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This is how I Lawful Good.

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this is how I Paladin.

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Really? That's how I Simon Pegg. Takes all sorts, I guess.

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this is how I villain

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This is how I Lawful Evil.

How do you Chaotic Good?

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I'm more of a Chaotic Neutral guy

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The Randumb type gets old pretty fast in my opinion.

Is Treebeard True Neutral or Neutral Good?

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Book treebeard is neutral good without a doubt, I think movie treebeard is true neutral or even chaotic considering he went to war, risking extermination for what was essentially just revenge.

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This is how I Chaotic Neutral

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This is how I Chaotic Evil

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What alignment are the aliens from world's end?

>Ultra advanced race that preaches peace and intelligence
>blasts a planet to the stone ages because one person told them to fuck themselves

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Lawful (petty) Evil

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This is how I true neutral

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This is how I DM

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This is how I Chaotic Good
anyone know if that guy's gonna actually continue this? I wouldn't mind seeing where it goes honestly.

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This is how I want to Monk

Probably not it was a one shot quest

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Gary King is my favorite kind of asshole. The kind you wouldn't stand in real life but in fiction is so fucking entertaining.

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They didn't blast the planet. They just stopped guiding it and left. The punchline was that most human progress and organization was because the aliens had replaced like 60% of the population, and without that guidance we were all basically useless self-centered fuckers unable to actually work together and keep a planet running.

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This is how I Rogue.

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You fucking snap and go to town on someone?

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It would be ruled as self-defense in the States.

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This is how I DMPC.

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>Guy asks why does he have two katanas like a weeb fag
>I reply "didn't yo see that he forgets always his firearms?"

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Oh yeah, well this is how I DMPC

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Use your open eye, Slade

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This is how I Chaotic Evil

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This is how I lose sanity.

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This is how I BBEG

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This is how I Fighter.

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This is how I keep watch for heretics.

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This is how I Chaotic Evil.

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This is how I Warlord.

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I think it was less revenge, more realising that peaceful co-existence would not be possible after all.

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That's how you get kicked in the nuts.

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This is how I lawful evil.

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This is how I Chaotic Good

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Say, hasn't Nevada-tan been released by now?

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This is how I big guy

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This is how I lawful neutral.

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I can't tell if you mean the guy in the tan suit or the monkey about to jump him for his cash.

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>using the eye that's missing with the scope

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This is how I PC. And also reply to your comment.

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This is how I low WIS, pass my Investigation roll by burning my fate point, and fail consecutive combat rolls.

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This is how i decide my character's personality

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>No pic of one playing dead
0/10, that shit is adorable.

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In the final bit he mentions how all of it just "stopped working" so it was some kind of EMP on sterioids

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This is how I paladin

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This is how I Lawful Good.

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Good choice, anon.

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this is how I true neutral

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By being a useless face-in-the-crowd type who does fuck-all to help his Brother-Captain actually FIGHT the Orks and Chaos? Or by bitching whenever your captain is forced to improvise because the Codex Astartes *gasp* doesn't always have an answer?
This is how I Neutral Good

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Couple years ago actually.

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That's also how I Paladin.

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By the Emperor

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The black guy is taking the money the suit guy is holding out, not the hobo.

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I would have said "tree neutral" for most of it.

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What's the story behind that image again?

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Patrician taste

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You could say that everything a stopped working because people maintaining it were aliens

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