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Last thread: >>46730982

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

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Alright guys here's a list of ideas for what my next cyoa should be. What do you guys think I should do?

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I'd like Occult/Lovecraft.

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SMT or Lovecraft

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Alex and Lisa. Lisa seems like a lot of fun, and the fact that she hasn't figured out what she wants to do with herself yet doesn't bother me. I'm fine supporting her if she ends up wanting to raise a family, or if she finds something that she does want to do.

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Lovecraft, if you can handle it. SMT is also good, if you're careful not to hit the "super-edge" angle.

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>Marrying monster girls
>Purging monster girls

Not these.

>Okay so like the movie air bud but with instead of basketball it’s the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 and instead of dogs it’s you and Rocky Balboa


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Slut Life Version 2.

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>Implying Dante wasn't the best thing to ever happen to SMT

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Loving Djinn
>I wish that I was living the life that would make me happiest.
>I wish that I and those I love were as attractive, fit, and healthy as possible, and will remain so unless we desire otherwise.

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why did you make that a pdf?


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Hey anon here have control over time space
>t-thanks w-what should I do with it?
Idk go help some loser get laid

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Why didn't you?

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What if I don't want to go to heaven?

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>liking Dante
>not Kuzunoha

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>A fetish that will trigger the general
>Are mechs still cool?
>Magic High school from the perspective of faculty
Specifically running a highschool for magical teenagers that fight invading malevolent magical beings with fetish powered mecha.

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Yo isn't that just the first season of power rangers?

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Kuzunoha is pretty kawaii but cmon, man. Dante.

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Not exactly but pretty close.

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What about a bond-like cold war thing where you and a not!russianspy bond girl get stuck in the middle of not!Innsmouth?

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>28 Galleries

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>love (10)
>boy (40)
>time reset (90)
>luck manipulation (100)
>rousing words (110)
>bullies (100)

a few decades of psychological conditioning, Maria-style, should solve her problem. Plus I can take her virginity thousands of times.

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Can someone tell me if the new protagonist is an edge lord, or a really spikey lesbian. I honestly can't figure it out

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I'd fuck either in the ass, but I'd wager the first.

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Edge lord. Dude's called a "he" on the wiki and his default name is "Nanashi" or "Nameless".

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That's a dude, unfortunately. Punk rock chick protagonist would have been pretty fucking epic, but it's not to be.

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>Not doing the Maical Fantasy High School from the Faculty POV

Anon you got top tier slice of life cyoa there.

I wonder whatever happened to that Anon that said they were going to do a Guilty Gear cyoa after asking what cyoa they should they make.

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>Last Guide

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The lack of bottom string on her crotch plate triggers me

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Marrying monster girls.

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>inside a circle no more than 25 square meters in radius

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>Okay so like the movie air bud but with instead of basketball it’s the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39
and instead of dogs it’s you and Rocky Balboa


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Do Napoleonic Wars, second choice would be crime family, then wild west, and then generic fantasy.

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Image Version: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/43r0qdm4sm895/The_End_Approaches

Not Highlander, but go ahead and ask questions here so that we can keep them collected.

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i already posted my last build 2 threads ago?, 46721546
so i wont bother you posting it again, i did forget to attach the original image if anyone wanted it, so here you go

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i already posted my build 2 threads ago?
so i wont bother you all by posting it again, i did forget to post the original image in case anyone wanted it, so here it is

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What's the range of the Iron Halo? Would it shield a partially grown Colossus?

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Either that shit would concentrate on the individual in the armour or buffing the defenses of the whole thing less effectively, it's a very large biological warsuit, not exactly the easiest thing to shield.

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What new cyoas are there to look out for?

What is SDA making?

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Wings I
Timeless II
Breath I (Light)
Hide I
Form II
Sculpting II
Dragon Strength I
Elemental Affiinity II (Light)
Dragon Grace I

Drawbacks: Draconic "Drive"

Appearance: Pic related, but my scales change color with the seasons due to dynamic colors.
Spring: Purple
Summer: Red

Sedrick. Crime fighting sounds like it could be a lot of fun and a productive use of my time.


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>Those pictures

Clear plus Mikhail is an instant yes from me. Signing the fuck up.

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Wait, so she's like dying and has all these in a box?

I take the feather as the gift because you can't steal it from her and just take all the others too

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>Just because he's a necromancer doesn't mean he's a bad guy you know!

I still don't trust him

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Just pound his boypussy until you do.

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Boypussy is intensifying over here.

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Lovecraft sounds like a great idea

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I predict that within 3 hours someone will post a new cyoa that is wicked cool and totally rad. That person will blessed with a pure dragon waifu in heat.

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>In heat
Do you not know what those words mean or something?

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Silly anon, she's in mating heat because she just found her mate, that's you.

You should read more shifter romance novels, anon.

>> No.46746110

Oh, okay. That makes sense I guess.

>> No.46746111

Oh come on anon, you don't want your waifu to ride you like a horse or have her begging for you to impregnant you 12 weeks out of the year?

>> No.46746310

>have her begging for you to impregnant you
nigga i dont want to impregnate myself

>> No.46746324

That was suppoose to be "by you", I'm tired.

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Any CYOA that forces memory death, doesn't give immortality or gender bending, and all the waifus NTR you or are furries.

>> No.46746405

I feel ya, I've been up all night

>> No.46746455

A game show or a fetishes that will trigger the general

>> No.46746485

I'm only halfway and I'll finish it tonight, but I guess I can post it if I really get a strong dragon waifu who's extra lovey-dovey one week a month.
>is wicked cool and rad
Oh. oh, you know, never mind.

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With the way the magic option is worded it sounds like everyone gets non-destruction magic of their element by default, at least that's how I interpreted it.

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Posting a preview of my first attempt at making a CYOA, to attract ideas and constructive criticism, as well as to motivate me to maybe eventually finish it.

There'll be more than three options (don't know how many yet, maybe 9-12), but I'm going to figure out the rest of the formatting before I extend the image and copy it down.

>> No.46746626

I'm looking forward to the one you're doing, senpai :D

>> No.46746737


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Doom ball (5)
Instant Service (6)
Magna Anima Fast Food (9)
Arcane Thesis Restoration (12)
Enchantment (14)
Arcane Encryption (15)

I should be pretty much safe from being found out, and if I am I have doomball as a trump.

>> No.46746808

how annoying is it for a CYOA to use different artstyles for images?

for companions I found some very nice images but they have different artstyles between them.

>> No.46746854

No gay options would be nice.

So, is the plan to first have a "have a superpower" section, then a "have a roommate" ?

>> No.46746858

Personally I'm fine with it. it might hurt if you're trying to make a CYOA that takes itself super seriously.

That said, I don't like cyoas that try to be too serious anyway, so maybe I'm not the best judge.

>> No.46746866

Wait, so if she originally owned the pheonix feather, how is she able to give it away?

>> No.46746884

The plan is a single choice of a roommate, and each one comes with a single superpower in some way related to that character, because I have too short an attention span to make it more complicated.

>> No.46746958

That's perfectly fine.
I'd make the more docile roommates give worse powers - the generic uguu kawaii broken girl who needs a good dicking and begs for your attention might only let you fly.

>> No.46746981

She can't own it if she's dead.
But seriously, it only prevents a temporary exchange of ownership. She's giving it to you permanently.

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Good job, you made me angry about Stardrive 2 again.

>> No.46746998

>no gay options would be nice

Should I just open my mouth or do I have the provide the shovel too?

>> No.46747039

Don't do this >>46746958

You'll inevitably start ranking fetishes and/or waifu types and unleash one hell of a shitstorm. Just try to keep everything balanced.

I won't mention how sick it is that you think the docile, broken waifu is a good waifu. Like don't invite any guys over because you know how docile and broken she is, you filthy NTRfag.

>> No.46747060

I'm just thinking of a typical fantasy CYOA, with a few unique elements. I think I'll be fine then.

>> No.46747063

I don't know what you tried to say.
I'm saying it would suck if I have to get raped by a guy to get a superpower.

>> No.46747091

>you think the docile, broken waifu is a good waifu
That wasn't close to what I meant, so let me try again: If you make the 10/10 good girl waifu give the best power, you've reduced a "pick one of nine" CYOA into "pick one of one".
If you actually want balance you'll have to do balance - some of the roommates can be "less good" if their powers are equally stronger.
I could live with a slob for a roommate if I get a better power, and I could live with a weaker power if I get a great girlfriend.

>> No.46747100

Some anons might like a good dicking hence your request being a bit old shoveling your preferences down everyone's throat.

>> No.46747142

Then we can still pick Grettel the Slob German gender studies major, get the best power and ignore the fuck out of her crusty, gluttonous self. Unless the author makes being in a relationship mandatory.

>> No.46747149

Mystery box, and Fallen Angel a best. Going to travel the world punishing evil doers.

>> No.46747171

These are bad ideas. Your goal should be to make them all appealing people with appealing powers. Don't try to rank them based on your subjective tastes or try and create 'trap' options or 'you're miserable because of this horrible bitch' options, if you do that the discussion will be entirely about how much such and such sucks and people finding loopholes to tell them to go away and you wasted your time.

>> No.46747201

>being in a relationship
It's a roommate CYOA, not a waifu CYOA.
You have to live with them, they don't have to want to fuck you.
Eh, if he wants to include a gay option, he can do that. I'm only saying it's a non-option for me.

>> No.46747203

>Unless the author makes being in a relationship mandatory.
that's pretty much the opposite of my plan. It's really less of a 'waifu CYOA' than it is 'this is who you get to live with for the forseeable future, also maybe waifu if you want.'

This guy has the right idea.

>> No.46747224

Picked Mystery Box. HUGE REGRETS. Picked Guardian Angel.

I don't like forced nudging towards being good but I have to admit that the emphasis on SAFE wishes is a very helpful thing..

Some of my wishes:
I wish to become very attractive
I wish to have extremely fast and complete, natural, physical regeneration
I wish for magic
I wish for the best (and safest) way for me to improve my magic

>> No.46747234

Me again.

This guy said it better than I could. Listen to him, he's smart.

>> No.46747258

>allying yourself to Satan in a setting where the existence of a abrahamic god is 100% confirmed


>> No.46747290

Timeless (8)
Dragon Hide (15)
Magic (23)
Dragon Strength (29)
Form Sculpting (30)

Living with Joyce, we'll get a new house.

I will use my magic to tend to the other forms of draconic talents I'll be missing from my selections. In time, I will become a true dragon and should theoretically become even more powerful since I'll have the other bonuses. I'd be an earth dragon, so I could probably shape a home for Joyce and I using my magic. All we'd have to do is buy a plot of land and then I can do that. I could even make a couple rooms beneath that would house us at full dragon size.

>> No.46747318

Ferrean if you're here. What are your plans now that halfdragon is finished? I'm curious. And excited.

>> No.46747360

What the fuck is the Colossus even supposed to be, anyway? I never understood the reference.

>> No.46747387

A midget Eva. It's only like twelve feet tall or something pathetic like that.

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File: 25 KB, 1100x404, 1460969142594.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46747437

Delete this.

>> No.46747592

Magical Realm

Choose Appearance

Change Face(free)
Change Colours
Change Body: 8' hyper muscles
Inhuman: self-lubrecating 18" horse cock that is capable of impregnating men AND women, furry body, wings


Okay. So I'm an 8' tall, furry, winged, futa Amazon who is pregnant. I'm an adventurer but spend most of my time seducing and impregnating unknowing tourists with my self-lubrecating 18" horse cock.

This cyoa is just fucking dirty so have a fucking dirty build for it, you fucking dirty piece of shit.

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Ok lets do this. Either we "save" the world or destroy it.

Slider slightly to the right of middle. We want to control the recent past but not TOO much.

IQ dials to maximum. 250 is now the average IQ (both sexes. This is THE big one. It could go horribly wrong, but it's worth the risk.

IQ arrows to minimum length The IQ distribution is now at maximum spread. This allows for incredibly high outliers as well as lower extremes reaching into what might be considered "normal" high levels now. My theory is that scientific and technological advancement is based more on the highest intelligence available than the human average, and there will likely be a need for people who do more menial tasks as well, though even they should be smarter than currently.

Reduce male puberty slier to 2. Physicality in my world is less important, and some equality across the sexes (though not across individuals) could do some good.

I assume Hair includes/refers to head hair. If it's body hair then turn it off
I assume Cycle is a necessary prerequisite for pregnancy, if not then turn it off.

I should probably stop there, but I can't really help myself at this point. I think the increased intelligence will be able to deal with the fallout from the rest of these even if it can't deal with itself. Change the control slider towards the left, people will notice these changes and they won't affect history

Add Wings to both.
Add Tails to both.
Hit the gender flip button. With genders being pretty much equal at this point physically and mentally this is more of an object lesson in such.
Change the ratio dial towards female at 60/40.

>> No.46747687

Nope. By default the only thing element affects is your scale color, which is overridden by Sculpting 1. It affects Dragon Breath 1/2, Magic 1, claws 2, and Dragon Hide 1.

None-destruction magic of any form requires Magic 2. It's not stated whether the element affects that in any way, though I suppose one can assume that you are more skilled/powerful in spells directly related to your element.

>> No.46747707 [DELETED] 

Because the abrahamic God is Evil as shit and demands absolute subservience. The devil is the father of Free Will.

>> No.46747731

Ain't gon be free will up in hell when ye die, bro.

>> No.46747740

>hit the gender flip
>change gender ratio
So some wouldn't change?
>making men weaker
>not making women stronger
You don't balance things by making the good options worse, you make the bad options good.

>> No.46747767

Like I said, physicality is less important than intelligence. There are some explicit and implied downsides to raising that slider as well as to lowering it.

>> No.46747834

>physicality is less important than intelligence
why can't you have both?
There are plenty of smart men as things are now, and the slider is currently on 3.
Personally I'd think you remove the male drive for competition, meaning we'll have less technological advancements. Or, at least there will be less than if you had both IQ 250 + slider 3

>> No.46747837

Heaven is boring, man. You just sit in front of god's throne and praise and exalt him forever. It's pretty torturous.

>> No.46747859

Changing gender ratio is dumb, and subjecting former men to periods is cruel.

>> No.46747874

Also the world is going to be taken over by gays. Nothing says it changes people's sexuality (and it would be wrong of you to), so you got over 90% of the current population who won't end up breeding. That's going to lead to massive die-back and economic collapse.

>> No.46747910

You could always go full tumblr and say they changed the gender roles, not the biological sexes - men still have dicks, they just take one the female gender role, meaning women would be the sexually active sex.

>> No.46747939

Everything below the "I should probably stop here" is dumb and I know it. That includes the wings, which are completely unnecessary and get in the way of just about everything.

Id drop cycle IFF it doesn't result in a total inability to procreate.

I should probably stick to either/or on the button/ratio. My reasoning on the ratio is probably as stupid as it sounds. Females get too much of an advantage in terms of partner selection and how that carries over to society. It's a good thing for natural selection, but natural selection doesn't really apply to humans in a good way anymore. My hope is that by bumping up the ratio slightly it should more or less level the playing field in that regard. That should naturally reduce female power over men and lead to more of a full meritocracy, especially when coupled with the puberty change.

Hitting both the button and the ratio though is something of a double-negative and could result in the opposite of the intended effect.

All of this might not even matter after the IQ bump, as people should be smart enough to solve these sorts of problems on their own. On the reverse though, after the IQ bump the downsides should be significantly lessened because again people would be smart enough to deal with it.

>> No.46747958

Birthrates depend on the amount of women.
Unless there's a tragically giant lack of man, but it's only 10% less.

>> No.46747970

He swapped living people's genders, anon. Men don't suddenly want to get fucked by other men just because you gave them a vagina.

>> No.46748004

Cause that's, like, the first thing I'd do.

>> No.46748051

Reminder that your average /transgender/ user isn't representative of the rest of the world, or even the rest of 4chan

>> No.46748068

What about women using their power as a voting bloc to institute anti-male laws?

>> No.46748082

Why would they want to do that?
Anti-male women have a very low chance of reproducing.

>> No.46748083

I wouldn't rely on information on the wiki, especially considering the Japanese language can completely eschew any identification of gender whatever.

What's your source?
There are plenty of cues in the character design and in the animation in the trailer hinting very strongly at the character being female.

>> No.46748100

Sculpting is a one-time change.

>> No.46748101

Then we former women must make it our duty to impregnate as many wombs as possible.
By force if necessary.
For the good of humanity.

>> No.46748132

The problem I see with expanding this is, if you start explaining more things, you'd only take away the interpretations: To me, "tails" mean like on a catgirl, and a furry might think it's a monkey's tail and a vore-freak would think he can eat people with it.

>> No.46748159

If what >>46748100 says is true, the wording should be changed accordingly.

>> No.46748271

So men can't complain or exercise any power on their own.

A society built on rape is no society at all.

>> No.46748278

I'd be pretty unhappy if the protag is some kind of sjw lesbian. The game would be terrible.

>> No.46748295
File: 459 KB, 700x1167, 1f2d61e26ba6cb93deed704abd33c1fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sculpting II clearly states that you can use dynamic (= changing) colours.

>> No.46748303

Fuck, I didn't mean to post an image there.

>> No.46748306
File: 114 KB, 512x256, Nanashi_Beach_SMTIVF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this look female to you?

>> No.46748319

If men become property only the rich women will have men.
The rest won't co-operate with a voting bloc like that.

>> No.46748326

Your ratios aren't skewed enough for that. Only the bottom 10% of women would get no man.

>> No.46748346

I don't see anything in that build that would amount to shape shifting. For the dynamic colors, if you pick ahead of time what causes the color changing, you are g2g. ie: How much money you have changes from greys (poor) to gold (rich); weather -rain blue, snow white, sunny blonde; season; latitude/longitude ((|long| + |lat|*2)/360) = %hue, not on a planet? sticks to last color; mood/emotion; etc

>> No.46748397

Enough to be their own voting block together with all men.

>> No.46748400

Yes. I want to pound the shit out of her boipussy and I'm straight. Definitely female. Small tits though.

>> No.46748417

The option should be changed to make it unambiguous as to whether you can enact the changes this once, or if you keep the ability to enact the listed changes indefinitely (which would mean shapeshifting).

>> No.46748444

>"Sculpting is a one time change I can make to your base form."

That's pretty unambiguous.

>> No.46748465

To be fair, I had not seen that image yet.
Welp. I take back everything.

>> No.46748479

I can't blame you entirely since those eyelashes are girly as hell. Still, glad there's no lesbian protag.

>> No.46748517

Well, that makes one of us.

>> No.46748537

Not everyone wants an SMT game about man-hate, anon.

>> No.46748583

Did you ever play Strange Journey? SMT about man-hate is pretty fucking awesome.

>> No.46748610

Would you guys be interested in a cyoa where you can buy small magic gifts in exchange for 1" penis length each?

>> No.46748624

Not really, but I'm tickled that I could buy a few myself without getting below average.

>> No.46748646

Sure, but if the gifts are any good I might just go all the way. I might do that anyway

Instead of 1'', use a fraction (1/6th current length), keeps people from trying to brag about their current length or something, unless that's the point to begin with I guess.

>> No.46748654

That's mean, anon.

>> No.46748672
File: 1.66 MB, 1488x3236, 1440285893796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46748679

...Missed that extra clarification section entirely for some reason. Maybe add a line of text before the options to note that it's there?

>> No.46748691

Sorry. The idea was that you get accidentally crotchblasted by some pervy experimenting sorceress and end up with a 12" cock. To apologize she offers to spread the magic in your schlong more evenly: in exchange for 1" of your new length you get to boost some other part of your body.

It was just a random idea.

>> No.46748692

This board is infested with trannies - you're offering to perfectly remove their dick AND they get boons for it.

>> No.46748700

But what if removing it doesn't give them a vagina so they just die because they can't piss and their bladder explodes?

>> No.46748701

Good idea, makes it fair for the femanons (who don't exist) and microdicks.

>> No.46748730


He's just coming up a complex excuse to enact his magical realm anonymous.

>> No.46748786

Nah if I was doing that I'd mess with several more options. I had a reason for picking most of those "for the greater good" (except the tail, that was more of a "why the hell not?"), I just freely admit that the last 4 probably aren't a very good reason.

I WILL stand behind my decision on the "puberty" slider though. I didn't want to make women into muscle-girls for starters, and the way it talks about being "more easily suspected of wicked thoughts and actions" gave me enough reason to tone men down to 2 instead of raising both up to 3.

>> No.46748789

They'll still have balls.

>> No.46748800

I say go for it.

>> No.46749116

Yeah, but that's more in a "humanity-hate" kind of way. Honestly, I wouldn't mind having a female protagonist for an SMT game if they did it right.

>> No.46749145

Are you implying fetishists care for realism?

>> No.46749326

They did it for persona 2

>> No.46749380

That's not really a main SMT game, though. I was more referring to the mainstream ones.

>> No.46749598
File: 894 KB, 1136x640, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someday, I will be awake when Beri posts a gallery.

And I will get to see what becomes of pyromaniac salesman with bemused skinny partner.

>> No.46749621

He doesn't do photos anymore, that also includes live-action video stills.

>> No.46749660

Crap! Thanks for letting me know.

>> No.46749831

Make sure to add husbandos
Don't do fetish stuff (unless you want a shit storm)

>> No.46749974

People have already bitched about this, but I dislike Ira's request. You either have to change Ira's current character and personality, or be an asshole.

>> No.46750049

How would you even write gay choices?
I mean, I assume you mean that and not heterosexual guys.

>> No.46750068

>how do you write gay choices

You write them exactly the same as you would a het choice. Hell, write a waifu then replace all female pronouns with male pronouns if that makes it easier.

Why do you think there's some outlandish secret to writing husbandos?

>> No.46750145

Man some of us are femanons

>> No.46750179

Yellow > Deep Blue > Blue > Purple

So I'll have a 38" long, circumference of 28", vibrating golden dong as a hot blue-skinned futa. I have a third leg, pretty much.

So stupid.

Alternative build

Purple > Brown > Blue > White

An immortal, and adorable as hell, little girl with no body functions who can fly and explore the depth of the ocean/space at will since I'm not bound by the need to eat/drink.

Could get better jobs with my new body, spend money on a house and entertainment media. If I'm going to have a lot of time and money from having fewer body functions, I'm going to make sure I have a LOT of time to enjoy that. If I truly get tired of existing I guess I could sudoku, unless this is that kind of immortal in which case I'll just start trying crazy things to see what it's like.

>> No.46750321

because I'm not gay and I'm not attracted to guys

>> No.46750335

Good to know the husbandos will have cup size mentioned in some cyoas.

>> No.46750367

I have a proposition: Why don't you make a husband cyoa to show how it's done?
Who knows, maybe there are more heterosexual women / transsexual guys / heterosexual guys than you thought? Maybe lol/spoiler] they'll make their own CYOA, inspired by yours?

>> No.46750395

I think most of the trannies here are transbians.

Also I'm pretty sure there's been a bunch of husbando CYOAs. They just aren't popular since apparently even the tranny population can't sustain them, which is why I think they're transbians.

>> No.46750419

>I'm not gay so I can't tell which guys are conventionally attractive and which personality traits are desirable

That's ridiculous.

>> No.46750435

>Elemental Affinity I - Silver
>Improved Wings II
>Timeless I
>Dragon Hide I (What would be the opposing element of silver be, gold?)
>Magic II
>Dragon Grace I
>Claws II

Joyce I suppose, with her disliking of her home I'll have plenty of alone time to study magic once the "little errands" in the next part are done with so I can get that immortality going and in time some of that dragon transformation

It's more a question of in what order I'd perform them than anything else.

>> No.46750490

Take Master Summoner.
Restoration (2)
Counterspell (2)
Enhancement (2)
Death Ray (2)
Arcane Thesis: Counterspell (1)
Death ray (2)
Crystal Growth (2)

When in a fight, just use crystal growth and add an enhancement on it to reinforce it. As my counterspell can't be countered or dispelled, I'm assuming it'll work on all situations except on doomball.

>> No.46750558

so? I'm not the one who wants a male waifu cyoa

>> No.46750608

which would mean there's even less reason to make it.
I could be wrong, but I'd wager there are more trannies than gay guys plus straight girls.
That's a niche market.

>> No.46750707

Does anyone enjoy politics and political system/ideology involved in their faction choices in a cyoa other than the typical monarchy? Anyone enjoy companions who profiles express their belief in their faction respective ideology?

>> No.46750756

SMT sounds kinda cool, so does lovecraft.
However if you're not confident with either I suggest crime senpai.

>> No.46750866

Political systems usually go over my head. As long as there's not secret police or corruption out the ass, I'm indifferent over people's views.

>> No.46750909

Man, I suck with build ideas. The juices just aren't flowing.

>> No.46750974
File: 1.44 MB, 1280x3436, TWEWY CYOA 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fresh OC.

>> No.46750996
File: 1.08 MB, 1280x2932, TWEWY CYOA 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46751017
File: 1.22 MB, 1280x3136, TWEWY CYOA 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46751020

What is wrong with corruption and secret police Anon? Especially the Secret Police they are just doing their job to secure the safety of the state, its people, and the ones who were allowed in power by the people.

Take the Imperial Protectors from that pokemon cyoa. They did nothing wrong and are securing the interest of their gods and doing their job.

>> No.46751037

You could do a number of things.
> Dahomey Amazon
> Angry Mongolian
> A reasonable wizard
> Freddie Mercury
> William Shakespeare
> Simone Bolivar
> The most useless man in the Travellers.

>> No.46751039
File: 1.27 MB, 1280x3336, TWEWY CYOA 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46751058
File: 867 KB, 1280x2120, TWEWY CYOA 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And that's 5 outta 5.

>> No.46751074

None of that will really impact my choices unless they're exaggerated interpretations of their ideology or their methods are "eat their children so our foes die out and can't oppose us." It wouldn't add to the choice of going with a faction or staying solo. So you can do it if you want, but that aspect isn't really interesting so I might not "properly appreciate" the work you put into that part.

>> No.46751077

Be as kleptomaniac as possible really.

Just steal characters from other media and make a build that best emulate those characters' best traits.

>> No.46751088

looks beautiful

>> No.46751090

Good job man. I like it, sad no TWEWY2.

That background for some reason triggers me

>> No.46751171

>The most useless man in the Travellers

Now that's a challenge.

>> No.46751180
File: 1.17 MB, 1200x4000, MagicalEndowments.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need ideas so I can finish this abomination. Hit me.

Don't worry. It'll look 1% less crappy when I'm done.

>> No.46751232

It's actually pretty simple, you've got one trait, no covenants, no factions, no weapons or armour nor skill to use either, just lots of friends. And he sits there, waiting.

>> No.46751249

> Huge dicks are fun!

>> No.46751293

It doesn't interest me in the slightest (especially how the guy is speaking) but what you did to the headline, making buildings look like wings, is gorgeous.

>> No.46751417

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to come into this with prior knowledge, but to me this just looks like two pages of filler, one page of generic and poorly defined powers, and two pages of fluff. The tone of the narrator is kind of annoying too.

I'm not trying to be negative or bash it, but that's my impression.

>> No.46751494

These at least would be nice:
>shaping your body into something that isn't muscular/ripped
(alternatively, change the Musclebuilder option into a generic one-time shape-change)
>setting the size of whatever assets you have, aside from dick
(if Genderswap already provides this, you should add a mention about it in the option's text)
>multiple (as in more than the usual amount of) limbs/heads/assets
(unless that's already covered by Splice Surprise, in which case, please add mention)

>> No.46751500

>Color Swap

Not gonna say anything, but you're playing a risky game, friend.

>> No.46751535

Beri, here's a few more things about the colossal CYOA

So when you say more than triple her bust size, how much more? I'm already completely happy with over triple, but I'm not complaining about more. Just wanna know her limits for curiosity's sake.

>Or, you could even just ask for an exclusive relationship, at the cost of having to fulfill her every single need and be far more devoted than otherwise.
Well then I can just tell Boux that she's the reason I picked servant then. It's not gonna be easy getting an exclusive relationship with her, but I think I can do it.

Here are some spelling errors.

This black FEATURE (pretty sure it's supposed to be feather)
And I feel like you're missing a word from the second sentence from his gift.

Be it a SANDCASTE (Should be Sandcastle)

She wants to be a NOMRAL human again (normal)

EXPOSE skin such as (Exposed)

That bite will REPEAR (reappear)

You will be FORECED out of it (forced)

Gonna rate em all real soon, probably today.

And as thanks for this wonderful update, I'm gonna work on another CYOA. I was thinking about one for awhile, but didn't really have the energy to do it. I feel obligated to do one now. And besides, if I'm gonna call myself Symbiote anon, I should probably have a CYOA exclusively about them. It's not much and you might not even care for it, but it's something.

>> No.46751537


>> No.46751569

>producing pheromones
I wanna say human's can't detect them, so, have fun with your cat and dog trying to kill and/or fuck you.

>> No.46751571

2X musclebuilder,

>I need more options

1 point: Have no problem with sexually performing around others. Become a porn star in your free time! (if you have enough inches left). 2 points: your confidence extends to all parts of your life, eliminating shyness, stuterring and other /r9k/ traits.

Sexual Control:
1 point: Shorten your refractory period and be able to stop yourself from orgasming. Also, have minor control over the amount of cum you produce.
2 point: Full control over your genitals, and the genitals of anyone you're currently "connected" to.

>> No.46751600

Howsabout increased fluid production (preferrably without risk of dehydration or such)?

>> No.46751649

>I'm going to take a wild guess and assume you did not used to have a 12" dick.
>Don't bother lying.

>> No.46751759

>Breast expansion for yourself/other girls
Seriously, with a picture like that as your header, I'm gonna need some boob magic.

I know this might be more powerful than some of the others, but maybe you can make it cost 3" or something to balance it out.

What the other anon said.

>> No.46751835
File: 44 KB, 640x360, hit me he says.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Become her apprentice/test dummy.
Latent magic awakening.
Transport to a different setting?

Looks like you could fit another five or six rows in. Best of luck with that.

>> No.46751899


Sure, I'll give it a shot.

Brand Loyalist (Which I am not, but hard to argue with getting a 6 pin set WITH a power-upgrade)

Brands: What, No Gatito? Isn't that the reaper's actual brand? Though I suppose that'd be OP as shit.

Guess I can get at pretty much the same place Mixing Pegasa and Lapin Angelique and probably end up dressing like Slayer.

Defense Break, Chain Lightning, Healing, Lighting Bold, Explosive rounds, Telekinesis

Partner: ... 777 is probably the only one that wouldn't piss me off. Shiki maybe.

>Having to pick one of those 3 as a boss

Er... Well shit. Shades then, he's the least psychopathic overall.

>> No.46751909

Timeless for 8
Magic for 8
Dragon Hide for 3
Form Change for 2
Form Sculpting for 2
Dragon Strength for 3
Dragon Grace for 2
Elemental Affinity for 2: Travel

That is, a fully immortal travel half-dragon, full form scupting, and the first tier of form change, dragon hide, strength, and grace.

Stay with Valerie.

Help out Emma, Ira, Xiu, Valerie, Quincy, Tahir, and, if the offer's open later, Adeline.

Can't really help Sedrick and Daniel, Mira, or Sandra. Don't have the skills or time. But I will point them at each other.

On the other hand, Quincy and Xiu's problems should fight each other, and working together against them should help. And Tahir's likely the cause of Quincy's problem in the first place. At any rate, we can all help each other for the fighting ones. The spying shouldn't be terrible.

>> No.46751936


Let people waifu the sorceress if they keep all 12 inches.
or be waifued by the sorceress if they give up all 11.9

Also a fetish normalization field.

>> No.46751948

This seems really cool, except that page 3 just looks like a collection of generic blast powers. Because of that, the first three pages seem like 'style over substance' filler.

I actually like the writing/narrator.

>> No.46751961

Something that removes the need to sleep, eat or drink sounds nice.

>> No.46752023

Aight, we drunk CYOA making now. I'll preface by saying I did not steal my idea from >>46746624, I wrote half of it yesterday.
If there's leftover time I think I'll try some mind control, but I'd like it to be more than "you gain control of one girl"

>> No.46752044

after boxwine's one I'm all for drunk cyoa

>> No.46752057

>Okay so like the Napoleonic wars but with dragons and hookers
>A fetish that will trigger the general
At first i read it as Sueprwhores, but heroes will do too
>Fighting dinosaurs as a caveman
>Wild West
>Another waifu thing

>> No.46752092

Oh boy, time to bully

>> No.46752124

I would take a dick up my ass to get superpowers

>> No.46752178

fetish radar - find people with a desired fetish
erotic sustenance - allows you to screw instead of eating/sleeping
erogenous zone - people are more physically sensitive around you, and everything feels erotic.

>> No.46752207

Well, let's see if you can figure out which ones were made drunk.
I'd like to think this one is a tad more serious, but in the same vein.
The only power I'd be willing to get dicked in the butt to get would be ice+fire manipulation.
I'd of course literally freeze his dick off afterwards.

>> No.46752236

not a single new/in development cyoa with a interesting story

>> No.46752263

something with lactation

>> No.46752270


That's kind of weak on it's own. I suggest combining it with no longer having to shit\piss, instead you can digest food\liquids into increased jizz volume.

>> No.46752287

become the change you want to see in the world

>> No.46752333

>generic motivational quotes

Its like I'm back in 2008 all over again.

>> No.46752339

what's SMT?

Also, my vote goes to dogs and balboa

>> No.46752369

Didnt you see last thread or two threads ago?

We just got a dragon cyoa, SDA confirmed new cyoa and Star Dust update, Italics just posted a shit load of cyoas they are doing which includes a remake of If (Which I hope they go full Dark Souls on).

Come on senpai.

>> No.46752420

First, if you're adding a bunch more options, maybe increase your starting length, maybe to 15" or something?
Also suggestions:
Control over your sexual stamina and releases. Cum on command then be ready to go all over again.
Complete control over all of your fluid output. Be a one man bukkake artist if you want.
Be able to make anyone else cum on command. Some form of active sexual contact is required though. Also, as a bonus, your partners are now multi orgasmic, even if they weren't before.
Fertility control and STD immunity. Comes as a packaged set. Puns unintended.
For 2" each,
Invisible while aroused,
Telekinesis while aroused,
Fly while aroused,
Implant powerful mental suggestions in anyone that consumes your sexual fluids (resistable)
Dream walking,
Mind reading,

>> No.46752427

make your own cyoa then you gaping asshole

>> No.46752433

Why do you assume every person must browse these threads 24/7 365?

>> No.46752434

Shin Megami Tensi - SMT

A series of games that are based off of the Megami Tensei game series about all gods being real and the world going to shit.

The fame has a Law-Chaos-and Neutral Alignments that effects how the game ends based on your actions and choices in it.

Neutral is usually the best end.

>> No.46752439

A combination of >>46751600, >>46752270, and >>46752263 (increased production of sexual fluids such as jizz and/or milk, depending on what you can produce, without risk of dehydration, and instead of shit/piss, digestion would turn things into even more of said sexual fluids) would be great.

Increased length (as per >>46752420's suggestion) would also be nice.

>> No.46752446

SMT or Occult would be cool

>> No.46752454

> He didn't check last thread for new content yet bitches about the lack of it.
Anon please.

>> No.46752461


>> No.46752489

>> No.46752553

so make it
seriously, are you expecting any answer other than this?

>> No.46752634

nigga sounds like you should make your own rather than having him do it for you.

>> No.46752682

That is certanly unusual setting. But with some powers it's just not clear what they do, i guess you need to be familliar with the source to understand it.

>> No.46752707

Another suggestion: add a glossary giving a basic description of all the planes, powers, enemies, etc.
Picking mostly blindly:
>Brand Loyalist
The power boost is sweet. I'd probably count as one of these due to simplicity.
>Hip Snake
>Jupiter of the Monkey
I'd probably have Musrattus(?) instead of Hip Snake IRL, but the siren call of broken powers calls to me.

>Rock Bind S -> S+
>Freeze S -> S+
Two S+ rank paralysis powers could probably stunlock a low-level boss.
>Holy Light A -> S
Probably an AOE healing, buff, and/or debuff beacon, all of which I could use.

>Massive Hit S -> S+
Sometimes you just need to make someone's insides become outsides.
>Blade Vortex B -> A
>Blink Crash B -> A
For personal defense, mook killing, and escape, hopefully. Also in case higher level powers have high cooldowns.

They seem chill enough to not mind my fashion nonsense.

The right angles of my brands should ward against huge populatity crashes, and Lollipop shouldn't have to do much to help me unless something big shows up.

>> No.46752804

Nocturne is the oddball of the main SMT games, with about 6 different endings, grey as fuck sides, and an ending where you lead Lucifer's armies into the final battle against YHVH.

>> No.46752809

Some are completely incomprehensible, so there's just no way to do the CYOA

>> No.46752852

Just choose them and fluff them as you wish, I guess.
Personally, I find the brand nonsense more interesting than the whole powers deal.

>> No.46752953


Partners/Bosses are alright, the style is original. Work on the Powers. Unless you feel like massively expanding the partners section, that's going to be the meat of this CYOA. Make them more interesting and detailed. Take what the game gives and try to make it work for more than just blasting enemies.

>> No.46752976

What wip cyoa show promise?

>> No.46753058

The Touhou one. Warmly waiting on that one.

>> No.46753066


>> No.46753084

Seriously, you need to get your ship together and finish it soon.
You're starting to piss me off, lazybum.

>> No.46753093

Dragonborn. But if you say it out loud the author gets a bit cranky. Still the WIP cyoa that interests me most. We'll have to be patient.

>> No.46753135

Maybe just maybe, that anon keeps posting the way he does just to piss you off my familial?

You should probably stop replying.

>> No.46753206
File: 85 KB, 416x419, Vampire King.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

N____ E___

>> No.46753245

>mind powers
>music/art matery

>> No.46753251

Eh yeah, that's valid. Half of this would probably sound like bullshit if you hadn't played the source game. Especially the idea of how the brands/trends are supposed to work.

The narrator's tone is how that character talks in the game though. He's not quite an idiot, but he's getting close to it. Tries waaaaaaaaay too hard to be "street."


This CYOA could probably do with a bit of tightening up of the fluff. I'd add (at least) two more pins for each brand for more power choices, and thus allowing for a "true brand loyalist" option where you just flat out take the whole set of one brand only (split balance against the 2 brand mix option and still keep it)

Maybe add the gatito brand but with it's own set of drawbacks.

Possibly have more choices for off-brand pins so no-brand can have some choice, and/or anyone with any of the other brand choices can mix in one or two no-brand pins for balancing their sets.

If you're making the game's brands so important, you really should use the clothes too and have 4 clothes accessory slots for people to mix gear with stats, powers and bonuses.

>> No.46753253

I know, anon.
It's the one bait I keep taking.

>> No.46753266

Than you're a idiot.

>> No.46753289
File: 3.11 MB, 1000x4550, 1460214381918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get hype for the third page of the Vampire King

>> No.46753308
File: 3.86 MB, 1600x2300, 1460234628762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46753329

About 70% done with the pre work on my next cyoa

>> No.46753373

Compared to what/who?

>> No.46753402

What is it going to be about?

>> No.46753407

Okay, so, what should a Mindcontrol CYOA include?
Well, more than your victim?

>> No.46753418

>70% done with the pre work

So 0% done?

>> No.46753436

Girls Military

Im curious on how depressing the world is going to be in the final version of this cyoa.

>> No.46753438

A big breasts option, can't let the witch be the only one with em.
A merging or absorption power option could be cool

Definitely what this anon said both about the feminine body option as well as the multiple body parts one (limbs/heads/and assets)

>> No.46753479

SDA didn't post about anything though.

>> No.46753506

Well I posted the pdf idea at the top so I'm doing the pre work for the following
>magic school falculty
>air bud
I know a lot of people wanted occult/lovecraft and are probably dissapionted that I'm not doing them, but if I do my job right I should be able to seemless flow the basic themes of both into these 3 cyoas

>> No.46753512

What it _shouldn't_ include is game mechanics.

That aside, maybe the method by which you achieve the mind control, and how the victim acts (i.e. do they act like a mindless robot, or do they act otherwise normally save for doing anything you suggest as if it was the most natural thing to do, or what).

>> No.46753553

The method of control, with varying effectiveness / sessions needed for full control.

How you're going to hide it from interested individuals.

What your plan is for the victim once you're controlling them, because in all likelihood they have family, and soon enough the cops will at least start to look for them.

If you have a hideout or not.

Basically, a lot of what's in the unfinished Mind Control CYOA that already exists.

Don't ask me to post it, I'm on my phone.

>> No.46753557

Oh, those two things are already answered right from the get-go
Slavemancer lets you control one of X girls, in order to form the contract the victim falls in love with you.
You can make them do what you tell them to, and they'll do it because disobeying the one you love is painful.

Seriously, I don't have this fetish. Probably shouldn't do it, eh.

>> No.46753590 [DELETED] 
File: 1.89 MB, 1600x4124, Update when pls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46753630

Magic school? awesome!

>> No.46753660

I've actually got a rough outline started, but won't have time to work on it for another month.

>> No.46753691

>No bit tits option
It's shit

That being said:
>angel wings
>fairy friend
>sexy touch

>> No.46753695

Sounds like you want waaaay more than what I had planned.
Bother. I can't do that in one night.

>> No.46753711

An "always fits perfectly" option. You could be walking around with 2" or 12" in your pants, but slide into an orifice and always fit like a glove. Good luck getting a partner to believe you the first time though.

>> No.46753739

since mind control apparently won't work out, I need some other theme I can do in a few hours.

>> No.46753749

The only person that was making any kind of magic school thing was Bliss.

>> No.46753775

Minor boons, like something mostly insignificant, that cost .5" rather than a full inch.

Maybe for .25 if it's really something super minor.

>> No.46753803

Some stuff like color change are already pretty minor and still cost 1"

>> No.46753815

Fuck, replied to the wrong person

>> No.46753820

>Post responding to the guy talking about Dragonborn CYOA gets deleted
>Saved the preview image for keks before it disappeared

You know, it really isn't nice to tease people. And you said I was mean.

I mean, you don't gotta do all of that, obviously. It's not my call to make. But it sounds like what you were going to make was "Pick a loving waifu who will do whatever you want" instead of something where the focus is the mind control itself. To me, that's probably even more important than who it's being inflicted on.

>> No.46753830

SMT is occult anyways. Plus you can get Lovecraftian gods as teammates.

>> No.46753834
File: 5.86 MB, 1432x3848, ArtificialIntelligencecyoa1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't posted this one in awhile.

>> No.46753840 [DELETED] 

>Post responding to the guy talking about Dragonborn CYOA gets deleted
>Saved the preview image for keks before it disappeared

You know, it isn't nice to tease people. And you said I was mean.

I mean, you don't gotta do all of that, obviously. It's not my call to make. But it sounds like what you were going to make was "Pick a loving waifu who will do whatever you want" instead of something where the focus is the mind control itself. Personally, that's even more important than who it's being inflicted on.

>> No.46753960

more like "waifu CYOA that makes sense rather than she magically loves you because you totally deserve a perfect, hot girl"
I need something to do, anon. Something quick
Also new thread when? I don't feel like posting OC 9 posts before the bump limit, even if it's a "pick one".

>> No.46754021

there's something you can do, take a break from these threads and take your medication

>> No.46754024

MCCYOA had this; basically whether you use magic, machines, gold watches, etc. to enslave peons.
Do your victims just live their old life, do you run a front business and only use them 9-5, or are you just kidnapping hot women and keeping them in your basement?
Maybe a sliding scale from full mental domination with perfect loyalty (like, abandon their babies because you hinted it) but no creativity to mild suggestions that they could break free from if they're pushed beyond 'fuck on breaks'.
These go together. Maybe you're charming enough women are willing to hear you out. Maybe you have an agent (or enemy) in the government. Maybe your hypnosis is especially tenacious, or subtle, or just makes your slaves better at whatever they do. Maybe your slaves can make slaves of their own.
Flaws could just be inverted versions of perks, with a few unique ones.

Really, a 'pick from each of X categories' with a small points section would work well.

>> No.46754045

Anon, don't try and lose us OC now.

>> No.46754068

This time I think I'll take Carrie with the Creativity satellite. Because of course she would fear humanity, she seen the entire internet.

The usual upgrades. Size mod, color mod, hard light, projector upgrade, wrist communicator, projector screen, nanobot injections, free will. That gives her fully-featured hologram form, easy access through the wrist com, and better use of her primary abilities through projector screen.

>> No.46754173

Wild West Waifus

>> No.46754188

Seeing the doc Thursday, maybe I can get something that lets me sleep before 2 am and not wake up two plus times a night.

>> No.46754253

>Dragonborn preview

You just had to mention it, didn't ya. Now I went through the archive and am even more hyped. Damm.

>> No.46754333

It's not like I can fuck up any worse.
big CYOAs are scary.
I don't get what's so amazingly exciting about it. I'm making shit up as I go along.

>> No.46754341

Sounds like apnea.

>> No.46754349

Loft Apartment(30)
Hobby Room(40)
Fabuluos Fabric(41)
New Friends(43)
Master of the Inferno(45)
Magic PJ(46)
Small Pet(47) //fish
Large Pet(52) //cat

Idk what to do with rest of points. I maybe chef because I am bad at cooking? But I want to learn so thats pointless... I guess he won't teach me how to cook, so I'll just take maid.

>> No.46754495

Can't shut off my brain.
I go to bed, and this spot right behind my eyebrows is sleepy - yes, that's the best way I can explain it - but I can't sleep.
My brain won't stop.
Waking up at 4, 6, 7 and 8 am and only falling asleep after 2 is not fun. It is not easy to study, or focus during lectures.
Any CYOA that includes a "read really fast" or "no need to sleep" perk, I have to take them.

>> No.46754507

You've been talking about this for months anon. Why haven't you gotten any medical assistance for this condition?

>> No.46754545

>Seeing the doc Thursday

>> No.46754589

Seems kind of late. I peered through the archives from time to time, and there is always one anon who churns out simple cyoas like crazy and keeps stating that he or she can't go to sleep for months at a time.

Are you that same anon?

>> No.46754676

who knows, probably.

>> No.46754712

Have you tried learning to meditate?
Even a psychosomatic effect from it might offer some help.

>> No.46754730

New thread when?

>> No.46754755

Whatever than, it is your health after all and technically I'm the bad guy here for telling you to rest more and not churn out waifu cyoas like some Chinese sweatshop.

>> No.46754761

When you post that WIP.

>> No.46754781 [SPOILER] 
File: 435 KB, 850x601, 1461007226205.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when you learn your place

>> No.46754782

Have you tried drugging yourself to sleep?

>> No.46754805

Her tiny hands really freak me out.

>> No.46754837

What does that even say, I'm curious.

>> No.46754873

> telling you to rest more
don't worry, that does nothing.
alcohol doesn't work. I think it makes it worse.

>> No.46754919


>> No.46754941

i don't understand why people would take an option that grants access to nigh-infinite cosmic power and then wish for mundane little things like "a better life" and "more attractive people".

When you take the Loving Djinn you should be wishing for HUGE things like true immortality and shapeshifting, or the ability to escape to an entire dream-universe of your creation.

>> No.46754955

I already posted mine before you


5 minutes ago to your two.

>> No.46755030

So uh, which one do I post OC in?

>> No.46755043

Mine came first.

>> No.46755059

why not both?

>> No.46755070

To be fair, you come a lot.

>> No.46755086

that's what she said

>> No.46756061

I eagerly await your update

>> No.46757635


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