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Have you tried SOI cards yet? What were your results?

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Dark confidant a shit

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No. Is there anything good yet?

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Third for Saltblast

>> No.46135933

Just the curse of Exhaustion and New Jace combo

>> No.46135952

Some of the new vampires look super aggressive, and there's a really cool 2 mana-zombie with menace that can get back another zombie when it dies, plus a bunch of stuff with madness. Still more than half the set to be revealed though, so hopefully more cool stuff.

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This looks real good. Can't wait to use it with Liliana in Grixis.

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I've tried Traverse the Ulvenwald but I've been having trouble getting Delirium. It's definetely very similar to Chord : it's likely a dead card in the very early turns but once it's online, the situation becomes noticeably easier.

I do have trouble making the right creature toolbox for it also. I'm sure the card has the potential to be excellent, we just need to figure it out.

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Where the fuck is starfield of nyx hombre?

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Might try out the flip land in Tron in place of a ghost quarter if the meta slows down in april. Just being able to pump out little dudes as chumps while I wait to draw into a threat seems decent at the least.

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What are doing to get delirium running?

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Where are the rest of your lands?

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It's shit. First part doesn't work with RiP, and it makes enchantments die to creature removal.

The other 17 cards are basic plains.

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This card is amazing in a pox shell.

Otherwise one thing I didn't catch right away is if you have delerium you can tutor for any land, which I didn't notice at first. Get that Bojuka Bog you need or whatever else.

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I tried it in a Sultai list. Basically BGx plus Thought Scour and Serum Visions. Thought Scour is awesome for Delirium (obviously), but without it it takes some time.

Creatures, Planeswalkers (Liliana), Instants (removal), Sorcery (discard), Enchantments (Courser) and Lands (fetches) are my way to get Delirium running. The good thing is that you don't NEED Traverse for the deck to rock.

I think I should opt for a Gifts Ungiven approach. I could see this card as a 1-of in "BTL Gifts", but that's just an idea. Maybe Sultai is better than BTL Gifts.

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This card is bad don't let it fool you. Just run Bob or phyrexian arena, you will be better off trust me.

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Want try this out in 8-rack, otherwise nothing has piqued my interest (for modern, at least).

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I can't run Bob with Tasigur/Gangler, and I can't cast Arena for 1B while pitching it to Lili's +1.

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This card+Dark Confidant see more play in Legacy in blue decks than any blue card draw(except for the 2 banned delve cards).

Explain why it is nowadays allowed that black is better at card drawing than blue?

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Black has had the best card draw for a long time.

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Losing life aint shit, losing tempo trying to draw cards is.

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Is the SOI full reveal tomorrow?

>> No.46137831

Yo mamas full reveal is tonight

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Why the hell would you run rip in main in a format with no Helm of Obedience?

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Your containment board is here >>>/b/

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you sure told him anon

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Next Friday

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what's so good about this card?

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It's makes your graveyard your hand.

It has flash.

It's probably the best topdeck a blue deck can make

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instant speed flash back enabler

>> No.46138154

what's so good about flashback?

>> No.46138156

Not that good.

But I collect them, so I'll buy yours for 50 cents.

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Tried avacyn on Jeskai control, but haven't find a reliable way to flip her but it does not matter cuz it puts a fast clock and is very powerful

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Not modern, but I want to try replacing Past in Flames with pic related in Legacy Storm. Only problem is that it doesn't work well with LED like PiF, but it generates a whole lot more card advantage/mana

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Flashback allows you to cast any instant/sorcery in your graveyard.

So throughout the game, you're casting spells and filling up your GY. Then you drop your's truly and cast cast any spell from there.

He's my favorite card in Magic

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Starcitygames pls

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Meta call. Neuters Tiago/Witness/Lavamancer/Voice/Reveillark, turns off Goyf/Breach/Goyoro/Living End. Doesn't affect my deck at all.

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I think it's a great card and all, but I just think Tiago is an ugly fucking faggot and I hate looking at his ugly smug little face

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Can someone explain why this card is so great? It is divination +1 card minus three life or read the bones +1 card -scry 2 +1 life. Why the fuck do people play this damn card outside standard?

>> No.46138640

when every card in your deck is fucking good drawing 3 is still better than drawing 2. the scry wont matter much

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Is there seriously no draw 3 for 3 in blue? I can't believe this is seeing Legacy play.

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>is there seriously no draw 3 for 3 in blue?

not in the entire game. The closest is thirst for knowledge which forces discard 2 or artifact, but its a discard either way.

>> No.46138796

Every 3 mana draw 3 in blue has a downside

>> No.46138842

Don't worry, ancestral vision unban is soon :^)

>> No.46138845


>its X +1 card or Y +1 card

Thats why.

>> No.46139149

life is pretty expendable. As long as it's not 0 you're doing fine.

>> No.46139282


or 3 in my experience

>> No.46139364

the new vindicate/mortify thing that you lose 3 life on. It's alright.

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See here's your problem.

You aren't trying to use this in a Modern Belcher deck.

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modern belcher SUCKS

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>rest in peace
God that card was fun as shit to sideboard specifically for the only purpose of pissing off my friend who ran a golgari deck.

>oh, by the way I'm at threshold and my lich lord is 15/15, turn

Rest in peace

He stopped running golgari after that

Also pic related

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>>>>>>>>>>>Modern Belcher

Trying to fix a problem by introducing a new problem is poor advice.

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Of course it sucks when you have that attitude!

>> No.46139688

no its just hella bad. i've made enough shit tier combos to know what a shit tier combo looks like

>> No.46139718


I know it's bad but because you have to run 8 lands as opposed to legacy belcher where you can run 1 or 2. But just try it anyway and see if you can make it work.

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>But just try it anyway and see if you can make it work.
n o p e

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Are there any decks aside from gifts that use unburial rites?

>> No.46139923

Some cheeky cunt put Unburial+Iona package to Lantern Control on some SCG event, probably helps the worse matchups when a game winning bomb gets milled and reanimated on turn 3 since no one brings graveyard hate vs Lantern.

>> No.46140029

Its not that bad in mono blue with proteus staff and no real creatures like genjus or chimeric mass

>> No.46140637

Thanks for pointing that out, I skimmed the delirium part a dozen times assuming it just added creature>>46136982

>> No.46140782

>No argothian enchantress
>No enchantress presence

Mfw enchantress will never be a thing in modern

>> No.46140787

>opened Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
>sold him for 20 bucks because I didn't think his price would go up that much
>100 dollars card

>> No.46140818

Nice sleeves pal, where did you get em?

>> No.46140835

This looks pretty neat. How expensive is the deck?

>> No.46141017

Friend pulled a jacem vryn's prodigy. He went to a LGS to sell it. They offered him 5 dollars. He walked out. This was a couple months ago. Fuck that LGS.

>> No.46141409

One bajillion dollars

>> No.46142489

The deck itself is sleeved in House Stark sleeves my LGS was moving for $3.99/50. They're sort of rubbish. The tokens are sleeved in Movic's Chara Sleeve Collection faggotry (Cure Heart). They are obnoxiously shiny and out of print.

According to TappedOut $220 mainboard, $285 with side included. My side is
4x Nevermore (Combo)
4x Stony Silence (Affinity, Ad Nauseam)
2x Kor Firewalker (Burn)
2x Sanctimony (Burn, Blue Moon)
2x Favor of the Mighty (Boggle, Infect)
1x Rest in Peace

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Did this deck put up any real results anywhere to prove that anon wrong, or are you just bragging about a brew with nothing to back it up?

>> No.46142734

Last night at Saturday Night Modern I went 3-1, and when I posted my matches this guy lost his mind. It will make me happy forever.

>> No.46142772

He's right though. Your deck is absolutely shit and you won due to the nature of the game being random.

You need to accept this or you're not going to become a better player

>> No.46142780

Oh i thought the angel image was the back of the sleeve. I like those tokens then. Are self made?

>> No.46142819

Lol you're back again

>> No.46142841

>lost his mind
He's calling your deck shit. You're screencapping that and calling him a salt golem as if he'd been proven wrong, but the only thing you have to support your argument is a very small handful of games at your LGS.

Reading the screencap and your post, I'd assumed that deck top 8'd something relevant, because that would justify pointing to that poster and saying "Look at that salty fuck and laugh at how wrong he is." Turns out you're just posting a shitty brew and calling detractors salty because you went 2-0 against a literally who.

>> No.46142853

The deck of anon suffers of not having the true Enchantress and serra's sanctuary. Is wizards fault that modern can't support that kind of control

>> No.46142902

Not the same person.

Anyone who is even remotely good at Magic can tell you the deck is garbage. I know it's your fun pet project or whatever, but it's just too slow for a 4 turn format

>> No.46142921

They are by Johannes Voss (artist of such cards as Blood Artist and Restoration Angel). I acquired my set of Angel tokens through his Modern Essentials kickstarter. He also sends out random tokens through his Patreon.

I own legitimate decks. I choose not to play them.

At no point did I claim it was anything special. The only notable thing about it is the amusing backlash.

>> No.46143021

>At no point did I claim it was anything special.
When you screencap someone calling a deck shit and call him a salt golem, then say in the filename he's been memedeck'd hard, it is extremely reasonable to assume that something happened to prove the deck is not shit. Have something, anything, to back up your assertion that the "salt golem" isn't actually right about everything. Because right now, your only argument is an implication that he's salty, that's it.

>> No.46143054

The son of a shepherd agrees with you about the Wizards and their unspoken hatred for things that do not tap.

>> No.46143127

>Have something, anything, to back up your assertion that the "salt golem" isn't actually right about everything.
He calls it "literally" the worst deck ever assembled.
He actively disbelieves that I won a specific match.
He then "sures" everyone that my opponent in that match must have been a retard or faggot, despite believing that said opponent won.
He states that it "literally" cannot beat any Eldrazi deck on the play (luck be damned!), when the 2-0 result indicates that it did in fact happen.
He then calls me a fag.

This man is not in control of his faculties, and it is entertaining enough to share.

>> No.46143144

>Because right now, your only argument is an implication that he's salty, that's it.
Wow, you finally get it
All he's saying is anon sperged out and it amused him.

Either you're the salt golem or a full blown autist to misunderstand something and right essays about it on the chan

>> No.46143296


You know you kinda got kind of lucky in some of your matchups that nobody brought in or played Fracturing Gust against you, Bogles or Affinity must not be a thing in your store. Also not surprised you had a decent showing against UW Eldrazi(the deck really just durdles and keeps making billions of scions at times.) That deck actually has no way to interact with you in answering the prison though you need to be really careful about All is Dust. That usually always gets sided in from a couple of Eldrazi decks game 2 or game 3.

>> No.46143326

I was curious. I thought it was one of those situations where people called a deck shit, then it went on to prove it's actually really viable, prompting people to laugh at anons who called it shit. A bit like what happened with Lantern Control.

I looked it up on mtgtop8, found nothing. So I asked, in case I missed anything, and it turns out it was just an anon thinking that calling people salty somehow disproves their arguments about his shitty brew being shit.

>> No.46143398


>no enduring ideal into Form of the Dragon


>> No.46143447

>bagels is a real deck
well memed my friend!

>> No.46143469

>arguments about his shitty brew being shit.
See >>46143127. The quoted post does not contain arguments. It contains (occasionally contradictory) assertions, and copious misuse of the word "literally". Some anons in the last thread DID make convincing arguments about the deck's general ineffectiveness, and none of them are the anon I'm making fun of.

>> No.46143531

>unironically arguing about whether monowhite enchantments is a good deck
oh tg

>> No.46143555

I wish people would learn what irony is

>> No.46143567

Well at least now we know your brew is shit. Feel free to screencap this post and add it to the next picture of your shitty brew you post here.

>> No.46143579

haha same xD

>> No.46143606

Looks slow as shit senpai

>> No.46143627

Yea but how is your linear strategy of tapping critters going to deal with prisons, etc?

>> No.46143648

Please don't defend this deck.

>> No.46143774

What set is this from. Like what would I search to buy this beautiful land?

>> No.46143827


>> No.46143856

Odyssey, foils back then had only the borders foiled out. The result is really cool, specially when the art is really bright or really dark.

>> No.46143876

>beaner cards

>> No.46143887

Wow anon, what a toughie of a question
Your turn three spell that makes me pay 2 mana
I don't think a card exists that can over come this problem anon
I guess I should quit magic for not realising enchantments are infallible and unmatched permanents

>> No.46143888

Thanks, I thought it was, as I have some old foils and I like the old style best. Phone won't open the image for some reason though

>> No.46143908

There are no Spanish cards in that photograph.

>> No.46143934

There's only one beaner card actually, the Rune Halo is in French.

>> No.46143938

Someone told me they were unbanning umezawa's jitte. Is this true?

>> No.46143942

I think he meant terrorist cards

>> No.46143956

Yes. Can confirm. Am wizards of the coast

>> No.46143966


>> No.46143971

No one knows anything yet

Except Eye ban

>> No.46144008

I would like to distance myself from this guy.

>> No.46144051

Nobody cares. You're fucking anonymous you idiot

>> No.46144272

I would play 40 turns and win against you easily,but nice flavour,im making this tonight

>> No.46144409

Fuck stores like that. Fucking follow the price market dipshits

>> No.46144550

I want to build grishoalbrand but I know it's going to get banned eventually

>> No.46144683

Why would it get banned? It folds to free spells.

>> No.46144744

Because it wins early and doesn't just use good stuff creatures

>> No.46144810

I think SSG will probably get the ax soon enough. The deck isn't all that popular which is good, but it breaks the 'turn 4 rule' in modern

>> No.46144874

Know what else breaks the Turn 4 rule? Infect. Why won't it get banned? It's easy as shit to counter. Anything cast with SSG is easy as shit to counter.

>> No.46144903


SSG isn't the problem card. It's Goryo's Vengeance. An argument could be made for Nourishing Shoal too.

>> No.46144998

>he draws hate every game
I bet affinity is trash too

>> No.46145005

The only thing it has over Ojutai is flash?

>> No.46145049

SSG promotes any current or future degenerate combo deck. It's a safe ban, but Goryo's is as well.

>> No.46145064

I have a pair of these in my SB for Boggles, I would love to play against this deck

>> No.46145106

just play engineered explosives you rere it serves multiple purposes while being basically the same as back to nature but better

>> No.46145168


Problem is that banning SSG would indirectly hit Ad Nauseam when that deck isn't a problem deck. Goryo's only goes in one deck.

>> No.46145214

Brewing BUG Land Destruction. Since 3 people run Tron (2 RG, 1 U) I feel it might get good results.

Here's where I'm at now, thoughts ?

4 Smallpox
2 Shadow of Doubt
4 Life From the Loam
3 Snapcaster Mage
3 Eternal Witness
1 Rain of Tears
3 Abrupt Decay
3 Inquisition of Kozilek
2 Thoughtseize
1 Dismember
4 Mana Leak
2 Damnation
3 Fulminator Mage
1 Doom Blade

4 Ghost Quarter
2 Forest
2 Swamp
1 Island
4 Polluted Delta
4 Verdant Catacomb
3 Watery Grave
3 Overgrown Tomb
1 Breeding Pool

>> No.46145225

just stop

>> No.46145233

EE gets negated by Stony Silence, this doesnt.

>> No.46145254

bro who is gonna bring in stony silence against a non-artifact deck

>> No.46145290


>> No.46145320

People still play this shit format?

>> No.46145381


still better than standard

>> No.46145387

Is that a real question or did you just drop in this thread to let us know you don't like thing?

>> No.46145400


>that one nigger hating on bogles strikes again

>> No.46145491

I used to like thing. Then Twin was banned. Then I started to not like thing. Then Wizards printed new cards in Oath of the Gatewatchâ„¢ that crushed the format without emergency banning them despite the top 8 of the PT and multiple GPs containing 6+ copies of the deck. So then I stopped liking thing.

Maybe I'd like thing again if Wizards stopped being a bunch of incompetent dipshits, but I doubt it. People never change; you just learn more about them.

>> No.46145508

The SCG camera angle shows off double chins way too well. It's super unflattering.

>> No.46145528

I seriously don't get why it is hated so much. It is a good but not great deck that requires a lot of mulligans and folds hard to plenty of cheap efficient answers.

>> No.46145599

So I just priced out my grixis control deck(grindy version with baby Jace & discard spells) and it is over 1200 in value. Should I sell it off now or wait and see if Titi or something else can push the deck to tier one status?

>> No.46145611

Rule of Law
Eidolon of Rhetoric
Render Silent

I'm gonna get so much salt from my circle

>> No.46145612


People just don't like dumb as fuck decks. See Burn, Infect and RG Tron.

>> No.46145620

So you just dropped by to let us know you don't like thing. Got it.

>> No.46145682

If Eldrazi eat stiff enough bans and Combo makes a comeback, I'm sure Grixis will have a renaissance.

>> No.46145688

Yup. Enjoy your dwindling player base and increasingly expensive game!

>> No.46145711

Enjoy being a sad little man who can't handle others having fun

>> No.46145722

What good deck in modern isn't dumb as fuck? Serious question

>> No.46145731

I don't actually play Modern. Stay mad though.

>> No.46145800

Scapeshift and Kiki-Chord... Well I can't think of any others

>> No.46145814

>have UR delver
>want to add B
>have to buy thoughtseizes and IoQ's and other expensive black cards
Can't wait for that tax return, mang

>> No.46145824


Most of them are dumb, but those 4 are dumber than others. You got Kiki-Chord, Abzan Company and the rest of the creature toolbox decks, while not particularly complicated, isn't linear or boring to play or play against. There's decks like Hatebears, D&T, Elves and the rest of the fringe tier 3 decks like Dredge, U Tron and Skred. Even As Nauseam requires proper sequencing and tight gambles to pull off. I would put Grixis and BGx variants there if they weren't dead as fuck right now.

Point is non-interactivity is alright to an extent, but being so redundant about it just makes it frustrating to play against, glass cannon or not, especially in big events where you have to face said decks around 3-4x because of their popularity.

>> No.46145838

Is there a deck for Bob that doesn't also run either Stoneforge, Goyf, Tiago or Young Pyro?

It's shit how my favourite of the 1X OP creature "cycle" is the only one who needs the others to compete.

>> No.46146009

SFM isn't even legal

>> No.46146141

Is Human Tribal fun?

>> No.46146235

That happened when he was just released, I didn't get scammed.

>> No.46146283


Pretty boring. Zombies are way better when it comes to fun factor. Arguably the funnest tribe in Modern are either Allies or Slivers

>> No.46146325

Naw, man. The 5800 people simultaneously attending 3 different Modern GPs? It was all a lie set up by the Illuminati. I don't why yet... but I'm working on it.

That's all I can really say without blowing my cover.

>> No.46146336


If I recall well allies were considered tier 3 according to that one excel list that someone posted here not so long ago. So outside of merfolk they're the best tribal pick at the moment.

>> No.46146354

Elves are tier one. Anyone saying otherwise hasn't played them. Mad strong

>> No.46146365

"Salt Golem" Here.
Whoever this "faggot enchantment deck" guy is, I'm willing to settle the dispute. I will pay for half of your plane ticket, and I will allow you to Tay at one of my morels in New Hampshire for a 5 day vacation, on the grounds that 1 of the days, we playtest my friends UW Eldrazi deck against your shit faggot deck. Both decks as is, no modifications. If you're not man enough to back up your deck then you're a fucking pussy and I hate you.

>> No.46146388

It is in the better formats.

>> No.46146391

but there's no Crystalline because R&D hates the best creatures they ever made

>> No.46146402


It's not even about being the best, more like being the funnest to play. You can do a lot of shit with allies and slivers and they all require some form of toolbox tactics and create immediate board presence due to the nature of their mechanics. If we're talking about literally best tribe when it comes to competitive play, ifs Eldrazi, Merfolk and Elves

>> No.46146412

>not just playing it out on MODO

>> No.46146456

I think it would probably cost less to buy that deck on an account on MODO than to fly him out gere

>> No.46146478

C'mon Donald, you can afford the whole fare.

>> No.46146546

17 Plains and the shit besides Leyline shouldn't be that much.

>> No.46146548

>no modifications
more like made specifically tuned to beat some one's white enchantment fnm deck you chubby little queer

>> No.46146562

I'm talking about uw Eldrazi you cuck

>> No.46146616

Newb here,

Are any of the cards worth a damn or workable in modern?

I want to get into modern and i was wondering if any of these cards are worth a damn in the format

can i center a deck around any of these? (im also keeping track of what they're worth, ignore that).

Thundermaw Hellkite - $13.50
Legion loyalist - $11.50
Vexing devil - $14.50
Goblin cheiftan X2 - $16
Hellrider - $1
Kazuul,Tyrant of the cliffs - $1.25
Ogre Arsonist - $5.00
Krenko Mob Boss - $7.00
Sulfuric Vortex - $1.25
Burning Earth foil - $2.50
Bloodline keeper - $9.00
Vivid marsh foil - $2.25
Temple of deceit - $2.75
Medomai the ageless - $1.25
Mutavault - $27.00
temple of abandon - $1.25
anger of the gods - $2.50
prophet of kruphix - $2.75
mind funeral - $6.00
duskmantle seer - $1.50
mirko vosk - $1.50
battlewise hoplite foil - $1.50
heros downfall - $2.75
avacyn angel of hope - $35.00

$165 **

rootbound crag - $2.75
dragonskull summit - $4.00
exava radkos blood witch foil - $1.50
nicol bolas planeswalker - $13.50
render silent foil - $2.25
sunpetal grove X2 $6.50
expirament one - $2.00
colossus of akros - $2.25
temple of silence - $2.25
sylvan caryatid - $3.25
door of destinies - $6.00
temple of triumph - $1.50
thragtusk - $6.25
meandering towershell foil - $1.00
electrolyze - $2.25
woodfall primus - $11.00
chandra's phoenix - $1.00
fathom mage foil - $1.75
akromas memorial - $18.00
gilded lotus - $13.00
battle for zenikar foil full art island - $10.00
elspeth, suns champion - $8.75

>> No.46146626

>I'm talking about uw Eldrazi
Oh yeah.

>you cuck
No need to be such a dick.

>> No.46146672

You appear to have some kind of budget or reservation regarding money. Don't get into modern

>> No.46146678

Make 8 whack

>> No.46146679

yeah. make your deck around the BfZ island

>> No.46146721


>> No.46146733

Good, but not Modern legal:
Sulfuric Vortex - $1.25

These are shit:
Thundermaw Hellkite - $13.50
Goblin cheiftan X2 - $16
Hellrider - $1
Kazuul,Tyrant of the cliffs - $1.25
Ogre Arsonist - $5.00
Krenko Mob Boss - $7.00
Burning Earth foil - $2.50
Bloodline keeper - $9.00
Vivid marsh foil - $2.25
Medomai the ageless - $1.25
temple of abandon - $1.25
prophet of kruphix - $2.75
mind funeral - $6.00
duskmantle seer - $1.50
mirko vosk - $1.50
battlewise hoplite foil - $1.50
heros downfall - $2.75
avacyn angel of hope - $35.00
rootbound crag - $2.75
dragonskull summit - $4.00
exava radkos blood witch foil - $1.50
nicol bolas planeswalker - $13.50
render silent foil - $2.25
sunpetal grove X2 $6.50
colossus of akros - $2.25
temple of silence - $2.25
sylvan caryatid - $3.25
door of destinies - $6.00
temple of triumph - $1.50
thragtusk - $6.25
meandering towershell foil - $1.00
woodfall primus - $11.00
chandra's phoenix - $1.00
fathom mage foil - $1.75
akromas memorial - $18.00
gilded lotus - $13.00

Semi playable:
Legion loyalist - $11.50
Vexing devil - $14.50
elspeth, suns champion - $8.75
electrolyze - $2.25
Temple of deceit - $2.75
anger of the gods - $2.50
expirament one - $2.00

Mutavault - $27.00

>> No.46146787

>thundermaw hellkite
Fuck you bruh

>> No.46146789


>> No.46146812

It's actually a fine card... just doesn't fit into Modern decks atm.

>> No.46146832

>battle for zenikar foil full art island - $10.00

Is this Star of David Games Pricing ??

>> No.46146907

it's canada bucks, our dollar is shit rn

>> No.46146949

I think it's a good 1 of in UWR funtrol.

>> No.46146966

>Vexing devil - $14.50
>Goblin cheiftan X2 - $16

8whack. Don't expect to win too much, though.

>> No.46147009

i just want to meme on some people, unlikely i'll win tournies

>> No.46147069

Every deck I like isn't dumb as fuck, every other deck is a stupid autopilot deck that a baby can play to top 8

>> No.46147212

>yfw when it's true about burn https://youtu.be/KPf0vnusXx8

>> No.46147239

Why is there so much hate for kiki chord on here? Everytime I post my list or ask a question about it I get flamed.

>> No.46147260

Don't sweat it. Just a bunch of sore losers that shit on anything halfway decent.

>> No.46147301

>kids as young as 13 taught to shuffle their hands like faggots

>> No.46147348

If you can trigger the rage is very powerful against zoo, affinity and infect. but oujutain technically has better protecton than her

>> No.46147422

What are those?

>> No.46147428

>kiki chord
>halfway decent

>> No.46147449

Looks like some sliced chicken breast to me

>> No.46147452

It's shit in Modern.
It's great in Standard and Legacy.

>> No.46147457

Looks like chicken.

>> No.46147580

Opinions on the full art Cryptics vs the MM 2015 foils?

I can sell my MM2015s and upgrade for like 2 dollars each.

>> No.46147616


m15 border is always the wrong choice

>> No.46147636

I go full art at every opportunity I can personally, just cause

>> No.46147695


>> No.46147787

>13 year olds are objectively better at mtg than every single /tg/ poster

not surprising in the slightest

>> No.46148008

I think it really speaks more about the retardeD linear burn strategy than the kids talent

>> No.46148051

Just got the last Bitterblossoms i needed for B/W tokens. Pretty pumped.

>> No.46148126

Are you planning to run Westvale Abbey when it comes out?

>> No.46148174

Maybe as a 1-of just for the token making ability. The sac 5 dudes and flip seems bad.

>> No.46148197

Oh my god, is this real life? Are you really so fucking mad that you got insulted on an anonymous iranian cooking forum you're trying to fly that fag to your house to defend your fucking honor? Holy shit you are autistic as fuck man, good luck with the whole "No items, Fox only, Final Destination" shit. God damn, I hope he takes you up on your offer, if he does please stream it for us all.

>> No.46148202

Is there any reason you choose to run a shitty inferior deck rather than a good deck?

>> No.46148239

>salt golem detected

>> No.46148248

Oh yes I intend to live stream it, maybe I'll pay to advertise it, not really sure, I just want everyone to see that worthless faggots enchantment deck get repeatedly shit on, until he can't take it anynore. Then after he's done I'll belittle him for the next 4 days.

>> No.46148284

Built it when it was cheap, always had a thing for tokens (first deck ever was a G/W token deck form original Ravnica), and the $70 to finish of the deck is a lot less expensive then building somthing else.

I also just think it is fun. Feel like playing magic instead of some linear deck or stalling till you get a combo, not that there is anything wrong with those just not my style.

>> No.46148311

How is tokens not linear? You just jam anthems and token spells, seems pretty linear

>> No.46148369

Well one of my other decks is Bogles, so tokens has more thinking than that and stuff like Thoughtseize and IoK are a little skill intensive.

>> No.46148467

Every time someone tries to tell me TS and IoK don't have any skill requirement, I recall the time a Rack player Inquisitioned me turn 1 to reveal two LotVs, a bolt and a rune snag. He chose a Lili.

>> No.46148509

The kid knows his shit, I've seen people play burn for 20 years and still shit the bed against discard decks.

>> No.46148580

Every time I see people hand shuffle I know they're a fucking tryhard.

But what do I know, I play Foil Burn :^)

>> No.46148615

All we know is you have foil lava spikes

>> No.46148680

Did he have a follow up?

>> No.46148712


Russian foil your entire deck.

>> No.46148787

He followed up with Wrench Mind which I used the Rune Snag on, and a mutavault later ate the bolt. I didn't even cast the remaining Lili. His whole plan collapsed because turn 1 he chose the least-effective card in that matchup to get rid of.

>> No.46148792

Where do people buy rune cards?

>> No.46148861

Are you a lumberjack ??
What kind of chainsaw do you use ?

>> No.46148869

Because they cost more money or because they're weabs

>> No.46148900


As a yuropoor, you can get all your rune cards from magiccardmarket.

>> No.46148903


>> No.46148906

Everything looks linear when you're retarded.

>> No.46148924

No wonder why /tg/ is bad at magic if /tg/ can't read

>> No.46148987

>can't read
>can't spell

>> No.46148994

stihl all day erry day

>> No.46149073

Faggot not using Jonsered

>> No.46149121

>using a jonsered
smdh tbqh

>> No.46149191

It plays removal, disruption and often gets into situations where creature combat is relevant. Not even close to linear compared to things like infect or burn.

>> No.46149288

aaaa I did it..I bought 3 full art cryptics for $40 each in NM condition. couldn't let that deal pass me up.

now it's gonna be super hard to sell these mm 2015 foils

>> No.46149301

>all these nerds flinging insults around about chainsaws
>none of them have held one it their pale, skinny fingers
>they probably never will

>> No.46149348

Hello. Wut?

>> No.46149377


>> No.46149388

i'll come on you faggot

>> No.46149405

>Want to come on me
>I am the faggot


>> No.46149479

you must be new i take it.

>> No.46149536

No (You) must be new

>> No.46149592

>look mom i'll show him with this dank meme.

>> No.46149854

Why do people hate Burn so much?

>> No.46149975

heh i remember that

>> No.46150177

Because it's rather unfair and hard to interact with. Most decks can't deal with a bunch of burn to the face, other then race.

>> No.46150197

If it's so unfair, why isn't it getting banned?

>> No.46150198

It's so easy to gain life. It's not even a hassle to commit sideboard slots for burn matchups

>> No.46150221

Wizards has literally never banned anything off their regular banning schedule mang (memory jar was just added on to the next scheduled update)

>> No.46150228


>> No.46150270

It doesn't kill on turn 2 and it still let's your opponent think he's playing magic.

>> No.46150292

i see. you called me autistic because you're a dumb fuck who can't do anything but use shitty buzz words. well played.

>> No.46150300

I don't get how slinging fireballs and bolts isn't ' playing magic '

>> No.46150309

because 7 lightning bolts is an OP combo.

although in modern it's more like 4 bolts and a goblin guide. the opponent's lands do the rest of the work

>> No.46150314

You have to draw those cards, and hope they don't have one of the 6-8 skull crack effects in their hand, and have a hand that can win if you do resolve a life gain card.

>> No.46150336

Bans are when?

>> No.46150339

I don't think burn is unfair like that guy does, however I do think it's annoying how even though it never actually wins anything you still have to dedicate a couple sideboard slots to it because it's played fucking everywhere.

>> No.46150340

i didn't say that. i'm saying burn isn't a deck that shuts down your opponent with lock pieces or combos off before you can do anything.

>> No.46150345 [DELETED] 

y r u so mad m8 ?

>> No.46150378

This deck is FAR better with Enduring Ideal, Sphere of Safety and Dovescape.

>> No.46150410

Dovescape with a Runes of Warding out would be hilarious

>> No.46150430

>New Hampshire
Ignore this, my state isn't like this I promise

>> No.46150435

The ONLY legitimate complaint of Burn is that a good burn deck can be made for the cost of one fetchland, so >>46150339 's scenario is likely.


>> No.46150457

Orbs of Warding? Why would you play that shit over Sphere of Safety?

>> No.46150514

i'm not mad. stupid people trying to call me stupid is annoying. also,
>checking my non existent digits

>> No.46150573

Yeah, Orbs of Warding. It just makes all their birds useless.

>> No.46150595

While you die to their other creatures, yes.

Attacking through your Spheres will require more mana than they have in their entire deck.

>> No.46151082

There is. Its called Brainstorm + Fetchland

>> No.46151294

you end up with a net of 0 more cards in hand. it's a cantrip. it's ludicrously powerful due to all the interactions it has with other cards in the game, but it's still a cantrip

>> No.46151391

You are still filtering to get quality over quantity. Blue is sculpting for quality advantage, black is raw numbers advantage.

>> No.46151418

At lower cmc

>> No.46151859

>blue will never get UU draw 2 with a delve drawback

>> No.46151947

>blue will never get U, draw 3 cards

>> No.46151965

Is 8whack worth building?
I am going to run something like this:
1 Blood Crypt
4 Bloodstained Mire
3 Cavern of Souls
4 Mountain
2 Stomping Ground
4 Wooded Foothills
4 Foundry Street Denizen
4 Goblin Bushwhacker
4 Goblin Guide
4 Goblin Piledriver
4 Legion Loyalist
4 Mogg Fanatic
2 Mogg War Marshal
4 Spike Jester
4 Atarka's Command
4 Goblin Grenade
4 Lightning Bolt

Maybe going -1 mountain +1 blood crypt. How do you guys feel about playing Auntie's Hovel as well?

>> No.46152194

5UU - draw two cards

It would probably be "too broken" huh?

I mean, I'd fucking play it.

>> No.46152248

>Auntie's Hovel
Literally what reason do you have not to. Looks pretty good famalam

>> No.46152367

>Tfw got all the fetches for your deck and it instantly is 2 turns faster on average to deal lethal damage

Feels good

>> No.46152388

Suicide Jund?

>> No.46152527


>> No.46152545

You'd think burn would kill you two turns earlier and not the other way around.

>> No.46152738

I'm playing burn

>> No.46152757

I'm sorry to hear thar

>> No.46152843

Not fetch-able maybe?

>> No.46152905

Are you still here, Seto? How are you enjoying the new Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon card?

>> No.46153140

dont be

>> No.46153680

This is truly something else.
Any other basic lands come close to this in forests or the rest?

>> No.46153688


Souls Sisters is competitive and cheaper than standard.


8whack wins dailies constantly. You must be thinking of the cheapest ultra budget version. pleb

>> No.46153711


Ewww. Worst editions of them. Terrible.

>> No.46153847

In Modern every deck either takes too much damage from their mana base to operate or is too slow to deal with turn 4 lethal, only notable exception being post-pod decks and Infect latter of which literally can't beat burn without the god draw. Burn is basically a coin flip deck for retards and/or poor people who win and lose by their topdecks and thus losing to it is aggravating. Even though it never wins anything big it demands dedicated sideboard slots just so you can get through the swiss.

>> No.46153914

the only viable land destruction deck is skred.

>> No.46153916

Why pay a premium for the Weebigawa set?

>> No.46153932

Skred is not a land destruction deck. It has Moons. At best it's running a couple Molten Rains

>> No.46154019

>you didnt spend as much money as me
>are those 4th ed mountains?
>stop lightning bolting me
>your deck is uninteractive
>eidolon is so gay
>you wanna ID? i can cash with a draw...

dreamcrushing you in swiss is a hobby of mine

>> No.46154074

It's not dreamcrushing when you're wasting your own time doing it to people.

That's how I felt when I played burn at FNM. I was basically wasting three hours of my night to cast approximately 25 spells. If there was any deck I could ban it would be Burn so it couldn't waste other peoples' time as well.

>> No.46154118

>wasting your own time doing it
putting tourneyfags into the X-2 and X-3 brackets isn't a waste of time. the heavy sigh and refusal to look me in the eye when they sign the slip and check off 'DROP' before waddling off to the empty tables to try and shark trades from kids is enough to sustain me for weeks off schadenfreude alone.

>> No.46154161


weebikawa made me laugh but
why not just have the non foil originals

Nothing beats original versions. i hate reprints

>> No.46154199


#1 deck in Modern is $236 bucks.

#1 deck in Standard is $485

You haven't really kept up with the formats I'm guessing.

>> No.46154299

Eldrazi will get banned next month and the next cheapest deck is several hundreds more.

>> No.46154368

$236 bucks and falling because it will eat a ban into oblivion in 2 weeks. People are selling out of the meme.
Next real deck on the list is affinity.

>> No.46154598

These posts have inspired me to pick up Burn. And make it Foil, for extra emphasis.

>> No.46154617

And this was where it was a month ago. Wizards, Pros, and people with in-depth knowledge of the game knows the deck is going to get gutted harder than Amulet Bloom and Splinter Twins.

>> No.46154633

But that's just it, Burn doesn't crush dreams because it doesn't win anything, it's easier to hate out than Dredge in Legacy. It steals game 1 and the occasional game 2 if the other player doesn't draw any of their sideboard nor a clock.

>> No.46154671

How do I counterfeit? I'm not rich but I want to play all the meme decks I can think of.

>> No.46154700

Search aliexpress and look for black core stuff.

>> No.46154770

No. Those full arts are shitty as the FTV stuff : enjoy your curved destroyers of sleeves.

>> No.46154788

>TFW I can finally play modern with good cards

>> No.46154833



>> No.46154836

Yfw you receive the package and you have a T A R M O G O Y F that looks like shit.
I tried chink fake anon, they're not good at all.
Some are faded out (red cards are horrible, sometimes too Dark sometimes washed out colors). Some have text with odd spaces L I K E T H I S. Some even misses things (the inkmoth nexus doesn't have the background symbol in the text box).
Some lands are okayish (marsh flats, and arid mesa can be played)
But frankly it's garbage. Try it, it doesn't cost much. But don't expect to fool anyone.

>> No.46154905

Hey, i have a copy of pic related, back when 13 old me was playing mtg.
Should i hurry to sell it, incase all this Shadow over Innistrad eldritch things happens to be Marit Lage?

>> No.46154928

It's 50/50 whether EM will affect its price, SoI will have zero impact.

>> No.46155009

just play on xmage senpai, you can build any deck you want for free and play it online as much as you want for free.

>> No.46155027

Problem is, Xmage is full of memeister with their shitbrews.

>> No.46155152

Is there ever a pauper general? Does anyone play pauper besides me and my horrible friends?

I don't lurk /tg/ often desu

>> No.46155397

There is a pauper general open from time to time. If not, you can start your own, or look for the "eternal" general, where they also tend to discuss pauper, I think.

>> No.46155462

You're supposed to cast Starfield as a bomb.

>> No.46155611

Your FNM isn't?

I have a metagame netdeck store and a casual shitbrew store that I can choose from.

>> No.46155722

New Thread

>> No.46155733

I'm retarded

>> No.46156498

7 lands, you fucktard. I actually play mono-green Belcher and it's not abjectly terrible, just kinda terrible. It is somewhat faster than people think. It's only issue is that you have to lean on the backup plan pretty frequently. Luckily, a turn 3 wurmcoil->a turn 4 chancellor of the tangle is surprisingly hard for many decks to stop.

It's not a good deck, but it's a damn fun one.

>> No.46158339

If i use gideons 0 to make a creature and then use an eldrazi displacers ability on him, when he re enters the field can i use the ability again or not because he's tapped? Also if gideon was at say 1 loyalty would he return back at full loyalty?

>> No.46158542

>whoa look at me and my super shiny deck
>yeah it's even got Guru lands I can throw so much money into Magic
>gets BTFO by some kid half his age who bought Fire&Lightning plus some singles

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