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All 40k databases threads on tg Edition

>Rules databases

>Forgotten Library (most complete, with shitscan)
>Arrogant warmachine Library (epub codexs; incomplete)
>Rho-Mu 31 Library (war magazine scans)


>40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s)

>Forgeworld Book index

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>Orks are a melee race!

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cant termies just teleport into buildings and stuff? Like zone mortalis

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They can but it's more dangerous than taking a drop pod. Drop Pods make it so they can automatically come in turn one and don't teleport into a wall and die.

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Hi crazily early new thread #273.

Is there a non-phone format PDF of Curse of the Wulfen yet? I can't be assed shelling out forty bucks for a campaign book with a handful of relevant rules again. Already done that twice this year.

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telefragging is rather painful anon

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Multiple Tankbusta

Big warbiker unit

Double Dakka Jets

Mek guns.

We good?

Think it covers all my bases.

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Teleport-deploying century old veterans in nearly irreplaceable suits of extra bulky armour.


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Should try Ork telyportas, best in the galaxy.

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But anon, terminators are just regular troops laughinggreyknights.jpg

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Gonna be playing against some nids this spring break.

Flamers would be wise to take on a bunch of squads especially if the player is known for blob armies, aye?

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Yes, being a list-tailoring faggot does tend to result in winning.

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>tailoring against nids
I hope you're playing orks.

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are you...are you actually advocating list tailoring....against tyranids?

besides good nid lists will have flyers and big gribblies that flamers wont be much use against.

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It's horrible. I once played against marine player that had bolters. BOLTERS! No armor save for me and wounds on 3+. Fucking list tailoring faggot.

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>Implying the other guy won't be tailoring against me
Come the fuck on.

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It actually makes sense considering they're slow and need huge tanks or planes to deploy normally.

In the fluff the lightning teleports allow them to sneak attack enemies and teleport into tunnels and shit. But since the game is D6 and you're not allowed to charge after DS the table doesn't translate to the fluff well.

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>But he did it too, Mum!

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just take your regular stuff, shoot their combat units, melee the shooting units, kill the big ones, remember to take some anti air, play to objectives.

well what do you play and why do you need help?

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>Actually advocating for 100% static lists


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>Why field something unless its min-maxed!

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I'm now imagining a Grey Knight commander casually tossing away hundreds of terminators on worthless suicide missions just to smugly lord his terminator troops over a regular captain.

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>Actually advocating list tailoring


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yellow v grey

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>Being so obsessed with being special snowflakes you'd run subpar armies and lose

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>Being so obsessed with winning that you can't just take a general list that covers a lot of weapon types instead of having to swap everything out every match.

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Could choose any army, chose the shit jobber race. I bet you stink of shit... In all seriousness though to not learn the best way to fight each army is dumb. Just because the nids suck doesn't mean he should play with training wheels. If it's just a fluff game for fun, run whatever you want but that anon did nothing wrong.

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Yes. If it means playing the army and theme I want too, I don't mind if in increases my chances of losing.

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just picked up some tomb blades. the small blast weapon is the go-to right?

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>Could choose any army, chose the shit jobber race. I bet you stink of shit

When did I say I played Nids?

> to not learn the best way to fight each army is dumb

'Learning' that horde Nids are weak to flamers is really basic shit.

There's also a difference between 'playing with training wheels' and sticking flamers on everything.

This isn't like Imperial Knights where not list tailoring is going to make you lose and make some of your units useless.

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I just spam the fuck out of battlewagons and dakkajets and hope they didnt bring enough stuff to deal with flyers and high av

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Because Nigel Stillman said so.


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>caring so much about winning that he forces his opponent to gimp his list

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Why play this game just to win if it means playing an army you don't like?

Doesn't make sense.

I'm not going to spend that much money and time on models I don't like, much less faction.

That's why even though Tau and Eldar are the best I'm not going to buy stupid Stormsurges or jetbikes. I have a fully painted shitty fluffy zone mortalis marine army and 3 color spraypainted DV bikes and grav centurions for tryhard list.

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>gimping your list is the same as not taking a 100% optimal loadout

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>A list is gimped unless it counters another in every single way possibly imaginable.

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Just bought a nice little raven guard army Shrike+2 scout squads + everything to make a shadow strike kill team. Thinkin ill supplement them with a bastion and maybe an inquisitor. my main worries are dealing with getting murdered first turn.

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But it is. It's just not purposeful gimping. You're still gimped if you're not maxed out. That's how numbers work, man. 2 > 1.

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Does anyone have a picture of the Ork Decurion?

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Except that your Flamer spam list is going to be strong against Tyranids, but 'gimped' if you end up facing Knights.

A list isn't gimped by not curbstomping a specific thing. If anything, a list is gimped more by specializing rather than taking a variety of stuff.

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not static lists; just doing your own thing. i got a buddy i'm seeing tomorrow. i'm pretty sure he's gonna go war convo but i'd rather field double keeper of secrets and burning chariots over kairos and dogs

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I'm not the tailoring faglord, I was assuming you were talking about standardized netlists or a TAC build.

The statement that "just because you aren't at 100% peak efficiency doesn't mean you are at a disadvantage" is factually incorrect.

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Stock waaghband stock 524p
5 War buggies w/TL-rokkits x 10 1250p
Total: 1774p/1850p
Leaves 76p, any suggestions on what to take?

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Mek gunz.

>> No.46015507

Two large grot squads.

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Learn to epub

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>The statement that "just because you aren't at 100% peak efficiency doesn't mean you are at a disadvantage" is factually incorrect.

>Therefore: You are at a disadvantage if you aren't at 100% efficiency with your list

Cool. I'm going to go run Eldar Scatbike & Wraithspam against my friend's Ork army. Wouldn't want to be at a disadvantage :^)

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Exactly. Who wouldn't want to maximize their chances of winning at the expense of enjoyment?

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After all, if you don't kill them in one turn, what's the point?

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Well, we know from 3e codex that Immortals were the first to be made and they were used to turn the rest of the population into Necrons, so it's pretty clear that Warriors are the plebs while Immortals are purpose built soldiers. But at least it wasn't said outright.

In the end you don't even have to keep it all "it's a mystery, wooo..." Just have some distance to it. Have them be told from a 3rd person. Have their fluff be tales of survivors, myths and legends. Their deeds only experiences by others, not told by they themselves. Their motives only speculated. Just don't fucking make them senile old shits who could rule the galaxy if they weren't complete retards. Don't gimp their designs because of "muh traditions".

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Emperor forbid those orks capture objectives and be a threat, that would be quite awful.

>> No.46015817

This. There was tonnes of stuff in the old fluff, that hinted at objectives without giving you everything.
Like the story about Necrons showing up, mercing everyone in a settlement, and taking a single child with them. IIRC they hinted at the child being a blank.

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This. If you want to add 'personality' or 'motives' to what is essentially a faceless, mindless faction (like oldcrons or tyranids), then you do it through their enemies.

Have the Guardsmen fighting a dynasty or hive fleet consider them clever and conniving when they use ambushes to great effect. Have Eldar view them as brutish and relentless when they charge in large powerful units. Have Marines see them as uncaring and unending when they simply field vast numbers.

You have those factions be a mirror for whoever they're fighting, their 'personality' simply an interpretation based off of their usual tactics.

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i just cheese ork players as hard as i can in the hopes that they stop coming to the shop

fuck ork players and their whiny entitles attitude

>> No.46015907

what if i'm a daemon player considering adding in an ork allied deatchment for more crazy? i like the look of a big mek with that artillery piece

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>fuck ork players and their whiny entitles attitude
I've never met a whiny ork player irl.
Some of them were annoyingly garrulous, but I can't remember them ever complaining.

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But then you'll never get to fight armies like this


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Mate, I remember reading that in whatever rulebook/WD it was and thinking it could use some amendment.

Might be the 5th ed WHFB rulebook it's from? Or am I misremembering?

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Ork players are a bit odd. Typically they're the most likely ones to sacrifice list efficiency in the name of fun, but you get some strange min-maxers in there that achieve some crazy shit in their lists.

>> No.46016176

Every time i fight the local ork player its just constant comments and downer quips

>Blow up both his battlewagons turn one
>"Of course that would happen"
>complains about how the game is already over as his meganobz will never make it onto combat now

>> No.46016181

Are we supposed to pretend nobody in 40k knows who they will be fighting on this particular planet?

>> No.46016257

I'm pretty sure it was a series in old white dwarf. Not sure of the exact number, early 200s I think.

On that note, anyone got the link to the archive of old white dwarfs?

>> No.46016270

Why would a group of marines only bring flamers to fight Orks? Don't they know Orks have Stompas and the like?

>> No.46016318

Often they don't.
>We're off to deal with an ork invasion my brothers.
>There's actually a chaos incursion! What a TWIIIIIIIST!
>There's also eldar helping the orks against chaos! What a TWIIIIIIIST!
>There's also some necrons waking up! What a TWIIIIIIIST!
>Brother Prankius has annoyed the Sons of Orar with his whoopie cushion so we have to fight them too! What a TWIIIIIIIST!

>> No.46016341

>Space Marine force on a planet
>Ork incursions pop out of warpspace
>WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to equip all our tacticals with flamers, switch out all our vehicles with flamer, and get the admech to install flamers on our dreadnaughts, give us a second

>> No.46016347

>Uses fluff to justify list tailoring

Even more disgusting

>> No.46016373

Ah, probably. It's frustrating when you recognise something like that you read 15 years ago but can't place it.

>> No.46016383

unless you're deathwing with belial

>> No.46016388

>Hold on, we also need to have a Chapter wide planning session to refresh ourselves on Salamander tactics.

>> No.46016833

>Codex Astartes is nothing more than a laundry list of min/maxing your armies for specific foes and reference cards for 'tactical' responses to every situation

>> No.46016878


It's funny because it would be 100% in character.

>> No.46017085

Don't forget that anyone telling you a faceless race that lives only through the experiences of others is stupid, point them towards the Tyranids and ask them to show you where's the Swarmlord wining and dining his prisoners or a hive tyrant deciding that his armies won't use guns because of honorary combat of gentlemen.

>> No.46017137

I do with they would expand on that whole 'experiences of others' part for Tyranids. I'd like to see more quotes and stories about other races discussing theories about the Tyranids and their thoughts on Hive Fleets they've fought.

>> No.46017238

How should I load out my wip doods?

>> No.46017344

Preferably buried in a ditch somewhere, covered in their own dead

>> No.46017449


> being this decimated

Damn, I knew IW's were autistic but this is a whole new level :^)

>> No.46017483

Did somebody say "lets give tyranids personality instead of them being dumb animals"? Because I'm sure I heard someone say "I want tyranids to get the same treatment as necrons did."

>biological weapons created by a genetical engineering master race, think engineers from Prometheus
>all the creatures we've seen so far have been just shock troops of the true face of the invasion
>enter the tyranid high lord with a bionic monicle, a german accent and stroking an albino ripper
>"ve hav been expecting you, mein kapitan, vould you yoin us so I can, how do you Imperials say it, 'reveal my plan', ya?"

>> No.46017502

Yeah flamers would work I imagine. Be warned though for some reason /tg/ dislikes list tailoring. I'd rather run two or three lists in a tourney and just select one per match but there we go.

But that's probably exactly what happens. They arrive at a planet or get word of a hostile force, they gear up appropriately and they go for it. In fact at least half of the armies in 40K are strongly implied to tailor their tactics and loadout to the enemy with one or two being outright stated to.

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Can I get some advice on my GOTTAGOFAST Orks list? I'm avoiding artillery and slow units, my only footsloggers being Lootas backfield sniping. I've been thinking of cutting the Gretchin in favor of shoota boyz to ride in the looted Wagons for some heavy dakka and fire distraction as well as point holding.

+++ 1500 Mad Morkz (1500pts) +++

++ Orks: Codex (2014) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1500pts) ++


Painboy (75pts) [Warbike]

Warboss (135pts) [Gift: Da Lucky Stikk, Power Klaw, Slugga, Warbike]


Burna Boyz (211pts) [11x Burna Boy]
Trukk [Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram]

Meganobz (155pts) [Boss Meganob w/ Twin-linked Shoota, Meganob w/ Twin-linked Shoota, Meganob w/ Twin-linked Shoota]
Trukk [Rokkit Launcha, Reinforced Ram]

Tankbustas (165pts) [10x Tankbusta]
Trukk [Rokkit Launcha, Reinforced Ram]


Gretchin (35pts) [10x Gretchin] (Ride with Looted Wagon)
Runtherd [Grabba stik]

Gretchin (35pts) [10x Gretchin] (Ride with Looted Wagon)
Runtherd [Grabba stik]

Fast Attack

Warbikers (305pts) [14x Warbiker]
Warbiker Nob [Power Klaw]

Heavy Support

Lootas (210pts) [15x Loota]

Looted Wagon (WD) (87pts) [3x Big Shoota, Killkannon, Reinforced Ram]

Looted Wagon (WD) (87pts) [3x Big Shoota, Killkannon, Reinforced Ram]

My strategy is to speed upfield in every direction with a different specialized threat towards enemy units. Bikers dakka and charge anything, Meganobz hit the biggest nastiest thing they can find, Burnas mulch infantry, and Tankbustas pop MEQ's and tanks, or MC's based on the army. The Looted Wagons are to provide a (slightly more) armored backline to trail behind the faster trukks and lay down pieplates and big shootas turn after turn to force enemies off of a point or pop light vehicles to open a unit to a charge. Early game I can transport Gretchin in the looted wagon to a quick objective and use them later in the game to pick up a unit whose vehicle got popped.

>Have a Burna Boy

>> No.46017719

Is there any redemption for 7e CSM?

>> No.46017764

Blastmasters are cool in 7th.

That's all i have.

>> No.46017769

There could be. I just hope we don't get the Necron treatment.

Even if 7e CSM sucks, we'll hopefully start getting Chaosified HH stuff by then.

>> No.46017859




>> No.46017885

I want flyers to not be irrelevant anymore so I can be that guy

>> No.46017951

I'm sorry but i couldn't resist posting this....

>> No.46017955


No, you wouldn't. What if you fought another Eldar list?

>> No.46018018


It's because list tailoring just means you fail at writing good lists to begin with.

The fact that you don't realize this just proves how bad you are.

>> No.46018051

How many fucking sigmarine and khorne blood blooders can they possibly release

>> No.46018111

5 more years worth until they give it up

>> No.46018211

how many variations of "golden armor guy" and "crazy blood bloodbarian" can you possibly split into separate units

>> No.46018221


Looks like fun!
I always hated the fact they removed "charge from reserves" once Tau hit the grid, basically everything to make the shooty teams better.
With formations like this, you can tip the favor back.

>> No.46018236

Hmm...it's almost as though army selection has a larger impact as to whether or not you're at a disadvantage than list optimization.

>> No.46018237

Supposedly we'll be getting a Tzeentch-based board game for AoS in a couple months.

>> No.46018326

>1500 point friendly pickup games at my FLGS
>agree to fight a nid list as my SM descrived as "nidzilla"
Oh cool i can try my first company deathwa-
>sets 2 flyrants, a tervigon and a fucking HARRIDAN in his ready area.
>alright, two can play this game.
>he gets turn one and sets all his flying shit in glide mode.
>sieze that fucking initiative.
>my skyhammer devs kill the harridan and a flyrant in one round
>other flyrant dies to grav bikes with perfect timing.
>tervigon gets 2 powerfists to the face and dies.
If you had not tried to play me first this would have been a fun friendly game. But pulling that shit demands equal shit in return.

>> No.46018363

>get the admech to install flamers on our dreadnaughts
What kind of shitty broke-ass Chapter requires admech to serve their ancient fallen heroes ?

>> No.46018373

well you could say the same thing about space marines.

GW will drag this garbage out for atleast 5 years i guarantee you.

>> No.46018408

>Complains about cheese
>From fucking TYRANIDS
>then brags about how he decimates the "cheesy" nids with basic formations and units from his base codex

Good for you, jackass

>> No.46018428

>Fight in big games with just your 2,000 points
>Never vary or change your army in any way
>Do not even possess extra or alternative units
I'm pretty firmly in the "don't tailor" camp, but that guy is retarded.

>> No.46018520

Sounds like this ditch ain't big enough for the both of us, space cowboy.

>> No.46018570


>> No.46018588


>> No.46018596

any possibilities for a tyranid codex this year?

>> No.46018617

From a tactical standpoint, it is.

They use teleportation to get inside of enemy structures or into enemy combat zones that are under heavy AA protection. It's also a major mindfuck - one moment you're manning your fixed gun battery next to the command bunker, the next there is suddenly ten walking tanks that appear right in the center of the position from fucking nowhere and start shooting and punching everything around them, making their way to the command center and blowing up everything in their path. You don't have anything on you that can readily deal with it, because all your big guns are on the front line handling the main assault, and you're under serious AA protection - major stores of heavy weapons at your location is just not a justifiable expenditure of your resources.

Even if the Terminators don't accomplish their objective, they've suddenly caused pandemonium behind the enemy lines and diverted resources from the main assault, making the main assault easier and more likely to succeed. They've also caused a serious blow to morale, as the enemy as suddenly discovered that the foe can just appear from thin air and thoroughly wreck their shit at any time.

TL;DR Shock and Awe.

>> No.46018627

who knows, we dont know anything actually solid more than 2 months out

We still dont knowwhat the "100" thing means fo sure and its like 2 months away now

>> No.46018630

>How do you keep playing the same army for several editions? There's a bunch of units and equipment that change.

>> No.46018638

Are you actually this ignorant?

>> No.46018642

Old news.

>> No.46018648

Possible but unlikely. This is supposed to be a very AoS heavy year, and we've got a Black Legion supplement and TSons updates in the pipes for 40k already.

>> No.46018656

>Agree to 1500 point friendly game
>Get told in advance he is bringing Nidzilla
>List tailor to jam pack my army full of grav and bring skyhammer formation
>Start to sweat because I can't alpha strike him and beat him turn 1 as he wins first turn
>Not sure how to play past turn 2
>Luckily seize on that WAAC faggot for bringing 2 of his only good units and an overpriced flyer, scumbag
>Alpha strike and win turn 1 after all.
>Sure showed that power gamer.

>> No.46018663

>tfw no Blastmaster Predators

>> No.46018696

>Meet a guy for a pick up game
>sees my 2 flyrants
>asks if he can change his list as he didnt bring anti air

3 vendettas and a fucking vulture

both flyrants were dead turn 2 and i couldnt do anything about his flyers

>> No.46018721

I'm pretty against list-tailoring just for the sake of the win (Fuck, I don't have a choice, I play Slaaneshi-CSM) but this nigga dumb as shit or happens to play an extremely good list to begin with.

>> No.46018741


>> No.46018747

>only two flyrants
>at 1500 points

>> No.46018771

>tfw no Blastmaster Havocs
>tfw no Sonic Blaster Terminators
>tfw no Doom Siren Chaos Lords

I just want things to get loud

>> No.46018774

its WHFB, they never added anything to it, ever.

>> No.46018885

>implying CSM will ever get nice things again
If they did, they'd have Space Marine players rioting in the streets about "OP Chaos" and "Where are our unique options?"

>> No.46018962 [SPOILER] 


>> No.46018970


In case it was too subtle for you, what I was mocking was the high risk of mishaps.

You want a practical way to score that shock and awe without risking violently murdering something important by mistake, teleport some Bullgryns in or something.

>> No.46018980

No it doesn't, no list can adequately stand up to even a significant minority of other lists, it's why so many lists are labeled as unfair. Loads of other games have the concept of alternate lists or sideboards.

>> No.46018998

At least we got the sonic dread in IA:13. I mean it's something, right guys? right?

>> No.46019000


>Only two hideously broken models

A flyrant is frankly more powerful than a Riptide, you know that right?

>> No.46019017

and everything else in the codex is hot garbage

>> No.46019040

It's actually pretty good. It'd just be nice to have more.

If marines can stick Grav on everything, why not Noise?

>> No.46019048

>tfw i asked ForgeWorld for having Sonic Predators back
>tfw they said they think is a cool oldie and they'll think about it, but we all know it's not going to happen

>> No.46019076

I have 2.
Best thing ever.

>> No.46019101

are you fucking high?

>230 points for 12 s6 ap6 shots on a fmc with a 3+ is more op that a riptide

>> No.46019149

What are you guys'es thoughts on that there Leviathan Siege Dreadnought?

I'm getting one because I love Dreadnoughts and this one is actually playable but looks cooler than the Ironclad and Contemptor, who are also fairly decent. It's an Ironclad Contemptor!

I WANT to go full melee with two claws or one claw one drill, but I think the gun is too good to pass up so I'm going claw/gun. For those who don't know the stats it's something like 300 points or so which is pretty expensive, but it's AV13/13/something HP4 I think with 4++ so it's durable against non-cheesy armies. The claw is super strong and can generate extra hits to one-shot superheavies and gargantuans and has fast intiative and the gun is I think 24" S7 AP3 Heavy 4 Sunder I believe.

It's no Riptide/Stormsurge/Sicaran/Centurion, but it looks sweet. I don't have a Drop Pod for it so that's another reason I want the gun.

>> No.46019191

This is bait.

>> No.46019230

Oi! It's AP -

>> No.46019255



>> No.46019263

Leviathans are great, especially with Phosphex Launchers and armoured ceremite. I would go grav-flux bombard and siege drill personally, the claw is ok but severing cut doesn't really benefit it as much as the siege drill does.

>> No.46019290


I like the bombard because it has very funky rules and the template, but do you think people will allow me to use it in 40k?

I like my models to be usable in both 30k and 40k without having to do too much magnetizing or counts-as. Too bad 40k dreads don't get grav arms.

>> No.46019375

remember, the claws do have built in meltaguns, and the phosphex discharger is a great option for the turn you come out of a drop pod
i'm not totally sold on the bombard, mostly because its nearly completely incapable of dealing with heavy vehicles

>> No.46019413


I use 30k in the local shop all the time and noone cares. 30k is gimped as fuck against 40k, especially now that the actual op stuff like plasma moritats and nanyte blaster are nerfed to fuck

>> No.46019419

>40k leviathan can't have phosphex or grav-flux
What the fuck? I never noticed that. That is incredibly shitty. Just get one, arm it for your 30k legion and play that legion list in 40k games. That's what myself and my fellow 30k players have been doing.

Otherwise, if you HAVE to have 1 model that you can use in different armies, go for a twin-siege drill for double meltagun-penetration combo.

>> No.46019425

I haven't gotten a Leviathan yet, but at this point the 300~ point cost doesn't really bother me anymore. Especially since my Deredeo is 270 points, and it has made back its points and then some in every game I've used it.

>> No.46019565

Deff Dreads have 4 attacks, correct? 3 base + 1 for two Specialist Weapons?

Noticed that the Deff Dread no longer has access to Dreadnaught Close Combat weapons so it doesn't get any additional benefit for having 4 klaws now, correct?

>> No.46019568


It's a FMC, meaning it's nearly invincible to most forms of fire.

It buffs the army, rather than relying on buffs to work.

It has a higher BS.

It's a Psyker.

With standard equipment, have pretty similar points costs.

Oh, and whilst it doesn't matter too much under normal circumstances, it's a pretty unpleasant Melee model too if it for some reason comes up.

>> No.46019580


Same fucking dif at that AP.

>> No.46019650

Are we seriously demolishing the only thing tyranids have going for it in this thread?

>> No.46019671

This is still bait

>> No.46019685

Extra attacks are just from any melee weapon.

>> No.46019687

>It's a FMC, meaning it's nearly invincible to most forms of fire.
Have you tried skyfire?

>> No.46019702


If I had a Deredeo I wouldn't be in a rush to buy a Leviathan either.

My dream collection one day is going to have a Deredeo, legion Contemptor, Leviathan, FW Mk IV Ironclad, and I guess why the hell not throw in the FW Mk IV regular and Venerable Dreadnoughts as well.

>> No.46019717

ive shot one dead with a dakkajet in one round

They arent invincible in any sense. theyre barely survivable against any actual anti air

>> No.46019729


I think the claw has a melta gun too like >>46019375 said. There's no benefit to going matching melee weapons except style points.

It's always better to have one claw one drill so you can pick which one to swing with and have options. Going with matching means you lose the bonuses of the foregone weapon type.

>> No.46019750



It's almost as if I had something in mind when I added the qualifier "most".

>> No.46019765

So only shoot it with skyfire?
What's the problem?

>> No.46019773

My ultimate goal for my collection right now is to have 3 of every possible combination. So 3 Deredeos with Cannons, 3 with Plasma Batteries, 3 Leviathans with storm cannons, 3 with the grav-cannons. 3 Contemptor Mortises of every weapon pair, and again still 3 contemptors of all other contemptor combinations.

I want to become the Craftworld Llyanden of space marine chapters. Magnets are for plebs who don't know chinama.

>> No.46019828

Thinking playing Breacher heavy MSU tau.

Maybe 4ish breachers in Fish, Optimised Stealth Cadre, and maybe one suit unit. Would you feel comfortable playing that and not having it be stereotypical Tau nonsense?

>> No.46019834

You know. Almost everything in tau codex can take skyfire.

>> No.46019855

Sure, but its only ever +1 extra attack.

Dreadnaught CCW granted +1 per extra weapon, so giving a Dread 4 klaws doesn't give it base 1 then another 2 for the extras, it is just stuck at +1 because they're regular power klaws.

So a Deff Dread only has 4 attacks max, 5 on charge, as opposed to 3 base, then 3 for having two specialist weapons and 2 extra power klaws.

>> No.46019860



I said it was more powerful than a Riptide, not "I'm a Tau player".

>> No.46019887

Riptide can take skyfire too.

>> No.46019898

The Bait Continues - Episode 3

>> No.46019911

If a Walker is armed with two or more Melee weapons, it gains +1 bonus Attack for each
additional weapon after the first. Unlike other models, this is not limited to a single
bonus Attack, so a Walker with three Melee weapons would have 2 bonus Attacks. If one
of its additional Melee weapons is destroyed, one bonus Attack is lost. If the destroyed
weapon is a Dreadnought close combat weapon, the Walker loses the bonuses conferred
by that Dreadnought close combat weapon.

>> No.46019933

Are formations cancer?

Before them if you wanted to really spam a gay unit you had to go unbound and everyone saw you as a shitlord who can't into tactics.

Now with some formations you can literally just spam whatever units and actually get bonuses for it rather than getting penalized.

>> No.46019934

a riptide will kill a flyrant every time.

It will out-kill a flyrant every time

All while costing less

>> No.46019973

Actually that added this in the main rulebook, as far as I know it only applies to the deff dread as no other walker has more than two arms.

"Unlike other models, this (2ccw bonus) is not limited to a single bonus attacked, so a walker with three melee weapons would have 2 bonus attacks."

>> No.46019977


>> No.46019986


Yes, formations are cancer.

The bad ones are more useless bloat and they made the already convoluted 6E and 7E force org literally undecipherable to new players, who are already too stupid to figure out how to do a traditional 5E CAD force org without asking /tg/. And the good ones break the game open even further.

Even Tau use formations only. The only army with a cheesy CAD is Eldar.

>> No.46020016

yes, but not for that reason.

They just widen the gap because for some fucking reason, the armies that were good before formtaions got good formations (crons tau eldar marines), and the armies that were shit before formations got shit formations(orks, nids), so only the armies that were already good actually benefitted at all

>> No.46020085


To be fair, marine formations made the shit units barely passable as good (Battle Company wins by slowly dying and not being tabled) although Skyhammer is bullshit. Meanwhile Decurion and Riptide Wing make the already strong factions even better by taking the same units. Eldar don't even use their formations.

>> No.46020106


Tyranids had two good formations for a short while before being power creeped. They were the first guys to get modern respawning units (older editions had them too) and Objective Secured.

>> No.46020175

How are the necrons so bad, when they are supposed to be so good?

>Necrodermis, living metal (necro literally means dead so what the fuck GW)
Regenerate/repair almost all damage, even when blasted to molecular constituents, phase out when in trouble, So, unkillable?
No presense in the warp, immune to chaos. Aren't these blanks? Shouldn't these guys be immune to all psychic powers?
>Near-infinite lifespan because non-biological and repairs
>Command protocols, no free will
They shouldn't feel pain, fear, nothing. Absolutely nothing, and never disobey orders. Never.
>Oldest race and therefore best technology
Can't they outblast anyone else?
>Literally enslaved gods to do their purpose
I mean, these gods ate stars for snacks, what's up with not using this power
>Defeated the old-ones
Well, apart from some help from the enslavers, this is a pretty big deal, no?
>Can build new necrons or capture and bio-transfer other races and install them with command protocols

Fucking fluffy plot armor of the other races. That's all that's stopping the necros.

>> No.46020182

>The only army with a cheesy CAD is Eldar.
Eldar have just as lame formations though.

>used to take 2 troops and a HQ to unlock 3 squads of aspect warriors
>7th edition
>here have 3 slots for them on the house and BS5 to boot :^)

to be fair most of those formation were created before the decurion clusterfucks

but there isn't even consistency in the new releases either.

Necrons is one the strongest dex's in the current edition

Whereas Khorne Daemonkin was released like a month or so after and is complete dogshit.

Feels like there only making their job, which they were already pretty shit at, way harder.

>> No.46020227

>riptide wing

>> No.46020249

Necro doesn't literally mean dead, its a term to refer or relate to the dead. So Necrodermis is deadskin, which is fitting for a race of metal life forms.

>> No.46020260


>A Riptide will kill a Flyrant every time

Yeah, because lots of people combo pieplates with a 20 point Skyfire upgrade, right? That's an optimal thing to do, yeah? Three BS3 S7 shots against something that can Jink is super amazing after all.

>A riptide will outkill a Flyrant every time

This is particularly hilarious to me. Do you even know why people take Riptides?

>All while costing less

Usually a Riptide with standard equipment runs about 225 points. It can go a bit for less, but generally people capitalise.

>> No.46020276

Khorne daemonkin is hardly dogshit

>> No.46020289

Jesus christ

>> No.46020339

you realize the riptide has a different gun right?

Also tell me why people take riptides if not to kill things

>> No.46020343

Necrons have only been active in current 40K for about 200 years max, and most of them are still dormant.

>> No.46020351

Formations feel like what prestige classes did to D&D in 3rd edition. Everyone scrambles to buy the newest Dungeon (White Dwarf) to find the prestige class that will make them even stronger. This is made worse in 40k because the players actually play against each other.

>> No.46020366

why do you guys even agree to play people who are bringing formations, formations are bad and people who use them are fags

>> No.46020376

but how the fuck are they affected by psykers, how are they any different from blanks?

>> No.46020382

Blanks are a bit different, they actively block warp presence whereas necrons are just immune to corruption.

>> No.46020407

Blank is a black hole in the warp, Necrons just have no souls.

>> No.46020428

Ok, so the necrons sweep the universe. Now what?

>> No.46020463

1 good formation.

If we're saying a codex where the majority of it's context was copy & paste from other books that had amongst what little new stuff was added only 1 viable formation than our standards must have dropped a lot.

>> No.46020472

In terms of psychic affinity, most things are a slight positive, like a 10 or a 20. Psykers are bigger positive numbers, like 100 or 200. Blanks are the inverse, being negative numbers, with the strength varying.

Most inanimate objects and robots just have a slight positive, being .5 , 1, or 2.

Necrons however, are an absolute 0. As far as the Warp is concerned they're invisible. Not to the degree of blanks where they actively damage those trying to use it, but to the point where they simply have no reflection.

>> No.46020483

It's quite clear that a Blank actually possesses some sort of Null-field in addition to being soulless if you connect the dots. The field itself is likely generated by the Pariah gene, meaning it's some sort of weird, bio-format generator.

>> No.46020488

Now nothing. That's it. The entire universe is necrons shitposting on their galatic weeabo boards after all life has been destroyed.

>> No.46020508

Because I bring my formations too :^)

>> No.46020514

What would happen to a blank that went into the Warp and sat on Khornes lap?

>> No.46020520

In a very similar way to how the Tau exist?
Hand-waved mumbojumbo about cellular emissions not being of the correct kind for daemons sense, or even feed on.

>> No.46020521

I have no problem with Orks/Tyranids/IG taking formations.I almost pity them taking these formations with crazy requirements for a small rule-buff.
It's only SM/Tau that get the simply game-breaking garbage.
If I see a guy bringing Riptide wing/Drone crap to the flgs for an easy game, I'll challenge him out before he challenges a new player.

>> No.46020522

>this argument again

You realize nearly every faction in the game only has like one good build/unit, except for 2-3. This is like every edition.

>> No.46020542

>>here have 3 slots for them on the house and BS5 to boot :^)

This pisses me off because Eldar already got free BS4 from BS3 in 6E. BS4 Eldar was supposed to be Corsair exclusive. And now they get BS5.

>> No.46020564

>what would happen to a drop of unevaporatable water fell in a volcano?

>> No.46020565

As a Tau player, I never take formations against anything except other Top tier armies, and even then I usually just take some of the infantry ones.

There's never a big need to take those formations, though occasionally some of them can be kind of fun with the rules.

>> No.46020573

This fluff makes me think.
>Psykers snapshot witchfire powers against necrons
To make up for their no psykers and no psychic defense on the table.
Good idea or no?

>> No.46020633

>top tier
You're mid like it shit. Lol, bs3 army without psykers now top tier

>> No.46020652

Formations need a point tax equivalent to the cost of giving the units in it that upgrade (the corrollary to this is that point costs need to be consistent across armies). Fluffy players would take them anyway, and it would stop the good ones from being an I-win button for faggots who just want to win without caring what they take.

>> No.46020653


>> No.46020670

>mid tier
>implying that's a problem

I'd rather be mid-tier than broken. As long as I have a functioning army that plays how it's supposed to, I'm content.

>> No.46020712

>Not top Tier

>> No.46020731

>top tier

>> No.46020773

Its too bad you dont have a way to increase it somehow either

>> No.46020780

>You realize nearly every faction in the game only has like one good build/unit, except for 2-3. This is like every edition.

You actually believe this?

Go on then, list every factions 1 good build.

You'll probably start with Tyranids then realise your a retard

>> No.46020790

Tau are a good army and tend to do well at just outshooting other gunlines, but armies with good screens/assault units/psychic potency can really give them some problems. Lists that don't sacrifice some firepower for markerlights end up in precarious positions where a few good blasts can cast a real dampener on their firepower as well.

>> No.46020796


Tau aren't actually top tier,

SM Battle Company
War Convocation

Actual top tier armies

Close to Top


>> No.46020812


Tau can even assault things and beat the shit out of them now. They don't even have melee weaknesses anymore. The only thing they lack is psykers which they can simply ally in some Culexus for and they naturally get Ignores Cover and Twin-linked anyway so who cares about psykers? They don't even need Invisibility when they have ridiculously undercosted, unkillable MCs that can touch the rim of their base on a ruin and get 4++.

>> No.46020821

>55pts min for increasing single unit's bs

>> No.46020843

Which supercluster are you from? Because you aren't from the Virgo Supercluster. Fire Warriors are like reverse Ork boyz.

>> No.46020849


Flyrant spam.

>yfw you'll never figure out you're the moron for not realizing that sentence had the word "nearly" in it
>yfw your reading comprehension fails to realize that the sentence does not preclude factions from having 0 good builds
>yfw you're too stupid to realize that sentence has nothing to do with naming every faction's good builds, only to refute the implication that the majority of factions had multiple good builds

>> No.46020874


Are you retarded? Battle Company is the one that's barely top tier. It's only played a lot because it's popular. All its victories at any event have been by like 1 victory point difference.

Tau shit all over both BC AND War Convocation. Do you not know Stormsurges and new Tau formations exist?

>> No.46020903

>MCs that can touch the rim of their base on a ruin and get 4++
You don't seriously allow that, do you?

>> No.46020926

I can agree with you on every point except:
>Shit all over War Convocation

Nothing shits all over a well-used War Convocation.

>> No.46020944

Well. Fine. Let's suppose the necros have 0 or nearly 0 psychic affinity, and this means no soul and no warp presense. So warp power affect the soulless and that's that? My toothbrush can be possessed by khorne and go on a massive killing spree?
The tau have the same no warp presense shit, but with the ethereal pheromone mind control to boot, which probably stops them from harboring any emotions which can attract chaos. Other than that, they should still be vulnerable. This is different from being SOULLESS MACHINES.

>> No.46020947

What in 40k/30k lore hits your magical realm?
Bonus points for non-Slaanesh/Deldar related.

>> No.46020949

While he is incorrect about it being most armies there are more than just nids who have one excellent unit that their competitive lists get built around. Like the dark angels and the black knights or grey knights and psilencers

>> No.46020951


Post those Tau tournament showings.

Tau cannot handle War Convocation if played well.

>> No.46020976

SoB showing up and *not* getting wiped out.

>> No.46020981


War Convo isn't popular because its fucking crazy expensive.

>> No.46021002

Tau can't assault shit. Tau struggle with nurglings still.

>> No.46021011

>You realize nearly every faction in the game only has like one good build/unit
>is knowingly only referring to 2/23 factions
>thinks I'm the one who's a "moron"
fuck me your dim

>> No.46021098

Not him, but
>Grey Knight baby carriers
as well as Orks and Chaos, who have no good builds or units

>> No.46021130

Inanimate objects do possess a slight presence in the warp. A scalpel has been used as an example.

That said, it's still bound by the power of its warp presence and what it's physically capable of.

For a toothbrush example, it's probably not going to gain the attention of a Daemon, since it's so beneath their notice. Say you sharpen that toothbrush and use it to kill someone though, then it might raise some eyebrows. Kill enough, and it might get a weak Daemon to try and possess it. It's not going to become a powerful Daemon artifact or anything, but you might wake up one morning and find it dripping blood suspiciously, or that you cut yourself on it whenever you stop focusing.

>> No.46021133

D'reyx the astropath did a reading on eldar items in the xenology book:
>"We are lost in the dark, and there is no morning"
god damn, straight in the grimdark feels.

>> No.46021141

My magical realm is horrible things in general, so everything.

>> No.46021151

>My toothbrush can be possessed by khorne
Yes. It's unlikely to happen unless you start murdering tons of people with it or some Iron Warrior happens by and decides to fuck with you.
>and go on a massive killing spree?
It'd be more likely to start whispering to you as you use it. Maybe start making you want to brush harder and harder until you're bleeding from your gums. Maybe convince you that your neighbor with the annoying dog could really use some brushing on the inside of his eye sockets.

The warp can affect rocks, the warp can affect Necrons.

>> No.46021204

>>You realize nearly every faction in the game only has like one good build/unit
>>is knowingly only referring to 2/23 factions

The fuck are you on about? Every faction in the game DOES have at least ONE good build, EXCEPT for 2 or so factions.

On the other hand NOT every faction has MORE than ONE good build, which was what someone was saying when he went "hurr a codex is only good if it's got lots of good units and builds". Since that description only applies to 1 or 2 armies at most.

>> No.46021240

Daemons have more than 1 viable way of playing, especially with some of the new formations.

GK have way more build deviance than either KDK or nids.

Can't speak for deldar or ravenwing, but I can't imagine ravenwing players complaining that their main way of playing is spamming black knights as the whole point is it's a biker army.

Chaos do have some semi-decent builds with FW though.

>> No.46021244

>Tau release happens after all the major events

It's even more hilarious when Farsight Enclaves or Firebase Support Cadre would get the random occasional top even before the update.

>> No.46021251

From the lexicanum wiki about solitaire
>As they are without souls, psychic powers have no effect on them, and they are completely fearless. All who stand in their presence are filled with an uneasiness, and somehow sense that they are with a being who should not be.
I guess [citation needed] badly.

>> No.46021269

>zero reading comprehension
>can't even process basic sentence structure
>no caps or punctuation
>your dim


(That's English for "laughing out loud.")

>> No.46021281

>Chaos do have some semi-decent builds with FW though.
Fire Raptor, Sicarian, Rapiers, and Helblades are cool and all, but the core of the army is still fucked and most of those units compete for the same slots.

>> No.46021300

Solataires? As in Harlequin Solatairs? You mean the Eldar Blanks? The only ones who can play the role of Slaanesh without going mad?

>> No.46021327

>What are you guys'es thoughts on that there Leviathan Siege Dreadnought?

Power creep. It's already like trice the size of a castaferrum. How can that navigate zone mortalis but a tank can't?

Marine Knights when?

>> No.46021330

yes, the point being that they are soulless ofc.

>> No.46021353

>Since that description only applies to 1 or 2 armies at most.
lets see here

>Space Marines
>Space Wolves

obviously power level between these armies differs a fair bit. IG isn't as good as other factions there but they still have more than 1 build thats viable for them.

>> No.46021357


The core of most armies are fucked. Even space marines unless you want to play scouts or bikes which aren't "core" or use a stupid fucking formation.

>> No.46021361

That quote literally has [Citation Needed] appended to the end on Lexicanum. The most recent Harlequins release didn't make them immune to psychic powers.

Necrons are vulnerable to warp powers; deal with it.

>> No.46021370

>one good build

You can't be serious. They don't get much press on /tg/ because everyone is still bitching about tau or necrons or eldar, but daemons are very much a versatile, top tier codex. This was true even prior to the new formations which provide still more versatility and outright bullshit.

>> No.46021374

Yes? Blanks don't have souls. They have no reflection in the warp.

If you're trying to logic out that 'therefore a toothbrush has no reflection due to not having a soul', you're thinking about this the wrong way.

>> No.46021396


Only one build.


Only one build.


Only one build.


The obvious one that's not included seeing as it's THE BEST CODEX IN THE GAME MORON, and still only SEES ONE OR TWO BUILDS


Doesn't have any good builds.

>Space Wolves

Only one good build.


Only one good build.


Only one good build.

>but they still have more than 1 build thats viable for them

I said GOOD not VIABLE you dumbass. And clearly your definition of good is complete dogshit if you think IG has multiple good builds.

>> No.46021398

So every army is on the same tier as CSM and Orks in terms of their cores being fucked?

>Space Marine core is fucked because I'm going to exclude the good options
Who do you think you're fooling?

>> No.46021410

So, you mean to say that, unless you have a "negative" soul, being negative on the psychic scale, you will be affected by warp?

>> No.46021415

>flying circus sees no play
>seeker/khornedog which isn't that great anymore
>screamerstars are dead

It's pretty much Tzeentch/summon factory or go home with Daemons.

They do have a lot of good builds though.

>> No.46021462

>Chaos Space Marine core is fucked because I'm going to exclude the good options

Shut the fuck up faggot I've been telling you to stop whining and run Cultists/Zombies/Sorcerers/Be'lakor/superheavy and roll face for months and months and you CSM crybabby faglords just cry about how they're not space marines.

You don't want to run your good troops and only run shitty power armor? Then you can't fucking complain that vanilla marines who don't want to run their good troops and only want to run their shitty power armor are any different. Holy fucking shit the double standards.

>> No.46021474

>caring about punctuation on an anonymous internet forum
>realises he's wrong so sidetracks the subject
when you gonna actually mention what factions only have 1 viable build?

My lists still stuck at KDK and nids.

>> No.46021492

More or less. Everything has 'some' reflection in the warp, excluding Blanks and Necrons.

The key thing about Necrons is they aren't a Negative, more of a neutral force. They're immune to the more subtle effects of the warp, like Chaos corruption or mutation, but they're not immune to somebody blasting them with Warp lightning or the like, as the spell won't simply vanish or fizzle like it might against a blank.

>> No.46021528

Cultists suck. If Cultists were good, Imperial Guard Infantry would be fucking fantastic.

>> No.46021529

Literally every faction you refuted has more than 1 good build.

Or for a build to be good in your eyes does it have to be a top 5 tourney list?

>> No.46021537

So strange they call it a "blank" when in fact, it seems to imply not zero, but negative. I guess this is where the confusion began. Still, the necros have null fields.

>> No.46021577

Blank could be thought of to refer less to the fact that they don't have a soul, and more the resulting impact they have on the surrounding warpspace.

The fact that Blanks can vary in power is why it isn't a simple 0.

>> No.46021631

6th Ed Daemons won BAO with belakor +prince +fateweaver, what are you talking about circus doesn't see play? Infernal tetrad is likely to make it an even more permanent affair. KDK's lack of innovation mean it's kind of tied to formations to be really useful, but it's still a top tier screen/fast attack ally.

I'd disagree wholly that screamerstars are dead as well, the new relics have made them even more obnoxious now if anything.

>> No.46021691


New Tau codex when??
They cant compete at all and are monobuild!!

>> No.46021706

But Riptides have cooler names. Who the fuck wants a Flyrant. It sounds like an airborne rant.

>> No.46021727

Think of it like thermal vision.
People have warm souls, psykers even more so. Eldar have the warmest souls with tau being the least warm and so hard to spot.

Inanimate objects don't have much warmth and don't generate their own body heat but are warmed by their surrondings a little.
Necrons are absolute zero, you can melt them if you apply heat to them but other wise they have no heat and are not warmed naturally by their surrondings.

Blanks are like some kind of freakish anomaly able to go against the laws of nature and DESTROY heat energy. If you applyed a flame to them they would just extinguish it, everything becomes cold in their presence.

>> No.46021739

fuck you, faggot

>> No.46021759

Gr8 Sleep 2.0. (Slaneesh Slumber Party Edition)

>> No.46021804

>Shut the fuck up faggot I've been telling you to stop whining and run Cultists/Zombies/Sorcerers/Be'lakor/superheavy and roll face for months and months

Maybe because

and this is just a thought

we don't want to run a mathammered netlist that doesn't fit the fluff of the army in the slightest.

Maybe all we want is to be able to field the unit that is on the fucking cover art and not be completely gimped in doing so.

Maybe we just want a mid-tier codex that allows us to run a fluffy list that isn't absolute garbage (Some of the only redeeming changes we got in our last codex were true to the fluff, like the Champion of Chaos special rule and the Chaos Boons table). We don't really care about taking a powerbuild - if we wanted to powergame we'd be playing Eldar.

The overwhelming majority of us just want a fluffy codex, and even then that can be accomplished with just some tweaks to already existing units (Making Chosen slightly cheaper, making Possessed 2W, etc.).

All we want is a mid-tier fluffy codex. Fuck mono-build netlisting, that's for people with no creativity who play purely to beat another person rather than enjoy the act of playing the game itself.

>mfw your autistic rant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb3msH5iCBI

>> No.46021854

>BS3 Argument
You hear this guy?
Hes using the BS 3 Tau argument!
Hoo Hee
Well, unlike the salty Nurgle army you run, Tau have a rad little cheese ball called the markerlight. It can raise your BS for an entire unit, and also avoid cover if you have enough. They even have drones that do this.

Psykers argument?
Senpai who needs that fucking shit when you got a fucking gunline that almost rivals the IG. (No, not really actually, IG Gunlines are cool looking).

>> No.46021859

So much dipshit in one post.

Every faction you listed apart from IG has more than one good build.

Have you missed half the updates of the last 3 months?

>> No.46021881

They have many ways to play, but viable, most of them are not. Or do you want to field 7 units of plague drones, or 7 useless beasts of nurgle? How about nine lots of horrors? nah.

GK have the dreadknight and turn 1 deepstriking termies, the PAGKs all suck and paladins are practically impossibe to use properly

Ravenwing was in relation to DAngels-Deathwing and Greenwing are both terrible, go ravenwing monobuild or go home

CSM have some not-awful heavy support, but all of them are loyalist things with the aquilas filed off-SM already have them and more

>> No.46021972


>> No.46021997

Step 1. Find the race with the absolute cheapest army unit
Step 2. Spam that unit type to kingdom come, taking barely what else you need to follow the rules
Step 3. Laugh as your spam wins all battles.

>> No.46022007


Tau get shit wrecked by armies with psykers though. Eldar

>> No.46022012

>Claims Tau aren't good
>Doesn't even know how much Markerlights cost

>> No.46022101

>7 useless beasts of nurgle

yeah, nah

That's one auxillary formation that actually let's you absolve one of nurgle's greatest weakness, a lack of attacks, on either great cavalry units or exceptionally good screens/assault protection. If you are actually stupid enough to think that you should take 9 units of horrors instead of horrors/exalted flamers to both lower cost and give you multiple D3 S10 AP2 shots as well as torrent S6 AP3 flamers, then I guess it is kind of pointless to try explaining to you that there are still wide varieties of viable daemon lists. Believe it or not, most lists would probably struggle with the minimax'd khorne core with 40 3 attack base flesh hounds.

There is actually reason to believe that you can counter most death stars via nurgle prince, grotti, and a gorethunder battery. 48 inch range S8 AP3 IC apocalyptic blast turn 1 with an FMC with a -1 T bubble, and possibly enfeeble if you really want to try cashing in.

>> No.46022107

Is Chapter Master a thing still?

>> No.46022122

Maybe you should read over the daemons rules more closely.

There's a viable Dronestar build as and the Tzeentch Core is way cheaper if you take some Exalted Flamers or throwaway Flamer MSU.

That makes 3 good ways to play.

>> No.46022146

>Tau get shit wrecked by armies with psykers though. Eldar
>Tau get shit wrecked by Eldar


>> No.46022151

>Eldar are better than Tau
>therefore Tau get wrecked by psykers
Stop being stupid.

>> No.46022173

all tau players are cringe worthy asstards

>> No.46022192

yeah they are cancer

>> No.46022210


>> No.46022218

and eldar fags

>> No.46022236


yeah it is an upgrade to a captain

>> No.46022247

Not all, but a lot of the WAAC community has gravitated to Tau in the past few years. If we're to go off proportional averages, Tau and (maybe) Craftworld Eldar collectors are probably the most cringy.

>> No.46022260


Eldar aren't even the most psychically dominant codex in the game.

You guys all look really stupid just bitching back and forth about TAU ELDAR TAU ELDAR like Tau don't actually suffer when they have D6 WCs against lists that auto-generate 15 a turn. Riptides aren't even fearless, you can fucking terrify them off the board if they sit too far back.

>> No.46022288

tau from top to bottom is cringey. they have ugly as fuck weeaboo anime models, fluff thats lame as fuck, and now they have crazy broken rules. fuck tau in general

>> No.46022293

>think that you should take 9 units of horrors instead of horrors/exalted flamers to both lower cost and give you multiple D3 S10 AP2 shots as well as torrent S6 AP3 flamers
Eh, Exalted Flamers lack of mobility and short range really limits their utility. A couple is great just to threaten things that push past mid-field, but more horrors are always welcome. 69 points for a trio of Heavy Flamers is pretty good as well, just be careful about the NPC rule kicking in.

>> No.46022298

Trips confirm.

>> No.46022318

>giant flying sci-fi robots with guns

>> No.46022364

No, I meant the game.

>> No.46022374


Monstrous Creatures* :^)

>> No.46022378

yeah, eldar have always been cancer

i cant even think of an edition where eldar were fucking broken

>> No.46022402


>> No.46022423

Fuck it. They're looks like robots, so for me they're robots.

>> No.46022435

>Eldar aren't even the most psychically dominant codex in the game.

That wasn't our implication at all. The implication was that the dominant factor in the Craftworld Eldars' victory wasn't that they used Psykers, but rather the army in general.

That being said, while some lists can really capitalize on their weakpoints, the Tau are still a very, very strong force when cheesed. They're not that intimidating when played with fluff-lists, but they'll still murderize most other Codex's fluff-lists.

>> No.46022442

>auto-generate 15 a turn.
Oh wow, probably two WC3 powers a turn? Fucking OP shit.
>Riptides are vulnerable to psychic abilities
The horror! How do Tau players deal with that? Tau immune to psychics when?

The only psyker heavy lists that do well are either Eldar, who do the bulk of their killing with shooting anyways and just use the psychics as support, and Daemons doing summonspam which is just the evil version of the Battle Company (ie "you can't kill me before the game ends so I'll just flood Maelstrom objectives"). At least Warpflame Host might now offer the ability for a psychic spam army that actually kills with magic.

>> No.46022461

found the anime fag

>> No.46022502 [SPOILER] 

What's next?

>> No.46022579

Just got these in the mail. Any experience with them? Any good? Have an Eldar Army but no D, so I figured this was the Anti Armor I needed.

>> No.46022615

>There are at least 3 greater daemons and daemonic alignments of DPs that give you access to some of the most absolutely unkillable or devastating psychic powers + gifts

Kind of embarrassing that you didn't even realize that the "auto-15" implies that I left out the +D6 that might be /all the tau player gets/. Really what point is there in explaining this to you, if you have likely never played a screamerstar list that hit you with 6 flickering fires AFTER you had expended all your warp charges trying to DTW on invisibility being cast. Or better yet two iron arming GUOs/DPs wandering about on the field with baleswords and such a high toughness and invuln save you don't even want to shoot at them.

>> No.46022650

Killing yourself would probably be the best way to use them

>> No.46022677

really? these are bad too? why?

>> No.46022741

Because they will bitching even when you'll run only dire avengers list.

>> No.46022762

They're not. They're over-glorified landspeeders. They're as flimsy as any other skimmer.

This board is filled with gigantic pussies

>> No.46022843

Wtf even are these and why do they look like ass?

>> No.46022864

>Really what point is there in explaining this to you, if you have likely never played a screamerstar list that hit you with 6 flickering fires
You fought a Screamerstar list with two CAD's worth of Heralds attached? Bullshit. Four would be more believable. That's also a ton of Warp Charge. 12+ just for that. Which means that was almost his entire armies psychic contribution, plus or minus a couple low WC buffs.
> AFTER you had expended all your warp charges trying to DTW on invisibility being cast
You're a moron. If you don't have enough Warp Charge to utterly overwhelm Blessings/Conjurations, save your Warp Charge for denying targets of opportunity that went through on a single die. Plus you should've worked on killing whatever unit was casting Invisibility before getting to work on the Screamerstar.
>Or better yet two iron arming GUOs/DPs wandering about on the field with baleswords and such a high toughness and invuln save you don't even want to shoot at them.
Don't. Kill the support units. Just avoid a GUO. A DP will be more problematic, but just let it eat a unit or two while you focus on dismantling the rest of the army.

>> No.46022875

The GUOs aren't too much of a problem with the Tau's relatively easy access to a good chunk of D per turn, especially with the Stormsurge + Markerlights.

Flickering Fire spam is really, really nasty, but that applies to virtually any other army that's not running many counter-Psyker contingencies in their list.

All that being said, it's a rare game when the psychic phase contributes that heavily to a win unless you're running Daemonmill or some more specific builds.

>> No.46022892

Alright, I'm getting into 40k and building a Dark Angels army. Where's a good place to start? I've got some guys from about 10 years ago, but the rest of my stuff was either stolen while moving or destroyed.

I've got about 20 regular Space Marines, a Dread, a full squad of assault marines, and 10 terminators. What else do I need to pick up?

How many devastator squads do I need? More marines? Predators? Any more dreads? Rhinos? Fast attacks? I'm planning on making a big order soon.

>> No.46022930

Its fun when the net listers come into these threads.

>> No.46022937

Hornets, correct? Looking at their stats and equipment, they look pretty good but fair. You're going to run them solo, right?

>> No.46022944

Bikes. Fuckton of bikes.

>> No.46023014

Hornets. I have no idea how to run them yet, just got them. Only looked at their rules on Battlescribe. Seemed like a balanced unit for Anti Armor that wasn't D weapons. Somehow magically this thread still cries about it though

>> No.46023032


Formations are by far the best change to happen to the game in the past decade.

Formations are the chemo.

>> No.46023115

Shitposters post shit, hence the name. They grow in generals like a cancer; that's just the way of things. Just ignore them.

I've never run them or seen them run, but I'd guess running them solo is better since it forces the enemy to split fire and allows individuals to Jink without sacrificing more firepower than necessary.

At the same price point, I'd run Pulse Laser over BLances unless you have a lot of Raiders or Monoliths in your meta.

>> No.46023136

>Where's a good place to start?
Getting a better army.

>> No.46023140

Formations could've been the treatment if they'd been more restrictive and had less variance in power levels. Instead they're just a new, more aggressive form of cancer.

>> No.46023156

Will they ever make a physical copy of the wulfen edition space yiffs codex or is it out of the question?

>> No.46023172

Pink horrors
3-4 heralds in the star depending on how you want to run them
Daemon Prince

It's hilarious to see you call me a moron while you can't even fucking figure out how many psykers tzeentch can put on the board. Don't deny invisibility, okay, screamerstar or daemon prince or fateweaver is now invisible, in addition to maybe having grimoire, cursed earth, greater rewards, etc. You are conflating hypothetical situations demonstrating how vastly superior psychic lists can fuck the Tau with actual strategic choices that you want to nitpick to prove your point. You can run in any direction you want psychically and the other army being able to do nothing about it is not an indiscernible advantage. There are a lot of 1 WC maledictions that can actually fuck your day up no matter what army you're in. Objuration Mechanicum even gives telekinesis threatening debuffs.

GUOs can now buff the toughness of other units now as well, good luck just ignoring him while he's putting instant death on your gargantuan or plopping down rancid visitations on your gun line. We haven't even really gotten into belakor and heralds of slaanesh and really abusing telepathy/invisibility on things like D Thirsters either. The new BTs can take rewards and relics now too.

>> No.46023185

blobby nids is best nids and marive v nid is most fun matchup. Have a good Spring Break, Anon.

>> No.46023189

>Flickering Fire spam is really, really nasty
In a Warpflame Host, sure. In a Screamerstar? You'll get more dakka per point buying regular guns from a codex that gets regular guns.

>> No.46023238

>Not knowing every FW unit for an army you don't play == Netlister


>> No.46023316

holy shit. So boring. Is that for real?

>> No.46023385


That's been on and off ebay for more than ayear now...

>> No.46023396

Flickering Fire from Fateweaver or a Daemon Prince is just a glorified Heavy Bolter. They'd have been far better off casting the Psychic Shriek. Horrors are also glorified BS3 heavy bolters unless they have a Locus, which means fewer psykers in the Screamerstar.

Unless you're hypothetical GUO is extremely lucky, he's either got Iron Arm or the Nurgle Toughness buff.
>Don't deny invisibility, okay, screamerstar or daemon prince or fateweaver is now invisible, in addition to maybe having grimoire, cursed earth, greater rewards, etc
If he's putting Grimoire and Invis on the same unit you should be fucking ecstatic. As soon as Invis or Grimoire goes onto a unit, just switch targets. Kill the support units. Daemons are lot less scary once people pull their heads out of their asses and realize they don't always get to kill whatever enemy unit they want.

GUO moves a maximum of 6" a turn. Just move the fuck away with your monsters.

>> No.46023515

> derp

>> No.46023586

Adult plz go

>> No.46023667

>About to play 1000pt game
>He plops this on the board

Yes, he painted it himself. What do you do?

>> No.46023677

>Here's a variety of buffs the daemon army can use to make multiple units nigh unkillable
>Oh yeah if he puts them all on one unit you're fine!

You are coming off as impressively dense. We could get onto the decurion benefits and lord of unreality and cursed earth and you'd see that "kill the support units" just isn't frequently an option. "Kill the pink horrors" is a lot easier said than done when they're sitting on an objective in the backfield willing to go to ground and you've got multiple units of flesh hounds/daemonettes/blood letters about to charge you. Or better yet when everything is on cursed earth and a warp surge gets rolled and suddenly even troops have a 3++. Tzeentch relics even let you guarantee a 4d6 flickering fire now.

But you're going to tell me now about how it's not that bad if the daemon player just throws 8 dice at 3 charge flickering fires from regular horrors.

"Daemons are lot less scary once people pull their heads out of their asses and realize they don't always get to kill whatever enemy unit they want."

That's fucking classic. You're talking about an entire army that gets 3++s like they breathe air. You can even take KDK, not even actual daemons, and just give your whole army FNP repeatedly.

>> No.46023705

Well like you I'll recycle what I said yesterday: Lose amicably.

>> No.46023813

What are the rules for the speed freaks formation?

>> No.46023884

>Daemons armies always have 3++, a bunch of Invisible FMC's and Grimoire'd Screamerstars, and a bunch of melee units sitting in melee range
Nigger, there's a reason Daemons don't dominate every tournament (or even most).
>better than middle tier
Lol. If you're afraid of pure KDK because they can always have Feel No Pain as long as enough units are dying, then there is no hope for you.

>> No.46023911

Beat it to death with a 2++ rerollable daemon prince or wreck it with Flickering Fire to the sides.

>> No.46023930

So, is there a consensus for what the best load out for tac squads are? Specifically, Imperial fists tactics. It's tempting to take a heavy weapon, but one in the squad probably isn't going to accomplish anything, ditto for a single plasma or grav gun. Should I just run a squad of 10 with a flamer + rhino?

>> No.46024002

Combat squad. 5 on an objective with a Heavy weapon, and 5 in a Rhino with a special weapon to move forward.

>> No.46024043


What's true for guard is true for space marines: If you're gonna have heavy weapons, you don't have them one to a unit. There's a reason a squad of veterans with a lascannon and nothing else is not found in any list ever.

>> No.46024045

Bing optimized rape cadre.

>> No.46024203

>Fast Skimmer
>Star Engines
>Can fire after moving flat out as snap shots
Gee I cant figure out why they're broken either

>> No.46024294

The AV11 and the super cheap weapons are far more triggering than those. Compare a double Pulse Laser Hornet to a Land Speeder Typhoon.

>> No.46024369

yeah about the worst it'll cost is 85-90 pts too

>> No.46024446

70 points for a Typhoon, 80 for a dual Pulse Laser Hornet.

For ten points the Hornet has double the firepower, AP2 instead of 3, AV11 instead of 10 on the front and sides, plus greater mobility.

>> No.46024476

But is isnt broken :^)

Eldar players are so out of touch with the power levels of the other codexs its disturbing

>> No.46024494

New tyranid codex when?

I want to start playing 40k again aftter a few years of abstinence (5th ed)

So far I got the start collecting tyranids, a carnifex, 6 rippers and 10 termagants.

I don't know my local meta yet and don't want to play cheesy flyrant spam lists.

So which units should I expand into? Are carnifexes and mawlocs viable? How about hive crones and tervigons?

>> No.46024562

Carnifexes are my favorite unit to run. Hive crones are really nice Anti Air. Tervigon troops are pretty good, drop pod them into an objective then poop out a gaunt shield.

>> No.46024568

>New tyranid codex when?
Sometime within the next two years.

Play some games before you buy anything else.

Carnifex are too slow, expensive, and toothless in modern 40k.

Mawlocs are pretty good, although they're often relegated to pretending they're a shooting unit.

Tervigons aren't good, but they aren't awful. You'll need a lot more gaunts before you get one though.

Never seen Crones in action.

>> No.46024594

is the Frontline Gaming site down for anyone else?

and yes I know Frontline/ITC is cancer. I wanted to read what the gloriouos leader Reecius thought of the Ork decurion, he is always so smart :^)

>> No.46024642

He thought it was fantastic.

>> No.46024714

Where do I put my Ion shield if my knight is getting basilisk'd?

I ran into the issue of picking the facing during his shooting phase and picking the front facing, only to get shelled to death on my sides.

>> No.46024894

If you put in in the front, he'll just fire Indirect. If you do a side, he'll just direct fire. Just place the shield against everything else and hope you don't die to the Basilisk.

>> No.46025204


>> No.46025399

Hope was lost in that game, I hate that order cane a lot.

>> No.46025404



>> No.46025424


Reece always plays shitty suboptimal lists. You'd think that kind of casual scrubby attitude would appeal to you shit players, but apparently not.

So you hate the bad players AND the good players while shitting on better players than you. No wonder you're bad at the game.

>> No.46025431

in the first or maybe it's the 2nd episode pikachu defeats onix by electric attacks; you really think they bother with following their own rules after that point?

>> No.46025467

>Pokemon Y: It digs into the ground with its tail and makes a mazelike nest. It can fly just a little.


>> No.46025488

you do realize that onix is rock not rock/ground. rock does not resist electric attacks

>> No.46025531


i think it's past your bedtime anon

>> No.46025545


He had a fucking Eldar list with Dire Avengers and NO TRANSPORTS and fucking Wraithlords...


>> No.46025549

Onyx is definitely Rock/Ground. There were no mono-type Rock pokemon in gen 1.

>> No.46025563


But he used the sprinklers to activate water for super effective damage on Onyx and also conduct electricity!

The real bullshit is "aiming for the horn" on Blaine's Rhydon.

>> No.46025606


Ok. I'm retarded

>> No.46025669

>Mawlocs are pretty good, although they're often relegated to pretending they're a shooting unit.
Sweet Jesus, stfu

>> No.46025813

Get models you love. Everything in the dex is playable. Carnifexes are some of the best assault units in the game. I outfit them with Adrenal glands and run them with shroudthropes to amplify any cover saves. The excel at killing piles of marines and all vehicles. They are also the only melee unit in the dex that can comfortably deal with walkers.

One of my favorite nid lists is to field a CAD with 2 walkrants, 40 Horms, 2 malanthropes and 9 fexes. That's usually a fun list for everybody involved.

>> No.46025979

I could be mistaken, but I though conventional wisdom was to deep strike them as often as possible. If you have alternate advice, feel free to offer it instead of being a worthless waste of bandwidth.

>> No.46026031

>Carnifexes are some of the best assault units in the game
Having a hard time determining if this is legit or not... Trygons and Tyrants can kill piles of marines, but I have yet to see Carnifexes do that ever since they lost Talon re-rolls

>> No.46026122

Different anon, but I thought carnifexes were for things with armour values or maybe small high save units?

>> No.46026209

Sure they can tear open tanks like nothing else, but they have to catch them first, a challenge of itself alongside surviving without an invuln
And small high save units...like terminators? Who have invulns, higher WS and fists that wound the fex on 2s

>> No.46026273

It seems like the carnifex is an obsolete design. Made for a role that it can't properly do anymore and hasn't been updated to fit. But surely they have to be able to do something? Of course I have very limited experience against nids, so maybe they they don't.

>> No.46026364

Boost them to T7 and make their weapon options cheaper/more useful. Make the bigger MC's more useful at what they're supposed to do. Let the 'Fex be a cheap, durable generalist.

>> No.46026394

I'm curious about how you guys build your armies. I personally just buy what has cool fluff and try and make a story about my army. I generally play CSM so I'm used to losing, but I'll be damned if I don't have fun doing it.

>> No.46026444

Pick between 1 and 3 units that I like, build an army around making them good/useful.

Next play small games and think about what my core 500 pionts need added to make it better. Rinse and repeat at higher point values.

>> No.46026451

I usually pick out models I like and figure out what sort of force would field those, building up their fluff around that.

>> No.46026554

Is Space Hulk Death Angel the only game with official solo rules outside of the video games ?

>> No.46026591

Codex: Imperial Knights

>> No.46026677

I think their durability is fine, they just need better damage output and cost.

>> No.46026745

did you mean to reply to me ? isn't that just a rulebook for how to play certain type of units in the regular game ?

>> No.46026790

Personally I was never happy with how they got dethroned as King Nid by the Trygon and turned into a pack beast
If anything the Fex should have been sized up so it could tower above shit like it does in DOW2

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