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My Krieg waifu can beat up your whimpy earth caste waifu!

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I'm sure all that exposed skin is great against all the chemical weapons they seem to expect to face.

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But my Husbando can beat up your Kreig Waifu.

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My earth caste waifu can build robots that can beat up your Krieg waifu's entire squad.

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Yeah probably. I mean Kreigers are brought up as soldierss and Earth caste as engineers. So it's not really a fair contest in skill alone.
Did you mean fire caste?

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But my mad scientist waifu can fix the earth caste waifu right back up

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>Implying that my earth caste waifu can't / wouldn't seduce your krieg waifu
>Implying that your krieg waifu would want to fight her in the first place instead of cuddling
>Implying that I wouldn't join in a threesome and cuck you from that point onwards.
>Implying that she'd even live long enough to reach us with all that exposed skin in a chemical filled battlefield.

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Wait a minute.

I thought all Krieg women were breeding machines and nothing more.

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I assumed that was for fertile women only, and if I understand a lot of them are born sterile because of that whole living in a nuclear wasteland deal.

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Earth caste is more popular when it comes to waifuing. No idea why.

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>implying a noble warrior of Krieg would commit such heresy

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Well, ethereal and wind caste are too bony. Water caste looks weird. Fire caste have man faces on everyone. That leaves the (relatively) loreless earth caste. Which may or may not have actual curves the other castes lack.
It's more a process of elimination in waifu possibilities as I see it. Plus the existence of Xeno and Blue doesn't hurt.

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I thought they extracted the eggs, important tissue, put it in a vat, and sent them off to the training facilities.

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>Water caste look weird

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I can answer that.

Pic related

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Two on the left though. Dem hips.

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So we going to take this to /aco/ or what?

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AH, the casualties of fashion...

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Water caste are supposed to be the Tau with most human-like facial structure (ie. they can actually emove with their faces, while other castes are pretty expressionless), and generally the most friendly demeanor (Fire caste are agressive and military-minded, Earth are stoic and unemotional).
Although Erath caste, being described as short and stound would probably have thicc shortstacks, so that's a plus.

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>implying she wouldn't use her line holding powers to ignore the chemical weapons

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Need 40k waifus pics to make posters for my Colony Nightclub terrain project.

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Fire and Water (2nd and 3rd from the left, respectively) caste's height should be reversed. Fire are supposed to be the second tallest of the four castes, after the extremely tall and slender Air caste, making them about the same height as average humans (Water caste are slightly shorter and Earth caste are very short).

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Faces are correct, but the body shape is all wacked. Pity about fire caste manface, the personality is alright. Hell, in the fortieth millennium where there is Only War, that's a plus.

Though they're always going to lose against thick shortstacks, ya.

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decimate dat ass

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>Implying that cannon matters here.

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>Built robots to beat up things
I think you got the concept wrong, buddy!

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Rap Train never stops

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>people are actually attracted to these proportions
Trully weebs are the highest form of faggotry and cancer

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I figured that they were like many girls with very low self-esteem and a deathwish: ended up being the neighborhood bicycle in an endless and fruitless quest to find some joy in their lives. Instead ended up cum dumpsters/strippers/escorts.

Actually, now that I think of it, the male sluts I know had major self-esteem issues, too. I'm surprised that the kriegers don't fuck like gothic bunnies from hating themselves so much.

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They probably do. Can't think of another reason that there are so many despite their pretty fatalistic worldview.

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>Rap Train

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>But my mad scientist waifu can fix the earth caste waifu right back up
>>Implying that I wouldn't join in a threesome and cuck you from that point onwards.
And I wouldn't turn you all into Women for my Lesbian Harem!

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Oh, they probably do. They have every excuse to because of their need for MOAR TROOPS.

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