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How do I convince my party to go to hell? They're high enough level to handle it, but they've balked at the last couple of adventure hooks as soon as the word "hell" came up. They even freaked out when they faced a single weak devil, just because I started referring to it in combat as "the devil."

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Show them some Requiem comics.

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Why would anyone want to go to Hell? Shit's scary. The whole environment is hostile.


It's like someone suggested going to the Temple in Death Frost Doom. I'd have gone "Nah, fuck that. Let's go somewhere with a lot of treasure instead."

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Start with the "nicer" planes of hell, maybe have them chase down an escaping demon in Limbo or something.

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>How do I convince my party to go to hell?

Give them a reason to go to hell.

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Go with gateway drug approach. Make whatever they need located in shallower parts of Hell.

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That was my plan to begin with, but they don't care if it's the nice part of hell; they won't even dip a toe in it. I guess I can trick them into going, or show the consequences of their refusal to accept the quest.

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Make it a portal the "The Realm of Our Lord Baell" which sounds innoculous enough

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>show the consequences of their refusal to accept the quest.
Also this. Always have refused or failed quests lead to consequences. Some more dire than others

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>kill them

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give them waifu's.

Kidnap waifu's and send them to hell.

Fuck it, everyone gets sucked into hell, PC's friends, PC's family, PC's dog, PC's favorite alcoholic beverage, everything.

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I guess if they don't want to go to the 9 hell's they can go to the infininte layers of the abyss instead

Honestly if there not willing to go to baator its probably best not to force it.

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