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A deal's a deal, gue'la! Now you have to join the Greater Good!

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But you haven't been fucked yet.

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Tau don't have umbrellas.


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>MFW I'm already a commie and got some free poontang on the side

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>Tau don't have umbrellas
How would you know that?

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Someone really needs to make a tau edit of that meme.

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Seargent... I'm already in the ranks of the gue'vesa. Why are you naked?

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I want to nut in a tau girl while screaming "for the emperor"

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What if she reports you and you get sterilised?

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What if as revenge she pegs you so hard your prostate blows up and you become sterile?

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She would be dead once I'm done.

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They call it recruitment, Sir.

And it works... most of the time... At least it did with me. They even replaced my flashlight and t-shirt! The pulse rifle is awesome!

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>prostate popping


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You just triggered my autistic fetish.

>you will never be an Imperial sponsored pirate/raider operating on the border between Imperial and Tau space
>you will never capture a Tau ship full of civilians but very few Fire warriors
>you and your buddies will never mindbreak every female, one at time, while heaping insults on them

Is this what reading hentai does you? Giving you fantasies like this?

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Tbh it's just kind of sad with naïve tau. Would work better with eldar. Think about it.

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But I'm Ar'Cea. The sex was good though.

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She stuck her fingers in your face

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only if you update your bikini's from the 1980

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Retro is kinky tho

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I am altering the deal.

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Implying I would lay with a xenos?

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But anon, a deal's a deal!

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Implying I'm not a POW and you aren't using your weaboo tech to fuck up my mind.

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I-I'm going to need you to share some examples of that, friend

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Pray I do not alter it further ;)

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>tfw you will never service those greater goods.

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>Implying I take false goods

Everybody knows that tau females are all flat boards and plain behinds.

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>flat behinds

Even with those goat legs?

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Goat legs means nothing if I can't grope plump titties from behind while I pound her asshole doggystyle.

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So do the Tau have a very strongly defensive form of warfare, like the Chinese and their love of walls? Or are they fast and don't rely heavily on defenses?

It seems like in a direct conflict against the Imperium, fighting them at their own game would get them slaughtered, but I don't see how they wouldn't take advantage of defensive positions to give them an extra edge.

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Their method of war is very akin to german tactics in WW2 actually, decisive battle and depth defenses.

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tau don't understand defensive warfare, they literally just retreat and hope people overextend

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I have no recollection of any deal, foul xenos.

You pitiful attempts at deception and coercion are a barely laughable joke. Thoroughly fitting for such a base creature.

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Both of these would actually work for China during the Second Sino-Japanese War - their best troops were German-trained, and they relied on how fucking huge China was to turn a blitz into a slog.

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I'm already a Pathfinder.

Is this a UCO show? This army is better than I thought.

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It's not about hoping people over extend. The Tau force the enemy to make one of two bad choices: First, overextend and have their supply lines decimated by Tau stealth forces. Or, don't over extend, give the Tau the tactical initiative and positioning to strike as they please.

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One of my fetishes involve an Eversor neutralizing all combatants in a tau base and entertaining himself with a garage full of cowering female earth caste mechanics while he waits for pickup.

The first girl will be the luckiest since it will be a complete surprise, but the third onwards would be in for a horrible time as she knows whats going to happen to her but she has to wait for mr skell tall to use up his current victim first.

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It's here, everyone. Don't make any sudden moves or he'll drown us in fatfag and /u/shit.

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A strict caste system governed by a ruling class and not a single sign of equity or fair distribution? Is this really what people believe communism is in Burgerland?

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I feel your pain brother

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And here I was hoping for some kind of fellowship of the ring speech as we unite against chaos.

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but that strategy is completely useless when someone brings a spaceship to the party. Which is kind of a thing in the space future. Space supply lines, and all that.

It also falls short when the enemy force is equipped, numerous or mobile enough to invalidate or bypass the stealth attacks/mobile drops from manta/orca dropships.

That's the weird thing, though. They don't have the territory, like china. They're closer to the japanese in that war.

It's the one bit of early tau fluff that seems silly. Especially when theoretically the highly mobile dropships would be ideal for reinforcing spread out defensive posts.

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>And here I was hoping for some kind of fellowship of the ring speech as we unite against chaos.
Nope, the Tau have already fallen to us!

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Closest you'd get it just advice to report every post it makes.

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>Decimated Imperial troops hold off dark eldar offensive
>Remaining soldiers given explicit orders to cooperate with equally fucked Tau until told otherwise
>Krieg soldiers are known to follow orders to the letter until new orders are given
>Unexpected sole survivor of korps engineer suicide mission finds and given the nature of his orders, rescues captive Tau earth caste
>Gate shenanigans send the two on interplanetary adventures as they figure out a way back home

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>ruling class
>no equal distribution

Yeah sounds like communism to me pal. But I guess it's never really been tried right?

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>>ruling class
>>no equal distribution
>>sounds like communism
or feudalism, or capitalism

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>but that strategy is completely useless when someone brings a spaceship to the party. Which is kind of a thing in the space future. Space supply lines, and all that.
Have you read the T'ros campaign? You can't land just anywhere on the planet. You need a landing zone designed to receive enough supplies to keep the war effort going.

You can cut off those supplies like you could off any other supply line.

>It also falls short when the enemy force is equipped, numerous or mobile enough to invalidate or bypass the stealth attacks/mobile drops from manta/orca dropships.
Doesn't invalidate the tactica at all, just makes it harder. A large part of the Tau strategy is staying tactically flexible, they are able to respond quickly to changes on the battlefield.

If they can counter Mantas, use Devilfishes to run hit-and-run attacks. If they can counter Stealth suits, set up ambushes using Broadsides and Hammerheads that use the Stealthsuits as bait.

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>decimated troops
>still at 90% effectiveness
>thinking death korp with side with filthy xenos ever.

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Ah yes, the memecorps of krieg. For those people that really just want to play a WWI game. With the success of the HH series it's just a matter of time until you guys get the squat treatment.

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40k: The End Times and Age of Emperor will happen before that.

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No, they have Umbre'la.

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I doubt it. Kreig is entirely a creation of forgeworld, main GW has never supported them in any IG box.

Not surprising really. It's pretty hard to defend a bunch of french soldiers in gasmasks as being unique to your IP.

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>Kreig is entirely a creation of forgeworld
uh, no, they're much older than the FW line

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I get confused if that was a sneeze or a squirt.

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You're thinking of draenei.


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>Thinking the korps would ever refuse an order from a superior no matter how ridiculous

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The thing is, comunism is the one which is suposed to not have those.

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I would like them more if artists stopped drawning them with horse dicks!

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>I would like them more if artists stopped drawning them with horse dicks!

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That's a nice Armageddon steel legion mini you have their.

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Me too anon

We'll always have Dr.Graevling

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Yes French.

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>Death Korps of Krieg

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>Krieg (German for war)
>Korps spelled with a K so as to imply a Germanic language

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They've slapped together all the sad things from WW1 and ripped out the 'whole naive generation dying over four years' bit, so that you have the grimdark without what made it actually sad.

I wouldn't call them mainly French, but they have some French influence here and there. I wish I could call Mordians French, but no they are not.

I do like the Armageddon Steel better. Especially since they seem a bit more British and human. They probably just had that from before Forgeworld Kriegers or something.

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They could be called Jaguar Warriors. They are little french WWI guys. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.
Germans look like this.

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Hey, heretic, mind if I take a photo of it with this cool looking camera? Yeah, just hold it like that. Look at the camera and wait for the flash.

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Did you miss the picklehaube and stalhelms somehow?

>> No.46677974

That's what the DKoK originally looked like in official GW books sixteen years ago.

>> No.46677977

It is a good pain

>> No.46678021

did you miss the entire uniform somehow?

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Do they ever use 'heathen' in 40k? Heretic means you're in the faith but doing it very very wrong. Heathen is if you're outside it or left it.

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Imperial Germany also quite liked blues

>> No.46678068

If you look back to the Tank Comissar, i'd like you to compare his hat with this one that Hans Heinrich Lammers is wearing.

>> No.46678086

Listen, you are not going to believe me no mater what I say so I'm just going to post this pic and people can choose which one looks more like the official death korps art.

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Mordians are asians
Catachans are vietnam vets
Cadia are tacticool
Korps are german
Tallarn are allahu akbars
Valhalla are russians
Tanith are scots
Attilans are mongols

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m8, look at the uniform, not the colour

>> No.46678147

Look at the fucking helmet you retard, Krieg are literal germans. As if the name didn't give it away.

>> No.46678161

they're frogs, mate

steel legion are your krauts

>> No.46678185

Sorry, thought that was the point you were making.

Regardless, I think the uniform deisgn is just ''generic ww1'' since most armies of the time issues rough;y similar stuff. The helmets would have been what stood out.

Brits had the ''kettle helm'', french had... whatever that was called, Krauts had the Pickelhaube.

Nice b8 though, had me going for a while.

>> No.46678195

Right down to that funny ridge on their helmets.

>> No.46678220

> just ''generic ww1''

>> No.46678253

I was agreeing with you. I'm the one that pointed out they were french in the first place.

>> No.46678286

How many of you dumb motherfuckers with a dictionary definition that can't take a joke about fucking 40k are there?

>> No.46678287

yeah my bad, my mouse is on the fritz

>> No.46678316

I don't know, how many 40k players are there?

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Anon that was passing through /tg/ and saw this, here. I've seen the Death Korp models before and noted that they have their greatcoats buttoned back and was involved in a conversation on a past WIP thread about converting them to Poilu, but Death Korps of -Krieg- are more German than French. The name is German-esque, their helmets are Stahlhelms, the masks are closer to the German masks, and their culture is a Grimdark imitation of Germany around the First (and potentially Second) World War(s).

That being said, there is definitely French influence, but I would be more willing to believe that's because the sculptors and artists were drawing from all first World War military while favoring Germany.

>> No.46678384

>thinking that appearance has anything to do with what something represents in 40k

I bet you think the Imperium is Roman too.

>> No.46678413

They're Catholics.

>> No.46678422


Prussia, m8.

>> No.46678433

>German names
>German language
>German planet

>Totally French guiz :DDD

>> No.46678441

Why is it so fucking hard for you to see that these are french fucking infantry right down to their stupid little shoe flaps?

>> No.46678445


Adrian Helmet. France made the first helmets (first modern helmet, I mean), the Adrian helmets, which were adopted by a few other nations eventually. From what I recall Britain decided they didn't quite like the Adrian helmet and so opted to make their own.

>> No.46678465

Because their entire fucking culture is German. The only french thing about the Death Korps is their uniforms. The closest they are to French is Burgundian.

>> No.46678485

They have british masks, a weird hybrid of french and german helmets and french EVERYTHING ELSE

The only distinctly german element in their uniform is the back lip of the helmet. That's literally it.

>> No.46678494

>fictional armies in a far future can only have one source of inspiration!
>they can't possibly have most of a poilu's equipment AND a stahlhelm!
it's like you're all being retarded on purpose

>> No.46678553

We're just pretending.

>> No.46678560

Dying in droves isn't restricted to Germans in WWI.

They're French.

>> No.46678599

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that Space Germans aren't literally German. It's boring to just take a country and put it in space. It's much more interesting to create a new imaginary culture that draws from an existing real culture.

>> No.46678618

Um, gue'la? Why are you arguing to yourself about these 'frensh' and 'yerman' things?

>> No.46678659

Shut the fuck up xenos! We are talking about uniforms!!

>> No.46678664


Calm your shit, nigger. I literally said that their uniforms are more French than not, and that I actually have the intention of using their bodies with historic miniature heads to make proper Poilu guard. My point was that they are intended to be German-esque going by the helmets, their brand of masks, names and their tone. I am aware that their greatcoats and puttees are French-esque, but my case is that Forgeworld intended for them to be Germanic.

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>their entire fucking culture is German
Penance in the face of self-imposed nuclear fire is not german at all.

>but dey do nasty trench warfare and artillery
so did everyone

>> No.46678748

Humans are a contentious bunch. It's a strength that lets them think of many solutions to a problem, but also can cause problems where they didn't exist.

>> No.46678750

You wouldn't understand degenerate. Now please report to the local commissar for execution. Gas chambers are to the left and right.

>> No.46678777


Then that would be my mistake. I was under the impression that British masks looked more bag-like, but I could very well be wrong. Only ever really pay attention to the French as far as the first World War goes.

"Krieg" is decidedly German, but see >>46678664 I'm more or less agreeing that the uniform is mostly French, I just don't understand why people are saying they -are- French when that does not seem to be what is intended.

>> No.46678856

That's not even the right pose for the meme you're aping. She's not even facing the right direction.

0/10 apply yourself

>> No.46678860

>I was under the impression that British masks looked more bag-like
google the "british small box respirator"

late-war masks were a lot more refined

>> No.46678866


Man, you really went through all that horrifically extensive reconstructive surgery to make yourself mildly appealing to a normal human person?

Well hell, now I feel bad that you will never be able to find a Tau interested in you ever again unless they are a major xenophile, you might make a living by slutting it up among the gue'la though.

Eh, doesn't matter much to me, I'm a third generation Genestealer cultist after all. SKREE.

>> No.46678872

Only if it's her face slit

>> No.46678898


It's also the one where very society that has gone by the moniker are the most despotic and shitty ones by far.

>> No.46678901

>Penance in the face of self-imposed nuclear fire is not german at all.
>implying post-WW2 Germany isn't rife with self-destructive guilt
Enjoy ur refugees.

>> No.46678945

It's because a few years ago when I asked for that picture in a drawthread it wasn't about memes, it was about if Tau had race queens. Those were different times.

>> No.46678975

Oh man, just stopped by in this thread. So much butthurt you'd think our spiritual liege stopped by.

>> No.46678992

AHA! Any contract or negotiation made under duress is null and void in a court of law!

>> No.46679008

>a few years ago
The meme OP is memeing is from the current year, retard. It was some porny /v/ shitpost thread that a fat fingered janitor accidentally stickied instead of deleting, vaulting it to instant meme status.

Now fuck off with your retarded blog about your even dumber fetish.

>> No.46679018


Merci, Anon. I did just that and yes, those are a lot less goofy-as-fuck. Especially when they have them right next to the old ones I was thinking of. The ones that are literally bags with dumb circle lenses and what looks to be a balloon on the front.

>> No.46679105

Most Kriegers wear grey though, not blue. And the helmets are totally different.

>> No.46679113

well, they still look pretty goofy

better goofy than breathing chlorine or mustard gas, though

>> No.46679126

Go dunk your head sperglord. I was explaining why it didn't fit whatever meme the person that started this thread was trying to do.

>> No.46679131

Considering they've a history of shooting COMMISSARS for cowardice?
Yeah, they WANT to die to atone for their sins.

>> No.46679183

No. You are wrong.

>> No.46679213

At least they weren't -THAT- goofy. It looks like those stress toys.

Mustard gas was typically the one used for area denial, wasn't it? Since it pooled up quickly. Or was that chlorine... Fuck.

Alright I think the subject has been derailed enough. What was it originally about? Just some Tau baiting thread?

>> No.46679258

Prison Battleship

>> No.46679264


Woah, woah, calm down, lads; Death Korps come in many flavors. We could be here all night going back and forth with this stuff.

>> No.46679275

I think at this point we should probably make a different thread, but in the past /tg/ was pretty well known for turning offtopic threads to on topic threads.

At this point I think a janitor will see the top and delete it no matter what we are doing now.

>> No.46679282

Why would I do that?

Just stick a chainsword in her when finished. I get serviced, and the Emperor is served. Everybody is happy. Well except her, but Tau don't count.

>> No.46679287

>And the helmets are totally different.
Helmet's a weird fusion of late-war stahlhelm and the french hats. German helmets lack the central ridge.

No real need. Conversation's died down now that we've satisfied our history boners.

>> No.46679314

>the promise of a truckload of Imperial credits and a harem full of beautiful women should do the job...

Massive emphasis on mobile firepower, and that ground shouldn't be held for its own sake. Overall way of war is derived from hunting techniques, generally either making carefully planned strikes at targets of opportunity, or luring the prey into ambushes. Both styles are applied to defensive battles as well; they prefer to avoid relying on fortifications, though will still have anti-artillery/anti-air defences and such. Retreating to avoid losses or draw the enemy out (or away from vital locations) is encouraged, and unnecessary casualties are disapproved of to the extent that not even drones are considered expendable.

Mind, even Space Marines are taught to disengage from hopeless odds and strike again from a better position by the Great Guilliman in his Codex Astartes, but not everyone cares for that - even some otherwise-compliant Chapters choose to ignore it.

Not as much as they should, probably. I do remember it being used in Horus Rising and Legion at least, by (then) secular Great Crusade-era Imperials referring to people with primitive beliefs in spirits and daemons (ridiculous of course, since obviously such things don't exist, my Imperial Truth said so). In Legion, the heathens in question were actually a society of Chaos worshippers, though the Imperial Army commanders had never heard of Chaos until the Alpha Legion explained it to them.

>> No.46679334

I ain't sticking my dick in anything that ask me to betray mu species!

>> No.46679349

Fair enough. We've all had some good slugs, so I guess we break for a stiff drink.

>> No.46679371

Thats iron guard anon

>> No.46679391

why not?

>stick dick in hot alien
>once both are done, alien asks that you switch sides

Simple as that, no harm done.

>> No.46679398


Aye, could go for some kölsch. :^)

>> No.46679421

I really wanted to use that nice Tau art crop, cropped because it was made by a diaperfag, but the archives only 404 since it was last posted 2 years ago and image search is bueno so I got lazy and used this pic.

>> No.46679434

oh come on, for the great war you can go a bit heavier than that

>> No.46679435


>> No.46679438

You don't understand. A deal's a deal!

>> No.46679444

Don't forget this from the 4e IG codex.

>> No.46679468

>>stick dick in hot alien
>>once both are done, alien asks that you switch sides
>stick dick in hot alien from the other side

>> No.46679487

>I may have helped enslaved my entire species but atleast I tapped that ass.

Nah man, No matters how hot she might I ain't betraying my people (besides I want to have kids and I don't want any of them to be half fish people.)!

P.S: Ans also I ain't Kitten!

>> No.46679510

*Forgot to read the no


>> No.46679518

they are non-humans, who cares?
rape them all you want.

>> No.46679569

bust out the Macallan 18-year, then.

>> No.46679621

One of these http://imgur.com/a/IeWG9 Tell me more so I can see if I have it.

>> No.46679652

That is one bitchin' cape. More of my characters need capes.

>> No.46679685

I did this with a regular girl once and she made me leave.

>> No.46679741

The first one was what I was looking for.

>> No.46679750

>that picture

The fuck?

>> No.46679759

Was it worth it?

>> No.46679828

Welcome to the Empire of Sigmar, blueberries.

Don't sleep in the Moot unless important folk outside the Moot know you're there, and try not to talk to Dwarfs if you can avoid it.

>> No.46679830

Well apparently the neighbors heard, so yes.

She didn't find it very funny, though.

>> No.46679846

I just have that crop, but hopefully it helps.

>> No.46679848

>try not to talk to Dwarfs if you can avoid it.


>> No.46679856


commutards will never not make me lel

>> No.46679870

Water caste rules for the old Inquisitor skirmish RPG/"narrative wargame".

>> No.46680062

Even with a dirty dealer.

>> No.46680069

Can you make a Sept with 2 Homeworlds (because they were too close to each other)? Either in the same system or in a twin system.

>> No.46680202

See this is why we need to kill the xenos. They can't appreciate a good uniform. They don't even wear hats.

>> No.46680242

Do what?

>> No.46680287

Can you post good art for once?

>> No.46680318

Being a bald man I have a higher appreciation for hats than many, so I'm inclined to agree. Are there any pics of Tau with hats?

>> No.46680357


>> No.46680403

I meant official art, like in a codex or book cover or something. That image is just just /tg/ pro-Tau propaganda.

>> No.46680405

but where are the pauldrons?

>> No.46680426


Yes. I think they are Tau diplomats.

>> No.46680461


A couple of them. But it is not Fire Caste. Probably Water Caste.

>> No.46680492


>> No.46680493

>tau aren't weeaboo they said

>> No.46680495

Still counts. Thanks anon, I guess the Tau aren't quite so bad as I thought.

>> No.46680514


They may indeed one day see the Emperors light.

>> No.46680544


Space Pope used to wear one.

>> No.46680568

Another good example, thanks. There may be hope for the Tau yet.

>> No.46680593

Not void. Just voidable. There's a difference.

>> No.46680719

There's also this guy, the special edition Ethereal from the 2006 army deal.

>> No.46680751


>> No.46681026

>I was explaining why it didn't fit whatever meme the person that started this thread was trying to do.
Well thanks for that shitty blog, Admiral Useless Information

>> No.46681091

You're welcome.

>> No.46681125


>> No.46681362

>A deal's a deal, gue'la! Now you have to join the Greater Good!
she proclaimed.

"No dice.", Jaghatai responded as he fastened the last of his armor plates. Some several feet away from him a webway portal opened up, a buxom young eldar woman poking through to signal to him that it was clear to enter.

"You Gue'la are all the same!" the blue girl he was parting exclaimed. Jaghatai turned and brought his hand to her cheek, meeting her gaze.

"When this began you knew just as well as I did it wouldn't last, baby. Anything else was just wishful thinking."

A tear streamed down her face. "B-but..." The Khan grabbed his helmet and made for the portal, pausing a foot away just long enough to speak.

"I'll see ya' around, kid."

With that, he was gone, seemingly just as fast as he'd come into her life. The tau girl crumpled to her knees, hand between her chest.


>> No.46681636

Holy shit, that post was so gay I think it gave me AIDS

>> No.46681977 [DELETED] 


>> No.46682093


You didn't take that seriously, did you?

>> No.46682155

It's a mixture of both German and French

>> No.46682251

You talk like you have a really punchable face.

>> No.46682314

Show me a real human face that isn't punchable, faggot.

>> No.46682336


>> No.46682395

Why is his face less punchable than any other?

>> No.46682442

>"I'll see yaaround, kid."
>not "pssh, nothin' personal, kid"

Missed opportunity.

>> No.46682571

Because he's a skeleton.

>> No.46682594


I think it crossed my mind, but I didn't want to meme too hard, ya' know.

>> No.46682651


French here, you are a faggot, we never wore anything like that. Look likes very nice people that loved gas and trains however :)

>> No.46682688

Skeletons are perfectly punchable though.

>> No.46682702

He's talking about the uniform here

>> No.46682754

Thank you for accepting my hand in marriage, even in the custom of out merchants.
I think this will be a nice opportunity to meet your parents, too.
Maybe I can see where's a niche to be filled and open business there, together with you.

>> No.46682767

Why is it so fucking hard to accept that you're wrong and that they're German.

>> No.46682799


woah, hey, calm down, man
The argument simmered down hours ago.

>> No.46682812

I thought Tau couldn't be corrupted by Chaos due to having no warp presence or some bullshit

>> No.46682892

Don't feed the trolls.

>> No.46682903

They can't. It's just fanart.

>> No.46682923

But no face.

>> No.46682932


>> No.46683037


>> No.46684439

If somehow you ended up in the 42nd millenium right now, would you throw your lot in with the Tau?

>> No.46684442

Orks are sexless tho

>> No.46684495

It doesn't matter all too much. The interesting thing about 40k is that you can live your whole life on a random world without ever seeing the greater imperium or any invaders for that matter and even if your planet is destined to one day be swallowed by nids that'll be your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren's problem.

>> No.46684496

You can't see it, but he's banging a slugga magazine against the Battlesuit.

>> No.46684655

you see, in communism, even practical one that existed, the labourers were supposed to participate in government. What it really meant is that someone with blue collar background but appropriate ideological attitude was appointed to the job, but formally no caste was excluded.
As for equal distribution, as material goods were concerned it was much, much more equal (although obviously there were still differences depending on rank in party and cleverness in playing shadow economy) than it is in previous or subsequent installment of capitalism. What was truly unequal was distribution of power. The poorest were actually better off under that system than they are today, which is why in post soviet countries a lot of people miss it despite its monstrosity.

>> No.46685226

That's not weeaboo, it's more like...
Okay, look, what I was gonna say is that it looks like something Moebius would draw, but I think at this point, the *last* thing this thread needs as somebody proclaiming that something is actually French.

>> No.46685258

Hmm...odd thought...
How *would* Krieg deal with refugees?
Not xeno refugees - don't wanna get all fuckin /pol/ with this - but seriously, if there were a couple ships full of people rescued from some world before it fell to, well, whatever, and they got dropped off on Krieg, with Krieg being ordered to take care of them 'temporarily', just how terribly would that go?

>> No.46685376

They are a mix of French and German WW1 honestly.

>> No.46685419

40k has many French influences :^)

>> No.46685432

Well, yeah, existence of Metal Hurlant kinda clinches that.

>> No.46685798

Post more goat cuties.

>> No.46685855 [DELETED] 


>> No.46685987 [DELETED] 

Looks like hinata got hit in the face with the Greater Good.

Not that that's a bad thing mind you

>> No.46686039

this deal keeps getting worse all the time!

>> No.46686094

Says the fag who takes any excuse to talk about himself

>> No.46686267

Do Ethereals abuse their mind-control to fuck sweet blue pussies?

>> No.46686277

If the novels are to be believed, being in the presence of an ethereal leaves even the likes of shadow sun into a subservient puddle.

So probably.

>> No.46686280

They probably follow their own dogma and only give a blue bitch their greater goods if she's also an ethereal.

>> No.46686292


No idea. Given that the strong hints of them being engineered by some third species, it is possible that they don't have such sexual drives beyond reproduction. Actually, is it ever stated if the Tau enjoy having sex?

>> No.46686736

Just ethereals had marks of engineering, and that book is no longer canon.

They would only talk about tau sex in the books if the wanted to make them seem more human. or have it only be for reproduction to have them seem less.

>> No.46687171

that's understandable.

>> No.46687337

Teach them, train them. Let the march with the native krieg.

>> No.46687357


>> No.46688154 [SPOILER] 


>> No.46688222

bes gote

>> No.46688388

fuck you, high-cut = high standards

>> No.46689020

The suggestion that the Tau's development was artificially accelerated has been there from day one, although it doesn't necessarily mean that they were created altogether by outsiders.

>As a consequence, the resulting evolution is so gradual as to be almost impossible to detect in only a few generations. However, in the case of the Tau there is evidence to suggest that their species underwent short periods of ultra-rapid change. We can only guess what caused these changes, perhaps climatalogical variance, altered feeding patterns of predators, food supply or some unknown external factor.

>Over time, the populations genetically diverge enough so that, to all intents and purposes, they become separate sub-species. One would normally expect this process to take millions of years, but evidence of synthetic proteins and amino acid chains within the test subject’s internal organs leads me to believe that this process may have been accelerated somehow.

And I'm not sure where the idea of Xenology specifically being rendered non-canon at some point in time came from, considering how much other questionable old fluff people cling onto. Like, it's one of my favourite 40k books and even I'm still reluctant to treat it as entirely canon myself - there's also the matter of unreliable narrators, which is one of the arguments commonly used to shoot it down, though it's a bit more complex than that - but if it's not canon now, then it never was.

>They would only talk about tau sex in the books if the wanted to make them seem more human. or have it only be for reproduction to have them seem less.
From what I recall, Fire Warrior (by the same author, as a matter of fact) actually did both. Breeding partners are analysed, selected and allocated by the Earth caste, but individuals are still capable of feeling forbidden, out-of-caste attraction, even if they wouldn't dare act on it.

>> No.46689125


>> No.46690462


>> No.46690539

Their uniforms are WWI western front combos, but they're majority German.
Their culture/language is mainly German, though. Hell, their native tank is based on a USSR heavy tank.

>> No.46690793


>> No.46691883

>tau with leg warmers

Oh my

>> No.46692602


You mean the self-destructive repentance of past sins?

>> No.46693087

good taste, anon

>> No.46693978

Deal or no deal?

>> No.46694852

>40k gameshows
>Wheel of Torture
>Are you smarter than an Eldar Raider?
>(Your life is in) Jepordy

>> No.46694905

i chuckled

>> No.46695025

Xenos wench, please. I'm a rogue trader. I seek out booty and trade in the name of the Emperor. Today I just happened to pick booty.

>> No.46695030

>Penance Squares
>Who Wants To Be an Enginseer?
>Blood Feud
>What's My Crime?
>The Rating Game

>> No.46695364

That's one ripe blueberry

>> No.46696431

Blueberrys can be cute.

Especially when you give them 80s feathery hair instead of the official 'bald but for queues.'

>> No.46697563

Blueberries are probably the best thing to come out of 40K next to Orks.

So have both mashed together

>> No.46697583

Blue is cute.

>> No.46697604

Blue and Xeno are bad and you ought to feel bad.

>> No.46697637

Xeno I agree (sort of.) but blue? She's the best. Why is she bad?

>> No.46697688

>> No.46697771

I've gotten weary of hard fluff breaking in recent years and it's shameful /tg/'s biggest tau waifus are outside of their proper faction.

>> No.46697926

I've gotten weary of lore purists - not that I enjoy it when people are pants on head retarded with 40k lore, but the opposite is no happiness or humor allowed because grimdark.

And don't think of them as Tau waifus outside of their faction - think of them as a chance for the Necrons and Orks to have something people will love. Because of course they don't have any opportunity for actual Ork or Necron waifus.

>> No.46697965

>I've gotten weary of people who actually follow the lore of the setting
fuck off

>> No.46698022

There was that necron loli and if you really want orc waifus then you can pull some Warp bullshit for them. Anyway, at least you didn't post Xeno. Blue isn't as bad.

>> No.46698094

>isn't AS bad
it's still pretty irredeemably bad
this is the kind of person that gives the reasonable marines daemonette friends and compliant tau live-in babes

>> No.46698187

>I endlessly bitch about people doing it wrong in a setting specifically intended for just anything to be possible
Why don't you?

>> No.46698268

>a setting specifically intended for just anything to be possible
whatever helps you justify your waifufaggotry my man

>> No.46698324

>for anything to be possible

Except female Space Marines :^)

>> No.46698588

Blue a cute
Scraplootas are adorable
Fite me fgt 1v1

>> No.46698641


>> No.46698642

What wrong with waifufaggin', dawg?

U wanna go, Famila?

>> No.46698663

>>>/the ocean of your own salty tears/
That's what I thought, you pansy little pissant

>> No.46698687

So you're saying Diggas and ork aligned ogryn are unfeasible and "irredeemably bad", despite being canon?

>> No.46698693

>XDDDD they're crying soooo many tears over my shit taste lmaoooooo!!!!
get ogre urself familia

>> No.46698714

>that false equivalency
3/10 deserved a flippant reply

>> No.46698736

Says the guy crying for deathcamps over a goofy little tau bint.
>posting some butthurt muslim
How fitting, given you're all about the whole "death to every opinion that hurts my feelings" nonsense.

>> No.46698749

It's pretty much exactly the same, famalam. Tell me how they're different

>> No.46698795

one is canon and the other isn't
if you're really comparing diggas to xeno and blue grot you're fucking retarded

>> No.46698869

>one is canon and the other isn't
They still have more or less the same origin
>if you're really comparing diggas to xeno and blue grot
Nah, just to Blue. Xeno is this other grand mess that could best be compared to pariahs (in fact, one of the big plot twists of the original quest was that she was never actually a tau at all, just a science experiment by a desperate phaeron trying to make a pariah out of the materials available to her), but I'm not really gonna touch that

>> No.46698910

i'm not sure if you're forgetting the most autistic thing about blue or if you're really hoping nobody brings it up

i guess we can all just wait

>> No.46698995

>the most autistic thing about blue
And what would that be?

>> No.46699025

Yes, the Tau seems the most reasonable faction to me. And in my opinion, they're the ones who are going to win the greater war at the end, since they will either manage to co-exist with the less aggressive factions or defeat everyone else because their technology is evolving extremely fast while the other factions seems to have stagnated their weapon technologies.

>> No.46699054

Too bad they're already splintering.

>> No.46699215

If you're actually working on something serious for the setting, it's not a bad thing.

But when you're intentionally making something humorous or meant to be cute, why bother?

>> No.46699243

If guardsmen are running low on rations is it safe to consume the flesh of Tau xenos after thoroughly cooking it?

>> No.46699276

That's what recycling centers are for.

>> No.46699337


>Dark Eldar

mate you're an idiot.

>> No.46699394

How are the Tau so widespread since they have no faster than light travel?

>> No.46699474

I assume it's whatever handwavy bullshit justifies them being the high tech faction (before AM had rules, at least) despite every piece of fluff ever saying they're technologically inferior.

>> No.46699525

They DO have FTL. It just ain't the Warp, so it ain't fast

>> No.46699781

They aren't for the most part. The fluff and GW just gives them spotlight.

>> No.46699810

they pretty much haven't left their original little star system

>> No.46702056

So you were lying, then

>> No.46703588

Farsight is near sighted desu

>> No.46704254

I love the evolution of warfare you can see over just 4 years

>> No.46704813

You know, the tau and eldar are the best races, simply because they actually understand and can expand their technology

>> No.46704913 [SPOILER] 

They're not the only ones that expand.

>> No.46705096

>eyes on the barrel of the gun
>possibly mouths too

Now I know Tyranids are all organic, but that seems a lot of complexity for something that will rarely need either of those.

>> No.46705120

Ey, ey

>> No.46705188

Eyes on Tyranid guns are really a visual cue to emphasise that they're living creatures in their own right; in this case, the bio-plasmic cannon has so many to hint that it's much smarter than its Exocrine host. The different-sized openings allow it to either shower the enemy with multiple rapid spurts or cover them in one big load.

>> No.46706404

It's autism in it's highest form

>> No.46706491

Autism in its highest form is sperging out at someone because their waifu isn't strictly canon.

I give Blue, and other /tg/ characters a pass. If we have angry marines, we must also have cultist-chan and blue. It's all or none.

>> No.46706514

I'd throw my lot in with anyone who makes me survive the longest.

Hell, i'd even throw my lot with Deldars and volunteer for masochist gang rape session everyday until i like it if this allowed me to survive

>> No.46706530

MFW latest damocles book Sicarious stomp a Tau female water caste

>> No.46707284

what is this

>> No.46707912

Whats that blue thing?

>> No.46708019

Waifus in general are autism in it's highest form. 40k waifus that are completely lore breaking are beyond that, in "remove yourself from the genepool" category.

>> No.46708108

40k is autism in it's highest form famalam.

>> No.46708116

Oh my

>> No.46708827

And this children, is a good example of an autistic response.

Don't be like this guy, everyone hates this guy.

>> No.46709387

This desu baka senpai

>> No.46709487

>unironically thinking that having a waifu isn't autistic
>NO U comeback

>> No.46709636

>unironically thinking that liking 40K isn't autistic

>> No.46709670

Yeah nah ur a cunt m8

>> No.46709716

Here is your extended answer then. Due to the communication issues that shut-ins, people with depression, social anxiety, and autism spectrum individuals have, I would much rather they have a waifu than becoming bitter woman haters because they can't get a date. If it helps them not feel the weight of the societal push for a girlfriend, it is probably better than medication.

So don't shit on waifufags unless you would prefer a bunch of edgy misogynistic fedoralords posting. Although if you have a degree of autism that strips you of empathy, none of this will get through your skull.

>> No.46709894

This is the most tumblr tier defense of waifufaggotry I've ever seen.

>> No.46709931

And? "They're not hurting anyone so who cares?" seemed too simple to put a dent in some salt golem.

>> No.46709992

They're hurting my fee fees :c

40k is a VERY SERIOUS setting, please don't have fun :((((

>> No.46710015

If I came across someone eating literal shit I wouldn't be hurt but I'd definitely be disgusted.

>> No.46710252

Waifus are laifu

>> No.46710422

You sweet summer child.

>> No.46710634



>> No.46712001

That's the gayest shit I've ever heard, and I even disagree with the lore autist.

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