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How long do you watch a player try to flirt with everything until you hit them with a succubus honeypot?

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Three strikes and the succubus comes a-knocking.

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Do you have a standard MO? Give them enough rope to hang themselves, right?

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I like how they're portrayed in 5e. It's all about corrupting the player. I get em to abandon the party and discredit the party. Once they've betrayed their friends three times the succubus asks for a kiss has sucks out their soul.

I've only ever had to do it once, but I had the succubus keep the player in bed while the party were supposed to meet for a mission. Choose to go to the theatre instead of investigating out a location and finally discrediting her friends in public by calling them failures. That was when she asked for a kiss.

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That's yesterday's news. Hit them with an older widow. At first she rejects his avances believing herself to be undeserving of the attention of a younger man, but eventually she caves in and lets the player learn the full extent of the sexual frustration of a woman at her sexual peak who has been lonely for close to a decade.

Hallf movement speed
-6 CON penalty
-6 STR penalty
-6 DEX penalty
Must roll a fortitude save every round not to collapse from exhaustion (exhausted, prone, helpless), DC 20

After he gets killed by a random goblin, the player will think twice before derailing your game.

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Players expect a succubus. I prefer a lady thief or vampire that trades off of their sex.

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Totally worth it.

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Use an alternative interpretation of succubi. Make sure to give her the sweet old lady voice she has in the Spanish dub.


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>Fuck you
>Fuck YOU

Someone got paid to write that.

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This game may have been passable if I played it in spanish with the subs off.

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I found the dialog to be hilarious

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That reminds me. It says in the monster manual that they go the lower planes to meet the soul of their victim but what exactly do they do with it?

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Three succubi and something got a-knocking up.

You don't. Next thing you know he's doing the Kirk on some life-force-draining system on his ship, and somehow literally fucks victory from the jaws of defeat.

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Apparently turning any protagonist into a witty dashing swarthy Spaniard Zorro vastly improves it.

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Who is MORE interested in your world and its people than the one trying to stick himself in each and every one?

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>It says in the monster manual that they go the lower planes to meet the soul of their victim but what exactly do they do with it?
>Marry them
Sucking out their souls through sex and trapping them in their plane of preference is how succubu consumate their marriages
They're actually incredibly loyal lovers

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Who is this semen demon

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I'm fine with this.

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There's more to adventuring than getting pussy... or maybe there isn't. Maybe getting pussy is all there is to adventuring.

You now realize that Kazuma is nothing more than Rance as a teenager

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THE milf. Iori Rinko

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Thank you.

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If you liked that, check out the final boss, en espanol.


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Fiends are supposed to use souls as currency, crafting material, spell reagents or food, so probably one of those.

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>Hallf movement speed
>-6 CON penalty
>-6 STR penalty
>-6 DEX penalty
>Must roll a fortitude save every round not to collapse from exhaustion (exhausted, prone, helpless), DC 20

And what is this condition called?

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>And what is this condition called?
Fucked silly

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"Fucked by a bondage lover"

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silly picture.
can't be a milf if you use those!

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>Three succubi and something got a-knocking up.
Pic related?

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Great, now I want this game. PC or PS4?

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Three strikes and they get a case of Mummy Rot.

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Same character? Does this semen demon have a name?

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OC of iahfy.tumblr.com

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Definitive Edition, no contest. It takes a decent game and makes it great.


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Dick status: muh

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much appreciated

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Can't you just cuddle and pillow talk with her until you get better?

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Like schrodingers cat. Any NPC at anytime is a succubus/incubus. They're just NPC's until someone hits on one then blam! they're now succubus and will proceed to give the bard the time of his short life while fred rolls up a new char.

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>How long do you watch a player try to flirt with everything until you hit them with a succubus honeypot
sometimes just catching something is enough of a warning to some players that you are done with his shit.
So yeah, your character got Lice from a 2-silver hooker, now he has to have all the hair on his body shaved-off and bathe in a foul-smelling, pesticide-soaked bath to stop the itching. Maybe next time you'll either stop trying to sleep with everything, or spend a little more on a prostitute that's clean...

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>You need a month to recover
>She keeps telling you that she wants to get married again
>Brings up babies
>Refuses to back down

And thus the character was retired and the player had to roll up a new one. Everyone wins!

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It didn't even take that much when it happened to me. We had encountered a half-succubus, and I decided to chat her up because she seemed plot relevant. Suddenly she's my girlfriend.

Not long after, we figured out she was working as a vanguard for an invading force of succubi, which had been hinted at since the beginning, but I was trying to play a fairly compassionate character. When I found irrefutable evidence of her betrayal, I didn't just break her heart, I attempted to rip it from her chest.

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Succubi are cliche by now, make it a vampire, some nasty fey thing or a wight with caster levels.

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Or better yet, just drop a trap on him

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I have the distinct impression that wouldn't stop anyone in my group.

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Put a miniature bear trap inside her vagina

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there's no greater trap than paternity.
put no protection inside her vagina.
he'll be in trouble soon enough.

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>if the party pays attention, they may realize that the towns they visit have all been quietly depopulated and filled with creatures pretending to be human
>further investigation reveals the work of a yandere shapeshifter determined to prevent Player from flirting with anyone else

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That does make me wonder what the male equivalent is of a vagina dentada. A penis picatus (spiked dick)? A dick that has retractable claws that it extends whenever the man feels threatened or enraged?

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The huntsman guild outlawed bear traps.

They're not sporting enough.

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I feel like that would just get stuck

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that inner jaw from the xenos in Aliens.


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A crossbow trap then

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>I feel like that would just get stuck
That's the idea: it get stuck and then you pull it out.

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I think it would be cool if succubus were more like the classic sperm stealers. After the deed they make a break for it (not good direct combatants) to birth a being made to counter you, copies your abilities, or both. Also it always knows where you are basically a perfect (You) killer. A successful succubus can end up with a small army of powerful fiends and monsters this way. It would be more interesting than Sex Vampire.

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>Fucked Silly
Literally the first thing I thought of to name the condition.

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>civilian crossbow ownership

Do you want the peasantry armed man? That's how revolutions start.

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If they have crossbows, we just have to have repeating crossbows. Simple.

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That's how arms races start.

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Flirting with a barmaid was the best worst decision one of my characters ever made.
Now she's basically his Padme, but the yandere goes both ways.
The sex is mind-blowing, and helped convinced them both from sleeping around.

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That will just foster the development of a long, protracted, insurgency. Think of the nobles that will die in cowardly attacks.

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That could be neat, but kind of hard to implement well. Basically it would just end as your character sleeping with some girl (who was actually a succubus), and then a few months later they get attacked by a powerful demon, without any obvious connection between the two events unless the player metagames.

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I am intrigued.

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Cat's penis?

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Esta es fantastico en espanol.
On mobile. Can't accents.

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You know, I didn't want to bring that up myself. But yeah.

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They were actually each other's respective old flames, and ended up re-meeting and marrying under strange circumstances (he didn't recognize her at first).
He got caught up in a demonic pact because of a traitorous party member and now he's somewhere between Darth Vader and Golbez.
She doesn't care so long as she has him, but she has to hide herself because she's pregnant with his twins and he fears that makes her a target.
He tries to be a good person despite his position, but if she were to die, he'd lose his shit and personally torture her killer to death.
She's threatened to kill women that flirt with him, and would destroy the life of anyone that kills him, driving them to suicide.

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Then everyone gets news a few years later that he died of a heart attack during sex.

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>only 96 years old, that's terrible!
>Yeah, apparently he was making love to his supermodel wife and lost control of the plane

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>only 96 years old, that's terrible!
yfw he was an elf

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There's only one thing to be done about traps.

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Just make the "pregnancy" super fast. Like an hour or two.

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Herbal viagra is bad for you.

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I love you and i'm totally stealling this idea.

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>not using a yandere wood elf.

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>tfw I've never had weird sexual bullshit happen at my table.
>The only singular time it happened was early in my DM career and the barbarian wanted to sex a bar wench.
>Tell him to roll for sexual performance.
>Nat 1
>tell him he blows his load twenty seconds in and passes out.
>later the bar wenches are all snickering at him
>he was so embarrassed he never tried it again and everyone was so worried about it happening to them they never tried.

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That does bring up something I never understood.
>Sex is treated like a reward for men that women give away if the man impresses them enough
>Nonetheless men are expected to perform while women lie back and do nothing

I don't get it. It's like having a job except instead of a salary you get overtime... as a reward for performing well during your regular work hours. You might as well masturbate at that point because at least then there's no highly critical audience.

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>asked to roll performance
"I take 10."

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what is it with /tg/ and bears!?
first sir Bearington, then the bear hydra, and now this!

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oh. my mistake i thought by "miniature bear trap" anon meant a tiny bear that would maul any penis that entered her.

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>that pic

People talk like the wait for Berserk is suffering. This motherfucker does just enough a year for it to be annoying, but not enough for it to not be infuriating.

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Most mangakas will only work when under direct threat of eviction or starving to death. And the more popular they become, the less frequet such threats are...

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>I thought by "miniature bear trap" anon meant a tiny bear that would maul any penis that entered her.
what the fucking fuck, Anon

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I never succubus. At least i haven't been that annoyed with when my players try and seduce someone (it's usually within reasonable limits surprisingly). I either make it clear the character isnt interested in them based on something like race/gender preferences or entirely incompatible personalities or they have a chance however slim and need to take an approach that's appropriate to the character. I also allow them to go whoring every now and again.

On a side note if even 1/10th of what i've read on /tg/ is representative of actual players my group is far more tame than most.

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>i thought by "miniature bear trap" anon meant a tiny bear that would maul any penis that entered her.
I haven't laughed this hard in a while.

>inb4 miniature cave bears live in miniature caves
>bear lore DC 25

>I don't get it. It's like having a job except instead of a promotion you get to do other peoples' work... as a reward for performing well during your regular work hours.
FTFY. That's real life.

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>I take 10
Better have put points in sex or take a -4 penalty.

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Over at Drive-Thru RPG there's a free resource called "How was the sex?" which- related to this- can address the awkward follow-up to this flirting.

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Also pretty often they have to keep drawing long after they would've wanted to end the serie and move to something else because it's too popular for them to stop. So they do the one chapter when the editors start bugging them and then go back to doing whatever project they're actually interested in doing.

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Since this is a thread about succubi, I might as well ask here instead of making a new thread: I require pictures of succubi, preferably in different outfits!

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How is she able to instantly give me a stiffy out of all the cheesecake posted on this board? How is she so lewd?

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After decades of trial and error the Nips managed to create the perfect MILF... and then proceeded to waste her on a glorified Gunpla commercial.

Sasuga Nihon.

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Dumping my "stupidly named succubi pictures" folder.

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What's wrong with "Roll Erotic Art, it was great/good/bad/embarrassing, now let's get back to the game."?

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Ceilingcubus is fapping you while you watch.

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And that's all of my stupidly named succubus pictures.

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>Smash money, fuck baddies, collect pussy

It's about a 1/3 of adventuring.

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>Smash money, fuck baddies, collect pussy

This sounds like some shit straight out of Oglaf.

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What is this manga's name? GIS turns up nothing.

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Because women get the best of both you misogynist.

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I just give them incurable STDs that i roll on a table of "this guy is annoying me so i will" table.

>> No.46314146

Post the table.

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I got all but the rough draft i am making for 5e on my laptop which is currently being repaired, so here have the copy paste of as far as i've gotten with it.

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>not Wreckubus

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> Dick Status: Diamonds

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Which i warn you hasn't even left my notepad yet:
1. YOU CAUGHT AN UNNAMED STD! Lose 1d6 points in a stat (1 STR 2 DEX 3 CON 4 INT 5 WIS 6 CHA) and then some.
2. ADVENTURER TAX! And you get the worst end of it. Lose 50% of your wealth for some reason
3. BANNED ITEMS! For some reason there is a defecit for X and it now costs more
4. YOU LOOK WEAK! Enemies now go only for you
5. IS THAT A MAGIC ITEM? WELL NOT FOR YOU! I think the fighter needs a new pair of magical socks....
6. WHOOPING COUGH! Your character is now sometimes coughing their lungs out. On a roll of 80 or higher with d100 other players may also catch it
7. GONORHEA! You lose DEX and become weak to fire
8. TETANUS! Reflex saves now count for nothing and dex and str are lowered
11. PLANE FUCKERY! Have you ever stepped into a portal leading to an elemental plane? No? Well, have i got a treat for you....
12. WHAT IS THIS? Inexplicable things start happening, bonus for being sex related
13. GANDALF NEEDS A BURGLAR! And your pocket money.
14. FEAR THE UNKNOWN! Tell the player to roll random things time to time and never say anything, no matter how high he rolls. If and when he confronts you about this, do as the DMs of old did: Say nothing. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum.
15. LOOMING THREAT! Just say that he is going to get kicked if he doesn't stop, never specify what.
16-20. MORE MR.NICEGUY! Just tell him to stop and cease tormenting him

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>not making your players roll to contract STDs
>not just any STDs either
>ones that turn your scrotum into an eggsac full of phase spiders
>or that cause your head to grow wings and detach from your body

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>You will never have a cute thickcubus GF
>You will never cuddle with her and massage her breasts and belly
>You will never grab hold of her wide hips and plow her like...Something that plows really hard
>She will never eat your soul and convert it into more fat on her massive ass

>> No.46314911

>or that cause your head to grow wings and detach from your body
Isn't that an actual thing in DnD? Not a disease, but there was some monster that looked like a flying head and if it bit you, your head would grow wings and detach from your body, turning into another flying head monster.

>> No.46314985

That's what fatfags deserve with their revolting fetish.

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Spending an eternity as a fatty corpuscle on the ass of a succubus is probably one of their fetishes anyway.

Good try though.

>> No.46315310

Girls with wide childbearing hips are awesome, though.

>> No.46315727

Considering how "popular" (or at least repeatedly mentioned) Lilium and vore-succubi are on /tg/, I wouldn't doubt it.

>> No.46315895

Only because of a few faggots like you. Give it a rest already, you shiteater.

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