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>Your character has spent the last 3 weeks fighting a bloodthirsty, vicious army of hideous alien creatures.
>You finally fell the last of their warriors and advance on their treasure vault, where they've hidden their most valuable asset.
>You are greeted by this creature and several others like it, meekly cowering in your presence.

What would you do, /tg/?

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Kill it, because I know what those things are.

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Kill them, because I know what they're capable of

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Establish myself as god-king and breed a master race.

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Kill it, chop off the heads, burn the remains, douse the ashes in holy water and spread them to the four winds. Then they buy the best divination mages and trackers money can buy to hunt these monstrosities to their homeland, and repeat the first steps.

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i think op's pic is supposed to be a kid

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Sergals are a fa/tg/uy's ancestral nemesis.

What do you think I'm gonna do with them?

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Further proof that knowledge is power. One should always aim to accrue knowledge so as to become as close to an omnipotent observer as we ourselves currently are when viewing fantasy fiction.

We can't all be Ripleys, so we definitely don't want to be Nameless Marine X who underestimates the xenomorphs and gets his face melted off.

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I think it's also a southern breed, which are the "good guys" civilized ones since it's brown. The crazy monster barbarian ones are northern breed.

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Purge the mutant. Kill the xeno.

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Would you want to kill children regardless? I mean, even a species predisposed towards violence could be raised to be, at the least, slightly compassionate... right?

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Would you kill a chestburster or facehugger? Don't be stupid and bring your arbitrary human ethics into something that doesn't even involve a human being. If you're this naive you deserve the grisly death that awaits you.

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Seriously, the entire Aliens franchise has every single plot based around this premise being faulty. Just kill the killing machine, don't try to study it, don't try to tame it, don't try to harness it for your own gain.

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They eat people. Literally eat people. As in humanity is naturally viewed as prey by them. No matter what you do, or how you raise them, they'll eventually turn on you. Kill them.

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Sure, Ork's, goblins, Drow, they can be raised into functional members of society. But they're also close enough to us genetically/God-magically to breed with them. Those furred monstories? Nope.

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i hire 5500 power liches to deal with them.

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i don't know what that is, so i can't make an informed decision.

since i can't make an informed decision, kill it to be safe

anyone want to tell me what it is?

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You're all monsters. Innocence knows no boundaries.

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Cannibal, human-eating furry predator barbarians with actual organized military strength.

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fuck off nigga, that and a xenomorph is the same thing on different bodies. you either kill it or kill it.

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from where?

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'Innocence' doesn't equal 'civilized'. Sure a new born beholder might be 'innocence', but that doesn't make it any less dangerous or give any less reason to kill it.

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How do you know if it's irredeemable if you don't at least try to redeem it?

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>tg still remembers it's hate
Thank goodness.

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from a furry vore setting.
no, i'm serious.

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tell me more, i want to quietly simmer with rage and disgust

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it's not even developed, some guy drew a sergal pic one day in furaffinity and described the setting and their characteristics and everyone started drawing sergals

i'm not even sure why, those things looks like miscarriaged wolves.

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Because other people have tried. Do you see any help mans being raised by sergals, besides for food? Do you see any half Sergals wandering around? Or any pets? No? Thought so. If it was redeemable it would have happen once or twice already. But it hasn't, so again, kill the fuckers, burn and douse the remains in holy water, and look for the rest of their tribe. I bet their pelts make a excellent great coat.

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why the fuck would you use literal shit as spoils of war? are you a plebian?

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Just look up the name, far, far too many people have spent time developing the universe their in. Or, such as how I learned of them, forcing them into every other setting. Damn things are almost as bad as chakat.

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You forgot the third option: or die horribly.

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. . . What is it?

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Literally shit? Fur is fur man, they've got a tough hide, be great for leather gear.

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>not even developed

Prepare your e-nis.


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>i'm not even sure why, those things looks like miscarriaged wolves.
Hell if I know.

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i have no idea who created these but i want to fucking kill this person with a cat 'o nine tails

>dying to barbarian xenos when you have the gods by your side

ehl oh ehl

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/tg/'s ancient foe, sergals.

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I know for a fact that I'm not a psychopath/sociopath (whichever one it is) and I feel remorse and compassion and such, but I can't possibly be the only realist who doesn't have any qualms about committing "atrocities" if it's the right thing to do.

I know it's just make believe, but the world ain't flowers and sunshine. Movie heroes can afford to make stupid ass decisions based on their own "muh moral code" but notice how it always puts them at a disadvantage or comes back to fuck them in the end? We can't rely on the DM to pull us out of our own stupid mistakes every time.

Sometimes you SHOULD murder all the orc children.

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I've seen these fucking chakat things name dropped here once in a blue moon but they seem less relevant than /tg/'s run in with sergals.

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what the hell is a Cha-
Oh, right, never mind, I remember them.
I had successfully managed to forget their existence and you managed to get me to remember them, thanks. a. lot.


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That's like wearing the flayed skin of feminists. Sure you could, but it's pretty bad taste regardless of how much the vanquished deserve desecration.

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mainly because /tg/ had those fucking sergal avatarfags for the longest time

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Its not really about personal opinion anyway, its about playing what a certain characters opinion and morals are.

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i don't even have a face for this anymore.

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I would also totally kill an innocent human, baby or otherwise, if it meant saving the world or millions of people. Hell, even if it was just to save two or three people. 2 > 1, fuckers, you can't argue with math.

"I can't sacrifice an innocent!" is just the motto of the faglord protagonist Mary Sue.

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Where are you guys getting the info that they eat people? All mentions I find of their diet only mention that they're omnivorous and tend to eat fish/small mammals.

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"I can't take the life of an innocent to save more innocents" Is a failure of logic.

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Nah, I'd say it's like wearing the skin of a bear you killed.

The difference is that some breeds of bear are pretty chill and worth keeping around. And those that aren't are actually still cool.

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>And those that aren't are actually still cool.

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Thank you, I was beginning to think I was crazy and the only person who felt this way. Obviously I don't condone slaying innocents willy nilly, but I mean, come on...killing one guy to save millions? Should be an easy choice if you don't have any other alternative.

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Personally I'm more concerned about the vagina tentacles. That's fucking terrifying.

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As evil as you think these creatures are, by wearing their skin you're still risking a parent seeing its child's flayed body draped without respect or dignity across your shoulders. That's pretty evil in itself, isn't it?

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well it's not really a vore setting
that's felarya

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Knowing their Generals, they would see it as a mating ritual.

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What the original concept that the xenomorphs actually had a complex society along with a designated domestic animal to incubate their larva and a long period of indoctrination, it's just the one in the movie grew up feral outside of their culture and they turn into rape demons when not properly raised?

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Boo-hoo, most evil SENTIENT races deserve at least a little decency, if just for the fact that they can be good guys. Sergals? They eat humans, and practically view us as unusually intelligent cattle. Why the fuck would I care what they things. I'll wear their children as a goddamn thong if I feel like it.

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They're still rape demons when properly raised, just less feral beast and more cold, calculating, hostile intelligence.

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>They eat humans
Where is this stated? None of the wiki entries I can pull up on Google mention anything about humans unless it's directly comparing their physiology.

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Okay capes are one thing but jesus christ you're talking about taking a sentient creature's -child- and making its corpse into ass-floss and a ball-sweat repository.

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hey it keeps my emperor warm at winter.

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>tfw such adversity would only result in the most overwhelmingly deadly human bean to ever exist

The human jumping bean. None can face it and survive.

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... I'm now imagining a sub-species of humans who have sneer skipped legged day, and kick their enemies to death with feet oriented weaponry.

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That's acting like its wrong for me to make a fleshlight out of a facehuggers corpse. Sure, they turned into sentient creatures, but why should I care?

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>normal people make fun of their weird looking legs, not understanding they are 203% muscle that is five times as dense as normal muscle

Their kicks can shatter concrete, they are our silent saviors, forever enduring ridicule even while still saving our unworthy asses.

True heroes.

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And my god, speaking of asses and worthiness, it'd be a field day for fetishes. While most people shun the,, there are some who are into that, so our Jumping Saviours remains human, and over time all of humanity ends up with legs for days!

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>original concept that the xenomorphs actually had a complex society
They dropped the idea completely before the first film was done, and I don't think anyone disagrees with that decision. As horror-movie monsters, I think they're much more effective the way they turned out. Their predatory cunning, problem-solving, and hive dynamics are all the intellect they need to succeed in that role.


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Would do the right thing and kill them.

You expect me to fight bloodthirsty aliens (your words) for three fucking weeks and you think I won't go through with my job? I don't give an ass what they look like because they know they are going to die. There is nothing in that situation that would lead me to believe they aren't monsters.

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Bind them to my will and sell them into slavery in the Splynn Dimensional Market of Splugorthian Atlantis. Or Phase World, for that baller exchange rate.

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All aliens can fucking hang, especially those things.

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Know your enemy!

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Gate them and everything like them (souls too, if the setting has them) to a wasteland where they will never gain the power to return.

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>taking this thread seriously

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Everything about them is dumb, but I appreciate animal looking aliens that aren't just directly human animals with two legs in space.

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I'm with this guy.

No idea what the fuck they are, but thsee are the front lines now. If the guys that I've just killed wanted you alive, it's because you're not my friend. If you're not my friend, well, you're about to have a bad time.

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I'm not going to kill them
The chlorine will

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Man, all I do is play moralfags and even I say kill it as quickly as possible.

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I disband my armies and throw gold at one of them until she agrees to stab me to death as I unleash one final, shuddering, soul-wracking orgasm.

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In the Emperor's name, let none survive.

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>Using out of character knowledge.
Destroy it. Destroy every last one. Scorch the earth and spend the next several months hunting down any survivors.

>My current character.
Oh look, more recruits! We're assembling an army to destroy the undead scourge and our numbers are already over 50% beastfolk. Might as well have some more killers on our side.

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And if it was one of these, it dies.
Flat out, I don't care, it dies.
Not putting up with it.
Honestly, when you said "bloodthirsty, vicious army of hideous alien creatures" I think that the synx is far more alien and hideous.

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But it looks so fluffy

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Is that a synx? One of those furry monsters with no bones that eat people whole?

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