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>Question of the day:
Are you playing archives interface yet?

>What is Android: Netrunner?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAslVfZ9p-Y [Embed]

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Floor rules

>Official FAQ (post-MWL), Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:
https://github.com/shyndman/ono-sendai (You’ll need to build it yourself)

>Deckbuilding Resources:
http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/netrunner/android-netrunner-deck-builder (not recommended)

>Articles and Blogs:


Try "Why I run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace the spaces by dots):
www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun.html

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That's one damn fine OP.

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From previous thread since my ISP was blocked and I couldn't answer:

Things I would love to see for Fisk:
- A reprint of Cockroach balanced for ANR.
- A card that makes you gain a credit when your turn ends for each card in HQ above three (would probably have to be unique?).
- Cards with effects that would trigger the first time each turn the corp draws, mandatory draw excepted could be cool.

I like anon's idea of a card that would force the corp to discard to hand size.

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Oh, and to answer my question from previous OP: Surat City Grid + Brain Tapping Facility won't in all likelihood save Stronger Together, but it's damn fine to play.

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https://www.youtube.com/user/cjfm27 (Hidden Assets)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ7hPuO4R15t0qAKnjFi-Iw (Metropole Grid)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPhQKKX1XHTNPO_PCQZiyUQ (Neoreading grid)
https://www.youtube.com/user/dodgepong (PeachHack)

For the record:

Archives Interface is simpler, but Eater also does a damn fine job at keeping IG from getting greedy.

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True, but Archives Interface hits Museum, which covers you for a lot more match ups - IG is strong right now, but Museum is a great card even in non-horizontal builds

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I proposed Eater precisely because it covers for a lot more match ups. It's an AI breaker, a Keyhole-Siphon enabler, etc. That's why I said Archives Interface is simpler. It's a silver bullet to shut down recursion. The only reason to actually play it as part of your game plan is because you're playing datasucker and want the archives CVS-free.

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Any advice for building decent NBN rush deck? I am thinking Haarpsichord to avoid those one turn blowout when Runner wins out of nowhere.
Also I admit liking the movie making theme.

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I think the elephant in the room as far as NBN rush is concerned is called Astroscript.

Now, granted, I'm not the biggest NBN player, but from playing against it a lot, I don't think there's much, if any rush build that won't end up better if you incorporate Astros in them... and as soon as you add the Astros, well there's a nudge towards FA that feels almost imperious.

Which severely limits the possibilities of NBN rush decks, at least competitively.

Now, if all you want is something that works well enough and is interesting to play, I do have a soft spot for Haarpsicord and the sensie agenda - sacrifice them if/when necessary to fuel your scoring.

Myself though, I'd probably go tagging deck with Market Research, Quantum Predictive Model, Global Food Initiative, Franchise City, Clone are not peopl etc... Just for the welcome change.

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Thing is, Eater deals with the IG tax well enough, but if your issue happens to be Asset spam/hyper-recursion decks, then other IDs - not to mention HB and Weyland - also do that, and there Eater doesn't really help.

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"Kati" was the bitches name

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So what are good meta calls right now ?

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Any suggestions for buying order? The reddit stuff is pretty outdated. I can afford a deluxe box and a datapack a month, but more likely only a deluxe box.
After owning a Core Set for half a year I actually managed to get two of my friends to play with me and eachother.
I've thought about just buying all the deluxe boxes in publication order, but I'm confused when it comes to data packs. Also neither of these faggots will buy anything, which makes building decks a hassle.

Also any tips for beating noise in Core Set only matches? Every deck we build includes datasucker yog0 parasyte and corroder cause they barely cost anything and they just eat away at ice. I have no idea how I could counter a noise deck with siphon accounts and medium spam.

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Archive interfaces, or possible Hades shard.
Scrubbers or that shapper program Patrica, i think that's what it's called
Not playing against museum decks

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Grab Opening Moves. Include Jackson Howard in every Corp deck. Watch Noise cry.

Besides that, you can install Crisium Grid in HQ to fuck the Siphons. Cyberdex Virus Suite to wipe Mediums and datasuckers mid run. Corps now are just too resilient and powerful to get hazed by Account Siphons.
If you're playing NBN or Jinteki with core cards, yeah, you have trouble because those don't have good economy cards in core. While HB and Weyland get filthy rich.

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I'd say slowly go with the Deluxes in order of favorite factions.

Will expand your options a fair bit, if only because of the IDs.

That being said, if you only ever play with your friends, as far as datapacks are concerned, pick the cards that you want to play as you find you want to play them.

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>STOCKHOLM - Apr. 9, 2016 - Paradox Interactive, a global games developer and publisher, today announced a partnership of Fantasy Flight Games.

Holy shit World of Darkness LCG might be a thing!

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>Corps now are just too resilient and powerful to get hazed by Account Siphons.
Well, just account siphoned - you can still use it as part of a strategy that drains and taxes the corp to hell

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Or just a regular board game.

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Yeah, of course.

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>NBN rush
I have to say, I'm never really that sure what contributes "rush", especially in NBN - I guess if you fit the meat damage threat in, and use stuff like wraparound a lot?

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What Rush does is to force the Runner to run a lot straight from the beginning and contest your servers, generally with a bunch of gearcheck ICE to open scoring windows while the runner go look for the appropiate breaker, mixed with punishing ICE that makes facechecking painful (Grim, Cortex Lock, Fenris, or picking core cards, rototurret, neural katana, and archer).

Besides that, the rush archetype can be paired with a more punishing feature to make mistakes have a more definite ending. Things like Scorched Earth, Neural EMP, Ronin, etc.

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Ah thanks, that makes sense.
NBN's not exactly overflowing with nasty ice (though they have a few, I guess), but for them I suppose tags can do that job to a degree

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So. Ken + Pālanā Tour Guide won our SC.
But wait! There's more!
Ken won the first game of the finals with Notoriety.

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Huh, I took Notoriety out of my Ken
For Apocalypse, which now I think about it is kind of dumb given my lack of recursion

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Best part was, nobody expected him to play it right then. He did Dirty Laundry archives, Legwork and either a regular or a Maker's Eye run on R&D.

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Just started last week already really into it
Can someone help me with the factionless runners? Will I be able to do well with them in store tourneys? The Chicago meta seems well developed

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An Adam got 2nd in our small 15 person Store Championships, so sure.

>> No.46588775

Factionless runners are pretty difficult to play because of their playstyles and because of how difficult it is to build a deck with them.

Which one did you want to play?

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Does anyone else find it thematically weird that you have to spend an influence to use GFI? I just find it odd that a megacorp would need to use sway to provide food to people.

>> No.46589123

It's more you're doing something that's not just your (part of the) megacorp, and not what you might "normally" do - the big 4 are big, but they still have to get outsiders in and you still have to spend influence (either inside the Corp, to get the project for your division, or in the wider world) to pull off a Global Food Initiative

>> No.46589146

Naw, it's an "initiative", implying cooperation between entities, political or corp. That cooperation means dealing with the others, hence the inf.

>> No.46589174

So say Pālanā having to spend influence would be them contacting Weyland to help build it and maybe NBN to help promote it, I kinda like that idea.

>> No.46589254

That's how I like to look at it - any of the four megas could have a role in getting it done, and then they have to deal with governments, and with internal competition - you just know that jackass from Industrial Genomics will try and get that Initiative for his division, and it's so lucrative - even if it fails it's not that bad

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So what are the most aggressive cards?
I''m thinking of building an Adam deck.

>> No.46589399


The initiative is the effort you have to spend on short-sighted shareholders that don't want money invested in a project with no direct pay-off


Nice. Always funny to pull a Notoriety victory when no one expected it.

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You will want E3 Feedback Implants, run events, and your standard ICE breaker suite.
When you run remember to run with a point, if you see you can get R&D with 2 clicks and 2 creds, do it with a Maker's Eye run.

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Is faust ok?

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Faust is never okay.

Overmind is cool in Adam. You get hella MU with Brain Chip.

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Really all of them but sunny is the one I have built
Adam is less interesting to me than the other two.

>> No.46589899

Why is it not ok?

>> No.46589902


Depends. If you go Faust/Drug dealer, and basically just forget about non-installl econ - even E3 which only ever should be a back up solution I found really - you can be incredibly aggressive with Adam.

>> No.46589920

Well my plan is to make adam as aggressive as i can.

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Sunny is easy: make the setup as fast as possible, auto-include 3x Underworld Contacts.

I mean, it's fine, I just hate Faust, and so do other people, so expect Swordsmen.

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Hey guys I took a break for a few months how is the meta...

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My reaction exactly when i came back like today.

>> No.46589979

Basically there's a build that uses it that can make pretty much any ice irrelevant, which really sucks to play against.

It's actually got a fair number of parts and cards that are needed to make it work properly, but it's pretty rage-inducing

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I play Weyland so this works for me.

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We have 54 card deck lists with 2 ICE on the front of NetrunnerDB that are not jokes... This game has good to strange places lately.

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Yeah, un-zoning Wyldside is pretty fun, and you'd think someone trashing their cards would be easy to kill, but all your big ice getting burned away (thanks D4v1d) is pretty annoying

>> No.46590497

I see that in the way that all kinda fun and unexpected things can happen in this game.
Which is not a bad thing.

>> No.46590543

Have you faced that deck? It is very much a bombad thing.

Never faced a deck where I felt to hopeless to fight it.

>> No.46590578

I haven't faced that yet.
But it gives me feeling that i want to beat it and if i do, it feels like a well deserved victory.
Id say that corp has done a good job if it makes runner feel really hopeless.

>> No.46590599

Archives Interface is your new best friend. Slot it right beside Clot, Film Critic, Plascrete, and your faction's agenda forfeit mechanic.

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It's been like that for years. NEH Butchershop, Cambridge, Jinteki RP with ELP-Caprice, CI power shutdown.
We learn to fight it, we endure, we beat it, and the next thing comes up.

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>your faction's agenda forfeit mechanic.
Nah, only Artist colony or data dealer, Frame job sucks.

>> No.46590755

I'm loving Frame Job with Fan Site followed by Itinerant Protesters.

>> No.46590756

Yeah - Archives Interface is a good card, but it's only now that Museum is in the card pool that it becomes a really valuable choice in a deck.

Museum's must-trash nature can be exploited however - I used rezzing 2 of them to distract a MaxX Eater player today, and managed to fire of a Chronos for maximum effect

>> No.46590788

I'm coming from a place pre O&C, so maybe it has found a better usage and i should try it again.

>> No.46590997

To be honest, it's still a 3 card combo for an underwhelming effect.
Still, 6 out of 8 games I've played I had the Corp HQ reduced to 1 card or less at some point. Other games ended too fast, either with a flatline or by lucky access.
Kind of hard that many in my meta are now taking, or maybe because of it, New Angeles Sol for a try.

>> No.46591423

> Using Archives Interface to remove agendas from the game.
> The look on the corps face when they will be milled.

>> No.46591670

I started using it to fuck QPM and news team, so i know where you're coming from.

>> No.46591895


I love the idea of Adam.

But playing him I find he's basically an Anarch with support wheels - at least the way I play Anarch, hyper aggressive free-reign face-check.

Still, fun to play, and I personally think a good way to teach some parts of the game to players that are too risk adverse.

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I find that minifactions are a mix of 2 normal factions.
Adam is Anarch and Shaper
Apex is Anarch and Criminal
Sunny is Shaper and Criminal

>> No.46592505


Basically my take on the too, yeah.

They each feel like a hybrid.

>> No.46594582

How does crescentus work with no sub ice?

>> No.46594793

You broke 0, the ice has 0, so "all" = 0, it should work fine.
What was the exact scenario?

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Because you broke all (0) subroutines in that piece of ICE. As ridiculous as it sounds.

Same thing happens if Corp puts a Chum before a Troll and you femme it.
You can either bypass the Troll, which skips the step where the runner can break subroutines, and suffer Chum effects. Or you can just go through, beat the trace/lose the click, and break all (0) subroutines in Troll, so Chum doesn't trigger.

>> No.46594824

Hunting grounds a Komainu.

>> No.46596765

How much drip economy would you say is enough economy for a deck around drip economy?
Say, what's a good Sunny deck? Why are there no tab for minifactions in netrunnerdb?

>> No.46597164

Because they never got around to changing it, but it's an easy fix.

Drip econ needs a good 4+ pieces, probably 6+ being better, I'd say, but it depends on how long you'll think it'll last - Data Folding/Underworld with Sunny can make you pretty rich, as they're retty hard to take out, but the new Commercial Banking Group isn't likely to last long

>> No.46598463

I feel a bit foolish for having to ask this, but I've recently confused myself. Does Political Graffiti set an agenda's points to -1 or does it just reduce the value of an agenda by 1?

Text from netrunnerdb: Make a run on Archives. If successful, instead of accessing cards, add Political Graffiti to an agenda in the Corp's score area as a hosted condition counter with the text "This agenda is worth -1 agenda points. Trash Political Graffiti if the Corp purges virus counters."

I hope I'm wrong, a counter that says "This agenda is worth -1 agenda points," sounds very unreasonable. Words are hard.

>> No.46598539

The agenda turning into -1 agenda points is very reasonable given that it can be easily trashed with a purge and you can do that either with 3 clicks or just activating CVS.
Sadly, it's the other case, the agenda reduces its value by 1. I have no idea why it doesn't follow similar a structure like GFI. FFG needs to get its shit together.

>> No.46600868

lowers by one, which sucks because it makes it worth less and because it isn't worded like The Board.

>> No.46603746

>How much drip economy would you say is enough economy for a deck around drip economy?

Depends on the deck, I've had decks where two, or even just one drip feed econ was good enough.
The great thing about drip econ isn't so much strictly the money as much as the clicks you're not using to get it; same as bad pub or recurring credits, only more versatile since you get cold hard cash. Gives you more leeway. Allows you to spend your clicks on other actions. A boon in decks that spend a lot of clicks on secondary actions - just look at Anarchs with DLR, Hemorrhage, Gravedigger, etc... but also, since we're talking Sunny, the terribly undervalued (I find) Globalsec Security Clearance - a card I really would have liked to see printed in Blue for the sake of Fisk.

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>> No.46606812

I love how acronym for Blue Sun, BS also spells bullshit. It's as if Weyland knew that their public rethorics are just flat lies.

>> No.46606872


>expect Swordsman
Useless against Mimic, which is in-faction with Anarch.

Turing is much better. We need an anti-AI barrier now DESU.

In Weyland, of course.

>> No.46608811

>an anti-AI barrier
Other than Wraparound, you mean?

>> No.46609240

Wraparound is pretty shit. Anarchs have Corroder, Shapers have Inti and Lady. It is not difficult to mitigate at all.

>> No.46609276

The purpose of Wraparound is to gearcheck the fracter. If they slot inti or spend a lady counter on it, it's well worth it.
Anarch got corroder and d4v1d for it while being extremely hard for AI breakers. For a 2c barrier I think it's fine.

>> No.46609297

Usually Anarchs will have D4V1D anyway.

>> No.46609303

If they spend a d4v1d counter on a 2c barrier instead of archer/grim/tollbooth, I'm ok with it.

>> No.46609345

Sucks to be a crim.

Still, I'd like Weyland to get something different for their anti-AI tool.

Or some good stuff that doesn't immediately die to d4v1d

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File: 887 KB, 1260x1002, Architect.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Architect is both very good, and very annoying - do you think there should be more untrashable ice in the game?
Or would it get OP really fast?

>> No.46612256

It would invalidate certain strategies completely.
It is important to remember that the corp can't trash it too.

>> No.46612625
File: 603 KB, 1280x865, Collective Consciousness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I think if they were going to add more untrashable ice there would need to be counters and restrictions - no ETR ice, for example, ice that can't be on centrals, ways to send it to HQ, ways to de-rez/deal with it if de-rezed etc.

Still, I don't think you could just use untrashable ice, even if everyone had it, so ice-trashing would still be usable

pic mostly unrelated, but very useful with derez or Faust

>> No.46614237

Untrashable ICE is boring and lazy.

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File: 368 KB, 648x675, Forked Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What, because runners actually have to break ice more than once?

>> No.46615875

Because saying YOU CAN'T TRASH THIS ICE it's the equivalent of a 4 years old saying "POWER SHIELD" to deflect bullets when playing cowboy and indians.
There are clever ways to go about it, like Lotus Field; there are ways to punish the runner if they go and try to trash it, like Hostile Infrastructure; and then there's that. The boring mechanic that just doesn't let you trash it and there's nothing more about it.

>> No.46616275

If there was more than one way to punish trashing (perhaps there should be, with how much they're emphasising things that need to be trashed) then I might agree with you, but just making something untrashable doesn't make it invincible - derezing works, especially if it were to be expensive or illicit, it can still be moved, and unrezzed ice can still be trashed or manipulated.

Depending on how it's done, and what counters are released with it, untrashable ice could be good and not boring, but the sheer amount of ice trashing available to anarchs is just kind of unbalanced, and all but removes one of the normal bits of the game

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File: 235 KB, 418x300, 1440103710128.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46618881

Does anyone else feel that they are required to play whizzard to counter IG decks nowadays?

>> No.46619054

I'm playing Valencia and cashing in all those bad publicity cards. 3 BP is already better than Whizzard. Sure it's slower, but so is IG.

>> No.46620200
File: 624 KB, 464x267, laser-shield-o.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Excuse me, its Laser shield, sir. Laser Shield.

>> No.46620573

Alright, tg. I have a deck idea, but first: I've been out of the game for a while, whats the state of Weyland?

also, hook me up with multi-type ice ideas. So far I know of Rainbow and Orion - what else is out there?

>> No.46620906

Mother Goddess is multi-type.
After that you've got things with other types - AP, Bioroid, Tracer, Destroyer etc.

Weyland is getting better - this cycle, so far, has been very good to them, wide builds (so, Gagarin) most of all.

Still got a lot of deficiencies, can't pull off the kill as well as NBN and stuff, but things are looking up.

Weyland can do Fast Advance now, for example - it does require a shit-ton of money, but hey, Weyland.

>> No.46622752

I actually like Rainbow a lot as an Eli replacement. It stands up to Faust decently, somewhere between gearcheck and taxing.

>> No.46624079


I'd say an asset that went "ICE cannot be trashed" could be decent enough if priced accordingly (in rez and trash both).

Corp loses flexibility (and its best move against Caïssa), runner *has* to trash it if dependent in ICE trashing but Political Operative. and Councilman make it perfectly manageable.

>> No.46624139


By multi-type, I gather you're meaning three main types (Barrier, Sentry, Code Gate) only?

Don't forget any ICE you Sub-Boost. I had fun with that in a Superior Cyberwall/Will--o' the Wisp deck.

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