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Post any art requests you have ITT. Keep in mind, the drawfriends are doing this for free, so do not be surprised or upset if they gloss over your post. Just be patient, and bump your request ONE time, every 24 hours after posting it. Don't be a jerk and immediately repost your request because you don't like the FREE art you received.

Additionally, please provide good, detailed references (pictures are better than verbal descriptions), so the artists know what you're looking for as best you can.

If you've recently had a request filled by a drawfriend, please be considerate of less fortunate anons and hold off on additional requests for a while.

Mind your manners, don't be rude to other people's requests, and remember to say thank you! And please, please, lurk before posting your request. It will save everyone some uncomfortable moments.

Feel free to drop your tumblrs/websites/commission/etc information drawfriends.

Books and Tutorials:


Figure Drawing:

Beginners Guide to Drawing:https://archive.is/GNIq1

The w/ic/i art guide:https://sites.google.com/site/ourwici/

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Boy, I sure fucked that previous thread link up something fierce.

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Requesting a drawing of the woman on the right, dressed up in then robes on the top left, though with more of the color scheme of the image on the bottom left. If she could also be carrying or be in the middle of removing a mask like the one on the bottom right (or one like in the bottom left image), that would be fantastic.

Thank you in advance, drawfriends.

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Since the last thread closed before that kind drawfriend could finish my picture or he lost interest and gave up I'd like to request my Kobold Paladin, Dugh.

Description: Your standard Kobold wearing "Paladin armor" that's actually just made of scraps, giant pauldrons and all. A "warhammer" made from a stick with various bits of metal stuck to it. A bunch of scars and such on dark grey scales from years of "bravely" charging into the fray, only for the fact that he's a two foot tall lizard to prevent any real "Paladin" work. Maybe a poorly scribbled "holy symbol" on his "shield" and some goggles to protect his poor, sensitive Kobold eyes from the sun.

Sorry if that description is a little too much, I was told drawfriends like a lot of detail in requests.

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Greetings drawfags of /tg/!
I would like to request a drawing for my Black Crusade character. A Dark Mechanicus Magos Biologis, aligned to Nurgle.
Due to his alignment he spents most his time in a custom made void suit/hazmat suit, in order to protect others from his "gifts".
His visual cybernetics are: Medicae and Optical Mechadendrites, Blade-tines. His hands are cybernetic.
Oh and optionally, his suit is filled with a swarm of disease flies (part of his gifts). Maybe have them fly around inside his helmet.
Thanks in advance /tg/, keep been awesome

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Requesting a picture of a group of people turning a young, malnourished man into a Lich against his will. (Obviously isn't based on D&D lichdom as that requires a user to commit atrocities willfully.)

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Rei Ayanami as a space marine, or tech priest, with the face and hair visible.

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Requesting a gigantic black cube-shaped building with a white dome on top of it, like that of a church, standing in the middle of an enormous cave, with a lot of (much) smaller structures scattered around the cubic one.

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Requesting an NPC for my Black Crusade. A chaos fallen space wolf with a two-handed runic sword and a mouthfulla fangs :)

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Black and red power armour also sorry

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get the fuck out of this draw thread you shameless heretic.

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I'm in the middle of a D&D campaign based on Grimgar and I need an avatar for my roll20 profile. I'd be fine with a black and white sketch even. I'm a light brown, wood elf archer trap.

It would be greatly appreciated.

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What's the procedure? after you fill out the paperwork of course.

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Requesting a female gnome with a green ponytail and yellow robes smiling like a kid with a mechanical parrot in her shoulder.
If you want to put some grease strains in her face and robes would be nice.

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Lots of removal of organs. Also love the picture; wasn't expecting that view on it.

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If Kobold Anon is here, could he draw a winged/draconic(thicker tail, horns and that) trying to perch on top of an appropriately-sized hoard?

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Young cleric girl (think FF White Mage) being subject to the endearing kind of healer bully from her companion(s).

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OR here. Looks amazing so far.

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Quick sketch. I hope it's okay. I might add some more details and refine it into something less sketchy.

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Haha, that's great! Thanks, anon!

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Requesting something pretty simple but i lack any skills at drawing so not so simple for me

Its a bleach hollow mask.
The shape doesnt really need changing, maybe make it a bit more predator'y like the image in the topright.
I have 2 images of what hollow masks look like to help, they have a white base with minimalist designs on them, if possible having the designs black/red/yellow would be really cool, i trust your judgement as artfags more than mine so do whatever you think looks coolest.
If you've read this far thanks even if you dont end up drawing it

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Yup it's me again. I'm not dead yet. Are you disappointed?
As usual I'd like a pic of one or more of these /tg/ characters in fancy-dinner style formal attire.

- Jubblowski/Kasrkin-chan
- Noh
- Heavy-Chan
- Ogryn-Chan
- Sandwich Stoutaxe
- Any of the Primarch's Daughters
- Any other female /tg/ character you can think of

I'm collecting pics of female /tg/ characters in formal attire because of collection reasons. So far I’ve got Blue, Cultist, Raege & Boone, Cata-chan, Chem-Chan, Krieg-chan, Marcia, Macha, Octavia, Schlicktau, Sister Kearys, Taldeer and Xeno.

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Saw you mispost in another thread and now I'm curious.
What for?
How well-known do the characters need to be?

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Doubt worry, i am finally getting around to drawing it. I want kidding when i said i was slow, and i do lots of pre sketching before every piece until i get a design im happy with.

But if someone else also wants to fill this one i won't get butthurt, im doing it because i like kobolds.

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>What for?
it started out as just wanting to have a pic of a bunch of /tg/ characters in fancy clothing. From then it has kinda grown into something bigger. My goal, for now at least, is to chuck them all into one big picture and maybe make a fancy ball roll & write with it. Maybe. Perhaps. No promises.

>How well-known do the characters need to be?
Not very. As long as it originated on, or was adopted by, /tg/ in some form or another it's A-OK by me.

And since it will be requested anyways, here's what i have for now,

>> No.46016173

(somewhat done already though the artist missed a lot of details like mechadendrite type, placement of the vocal grille and type of weapon)
/r/ing a cybergoth-inspired female heretek for a Black Crusade game.

She has a lanky build and her few visible bionics except her sleek form-hugging cyber-mantle are a vocal grille, situated where her mouth should be, with vents on either side that lets out small trickles of steam/unholy unguent smoke from time to time (they emits jets of the stuff when she talks) and an optical mechadendrite that is either coiled around her midriff or hovering over one of her shoulders

Her hair and clothes are done up in cybergoth-ish style and she's hefting a plasma rifle
If you do color her hair is dyed black/neon green, her skin fair and her eyes grey with white scleras.

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gonna try yours

not promising anything though

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Thanks mate. Dont worry i wont judge... much...

>> No.46017055

well judge away, this is what I've done

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Thats really good actually, thanks mate!

>> No.46017150

if you want anything changed, I can still do small alterations

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Requesting a villain for my game, he wears a wears a helmet and shirt similar to the blue guy in the pic he is 6ft tall and has a build of a muscular man. His helmet and shirt is black and orangeish red, he doesn't have any color besides black on his sleeves he has the Slav symbol for the sun in the middle of his shirt just like the lighting bolt on the blue guy.
He also has the power of solar manipulation, each time he absorbsaid light the skies on the sun light up.
>He also has an orange number 4 across his mask.

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whoa deja vu

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I should've said that it's a team, I just separated the requests.

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Awesome, I can't wait!

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The face could be a bit clearer, but other than that its fine.

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Ive narrowed it down to these two ideas. The top being him fucking shit up in a skeletonized orphanage, the bottom being a "mah legs aint broke yet nigga" situation as he protects someone from a dude 3 tines his size.

Also does he have paladin powers? I know my kobold didn't persay, but he had piqued the interest of bahamut, and when shit was really dire and he was actually doing something noble (like fighting an unbeatable foe to save someone) bahamut would give some divine aid.

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>> No.46018812

Requesting just a WIP of my Grand Master riding a demigryph as a concept (want to see if it would look good as a model). He's the space marine on the far right, but the picture on the left is just a more clear image of the MK II armor he wears with the segmented pieces.

And yes, he wears a frogmouth.

>> No.46018968

Requesting a rather Eccentrically well dressed man, rather tall and thin.
Long platinum hair
Golden floral suite
Matching shoes
Holding a rapier
A set of brightly colored driver's gloves (teal maybe)
A companies by a crane familiar
And finally a Bee insignia somewhere on his person

>> No.46019286

I like the second one, that one fits his "never give up" personality. As for powers, nope. He is literally a lawful-good Kobold with a hammer and shield who idolizes paladins.

>> No.46021260

Yeah i was leaning that way anyways. Started inking and I'm feeling good about the head and general pose but i fucked it up a bit so I'm gonna start over. This is why i take forever.

>> No.46021708

Could I ask what kind of god he worships? Like something vengeful to sinners, something that is very open and accepting, or some evil war deity?

>> No.46022030

Hey, the fact that someone is willing to do my request is good enough for me!
I was thinking Sol, but that may have been because I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls lately. The story behind his paladin obsession was from when he was a little whelp that left his burrow and ran into a group of traveling paladins. They thought he was cute (and he didn't immediately try to gut them at first sight) and shared stories of their exploits. He became enthralled with the romantic notion of traveling the world, fighting for right, defending the weak and the glory of it all. Everyone loves a paladin, they're heroes. Nobody likes Kobolds, even their draconic cousins view them as little more than servants at best. So, what better way to be loved by the people than to become a paladin. So, he crafted his own "armor" and "weapon", filled a book with inspiring stories, rules and other general information on paladinhood, then dubbed it his "Paladin Kodecks" (written on the cover) and began his own quest. It didn't work out too well, as people still pretty universally loathe Kobolds, but didn't deter him and he still maintains a selfless outlook on life and will be the first to stand up to injustice. His name is Dugh.

>> No.46022493

holy shit, that's really nice

>> No.46023248

I can't get over how similar your character is to mine. Kitik Dirtmouth. Basically he was supposed to be a storyteller like his father but wanted to invent new stories instead of retelling old ones, which was expressly forbidden. Then he killed a knight "by killing the knight's horse and then bashing his head in when the knight was trapped beneath the dying creature", found a (guess what) codex on chivalry and knighthood that the knight was transporting. He took the tome and was fascinated by it's stories, and (because he can actually barely read the thing) came to the realization that because the knight had tried to "duel" him and kitik won, that meant he was actually a knight too.
When he decided to tell his new story, the story of "kitik loretooth, the first kobold knight" to the tribe, his father beat him down, disowned him and took his name, forbidding him to ever tell the stories of kobolds again, naming him "dirtmouth".
So kitik, furious, frightened and without guidance, consulted the codex for wisdom, since he was forbidden to ever turn to the history of kobolds again. And there he found that "when a knight is shamed, he must regain his honor by dueling the one who shamed him". And so that night, kitik crept into his father's tent and stabbed him to death in his sleep with the knight's stolen sword. While whispering, "I challenge thee to a duel."

Then he ran away and started doing "knight stuff", while functionally being a rogue.

>> No.46024959

Please drawfags! Hear my prayer!

I humbly request a picture of Hungarianlarpfag and Gropey dressed as knights with a banner or shield of /tg/'s sigil, slaying nicedaemonette.

>> No.46025139

How about no

>> No.46025841

While similar (and the "I challenge thee to a duel" bit is hilarious), Dugh is pretty far removed from his Kobold roots. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing the two "noble Kobolds" at odds over what chivalry is.

>> No.46025989


If any benevolent anon here could draw a golem with a an Egyptian sarcophagus for a chest and a death-mask for a head with mechanical scarabs crawling on it then I would be eternally grateful.

>> No.46026109

Th-thanks anon. Anyone else?

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>> No.46026222

A running gag was that Kitik believed that honor was a type of plant knights grew, and that trampling on it was a killable offense. (most stories took place on a field of honor). There was the time he tried to rescue a death god from its hill giant minion(look, a princess, white face, silly hat, long flowing dress "IT'S A ROBE" being kept in a cave by a big monster).
And when we rescued some peasants from pirates and were camping after the fight one of the peasant girls was helping bandage us up. When she got to kitik, who was pretty banged up, he asked her where his favor was and demanded to have the bit of gauze she was going to use on him because "A knight is supposed to get a favor for rescuing a maiden fair".
then, when we were trying to escape the island, a fastball special into a giant zombie falcon ended up with her and some other peasants getting vaporized by a necrotic explosion, which also blasted kitik straight to bahamut's doorstep. After a bit of divine intervention and GM fiat, he coughed himself awake, dragged himself to the ashes, and solemnly buried the bit of gauze in the sand next to her scorch mark "I was supposed to rescue you, I don't deserve this, I'm sorry

All in all it was a really cool game, I often got the chance to make a perform check to tell a story, which I always made up on the spot, like when kitik killed 20 "giant horned demons" by burning down the barn they were docily mooing in.

>> No.46026377

What a great DM. I'm sad I don't have the chance to play Dugh in any game. He was made for a D&D game I was hoping to play only to find out the DM didn't want to allow Kobold characters, so now I have a character without a game. Someday. Soooomeday.

>> No.46026383

alright, I'd like to request my Shadowrun character that I'm currently running with some friends. He's a former wageslave-turned-Hobo-turned-Shadowrunner. He wears masks and armor to protect himself partly, but mostly for others - he has leprosy, and refuses to have it treated.

He wars a face-mask similar to the one in the top left, but without patterens. It's held in place in a similar manner to the mask next to it, with a cloth hood underneath the straps. The mask itself is a bit dirty.

He wears a ragged leather jacket with cloths drabbed over parts of it (image of the Wizardry Ninja is an example of how it might look), and over his hands he wears a pair of leather gloves, with small plating on the top-side, similar to the knight underneath the face-helmet. His boots are similar to the iron boots of said knight, with "toes" visible. His pants are a bit on the baggy side, also dirty and ragged.

He has a combat machete as a weapon, often sheathed on his left thigh. His long-range weapon is the pistol shown in the image.

The last part -both on the image and of this request - is completely optional, and is not needed at all, but if the drawfriend that decides to pick it up could make a portrait in a similar manner to the ones farthest down, I'd appreciate it heartily (since that means I can also throw the character image in the Shadowrun games and use him there).

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>> No.46026606

I'd like a tech priest trying to figure out the use of a rubber duck.

>> No.46026618

Do you have, like, a DeviantArt or Tumblr or something where I can follow your art? You do some amazing shit. Especially with shortstacks.

>> No.46026642

dA's suspended atm but here
and tumblr/yordlequest

>> No.46026726

Thanks drawfriend! I look forward to seeing more of your stuff whenever you post! (Followed your Tumblr.)

>> No.46026757

I'd like to request a dullahan DJ. Male or female is up to you, I'd just like to see one spinning some sick beats at a rave or something. Maybe with the name DJ Decapt or something like that.

>> No.46026767

Thanks Mimic. She looks very cute!

>> No.46026862


np, and thanks.

>> No.46026888

Hello, drawfriends!

I would like a portrait of my necromancer, if one of you would be so kind. She's a small, pale, sickly looking elf, with dark hair and blue eyes. Her natural expression is a tired smile, and she leans heavily on a simple rowan-wood staff. She's dressed in pale blue robes. I leave any other details up to you.


>> No.46027547

All my thanks man

>> No.46027841


>> No.46027847

This guy, but more Punished Snake-y. Missing an eye, a few scars on his face, and a mangled hand. Must have a magnificent manly-man beard.

>> No.46028107

Someone made me this, Jack Sparrow as a scout marine, and I was wondering if someone could use this as reference for a cool pose. Sword drawn and ready to fight with a plasma-pistol that looks like a flintlock.

>> No.46028117

reference for the flintlock plasma pistol.

>> No.46028151

>read the text over

>> No.46028305


>> No.46028414

so I need a character for Shadow of the Demon Lord. A clock work, which is basically a warforged.

The character in question is a squire and a patroller, is 10 feet tall, weighs 750 pounds and doesn't have much in the way of discernible features, probably a head with a smooth face plate and empty eye holes. He uses a staff and sort of lives in the apocalyptic end times of his world. Has a tendency of using fire and weapons coated with pitch to solve his problems.

>> No.46028561

How many times have you had him redrawn by now? It has been a while though. Care to share some storytime on how he got all fucked up?

>> No.46028562

Reposting my request for the BBEG of my current campaign. He's tall and very thin, like he has some terminal illness. Physically, he looks like a middle aged Max von Sydow with hair and a beard like in the bottom image, except in black. He wears a dusty black coat, like the one in the upper right except open and without the low collar. His right hand is all withered and cracked like stone like on the left, except it has a reddish hue instead of being black. For the pose, it'd be cool if he were holding a wooden walking stick in his left hand and with his right he were holding up in a pose like the reference image with a stern look on his face, and surrounding him like in the bottom right pic were five blue ghostly swords.

>> No.46028594


Thank you! Looking like a cleric actually kind of fits, given her backstory.

>> No.46028614

Workin' on it. Will update within the hour.

>> No.46028914 [DELETED] 


Glad to see people've been around long enough to recognize it! Shouts out to the original artfriend. Since you asked nicely.

>Waged a civil war to claim a Kingdom after learning he was the bastard son of the King
>Turns out a cult manipulated things to the point where they drugged the (at that point) innocent King and had him lay with a witch to spawn a bastard
>Cult's whole plan relies on a prophecy that calls for a realm split in two, kinslaying, and a duel between Kings to summon their old evil champion, a guy who's pretty much Hercules but evil
>He learns about this, and despite literally everyone going "We should do everything we can to avoid that prophecy because Not-Hercules will MESS US ALL UP," decides "Nah screw that, the people are already suspicious of me since I'm a bastard, I have to prove I'm not to be messed with, so I'll fight the oldest villain the Kingdom knows and win."
>Doesn't win. Loses horribly, in fact
>Survives, but only because another party member intervenes, killing the villain
>Party member tells him and everyone else he slayed Not-Hercules, nobody's any the wiser
>Ends the campaign nowhere near as good as he was in a fight before, but universally feared/respected as the Hero King everyone deserves

>> No.46028938

Anonymous 03/15/16(Tue)04:39:57 No.46028914 ▶

Glad to see people've been around long enough to recognize it! Shouts out to the original artfriend. Since you asked nicely.

>Waged a civil war to claim a Kingdom after learning he was the bastard son of the King
>Turns out a cult manipulated things to the point where they drugged the (at that point) innocent King and had him lay with a witch to spawn a bastard
>Cult's whole plan relies on a prophecy that calls for a realm split in two, kinslaying, and a duel between Kings to summon their old evil champion, a guy who's pretty much Hercules but evil
>He learns about this, and despite literally everyone going "We should do everything we can to avoid that prophecy because Not-Hercules will MESS US ALL UP," decides "Nah screw that, the people are already suspicious of me since I'm a bastard, I have to prove I'm not to be messed with, so I'll fight the oldest villain the Kingdom knows and win."
>Doesn't win.
>Survives, but only because another party member intervenes, killing the villain

>> No.46028958

My friend, you have made me happy. Thank you

>> No.46029472

I think I might go over it in Paint Tool Sai with me mouse and make it more of a digital painting

>> No.46029561

Looking pretty good so far drawfriend, thanks

>> No.46029605

What colour are the eyes?

>> No.46029687

If any of you guys would be willing, I'd love a picture of my Pelorian Paladin praising the sun. Throw a Pelor sigil on his vestments/armour if you can.

Normal human, Clark Kent looking dude, no helmet, w/mace and shield. If possible make him look pretty euphoric.

Pic related is my attempt at making him in heroforge, for inspiration.

>> No.46029695

Here's the picture, my bad.

>> No.46030125

Hello /tg/!

Migrating with my paladin request:

>The god he serves is the leader of the pantheon, god of order, light, the sun, nobility, law and antimagic
>he's got the body of a greek statue minus the small penis, with an honest but serious face and long blonde hair, as well as a majestic behavior
>his attire of choice is heavy gothic platemail On top of it he wears the tabard of his church, as shown in the reference
>his main weapon (besides his faith) is his claymore. It's not too much decorated but rather a simple, honest weapon created for the sole purpose to CLEANSE AND SMITE EVIL
>a special trinket of him is his sun amulet
>if you want you can add a cloak that flatters heroicly behind his bag

To get a better picture of him, this is how he talks about demon worshippers, guildless mages and heretics in general:

Thank you all for reading. Have a nice day and fun when you draw!

>> No.46030621

here it is as I take a sleep, defeated

not really happy with it

>> No.46030630

on second thought; it's at least fine, not completely rubbish

>> No.46030821

Migrating with my request of a duo of BBEGs for my next campain

>They're both servants of a horned serpent god.
>One is a paladin, the other a priest

>The paladin dons light platemail with a horned helm. On top of the armor he wears a dark grey cloak and kilt. His weapon is a short greatsword with a serpentine blade.
>The priest is clad in grey hooded robes. He has two antlers which poke out from under the hood. He wields a incense burner and a staff similar to the rod of asclepius, except that the serpent on the staff is horned.
>Both of them wear a slender cape with the heraldry of their church on top of their attire.

Thanks for reading.

>> No.46031076

and done

>> No.46031106

Requesting my ex gladiator/barbarian from our Sword & Sorcery campain

He's an athletic (not too bulky) guy with tall build and broad shoulders. He has a stony face with ice-grey eyes, a short but savage curtain beard and long honey coloured hair which he wears in a wild and fabulous mass of braids.
His armor consists of leather and hides with some metal parts. His left arm is clad in a heavy shoulderpad and gauntlet. The metal used for the armor is bronze.
His most prized possession is his greatsword, which is finely ornamented and made from dark steel.
If you like you can draw him on his mount, a hunched and very primitive kind of cyclops. He rides it either sitting on its neck or, if he's in a battle, standing on it.

I hope someone is interested and wish you all a pleasant day and happy drawing!

>> No.46031111

and here's a peaceful version

>> No.46031481

Can I pls have that pic of the braided hair woman?

>> No.46031539

Amazing piece, anon.
I wish I had something to request.

>> No.46032234

Here you go, anon.
Though it's not much more than what you've already seen.

>> No.46032440

I'll try my luck, all I can offer in return is a point of good karma and best wishes.

I'm shaping up a campaign, where chromatic dragon-related disease is spreading over the land. It is airborne and infects all living creatures. Its symptoms are:

- painful growth of orange/black/red/white scales
- accumulation of acid/embers/frost/lightning charge in belly
- eyes turning in reptile-like

Besides ever increasing agression (and eventual death due to belly condition) disease also triggers extreme:
General insanity(Chaos)

I'd need affected creatures. Any dnd creatures are ok from humans, elves, dvarwes, to animals to any other general dnd beast.

If anyone feels like contributing, in black-and-white or color, much appreciated.

If you want, i can introduce NPC painter in my campaign with picked name. He'll be immune to disease but not to my murderhobos.


>> No.46032818

Migrating and bumping my mystic adept from shadowrun:

>He's an orc, male, 2m tall with an athletic build
>In his 20s, long dark blond hair with a few braids, grey eyes, light skin
>mystic adept of the norse tradition
>wears an ornamental coat, a ballistic vest over it and a hooded cape, colors are mostly dark shades of grey with accents in red
>helmet with a viking-esque aesthetic and an in-built respirator/gas mask
>runic longsword as weapon focus, war horn as summoning focus
>mp in hidden holster

I don't care if he wears the helmet or not, but I'd appreciate it if it was somewhere on the picture. Draw him in whatever scene suits you best: alone, in a bar, during a fight, being possessed, I don't care

>> No.46032884

Wasn't this posted a few months back, too, or am I just trippin?

>> No.46032925

I've been posting this for quite some time now, but it was never drawn.

>> No.46032982

If the product's not selling, you should try spicing it up a bit.
Like maybe throwing in some sick memes with your request, that's sure to draw in some eyes.

>> No.46033244

Dude this looks badass. Ima use this in my campaign.

>> No.46033406

Thanks for the advice. I'll change a few things of the request in the next thread.

>> No.46033511


taking simple/unsettling requests.

>> No.46033550

Can you make anything with this:

>> No.46033599

it will try.

>> No.46033975

>tfw nobody wants any warhammer 40k drawn

>> No.46033987

Looks pretty good anon, thanks

>> No.46034047

Well, I'm not done with my spare character build yet soo... Sorry m80. If you're really bored though you could sketch up some 40k Jedi looks, I may be making one depending so I could use some ideas of what a Jedi would look like in 40k. More like an episode 4-5 Jedi though, in that there are practically none of them around still and they're all fugitives.

Otherwise, I'll have some 40k related requests up sometime this week, though maybe not in this thread depending on how long it survives.

>> No.46034048

Draw sum orkz ya winee git.

Sum kinda ork moffeeya or sumfin.

>> No.46034074

Draw Deadpool in 40k. Then any other supers you want.

>> No.46034195

I had one
already did it.

>> No.46034276

What kind of 40k stuff do you want to draw ? Is cute okay ?

>> No.46034320

If we're going 40k cute, how about a little girl putting a wreath of flowers onto a Space Marine's head? If you want extra funny, make it a passed out drunk Space Wolf.

>> No.46034342

What about pictures of Space Marines showing their humanity i.e. interacting with children, protecting a family, weeping over a dead comrade/innocent, or comradeship? I don't feel like that side of the series is really shown due to its focus on how grimdark it is.

>> No.46035220

i preferred blank eyes to convey the hollowness of the victim but hey that can be easily corrected if you want.

>> No.46035365

>tfw I know that feel

>> No.46035462

looks ... inspirational :D

>> No.46035528

Are Space Marines even built like that though? Do they express emotions like that? Aren't they all avarice and rage?

Though interacting with children, I could see a crazy ass old librarian with kids crawling all over his armor, grabbing onto his purity seals and wargear while he smiles and shows them pictures of the Emperor or whatever in the book he carries. One could be perched on his shoulder while another peers over his back and the rest sit in front, so basically librarian storytime. That sounds pretty cute actually, if anybody wants to, consider this a request.

>> No.46035577

Look up the Doom Eagles. They're known to be more compassionate towards humans. Not all of them are prideful demigods. Ultramarines are known for it too to an extent.

>> No.46035634

The original, pre-heresy Astartes were literally just humans but better. Still had all the emotions and could even fall in love and fuck etc. Afterward they all got dulled down and have less emotions, but they're not lobotomized. They can still feel and such, just less prone to getting sad or what have you. If you had a knob that showed human emotion, normal humans would be at a 10 and Space Marines would be at a 4 or 5.
But that doesn't make them inhuman. A lot of them, especially the Salamanders and Space Wolves, actually feel for their non-giant brethren. But most just see them as shit to protect because the Emperor said so at best. Walking heresy bombs that just get in the way, but it's okay because they can make more at worst.

>> No.46035804


>> No.46035868

OR here, its super awesome. I didnt expect a coloured drawing!

>> No.46036070

>tfw no one sees the 40k requests

>> No.46036106

I honestly meant more along the lines of desensitization. They're hundreds if not thousand of years old and have seen hundred of battlefields and campaigns, so their empathy has to be shot all to hell. It's an issue with veterans returning from just a year in combat and can take a lifetime to repair in real life, I figure it's got to be almost irreparable after centuries of war making. I imagine they still feel intensely for their battle brothers insert gay joke here but for them the average humans' problems have to nearly incomprehensible, even at their worst in wartime. So they generally seem aloof and uncaring, but it's just because they're nearly incapable of understanding.

Though awkward social interaction with normies could be potentially hilarious.

>Marine gives a flower to a Captain of a PDF unit for exceptional bravery
>What was that flower for Battle Brother?
>I recall it is a show of appreciation Brother, remember our comrades need shows of affirmation to keep their spirits up
>Ah, indeed Brother. A fine display
>Cue scene showing confused Captain puzzling over a flower while his men giggle in the background about his new Astartes boyfriend

>> No.46036172

Point them out familam, it's hard sifting through requests sometimes. Plus it won't hurt the thread to bump, it probably won't get active until later anyway.

>> No.46036235

>cut to scene later of Captain sitting in his room, looking at the flower
>picture of Astartes with heart drawn around the helmet
>cutout picture of the Captain taped onto the picture next to him
>Captain puts flower next to the photo
>zoom out to show the desk is covered with other photos just like it
>Captain sighs dreamily

>> No.46036292


>> No.46036424


>> No.46036690

That one is even better

>> No.46036822


>>46012303 (This one was half done so its low prio)

>> No.46037453

I'll give it a go, update in few hours

>> No.46037504

I think anon meant ones that were further up in the thread, not ones that were created on the spot specifically because he asked. Those aren't actual requests, more suggestions I believe

>> No.46037550

It's ok, I usually pick requests on random anyway

glad you like it

>> No.46038542

Mine's here.

>> No.46039182

Here you go M8, hope this works. It's rough, I'm still new to this.

>> No.46039851

Hey Drawfriends!
I'd like to request what's supposed to be a demonlord in my campaign, a impressive figure clad entirely in black armor. The armor looks like Sauron's apart from it having broad shoulders, and the helmet being broader as well. The spikes on the top of the helmet should be shorter and smaller, but number exactly 10.
The armor itself should mostly be flat, there shouldn't be any gaps in the armor, as if it were the skin of the being, but somehow it should still look like there are connection bits. But, at the 'ends' of the parts, like the elbow protectors or the chin protectors, small spiky extensions should stick out.
The demon has no weapon, but his hands have these claw-like fingers like Sauron has.

His pose is straight, sitting on a stone throne which looks a bit like the iron throne from GoT, but the back is a little shorter, and it is(obviously) not made out of swords. It should still look somehow spiky, but rougher of course, since it's stone.

>> No.46039964

No worries mate, this is good. Thanks for drawing him. The eyes are a bit weird, but whatever.
You can only get better and try again in the future if you want

>> No.46040880

I'm stupid
>chin protectors

is meant to be
>shin protectors

>> No.46040970

I dont know man, those chins DO need protecting...

>> No.46041292

Fixed the eyes

>> No.46041718

I'll do Sandwich.

>> No.46042617


For the emperor

>> No.46042981

bumping my chaos wolf

>> No.46043169

now in colour

>> No.46043207

I might finish this up later if you're interested but I've got some errands to run right now

>> No.46043330

Here's a reference for a Shadowrunner i'm doing. Elven face, completely habitual liar with an impossible to pin-down history, happens to be the group's face.

He's got a traditional girly-boy sort of build, and if you need a backdrop or other details, he's also got a 1970 Chevelle SS 454.

>> No.46043337

Hey anon, maybe you could do the space marine in all the first founding colors?

>> No.46043405

... no.

>> No.46043477

So I know you guys do lots of character art and such in here, but would it be possible to get GM art to represent my GM? (gm appreciation month just ended and I thought it would be a cool thing to send him)

I know there is a stigma against group shots, so this one will be as straightforward as possible.

I would like something with a similar vibe as pic related, but with the large face in the back being his face instead(I apologize for the crummy face shots, it's the best I could find without straight up asking him for self shots). You can have as much detail or as little to the characters in the front, even if you want to make them indeterminate silhouettes. But for anyone who'd want to get detailed, our party includes a Tiefling warlock, Human paladin, Moon Elf bard, Changeling wizard (shaped like an anthropomorphic frog), and a Warforged fighter. Like I said, be as detailed or not as you'd like, the main important detail is just that there's his face in the back and that there are bodies in the front doing whatever.

Thanks in advance, drawfriends!

>> No.46043659

Here you go.

>> No.46043679

wasn't she a drow?

>> No.46043685

And another version

>> No.46043873

Missing Vostroya-chan on your list, m8.

>> No.46043877

requesting the Eldrazi titans as the Pillar Men as shown, humanoid preferred

>> No.46043973

I'm surprised someone remembers.

>> No.46044065

I second this

>> No.46044200

Is it possible for me to get an artistic rendition of this character? Color is optional

>> No.46044932

>artistic rendition
>of another drawfag's drawing

>> No.46044975

People have seconded, thirded, and fourthed it, but it never gets done

>> No.46045048

Might I humbly request a lady tech priest with a green crt monitor for a head?

>> No.46045117

Can I see the marcia pic?

>> No.46045262 [DELETED] 

I tried in Hero Creator and gave up on the face.
Can someone attempt my Ranger in a pose similar to the one on the right.
The character is an Elf and unlike my attempt here actually has a neck.
Also, he has red hair, green eyes, Leather trousers, a sword, and a shirt like those pictured. and (very optionally) a cape.


>> No.46045301

I tried in Hero Creator and gave up on the face.
Can someone attempt my Ranger in a pose similar to the one on the right.(the climbing guy but with a less freaked out face)
The character is an Elf and unlike my attempt here actually has a neck.
Also, he has red hair, green eyes, Leather trousers, a sword, and a shirt like those pictured. and (very optionally) a cape.

>> No.46045492

Wasn't sure how to mangle the shit out of the hand, so I didn't. Hope you like though.

>> No.46045526


>> No.46046490

should i finish this
im almost offended

>> No.46046645

maybe you should round those lines out a bit

>> No.46046738

the siegel is a pain in the ass i'm hoping OP will say to stop if not ill fix that

>> No.46046844

nigger please, get out of here with that shit. BoRis' art, though extremely stylized, is better than 80% of what other people get, and it's starting to grow on me.

>> No.46046887

I'm requesting a seafairing fairy in a similar position, but this tome holding onto a rope.

She should be wearing a tight fitting tennis shirt with notched on the side hems and has alternating blue and white horizontal stripes for design. Her shirt is paired with white capris, stopping three quarters of the way down her calf, and the sides of the capris are notched like the shirt. She wears red slip on shoes with faded white soles. She wears a sailor cap to finish it off.

The background can be the blue sky, some clouds, and or part of the boat in view. This fairy is a character I have for a cityscape setting.

>> No.46046986

By notched do you men holes down the sides?

>> No.46047272


By notched I mean there are v shaped notches at bottom of the shirt, at the hem. One on each side. I don't know if that's clear enough for you.

>> No.46047302


>> No.46047620

Thank you for taking my request, I say it's ok how it is you don't need fix it unless you feel the need to as for me I don't have a problemon with it.

>> No.46047920

You're my favourite drawfag, Halycon.

>> No.46048161

bumping my request, pls drawbros

>> No.46048467

Next time wait until 24 hours after your post before bumping newshit.

>> No.46048499

oh shit its the tread police every one act cool

>> No.46048582

Requesting a heavily muscled man with four arms(like Goro in pic related but less "monster" and more "human"), wearing armor like a member of a fantasy peasants militia might... like a breastplate, maybe greaves, and gauntlets over farmers clothes, but all looking in top notch quality... and holding in his four hands a farming scythe, a sheaf of wheat, a sword, and a shield. He would have a face which could be described as strong and pronounced, with a full beard of some sort and finely combed short hair, both of which are brown in color.

I have no particular preference for pose and facial expression, but he would probably be direct and imposing, whatever he's doing.

>> No.46048590

>Just be patient, and bump your request ONE time, every 24 hours after posting it.
You're just making it less likely someone's going to take it up by saying something like that, you know.

>> No.46048635

I'm not that guy, but do you think we even need bumps anymore? Threads move so quickly that drawthreads aren't going to think something posted in here is 'too old'.

>> No.46048641

just to make it clear i am not the paladin request guy but come on 19 hours and for a bump is fine the rule is one bump every 24 hours not a bump at 24 hours

>> No.46048728

Can someone please draw a simplistic bed sheet ghost with an expression of pure rage? I'm not exactly sure how you would do something like that, but I would assume it involves angry eyebrows. I know it's simple, but I lack the talents required to portray the level rage I am going for.

>> No.46048885

Plenty clear now, I was just making sure I understood before I went to drawing. I'll update tmorrow

>> No.46048961

Thanks! one more for my collection

>> No.46049049

She's bottom third on the left in >>46015721

>> No.46049058

Are you taking suggestions to add to your list? Cause if so then there's May Tealeaf, who TG made together. (And managed to get art for too!)


>> No.46049085

Yep will add her to my list

>> No.46049179

Someone draw Los Tiburon coming back into the ring.

in your hears, and on your backs, muchachos.

>> No.46049212

Over 36 hours bump.

>> No.46049785


Nice to hear that, thanks!

>> No.46050267


>> No.46050324

Requesting a picture of an obese mage girl conjuring herself a donut

>> No.46050368

This is amazing, and the speed with which you complete these is astonishing, can you give me the summoning ritual for the demon you sold your soul to?

>> No.46050664

changes fixes that you want ill get to them when i wake up

>> No.46050672

Man, that's one's hella old. Here's a new one.

>> No.46050679

Daily bump.

>> No.46051930

Oh my goodness Mimic, you art is so lovely it inspires me to make a request for my old Aasimar character!
She is Garuda-blooded (bird-god ancestor) so she has "shimmering avian features" which I take to mean a few accent feathers here and there, a lean elven face, golden eyes like a hawk, and (of course) a full pair of wings on her back. Her plumage is a deep royal blue, and her skin peachy. She dual-wields kukri and also carries a shortbow and a rapier. (Although I haven't seen a lot of your art, if you don't like drawing weapons you can just draw her unarmed!)

>> No.46052222


>> No.46052259

OR here and DAYUM thats awesome. Thanks a lot, drawfriend, you're the best!

>> No.46052440

This one's a bit of a tough one. I'd like to request a "bad ending" scene for one of my games. It's a tactical game where the players are mech pilots and every time they eject there's always a camel waiting to evac them. because REASONS!

I'd like a scene of a pilot riding away from a wrecked mech on a camel. I've attached a pic showing the general set up and references but my abysmal grasp of art, depth and perspective have stopped me from taking it any further.

The mech is like what's shown in the pic, except wrecked. The pilot wears something like the flight suit shown except without a helmet or face mask. (up to the artist whether it's a guy or girl.)

Thanks in advance.

>> No.46052441

This girl is adorable. She is adorable and I kinda just want to give her a big hug. Can someone draw an anon giving her a hug if that wouldn't be too much to ask? Even a shitty sketch would be awesome. :D

>> No.46052690

OR here, thats fucking the cutest mage ever

>> No.46052764

Same thing as before if anybody would be so kind to draw any of these character in your own style.
Take your time, I'm not in a hurry.
No smut pls ;_;

>> No.46052867


>> No.46052915

Uh, are you okay? Do you need ayone to call a doctor?

>> No.46052935

Right, so here's a very, VERY, rough sketch, just to get your opinion on the scale and ask a few questions. Should I make the demigryph bigger in relation to the rider and if so, how much bigger? Does he carry a lance while mounted, or is it just that sword? I hope he does seeing as he's basically wearing jousting armor, just my opinion it's your character What's the emblem on his shield, and do you even want him to be carrying a shield?

That's all though, soon as you get back to me I'll get to work. And again, I reiterate, this is a 10 minute thumbnail and not indicative of the final drawing I promise, so don't panic. I wouldn't shit on a plate then give to someone and call it cake.

>> No.46052941

Agent Mulder as a fantasy rogue/witch hunter armed with a flintlock pistol, wearing a black leather armour and holding the Necronomicon

>> No.46053432

I'm working on it (trying at least), I'll take a small break before I turn it into a 100% octopus. :( I'll try my best later today!

That's amazing to hear! thank you

>> No.46053522

Haven't given these threads an earnest look before; jesus christ. Some of the deliveries here look amazing.

Is it generally frowned upon to offer non-monetary compensation of some sort?

>> No.46053545

>non-monetary compensation
Like what, anon?

>> No.46053556

If you do it before getting a response, somebody will probably bitch at you. What with giving their requests worse chances or something. But it's 4chan. Somebody will probably bitch at you anyways.

>> No.46053561

not as far as I know

>> No.46053581


>> No.46053657

Reposting from old thread!

Is anyone here comfortable with drawing items?

On the off chance that there is, could I have a few done?
First is a bow, the limbs are 2 simple silver wings, like the bow in pic related but much slimmer and simpler
Second is a golden staff with gold leaf ivy wound around it, loose at the top and looking like they've grown around it, ivy like in pic related
Third is a Chinese Jian sword with inlain jade dragons along the blade and hilt, sword type is in the pic
Lastly is the dullest, most boring looking European longsword you can imagine, kind of like the lower sword in the pic

Many thanks in advance!

>> No.46053811


>> No.46053904

Thank you very much Boris, why are you so based?

>> No.46053924

>barely an hour later
>that quality
what the fuck is happening in this thread

>> No.46053987


>> No.46054070

Fuck. I'm so tempted to make a request but I suspect I'd either go full autism in the reference image, or spend hours of my life obsessively refreshing the page until the thread dies and I burst into salty, salty tears.

>> No.46054110

Can someone draw a picture of a fa/tg/uy sitting at a table with Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin, teaching them how to play Magic: The Gathering?

>> No.46054129

Space Marine meets a monster girl for the first time trying to seduce him.

>> No.46054187

Can i request some art for a Black Crusade Writhing World Sorcerer King? I tried looking online, but image related was the only thing i found.
They are Nurgle psykers filled with worms that burrow through their flesh.

>> No.46054258

Two Black Crusade requests, both Nurgle-esc, in the same thread? Cool.
I requested the Magos Biologis from a while above. Hope you get a good one too.

>> No.46054499

I love you.

>> No.46054581

awesome work!

>> No.46054872


>> No.46054884

Holy crap, thank you very much.
You know, when Anon was talking about non-monetary compensations, I was laughing...
I might have to reconsider.

>> No.46055023

Thank you anon!

>> No.46055242


>> No.46055342

Holy crap thats good!
I mean, someone already did mine, i was just pointing out how it was funny to see two BC requests on the same thread.
But shit thats good looking...

>> No.46055634

Looking cool anon, but a Demigryph should be much, MUUUCH bigger.


A space marine proportionally is basically a fatter version of the knight on that model, no difference in height. Pretty much like an awful big horse.

>> No.46056210

This is adorable. I want to hug her.

>> No.46057023

>that pic

>> No.46057119

silly joke

>> No.46057729

Righty-o, what about the shield device and lance and sword?

>> No.46058052

bump, it's for roleplay purposes, I swear

>> No.46058216


= // = Such suspicious. Might you tell us more about her companions ?

>> No.46058276

Hee hee!

>> No.46058630

He just has a sword and shield, but you don't have to put that in if you want to.

>> No.46058784

Alright, this is my first request so sorry in advance if I'm doing something wrong.

>Short description
The character's name is Sam. Ex-cop turned costumed vigilante in a dystopian sci-fi city where you can always count on witnessing at least three murders a day. She is paradoxically an incredibly violent pacifist who fights exclusively with her fists to avoid killing anyone. She's the kind of girl to shit-talk you while you're down and grin when you get back up.
Her vigilante 'costume' is actually a lightweight, slightly reinforced bodysuit with an externally opaque visor-helmet which hides her identity. The color is close to black to help her sneak around, but has a faint purple tint to it. The visor is completely black, like a motorcycle helmet. She wears a skintight pink skinsuit underneath it. When she's not suited up, she wears casual clothes and has a very tomboyish fashion sense - loose shirts, tank tops, shorts, jeans, that kind of thing.
She's blonde and always has her hair tied back in a ponytail with a center parting. She's not exactly ugly, but she looks pretty rugged, and she's also shorter than the average woman. Almost flat as a board and touchy about it. Green eyes. No makeup.
>Request details
I tried to be pretty thorough with the character description because I actually don't mind how she's drawn. Pose, outfit, minimalist pencil sketch or polished monstrosity - I'll leave that all up to you. I'm assuming drawfags appreciate some freedom to do what they want with a request, but if I'm totally off the mark then let me know and I'll come up with a more specific request.

>> No.46059059

I'm a shit artist and I drew this a while ago.
If any drawfolk are interested, I'd like to see a cool drawing of a Deep Goose, maybe fighting someone or just chilling in some forest.
Thanks in advance.

>> No.46059120

That is a Dark Souls boss and a half!

>> No.46059195

>Tracking a deer to kill for dinner
>stumble into a forest opening
>Hear a flock of what sounds like geese
>BOOM BOOM BOOM of heavy footsteps
>this piece of shit runs out of the forest
>shoots a wide gout of flame

>> No.46059313

>Shooting fire
>Not concentrated honks that do half sonic half psychic damage.

>> No.46059371

Easy enough, I'll restat.

>> No.46059414

So um...
fighter - about two heads taller than her, just a little bit older, muscular (but not quite Conan-level of hulk), short hair, couple scars, worn out armor of practical / semi-realistic variety, sword & board
rogue - very young but mature for his age, always eager and energetic, wears combination of cloth and leather, no visible weapon, but plenty of various trinkets
sorceress - very posh and proper, perhaps even a bit condescending. Very good figure and not afraid to show it. Age unknown, and nobody would dare to ask. Carries decorated staff and is accompanied by two spectral tentacles (think permanent Unseen Servant)

>> No.46059467

>accompanied by a flock of regular sized dire Geese
>they're out for blood

>> No.46059489

All geese are dire, the ones that aren't are called ducks.

>> No.46059516

Dire half dragon goose Swan

>> No.46059601

You are awesome! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

>> No.46059614

You're passionate about your Waifu OC. I respect that.

>> No.46060006

Is man not allowed to taste sweat of his own waifu?

Wait, no, that came out a bit creepy.

>> No.46060007

Heya, just rolling through, whatcha want?

>> No.46060050

She's not my waifu, believe it or not! I'm not into muscular chicks. She's my brofu.

>> No.46060061

Thank you. Now to update my collection pic.

>> No.46060120

Any relation to Mr.Culexus?

Requestan: Heretek in hazmat / void suit grafting cyber-limb onto some xeno lifeform.

>> No.46060192

Care to take a poke at this >>46016173 for me?

>> No.46060237


No relation.

Any further details on the Heretek or the Xeno lifeform?

>> No.46060377


>> No.46060425

Heyo, kinda new to threads like these.

Hoping someone wouldn't mind drawing some R63 of the Abomination from Darkest Dungeon. Pic related for reference if the character isn't well-known.

>> No.46060448

Can you draw an howling banshee trying to lift an imperial power weapon despite it being too heavy and unweildy for her ?

>> No.46060536

does she have four eyebrows?

>> No.46060554


>> No.46060559

Heretek - tall & scrawny, his body is still mostly organic, but has two mechadendrites coming from his back. Looks worn out / overworked (bags under eyes, unshaved). Red robes with yellow-blue insignia.
Creature - I'll leave that to your imagination, think something between big hound and termagant. The cyber graft is rather crude, close to something Ork Doc would make.

>> No.46060579

Anon, that would be demonic

>> No.46060630

That is absolutely terrifying, thanks mate.

>> No.46060872

Good art, so how about you keep on rolling

>> No.46060903


>> No.46060930

Thank you so much.

>> No.46060999

That's actually pretty hot.

>> No.46061037


>> No.46061059

Are you the kind of drawfag who goes for the lewdest requests?

>> No.46061090

Touch puffy vulva

>> No.46061099

You mean there is a kind that doesn't?
I mean - look at Larro, Decu, GreenMarine, that guy from /wst/ ...

>> No.46061119

Wow great work.

Different person from the OR, but I don't suppose you'd want to draw a marine surrounded by all kinds of fluffy monstergirls (catgirl, wolfgirl etc.), and desperately trying to find the strength to resist the abhuman's advances? And failing to resist the urge to touch fluffy tail.

Quite a sizeable request so only if you're interested.

>> No.46061135

the height difference makes her ideal for headpats

>> No.46061164 [DELETED] 

I was bored

>> No.46061210


>> No.46061224

Messed that up. Here's better version.

I was bored. Didn't add any fluff stuff but I felt like this was a fun enough idea to give life. Also found the art via google searching Hydra Goose.

>> No.46061225

Or better yet
An Ork Boy surrounded by monster girls not having any idea what the fuck's going on

>> No.46061231

>not Chaotic Evil

>> No.46061238

that's the first lewd one I've done from the total of 8 requests I've filled this thread.


>> No.46061286

>having alignment
Anon please

>> No.46061322

Geese are not regular animals, they are devil-spawn made manifest.

>> No.46061323

>implying Mosquitos and Hornets aren't pure unfiltered Chaotic Evil

>> No.46061382

Nice. Here's the stats I gave it when it was in my game for reference. We put pretty similar things.

Deep Goose (Huge Folk Walker/Flyer — 119 XP): TL: 5
Str: 16/+3; Dex: 12/+1; Con: 16/+3; Int: 4/-3; Wis: 12/+1; Cha: 10/+0;
Init: +5=4+1(dex) Melee: +10=7+3(str) Fort: +8=5+3(con)
Health: +11=4+3(con)+4(size) ~ 125/32 Ranged: +8=7+1(dex) Ref: +6=5+1(dex)
Def: 12=10+3+1(dex)-2(size) Comp: None Will: +6=5+1(wis)
Size: Huge (4×4); Reach: 2; Speed: 30 ft. ground, 30 ft. flight;
Skills: Athletics III (Str) +10 = 7+3; Intimidate II (Wis) +6 = 5+1; Notice III (Wis) +8 = 7+1
Qualities: achilles heel (blunt), condition immunity (flanked), damage reduction 2, hive mind, improved stability, light sleeper, never outnumbered, regeneration 5.
Attacks: Bite II × 4 [1d12/17-20], Honk! [3d8/20] (damage III: cone 30ft range; damage type: sonic), Trample III [2d12/19-20]
Treasure: 1A, 3T

>> No.46061386

Geese ARE chaotic evil, not as an adjective like " steel is hard" but as in a noun like "steel is metal".

>> No.46061577

Guessing 3.5 or Pathfinder?

I thought about going Huge but decided to keep it a bit less drastically massive.

>> No.46061660

It's for Fantasy Craft because I wanted a weaker hydra. Then my creative juices started flowing, so my setting has 5 kinds of hydras and more if I feel like it. Snake, goose, lamprey, bobbit worm, and the feeble worm hydra.

>> No.46061708


>> No.46061747

damn that was fast

>> No.46061769

>when you want to purge xeno scum and a couple of abhuman females try to climb all over you

>> No.46061780

>A running gag was that Kitik believed that honor was a type of plant knights grew, and that trampling on it was a killable offense. (most stories took place on a field of honor)
A running gag was that Kitik believed that honor was a type of plant knights grew, and that trampling on it was a killable offense. (most stories took place on a field of honor)

My SIDES. Also adorable.

>> No.46061820

His arm looks a bit too short there, but otherwise it's good.

>> No.46061834

I'll bump this if that's fine.

>> No.46061835

how the fuck are you that fast nigga

>> No.46061863

Its bent

>> No.46061983

Requesting the image on the left drawn with the character on the right.
For reasons.

>> No.46061997


dang mimic <3

>> No.46062005

Is that the slut from OreImo and Ciel Phantomhive?

>> No.46062039


>> No.46062057

That, and the mixed message that you knights are supposed to both fight FOR honor, but also when someone has "no honor" meant that he went pretty guilt free after killing someone in a duel. though to him "duel" was a knight specific word for "kill" much like "hunt" for a hunter or "slaughter" for a butcher.

He wasn't nearly as murderhobo as a sounds. He genuinely wanted to help people and didn't go around killing for fun or selfish profit. But when he did have to kill someone or something the strategy was usually to sneak attack them with either stealth or surprise, and once they were bleeding out on the ground to, with complete clueless sincerity, challenge them to a duel.

>> No.46062114


I hope this was somewhat close to what you imagined?

>> No.46062174

Nice. What do you use to draw?

>> No.46062297

I like this one! I'll try this one next.

Bamboo board

>> No.46062411

Here you go.

>> No.46062493

There's a certain pixellated quality to your lines. Is that down to the tablet you're using, or the program, or the brush, or the specific brush settings, or what?
And can it be replicated without a tablet?

>> No.46062552

I use a G-Pen brush (Default) on Manga Studio with Anti-Aliasing off. I love the effect it gives. You can replicate the brush in PS as well with ease.

>> No.46062632


>> No.46062665

Hotline Daft Punk?

>> No.46062825

Sick, thanks!

>> No.46062873

Requesting cute Goblin kid in picture but, y'know, not in my shitty ms paint sketch quality. Having him wear a cloth sack similar to that in the photo would be really great, no real other clothes. Maybe in a pose like this?:

I should note that the Goblin has no mouth, and that the inclusion of the watch and Halfling pictured is unnecessary. Thanks again!

>> No.46063072


You kidding me? Your ref pic is great!

>> No.46063123

Ch-ch-ch-chiiiiin protectors?

>> No.46063129

Thank you! Thee hips are a bit too wide for me but otherwise it's great!

>> No.46063591

Please don't draw them on my awesome, claw-fighting demonhorde-commanding Demonlord!

The Players would laugh at him, then get bissected in 3 rounds flat because they aren't paying attention, and then start screaming at me for wiping the party ;_;

>> No.46063662

Though I must say that looks glorious, would make for a great comedic relief character!

>> No.46063979

Gobbie Incoming

>> No.46064057

Not the OR but you are awesome. And your speed is incredible.

>> No.46064066

Oh lord, that's some good goblin. I really like it. Thanks so much!

My favorite part is the ears.

>> No.46064172

The other drawfriend didn't answer my question, can YOU direct me to the demon you sold your soul to for this kind of talent?

>> No.46064232

the arm configuration is it ok didn't look at the reference didn't see you wanted the arms on the side of the ribs
everything looks ok then

>> No.46064368

Flattery will get you everywhere.

But I have been trying to sell my soul to a demon for talent years ago. All I got was a business man who gave me a free sandwich so far.

>> No.46064405

OR here, I'm totally cool with that arm configuration, the important part is that the four arms are there, it hasn't exactly been nailed down where exactly the extra pair comes in and the picture is looking good so far!

>> No.46064452

How many posts would I need to spend buttering you up before I could weasel a pity request out of you?

>> No.46064567

I think you have properly greased the wheel. What can I do for you?

>> No.46064675

OR here. You're amazing.

>> No.46064677

now everybody is going to simultaneously pretend to be that guy to get a guaranteed request from you

>> No.46064732

How would you feel about doing a more romantic request?

>> No.46064969


I may disappoint you in the quality of "romance"

But I can certainly try!

>> No.46065212

Here's a WIP, please advise on the right shoulderpad and shield emblem.

>> No.46066014

i'm currently running a fallout campaign, and after a somewhat long hiatus and my players are so excited, they have even drawn pictures of their beloved characters without me asking them. and they usually don't do this kind of thing.
I would love one of the artists here to interpret their characters, so i can surprise them with it.

I'm gonna start off with samantha simmons (pic is what the player came up with)
a savvy mechanic and overall cheerful new vegas gal. She has helped the party on numerous occasions by maintaining their crap and scavenging like crazy.

>> No.46066074

here is Nu Ten, a chinese ghoul who lived since before the war.
He is well versed in medicine and science, but not keen on fighting.
He prefers sneaking around and hacking stuff.
In the last few games, he fell a little behind, because the party dealt a lot with the brotherhood of steel and he refuses to interact with them

>> No.46066148

now this guy is in a league of his own.
Vladimir "Trump" Jutichevich.
A mercenary who became the overlord of a group of supermutants, by stuffing a grenade down the face of their previous leader - toupet wearing super mutant who called himself "Trump".
He took the toupet and with it the identity of "Trump".
He also likes to bash things in with his trusty sledgehammer

>> No.46066239

the last one hasn't drawn anything (yet), so i'm just gonna give a description.
Lothar "Deadeye" Möller is a mercenary wielding a sniper rifle. He is keen on gambling and drinking, both of which get him in trouble constantly. He also played a vital role in defeating the super mutant Trump.
As the most skilled fighter of the group, he always has their back from afar.

>> No.46066301

Anyone wanna draw my D&D 3.5 male drow psychic warrior? I posted images of him here on this thread, i think it pretty sums it all:
if you need more info just ask~

>> No.46066618

You are wonderful. Please, never forget that. You are wonderful and you should feel wonderful for what you've done here.

You have the eternal thanks of a lucha. I can't believe it's been almost six years since I told that story. One of my better decisions. (Check the tripcode, it's legit.)

The fact that Los Tiburon has brought joy and camaraderie to the wonderful folks of not just this board, but to the internet, fills me with pride.

Let's wrestle again, muchachos!

>> No.46066733

woah dude, you're like a celebrity over here, i always wondered if Los Tiburon had some cool adventures after reaching level 4

>> No.46066835

Shield has the respective carving of a winged angel on it, his pauldron bears an eagle head that's the chapter symbol.

Looks pretty cool so far.

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