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Convince someone who only has limited knowledge on warhammer 40k which army is the best army and why he should choose them

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Do you mean for actual play or for personal reasons?

Because most people really like IG even though they get their shit stomped by pretty much everything pretty consistently in each iteration, despite in the fluff them being a more reasonable amount of victory to defeat.

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cygnar is pretty good, i'd check them out

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Eldar are the best army on the table. In terms of lore it's the Imperial Guard or Orks

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The space marines are the best because they are the most flexible army.

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Right now Eldar are the best on the tabletop, and there's plenty of variety because you have to go out of your way to make a bad Eldar army. Add in Corsairs and Dark Eldar as allies, that's a lot of scope for tailoring something for yourself.

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orboros ya git

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I think you meant Taxis. At least Corsairs are useful, even though most of their shit that's good can be accomplished by just taking a Pale Courts host.

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> picking the 'best' army

I'd tell them to find another game, 40K has enough of these people.

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Generic Space marine
>can be built to player preference (deep strike, bikes, assault, gunline, mech, etc.)
>Easy to paint and build
>Cheapest Army to get into. Battle of Calth gets around 1000pts for $150
>frequent updates. You will never be worse than mid-tier.

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Op here
No I'm not looking for the best army, I like a challenge as much as the next person, just asking /tg/ for their opinions

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Do some research on the armies and choose for yourself instead of asking /tg/ what to play. Trust me, you'll be much happier.

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Op again
How are tyrannids? Or chaos space marines? They seem interesting to me, but it seems like people tend to hate them/say they're terrible

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Yeah I hear your point, I just like to hear opinions and see some outside input

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Newbies must play tau.

It's the rules.

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You should pick the army you like the most thematically

If you don't like your factions fluff the yuge time and money investment is not worth it

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We are spoopy, rich, and have bitchin' guns
What more could you want?

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The best army is the army that you think looks cool. If you do it right, you're going to spend a ridiculous amount of time staring at your figures up close as you scrape off mold lines, assemble and convert them, then paint them. You will spend easily 10x as much time and effort on modelling your army as you will actually playing the game, so you'd better really like how they look.

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You should tell us what you like/enjoy playing in other strategy media first, anon.

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Whichever you like the most, because even if they perform well if you don't like your doods you'll never have fun.

But for simply beating everyone, then Tau because they hide and shoot everyone else dead for being stupid enough to bring swords to battle against people with battlemechs and plasma cannons.

You can play space marines since they're so common you can get your army cheap and easy (you're buying on ebay and not from GW, right? Don't give those cocksuckers a penny, let them and their children starve)


Literally anything except space marines. Too many people play space marines and they're saturating the attention the setting gets as a result.

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Yeah I mean I like how tyrannids look, and chaos space marines, I mean I just want an army that looks cool but is still viable

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the best army is the one you have the most fun playing with.

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Chose on your own.

If you can't do that you lack the intrest and perseverence required for 40k.
Your army will languish as poorly assembledand unpainted plastic while you lay about in the general begging to be spoonfeed the rules.

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The Blood Angels are a space marine chapter especially noted by their grace and adherence to the God-Emperor, but they have to constantly fight back an urge for blood (to spill it, see it, splash it around, drink it, etc.) and some of their members are consumed with rage from the psychic backlash from their Primarch's death. (Sanguinius was basically a mini-emperor. He wasn't a carbon copy of his father, but his own person with his own strengths and weaknesses, though.)

So if you want to use a generic Space Marine chapter, but don't want to use Matt Ward's butt buddies, the "totally loyal" Dark Angels, or Space Yiffs, then go for the Blood Angels.

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Not OP, but I'm new to 40gay as well and I'm considering starting tau, or khorne daemonkin

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This nagas know what's good.

tumblr's that way, lass

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Can you elaborate? What's wrong with demons...demons are cool

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Dunno how they work on the table, but Orks is the one thing 40k does really well. If you're skinny with a need for hypermasculinity, you can't go wrong with some Orks.

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Sounds like some otherkin shit to me, that's all.

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Anything but Ultra smurfs and Cunto Shitcarius

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>universe full of monsters,superhumans,deamons space wizards who can flay you alive with a thought or worse and other unimaginable horrors
and then you've got regular dudes with nothing but his comrades, an inadequate gun his faith in the emperor and standard issue titanium balls holding the goddamn line
how is this a question ?

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just call them daemons, because that's their name.
there's literally no faction in 40gay that adds the -kin suffix after their name. (space yiffs not included)

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go to the store website
look at the armies
feel bad about yourself because you made a mistake on an anonymous image board and everyone saw

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Dark Angels are the most bitchin' Chapter of them all. Our strongest feature in the game that is both fun to play and incredibly powerful is bike spam. You can field a shitload of knightly space marines riding judge dredd bikes with hussar wings bolted on that can drown everything in gravgun fire. Our bikes are also the best of the Space Marines as we can get re-rollable 3++ and 2++ jink saves which really help increase durability. On top of looking absolutely bitching, we also field the second best Terminators in the game (Deathwing Knights) who can murderize the shit out of most things if they make it to melee, and synergize well with the Ravenwing. While outside of the Deathwing we kinda suck at melee, especially with HQ's, we make up for it with cheap generic HQ's who can shoot the enemy to pieces, and very powerful librarians who can ruin an army's day with interromancy.

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Tyranids, not even from the same galaxy as everyone else, they're without number, pouring into the galaxay and consuming entire planets leaving barren husks in their wake. The Tyranids currently invading the milky way are but a tiny fraction, the fingertips of the main force that's slowly opening its jaws around the galaxy.

Plus Dinosaur Bug monsters

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Tyranids are cool, but painting but think twice before choosing them, because painting a squad of 30 almost identical space bugs feels more like manufacuture than like fun.

Currently painting chaos space marines and I can confirm that they're really great, especially when you use specific legion ornaments and so on. Also, small squads mean that you can give every miniature a sort of own personality and style.

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list of canon 40k armies;

Current Armies[edit]
Chaos Space Marines (Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter has Codex Supplements)
Chaos Daemons
Dark Eldar (Haemonculus Covens has a Codex Supplement)
Craftworld Eldar
Tau Empire (Farsight Enclaves has a Codex Supplement)
Space Marines (Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, and Space Wolves each have their own chapter Codex.)
Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard)
Militarum Tempestus (Stormtroopers)
Adepta Sororitas (Sisters of Battle)
Imperial Knights
Skitarii (Troops of Adeptus Mechanicus)
Cult Mechanicus (Priesthood of Adeptus Mechanicus)

Discontinued Armies[edit]
Squats (scrubbed from the background and setting at the end of 2nd Edition, though they are mentioned for the first time in almost 20 years in the 6th Edition main rulebook)
Daemonhunters (replaced by Space Marine Grey Knights Chapter during 5th edition)
Witch Hunters (replaced by Sisters of Battle during 5th edition)

a lot of -kin here... hmm....

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Emprah a shit.

Put your faith in real gods and go Chaos.

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nothing personell kid

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get your heretical shit out of here, slave of Chaos.

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This is the correct answer.

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>literally one codex
>the title and one paragraph are literally the only uses of the word ever in decades of products
>lets just refer to all the already established daemon types by the title literally one cult in the 40k galaxy uses.

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Nice try, corpse-slave.

Go back to polishing your dad's golden toilet.

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get your tainted ass back to the warp where it belongs, mutant scum.

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>be so insecure about tumblr you lash out if you so much as see anything that looks related
>hide behind "no army uses it"
>get proven wrong
>t-t-t-tthat does count !!!

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>get refuted on something
>insecurities! Butthurt! You can totally use it yourself!

not saying that you can't use the word, just that canonically only one fraction of a faction in the whole of 40k uses the word.

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>there's literally no faction in 40gay that adds the -kin suffix after their name. (space yiffs not included)
>it's only one faction that doesn't count !

yeah nice rebuttal friendo

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>because one sourcebook for one specific edition of a game series that has been running for 30+ years uses the word everyone should know it.
>Everyone is immediately familiar with how a very specific 7th edition codex refers to its armies

why am I still biting on again?

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I don't know, but is that a race of sexy redheaded elves?

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The Eldar are a race of sexy welsh/spartan warriors and mystics, yes.
Incidentally, due to Old One fuckery (WH40K lore stuff) the Eldar and the Humans may be the only two sentient species in the whole of 40K that could theoretically successfully crossbreed, but they hate and loathe each other down to the very core of their being. (Eldar are arrogant prudes that view themselves above all other life, while being extremely prejudiced and xenophobic is the only path that has allowed humanity to survive.)

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Pretty sure the triple helix DNA and difficulty of conception (wasn't it 5 years of continuous effort to conceive or am I remembering wrong) means there will never be any cross breeding ever. That one Ultramarine nonwithstanding.

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>which army is the best army


>why he should choose them

Do you, by chance, like fighting? Do you like winning? If you answered yes to both of those questions, boy do I have news for you; Orks is made fer both!

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And "Orkses never lose a battle, if we win we win, if we die we die fightin' so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die either, cos we come back for annuva go, see!"

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I'd say Orks are a bad behinner army as you eaither need loads of models or expensive models, they are hard to play sucessfully and their main feature is conversion opportunities.

They are however the best second army as they let you unwind with silly lists, go wild with paintjobs and conversions and they benefit greatly from having a bin of leftover bitz to scavenge.

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>literally one codex
Youre missing eldar and ork supplements too, they are still legal for their respective armies.

Also a lot of people seem to use the Khorne dex dunno what youre on about.

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