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Post about X-Wing, Armada, FFG's Star Wars RPGs, d6, d20 (Saga), movies, shows, books, comics, vidya, lego, lore and everything else Star Wars related

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Shipfag's hangar

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I always figured Chewie was allergic to whatever was in the medals.

Or that his fur oils would have caused it to patina or something.

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What the fuck he would with the medal anyway? Motherfucker doesn't even wear clothes, for his people idea of a medal must be something completely absurd.

>> No.45725420

Chewbacca comic confirms, he did get a medal. He appears to have given two shits about it, since he gives it away.

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Look the wookiee thinks he's people.
That's cute.

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I am wondering how I should stat up these guys for FFG, anyone have advice?

>> No.45726894

Use the Assassin droid or BX Commando droid stats.

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Force Awakens didn't deserve to be nominated for anything

and I'm glad Morricone won best original score

>> No.45726998

I was thinking something like BX commando with less skill and a good built-in gun for the HKB, is the B2 SBD statted yet? Because that seems like a good basis for the E-4 Baron droid.

>> No.45727077

Not officially.

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>and I'm glad Morricone won best original score
Indeed. The man is a living legend.
You know what? They should get HIM to score the boba fett spinoff

>> No.45727151

>In addition, their movement was heavy and slow. >Nute Gunray planned to use a pair of these droids as his personal assassin corps

>> No.45727173

So how does one 'git gud' at evaluating x-wing ships and cards? I feel like I just kinda put things together, and I know what cards are good because of what people said, not because i figured it out on my own. Unrelated, but it makes me glad to see people using the reaction images I cut.

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They should.

Simple enough to scatter enough E-4s around for plausible deniability as to who owned the E-4 that went on a rampage and "Just happened" to kill one of your rivals.

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>you will never be part of EU NJO
>you will never have wacky but dangerous 90s style adventures with sentients from all walks of life
>you will never fight random factions of a dying Empire with fucking crazy but over the top stylish BBEGs
>you will never meet a tsundere waifu of either human or humanoid jedifu and lovingly make or adopt more Jedi for the dynasty
>You will never have a tricked out E-Wing to join Rogue Squadron for high flying adventures
>you instead were Columbined by Han and Leia's big ear-ed spoil cunt son

it hurts /swg/

>> No.45727294

I also totally want to make a less armored verpine version of the BX Commando droid as an excuse to put this model into modern use.

TOR had some awesome droid design for all its numerous faults.

>> No.45727351

>Force Awakens didn't deserve to be nominated for anything

>> No.45727380

http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/4-SEN THIS model


Also for some reason the timespan before the clone wars (Before or after Naboo, I don't mind either) really entertains me. Lots of low level politicing that has plenty of potential.

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1: Find a cool combo
2: Play with cool combo
3: Discover cool combo works but only in specific conditions
4: Are there upgrades that can widen those conditions?
5: Add upgrades and replay.
6: Cool combo is still only working in theory
7: Into the trash it goes
8: Go on MiniRanker instead and see what's trending.
9: Use that instead

Your journey is complete.

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>They should get HIM to score the boba fett spinoff
They should. I mean, Boba Fett was originally designed to BE The Man With No Name IN SPAAAACE, so...

>> No.45727508

>you instead were Columbined by Han and Leia's big ear-ed spoil cunt son

If you believe the fan theorists, all the Jedi were killed when Luke accidentally tapped into UNLIMITED POWAH and had a Force Fart.

Apparently the Force is Harry Potter magic, if the people who think Snoke is Anakin Skywalker are to be believed.

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So, I'm currently running a d20 Star Wars campaign in Jedi Civil War era. The party is currently rescuing a Republic Senator on Telos IV from a renegade republic commander. After they rescue her I plan to offer the party a permanent job position with the Republic where they have to chart new worlds in the unexplored section of the galaxy.

Any ideas on encounters/ planets they can explore?

>> No.45727521


He and Williams got a bit of a Bro-hug going. I think your idea is very likely.

>> No.45727661

thats retarded and if actually the twist I will forever be against didney and I was barely a fan of it to begin with

>> No.45727724


Yeah, I read a screenrant about how five of the dumbest theories I've heard can all be totally true, guize!

>Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plageius
>This means he could have "created" Rey in the same way Plageius supposedly "created" Anakin (another retarded theory).
>If Rey were conceived by the Force, then she IS related to Luke because they technically have the same daddy: the Force.
>Ben Solo actually went undercover to find out what Snoke is really up to.
>The opportunity presented itself when Luke got too big for his britches and killed all of his students on accident when he used the Force wrong.

>> No.45727772

what's to be upset about?

The best score won last night

>> No.45727808

It's less about who won and more that that anon was salty enough about JJ not fellating his EUboner to claim that TFA didn't deserve to be /nominated/, much less win.

>> No.45727825


The guy he's replying to isn't saying TFA didn't deserve the Best Soundtrack Award over Hateful 8.

He's saying TFA didn't deserve any of its nominations at all, even the technical ones.

>> No.45727843

Absolutely plebeian. StealthX and XJ for life.

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So, last Thread I proposed that the Mandalorian Wars should happen sometime around 1,000 BBY so Revan would have been the one who reintroduced the Sith to the Galaxy. Darth Bane would be one of the Sith who survived the chaos of KOTOR 2 and formed the Rule of Two.


>> No.45728205

Tryna seperate myself from the (objectively correct desu) herd. I love the the sleek depictions of the E-Wing

>> No.45728227

don't be silly

the EU was mostly shit
TFA was just mediocre. I'm not going to blame Disney for playing it safe but I''m not going to praise them for it either.

wasn't Yoda 900 years old?

>> No.45728255

I actually like the less sleek E-Wing depictions better.

The one on the cover of Mercy Kill reminds me of the Strike Eagle crossed with the SEPECAT Jaguar.

>> No.45728287

If you like blocky, how about the Lego version?

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>> No.45728588

Am I alone with my desire to head cannon Chewie's medal snub as; 'no one in Alliance Command thought to give Chewie a medal?' Because just like every other wookie across the galaxy they all assumed Chewbacca was just one more slave no better than droids; and that assumption was only made worse because no one but Han and the protocol droids could even understand shriwook.

I think it comes from a desire for the alliance to be less idyllic, awkward specie-ism moments amuse me, and the sub plot that between new hope and strikes back the rebels learned more about Chewy.

>> No.45728699

I see a force sensitive clone trooper but the fuck are the other two?

>> No.45728732

I dunno about that "no one but Han and the protocol droids could even understand shriwook" part, since language has never been a barrier in Star Wars. Everyone speaks 3 or 4 of them and there's always someone or something around who speaks whatever language needs to be spoken or understood.

>> No.45728757

They are a Special Forces Clone Trooper and a Separatist Bounty Hunter, who totally looks like Rako Hardeen.

>> No.45728865


I would say they just forgot to give him one on set. But that comic serial that actually came out before the movie made a tongue-in-cheek comment about Chewie not getting a medal. Apparently, he did get one but Leia was too short to reach up and drape it over his shoulders.

So I guess that's the canon explanation.

>> No.45729172

Does anyone know how to convert Dark Forces map units into meters? I want to see how long it makes Jabba's ship for a laugh.

Luke spoke it fine too.

>> No.45729370

EU had a lot of awesome stuff as well.

>> No.45729409

How many map units tall is Kyle's model? Assuming Kyle is 6 feet tall, you should be able to work the math out yourself.

>> No.45730252

Yes. Surgeon's Law applied, however.

>> No.45730376

Selective Legends is the best way to world build.

>> No.45730579

Cut it out before it becomes a problem?

>> No.45730620

I liked my husband and I's pet theory that snoke is actually Windu.

>> No.45731105

Blah, I meant Sturgeon's Law.
That said,
>cut it out before it becomes a problem
is how I think the EU should've been handled, rather than scrapping it in its entirety. Heir to the Empire was worth The Crystal Star.

>> No.45731139

>The Crystal Star.
That's not EU that's just ew.

>> No.45731222

So what would the Star Wars equivalent of a moist nugget be?

>> No.45731240

Depends. Does the Bryar pistol qualify as a Space Obrez?

>> No.45731296

a shitty ancient blaster, probably mando for the boo factor, that is dirt cheap and not that great

>> No.45731301

A Slugthrower Rifle duh

>> No.45731494

Let us talk about Demagol.

>> No.45732516

Yes, so clearly the full Bryar is the Moist nugget.

>> No.45732582

>Kyle Katarn running around Arc Hammer with a bag of Slavshit, screaming about cheeki breekis
Fucking sold.

>> No.45732606

Probably something old and anachronistic like the 6-2Aug2 that Luke had on Tattoine

>> No.45733086

Do any of you anons use some house rules for generating the Destiny pool at the start of the session? I'm currently in AoR and EotE games which both have 3 players in them and the last few sessions have gone with everyone rolling up just one destiny point. This heavily restricts all sorts of destiny point using shenanigans from talents and such and especially its a bit of a bummer in the AoR game since I'm playing a force sensitive.

So any thoughts on the matter?

>> No.45733192

You should not have that be a problem, because both the GM and the players should be using them regularly enough that a small pool is still constantly shifting.

>> No.45733848

Hey /tg/, i'm running an Old Republic F&D campaign and need an interesting species for a Jedi Master, any ideas?

>> No.45733982

I personally like Ongree and Ish Tib. Amani could be cool since they could droideka roll around

>> No.45733996


>> No.45734006


>> No.45734044

>that comic had bitching about how binary star systems cannot possibly have stable planetary orbits
>a year or two ago binary star systems were proven to have stable planetary orbits

Hahahahahhah faggot

>> No.45734122

No matter what happens in the scientific community, none can dispute the fact that Skippy was the most based of the OJO.

>> No.45734171

Vurk, Miraluka, Mikkian, Neti...

>> No.45734194

I hope this image isn't an error and my Shipfu will be revealed in all her Platoon Lander glory with the next production run.

>> No.45734428

How do I go about printing homemade cards?

Any suggestions? I really don't want to buy a Raider for Palpatine.

I want to sleeve it to to make it less conspicuous.

Any suggestions? And please, I don't want to get an ethical argument about this.

>> No.45734442

Sweet! Thanks /tg/

>> No.45734495

same dude here, I'd also be down to buy a Palp single, but I don't trust the sites I've found.

>> No.45734817

This desu senpai.

Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that getting rid of Legends for a forgettable summer flick that everyone forgot about wasn't worth it?

>> No.45734855

You ever heard of the StealthE?

>> No.45735091

So I asked in one of these threads the other day what might be a nice big vessel for some pirates to have (one sizable enough to have hangars or fighter docking ports in it) and after a couple of suggestions I settled on a CC-9600

Well due to...events...that transpired in the game I ran the players may or may not have control over the CC-9600. I can certify that this was NOT the plan when I put together the adventure but it certainly ended up this way.

So what can I do with this. Not in a "how can I take it away from the players" way by the way: They earned this stupid thing, and they're having fun, and I'm not about to stop that fun. I mean what kind of shit can they get into with a big ass, under crewed, kind of jankey, ex pirate ship?

They started trading ideas between themselves about their plans (The ones that got tossed around are: Become pirates, start a legitimate small trade company, put in a bar and create some kind of mobile den of scum and villainy) but they haven't settled on anything major yet.

>> No.45735151

A heavy frigate isn't TOO hard to find a crew for. Hell they could even apply for an offical imperial Mercenary license.

>> No.45735164

Run it like Serenity. Sure you've got this big ship, but big ships are expensive. Gotta keep doing jobs to keep her flying.

>> No.45735185

>wasn't worth it
Given how young the nucanon is and how long Legends went, it's still too early to tell. Legends started in 1978 with Splinter of the Mind's Eye. It wasn't until the 1990s that things really got rolling with the Thrawn Trilogy. I'm pessimistic, but I'll withhold judgment on nucanon's quality until a few more years pass. If nothing can surpass or equal Thrawn, X-Wing, Dark Forces, or the flight sims in the next decade, then yeah, that claim is probably justified.

>> No.45735214

well there definitely won't be a new flightsim what with EA having a kung fu grip on the videogame rights

>> No.45735507

well, unless you had something specific planned for them, I'd say you hold off until they have an actual plan and then go from there.

but as you are doing so, keep in mind what >>45735164 said about costs of flying such a big ship. Also, keep in mind that with such a large vessel, you the GM also have the luxury of being able to scale-up the kinds of adventures you want to tell if you should wish as they now have a better chance of surviving larger encounters than a typical group.

>> No.45735594


So between this Temple Guard Totally the Grand Inquisitor and General Pong Krell in TCW, we now have two Jedi who used hinged double-bladed lightsabers.

Would you guys give this gimmick any effect in F&D?

>> No.45735609

I hope they use Treymayne or Jerec

>> No.45735695

Eh, honestly I'd just count it as custom grip.

Also, related: does anyone have a Rebels viewing guide? Which episodes are shitty and should be skipped? Which are great and should be watched immediately? Which are so-so?
I watched the first episode to inspire a ffg Star Wars game for me, and I thought it was pretty solid.

>> No.45735715

Ah, but WHICH temple.The only ones that Rebels could 'return' to are the hidden one on Lothal and the Grand Temple on Coruscant. Both of those are kind of a bad idea, but I wonder if Kanan is forcing a vision quest to find the answers he needs?

Though the crazy spirit is right; try to fight Vader and the all the Inquisitors and you will die and possibly bring the Rebellion down with you.. "Far off yet is his doom," as someone once said.

>> No.45735723

Unlike TCW, everything's in chronological order, so just watch all of them.

It's Lothal.

>> No.45735879

I too hope they bring back Best Inquisitor.

If they do the better get his mannerisms down straight. I love how he essentially took a page from The Dark Knight's Joker 10+ years before the fact


>> No.45735886

1st series is a bit hit-miss, by the 2nd one though they've sort of hit a bit of a stride and some of the adventures are pretty cool

>> No.45735928

I just love all the random shit they're picking and choosing from the EU, dusting off, giving a new lick of paint, and reintroducing the canon.

I mean, shit, they made the Quasar Fire look GOOD.

>> No.45736339

One of those Sentinel types is in the Chewbacca comic. Rebels uses a different/early model probably.

>> No.45736916

That should be "My and my husband's theory"
But what's the theory based on?

>> No.45737213

>but WHICH temple.The only ones that Rebels could 'return' to are the hidden one on Lothal
They are going back to Lothal, again.

>> No.45737277

A moist nugget. Some things never change Anon.

>> No.45737423

The Grand Temple is now the Imperial Palace, where the Emperor hangs out.
I get the feeling they're not going to the grand temple.

>> No.45737793

Don't be too sure. As much as people love to meme about hurr scam citizen, it has proven that there is both interest and money to be had in flight sims. Between that and the hilarious amount of money TFA has made, EA would have to be willfully blind to not see the opportunity.

Now, whether EA manages to shit out something actually worthwhile, that's a bit trickier.

>> No.45737918

>Dark Trooper Phases 1-3
>no Cortosis rule on their armour
What the fuck is this shit

I added the Cortosis rule to the DTs from AoR core and spliced them with some fan rules I found. They are still the only stormtrooper variant to actually inspire terror in my players

>> No.45737933

>Now, whether EA manages to shit out something actually worthwhile, that's a bit trickier.

I had my heart broken several times by EA, kind of miss some of the old Lucas Arts games

>> No.45737969


>> No.45738021

Flight sims are inherently unprofitable. Too many hours of work compared to number of customers. It's why scam citizen made money in the first place. People want to believe the impossible. Try to offer bogus money for repairs and people will laugh at you. Offer someone the secret to immortality and suddenly you're an awesome dude.

>> No.45738058

Totally why the existing star wars flight sims had several iterations.

>> No.45738081

The trick to a new flight sim is that it absolutely 100% can't go for the AAA position. If they try and do that, the rules of capitalism will force them to completely gut anything interesting to ensure the maximum amount of customers. Just take a decent studio, hand them some money, and tell them to make a star wars flight sim.

>> No.45738124

>Star Wars
>Not going for AAA

Good luck with that commie

>> No.45738140

I mostly play Scum, but I'm trying to put together a thematic list for both Imperial and Rebel, based on formations flown during the original trilogy.

For Imperials, I'm going with Black Squadron. Led by Darth Vader during the Battle of Yavin, Black Squadron is otherwise just TIE pilots, though there are a number of named pilots from Black Squadron in game - "Mauler Mithel", "Dark Curse", "Backstabber" and "Wampa".

I think I'm going to go with

>Darth Vader - Predator, TIE/x1, Engine Upgrade, ATC


>Dark Curse

>Black Squadron Pilot - Crack Shot

>Black Squadron Pilot - Crack Shot

At the moment I'm looking at Blue Squadron for my Rebel unit. Each flight consisted of three B-Wings and an A-Wing, which gives me a bit more variety than most Rebel squadrons.

Keyan Farlander and Ten Numb each led a flight, while Ibtisam was among the Blue Squadron pilots but it's unclear who's flight she belonged to.

At the moment this is what I'm trying out.

>Ten Numb - Mangler Cannon, FCS

>Blue Squadron Pilot - FCS

>Blue Squadron Pilot - FCS

>A-Wing - Chaardan Refit

Really the biggest purpose of these squads is going to be introducing people to the game, and I like the idea of putting down two fairly iconic formations (That admittedly never flew against one another.)

It's just going to be a lot more compelling for people less invested in the lore than I am than throwing down something that looks like a mechanical butterfly and insisting it's a super cool Star Wars ship they've never heard of.

>> No.45738161

Listen, dipshit, unless the game is 100% muddy dicks, a star wars game is gonna sell. If you throw a smaller budget than AAA level at it, you start making money sooner because you need less sales to make up for the money you sank into it. Since you need less sales to start making money, you don't have to bland the fuck out of it to make sure every tom dick and harry is in your target demographic because that's literally the only way to get enough sales to make you money.

>> No.45738174

Plus just suggesting a revival of X-Wing vs TIE Fighter is going to have people who remember the older games jizzing themselves with joy and generating hype, that's kinda how the System Shock remake's going

>> No.45738213

Everything you say makes sense. CEOs don't think like that because they see no reason to compete for a niche when they can compete on the grand stage. Those kind of people like to think big and not think smart. Also kind of surprised you took that supershort joke post personally. It's not you, it's capitalism.

>> No.45738297

The thing is, it's not competing for a niche, because EA /has no competition/ for star wars games. And even if you look at flight sims in general, there's what, 3 things? Squadron 42/Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, and Enemy Starfighter.

Star Citizen is more or less doomed to never live up to the hype no matter how solid a product they actually end up with, Elite has been out for a while now, not sure where it stands, and Enemy Starfighter is literally being made by a single person and I haven't heard anything about it for a while so I have no clue if it's even still alive.

>> No.45738333

SW Battlefront was at best a B- and people still bought it

>> No.45738385

>EA will never make a decent game because they don't understand what that means
>CD Projekt will never make a SW rpg
>even if they did Disney killed all the lore and SW is pretty much dead

It's pointless, the game is rigged, the only winning move is not to play.

>DON'T go to Disney wars movies
>DON'T support any Disney wars video games, comics and books and maybe the old glory of SW can be restored

>> No.45738429

>Being this butthurt that one movie and a handful of books doesn't have the expansiveness of literally decades worth of material being made.

A bunch of EU stuff was gonna get shitcanned no matter what if they wanted a movie that wasn't just The Book: The Movie. All Disney did was save us from the endless bickering of BUT WHY DID X BOOK STAY CANON AND NOT Y BOOK.

>> No.45738444

>not sure where it stands

Anyone whose seriously played it says the same thing. Its a puddle with no depth. Considering its singe player only, and all of its npc interaction is generated by the player just being in an area, it has no feeling of a persistent setting. All you can do is space truck for cash or shoot things for cash.

>> No.45738544

what they did is killed an entire fantasy universe to make movies that should never have been made.
Star Wars being bought by Disney is a menace, it's disgusting, and it will never be good when it's treated as a small commodity to make profits off in the most efficient way instead of art.

>> No.45738561

All the art of the EU, the fine pottery, will be replaced by AVENGERS QUIPS

>> No.45738573

>small commodity

Sure the most valuable IP ever should be treated the same as Aliens or Gears of War. We should totally live in the shit alternate universe you want where a new Star Wars movie is NEVER made so we can keep getting new grocery store aisle Star Wars books in a universe decades separate from their inspiration for eternity. Or we could get new movies and continue to have mediocre to shit Star Wars books anyway.

>> No.45738665

They did make a new Alien movie, technically.
It was shit, just like TFA

>> No.45738676

I don't think you understand that we already had great books and comics and games coming out in the last 20 years, a universe had been built, we had The Clone Wars series, maybe we could have gotten another good show, but no the first thing Disney did is cancel it and make Rebels, they don't know what they're doing, and it's unlikely we'll have a good game coming.

>> No.45738689

and when I say unlikely I mean that it will be a miracle, just to clarify.

>> No.45738693


>> No.45738717

Don't lose hope yet, Anon. Look at Unravel. EA, of all companies, agreed to publish the game when, allegedly, nobody else would. And according to the current CEO, they did it because the creator was hell-bent on making it. He was set on making his dream a reality. And despite its flaws, Unravel turned out to not be dogshit. The odds of good SW vidya are slim, but they're not at zero yet.

If there's one thing in the business world that can still win the hearts and minds of businessmen (aside from a pile of money), it's passion.

>canceling TCW
To be fair, the Clone Wars in-universe only lasted for so long. Continuing TCW past a certain point would have brought up a whole lot of questions about time.

>> No.45738737

Retconning the clone wars to take longer would have SOLVED a whole lot of questions about time.

>> No.45738780

And how long would you have made the Clone Wars last? There's only so much you can do before the audience gets bored with the oversaturation of Clones and saberwank. Plus, it would have risked becoming a microcosm of Legends: an overly long, overly dense, and overly interconnected mess.

>> No.45738804

The cartoon? Don't give a fuck, didn't watch it, but the time frame given by the prequels have always been baffling to non-nonsensical in regards to the original trilogy.

>> No.45738820

The Clone Wars only lasting 3 years never made any sense. It was far too short for the amount if shit that went on in it. If it lasted between 5-10 years, that would have made much more sense.

>> No.45738919

Seeing as the cartoon ran from 2008 to 2014, I'd say that the retcon already happened, albeit without official, explicit statement. There's no way in hell that all of the events in the show could possibly fit into a mere 3 years of in-universe time. 6 seasons is plenty for a show.

>> No.45738966

>hurr u madsalty
>implying we're wrong
Get out Mouse shill

>> No.45738982


>> No.45738992


Not even that guy, but seriously, don't start with "hurr shill" bullshit. Not even kidding.

shilling and suspected shilling is why you can't discuss anything good on /v/ and the last thing we need is that paranoia here.

You wanna shitpost about TFA?


>> No.45739021

you're worse than any shiller because you're just shit posting in the stupidest way because "not muh EU". Go shit post over at /tv/ like >>45738992 said to.

Anyway, Work made me miss replys yesterday to my question but does the novelization of revenge of the sith make anakin seem any less retarded when palps kills windu

>> No.45739141

>CD Projekt will never make a SW rpg
As if a CPR SW game wouldn't come out "KOTOR II; you are a slut edition"
They make good RPGs, but their style wouldn't fit star wars for shit

>> No.45739227

they literally only made Witcher games so far which is a setting with a certain tone and you have no idea how they'd make an SW game, that being said, a SW game with Witcher 3 amount of content and free roaming capabilities with as good a writing and their adult style would have been orgasmic.

>> No.45739251

We'll see after they finish Cyberpunk 2077. I'm optimistic.

>> No.45739346

My first official X-Wing tournament is on the 13th. I had a build I was sure I wanted to use:
>Poe Dameron - BB-8, Push the Limit, Integrated Astromech, Flechette Torpedoes
>Corran Horn - R2-D2, Veteran Instincts, Fire Control System, Engine Upgrade
>Prototype Pilot - Chardaan Refit
But I've put together another one I'm thinking about running:
>Ten Numb - Veteran Instincts, Autoblaster, B-Wing/E2 with Weapons Engineer OR Engine Upgrade
>Keyan Farlander - Push the Limit, Fire Control System, Flechette Torpedoes, Engine Upgrade
>Prototype Pilot - Chardaan Refit, Shield Upgrade

>> No.45739370

>and their adult style
That's the point you mong, trying to make an "adult" star wars game will inevitably produce a pile of edgy trash that'd make Chris avillone look like he gets the setting

>> No.45739404

I'm sorry but you have shit taste, KOTOR 2 is a great game with wonderful writing.

>> No.45739439

Or they could just not focus on the Force as much as KotOR, keep it scum and villainy, like EotE.

>> No.45739440


Except for the part where Avellone shit all over TotJ and said it was dumb

>> No.45739458

his opinions being shit doesn't make the game bad,fucking assholes with shitty opinions make worthwhile art all the time.

>> No.45739534

Thing is, even when it's focused on scum, star wars stays a fundamentally heroc universe; it never, ever slides into grimdark

>> No.45739580

Witcher isn't grimdark, just fantasy with adult themes, I see no reason for it not to work in a SW game especially if they make multiple endings with "good/bad/whatever the fuck" consequences.

>> No.45739683

I dunno, it strikes me as a pretty grim friggin setting

>> No.45739810

ok my mistake seems like my definition of grimdark wasn't as accurate as I thought after reading the wiki page, so I guess you have a point, I agree with you that in its essence Star Wars isn't grimdark and KOTOR 2 levels of grimdarkness are pretty controversial, but I personally enjoy it as an interpretation of SW for a game, let's leave it at that.

>> No.45739860

Very much so. It actually makes ROTS into a great story.

>> No.45739886

Hey Questy, you read this?


>> No.45739928

I did. It's interesting, but I don't really feel like following it.

>> No.45739965

PTL on keyan is great, but I've found that stay on target is more reliable and versatile. Engine upgrade on numb is interesting, but great for getting into range 1 safely.

Not a fan of flechette torpedoes, personally.

>> No.45740168


I got destroyed last week... You guys wanna help me work on this?

>> No.45740187

dope. what about for phantom menace and attack of the clones

>> No.45740273

Well you've kind of got everything jumbled around here. Howlrunner with juke is cute, as you want to keep her evading for survivability anyways. The 3 tie Aces with no upgrades seems a bit weak, and you should probably swap targeting computer out for stealth device, but that's just preference.

Decide what you want your list to accomplish and tailor it to that idea. Aces need support, you've got one set ace in soontir, but the others are fairly bare. Maybe howlrunner, wampa, Youngster with marksmanship? To fuel wampa's crits? Then scourge would be able to plow through with attack dice.

>> No.45740313

>its singe player only

Technically it's not, but the player density is so low that it it might as well be unless you're playing with friends or actively trying to find people. I had more fulfilling player interaction in 15 minutes Star Citizen's janky-ass single-system alpha than 150 hours of ED.

>> No.45740374


Ok, How about this? And hey, now 3/4ths of the block are all PS4. Its a shame to loose scourge, but im not sold on his cost for his ability.

>> No.45740426

Who is the star wars character who you think has/had the most wasted potential? Either nuEU or legends

>> No.45740471


>> No.45740476

>Unifinished, bug-laden mess with shitty combat mechanics
>More crashes than Hobbie Klivian
>Even Quake had a more exciting final battle
>Great game
KOTOR 2 had awful gameplay.

>> No.45740491

I assume the cards are one sided? Print out the card on high quality paper, get a Magic etc card and put it into a one sided card sleeve and then put your Palps print on the other side. Yub yub!

>> No.45740514

>shitty combat mechanics
Ill fight you m8
maybe I'm unique, but the game never crashed for me
get better opinions

>> No.45740523

Big ships are quite memorable. Especially if they have been used for piracy for longer periods of time. Pirates have scrubles and vendettas with other pirates and law enforcement agents dont really like known pirate ships being around, either.

>> No.45740552

In current canon? Luke.

>> No.45740563

Robot Chicken got plenty of material out of him.

>> No.45740571

>>shitty combat mechanics
>Ill fight you m8
m80 they were shit.

>pick from attack hard, attack fancy, attack lots
>spam your chosen method until other guy falls over.

Or, if you're going for being a caster,
>force lightning

TOR has more compelling combat mechanics.

>> No.45740592

>Lightning + Heal + Force point regen stance
>Game hands out explosives, shields, and medkits like candy so you can cheese even harder
>Melee builds with flurry melting everything
>No challenging enemies or boss gimmicks
>Based on d20
The only fight that was even remotely good was Sion's, and that was still wasted potential because the conversations were as short as his health pool.

>> No.45740593

Not the guy you're talking to but they're the exact same mechanics as KOTOR's which are directly lifted from the Tabletop RPG.

>> No.45740671

Anyone got a cap of that Episode VII plot that an Anon was pitching a few threads ago?

>> No.45740754

>which are directly lifted from the Tabletop RPG.
Yeah, d20 star wars, the worst of the TT games

>> No.45740771


Worst of the Star Wars Tabletops, yes, but they're a hell of a lot more playable than D&D.

>> No.45740804

>mongoloid star wars aliens are vaguely asian
>chiss are just weeaboos for duros
>thrawn is anime trash

All thrawn fans are filthy weeaboos with no taste

>> No.45740821

That doesn't make them good, especially when translated into vidya. X being better than Y doesn't automatically make X good.

>> No.45740848

>mongoloid star wars aliens are vaguely asian


>chiss are just weeaboos for duros


>thrawn is anime trash


>> No.45741064

keeping the memes to a minimum, is there anything worthwhile in TOR story/lorewise? because I absolutely love KOTOR but I don't know shit about TOR and I understand lots of people hate it.

>> No.45741078

Lorewise it shits all over KOTOR.

>> No.45741085

Probably Maul or even Palpatine. The books go a long way into giving them more character, but the prequels don't do them justice.
In the new EU, the grand Inquisitor.

>> No.45741114

can you elaborate please?

>> No.45741159

Not him, but the biggest thing is that it retcons Revan from generally unknown motives for his shit to 'ganked and mindcontrolled by the super awesome immortal sith emperor'

I actually don't know overmuch about the general kotor stuff to know how much other stuff gets shat on.

>> No.45741160

Did you like Revan and the Exile? Well, in TOR, the new BBEG kills the Exile and then captures Revan and tortures him to the point where he splits into good and evil halves who are both the end bosses for the evil and good paths of an Expansion.

>> No.45741178


Maul, by far.

You don't kill your villain in the first act.

Robomaul is shit.

A lot of the hate towards TOR comes from the fact it turned Revan into a mid-game dungeon boss

Its storylines vary in quality. Trooper is kinda like Mass Effect in Star Wars (Jen Hale even voices FemTrooper). Warrior is interesting, and Agent is also really cool.

Bounty Hunter story is bullshit though. Mostly because EU writers interpret the concept of bounty hunting as a religion and professional ethos instead of just a freelance job people do. Being a Bounty Hunter in Star Wars is apparently the same as being part of an Assassin's Guild in a fantasy setting instead of just being a space cowboy.

>> No.45741213

that actually sounds pretty cool, is that the main reason for people hating it? cause I kinda want to play it now.

>> No.45741220

I took the BH story as being less about general bounty hunting and more about making it into the Big Leagues of bounty hunting.

Like, sure, anyone can grab a blaster and some armor and go hunting chucklefucks for a hutt, but you need a name and a reputation to get considered for the big stuff.

>> No.45741244

Gameplay wise, it's also a boring grindfest just like WoW.

>> No.45741246

Also the boring WoW-tier gameplay, the awful space combat, lazy art design, and the fact that the game doesn't feel anywhere near as grand, open, or fun as the glory days of Galaxies.

>> No.45741265

Honestly, if you're willing to put up with the free player restrictions, TOR costs nothing but time and bandwidth to play, go try it and form your own opinion.

I enjoyed the heck out of it at launch, but never really got into the endgame stuff. Still poke in occasionally when new story stuff gets added, but where everyone gets shunted down the same story now, it's just one character, instead of a pile of alts.

>> No.45741278

Thanks anon, about the bounty hunters there's a literal shadow professional assassin guild in kotor, they probably had to make a story to last the whole game so they chose to make it more dramatic or some bullshit, just a guess though didn't actually play it .

>> No.45741311

The EU had a Bounty Hunter's Guild, I remember that much, waaaaaay before SWTOR ever existed. As time went on bounty hunter started being used the same as mercenary, though.

>> No.45741312


I never really liked that interpretation of bounty hunting.

In Empire, I always got the impression the bounty hunters were just guys who do that stuff because they're antisocial murderers who can't function in normal society. They were supposed to be like the cowboys you see in old Westerns.

I would have liked the Bounty Hunter storyline a lot more if the character were just some wanderer who rolled through different systems looking for work. After the first few levels, you get some contacts in the Empire who think you're worth contracting on a more frequent basis and it turns into Chaotic Neutral Burn Notice.

I also would have enjoyed it more if my first companion--who I have to stick with until level 30--wasn't a care bear who gushes about how much she loves bounty hunters then gets mad at me whenever I do something vaguely bounty hunter ish.

>> No.45741319


yeah I presumed the gameplay would be awful being an mmo that's why I asked about the story and lore, thanks though.

>> No.45742337

Final ship arrangements made. Got a laser leveler to help with the inevitable mess. Looks like the imps are set up to try and cross the rebel t when we set up for broadsiding. All neb-bs have enhanced armament and akbar boosting their broadsides as well. Hopefully they can soften up the fighter screen to make it easier for the bombers to get in and do work on the destroyers. We'll see what happens after round 1.

>> No.45742418

>TFW Jedi after the Purge
>TFW people somehow don't know what the Force is after less than a generation
>TFW no home, no fellow Jedi
>TFW your own allies doubt the power of the Force but you cannot show them without putting them in danger
Our worst fears have been realized.

>> No.45742465

>TFW people somehow don't know what the Force is after less than a generation

Plenty of people don't know what the Force is. Hell Most Senators don't know what the Force is.

The average sapient in the Galaxy will only ever hear of Jedi in the context of stories and legends. They know the Jedi have strange powers but not where they come from or how they work.

>> No.45742489

Sounds like someone's scared and gunna get some darkside points at the end of this game!

>> No.45742660

I would like to point out that they recently changes the xp amounts so it's now designed to let you just do the class and planet story missions in order to stay properly leveled. It cuts out all of the side quests so the only quests you're doing are plot relevant which makes it feel a lot less grindy.

>> No.45742828


>TFW your own allies doubt the power of the Force but you cannot show them without putting them in danger

This right here is why Order 66 was dumb.

If Jedi were enemies of the state and considered KOS, then it was monumentally stupid of Obi-wan to swing a lightsaber around a crowded bar with a bunch of stormtroopers right outside.

That "What if the Prequels Were Good" guy got it right. The eradication of the Jedi would have made a lot more sense if there were far fewer of them and they died because Anakin talked them into a suicide mission.

>> No.45742876

To be fair, Obi-Wan hadn't had contact with the rest of the Galaxy in ages.

>> No.45742897

There were 10,000 Jedi knights in the galaxy during the Clone War.
There's somewhere around 7 billion people just on Earth right now.
The Jedi represent 0.000142% of our population. Now imagine there are more planets, each with it's own population. The Jedi are an incredibly small percentage of the population, of course not a lot of people heard about them, or even seen any!

>> No.45742959

>with the rest of the Galaxy in ages.
>20 years

Plus if the EU is to be believed, Obi-wan had had access to the news and the Empire had a full sized garrison on Tattooine.

>> No.45742992

20 Years is a long time mate.

And if the EU is to be believed then no one in that Bar ever reported that incident.

>> No.45743021

>then it was monumentally stupid of Obi-wan to swing a lightsaber around a crowded bar with a bunch of stormtroopers right outside
To be fair, he had very little time to react and Luke's life was in danger. And since OT Force powers are a lot more subtle than the shenanigans we see in Legends, nucanon, and the PT era, TK was not really an option.

>> No.45743022

>There were 10,000 Jedi knights in the galaxy during the Clone Wars.
Honestly, I thought this was one of those numbers they just made the fuck up so they could slap a number on it and call it good, but I guess you're right.
That makes it sound like the Space Illuminati, which I guess it kinda was.
>it was monumentally stupid of Obi-wan to swing a lightsaber around a crowded bar with a bunch of stormtroopers right outside.
That guy was about to kill Luke, and I'm not sure if any of them would have recognized what they were dealing with anyways.
Reminds me of that one time I was the last standing party member in the midst of a firefight and another member was on the way. We were all basically going to die, so I had to resort to Force powers in desperation.
Hope the Empire doesn't check the tapes (which of course they will).

>> No.45743025


>And if the EU is to be believed then no one in that Bar ever reported that incident

Except the bartender, who presumably told the stormtroopers a guy was swinging a lightsaber around.

Those movies were made before George decided Jedi were enemies of the state, so it makes sense any EU stuff made before Episode III would reflect that.

>> No.45743163

Funnily enough, Wuher didn't tell them he had a lightsaber, just that they had droids.

>> No.45743321

Round one over. Imps divided their ties for what seems to be an attempt at mass engaging the bombers. Isd is poised to cross the field if the rebs can't find its hindside. Victories are probably going to gang up on home one till the corvettes slip behind them. We'll see what happens next round when the shooting begins.

>> No.45743480


Soonter fel moving in with a wing of interceptors to halt dash rendar, Jan ors and nyms squadron.

>> No.45743783


I think there's only a few official images of Zannah.

That looks like fanart though.

>> No.45743848

>6 people

>> No.45743878


Yavaris the neb-b about to be shreked by the avenger isd while Han watches on in horror...

>> No.45743905


Don't look at me, that filename was already there when I downloaded it from the Wook.

>> No.45744177


>> No.45744290


Here it is, my final offering featuring Space Lestrade. Soon I will be moving onto other fare. First draft, so let me know if there are glaring mistakes, inconsistencies, or if things just don't make sense.

>> No.45744306

Plagueis could.

For that matter, so could most of the Jedi Healers.

>> No.45744357


>Jedi Healers

>> No.45744419


Yeah, he really fucked up there.

I can't remember what exactly was his complaint, probably something about riding on the back of some semi-sentient mechanical beast through an orbit drop while only sealed up in some suit of armor or something.

>> No.45744716

Why does he wear the mask?

>> No.45744728

Obi-Wan wasn't a dedicated Healer, but he knew a few tricks.

I'm talking about the ones who could heal broken bones and infected wounds in seconds.

>> No.45744759



>> No.45744760

Because he decided that allowing giant parasitic beetles that feed on the Dark Side to infest his body was a good idea.

>> No.45744789


If you're gonna post something of a series, at least post the others as well.

Attached is the 1st one

>> No.45744801

Why didn't Beru and Owen recognize C3PO when they bought C3PO from the Jawas?

I mean they lived with Shmi's prissy C3PO droid for years. How could they not immediately recognize the repainted droid?

The other day I was at a stop light, and I noticed that my old Honda civic was parked next to me. On a whim I decided to find out if it were true, and asked the girl driving if she bought the civic from the dealership I traded it off to, and they confirmed that yes it was the same dealership. A second look at the license plate confirmed it too.

So if it only took me about 30 semi interested seconds to notice my old car at a stopping light, then why didn't Owen notice he was being sold Shmi's old protocol droid while bartering with shifty Jawa merchants?

>> No.45744808


2nd one

>> No.45744811


That image wasn't supposed to suggest Obi Wan is a "Healer".

The subtle, incredulous look on Alec's face was meant to say "I think the Force working that way is dumb".

>> No.45744851

Every time you post with "I think the Force working that way is dumb." another person makes a Grey Jedi who uses the Dark Side without being corrupted.

>> No.45744867


>> No.45744873

When was the last time you saw that car?

>> No.45744879

>People want to believe the impossible. Try to offer bogus money for repairs and people will laugh at you. Offer someone the secret to immortality and suddenly you're an awesome dude.

>> No.45744886

>space wizards being able to heal people is dumb
Object to Electric Judgment or some shit, healing is fucking fine and totally within the purview of something wise monks would be able to accomplish.

>> No.45744909

I do dislike that too, but I've got terrible memory. What were the main arguments against that sort of thing?

>> No.45744915

Traded the Civic to the dealership in 2010, and saw it again in 2014.

>> No.45744920

So, you object to Ben healing Luke's head wound when he first shows up in ANH?

>> No.45744940

Mostly that there's absolutely no precedent for use of the Dark Side being anything but a bad thing, or for repeated casual use of it without being corrupted af.

>> No.45744959

Would you have recognized it if you saw it after 23 years with a brand new paint job?

>> No.45744965


Nobody gives a shit about armada man, just let it go.

>> No.45744966

What about Sith that are not insane cartoon villains and don't throw around lightning at first opportunity, but still live by the code?

>> No.45744970


Was that ever confirmed? I always thought he was just checking on him.

I don't necessarily mind the idea of Jedi using the Force to calm the body so that healing becomes less stressful, but I just don't like the thought of ol' Obi pulling out his spell book and selecting "Force Heal".

Not him, but a big flaw in that concept is the dark side isn't just a set of skills. It's a state of mind, and generally doing dark side things means feeding aggression and anger. Kind of hard to not be a bad guy when you do that.

>> No.45745015

Well, that's not a grey jedi at all. That's basically just Sheev before he decided to seize power directly. I don't see anything wrong with that.

>> No.45745057

I see. Seems like a very emo kind of existence, always being pulled into overemotional states by the dark side and struggling to keep your sanity and not fuck up in spite of that.

>> No.45745059

Sith don't need to throw lightning at the first opportunity

But "living by the code" for them still means being essentially cartoon villains.

If you don't exploit everyone you meet for your own benefit and eliminate them as soon as they are of no more use you aren't Sith'ing right. They don't need to kill someone as soon as they meet them, they can have that person run a petty errand for them and THEN kill them

>> No.45745067

I think I would still recognize my Civic in 23 years with a new paint job, simply because it's a very ugly car with a 69 in the license plate. Plus with 23 years time it'd stick out like a sore thumb around other cars.

That said I do take your meaning that time would be a factor. But at the same time I can't talk to cars, and my old Civic would tell me its' name that was the same as my step mother's old Civic.

>> No.45745097


See, I always disliked this interpretation of the dark side as a set of abilities that can gradually corrupt someone. This creates a really artificial distinction and suggests Jedi are only good guys because they aren't allowed to use those totes evil dark side spells. It also takes away a lot of agency from characters, and contributes to this notion that Anakin was somehow mind-controlled or something while he was Vader.

Vader wasn't an "agent of evil" because he used Force Choke too many times and it turned him bad. The Force doesn't know the difference between a rock and a windpipe: Yoda says as much in ESB. Vader used the dark side in that he was abusing the Force and using it to control, intimidate, and subjugate others. The quick and easy path to power and control.

>> No.45745115

Not mind controlled, more drug addicted.

And there's a difference between a pure telekinetic force choke like luke did and the Sith way of doing things.

>> No.45745134

>I don't necessarily mind the idea of Jedi using the Force to calm the body so that healing becomes less stressful, but I just don't like the thought of ol' Obi pulling out his spell book and selecting "Force Heal".

How Healing with the Force works is that you have to sense the wounds and enhance the bodies natural healing ability. You don't cast Heal on someone like in D&D. All Force use requires concentration and will.

>> No.45745145


Hasn't that distinction largely been made up by third parties, though?

The films themselves never implied Luke and Vader were doing it differently.

Not him, but if my Honda Civic had severe social anxiety and could talk, I'd probably recognize it.

>> No.45745205

I think you guys seriously underestimate how long 23 years is.

>> No.45745231

What's a good specialization to boost coercion or charm? I've got a bounty hunter and now that my first tree is complete and I want to be a little more social

>> No.45745400


No portions for the armada player

>> No.45745403

He didn't really CHOOSE to have them attach to him.

>> No.45745425

For moisture farmers living in the middle of no where 23 years is likely a lot less time than you'd think.

Besides for me forgetting C3PO, and then buying him again. Would be like Beru and Owen forgetting a family pet, then repurchasing it.

>Your step mother has an obnoxious parrot given to her by your estranged step brother.
>Step brother you've never met before shows up one day out of the blue on your farm with a senator after your step mother's been kidnapped.
>after step brother finishes slaughtering your step mother's kidnappers, sobbing about thawhimmendthchilrun he leaves with his senator friend, and for whatever reason he takes your step mother's parrot with him too.
>23 years later a traveling salesmen sells you an obnoxious parrot with the same name as your step mothers old parrot.

>> No.45745513

More like getting an appliance again after 23 years. C-3PO's general personality and attitude don't seem to be anything special, and he gets memory wipes like birthdays.

R2-D2 on the other hand was close personal friends with Anakin and never got memory wiped, but also never bothered to tell Luke about his father.

>> No.45745563

This Jewish alien is why we need Thrawn.

>> No.45745572


Daily reminder that all these people saying "NUH UH THATS NOT HOW THE FORCE WORKS" as if the're writers for Lucasfilm have no fucking idea what they're talking about and only started spreading shit after the new move came out and they saw it was cool to hate on the old EU.

Force heal is fine and saying it should never be in Star Wars is fucking retarded.

>> No.45745586

Post some non-typical examples of alien species.

Aarrba here isn't a slimy cunt of a Hutt at all, for example.

>> No.45745634

Exactly. Corruption is supposed to come from ego and human nature, not from an atom of evil or anything like that.
Then again, every writer tends to interpret this differently. The definition of evil escapes most sci fi authors, even when they try to struggle with it like a juggernaut faced with a simple combination lock (2 purple).

>> No.45745654


>only started spreading shit after the new move came out and they saw it was cool to hate on the old EU.

I disliked most of the old EU even before the Abramsverse. I didn't need to see Kylo Ren bully a chair to think the original Solo kids were shit.

>> No.45745700

>original Solo kids were shit.

>> No.45745877


Round 2 concluded. Imps suffered the loss of boba fett at the hands of tycho celchu in a bold awing blitz that left 4 Tie squadrons severely mauled before they could bring down the single suicidaly brave awing pilot. Soonter fel was felled at the hand of dash rendar who also rendered his accompanying squadron of interceptors little more than space dust. The plucky nebulon b, Yavaris survived a head on barrage from the isd Avenger with two hull points remaining before herself removing a pair tie squadrons in concert with wedge Antilles and rogue squadron. Rebels came out only light one awing pilot to the imperials 2 names and 3 fighter squadrons. Rebels are poised for a massive bombing run on the avenger with 12 squadrons in position to punish the star destroyer for her crippling of the Yavaris. On to round 3!

>> No.45745969


>original Solo kids were shit

And we're getting milked down copies of them in the new films. don't even try to tell me that Kylo had a more convincing fall to the dark side than Jacen.

>> No.45746004


Evil and morality in Star Wars were always a lot more ambiguous than in most media. There is no 3x3 alignment chart, and good and evil aren't capitalized. That's why I don't like this stark contrast between Light and Dark that gets applied to Star Wars all the time. The Force was always shown to be really mysterious and amorphous, so applying conventional D&D style metaphysics to it just feels...wrong.

It's hard to explain really.

>> No.45746026

>Yoda's face
>"When that light side hits you just right.jpg"

>> No.45746040


Keep on keeping on, I love Armada and this is dope.

>> No.45746092


There's a bunch of ways to interpret the Force. Although one that I found particularly apt was the Potentium.


Although it gets a lot of flak.

>> No.45746113

The enforcer tree in the hired guns book stands out in my mind. Of course, most smuggler or colonist specializations could work as well.

>> No.45746153


>> No.45746211


>Counter to millennia of Jedi teachings, the followers of Potentium claimed that there was no inherent evil in viewing the Force. They claimed that what others called the light side of the Force was actually just the Force itself, which was inherently good. This was backed up by the fact that Ashla, the ancient name of the Force, came later to describe the light side. What others therefore called the dark side was a perversion of the Force, twisted by those who used it.

See I was under the impression this is exactly what the Force is supposed to be. You get out what you put in.

Yoda says "anger, fear, aggression: the dark side are they. Easily they flow!" Those are human emotions. He doesn't go on about how Luke must never study the ancient evil arts of Force Lightning and Force Rage.

I can accept things like lightning being something that comes from perverting the Force enough though. That's pretty consistent with this Potentium logic.

>> No.45746217

>but also never bothered to tell Luke about his father.
or Luke's sister.

>> No.45746234

Force Lightning is actually less "shooting electricity" so much as "shooting pure unadulterated hatred."

It's evil as fuck.

>> No.45746235


Thanks! I could not believe that the nebulon survived this exchange. My initial plan was to ram the avenger, but he banked much earlier than I thought he would have, so now I'm going to go for that rear arc as best as I can while the bombers make their run. Hopefully Han will do some work on that fighter screen to make it easier on rogue squadron. Only time will tell.

>> No.45746237

>Hurr, not canon anymore
Why do people still keep posting this like it matters? The FFG games make heavy use of Legends and WEG d6, the system that built Legends in the first place, is still accessible. Legends is still more /tg/ than nucanon.

>> No.45746240

Anon why

>> No.45746291

Yeah... FFG is sure doing a good job anon!

>> No.45746335

I just wish someone at FFG would slap the retard responsible for the RPGs' space combat rules and starship stats.

>> No.45746417

I am 100% positive they know they're a problem, and if we see a second edition of their RPG system they will be changed.

>> No.45746418

I'm sorry, what exactly is the point you're trying to prove?

>> No.45746465

Didn't see this thread before I made my other one:

So I'm creating a second character as our GM has locked my primary character up for the next 3-4 sessions due to story reasons.

I've already decided I want this character to be a heavy-blaster user, and since I built my first character to implant more into the story, I want to power game a little with this one.

Is there anywhere I can see some spreadsheet data on races or otherwise anything more clean than digging through the EOTE Character generator?

If not, what races start with 3 agility? Recommendations for power gaming? We're allowed to use ANY race in ANY of the SWRPG books. It's also a custom campaign so all equipment and such could hypothetically show up/be searched for.

And is there any way to leverage the Ganks starting bonus to start with a +agility cybernetic implant? maybe with an excess of obligation?

>> No.45746470

Fuck you, I do.

Keep it going, man, I never get to see games this big

>> No.45746520

FFG doesn't try anything new, and because there's been no significant content since TCW for Legends it's just stagnation at this point. They can do anything, yet they're enslaved to a dead canon and can't even use the new one correctly.

>> No.45746545

>"aliens invade the galaxy"


>> No.45746549

I really wouldn't doubt if their license agreement limits what they can do severely, honestly. They're the last vestiges of a dead canon.

I really expect them to do a Second Edition of the system that reflects the new canon, instead.

>> No.45746570

You're assuming they're capable of introducing new content.

>> No.45746602

And? Is that somehow a problem?

>> No.45746631

Probably because 3po got some shinyass gold bodywork did between AotC and ANH. Would you recognize your old honda civic if someone replaced all the dented bodywork and gave it a coat of bitchin hotrod red?

>> No.45746675


What exactly is there to use from the new canon? Thus far most of the things we've gotten are mediocre at best, and turboshit at worst (looking at you wendig). Using legends i their best options as of right now, seeing as there are still 20 years of books, comics, and vidya to use.

>> No.45746683

>don't even try to tell me that Kylo had a more convincing fall to the dark side than Jacen.

Considering that we didn't get to see his fall, it's pretty tricky to try and gauge that.

>> No.45746746


>> No.45746755 [DELETED] 

According to the TFA novel, he's a victim of Sith pedophilia just like Anakin was.

>> No.45746795

So, what would keep a Jedi from using the force to strip electrons off atoms to create natural electricity?

>> No.45746808

>That's why I don't like this stark contrast between Light and Dark that gets applied to Star Wars all the time.
It's because a lot of writers grew up on dnd and other classic fantasy and tend to insert parts of it into their work.

>> No.45746814

These threads really just need to focus on the RPGs and miniature games guys.

It is literally burying every meaningful conversation.

>> No.45746833

According to the TFA novel, he's a victim of Sith pedophilia just like Anakin.

>> No.45746839

Apathy is dead.

>> No.45746846

Concentration mainly.

It's also possible to absorb energy from another source and then channel it outward as electricity.

>> No.45746850

Why not just strip the electrons off the atoms in your enemy's brain?

Because light side Force use is supposed to be subtle.

>> No.45746861

>Would you recognize your old honda civic if someone replaced all the dented bodywork
Implying I dented my car. Them's fightin words.
I treated that cheap ugly Japanese lady like a queen, and handled her delicately in all things.

While I do take your point that from across the room I wouldn't immediately notice a repainted 2003 civic as mine. The slightly lewd license plate would tip me off.
Same with C3PO's name and personality matching the old protocol droid named C3PO.

Fixes: C3PO is a ubiquitous name for protocol droids, all protocol droids act and sound like 3PO, Owen and Beru have gone senile after decades of moisture farming, or they know that 3PO's the same droid from before and they're desperately ignoring the elephant in the room because of daddy sith.

>> No.45746865


Probably nothing, save the Jedi's inability to visualize things on the subatomic level.

Microphysics probably doesn't factor in that much in a religion about introspection and self-improvement.

>> No.45746889

Make an assassin droid with 3 brawn and 4 agility. If you get extra obligation you can get both +10 xp and enough money for a heavy blaster or a repeater. Also, roll playing isn't really the point of this game, consider starting all statements with "statement" and referring to other players as meatbags.

>> No.45746927

Still wouldn't have overmuch use besides hurting folks, which isn't something Jedi like using the force for

>> No.45746983


I guess that sucks for all ten people who read the TFA novelization.

I'm still looking forward to seeing how Ep VIII's screenwriters will extrapolate Kylo Ren's backstory.

>> No.45746993

The only "Good for RPGs" stuff the new canon introduced (Unless we're counting ALL of TCW as new canon only when TCW actually is sorta part of both) were those closed face imperial army helmets and the Gozanti TIE carriers.

Oh and the Lasat I guess, that's pretty cool too.

>I really expect them to do a Second Edition of the system that reflects the new canon, instead.
Sure, if they want to lose my money.

Legends has so much more RPG potential than the dead end of Nucanon.

>> No.45747001


It could be useful for destroying droids or other electronics. I think that qualifies as a morally neutral action.

>> No.45747056

...holy shit, was this was the "I'm sure you wouldn't recognize me with my one red arm' was making fun of in TFA?

Because if so, that's fucking hilarious.

TFA: At Least We Can Fucking Remember Our Droids.

>> No.45747068

>Legends has so much more RPG potential than the dead end of Nucanon.
I'm pretty sure Disney will force them to update next time the license comes due. It's not in Disney's interest to have a product line coming out that doesn't tie into the new stuff.

>> No.45747081

Destroy Droid is already on the list of Legends powers. KOTOR 1's rendition of it was a shitty purple recolor of Force lightning. It's described as the user creating an ion stream to damage droid systems.

Flashy but ultimately cost-ineffective when ion blasters and grenades are available. I bet you anything that the post-Clone gun industry saw a shitload of milsurp DCs enter the market after the Clone Wars.

>> No.45747085


>destroying droids
>morally neutral

>> No.45747127

Not liking it and not having to do it are different things, anon.

Brain frying would hurt a lot less and be faster, along with not damaging anything in the area. No fuss, no muss.

>> No.45747146

"A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense, never for attack"
So it really depends on if those droids started it.

>> No.45747195

For the record, what the guy earlier was posting came from Pablo's twitter. It's from a WEG style guide.

>> No.45747199

>Brain frying would hurt a lot less
How would you get any practice in? Even basic TK is hard to pull off without rigorous training. Asking a Jedi to fry a dude's brain and nothing else is a bit much. Never mind the fact that it would be as game-breaking as giving Wedge and Tycho Force powers.

>> No.45747204

>It's not in Disney's interest to have a product line coming out that doesn't tie into the new stuff.
Yet Disney does have Legends product lines coming out all the time.

They reprint Legends books all the time.

>> No.45747235


Not sentient, not even living. As far as the force is concerned, they're less important than rocks.

>> No.45747253

>Be original
>"We have nothing to copy from the new canon it's shit!"


>> No.45747277


Well yeah, a member of the NJO would just use an ion gun or grenade for convenience, but what about a Jedi that was captured and had nothing to use besides their hands and the force? Flashy, yes, but it's just another way of getting the job done.

>> No.45747304


>Thinking Pablo Hidalgo or the LFG are going to allow an RPG book to dictate or introduce any new canon before the film trilogy is finished

You poor naive soul.

>> No.45747310

Punching the droid usually works.

>> No.45747351

They generally just start pulling internal components and wires loose.

>Be original
The only original things in the new canon are pointless changes. Needlessly destroyed planets, a complete and utter lack of old species.

It's boring and hurts the cohesiveness of the setting.

>> No.45747379

I think they just got the timing wrong and came out a year too early. But that's no excuse for them to half ass both canons. The LSG even goes over their stuff sometimes. I think they asked them to not use a planet in the F&D rulebook.

They could have, but it's too late for them now.


The problem is FFG not coming up with stuff like WEG started. They could have been creative, but they just re-tell shit from wookieepedia. They're stuck with a clustered canon when they could have been the new WEG for the next canon. FFG has the worst of both worlds. The uncreative, bitter fans aren't helping either.

>> No.45747423

>The problem is FFG not coming up with stuff like WEG started. They could have been creative, but they just re-tell shit from wookieepedia. They're stuck with a clustered canon when they could have been the new WEG for the next canon. FFG has the worst of both worlds. The uncreative, bitter fans aren't helping either.
FFG bought the license two or three YEARS before the mouse bought the IP, they were already set on the legends path.

And I don't think the mouse was going to give them WEG-style freedom.

FFG *Has* added new things, new vehicles, new planets, new weapons etc, but they have also taken the time to bring back things people loved from the old canon.

>> No.45747439

Honestly, it sounds like you're complaining for complaining's sake. Your point is so irrelevant.

>> No.45747468

Alright, what would you want them to add?

>> No.45747549


That's a perfectly reasonable, excellent passage of a design bible. Is there a problem with it or something?

>> No.45747661

Lucasfilm were the ones who decided to clean the slate, and FFG is still under the LSG. They could of been a huge player, but it's more the fault of them buying the IP at the wrong time. So I agree there. They'll be screwed down the line once there's enough new content in the other canon. Even now they're trying to use stuff like Lothal.

Yeah, fuck me for thinking people who play TRPGs might have some original and creative bone in their body.

No, it's from the old WEG writer's guide book before the EU kicked off. People forget their roots sometimes.

>> No.45747682

The LSG has a lot of control and do not seem willing to hand it over to an RPG company.

>> No.45747693

>Yeah, fuck me for thinking people who play TRPGs might have some original and creative bone in their body.

So, because FFG doesn't come up with new content, we, the players, lack creativity?

>> No.45747714


And they DO come up with new content.

Ord Gimmel for one.

>> No.45747731

I'm perfectly aware they come up with new content. I'm just trying to figure out what this Anon is complaining about.

>> No.45747741

Actually slightly mistaken. It was from 1994. By then Dark Empire, the Thrawn Trilogy, and a few other things had already been published. So no, it wasn't released before the EU kicked off.

>> No.45747825


We actually just picked up 2 more mc-80s, 4 assault frigates, 5 mc-30s, 5 raider corvettes, 4 gladiators, 2 more isds and 4 each of the Imperial and rebel fighter packs off amazon with one day shipping. Gonna roll dice each round to determine what jumps into the game for either of us and roll for location of jump as well. Should be pretty crazy haha

>> No.45747955

>> No.45748017

Nope, those implants are REALLY expensive and more than you could possibly get via obligation. There's still plenty of good implants you can get, like the ones in the same book that Ganks are in. Rodians are also nice, but honestly 3 ag is cheap enough to put on anything that doesn't have 1 ag base, you are good with just about anything that isn't a Hutt.

>> No.45748229

when the fuck did /swg/ get invaded by /co/'s rebels disney shills?

>> No.45748273


Little too late. Maybe the bait would've been taken a few hours ago. Better luck next time.

>> No.45748407

No bites, try trolling /tv/ instead.

>> No.45748500

I just got out of work, that wasn't baiting /swg/ never even bothers comparing the canons

this shit is trolling>>45738693

>> No.45748615


We've barely talked about Rebels this thread.

>> No.45748664

Here's a metal sphere, induce electricity on the surface.

It's not like Anakin needed training on choking throats.

>> No.45748723

Alright, how are you creating that electricity? Because "stripping the atoms of their electrons" isn't going to work unless you can perfectly picture atoms in your mind, which is pretty much impossible. Every visual model you've ever seen of an atom is just an approximation.

>> No.45748883

Same way you're lifting pears, with the Force.

You technically doesn't have a perfect picture of a pear, either, since they're made of atoms. I'm also pretty sure that that's a training mechanism for Padawans, not something that is required for the force to work. Pretty sure a jedi can tear a hyperdrive out of a ship even if they've never seen that exact model of hyperdrive.

>> No.45748983

Generally speaking, you're visualizing yourself moving the Pear, not the atoms of the pear. Stripping the electrons out of an atom is a lot more specific.

>Pretty sure a jedi can tear a hyperdrive out of a ship even if they've never seen that exact model of hyperdrive.

They'd need to know where it is, and be able to know how to move it to break it. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to do shit.

>> No.45749010

New Thread: >>45748940

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