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Alright /tg/ I got a question. If Lucius is as eternal as he is and takes over the body of who ever controls him what would happen if he dies an accidental death say a drop pod lands on him what then?

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>"Hey guys, we crushed Lucius the Eternal!"
>"Thank the Emperor, I'm glad he's dead-"

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The person piloting the drop pod is possessed.

Now lets say he's walking somewhere and a random boulder falls on him without anyone doing anything to it. He dies for good. So long as there is no one close enough for him to possess.

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Whoever launched the pods maybe? Lucius spawns on the battle barge bridge.

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Duh, he takes over the drop pod.

takes over the boulder.

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Ship pilot suicide crashs his ship into Lucius and dies during the effort what happens then?

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Non silly answer? Slaanesh revives his champion

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>takes over the boulder.
Boulder is not alive.

Thus cannot be killed.

Lucius is now forever a rock, or the dust that is left from the rock after the planet is blown up.

Woo, and shit.

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Lucius gets sent back to the Warp and Slaanesh has to send him back out. Didn't something like this happen before? Lucius "died" for real and Slaanesh just ressed him?

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The guy who helped manufacture the ship gets turned.

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But he felt no pride in killing Lucius. Or even in manufacturing the ship. For he knew it was of shoddy construction and would someday crash or worse.

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But the killer must feel satisfaction at killing him which Drop Pods and boulders can't do. Presumably a Necron won't be possessed by Lucius after killing him due to technically not feeling emotions. Death by natural disaster or Lucius's killer getting killed before transforming would presumably also put that bastard down for good.

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Slaanesh reincarnates him. IIRC the only way Lucius can be genuinely killed is if he's slain by someone who is "pure of heart", and good luck finding anybody who fits that description in this setting.

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Wasn't there a story somwear in old codex about him being reanimated by Slaanesh because guy who fucked him up didn't give a shit?

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Yea the rules are just pretense, slannesh just revives him because she likes him

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>must feel satisfaction at killing him which Drop Pods and boulders can't do.
That's what you think!!

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what about Grey knight?

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Lucius can only be truly killed by a person whose heart is filled with only mercy and compassion.

So a Tau Ethereal should work.

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not sure about that some tau Ethereals is pure dick
the closest i can think of is the silver knight from demon codex (before Slaanesh ofc)

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"So, you want to drop a boulder on a Chaos Space Marine? Am I correct?"

I wonder how many people are executed for suggesting simple solutions to complex problems.

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>kaldor draigo is slaaneshi now

feels real good to see the sue fall

I have chaos draigo as my lord now in fact

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Would Lucius get himself killed on purpose for science?

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Slannesh would have to go through millions of people to do that. There are the tech-priests who actually built the ship piece by piece, the servitors and slaves who put it together, and the actual designer has probably been dead for over ten millennia.





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They should not know that they killed him, in fact they should not know that they killed anybody.

A valid way of doing it would be a space combat on an orbit of desolate planet and someone misses a shot and the stray hits Lucius hiding on the surface. The killer can't feel excited because he doesn't know he hit anything and would only be dissapointed because he missed.

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Lucius takes over desolate planet

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>appears on a world battling the tyranids
>killed by swarmlord
>eventually emerges from swarmlord like a xenomorph
>killed by gaunt
>emerges from gaunt
>killed by gaunt
>emerges from gaunt
>killed by gaunt
>emerges from gaunt
Until every tyranid on the planet is dead.

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So what you're saying, to save the imperium, we must feed lucius to the tyranids?IT WAS SO SIMPLE, YET BRILLIANT, I'll nominate you for sainthood

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This happened already.

If Lucius does not automatically possess the person who killed him, Slaanesh resurrects him anyway. Same with Kharn the Betrayer, although he just gets rezzed with no possession antics.

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On that note. If the whole gimmick revolves around pride, If Kharn fucked Lucius up would he turn? Considering he'd probably be to angry to be proud?

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>Sister of battle kills Lucius
>Rest of her sisters, and some ordo malleus inquisitors chain her up in a purified chamber deep beneath a heavily guarded ecclesiarchy world
Seems simple, just trap his soul inside a vessel that can adequately fight his soul until it can be cut off from Slaaneshi influence/the warp. Of course, you'd them have to deal with the daemon army coming at you to save a chaos god's favorite, but you know, burn that bridge when you get there.

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Kharn is the chosen warrior of Kharn, likely immune to Slaanesh magicks just as Kharn is immune to psyker powers directed at him.


You don't fight Lucius' soul. You just turn into him, power armor and all.

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Exactly, he's not gimped to that specific situation outlined, even if he's killed by say, a necron warrior, slaanesh won't just go 'oh well' and toss him away, he can be revived just like any chaos champ, but the stipulation in actuality seems to make it harder for him to get true-deathed.

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There's actually a story outlining that scenario for Kharn. Him and a bunch of berserkers go into some slaaneshi fort, and all of his warriors slowly succumb while he gets pissy about how weak they are compared to him.

And as for 'you don't fight his soul', his soul obviously exists within you, in order for the transformation to take place. Every transformation doesn't just make a new Lucius.

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Lucius' soul doesn't exist in you. You exist in him, and become another screaming face in his armor.

And yeah, Kharn's a pretty cool guy.

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>not sure about that some tau Ethereals is pure dick

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Slaanesh resurrects him. He has 140+ infamy by BC guidelines, his Armor-based resurrection is not the only defence he has. Alternatively, he dodges the droppod. The imperial assassins can, and he is probably as good.

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Venerable m-machine spirit?

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Depending on Slanesshs mood he will get revived. He got killed multiple times with beings and people who felt no joy in killing him, the first one was a Ravenguard from Istvaan.

He feels really insulted when it happens.

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What if he is killed by a machine spirit controlled Land Raider, Necron drone or some soulless creature?

And what happens if someone just incapacites him? Does Lucius have to wait for someone to kill him if given Black Knight treatment?

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Tau managed to kill Slaneesh
Killing definitively Lucius should be easy as pie for them

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>He dies
>No one turns into him
>Slaanesh is sad
>Ressurects Lucius

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and then tentacles shot out of all the various openings in the crew compartment and violated everyone, while the metal of the pod twisted into a screaming meaty faces.

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What if Lucius was eaten by the Nids?

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Hive Fleet Lucius.

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>Lucius accidentally falls and breaks his neck on the ground
>Planet Lucius

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The ruinous powers aren't really big on following rules. Slaanesh will re-spawn him as long as Slaanesh finds him entertaining. Maybe keep a tally of "how many respawns this time beforree someone gets him that can't turn into him". And one day the fickle god won't favour him any more, and his immortality will fail, or he turns into a chaos spawn, or...

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Already answered in the hh novels
He got killed by a ravenguard shadowmaster who felt nothing about killing him
Then he just 'appeared' on the EC battleship
So he is a perpetual brought back by slaanesh regardless of needing a host

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>feed lucius to the tyranids
and then the Tyranids absorbed Lucius' powers and everything was ruined forever for everyone

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I hate that claim. The Tau only think that they killed Slaanesh due to ignorance, a chaos warband they were fighting shouted out cries of "For Slaanesh!" and they misinterpreted that as being the name of the Chaos Lord that they killed instead of a God. An easy mistake to make when they know nothing of chaos.

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That's what makes it so funny to me.
It's like if someone fires a bow in Boy Scouts and then immediately thinks he is a master of archery.
It's that ironic Innocence.

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It was only one guy who thought he killed Slaanesh and it was the commander.

Ignorance of Slaanesh and the Chaos Gods is widespread ib 40K out of a select few and the Eldar. Most humans don't know whon Slaanesh is. The fluff states that knowledge of Slaanesh existence will cause entire planets to fall to Chaos. Necrons and Orks wouldn't care to know who he is.

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>Implying Tau ethereals aren't just the Inner Party from 1984.

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Has nobody in this thread mentioned that Lucius can only replace the people that kill him assuming they feel any pleasure from defeating him, albeit literally any form of pleasure or gratification from it whatsoever? So if he was killed by a completely mind numbed servitor that Lucius would be fucked.

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I am still waiting for fluff that shows the surprise of the Tau once the real grim-darkness of the galaxy is showed to them.

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Don't hold your breath.

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Maybe they'll stop stabbing at the Imperium when they realize just how fucked they are without the Imperium. The only reason anything is alive, except for necrons and whoever wins between the orks and tyranids, is the Imperium. It's the only fighting for large enough to even stand a chance and the Tau are just dicking about and taking important resources away from them. I've got a Tau-fag that shows up and he is acting like a fucking five year old from that new campaign book saying that because the Tau won this one big battle that means they can take of the galaxy and break Terra if it wasn't for "the greater good". I want to punch him in the face sometimes. He acts so fucking smug about it every time I fight him, especially if I got my guard. Fucker can't get it through his head that the universe is a mean place and they only thing keeping his little xenos alive is the slowly dying giant that they feel inclined to stab every now and then.

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They have, but imagining Ork Rok lucius is far more entertaining.

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What? What did I miss

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It's a somewhat obscure story, that goes on about a 'knight in pure grey armor' traveling and defeating all of the challenges in the tower of Slaanesh in the warp. He eventually gets to slaanesh herself, which appears before him as a weak, androgynous child, and as he raises his blade to strike, he is suddenly struck by an aura of purity eminating from the child, and instead of bringing his blade down on it, bows and agrees to serve it.

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Lucius the Eternal Loser has the most senseless and contrived backstory of any 40k "champion" EVER. Prove me wrong.

Iirc, he was "blessed" with immortality by Slaanesh as a reward for LOSING an arena fight and only gets to use his leet rez powers by LOSING more fights. His mad duellist skillz couldn't keep him alive, in the arena and keeping him alive on the battlefield just lets him keep LOSING. Theory: His patron wasn't really Slaanesh.


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None of that sentence makes any sense

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>It's a somewhat obscure story
Hardly that obscure, it's in the current Chaos Daemons codex that's been out for 3 years and caused quite a stir when it first hit.


>It was there, beneath the elegant spires, that the wanderer came before almighty Slaanesh. Statuesque and divinely glamorous, the deity visited him in the form of a young man possessed of an androgynous beauty – clean climbed and fresh with the vigour of youth. The knight unsheathed his rune-etched sword and made to strike him down. To his horror, he found that he could not, for the god-prince was disarming in his innocence and utterly beguiling in his manner.

>Even the purest flame can be extinguished by the tide. In that single moment of doubt the wanderer was lost. He knelt, bowing his head at last, and a single touch of the being’s glowing sceptre on each shoulder sealed his fate for eternity.

It's because dying gets Lucy really hard, and Slaanesh appreciates that.

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And are you an illiterate retard? As has been pointed out multiple times now, Lucius resurrects anyway because Slaanesh won't let him die.

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Everybody's dead Dave

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Slaanesh would likely just bring him back anyways.

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so what happens if someone kills lucius then kills themselves?
what body is there to attach on to? or is it as always just going to be a "The Gods find a way"

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So why haven't Lucius, Kharn and Typhus become daemon princes yet? You would think they have done enough to earn it many times over.

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Once you go full daemon, you can't really just hang out in realspace anymore. All three of them have reasons to want to stay in realspace to keep doing what they've been doing. Lucius wants to duel mortals, Kharn wants to claim more skulls, and Typhus wants to spread diseases.

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>The fall of Cadia was one step closer, and with it, the godhood Typhus craved.

>d-daemonic ascension when

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>Lucius falls into a sun
>Lucius the Star

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It's a different thing, it's not just godhood, when they ascend they're forced to play the great game in the warp and eternally fight for their gods there, their stints in realspace are small in comparison. Though some have been known to sort of break away and attempt to secure their singular godhood, like one story about a daemon who went to realspace and made a religion around himself.

In the end, some high up chaos servants see daemonhood as a weakness or abandomnent of duty, as they can no longer fully dedicate themselves to their duties in realspace/fucking with the imperium. Hence some getting very powerful, but not wanting to ascend, like Abaddon, who had fought against even daemon primarchs. He could ascend any time, he just doesn't want to become a slave of the chaos gods.

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>lucius dies in the void

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I thought it was mercy. Would killing him out of mercy for the screaming faces kill him for good?

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Wait there was a recent story about how Lucius is slowly feeling pieces of himself fade away and his resurrections are taking longer. He's pregnant with a daemon slowly eating away at his soul most likely.

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Interesting, I'd never heard of this, but I believe it.

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It's either daemon pregnancy or he has read the CSM codex.

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considering the rate it drained me, if he read that book he'd be gone by now.

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He must be reading the 3.5 codex to keep him alive.

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>>It was there, beneath the elegant spires, that the wanderer came before almighty Slaanesh. Statuesque and divinely glamorous, the deity visited him in the form of a young man possessed of an androgynous beauty – clean climbed and fresh with the vigour of youth. The knight unsheathed his rune-etched sword and made to strike him down. To his horror, he found that he could not, for the god-prince was disarming in his innocence and utterly beguiling in his manner.
>>Even the purest flame can be extinguished by the tide. In that single moment of doubt the wanderer was lost. He knelt, bowing his head at last, and a single touch of the being’s glowing sceptre on each shoulder sealed his fate for eternity.

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Please, Slaanesh's ability to enthrall any who look upon his bewitchingly beautiful form is well established. Pic related.

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it's not Draigo anyway. Draigo was last seen helping Karl-Franz evacuate the Old World.

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Typhus is a cuck who craves Daemonhood but will never achieve it.

Lucius and Kharn are already more powerful than Daemon Princes. They're both immortal, they both get resurrected on death, and they can go wherever they want because they are not bound to the warp like daemons. Hell Kharn's stronger than most Daemon Princes considering he IIRC BTFO a Bloodthrister and is the avatar of Khorne.

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Are you that idiot from the daily elf slave wat do thread that kept calling everyone cucks? Learn what the fucking word means you tard.

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>that idiot from the daily elf slave wat do thread that kept calling everyone cucks

The modern (ab)use of the term on 4chan is far, far bigger than that, fam.

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>The person piloting the drop pod is possessed.

Only if the person inside the drop pod realizes what he just did and takes satisfaction from it.


Then the guy would explode into a Master of Change.

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> The boulder is now Luscious

"Commissar, that Boulder over there is making faces at me again"
"I swear by the Emperor, if you don't stop with that heresy at once I'll will shoot you."

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We already addressed this in countless threads.

/tg/ reached a veredict that in that situation, Kharn would kill Lucius, then turn into Lucius, then Lucius would start punching himself wildly, then try to decapitate himself with Gorechild, then Kharn would explode out of Lucius and the cycle would repeat itself.

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