capitalize on it so far.

With Globalsec Security Clearance and/or WitRD, you can snipe HQ or at least enhance your chances to hit an agenda if HQ is the only opened server for you right now (if the card on top of R&D isn't an agenda/something you want to trash, but R&D still is opened, you can run, make the corp draw and access the next card).

If the corp is too busy protecting R&D from snipping, you can hit HQ hard.

With the overdrawing and Gang Sign/HQI, you can threaten HQ without the need to run it.

If anything, Fisk is a crim whose mainly interested in locking remotes - and not in even in classic Criminal snipping mode, though that helps, what you want is any and all support dead for the corp, if Jackson even dares to show his face, you want him dead ASAP - and well timed Archives access. What you want is Anarch tools really.

He really makes me think of Reina when she was released in some ways: most of the toys I want to play with his ID ability sit in other factions. And I can't fit all he influence.

Sorry for the rambling, helps me think things through.

>> No.46800842

Since we're talking Fisk... that synergy with CBI Raid is overwhelming.

>> No.46801100

I'm not convinced on it yet. Maybe with Gorman Drip or shuffle. But the extra turn works for both players. You might get an extra turn for Daily Cast, SecTest, or whatever, but so does the Corp with PADs, Museums, and stuff.

>> No.46801171


CBI on its own is like Fisk: opens interesting design space, potential to be good, interesting anyway... but I just don't know where to play it really for now.

CBI + Fisk though? Marriage in hell.

>> No.46801399

Anyone can explain to me the hate for Museum decks in ways that make sense?

>> No.46802430

Museum is fairly powerful on its own - it removes the clock on the Corp, it's cheap and it lets you recur stuff, though not in the most useful way

It has to be protected though, and counters exists, but they are almost all anarch.

The main issues are that it works for free - no clicks, no money - and will allow the Corp to play indefinitely if they don't try and score - very non-interactive.

And then you get the archetype that's built up around it with IG - you can make it much more expensive to trash and then lock the runner down with cards like genetics pavilion and bio-ethics association and it's very easy for the runner to be ground out.

As a bit of an aside, it's about a week till salsette island's street date, so hopefully spoilers soon.
The intro article mentions that the runner side will be more meatspace focused, I'm kind of hoping they get bombs or something to deal with all the assets from Demo and Dogma, though they'd likely be anarch too

>> No.46802901


Loving that framing of Ghost Runner.

Mainframe rules for those that want to give them a look:

>and will allow the Corp to play indefinitely

A complain I have a hard time to take seriously in the context of that Fisk conversation up there: everyone is laughing at him and the inability of runners to mill the corp in general anyway.

>It has to be protected though, and counters exists, but they are almost all anarch.

Fair enough on that one. Paricia *has* gained a lot on value recently though.

>and lock the runner down with cards like genetics pavilion

How do you mean? Runner going all Faust?

>I'm kind of hoping they get bombs or something to deal with all the assets from Demo and Dogma, though they'd likely be anarch too

I wouldn't put crims above a bombing.

>> No.46803325

Oh, and I think the Turning Wheel might prove a good ingredient of the packaging-antidote to those IG/Museum of History decks.

>> No.46803659

Bio-ethics + Genetics Pavilion is pretty nasty, especially if you're not running wyldcakes

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File: 566 KB, 506x675, Industrial Genomics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Anyone used pic related?
Is it worth it?

mainly just bumping with netrunner art I've found

>> No.46806432


I had some success in >>46805139 with it, before Bio-ethics and Museum became a thing.

Essentially bounce back econ or trashed assets while laying traps in archives.

The one main issue I had with it was that combined with baby giraffes, any surprises in archives were well known. And having to advance it sucks dick.

I'd like to see an alternate version that either did a fixed number instead of requiring advancements, or something like Bio-ethics except instead of net damage you get to swap a card or two in Archives with ones in HQ.

>> No.46807617

Resolved: Architect should have been in Weyland.

>> No.46807757

Instead of installing which is HB's thing, waht if it played operations mid-run?

>> No.46810320

Long shot. Any netrunner players in Sydney Australia know of stores that have netrunner nights? I know good game town hall has one, but are there any else?

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For specifically wanting to find players, I'd say Reddit is a better place to ask than here

I don't think so - other than the name, Architect feels very HB to me, like an AI they use.

I do think everyone could have got something like it though - non-ETR, strong when fired, easily broken and untrashable

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Jackson Howard.

I have this discussion in my community where I stand alone. I say that Jackson is powerful, but not mandatory or autoinclude. And not only that, but constantly including it in your decks makes you a worse player because you forget how to play the game without Jackson. You get into a kind of tunnel vision where if you don't draw your jackson you just don't know how to deal with certain situations, inevitably blaming Jackson for not saving your ass. I've seen it a lot, people saying "Damn, I was agenda flooded and no Jackson in sight" and "Noise trashed half my Jacksons with his mill and I couldn't draw the last one in time".

I've been playing Jacksonless for a year now and I haven't lost to a single Noise yet. Or if I got agenda flooded, most often I got out of the situation by sneaking out some of those agendas. I totally think playing Jacksonless made me a better player, to the point that when I draw a Jackson now, I wish it was a different card. I install it, and get a bunch of economy cards back again in R&D.

Where do you stand?

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>but constantly including it in your decks makes you a worse player because you forget how to play the game without Jackson.
I would stand by most of what you say, but not this - Jackson is a strong card, but is not mandatory - especailly now other cards have been added to help deal with flood.

However, if you include him, you expect him to do his job, and you factor him into your plans, and not finding him can be likened to a runner not finding a particular breaker, or a card like parasite - you're not a worse player just because a key part of your deck was hard to find (though that in and of itself isn't the best).

Jackson, as a release valve for flood, is useful, but having him just for that is poor use of the guy - he lets you split your agendas between 3 central servers, and enables over-drawing with less risk.

Time playing without Jackson, like playing without any common and powerful cards, will make you a better player, but using him doesn't make you worse, particularly

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Hey guys, I only have the Android: Netrunner box. It has been a lot of fun. But I'm looking to expand.

Which box should I get next? How do I progress through the different versions?

Also is there any advice on the newer boxes or anything I should know?

>> No.46812787

Anyone playing this on Tabletop Simulator?

>> No.46813217


I don't think it's mandatory in general, but it's easy to understand why it has become so for tournament players.

I think it's a bad card in that it's too powerful. Thankfully, FFG is slowly introducing cards that collectively fulfill the same roles though none as individually powerful as Howard. And better distributed among factions.

>> No.46813250


The usual answer si to go with deluxe boxes, beginning with the ones that have your favorite factions.

Good way to expand the game. Cards won't rotate so you don't have to think about that aspect at all going in.

>> No.46813293
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Jinteki.net is right there, so there's not much reason to.

Expanding in netrunner can be done in a lot of ways, but there are no "versions" - all the packs are simply more cards for the cardpool.
I would definitley recommend using deckbuilding resources mentioned in the OP, such as Netrunnerdb, to check out the cards available in various packs, and you may even want to consider trying before you buy by using the free-to-play Jinteki.net

The four "big boxes" are also a good way to start expanding, each containing cards for two factions plus a few neutral cards. If you prefer a certain faction these might be the way to go for you.
They are: Creation and Control (Shaper + HB), Honor and Profit (Criminal + Jinteki), Order and Chaos (Anarch and Weyland) and Data and Destiny (NBN and 3 mini-faction runners) - the mini-faction runners only have a very small number of cards each, but have a ton of influence. They're a bit weird, and you should probably leave this box 'till last

I will point out that there is a rotation scheme planned for Netrunner, to begin late 2017 (and given the delays FFG have had, this probably means 2018), which will remove cards from the card pool in official play.
However the card pool, by this point, will have another ~240 cards in it.
The core and big boxes are permanent

Standard suggestions for first data packs include What Lies Ahead, which has an agenda for each corp and Plascrete Carapice (meat damage protection), Future Proof, and Opening Moves, which includes Jackson Howard, one of the most useful corp cards in the game - see >>46811908, for the card, though the art and flavour text has been altered to mock the long time Opening Moves was out of print. The card is good enough, and the delay was long enough that official tournaments allowed proxying of Jackson.

For more information on stuff to buy:

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Excellent response! Thank you very much for the info, anon.

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of course the anarchs got the good trashing thing, but oh well, it's still good

>> No.46814169

Woah, Vamadeva is awesome. I mean, it's not really great but it combines really well with Grappling hook.

Those Salsette Slums are AWESOME.

That miniHayley Bazaar. Awesome for replicator shenanigans.

That Personality Profiles is going to be in every jank HB deck. I say Jank because HB is not moving away from his 3/2 4/2 GFI game.

I don't know who's going to play Upayoga.

IUSE was alerady discussed.

I like Cobra. It's nice that Neutral is getting some non-illicit, non-tracer, Destroyer. The AP is nice too.

>> No.46814191

Why is there no ID? That seems strange.

>> No.46814193

Grappling Hook does not work with Vamadeva. The Ice still has the subroutines, even if they are broken.

>> No.46814194
File: 1.90 MB, 384x216, 1460629496014.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Salsette slums.
>mfw i enjoy asset spam.

So much for the dream of endless museum recursion.

>> No.46814201

You misunderstand, I'm saying it goes really well because Grappling Hook can't break ICE with single subs.

>> No.46814212

I don't get why Personality Profiles isn't net damage. Is it to make it unpreventable and not work with I've Had Worse?

>> No.46814214



It's a rather taxing card if you think about it.

>Psi game.
>2 credit tax is runner loses Psi game.
>Fire Psi subroutine of choice.

>> No.46814272

Wait, holy shit, no ID

Damn, Liberated Mind (if the cycle intro wasn't wrong/poorly worded) looks to have 3 IDs

Slums are useful (poor people hate museums), the first crim AI, bazaar is kinda cool for mini-Haleyness

Cobra is nice - certainly a small incentive to be Nero, Profiles is very cool - maybe even worth going for a 3/1 in HB, Upayoga looks cool I guess, but psi still isn't hugely developed.
Stock Exchange hinges on Neutral, no inf cards being "out" of faction, rather than just "not in" a faction, but if so, it looks good

>> No.46814297

Cobra gets wrecked by Mongoose, as it should.

>> No.46814324
File: 1.13 MB, 408x304, 1430824754070.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, I see. So 3x Grappling Hook, 1x Vamadeva, 3x Clone Chip is the rig?

Psi ice subroutines are kind of shit sempais.

Stock Exchange works on neutrals, we've been over this.

The flavor is real.

>> No.46814356
File: 238 KB, 300x419, 10005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's... awesome.

>So 3x Grappling Hook, 1x Vamadeva, 3x Clone Chip is the rig?
Precisely, Also 2-3 E3 feedback implants for Grappling Hook.

>> No.46814365


Ed Kim + Slums... I'm guessing this can't work.

And Skulljack looks more and more tempting, seeing as you can't Imp for the slums

>> No.46814381

Skulljack and brain cage also looks increasingly interesting with the Ramujan consumer grade.

>> No.46814424
File: 54 KB, 323x454, 1460199033960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So now that we have all the spoiler for the 3 devas...why would you want to swap inbetween them as opposed to just getting a proper rig up?

Sadyojata is alright as scary ICE usually have 3 subtypes and you have support from panchatantra in faction.

Aghora is a monster being able to break all big ice that cost 5 or more. Has support with rook but...yeah, Aghora alone is fine.

Then you have Vamadeva. Why would you even want to run it? Is there some synergy i'm missing?

>> No.46814454

That's a point... I was just thinking Chrome Parlour, but the damage is perfectly preventable, and is only 1 at a time

>> No.46814558

Only Vamadeva can break Quandry and Vanilla and the like, without support.

>> No.46814727

Anons this game sounds fucking crazy. It it really as nuts as it sounds?

>> No.46814787
File: 985 KB, 1250x1000, 1454500052385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46814829

Color me disappointed by Vamadeva. Not exactly what Criminals needed support for as far as I'm concerned.

Personality Profiles is great. Probably not enough to break the current competitive mold by itself, as anon said, but really legit.

Salsette Slums is lovely, though I'm trying to work it's power creep over Archive Interface or not. I'm veering toward "no but..." right now.

Bazaar for the aforementioned Spy Camera/Replicator deck should be very cool to play.

I'm certainly going to put Upagoya in my next Nisei deck. Kinda saddened to see the ICE firing from other ICE be taken from Weyland and expanding everywhere. God forbids Weyland keeps something cool.

Cobra is cute, and the Mongoose interaction is smile-inducing.

>> No.46814880
File: 105 KB, 1348x1172, 78456987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rina Rukawa - My Roribo Idol Who Is Just For Me

>> No.46814903
File: 98 KB, 300x418, ravana 1.0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ravana was coming for the remote-fire thing anyway, but at least Weyland have the better version of it for once

>> No.46814930


At first Glance, I'm preferring Kim + Archive Interface.

The slums are the perfect place for the Whizz kid though.

>> No.46814962
File: 85 KB, 700x478, vamadeva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also the Traps.

This is a list of all the ICE that can be broken by Vamadeva but not the other too. I'm assuming Space ICE has advancements and in that case, its rez cost is lowered.

>> No.46815396

I don't think power creep is too much to worry about with Salsette Slums. But I definitely agree with you about Weyland losing its unique ability.

You're doing god's work, anon.

>> No.46816096
File: 348 KB, 1572x1428, Reality Threedee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't stack Slums, right?
Given it's a "once per turn" effect

>> No.46816350

Each Slum can remove from the game a card per turn. So yes, it stacks. You could access 3 cards and remove them all in the same turn with 3 Slums installed.

>> No.46816377
File: 1.96 MB, 400x225, 1386179775399.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Tattooed cat


>> No.46816777


>> No.46818387

>Not exactly what Criminals needed support for as far as I'm concerned.
Where do you see the need of support? Clearly their rigs need a lot of help. But I'm curious where exactly do you see a need more than the rest.
For once, I think Vamadeva will be fine there. There's plenty of troublesome single subs ICE and Vamadeva will be godsend for the faction. Particularly because this turn pure gearcheck ICE into a speedbump, while playing Mongoose is still good for things like Rototurret and Cobra and keeps away Swordsman.

I like Devas in general, I'm curious about what ICE can't be broken with any of these. I heard that Enigma is one of those.

>> No.46818824
File: 246 KB, 851x592, enigma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's quite a few (20+), but it's worth remembering that Aghora and Sadyojata have support cards in, Xanadu and Panchatantra, respectively (it gets a bit awkward/expensive to have both supports as well as 2 out-of-faction devas though), and that gets the list down to about 8, though enigma is still amongst them

>> No.46818945

Rook is much better support for Aghora, what with not being unique, stacking, raising the cost by 2 and being cheaper.

>> No.46818978

Does making ice lose subs (to a minimum of one) sound too broken to you guys?
Seems like it'd fit the crim theme of going around problems, not through them or smashing them

>> No.46819104

They kinda sorta already have that, Grappling Hook.
I assume you mean some kind of program that's hosted on ice or something, that actually removes subroutines instead of breaking them? Sound very strong, almost parasite level strong.

>> No.46819188

I only just realized Adam is pulling a Neo and stopping bullets with his hand/dodging them in that picture.

>> No.46819247

>indian union stock exchange
Make Building A Better World Great Again

>> No.46819322
File: 333 KB, 756x1000, Reina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, Aghora combos are so troll-y: all your ice is now really expensive, and because it's expensive I can break it with corroder efficiency

Yeah, something like that - maybe power counters?
Place 5 power counters on skip-drive
[power counter] the encountered ice loses a subroutine, to a minimum of 1 sub

For bonus points, use against little engine

>> No.46819372

>Yeah, something like that - maybe power counters?
>Place 5 power counters on skip-drive
>[power counter] the encountered ice loses a subroutine, to a minimum of 1 sub
That's just a more powerful D4V1D.

>> No.46819721
File: 48 KB, 598x370, runners.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>where exactly do you see a need more than the rest
gee anon I don't know

>> No.46819755

Clearly missing the point of the question. Good job.

>> No.46819921

The point is Criminals need a lot of help. Mongoose is great for dealing with sentries, but aside from that their icebreakers, outside of the central suite, flat out suck.

The new AI is okay, but it doesn't help versus high-sub IC, which is what is in right now because of Faust. Enigma, Spiderweb, Hive, Ichi, Eli, Wraparound, Swordsman...

>> No.46820332

>Where do you see the need of support?

Let put it that way:

First, I want to play Aghora and Sadyojata. Between the existing support in Anarch for the first, and at least Panchatantra for the second, it opens new interesting ways to evaluate ICE and run. It fosters something different.

The only thing Vamadeva brings to Crims really is that it's their first AI (not to say that it's little).

Then come the ugly: one big problem Crims have is that their non-killer breakers that aren't central servers-locked cost 2 credits per subroutines, making ICE with a lot of subroutines a killer (pun non-intended). Hence the dependency on Anarch breakers.

Vamadeva is an AI that doesn't help with that. It's not anymore efficient than in-faction Killers when you're down to it, so no point for Senries. It doesn't work with Grappling Hook or E3. And the current pool of ICE with which it can interact is so limited on top of it that, unless FFG does release some form of support for it, I don't really see the point.

It's not a power card as far as I can see. It doesn't foster new ways of playing.

>> No.46821091

Criminals are fucking desperate at this point.

They might as well write them out of the game if they aren't going to support the faction.

>> No.46821200

You missed Mother Goddess and Excalibur.

>> No.46821241


The thing is that, they'd need the corp to move away from the current state of the game to be good.

Crims are supposedly good at snipping. At not wasting resources on fool's errands. But between the longstanding domination of FA, the desertion of ambushes, and the current focus on lateral growth foring the hand of the runner into wasteful runs... wll, they don't have space to shine.

Too bad becasue, I've been playing a lot of crims in recent months (love my underdogs I guess), and personally I just *love* the paradigm of central breakers + tools to snipe remotes. It just makes for so interesting games.

I still think Globalsec Security Clearance should have been a Crim card. It's one of the things they need I'd say. Which you can see the designers agree with given the addition of Spy Camera.

>> No.46821377

Disregard that, I suck cocks.
Mother Goddessa gains subs easily and Excalibur can gain third subtype with pancha making the both also breakable with Sadyojata.

>> No.46821446

Oh no, you were right, those 2 are just in a different table (Mythic) and I completely missed it.

>> No.46821549

To me it always seemed that Criminals were "efficient" breaking many subs for less, but costing more against big stacks of ice with few subs?

>> No.46821611

Shouldn't Chimera be in that category too?

>> No.46821653

It is, and Kitsune too. That's what I get for being a hack and use sneakdoor to sort the list faster, instead of learning how to use netrunnerdb interface.

>> No.46821818


Crims have very efficient Killers.

But then Peacock & Aurora breaks subroutines per two credits.
Breach costs two credits for one to to three subroutines. Leviathan cost three for up to three subroutines. Sucks be you if there only one to break.

The B&E suite must be trashed to be used.
The central breakers lock you out of remotes.

There's that big thing with Crims, from Core, remember they had no Decoder in there and the only one that won't rotate they have is Passport, about being able to dance around ICE for access. Between Inside Job, Femme and expose, their native tools made them the run few but strike true faction.

I think E3 was specifically printed because of how much they were lagging behind against glacier if you had to go native tools.
And Grappling Hook fits their MO of not running often but running efficiently when they do, good support for multi-subs ICE which have been hurting the faction.

>> No.46822273

No mention on Rex? It's probably their only decent decoder. Still 4 uses, have to use Uninstall to reuse it.

>> No.46822397


Must have cut the bit about it by mistake, I always do that.

Anyway, yes, transient too. Though in a vacuum it's probably their best bet at a native solution so far.

>> No.46824769

>Making Spy Camera Giest even more powerful
I love this new expansion!

>> No.46825005


I'm really liking that, yeah, the idea of Spy Camera/Replicator/Bazaar. Probably Oracle May too to go along.

>> No.46826239

You can probably add Eureka! if you're playing some big programs or hardware too.

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