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Can we have a warhammer art dump? Fantasy, 40k, silly or serious, any faction you like, just post 'em if you got 'em. I'll start with some of mine, beginning with Sororitas and Death Korps because that seems to be the bulk of my collection.

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I'll dump later.

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>dat blind eye
I purged heresy.

Anyway, /r/ing Dark Eldar if anyone has 'em

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oh Krieg never change

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For a second I thought that was Fulgrim from the thumbnail

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not enough surrounded by nekkid men

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Not enough bishonen

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not enough headless boyfriend

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Not enough trap

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I've got more but I'm done.

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Anybody got any good Kroot artwork?
I can't find any good stuff anywhere.

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>hey Serena, how come your mom gave you TWO bolters?

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Remember, this is canon

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I like it when the Guard looks intimidating.

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moar eversor

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>There will never be a Red Orchestra 2 total conversion with Death Korps against Cultists

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I agree with Cain, I think I could stand being an artilleryman.

Wake up, lift shells into guns for 18 hours, go back to sleep.

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What page do you think he has it open to?

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I wish GW had focused more on the Tau being Space Colonial Britain with all sorts of different colonial auxillia (aka allies species) fighting with them

Instead, suits suits suits suits suits.

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The Book of Armaments, chapter two, verses nine through twenty-one.

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>the Tau being Space Colonial Britain
What? I always thought it was extremely obvious they were going for some sort of Eastern culture.

Nice Slaaneshquads though

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Probably chapter 14.

"We ran to where Volcemort was. It turned out that Voldemort wasn’t there. Instead the fat guy who killed Cedric was. Draco was there crying tears of blood. Snaketail was torturing him. Vampire and I ran in front of Snaketail.

“Rid my sight you despicable preps!” he shouted as we started shooting him with the gun he Then suddenly he looked at me and he fell down with a lovey-dovey look in his eyes. “EbonyIloveyouwiluhavesexwithme.” he said. (in dis he is sixteen yrs old so hes not a pedofile ok)

“Huh?” I asked.
”Enoby I love you will you have sex with me?” asked Snaketail. I started laughing crudely. “What the fuck? You torture my bf and then you expect me to fuck you? God, you are so fucked up you fucking bastard.” I said angrily. Then I stabbed him in the heart. Blood pored out of it like a fountain.

“Nooooooooooooo!” he screamed. He started screaming and running around. Then he fell down and died. I brust into tears sadly."

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Not sure why I have the number, this is my only AdMech picture.

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Their aesthetic, yes. But in terms of actual lore they are just about the only faction that is willing, and indeed eager to allow other species to live and work alongside them, as long as they conform to the Greater Good which the Tau proselytize at every opportunity.

It's all very "White Man's Burden" if you think about it.

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something official with the Tarellians would be nice

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It looks very much like the AdMec have a monolith on their side in this pic.

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This might be my favorite 40K art piece.
Goddamn, it's just so chaotic.

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>Because she gave Justina a Multi-Melta and you got a plasma pistol. Just let me have this, Karina.

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Welp, there go my sides.

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Anybody got any art of these guys?

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I'm impressed you were able to produce this reference on the spot.
Your next Only War game plot is to secure the shrine at the location of detonation against a mutant-rebel army.

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Is...is that Bane?

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Based draw friends.

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I've gotten so much stuff for the setting/chapter I'm still writing out.

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>Not enough Bishoujo
Fixed that for you.

This Anon get's it!

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"Sup Bitches!"

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Terranis holds.

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A lot of art of Nurgle's minions are creepy.

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The request was a Lamenter carrying children on his shoulders, but the drawfriend decided to stay true to 40k.

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>All the psuedo-animu art of pretty Sisters

In the grimdarkness of the 41st millennium there is no makeup.

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instead they use skulls

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Then how are her lips so red and her eyes so shaded?

You gonna tell me that's not Maybelline?

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Maybe she's born with it?

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Okay, I walked into that one.

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Follower of Slaanesh.

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my own fan artwork

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No, but he is a big guy.

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Who is that? Fulgrim?

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good job, anon! Please continue drawing

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done saving the new ones. Dumping my folder. Might take a while. Wish we could post more than one image at a time.

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Seriously, one minute cooldown? How am I supposed to dump 100+ pics with 1 minute each? I don't have time for that shit!

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if anyone has the name of the drawfag for any of my pics, feel free to post it. Would me much appreciated.
Nigger, my 40k pics folder is 184MB big, do you think I have the time to reverse search for every image? If you have the name on hand, would be much appreciated.

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Can't post for 4 minutes because the system thinks this was a duplicate reply. Fuck this. I am out.

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And now it works again for no fucking reason. God, I hate this site.

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This one is actually semi OC- I added the text, and removed the stock-blade on the groot's rife to make it look less goofy. some french anon helped me out with a cool effect he added later on.

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>Admitting that you added the worst part of the image


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>Not contributing in any way, shape or form
you can go fuck yourself too

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Oh shit I didn't realize how low quality that image was. I legitimately feel bad.

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Oops I did it again.

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>tfw necrons have the least art and half of it's in the codex already
I'm exaggerating, but I still feel left out.

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Well, they are spoopy space skeletals. What do you expect?
Also: hard as fuck to draw.

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this is about as lewd as it gets.

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The most awesome guy ever.

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Are there even condoms in 40k, with the whole "lives is the only resource we have plenty of' grim derpness?

Image limit. I still had 4 folders to go.

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This brings up a question I have always had about Spess Mahreens.

The left arm of that marine is missing from the bicep area down, but all you can see is mechanical shit. Are the arms of the marines even in the arms of the suits, or are they just mechanical? If not just mechanical, how the fuck do they get their arms in there? The body is far too wide through the shoulders for even what-the-fuck wide shouldered marines.

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I think I have a pic for that somewhere...

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'ere we go


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Marines undergo a LOT of changes. If we hadn't hit the image limit I could post a handy infographic.
They receive two hearts, some special lung changes, hyper liver/kidneys, mega layer under their skin that can interface with the suit and works as Kevlar.
And then the geneseed kicks in. Their limbs grow longer, their bones accumulate carbon a lot, their reflexes become hyper fast, and their muscles become extra strong.
They also have some sort of refinery build into their suits that refines their poop/piss into food paste and fresh water.
Their arms REALLY do reach into their suits.

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Well that's an Iron Hand Marine, they replace their arms (And usually most of their bodies) with cybernetics.

Supposedly, Marine Armor is fitted to their extremities one-to-one, but the heavy metal cover art inspired looks don't into proportion very well...

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>mega layer under their skin that can interface with the suit and works as Kevlar.
>And then the geneseed kicks in. Their limbs grow longer, their bones accumulate carbon a lot, their reflexes become hyper fast, and their muscles become extra strong.
Actually, the Black Carpace is implanted LAST, specifically because the Gene Seed makes the so HUGE...
...I think the Organ implants also require them getting larger to fit them in there.

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Eh, never payed attention to the order anyways.
The lexicanum/40k wiki will have the answer.

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So before all that, they are just normal humans?

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>So before all that, they are just normal humans?
Yes, though most of the time they are prepubescent boys since it's easier for them to survive all that bio-fuckery.

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Yes. They only pick the healthiest, strongest, most loyal and most gruesome citizens.
The guy in >>44674359 is a Spacemarine of the Iron Hands. They voluntarily chop off their limbs to replace them with mechanical parts, and some other hyper senses.
These guys walk the line between Mechanicum and Spacemarine.
Literally the faggots you see running around beating other children up for the smallest excuse of heresy, only because they like to beat others up.

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