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How has your character/s grown throughout the course of your game? Either as a character, or as a set of stats.(Or both)

Thread Image is by Amy Veeres, she posted it a couple threads ago, I just slapped the CofDG thing on because I didn't have anything else and I didn't just wanna use another of my old WoDG images

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>Inb4 Fagness
My Werewolf character a while back went from kind of a goof with a guitar to the Alpha of his pack, presenting evidence to the rest of the local Forsaken packs to advocate taking out the Lodge of the Field.

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So it appears I have the old nWoD hard-cover book. What are some of the major changes in the second edition and how popular/known is it now?

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Mostly just rules, most of which you can get for free here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/114078/World-of-Darkness-GodMachine-Rules-Update

Some rules are in the new core, but they're not super vital to running a game. It's mostly popular, with a few 1e holdouts like that Camilla person who posts here every now and then. The general impression is that it's a general improvement with some wonkiness.

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chronicles of fagness

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The main additions from GMC to the 2e core are a handful of merits, new rules for chases and investigations, and dread powers as a core feature instead of being relegated to Hunter

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She didn't make the picture, a friend of hers did.

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I assumed the AV thing in the bottom-right was her signature

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Yep. Super cool dude. Siege from Adeptus Evangelion, if you know him.

Also sorry for the meltdown the other day. As an apology, please accept this picture of an Alchemist having a very bad day.

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why can't you give us non-anime art god damn

also when you're having a meltdown, stay off of 4chan, this place is the inside of an asshole and it doesn't help

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Nope. He also has V and A as initials. Weird, right?

No, my drawing ability is Chris Chan-tier, and that's being generous.

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Okay. Here's a Sidhe getting ready to kick your ass. Turns out they're not all prissy diplomats!

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>my drawing ability is Chris Chan-tier
So's your writing ability.

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And her social skills.

Are we completely sure AmyV isn't chris-chan?

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>Dark Eras – PDF version going to backers.


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>Mage: the Awakening Second – First layout proof with Dave.

April or May(ge) confirmed

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Fucking finally. Unfortunately Dave will still take multiple months to proof this.

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Dark Eras took 2 weeks for proofing, didn't it? April Mage, it looks like.

And fuck me. Last update said Dark Eras would be done in the Winter (April-March) period. Looks like the fuckers will succeed.

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They're only six months late on the PDF, and probably will be eight to ten months late on the physical book! On the scale from Sine Nomine Kickstarters to Exalted 3e Kickstarter, that's not bad for being late.

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>In Art Direction
>Secrets of the Covenants
>In Layout
>WtF2 The Pack (Already)


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>Beast releases this week
>Dark Eras in my hands this week
>Mage in proofing
Get fucking hype motherfuckers!

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Not that other anon, but I want to read through the "final" version of Beast to check it out.

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Same desu
But I'm not exactly hyped for it

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I know the build we saw was pretty lackluster, but I still would really like a WoD MMO.

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this one first showed up like 3 or 4 years ago.

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So what's the best way to avoid Pentex performing a Wesker controlling Jill Valentine on my character?

Problem is my character's dad work at Pentex and would probably be the one to put the mind control device on me while I sleep.

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1. Blow up Pentex buildling
2. Kill your dad
3. Run away far from home and develop raid bunker

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>So what's the best way to avoid Pentex performing a Wesker controlling Jill Valentine on my character?

is that a reffernce to the ALIEN series or the RESIDENT EVIL series?

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Tiny update to the 2e Mage Sight rules squirreled away in the comments section of the SoS page: http://theonyxpath.com/signs-of-sorcery-mage-the-awakening-open-development/

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I know that the GM is going to try to implant a mind control device on my character or in them. Just trying to figure out how to avoid it.

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You guys wanna do something fun since thread is kinda slow? Maybe make a Mystery Cult?

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Last time we made one of those, it was the Adherents of DaveB...

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Install your own mind control device in yourself first.

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I'm hyped for it getting the fuck out of the production queue so better books can be produced.

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I just hope it dies a unloved death like geist was. One book an nothing else.

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They're already putting notes together for the player's guide.

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Forgot to link the thread.

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Geist didn't die because it was unloved. It only got one because it was always planned, from the start, as a limited run line, like Promethean, Changeling, and Mummy.

Promethean and Changeling just got more books because people liked them more, and they didn't massively fuck up the publishing of the core.

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Fuck I forgot it was Monday.....
Any kickstart backers in the house?

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No email has gone out containing any PDFs. Probably won't until midday tomorrow or wednesday.

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Here. No nice dark eras pdf yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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I can dream, Anon, I can dream of a better world with no beast love.

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>Last time we made one of those, it was the Adherents of DaveB...

DaveB, peace be upon him,

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To speed my players along and help level them out, I keep track total beats earned by everyone, then for every 5, give each player an extra beat.

Current group has naturally earned like 16 altogether, so the player who got 7 beats on his own is now at 2 XP, and the player with the shitty work schedule is 1 XP instead of a measly 2 beats.

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I can't tell whether that idea is utterly retarded or utterly brilliant.

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Update to the Blood Trenebrous from Claire Redfield.

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Does the Hedge in 2e still fuck changelings up (like forcing clarity rolls and such)? If so, where does it say it?

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I don't think we've gotten much info on the hedge itself at this point.

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Good lord, is nobody fulfilling Aspirations? Choosing Dramatic Failures? Hitting Breaking Points? Splat-specific things like Frenzy?

I just finished a VtR session a few hours ago and my players ended with 1xp each by the time we were done.

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I've been keeping track of how many beats they earn and how, but that just feels kinda cheap to me

I know at the start of next session, 1 of my characters is definitely gaining a beat in the first scene, because I'm planning to have her and one of the other 2 finally meet(and she has an aspiration to meet her face-to-face).

Past that, though, the other character involved in that scene's basically got 3 long term aspirations, 2 of them are just way less long term(and this only just occurred to me), and those 2 are both more or less opposite sides of the same coin("Blackmail someone" and "Reveal someone's secret"), so despite her knowing a handful of secrets, she's yet to act toward either one.

The last player is doing fine on beats, given that he's 3 ahead of the other 2 players, and he technically has gained 1 xp for each session he's been in(granted, I gave him an extra xp to start off with, because the other players all had at least a full xp at that point).

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One player is. The others haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet, but then again we've only had 3 sessions.

It also helps that the breaking point triggers he picked lined up really well with what I already had laid out.
Players are on a ship, trying to keep shit from hitting the fan.
Their captain's ex military, and napalmed a small girl back in 'nam.
Said girl has come back as a draugr and is haunting the ship, killing the crew one at a time and driving the captain NPC towards suicide.
The "breadwinner" PC happened to put "hurting a child" as a breaking point.
Guess who wound up firing a flare at a little girl in order to save the other PCs?

>> No.46322459

I feel similarly, but my group's new to the system and every one of us is in that awkward college/workforce transition, so our schedules often don't line up quite right, meaning the beat distribution would otherwise get wonky fast.

>> No.46322526

Ah. Then hopefully they'll get the hang of it eventually.

A lot of my group is new to CofD as well, I've found that a good thing to do is encourage them to select specific short-term Aspirations and to occasionally leave an Aspiration blank to fill in mid-session at an appropriate time. That ensures that everyone is usually fulfilling at least one per session, which is what the system seems to intend.

Use Group Beats - instead of each character earning beats individually, they all go into a "pot" and once the "pot" has enough Beats to equal 1xp each, give each person 1xp.

I do this in all of my games and it not only helps streamline things and keep every one at the same power level, it encourages players to work together to create situations that earn Beats, even if said situations are bad for their PCs IC.

>> No.46322757

>Use Group Beats
I've thought about it, and maybe once the players all meet up in-character, I'll propose it to them again. As is, though, none of them have met(entirely because 2 of them joined late, and the 4th guy had to drop out, otherwise they probably would have met last session). Hopefully, by then, they'll at least be closer to each other in terms of total beats/xp.

I'm guessing you mean some players have missed sessions, or something to that effect. I've had a similar situation; if it weren't for one of mine dropping out, they'd all be behind to some degree, because that guy hit 2xp a couple sessions ago(due mainly to me focusing a bit too much on him because his character was the sort I'd play in Demon, and it was more fun to have him talking to people to learn things than it was to have the other 2 i had at the time just rolling dice to determine how much info they'd learn at a time.

I really hope this Story ends, soon, because right now it's just a bunch of individual information gathering, due to them joining at different times.

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Man, those old thread starter images were ugly.

It also only got one because the company died. It actually does have supplementary material.

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My Mage had a habit of being a jackass in my crossover campaign, thought he was right all the time. Even at things that weren't his specialty. After an astral journey where he curbed his pride, which took the form of a massive dragon, his allies have found him to be much more bearable.

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The greatest improvement was he listened to others.

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So, I've got a few players going into the hedge in the next few sessions in my hunter game. Does technology and such still work normally in the hedge? I vaguely recall hearing that tech and magic from the normal world work a little bit "funny" , but I'm not sure and can't actually find that written anywhere.

>> No.46323833

From the mind of someone who hasn't actually read the Changeling books, and is just a fan of the concepts and ideas that I know it works with:

The Hedge runs off storybook logic. If you use a phone to play a game of pong while in the Hedge, it's going to give you a table and a ball, and you've gotta use the phone for the paddle.
If you use a device purely for reading things, it may end up turning into a book itself; granted, if it's a phone, maybe one that can magically re-write itself to provide relevant information based on your current needs.

None of this happens instantly, granted; if you're standing still, and open the pong app, the table won't just appear. After a point or two, when you miss a ball, it's going to actually smack you in the face, and when you look up, the table will be there. The phone won't turn into a book while you're looking at it, only when you've left it on the guide to goblin fruits and put it back in your bag--you won't even notice until you've pulled it out for another purpose.

>> No.46324401

As someone who actually has played Changeling a lot, there are a couple of factors to consider:
a) Technology which relies on or interfaces with outside infrastructure is going to go weird. For instance, turning on any kind of radio receiver or wifi in the hedge is going to get you absolutely flooded with signal, which may seem like white noise at first, but once you manage to sort all the overlapping signals from each other, well, shit will go bad fast. TFV has an highly advanced and cumbersome endowment in one of the splats, I believe its called an "Interstitial Terrain Uplink" which is a backpack sized unit capable of getting you a functioning GPS navigation lock inside the Hedge. Which as you can imagine is invaluable.

b) Nothing left in the hedge long enough leaves unchanged. It happens a lot faster for inanimate objects than for living things, and a lot faster if you leave it in one place. Its always a continuum, not exactly instant, but the end result is it will either become a token: a magical artifact with an ability triggered by a very specific situation or the application of glamour, or it will become a hob: a native inhabitant of the hedge with a sort of mind of its own. Likely still heavily based around what it used to be, and possessing an illusory mask of its original self once it gets out of the hedge, but on the way to either of those destinations it will start to go a little haywire and misbehave.

A car might start handling poorly when it decides it has a different idea of how it wants to take the turn than the driver. A gun refuses to be reloaded because it and the magazine are family and family means never leaving anyone behind.

To provide an idea of the process, I'd suggest that anything left on its own in the hedge for a day or more will have accumulated a meaningful supernatural characteristic of some kind.

Of course, anything left on its own in the hedge for more than an hour unconcealed has probably been stolen by hobs.

>> No.46324487

To be clear because I just realised you might not have understood a more basic and critical answer to your question:

Immediately speaking, all magic and technology works identically to normal. Guns shoot bullets, cars drive, lightning bolts still conduct through metal, you can still cast phantasms or control blood or whatever.

The only differences relate to radio thing I mentioned earlier, and the absolutely core laws of the hedge which may effect some magics:
- There is no twilight (IE changeling contracts are the only magic capable of rendering you ethereal for any amount of time in the hedge. Ghosts and Spirits immediately become corporeal even if they normally couldn't)
- You must leave the hedge appropriately (end result is that no teleportation magic or astral projection or anything can automatically get you out of the hedge once you're in it. You must get to a hedge gate, get it open, and leave through it. Certain tremendously powerful creatures or abilities CAN teleport out, but they do so by adding the standard cost of a hedge gate, 1 glamour or 1 lethal damage, onto the spell in question.)

>> No.46324617

How can we make Mage more mary sue?

>> No.46324635

DaveB seems to have done the bulk of the work already. We'll need to see 2e before we can start brainstorming on what else to give them in the splatbooks.

>> No.46324636

Remove paradox

>> No.46324676


it looks like a daemonette in semi-human form

>> No.46324683

They already did for the most part

>> No.46324704

In 2E? Paradox actually matters in 2E.

>> No.46324735

I'm hoping the reason he hasn't posted all day is because he's been busy checking the proofs instead.

>> No.46324814

The Idigam chronicle devs once compared W;TA to W;TF with songs. Apoc was Metallica's Of Wolf and Man, while W;TF was Florence and the Machine's Howl.

Apt comparison for Good WOD and nWOD.

>> No.46324980

As a decade long player of oWoD and prospective ST for my group's transition to CofD I'm looking for what you guys think would be some of the best books to read to prepare myself. We're leaning towards CtL so I've already read the 1e corebook, the current supplements, the new Chronicles of Darkness, and been keeping up to date with the 2e updates.

Anything else worth taking a look at?

>> No.46325004

>get hype
>remember that 2/3 Mummy eras are in the Companion
>hype slightly dented

>> No.46325029

Anyone else hoping Geist 2e is a complete reboot?

I'm honestly hoping they scrap everything but "people who make a deal to come back the dead" and just fucking start over. "Geist" and "Sin-Eater" are both moronic terms as used by the game.

>> No.46325040


Midnight Roads is a generic book about Americana highway horror and stories set on the road. Damnation City is for Vampire, but works well as a guide to city-building for any game.

Changeling 2e has been almost entirely spoiled, BTW. You can basically play it now.

>> No.46325067

So what are a few multi-'morality' splats, owod or nwod? You know, standard 1-10, with the extra 'morality' limiting or determining something. Similar to how old Werewolves had Rage and Renown.

I know the Kuei-jin only had their dharma, but it was a sort of limiter, even if it was only 1 'trait'.

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So what're the changes implemented in the newest version of beast? If anybody knows if not what in your experience was the biggest "oh shit" moment in a session for you and your group.

>> No.46326019

Godspeed you magnificent bastard.

>> No.46326070

So how much will it cost to get CofD+VtR2e+WtF2e+MtAw2e and condition cards of all 4 when they are all available?

>> No.46326087


>> No.46326111

>Chronicles of Darkness
What the hell is that?
What did I miss?

>> No.46326160

Just crawled out from under your rock, eh?

tldr: Paradox bought the White Wolf properties, made a new White Wolf Publishing to do the oWoD stuff as One World of Darkness, OPP kept the nWoD licenses but rebranded them Chronicles of Darkness to distinguish the lines more clearly.

>> No.46326188

So there's re-releases of both lines?

Did they only get reprinted or will this also mean mechanical/lore changes? WoD has had a tendency of having interesting but fucked mechanics, after all. Celerity was a fucking mess and still is even in the 20th anniversary thing.

I'm also a special snowflake, because I like oWoD Hunter and would love to see a re-release that fixes the broken abilities.

>> No.46326225

nWoD has been slowly rolling out 2es since before this, those are just getting rebranded now. VtR and WtF have them out already, MtAw's is on the way, others are in the pipeline. oWoD 4th editions from the new WWP are supposedly in the cards, but I haven't been following that, and OPP is still doing the 20th anniversary editions; of those, oMage's just came out.

>> No.46326528

>>WtF2 The Pack (Already)

Forsaken is just so great that its very acronym causes anomalies in reality.

In other news, I'm looking forward to Stew doing his Lodge write-up release; hopefully that'll be this week!

Also, finally, Dark Eras! I presume that'll go out on Wednesday since that seems to be the day for releases at OP.

>> No.46327112

I don't know, man. I thought Geist 1e was pretty neat.

>> No.46327168

None of the 2es have been complete reboots, so I think you're hoping in vain.

>> No.46327281


...And done. This was a first "catch the sidebars that have wandered onto the wrong page" proof, though. It will have at least one more before it goes to White Wolf for final approval.

>> No.46327358


Right, but then it wouldn't be a new version of Geist, It'd be a version of something else.

Though honestly, I mostly hope they give Sin-Eaters purpose, or you know an actual reason to be called that.

>> No.46327384


Take your time DaveB

>> No.46327647

How does one acquire sleepwalker merit?

>> No.46327740

Be born into it
Have the wool ripped from your eyes
Be touched by the Supernal
Spend 1 Experience.

>> No.46327769

Underwater Arcadia/Fae seems cool talking fish mer people

>> No.46327866

It's the catch-all for everything that enables a mortal to perceive the supernal without having any supernatural abilities themselves.

It's deliberately open, so STs can use whatever reason they want.

>> No.46327922


I can't remember, is there an actual Sin-Eating ritual in Geist? You know, where someone eats over a corpse or a dying person to take in the person's sins so the don't come back or go to hell?

>> No.46327953

Show me on the doll where the Supernal touched you.

>> No.46328035

Nah, just needs more fleshed out mechanics and a more fleshed out world. Definitely need something more to instill the Geist side of the character so it's less of an afterthought.

>> No.46328116

Plus Having the different Kiths be things 'Of the sea.' would be cool

>> No.46328360

>tfw your ex-chuunibyo friends just discovered C:tD

Storytelling is suffering.

>> No.46328574

Story time?

>> No.46328689


So who's the DARK FLAME MASTER and whose the reincarnated ninja?

>> No.46328700

I was doing this. Then depression hit.

The gist of it is that the Geist has Passions, which are essentially it's Vice/Virtue equivalent mixed with Aspirations. If you work towards fulfilling them, you regain Plasm and gain Dead Beats. If you struggle with your geist, it can try to take over through Fervor, which is sort of like Frenzy or Kuruth, but instead of flipping out and killing shit, your Geist might instead want to fuck someone, do drugs, or murder a specific type of person. This of course happens more at low Synergy, which is sort of like Low Harmony. But for Death, not Spirit.

Your Geist can also end up pushing you to far to Life (High Synergy) because it wants to experience life and the world of the living, essentially partying itself into dormancy.

>> No.46328749

Awakening as a Banisher?

>> No.46328791

Looks like a pretty average Mastigos awakening to me.

>> No.46328831

>Falling forever
>Body twisting
>Everything you do is a sin
>Infinite expanse of something
Yeah, >>46328791 seems pretty Mastigos.

>> No.46328835

Fair enough.

>> No.46328853

Also, ends with the guy realizing he is tiny, compared to everything.

>> No.46328906

From the group that brought you Teen Wolf: The Forsaken, we're finally gearing up to maybe play a game again. Criminal Minds meets X-Files FBI Hunter game. How many ways can things go completely off the rails? I'm being at least one party member turns out to be a fetch and another a wolf blooded, while I'm for one playing completely straight to the concept and just plain old human.

>> No.46328937


I do a lot of work to give my players opportunities to hit their aspirations. Maybe they're choosing aspirations that are too difficult? Short terms should be being met every other session at least.

I also do a player vote for mvp of the session. Each person chooses who they thought was mvp and that person gets a beat, and I myself do also - my choice is usually for whoever has the least beats, though I often come up with some other reason to tell the group.

Especially active or interesting sessions get 2 beats at the end of a session instead of one. At the end of a 'story' sometimes a full xp. And lastly, I'm liberal with conditions, which net a beat on conclusion usually.

>> No.46329114


Best of luck! I really liked the Teen Wolf summary, so I'm looking forward to Criminal Minds: Now With Hunters.

>> No.46329173

>so I'm looking forward to Criminal Minds: Now With Hunters

As a fan of Criminal Minds (Yeah. I know...) I'd like to know more about this.

>> No.46329257

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't really know what to expect yet as we're gonna try to do a more episodic game due to our big boy adult jobs these days, but hopefully we can come back here and share some good stories.

Read the original post in the chain, anon. That's basically all the information there is, plus: group of FBI agents/consultants get transferred to a unit built for weird shit, get sent over the country to solve cases that need to be kept at max confidentiality. So far we've got two ex soldiers, a forensics junkie, and a behaviorist. Saving people, hunting things, the government business!

>> No.46329293


>As a fan of Criminal Minds (Yeah. I know...)

There was probably a time where that wasn't an embarrassing thing to admit. That time probably ended around the time one of the team got kidnapped and then was forced to take heroin.

>> No.46329298

So...has anyone watched Primeval? the Anomalies in that seem like they'd be the aftereffect of an Acanthus sneezing in the middle of something complex and timey-wimey which results in 'loops' in the flow of time with the Anomalies representing the perpendicular intersecting point of the loop that Dinosaurs or...things can come through.

>> No.46329332

Delauded, and you leave Matthew Grey Gubler alone. He's an adorable cinnamon roll. And did a good job voicing The Riddler.

>> No.46329342


>> No.46329345

My daughters a good girl who usually doest go with bad boys but the Acanthus in the other cabal is bad bews and using Magic to bring my daughters destiny towards him.

>> No.46329383



>> No.46329425

New WW will eventually be doing 4th Editions of at least Vampire, Werewolf and Mage in-house, but they have released next to nothing about their plans. They have said Vampire will be post-gehenna after 'the war for the Antediluvians' graves,' and Apocalypse will be 'even more furry ecoterrorist' and Mage was mentioned something that implies the Technocracy won and the Traditions are now terrorists fighting against the Technocratic stasis, ala the Matrix's rebels against the machines.

>> No.46329433


You heard them, a dirty Acanthus is cheating at life again. Not everyone can be proud upstanding Obrimos.

>> No.46329452

Honestly, Acanthus, when will they learn?

>> No.46329489

>Brand name double heroin

>> No.46329494

Does that mean we'll get vampires with 1 Watt laser pointers, smartphones, artificial blood for fast food and 3D printers?

Imagine Nosferatu with drones.

>> No.46329510

I love it.

>> No.46329546

Even Better an Nossie with a digital embrace and a bloodline Discipline that lets them interface with technology, only downside is that they slowly turn into Tetsuo the Iron Man as their BP increases

>> No.46329556

Who knows. Here's the article in question:

>> No.46329578

>Malkavian madness-net merges with the internet
>moot is referenced and officially a Malkavian who decided that the internet should have a direct connection to Malkav

>> No.46329619
File: 3.32 MB, 500x277, fuck this thread.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We prefer the term ”rise from torpor”. An elder awakening from a century of slumber is starving and hungry for fresh blood. So are we.

What the fuck is wrong with that guy's brain?

>> No.46329664

He's an 'artiste' excited to be owning his FAVORITE BRAND. He's also speaking not as a professional in that interview (which is at least marginally better than their FIRST interivew).

>> No.46329958

Eh, if we get a Gangrel Bloodline of tech-support nerds I'll be happy.

>> No.46329974

I wonder if we'll have roaming Antifa Brujahs.
That would be hilarious.

>> No.46329998

...Are you and I thinking of the same gameline? I was nattering about VtR Gangrel Techies, not VtM Techies.

>> No.46330047
File: 94 KB, 620x937, MTI0ODY3MjQwNTk5Mjc1NTMw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only not terrible thing about that article was a link to a picture of a black sailor venus cosplay.

>> No.46330186

He's the lead storyteller of a roleplaying game. People who complain that he's too edgy or pretentious when metaphorically referring to the product that he's pitching are missing the point. And complaining about one of the things that he's said that isn't a problem.

2 cute

>> No.46330257

Is Beast going to have cool pictures? This is a very important factor in my decision to buy.

>> No.46330759

How did Dharma work for the kuei-jin? Was it like a hierarchy of sin?

>> No.46330768

Or a Draenei

I can't tell what's going on with that chain of posts. It goes from VtR Nos to Malk to ambiguous Gangrel to Brujah.

>> No.46330967

I was just thinking about Cyberpunk VtR Bloodlines myself.

>> No.46332005

>related because of darkness

>> No.46332287
File: 2.24 MB, 1177x1528, BeastChapterSeven(WoDG).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on your definition of "cool"

>> No.46332505

Music relevant to the game

>> No.46332888

How can one person be so unlikable?

>> No.46332970

I was assuming we were talking about oWoD and the Nosferatu thing that the other guy mentioned was some kind of advanced fluff that I missed.

>> No.46333109

How would supernaturals work if they are claimes?

>> No.46333142

I didn't mind Beast's art at all, but I do feel like it's not very iconic, somehow.

>> No.46333181


>> No.46333202

Dark Eras comes out tomorrow!

I can't wait. Since Mage 2e is still in the layout and approval process, all the Mage sections in DA will basically be big spoilers. The Neolithic Mage/Werewolf section also sounds fantastic.

Will the Mage / Mummy era be in this book or the Dark Eras Companion?

>> No.46333457

I think it was in the companion, but don't quote me on that. I want to say the Mage setting in the main book is alexandrian?

>> No.46333840

Claimed by a spirit/ghost/angel

>> No.46333874


>> No.46333896

Out now fuckers

Downloading my pdf now

>> No.46334046


Can't download it yet, but I also got the e-mail. Ha ha! It's Spooky History time!

>> No.46334050

Yeah, backer emails seem to have started going out already!

Let me know what you think of the Sundered World.

>> No.46334070

Can you form Tass into clothing, so as you consume it your power is inverse to the number of clothes you wear?

>> No.46334160

Can we not buy it on BTRPG? I wana buy it

>> No.46334196

Anyone wanna share the link?

>> No.46334220

Hey Chris since your here. What happens when a Spirit claims a supernatural creature? Does the spirit get to use all the supernatural's abilities or would it be limited by logical things? Such as only getting physical abilities.

>> No.46334272

Backer PDFs are often still being checked for errors; they don't put the final ones up on DTRPG until they do a final check.

>> No.46334279

>Yeah, backer emails seem to have started going out already!


>> No.46334332

How would the Uratha react if they found a breed of dread power/non-Uratha Werewolves?

>> No.46334344

Claiming is a full-bore melding between the beings, not just like a nanutari puppeting a body. As such, a Claimed should probably be able to use the various supernatural powers of its host, although to be honest I suspect this will be a fairly serious ST judgment call as to what works and what doesn't. I also imagine the devs of the various gamelines would probably give various different answers to this for the particular entities of their line!

My personal approach is generally full supernatural ability access, like the electricity-Claimed Nosferatu I had turn up in a Chronicle.

>> No.46334381

->Assess nature of threat, if any.
->Blood Talons and potentially other Tribes in the area (depending on particular nature of the werewolves) start studying them as potential prey.

Now, of course, things could also go sideways in all manner of ways; 'first contact' could establish these other werewolves as still being 'of the People' and thus seen as kin, as being Claimed, as being weird abominations or just as being something *else* that needs to be watched carefully. There's just so much possible variation depending on the context and the nature of the non-Uratha werewolves.

>> No.46334402

Does it even bother you anymore when you see these guys who refuse to pay for PDFs asking for links to stuff you've worked on? Or is it just a sigh and a shrug type deal? I mean this shit seems so inevitable and they aren't even ashamed of it anymore.

>> No.46334430

>like the electricity-Claimed Nosferatu I had turn up in a Chronicle.
Care to explain?

>> No.46334433


The Mage/Mummy crossover in 16th Century East Africa is in the Companion.

>> No.46334505

When was you're character revealed to be a tomato, /wodg/?

>> No.46334554

When he went into a coma for about a week as a result of my computer shitting itself and me initially deciding to wait until it was fixed before eventually(2 months later?) saying fuck it and re-joining the group.

Oh wait, tomato, not vegetable

>> No.46334564

IIRC you can form tass into anything, as long as it isn't living, complex, or size-inappropriate. Clothes should work.

>> No.46334578

Eh, I'm on 4chan and on the internet, I know the score.

Sure, I'd *like* it if there was no pdf piracy and everyone who downloaded the stuff I've worked on paid for their copies. I'd also like various other unrealistic things in life that aren't going to happen.

Ok. So. You know the Sparkblood Seneschal sample spirit in the Forsaken 2e corebook? That was an antagonist in one of my games. Well, more specifically, the players were its antagonist; they had a spirit of power as a totem that wanted to rise up the hierarchy of the Sparkblood Syndicate, the spirit court of electricity. To do so they needed to take out the spirit noble that was next in line above the totem, which was the seneschal. This they did. Results were mostly fine, but there were of course upset spirits who had been doing *just fine* in the court hierarchy as-was, had just lost their patron and fallen in standing in the new arrangement of the court.

One of those spirits found a Nosferatu elder in his haven during an accident involving a power surge that electrocuted him (due to the players' actions elsewhere; possibly this was when the alpha went and met Mother, the head of the electricity courts of the region and a nuclear power spirit, but it was a while ago and I can't quite remember). The Nosferatu survived the electrocution just fine but the experience primed him for the spirit to get its influence into him, which it did. Over time it aided him in gaining power in the vampire society within the city, eventually Claiming him and turning him (and those vampires who owed him obeisance) against the werewolves.

Then the vampires met an old Ghost Wolf with Word of Quiet and the player character pack bust down the Claimed elder's door and wrecked his shit.

>> No.46334584

Like a Magical stripper?

>> No.46334590

If Prime 4 can make phantasmal Matter and Prime 5 can make phantasmal Life, could Prime also make phantasmal Space or Mind or Death effects?

>> No.46334643

what does it mean to be a tomato

>> No.46334676

Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor

>> No.46334693
File: 21 KB, 600x449, Tomato.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46334695


>> No.46334737

Why? What's so special about Life & Matter?

>> No.46334744

>an old Ghost Wolf with Word of Quiet
What's Word of Quiet?

I just got Dark eras. Skipped to werewolf neolithic era, am loving it.

>> No.46334754

>The Mage/Mummy crossover in 16th Century East Africa is in the Companion

So, what's the ETA on the DE Companion?

>> No.46334788

Because a phantasm is a physical construct?
And neither Space, Mind nor Death in Supernal cosmology have purview over certain types of matter?

>> No.46334807

Because of this I kind of think an electricity-based Nossie bloodline would be quite fun. Having a discipline that lets you A): directly manipulate electricity in both artificial and organic sources, and 2): lets you replenish your Vitae from Loci. Only problem is that you can now only feed from creatures with some amount of Essence, and there's also the teensy little detail-fact-shrubbery-thing that using to much of you're electrical manipulation drives you round the bend, up the wall and out through the sorting office.

>> No.46334828

Also delicious.

>> No.46334848

If it makes you feel better I plan to buy the book after pirating it.

>> No.46334855

Thoughts are generated by processes in your brain. They physically exist. So would a portal between two places

>> No.46334889

Not according to Mind and Space.

Minds can exist without bodies, and Portals are a fraying of Space.

>> No.46334898

Please fight through and pick it back up. Because Geist 2e never.

>> No.46334900

Share it!!! SHARE IT NOW!!!

>> No.46334986


I don't have a FLGS. I pirate because it's the only way I can browse new RPG books. If a book looks good, I'll then buy the PDF. If it's very good, I sometimes will buy a physical book.

>> No.46334987

In 1e it was one of the Gift of Death powers. Pretty powerful one too, it was basically a damage roll vs all nearby undead. The Ghost Wolf rolled high enough to one-shot an entire coterie of vampires.

Yeah, at the time I basically just ran the NPC as 'vampire plus electricity powers' but I could have done a lot more with it desu.

It confused the fuck out of my players though, which was the best bit. No-one really connects vampires to electrical powers so they really, really didn't expect it.

>> No.46335002

So did the Host have two fuel stats? Both a essences and vitae pool?

>> No.46335010


Did the Nosferatu 'sparkle'?

>> No.46335017

>I just got Dark eras. Skipped to werewolf neolithic era, am loving it.

Also, happy to hear that!

>> No.46335026


>> No.46335031

Don't be greedy. We'll get it in time. Let the backers enjoy the fruits of their donation.

>> No.46335041

Is the Viking werewolf/geist in this book or companion?

>> No.46335049

Some of us don't live in countries that can back kickstarters

>> No.46335051

Yeah. He was pretty fucking scarily statted but from what I remember the players alpha-struck with everything they had and they'd already managed to isolate him from any reinforcements.

No thank fuck.

>> No.46335056

This one.

>> No.46335080
File: 2.92 MB, 220x220, thank you..gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46335084

It's in the main book. Roman Werewolf is the one in the companion, iirc.

>> No.46335090

And we'll still get it, give it a couple days. Patience is a virtue, it so they say.

>> No.46335107

Was this from the TESLA Coils, the COILS of NIKOLAI Tesla!

>> No.46335114

Just got to the part with the Devourers, love them already

I had electric vampires in my game, not from Claiming but from something else. They were based on the Deckers from Saints Row, basically really amped up on celerity.

>> No.46335121

While us poor schmucks who didn't back Dark Eras still wait for the official release of the book, how about you backers offer some spoilers!

Tell us all about Neolithic, including Mage 2e spoilers and Pangean and Border Marches goodness!

>> No.46335137

what do you want to know?

>> No.46335156

>I had electric vampires in my game
It's a popular concept, I did it too. I've been wanting to expand on the Caporetti to have cold vampires.

>> No.46335183



Let's start with a summary of the Neolithic Era and anything spoilery it reveals about Mage 2e.


>> No.46335190

But he Caporetti are already cold vampires anon.

>> No.46335202


>> No.46335211

Any chance we might get a new Signs of Sorcery spoiler today in addition to the Dark Eras release?

>> No.46335216

Does Werewolf Rome touch up on the vampire Carmella at all?
Also since werewolf/geist is out is there anything you can tell us about that setting?
Star Wars bro, it's one of the few great lines form thw prequel trilogym

>> No.46335256

>Just got to the part with the Devourers, love them already

Glad to hear it, I had a fair bit of fun mucking around with the pre-Tribe cults.

>It's a popular concept, I did it too.
Damn it, and there I thought I was being original.

>Does Werewolf Rome touch up on the vampire Carmella at all?Also since werewolf/geist is out is there anything you can tell us about that setting?

I've only skim-read both of those Eras so far and I didn't write them, so you'd have to ask the writers or (for the Viking one) other backers who have it.

>> No.46335281

>Damn it, and there I thought I was being original.
Well I liked it, so there's that.

>> No.46335296

Which is why I wanted to expand on them

>Let's start with a summary of the Neolithic Era and anything spoilery it reveals about Mage 2e.
Haven't read that part. The Eater of Names doesn't like the Wise though.
>skips back
Lets see, the Abyss is not unnatural. The Underworld used to be water, but the water seems to have started draining, revealing islands (and tunnels, like modern games know it, and eventually seas way beneath).
Most mana comes from animal sacrifice.
holy shit I just got to the Watchtowers section

>> No.46335316

So, /CofD/, is there any band you associate with the game lines? I constantly play Oingo Boingo for my Geist game.

>> No.46335322

What about the underworld be under water?

>> No.46335341

Oh, hey, I just realized. This is the first time you lot (well, the backers, anyway) have seen the new Mage heading font.

I realize that isn't as exciting as, well, most of the rest of the book to the majority of you, but I have layout on the brain right now.

>> No.46335366

Mage - One Direction

Smug dickheads with more success than they deserve and who are all probably bumming one another once the cameras go off

>> No.46335371


So, you know the Ocean of Fragments?

It used to fill the entire Underworld, with the dead clinging to islands. It drained.

Should a Geist 2nd ed get approved and written, you might even find out why.

>> No.46335378

The entire Underworld. It was an ocean.

>> No.46335414

You are a big proponent of Geist 2e, huh? Glad that the devs and writers want it.

>> No.46335423

All this does is make me think geist should be more pirate themed now.

>> No.46335461

Okay so there were no Watchtowers. Or Oracles.

>> No.46335471

Clearly there is a hole in the bottom of the underworld, created by the Hellmenth trying the enter our world.

>> No.46335493

more likely by people gaining an understanding of death

>> No.46335504

The concept did not exist yet.
But have we?

>> No.46335508

>holy shit I just got to the Watchtowers section


To be fair the new font is a pretty damn big improvement.

>What about the underworld be under water?

Some crazy bastards let me at the prehistoric state of the Chronicles of Darkness, and one of the results is that the Underworld used to be the Ocean Beyond Life. Suffice to say that the 'ecology' of the place was a bit different back then.

>> No.46335533
File: 985 KB, 940x628, the people.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sort of confusing how the Neolithic age people are called "The People," as that is traditionally a name for the Uratha.

>> No.46335552

>The concept did not exist yet.
Right, no concept or stories or idea of them.
>But have we?
Yeah, probably why the Underworld is full of cultural conceptions of death.

>> No.46335577

>there were no Watchtowers. Or Oracles.

What now???

What about Paths?

>> No.46335594

What else would they call themselves. Nation's aren't a thing yet.

>> No.46335595

Also, check the crossover sidebar - The Bound did exist in the Neolithic, but they're fused with cthonians, not Geists.

>> No.46335604

Yeah, we had the problem of how the Vinca should call themselves (they were named Vinca by modern archaeologists) so I stole The People for the Vinca and had the werewolves not really have a notion of themselves as The People yet.

>> No.46335637

What I like is that the journey from Flesh to Spirit is no longer a two-step journey. You must take a stop in the hunter's paradise.
And that's awesome.

>> No.46335659

There a crossover side bar?

Quick someone screen shot that and post it.

>> No.46335688

There's a crossover sidebar in every Era. They were one of the stretch goals.

>> No.46335689

What I need is for someone to rip the time-skulls from the pdf. They are fuck-awesome.

>> No.46335728

Im going to fucking love this book!!

>> No.46335753

Sounds spooky.

>> No.46335783

Not really. Each major book has had a new skull. I just love this one.

>> No.46335791

>Okay so there were no Watchtowers. Or Oracles.


>> No.46335841


There are, and there aren't.

People don't Awaken with visions of a "Watchtower", but each Path does have a symbolic structure/feature/thing that keeps cropping up in Awakenings, that appear to be growing and changing over time.

Essentially, they're the Watchtowers. They just don't look like "Watchtowers" yet.

>> No.46335843

At least on my part, I ask for a pdf and then I buy it when it comes out on the storefront.

For stuff like CofD that didn't have a backer draft I just bought it straight off.

>> No.46335856

>growing and changing over time
Libertine propaganda...

>> No.46335863

Hey Dave, how's the Mage proof looking? Everything good so far?

>> No.46335876

We have it black on white here!
And partially blue-on-white...

>> No.46335919

Wait what. Mastigos of the Aether?

>> No.46335934

I'm hoping Geist gets a 2e that fixes up its problems. It had some good ideas and potential, but the execution was a mess.

Ghosts getting Ranks in and of itself should help fix some of the problems in the "Sin-Eaters are ridiculously powerful without a clear reason for them to be" department. I imagine a new edition could fix the rest.

>> No.46335941


Well, it's *either* the LIbertines being right and as humanity's concepts become refined the symbolism of the Realms updates, or the Oracles are busily constructing the Towers behind the scenes and the Diamond and Seers are right.

Could be either! Could be both!

>> No.46335975

The Wise at the time have a few theories of their own too.

>> No.46335979

Why do the Oracles need to construct the towers now instead of already having done so in the retconned timeline?

>> No.46335997


Do the symbols viewed with each Path's Mage Sight differ much between now and the Neolithic?

>> No.46336000

Sounds like an interesting mystery!

>> No.46336001

"Far across the sea to the South, beings with animal heads resembling the Divinities of the
People but walking the material earth scheme to turn the human tribes of that region to their will."

Holy hell.

>> No.46336004



>> No.46336011

What the fuck? That's awesome. I thought neolithic just got werewolf stuff added. Shit's crazy.

>> No.46336056


What about Supernal summoning?

Do Obrimos still summon what we would recognize as"angels," Mastigos summon "demons," etc.?

>> No.46336061

All eras got a crossover sidebar.
The short hints are the most awesome - and most terrifying - yet.

Also, it's fun to see the reactions move forward. Most seem done with Chapter 1 now, time to see what Alexander brings...

>> No.46336064


Because as said every time the Atlantis myth is recounted, they built them *after* the Fall, so it took place in the current timeline at some point?

Seriously, go check the 1e corebook. It's on page 27.

>> No.46336085

But changes in the Supernal exist retroactively, don't they? So, similar to an Imperium Rite, the Watchtowers being built would have made the Watchtowers always exist?

>> No.46336110

Good lords. The Aegyptian mage picture is.. scary.

>> No.46336129

Once they exist, they always existed. But they don't exist yet.

>> No.46336168

So... Flesh-eating vampires.. the Pishacha... Are they a lost Clan, perhaps?

>> No.46336211

Jesus, who wrote the Viking section?
According to VtR 2e they are. They're in the Lost Clans section and everything

>> No.46336217

But they exist in the future, so they would have always existed in the past. Is this somehow not the right past?

>> No.46336235

Shit. The Tremere encountered the Theban just a few decades before the birth of Christ.
The Theban IS Longinius!

>> No.46336236

>Jesus, who wrote the Viking section?

Dunno, why?

>> No.46336253

Subjectively to residents of the post-watchtower world, they were always there. But this is a lie (not necessarily THE Lie)

dave took the red pill, this is the real history you are reading

>> No.46336262

>Jesus, who wrote the Viking section?
...Good or bad?

>> No.46336268


It's the right past, but it's a point in the "meta-timeline," if you wish, prior to the Oracles building the Watchtowers.

Remember that Time proves that timelines aren't deterministic or "absolute," the time prior to some retroactive change in the future still happened, it just gets "ovewritten" by the change.

It's not like in a harder sci-fi idea of time travel, where you can't change anything because all time travel to the past "already happened."

>> No.46336284

There's a Night Horrors book about non-Kindred vampires, so it could be like that.

They are? I remember the Grettir, Julii, and Pijavica, but "Pishacha" doesn't ring any bells.

>> No.46336299

>They are? I remember the Grettir, Julii, and Pijavica, but "Pishacha" doesn't ring any bells.

Myeah. Nothing from India was mentioned in Requiem2

>> No.46336326



The creatures from Hindu stories can shapechange, turn invisible, and affect the minds of victims; even possessing them. They look like people with bulging red eyes.

So... Up to you. They might be.

>> No.46336362


Or the "angel" that showed him the cave filled with Theban Sorcery's writings.

Who, in my braincanon, was totally Arisen. And they were totally Utterances.

>> No.46336369

>can shapechange, turn invisible, and affect the minds of victims
Jeet swesus, they sound like someone's OP homebrewed clan.

>> No.46336377

So. Obfuscate, Protean, Dominate, Auspex.
Obviously a Mekhet Bloodline. Adding Dominate, exchanging Celerity for Protean.
Bloodline curse is that they also need to consume the flesh of their victims to gain sustenance.

>> No.46336387

It's good so far, I think, very uh, historical. Was about to say not very ambitious but there's a new Technology gift

>> No.46336435

I've got the book and have read most of it. What do you need to know?

>tfw most of the crossover sidebars ignore Mummy
>tfw the extra wordcount in Ruins of Empire went to random encounter tables and not the Deceived

>> No.46336439

>there's a new Technology gift
Funnily enough I was trying to figure out how to free up the word count in the Sundered World to fit a pre-modern version of the Technology Gift in, then I saw they'd done one in the Viking draft which came as a relief.

>> No.46336442

There's a Lodge of fucking fire giants
now that's awesome

>> No.46336468

Do you mean fucking lodge of fire giants, or a lodge of having sex with fire giants?

>> No.46336520


Any new Legacies or Proximus Dynasties in Dark Eras?

>> No.46336521

It's Werewolf, so ...either?

I mean, the Izidakh are called the "Fire-Touched", after all...

>> No.46336535

>Under The Skin casually mentions that Mummies are using Infrastructure to teleport from the Mutapa Empire to the Aztec


>> No.46336551
File: 301 KB, 1884x2447, after the fall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The first one. Looks to be mostly Fire Touched, they get bigger and a foot taller after joining (which involves a lot of fiery branding). Their totem is Surtr and they're going to join him at the Ragnarok

Pic unrelated

>> No.46336570

That's why I had to ask.

None statted in the stone age book (though three legacies are mentioned), one Legacy (reapers, ew) and one Proximus dynasty (Seers, ew) are in the Alexander era.

>> No.46336611

>None statted in the stone age book (though three legacies are mentioned),

No space, sadly.

When Mage 2e releases I figure people can have some fun trying to homebrew the rules for the three Vinca ones.

>> No.46336630


There's a new Legacy called the Nagaraja; they're Buddhist Reapers who eventually get eaten by the Tremere.

New Proximi are called Myrmidons, they're insect-like warriors who have to obey commands in High Speech.

>> No.46336665

YES! Best quote for Viking werewolf.

I don't like that translation though. I prefer this one:

Cattle die, kin die. You yourself will also die.
But one thing I know that will never die; the doom laid on the dead.

>> No.46336671


Are there any Mage references outside of the Neolithic and Alexander Eras?

>> No.46336673

there's also a band of samurai there

>> No.46336690

So apparently there are advanced second sight merits

Anyone have a source?

>> No.46336701


Any chance of you taking a swing at rules for Bull's Children?

>> No.46336711

>New Proximi are called Myrmidons

Myrmidon were in Seers of the Throne.

What are their primary 2e powers and minor and major curses?

>> No.46336720


>> No.46336728

Awh, damn it. The "filthy barbarians" paragraph on the old Norse didn't mention the fabulous beard-beads, and love for perfumes.

Also. Damn it. I get a twinge whenever I read the All-Father's name. That's probably a bad thing.

>> No.46336751


Chris, you don't have the PDF?

>> No.46336770

You're not allowed to back your own kickstarter, he has to pirate it or wait for the full release

>> No.46336777

In all the crossover sidebars.

>> No.46336793

So, never played either of these. What's the difference between CoD and WoD? Different editions of the same system?

>> No.46336803

Hey! All of Scandinavia isn't just "cold rock" or "cold marshland"! There is also cold, inhospitable forests as well!

>> No.46336812

At some point after Mage 2e is out and about, I might think about it.

>> No.46336836

WoD is what used to be Old WoD - it has a metaplot connecting the gamelines and splatbooks advanct it. This will from now on also include other media; vidya, storybooks & LARPS. Like Dark Heresy.

CofD used to be New WoD - no metaplot, just a core book for each gameline and then splatbooks with options to expand your game. Like D&D 3e

>> No.46336849

The Viking section has a lot on raiding, so it's basically anywhere that has a coast, too.

>> No.46336855


If you wish to take a swing at it yourself, the Bull-shifters have a 1st ed writeup in Werewolf's "War Against The Pure"

>> No.46336870

Yeah. But I know a place that has pines growing literally down to the edge of the sea.
Fucking Taiga.

>> No.46336892


Anything substantive besides the sidebars?

Also, let's see some screenshots of the crossover sidebars!

>> No.46336894

I think he is talking about the Legacy mentioned.

>> No.46336909


...And I just realized you meant the Legacy.

>> No.46336949

Any kind souls willing to upload their backer .pdf for those of us who weren't able to give to the Kickstarter in time?

I'm going to buy the physical book when I can but I want to see the new eras I HAVE NEEDS DAMMIT.

>> No.46336966

Bulls! Bulls everywhere!

>> No.46336995

every reference to werewolf outside of neolithic and bit of viking treats forsaken/pure like good guys/savage bad guys

>> No.46337000



>> No.46337002

Ahh, thanks. I will have to check these out sometime. CoS has got me feeling some gothic horror type stuff. And this seems to hit the mark.

>> No.46337028

So. Skoll, Fenrir, and Hate are represented among the Firstborn. Nice.

>> No.46337057

So are the Eater of Names, the Sky Hunter, and Wolf-Who-Whispers.

>> No.46337084

Not him, but I am utterly convinced the only way to counter-act mind control is to do it to yourself first.

>> No.46337191
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>> No.46337220

>Lycaon-Ur traveled in time

>> No.46337249
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>> No.46337275
File: 1.06 MB, 1536x2048, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46337301
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>> No.46337317

Egyptian Gods? I assume Mummy-reference?

>> No.46337326
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>> No.46337345

Yeah. The bastards were beginning to gather up for Irem, I suspect.

>> No.46337358
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>> No.46337367

Nice! Perfect one to grab the time-skull from!

>> No.46337376
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The Rite of Return takes place in something like 3832BCE, while The Sundered World ends in 5000BCE. Irem likely starts building within a fee centuries.


>> No.46337385

>Hunters as Beowulf-esque monster slayers for hire

I didn't know I needed this in my life, but now I do.

>> No.46337402
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>> No.46337424
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>> No.46337432

>The only clues are three Greek words sometimes found written in mud, blood, or ash: "Aegis Kai Doru."

>> No.46337444
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>> No.46337461
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>> No.46337482
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>> No.46337510
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>> No.46337517

new thread

>> No.46337536
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