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You there, citizen! Word has reached our ears that you do not hold Lord Inquisitor Hector Rex as your Malleusfu. Justify your prevarication and heretical lack of good taste in twenty words or less.

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Isn't Hector Rex, along with the Grey Knights and a bunch of other top level inquisitorial things, a death sentence for the average citizen to know about? That is, if you see or hear about them you get blammed?

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Wuz dis 'umie talkin' 'bout, boyz?

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It seems the Ordo Xenos are being sloppy again. *BLAM*
This was a test, citizen. You are found guilty of knowledge beyond your ken. *BLAM*

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Hereticus a best Malleus a shit

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Guilty of shit taste. *BLAM*

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Fuck the police, I'm joining Chaos!

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I fully comply to whatever decision the mighty Inquisitor might make. I am not worthy of raising an objection!

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I just heard... joining chaos!?


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Obvious heretic, enough said. *BLAM*
Guilty of being a sycophantic coward. *BLAM*
Guilty of wasting the Emperor's orbital bombardment before considering any other course of action. You have brought shame upon the Inquisition. You are sentenced to paper duty on a paradise world.

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Whats going on here?

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At least i get to die, holding my daemonette's hand.

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Who are you? What are you doing here?

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A thousand pardons my lord Astartes, but I know not who this man you speak of is, nor have I any understanding of what a "Malleusfu" is. I beg your forgiveness in this matter.

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And come get some

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This Servitor is programmed to notify Lady Valesa of any and all intrusions upon the agrispace, requesting designation my lord.

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.. I am not an Astartes, pissant. But nonetheless, you pass the test. Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

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Guilty of hosting uppity servitors. *BLAM* and Assassinorum order.

I guess both Xenos and Hereticus are being sloppy... *PLASMA GUN SHOT*

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Greetings, Inquisitorial agent. It has come to the attention of the Mechanicus that you have been mistreating our works without good cause. A friendly reminder that your organization possesses virtually no power over the Omnissian ruling bodies and continued violations of our gifts may result in tithe deductions.

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I have my mandate right here. Take it up with the High Lords, cogfag. *BLAMS KNEECAPS*

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Dear Mister Techpriest, you might wanna take this call.

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