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What are some creative weapons and/or fighting styles that an order of flashy gimmick knights could use in a mid-fantasy setting?

pic related, watch his left hand.

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That's pretty cool, but leaves you way too open for two long.

How about dual sword, but all attacks pull the sword around the body like a fulcrum for XTreme Speed! Would work best with falchions or scimitars.

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like this but way faster?

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Short Spear + Parrying Dagger.

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That's not flashy or creative. It's fucking NORMAL.

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I mean, sure, but it's unique enough to stand out from being a normal knight and with the right flair can look pretty flashy as well.

It's good a good mix of duelist and knight in how it fights, I think.

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>wearing armor during pike and shot age

The fuck are you even doing?

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>people didn't wear armour during pike&shot

stop posting anytime

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Forgot what these are called but they can be pretty rad.

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Punching Daggers

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>8 living with undeniable breastplates
>2 dead with breastplates

>literally everyone else wearing "normal" shit

>those who are living are wearing breastplates that are entirely unscathed by any sort of battle damage, meaning they never got shot, or even stabbed at, save one man with a wounded forearm

>armor serving a purpose

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>they can be pretty rad.

Not really desu.
Basically limited to "sewing machine" type murder/stabbing attacks against unsuspecting or otherwise incapacitated targets.

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>This painting is actually a photograph!
Nigga how the hell are you this fucking dumb

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>historical artwork not being taken seriously

I guess we're going to discard all of the past, then.

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It's almost like it's an artist's rendition or something.

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>The crest shield is back

My erection is thumping the underside of my desk.

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Thank you.
I was thinking they could be off handed/paired with another weapon for a more aggressive enemy type.

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Wouldn't this lose to someone using a spear with both hands?

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You know people wore armor during WW1, right?

And that Beastplate could stop bullets?

Armor and guns existed alongside each other for hundreds of years. Bulletproof came out of the idea of proving armor could stop a bullet.

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1) Not necessarily; two hands on the spear would allow for better leverage and striking strength, but a parrying dagger in the hands of a competent user would still be usable. I don't see the 2H spear user getting any automatic wins.
2) Why the fuck do you have a name on?

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Gigantic shield-claw-crossbows with incredibly elastic strings.

The long draw length makes for slow firing, but the bolts fired are big, and the "claws" closing shut from the rebound could take an arm off.

They forgo sidearms to carry big enough bolts to just stab your face in.

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Sheathe dagger, use spear with two hands in return.

Not hard.

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I've toyed with the idea of a combination of an oversized polearm and a pair of heavy armored boots.

The head of the polearm is planted firmly in the ground and the knight would lift themselves up human flag style and use the armored boots to assault people.

Not the most versatile technique, but I think it's a neat idea.

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So you're trying to make a fighting stripper?

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Pick up a book, you idiot.

"Bulletproof" as a concept was something that came about a long fucking time ago, and it worked ludicrously well with simple thick breastplates and thick padding until this last century, then we replaced it with better materials.

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>historical artwork not being taken seriously
Historical artwork is often wildly inaccurate.
And historical artwork of even older history almost always trades truth for style.

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Yeah, it took a while for firearms to advance to the point where armour couldn't keep up. Until then it was possible to stop lead shot with a sufficiently thick breastplate.

Smiths would sometimes deliberately shoot their armour with a gun and leave a visible dent on the front just to prove that it was bulletproof.

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To be fair, a thick enough breastplate would be enough to stop most firearms even right now, it's just like, a solid 6-8 inches of metal on top of padding, so it's unfeasible.

This isn't taking into account ludicrously huge rounds though.

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Fucking fuck Dark Souls 3 looks amazing.

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>it's normal to dual wield a dagger and a short spear simultaneously

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It's not exactly the most common style around, but it's absolutely a real one that people used.

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Armor was literally more commonly used during the pike and shot era than at any other point in history. It was mass produced and called munition armor or almain rivet.

There are fuck huge armories all over Europe with tens of thousands of harnesses just lying around from the pike and shot era.

Some of the most iconic armor- and the armor most people think of when they think "knight" - is from the pike and shot era.

What the fuck are you talking about

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That one nigga has a hole in his breastplate.

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Knights that use unmovable rods as weapons hitting people and leaving them there tell they make a cage of unmovable rods.

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The order of the three-handed sword. They always work in teams of three, using two giant three-handed swords. The knight in the middle supports his fellow comrads-in-arms by providing each one of his hands to wield the massive three-handed sword. They are very immobile, but this advanced technique makes it difficult for an enemy to approach them.

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I think we have a winner. At the very least, the bar has been set. Everyone else, don't bother posting unless it is at least ridiculous as this or the poledancing knights that guy earlier posted.

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this is some gattsu shit

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I imagined it like a drop kicking pole vaulter

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>Everyone else, don't bother posting
This kills the thread.

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...They can tear through chain and a good portion of a man's torso, effectively bisecting them. They're brutally effective.

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Gunpowder knights. They use warhmmers and spears with reservoirs of black powder in tubes opposite the striking surface, which they ignite just before impact. Flame trailing weapons punching through heavy armour of their dangerous foes, then the wielders retreat to reload.

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The Fraternous Grappler.

Each Knight of this order takes a number of Squires with him to battle, no less than three, the upper limit only the Knights resources to support. The knight is armoured in the best the realm can produce, but he lacks any sword or shield. Instead he relies upon his gauntleted fists and iron-shod feet.

Once locating a suitable enemy, the Squires spread out, linking arms and using long cots of cloth to allow them some manoeuvrability. They enclose the Knight and his opponent, who then grapple and wrassle oneanother to death.

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You do realize that they were a real weapon used for a long time, right?

I mean, not in that form, exactly, but how often do you see weapons shown accurately in media?

They were a sword you couldn't be easily disarmed of.

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I designed a slamfire Macuahuitl. Its probably really incosistent but hitting people with bullets that then shoot into them would probably be pretty shitty. Might use it in an post-apoc game.

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That's not how bullets work.

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Newton is laughing his ghost ass off. Your arm is acting as a pendulum, and can only put so much force behind resisting the equal and opposite reaction of bullets exploding. Compare with the body of your victim, which is a much larger, harder to move mass. The first time you use this, if it doesn't wrench your arm out of socket, it'll go flying off into the distance. Or catastrophically explode.

Best used in conjunction with a cyberarm that doubles as a hydraulic press.

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That's not the problem.

The problem is that without the rifle to brace the shells, the brass will simply pop.

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Isn't that what you want to happen?

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I mean, not really. instead of a nice even push of force, you've got the energy going all over the place in a random direction, and it's not going to do much.

I would not advise ever doing this, but you can actually throw bullets into a fire and watch them pop. The brass just pops, leaving a hole in it, making a little bang, and not a whole lot else.

The gunpowder in a bullet isn't very powerful in a general sense, it's all about directing all that energy into a very small point.

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Well if you want a more even distribution of force couldn't you just give each a bullet a metal cylinder seating to act as a barrel directing the force. Of course then you'd run into a whole new set of problems involving the practicality of a such a weapon but I think most of that could be handwaved with "its fantasy, its not suppose to work its suppose to be cool."

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