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Tell me about the elves of your setting.

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They get offended when you call them "elves", genocide my species for reasons they can't be bothered to share and are responsible for a whole Chaos aspect dedicated to orgiastic behavior.

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they are taller than humans and have pointy ears and are better at using magical items.

Cliché is fun

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The major elven nation in my campaign map is an isolationist religious police state created by the Eladrin Defense Force as a repair and recuperation center for this planet/dimension. It is currently dealing with an offworld zenopest race and loosing.

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Elves are a strange species, lacking the usual relationships between primary and secondary sexual characteristics. Whether an elf looks extremely masculine or feminine gives you no clue as to their actual sex. People unused to elves are actually more comfortable around the androgynous ones, since at least they make it obvious.

This mostly started a joke but translated into a well loved PC, nicknamed Captain Badass. He's the captain of the town guard of a settlement the PCs frequent, and is a gruff, bearded elf with large muscles, a deep voice, and a pair of stonking great tits. Woe betide anyone who looks at his boobplate and thinks him any less good at doing his job.

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Twenty years and still no elves.

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Pic Related

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A species literally engineered to be perfect.
Dirt just falls off their skin. Snow doesn't let them sink in. They got eidetic memory, are immortal and very talented at magic and quick learners. They also have birth control as a consciously controllable aspect of their biology.

However, they also lack creativity, meaning that they are only perfect at things that others have invented. And their numbers are low, as elven dating can take decades before a first move is made, in addition to the whole "I'll wait a century before I decide if I want to raise a child with this person" thing.
Not to mention that their naturally thin frames mean that children are born even more under-developed than human children. So it takes multiple decades for an elf to go into puberty.

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They're low level XP fodder in a setting that accurately portrays them as sniveling gremlins who tries to snatch human babies on a daily basis.

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Elves, like Orcs, were originally weapons of war created by humans to take advantage of the newly developed "Arcane" systems of magic that came about after the appearance of the Dragon.

While lacking the raw strength and durability designed in Orcs they are better able to handle arcane and have a genetic memory structure that allows them to learn and essentially pass on knowledge from parent to child to perpetuate this mastering on an instinctive level.

As Elves and orcs were artifical beings initially they are not of True Human descent even though factions within both races tend to believe themselves the inheritors of Humanity.

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Short fuckers who talk like Welshmen with really thick accents. They want you to get the hell out of their forests and occasionally they like to come out, put up a tent and sell some trinkets which may or may not have enchantments on them. Nobody knows why the fucking elves want silver but Mrs. Norris really thinks that cat statue is helping her garden so whatever.

Just stay out of the fuckin trees man.

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But being thin and underdeveloped isn't perfect, Anon. Your concept is inconsistent. They would need strapping, fit frames and well-developed children to be perfect.

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Tell that to their creator's faces.
I dare you.

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I like this.

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But I don't want to go talk to dead nerds, Anon. That's gross on multiple levels.

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>Drow are basically Dark Eldar, but mainly live in Underdark and Mountains
>High elves are detached from the rest of creation and love magic, ala Dalaran
>Wood elves are spooky as fuck Tribals who have a caste that give up their ego/self to become watchers of the woods
>They all tend to dislike humans since humans are the ADD ridden children of the setting

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"Regular" elves are pretty typical wood elves. Tall, lithe, live in forests. They dislike arcane casters but use a lot of nature magic like druidism.

High elves, also known as gray elves, are very rare. They are very isolationistic, staying in their one city hidden in the middle of the biggest forest on the continent and only interact with their wood elf cousins. Occasionally they might send some individuals out to perform some important task, like retrieve a powerful magic artefact or kill an evil wizard.

Dark elves are pic related. They live in a theocratic society that's built around worship of strange eldritch gods, and are ruled by priests who have a serious fetish for eye-concealing masks. They're actually the most numerous elves, but live in a far off continent so most humans are unaware of their existence. However, they've recently launched a crusade with the goal to conquer the other continent and convert and/or enslave all the heretics living there.

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Elvish Uruk-Hai.

The immortal and slow breeding high elves were worried about zerg rushed by the mortal races, so they decided to engage in breeding programs with mortals (kidnapping human children into the forest, a powerful human warlord bedding a High elf princess/etc) to create a sub-race of relatively fast maturing half elf soldiers for the high elves to rule over. Strict eugenics, hybrid vigor, and a heavy Venison diet has resulted in these half breeds being big strapping athletic mother fuckers who make most humans look puny. They'd shit stomp almost all regular human soldiers in a one on one, and can draw massive warbows that even very strong humans would have trouble with.

Having the backing of such robust shock troops has made the High Elves hyper aggressive expansionists. The high elves ecological magic makes their forests expand so quickly, that most conflict is instigated by a bunch of trees growing in a human wheat field over night than humans cutting down trees in the forest. The human kingdoms rather frequently have to engage in organized crusades just to push the green tide of the woods back just a little bit.

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Previous dominant race, scattered remnants have lost most industrial knowledge, traded in for deeper understanding of nature. Semi-radical atheists after the gods did nothing to avet certain calamities they suffered.In a party, annoying if clinging to their tribes customs (no metal, no understanding of ownership).

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They're about six foot six on average and their arms reach to their knees. They use them to hurl javelins further than the average bowman can shoot, and to put their heavy spears through two men at thirty paces. They eat what they kill, whether it begged for mercy or not, though thankfully they prefer to avoid conflict and instead choose to intimidate enemies with wardances. Most people with villages local to them have learned to cooperate, since they don't really bother anyone, provided nobody comes to their village uninvited. Some of them have learned enough of the language to communicate and have invited people to their villages, and slowly more of their culture is being mapped out. Fully half the people who choose to live with them get killed in a duel and eaten for offending someone, though, and they're not even starting to integrate so don't expect them to be sorry about it.

As for everyone else, the dwarves are close to extinct and haven't been seen in at least a hundred years, and the halflings have no civilization in this area of the world, though there are a few around. Goblins and kobolds are fairly common, though also not generally hostile if you don't go near their territory - which for goblins will be marked and for kobolds is underground, so easily done. Orcs are the only particularly violent ones, if you find them, and that's not even a case of spite - they're just insane nowadays. Bastards scream like their blood's on fire, and if any gets on you you'll probably think it is too.

Aside from that, all you need to worry about is all the fucking owlbears, and the gators if you're on the shore. Sea gators are mean bastards and they'll chase you a couple hundred meters from the water, or until they catch you if they got a taste of your blood. Think of the worst shark you can, then make it twice as vicious and give it legs. The rest of the wildlife is no more dangerous than the mundane mainland sorts you might be used to.

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They're angry, really really angry.
Like really really really angry.
Think of the angriest thing you can.
Angrier than that.

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A sub-race of humans who were magically enhanced to be better soldiers and mages to fight the unsealed eldritch horrors that appeared on earth several centuries after magic appeared.
Turns out magic was sealed to prevent the horrors from having any power and to protect humanity.
The seal wore of and the eldritch horrors started wars etc.
Humans after studying magic for a long time came up with the idea of enhancing them selves to fight the evil and thus Dwarves and Elves were born.

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The horrible green tide of nature is my favorite theme and this is also my favorite fetish

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Think of a concept or a thing, and you have an Elf with an inherent connection to it. You have Wild Elves, Sky Elves, Sea Elves, but also Elves of Civilization, Elves of Disease and Elves of Mountains.

Elves with similar traits, goals and motivations often form into cliques, small groups of like-minded companions that work towards their strange, unknowable goals in unison. Sometimes multiple cliques become a Court, a gathering of several different groups that share information and skills.

Elves are alien and terrifying in equal measure. As they are immortal and not of this world and possess strange crafts no mortals can wield, their actions are often strange and can even seem random, when they decide they want to be seen by humans. Many Elves also enjoy playing tricks or harsh lessons on men, and others guard their wilderness territories jealously. More than one man has been drowned by the beautiful lake-maiden when they have dared to swim in her pool without permission.

Elves have varying abilities and appearances. An elf of the Deep Waters might have bulbous, luminescent eyes, razor, jagged teeth in a huge maw and a pale, greenish, leathery skin. A Wild Elf might have features of woodland creatures, like antlers, hooves, bestial teeth or eyes, while an Elf of Civilization might resemble a marble statue, perfect, unblemished and ideal.

There is no afterlife for Elves and they do no procreate. When an Elf dies, they are dead forever and their brethren mourn them greatly. In time, a new Elf might be born from the primordial chaos hammered into shape in the forge of Ahjotar, the goddess of Creation.

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They're freakishly tall and thin, massive fucking hipsters, and generally exist in the realm of entertainment.

They're one of the more magical races like Humans, Faerie, and Leprechauns.

Elves are generally found on the west coast.

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Wood Elves. Omnivores but shape both plant and rock into fabulous but camouflaged cities. Bows, blades, etc. Typical ranger with swordsmen and Druids present.

Most importantly Brown and athletic. Brown elves, man. Varying shades

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>>The horrible green tide of nature is my favorite theme and this is also my favorite fetish
Super powered fantasy nature as an awesome and horrifying juggernaut, uncaring of the petty advances of civilization, is really a more interesting setup than yet another "save the rainforest!" style situation.

>>That moment when the half elf uruks ride an Omhu out of the forest while the Dune theme plays

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Scifi setting.

Elves are failed prototypes and the only surviving prolific piece of the Promethean/HERO project, an attempt at creating a better humanity by cleaning out the genome of hazardous patterns and improving everything else in a successful attempt at directing their own evolution.

The elves themselves are better than baseline humans in that they don't age, have better eyesight and hearing and improved agility and dexterity. They're only really called elves due to the way they look, lithe with pointed ears and some of them consider it slander while others wear the name with pride.

Unfortunately, there is no baseline humanity now as they've all gone on to become the Promethean/New Human/Human Plus and the elves can't compete in any category.

While the elven population increased enough for them to be considered an actual race and not an escaped experiment, they are still looked down upon. They're desperate for acceptance and put all their energy into competing physically or artistically with the Prometheans to prove that they're at the very least, equal.

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They eat fruit, roots and bugs and are mildly lactose intolerant.
They see cheese as weird and disgusting. Especially blue cheese.

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Shorter than humans, most are forests or plains-dwelling but you can find tribes in the mountains, live about 3-4 years less than humans, don't have a full digestive tract so they eat food and throw it back up through the same orifice after digesting it with their dual-purpose stomach. They're very light since they have no true digestive tract. The colors of their eyes are black, brown, and a dark green.
Tend to be tan or olive of skin, can find shades of roan and pale whites as well.
Plains dwellers are very much Pastoral/Nomadic with large herds of animals comparable to Bison and Rams. They normally set up many places with gardens and farms and migrate between each as their herds eat up resources at one, thus allowing the others to grow. Of course, this isn't to say they dont have cities, they do, they're just largely based on trade and regulation of migratory tribes between their Nation's provinces. Some of their Nations are more settled, where as others are a scene straight out of our Mongolia.
They have very maleable throats due to having to remove digested waste from that, and are born with a pre-determined base throat width. Until the males and females are capable to reproduce, their throat canals stay shrunken, leading to a higher pitched voice until they grow to about 8-10 years of age. At that time, they have the physique of a 13-15 year old human, though shorter and lighter. The men's deep voices and the women's lighter voices make them to be wonderful wooers, singers, and traders as they can naturally calm people with ease.
Womyn got dat bootay and thicc legs as it's seen attractive by the men and tend to grow breasts just enough to let their kids easily breastfeed.
Women like their men to have wide-set shoulders in the plains, good legs and arms in the forests, and chest/facial hair in the mountains, though there are always outliers.
The forest-dwellers are horticultural, having small villages where they maintain gardens and hunt. 1/2

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This one happens to be a wererat.

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Really generic. Only using Wood Elves right now, but they are the main theme of the campaign. Short, high dex. Most have a level of Ranger, you will find Druids, bards, and the occasional Warlock or Paladin (fey types). Clerics, fighters and rogues are rare.

They become 'adults' at age twenty, but are not fully accepted in to society as full members till around 100 years (sort of like being an adult at 18 but not able to drink till 21 or able awhile back to vote).

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They mostly live in forests and jungles, where they can be closest to nature, though some live in the magical nation. Jungle elves are more isolationist than forest elves due to everything else in the area trying to kill/eat/enslave them. I haven't done a whole lot else with them.

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For the setting that I'm currently trying to create, the AD&D Worldbuilders Guide has told me that they are an Arabian Theocracy. I don't have too much for them as a people, as I'm currently writing the fuckton of gods the WbG has given me. I plan for them to be fairly cliché, arrogant, self-absorbed jerks, but that might change.

Their capital city rests at the base of the volcano their gods live in. The Elvish gods are a Family, and their chief god kind of fucked everything up by breaking an agreement with all the gods to not mess with anyone else's people. Coercing the other major races in the setting, they "like" Humans and Dwarves, tolerate Mermen, and hate Goblins.

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They have a focus on religion and their Nations tend to be very patriotic yet xenophobic.
They're very tribe-based, and the union of two tribes tends to involve the first son of the larger village and the first daughter of the smaller village.
Jesus Christ do these fuckers love meat or what.
They're constantly hunting the over 30 types of meaty animals in their forests.
When they establish villages, they find 5 trees to center around and slash-and-burn about 5-10 acres around it on average. Despite living in the forests and sometimes even jungles, they seem to only respect it as just that, where they live, and they don't go out of their way to destroy it nor preserve it.
They have huge reserves of coal and natural oil found in their clay reserves, and tend to burn that. They seemingly also have large amounts of copper, tin and lead, and thus they form bronze for their weapons and tools, use tin for mechanics, copper to top off inexpensive/disposable objects (Javelin/Dart heads) and have a tradition of light metal-working, though they often disdain heavier metals when they come around.
Mountain-dwellers live in established cities and towns with some tribes nomadic across the hills and high-marshes. They have two key animals, a sheep/billygoat-like animal and a strong yak-like animal which they use for agriculture, being a fully agricultural society. They're surrounded by pretty much every mineral resource available- everything but coal that is. They often use iron for just about everything there is to do with metallurgy. They're masterful architects, able to build entire towns in the middle of mountain lakes out of wood and stone. Most of them simply live near a water source high in the mountains though, such as waterfalls and lakes and rivers along with streams and springs.
They value fire and water alike, due to their often-harsher winters and their need for crops to grow respectively, and they're often good craftsmen and labourers. 2/3

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Concerning not coercing, Jesus, how do I fuck that up?

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Don't worry, no one noticed anyway due to no one reading.

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Not quite Sumerian/Aztec styling on top of undying/semi immortals. They talk with the spirits of the earth, bit otherwise aren't any more magic than men.

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Based heavily off of Pic Related, except with also a high council of Cancer-Mages called the Virtual Optims

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>Jack kirbian Elves
Tell more.

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As I've basically made "assholes the setting" Elves are immortal bastards who never forgive and always want to extract revenge. If they live too long their grudges and hatred transmute them into a supernatural monster so they find it better to actually piss other elves off and eventually get killed in a "wholly understandable resolution of a dispute" than live a millennium and become something that stalks elven communities in the shadow killing purely random people. Also a habit of battlefield cannibalism because they don't want anyone they killed to come back through unconfirmed kill/magical means and come after them thoroughly pissed or as a very before mentioned but this time directed and possibly in kill your family mode monstrosity.

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They use an array of weapons, favoring short, high-tension bows in the plains along with percussion weapons such as maces and axes and of course, the spear as it's useful against nomadic cavalry.
In the forests, their cultures use shorter spears and javelins along with darts and short swords fashioned of bronze, and their main projectile weapon is universally the sling and it's variants such as sling-on-a-stick and the long-sling. They use their heavy lead projectiles.
In the mountains they love them some two-handers and fabric armors, using atalatl like weapons for their ranged arsenal.

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they're just humans with pointy ears but that's enough to consider them equal to shit and are usually hermits.

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The Parwen are more or less Wood Elves, and are currently dealing with a schism between the ones who want to live in cities and acclimate to modern society (Progressives) and the ones who are content living amongst nature in isolation (Traditionalists).

Uurwen are Dark Elves, and are mandating a multiple child policy after the human faction nearly genocided them all.

High elves suck and I don't have them in my setting.

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I like my Elves immortal and drenched in hedonistic sin.

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There are two tribes - the nomadic Wood Elves and the settled/civilized Island Elves. Each tribe has numerous clans, each clan has numeros families.

A little over a thousand years before game start, they were one nation. However differences and ideologies divided them. The ones wanting to live in a shining pristine city moved to a large island off the south coast while the ones wanting a more "natural" lifestyle moved north.

Three hundred years before game start, an evil magic-user charmed several of the nomadic tribes into his legion, reforging them into the orcs. After raising a massive monster army he ravaged the old empire and led to it's collapse before being defeated.

The nomadic elves are now rare in the realm where the game takes place, most fleeing elsewhere in the world. The southern elves have only recently begun to recover with the rise of the nearby halfling shire, human grand duchy and dwarf clan holds to trade/forge pacts with.

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The pale, dark-haired wood elves are a clan-based collection of swamp dwelling spirit-worshippers who HATE anyone who isn't a wood elf even more than they hate each other. Tribe shamans/druids act as the rulers, with a warrior/hunter caste beneath them and a gatherer/crafting caste under that. They currently have no major cities, but remains of ancient, half-sunken temples and statues from a long forgotten empire litter their swampy home and the continent at large.

The grey-skinned, white-haired dark elves come in two flavors: star-watching, family-centered mystic nomads who live on the surface and spider-loving matriarchial sadists who live underground. The Starchasers keep one major city as a trading hub, as well as a buffer to keep their Lolth-worshipping cousins underground as part of the religious war they've been waging on each other for centuries.

The independent, tan-skinned sea elves populate the numerous island chains that dot the southern coast, and are easily the most friendly of the elf species, followed by the Starchasers. Master boat builders, sailors, and swimmers, many are drawn to piracy but the majority engage in friendly trade with the other races of the mainland, supplying food and other resources from the islands in exchange for goods they could not acquire otherwise. They have several major ports across their islands, and almost all half-elves trace their heritage back to sea elves.

Elves of all kinds usually live between 200-400 years. Sea elves usually have the shortest natural lives, with 250 being the oldest recorded, then the drow who can reach 300+, and there are stories among the wood elves of shamans who have lived to see a millenium, though none in recent history have lived near that long.

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Really? Really?!

Can we not STEAL from other settings, please?

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Wait, you're expecting /tg/ to be creative?

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Like picts

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The elves were one of the three original races (along with humans and dwarfs both now extinct) they believed they were the best magical users of all the lands then the nahkus (bird people) came and the best nahkus Mage sent a asteroid straight into the eleven city ( there only city) killing about 50% of them. Now 175 years later they don't use magick. Instead they use firearms, have the Internet , and consider anyone who uses magick (everyone) "stupid as a nahkus" they are cynical, stuck up and proud and have a reason to be.

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An ancient people said to have a soul.for art and war. Their lands are how hidden by enchantments. Their works of art convey great skill and beauty, their works of war are appear delicate but this belies their deadliness. They claim themselves born of the blood of their god, and so a people of demigods. The truth of the matter is unknown.

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There are four nations of elves, all genetically similar.
>Elves that live off in the middle of nowhere and have it really easy, this nation has the most people
>Elves who are basically rednecks with war elephants, they will fuck you up and take like 1/10 of your casualties
>Elves who are a little chiller, get along with humans/dwarves, hate goblins though
>Elves who are pretty much constantly defending themselves from everyone but still hold their own

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Hmmm. Wererats...

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Once a mighty multi-continental empire, now filthy forest dwellers living at the mercy of spirits.
Can't live without them, reproduce or use magic without them.

In exchange they let spirits turn them into monsters and servants as they see fit.

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Elves in my setting are a truly ancient people, the first to occupy the world. Born from the eternal chaos of the primordial Wyld, they are/were Fey creatures, and connected to the ancient wellspring of power that is Arcadia. Ancient, powerful, capricious and alien, they came to the world as a place for them to indulge their power, revel in the beauty of Shape and live immortal in their magically powerful forms, lords and ladies of all they surveyed. They are know as the "Spring Court" or "Spring Fey," because they revel in creation. And controlling those creations.

Their progenitors, the "Drow" of the setting, are easily equal in power, and quite often their betters in that area. Beings of chaos, their minds and souls are completely alien and incomprehensible to mortal ken. Often seen as bringers of madness and destruction, thery are not /evil/ in the truest sense. They merely have no understanding of mortal Shape or condition. They seek to dissolve the Material Plane back into primordial chaos, not out of malice (or anything mortals could call malice) but because material Shape is an aberration and abhorrent to them. They are universally known as the "Winter Court" and are justly feared.

Both of these Elven types are completely unplayable. They're massively powerful, utterly removed from the human psyche and while not evil are so different from the human condition that 90% of the time, they'd be considered the direst of enemies. Interestingly enough, it's the Fey elves that are /drastically/ more so. The Winter Court abides by contracts, oaths and agreements to the absolute letter. It's the Fey Elves that see mortals are little more than animals and are capable of outright betrayal.

The thind kind of Elf are the Clans. When the Fey came to the material plane and took Shape, they unknowingly made themselves a part of material existence, making them -all unknowingly- subject to actual mortality and death.

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First, there were only Wood Elves, who formed a theocratic society ruled by druids/priests with the strongest connection to the God of Nature.
When the God of Nature started to go rabid, so did the druids, but most of society didn't want/was too scared to do anything against them, as they were the only ones who can wield Divine power (Arcane magic was not known to Elves and Humans, and was rejected by Dwarves after flooding their underground kingdoms with demons)
After some time a civil war broke out, where the Loyalists stood against the Faithless.
The Faithless tried to gain support of the Dwarves, who also hated the God of Nature, but to no avail.
Humans, who worshipped the God of Sun, lended their strength to the Loyalists.
The Faithless, due to being outnumbered and not having access to any supernatural abilities, were soon pushed towards the mountains.
In their darkest our, the Goddess of Moon reached out to them, offering them to be the first ones in thousand years to wield the forgotten Art.
Not minding the fact that the Moon Goddess was long considered insane, the Faithless leaders agreed.
Soon, the Faithless, now calles the Dark Elves, were pushing back with terrible strenght.
However, with the new powers came a price - Dark Elves inherited the peculiar madness of their benefactress. The Rage soon rooted deep in the minds of their warriors.
Humans fled after suffering terrible loses at hands of enemies wielding powers long forgotten even by the oldest of races.
Only after the High King was slain and the capital of Wood Elves was burnt to ash, the Council leading Dark Elves defied the Goddess.
As punishment, she turned the color of their skin to that of ash (poetic justice and so on).
After seeing the true extent of the misery they brought, Dark Elves exiled themselves to the mountains, where they banished the demons and reclaimed the halls once inhabited by dwarves.
Dwarves wanted their old kingdom back, and after their demands were refused, they attacked.

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Elves are assholes - especially to other elves. You see, elves as a whole are not good at the whole 'stable nation' thing, there's simple too many differences between the various races of elves for that to be possible. You say one wrong thing or mistake somebody for the wrong race, next thing you know that High Elf down the street is being tossed out the clock tower by a mob of angry Wood Elves. Now, some nationalists propose separate nations for the various elven ethnicities, but the problem comes up from where the hell do you draw the lines to separate them, when they're so goddamn spread out? Does that enclave of Drow in the middle of otherwise ethnically Dark Elf territory, or do you cut out a chunk of land and fold it into the rest of the Drow nation, which is two hundred kilos to the south?

And then comes the question - where do you get the land that you'd give to them? The region is full of timber, coal, iron, and other resources that a modern empire needs to thrive, so nobody's going to be willing to give that up. None of the three major powers who control that region (none of whom are actually Elvish, though the Rus do claim do be the 'Protectors of Elfdom', even if they're as related to elves as a goblin is to a troll) would be willing to compromise, and the International Concert is so intent on maintaining the status quo that they're willing to ignore all the nationalist cries and short-lived rebellions if it means that they can just focus on this whole 'industrialization' thing.

Some might say that the next war is going to be sparked by elves killing somebody important - but that's unlikely to happen. I mean, the Mina-Nurembian Empire's Crown-Prince was shot last week, and all that happened was an ultimatum was sent to that Low Elf nation - Bernia, if I recall correctly. There would be no better inciting incident for war, but from the way things are looking, we're going to have peace in our time!

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The dwarven assault was a failure, and left them bitter and full of grudge.

This left a world where everyone hates/resents everyone else. Skip a couple hundred years, the gods are dead, Armaggedon happened, and now things are getting really fucked up, because in some cases all the races try to cooperate and just survive, and in some terrible wars are still waged in the ashes of the burnt world.

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Mortality could be countered with magic and rituals that came to be known as the "long sleep" where a Fey took to rest in a great, opulent barrow for centuries, and would emerge rejuvenated. As the world, and the Fy aged though, the magical power need for this to work grew lesser. More and more Fey "fell" and became mortal elves. To make use of these fallen, they were given the charge to guard the barrows so the remaining Fey Elves, now essentially their leaders by right of power could rest in safety. At this point, the Winter Court had finally managed to find the renegades, and would regularly assault the material plane. It was mainly the Guardians, what would become the Clans, that fought them.

After countless millennia, the Clans have formed their own society, largely removed from the Fey Court. I portray them as a mix of Scottish and Celtic. They're known for their ferocity, prefer axes and spears, and are known for their runic writing (something the Fey look down on and consider barbaric) and their artful use of colored weavings and beadwork (again, as before.)

When they go to battle, Clan elves favor lighter armor, and liberally make use of a kind of woad. Bright blue, it also has a mild painkilling effect. Also, when mixed with sweat, with works as a disinfectant and greatly aids the healing of wounds, though it will guarantee scarring in doing so. This has led the elves to adopt a certain appreciation battle scars, and more recently ritual tattooing. Clan elves are the /only/ elven civilization in which barbarians are found, and the tales of their valor and power are known even to human bards.

I'm still working on how the Clans will interact with humanity. Fey elves openly hate humans are are planning a genocidal war, blaming the "lesser" creatures for absorbing the life forces of creation and allowing Elves to become mortal. I'm thinking the Clans will be torn between loyalty to the Fey and preferring humans for being more like them.

>> No.46294937

Somebody in another thread had a pretty neat idea for elves, which I decided to incorporate into my setting as well.

Basically, elves are unique among mortal races in that their bodies can naturally store mgical energy. This obviously makes them good spellcasters because they effectively always have stores of extra magic they can tap into (although if they do so much they will badly exhaust themselves and may fall unconcious or even die), and also means every elf has a potential to cast at least simple spells. Additionally the elves can use magical energy to sustain their vital functions, allowing them to go for long periods without food or drink by subsisting on ambivalent magic, or alternatively convert the food they eat into magical energy.

>> No.46295087

They're basically native americans.

>> No.46295091

Faggy scum to be used and abused. Tend to be hippies tree fuckers.

>> No.46295127

Wood Elves: Deep Deep South (think Deliverance) rednecks who hunt and eat sentients for sport. Spend most of their time drunk off their asses. No matter how fancy of clothing you give them they will tear the sleeves off and put on a trucker cap. Led by King Jedediah Joe-Bob Smith.

Jungle Elves: Aesthetically similar to Mayan culture. Live in trees Ewok-style. Have a deep connection to the spirit world. Coming of age ceremony involves contacting Spirit World. Highest ranking members of society are Druids. Still fleshing this group out for an upcoming campaign.

>> No.46295185


Your picture makes me unreasonably angry. That's not the build of a blacksmith, you're going to need some muscle in those arms and legs. Not only that, but her legs are way too long. The anvil is positioned way too low for her to use effectively; you want it so that when you hold the hammer flat out in your hand, the flat striking surface of the hammer is just touching the anvil. Not only that, but that's not proper blacksmith's attire; you need coveralls of fairly thick, loose clothing because sparks of hot or liquid metal are an issue. HEELS. Finally, the character is a redguard and this illustration is clearly whitewashed, though that's a minor issue at this point.

>> No.46295468

Without going into much detail, elves were once inherently connected with the life force of the world, the same one that fueled druidic magic, far more so than any other race. When a disaster directly affected the state of the world's life force, elves split into two factions, one that decided to ritually break away from their connection in order to protect themselves and the species, and the other that decided to keep the connection and follow where it guided them.

Centuries later, the elves who elevated themselves have fashioned a cold and calculating empire while the others have degraded into an almost feral state. Rumors have it that the severing rituals could be undone or performed on captured savages.

>> No.46295528

Redneck elves best elves

Also, I forgot to mention, elves are immortal and eat sentients. These two are not connected.

>> No.46295548

In my game world, High Elves used to be the dominant species because they were the most magically inclined and could most easily access the inate magical wellsprings of the world. They treated magic as an inexhaustible resource, only to find out it was nonrenewable and using too much of it fucked the world to bits around 3000 years ago. They can live to be about 150, but because their brains have underactive hypothalumi they can't differentiate the importance of memory and most succumb to dementia if they live to see 50 or 60.

Wood Elves are their luddite neighbors who reproduce like kissing cousins and have been warring with the High Elves for whothefuck knows how long. Now that the High Elves' magic has dried up, Wood Elves stomped them to the curb and now squat in the ruins of the High Elf kingdoms, occasionally selling artefacts to the Dorfs when they aren't going on crazy "REMOVE BEARDSHORT" hijads against the loggers trying to get wood to power forges.

Humans sort of view them like the Chinese and Japanese. They know that the two groups hate one-another, but nobody could be assed to tell the difference seeing a knife-ear on the street. High Elves frequently shack up with Human nobles and do parlor tricks at assemblies, since even the descendents of high mages don't have enough power in their own bodies to fuel anything more powerful than a cantrip. Wood Elves make for some of the angriest gladiators and mixing the two up results in hilarity.

>> No.46295557

I've been working on a setting where the elves are rough equivalent to East Asia. You have a massive empire that was recently unified out of many warring states. Ridiculously populous and powerful, but the Emperor who united them has recently been assassinated and his teenage daughter has been thrust onto the throne.
All arrows point to the human kingdoms from the West as the culprit, whom the elves had warred against sporadically in the past. So these High Elves are gearing themselves for a major war.
South of the High Elf China are a series of kingdoms once inhabited by brown forests elves. The kingdoms have collapsed and their temples and palaces are being covered by the jungle. The forest elves eke out their living, dreaming of past glories and trying to fend off influences from the high elves from the north.
There are some Korean elves, who trade heavily with the dwarves(who take the place of Slavs). Like other settings, the dwarves can't use magic to any significant extent and so they've compensated by developing technology into the gunpowder era. The Korean elves use the dwarven tech combined with their own magic to devastating effect. Thankfully, they are mostly isolationists who are satisfied on their little peninsula.
Unfortunately, there are some Jap elves on an large archipelago out in the Eastern sea. They traded heavily with the Koreans and have acquired many of the new technologies the Korean elves have developed. Sometimes legitimately, sometimes they steal the tech.
And like Imperial Japan, these elves are greedy to expand and have already conquered many islands further out to sea.
At least one human kingdom has reached out to the Jap elves and proposed an alliance of convenience that if the high elf empire were to make war on the human kingdoms, the Japs would attack from the rear and could keep any lands they conquer from the high elves.

I'm debating whether I want to do Monglolian horse archer nomad elves.

>> No.46296024

In one setting they are space faring super mages who live in flying cities and are engaged in a civil war while their terraforming project tears apart of the world with magic forests and monsters.

In another setting they are refugees from another continent that got destroyed a thousand years ago. They lost all their written history and they've started to have a lot of problems with disease and fertility since being cut off from their homeland which was the source of their magic. Now they're looking for a new place to settle but they don't know how to like consecrate the land and draw power from it anymore.

>> No.46296181

I don't know what this is, but it's cute enough that I'm saving it anyway
Are you implying that we ought to have elves because we're living in the 21st century?

>> No.46296250

"Uruk-hai" literally just means "orc-folk." Your idea is still cool, though

>> No.46296287


>> No.46296365

The game already stretched it by having a woman be a blacksmith, so, considering it's already fantasy, anything goes.

>> No.46296437

>Players pester me to add elves to the homebrew I'm working on so that they can play them
>Make them animist tribals at the edges of civilization who are the last race to enter the world and the least socially and technologically advanced one
>Mfw their tears

>> No.46296518

Assholes to everyone until out-asshole'd, after which they begrudgingly bestow their respect upon their superior.
Except our ranger, who was raised in the even wilder wilds by his nomadic family and doesn't really get how they think being jerks to everyone will help in the long run. Still knows how to be a dick though, you can't take that out of an elf.

>> No.46296622

Pretty sure she was an Imperial, but yes that picture still de-olived her skin tone unacceptably.

>> No.46296670

I've having my elves not have society that is very well understood by humans for several reason. To the average human when encountering an elf they find a weird wisp thin savage covered in their own shit and someone else's blood stabbing another elf with a sharpened stick. To those who don't know about elves they normally consider them dirty savages and attempt to take such areas known as elf woods. To those who do know elves they fucking stay clear of elf woods.

Elves do not have a need for the material, even in death they will merely reappear within a few decades, and as such the physical means nothing to them. Instead they build empires of thought and magic in the woods, metaphysical entities that glow like beacons to those who can actually see/sense magic.

Despite this when a human wizard comes to try and make contact with the elves, likely he is going to be stabbed to death by some elf covered in shit and blood.

Why do elves build such elaborate monuments?

So that they're really fantastic at murdering each other with sharpened sticks.

Really elven political games bare no resemblance to human ones, as essentially no speech in involved, and sometimes territory gained/lost is entirely metaphysical. Even if an elf is coerced to speak with a human it is predicated on the fact that the human is a cog in their greater scheme to grow their own relative power. That being said no elf would lower themselves to learn human tongues, or speech at all. Telepathy is the best you're gonna get.

>> No.46296796


>> No.46296905

Some corporate records indicate first contact being made with an elf-like race, however concerns over their excessive similarity to Humans giving rise to possible subversiveness led to the Charon Protocol being executed successfully on their homeworld. The system is currently being used as the site of a cluster of Dyson bubbles for antimatter collection, a star-gate hub and a few larger spaceports.

>> No.46296906

They are seperated into 4 castes,
Summer Elves who are like Gladriel or 4e Eldrian. Magical rulers with solid colored eyes.
Spring Elves which are forest wardens and are generic Legolas/Cra/pic related.
Autumn Elves are Knights and Farmers and are Iops.
Finally Winter Elves are Drow.

>> No.46297233

Most of them live in pyramids and are MYSTICAL AS FUCK. Some of them (the wood elf equivalent) are wanderers of the savanna and awesome hunters.

Drows are known as Tomb Elves and live in upside down black pyramids burrowed in the desert sands. Instead of spiders, they worship scarab beetles.

>> No.46297421

>I like my elves being horny and oh-so-sinful

Dont we all man? Dont we all like it when elves are horny for the hooman penis?

>> No.46297527

I don't know, I've only stated them

>> No.46297872

The up and coming younger race moving into old human cities trying to reverse-engineer human tech.

They also can breed out humans. The child of a half-elf and another elf is fully elven. A few elven families came to wealth by this trait after hooking up with a wealthy human.

A quick way to tell if an elf has a human ancestor is eye color (blue or green are not natural eye colors for elves).

>> No.46298147

Elves are haughty forest jerks with antlers. If you lose your antlers your executed. (Thanks shadowmoor)
Eladrin are fey. In the scary way. Big kingdoms in the feywild they go on wild hunts. The cast a curse on random sentient being. The curse lets them know they are being hunted. They cant tell anyone they can only run or fight . Most run. All die.

>> No.46298243

>elf thread
>always post this

>> No.46298250

Amphibious merfolk.
While they're not pale pointy-eared archers from the forest, I tried to hit all the main points of what makes elves elves: graceful exotics with an ancient culture and a strong tie to nature, magic, and song.
Their racial magic is Worldsinging; their race is so old they still remember some of the Words of Creation, which they can spin into song to make the elements grant them favors.

>> No.46298407

>elves thriving greatly by having a harmonious and lovingly peaceful relationship with humans
>lovingly peaceful relationship even encourages both elves and humans to make love and gave gloriously great, wonderful and beautiful half-elf-half-human kiddies.

Yes, I like this.

>> No.46298609


Near Humans descended from wealthy colonists looking for a literal "fountain of youth" who colonized a series of star systems with higher oxygen and 80% Gravity earth like planets, which lead to a taller and slender body plan along with a longer life span. Further augmented their lives spans with biotech. Ended up more than slightly xenophobic and isolationist.

>> No.46299323 [SPOILER] 

They went back to the Fey Wilds after the Fall of the Roman Empire.
I use Shadow of the Demon Lord for my historical fantasy setting and had to come up with an excuse why Elves aren't a playable race, but Changelings and Fauns are.

>> No.46299845

Pretty stereotypical.
See image.

>> No.46299989

So are humans a fallen civilization or something? Broken by war, disease or natural cataclysm?

>> No.46300195

>Wood Elves: Deep Deep South (think Deliverance) rednecks who hunt and eat sentients for sport. Spend most of their time drunk off their asses. No matter how fancy of clothing you give them they will tear the sleeves off and put on a trucker cap. Led by King Jedediah Joe-Bob Smith.

Correia Fan?

>> No.46300210


They're humans corrupted by ancient, eldritch gods. Fuck around with portals or ancient artifacts in old ruins and get your body stretched and disfigured until you look like a cross between a capra demon and a drow.

Pic semi related

>> No.46300343

I'm trying to consolidate the ideas of the weird and alien feeling with the symbolism and embodiments of nature, and incorporating all of that into my elves. I want mainly a misty forest realm that's their homeland, and i'm toying around with ideas of silver, sharpness, veins, roots, and trees, as concepts or motifs connected to them. Any suggestions?

>> No.46300480

They used to have a series of city states in an incredibly fertile region that formed a defensive pact, essentially creating an impenetrable wall. Though each city state formed its own culture, dialect, government, and even religion, they kept together in peace and harmony.

Then an Elf named Kandir got bored, left to go join a tribe of human not!Mongols, and proceeded to demonstrate (thanks to a minor princess given as reward for performance in a war) that half elves manage ~700 years and are as prolific as humans. Raised in a not!Mongol culture, these Kandir type elves proceeded to rape and pillage, building up a massive army of part elves. They then proceeded to conquer and debuild the great Elven cities. Kandir died taking the last one, and the wars of his successors made the Diadochi wars look like a mild argument.

By the time most stuff happens in it, all surviving Elves are considered Kandir type, and ethnically 8-12% Elf. Its standard foreign policy across anyone who deals with them to keep them from uniting.

>> No.46300599

If they have no asshole to fuck, what good are they as elves?

>> No.46300698

>They have very malleable throats
Intense passionate oral rapings maybe?

>> No.46300883

>The game already stretched it by having a woman be a blacksmith
Women weren't unheard of in the smithing trade even in the dark ages bud.
Particularly after the plague hit and de-populated europe.

>> No.46301288

You play Shad? I can never find anyone who plays that system. Got a copy signed at a recent con where Schwalb was pushing his game, got super stoked to run it for people but everyone I know physically says "I don't have a book yet so I won't play" or "It's not D&D or Dark Heresy, GTFO", and nobody online says much different.

>> No.46301458


War, low birthrate, and migration to space are why the human race is in decline. Elves are a genetically modified alien race brought to the planet to save from their own dying. They had a genetic stagnation problem that was solved by introducing the tiniest amount of human genome.

Some of the more progressive humans see elves as the heirs to their old empire when humanity dies out or moves out. Most though see elves as barely more than animals to live and die at their whim. Either way, there are more elves than humans now, and they are learning human tech as a fast rate, and some elves of human descent can use human magic (psionics),

>> No.46301983

>Some of the more progressive humans see elves as the heirs to their old empire when humanity dies out or moves out.

Welp I'am defintely one of those more progressive humans. Oh well time to make peace ad have a loving elf girlfriend, get married and have cute and adorable hybrid kids then. Not like I'll live forever.

>> No.46302025

>> No.46302359

They are not really a race unto themselves. More of a condition, really.

What they are is "half-fey" changelings at risk of becoming full fledged fair folk, and thus losing everything that makes them human. In my setting, mortals and fairies don't typically get along, as fairies are seen as oft malevolent troublemakers, and so elves, essentially fairy-corrupted mortals, are generally treated like crap.

>> No.46302807

The elves, although few, are strongly holed up in a temperate river-valley with lush forests and arable land in a setting consisting mostly of frozen tundra and mountains that are either impossible to farm or too difficult to farm to make significant benefit from. This has partially resulted in a couple of things: The elves are very self-centered and egotistic. They believe this land was granted to them by their god and that their ruling of it for thousands of years proves that. Their art always depicts the beautiful nature of their homeland. Any depictions of the outside are shown in a negative light, often to contrast how beautiful their land is to the outside world. The second effect is a result of the first. Their overinflated egos have a biting, hidden insecurity. They realize elven culture is slow to adapt and that by each and every brutal winter, their beautiful home begins to wither away. This is combined by the fact that over the years, humans have made progress in their societies in just a handful of generations that puts the elves entire lineage to shame. With a problem and an easy scapegoat, the elves blame all outsiders for the problems within their walls, from their slowly receding lands to their slowing economy. Outsiders are permitted only in small quotas every year and almost exclusively to trade for goods elves don't have within their land. Any other races that live within their country are oppressed and subjected to various misdeeds. Most of the migrants to the area work menial labor, work that is deemed "too trivial" for elven hands. They've also inherently oppressed themselves in small ways as well. Elven art must be of the highest quality. Anything less than stellar is considered useless garbage. Exaggerated beauty is a higher priority than realism, resulting in art that is not too unlike Green and Roman art. Apprenticing in painting, music, or even poetry is brutal and harsh work as masters beat their pupils for small failures

>> No.46302937

Greek and Roman art* not GREEN and Roman art

(cont.) Elven women who are not perfectly beautiful by society's standards are forbidden to go out in public. Women with scars, blemishes, who are overweight, or have any other flaws must either wear veils in public or abstain from being in public at all. Men also have similar requirements, although the rules are more lenient if they have had military service and have been injured.

Their government is best described as a pseudo-fascist form of feudalism. The king/queen has absolute rule over the area and the position is hereditary. The king/queen is seen as being the pinnacle of their species; almost an angel among mortals. They cannot have flaws in any way. Even their newborns are told to be perfect. However, even the monarch has his failures. Any newborns the monarch has that are deemed imperfect have their other parent executed and the child deemed a bastard, left in the streets an illegitimate orphan. The monarch may have as many as fifty partners in an attempt to create a perfect child.

>> No.46303036

One of the main 7 races that founded this country, who were well respected for their knowledge and great craftsmanship in ancient times. An elf's greatest weakness is their pride however, and when the younger races began to develop their infrastructure in ways that would rival or surpass that of the elves, they would grow quite bitter. Over time their technology began to stagnate since they refused to cooperate with other races and use their innovations. They became more and more isolated as time went on, and in modern times walking into an elven village is like walking into the stone age. Those that refuse to stand in stubborn ignorance are shunned, and eventually leave as outcasts. Now days the only thing they're known for is their legendary ranger troops, but otherwise the elves are dying a slow, painful death as they become more divided and refuse to swallow their pride.

>> No.46303045

Dead. Wiped out in the great war against the dragons under human leadership.

>> No.46303052

I run them as normal elves, the only thing different is that the friendly though aloof nature is just an act. Reality is that they are elder beings following an ancient being they call the woodland king.

Their affinity with trees and nature is not by pacifism but their main gods circle being manly the various nature and forests of the world.

They also practice cannibalism.

>> No.46303483

is that dr doom?

>> No.46303895

I don't use elves at all. Not interested.

>> No.46304044

Wood elves are bewildering to most of the outside world, appearing as batshit savages who rape and pillage everything. They're actually being mindcontrolled by vampires who pretend to be their nature gods and just use them as slaves for nefarious ends.

Sea elves are warrior-Buddhist-Vikings that are split into a few factions. Some are raiders 'n shit, others chill and meditate on their islands, others are traders, etc. Pic related.

Some of the not-crazy wood elves got taken in as refugees by not!dragonborn, who themselves were slaves to the dragons when they existed thousands of years ago.

>> No.46304065

biggest problem was trying to tell my players it's NOT like Laminations of the Flame Princess, which was a hard sell when you have Forbidden school of magic.

>> No.46304103

they're just skeletons.

>> No.46304179

Elves were originally created long ago by dragons to be servants. Then eventually the dragons died fighting demons to banish said demons into demon land. This was so long ago even elves aren't quite sure of the details but long story short they etch dragon shit into all their armor and weapons and think they're hot shit cause they once served dragons.

>> No.46304215

Elves are the sentient white blood cells created by the planet to keep the parasites (everything non-plant) at bay. They love to eat meat and naturally know when a particular species is getting over populated

>> No.46304234

Never heard of it. The Wood Elves were 100% mid-session improvisation. Is Correia any good?

>> No.46304474

>Wood Elves
Shit, they sound familiar to the elves in a book I read. It was about a monster hunting team in Alabama I think, and the Elves were inbred hicks that lived in a trailer

>> No.46304926

Elves are an arboreal offshoot of H. Sapiens. They live in the forests, they thrive in the forests, their civilizations ARE forests, some argue. But in the same way one would have to argue that human civilization is made up of the field and the farm. The species organizes politically in city-stated based in forests, the largest elf civilization basically early modern Switzerland in terms of size, governance, tech level, and reputation. Most other elf civilizations are akin to Italian city-states superficially. Their most common skin tones and facial features are vaguely reminiscent of certain Native American tribes, with fairer skin the farther north you go and tanner skin the closer to the equator.

In the farthest north, though, you reach the most feared "feral" elves, the beings that call themselves "Drow." The have light skin but you wouldn't really be able to tell at first glance due to the body paints and tattoos they are commonly adorned with. They are fiercely xenophobic, sometimes outright headhunters who leave the skulls of trespassers at the entrances to their forests as warnings. Those who refuse to heed the warnings and bring their "corruption" to the sacred forests will meet the same fate.

Most other elf civilizations are relatively egalitarian, some leaning patriarchal, some matriarchal. More often than not they are ruled by families of nobles, but some have become genuine republics that partake in the democratic process. The Drow in contrast, from what little is known of them, seem to be strictly matriarchal. Comparisons have been made between Drow behavior patterns and ant colonies or bee hives. The presence of large spider species that seem to only truly thrive in Drow forests has led some to speculate that they may have a symbiotic relationship with the arachnids, or perhaps have even managed to domesticate them, based on Drow clothing containing large amounts of spider silk. The notion terrifies other races immensely.

>> No.46304987

Pic related. I read it over and thought it was a neat concept.

>> No.46304989

Bitch I will. I'll flex so hard this so called creator will have to agree with me. Bitch ass god

>> No.46305129

>Players not wanting to play awesome tribal barbarian elves
I'm sorry for you, anon

>> No.46305598

Me too.

>> No.46305678


Elves are a leftover race from the Fae invasions, designed by the fae to be adaptable to new world. However, they adapted a bit too well and eventually split off form the Fae. They are long-lived and tend to morph over time to better reflect their environment.Elven pairings with other races do not create half-elves - due to their specific genetics, the offspring is always of the race of the mother with minor cosmetic marks. Interbreeding between the castes is a taboo, plus it often causes psychological imbalance in the offspring.

3 subraces:
Earth elves: the most common and adaptable race. They are widely spread and usually obsessively focus on fitting in a certain culture/subculture - to the point they often become the epitomes of those communities' values. They have a ritual where they sometimes ceremonially "die" and start over as something else. Sometimes called half-elves, especially by the more jackass members of the other elven races. Mechanically, they are your half-elves.

Sky elves: designed to be the philosophers and mages of the elven races. Live in isolated enclaves in the remnants of the old empire and beyond its borders. They had to rediscover their warrior traditions after the fall, but even their warriors favor esoteric schools of thought and (relatively) fancy maneuvers. Mechanically, your typical elves.

Dark elves (sky elves): the former priests and oracles of the elven races, When the empire subjugated most of the elven territory, most of them gathred on an island to do some ritual. Eventually, they descended into demonology and worse, with a few becoming bound to fae, aboleths, etc. Mechanically, multicolored drow, but with a different penalty (vulnerable to possession/obsessions, represented with lower wisdom).

Now I just need to finish the damn setting and play it.

>> No.46305833

Haven't played LotFP. I know that it's got good art and a great rules light Encumberance rule, and that the author appears to be a cunt. Not much else is known, really. Is it any good overall?

>> No.46305848

They are a fast breeding, but immortal race that once destroyed a world by overpopulation. To ensure that this does not happen again, they have instituted a brutally darwinist system of education that ensures that not enough children survive to surpass the replacement rate of society. Oh, and their society is a magocracy.

Think pre-Ridcully Unseen University and you have the general idea.

>> No.46305849


>> No.46305894

The elves are thieving, lazy savages who do nothing but fuck, drink, fight, sing and debauch around in their forest. Also, they are cheaters, heathens and WILL fuck your son/daughter/both and leave you to raise the kid.

>> No.46306268


>> No.46306596


Many types of elves started similar to their expected default counterparts. Wood elves lived in forests, hunted with bows and had a natural connection to earth magic. high elves kept their connections to magic free of a given element, and have long life spans. The drow are a matriarchy that uses death magic. A few nondefault types exist, such as arctic elves and the elves of the shadow glade, who are so used to haunted shit that they can use their own life force to cast spells.

However, in modern cities and after thousands of years, many of these cultures don't really exist anymore, or only host remnants in modern elf culture. Aside from a few traditions, elves don't really have many defined nations anymore. Since they're similar to humans in a setting where plenty of humanoid species are from other worlds/dimensions and thus are very inhuman, many nonhuman species have trouble telling elves from humans, at least if they aren't magically sensitive and can't see their natural affinities for spellcraft. Wood elves have plants in their apartments to feel healthier, drow still have a bias for females. High elves have integrated to the multicultural society of the dimensional crash better than most, though peasants have had culture discouraged by the ruling class for ages. With few high elf families in control of the ever-shifting gang politics of the world metropolis, most high elves just sort of blend in to the urban landscape. Some still practice with bows, though, to preserve their heritage.

>> No.46306844

>mix of Scottish and Celtic
same thing anon

Scots are Celts, Celts include Scots.

>> No.46306924

So they come out of the forests naked, screaming, and covered in shit and blue paint when they fight? Ok.

>> No.46307004

Does this image end in breast expansion? Asking for a friend

>> No.46307015

They are aggressively expansionist for a mysterious reason, not more magical than any other race, destroy cities made from stone and almost exclusively use wood and metals for construction. They have a massive empire of brutally subjugated city-states to the east of our current setting, a huge (think Himalayas) mountainous region cutting them off from advancing further.

>> No.46307026

>using elves, dwarves, orcs or halflings
>in an 'original' setting

>> No.46307034


Off somewhere across the sea fighting a endless naval war with Shorcs (Orc pirates with trained sharks).

>> No.46307043

>thinking originality is something achievable

They can be fun, they're familiar for players so they feel more "at home", etc etc. I admit it's a bit lazy, but changing/adding a few traits and making them internally heterogenous helps.

>> No.46307056

Make them fucking HATE pure iron and strongly dislike anything derived from it and don't explain it. Also make them otherworldly in physique as well as making them give off an aura of discomfort to humans, like they don't belong in the presence of an elf.

>> No.46307094

Elves are the spirits that inhabit the quiet, lonely places in the world.

>> No.46307114


>Using pure iron in a military context

Nigga that shit's awful.

>> No.46307151

Some live in the frigid north as hateful tribes constantly seeking ways to invade the warmer South and carve out the empire their religion demands.

Others enjoy a comfy position of power and prestige as diaspora in the nations of the South, think "The Jews" only without the discrimination.

The most dangerous are essentially pic related, warmongering extraterrestrials from the setting's moon that Gate down every New Moon to raid and pillage, and are currently seeking a way to maintain the connection so they can properly invade the planet.

>> No.46307156

There's a difference between true originality and just presenting something fresh. Every fucking fantasy tabletop setting is the classic Tolkien's Nightmare, doesn't take much effort to make something that's at least distinct and memorable.

If you're folding and using shitty unoriginal races, you might as well use an established setting.

>> No.46307170

Native American stand ins about to be swept into World War I.

>> No.46307220

Hello, Elizabeth Moon. Give me my money back for the Paladin's Legacy crap.

>> No.46307222

Is this Glorantha? I think this is Glorantha!

>> No.46307244

Yeah but Scots and Irishmen are a different type of Celt to the Welsh, the Cornish, and the westernmost people of Britanny.

>> No.46307255

Which vidya gaem is this?

>> No.46307331

Elves are aliens originally from a crashed space ship. High elves are the ones whose forefathers booted out everyone else and kept the tech to themselves. Everything's basically degraded by now, but the roads, walls and scientific knowledge they built still gives them a massive edge over everyone else. The high elves remain elitist snobs, while the others turned into drug-dealing communist indians.

>> No.46307432

It's a old school D&D clone, so that's one thing, it's also has a couple of well known adventures like Death Frost Doom and The God That Crawls.
It's biggest flaws comes from the creators own hubris, Death Frost Doom for example, while a good example of old school design, hates players for using spells provided by him, has "hot potato saves", and requires the DM and players to set their and fight over 5,000 zombies, which can be avoided if you have one spell.
The books also don't have a beastiary, so that is another problem.

>> No.46307450

Super broken as a people for thousands of years. They have been enslaved by another species so long that their culture no longer understands the concept of freedom. They feel lost and afraid when not under someone’s control. They also have a shyness for an exposed neck that others do not have that causes them more embarrassment than seeing a normal human entirely naked. It is said that this desire to live for another is so strong that they will not even age beyond childhood without a master and then will only do so to meet their needs. Despite living so long, their servitude is what prevents them from having too many offspring. While they have their own personalities and passions, they always think of how they can live within the confines of a slave relationship. However, this tie to their master is like that of a human to their child so while it is uncommon, they can still abandon them. They do not resent their fate but their genetic predisposition causes them to not think about rising up over their master even when they are more skilled at combat or magic.

>> No.46307565

The worst so far.

>> No.46307667

>using humans
>in an "original" setting

>> No.46308093

not faggot blonde hippy elves. I want balkanized slavic elves who have been fighting the same four-way race war between just only barely differentiably sub-categories of themselves for 10,000 years.
I want humans to leave Africa and find elves killing each other in the mountains and the forests.
I want humans to figure out how to smelt bronze, and still have to deal with elves killing each other in the mountains and the forests.
I want Rome to rise and fall, and for the elves to still be killing each other in the mountains and the forests.
I want humans to discover gunpowder and develop cannons, and still the elves are killing each other in the mountains and the forests.
I want humans to engineer democracy and enlightenment philosophy, and still be helpless to reason with the elves to stop them from killing reach other in the mountains and the forests.
I want the sun to set on the British Empire, but never on elves killing each other in the mountains and the forests.
I want World Wars I and II to start because, but actively avoid the territory in which, the elves are killing each other in the mountains and the forests.
I want the United Nations, when all other problems are resolved and all rogue states are quelled, to struggle in vain to stop elves from killing each other in the mountains and the forests.
I want the singularity to happen, and for mankind to accidentally download itself into an unceasing digital nightmare from which there is no escape, and the only people who might be able to help won’t, because they’re too busy killing each other in the mountains and the forests.

>> No.46308132

Constantly thinking democratic culture in a world of matriarchs. They see themselves as logical beings that have found peace via their organization and ability to reconsider but to the rest of the world their ways seem alien and ineffective. They put all decisions through a vote and with their powerful emotions shifting under their logical visage it can take hundreds of years for anything to get done. They are easily moved by things and constantly change their mind. They have an affinity for water usually living on lakes in massive marble cities that are symbols of their opulence. Among their warriors there are a few that have mastered the art of water walking. These use spears as their weapon off choice and tend to do overly complicated techniques like kicking off splashes they've caused. One of their major cities occupies what is essentially the Camelot lake to the humans. As such they are in constant war between them over divine right and birthright.

>> No.46308658


Great. Redneck Elves (along with remove-kebab tier metalhead Slav orcs) are a staple of the Monster Hunter International books.

>> No.46308743

Regular elves in my world co-exist with humans in my world. Living in the cities with human partners and friends they tend to work together in order to further continue the research of the missing dwarven civilisations.

They are generally 160cm tall and are quite agile. They do however have very low strength, defence and stamina. This is compensated by amazing magical abilities and even their own exclusive bloodline school of magic.

>> No.46308759

Okay, so it was MHI.
I can't find a copy of the second book to save my life, what's it called?

>> No.46309818


Monster Hunter Vendetta. Then Alpha, then Legion, then Nemesis. There is also a new book coming out this summer that isn't in the main story arc.

>> No.46310215

>in a world of matriarchs

Tell me more

>> No.46310685

I can work with the idea of hating iron, even if statistically it's no more effective on them as another metal, but is effective on fey things and since they have fey ancestry they feel uncomfortable around pure iron. Ironblooded cculd be an insult elves use.

Otherwordly in physique is possible, but they should also be alluring and beautiful. Elves are incredibly sexual creatures in most mythologies, i'd like to keep some of that. So something quite off about them, but still very attractive. Rather an aura of discomfort, but a kind of strange presence that tends to to sir something in humans.

>> No.46310703

fae glamour?

>> No.46310836


underrated post and tell us moar anon

>> No.46310890

I need to keep in mind that they're meant to also be playable, and be a distinct entity from other fey creatures. High Elves clearly express some understanding of the basics of magic. Being based off intelligence this is taught rather than innate. Wood Elves in contrast have a more spiritual context and have an almost magical gift in moving through nature, capable of hiding in natural phenomena. It's almost magical in a way this ability so maybe there is a sort of fae glamour, expressed in different ways depending on their society.

>> No.46311138

It doesn't have to be very strong just something felt faintly. On the other hand you can also have other beings innately able to *feel* an elf's age which in turn gives them an understanding beyond triple digited (or more) numbers to their age. For humans it can be unsettlingly and dissonant that this absolutely gorgeous girl is old enough to be their great grandmother. The older the elf the stronger the dissonance and feeling. An elf girl can leave a man feeling a cocktail of mixed emotions. Deference to their elder, unsettled, and yet extremely attracted to her fair form.

>> No.46311342

Like degrees of unsettling elfishness depending on age? The elder elves being real weird and crazy thin?

>> No.46311415

Elves once had a highly advanced civilization revolving around magic that dominated the world.

They enslaved the Dwarven race of the setting way back in the day on the grounds that because Dwarves are a magically stunted race their lives could only have true meaning laboring away at the mundane, non-magical aspects of civilization that were beneath the elves so they could devote all their time to pursuing greater arcane mysteries. They argue that as a race the Dwarves exist solely to be subservient supporters of Elven society, and that they should happily submit to this role.

Elves originally weren't particularly long lived. 1000 years before the present day the Elven Emperor Aenerid called upon his wizards and mystics and commanded them to grant him immortality. They immediately set about preparing a grand ritual, surrounding the entirety of their empire with a glyph that was to bind the spirits of the Elven people to the land itself, granting them it's bountiful vitality and virtual immortality as a result. However, the ritual spiralled out of control and instead of being bound to the land all the Elves inside the glyph were consumed, with their vitality and longevity instead flowing to the Elves outside of the glyph on the periphery of Elven society, in the colonies currently devoted to subjugating the disparate Human tribes. This terrible calamity eradicated the vast majorit of their poulation and destroyed their once glorious empire the ritual having turned the heartlands of their civilization into an arid wasteland. The survivors splintered into two different Elven cultures in the aftermath; Druidic forest elves that vehemently reject arcane magic and Highborns that dream of one day restoring their empire to it's former glory.

For the most part, they don't get along very well with other races.

>> No.46311424

Men are childern of the sun, Elves are childern of the moon. A long ass time ago a elves were tempted by evil and abandoned their pale mother for a new hotter dark god. They fell into hedonism and evil. The human god got fed up with them bothering his kids and cursed them, made their skin as dark as their souls. The newly dubbed drow found it hard to live in sunlight so they fucked off and went to live underground. The elves not effected by the curse were few but some remained above ground.

They split off into two factions. Those who wanted to repent for their kind's sins and live modest lives in harmony with nature, and those who devoted the,selves to servitude and now serve as advisors and scholars of human kingdoms.

Because they live so long and breed so slow their populations are still fairly low but stable. Meanwhile the Drow have gone full Drow underground. Spider people, man slaves, dark magic and all.

>> No.46311456

That would be cool too but I was thinking it was more like an aura. Something you felt rather than saw. Ever start to really, and I mean actually piece together the size of the universe and start to feel small and uncomfortable enough that you have to stop? It's sort of like that. There's a difference between knowing someone is 500 years old and *feeling* they're 500 years old.

>> No.46311522

but the roman empire fell in 1445

>> No.46311732

They used to look like bipedal, winged, elks made of plants and vines and shit.

Then, because humanity welcomed the elves and dwarves and their gods to their world, the Elven gods reshaped their people to closer match humans. Sort of.

Elves still have long ears (that sometimes and sometimes are not covered in fur or just have fuzzy tips), antlers, have somewhat long and nimble fingers, but don't have pinkies (their gods confessed "making fingers were hard so they cut corners")

Because of the whole "elk" thing, elves are sometimes still referred to as "bucks" or "does".

Specifics on features otherwise vary from eleven culture to elven culture.

You think they're weird though, check out the dwarves and their second thumbs on the opposite side of their hand.

Okay, admittedly most of this was because I wanted my elves and dwarves to be a bit more different than other fantasy elves and dwarves.

>> No.46311848

That could work, but I imagine that would get old quickly.

>> No.46311868

My elves live in a forest made of trees that constantly move around, and each of the seven elven nations are always at war with each other. They range from nobles to rednecks to complete cannibalistic savages, but they're still able to arrange meetings with civility. There's an embassy that allows outsiders to communicate with the nations as well.

>> No.46311951

The battle of Mokra? Why pick a date in the middle of the Ottoman period?

>> No.46312134

That's true. For a story it would work but as a playable race in the game it'd be a bit much. Kind of the crux with playable races in general. You could make it like a racial power they can use on a person once a day which just gives them a situational boost for social skills so it's not always on.

>> No.46312159

I'm trying to not really mess with actual mechanics.

>> No.46312208

I thought the cliche was that elves were slightly shorter than humans.

>> No.46312627

There's three main kingdoms of elves in my setting. The High Elves live in a mountainous country with many hidden, fertile valleys. Due to the ruggedness of the terrain, central authority in the kingdom is weak, with each Valley being ruled by a powerful noble family. Although they're nominally subordinate to the Emperor in the capital, they're essentially Kings in all but name. While there is much cultural variation among these valleys, the use of magic and martial arts are held in high esteem. Nobles are trained in protective magic, and generally fight on horseback with the Lance or bow. The armies are usually well-trained professional troops armed with spears and shields.

The mountainous peaks of their realms are wreathed in thick pine forests, and the peaks themselves are held as sacred. Their religion focusses on the eternal cycle of creation and destruction, which they see the mountains as being emblematic of--their histories are long enough to know the mountains have changed, even if only slightly.

The second group of elves were the former Forest Elves. They once inhabited a lush river valley surrounded by a thick woodland. They held both the river and the trees sacred, seeing them as symbols of everlasting continuity--the trees always grow, the river always flows. This valley was bordered by vast deserts that isolated this burgeoning civilization. However, about 4000 years before the present day, climatic changes on the world--the end of the Ice Age, essentially--caused their lush Valley to become more and more arid. The encroaching desert was seen by the Wood Elves as the apocalypse. Many chose to wander into the desert rather than futilely attempt to prevent the death of their Valley. Salvation came from an unexpected source: the new climate led to a cyclical flooding of their sacred river. Their once lush Valley was now a narrow strip of green clinging to a wide river. (Cont.)

>> No.46313130

Yeah I always like I when nature is to be respected and feared, not coddled but nore hated, simply outside control and not fucked with

>> No.46313242

Sacred groves were cultivated in the bends of the river, where larger areas could be more easily irrigated. The river was now seen as the sacred lifegiver in addition to being a symbol of eternity.

Central authority was established from a city near the river's delta early during the dry period. Trade from all over the world flows into this city, with special interest being paid to any innovations that will help with mass irrigation. The wheel was one of the earliest and most important of such imports: waterwheels run irrigation pumps that fill ditches in a day that once took teams of elves weeks to accomplish. The discovery of large veins of iron, copper, and tin on the edges of their territory has turned this nation into a military power, with many now-jobless peasants flocking to the rolls.

The large open plains of the now-arid Valley led to the deleopment of sophisticated chariot tactics, along with Hardy and disciplined heavy infantry. The trade power and strategic resources of the region have made it the target of many military expeditions, most recently a protracted conflict with the High Elves of the southern mountains. (Cont)

>> No.46313330

Couple different settings, in one they are the earliest hybrid proxy bodies the subterraneans use as spies on the surface, first seen and identified by the pagans up north, who's Intel has been valuable enough for the catholics to ally wit them against the "demons"

In another they have a not Egypt culture, the drow were all queens and their servants obsessed with immortality and did nasty rituals to achieve their eventual ressurection, but because of their deeds they spent the time dead in hell and upon ressurection were made pale from the horrors or blackened by their sins, some have refused to learn, others are trying to reform their tomb cities in penance, many have turned to a scorpion goddess and become driders

>> No.46313439


Far to the west is the domain of the Drow. This is a land of vast plains and plateaus, with mighty rivers carving channels through both. Unlike the High Elves, who live among their sacred mountains and valleys or the Wood Elves who cling to the remnant of their forest, it is not the land that shapes these elves, it is the other way around. The squabbling noble families that ruled during this time competed to created the grandest and most effective river dams and dikes. However, after multiple devastating floods, the neccissity of taming these rivers laid the foundation for cooperation among these wildly selfish noble families.

Physiologically, these elves are the same as D&D/Pathfinder Drow; dark skin, low light vision, more physically powerful noble caste. However, during the upheavals of the end of the Ice Age, a plague swept through their race. Unlike other plagues, this seems to only affect a certain segment of the population: the Nobles. By the end of the crisis, most of the leaders of the race were dead, leading to consolidation of power in the hands of a few noble lines. This increased centralization drastically, and ended much of the infighting endemic to the Drow. The establishment of a vast bereaucracy to oversee the massive and regular river management projects was the end of the fueds among the remaining noble families. They threw their weight behind the heir of the oldest and most prestigious surviving noble line and had her declared the Scarlet Empress, after the bright colors of her family's sigil.

The Scarlett Throne commands a massive and well-ordered realm bound together by reciprocal oaths of fealty between Lord and laborer, with all bound to the Empress. The military forces are compact but well-trained, but supplemented in times of war by levies raised by the various noble houses. The Nobles often lead armies, but rarely take the field themselves.

>> No.46313584

this is pretty much my response when people complain about bikini armor.

the twiggy bitch is swinging around a two-handed sword like a man and this other faggot is levitating. we can surmise that there isn't a heavy investment in realism at this point and bikini armor should be the least of your concern.

>> No.46314312

Elves are the most common among the Ethereal Throne. Their speed and dexterity significantly exceeds human, and like the other members of their Throne, they do not need to sleep except after periods of strenuous physical exertion, and require little food. Their magic capabilities, while far below the humans of the setting, land approximately in the middle of the nonhuman races, with arcane talents at the level slightly above an unshifted Rabbit Lunar, the second highest nonhuman skill in nature magic, but overall poor talent for divine power.
Physically, they stand slightly taller than the average human, with naturally tanned skin, and a generally pointier, thinner frame. Their arms and legs are unnaturally long, to the point of being some serious uncanny valley shit for most humans. They age slightly slower than humans, maturing in their mid 20's and have life expectancy of about 100. Both male and female tend to appear fairly androgynous to humans.
Politically, the Ethereal Throne is largely egalitarian, with each of the three main races (Fairies, Elves, and Treants/Dryads) receiving nearly identical rights. The two fey monarchs, Titania and Oberon, are the only royalty/nobility, and much of the territory is governed by local governors called "Speakers". Of the thrones, they're the ones on best terms with the Astral Throne, and have decent relations with the Lunar Throne, who will welcome basically anyone who dislikes the Nocturnals. They consider the Abyssals "irrelevant fish" and scorn the Pupperteers as the empty shell of the former Immortal throne. Technologically, they're slightly below average for the setting , with weaponry on the level of early Renaissance firearms.

>> No.46315817

>tall and tan

I like your elves

>> No.46316249

They're extinct, wiped out by a hiveminded race that basically experimented on them to figure out why the elves could use magic and they couldn't

>> No.46316325

The elves in my setting are pretty much a blend of dwarves, drow, and fae.

>> No.46316444

They ended up in the current realm after orcs came over. Gruumsh asked the pantheon head of muh setting for the opportunity to settle unclaimed land- he got it under the condition that if the orcs started an aggressive war, they would get BTFO at the soonest opportunity and Gruumsh would have to leave.
Corellon decided Gruumsh's expansion into territory couldn't go unanswered, so he lobbied for the same benefits, and got it under the same conditions.
Turned out there were human mercs in the area, so each side hired them to loophole around the rules. But then the mercs got an idea- they would secretly unite and raid both elves and orcs while holding a mock war between each other that basically amounted to the military Olympics.
When both sides found out, they were pissed, but the mercs hadn't technically broken their contracts, so they just un-hired the humans.
So it's basically been a passive-aggressive back and forth ever since.
The drow basically just dug too deep and went feral in most cases.

>> No.46316599

Birds. They are basically hermaphroditic birds in an almost human body and are very solitary animals. Fuck elf PCs

>> No.46316890

First some backstory:

The world went through some Magical cataclysms, kicking off an age of migration and invasion. The old Elven Empire got hit hard by the marauding humans who conquered the region, eventually forming their own kingdoms.

>"Half" Elves:
Conquered Elves that have integrated into the Human kingdoms, usually settling in the cities, to varying amounts of acceptance. Not actually Half-human, it's just an insult levied by the Free Elves.

>"Free" Elves
Inhabitants of a bunch of Mountain Kingdoms that the old Empire never bothered to annex, these fuckers are fiercely independent. They're also a little resource-poor, leading to the occasional raid on other nations.

When the Human tribes were knocking over city after city, charging through every force sent to stop them, the Elven Emperor got a bit desperate. He made a Deal with some Otherworldly Friends to protect his borders and preserve his people. Bad idea on his part. Every part of the Empire not already conquered was CHANGED into a realm of dream and law and beauty. The Elves themselves were CHANGED as well. Longer ears, immortality, vulnerability to Iron, and a heaping helping of madness. Plus, most of them got TAKEN to the home of those Otherworldly Friends. This is why you don't make deals with the Fae.

>> No.46317189

Why is Gold Digger's art so disgusting.

>> No.46317250

The Balnr are an offshoot descended from the mythical elves of ancient times, but are not true elves, and have vast differences. They revere gods of sunlight, war, and fire, and have a much more warlike, pseudo-militaristic, tribal society.

The true elves vanished long before anyone can remember, but, unknown to all, continue to exist in isolated cities, separated from this world by magic, the entrances to which are thickly veiled by strong illusions. Their hatred towards mankind for their betrayal has only festered and grown over the millenia since they departed.

>> No.46317401

Generations back, when Biomancy was an actually well understood and widely practiced craft, different sub-species of humans were created to cater to specific tastes, fetishes, etc. Elves were one of them, pretty much your standard tall, lithe and beautiful people.

After the fall of the Empire and the scattering of the tribes however, interbreeding between all of the various sub-humans that had been created (Elves, Orcs, Demons - Furries had become too inhuman to breed and died out) interbred, and without Biomages on hand to correct any strange interactions that occurred, things quickly got... weird. Demon-Elves, Orc-Elves, anything was possible. Carry this on a couple dozen generations, and we've ended up with a sort of 'humanity' again, where being born a particular species is mostly up to chance and whoever your parents were.

There are some tribes that selectively breed to keep themselves a 'pure' race. Most people think they're nuts since even within races there's an absolutely enormous amount of variation anyway.

So, essentially everyone and no one are elves. Simultaneously. Most people elect to just not think about it.

>> No.46317703

There's a difference between realism and believability. If your setting has an alternate history where women were blacksmiths, that's one thing, but if the armor women wear is mundane in nature and would clearly offer shit for protection, that's another. Also, if a woman is going to swing around a greatsword, she's going to need some muscle to do it. Characters with twig-like arms wielding greatswords are unbelievable, male OR female. At least without some serious magic involved. Rewriting history for the sake of an enjoyable, fantasical setting is one thing, but pandering to fetishes is another, and best be kept in its own genre.

>> No.46317821

>Elves are incredibly sexual creatures in most mythologies

>> No.46317920

Both you and reverse-image-search made my day. Bless you anon.

>> No.46317944

I agree... BUT a greatsword is heavy for a sword but only 2-3 kg (<10 lb). If you mean Monster Hunter/Cloud Strife tier weapons your strength and build doesn't matter due to the laws of physics and it's just unusable garbage for every human sized humanoid. On that note if we're going supreme realism then women wielding swords is more believable than women using a warbow.

>> No.46318080

Well if we're going based on Tolkien elves, he said they have a period of one hundred to several hundred years where they have plenty of sex, but then lose interest after they start popping out kids for the rest of their life after that and focus on other things but always look back on it fondly.

As for real life mythologies, "Elves are prominently associated with sexual threats, seducing people and causing them harm."

So yeah, that Anon's right. In most mythlogies they are sexual creatures but not limited to sex.

>> No.46318088

You don't know shit.

Norse Mythology. Elves were associated with beauty and nature, many were the object of desire by heroes and gods. Some became wives and husbands, and lines of kings were said to be descended from unions with elves. They were beings both magical and desireable.

After the Christianization Elves became associated with the succubus and demons of desire. They became an object of sexual threat that still remains in places that still believe in elves. Yes, contrary to popular belief, were the rapists, not the rapers.

This idea continued forth into the early Modern Period with ballads and poets writing elves are creatures of desire, magic, and danger. Elven men would woo women away, some killing them once they're done with them, others taking them away to another world where they seek escape. Elven women seduce men, and capture women to provide for their children. Men who scorned an elven woman were cursed.

Basically it became if an elf wanted to fuck you, they got it unless you wanted to suffer worse than if you didn't obey them.

>> No.46318126

They are this:
+taller (maximum and average)
+pointed ears
+lighter bones
+faster because of lighter skull but more fragile

>> No.46318355

Your argument basically boils down to 'I prefer my magical realm over your magical realm'. Any discussion of realism and believability in a fantasy setting is subjective. To some, biological facts or socio-political issues that you hand wave away as 'rewriting of history for teh funs' are considerably heavier bullshit than some random character's fashion sense. In fact it's easier to magic every explanation away regarding heavy weapons swung/drawn by women in bikini mail instead of combing it over in order to weed out magical realms you find distasteful while pandering to your own.

>> No.46318450

>any preference of any kind whatsoever is now a "magical realm"

>> No.46318650

>my retardedly unrealistic preferences in a make-believe world are more realistic than yours!
rewrote it just for you, faggot-sama

>> No.46318890

Elves are generic humans and humans are generic elves.

>> No.46319396

posting pic for relevance and waiting for any of y'all to quote this.

>> No.46319574

Fantasy Nazis/North Koreans who along with Dwarves Developed guns but keep the technology to themselves. Not very creative but I like evil Elves.

>> No.46319864

Elves in my game are basically Christmas elves after a recent liberation movement. They're shorter than halflings, tend not to move far from home and though they pretend to be super prideful of their race, they're still intimidated by the taller, angrier races. They get +1 dex, +1 con, and a bonus in craft(trinket).

I like you.

>> No.46320059

So, the first race were what became the orcs. They came out of the clay of the earth and then some gods came down and over time each one went off with a group of orcs and became that group's patron god. The first group of proto-orcs to be to taken became the elves.

They were mighty, long-lived, wondrous structures and magic, yadda yadda. Then humans came out of somewhere and overran the elven lands, elves BTFO'd by the sheer number of humans. Elves, being quite literally immortal to all but the most cruel violence, didn't reproduce, and fell into incredible stagnation and decadence like you wouldn't even believe. Expanding humanity, eager to carve out a place in the world for itself, won with numbers and will alone.

Now the humans rule the wondrous elven cities of old, and the elves don't so much live WITH humans as ALONGSIDE them, almost a separate society of bitter, resentful bastards. Elves are on the rise, slowly, gaining power in the courts of the bizarre totalitarian monarchies of the humans, gaining status and confiding in each other secret plans and business deals. There's half-elves, born from humans and elves who were born to replace lost elven numbers from the conquest. These younger elves mingled much much better into human society, and the half-elves are either self-loathing racists or believe they are the true inheritors of the elven lands, believing the full elves to be lazy and unambitious victim-complex bitches and the humans to too stupid to do anything with the power they wield. Who knows, maybe they're right.

There's even a few elf-orcs, from the now mythical Orcish Scourge that swept across the world in an old time, leaving a genetic taint that every so often bubbles to the surface in newborn children of humans and elves. Whereas half-orcs humans are brutish and cunning, the orc-elves are cruel, sinewy creeps.

>> No.46320131

>not cunning but brutal

>> No.46320249

No no, brutish and cunning

>> No.46320375

That was a nice read. Felt like a history report you'd give to a teacher who doesn't mind you saying "womyn got dat bootay and thicc legs".

>> No.46320441

>> No.46320483

They glow in the dark if they spend time in the sun.

>> No.46320514

Balkan elves are best elves.

>> No.46320608

kek, underrated post

>> No.46320622

Rapey, matriarchal, and yandere.

Most live innawoods, a few live innacity or unnaground. In the main civilization of my setting, they are a pretty potent force, controlling the Elvin Nationalist Party (controls 8% of the parliament, with more of a presence in the upper house than in the lower) and the leader of the majority party, The People's Union Party, is a half elf, although he isn't found of most of his kinsmen.

>> No.46320649

They're religiously intolerant, ancestor worshipping, honour-obsessed, pseudo-Asian steppe nomads. As descendants of banished outcasts from the fae realms, who were cut of from faerie magic, they are utterly incapable of using any form of magic aside from wizardry, which they view more as a science than magic.

>> No.46320768

Bird people with rock mouths and beast-like legs.
Gypsy-galls culture. Shit with everything ,except swords,urban survivalism and patriotism.

Wood variation is 2,5 meters tall,have two pairs of horns. Good with smashing stuff ,druidism and bows. Dying race ,therefore-assholes.
Your basic wood elfs.

Sand variation is dead. Have some sort of flashlight inside their chests and equivalent of third eye. Used to be most advanced race in means of traditional magic. Responsible for fucking world up.

>> No.46320835

Those are called fairies.

>> No.46320866

Not that anon, but they're by and large very similar.

>> No.46321174

Fairies are lustful,assholish,hedonistic nature spirits.
Elves are angels/nephilims version 0.5,pre-Christian release.

>> No.46321212


They're fictional creatures, they're however you fucking want them to be.

>> No.46321267

>not believing in fairies
>not believing in magic
I bet, you never even tried to summon aliens,faggot.

>> No.46321297

Who diz git?

>> No.46321332

They're Cossacks.

>> No.46321336


>> No.46321367

That's a Dark Angels Librarian you dumb nigger.

>> No.46321380

Ooooo. I like it.
But what if they were Mongols, instead?

>> No.46321391

Cannabalistic cave-dwellers who storm out of their mountain fastnesses to raid human and dwarven villages. They're treated like orcs.

>> No.46321422

No, those are dark elves.

>> No.46321505

Extinct. They interbred with Dwarves to create a race best described as Asgard with a side of Elder Scrolls Dwemer.

>> No.46321516

I want to be kidnapped and raped by sexy dark elves as they burn my village.

>> No.46321857

It's like the artist wants to proove he never even touched a breast in his life.
Boobs don't work that.

>> No.46322147

>genocide my species for reasons they can't be bothered to share

Unlike the Imperium.

>> No.46322207

It's not genocide if the Emperor doesn't love them, heretic.

>> No.46322298

Is that not awesome?

>> No.46322333

They became humans because the world wasn't having any of that MAGIC MANA CORRUPTION bullshit.

>> No.46322374

There's kind of three flavours of elves. The ones that have integrated into human society, the isolationists that live innawoods and refuse to associate with other races, and the elvish city-state that tries to play nice with the other races while asserting their own right to exist as an independent nation-state.

Elves aren't particularly well liked because in days gone by they worked closely with the old human aristocracy that had a strong infernal/demonic flavour. Tutored them in magic and shit, helped them keep the lower classes down in exchange for large social benefits. A lot of the old aristorcracy had some elvish blood in their line as a result. With the old aristocracy gone the elves kind of have to figure out a new way to exist and the ones that live in broader society have to make efforts to disassociate themselves from the old status quo and make reparations for being willing allies to essentially mage nazis.

The ones that maintain a city state recognize they were wrong (or at least, recognized that they lost the rebellion) but claim they didn't do anything the other races didn't do either and resist efforts to be singled out for the wrong doings of the past.

The innawoods group give no fucks and continue to dabble in evil magics, refuse to recognize the status quo and are working to bring back the good old days, but this time with elves in charge.

>> No.46324400

Around elves touch yourselves.

>> No.46324410


>> No.46324570

Uruk-hai are a breed of orcs created by breeding regular orcs with men to create a hardier stock. I doubt they actually call them Uruk-hai, probably just using them as a frame of reference.

>> No.46324726

Already on it.

>> No.46325366

Elves, alongside all sentient life on the continent of Ainwae, descended from a common ancestor shared with Trolls up north beyond the Wasted Lands. They were the progenitor variation- they settled in tropical jungles and forests heavy in magic, affecting the evolution of their biology before the dwarven ancestors split off in the mountains and the orcish ancestors further south in the marshes. Humans evolved further from orcs, converging closer to elves.
At first there were only the High Elves- magic infusing their bodies causing a very high variation in skin and hair color. Practically anime characters but also to the point where their skin can come in shades of lilac or powder blue or gold.
They were the first to create civilization, and conquered the western half of Ainwae- subjugating the marsh dwelling humans and beastfolk of the southern forests. They went to war many times with the dwarves, driving them deep under the mountains and feeding their xenophobic tendencies that carry over to today.
Then the first Dark Elf was born. Her skin was a mutation, losing all pigmentation and coming out pitch black, with white hair. She was in the priestess caste, and ended up kind of filling a Joan of Arc type role- claiming to receive a message from some deity, while the rest of elven kind revered magic with religious reverence. She ended up sparking a revolution causing the collapse of Rome- I mean the Olveri Empire. Approximately a quarter of elves joined her cause, and the war was terribly costly- even if in the end the high elves drove the dark elves underground, their territory cut their people in half. Seeing an opportunity, the enslaved humans fought their masters and formed a sort of semi-french korean state called Faren-Yen, while the beastfolk quietly took back their forests. The elves of the north spiraled downwards into a lifestyle of magical hedonism and excess to forget the troubles of their fallen empire, and live in few sparse cities.

>> No.46325395

Many ancient ruins of past Olveri cities litter the jungles of the north, which provides excellent stomping ground for archaeologists and would-be adventurers. The elves south of the dark elf mountain range, named Suejo Cova, moved on culturally and returned to a more simple, nature based life. They were cut off from the major sources of magic in the dense jungles, taking on more natural tones in skin and hair, resembling the coloration of the forest trees. They became the wood elves- more sensible counterparts to their northern brethren in Lagoresta. Linguistically, the Olveri Empire spoke Ainwae's version of Latin, with dark elven taking on a more Spanish bent, high elves obviously becoming Italian, the the wood elves of Forlaque speaking French.

>> No.46325478

Not my setting, but the one I'm playing in now, it's from SoS, the threads of which you can check out on /tg/.

The "Din," or Elves, are a broad genus of humanoid races who are distinguished by having a "focus" that can grant them immortality. They live forever so long as they fulfil the Focus, and if they stop fulfilling it, they begin to age until they fulfill it again.

They seem to share a root ancestor, but it isn't clear who it is.

The Ohanedin's focus is never breaking their word, and not eating the flesh of any animal that cannot speak. They are also burned by iron. They live in some mountainous forests, and generally only emerge to raid nearby settlements for metalwork and captives.

The Burdinadin's focus is avoiding exposure to nature. They live in gigantic iron fortresses, where they have developed technology centuries ahead of everyone else.

The Orredin's focus is each other. So long as they live in a certain concentration, they are immortal. But, they have weak constitutions that are susceptible to disease, so a high level of sanitation is necessary to avoid a plague that would wipe them all out. They mostly live in a flying magic city.

The Sugaardin's focus is being at sea with a certain number of their own kind. These groups develop a sort of psychic bond, which includes their ship, which becomes sentient so long as they retain this bond.

Some of the Din consider humans to be Din as well, but they believe that their focus is dying with valor. Dead humans sometimes return as ascendants, or Paladins, immortal beings in service to a powerful entity (some would say a god). Those who consider humans to be part of their little elf club call them the Hostoadin.

All of the name are Basque or something, there was a running joke in the threads that Paladin technically means "Shovel-Din" in that language, which might be a reference to the fact that humans can only become immortal by dying and being buried.

>> No.46325592

They accidentally a whole supercontinent into several continents and killed most of the gods in the process. They're not exactly popular.

>> No.46325782

i like it. i mean lets put the elves in there place. like the mud or grave or dungens.

stop being a hater

>> No.46325815

>stop being a hater
>likes a setting that is full of edgy elf-hate

>> No.46326215

>take a human
>take away a good portion of testosterone
>increase mental capabilities and spiritual perception

and here they are.
Small , androgynous , calm , and born wizards.
the calm nature allows for more mental control and therefore more complicated spells. since physical power became less important, they evolved to increase their intelligence and magic instead.
They are able to reproduce at normal speed , but since they are somewhat frail , women can die more easily at childbirth, decreasing reproduction. Most of them live in cities and rely on other races and tribes to do physical labor in exchange for doing mental and magical tasks , which created a somewhat symbiotic relationship.

>> No.46326229

I wanted to reply to

>> No.46326976

Peoples born with Psychic powes and point ears

>> No.46327071

Cannibalistic magic hating Slavs

>> No.46327303

I was raised on my Oma's stories of elves, so mine are tiny old men that live in trees. They're wood spirits basically.

>> No.46327679


>> No.46327830

I don't know, my PC didn't go there
And it seems they never will

>> No.46330558

The cliche is having a race named "elves."

>> No.46331389

I really dig the idea that they came from the spilled blood of their god when it fell during a large battle with it's nemesis. This god was more a god of art and magic, but being born from battle they also have that drive within them too. This spontaneous birth from the spilled blood onto the world lends to their softly chaotic nature. Their ties with nature come from that which bore them forth, drinking in the blood and birthing them into the world.

>> No.46331550

I like the idea that elves see humans as just another elf offshoot that screwed things up for themselves and are now insisting they're a new original donut steel species.

>> No.46332393

Elfs are medium-true fey and can never die of old age. Most of the elfs are centuries old and impossibly powerful and hyper-competent. They're also pissy and jaded. These elders are organized into cliques according to geomantic, political, and philosophical divides too nuanced or esoteric to make sense to any outside observer.

The minority of elfs at the Player Character level are "uncool teenagers" (typically under 100) who have yet to accomplish anything worthy of notice by any of the elder cliques. The main motivation for adventuring is to get noticed by sempai and move up the elfish social ladder.

Elfs have no written language, since it's assumed that if an elf really needs to know something, he can set aside fifty years and figure it out. If he's really desperate, he can find and ask an elder, but they're not going to do do anything unless you make it interesting for them. Which is difficult because the elders are all extremely jaded.

All of this is completely nonsensical to humans. All they know is that you stay out of elf territory, or the elfs eat you (this is largely a rumor - most of the cliques think that eating people is uncool). Sometimes the younger elfs get it into the wider world, and they do good work, but they're unreliable and might eat your kids.

>> No.46332513

Yes, less humans with pointy ears, more alien elves!

>> No.46333042

Doesn't sound PC friendly at all, and difficult to understand as a character to be portrayed.

>> No.46333427

I dunno about that, anon.

I'd much rather have a haughty High Elf Mistress telling me how unworthy I am as she presses her nethers to my face, demanding that I thank her for my "meal." All while she gives me a disinterested hand-job,my cock bound so that I may not cum until she is satisfied with my worship. Perhaps, if I perform my duties perfectly, she may even allow me to put my filthy organ inside her.

>> No.46333737

I want a haughty elf mistress to spank me because I'm little more than kid to her kind and need to be disciplined like one.

>> No.46333792

Now you're thinking, anon.

When you behave yourself like a civilized creature she could reward you by allowing you to sleep in her bed, snuggled into her bosom tightly.

>> No.46333908

Just fuck off already.

>> No.46333956


Here it comes again. Thread ruined everyone, pack it up. The anons who can't keep their hands off their dicks are here.

>> No.46333967

its when the polish crusade against the ottomans failed, and the fate of Constantinople was sealed.

>> No.46334000

Mad mind.

>> No.46334255

Low-tech, superstitious islanders who live in communistic tribes. They are friendly towards outsiders but don't stray much, finding it preferable to stay among their own. I wrote a very lewd short story about it a while ago back when /wst/ was still a thing.


>> No.46334691

They get raped a lot.

>> No.46336045

Sounds shit.

>> No.46336221

But it makes my peepee hard.

>> No.46336241

Don't care. It's shit.

>> No.46336440

Here it comes again, the anons who can't take a fucking joke are here.

>> No.46336564

It's hardly a joke if it's stale old shit, that's innanely spouted whenever any mention of elves comes up.

Fuck off with their memeing bullshit. I don't care if you think it's /tg/ culture. It's fucking dumb.

>> No.46336565

I wasn't joking. Let's all drop the shitflinging and get back on track.

>> No.46336648

No one forces you to read the threads. No one is clicking and scrolling for you. Don't like the movie? Don't but a ticket.

>> No.46336678

buy a ticket*
also don't but a ticket, you might get a paper cut back there, wouldn't want an infection.

>> No.46336699

The movie was fine until some fucking retards came into the theater and starting masterbating.

>> No.46336741


>> No.46336902

I would highly recommend their tumblr. It's a bunch of commissioned art so it's sort of a mixed bag.


>> No.46339229

Tell me about Elfsied

>> No.46339736

Militant assholes. They don't have Gods (and probably don't have anything really close to a soul either) but instead have a group of long-lived pseudo-tough guys (They're elves, and are on the bottom of the divine food chain) as not only leaders, but damn close to those they worship, and they're called Exemplars. They had one that was for magic, but she was a fucking cunt that contributed to their population issue because, surprise, the elves are long lived and can hit the thousand mark before dying but her followers kept reviving them.

So they chased her out, put her undergruond, which caused the Drow to appear but no one really cares about them so back to the elves.

Now the elves are huge assholes who flat out hate magic, their country name is a portmanteau of a foreign phrase for "Cemetery of Magic" and their unique military branch happens to be Spellkillers; What may as well be black knights with fuck-off huge axes as well as inquisitors practice anti-magic. They also have artillery that causes people to feel like they're on fire and in serious agony when performing magic, and then develop withdrawal-like massive ailment and pain when NOT using it.

Of all of them, the most masculine characters of this group are either A. Dead by over-confidence or B. Not even male. And that's all two of them, rest fucking suck or don't really attribute their heritage to this shithole.

Oh, and they're French too, so double the asshole right there.

>> No.46340567

>their gods confessed "making fingers were hard so they cut corners"
That made me giggle quite a bit
>"Ah, yes, the prehensile tail of the prototype humans, pretty neat feature, wasn't it? Well the QA and maintenance was complicated as shit, and it's not like you live in trees anymore, so here you have a coccyx now. Try not to fall too hard on your ass or you might break it."

>> No.46341607

Why does he wear the mask?

>> No.46343308

I see outer pussy lip

>> No.46343363

It's not gonna kiss itself.

>> No.46344440

I stole part of this from an old post from here, but the elves in my setting all have perfect beautiful faces. The problem being that there arent that many perfect faces to go around, and it can be very disconcerting for you if your lover literally looks exactly like your grandmother (and at least 3 dozen other girls in your small treetop village). So they all wear masks, and don't reveal their true face. They find it rude if you do, and an important coming of age ceremony is an elf making their own mask instead of using a blank one.

Other than that they aren't super interesting. A bunch of xenophobic treehuggers that trade in silks from domesticated giant spiders.

>> No.46344918

Descendants of an ancient race of inter-dimensional conquerors, who rode their way through the holes of the world (stars) on a ship so large it stretched one so large it became a giant beacon of light that brought day into the world. Then got their asses whipped by the gigantic creatures who were the ancient rulers of the world. Promptly went into hiding, and were raped by local fey until elves came into being. I think it's pretty metal.

>> No.46345612

Created by the eastern province of the Shaz'riq Empire as part of a series of alchemic experiments to create a better goblinoid servitor species. Before full-production and knowledge of the elves could come out, the Empire was destroyed by the fall of the Pillar of Fireglass. During the chaos, the elves that were created orchestrated a rebellion by the goblin slaves and overthrew the humans of the eastern provinces, placing themselves in power. As far as the general population of the New Great Empire knows, the elves are foreign invaders from the east that conquered the cities during the fall.

The experiments were only partially successful. While the elves were intelligent, near-immortal, and highly skilled, the species was sterile. The only way to reproduce more elves was through the alchemic process of turning goblins into elves. So the elves kept the goblins enslaved after the revolt, in order to protect their source of new elves and to provide the workforce needed to rebuild. Up until 70 years ago, the cities ruled by the elves were divided by politics and plots against one another, since the elves, being an artificial race, have little sense of altruism. It wasn't until the machinations of Trina Aurus brought her to power, united the warring city-states, and crowned herself empress of the Probus Imperium. Now a united elven empire moves to conquer more territory and establish itself and the one ruler of the land.

>> No.46345926

Pointrd ears
Actually sleep but resistant to sleep effects
Eat normally and can be any body type
Hair and skin colors range to whatever humans can.
Live into their hundreds like a human into their 80s or dwarves into their 90s
Wood elves is just a term and not a seperite elf subspecies
Only sub species that is documemted and occurs naturally are The Drow.
Drow arent the creepy matriearchy bdsm fucks shown in d&d.
Can grow beards and body hair
Have some sort of cool or whsical racial history but arent pompious with it
Probably share a common ancestor with humans, dwarves, orcs, and halflings
Really like dairy products on average more then any other races in the kingdom according to the new census

They aint special or mystic. Nothin race wise is fuckin special or mystic, just different.

>> No.46346046


Skinny bodied huge titted sluts who love cock. They want to be impregnated by anything strong.

>> No.46347016

Thanks bruh-bruh! I drew this picture of an adventurer hanging out with an elf.

>Doesn't sound PC friendly at all, and difficult to understand as a character to be portrayed.

How so, Anonymous? PCs who are "teenager" elfs have an in-built excuse to go do cool shit and hang out with adventurers. The elder cliques themselves are mostly inscrutable, but are an easy source for quest hooks. "Your sempai from the Hart Nation really wants to paint a SICK-ASS emotionally resonant mural of a sunset, but he needs fire beetle carapace to grind into pigment so it's JUUUUUST right."

My setting is about the colonization of the fantasy equivalent of the New World after the Old World got all "adventured out." I put most of the emphasis on human nations and power groups, because that's what interests me (using fantasy adventuring as a way to explore ideas about exploration and colonialism). I've still got elfs and dwarfs in there for fantasy street cred and because some people always want to play elfs or whatever.
There are no elfs in the New World*, so going there is a great opportunity for "teenagers" to scrounge up excitingly novel shit to impress the elders with.

*Of course, if the story really needs some more elfs, there could be an elder clique that figured out transcontinental navigation three hundred years ago. They never bothered telling anyone and has been chilling out in the New World ever since, figuring out what plants they are most able to get high off of.

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